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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 9, 2013 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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if we have enough courage, we can say, i'm on a journey. i have a charge to keep. >> nelson mandela will be buried on sunday, sunday morning. of course, we'll have live coverage. that's it for me. thank you very much for watching. see you back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." "newsroom" continues right now with brooke baldwin. >> great to be with you on this monday. i'm brooke baldwin live from new york. thank you so much for watching cnn here. this very moment, confusion and grief on a college campus after the death of a popular student. and still, there are few answers about what happened in his final moments. let me take you back to friday when all this happened. this young man is robert cameron greeds. 23 years young. an honor student at a catholic school in texas. investigators say he got into an off-campus scuffle with a campus police officer after being
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pulled over in the early hours of the morning for erratic driver. during this whole altercation, we're told the officer fired multiple shots killing him. his friends say he is not the kind of guy to fight with police. >> the story just doesn't really make sense to any of us. and i think we're mostly just angry and want answers. he's not aggressive and he's not any of those things that would constitute him getting shot at. >> genuine grief among hundreds if not thousands of people in our community because he was just so well liked and loved. >> the officer is now on administrative leave. joining me now, george howell, and hln legal analyst with me in new york, joey jackson. we'll talk to joey in a second, but george, first to you. we were briefed by authorities about an hour ago. what new information do you have? what happened?
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>> brooke, you know, putting all this together, and you heard it a minute ago. friends, family, they describe cameron as a peaceful person. not aggressive. as an honor student. the question has been, why? and how did this happen? well, we're getting some information from the university itself describing its take on what happened after this traffic stop with corporal chris carter. i want to rete this to you directly. it says, quote, during the wait for assistance, the officer tried to restrain the suspect who repeatedly resisted. during the struggle, he tried to subdue the suspect with the baton. however, the baton was taking by the suspect who used it to hit the officer. it goes on to say, the officer drew his firearm and was able to knock the baton from the suspect who continued to resist. it says shots were fired. also the question about a dashboard camera. was a dashboard camera there? yes, it was, but here's what we have learned from the statement. according to the university,
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this officer was in a new police vehicle that was added to the fleet two days before the incident. we're told because a temperature change, a temperature change, the glue that was supposed to have fixed that camera to the front of the car didn't work. it didn't set. so the camera fell off a day before the incident. as you can imagine, people at the university, students, we hear, are upset about this story. they say that there are plenty of holes in it. obviously, people are taking this in, but this is new information we're getting. >> what about this officer and also this young man's family? what have they said, if anything, thus far? >> well, as far as the family, we know that they have asked for prayers. we know they were also at that vigil that happened just a few days ago there at the university. obviously, a very difficult time for that family. and what we're hearing from the university, they're defending their officer. we did reach out to corporal carter. he did not return our call. we do know, again, he's on paid
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administrative leave. >> george howell, thank you very much. joey jackson, the question here, and let's be clear. this officer has not been charged, right? >> exactly. >> they're investigating. you heard two new nuggets. one of which being the fact that according to the police department, this baton was grabbed out of the officer's hands by the suspect. i don't know if that is pertinent, entirely pertinent to this investigation or not. what are they looking for? >> it will be pertinent for the following reasons. what happened in any shooting, it will be a thorough investigation and you want to get to the underlying facts. you want to also get to what would provoke the officer to discharge rounds. as you indicated -- >> multiple rounds. >> multiple rounds, about six rounds that were discharged. what you want to do is determine the proportionality of the force. in the event there was a baton used, and i know george read the statement that was placed out there. doesn't mean it's necessarily factual at this point. there will be a full investigation. is there anything to contradict that? are there any eye witnesses? if so, how many? although there was not a dashcam, is there surveillance
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in the area that might have caught exactly what the altercation was about. in addition to that, what proceeded that? what precipitated this? there was some indication of reckless driving. >> so unclear at this point. >> a lot of questions, more so than answers, but they want to identify in this encounter exactly what led to this, and did the officer act reasonably under these circumstances? that's what they're going to focus on, which caused him to discharge the weapon and kill 23 years young, as you mentioned, a student who would graduate in may. >> one of the questions is why so many rounds, why? why so many rounds from an officer legally carrying this firearm. so far, there are a lot of holes. >> sure, what they'll do is look at the officer, look at the officer's conduct, is there anything in his background that might lead to a belief that he would have not acted reasonably. certainly, they're look at the victim. they'll do a toxicology, not to suggest there's anything in his system, but they want to
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determine that to see why he acted the way he acted if this is true, and it confound his friends who say this is out of his character. this is not a person who would be fighting or provoking the police to engage in this construct. we're not there, but you can bet this investigation will leave no stone unturned. if there was any conduct that was amiss, they'll get to it. >> thank you very much. now to the weather. air passengers on the east coast, two words for you. brace yourselves. more than 1,500 flights have been canceled today. stranding travelers at airports nationwide, and about 2600 flights were canceled just yesterday. freezing rain, it is falling from central virginia to southeast new york today. some parts could see up to a quarter inch of ice. for those of you in washington, federal agencies open two hours later today because of the weather. >> oh! oh, my gosh.
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>> i can't get over these pictures. lucky no one was walking on the sidewalks. look at that. this is a dallas suburb of plano, texas. sheets of ice careening from the buildings. the roofs, onto -- you hear this woman -- onto the streets, the sidewalks, the cars. in virginia, it was a different danger. >> all you got to do is go here. this is the overpass. this is where cars have been coming through. i'm telling you, you have to be careful because what they say is when you get to these overpasses, be careful. traffic is going all over here. let me show you, on the overpass again, it's all frozen. >> that reporter skating in tennis shoes. you do have this, slippery roa s s wreaking havoc for drivers from virginia to wisconsin. paul lee took this video on i-95 outside of stanford, connecticut, last night. he was driving to get home to
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new jersey when road conditions got pretty frightening. you can see on the left side, cars spinning out, losing control in front of him. in yonkers, new york, wow, more than 30 people were hurt after icy roads caused this massive pile-up early this morning. chad myers is in the cnn weather center. and chad, this is the story throughout. i was in the airport late last night. i was able to get out, but a lot of people i was talking to, not so happy. >> i saw your tweet as you landed in new york yesterday. you looked out the window and said -- >> blanketed with snow. >> is that welcome to new york, because here's the snow. more snow coming. more snow coming for d.c., philadelphia, baltimore, and new york, coming up for tomorrow morning. watch your local tv stations because there will be school cancellations in advance of this snow. the cold air is in place. sioux falls, it's zero. the wind makes it feel like 15 below. now, the car doesn't feel 15 below, but the pet does. your pet. the animals outside.
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your face, your fingers, all that other stuff, will feel like 15 degrees below zero. that cold air slides farther to the southeast again. it's the same story that we had last time, but this storm is a week colder than the last storm. so tomorrow, as the snow tries to get up into d.c. and it will, starting you through tomorrow, here's tomorrow afternoon, all of a sudden, 4 to 6 inches for lancaster, back into new york, also 4 inches for baltimore, for d.c., and probably 2 to 4 for new york city. that is snow, not ice. but the problem is there is ice under that snow, because something is going to refreeze tonight. all of that stuff that's out there right now, brooke, that's just liquid on all of these overpasses across the poconos and all the way through parts of virginia, west virginia, even d.c., that will freeze after sunset tonight, so please be careful. i know it feels wet now, but it will bei ice in about three our four hours. >> how about the ice sheets falling off the buildings in plano, texas. have you ever seen anything like that. >> >> yes, i have, but what
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tells me they knew this was going to happen, there were two separate cameras already rolling. they could see this was starting to slide already, sliding off. that is more when i was growing up in buffalo, when the snow would slide off the roof and come down and take off the gutters and all that. that car there is a wreck. i have heard of golf-ball sized haul, but not ping-pong ball table sized. and the airports will be slow today and that's the case for many more days. >> check your flights before you head out. we'll check in with you again. >> coming up, one of the biggest gatherings of world leaders in decades. tomorrow's nelson mandela memorial service, and onboard air force one, quite a gathering in itself. you'll hear who hopped a ride with the president. it includes a former rival and someone he criticized over and over again. plus, singer susan boyle reveals she has asperger's.
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tomorrow's memoriam where nelson mandela will be one of the lajest gathers of world leaders in modern history, perhaps ever. the last time was the funeral for pope john paul ii. that was 2005. air force one took off with president and mrs. obama, george w. and laura bush, former secretary of state hillary clinton, taerg eric holder, and
11:15 am
susan rice, all on that plane. the white house said the president is working on his eulogy during the flight. other world leaders going to south africa include ban ki-moon, fran swan holaund, and david cameron. among the other dignitaries to pay their respects, bono, oprah, prince charles, former president jimmy carter, and republican senator ted cruz. a short time ago, archbishop desmond tootoo paid homage to his home in the johannesburg suburbs. >> everybody was saying we would have gone up in flames. and he was like, he really was like a magician. he really was like a magician, with a magic wand.
11:16 am
turning us into this glorious multicolored rainbow people. >> cnn's senior international correspondent arwa damon is in johannesburg with a look at the extraordinary preparations involved ahead of tomorrow's memorial service. >> these men have been asked not to be identified for their safety. they're part of an elite task force. usually operating in secret and under cover. south africa is using its best to sweep and secure the fnb stadium ahead of the nation's largest single event. there is no room for error. in action, thousands of military and police. sniper teams, canine units. continuous air surveillance to include helicopters. and fighter jets. >> shoot anybody or anything dead to disrupt the spirit of
11:17 am
mourning. and finally, taking and accompanying the former president to his last resting place. >> this, the air force base, is where some of the heads of state will land, including u.s. president barack obama and his predecessors, bush, clinton, and carter. >> we prepared for any eventuality. we have our intelligence on the ground. there is support from the army. >> it's incredibly culturally sensitive to speak about funerals, especially when it comes to someone of nelson mandela's stature. there are plans worked on for years, but those plans have been kept very secret and under wraps. in addition to the monumental task of securing routes and vehicles for the 80 plus dignitaries, they're also responsible for moving the public. the memorial is open to everyone on a first come first serve
11:18 am
basis. fnb can accommodate upwards of 90,000 people. two other stadiums set up to accommodate the spill over, but authorities expect they will have to turn down people. at midnight, roads blocked. to get to it stadium, people will have an option of bus or rail. this is expected to be the largest mass transit movement for a single event in this country's history. the numbers anticipated, at least double that of the world's cup. these workers are part of a 1500 strong team working for an event planning company. >> people and crowd control. knives, beer, anything like that. >> in the same vanue where mandela made his last public appearance during the world cup in 2010, the nation and the world will be bidding south africa's saint farewell. coming up back here in the u.s., in court today, a woman
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accused of pushing her new husband off a cliff. one week after their wedding. was it murder? was it merely an accident? also ahead, susan boyle, she rocketed to fame in 2009 after this shocking performance on the show "britain's got talent." and now another surprise. this time about her health and the diagnosis she just received. stay with me. a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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a young bride accused of pugging her new husband off a cliff is now facing first and second degree murder charges in a montana courtroom today. jury selection for jordan lynn
11:23 am
grand began just a short time ago. both the prosecution and the defense agree that grand pushed her husband of all of eight days to his death. in glacier national park. the question for jurors is this. will her act be deemed as murder or was it an accident caused by self-defense? cody johnson disappeared july 7th. four days later, gram led friends and relatives to a popular spot in the park where they found johnson's body. and susan boyle, you remember her. the soft-spoken scott charmed her way into our hearts when she became a reality tv sensation basically over night. ♪ i dreamed a dream of time gone by ♪ >> still gives me goosebumps. now the hit recording artist has made a major revelation.
11:24 am
she told the observer newspaper she was diagnosed last year with the development disorder asperger's syndrome. this is significant because when she was a child, doctors said she suffered from brain damage. let's talk about this with our medical correspondent, elizabeth cohen. what is asperger's syndrome, and what does this mean for her as far as this revised diagnosis? >> asperger's syndrome is actually a form of autism, and people hear that and think, how could someone like her have autism? they have vision that someone with autism is completely unable to communicate. people with asperger's are high functioning. they're on the autism spectrum, but they're very high functioning. so they do have problems, let's say, interacting with others. they have issues with reading social cues, detecting when someone else might be feeling something, but they're high functioning and work and are out there in the world. >> i feel like, though, when you hear about these people with
11:25 am
autismen the spectrum, even higher functioning, they're incredibly talented in some form of fashion. is there a connection here? >> you often do hear that. we asked a psychiatrist who works with people with autism. he said it's interesting. people with autism, and that includes asperger's syndrome, are often good at focusing on one thing. this doctor has a son with autism, and he said his son is an amazing chess player, because that's where he puts his energy. so we don't know about susan boyle. but it would be interesting, is her singing something she focused on a lot. was she able to focus on it because she did have asperger's. >> she said she's relieved have the diagnosis. amazing. coming up next, families of newtown saying they do not want media outlets to come to town, to cover the one-year anniversary of the shooting at sandy hook elementary. that's this saturday. but what is the right balance?
11:26 am
also, just a short time ago, the parents revealed how they will remember their little ones. >> we'll be lighting a candle on the eve of 12-14, the last night we spent with our sweet charlotte. >> we will be lighting a candle for our beautiful little girl jessica.
11:27 am
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bottom of the hour, i'm brooke baldwin. it's the anniversary no one wants to recognize, but everyone understands the need to. now there's a question as to just how that should be done. this coming saturday will mark one year since a gunman murdered 27 people in newtown, connecticut, including 20 first graders. city officials have asked the media not to come to town. >> you're fully aware of our tragedy. we're trying to say to the world, please give us a chance to grow into that really happy, healthy place that loves children and families, that has great schools. we know who we are. we know that's our destiny, but
11:31 am
we need you to help us get there by please staying away. >> cnn has decided not to go to newtown this saturday. some of the victim's families have offered a way for people to reach out on that day. this is what they have done. take a look at this. this is this new website they have created. it's in just the last hour, these different moms and dads talked about how they will be spending this saturday. >> we ask that you consider performing an act of kindness or volunteering with a charitable organization in your own local community. we hope that some small measure of good may be returned to the world. this concludes our family statement. i'd like to add that our family will be lighting a candle on the
11:32 am
eve of 12-14, the last night we spent with our sweet charlotte. >> and we will be lighting a candle for our beautiful little girl, jessica. >> we will be lighting a candle on behalf of jesse mccord lewis. >> we're going to light a candle in honor of our daughter, emilie. >> we will light a candle for my mom, dawn hawkspring. >> we will light a candle for my older sister, victoria. >> we will be lighting a candle for my sweet boy, jack. >> we will be lighting a candle in honor of our beautiful girl, grace. >> we will be lighting a candle for our gorgeous daughter,
11:33 am
avielle. >> we will be lighting a candle for our beautiful daughter, anna. >> we will be lighting a candle for our sweet son daniel. >> we will be lighting a candle for my daughter, lauren. >> we will light a candle for jace. >> we will be lighting a candle for our irrepressible benny. >> ooh, gut wrenching. one year later. joining me now, frank, the director of the school of public and media affairs in georgetown university. cnn will be covering the story.
11:34 am
we will not be in newtown. we will be doing it from afar. but based on the families and the town that we heard from, how should the media balance coverage? >> well, the first thing the media should do, and i'm glad to hear what cnn is doing is respecting the wishes of the families. these are terrible stories anytime there's a tragedy or a death and the media is interested in covering that. the first thing you do, the first thing you should do is defer to the wishes of the families. sometimes families will want to speak to the public. sometimes they will find that cathartic. sometimes they want total privacy. in this case, the request comes from the town itself. this is an experience the town horribly endured and continues to endure. i'm very pleased to see that kb cnn is doing this and other news organizations are as well. the problem is neither the town nor anyone else controlled all of the media. there's no law that's going to stop people from going into town and violating this request. that's where it gets difficult. from cnn's perspective, there
11:35 am
are many, many ways to cover this story without being there. while acknowledging the requests from the town. you can have retrospectives, look at the individuals of the victims, you can revisit some of the unknown elements of the crime itself. so i think that cnn is doing the right thing. other news organizations are as well. and this is going to come up again and again, unfortunately, because the fascination, horror of the story, will not diminish. >> hearing from those parents, i'm conflicted. i really actually admire the strength they showed today to come out, because they know that there is this need, this demand. america wants to mourn with them. so here we have them giving this full statement and saying essentially, listen, we're talking now. but come saturday, we want complete and utter privacy. is that how you see it? >> it is. and you know, they're not saying we don't ever think the media
11:36 am
should be here and we're never going to talk to the media again. it's at this moment, this very difficult moment, one year, as the holiday, as the holiday is upon us, to experience this sort of thing. of course, the town has mourned with the country and the world. the town has had the country and the world, the president and others there. there have been many number of expressions from townspeople about how helpful that support has been. their request, it seems to me, is very specific here. and it's one that is very easy for the media to comply with. give us our space on this day. >> one other request which i plan to honor on saturday, they said be compassionate, show an act of kindness to a stranger. that was the message from newtown and something we should all be following this coming saturday on that one-year anniversary. frank, thank you very much. first on cnn, another
11:37 am
sleeper cell busted in america, and once again, russia is involved. you remember anna chapman and her friends climbing up the new york social ladder until their arrests just a couple years ago. and then to further complicate america's relationship with russia, moscow grants asylum to edward snowden, now fast forward to this. the justice department exposing a new spy ring. this one involved russian diplomats and fraud. evan perez broke this development, and he joins me now. evan, if these guys were being investigated for espionage, how did the feds catch them for fraud? >> well, i know that seems strange, brooke. it's a bizarre twist of a story that is already causing tensions between russia and the united states. these are 49 russians. some were dements and their wives who were accused of defrauding medicaid, the health care program for low-income families. prosecutors in manhattan say all together, these russian
11:38 am
diplomats ran a nine-year scheme that bilked medicaid of $1.5 million. cnn learned that the fbi discovered this alleged scheme in new york when agents were tracking some of these suspects for spying. now, there's been a back and forth between the russians and the united states, exposing each other's spies. you might remember anna chapman and the spy ring in 2010. earlier this year, the russians exposed an alleged cia agent who wore a bad blond wig in meetings. of the 49, there are only 11 who are still in the united states. and all of them have diplomatic immunity. so unless the russian government waived their immunity, which is unlikely, they cannot be arrested. instead, the state department is expected to have some of them sent home, brooke. >> okay, that was a bad blond wig, evan perez. evan perez for us in washington. evan, thank you very much. coming up, a passenger falls asleep during a flight. wakes up alone and trapped.
11:39 am
you'll hear that story. plus, actress rashida jones said she has had enough with what she called the pornification of pop stars. hear what she says. we're seeing way too much of in hollywood.
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the pornification of america. that is the title of this controversial new piece in glamour by actress rashida jones. basically, her advice to hollywood pop stars is this. stop acting like, well, i'm going to use her word here, whores. she said, i am not a prude.
11:43 am
i love sex, i am comfortable with my sexuality, hell, i even posed in my underwear, i also grew up with a healthy balance of sexuality in pop stars. every star interprets sexy the same way, lots of skin, lots of licking of teeth, bending over. i find this oddly boring. can't i just like a song without having to take an ultra sound tour of some pop star's privates. yes, the words of rashida joins. i tell you, i tweeted this one out last night. i think it's a fascinating article. it brings up a lot of points. first, do you agree with rashida? >> i do, actually, agree with rashida. i loved reading this piece. i liked it from her perspective because this is -- she grew up in hollywood. her dad is quincy jones. her mom is peggy lipton. she grew up around all of this, madonna, michael jackson. she went east to school, came back, she works in hollywood. i think it's amazing she
11:44 am
articulated this and wants to start a dialogue. she's not telling people what to do. she's just saying, hey, isn't there another color in the crayon box we can use. >> let's talk about that color. that color is that of many of these young women taking off a lot of clothes. lady gaga recently performed, i think, totally clotheless. you cover entertainment. this is your beat. why do you think a lot of these women feel the need to show so much to get publicity? >> well, i think there's a couple of arguments. one, people can say it's another one is they just want attention. i think there's so much noise out there with everything, in terms of twitter and instagram and the whole social media, and even us with the 24-hour news cycle that the ante has to keep going up, up, up, to the point where this now becomes the norm. we're kind of numb to it. i agree with what rashida is
11:45 am
saying, let's get back to that may not be my idea of sexy, maybe one time, but not all the time. can't we show some kind of variety? >> then, so she talks about in the article taking the idea to twitter, and she's slammed on twitter specifically by feminists saying you're shaming women. i suppose some people think, i myself don't, but this idea of flaunting one's physical assets like really flaunting them in some cases with these young women, is that empowering? is that an argument? a valid argument from some of these people? >> i don't think so. i mean, i think it's like the case by case, but generally, you look at this, this isn't empowering. this is just about, it's my body. this is it. this is what it means to be sexy. that's not the case for every girl. i think rashida makes a really good point about saying i don't want to be a role model, i'm not a role model. guess what, you are a role model. >> she said you have to be a
11:46 am
role model. >> yes, you have to be. you're selling out stadiums, selling records. you are a role model. there's got to be a certainly amount of accountability. but on your note with the feminists, i am disappointed that a woman cannot make a comment, and she makes it clear, what right do i have to say? i don't, this is just the way i feel. the fact that she is opening up a dialogue, and all of a sudden, she's slammed for not being a feminist. i think it's ridiculous. >> take aways from record execs, for pop stars for women, and i want to end her pleading with men, men, talk to us about how this makes you feel. you're 49% of the population. don't sit around and let women beat up one another while you're intermittently and guiltily enjoying the show. thank you so much for weighing in. i appreciate that. >> coming up, take a look at this. it is a monument showing the ten commandments and it stands outside the courthouse in
11:47 am
oklahoma, but a group of satan worshiper want their own statue there as well. plus, a guy falls asleep on a plane, wakes up hours later trapped. you'll hear his story direct from him, next. for all those who sleep too hot or too cool, for all those who sleep now there's a solution. sleep number dual temp, the revolutionary temperature-balancing layer with active air technology that works on any mattress brand, including yours. it's only at a sleep number store, where this holiday season, the hottest sleep innovations make the coolest gifts - including
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which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. during this recent bad weather, thousands of passengers are trapped alt the airport. but there's a one guy in texas, he was trapped in his airplane, and weather had zip, zero, to do with this. somehow, crews missed tom wagner, who was asleep when his expressjet flight landed in houston for a layover. he was traveling from louisiana obhis way from california when he woke up in total darkness. he said it took him half an hour to get out after some employees opened the plane door just to do their work. >> well, i woke up. and i happened to look up, and the lights were out. i was like, what's going on here? and then i was like, i looked
11:51 am
down the aisles and nobody was there. i got up. i walked around, had to go to the bathroom, so i worked my way to the back, found it, and i called my girlfriend, debbie. i said, listen, you have to call the airlines. i'm locked in the plane. i get a lot of questions like, didn't you feel it when you landed? and i was like, well, i work. i'm a captain on an off-shore -- for the oil field industry, and sleeping, like bouncing around is kind of the norm. >> what do you say to the gate agents? >> well, they were like, what are you doing on this plane? i said, oh, i was a passenger. i woke up and i was locked in the plane. the workers came on first. they're the ones who found me. i was standing, i was going to open the door. i walked up towards the cockpit, the boarding door. i had my hand on the handle. i said, no, i better not do that. and a couple minutes later, the other side door started opening
11:52 am
up. and the workers, the one worker came in and said who are you, what are you doing on this plane? i said, dude, i was a passenger on the plane. i fell asleep. i woke up. >> gave you a travel voucher. is that enough? will you be traveling with them ever again? >> i'll travel back on my return flight to louisiana. >> how about that? here's a response from the airline. quote, expressjet is investigating to determine how this occurred. we sin sleerly apologize for the inconvenience that this caused for the passenger, from expressjet. take a look at this monument. in 2009, oklahoma gave a green light to erect this privately funded statute, but some three years later, they would be facing a pretty sticky precedent because of that. the question now is, can any privately funded religious group put up their own statute? how about this group?
11:53 am
satanests, yep, a group of satan worshipers now say they want their own statue right there smack dab next to the ten commandments on the steps of the state house. joining me now, daniel belief blog coedter, really, satanists want this on the capitol grounds? who is the group, and what would this monument look like? let's start there. >> sure, yeah, so the group is less of like an organized group that does rituals and meets every saturday or sunday. and more like a group of political provocateurs. and they say their message is that, hey, listen, america is a religiously diverse and plurlistach country and there should be more than just the ten commandments on any kind of state or government property. and so that's their big argument. in terms of what will the monument look like, it's really anybody's guess. they say they want it to be big and bold and at the same time, something that's interactive and
11:54 am
that children can play with. so they're really, really going for it here. >> all right. >> yeah, exactly, they're saying that satanism is fun and they want kids to know that. >> okay. this is, you know, they have a right to say that. let me ask you this. when will this be decided? >> well, right now, it's going to a state commission that has jurisdiction over this. and they have a variety of standards they go by. we're really at the beginning phases of it. the satanest group is trying to raise money right now. they only have $50 out of $20,000 they're trying to raise, so really, really at the way beginning. probably going to be a pretty long court battle about this as well. >> we'll check in with you on the belief blog and see if this goes anywhere. daniel, thank you very much. coming up next, a story you will never forget. a young father who served in iraq goes to buy something he saw on craigslist. wanted an ipad, but never made it home alive.
11:55 am
we'll tell his story. we're on the case. [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ] ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor ñó5wó
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time now for some of the hottest video of the day. we call it hit play. >> brawl in brazil. a bloody riot between rival soccer fans breaks out. several people critically injured. the game stopped for more than an hour as police shot rubber
11:59 am
bullets into the crowds. in virginia beach, a holiday parade comes to a halt when a float goes up in flames. >> it was really kind of crazy for just a few minutes. looking for a little excitement, and the black truck was pulling the float through virginia beach farm, i believe, all of a sudden, flames starting coming out of a plywood box in the bed of the truck. >> firefighters say a power generator is to blame. >> near dallas, look at this. sheets of ice come crashing down from buildings and smashing onto cars. amazingly, no one is hurt, just a lot of insurance claims. slip sliding away, the winter weather separating fair weather football fans from the real ones. as mother nature turned nfl stadiums into snow globes. in philly, a full-blown blizzard. conditions also making play interesting in pittsburgh. baltimore, green bay, and
12:00 pm
washington. and that's today's hit play. and we roll on. you're watching cnn, hour two. i'm brooke baldwin live in new york for you today. we begin with a new and horrific reminder that the online world can be dangerous and at times deadly. now it's happened to an indiana father with the best of intentions. indianapolis police say an iraq war vet was murdered at this apartment complex wednesday after he responded to an ad on craigs list. our affiliate reports james vestor was hoping to buy a used ipad as a christmas present for his parents. and now police have arrested two brothers, ages 18 and 19, for allegedly shooting and killing him. with me now, former police detective mike brooks, law enforcement analyst from our sister network, hln, but ted rowlands, let's begin with you.
12:01 pm
you're following this investigation here. do we even know how this sergeant was murdered? we understand he took precautions when he arranged the meeting? >> yeah, and he was meeting the people -- he didn't know who he was meeting except he was going to meet someone who was going to sell him this ipad. he knew he was going to a tough area, if you will, of indianapolis on the west side, so he met in a public spot, which he felt was safe, i'm sure. an apartment complex parking lot, and he made a point of making the meeting during the day. but as you mentioned, it's horribly, horribly tragic. this is a guy, he served in the iraq war, came back, was a full-time mechanic in minneapolis with the national guard there. he also, according to friends and colleagues, volunteered to honor fallen soldiers around the country. an incredible guy, they say. >> gave up a lot of his own personal time with his family, his friends, to pay those respects to our other fallen
12:02 pm
service members. to me, that shows the character of the man he is. giving up time where he could have been home with his wife and his baby. >> wife jamie, baby gavin, a 1-year-old. everybody said they were his world. these two teenagers are expected to be in court tomorrow morning. formal charges are expected to be filed later this afternoon, brooke, but a senseless act of murder. >> here's a man willing to sacrifice this life for the nation, and he is shot and killed trying to buy his parents an ipad. it's disgusting. and mike, to you, because here he is meeting in this, you know, semi public location, in this parking lot of an apartment complex. we all use craigslist. what's your advice to us? >> number one, you want to use your common sense. and you know, it's interesting. right on craigslist, there is a list of safety precautions to take. and i think the most important one on this one, brooke, the last one. trust your instincts. you know, it also says if you're
12:03 pm
going to meet somewhere, meet in a public place. you may want to meet in a public place that may have more people around that would also have possible surveillance cameras. in a downtown area and not in a sketchy area, because apparently, he knew he was going to a fairly sketchy area of indianapolis. >> rough neighborhood. >> use your instincts, but again, a senseless, senseless killing. >> absolutely. mike brooks, thank you very much. ted rowlands on the investigation, thank you. now to this, to the anniversary no one wants to recognize, but everyone understands the need to. this saturday will mark one year since a gunman murdered 27 people innewtown, including 20 first graders. city officials have spoken today, asked members of the media not to come to town, saying it would only add to their pain on that day. i can tell you now cnn will respect those wishes. we have decided not to go to newtown this saturday. we will cover the story from
12:04 pm
afar. this afternoon, some of the victims' families, moms and dads, they talked to the media and explained how they'll remember their little ones this upcoming saturday. >> we ask that you consider performing an act of kindness or volunteering with a charitable organization in your own local community. we hope that some small measure of good may be returned to the world. this concludes our family statement. i'd like to add that our family will be lighting a candle on the eve of 12/14, the last night we spent with our sweet charlotte. >> and we will be lighting a candle for our beautiful little girl jessica. >> we will be lighting a candle on behalf of jesse mccord lewis.
12:05 pm
>> we're going to light a candle in honor of our daughter emilie. >> we will light a candle for my mom, dawn hochspring. >> we will light a candle for my older sister victoria. >> we will be lighting a candle for my sweet boy jack. >> we will be lighting a candle in honor of our beautiful girl grace. >> we will be lighting a candle for our gorgeous daughter avielle. >> we will be lighting a candle for our beautiful daughter anna. >> we will be lighting a candle
12:06 pm
for our sweet son daniel. >> we will be lighting a candle for my daughter lauren. >> we will light a candle for jace. >> we will be lighting a candle for our irrepressible benny. >> the families have also set up this website. it's as a way for the public to communicate with them. cnn is remembering the sandy hook victims. we want you to watch an anderson cooper special report honoring the children, newtown, one year later. that's wednesday night at 10:00 eastern here on cnn. coming up next, the man who stole billions of dollars from investors has a startling claim now from behind bars, saying don't blame me. bernie madoff speaking out, saying the biggest ponzi scheme
12:07 pm
in history was not his fault. see who he says is to blame and what he regrets most about the crime. >> plus, russia's controversial anti-gay law has the attention of international superstars. you have elton john performing in moscow this weekend, speaking out very publicly about the law. and i spy her out of the corner, here, melissa ethridge has just walked into our cnn studios in new york. she's another singer outspoken on the topic. my conversation with melissa ethridge coming up next, live on cnn. stay with me. [ male announcer ] you've got to try red lobster's four course seafood feast,
12:08 pm
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12:11 pm
talk about a who's who of world leaders now converging on south africa to attend tomorrow's massive memorial service for nelson mandela. president obama is on his way, leading this national delegation of politicians and dignitaries. on air force one, former secretary of state, hillary clinton. also george and laura bush. several others. they're getting ready for this massive memorial. huge undertaking, and such a brief period of time. just think of the logistics here. this is just the beginning. after the memorial, mandela will lie in state for three days. and then be buried on sunday. and our chief international correspondent christian eon amanpour is live now from johannesburg where it's just after 10:00 at night your time. let's beginith this massive undertaking, the logistics and really the security at this stadium. >> yes, indeed, they're going --
12:12 pm
obviously, as you can imagine, all out for security, and president obama is bringing three former u.s. presidents with him. not just george w. bush, but president clinton and president carter. president obama is due to speak at the memorial tomorrow, and this is going to be a huge event. most people think it's going to be a really raucous, joyous event. a lot of music, a lot of singing, a lot of celebration. it's going to have 95,000 people there. and they are coming on a first come, first serve basis. there are no tickets. let's hope that's all an organized line. i can tell you it's taking a long time to get credentials. they're being very careful about everything. they're taking this seriously, as you can imagine. it's a clare manifestation of the massive respect in which nelson mandela was, is, and will continue to be held throughout the world. >> his ability to gather and unify during life and after death as well. and let's talk about this massive gathering. you said 95,000 people.
12:13 pm
a lot of personalities there, yes? >> there are certainly going to be a lot of personalities, but they make up sort of the vip delegation. there are apparently 90 or so heads of state, and all other the other personalities you have been mentioning, oprah and bono and all sorts of people coming, but the bulk of the people will be ordinary people. they will be south africans who have been invited to come to this iconic soccer stadium. it is the stadium where nelson mandela gave his first speech after being released from prison, and it's very important. it's also the stadium, one of them, where one of the world cup matches were held in 2010, and that was -- that went off beautifully. you know, back then, people were worried, oh my goodness, can south africa get through the world cup? what about security, what about infrastructure? and of course, they got through with flying colors. nobody is doubting the memorial tomorrow will go off just as well. >> we will be watching very,
12:14 pm
very early. our time here in the states, christiane, thank you for us in south africa. now this. openly gay singer elton john used a sold-out show in moscow to challenge a highly contentious russian law, banning the, quote, propaganda of sexualization of minors. it makes it illegal to explain same-sex relationships to kid. you have lady gaga, madonna taking to the stage, slamming the cramp down. but unlike elton john, they are now banned from ever entering the country again, and now another superstar joins the list, furious with the russian government's anti-gay laws. this one. ♪ come to my window ♪ crawl inside wait by the light of the moon ♪
12:15 pm
>> melissa ethridge, singer, songwriter, co-founder of uprising of love, this private fund-raiser for what's happening here in russia. the russian freedom fund in support of the lgtb in russia. let's begin with what we played of elton john, speaking out, really taking that moment, this sold-out show in moscow, to send a message. do you think he should have not performed at all, and that would have sent a bigger message? >> no, i think what you're seeing here is the place where we realize change comes not by boycotting anymore, not by just not showing up. but by going there, because there's a whole gay and lesbian community in russia. huge community, that was making strides like we have here in america. they have been moving forward. and this is one of the first times we've seen things go back and try to be pulled back. so elton showing up there, being
12:16 pm
part of it, giving a message, saying i'm here, i'm supporting you. we can move through this together, is what the whole uprising of love is, and what the whole coalition is about. >> uprising of love, what is it? >> i wrote a song, uprising of love, when i was given the details of what was happening, when i saw what was happening in russia. the way i respond is always a very emotional place. i have always believed, i'm not going to get anywhere by saying you're wrong. you shouldn't feel that way. that's not going to do it. >> not going to work. >> what is going to do it is the way that we have done it for 20 years now. the way i have done it is to show up and say i'm a human being. i contribute to the society. i'm just like you. and when people come out and when a community feels safe to say i give to this community, i help, when you do that, it can change. >> we'll get back to the song in a minute.
12:17 pm
i'm going to guess how your answer will be, but in terms of boycotting the sochi olympics. there are people, just recently, the german president said he's boycotting the olympics. lady gaga, boycotting the olympics. don't go to russia. but then you have those in russia saying come. come, but boycott homophobia. where do you stand? >> absolutely. boycott the idea. show up. especially as a gay person, it's easy for me to say, by me just showing up, i don't know if i can show up, i don't know if i can go yet. >> would you want to go? >> i would. i would want -- just because i'm known as a gay person, by showing up and stsand saying i' standing here fearless because i believe we as human beings can do this, we can get past this fear that somehow there's something dangerous in this. >> what would you say or would you let your presence speak for itself? >> i would show up, i would be there, i would say to the gay community, come stand with me,
12:18 pm
and the whole community, everyone stand. you can't tell just looking at people, really, whether they're gay or not. >> so are you going to sochi? >> i don't know. stay tuned. >> do we have the guitar anywhere? >> someone said you had a guitar. >> i believe someone said we had a guitar. this is "uprising of love," the song you're debuting tonight. >> is it tuned? >> it should be. >> going to do a little bit to show you. >> a little bit. >> it's a protest song, but it's a love song. >> i'm ready. ♪ my eyes are wide open ♪ recognizing change ♪ it feeds the fires of the fear where human love seems strange ♪ ♪ i'm going to rise above i believe that a love is a love ♪ ♪ hey i'm going to raise my hands ♪ ♪ with every woman child and
12:19 pm
man ♪ ♪ i'm going to start an uprising ♪ ♪ yeah i'm going to start an uprising ♪ ♪ of love ♪ going to start an uprising "name your price" tool? ivs i guess you can tell them how much you want to pay and it gives you a range of options to choose from. huh? i'm looking at it right now. oh, yeah? yeah. what's the... guest room situation? the "name your price" tool, making the world a little more progressive.
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12:22 pm
it is d day for the disgraced former mayor of san diego, bob filner, sentenced today for kissing and grabbing three women. he will serve 90 days in home confinement, pay a fine, and
12:23 pm
serve three years probation. filner resigned from office after 19 women came forward accusing him of harassment during his tenure as mayor and as u.s. congressman. >> here's another name for you. bernie madoff, former titan of wall street, said people on the outside won't take his calls from the prison pay phone. not his wife, not his son, not his brother peter who is also serving time. no one is talking to bernie. five years ago this wednesday, bernie madoff posed for the feds, famous mugshots. he later pleaded guilty to scammer investors out of bms of dollars. the biggest financial fraud in u.s. history. as to the many people he robbed, including some who just lost it all, madoff is now telling the "wall street journal" it is their fault, not his fault. their fault. here's a quote from that interview. people ask me all the time. how did i produce the great
12:24 pm
returns. i refused to tell them, says madoff, and they still invested. he said it was up to them to ask more questions. aaron smith of cnn money is with me and he has spoken to bernie madoff before and from your interview, he was a bit contrite until it sounds like a follow-up phone call which we'll get to. this interview, a different tone. >> i spoke to him a few times. it was several months ago, about six months ago over the phone. he did seem -- he said he felt bad. >> he felt bad. >> about some of the victims. he felt very bad, he was telling me about his son committing suicide. >> very tragic. >> he accepted responsibility for it. then he said he also probably caused a heart attack of jeffrey picower, who was one of his biggest investors early on, but then he segued directly into blaming picower and two other major investors, normal and carl, for basically prompting him to start the ponzi scheme. because they didn't bail him out
12:25 pm
after the black monday crash of 1987. he needed their help, they refused to help him, so he had to start a ponzi scheme. >> the initial phone call you had with him, pretty contrite, but then you tell me because it seems like he had a different tone with the wall street reporter, he followed up and called you back. you have bernie madoff calling you up, yelling with you. >> yes, the last conversation was in june. he called me up. i was driving through coston, stop and go traffic. it's bernie yelling at me. he didn't like the story, and he said that -- well, he claimed he never mentioned black monday, 1987. he claimed that he told me he started the ponzi scheme in 1992. and so i said to him, well, bernie, actually, you did not say that to me. we had a bit of a back and forth. interestingly, frank who was the government witness in the ongoing federal court trial was saying a few days ago, he had been working for bernie since
12:26 pm
1975, and fraudulent activity had been going on as long as he could remember. so we're grerting all kinds of different timelines and no one really knows when bernie madoff started the ponzi scheme. maybe not even bernie himself. >> he's got a lot of time to think about it, i suppose, in prison in north carolina. aaron smith with cnn money, thank you very much for sharing your fascinating phone conversations with this man. you use the websites all the time, facebook, google, twitter. tech giants writing a letter to washington, asking tough questions about online surveillance. sounds like they're looking out for you, right? the next guest says the companies are hip krypocrithypo this is a plain, flat public relations move. plus this. ouch. these are sheets of ice crashing onto these cars. smashing them. and that is not it. thousands of flights canceled today. roads, extraordinarily slick. when will the early winter blast
12:27 pm
end? we'll talk weather coming up. an. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. see, i knew testosterone could affect sex drive, but not energy or even my mood. that's when i talked with my doctor. he gave me some blood tests... showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% testosterone gel. the #1 prescribed topical testosterone replacement therapy increases testosterone when used daily. women and children should avoid contact with application sites. discontinue androgel and call your doctor if you see unexpected signs of early puberty in a child,
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12:30 pm
bottom of the hour, i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. some of the top tech companies, firms like google are calling on the feds to curb data mining by the government. eight of the firms have now sent this open letter to the president of the united states, to congress, and i'll quote from it now. quote, the balance in many countries has tipped too far in favor of the state and away from the rights of the individual. rights that are inschiened in our constitution. it goes on. this undermines the freedoms we all cherish. it's time for a change. the names of the germs are all at the bottom for you to see. this appears to be a reaction to the edward snowden leaks which have served to shine a light on government spying and data collection, which some of these firms have actually aided to one extent or another. with me from washington, mark rhoden brg, executive director
12:31 pm
of the electronic privacy center. nice to have you on. the question i'm hearing is, who are these companies to be talking because some of them know more about me and the government, you know, than maybe the government does. >> it's a great question, brooke. let me say first of all that we do support the effort to strengthen privacy protections for internet users. we do agree with the companies about the need for a strong fourth amendment protection. and so we support -- >> that said. >> but that said, and i think your question gets right to the point. these companies, of course, have collected themselves an enormous amount of personal information about internet users. probably far more than they should. they keep it for much longer than they should. we have favored strong privacy laws for many years which the companies oftentimes oppose. now they're seeing they want to see more privacprivacy, but it' mostly about their privacy, not so much about the users.
12:32 pm
>> the companies are asking for less government power to collect information. to collect more accountability, they're saying, more information as to data mining requests by the government. mark, are these internet upstarts willing to use their own power on behalf of we the consumer. >> well, they certainly haven't done as much as they could. for example, we would like to see a lot more encryption. that basically means encoding the information about users that the companies are collecting. they have been reluctant to do that except for the last couple years. >> why is that? >> originally, they said it would be too costly, too cumbersome. they didn't want to be hassled with it. now they have a real problem. the nsa is going after their servers, going after their networks, so they're all rushing to encrypt the user data. they could have done that a long time ago. >> there is legislation that is pending right now that essentially is echoing what these eight tech giants now say they're pushing. do you see the tim cooks and mark zuckerbergs of the world,
12:33 pm
do you see them climbing the steps of congress to lobby for this? >> i haven't bumped into them in washington, at least not recently. >> not yet. >> i would like to see that happen, certainly, and we could use their support on some of the privacy bills, but again, i think we need to talk more about the amount of personal information that the companies themselves are collecting. that's the reason that the law enforcement agencies and the intelligence agencies go to them. they have the data. if they didn't collect so much data, they would be a less attractive target for the government agencies. >> mark, thank you. the world of weather. it is messy out there for so many of you. air passengers on the east coast being told to be patient today. more than 1,500 flights have been canceled, stranded passengers at airports nationwide, and 2600 flights were nixed sunday. mohammed con took pictures of
12:34 pm
empty shelves at a grocery store in texas. he said his kids are still home from school today because the roads are still too trechress, and those slippery roads aren't just in texas. look at this pile-up, this is yonkers, new york. more than 30 people were hurt after icy roads caused that massive pile-up early this morning. >> oh! oh, my gosh. >> oh, my god is right. think about it. people living in this dallas suburb had to deal with this. sheets of ice cascading from buildings onto the cars. don't know how the windows are looking now, post-ice sheet. keep this in mind, there are 12 days to go until the official start of winter and this is what we're seeing already. rosa flores is in richfield, new jersey, and chad myers at the cnn weather center. rosa, let's begin with you. there's another storm on the way, correct? and road crews getting ready for that.
12:35 pm
>> you're absolutely right. and you know, visibility has been a huge issue all day long. and emergency management officials have been saying this is not the time to be on your cell phone while you're driving. zero distractions. focus on the road. and be safe. let me set the scene for you here right now, like you mentioned, we're in new jersey. your consider looking at the new jersey turnpike. earlier today, we saw low clouds. as you can see, the conditions have improved greatly. traffic is moving fairly well at this hour, but the office of emergency management did tell us because the storm moved from south to north in the state of new jersey, they saw a lot of flooding and ponding throughout the day in the southern parts of the state. and as the day progressed, they saw that move to the northern parts of the state. but hear this. what they tell us is that they're expecting the temperatures to drop to freezing, so you know what that means, a lot of that water, a lot of that ponding could turn
12:36 pm
into ice overnight, and so they say, they tell us that they're expecting very treacherous conditions on bridges, overpasses, and untreated roads. we've been talking to a lot of drivers here. here's what one had to say. take a listen. >> yeah, just follow the car in front of you. don't try to do anything bold. that's all. you don't want to be one of those people that are spun out on the side of the road. that's the trick. so don't be bold. follow the car in front of you. >> and the added advice to that, of course, is you don't want to follow too closely. keep plenty of space between you and the car in front of you to make sure that you get plenty of reaction time. i also talked to the department of transportation here in new jersey and they tell us they're always bracing for the worst. they have about 2,000 pieces of equipment throughout the state, and overnight last night, they used about 800 of those to spread sand and to plow the roads. right now, they're determining, trying to figure out exactly how much of that equipment they'll
12:37 pm
need overnight because, brooke, like you mentioned, more of this is coming. >> more of it is coming. rosa, stay warm. thank you. chad, if more ais coming, who bears the brunt of this? >> starts in d.c., baltimore, philadelphia, new york city. a brand new winter advisory issued, and i just heard the alarm for new york city for tomorrow. not going to be overnight. not going to see ridgewood get snow overnight, but it's going to start tomorrow morning and run through the afternoon. you may see tv stations put these announcements out that your school is going to close early. keep that in meantime, that your child may be coming home before you think tomorrow if they get that kind of snow. you know, brooke, i have a question for you. you were on an airplane yesterday, right? how many empty seats were on your airplane? >> zero. there were people fighting to get on my plane to come up here to new york. it was a mess at the airport. >> just rough addition in my head. 8,000 flights, plus or miness, were canceled between nifriday d now. let's say 100 per flight.
12:38 pm
that's 800,000 people who have to find another way home or to business or whatever. that's why the planes are busy. that's why the planes are full, and in some spots, they are still very, very slow. new york, laguardia, philadelphia, two hours at least and a lot more to go. a lot more snow to come. some of the bigger snow totals we have seen so far. 12 in newark, delaware. maybe another 2 to 3 on top of that. d.c., 3 to 5, so do philly, baltimore, and nox. >> grateful to have my seat on the plane. we'll see if i can get home. chad, thank you very much. >> the presidential plane, speaking of travel. it's on its way to south africa to honor the man, the icon, nelson mandela. three first ladies, two presidents, all onboard air force one. oh, to be a fly on the wall. the conversations in that plane. we'll talk abiliout johannesbur next. [ female announcer ] thanks for financing my first car.
12:39 pm
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12:42 pm
until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. heads of state from all around the world, they are all heading to south africa to attend memorial services for nelson mandela. that includes a deep bench from the u.s. delegation. in fact, air force one took off earlier today. look at the crowd, president obama, first lady, also former president and first lady george w. and laura bush, and another former first lady, hillary clinton. bill clinton, by the way, flies into johannesburg tomorrow. he had something else going on. i believe jake tapper is here with me. more on the -- what should we call this, the presidents' club?
12:43 pm
>> the most exclusive frequent flier club in the world, perhaps. bill clinton and chelsea clinton are down in rio doing an event and then they'll meet the rest of the family in johannesburg. this could be the biggest gathering of heads of state since the winston churchill funeral in 1965. it's amazing. what is also interesting, you would think sometimes it would get awkward on the flights. obama has spent a lot of time blaming things on his predecessor. >> you've got to wonder. >> but in reality, this long flights have actually forged some of the most longest-lasting friendships between former presidents, the former presidents club, that have ever happened. for instance, in 1999, bill clinton and george h.w. bush flew to king hussein's funeral, king hussein of jordan, and they formed a very strong bond on that long flight because when
12:44 pm
you think of it, there's no other opportunity that guys like this would actually have, and an opportunity where they can spent hours and hours and hours talking about -- >> you're stuck there. >> you're stuck there, you can't go anywhere. it's hours and hours and you're in the trappings of a place that only you and a few other people know about it. it also happened after the sadat funeral. president regan decided not to go. he sent nixon, ford, and carter. ford and carter, bitter rivals, ran against each other in '76, actually became life-long close friends. in part because of that trip, especially on the way back. again, hours and hours talking to each other. carter agreed to come and host some events at the ford library, ford agreed to host some events at the carter library. i'm not making promises, but i'm saying strange things are afoot. >> tapper.
12:45 pm
i can't wait to see what you're kooging up on this today. we'll be watching you at the top of the hour on "the lead." thank you, my friend. strange things are afoot, he says. coming up, though, a tragic story with an unusual legal twist. a 17-year-old gets behind the wheel. she crashes. she dies. and now her teen friends are facing charges for allowing her to drive in the first place. should they be responsible? we're on the case, next. so i got the windows nokia tablet. it's, well, impressive. it's got the brightest hd screen, super-fast 4g lte, so my son can play games and movies almost anywhere, and it's got office for school stuff. but the best part? i got the lumia 928 for my daughter for free,
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or not to bake. that is a silly question. bake the world a better place with nestle toll house. here's a question, can you be held responsible for allowing someone else to get behind the wheel drunk? a case in connecticut is tackling that issue head on. 17-year-old jane was driving alone in glasten berry when she crashed her suv into a tree and was killed. her blood alcohol level was .27. that's three times the legal adult alcohol limit. now two of the four teenagers driving with her are being held accountable for allowing her to drive drunk. police say their inaction cost their friend her life. >> niece these two juveniles
12:50 pm
knew she was intoxicated, knew she shouldn't have been driving and allowed her to drive. there are so many things that could have been done. so many things and worried about getting in trouble or sneaking out. is that really that important? >> the boys are facing misdemeanor charges for being an accessory to the crime. joining me now, criminal defense attorney randy zellin. we were talking in commercial break, i was asking about this case. i just want you to explain how you're watching as an attorney this timeline of events. you want to make sure there are no gaps. you got to connect the dots. >> exactly. the old game of connect the dots. what is reasonable doubt? reasonable doubt is simply any time you need to make a very important decision, if you don't have enough information to make that decision, that's reasonable doubt. >> you're saying there were gaps in this timeline. >> yes. remember what's odd about this case is the boys who have been charged actually got out of the car before the victim here
12:51 pm
started to drive. so right now, no one can explain what happened once the boys got out of the car. we don't know whether or not she went to a liquor store and got more alcohol to drink, if she stopped at a friend's house, if she pulled out a bottle from her pocketbook. believe me, i'm not bashing a victim. this is horrible. but here's the thing, every crime may be a tragedy but not every tragedy is a crime. and if we said to a 16-year-old you're not old enough to make a decision to drink, how do we then say to a 16-year-old but we think that you should know enough to not let someone else drink. we're trying to fix a real tragedy but this is not the way to go about doing it. >> how rare is this to charge teenagers for basically inaction, for not stopping their friend from driving drunk? does this happen and we just don't talk about it, or no? >> i don't think it's all that common. one of the ways that you know that is you look at the charges here.
12:52 pm
you have a young woman who died which means you technically have a homicide. yet the boys were only charged with reckless endangerment and not as a class a misdemeanor but as a class b misdemeanor which is the lowest form of reckless endangerment. to me from a criminal defense standpoint, that is almost law enforcement saying you know, we kind of get it here, we really don't have what we should have because otherwise, like we've seen in so many cases where there are overcharges, you charge a homicide. >> but they didn't in this case. they didn't in this case. we'll follow it. thank you so much. i appreciate you. coming up next, the day's hottest pop culture stories including carrie underwood responding to critics. ellen's christmas card is getting a lot of attention. and a surprise flash mob at the unlikeliest of places. people don't have to think about
12:53 pm
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12:56 pm
tourists at the air and space museum in washington got this unspexpected treat when a young man in an air force uniform emerged from the crowd, sat down with a cello and began playing bach. ♪ then a conductor arrives and by ones, twos and threes, other members of the air force band
12:57 pm
materialized out of virtually nowhere. before long it was a bona fide flash mob filling the museum with gorgeous music. ♪ the united states air force band doing their part to spread a little holiday cheer. absolutely beautiful. now to this. the next time folks check movie show times online they may be checking stock prices as well. that's the first story in today's cnn pop. as amc theaters gets ready to go
12:58 pm
public, it is offering loyal customers a chance to buy stock. members will be able to lock up shares at the same price offered to wall street big wigs. hey, critics. carrie underwood doesn't care. after getting heat online for her performance in "sound of music" the country star fires back, tweeting plain and simple, mean people need jesus. they will be in my prayers tonight. first a couple hollywood jokesters who kanye west's bizarre music video and now ellen degeneres, she and portia decided it would make an awesome christmas card. the first couple bringing the funk. the president and first lady
12:59 pm
honoring a good mix of legends at the kennedy center including shirley maclayne, carlos santana and the piano man himself. >> all right, everybody, let's do it. ♪ >> that's today's cnn pop. before i let you go, a quick reminder in case you missed any piece of this show, you can always go to the brooke blog to check it out. let me remind you, we did have melissa etheridge on talking about this group uprising of love, raising awareness of lgbt issues specifically in russia ahead of what's happening with the sochi olympic games. i was able to find a guitar and there was music that happened here live at cnn. you don't want to miss that. we will put it on the brooke
1:00 pm
blog. also tonight, a show i'm hosting at 11:30 eastern, 8:30 pacific. it is called "icymi." really it's showcasing the best moments of cnn through the day. this is why we love, why we do what we do here on cnn. i will see you then. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. baby, it's cold outside. baby, it's only going to get worse. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the national lead. from coast to coast, flights are canceled, cars are piling up, millions have been stranded, tears are freezing as they trickle down the faces of field goal kickers. the latest on the winter blast that is slamming virtually the entire country. in other national news, they allegedly messed with the wrong guy. the fbi begins arresting l.a. sheriff's deputy officials who say they abused and hid one of their informers. new details on the investigation in just moments. they aren't the types of