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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  December 8, 2013 3:00am-4:31am PST

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just as the south begins to thaw from a massive ice storm, a new system in the northeast bringing snow, ice, and bull's eye for this wicked weather? our nation's capital. a day of prayer in south africa as the country mourns a legend. we're live in south africa remembering mandela.
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from dysfunction to destiny in a tense battle, auburn claims the s.e.c. battle over missouri. will they go all the way? the bcs title is as stakes. are you waking up from a football hangover? wasn't good for me. >> not so much. >> not so good. >> hope it was better for everybody else. >> michelle turner, our entertainment correspondent is excited. she loves auburn. >> good for her. congratulations to her. good morning to all of you. i hope the morning has been treating you well. >> 6:00 is the early hour on the east coast, 3:00 out west. new day sunday. >> let me tell you something, if you're one of those winter wonderland people, days your day. >> yeah. the if the mere thought of ice and snow makes you shiver and you're pretty clumsy like me, stay inside. a fierce storm is going to spread ice and storm from
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northern kentucky to washington, d.c. today. before the day is over, new york, philly, boston, all expected to get slammed. the storm hit the dallas area hard saturday. you remember pictures like this. miles of drivers just stuck on i-35. some of them were there up to 10 hours. the storm led to hundreds of canceled flights and thousands lost power. >> a man skidded into a lake and rescue workers couldn't reach him fast enough. he had died by the time they pulled him out of the water. as much as seven deaths. dallas and smu played football, look at this, in a nearly empty stadium. dallas tops out at 20 degrees. that's the coldest december on record there. in memphis officials canceled
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the same marathon. you can cancel it. we're not going to stop. we're running for more than ourselves. >> you train as long as it takes for 26.2, somebody is going to run it. >> western virginia is likely to get the brunt of this ice. >> cnn in roanoke this morning. okay. tory, is the city ready for this? >> reporter: so victor, and christy, they are used to winter weather. when we talk about a three letter word, ice, it's never a good situation. they are expecting a thick coating of ice. what does that mean? dangerous on roadways, power lines and trees, could mean power outages. they are taking preparations in the area. they have pretreated some of the major roadways. at the airport they decided to place crews on 24-hour shifts. they have all the equipment ready. the thing everybody is going to
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be watching. this is going to make a huge difference. the temperature here. probably reading closer to 35, 36 degrees. we are told in the next few hours or so it's going to drop below freezing. that means we could see more wintry mix, more sleet. i have to tell you, it's a far cry. it's colder out here. it's tough. >> we used to work at w cbs in palm beach. 40 was the top story. never that cold. >> the two of you are having that moment remembering the palm trees and sun. good luck with that. >> enjoy it is as much as you can. thank you so much. the big ice storm from roanoke. >> lets bring in someone else, as my mother would call it, with thin blad. jennifer gray from minimum to
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atlanta. >> florida folks. you remember the palm trees, too. it's cold even in atlanta for me. we are dealing with the freezing rain, the ice, the snow over the next 24 to 48 hours. yeah, the ice is really what's going to cause a problem. we are doing to see even already starting to pick up a little bit of a change over right outside of nashville, even outside of memphis may be picking up just a tad. if you zoom in on some of these locations, see snow to the north, freezing rain, ice, rain to the south. hasn't hit december yet as you saw but only a matter of hours before we start to see that push into the d.c. area and on into the northeast. this is an hour by hour forecast. sunday more than around 8:00, south of the city. as you go through the afternoon, we really start to see the ice pick up late this afternoon into this evening. then as it pushes up into the northeast we're really planning on more of a wintry mix for
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places like new york city and boston. if you're looking at the snow totals, we are going to see a possibility of up to 5 inches in the west. as you head over on the east coast, d.c., new york, not going to see anything more than about an inch or two of snow and possibly half an inch accumulation of ice, guys. >> all right. the snow beats the ice. meteorologist jennifer gray. thank you. >> thank you. i don't know if you heard about this. there's been a tragedy aboard a delta air lines flight. a 16-year-old on the flight and suffered a medical emergency of some sort. the plane made an emergency landing in spokane, but the teenager died. we know the teenager was traveling with his mother and they were joining his father, who was a soldier, for christmas. the medical examiner said it appears he died of natural causes but an autopsy will be done tomorrow.
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certainly thinking of that family. all across south africa today, millions of people gathering in churches, mosques, tem temples, synagogues, all to honor nelson mandela. >> the congregation at one church singing in tribute. president obama and first lady michelle obama will attend today's memorial service, so will former president george w. bush and bill clinton. >> joining us from johannesburg we know about the president, former president, tell us who will be at tuesday's memorial and sunday's state funeral. >> reporter: well, we know at least 90,000 south africans will cram into that saoccer stadium tuesday to honor nelson mandela. joining them, in addition to the u.s. presidents, will be a number of heads of states.
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the reason i can't give you the exact number is the south africans don't know yet due to sensitivities around traditional beliefs about not talking about this. the embassy was really only given details about the events yesterday. david cameron, the zimbabwean president will be, israelis will be here, too. it's going to be like the united nations in that football stadium on tuesday. beyond that the actual funeral will take place under a large tent in the middle of the hills, an amphitheater of natural beauty, a very remote rural area where nelson mandela grew up. there will be a huge tent, about 4,000 people will attend that. mostly friends, close family and political figures in south
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africa with a few vips who make that trip down there. potentially what we're seeing is a very protracted, how do you describe it, continuous prayer service for nelson mandela. it's 10 days worth of memories and singing. everybody feels like one day isn't enough. they need 10 days to send him home. >> robin, we're seeing this huge crowd here gathered with the flags. we can hear the singing in the background. this is a national day of prayer. can you tell us about the tens of thousands of people -- here is the shot -- that's just an estimate, tens of thousands of people we're seeing in this shot here. >> reporter: you know, it's something extraordinary. i'm south african. i've been trying to think what compares to these unbelievable scenes of people walking, bringing their children along, walking and walking to come and pay tribute here outside his
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house in soweto, across this nation. you have these extraordinary themes of people coming together. really the last time i can think of something like this, this magnitude, the sense of occasion, the sense of importance was when we all voted in those first democratic elections in 1994, voted in nelson mandela. this is a national event that i think people will be moved for. people want to be here. they are bringing their children to be part of the celebration of his life. >> what a memory they are all making taking for those kids. thank you so much for letting us know what's going on there. >> national and international moment for people around the world who will be traveling to south africa. there is a sheriff in south carolina. he's refusing to lower the american flag to honor nelson mandela. >> president obama ordered the flags be lowered to half-staff until sunset tomorrow. pickens county sheriff rick clark says he doesn't think it's
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right. >> to show a sign of respect for what nelson mandela has done, i have no problem with them lowering it in south africa, in their country. in our country, it should be the people who sacrifice for our country. >> it is rare for the president to order flags at half-staff. george bush did it for pope john paul in 2005. bill clinton did it for former prime minister. it goes back to when president johnson lowered the flags for winston church hill. coming up last night, florida state didn't just beat duke, it crushed them. check out the quarterback there heurdling over defense, touchdown, victory. highlights, upsets for all of saturday's big games. >> detained in north korea for more than a month, now an american war veteran returns home to the u.s. as a free man.
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college football national champion. >> a huge upset, s.e.c. has a chance to win its eighth straight bcs title. sports, meteorology center a big fan of sports. >> thanks to ohio states buckeyes, back in the championship picture. >> someone tweeted me. are you an ohio state fan? so sorry for your loss. thank you, i appreciate it. >> i think you're sulking because ohio state picked a bad time to lose their first game in 20 years. they are coming in having won 24 games in a row, 24 games in a row. one more win and they would have been in the national championship game. you know, going into this, okay, ohio state looked good in the third quarter. up by a touchdown. michigan state defense, the best defense in college football, they really tuchbd up and their offense scored the final 17 points of the game. there you have it, michigan
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state upsets number two ohio state 32-24. meyers first loss since he took over the job. michigan state to the first rose bowl in 25 years. check this out. this is the scene at the iconic landmark. thousands of auburn fans packed the street to celebrate the loss. auburn's win, they are partying, ohio state's loss opens the door for auburn to go into the national championship because auburn took care of business earlier in the day by beating missouri in a good old-fashioned shoot-out. this thing was incredible. 59-42 was the final score what a great game it was and remarkable turnaround for auburn. nobody gave this school a chance at the start of the season. last year 0-8 in the s.e.c. now 12-1 s.e.c. champs and headed to pasadena, more than likely, we'll know tonight for sure, headed to pasadena to play the number one team in the country florida state.
3:17 am
what can you say about the quarterback? obviously a favorite to win the heisman trophy,ez win over duke, 45-7. 12th win. seminoles put together the best in history, now 13-0. we wait for the official word tonight from the bcs but more than likely florida state, auburn in the national championship game. obviously auburn had two weeks to prepare for atlanta and they beat them. now four weeks. college football they get all the excitement and then wait a month before the actual game. 96 bowls before the championship game. i think the two best teams in the national championship. >> that's who i wanted, auburn, florida state, s.e.c. in the national championships. >> two best teams are playing. they got it right this year. >> now, lets do the real winners
3:18 am
an losers here. you three tried to -- i don't know much about college football. if i had to pick, i wouldn't pick everybody, wouldn't have a chance but jennifer got everybody right. >> congratulations. >> have we got standings? joe missed missouri game. >> i had to go with missouri, i knew she would pick auburn. >> two games. >> i did the same thing. i saw nobody picked duke. i'm like, all right, i'll put duke up there. if i don't pick osu, my dad disowns me. >> with the loss in the standings. >> they beat michigan, i don't care. you know for any osu fan, that is the big thing. you've got to beat michigan. >> two years, won more. >> the award of the day goes to jennifer.
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apparently a magic eight ball. all signs point to yes. we have sounds effects or anything? >> bragging rights. >> we'll buy you a doughnut or something. >> joe cater in for greg. >> thank you guys. coming up, pulled off a plane, detained in north korea more than a month ago, now an 85-year-old american war veteran is back on u.s. soil. you're going to hear about his journey in his own words. while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food.
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22 minutes after the hour now. a korean war veteran is waking up at home after being held in captive in north korea for a month. merrill newman pulled off a plane before he was getting
3:23 am
ready to land with his tour group. >> he landed in san francisco thrilled to be back on american soil. cnn's dan simon has the latest. >> good morning, delighted to be home. >> reporter: he spent six long weeks in captivity. it's not clear why the north korean government suddenly let him go, but the state's news agency said he was deported for health reasons and repentant. >> i understand in u.s. countries there's misleading propaganda. >> former intelligence officer and later silicon valley executive gave this statement for his alleged war crimes while in north korea 30 years ago. >> killed officers, delayed munition supply. >> some described it as highly scripted political fear. >> this is a pattern of the
3:24 am
north koreans. they make some of these prisoners do confessions. they basically feel they have enormous leverage over you. you're in a north korean prison. you say that. >> following his release, newman first went to china, then flew home to san francisco. his son and wife by his side at the airport. >> it's been a great home coming. i'm tired but with my family now. thank you all for the support we got. >> here at palo alto at the retirement complex, you can see the yellow ribbons to welcome him home. though the u.s. has no formal relations with north korea, said it was a direct result of contact with white house and north korea. thousands travel there each year at their own peril. newman went there in october as part of a 10-day tour. the day before leaving he had
3:25 am
reportedly spoken to authorities about his military service. he was eventually pulled off his airplane just minutes before it was to depart. >> what are you going to do when you get home? >> relax. >> an adventurous and worldwide travel, newman was asked if he would ever return to north korea. his answer, probably not. dan simon, cnn, palo alto, california. >> probably not. still to come, an innocent man lost 25 years of his life. >> i couldn't imagine what could possibly be manufactured to make 12 people think i killed my life. >> we'll tell you how michael morton was convicted of killing his wife despite so much evidence proving he wasn't even there. m the giggles. tylenol cold® helps relieve your worst cold and flu symptoms. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more.
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3:30 am
snow from virginia to new england today and tomorrow. look at the mess it left behind in dallas. drivers got stuck on 35 for hours. behind the storm, brutal cold. we know seven deaths nationwide are blamed on bad weather. >> number two, south africans celebrating nelson mandela on a day of national prayer, gathered in mosques and synagogues. the picture of the first black president and icon of reconciliation and forgiveness. president obama and former president george w. bush, bill clinton, jimmy carter will attend the memorial service for mandela. that's in johannesburg. >> number three, a south carolina sheriff denied president obama's order to lower the flag. he said the flag should only be lowered for people from our country. u.s. presidents have lowered flags for people in the past.
3:31 am
>> us airways merger given the go ahead after supreme court refused to hear a request from a consumer group that wanted to block the deal. the group feels the merger would raise ticket prices, limit choices. the merge are to complete the deal, which would create the biggest airline before markets open tomorrow. >> number five, hiv has returned in two patients who hoped they had been cured of the virus. researchers say the deadly virus became undetectable after bone marrow transplants. when the patients stopped taking antiviral therapy, the virus returned. this is a significant find according to one doctor because it demonstrates, quote, the virus may persist even when there's no evidence in the blood. >> michael morton served 25 years in prison for the brutal murder of his wife, except he didn't do it and the evidence proved it. >> i know it makes a lot of people go how did an innocent
3:32 am
man end up behind bars serving the sentence. here is the clip from the cnn film "an unreal dream." >> when i first got to the penitentiary, they stripped me naked and search you. as i was standing in line to get my boots, i noticed the guy in front of me, i counted 13 stab wounds in his back. >> at just 32 years old, life as michael morton knew was over. his wife gone. his family, gone. his dreams, gone. he was now a murderer and his reality was prison. his new life goal, to survive. >> i am probably the personification of that old axiom from school about you can't prove a negative. how do you prove you didn't do something. >> morton was trying to prove he didn't beat his wife christine
3:33 am
to death august 13th, 1996. no murder weapon. his son who witnessed the murder said, daddy didn't do it. that statement and other details excluding morton didn't come out until years later when he remained locked up. >> how rough was it inside? >> i never liked it, but i got used to it. >> how long did it take you? >> probably 14 or 15 years. >> fourteen or fifteen years. >> to get where i was used to it. >> are the first years the hardest? >> the first years are hard just because it's a shock and it's new and it's constant adjustment, constant recalibration. >> morton says life behind bars began to take away his sense of self. what he missed most was his son eric who was growing up without him. >> what did your son mean to you? >> not just as a son.
3:34 am
he had to represent things to you. ideas. over the course of this journey. >> my son, for me, he ended up being more than just my child. as i began losing pieces of my self, my reputation, my assets, most of my friends, as those things diminished, my son's importance rose if nothing else, supply and demand. >> how were those visits? >> to me i'm a starving man looking at food on the other side. i'm eating it up and it's great and it's wonderful. i have since found out he's looking at me as this guy that really doesn't exist in his life. somebody he just sees once in a while. >> as he started to grow up and wanted distance, how did you deal with that, and what
3:35 am
ultimately did it lead to? >> he suspended the visits. eventually when i found out he had changed his name legally and been adopted, if you things are as powerful to a parent as the abject rejection of their child. >> morton always maintained his innocence. on the outside, his attorneys hadn't given up on his case. >> i don't keep the files of all the cases i tried. i kept michael's case. michael's case was different. on every level, particularly emotional level for me. >> i cross-examination someone for a living. i have a pretty good sense of when somebody was lying to me. not always but most of the time. there was nothing about this man that didn't speak to actual innocence. >> finally in 2004, progress. attorneys for the innocence project began working with morton and they thought they had a chance. >> you say i always thought that
3:36 am
i would get out. what fueled the hope? >> it's difficult for me to say whether it was faith i knew this wasn't right and i knew i wasn't guilto -- >> then a breakthrough, dna evidence. >> existence on the bandana, what could be on the bandana, what the bandana meant. what was that in your life? >> that bandana in hindsight was huge. everything turned on that little square piece of cloth. it's only a big deal when you can step back and look at the whole picture and fight the impulse to say oh, my god. there it is.
3:37 am
>> once an unreal dream, the michael morton story tonight on cnn. nuclear inspections get under way in iran. the world watches to see whether iran is going to hold up its end of the bargain. up early with new day sunday. we're glad to see you. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief. this season, discover aleve. all day pain relief with just two pills. [ male announcer ] this december, experience the gift of exacting precision and some of the best offers of the year [ ding! ] at the lexus december to remember sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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twenty minutes to the top of the hour. nuclear inspectors got a look. >> the first time. >> inspectors still out in the
3:41 am
fieldworking now. do we know what they are seeing, if they found anything import t important? >> we know they want to see the water reactor today. we're hoping to get more details in the coming hours of it's important to point out the visit by the iaea isn't part of the agreement signed between geneva and world powers, a separate agreement to boost confidence and transparency. a little bit about this facility. it's been under construction for years. its completion date has been delayed multiple times because of a variety of problems. however, recently, especially over the past year, it's been a point of contense among iran hawks in the u.s. congress, in tel aviv. they want this facility shut down because they are concerned it could be, in theory, a source
3:42 am
for plutonium, which, of course, is a potential fuel for a number bottom. iran dismissed all these concerns. their position is this facility is only for production of medical isotopes. they also argue, this is important, even if this place is activated one day, they don't have the necessary reprocessing plant to perform nuclear waste into plutonium. even so, this facility has been enough of a concern that during last month's negotiations the world powers insisted on a clause in the geneva agreement demanding iran not to activate this facility. iran has agreed, victor, and now they have agreed to allow iaea to inspector the facility. it's part of an unprecedented and remarkable campaign to be more open. of course there are some in western capitals who are still suspicious of what iran is doing, victor. >> all right. cnn international correspondent. thank you so much.
3:43 am
we appreciate it from tehran this morning. >> fans are singing the praises of a massachusetts woman who landed a top spot on arab's got talent. ♪ ♪ her name is jennifer grout. >> 23 years old. >> 23 years old. just fell short of first place in the finals of the singing competition in beruit. >> she was praised for shining a spotlight on traditional arabic songs. congratulations to her when all is said and done. >> our executive producer tells me she doesn't understand the language. she sings it beautifully. to get her off the stage, they have to use hand gestures. when they tell her in arabic you have to move off the stage, she
3:44 am
has no idea what they are saying. >> congratulations nonetheless to her. congress, reputation. >> not one lawmakers would be proud of. we're going to explain this ahead. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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♪ ♪ >> good morning, d.c.
3:48 am
what a beautiful shot there. you're looking at a high temperature of 33 degrees. snow just in time for the r redskins game. it's going to be a little sloppy, victor. >> are they play "all i need"? all i need is a snuggie. >> all i need is a snuggie. >> that's not going to happen. >> i know. >> if you think lawmakers on capital are doing knowing, congress is on track to do less than ever. lawmakers are about to kick up the pace sometime soon. how about it? >>. >> reporter: good morning. with the clock ticking towards the end of the year this congress is labeled as -- >> the most do nothing congress in the history of the united states. >> reporter: less than 60 bills have been signed into law so far this year. assuming lawmakers don't pick up
3:49 am
the pace next year, and that's a pretty safe bet, since 2014 is a midterm election year, this congress will become the least productive in some four decades. that according to cnn analysis of congressional records. it's no wonder approval ratings for congress are at all-time lows. a cnn poll averaging most recent national surveys of congressional approval indicates just 10% give congress a thumbs-up. republicans blame democrats for the gridlock. >> we passed nearly 150 bills in this congress. many of them would help our economy. they are still sitting in the united states senate. 150 bills sitting in the senate. senate democrats and president continue to stand in the way of america's priorities. >> democrats in congress and president obama point fingers right back at the gop. >> instead of rooting for failure or refighting old battles, republicans in congress need to work with us.
3:50 am
>> most of you don't think things will improve next year. six in ten in a recent national journal connection survey said cooperation between the white house and republicans in congress will be just as bad next year as it is now with nearly a quarter saying there will be less agreements between the two parties. not a lot to look forward to. christi, victor. >> paul steinhouse. >> it's sunday, that means you've got to get ready for the week ahead. we'll help you do that. lets talk about what's going on. tuesday, nelson mandela's memorial service, president obama, former presidents george w. bush, bill clinton, all going to attend. move on to "times" person of the year. "times" editors choosing the person of the year who had such an impact or people talked about so much. as for the online poll, we know
3:51 am
egypt's defense minister came out on top followed by others such as new jersey chris christie, amazon ceo jeff besos. and yes, miley cyrus as well. friday, lets talk about budget negotiation deadlines for congress. uh-huh. getting it done is going to avoid another federal shutdown. we'll see if it happens. saturday the one-year anniversary of the sandy hook shooting tragedy. one year ago a gunman opened fire in a connecticut elementary school killing 26 people, most of them young children. who can forget that day. i know you remember where you were that moment you heard about it. sunday nelson mandela will be laid to rest, funeral and burial will be on the grounds of the leader's childhood home. they are going to erect a large tent. everyone who attends will be in the hills where he used to run and play as a child. >> thanks. rock band heart has now become the third major act to pull out of a show at seaworld.
3:52 am
we had them on the show, based on the recent cnn film "black fish." a lot shows seaworld exploits marine mammals. earlier country singer willie nelson and rock band bare naked ladies they pulled the plug on their show at the theme park. >> victor, we've been watching this. it's a coast-to-coast storm. when this is done it's going to have dumped ice and snow from california to maine. we'll tell you who is going to get hit today and how long it will last. top of the day on new day sunday. unities recover and rebuild. for companies going from garage to global. on the ground, in the air, even into space. we repaid every dollar america lent us. and gave america back a profit. we're here to keep our promises. to help you realize a better tomorrow. from the families of aig, happy holidays.
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♪ gonna find my baby holder tight grab some afternoon delight ♪ ♪ my model has been when it's right it's right while wait until the middle of a cold dark night ♪ ♪ when everything is clearer in the light of day ♪ ♪ when you know the night is going to be there anyway ♪ ♪ thinking of you working up my appetite looking forward to a little afternoon delight rubbing sticks and stones together makes the sparks ignite ♪ ♪ the thought of loving you is getting so exciting sky rockets in flight afternoon delight ♪ >> that's right. you're getting it ♪ ♪ afternoon delight >> now we're nine direction. >> i was waiting for that. i was waiting.
3:57 am
>> that was awesome. very nice job. >> one of my favorite scenes from that movie. i can't wait to see "anchorman 2.." >> when is he going to come here? >> doing speeches. >> i want to meet ron burgundy. it can be hard -- turning to something serious here, for our younger generation to come to sunday services. a lot of young people are leaving churches. one church has that problem solved. hip pastor, hip message, and an extremely hip band. >> talking about hill song church. the pastor has been embraced by everyone from team pop stars to an entire nba team. alexander fields gives us an introduction now. >> reporter: it's sunday but this isn't your average church service. a young crowd coming to worship at irving plaza, a new york city concert venue where a pastor is breaking the mold. >> most of the time i have a
3:58 am
priest's collar. i left it outside. >> he dead pans and dresses in leather. he name drops famous friends when he talks about belief. >> sometimes he does what he does. i don't know why kevin durant was born a 7 footer. >> attracting a lot of followers. 5,000 worshippers every sunday. >> we have no idea what we're doing anyway, hashtag. >> speaking of hashtag, he's pictured all over instagram with justin bieber. he says he's the unofficial chaplain for new york knicks. he baptizes church members in rooftop pools of trendy hotels and check out the band. on a recent night in newark, new jersey, 9,000 people came out to see hill song united. the music is about jesus and it's wildly popular. two albums released this year debuted on the billboard top 200 list, one of them at number five. the front man joel houston is the co-founder of hill song nyc.
3:59 am
>> the people coming here, buying these thousands of tickets, are they coming to church or are they coming to a concert? >> well, a lot of them probably think they are coming to a concert. we like to think of it as church. >> the band grew out of a australian mega chum founded by houston's parents 30 years ago. hill song claims to have 57,000 followiers with outposts all over the world including the first one in the united states in the middle of manhattan where mega churches haven't found a footing before. >> why did you want to bring hill song to new york? >> our church fits here. we're kind of like a group of vagabonds out of our depth. new york has a lot of people like that, working hard, dreaming big and hoping for the best. >> he says he doesn't preach any one religion, he just wants people to find a relationship with jesus. it's okay by him if people are drawn in because they are fans of the band or they are hoping to see one of his celebrity friends. he rejeb the idea that his
4:00 am
church is popular just because it seems trendy. >> my mind hipster lives in williamsburg, effortlessly weird and cool but they float around. that's my definition of a hipster, so i don't think that's us. >> he says it's open to mp. there are plans to bring australian mega church to more american cities. cnn, new yor xxxx 7:00, grab your orange juice, coffee, sit back. >> or snuggie. i'm victor blackwell, good to have you with us. more out weather. new day sunday. everybody, well, a lot of people, are dealing with much cooler temperatures. >> i think the high in atlanta is only 47 today. the question is, do you really
4:01 am
want to go out? >> millions of people in the east and in the path of this huge winter storm, early winter storm, prewinter storm. it's not winter yet. look for ice and snow to spread from northern kentucky to washington, d.c. before the day is over. new york, philly, boston all expected to get slammed. the storm hit the dallas area. look at this. >> wow. >> this is saturday. miles of drivers were stuck on i-35. some there up to 10 hours. the storm led to hundreds of canceled flights, hundreds of thousands of people lost power. >> one man we know lost control of his truck on i-35 there, skidded into a lake. rescue drivers just couldn't reach him fast enough. he died before they were able to pull him out of the truck, pull the water out of the truck. a total of seven deaths are being blamed on this storm we know. >> go to cnn in roanoke, virginia. tory, the last time we spoke with you, the temperatures were a little too warm to freeze
4:02 am
over. are they deepg toward -- dipping toward that freezing mark? >> reporter: what we're seeing in roanoke, this is the downtown historic area. we're seeing off again on again sleet. we just talked with virginia department of transportation. they are saying north of us, there's slight icing. they say some of the bridge in the area, temperatures a little bit too warm meaning bridges aren't icing over, which is a good thing. that's the big concern. they are expecting a thick coat of ice in this area. what that means, there's a potential for power outages if it gathers on power lines, trees, things like that. they have taken precautionary measures pretreating some of the major roadways. as i mentioned a little bit earlier, watching this closely here, the thermometer. right now it dipped down, closer to 35 in the area. still a little bit warm. victor, i can tell you it feels cold out here and people are
4:03 am
definitely concerned about the potential for this ice. a lot of people staying home today, which is a good thing to do. >> good idea. >> interesting, i was looking at your local report, some of the local reports there, saying ice was a concern. then it was interesting. they said don't put a lot of stuff in your refrigerator because the power will go out. can't you just put it outside at that point? >> you can. >> tory, does it feel like it's getting colder or no? >> it does feel like it's getting colder. we drove up to a mountain in between our live shots. it's a little bit colder up there and they are starting to see a little icing on the mountain that over looks the city of roanoke. it seems like temperatures are dropping. we have to wait and see if we're going to get that wintry mix and sleet and freezing rain. things we're expecting to see throughout the day. >> rocky road on the back porch. it will be all right.
4:04 am
cnn, live in roanoke, virginia this morning. lets bring in meteorologist jennifer gray to expand our conversation about the weather. >> she knows how bad it's going to get. >> here is roanoke. freezing precipitation is to the south. that's continuing to make its way to the northeast. i think you'll get a wintry mix, rain, freezing rain as well. a little bit of snow up to the north. the surrounding areas definitely. then as you look to washington, d.c., it's going to take a couple more hours as we head into a little later this afternoon and into this evening, that's when d.c. is expected to see the brunt of it. this is 10:00 p.m. for tonight. freezing rain, freezing precipitation around the d.c. area. then as we make our way into the northeast overnight tonight into monday morning, expect more of the same. we could see anywhere from a quarter of an inch to half an inch accumulation of ice and possible snow mixed in as well. then by tuesday, look, more rain for the southeast.
4:05 am
unfortunately. what we're dealing with for snow accumulation, up to five inches. that's mainly areas out west. we'll see possible one to two inches of snow, d.c. and new york. also the ice is going to be a problem. anywhere from half an inch in southern sections and make your way to the northeast possible quarter inch. that's where you see the big problems, power outages, things like that, guys. >> all righty. meteorologist jennifer gray. thank you so much for the heads up, jennifer. >> this morning korean war veteran detained in north korea for more than a month is waking up at home in his own bed. 85-year-old merrill newman returned home yesterday. he was pulled off a plane, detained in october just as his tour group was getting ready to fly back home. >> it's been a great home com g coming. i'm tired but ready to be with my family. thank you all for the support.
4:06 am
>> newman also called for the release of another man, this man, kenneth bay. the american has been in north korean custody since last year. we're learning more about the american delegation who will be going to south africa. president obama and three former presidents will be at nelson mandela's memorial service in south africa on tuesday. >> all across the country right now, millions of people are in churches and mosques and temples and synagogues to on are nelson mandela. in the biggest catholic church today, joining us now from johannesburg, david, we're wondering what are you seeing today when it comes to memorializing nelson mandela? >> well, christi, throughout this country it's been a day for people to flock to their places of worship and remember this
4:07 am
great man here in south africa. a man who did so many for so many individual people. he did so much. in this church behind me, so steeped in history here in south africa, it's a catholic church which was very linked to the struggle against apartheid, even children who fought against authorities in the '70s fled to this church. there's still bullet holes in the windows remembering what happened here. mostly people are remembering the legacy of nelson mandela, singing praises for him, singing both christian songs and songs of the anti-apartheid struggle. i've been really struck what a deep resonance he has with every member of the public i've spoken to, old and young, white and black. it's really a universal love for this man in south africa. >> david, we've seen so many informal and formal displays, celebration, mourning. we know there are more to come over the next few days. can you tell us how who is
4:08 am
expected to attend the memorial event? also the state funeral. >> well, so many people coming from outside. hundreds, perhaps even thousands of dignitaries, celebrities and just well wishers flying into south africa. of course millions of south africans will join them in the official and unofficial event. president obama, michelle obama as well as a whole host of leaders from america and others will come. obviously there's such a deep tie between the u.s. and south africa when it came to the anti-apartheid struggle. many americans feel deeply connected to this country and what this country went through. all those free mandela campaigns through the '80s and in the late '70s, many americans of a certain age will remember that time very fondly and the impact they had in helping this man go free. now we are memorializing his death and his life and certainly
4:09 am
south africans appear to be welcoming those people coming in from elsewhere with open arms. the sheer numbers will mean a big logistical challenge for the country. >> can i imagine. david, thank you so much. we appreciate it. here is a twist in the u.s. a sheriff in south carolina is refusing to lower the american flag to honor nelson mandela. president obama ordered flags to half-staff until sunset tomorrow. pickens county sheriff says he doesn't think it's right. >> to show a sign of respect for what nelson mandela has done, i have no problem with lowering it in south africa, in their country. but for our country, it should be the people, in my opinion, who have sacrificed for our country. >> now it is rare for a u.s. president to order flags lowered for a non-u.s. citizen but it has happened. george w. bush did it for pope john paul ii. that was in 2005 when he died. bill clinton did it for former israel prime minister rabin. the practice goes back to 1965
4:10 am
even when president johnson lowered flags for the death of winston church hill. still to come on "new day" a new clue in the case of a missing teenager in new hampshire. have you heard about this? we're going to talk live with the lead investigator. plus understanding the mandelas. we're going to speak to a cnn producer who knows the mandela family well and find out why winnie mandela's relationship to nelson is so complicated. ♪ [ male announcer ] this december,
4:11 am
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4:13 am
fall in love with progressive's claims service. want to tell you about the search for new hampshire teen. officials report a letter from hernandez to her mother appears to be the real thing from her. >> hernandez vanished on the way home from school in october. police fear someone might be holding her against her will. >> fbi special agent karen ramsey in charge of this case and joining us by phone. thank you so much, agent ramsey for being with us. let me ask you something, it's reported she's believed to be held against her will. what makes you certain of that? >> honestly, we're not certain
4:14 am
of it but it is a great fear of ours. the fact remains in this investigation there are caters that could be consistent with abduction. then we get this letter, which we have verified and validated to the best of our ability with the information we have now that it did come from abigail. sadly that letter has not produced viable leads where she is now and who she might be with. who she might be with, this is a 15-year-old girl with no independent financial means and who has been able to essentially evade law enforcement detection for all this time. >> is there -- i know authorities want people to look out for her. you posted the missing person flyer and the pictures. is there any indication of where the letter was mailed, a post mark, specifically where people should be looking? >> we do know where the letter was postmarked. we do have a general sense of
4:15 am
that. we haven't released that simply because we do have fears of getting copy cat letters after this. we haven't released the post mark. we haven't released the actual letter itself because we're afraid other people might very chillingly and sadly copy cat a letter like this and mail them to her mom or authorities or what have you. we're hoping the letter stands on its own, but we know exactly what that letter was. should we get at one, we can easily validate and verify it's the same, in fact. >> let me ask you a question. are you in fear this may be a situation similar to what we saw in cleveland with ariel castro? >> that's our greatest fear. the fact remains, again, this is a 15-year-old girl. we had indications early on this could have been an abduction. we see this letter, which threw us for a loop in the investigation. we have had no contact since. it's a 15-year-old girl. we know even if she ran away
4:16 am
willingly, she certainly could be victimized afterwards. the national center for missing and exploited children has a statistic one in eight endangered runaways could become victims of forced sexual exploitation. have you that statistic. the fact remains she could have been abducted, held, manipulated by somebody with ill intent. >> we know that the victims in cleveland, even the victims in london, all of the missing persons who have been released or found in the last year or so, many of them watch television, had access to media. if this young girl, if abigail is watching, what's your advice to her? >> our advice has been consistent. if she's able to hear this message she has to remain strong. if she's able to contact law enforcement, she needs to do so immediately. if she's not able to contact law enforcement, she needs to know that law enforcement has not given up in this case
4:17 am
whatsoever. we continue to be very aggressive in everything we do. in fact, after our last press conference we got some dozen leads fairly quickly. every one was acted on almost immediately. we dispatched local, state, fbi investigators across new hampshire and massachusetts in the hope that, again, we could find her. >> well, fbi special agent we're so appreciative of the work you're doing in this case and others. thank you so much for giving us an update on what's happening there. still to come on "new day" the tumultuous relationship between winnie and nelson mandela. we'll tell you why so many people don't know much about winnie mandela and her fight against apartheid. ya know, with new fedex one rate you can fill that box and pay one flat rate. how naughty was he? oh boy...
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4:21 am
a clip there from the movie "winnie mandela." she's had her story told in several films and books. many people don't fully understand the complicated relationship between her and her former husband nelson mandela, nor do we get the role she played in south africa's fight against apartheid, that she played, remember. cnn producer joins me now. i know that you just spoke with winnie recently. >> in johannesburg saturday a week ago. in fact, we were at mandela house, which is the first house mandela owned and the house he returned to after he spent 27 years in prison. so i was with winnie. when lou at the story, christi,
4:22 am
in 1968 they meet and marry. it's a great love story. a social worker at the time and not politicized. a couple of years later he's arrested, in '64, life in prison. do you know she does not see him for eight years, this no contact. >> in 1969 she herself is arrested and she's in solitary confinement for 18 months, severely tortured during that period. it's under the infamous apartheid antiterrorism act. in 1977 to '86, she is under house arrest in a remote village brumford, remote town in southern africa. this woman was relentlessly harassed. she really held the flag, held the mantle and kept his name very much in the press during the apartheid years. that's why she's known as mother of the nation. >> okay. thank you for helping us understand her role in that
4:23 am
fight. one of the things i think people cannot understand, they are very curious about, why were they married the whole time he was imprisoned. when he released, he divorced her. >> well, their political opinions were very different. mandela emerges conciliatory. she had a much more militant view. she said some very inflammatory things and involved in controversial activity. in long walk to freedom, he said she just had bad judgment but it was mainly different political views. she considered herself more radical. he wanting to be more embracing. he spoke about we are human through the humanity of others. she would have liked -- she lived through the stugel so much more than he did. he was in prison at the time. he always said my family suffered more than i did. >> recognize that. >> exactly. i spoke to their daughter together. the reason she likes the new
4:24 am
"long walk to freedom" she said this is the first film that highlights her mother's role in the struggle. there's a lot of controversy around winnie. as i said, people have very mixed opinions about her. her own children love her. christi, i spent a lot of time with her children they call her big mother. she's a very eloquent, very charming person, winnie. her story has yet in its full been told. >> looking forward to seeing more and hearing more. thank you so much. we appreciate it. great perspective. wow. victor. >> thanks, christi, an icy winter storm disrupts life for millions. icicles on the roof, power lines on the ground. the forecast next. >> lets check in with sanjay gupta for what's coming up at 7:30 eastern. good morning, sanjay. >> cyst issuing, it's a statistic i talk about all the time. someone denies every 19 minutes from an accidental prescription drug overdose.
4:25 am
most of these deaths, christi, involve painkillers. we're exposing one prominent prescription who some say was writing precipitations with reckless abandon. we have that and much more at the bottom of the hour. when i first started experiencing the pain, it's, it's hard to describe because you have a numbness... but yet you have the pain like thousands of needles sticking in your foot. it was progressively getting worse, and at that point i knew i had to do something. when i went back to my healthcare professional... that's when she suggested the lyrica. once i started taking the lyrica, the pain started subsiding. [ male announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new, or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling,
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i got my first prescription free. call or click to learn more. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. want to wish all of you a good morning in dallas. if you look out your window, it's something like this. you're going to see all that snow on the ground and 28 degrees. >> easy like sunday morning. nothing easy in dallas. i know they are probably going to stay inside. yeah, they are going to stay inside. >> i think it's pretty. >> it is pretty. >> that's just me. >> it is pretty out the window. >> good point. >> the song from the bone chilling freeze that's come through. states along the east coast bracing for plenty of snow, plenty of ice. lets bring in meteorologist jennifer gray tracking the storm
4:29 am
from the severe "weather center." who is next? >> going up the east coast. dallas in very cold this morning, in the 20s. all that ice still frozen on the ground. still a dangerous situation there. all ice and snow from the second wave pushing into the atlantic. ice around d.c., 3:00 to 5:00 range. we could pick up anywhere from quarter of an inch to half an inch of ice accumulation. it is going to be a possible dangerous situation across d.c. this afternoon and to this evening. could also pick up one to two inches of snow. it's going to be a wintry mix as we head into new york and boston during the overnight hours spoke tomorrow and then should be clearing out a breakdown this morning d.c. could see snow and sleet, freezing rain in the afternoon, one to two inches of snow, ice possible. keep you updated coming up at the 8:00 hour. >> jennifer, thank you so much.
4:30 am
we'll see you back at the top of the hour, 8:00 eastern for another hour of "new day sunday." >> first surprising good news about the search for cure for cancer and treatment for cancer. sanjay gupta m.d. starts right now. welcome. i have this half hour, unbelievable story i'm still having a hard time wrapping my mind around. it's about this one, carol ann, her twists and turns an descent into the depth of addiction. show you what happened to her and how many pills were part of her deadly dose. i can't tell you how often i hear this. it's too expensive to be healthy. you know what, we decided to put a dollar amount on this. i promise you, the numbers will surprise you. news about a strategy to help cancer patients when nothing else worked. cnn medical


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