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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 1, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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up feeling flawed had turned my own energy against me and manifested myself as cankcer an i understood that now that i knew this my body would heal. you had this huge revelation and they both affirmed what needed to be done. both said go back and life your life fearlessly and i started to come back. >> how long were you in the coma? >> about 30 hours. i was in the intensive care unit but within four days they were able to take off the oxygen and the food tube and the tumors shrunk by 70%. they kept looking for your
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cancer and they kept treating you and saying that there was no way that cancer disappears like that. to heaven and back in anderson cooper's special report. and i'm in for fredrika whitfield. a train comes off it's tracks. we have exclusive pictures of the aftermath and a live report from the scene coming right up. "fast and furious sctar" paul walker dead after a fiery crash. and the obama care website is fixed. a look at the limitations of
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and we start in new york. four people were killed when the train derailed in the bronx. 78 peel were hurt. 150 peel were on the train and investigators combed the scene for victims and they believe everyone has been accounted for. we now know that five off duty police officers were on the train and three were taken to the hospital and are believed to be okay. the ntsb has sent a go team to the scene and they will brief the scene and we are covering that life.
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we are covering the story and let's get out to the scene. here is the latest from the bronx. >> what should have been a routine sunday ride turned deadly after the train lost control coming loose from the tracks after a sharp curve. >> i happened to be by the window. i still heard a screeching noise and within seconds the fire truck started coming past the window and i knew something big happened. i was sitting on the train and i wasn't peaitaking attention andn the train felt a little more side ways than it should be and there was the rubble from under the tracks and emergency responders including divers searched the scene.
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officials believe all passengers have been accounted for. new york is blessed with the best first responders. metro north is popular carrying 83 million passengers a year. the national transportation safety board is investigating what went wrong. >> we have folks who are focusing on operation tracks human factors and survivability and officials tell cnn the operator says he applied the brakes but the train didn't know down. at these point a deadly and tragic end to a holiday weekend. >> earlier i spoke to the
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chairperson to the ntsb safety board. i asked her about the state of the investigation. >> we are actually joined now by al an dra field who is at the scene. what can you tell us about the scene now. are they completely certain that they have accounted for everyone off that train? we are no longer seeing a search. a lot of people circling the train. it appears the search is over and there are 150 people onboard. we have been warned that it is possible that more people have been found. so that is the news and we are seeing that the victims that have been killed we have seen
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them being taken to the scene. the fire department chaplain has been out here at the same time. we have to thought that this is a busy travel day. the other consideration is that other commuters are looking to get into the city and out of the city. those are some of the oh gist tick kal plans. speeds seem to play into this. he said in the straight part that the looking at the pictures
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in the video it is hard for us to tell. the train went off the tracks describe what that is like there. and what it had to do to get that far. and how far is it where it seemed to go off to the water's edge? >> it is north of the station where the train was headed for. the train stops just feet from the water. you have to imagine for any potential who was awake and aware of what was going on it had to be a terrifying experience and the traitor has told investigators here that he did apply the brakes and that the train didn't seem to plow
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down. people who are inside the train at the time have reported that the train was going too fast. that is just according to what passengers are saying. and that is going to take if the train was speeding or going too quickly. >> also, have you confirmed whether or not the train was due to stop at the dival station? >> no, we are not aware of whether or not it was going to make that stop. it is not clear if this would have been a stop on that route. thank you very much. >> now let's get back into the investigation into this crash. a little while ago i had a chance to speak to the kwharm of the ntsb. >> we have a go team that issen
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route right now to the accident scene. they left washington late this morning and they will hit the ground running and we are focusing on operation human factors and survivability and recorders experts and they are going to be looking to focus on the area. for example our recorders are going to look to see if we can identify recorders that might be onboard the train to see if there is indication there that might tell us. the dispatchers and anyone who might have operators on the tracks. we don't have a lot of day light hours to do it. we are going to do as much as we
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can. it sounds like a lot of work for you guys in the days ahead. this is a push pull train there were 7 cars plus an engine. can you say the engine was at the rear of the train can you say anything about the safe safetiness or the ability of the train to go around the curve that sharp? we would be looking at what was expecteded in this situation and if those expectations were met. our teams have got to get on the scene and they have got to understand what the equipment is and what the equipment was doing and how it was being operated. >> and details on what killed actor paul walker. my asthma's under control.
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the death of a hollywood heavy weight paul walker dead at 40. cnn has obtained fat aootage obtained after that crash. fans around the world are in mourning. taking to twiser. what are you hearing about his reputation in hollywood?
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there is one story about an iraq veteran who could not afford a ring for his fiance. he her heard the conversation and anonymously bought that ring. a good guy and a little bit more on that guy. this was an area out there and there were a lot of skid marks nearby there was a 45-mile-an-hour speed limit it sign and there you can see figure 8 donuts and not sure if you can see that was caused by the car that he was rising in. he was the driver owner of the performance racing and that business that we said before was
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near the crash. walker's grand father was a racer and walker said he liked to race. and he was an adrenalin junkie and he did a little acting on the side. he suggested he's a little bit of a perfectionist onset. >> i think the appreciation for the franchise it fuels a lot of it for me. i'm such a critic. i beat myself up with stuff. things are never good enough and even when they are good they can be better. although again he sounds like he is exact a friendly guy who was of ten seen with his dogs or by
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se himself. also we were told the gentlemen who was with him was his financial manager. and there will be an investigation to come. the days before this death he was helping out a charity event and senior editor bradley, walker seems like a charitable guy. before you talked to said he was so wonderful. what legacy does he leave behind? he had his own charity and that was the event that he was at yesterday before the crash. it was collecting toys and benefiting all sorts of charities and he was an actor but had a lot of charities that he was interested in and it is a sad thing to see him go. terribly so and the film is
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associated with high octane craziness. there is a joke now that he took that on andenp joyed the role and was out there in the action hero time. he leaved behind a 14-year-old daughter. >> yes, 15 years old i think. that franchise is actually the most profitable movie franchise. it was a huge sub says one of the biggest of 2013 so much that they rushed it into production. it is supposed to come out in july. also, it is an interesting challenge to market this movie which is of course about fast cars and explosions and how do you market a movesly like that
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when one of the main characters died ain a production. he was to come back to atlanta and then finish it off. >> there were reports that they had filmed a significant amount of it. they tweeted with him and two of his co-stars saying that the boys are back are you ready. like i said it is an interesting challenge. but studios have been down this road before before "the dark knight came out and they managed to navigate themselves through it. it takes plan ining you want ito be tasteful. >> the white house says key
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fixes have been made to the obama care website. what is ahead for his term? that is ahead in the news room. [ male announcer ] this store knows how to handle a saturday crowd.
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well, better late than never. that is the word from the white house. the difference between the obama care site today is between night and day. his approval ratings are in the basement. let's start with the obama care fiasco. speaker of the house saying the was is fine but it is the health care law. this is the guy who signed up for health care. we'll look like idiots. ron, it doesn't look like this one is going away very soon. everyone knew the website was going to get streamlined. it is starting to get mixed now. it is starting to work. the issue is over a number of things. one is payment security.
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and then you are dealing with insurance companies that are already seeing that they are getting bad data on the other end. on the other side of it it is still a lot to be done. they are all saying that they are not going to sleep now. when i go to the doctor on january second with my obama care card will i see a doctor and will that be paid for?
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you will see a doctor and as will the website. the obama team will have some friends. it is not going to be perfect. they wanted to manage expectations. things are working well. 50,000 per day will be access the site. 50,000 per month will be able to access the site. that is a great number and a huge leap from what they saw. we take some people out of the line. the shop insurance wouldn't be there some more. there are differences here. to the other point. there are issues with security but those are minor that we know now. we don't want to make that sound like that is the dominant sound. are republicans going to continue to hammer away at this.
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will they pick a fight over fiscal issues coming up in january and february where they have to have another budget deal worked out? will immigration or tax reform will anything move forward over the bam and forth over obama care? you are going to see democrats cheering. you are going to see some outrage from people that realize that he are going to be paying more out of their pocket and less access to the doctors that they want to see.
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every day that goes by, he is becoming more of a lame duck president with a lame duck presidency. seems like the big problem in the 2014 elections is for democrats. are these the guys that are going to be in the cross hairs in 2014? it is the same story that would be in 2014. if you had talked to any expert months ago. there is no way republicans can overcome a government shut down. in two or three months the pendulum could shift again. if most of the problems are fixed and repaired don't be
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surprised if senate democrats are just fine and the issue goes back to the question of who do we want to govern this question. >> thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you. >> the investigation into a deadly train derailment into the bronx into the ntsb we will hear about the conditions in a live report from new york.
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he. nick what are you hearing about the injured there? some of them in surgeon surgery.
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one of the more fortunate if you will was a 14 kreer-year-old bo. doctors have been giving him an overview with those casualties. the injury is not just physical. >> the over the critical patient is the patient with the spinal cord injury. we have had quite a few people with fac structurfractures of t
12:34 pm
kal. minor head injury but nobody with bleeding inside their head. folks come in and they may be in shock. but everybody in traumatized. this will be a trying thing for them to get back on a train. some of them are coming into see their loved ones in the hospital and are in a state of shock. of those casualties 9 will be admitted and staying at least overnight. and some quite possibility much longer. thank you very much for keeping up with it. >> breaking news federal senior
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administration this from our producer the fra will send officials to assist with the ntsb. what comes to your mind? >> right now the speed. >> when you say speed, you mean that clearly the speed of the train was going why do you pick out speed and not perhaps a broken track of a broken tr are
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uss or something along those lines. this is the anti train. it looks like high speed the way the cars coming off. he said the brakes failed. so, when they pull the box they will find whether or not the emergency set up. as it appeared right now, he wasn't paying much attention. that is a lot to claim and certainly something to be looking at. he said the normal speed is about 70 miles per hour around that curve. he said there is an automatic breaking system what is the difference between those two types of systems.
12:37 pm
the automatic is the one that the engineers use them and he knows whether or not he has that train under control. if he doesn't he can go that emergency which slaps the brakes on the train which starts sliding. he should have been slowing down way far in advance and it doesn't appear that way. of course it is still under investigation. >> i take it this will be a very big and thorough investigation. speed seems to be an issue in this train derailment. are you surprised at how far the train traveled toward the water and the fact that this was a
12:38 pm
push pull train play into this accident. the speed keeps shoving. and when they get ahold of the black box that should tell them. the dark marks that come off the track they head right straight towards the water. it derailed back there three car lengths from thatten jo engine. they will be able to straighten that rail up in a matter of hours once they remove the equipment. all right well that they be a little consolation. >> rick whitley, thank you very much for joining us. next we go back to new york for the latest information on that train crash. that is coming up after the break. i couldn't wait to see her again.
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and it is a big job ahead for the ntsb investigators in new york. they will trying to find out why a train derailed this morning in new york. the ntsb is expected to give an update in about an hour and you will see it live. renee joins me live. what do we know about another crash. >> chairman made the reference earlier saying that there have been several accidents and that happened within the last eight months. one of those accidents happened in may when two separate trains collided in bridgeport, connecticut in jurying several
12:43 pm
people. amtrack train that actually passed the accident site 48 minutes before captured a photo of broken railroad track joint bars. it tcaptured the photo on your screen. that may have been the cause of the derailment however, again that is under investigation. what is important to take from this today is how they can get to the bottom of what went wrong. also worth noting miguel also in may of this year a metro north track foreman was struck and killed by a metro northbound train. he had requested a portion of the track he had been working onto be taken out of service for
12:44 pm
maintenance. one placed that section out of service with an electronic block but the student controller removed it a little more than an hour later and those two incidents happened in the month of may. last year 2012 and three this year 2013 which may be significant to this. how will they be colating all of this information. >> we know that board board member earl weiner will be with that go team that you spoke about. he was also on site there with that accident in may in connecticut. he afamiliar with that investigation and that will be helpful. the teams on the ground we know
12:45 pm
they include investigators who include mechanical systems. they will look at the maintenance and inspection records of the train and the tracks and will also document the damage and the condition of the train and the rails. it will steady the survival al factors including how well did the railcar and the structures perform? there is a lot of work to be done in addition to video or witness accounts that they may get on the ground. when they say they have a lot of work to do they truly, truly do and that is matching up that
12:46 pm
against past accidents as well. >> thank you very much. and is it an apology or propaganda. the family wants him home, but will north korea keep the war vet until they can trade him back to the u.s.? >> tonight we are celebrating the top ten heros of the year. cnn heros an all-star tribune. dale beatty, his community honored his sacrifice honored him and he decided to pay it back. take a look. >> all veterans have been taught to be responsible for the guy to your left and the guy to your right. and no matter what, you are
12:47 pm
going to bat for them if they need you. go ahead. we wouldn't leave one of our soldiers behind on the battlefield. but we do it so often here at home. i did three tours here in vietnam. my injuries include my right leg, left elbow and lower back. for 35 years no one cared. every war is forgotten. when the next war starts. people welcome you home and say that they love us and that i'm their hero. i knew after being other veterans that wasn't the case for all of us. these other guys who struggle they need a hand up. it is my mission to hoelp other get the support that they need
12:48 pm
for other communities. >> this is the young man why we are here today. it is getting the community engaged to making the simple changes to a person's house. we want to make their live easier, safer and better. i could not get my wheelchair in and out of my front door because i had steps with no handrail and it made me less of a social person. we are able to build a deck and a ramp. there used to be a concrete sidewalk here. it doesn't sound like a lot. but the impact that it made was tremendous and their emotions are being rehabbed at well. they made me realize the challenges that i have had to endure -- meant something. the jump started me back into
12:49 pm
life. purple heart homes said welcome home. it is great to be home after 40 years. regardless of when you serve, where you serve, we are all the same. we are all veterans and we need to know that somebody does care about them. >> really great show. do not miss the incredible act of generosity the cnn hero of the year that . [ male announcer ] at humana, understanding what makes you different is what makes us different. we take the time to get to know you and your unique health needs. then we help create a personalized healthcare experience that works for you.
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white house is pushing north korea to freet an 85-year-old korean war veteran held for a month. yesterday pyongyang showed american merrill newman apologize for killing american soldiers during the war. they saw it as blatant propaganda. now newman and another american may be in the pawns in a much bigger game. >> i'm well and food is good, that's the message 85-year-old american merrill newman sent to his family from north korea where he's under arrest and accuse of war crimes. newman who was arrested a month ago at the end of a package or to the so-called hermit state was visited by swedish diplomats at the weekend.
12:54 pm
the diplomats say he is receiving medication for heart condition and getting regular doctors' visits. almost over the weekend the north korean authorities received a confession from newman in which he apologized for training an highly secret an anti-communist force of guerrilla fighters. it was deep behind enemy lines. the north koreans say that when newman returned to the country in october he was trying to renew ties with old comrades. it's not clear whether newman was forced to make this statement and whether any of the facts mentioned in it are accurate. it is of course a sensitive issue for north korea because although the last shot was fired in that conflict more than 60 years ago, there's never been a formal peace treaty to end the war. the question now, of course, is what is next for newman and, also, for kenneth bae, a korean-american missionary who has been held in north korea for more than a year and sentenced
12:55 pm
to 15 years of hard labor. some political analysts suggested the north koreans may be satisfied with newman's confession for propaganda purposes and may be now ready o release him to a high-level u.s. delegation. they may use newman and bae as bargaining chips for concessions out of washington. the white house is calling for the immediate release of both men. karl penhaul, cnn, tokyo. ♪ [ male announcer ] the parking lot helps by letting us know who's coming. the carts keep everyone on the right track. the power tools introduce themselves. all the bits and bulbs keep themselves stocked. and the doors even handle the checkout so we can work on that thing that's stuck in the thing. [ female announcer ] today, cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everyone goes home happy.
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tonight anderson cooper brings us the fascinating stories of three people who came close to clinical death. breed love is one of those people whose story is told here by randi kaye. >> 17,000 subscribers. that's insane. >> what was it about making videos that your brother loved so much? >> his strong connection to
12:59 pm
people. that's the reason why he gravitated towards giving advice to teens, is he genuinely wanted to help them out. he became a little bit of a local celebrity, especially with the girls. >> it doesn't matter how a person looks, if they have brace or acne or anything like that. what matters is their personality. i have a really big challenge in my life. i have a heart condition. it's called hypotrophic cardiomyopathy. i have a pacemaker. >> do you remember that day that you got the diagnosis, what you felt? >> yes, i do, because it was very scary. a doctor just very clearly stated he has this condition, there's no cure. we'll have to be careful throughout his life. >> how nervous were you that he could die? >> i was afraid every day that i would go downstairs or go to his bedroom and he may have passed
1:00 pm
away in the middle of the night. >> i remember the paramedics gathering around ben and measuring all types of vitals and that sort of thing. the ambulance arrived and they put him into the back of the ambulance with my mom. >> there was a moment there where you just let go. >> there was a point in there where i realized that the answer to my prayer was maybe going to be, i'm going to take him home to heaven. finally they were wheeling him from the e.r. to a regular room. and i was walking alongside the gurney holding ben's hand. his warm little hand, which i was loving