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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 1, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> thank you for having me. >> you are in the cnn newsroom. i'm rosa flores in for john lemon. investigators are trying to figure out why a train jumped the tracks in a new york city area this morning. here is what we know, folks, four people were killed. at least 67 others injured. rescue crews combed the scene for other victims, even sending divers into the water. they believe everyone has been accounted for. >> the entire train, seven cars and locomotive were all derailed. our mission is to understand, not just what happened, but why it happened. with the intent of preventing it to happen again. we expect to be on scene from a week to ten days. >> our correspondents are covering every angle of this train derailment in the bronx.
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renee marsh has the latest on the ntsb investigation. alexander field is covering all of the developments from the scene of the accident. alexandra, let's start with you first. what is the latest out there? >> rosa, at this point, the emergency crews have made room for investigators. the investigators arrived this afternoon. they started taking pictures. they will work into the night. they have already set up flood lights. >> what should have been a routine sunday morning ride into new york city to poughkeepsie. >> i heard a screeching noise. and within seconds, the ambulance and fire trucks started coming nearby window and i knew something happened.
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>> many passengers were sent flying out of their seats. >> i was just sitting on the train. i wasn't paying attention to any more in particular. then the train felt more side ways than it should be. bit time i looked up, it was going off the track and there was rubble going off the tracks and like flying. >> divers searched the crash scene as cadaver dogs comb the wreckage. officials believe all passengers have been accounted for. >> we are trying to stabilize the situation right now. new york is blessed with the best first responders, i think , anywhere in the country. >> this is one of the busiest holidays, metro-north is popular, carrying nearly 16 million on the hudson line where the crash happened. ntsb is finding out what's wrong, sending a go-team. >> we have folks focussing on
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tracks, survivorsbility. >> the operator said he applied the brakes but the train did not slow down. there are more questions than answers and a deadly and tragic end it a holiday weekend. >> and investigators expect to be out here for at left the next seven to ten days. right few, tomorrow morning's busy commute is top of mind. this is a busy section of commuters rail, metro-north says it will be providing bus service for commuters. it is important right now to consider planning ahead. rosa? >> all right, alexandra field live for pups thank you so much. we are also talking to survivors of the train accident. dennis o'neill joins us on the phone from haverstrong, new york. can you hear me? >> i can, yes. >> dennis, thank you for joining us. we appreciate your time. you were inside one of the two cars that flipped over side ways. you took this picture with the
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windows covered in dirt on the bottom and seats on the side. now dennis, take us back to that moment and when you realized something was going very, very wrong. >> caller: yes, we were heading towards the station. the cars on the ride side of the car, you could feel it tilting a little bit. i looked up right before we hit the big curve that goes into the station. and we were going fast. we were going, you could tell, like something was up. and as we hit that big curve, it was bad. the train just fell right over. i happened to be on that side. so i hid down on the window and people on the other aisle fell on top of us. we were grinding along the ground for a yrds or something at a very fast-paced. and the car filled up with dirt and dust and things like that. so you knew right away, as we
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were approaching the station that it just started to tilt a little bit and knew something was up right away. >> how are you doing tonight? >> actually, i'm one of the lucky ones, thank you. some bumps and cuts, but i'm okay, thanks. >> oh, my goodness. a woman fell on you. do you know how she is doing? >> i don't, actually. i think she was, she was pretty beat up. because after, you know, we stopped, everybody just hung there for a second until we realized what just happened. then we started to get up. because we were on the side, the train was on its side. got up and she was -- her head was bleeding. she was laying town and moaning. another gentleman wasn't banged to g her to sit up or get up.ied she couldn't get up. another gentleman in the second car there that was also hurt.
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i think she went to the hospital. >> oh, gosh, yeah. a lot of people did go to the hospital, indeed. now, how did you leave that area? how did you get back to your family? >> well, we -- after the crash, we tried to -- i tried to get the front door open of the car. but that was the door that slides down. so it was almost like trying to pull up a garage door but it was all hang elled. there was no getting that car open. it was dark. there was a lot of dust. then, we opened the car and there was light there. we made sure everybody was okay and me and this other guy headed back towards the end, the back of the car. and that door was open down. you know, we today had to go ba that way. we were in the car, waiting for responders, i'm guessing, 15, 20
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minutes. firemen came in, they wanted to get to the people barely hurt, they got them first. we stood to the side, made sure the people barely hurt were attended to. we got out of the car. climbed out out of the back of the car and had to walk around the train. >> deanis o'neill, survivor of that train accident that happened in new york. thank you so much for your time. we appreciate it. and now, for more on the investigation and what the national transportation safety board is doing, we go to cnn's renee marsh. renee, at the latest news conference, the initial reports said the train should have been going 30 miles an hour at that curve. we have been seeing pictures of that curve all day long. do they know how fast it was going before it derailed? >> rosa, at this point, ntsb has not released that information as yet. but we do know that they recovered the event recorders
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that records data, like speed and whether brakes were applied. they will be analyzing all of the data on the recorders. we expect the ntsb will update us with more briefings in coming days. rosa? >> beside the recorders, what other data are investigators gathering at this hour? >> reporter: we know from the briefing that the ntsb hasn't yet spoken to the conductor but they anticipate speaking to the train staff in the next day or two. we also learned that the engine pushing the train was in the back of the train. investigators say they will be looking at whether that played a role in the derailment. they will want it look maintenance records of the cars. investigators have had the chance to start documenting the condition of the cars and rails. but of course, night fell. we saw there behind alexandra. so they will continue their work tomorrow. but we should know that
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typically the ntsb issuees a preliminary report about ten days after the event. but it'll take about a year to rule of cause of the incident. >> what about the safety record? >> reporter: we do know there were incidents in this area as well as incidents in the past involving metro-north. we know a freight train derailed in july in the same vicinity as this incident that we are seeing today. so investigators, they did say that they are looking to see if there are any similarities there. also, in may, there were two metro-north trains going in separate directions that collided in bridgeport, tommy thompson kt /* /- connecticut. that injured 70. then in the same month having to do with metro-north a track foreman was struck and killed by
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metro-north passenger train in west haven, connecticut. we heard chairman with the ntsb saying she was concerned about the number of incidents happening involving metro-north. so they will be looking at all of these past incidents. but she asked about the track record, safety record. we were able to pull up that information on the government website and we found over the last two years in 2011 there were five derailments. last year, there were three. and for this year, they listed three derailments, unclear if today's incident is included in that number. rosa? >> all right. renee marsh live for us in washington. thank you so much. >> still ahead here on cnn, he became a star in a series of films about street racing. what we're learning about the car crash that killed one of the main faces of the fast and the furious franchise. that's next. it's black friday weekend at verizon.
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>> ag . actor paul walker, star of "fast & furious" movie series has died in a car crash. there were witnesses after the crash. >> when deputies arrived at the scene they found a vehicle fully engulfed in flames and walker and the driver, dead inside. now cnn's paul joins me live from los angeles. paul, how are friends and fans reacting to his death? >> well, i will show you in just a second in there. just a heart-breaking scene at the crash site today. tyrese gibson, one of paul walker's co-stars, went to the scene and paid his respects.
3:15 pm
on social media, tyrese said god, i pray that you send clarity over this cause because i just don't understand. my heart hurts. it's broken. no one can convince me that this is real. prayer warriors, please prayer real hard, for his only child, his daughter, and his family. now the car involved in this crash, porche carerra gt. it is believed it was owned by his friend, rocker rodas. a car shop was thanking everyone for con dole uns and for the loss of loved ones. paul walker owned cars. he owned 20 to 30 of them at a time. he used to fix them up. he said it was cathartic for him. i asked walker what it was like
3:16 pm
for a car guy to be put in the movie "fast & furious", a movie all about cars. >> i don't know how it could have been even a better one. before they sent us through photography, they sent us to a race car driving school. they called me and said, i know we aren't starting production yet but would you be willing to go to las vegas for race car driving school? i was like, are you kidding? this is a joke right? >> he also loved marine biology and surfing. and he said if he could have done marine biology, he probably would have preferred that over acting. >> thank you so much. white house says the new and improved health website
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is okay after a major overhaul. does that bring peace and harmony to washington? doubt it? well, we are discussing this, after the break. but first, as we enter the season of giving, we here at cnn are preparing for our very own holiday tradition. cnn heros, an all-star tribute. celebration of top ten heros of the year and their extraordinary work helping others. it airs tonight at 8:00 eastern nichelle turner gives us a preview. >> hosted by cnn's anderson cooper, this year's annual heros event is packed with emotion. >> thank you so much. >> and unforgettable moments. a night when hollywood's brightest stars come together. >> it shines a light on people that don't do it for the light.
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>> this is the people to get excited about tp it makes your jaw drop. >> to shine the spotlight on ten remarkable people changing the world. >> this is like the academy awards for good people. >> like the great grandmother who used her life savings to turn a bus into a classroom. >> get on the bus, everybody. cnn, hero, estella piperam. >> and the woman who started a drill team to keep kids off the streets. >> turning the tables on a traditional awards show. >> i'm not the only hero in this room. and none of us is heros stand alone. >> cnn heros puts these everyday people center stage. >> a star-studded event with a few surprises. >> and the heroic ending that you don't want to miss. >> 2013 cnn hero of the year -- >> a night to gather together to
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welcome back. the government says is working smoothly for what it says is the vast majority of users. let's get information from ben furgason, and lz granderson. okay, so, the obama care reboot was a huge topic on the sunday morning shows. so i want you to take a listen to comments from a former obama adviser and current republican congressman. >> we live in a very social world right now. people talk to their siblings,
3:24 pm
or other family members and say, i went on and i got a plan. there is interest out there. >> there will be winners out there and millions of losers too. people will find out that their rates are going up. people with insurance they like will be losing it. that's one of the proponents of the business mandate. the market is tiny compared to what is yet to come. this thing will be a mitigated political disaster for the president. >> so lz, let's start with you. let's say the reboot works. has all the damage already been done or can the improved technology make up for that disastrous roll out that we all watched? >> well, it would help americans forgive but we will never forget. republicans certainly won't allow americans to forget as we head into 2014 mid term elect n
3:25 pm
elections. let's get one thing clear. there are tens of millions of americans who need health care. not just for themselves or family members but for the american economy. the rise in health care cost drastically hurt the american economy. this hasn't helped that need as well as the need of insurance? rising costs are killing people. and for some of them, literally. the problem is, obama care and the affordable care act has done just that. we have seen people that their premiums sky rock eted under obama care. so yeah, they can get the website working. yet this morning on new day, we saw the website was not working. there was an error page yet again when even we the cnn here tried to get it to work on "new day." and they couldn't get it to finish all the way up. you go back to the second part
3:26 pm
and that is, the american people are showing people the crisis. they thought rates would be cheaper and they are not cheaper. that's where the president will have a big problem. he promised affordable care and it is not affordable for a lot of americans who are seeing sticker shock when they two on-line. >> let's talk about the trust issue. latest cnn roc poll reveal a majority of americans say president obama is not trust worthy. 466% say that he can be trusted. so obviously, it is a problem when a majority of the americans believe their president can't be trusted. and most people say, it is a direct result of his broken pledge, pledge we all heard, that people who like their doctor or their insurance plan can keep them. now here is how peggy noonan put it this morning on abc. take a listen. >> the american people look at the president and they think, he's no dummy. he is a really smart guy.
3:27 pm
and because he is a smart guy, they think, well, that means he deliberately misled us to get his program through. people don't like that. that is another reputation changer, and i think that's problematic for the president going forward. >> so the lz, is peggy noonan right? >> you know, peggy noonan made a living scrubbing clean atrocities -- >> what does that have to do with this? >> what i'm saying is she is pretending that if once an era happened, it'll forever trail a president. that's not true. she is living proof of that with scrubbing clean president reagan's reputation. now now, president obama should have been forthright with how this would affect americans.
3:28 pm
now, time and time again americans have said we can deal with the lies that president obama tells us because we believe in hi heart he has the best interest for the american people. every president is going it lie to you. every politician is going to lie to you. the question is, which lies can you live with. >> lz, i think that is sad that we're sitting here having this debate. at least you are willing to admit that the president lied to the american people. >> every president does. >> he lied to the american people to sell them his signature plan and he lied to them about saying it was personal. this is not about read my lips, no new taxes. you can keep your plan if you like your plan. you sold the american people on theish you've this is important, this is a trust issue, something incredibly important to seniors and we're not going to mess with --
3:29 pm
>> 40 million people. >> ---and the president lied to people. and he is smart enough and the people are smart enough and they know he lied. when you tell someone they can keep their doctor and you knew you were lying to them and now they can't keep their doctor. >> ben and lz, there is something definitely certain, that is the debate will continue. thank you so much for spending time with us today. i'm sure you both will be back. >> dozens of train passengers were injured when a train derailed this morning. more after the short break. today, that's easy. ge is revolutionizing power. supercharging turbines with advanced hardware and innovative software. using data predictively to help power entire cities. so the turbines of today...
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the deadly trail derailment today in the bronx, here is what we know. four people killed. dozens injured. three of the dead were thrown from the train cars. investigators are trying to
3:33 pm
figure out why the train skidded off the tracks. >> there will be a track team, in addition to the tracks, leading to the point of derailment, trying to identify any anomalies. there will be a significant that wills team looking at the condition of the signalling system and hopefully looking for any possible data that might have been recorded by the signalling system. a performance team will look at performance of the train crew. >> the train was headed to drand central station about 150 passengers on board. many returning from a holiday weekend. at least 67 people were rushed to the hospital. nick robberson is live in a hospital in the bronx and nick we're hearing that a 14-year-old was released a short time ago. but the teen's father is still being treated. >> that's right, rosa. there were 12 casualties brought here. two in critical condition.
3:34 pm
the young boy treated for cuts, abrasions and bruises. he was able to, the hospital was able to discharge him. but his father has more serious injuries. he is one of ten people kept in overnight and what we are told by the doctors are that some of these injuries are very serious. >> it is quite serious. severe injuries are fracturees a enwhat we call open fractures. either where the bone comes through the skin or the skin above the fracture, outside the fracture is broken through also. those are much more serious. rates of infection and serious complications are higher with those sorts of injuries. so there are two patients. one with an elbow open area fracture and one with an open fracture of the leg around the knee area.
3:35 pm
those patients will likely both require surgery. >> doctors have been describing moments of real warmth for them. they saw one man come in with his partner. she was quite badly injured. he stood by her bedside, doctors say, and refused to be treated until she had been treated, until she was getting the care that she needed. he described to the doctors that it got on the train, on his way it see the jets play, and then all he can remember is everything crashing down. that is one of the heart-warming moments on a very, very tough day here, rosa. >> nick robberson live for us. thank you very much. in seattle a stolen ferry didn't get far before harbor police were able to catch it. the man who allegedly took it was arrested. ferry employees said they were checking on the boat early this morning when they saw it was
3:36 pm
pulling away from the dock. no one else was on board during the incident. their stories begin tragically. mary neal was trapped under water for more than 15 minutes. anita moorjani was living with final stages of stage 4 lymphoma. mary jo was breathing for minutes at a time. randi kaye talks with people who were on the brink of death who say they left this world for another. their stories, words, answers to the questions we would all like to ask. >> i could see the river bank. i could see them pull my body to the shore. i could see them start cpr. i had no pulse. and i wasn't breathing. one fellow is yelling at me to come back. >> you were unconscious. how do you know all this was
3:37 pm
happening? >> i felt my body break free. and i felt my spirit break free. and i was greeted by these people or these spirits. i could be with them and be going down this incredible pathway. and simultaneously look back at the river. when i saw my body, i would say that was the first time that i thought, well, i guess i am dead. i guess i really did die. >> in the book you write about da dancing with them. were you celebrating? >> yes. >> what were you celebrating? you just died. >> it was a great homecoming. i was really surprised by the fact that i had no intention of going back. >> you didn't want to return? >> no. and i had all the reasons to return. i had a great life. i had a great job. i had a great husband.
3:38 pm
my children are wonderful and i love them more than i could ever imagine loving something on earth. but the love that i felt for them in comparison to god's love that was absolutely flowing through everything was just pale in comparison. and then at a certain point, one of the people or spirits told me that it wasn't my time. and that i had more work to do on earth and that i had to go back to my body. >> and that was randi kaye reporting. see and hear more stories about the moments between life and death at the top of the hour when cnn presents "to heaven and back", an anderson cooper special report. again, that's coming up at the top of the hour, 7:00 eastern. you might call them remarkable robots. flying robots that will make your head spin. these aren't anything like what your kids have. we will fill you in, coming up.
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retailers who open for thanksgiving have plenty to be thankful for. numbers ever up. more than 22% from a year ago. research firm, shopper track, reports sales on the thanksgiving and black friday, totalled some $12.3 billion. only the northeast did not see strong shopping numbers likely due to the wintery weather. holiday sales should pick up even more tomorrow for cyber monday. that's when retailers offered discounts, free shipping and other savings to entice shoppers to buy holiday gift on-line. according to ibm, on-line sales are up almost 20% from last year. while most on-line purchases are done by computer, up to 25% are now made using smart phones and tablets. now to the box office, box office figures, are in for the thanksgiving holiday.
3:43 pm
hear this, "the hunger games" held on to the top spot. over the past ten days, raked in nearly $300 million, making it the third highest groin grossin of the year. "frozen" did $90 million for number two. followed by "thor:the dark world" and "home front" rounding out number five. if you thought tiny things buzzing through the sky, think again. we hatechnovations. >> they fly and take off and land with ease. these tiny unmanned aerial vehicles called quad rotors are doing it on their own. >> this is a robot that is
3:44 pm
completely autonomous. by that, i mean there's no remote control in the background. >> most test flights are done here at university of pennsylvania's grass lab, decked out with state of the art motion capture system. and students give the quad rotor simple commands via computer. but the vehicles decide how they will go from point a to point b on their own. >> we have the red lights, which allow us to figure out where the robot is. then we are able to send commands about what we would like it to do and group behaviors that you'll see. >> other quad rotors, carry cargo, build struck tires and are equipped with cameras and lasers to build 3-d images inside buildings. with a bigger payload capacity, they could one day be used in the real world for search and rescue. >> we can send these in ahead of people. this is potentially life-saving for first responders. >> for now, most research on the
3:45 pm
remarkable robots is still done in the lab. but you can say their potential is sky high. what does an apron have to do with car insurance? an apron is hard work. an apron is pride in what you do. an apron is not quitting until you've made something a little better. what does an apron have to do with car insurance? for us, everything.
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are you ready for some football? let's talk sports with terrence moore. he is a sports contributor to and columnist for terrence, we have got to start with a college football game, probably of the year, so far. auburn's unbelievable upset of number one alabama crimson tide. the radio team went bonkers when it happened. here is what happened, take a look at your screen. >> 56-yarder. no, does not have delay. chris davis takes it in the back of the end zone. he will run it after the 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50. there gez davis. >> oh, my god! >> davis is going to run it all the way back! auburn is going to win the football game! auburn is going to win the foot of ball game! he ran the field goal back.
3:50 pm
he ran back 109 yards. they are not going to keep them off the field tonight! holy cow! oh, my god! oh, my god, auburn wins! auburn has won the iron bowl! >> wow! did you see those people's jaws? they were literally holding their jaws, terrence. >> unbelievable! >> have you ever seen anything like this? >> i tell you what, rosa. when you think you have seen it all in sports, you haven't. because that happens. here is the other thing. the game right before that, they played georgia. at the end of the game, a 73-yard touchdown that won for auburn when it was tipped into the hand of an auburn receiver. you thought that would have been a once in a lifetime play. then that happened yesterday. i tell you what, i've been thinking about this. auburn's nickname. tigers. tigers are nothing but big cats. they say cats have nine lives. two near-death experiences. they have seven left. i would not want it play auburn in the next seven gameses.
3:51 pm
>> oh, my gosh. i can think of other tigers that are probably happy that bama lot of. not saying lsu, right? >> that's exactly right. >> so should alabama even have tried this field goal? gone so wrong? because nick sabian, highest paid coach in college football, as you know. won four national titles. three at bama, we should add. will he be criticized for making this decision? >> he should be crucified. he is being crucified by some reporters. one second left on the clock. game is tied. you take the game into overtime. you take chances there. alabama is this powerful team. what his reasoning was, he said his field goal kicker kicked 60 yarders in practice, had the wind to his back yesterday. when you play the team of destiny and have you miss ordered botched four field goals earlier in the game, you don't take that clanhance, i'm sorry.
3:52 pm
>> let's talk national title. does this change the landscape? >> that was an early christmas present for anyone who hates the sec. and there's a lot of people that hate the sec. they won a national championship, rosa, seven straight years. they won't do it this year. auburn's got one loss. but if auburn has two teams ahead of them undefeated. florida state from acc. alabama state from big ten. unless those two teams choke, they will likely be in the championship game which means no sec title, no sec championship this year. >> by the way, rosa, you know, you are doing a great job. but where is don lemon? >> that is the big question of the night. i know. >> my good friend, he has a new show, he is moving up in the world. it is called the" 11th hour."
3:53 pm
monday through thursday. you won't want to miss it. he will be talking about the topics that people are talking about on-line. you know, everywhere. i'm sure he will be tweeting. and hopefully watching tonight. but hopefully he will come back to the show and talk to us so he can give us unsight about the show. don't you think that would be a good idea? >> very good. i'm giving him a high-five on television here. >> oh, i know it. i bet he watched the obama game, don't you think? >> there's no question about it. but he is an lsu guy. so he was pulling for alabama. he was probably pulling for alabama and auburn to lose. you know. he loves lsu. not that lsu is in the national championship picture but just because. >> i know that somehow the fans have told me that lsu tigers good for two teams. lsu tigers and anyone who is playing against bama. >> they don't seem to have the
3:54 pm
same nine lives that auburn has. >> i know. different story. terrence moore, thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> and coming up next, we have a lot more stories for you. we'll be back after this. d" just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked him up. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. it even pulled strings with the stoplights. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms and pilots and stadiums. but, of course, it's a good listener too. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everything works like never before. is what makes us different.
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3:57 pm
investigators are trying to figure out why a train skidded off the tracks killing four people in new york city. the train operator reportedly slammed on the brakes but the train just did not slow down. the train was headed to grand central station filled with about 150 people. one train car landed just feet from the harlem river in the bronx. alexandra field jioins us live now. sal alexandra, you've been out there all day long. investigators are gathering facts.
3:58 pm
what's the latest? >> reporter: this will be a lengthy process, rosa. people all day have been asking how could this happen. how could seven rail cars end up derailed on this trip. federal investigators arrived and they are working into the night to begin to answer the questions. they have assembled teams that will look into different factors that could have been factors in the crash. they will look at rails, signals, human performance. teams will work out to compile their evidence. data recorders have been collected and that data will be analyzed. while this train is still derailed on the track, we are obviously looking at rerouting other trains an plans for passengers. amtrak restored its service between new york city and albany but the commute will be a problem in the morn willing. 16 million people ride this metro line north along the hudson every year. if you ride on this line, you need to make a plan for tomorrow
3:59 pm
morning. met met. >> thank you so much. the memorial is growing as friends and fans of actor paul walker pay respects. the star of the "fast & furious" film series died in a fiery car crash friday. a very emotional tyrese gibson, co-star in the film, visited the crash site moments ago. >> finding a vehicle fully engulfed in flames, police found walker dead inside. there were photos taken moments off the crash. >> he died. whoa. >> 40-year-old hollywood star had been filming the latest installment of the movies series that made him a star.
4:00 pm
"fast & furious" 7. walker is survived by his 15-year-old daughter, meadow. an all-star tribute begins one hour from now. but first, cnn presents "to heaven and back" and that is now. their stories begin tragically. orthopedic surgeon mary neal trapped under water for more than 15 minutes. anita moorjani living her final moments with limb phona p.m. and ben's heart stopped beating for minutes at a time. mary, anita and ben talk about faith and what it is like to die. randi kaye say they have left this world for