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tv   ICYMI In Case You Missed It  CNN  December 9, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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he's in favor of raising the minimum wage, he should do it for the contractors. >> i think it depends where you live. but in my world, if you're working full time and you have at least one kid, you shouldn't be in poverty. that tells you around what the level is. and you ought to be able to put your family on a path to get out of the situation. so, some education, et cetera. so, i would peg it to that. >> one of you said walmart pays employees $8 an hour and according to them their average is $12. whatever the lowest to the highest there. thank you, all, i appreciate it. tomorrow on "11th hour" what extreme weather is doing to the animal kingdom. brooke baldwin, in case you missed it, starts right now. good evening, i'm brooke baldwin and welcome to the second week of our new program i
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see why mi. our mission here is to comb through every single story cnn has been covering all day all over the world to bring you the very best moments of what we do. those are the moments when the meaning of a story suddenly becomes clear. it only happens a few time each day and they are the reason we do what we do. like this one picture so powerful. this tells us when a gathering storm in the ukraine reaches full-blown crisis and forces people all over the world to take a stand. >> when you look to the west, know that we are looking back at you with great admiration. we wish you a peaceful and safe mission. we wish you the government that you want. >> or the way something as simple as cold weather can become an enemy. >> oh!
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>> turning a sheet of ice into a deadly weapon. or the way that sometimes in the midst in a lot of bad news we turn to santa claus or a lot of santas to cheer us up. he can make anything better. these are the moments, the best of cnn today in case you missed it. now, let's get started. we begin tonight as leaders from every corner of the world are descending upon johannesburg, south africa, to attend a giant memorial to honor nelson mandela. unprecedented security. of course, the celebration of mandela's remarkable life has been going on in south africa since we first learned of his passing five days ago. now, no one is certain exactly how many south africans will try to attend this memorial service. it will be held at a stadium that seats, listen to this, 90,000 people. but there are fears that
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hundreds of thousands will show up. a potential crush of humanity that will test the security measures being taken there. president and mrs. obama boarded a plane this morning for this long journey. along with george w. bush and laura bush, also hillary clinton. air force one is scheduled to arrive in about an hour and now and to be a fly on the wall of that flight. cnn jake tapper host of "the lead" put together this fascinating piece about what can happen when american presidents are thrown together by history. >> the world is quickly preparing for what may be the largest gathering of heads of state since winston churchill's funeral in 1965. representing the u.s. alone, will be presidents barack obama, george w. bush, bill clinton and jimmy carter. comprising one of the most prestigious frequent flier clubs in the world. today air force one departed for south africa, where more than 90
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world leaders are planning to attend nelson mandela's mamande. president george h.w. bush, who has been in poor health for some time, will not be making the trip. together, they're set for an almost 20-hour flight. even though there's only one bed onboard. >> air force one is a very intimate setting. so, that's the place where you can have quieter conversation. once you get to one of these massive events, it's very hard to have real conversations. >> reporter: these long flights, believe it or not, can forge friendships. in 1981, president ronald reagan could not attend the funeral of egypt's president. so he enlisted nixon and jimmy carter and ford to attend instead. the flight was said to be initially awkward and very long. but one notable friendship
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emerged. ford's funeral more than 25 years later when jimmy carter eulogized his long-time friend. >> for myself and for our nation, i want to thank my predecess predecessor. >> reporter: fast forward to 1992, bill clinton and president george h.w. bush were fighting a bitter presidential contest, but seven years later when they traveled together to attend the funeral of jordan's king hussein in 1999, that ice began to thaw. and now they're partners in philanthropy all over the world. such a gathering of most or all living presidents is typically reserved only for monumental, usually sad events. the journey itself holds the potential for conflict and resolution on a first class scale. >> it's going to make a big, big difference in the atmospherics on air force one with george w. bush there with his successor. that president bush has been so reserved and making any negative comments.
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he's not second guessing his successor and i think that the obama people really appreciate that. >> reporter: this gang has seen more of each other than usual. the group suited up to attend the dedication of the george w. bush library in texas. to honor the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. >> no former president likes to be marginalized. they have always been the center of attention. three forms and a current president four centers of attention, that's a lot to juggle. >> reporter: for all their smiles a stage shared by leaders can seem rather small at times. may you get along well with your seat mate. >> and jake joins me now to talk about these presidential journeys. so, jake tapper, first, let's begin with what more do you know about what happened aboard air force one? >> well, according to mike duffy and nancy gibbs' book, "the
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president's club" ford and carter bonded a lot on that 1981 trip about a few things they had in common. they hated fund-raising and they were still having to fund raise because they were -- >> hang on, tapper. i should have been more clear, let's begin with the air force one. did you see notes for this particular trip and -- >> with the current. >> let's begin with that and i'll ask you a follow. >> and jake joins me now to talk about these presidential journeys. let's begin with this current flight. what more do we know about what happened aboard air force one? >> president obama in his cabin and the bushes were given the area where the medical cabin, where the doctor usually sets up and former secretary of state, hillary clinton, is set up in a cabin that would normally go to a senior staffer. so, they were all given their little area wheres they could have their space. but we've been told that they've
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all been at different parts of the flight hanging out in the conference room. there has been some socializing on air force one. >> and who knows what could come of this. this isn't a first. take me back, 1981. en route to a funeral. tell me about that. >> started out really awkwardly according to accounts and some bad turbulence, as well. during the course of the flight there and the flight back, according to many reports, including a great one by nancy gibbs and michael duffy and the president's club. ford and carter really bonded. you have to remember, they ran a very tough race against each other in 1976. but they had a few things in common at this point. one, they were raising money for their libraries and they both hated fund-raising. two, both of them were forced into retirement early. three, neither of them particularly cared for reagan or
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nixon. nixon, of course, was also on the plane. >> on the plane. >> and so maybe a little mean girls action there. they weren't really into richard nixon. neither cared for ronald reagan, who had asked them to go. so, they did bond. in fact, at the ford funeral, jimmy carter noted that he and gerald ford worked together on 25 different projects. by the end of just that flight, they had already agreed to appear at one another's library. so, it really seems to be one of these rare moments where two people who never normally would socialize are forced into a situation where they have to and it turns out they get along swimmingly. >> fascinating to see if anything comes from this particular flight. jake tapper in washington for us tonight, thank you. >> thanks, brooke. the nsa and this new revelation from that seemingly endless stream of leaks left behind by edward snowden. this one makes spycraft sound
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more like a game than real life when, in fact, it is a game featuring these guys. goblins, elves, dwarfs, trolls. could they be the new faces of terror or nsa spies under cover? the new leak indicates they may be both. stay with me here. according to documents obtained by snowden and share would the "new york times" among others, nsa spies infiltrated this online fantasy game known as world of warcraft. roamed these virtual worlds looking for possible terrorist cells they believe were used, they believe were using the game for cover. and get this, the report says that so many government agencies were spying in these fictional worlds that an additional government group was needed to avoid the virtual spies from spying on each other. the documents do not site any plots being foiled or any elves
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ending up being in a terrorist cell. however, i know as perposturous as all of this sounds, today in "the situation room" brian todd talked to one of these online spies this former fbi agent and he says he actually found terrorists lurking in these games. >> at one point in time my name was ivan and i was a kid from chechnya and moved to the united states and i hated being here and i inserted myself online to be radicalized by various different groups. i played that role key online and i played video games with these guys and i joined in on various different networks and eventually i found the real radical elements and then, you know, next thing i know i'm being sent videos on how to create bombs and being told what i should attend. >> what? i'm not making this stuff up, in case you missed it. have to take a quick break here. but i have something i want to
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show you when we come back. actor george clooney is taking a strong stand on an international crisis and, hang on, before you assume this is just another celebrity getting involved in politics, think again. mr. clooney is the real deal. more when "in case you missed it" returns. every day we're working to be an even better company -
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in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger. i'm brooke baldwin. in the ukraine tonight that political standoff we've been telling you about. the huge emdenstration and clashes between police and protesters all seem to have come to a crisis point. the opposition that has led an estimated 1 million people into the streets is now blocking almost all government buildings in this capital city of kiev.
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they're determined to oust their president. they see him as a puppet of russian president vladimir putin and they're furious that he obeyed putin and refused to open trade with the european union which they believe will save their staggering economy. on monday they toppled a statue of lenin and cnn as we have been showing you been on the inside of the demonstrations as they began and today opposition leaders told our journalists there that a group of masked men raided their offices, took away their computers. one thing is certain here, this rising tension and anger in these streets is not going anywhere. even a snowstorm. look at that. snowstorm didn't stop these protesters and now members of the government calling on their own president to negotiate with the movement. this as violence broke out between protesters and interior ministry troops near the
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presidential administration building. the opposition says it is giving the president 48 hours to dismantle his government. and then this tonight. actor and activist george clooney stepped into the fray today. we here at cnn found this reporting on youtube and what you will hear is an emotional message supporting these demonstrators. >> so, let me just say this to all of you in the square in kiev and all around ukraine. when you look to the west, know that we are looking back at you with great admiration. we wish you a peaceful and safe mission. we wish you the government that you want. and we wish you the strength to carry on. good luck. >> before you say, another celebrity gets involved in something, he has absolutely no business in. i want you to remember the role that george clooney played in bringing attention to violence in the sedan. cnn was there last year when he
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was arrested at the embassy in washington. remember this? to bring attention to the alleged war crimes committed by the sudanese president and he met with president obama to convince him to help the violence there. when george clooney gets involved oftentimes this man gets action. another political issue involving russia, celebrities. the upcoming winter olympics in sochi, russia, and the threatened boycott of these games because of anti-gay stance. elton john performed before this packed audience in moscow and took that moment to confront the issue head on. >> always welcome me with warmth and open arms every time i've visited. you've always embraced me and you have never judged me. so -- i am deeply saddened over
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the current legislation that is now in place against the lgbt community. it is isolating. some people that because of this legislation, i must not come here to russia, but many, many more people have asked me to come and i listened. >> russia is under scrutiny for its new propaganda law. the band is even talking about homosexuality anywhere a child might be lissance. so many people decided to boycott the games. became the political leader to announce he will not attend. russia has also blacklisted celebrities who championed gay rights, like madonna and lady gaga and in case you missed it today i interview singer, songwriter, activist melissa
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etheridge and talked about her new campaign dedicated to changing the treatment of russia's lgbt community and since it was melissa etheridge and i'm a bit of a music nerd i funangled a guitar. ♪ my eyes are wide open recognizing change ♪ ♪ it feeds the fires of the fear ♪ ♪ where human love seems strange ♪ ♪ i'm going to rise above i believe love is love ♪ ♪ i'm going to raise my hands with every woman, child and man ♪ >> should have seen the impromptu audience in the newsroom. about rising up against hate and
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home ophobia. she told me she would like to attend the winter games in sochi and allow her presence to send a message and she also said she's not so sure russia would let her in. have to take a quick break here on "in case you missed it." when we return, our very best of the world out of the hundreds of videos that feed into cnn every day, we dig deep to find the very best ones for you tonight. don't go away. to help secure retirements and protect financial futures. to help communities recover and rebuild. for companies going from garage to global. on the ground, in the air, even into space. we repaid every dollar america lent us. and gave america back a profit. we're here to keep our promises. to help you realize a better tomorrow. from the families of aig, happy holidays.
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welcome back to "icymi." i'm brooke baldw oirx n. every day at cnn we bring in hundreds of videos around the world and our producers sift through all the pieces of video and we put together the best images of the day. right behind me is this video wall for you and you will recognize a couple of these stories we recovered earlier tonight. the massive protests in the ukraine. the touching vigils coming in to us from south africa in memory of nelson mandela but a couple extraordinary videos we had to take a closer look at. beginning with this one. as a winter storm crippled much of the u.s. this weekend, we got this one.
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this is plano, texas. this is an ice storm. left a lot of people without power. 250,000 residents and businesses. what you're seeing these massive sheets of ice falling from the roof of this building. luckily no one was injured. unfortunately, though, for that car, we can't exactly say the same. now, to this one. you probably see this piece of video on cnn last week. this united arab emirates plane had to stop its landing at the very last second in birmingham, england, last week because of heavy winds. the boeing 777 which tried and failed to land two more times was then diverted to london's gatlic airport where it eventually landed safely. not without leaving passengers totally shaken up, though. one passenger said he would never fly again because of this and what we just learned is that this wasn't the only close call that day. with wind gusts as high as 100
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miles per hour, at least two other planes had to abort their landings, leaving british officials wondering if policies or regulations should be put in place to avoid these kind of risky attempts in the future. we're told the government is investigating. and when we come back tonight, one last look at some special video today that may leave you smiling. in case you missed it, back after this. [ male announcer ] if we could see energy... what would we see? ♪ the billions of gallons of fuel that get us to work. ♪ we'd see all the electricity flowing through the devices that connect us and teach us. ♪ we'd see that almost 100% of medical plastics are made from oil and natural gas. ♪ and an industry that supports
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welcome back to "icymi." let me leave you with this tonight. people around the world are squeezing into their santa suits both on land and at sea. first, to the scuba santas we go. these are divers in seoul, south korea. donning their santa suits swimming with the sardines at a local aquarium. and then this is this, my favorite. the red river resort maine where count them 200 santas hit the slopes to raise a little money with sweet moves for the holiday toy drive. that is it for


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