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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 8, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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people. i love people's pets, small children, good food, clothes that fit and are comfortable, a nice bed means a lot. things that you take for granted, i get all that. >> there is so much more to this story. catch "an unreal dream", the michael morton story. tonight at 9:00 p.m. on cnn. we'll be watching right with you. here in the cnn newsroom, hello, everyone. a deep chill settled across much of the united states and changed the weekend plans for millions of people from the rockies to new york city. it hit central virginia today at about noon. a thick layer of sleet and rain froze over when temperatures dipped into the 20s. also to date, near milwaukee,
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wisconsin, about four cars and semi trucks smashed into each other on southbound interstate 94. at least 50 people are reported hurt. a live look here at reagan national airport just outside washington, d.c. lots of planes are flying. nowhere. lots of people stuck in the terminal. we will go live there in just a minute. and new york city, yes, we waited for it all day and now it's snowing. the question is, how long and is it cold enough to stick? and has anyone mentioned that winter isn't here for 13 more days. and weather separated the football fanes from the real die hard fans today as mother natured threatened to ruin nfl game day. that brings us to the first of our five questions for the week ahead. will your monday morning commute be a nightmare? alexandra steele at the weather
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center in atlanta. alexandra, lots of snow, will it all be gone by the morning? >> reporter: all be gone. poof, all gone because temperatures will rise to the 40s. so it certainly will melt. live look at columbus circle in new york. can you see, the snow is falling there. beginning of the snow and the end of the snow. i'll show you why, here. here is the radar picture. finally the snow got to new york city. you can see this is the back end of it. but then it is not all over. washington, d.c., areas around baltimore, 4.8 inches of snow there. hagerstown, maryland. northwest. always the snowiest areas, north and west of washington. 7.2 inches. but it, too, is the end. in washington, d.c., freezing rain. about a trace in washington. but over for now. can you see this little break. couple-hour break. this is the rain train behind it. that will come into all these big cities. sometimes we delinnate the day. here is tonight in washington again. changed over from snow to freezing rain. freezing rain late tonight and
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then overnight, here comes the rain in new york as well, overnight all the rain event for the most part. and can you see it all moves out. there's the rain in washington, and northern new england though, cold enough there to really still be snow. but the story is, unlike the ice we saw a few days ago, in dallas and memphis, crippling the cite, here is what will happen. in boston, 40 tomorrow. 44 in new york. 41 in washington. that tells the tale. the ice certainly slippery tonight. but by the afternoon tomorrow, deb, we will see really all everything that did fall, melt. >> all right. well good news for people who now have to figure out exactly how to get where they were supposed to be today. alexandra, thanks so much. >> you're welcome. >> more than a if you people were stranded in east coast airports. they are hoping to get home in time for their monday commutes and out at reagan national airport, erin, we heard reports, has anything changed?
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>> no, not ret real oo. there have been more changes and cancellations. the three airports that service the washington, d.c. area all tell us that the runways are clear. they've had crews out all day. it's the airlines ha that have started to cancel. there are a number of flights cancelled out of this airport. there are a lot of flights dpog between new york and washington and also to chicago. so a lot of things on the eastern seaboard and also going to chicago have been cancelled and delayed. i can also tell you that just until about now, there has been quite a long ground stop in o'hare in chicago because of deicing they were doing there. worst of all right now is at philadelphia. the wait time there for flights coming in for inbound flights, is an 1:43 on average. lots of delays for inbound
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flights into the new york area. so there might be a backlog of passengers and flights tonight and into tomorrow morning that could slow down the monday morning commute. a and get a late start on next week's business. there are delays but is it getting back to normal. we are seeing delays of 35 minutes dallas but certainly has been slow for a number of airports today, deb. >> all right. taking type a people and turning them into type b. thanks so much, erin. appreciate it. question number two for the week ahead, will security at nelson mandela event actually hold? the memorial and funeral services for former south african president is said to be the largest gathering of diplomats ever. it could be a logistical nightmare. some dignitaries expected include prince charles on behalf of his mother, queen elizabeth. afghanistan president hamid
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karzai. brazilian president rouseff. preside president hollande, president barack obama, clinton and bush. >> nelson mandela passed away late thursday. this sunday has been national day of prayer where you've seen sights like this all over the country as south africans pay thanks and bid farewell. the government has also confirmed today that at least 59 dignitaries from around the world are confirmed to be here during these ten days of mourning. they include u.s. presidents barack obama, george w. bush, bill clinton, and jimmy carter. queen elizabeth ii will be represented by her son, prince
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charles. french president holland e will be here also. a logistical challenge ahead for the government. what does the week ahead look like? on tuesday we will see our first formal memorial service for the late president at fnb stadium. it seats 95,000 but the government in an effort to allow as many people as possible to take part in festivities, if can you call it that, will have 90 screens around the country, broadcasting what will take place on tuesday. wednesday through thursday, nelson mandela's body will lay in state. each morning his body will go on precession of sorts through the capital, allowing south africans to bid farewell. all of that ahead of nelson mandela returning to his ancestral homeland next weekend. there will be a ka traditional funeral for him on saturday ending in state funeral for him
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on sunday. really an entire country coming together to pay thanks to one man who helped unify a nation. cnn, jo harnessburg, south africa. >> in 10 minutes, i will talk to to "politico's" reporter about daunting tasks facing the secret service. question three, will the so-called do-nothing congress actually do something? they have until friday to pass the farm bill otherwise milk prices could quadruple. this could be the least productive congress in modern history. lisa is digging up details on other bills that congress might consider. lisa? >> reporter: turns out most of very limited. in fact, nearly 20% deal with just a single piece of land or
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single area. one is called the freedom to fish act. that dealt with two dams in kentucky, the other one, a long one, minuteman missile boundary modification act. it adds a visitor's office and missile silo. how does this add? this is what speaker boehner said last week. >> the american people work hard and they expect their elected representatives to do the same. today the house has passed nearly 150 bills in congress that united states senate has failed to act on. >> so that's a bit of the blame game. we looked at those 1 a bills and it turns out that nearly a third of them went after obama care which of course is a nonstarter with democrats and on the other hand, senate has passed some bills like immigration reform that have crawled to a halt in
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the house. now congress has passed some major legislation. things like the violence against women act. overall, what is going on here is divided government with sharply divided politics. it means all of these folks up here have one major accomplishment they share. this is the least productive congress in modern history. back to you. >> all right, lisa dejourdan. thank you. coming up, the focus of our debate for you with the political panel. can lawmakers stop playing the blame game long enough to get a little bit of work done? panelists will break it down. >> and our fourth question, what about the markets this week? and the economy. well, there is plenty to look out for. zane asher is at the new york stock exchange. zane? >> deb, this upcoming week on wall street, we will introduce a brand new airline. well, kind of. american and u.s. air will merge into the biggest airline monday. ceos of the two companies will
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bring the nasdaq's opening bill. ticket will be aal. new name, american. as for the economy, there will be reports on jobless claims, and retail sales. numbers are critical because they are for november, the shart of the holiday shopping season. so far signes have been mixed. black friday weekend sales dropped for the first time since the recession but cyber monday sales rose to an all-time high. report next week from the government will be the definitive view. deb, that's what's coming up this week on wall street. >> zain asher, thank you. finally, question number five. who will win the heisman trophy? florida's quarterback could be honored. jameis winston is the odds-on favorite. the winner will be announced next saturday. and don't go anywhere. sports columnist terrence moore will join me later this hour to preview the heisman trophy race and florida state's showdown
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with auburn. . next, they were joined in matrimony. now they are joined in murder. a newlywed couple accused of killing a man they met on-line. because, they just wanted to kill someone together. refusing to lower the american flag in tribute to nelson mandela. he has nothing against the former south africa leader, so why he is taking this stance? that's coming up ahead. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger. but chantix helped me do it.
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and that relief could be in your hand. for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms from acid reflux disease. find out how you can save at there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. if you have persistent diarrhea, contact your doctor right away. other serious stomach conditions may exist. avoid if you take clopidogrel. for many, relief is at hand. ask your doctor about nexium. an alleged couple killer in pennsylvania. police say these newlyweds lured and murdered a man simile for the fun of it. in on the story in pennsylvania, northwest of philadelphia, alexandra, what do you know about this? >> reporter: deb, almost a month since a 4 2-year-old married man was found stabbed to death. now a newly-married couple is
3:16 pm
behind bars. the barbers lured ferar to their car, pulled a knife out between the seats of her car and repeatedly stabbed him. her husband, elliott, who had been hiding on the seats put a rope around the man's neck. here is what the couple is telling police. >> he tells us that they intended to kill somebody together. they tried to kill other individuals and failed. this happened to be one that actually worked. >> what did she tell you? >> she told us that her husband was not involved. she told us that she did this alone. and she blacked out during part of the process and she doesn't remember all of it. >> lefar's body was found on november 12th. police say the man had been stabbed 20 times, deb. >> and alexandra, this
3:17 pm
particular couple, barber has basically been denied bail. what is next for these two people? >> reporter: well, they will -- they both have court dates later this month. right now, they are being held in separate prisons to avoid the possibility of them having any contact with each other. they were arrested three days apart. police say they were able to track down the barbers and link them to this case from leferar's cell phone record. >> crazy. all because he answered a craigslist ad. after nelson mandela's death, president obama ordered flags to be flown at half staff. one citizen says no, that is not right. why not? it seems like a gesture of respect. why isn't he lowering the flag?
3:18 pm
>> pickens county sheriff rick clark doesn't think it has place in south carolina in his county. he says this type of honor should be reserved for americans. nelson mandela is not an her can. he laid out his argument to our local affiliate, whns. take a listen. >> so a sign of respect for what nelson mandela has done. i have no problem with lowering in south africa for their country. but in our country, it is for our people who have sacrificed for our country. >> rick clark says it is the right thing to do at u.s. embassy in south africa but no place here at home. it had been quite easy to keep the flag at half staff. they had a deputy die earlier this week. they already had the flag half staff. they were also honoring pearl harbor. so it would have been easy for them to keep it up. >> he has some support.
3:19 pm
people say he is doing the right thing. what is the feedback? >> it is overwhelming in support of rick clark. take a look at messages left on his face book after he took this position earlier this week. this coming to us from cheryl miller johnson, saying proud to have you in office, rick. thank you for all that you do. and dane a kelly, another constituent, who works for him said, i appreciate working for you knowing that you are an yes man. this country was founded on a strong back bones and it seems. thank you. >> many think he is doing the right thing. deb? >> this isn't out of the ordinary of other international icons lowered with half flag. this act of defiance, what do are you hearing? >> we know of at least three other separate occasiones this happened. this goes back to 1965. lindon b. johnson did it for then uk prime minister winston churchill and bill clinton doing
3:20 pm
it for rabin when he was anas nated. and george w. bush for john paul. there are no legal ramifications. he won't be reprimanded. he is well within his jurisdiction. he is not going to be facing any punishment. we reached out to the governor's office in south carolina to get their take on it. we are still waiting to hear back from them. but so far the sheriff is in the clear. deb? >> all right, freedom of speech. thank you. four heads of presidents will go to south african to memorialize nelson mandela. information on how president obama and his president saysors will be kept safe, that is coming up next.
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>> memorial and funeral services are said to be the largest gathering for an international diplomat ever. security and transportation are likely to be logistical challenges. many say that the 2010 soccer cup in south africa was a success. so secure think the time around should also be feasible. joining me by phone to discuss
3:25 pm
this is reid epstein, "politico's" white house reporter. reid, it is confirmed the white house did send over a secret service team immediately when it was confirmed the president would be heading there. what are you learning? >> caller: deb, as soon as the mandela news broke, the white house sent secret service and military chiefs to south africa to start getting ready for the president's arrival. they are working with secret service officers who are based both in south africa and rome, who had been coordinating for months answers years with the south africans preparing for the services after man dell why's death knowing that u.s. president would want to be one to attend those services. >> and there's going to be such an interesting mix of vips. you've got afghanistan hamid karzai, castro, moon, richard branson, peter gabriel. not everybody will get the same kind of security, for example, as the u.s. president. even some other heads of state.
3:26 pm
>> right. you know, u.s. presidential trip oversea says complicated, even when they have months to plan it out. doing so on four days notice really complicates matters. and the secret service doesn't take any chances with the president's travel. so they are going to make sure that they have the assets in place to keep the president safe. that involves flying their own helicopters to make sure the president can travel in a way that the secret service requires for him. and that he will be safe and that they can cordon off roads for barricades and motorcade travel once the president arrived. >> certainly the secret service has done sort of quicker sort of faster trips when it comes to this. a couple of days notice before the president gets there. you noticed the car. they tend to fly over the car. but there is also expected to be a lot of traffic. what are other security concerns
3:27 pm
and accommodations. >> well, it is not just the president's car they have to go through. they have to find dozens of vehicles for various support staffers for other security officials. in the motorcade or not the motorcade, whole be there in other capacities. so you are talking about trying to find, you know, dozens of hotel rooms, dozens of vehicles in a place where every -- dozens of dignitaries will be showing up, competing for the same facilities. it is not so easy and it is a job that u.s. embassy in south africa has been working to arrange this so the president and his team can arrive safely when they get to south africa on tuesday. >> absolutely. usually secret service works in tandem with teams who are there in the country. but it is going to be curious
3:28 pm
and interesting to watch whether or not there are enough teams to handle all of the head of state that are expected to survive. >> thank you very much. we appreciate you joining us and filling us in soent curity. likely to happen in south africa. thank you. >> major winter snowstorm threatens to make the morning commute for some of you, a little bit ugly. next, a look at the storm through your lenses. the pretty and the ugly. >> congress, about to head home for holidays. a long list of business undone. will members agree on something. anything this week? we will be talking about it. [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ] ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. ♪ ♪ i wanna spread a little love this year ♪
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millions of people in more than a dozen states are dealing with what is left of an earlier than expected winder storm. this is columbus circle. we have it on good authority it is in central park. it will clear out overnight but it'll leave a mess for morning
3:32 pm
commuters. down the east coast, baltimore and washington, d.c., national weather service, extended a torm warning, until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. and the weather has been treacherous but it hasn't stopped some people from making the best of it. rose why flores has been following posts on social media. rosa, what are you seeing out there? >> i've been seeing a little bit of everything. some pictures of dangerous roads, slushy airports and then this. take a look, eagles and lions fans in what they say are blizzard like conditions cheering on their favorite team. now one woman even tweeted me saying she bought tickets for her husband and that, well, it was for his birthday and he is out there sending her photos of the snowy mess. if you're curious, eagles did better on the snow winning the game 34-20. but conditions on roadways can get very dangerous. very slick out there. this picture tweeted out by dan amos. of a 30-car pileup in milwaukee,
3:33 pm
wisconsin. a reminder for you folks, stay home if you can. take a lock at low visibility in eugene oregon. this photo is from i-reporter steve gladder. temperature there he says, negative 10 degrees. thank you so much for sending your pictures and comments on twitter. that of course is @rosaflores. >> at least people have a sense of humor and we appreciate that here at cnn. thanks so much, rosa. >> let's talk politics. and the so-called do nothing congress. house and senate are scheduled to leave town soon. they will rap wrap it up and call it a year. we are talking now with lz granderson and amy holmes. lz is a commentator. amy is a reporter from good to see you both. the congressional to-do list has
3:34 pm
a lot of things still on it. confirming a fed chair. passing a farm bill. passing a defense bill. then the budget. they only have until mid january in order to avoid another shutdown. we will go to lz first. we know that the president is blamed. dem krts and republicans. are we due to this permanent paralysis in washington because taxpayers are getting fed up. >> this is what the taxpayers voted for. if you remember, congress was one of the most productive in u.s. history. they passed a lot of bills. what was the response? the tea party got in. you have 63 republicans take seats in 2010. since then we had this grinding halt. this is what the american people voted for. not sure if they knew this would be the buy product of it. but this is the chain. they had one of the most productive congresss. all democrats. voted in the tea party and this is what you have. amy, what about all the things that congress did spend time on.
3:35 pm
things the government shutdown, back and forth over the stalled judicial nominees, repeated house bills design to repeal obama care. so much. we saw so much bitterness. so much anger and at the end of the day, there is just nothing to hold on to. it is like sand. >> lz makes a really excellent point that voters voted for divided government in 2010 and that was to throw on the brakes, slam on the brakes after congress they felt overreaching with tactics of obama care. if you want to poison the well, obama care is a big one. huge bill that nancy pelosi then speaker of the house said you have to pass it before you could know what was in it. passed at 11th hour during holidays with procedural vote straight line party vote. and i think that's done a lot to divide republicans and democrats from working together. so let's talk about friday's
3:36 pm
job, also a big one. more than 200,000 jobs added. unemployment fell to 7%. and but many financial economists or financial folks including new york times pointing out that unemployment rate went down because a lot more people simply decided to stop looking for work aep the word of the "new york times" for every person who found a job between september and november, three other people stopped looking. so lz, what are we looking at here? good jobs, good news but people are giving up. that's sad. >> you have a lot of different stories that are happy to here at the same time. i will try and see if i can separate them. number one to me, and i don't know if aim oo agrees, but like the past three decades, wages have been trailing the inflation rate. what does that create? it creates a situation which you could work 40 hours a week and still need food stamps to feed your family. that's a very frustration place to be in. if you figure out that you could stop working and still come out
3:37 pm
pretty much the same spot you would be if you were working, the motivation is simply not there. i'm not saying all of the people who were not on some sort of aid were not looking for work because they are not working that math out, but they are cognizant of the dynamic. then there is the simple fact that work force has to accept the fact that jobs that were lost, some of those are never coming back. if you worked in a record store and you lost your store, that's never coming back. if you worked in manufacturing or some industry and they shipped the job overseas, some of those jobs are not coming back. you may need to be retrained. there are jobs out there but they have a difficult time finding americans qualified for those positions. >> amy, what does it mean when people give up looking for work. times article finding a study that finds that permanent damage occurs when people simply quit. when they are out of work for a long time. >> permanent damage occur is, happening to those people that
3:38 pm
their lifetime earnings are lower then you talk about retirement in security because think don't have the same retirement packages. it is a huge problem and i have spoken with douglas aekon an econ bhoist says we might be look at a generation of people who might not be getting the job promotions they might have. i want to commend lz. he might even agree with rand paul a bit. there could be a culture of dependency. if you are drawing on getting government checks then what is your incentive to get into the work force. i think that's a very valuable and important point of conversation and debate and congress is having it when it comes to food stamps and unemployment insurance. we will see how that pans out. >> we also are talking about raising the minimum wage would help. >> that's one of the things. all right, we will leave it there. lz, you will have to blog as to whether you think you do agree with rand paul.
3:39 pm
thanks so much, both of you for being on our panel. just ahead, maya angelo's heart felt tribute to nelson mandela. you don't want to miss what she told anderson cooper about the death of her good friend. just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked him up. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. it even pulled strings with the stoplights.
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[ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything. i'm bethand i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts,
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that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, we like interacting with people. so you have time to focus on the things you love. ink from chase. so you can. one of the most powerful figures of the testament is david. when poet maya angelo told nelson mandela the world's david, anderson cooper asked her about it. >> dr. angelo u, one of the things that struck me, you refer to him as david. not just south africa's david but adds our david, the world's david, our gideon. >> the truth is, we have many of us are davids.
3:43 pm
a man, a woman. we can all be that particular person. who has never courage it stand up and say, i am one. i have enough courage to dare to be a lover, not an indulger, but somebody who dares to love. now that's what nelson mandela was about. he had enough courage to say, i am -- you may call me, i am a person who dares to care for other human beings. and you see, one of the reasons i said this to be some time ago when i had pleasure of speaking to you, anderson cooper, i like the fact that you have enough courage to stand up, courage is the most important of all of the virtues. it is true, it is true he was courageous human being.
3:44 pm
and full of -- the idea that he was on the journey. and he had something to do. he had a -- a place to be and it's fabulous to realize that there's an old spiritual, old gospel song that just, i'm on my journey now, mt. zion, on my journey now mt. zion. and i wouldn't take nothing mount sigh zmt. zion from a journey now. mt. zion. he was on the journey. and he knew it. and he had something to do. and this is what each of us has. if we have enough courage, we can say, i'm on a journey. i have a charge to keep. >> a charge to keep. well, it is almost time to go bowling. college football bowl invitations are about to go out. we will preview them all.
3:45 pm
but certain match-ups for bcs championships. we're talking sports, coming up next. with your weekly five, thousands of college students in new jersey could be rolling up their sleeves for the meningitis vaccine on monday. princeton university is offering it to their entire student body after eight cases of the disease were confirmed on campus. the vaccine not yet licensed for use in the u.s. is recommended by the cdc. who will be time magazine's person of the year? we will find out on wednesday. among those being considered, miley cyrus. amazon ceo. and head of twitter. "time's" readers said abdul playing a key role in the ousting of mohamed morsi as top choice. screen actor guild awards won't
3:46 pm
be handed out until january but nominees will be announced thursday. actors are being selected entirely by actors. can you catch will sags on tbs and tnt january 18th. speaking of awards, golden globe nom naits nations will be announced thursday. much more looser than the button-upped academy award airs january 12th. we will have to wait until next month to see who the big winners are. but we do diane keaton will accept an award on behalf of her long time friend, woody allen. paul walker will be honored. in a movie, he plays a father in the aftermath of hurricane katrina. that's your weekly five. >>
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. the college football title is all but settled. florida state beat out duke last night. that was expected. but michigan state upset number two ohio state. auburn beat out missouri to win the sec. let's talk about it with terrence moore. he is a sports contributor to
3:51 pm and terrence, looks like ohio state blew tp who is going to play florida state in bcs championship? >> team of destiny, otherwise known as auburn tigers and this is the stuff a mother goose. right? let this sink in. auburn won zero conference games last year. in southeastern conference. zero. come back this year, beat georgia on 73-yard touchdown pass tipped up. runes it back for a touchdown in last seconds. then the alabama miracle we all know about. alabama misses a field goal in last second, literally. auburn takes it more than a hundred yard back for a touchdown. they win last night. sec championship game, auburn does, against missouri. and as you just alluded to, they had to hope for ohio state to choke against missouri in big 10 championship game. this isn't going to happen, is
3:52 pm
it? ohio chokes. it is amazing. >> you know, wishing for someone to choke seems so unsportsman like. who do you think will win the national title? have a prediction? >> i just thought about something. i've been talking about mother goose. this is mother like cat in the hat. if anybody can beat auburn, it has to be florida state. florida state, they have just been crushing people this year. average margin of 30 points a game. until someone proves they can beat an sec team, national championship game. you got go with the sec and they won the last receiven in a row. go with the team that is sprinkled by pixy dust. that's auburn, by the way. >> pixy dust or confetti there. honoring the best football player. ballots are due tomorrow. 5:00. florida state quarterback, heavy favorite.
3:53 pm
done deal? >> jamis winston, who you are referring to. jameis basically won when he was found not to be charged of rape. this will be the second c consecutive year a freshman has won it. johnny manziel won last year. before that, no freshman ever won it. this is a big realm alone. >> so last question, i know it is cold outside. let's talk baseball for a minute. seattle mariners reportedly signed new york yankees outfielder robinson canoe to a contract worth $240 million. what makes that figure so incredible is they reportedly
3:54 pm
outbid yankees by 80 million. terrence, since when does anyone outbid the yankees? since george steinbrenner died about three years ago. and his sons, hank and hal, they spend money, but not like their old man did. their old man would have got robinson cano back at any way they could. this is their new approach to baseball. >> 80 million sound like a lot. but only ten years, only an extra eight. >> the new steinbrenners would agree with you on that. >> thanks for bringing us up-to-date on sports. frigid wintery weather is slamming the country, as you know. find out what that means for you tomorrow. and the new jersey waitress who says she wasn't tipped because she is gay? she is out after job. details straight ahead.
3:55 pm
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an early winter storm is slamming the east coast. reagan international airport has temporarily suspended flights so the runways can be treated. storm system is being blamed for at least seven deaths. monday should be warm enough to melt much of the snow and ice that accumulate overnight. a waitress in new jersey is out after job after an investigation into her claims that she wasn't tipped because she's gay. dana morales posted a photo of a receipt on-line that read, i cannot tip because i do not agree with your lifestyle. people started sending in donations when that post went viral. however, an area tv station found the customers did leave an $18 tip. >> the cnn film, an unreal dream is the true story of michael morton. he spent 25 years in a texas prison for a crime he did not commit. jurors search for emotion on the
3:59 pm
stand and defendant's effort to suppress it, seemingly led it a life sentence. >> i guess i kept looking at michael and just noticing that he just didn't seem to have a lot of feeling about him. i guess i kept looking for some emotion that would let me know something about, you know, what was going on. >> michael had an amazing capacity to compartmentalize things. so he didn't bring his grief to the office. i don't know what he did with it. >> i didn't think i was going to get convicted. it was going to be a longish trial, but then it would be revealed that there can be no "there" there. there's nothing to convict. nothing hard. nothing to say, this guy did it. there is nothing beyond a reasonable doubt. and i couldn't imagine what could possibly be manufactured to make 12 people think that i
4:00 pm
killed my wife. >> cnn's film "an unrail dream" that will premier here at 9:00 eastern. >> i'm debora cnn special premi now. welcome to a gps special. global lessons on guns. i'm fareed zakaria. on december 14, 201, a mass shooting at an elementary school in newtown, connecticut shocked the country. the horrific tragedy jolted the nation's conscience. as traumatic as newtown was, that gruesome day in december was not an anomaly. it was part of an american trend. 26 people were killed at sandy hook that day. bu