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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  November 26, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PST

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tongue, the cat used its own tongue. the performance ended with a wink and a wag of the tongue frofr looped on the internet. the good news is at least she didn't twerk the kitty. she behaved with an animal rather like one. cnn new york. >> i'm sorry. i love that cat. thanks for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts now. >> hello everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. it's tuesday, november 26th. welcome to "legal view." the bags are parked, cars are stuffed, tickets are booked. for more than had 3 million of us all planning to travel for thanksgiving. and there's a mighty storm threatening to call the whole thing off. snow is piling up in cincinnati,
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ohio. and it looks like a virtual whiteout in pittsburgh. that's one of those tower cams that's really not worth its cost on a day like this. there are other areas getting pounded with rain and ice. and that makes nothing safe. we've got our holiday travel team on every angle, planes, trains, and automobiles. we're coughing the airports. martin savidge is at hartsfield-jackson. live in atlanta, amean in a my chaud doe. and chad meyer putting in overtime in the weather center. martin, i want to start with you. people crossing their fingers that they'res will be one that gets out. is it the domino effect and it's going to hit everybody? >> reporter: i think it depends on where you're starting and most especially when you are
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starting. if you're starting out of atlanta or passing through atlanta today, then the news is pretty good. take a look at the arrival and departure board. and for the most part the flights are on time. i will point out, that we've been starting to see a little bit of delay creep in. not huge. but you are seeing that at least on several dozen flights maybe delays of 20 minutes, maybe up to 30 minutes. international flights are delayed longer. it's primarily a rain event that they're suffering down here. not the ice and snow that some had feared. i talked to the general manager of the airport just a short while ago and this is his tame on things now. >> actually things are looking very good for us. we're seeing that the traffic is -- we did our weekly analysis. and we expect through monday going through next monday 1.8
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million. and tomorrow morning is looking like there could be more rain but the temperatures are supposed to be staying higher. it could drop earlier in the evening but in the morning it can be higher. we have our team on standby. >> reporter: we should point out that there are some problem airpo airports. we put together a map that can highlight a few of them at the moment. they fluid, atlanta, dulles, sharp lot, reagan and baltimore. the best advice and knews that you can use, many people have apps. do that before you fly. give yourself 90 minutes. it's not just the flights. think about parking and other ways that the weather impacts getting through and to the airport. and if i wrap it up now, i can still make the 11:30 to cancun. >> i've got a question for you so you'll have to catch the next one. that map put up was great but it
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was today's map. and tomorrow that map is my guess is going to move northward up the corridor. can people reschedule to try to get out today and not have to pay the awful fees because everything is going to be just a disaster tomorrow? >> right. well a number of the airlines, at least the major ones, have said that if you go online and want to try and reschedule, they're going to waive the fees on doing that. and that may be a way to go. but ill point out, due to the high volume of traffic, you would think that just about every seat that could be booked as already been booked. if you're trying to get out on a different fly at a different time, i wish you the best of the luck. be sure to pack your patience and a smile. >> i'll deliver this with a smile. you're finished wh me, now, sir. but as for cancun, i think the next couple of shows have you
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booked. thank you. i want to go out to the roads. the roads, aaa is expecting 39 million drives on the roads and a lot of them are going to be auchl. we're live in atlanta. take a look at her picture. you're the new kid. you got that assignment. i'm so sorry. lousy weather. hey, the roads are going to be trouble if it's rain, if it's sleet or snow, for so many parts of the country. give me the rundown for anybody planning to hit the road in the next 24 hours. >> reporter: well, it's going to depend on where you are. if you're in the south, here in atlanta for example, if you're driving through you're dealing with this, just a steady rain. but if you go further north, you're going to be dealing with probably a wintry mix, possibly icy and snowy roads. aaa says more than 43 million
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people are going to be traveling for the thanksgiving holiday and most of those, about 90%, are going to be getting in their cars and driving somewhere. you can expect a lot of traffic and volume. that, of course, is not a good thing when you factor in this weather. a couple of areas that you might want to keep an eye out for. if you're going to be traveling on 40 between knoxville and the north carolina mountains, be careful. you could be encountering wintry mix and slicker roads. also, south of washington, d.c. on 95, later this afternoon, when that heavy rain is expected to move in, that could cause problems. bottom line, if you're going to be driving, be aware of when where you're going especially maybe even consider changing when you leave. if you're going to leave today and the storm is hitting in that area where you're headed, consider leaving tomorrow. it's going to be a wait and see approach for many people who are
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going to be traveling. >> do your research before you head out on the road. my apologize for that assignment. thank you. i said planes, trains and automobiles. let's talk train now. amtrak is planning to shuttle 1240,000 passengers just in the northeast corridor. there are the routes right there in red. and amtrak is saying, are you ready, not expecting to have any issues. so that might be the best mode of transportation. and even if you're not traveling, you may very well have relatives who are traveling to you or traveling somewhere that you may be worried about. let's get the forecast. chad miers i said has been working overtime. aaa said, chad, that 43.4 million of us americans are going to be traveling 50 miles or more in the next couple of days. so you, my friend, are a very important person right now. what's it looking like? >> and considering my house and
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the station are about 12 miles apart and i'll be traveling awe you have those day, i am not one of those traveling 50 miles. something i haven't heard anybody talk about. and you and i spend so much time in pair ports. if you're a pair of bay lay flats away from carry on or checked bag, carry on. it's so much easier to change your plane if you're holding your bag than to try to find the bag after its under a plane. if you're plane is canceled or delayed and they send you to a different airline, you have all of your stuff, you can go. if all of stuff is under the plane or on the train somewhere, it's not going to come to you where you want it to be. try to pack -- if you've got a pair of uggs and they don't fit in your carry on, where them. don't try to put things under the plane if you don't have to. pittsburgh, snowing all day. up to 32. but still a lot of mess for you right now. and turned are going up.
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this is going to be the case. above here, the snow. pittsburgh. i know, it's snow and fog. the mountains around pittsburgh are a nightmare. if you've never been there, the easiest way to go up is take the incline. the up and down mountains in the snow event, they used to say that the salt trucks, would have to back up the hills so that the back tires could get traction because the salt would be coming out the back of the trucks and trucks would be backing up the hills. here is the snow line tomorrow and on thursday and friday. and pittsburgh, you're always going to be in it. it's not going a big event for i-75 or 95 down here in the south. just a rain event for you. tornado watch for parts of florida. all this pink through here, that's where the icing is. farther to the north, that's
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where the snow is. >> you have just coined a brand new classification, it is a salt truck going backyards day. i know the models keep changing, so stick around for me. thank you. cnn has made this very crucial decision to laser focus in on atlanta harts field jackson airport. the internal airport there. and if you have ever wanted to be in the belly of the beast, this is a fascinating inside look. on october 28th more than three dozen journalists depended on this airport. you can check it whole thing out at and i'll tell you, the sausage making inside that airport is fascinating. and you barely ever see any of it. ever been to a hockey game? if you're a hockey fan, and i am one, you expect big hits. in fact, the place goes wild.
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but those big hits can be mighty harmfulment and now, former nhl players have changed their tune and suing the league to not doing enough to prevent brain damage and concussions. have we heard this one before? you bet. going to get the "legal view" next. [ male announcer ] if you can clear a crowd but not your nasal congestion, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec-d®. powerful relief of nasal congestion and other allergy symptoms -- all in one pill. zyrtec-d®. at the pharmacy counter. and better is so easy withrning you cabenefiber.o something better for yourself. fiber that's taste-free, grit-free and dissolves completely. so you can feel free to add it to anything. and feel better about doing it. better it with benefiber.
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like guaranteed repairs, where if you get into an accident and use one of our certified repair shops, your repairs are guaranteed for life. so call... to talk with an insurance expert about everything that comes standard with our base auto policy. and if you switch, you could save up to $423. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? the nhl had to know that this was coming. a class action concussion lawsuit. much like the one involving the nfl. this time, ten former nhl hockey players are banding together
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alleging that the hockey league knew about the risks of head trauma but did not inform or protect its player adequately. they say also that the nhl creates a welcome tur of violence by refusing to band body checking and fights like the really huge one that we saw break out last night between l.a. and vancouver. that's a little slice of heaven for hockey fans but maybe not so much for the players. they're arguing that the nhl actually goes so far as to hire enforcers whose main job it is to fight on the ice during games. and they claim that the league encourages fights like this in video fames. andy scholes joins me live. i've often heard and used the express, i went to a fight and the hockey game broke out.
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and players up until now and all the fans. >> and the nhl might argue that this lawsuit is pretty ironic. because whenever the topic has come up, it's the players that say they don't want it to happen. in a poll just two year ago, 98% of the players in the league said we don't want fighting taken out you have the game. it's tradition. so the fact that they say that the nhl has created what do they say, a culture of violence, the players have been supporting that culture of violence all along. and another interesting fact, the nhl has always tried to put in safety measures. it's the players who have always fought it at first before agreeing to it. >> yeah, i used to watch some of those games in the '80s and '90s. they got grand faurded and keep on play, missing teeth and all.
8:17 am
i just want to read this really quickly, it was the statement that the nhl gave out regarding series of lawsuits. he said, while the subject matter is very serious, we are completely satisfied with the responsible manner in which the league and player's association have managed safety over time. we intend to defend the case vigorously and have no further comment at this time. but, you know, giving a statement is one thing. has the league done anything else in particular leading up to now to address these concerns prior to the lawsuit? >> well, the nhl was the first league in professional sports in the united states to put concussion programs in place. way back in 1997 they put together groups to study the concussions that happen pd in the game. and they were the first league to start suspending players for head to head hits.
8:18 am
and they were also the first ones to put baseline tests in to diagnose concussions right after they happened on the ice. but they haven't had issues like this arise. now it's a big issue with the nfl lawsuit just happening a couple of months ago. >> i am a hock kwli coach. i coach my two sons on the ice. and i am not encouraging them to check or fight. i'm one of those moms that i think is in the majority. we're not crazy about it. i do appreciate your insight. while bring in some legal analysts to this story. joey jackson is here live and paul callen. i got the a-list here. you guys, the nfl when it came to its settlement with the players in their suit did not admit anything. it ain't like we got a precedent setting case that this comes on
8:19 am
the heels of. does it make any difference? >> it makes a differences. but there's blood in the water, and i hate to refer to lawyers as sharks. it's like you throw the chum in the water and the sharks start circling. and you have lawyers say, we might have a class action suit here. and that's why it's victim number two. >> and quickly, jumping ahead of this lawsuit, lawsuits are contentio contentious. they can go on for multiple years of course. there's burdens of proof that you have to sustain. a complaint has a bunch of allegations in there which are really horrific in terms of what they knew and what they did for representative brain initial. but when you look at the settlement value, the nfl lawsuit, three quarters of a billion dollars was the settlement.
8:20 am
when you have a organization that races revenue of $3.3 billion a year, this could be huge. >> i have a friend that knows everything there is to know about hockey. he said to me a lot of what the history of the players is going to come in to play. you want to get as much ice time as you can. you get your bell rung, you see the doctor, and you don't tell your coach because you want back on the ice. we're relying on the players. >> that's a legitimate point. obvious they don't want to admit that they're hurt because they lose ice time. and same argument could be made with respect to nfl football players. kids in high school, college players, it's maw choe and you've got to get back out and play. there's a similarity in both leagues. >> and it goes to the issue of kauation. was it the nhl that caused your
8:21 am
injury or was it some prior time through other hockey that you played in your life. >> or hey, what about a few bar fights. >> i would love to see you coach. >> it's hilarious. i'm the worst coach ever. >> how about the bar fights? >> i'm pretty good at that. anybody can coach the little kids. the issue of fighting, my friend says that's going to be the big one to watch. so we'll have to talk about this more. don't go too far. other stories i want you to cover in a little bit. it's one of the most dangerous jobs in the nation. and now $125,000 offered as a reward to find a person who killed a postal worker. this is one bizarre mystery. [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ] ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one.
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if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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okay. so i have some radar i want to show you. and those are very pretty colors of blue. not in your traveling. down in the atlanta area, two of the interstates are all mucked up with rain. and chad myers is watching hour everything is moving south to north for you. also top stories that i would like to get to you. a building contractor has been charged with murder in that botched building demolition in philadelphia that killed six people. remember when this happened? griffin campbell had been
8:26 am
overseeing the demolition in june when a wall collapsed. his attorney says campbell plans to plead not guilty to those third degree murder charges. champion downhill ski racer bode miller had to hand over his son to his former girlfriend in court after losing temporary custody yesterday. he still hopes to take that baby with him to the winter olympics in february. a new york family court referee has to decide on final custody in a december 9th hearing. officials are offering a $125,000 reward for any information about the shooting death of a mail carrier over the weekend. it happened in maryland. but there have been other attacks on letter carriers recently in different parts of the country. here is chris lawrence. >> reporter: this mail carrier
8:27 am
is being followed by the postal police. the postal service had to beef up protection in a suburban washington neighborhood after this 26 years old carrier was shot and killed while delivering mail at night. could this have been prevented? >> absolutely. >> reporter: kenneth lunch delivered mail for 30 years but could finish his route before sundown. >> the routes have doubled in size in the last five years. carriers are working 10, 11, 12 hours a day. >> reporter: that leads them husbandle in the dark to deliver the mail. >> i've been out till 10:00 at night. >> reporter: trying to read addresses. and you can't see a murderer coming up to you and shoot you in the prime of your life. >> reporter: being a mail carrier why is most dangerous civilian job in the federal government.
8:28 am
one third of those killed last year were postal carriers. three girls in texas attacked and tried to rob a mail carrier. and in washington state someone punched a carrier three times in the face. other carriers were hurt or killed in traffic accidents. the danger isn't limited to darkness, but officials claim it raises the stakes. >> had mail carriers raise their hand and say, this isn't right. >> letter carriers all the time say i'm not going out in the dark not in that part of town. and they're threatened with being fired. >> reporter: the postal sefbts had no comment on delivery hours but is offering $100,000 reward for the information on the latest murder. officials say the safety and bell being of our employees remains our primary concern. the security of carriers is essential. with the busy holiday season
8:29 am
beginning, carriers worry about becoming the next target. >> i deliver mail. anybody can walk up on me. >> reporter: and say the easiest way to make them safe is get them off the street at sundown. chris lawrence, cnn, washington. >> and those investigators will be out in the cold, rain, and possibly the snow. that's the radar folks. that's the reality. a massive holiday storm. you know, it's blanketing and creeping up the east. blanketing a very big part of it too. chad myers has been watching and updating the models for you. plus, if you get stuck at the airport, you have an outlet. believe it or not, you have to be smart about this. christine romans is going to give you amazing wickedly smart tips in just a moment. cg/úññ
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vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum. new from philips sonicare. love it. that was toothless and sponge bob. if you plan to be on hand to see the macy's thanksgiving day parade, 50 million of you watch it on the tv. another 3.5 line the streets to watch it. you're all going to have to be prepared for the bad weather. it's tleltenning and could cause
8:34 am
trouble for the balloons. the winds and rain could play havoc with them. macy's is stating that no balloon will be operated when there are sustained winds at 23 miles per hour and wind gusts over 33 miles per hour. it's going to be -- and plenty more behind the scenes. i bring that up because it was obviously a very big crowd for the boston marathon. and we're still all reeling in the wake of that as the parade route begins to line up. we're just one day, one day away from the busiest travel day of the year. and a big storm could create a major headache for probably a lot of you watching right now. and i'm sorry to be the barrier of the bad news. this is a big swath of the
8:35 am
country. snow coating the roads in columbus, ohio, early this morning. and the roads looking pretty wet as well in central pennsylvania. that is an ice concern. wow, look at that. it's pretty. but not if your driving. chad myers is live in the weather center. it's a ugly slow monster creep. >> and the cold air just creeps and pulled down from canada and the moisture gets pushed up from the gulf of motion co, and that clash is happening right over kentucky, ohio, pennsylvania, upstate new york. the rain is i-95. if you're traveling there or the jersey turnpike or parkway, you're good. it's going to be wet, and slow, but you're good. if you're going across, east to west on your travels, that's what's going to be the problem. we're seeing ice across the shep
8:36 am
doania valley into roanoke and north into stanton. it's coming down right across to state college and not going to stop. tonight around 8:00 when the sun is gone and things get colder, that's when things will freeze up. problem for tomorrow, pittsburgh right across to state college and then better when you get to philadelph philadelphia. but here is where we see the snow change over. the rain is to the south. rain moves up to the north. buffalo, you could pick up a foot of snow. and eventually for the end of the weekend, we'll see a lot of lake-effect snow coming down. the lakes aren't frozen. and this is the wind that could affect those balloons. i don't know about you, but my favorite when i was growing up as underdog. i just loved underdog. >> how old are you? >> i'm 50. paws coming out.
8:37 am
>> and toothless. i like that. that's my fave. thank you, chad. i have to say thank you even though it's awful news. give me a moment, if you will. because tomorrow the major metro airports, you've been hearing chad talk about it, the delays for hours because of this bad weather. i want you to take a look at this. flight tracking site. it put together what it calls the misery map of the 20 biggest airports across the country. the misery map. the green parts of the circles represent yon time flights. and the red, of course, the cancellations and delays. hovering your mouse over the airports shows how the specific routes are doing which is awesome if you're planning to fly or you've got family play flying in. but what if you hit a red one?
8:38 am
christine romans is on it for you with very important tips. >> reporter: ashleigh, number one, know your rights. when you buy a ticket, you agree to a lot of fine print that will tell you just what your airline will do if your flight is canceled due to weather. sometimes airlines are not obligated to get you on another airline which could keep you waiting for days. check the fine print to see. second, call your airline. even if you are waiting in like at the airport, call the airline. a call could move you ahead. next, try social media. most have their own twitter lines set up dedicated to trouble-shooting issues. also, consider nearby destinations. if you're flying to new york, jfk, and you're canceled, maybe you can go to newark. or you can see philadelphia as an alternative. and you have 24 hours after a flight is book to cancel without penalty. and finally, be nice. you're going to get along much
8:39 am
better if you are nice than yelling at someone. delta, u.s. airways, american airlines are waiving flight change fees right now because of the storm. check online about which airports you will not have to pay fees to rebook to change a flight or to cancel it. >> and she's the nicest person who works here. so that whole be nice thing works beautifully. thank you. cnn, by the way, has decided to make the world's busiest airport, hartsfield-jackson atlanta international our destination this week. because on august 28th, more than three dozen journalists desended upon that airport and documented the journey, the belly of the beast. you get the inside look. stuff you've never seen before. a fascinating inside look at and we've got this just in to cnn. i want to bring you up to speed on something we're following. u.s. coast guard pictures of
8:40 am
more than 100 hechian immigrants clinging to the hull of a freighter. and this is just off the coast of the ba ham mas. at least ten people died after that ship grounded and thin cap sized on monday night. a coast guard helicopter has pulled 13 from the water after deploying a rescue raft. food water has been dropped to the survivors. the defense patrol boat is also helping in that rescue. harrowing pictures to see. the federation of state public interest research has just released its annual trouble in toyland report. perfect timing. the report lists toy risks ranging from toxic chemicals to choking hazards. among the toys that made the list, disguise ink's captain
8:41 am
american soft shield for the levels of lead above federal standards. and the teenage my tant ninja turtle pencil case for high cadmium. a make sure you take a close look at what you are buying for your little ones this holiday season. when we come back, what happened at this intersection. you know something, it's not totally clear. but a woman says a police officer pulled her over and then raped her. the evidence shows the patrol car was indeed there for 18 minutes. but the officer said, i did nothing wrong. that's coming up next. [ male announcer ] megan doesn't know
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at first glance it may have seemed to be an ordinary traffic stop. by to the 19-year-old driver who was pulled over at this intersection, she said there was nothing ordinary about it. she said the officer handcuffed her at raped her at the bam of the patrol car. he is denying this allegation. cnn has more on this case. >> reporter: the 19-year-old sexual assault victim has asked that her identity be hidden. she said moments after the police officer raped her during a traffic stop early friday morning, she says, told her not to say anything about it. >> he warned me and said he would like for me. >> and then friday night, a man named jack came to her home looking for her. the victim says the ordeal is a
8:46 am
nightmare. >> i have to deal with this every day. >> reporter: san antonio police arrested and charged one of its own with sexual assault. 40-year-old jackie neil an 11 year veteran. he told cnn the allegations are false. he was released from jail on a $20,000 bond. according to the arrest warrant affidavit she told him that he had been following her tore several blocks until she pulled over underneath this street lamp. the affidavit says that the tracking system on the police officer's car showed that had been parked here for 18 minutes. they say the on board camera was not working. but according to the -- and that's where the sexual assault took place. the victim says she believed the attack lasted about ten minutes. >> it's a punch in the eye to the police department.
8:47 am
>> reporter: san antonio's police chief says if there are other victims, he wants them to speak out to investigators. >> obvious will he we don't tolerate it. and i'm outraged and stunned by it. >> reporter: he was recently disciplined for dating an 18-year-old woman participating in a program to introduce young people to careers in law enforcement. >> wow. what a difference a month can make. do you remember how the republicans totally take it on the chin for shutting down the government for obama care? that's just a month ago. now the dismal rollout of obama care has flipped those numbers on their end. what does that mean for the republicans in 2014? or is that just ians away. we're going to talk about what this means and if we really have short memories. that's coming up next. [ male announcer ] if you can clear a crowd but not your nasal congestion,
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short memories when it comes to politics. it seemed like just yesterday that a lot of people were ready to write off the republican party because of that government shutdown over obama care. well, guess what. the table has turned in dramatic fashion. when it comes to congress, the latest cnn/orc poll shows republicans now hold a 49% to 47% advantage among registered voters. last month the democrats held an eight-point edge. it's gone. this ten-point swing follows an uproar over all those problems with the rollout of obama care, including the glitch/disaster and the insurance policy cancellations. remember if you like your policy you can keep it? joining us with his keen insight and how it can all change on dime is john ablon. it got me thinking, if this all happened in a month, what's lying ahead? i'm thinking maybe another continuing resolution and a debt
8:52 am
fight, and immigration, et cetera. >> yeah, it's going to ping-pong back. a week is a long time in politics. month's an eternity. this is remarkable numbers. this shift in the generic ballot does speak to how dissatisfied the american people are with both parties and how much of the latest disaster is likely to flip swing voters in the other direction. we're still a long way from elections. but it is a sign that democrats have no reason for overconfidence and that the disaster, as you just said, really is taking a toll and the shutdown seems like ancient history right now. >> i want to show a picture that so many people in the republican party were just roiling over prior to the re-election of president obama. it's chris christie after the big superstorm walking with the president. at one point i think he put his arm around the president. some people said that's how the president ended up winning the
8:53 am
election. does it matter what happens all year long, or is it just what's in the news cycle one month before the election really? >> no, everything matters. everything adds to a narrative. in the last -- >> you know what? john, i thought it was just me who couldn't hear you. i'm finding out our audience can't hear you, as well. something just went kaput with your microphone. we'll try and get john back. he's really smart. and i don't want to miss a thing he says. in the meantime, a federal indictment is charging 44 people for pmeddling it drugs and sex inside prison. these are people headed to prison for it, these are people already there and doing it. guess what, 27 of them are on the other side of the law. they're the correctional officers.
8:54 am
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peddling. got a little bit of breaking news to bring to you. the supreme court has just made an agreement to hear a significant case about obama care. remember when a whole bunch of corporations wanted to pull out of the idea of having to provide contraception because of a religious reason? well, that's now going to go to the supreme court. that's something the justices have agreed to hear. stay tuned to this space to find out how the case shakes out. before the break, i told you about that other case in baltimore. are you kidding me? where it seems the prisoners are running the show, folks. 27 correctional officers are facing charges they've been taking it bribes, they've been smugglinging in contraband, trading sex for money. i'm not kidding.
8:58 am
one gang member in the prison, okay, here's where it gets crazy. allegedly impregnated four guards. one of whom had his name tattooed on her wrist. joining me the legal eagles again, all i can say, paul cal len and joey jackson is what? i knew it was bad. but 27 officers? is it really this bad? >> this is a record breaker i think. you see isolated examples of this, new york, pennsylvania, every state, texas, one or two get indicted. but this, the whole jail system. >> without question. >> the wire." >> when you have to this magnitu magnitude, 44 indictments an, 27 involving correction officers. i'm sure the vast majority of correction officers are in many jurisdictions they keep the jails in order and everything else. but when you go to corruption levels like this money laundering, mail fraud, conspiracy, racketeering, you're talking about an organized institutional gang inside a
8:59 am
facility where the inmates are running the jail. that's a problem. >> a couple seconds left. paul, is this an issue that may be somewhat tangential shall to overcrowding? it's so hard to run these places because they're such a mess? >> it has to do with hiring. who are they hiring? one of these guards was allegedly taking in $15,000 a week. yes, overcrowding contributes to it, but you know something, it's criminality. >> it's unbelievable. it's unbelievable. >> again, i say, you know, i know correction officers work very hard. they're in institutions. i'm sure it's not easy. i don't think this is an indictment on correction officers in general. >> so many of jackson's clients are in prison that this is how -- >> i have to be nice. >> this is how he tries to be nice to the corrections guards. >> see what you do to me paul? al. >> i said "the wire." my favorite is the orange is the new black". i don't know if i'm going to see
9:00 am
you. have a lovely holiday. paul callan, joey jackson. i'm out of time. around the world starts right around the world starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- hello, everyone. we are tracking a deadly storm that is threatening the plans and the safety of millions of you as you head out for your thanksgiving holiday. rain, wind, snow and ice all in the forecast whether you're traveling by plane or by car today or tomorrow, you are likely to be impacted. >> and this hour, we've got you covered with everything you need to know before you head out. i'm hala gorani. suzanne malveaux is off. >> i'm michael holmes. thanks for your company. it is already nasty out there for most of the 43 million holiday travelers. slick roads in central pennsylvania. snow is starting to fall. and it is expected to keep getting heavierth


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