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tv   New Day  CNN  December 11, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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>> good morning and welcome to "new day," everyone. it's wednesday, december 11th, 6:00 in the east. chris and michaela are off today. i'm lucky enough to be joined by john berman and pamela brown. >> all lucky if you like. >> or i drew the short straw, one of the two. a miracle in the mountains. a family of six surviving two days of subzero temperatures in a rugged nevada range after their jeep overturned. stephanie elam is live in lovelock, nevada this morning. you were there last night during the press conference, laying out how they're doing. what are we learning this morning? >> reporter: i have to tell you, they are calling this a christmas miracle, that this family was found a everyone survived. coming in here today, it's about 8 degrees but that's warm compared to what this family
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endured. they managed to stick together and stay alive. an incredible finale to a dramatic story of survive. a lovelock, nevada family of six, including four young children were founded alive after being stranded in the rugged terrain of seven troughs range. family, friends and search teams says this rescue is truly a miracle. >> it was a huge relief. i was expecting the worst. >> it was the work of a lot of people in the community. >> that way? >> yes. >> reporter: for two days, search teams and me than 200 volunteers covered 6,000 square miles. by a and land, off-roading through the snow and mud in search of james glanton, his
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girlfriend and four children, ages 3 to 10. the family set out to play on sunday when their jeep tipped over, slipping and overturning down a ravine. temperatures were plunging to 21 degrees below zero. officials say they did a fabulous job of keeping their kids and mckinty's niece and nephew warm. the 34-year-old father even heated rocks. >> the first thing he did was built a fire. i think that really prevented any serious medical problems for them. >> reporter: police say it was a join the effort that led to the family's rescue tuesday afternoon. a couple of pings from his cell phone led the air patrol to the family. meanwhile, his friend, using binoculars located them while scanning the mountainside. >> he's one hell of a guy, that's for damn sure. he kept them alive and warm. my hats off to them. not a lot of people are capable of that.
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>> reporter: and the family was brought here to the hospital in pershing county. this is where they are resting, hopefully getting some good sleep. apparently they only had mild hypothermia and dehydration but all in all, everyone is going to be okay. >> so nice to start off with good news. people did not think this was going to end thisway. thank goodness. thank you so much. later this morning, we'll talk with the rescue irwr who l the search efforts. >> they flat out told me they did notxpect to find anyone, maybe ever, let alone alive. >> doesn't turn out this way that often. >> it really is a merkel. on t subject of miracles, compromise in the capital. lawmakers in washington reach a rarebipartisan deal on the budget tuesday. that would avoid another government shutdown. but the question is, will this plan make it through congress? cnn correspondent athena jones joins us live from washington with that. athena, break down this deal for
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me. what are the main points? >> good morning, john. this wou be a two-year deal. it would avoid another government shutdown, because it would reach a deal before the mid-january expiration of the current deal. it would raise spending to just over $1 trillion, that splits the difference between the smaller budget that house republicans wanted and the bigger budget that senate this deal would not raise taxes. but what it would do is eliminate some of the forced spending cuts, $63 billion in across the board spending cuts. it means it would restore funding to areas like defense, education, infrastructure and medical search. john? >> this is a long, long way from a grand bargain. i guess we could call it the itty-bitty bargain. still, there are people not terribly happy with this deal. >> that's right. we've seen positive words from folks on capitol hill. speaker boehner called it a good people who aren't going to be
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happy. some democrats aren't going to be happy because the deal does not include an extension of unemployment insurance for all these folks that are out of work. they say that's important to help the people and help keep the consumer engine of the econy going and republicans aren't going to be happy because it restores the spending that was cut and it doesn't deal with issues like entitlement reform, reforming social security and medicare to bring down costs. in fact, senator rubios one of the folks who's come out and says that he opposes this deal because of those issues, restore something of the spending and not dealing with the bigger long-term fiscal issues. not everyone's happy. both these budget chairman, patty murray on the senate side and house republican paul ryan say they'll be pushing this deal, trying to sell it to their colleagues. john in. >> athena jones in washington. plenty of time left for drama in washington. thanks, athena. breaking overnight overseas,
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violent clashes in the raine. riot police storming independence square in kiev. it was a wild scene. the protests are over the president's alliance with russia and his refusal to deal with the european union. let's get more on this. phil black is live in moscow. look at that video, phil, it's scary. >> yes, indeed, kate. for almost two weeks now, the police have stayed away from independence square where thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of protesters have been occupying that space. that changed when we saw riot police move in in big numbers, seemingly hundreds of them. the government has said previously they will not use force on peaceful protesters. it seems they're not prepared to lerate those fortifications that were erected by the protesters, clearly designed to keep the police out.
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we had these two big groups of people coming together, resisting to a point. it didn't escalate to clashes. the protesters tried to resist, slow down the police from clearing the barricades away but didn't stop them, didn't fight back with force. remember, this is all about many people in the ukraine being angry that the government has decided not to sign agreements that would bring ukraine closer to the european union, instead, the government says it's going to fix its relationship with russia. international body, the community are saying with be this needso be settled by negotiation. we've had a strong comment from u.s. sectary of state john kerry overnight, condemning the ukrainian government for sending in force in this way, to tear down the barricades this way. the ukraian government says everyone needs to calm down. they are not going to be using force. back to you, john. >> phil black in moscow. thanks so much. quite a situation there. president obama and first lady michelle obama back on american soil afterttending
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th memorial for nelson mandela in south africa. air force one touched down just moments ago. the body of nelson mandela lying in state in south africa's capital. thousands lined procession route this morning. this is the beginning of a three-day tribute in the middle of this ten-day period of morning. isha sesay joins us in pretoria where it is quite an emotional scene this morning, isha. >> yes, it is, indeed, john. the body of nelson manda is lying in a covered viewing area just behind . as you said, the mood here sat union buildings are very somber, very sadn this day, very different to what we saw yesterday. this really is the first opportunity for many to view the remains of the former president and it really is bringing home the fact that the beloved madiba is no longer with us. family members and dignitaries among the first to pay their respects to the late president nelson mandela.
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hundreds of south africans are expected to come here to view the body of the man who freed this country from its brutal apartheid regime. earlier wednesday morning, south africans lined the streets, trying to get a glimpse of the cortez carrying the body of nelson mandela. the whole country has been invited to form a public guard of honor for the former president. his body will leave a military body in pretoria, pass through a procession and on to the union building, the center of government here. this amphitheater where nelson mandela will lie in state has been renamed the nelson mandela amphitheater in the late president's honor. this building already has huge significance in the history of this great man. >> so help me god. >> reporter: it was the scene of nelson mandela's inauguration as president in 1994. the culmination of 27 years of imprisonment and struggle to become the country's first black president.
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the body of nelson mandela will be moved from here at 5:30 p.m. local time, back to 1 military hospital here in pretoria and will make the journey back here to this venue for the next two days, giving south africans and people from around the world the opportunity to bid their final farewell. kate and john, back to you. >> you really get the sense, isha, that amid these tributes to the president, to nelson mandela, that the country especially johannesburg has come to a halt to honor him. in just shows how important he is to that country. isha, thank you so much. we'll get back to you. let's go over to pamela in for michaela. making news this morning, secretary of state john kerry waging battle with congress to hold off on new sanctions against iran. he spent over two hours on capitol hill ting to convince skeptical lawmakers, he even agreed with them, saying he doesn't trust iran but this is the best chance the u.s. has ever had to negotiate a comprehensive nuclear agreement with tehran.
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and "the washington post" reports the nsa is secretly using interne cookies to hack people's computers. when internet advertisers place cookies and track consumers browsing habits, the nsa is piggy backing those cookies to hack selected targets. the agency is refusing to comment. th head of the nsa, general keith alexander will be defending the surveillance tactics when he testifies this afrnoon before the senate judiciary committee. president obama's overall approval ratings have rebound a bit. a new cnn poll shows 42% of americans approve while 53% disapprove of the job the president is doing in the white house. last month, the president's approval rating reached new lows and tied his all-time lows in six nationalpolls. leon panetta revealed as an unwiing source behind the controversial oscar nominated film "zero dark thirty."
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newly declassified documents shows this. through a spokesman panetta said he didn't know boll was in the room. and have you seen this? amazing individual you out of california. marine jeff beamen said the line started rling off the reel. this is why. a young great white shark. he's an experienced shark fish eman, this was a first even for him. he posed for a few shots and then he did set her free. >> my favoriteart about this story, his nickname is fang man. >> his wife was with him? >> yes, that would be my reaction. >> i would be running the other direction. >> you're on your own, honey. have fun. >> they did release the shark. >> yes. >> t fang man turns out to be a nice man. >> 12 minutes after the hour.
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so much of the country has been dealing with horrendous weather. how will things be today? let's go to meteorologist jennifer grey in the cnn weather center. >> hi, good morning. we saw that system that caused snow yesterday in the northeast. that has pushed out. now we're dealing with mainly lake-effect snow across much of the north. that's going to stick around for the next 24 hours at least. very cold air is starting to sink in across the north. that lake-effect snow will continue and temperatures are feeling very, very cold. as far asnowfall amounts we could see about an inch or so in chago. outside the city, up to 3 inches, 3 to 5 inches in places like grand rapids and then a foot to a foot and a half of snow possible in buffalo before the day is over. wind chill watches and warnings in effect across much of the north. we are seeing those wind chill values at 48 degrees below zero. that's what it feels like in international falls, when you factor in the temperature and
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wind. this is today a 11:00 this morning and temperatures really aren't going to warm up much. so it is just going to be downright cold. that arctic air continues to push to the east and just as you're putting yousnow shovels away, an icemy mix could possibly return to the northeast as early as this weekend, guys. more heavy snow, rain and maybe an icy mix headed to the northeast in just a matter of days. >> thanks for that, jennifer. >> nothing like an icy mix on the weekends. >> just what we're calling for. coming up next on "new day," campus police say the ddly shooting of a college student there was justified but the parents of cameron redus say it just can't be. they tell cnn why they want the truth to come out. does the hand shake between president obama and cuban president raul castro mean a shift is coming between these two countries? or was it just a friendly gesture? we'll dig into that, coming up. a subaru...
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welcome back to "new day." parents of a texas college student shot and killed by police say they are waiting for answers. family members are left planning a funeral for cam ran redus after campus police shot him when they say he resisted arrest almost 60 times. now an elite law enforcement team in texas has been called in to investigate what really happened. cnn's george howell is live with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: the family is speaking out this morning to say that they are withholding judgment, they're still waiting for all the facts t come through in this case but that there is one simple fact, one truth, that they've never doubted, their son's character. a father and mother, struggle
3:19 am
with the unthinkable. >> i'd give anything if he'd walk right through that door. >> reporter: 23-year-old cameron redus, shot and killed by a campus police officer, just hours after celebrating the final day of the semester. he was set to graduate in may but now valley and mickey redus are planning his funeral. >> all i could see was a tragedy, it would have been so devastated about unnecessary loss. >> he was well loved and a favorite of the group. and excelled, i was proud. i was just proud for him. i was proud to be his mother. >> reporter: police paint a very different picture of the college senior, investigators say for at least six minutes early friday morning, cam redus ignored 56 commands to stop resisting arrest when confronted by corporal cris carter.
3:20 am
then police say there was a struggle, according to the university of the incarnate word, the officer drew his firearm, and was able to knock the baton from the suspect who continued to resist arrest. shots were fired. >> as a family, how do you deal with the contradiction, these two stories about who you know cam to be and what you're heing. >> i know the man i've seen for 23 years. i know what he's become. i know how steadfast and true to the way we brought him up -- i just feel like the truth will come out. >> reporter: a young man who loved adventure, cam redus's parents say he was loved by many, leaving behind a legacy that, they say, speaks for
3:21 am
itself. >> we believeim to be in heaven, beginni the greatest adventure ever. for ourselves there's pain, because there's a huge hole that's lef by his presence here with us. >> reporter: regardless of what the investigation concludes, the tragedy for this family is that their son's life has been cut short. they are planning a visitation later today here in baytown and then the funeral, kate, john, is set for tomorrow. >> all righ george. we await the results of the investigation. regardless of how it turns out, these parents are left with nothing but questions and their lives shattered. >> such a tragedy. >> thanks. >> it is money time now. we had a stumble for stocks tuesday. our business correspondent allisons couldic is here. looks like the bears came out to play yesterday, the dow industrials slipping below the 16,000 level. the focus is on the federal reserve and whether it's going to begin to pull back on its stimulus. the dow slid 52 points, the nasdaq and the s&p lost grou.
3:22 am
what a year it's been. the dow is up 22%, t nasdaq up 34%. the s&p up 26%. more billionaires are promising to give away their fortunes. go daddy founder bob parsons and groupon founder eric lefkofsky are making the pledge. soda sales are flat, health conscious customers are buying less soda especially diet sodas. the year-over-year decline was 7% on kael la and about 8% on lemon-lime drinks. the big beneficiary of all this, bottled water and the beverage companies have taken notice. pepsico, coca-cola have bought several brands in several years. check out the ingredients on the flavored waters.
3:23 am
some contain artificial sweeteners. >> clearly the companies are taking notice. >> and the water is getting fancier. >> fizz is out of the earnings to be sure. >> good one. coming up next -- >> a story that bubbles to the top. >> stop. quickly. we'll take a break, quickly, before john says anything else. president obama's handshake with cuba's raul castro seems to have indicated an international stir. is it just a friendly gesture or is there any more to it. christmas shopping withis girlfriend sent one man over the edge, literally, to his death. he just couldn't take it anymore. the details, just ahead. no matter how busy your morning you can always do something better for yourself.
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welcome back to "new day." time now for our political gut check of the morning. congressman paul ryan, senator patty murray were able to reach a rare bipartisan compromise tuesday. but will the rest of capitol hill follow suit? that of course is the question and the man with the answers, chief national correspondent john king is here to break it down. >> an old school compromise. believe it. >> old school. this is old school with this congress. it's modest. both sides agree on that. is it a good deal? it seems not everyone is in agreement on that. >> no, not everyone is. the bottom line is it's a two-year deal, meaning no government shutdown. in january and next october, we
3:28 am
won't be having a having a shut down clock. the end of the so-called force sequester cuts. there are people who don't like it on both extremes. liberals don't like it. it forces federal employees to pay more into their plans. republicans don't like it, kate, because spending does go up a little bit. doesn't deal with medicare, social security but paul ryan, patty murray, they think there are enough votes in the house and senate that we're about to find out. >> paul ryan said something interesting during the event yesterday. paul ryan said this is the art of the deal in washington where you can't always get everything you want. so is this something that everyone all of a sudden realizes down there? even though it shod have been obvious for a long time. does this mark some kind of
3:29 am
change that will stick? >> it will stick, they think, in the house. john boehner, the speaker, eric cantor, his deputy came out so quickly and embraced it. that tells you they've done the head count. they believe they have the votes. remember, a lost people, especially on the senate sidef republicans have tea party primary challenges next year. is is divided the tea party versus the establishment. we've seen this movie before. this agreement is the latest hot potato, exhibit in that fight. the tea party doesn't like it. the establishment says we're part of a governing coalition in washington. we he to do our job. that's part of the debate in the republican party. are they supposed to be part of a governing party in a coalition or oppose everything president obama wants. what's interesting when it comes to paul ryan, he used to be the darlg of the right. they used to trust him on these issues. >> exactly. >> now they view him as part of the establishment. >> maybe they should view him as being a leader where you have to lead and have people follow you
3:30 am
when it's for the right reason. what do you think is -- >> that's the compromise versus confrontation debate in the republican party. what's our job? you have a democratic president, the republicans, john boehner, paul ryan would tell you, we have a majority in the house. that means we have a responsibility to help govern. the ted cruz wing, the tea party wing of the party says let's fight everything the president and the democrats want >> i think bill kristol made a good points that tea party republicans should probably consider, at this point, what is a viable alternative to what they came out with? i think the answer is nothing, which would be another shutdown. some folks think that would be a good idea. >> politically that's the argument the speaker is making to the tea party republicans. >> john, let's talk about the handshake now, which sort of unbelievably people are still talking about this morning. presidt obama, raul castro, shaking hands on the stage at
3:31 am
the memorial service for nelson mandela. seems to me this is a script that the world is following he. before the event everyone was asking will they shake hands? then the minute they shake hands everyone is, look, they're shaking hands. then there's the predictable outrage, talking about could it have been avoided. >> he's right there. he's part of the official guests. this is a mandela event, not an obama event. he could have walked right by him, we'd be talking about that, the snub, not the shahandshake. the president decided to show good manners, pay tribute to nelson mandela. this was a source of tension mandela, he had relationships with fidel castro, then raul castro, relationships with mugabe. you see largely republicans from florida who have to deal with the cuban-american population saying this is a propaganda prop for the dictator in cuba. i would say we're talking this a lot because it's interesting. barack obama is the 11th american predent to have to
3:32 am
deal with the castro dance. fidel castro came to power during the eisenhower administration. >> exactly. >> this is a debate that's gone on past any of our lifetimes. you can add up our lifetimes get to this. in today's world, anything you do will cause a controversy. i think the president was showing good manners. >> when he took to the podm and making his speech, he did say clear those who want to honor mandela should honor him and follow his struggle and work towards, you know, better human rights records. he said it morrell consequently than -- more eloquently than me. making news on this wednesday morning, they're callin it the miracle in the mountains. a nevada family of six found alive and well after spending tw days stranded in a rugged mountain range in subzero temperatures. their jeep overturned during a
3:33 am
family outing. james glanton is credited with saving his girlfriend, their two kids and his niece and nephew by heating rocks and burning a spare tire to keep warm. the body of nelson mandela will be lying in state in south africa today. thousands line the route this morning as his baed was moved to the main government building in pretoria. another memorial service will be held at the national cathedral in washington. speakers include vice president joe biden. it appears that terrorist assault on a mall in nairobi, kenya was far from a sophisticated attack authorities believed it to be. an nypd report says it's likely just four gunmen carried it all and they all escaped. the report debunks claims by kenyan authorities that said more than 15 al shabaab terrorists were involved. police were responding to emergency calls as theirash
3:34 am
cams rolled, sunday's snowfall is being blamed for dozens of crashes in southeast wisconsin in which three people died. and a follow-up to a story we've been followin a college basketball player can keep the $20,000 he won for a half-court shot to use as scholarship money. cameron rodriguez sank the shot. the niai said rodriguez would forfeit his ability to play at southwestern colle if he kept his winnings. the school appealed and he was able to keep the money to put towards his education. >> he wasn't sure. >> yes, very humble. he said whatever happens is fine. i'm so glad to see this is a happy ending. >> that would have been such a letdown. >> college ain't cheap either. 20 grand will help out to be sure. >> so great. >> thanks, pamela. next up on "new day," a story that is really honestly way too bizarre to believe. a man leapingo his death at a
3:35 am
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welcome back to "new day." let's go around the world now starting in argentina. another night of looting and deadly violence as mobs take advantage of a police strike. shasta darlington is following the developments. >> reporter: kate, at least ten people have been killed and hundreds injured amid widespread looting in northern argentinarg. the violence erupt last week when the police went on strike. the looting spread with people running not only stores but homes in the runup to christmas. now, shop keepers have started taking up arms. >> shasta, thank you for that. band in britain. the british government refusing to let mike tyson in the country. >> mike tyson once said everybody has plans until they get punched. it looks like tyson's plans to enter the uk to promote his new book have taken a hit. new immigration rules say that
3:40 am
anyone sentenced to more than four years in jail is barred from entering britain. in a 1992 tyson was sentenced to six years for rape. he ended up serving three. tyson tweeted a thank you to the british press for agreeing to meet with him in paris instead. back to you, kate. now to china where a man apparently fed up with christmas ju shopping jumped to his death at a mall. >> this appears to be the case of holiday shopping that pushed one chinese man tragically over the edge. a man jumped over the seventh floor balcony of a shopping mall on sunday. he was reportedly heard arguing with his girlfriend over shopping expenses before making the fatal leap. christmas is not traditionally an important holiday in china but as you can see, some shopping centers have embraced its colors, sales and marketing
3:41 am
pressure which is may have contributed to this man's act of suicide. back to you, kate. >> all right, ivan, thank you so much. that is horrific. >> a strange, strange story. >> yes. >> i feel for that family. let's get a sense of what is going on with the weather. it's been a messy few days. jennifer grey at the weather center in atlanta. what's going on, jennifer? >> we're right in between two systems. the big story this morning, cold temperatures, 19 degrees in chicago, that's about 15 degrees below normal. cleveland at 14 degrees below normal. and things really don't change, guys, over the next couple days. cleveland will stay at 20 degrees below normal by tomorrow. w york city, 17 degrees below normal and the same goes for friday. temperatures try to relax a little bit but still, about 10 to 15 degrees below normal across all of the north. we'll have another round of lake-effect snow today about a foot, foot and a half of snow for buffalo, new york, grand rapids could pick up 3 to 5 inches and if that's not enough
3:42 am
for you, we set records yesterday around new york city, as far as daily snowfall amounts, we had newark right around 2 inches of snow, kennedy, 2 inches as well. central park about an inch and a half of snow yesterday. in that arctic air will make its way to the northeast by the weekend. it looks like we could see heavy snow, maybe an icy mix even. and also rain f much of the northeast, just in time for the weekend. guys. >> it has been onehing after another for the past few weeks. >> not even christmas. jennifer grey, thanks so much. >> all right. we'll take a break. coming you next on "new day," you do not want to miss our must-see moment. did a high school hoops star actually sink the behind the back shot. >> i'm coming back for that. plus, a history-making announcement at general motors. the new ceo is a woman. what does mary barra's appointment mean for the auto industry? that's coming up next. >> that cars will be cooler now.
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3:46 am
welcome back to "new day," everyone. the biggest name in college football may soon be changing his address. the nick saban to texas rumors are heating up. this was all over social media. >> which means it must be true. >> andy scholes joins us with this morning's "bleacher report." for real? >> there are reports that mack brown wl step down as the head coach of the longhorns on friday and texas is preparing to do whatever it takes to get nick saban. now, twitter's been going nuts over this whole thing.
3:47 am
there are reports that texas is ready to offer saban as much as $10 million a year to leave alabama for texas. everyone in austin is definitely on the lookout for saban. as a joke, someone at the austin airport yesterday got on the p.a. and said, nick saban, your car is waiting for you. pretty funny stuff. one wf the stop stories in the lineup section on today, imagine this, american football in the summer olympics. this is actually a possibility now because the international olympic committee has recognized football as an international sport. it's still far off from happening. if it is added oneay to the summer olympics, it's likely going to be in a seven-on-seven format, where it's just the quarterback and receivers. my favorite story of the day, houston texans all-pro receiver andre johnson spent over $17,000 on toys for a dozen underprivileged kids and their siblings. the kids were allowed to grab as
3:48 am
many toys as they could in 80 seconds at a house tan area toys "r" us. it's the seventh year in a row johnson has held the giveaway. the children were picked from child protective services. every kid's dream has to be to go to a toy store before christmas and grab everything they can. >> i'd be running. shoving it into the cart. >> you'd be good at that. >> i bet andy would be a good teammate. >> i'd go straight for the xbox and ps4s. we have history in the making this morning. a first for general motors. really a first for an entire industry. mary barra will become the company's first female ceo ever. and she is the first woman to run a major u.s. automaker. experts say barra could change the company's culture for the better. lee gallagher is assisting managing editor for a magazine.
3:49 am
>> gm is now the largest company by revenue run by a woman. this is a huge deal. and not only that, the auto industry has sort of famously male dominated. it's lagged behind other industries in the ability to advance women to the very top. this is historic on a number of levels. >> i guess it wasn't a slam dunk. there were other people up for it. she's eminently qualified. she's in the middle of this industry, has been for 33 years. people say she has gasoline running through her veins. that's one the things you say in detroit. will she change the culture? will this be a change that somehow lasts in that traditionally male-dominated. >> she was hired -- dan ackerson put her in the position. she said it's about talent. she has all of the characteristics you would want even 20, 30 years ago. she has everything you would
3:50 am
need to be running this company. will she change the culture? i mean, yes. i do think women bring different things to the boardroom and the ceo spot. we've seen that time and time again. and she is also known for sort of this kind of no bs way. she doesn't like process. a famous anecdote about her, when she ran hr, which is an area that's historically been run by women. she took a ten-page dress code and threw it out the door. the code is dress appropriately. if you're running a team at general motors, you probably know how to dress. it's that kind of things she brings, man or woman, those things will be valued. >> this also comes just on the heels of the treasury department aunnoing they've sold the last of stock in gm from the auto bailout. >> yes. >> what is the gm that mary is taking over? >> she's taking over company that has come a long way. was saved by the government and has come out of bankruptcy and is a new gm.
3:51 am
that said, it still faces challenges. the auto industry is still, you know, has issues and she has to figure out what the company is doing in europe where sales have been lagging. and you know, figure out what's happening in china and bring new products to the table. that's what she did and she was the head of product. that's what she did. she's an engineer. she -- we had her at our women's conference a few months ago. she said no more crappy cars. that was the headline. >> i like that. >> this is the thing, some people sometimes say women bring empathy to the boardroom, communication skills. all that's true but she's also very competitive. >> she wants to be judged on the same stand ard as dan ackerson had been judged. >> she will . we don't want to enter a segment to be in it, we want to enter it to win it. she's very competitive. she has a style that people seem to really like.
3:52 am
>> she loves being on the test track also. >> yes, she likes fastcars. this is great. we've seen so many women advance to top rolls at such enormous companies. >> let's hop ittops becoming a headline. >> exactly. it shouldn't be. we're on our way to that point. we're not there yet but we're getting there. >> lee gallagher, thanks for being here. the must see moment, a basketball play you have to see to believe. take a look. this was a game between william byrd and cape springs. watch this. he chases after this and chucks it u behind his back. what an incredible play. >> what he needs to do right after this play is say, that was absolutely intentional. >> wt you do after that is retire. >> you walk off saying thank you. like george ka stcostanza.
3:53 am
>> how do you let that one hang? >> run with your hand behind your back. >> they're going to practice that shot at high schools across america. >> stick to the layup. that's a once in a career probably kind of shot. that was fun. thank you. coming up next on "new day," stranded in rugged nevada terrain in temperatures well below zero for two days. a couple and four children found safe and, amazingly, in good condition. the man who led the rescue will be joining us to talk about it. an american citizen arrested in dubai, his family renewing their appeal for help. coming up, we'll hear from a man who is in prison with kaseem. fidelity is there for your personal economy, helping you readjust along the way, refocus as careers change and kids head off to college,
3:54 am
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i think this agreement is a clear improvement on the status quo. it makes sure we don't lurch from crisis to crisis. >> crisis averted. republicans and democrats come together on a budget deal, likely eliminating the threat of a shutdown this time. what did each side getrom the deal and why will your airfare now be rising? they're alive. joy and relief as this family of six is found alive in the nevada mountains, surviving days in below zero temperatures. how were they found? the lead rescuer joins us, live. happening now, massive violent clashes between protesters and police in ukraine. the country teetering on the brink. th united states weighing in strongly this morning. >> your "new day" starts right now.
3:58 am
>> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >>ood morning. welcome to "new day." it's wednesday, december 11th, 7:00 in the east. chris and michaela are off today. i'm lucky enough to be joined by john berman and pamela brown this morning. here is something you don't hear too often on capitol hill. it is we have a deal. republican congressman paul ryan and democrat senator patty murray announcing a two-year agreement on a budget plan. can it get through congress? that's the big question this morning. dana bash is live from capitol hill this moing. what are you hearing this morning, dana. >> even the people who negotiated this admit it's not a grand bargain, it's not perfect but it is a start, they hope, to getting congress and washington back to work. >> reporter: t democratic and republican budget chairman
3:59 am
pearing together and announcing a compromise. >> this agreement makes sure we don't have a government shutdown in january and then another government shutdown scenario in october. it makes sure we don't lurch from crisis to crisis. >> we made a conscious decision as chairman ryan said to focus on where we can agree. >> reporter: to be sure where they can agree is a start but it's modest. it reduces the deficit by $23 billion. sets budget levels for the next two years, eliminating some arbitrary, unpopular spending cuts and pays for the increased spending in part by hiking airline ticket fees and forcing federal workers and military personnel to contribute more to their pensions. >> in divided government you don't always get what you want. that said, we still can make progress toward our goals. >> sources in both parties say they hope short-term reprieve from countdown clocks economic crisis will allow negotiations to take root on the big problems ballooning
4:00 am
entitlements like medicare and medicaid. even the small deal is not going over well on the left or right. before it was even announced, multiple conservative grass roots groups sent letters urging republicans to vote no because it does increase spending levels. ryan's response? >> as a conservative, i think this is say step in the right direction. >> senator marco rubio, a potential opponent to paul ryan for 2016 presidential nomination was quick to trash his deal, saying it continues washington's irresponsible budgeting decisions. >> rubio's opposition is shared by some conservatives in the house. whether or not that is going to pose a significant risk to this, meaning whether it will make clear that it will not pass the house, we'll find out later this morning, john, when house publicans will meet to discuss this deal. >> dana bash for us on capitol hill. from the miracle on the hill to the miracle in the mountains. a family of six survived two harrowing days in subzero temperatures in the nevada
4:01 am
wilderness. the family's car overturned after they went to play in the snow and it took drastic measures to keep hope and to keep the family alive. stephanie elam is in nevada this morning. is is just really an unbelievable story, stephanie. >> reporter: it is, john. it's unbelievable that not only just o of them but all six of them made it out safely. we're here in pershing general hospital where the family is hopefully sleeping, getting good rest right now. hopefully they'll be going home later today off two days in some really frigid temperatures. >> reporter: an incredible finale to a dramatic story of survival. a lovelock, nevada family of six, including four young children were found alive and in fairly good condition tuesday after being stranded in the rugged terrain of seven troughs mountain range, about 120 miles
4:02 am
northeast of reno. family, friends and search teams says this rescue is truly a miracle. >> it was a huge relief. i was expecting the worst. >> it was the work of a lot of people in the community. >> that way? >> yes. >> reporter: for two days, search teams and more than 200 volunteers covered 6,000 square miles. by air and land, off-roading through the snow and mud in search of james glanton, his girlfriend, christina mcentee and the children, ages 3 to 10. according to police, the family set out to play in the snow on sunday when their jeep slowly tipped over in the soft snow, slipping and completely overturning down a ravine. the conditions at the time of the accident, brutal, with temperatures plunging to 1 degrees below zero. officials say they did a fabulous job of keeping their kids and mcintee's niece and nephew warm. the 34-year-old father even heated rocks to battle the biting cold.
4:03 am
>> the first thing he did was built a fire. i think that really prevented any serious medical problems for them. >> rorte police say it was a joint effort that led to the family's rescue tuesday afternoon. a couple of pings from glanton's cell phone eventually led pacific air patrol to the family. meanwhile, glanton's friend, using binoculars located them while scanning the mountainside. >> he's one hell of a guy, that's for damn sure. he kept them alive and warm. my hats off to them. not a lot of people are capable of that. >> reporter: all in all, the doctor says he's very surprised the family was doing so well. they have slight dehydration and slight hypothermia. they're saying this christmas will probably be a little extra special. we can see why, kate. >> no gifts needed this time around. thank you so much, stephanie. let's bring in paul burke, search and rescue coordinator for the department of public safety.
4:04 am
he led the effort to find the missing family. thanks for coming in so early out there in nevada. you led the search. what was your first reaction when you found out they were found, not only alive but doing relatively well? >> i have a lot of history doing these types of searches in this particular weather, especially up in alaska where i work from. i was extremely pleased, very, very shocked to be quite honest with you. i've been in a lot of searches with outcomes not so good. very happy. very tired but very happy about it. >> absolutely. talk to me about the conditions that this family was facing, especially in the overnight hours. how difficult was it for them? >> well, for one thing, 22, 23 below zero is incredibly cold. being in a vehicle that they couldn't heat up is also extremely dangerous. the fact they stayed inside the vehicle, the fact that they were able to warm themselves and get
4:05 am
fluids in them, all that contributed to the scess of their living through this incident. >> and i think that's a question many folks have. you know this area. you are involved in many, unfortunately, many rescue efforts similar to this. what is the number one thing this family, especially the father did right that people should take notice of? >> as soon as this happened, they stopped, they stayed together. the survivability goes up incredibly high when people stay together. if they were to separate, walk away or try to find help, chances are he wouldn't have survived and most likely the family wouldn't have survived. staying together, staying warm, that was the key to their survival. >> talk to me about the rescue efforts. hundreds of people involved, scouring thousands of square miles. what was the rescue effort? how did you end up pinpointing them. >> first of all, putting the right resource, the right people, trained searchers and untrained volunteers who know what to do in the right area,
4:06 am
that solves a problem. we had people with the air force rescue coordination center in florida working on controlling aircraft. we had a forensics expert in ohio working on cell forensics. we had a number of agencies around the state of nevada, including the nevada national guard, aviation units, nas fallen, naval air station helicopter. we had a number of resources working on this, all professional, all well trained. >> how unusual is this? i know you said you were shocked. you're involved in these rescue efforts. i'm sure while you hope for the best you are absolutely preparing for the worst when you're talking about temperatures dipping into negative 21, 22. >> we have to prepare ourselves psychologically and we prepare hopefully the family psychologically for any outcome, good or bad. to try to let them be realistic about the success it will have. but we always remain optimistic. i've seen cases like this. this is another one where
4:07 am
incredible things happened to cause their survival. things that i would never have heard of. heating rocks, staying with the vehicle, lighting a tire. he did some things to encourage them and to encourage us to keep going. >> have you had a chance to speak with the family yet? >> no. actually they've been in the hospital. and as soon as the search was over, i wanted to get back to town. we haven had a chance to talk to the family but i can certainly understand how they feel. we're very happy they're back gether. >> i'm sure they would like to take the opportunity to thank you and maybe you'll have opportunity to get together at some point after they warm up and you already are back at work. great to meet you. thank you so much. please remind me to get your cell phone number and let you know when i take a trek out in the wilderness, i'd like you to be the one looking for me. >> thank you very much. >> they did everything right, including the little things. the big thing was not to panic.
4:08 am
>> that's the thing. >> there were reports they heard helicopters overhead. that gave them the hope that people were looking for them. maybe that kept them together a little bit more. regardless, the fact that it turned out this way, i don't think we can talk about it enough. >> heated rocks, who knew. president obama and first lady michelle obama back in the united states this morning. they had been in south africa attending the memorial for nelson mandela. his body is now lying in state. his coffin was moved to pretoria's union buildings. for the next three days people will get their chance to pay their o respects. isha sesay is there. there's been an outpouring of emotion. with the casket, it's been very emotional. >> reporter: yes, john, no doubt about it. i think it's seeing the remains is bringing itome forpele the has departed, that
4:09 am
madiba is no longer with us. there's been a constant stream of people coming here to pay their respects to nelson mandela. some draped in the south african flag on others carrying pictures of him. it has been solemn, the procession of people has they've made their way past the glass-topped coffin containing the remains of nelson mandela. earlier in the day, vips and members of t mandela family had the opportunity to pay their final respects to madiba. we saw the somberness of the occasion. many tears and many well-known faces we've come to recognize from pop culture, from being leaders of politics. all upset, a somber day here in pretoria. kate, john? >> isha sesay in pretoria. thank you so much. another story breaking overnight, violent clashes in the ukraine, riot police moving
4:10 am
in against protesters gathered in kiev square. let's get more from cnn's phil black who's monitoring the developments for us in moscow. phil? >> reporter: kate, the police, the riot police moved in in big numbers, hundreds of them, not with the intent of clearing out the protesters but tng down the barricades they had set up at all the entry points to independence square. as you can see, the protesters resisted, responded with big mbers of their own. there was a lot of pushing and shoving as they tried to slow down the police work. there was not any great violence, things did not escalate. this protest movement is all about the fact that many crew yannian ia -- ukrainians -- the international community believes the standoff must be solved through negotiation and john
4:11 am
kerry issued a strong statement expressing the united states' disgust at riot police being peaceful protesters.inst kate? >> phil, thank you so much for monitoring that clearly developing situation overnight. let's get to pamela brown in for michaela for a look at this morning's headlines. the headlines today, secretary of state john kerry sparring with members of congre over nuclear negotiations with iran. he called it a, quote, delicate diplomatic moment urged law marriages from both sides to honor a u.s. pledge to refrain from any new sanctions over the next six months, in exchange for iranian concessions on enriching uranium. the national transportation safety board will hold hearings today about this summer's asiana airplane crash this summer. they believe the pilots misunderstood an automated system and were going too slow on approach. the hearing was postponed a day
4:12 am
because of yesterday's snow. two british nationals have pleaded guilty to terrorism charges in connecticut. the men are accused of running a website to raise money and solicit donations for al qaeda and the taliban. the funds were used to support muslim militants fighting in afghanistan and chechnya. sentencing is scheduled for march 4th. both men have requested to serve their time in the uk. and if you're feeling lucky, you may want to give mega millions a try. the jackpot for friday's drawing has grown to $400 million. nobody won last night's $344 million prize drawing. so it's been more than two months, actually since somebody won this jackpot. remember if you do buy the ticket, it will be on friday 13th f. you win, you are possessed? >> maybe so. >> i'm not sure what to make of it. if you win on friday 13th, what does that mean? >> good news/bad news. you're rich -- >> but cursed. >> exactly. >> thanks, pamela.
4:13 am
we get a quick look at the weather now. it's been a mess all up and down the east coast. >> it has been a mess. luckily that system has pushed out, waiting on the next one. it's not going to be good news for a lot of you. we'll talk about that in just a minute. first i want to show a little bit of snow around the great lakes region. we could pick up an inch or two of snow around chicago for today. look at these snow totals around buffalo, a foot to a foot and a half of snow expected for today. they've already received several inches over the pas day or two. so just adding insult to injury there, we are looking at wind chill advisories, watches, warnings, all across the north with wind chills very, very cold, feeling like 20, 30, 40, 50 degrees almost below zero. this is when you factor in the temperature and the wind. so feeling very cold across the north. the rest of the country still cold, dallas at5 degrees, memphis at 27. we're at 30 degrees in atlanta. the next winter storm is already
4:14 am
starting to shape up across the country. could see rain and icy mix and even heavy snow to a large portion of the northeast. on saturday and sunday, guys. >> heavy snow. how heavy are we talking here? >> that's relative. >> that's mainly going to be for upstate new york. we could see several inches in upstate new york. could see an icy mix possibly in new york city and boston. >> the mix is always the worst. you get the snow, the rain, the mix is where the mess comes in. >> good for snow balls in a dangerous kind of way. >> thanks, jennifer. >> let's turn now to the story in texas. parents of the college student shot and killed by police are waiting for answers. family members are left planning a funeral for cameron redus after campus police shot him saying he resisted arrest almost 60 times. cnn's george howell has the very latest. >> reporter: a father and mother, struggle with the unthinkable.
4:15 am
>> i'd give anything if he'd walk right through that door. >> reporter: 23-year-old cameron redus, shot and killed by a campus police officer, just hours after celebrating the final day of the semester. he was set to graduate in may but now valley and mickey redus are planning his funeral. >> all i could see was a tragedy, it would have been so devastated about unnecessary loss. >> he was well loved and a favorite of the group. and excelled, i was proud. i was just proud for him. i was proud to be his mother. >> reporter: police paint a very different picture of the colle senior, investigators say for at least six minutes early friday morning, cam redus ignored 56 commands to stop resisting
4:16 am
arrest when confronted by corporal chris carter. then police say there was a strugg, according to the university of the incarnate word, the officer drew his firearm, and was able to knock the baton from the suspect who continued to resist arrest. shots were fired. >> the university has put out a statement, the police are releasing some facts and we still don't know all the facts. but as a family, how do you deal with the contradiction, these two stories about who you know cam to be and what you're hearing. >> i know the man i've seen for 23 years. i know what he's become. i know how steadfast and true to the way we brought him up -- i just feel like the truth will come out. >> reporter: a young man who loved adventure, cam redus's parents say he was loved by many, leaving behind a legacy that, they believe, speaks for itself. >> we believe him to be in heaven, beginning the greatest adventure ever.
4:17 am
for ourselves there's pain, because there's this huge hole that's left by his presence here with us. >> poor faly, completely devastated. the numbers in this incident really don't add up. that's why they're bringing in an investigator to look into it. the police department said he was told 14 times to put his hands bend his back, 3 times that he was under arrest and 56 times he was told to stop resisting arrest. 6 gunshots were fired. he was hit 5 times. >> this went on six minute an eternity for this type of thing. >> it doesn't add up. investigators are looking into it. the hand shake that seemed to shake up the world. the fallout from president obama's unexpected encounter in south africa with cuba's raul castro. and he blamed women's bodie for problems with his company's
4:18 am
clothes. you knew this was going to be an issue. is lululemon founder chip wilson paying the price for his public comments about yoga pants? [ woman 1 ] why do i cook? to share with family. [ woman 2 ] to carry on traditions. [ w 3 ] to come together even when we're apart. [ male announcer ] in stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and more, swanson makes holiday dishes delicious.
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once a day xarelto® means no regular blood monitoring -- no known dietary restrictions. for more information and savings options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit welcome back to "new day," everyone. president obama is back on u.s. soil this morning. people are still talking about
4:22 am
that very brief moment on the stage at the nelson mandela memorial. it was this image, the president shaking hands with cuban president raul castro, in this gesture, a handshake has been welcomed with cheers by many people in cuba but also denounced by many others, including some cuban-americans. cnn's athena jones is live at the white house with still more on this, athena. >> good mornin john. that's right. this move is being criticized also by some folks here in washington. president obama's former rival, ariza senator john mccain compared this handshake to neville chamberlain shaking hands with hitler. it was the handshake seen round the world. >> castro, he's shaking hands with raul castro. >> the greeting garnered headlines across the globe. the white house saying the hand shake between president obama and cuban dictator raul castro was not planned.
4:23 am
the u.s. hasn't had diplomatic relations with cuba in more than 50 years. it isn't the first such encounter. president obama shook hands with libya's moammar gogadhafi at th g8 in 2009. >> when the leader of the free world shakes the bloody hand of a ruthless dictator like raul castro, it becomes a propaganda coup for the tyrant. >> that prompted this defense from secretary of state john kerry. >> as the president said in his speech today, honoring nelson mandela, he said, we urge leaders to honor mandela's struggle for freedom by upholding the basic human rights of their people. >> would you say raul castro is upholding the basic human rights? >> no, absolutely not. >> reporter: in fact, cuba has been holding american aide
4:24 am
worker alan gross for four years on charges he triedo destabilize the cuban government. the handshake sparking anger among some cuban-american exiles in miami. >> i understand the circumstances of where they were at with the nelson mandela funeral and all but for us, you never shake the hand of your enemy. >> reporter: on the streets of cuba, the gesture was met with surprise and hope for reconciliation. >> i think that to be a dialogue should happen and perhaps maybe things will get better. >> reporter: the question now is whether this hand shake will change history or change nothing. kate? >> all right, athena, thank you so much for that. let's talk about yoga pants now. >> let's talk about yoga pants. >> let's transition to yoga pants. more trouble for lululemon, i founder chip wilson resigned as chairman as month after controversial comments he made that said some women's bodies don't work in the chain's
4:25 am
clothing. he issued this apology. >> i'm sad -- i'm really sad, sad for the repercussions of my actions. i take responsibility for all that has occurred and the impact it has had on you. >> this is correspondent alison kosik is here to explain. first, remind us why chip wilson had to make that apology and does it have anything to do with the fact that he's now leaving. >> he made that apology because of comments he made during a dierent tv interview. just to back this up, yesterday he announced he's resigning from lululemon effective next summer. what happened was in march, these signature yoga pants that they have wound up being see-through. when the company had to pull them off the shelves, the company said the transparency could be spotted only if the customers put the pants on and bent over. >> is that a big deal in yoga. >> i'm no expert but i think that's something that happens from time to time. >> that's what the company said. you've got chip come out in this interview last month on
4:26 am
bloomberg tv and here's what he said. >> some women's bodies just actuly don't work for it. it's really about the rubbing through the thighs, how much pressure is there over a period of time. >> that doesn't sound too appropriate. it seems like he's implying it's because of the women's curvier body size that it's causing the pants to have the see-through issues. this caused a huge uproar, a lot of people demanding that he offer a more sincere apology. that apology you saw earlier didn't seem sincere. >> this seems to be in line with he says a lot of maybe -- that can be perceived as outrageous things. >> he's quite a character. look, he founded lululemon, which has grown into a big company. it's going through what many believe are growing pains. he's been one to really not shy away from saying crazy things. one thing he said in 2004, he chose the lululemon because it
4:27 am
has a lot of "ls" in it. japanese people couldn't pronounce the let "l." and that makes it exotic to them. and it's funny trying to see them say it. >> that's a joke, right. a whole lot of drama around yoga pants. a u.s. citizen is jailed in the united arab emirates for eight months after a youtube video that he just wanted to be funny. now his family is demanding his release. and elian gonzalez all grown up. you remember that of course. now he is talking to cnn and
4:28 am
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you're watching "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. welcome back to "new day." it is wednesday, december 11th. coming up, still in the show, a passionate appeal from the family of an american jailed in th united arab emirates for eight months now, all for making what he says was just a funny video. we have a reporter on the ground trying to find out more on this story. such a mysterious story. an emotional an damaging day in
4:32 am
court for the montana newlywed accused of pushing her husband off a cliff. jordan graham's brother sobbed on the stand, saying he was angry that she lied. making news this wednesday morning, a nevada family is counting tir blessings. they were rescued two days after their car overturned and rolled down a ravin in the mountains. temperatures dipped to the minus 20 range over the last few days. in order to survive, the adults started a fire outside, and warmed rocks to help keep four kids warm in the car. they were found using a signal from one of their cell phones. a bipartisan budget deal has been reached on capitol hill. patty murray and republican congressman paul ryan unveiling a two-year plans that cutting the draconian forced spending f cuts. getting it through congress
4:33 am
could be a challenge with several conservatives already bashing the plan. the parents of kendrick johnson, the georgia high school student found dead in a rolled up gym mat are taking their search for answers to the steps of a state capital. a rally will be held later this morning in lanta. johnson's death was ruledn accintutis fil dsn buy it. they're calling for an investigation into the funeral home that handled their son's body. just released police dash cam video shows a horrific thanksgiving night crash that killed an elderly uple. a trooper spotted a car rocketing down the new jersey turnpike. when he caught up, this right here is what he saw. flames and two mangled cars. police say 24-year-old andrew gans slammed into a mini van. the couple inside died. ganz was not hurt and is charged with two counts of vehicler
4:34 am
homicide. a deaf member of south africa's parliament even tweeted he could not sign, get him off during the memorial service. officials for the deaf federation of south africa now confirming to the associated press the signs broadcast around the world were indeed bogus. >> what? >> true story here. south african government officials say they're going to respond to the allegations with a prepared statement. now, how did they think they could get away with this? >> i don't know sign language. i'll say that. i don't know why you'd call them allegations. it seems this would be an easy thing to say happened or didn't. >> if this in fact happened, that is crazy. >> what a loss for people in south africa and around the world who want to be part of this experience. >> right. >> my goodness. let's talk about another story overseas, a family of a u.s. citizen jailed overseas is starting a mass petition to set him free. he was working in dubai when he
4:35 am
posted a parody video. he was charged with endangering national security and throwing him in jail eight months ago. now his family is demanding his release, understandably. cnn's sara sidner is in abu dhabi where he is being held, searching for answers. >> reporter: as you know, this is a situation that's absolutely gutted the family and baffled media, law experts and even a member of congress. the u.s. embassy has worked very hard but no one has been able to get shazon cassimout of jail. a desperate plea from the brother of cassim. an american citizen locked up for eight months. >> he's going stir crazy in that
4:36 am
cell were his family gathered tuesday in minneapolis, hoping to raise public awareness about his detention and about the fact that they're still awaiting answers to why he's not being released. r weeks now, we've been working the phones. >> this is sara with cnn. can you tell me anything about the cassim case. >> reporter: trying to get answers. >> why have they been arrested? can you tell me that? no? why not? >> reporter: why they have been locked up in a prison for eight months? well, it started with this video. >> because you know in dubai, it's dangerous. >> reporter: aids satirical fie and his friends shot. their weapons are come cal, shoes, for example. it was meant to be a joke, a mockumentary. no one is leaving now.
4:37 am
officials will not make a single statement about the case to journalists and they don't have to, because the lawdo not require that they do it. we did find a citizen that says he does have information about the case. in an exclusive interview, he says he knows something because he spent time in prison with the amateur filmmakers. the guys told him they were charged under the newly revised cybercrime law, which is exactly why he was sent to jail. "i was using social media, especially twitter, to express my opinions and defend human rights. i was calling for political reform." what he got instead was time in cell block seven where he says he met the american and his friends. "in terms of their health they seemed thin, they seemed down, because they didn't expect to face charges over a humorous video that was only intended to be funny." we've driven out to the middle of the desert. this is where cassim's family
4:38 am
says he's being held in a facility that isn't just any prison but a high security prison, a prison meant for people who are considered a national security threat. he was arrested in april after posting this short film which clearly state it's fictional on youtube. one media law expert says elements in the film may have touched on sensitive subjects for the gulf monarchies, particularly a line which mentions using twitter to gather fighters, a tactic to helped fuel crowds during the 2011 arab uprisings. the law was updated after the revolutions. >> the arab spring really worried the leadership of the uae. >> reporter: only the government knows why cassim and the others are in prison. so far, they're not making any public comment. >> we'd just like him home. >> reporter: as we understand it, his next court date is in about sixdays. we'll be watching and let you know what happens. kate? >> all right. thank you so much, sara.
4:39 am
we'll follow that one up. next up on "new day," emotional ttimony in the trial of the montana bride accused of murderer her husband. what made her break down i court? we'll never forget the images of elian gonzalez being hauled away to go back to cuba. now almost 14 years later, what does he say about the united states? we'll show you what he told cnn. >> look at him. [ male announcer ] every inch. every minute. every second --
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♪ don'to for second best baby♪ >> welcome back, everyone. question is, how do you kill little time on a long flight? check out former president turned painter, former president bush showing off on his way to south africa. this was snapped by pete sousa. he's using his ipad to give people a look at niz new artwork. that's hillary clinton, valerie jarrett, eric holder and michelle obama, the first lady in the corner. this to me is an astounding picture. it is so human, i'm thinking hillary clinton is going, if bill ever tries this painting thing, i'm going to kill him. the former president takes such pride in his painting. >> he does. in that interview with jay leno
4:44 am
he said he'd been taking some lessons and he painted a portrait of jaly leno. i have to tell you, it was good. >> he says it has changed his life. he's proudf it there. everyone in that room was taking a great deal of joy out of it. looked like a flun flight. >> definition of a retired president, that's for sure. let's go to montana now, an emotional day in the courtroom of a trial of a new bride who's ayou ayou -- accused of murdering her husband. here's cnn's kyung lah. >> reporter: jordan, what did you think as you're watching yourself on the police videotapes. >> jordan doesn't have anything to say. >> reporter: nothing to say after a damaging day listening to herself lie. the jury saw and heard jordan graham lying to police in two extensive taped interviews. in the first video graham was matter of fact and unemotional as she tells police her husband,
4:45 am
cody johnson took off from home in a dark car with washington plates. johnson had been missing for two days. police were searching for him. the reality is, graham knew her new husband of just eight days was already dead at the bottom of a cliff at glacier national park because she watched him fall. the very next day, police videotaped graham again. she went to police because she received an e-mail dated july 10th, three days after her husband's death. the e-mail came from a mysterious friend named tony. it reads, hello, jordan, my name is tony. there is no bother in looking for cody anymore. he is gone. the e-mail claims johnson died during that car trip. detective corey clark knew something was fishy about graham's story. >> have you had many people lie to you? >> i don't want to talk about that. >> reporter: on the stand the detective testified the e-mail traced back to a computer at graham's father's home, a fake
4:46 am
e-mail created to support graham's story to police. witnesses testified that graham appeared fixated with getting the police out of her life. on the day she led friends and family to suddenly discover johnson at the bottom of the cliff, two friends testified graham said that since her groom's body had been recovered, the police will get off her back. defense attorneys say graham was simply a scared young woman, that the fall was just a terrible accident. graham contends she was fighting with johnson, he grabbed her, she pushed him away and he fell. her lawyers say she lied because she feared no one would belve her story. graham now has to hope a jury of 12 will. as testimony continues on the third day of her trial. kyung lah, cnn, missoula, montana. >> kyung, thanks for that. let's get to meteorologist jennifer grey to take another look at what's in store with this winter weather.
4:47 am
oh, she's not there. >> the storm has got her. it's a whiteout. we'll get the latest as soon as we can. next up on "new day," elian gonzalez, he's taking the u.s. to task for its policies with cuba. we'll have a look at this interview, coming up next. avo: the volkswagen "sign th drive sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new passat, awarded j.d. power's most appealinmidsize car,
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4:50 am
talk about calm in the face of, i don't know how you describe this. a woman loses control of her car. you can see it. look at her. she has a camera on her dashboard.
4:51 am
she's cool as a cucumber the. the video was published on tuesday. the person that uploaded it said the driver is a friend of his and getting a kick out of the comments people are posting. she can use a new car. look at it again. no facial recognition, really. >> oh, my goodness. >> i suppose after you go through that you can laugh at anything. >> no. thank god she was wearing her seat belt. >> she checked the dash. she turned off the radio after that. what is she looking down. >> unbelievable. >> 51 minutes after the hour. let's go to the interview everyone is talking about. gonzalez is all grown up and lashing out at the united states. in 1999 the 6-year-old was found clinging to an inner tube. he became an unwilling star of a custody battle. he was cents back to cuba.
4:52 am
now he's 20 and he's firing back. >> you know one of the interesting things that i think we all remember too is that experts were saying this child will have some life lasting trauma. here we are, folks. it's more than a decade later. he's 20 years old and he's speaking out for himself. not only about how he's doing but about the u.s. embargo on cuba. this is how the world remembers gonzalez. a 6-year-old getting pulled from his miami's family home by federal agents and sent to cuba to live with his father. that was in 2000. this is him today. he's 20. a cadet military school in cuba studying engineering. gonzalez says he hasn't suffered any long lasting psychological trauma from the international
4:53 am
custody battle. he spoke to cnn while traveling outside of cuba for the first time since his ordeal, attending a youth conference in ecuador. he's now an out spoken supporter of castro. he says it's america's unfair blockade that cause ad critical economic situation in cuba and that many have died trying to reach america. his mother was one of them. back in 1999 she and nine others died trying to reach florida. he survived and was placed with relatives in miami. the messy aftermath launched worldwide headlines, intensifying the already heated u.s.-cuba relations. >> it's time for this little boy who has been through so much to move on with life at his father's side. >> reporter: since his return to cuba he's been hailed a hero. for the past 13 years.
4:54 am
fidel and raul, regulars at his birthday parties. he says he remembers little about his mother. the youth conference he's attending is known for promoting the very leftist views his mother died trying to protect him from. gonzalez did an interview with a cuban newspaper and here's what he said about fidel castro. quote, fidel castro for me is like a father. i don't propose to have any religion but if i did my god would be fidel castro. like i was telling you, i couldn't help read other spanish newspapers from around the world. one of the other things that stood out to me in cuba he enjoys freedoms he couldn't enjoy in the u.s. >> how much freedom since he's a public figure there, forced into the spotlight as a propaganda
4:55 am
tool. >> he took an opportunity to speak out. it remind us when you see that video what a mess that custody battle was that played out. >> no kid should go through that. >> interesting to hear that. coming up next on noon day an amazing story of survival. a family of six is found in the nevada mountains after days in freezing temperatures. new details how the father kept them all safe. >> parents of a texas college student shot and killed by campus police, they are speaking out to cnn. do they think their son attacked the officer? why they now say the truth will come out. ♪
4:56 am
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i came around the corner and counted six of them standing there nice and warm. >> the will to live. the family of six lost in the nevada wilderness for days in subzero temperatures found alive. new details this morning on just how the father kept them all safe. we're live at the scene. compromise, a dirty word no more. republicans and democrats averting another major crisis, making a budget deal that avoid a shutdown but the gop's lead negotiator paul ryan is now under fire from his own party. gone too far? a 6-year-old boy kisses his classmate on her cheek and suspended for sexual the
5:00 am
harassment. the school is defending its actions this morning. your "new day" continues right now. >> i see this agreement in the step in the right direction. in a divided government you don't always get what you want. >> push off the bottom. wham. something grabbed me. when i started shaking i knew it was a shark. this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan. >> good morning. we're join by john berman and pamela brown. good morning. it's being called the miracle in the mountains a family of six out to play in the snow in nevada are rescued after two days stranded in bone chilling temperatures. and they are all said to be doing pretty well, especially when you consider the
5:01 am
conditions. stephanie elam is telling us the mom and dad are being praised for keeping them alive. >> reporter: nice to start the day off with some good news. we're inside the pershing general hospital where the family is hopefully getting some much needed rest in a nice warm bed after two harrowing days out in some frigid temperatures. an incredible finale to a dramatic story of survival. a family of six including four young children were found alive and in fairly good condition tuesday after being stranded in the rugged winter rain of nevada's mountain range about 120 miles northeast of reno. family, friends and search teams said this rescue is truly a miracle. >> it was a huge relief. i was expecting the worst. >> it was the work of a lot of
5:02 am
people in the community. >> reporter: for two days search teams and more than 200 volunteers covered 6,000 square miles. by air and land. off roading through the snow and mud in search of james, his girlfriend, and the children ages 3 to 10. according to police the family set out to play in the snow on sunday when their jeep slowly tipped over in the soft on interstate slipping and they completely overturned down a ravine. the conditions at the time of the accident brutal with temperatures plunging to 21 degrees below zero. but officials say the adults did a fantastic job. the father heated rocks to battle the biting cold. >> first thing he did was build a fire. that really prevented any serious medical problems for them. >> reporter: police say it was a joint effort that toledo the
5:03 am
family's rescue tuesday afternoon. a couple of pings from his cell phone led the civic air patrol to the family. meanwhile his friend using binoculars located them while scanning the mountain side. >> he kept them alive and kept them warm and my hat is off to them because not a lot of people are capable of that. >> reporter: and the doctor tells us that they suffered some slight hypothermia symptoms. and they will enjoy this christmas just a little bit more than some other ones. >> such great news. thank you. so, of course, this will make you wonder. would you know what to do to survive if you found yourself stranded in a similar situation. we'll talk to an expert. our survival 101 coming up later. >> how do you deal with a kid.
5:04 am
a 10-year-old, a 4-year-old and two 3-year-olds. it's not easy in the best of conditions. other news now. finally some change on capitol hill. congressional leaders announced a budget deal. that's the d word. a deal. most importantly it avoid the threat of another government shutdown for two years. so why are some in congress now voicing concerns about this deal? here to break it down for us, dana bash. >> reporter: good morning. any time you have the d word, deal people on both sides won't be happy with it but for this long we've been reporting on fiscal cliffs and shutdowns. this is a sea change and perhaps an ability to get washington back to the way it's supposed to work. it's hard to believe this really happened. the republican and democratic budget chairman appearing together announcing a compromise. >> this agreement makes sure that we don't have a government shutdown scenario in january.
5:05 am
it makes sure we don't have another government shutdown scenario in government. it makes sure we don't lurch from crisis to crisis. >> we focused on where we can agree. >> reporter: to be sure where they can agree is a start but modest. it reduces the deficit by $23 billion. sets budget levels for the next two years eliminating some arbitrary unpopular spending cuts and pace for the increased spending in part by hiking airline ticket fees and forcing military personnel to contribute more to their pensions. >> in a divided government you don't always get what you want. >> reporter: sources in both parties they say they hope a short term reprieve from countdown clocks will allow negotiations to take root. entitlements like medicare and medicaid. but even this small deal is not
5:06 am
going over well on the left or right. before it was even announced, multiple conservative grassroots groups sent letters urging republicans to say no because it does increase spending levels. >> as a conservative i think this is a step in the right direction. >> reporter: but senator marco rubio was quick to trash his deal saying it continues washington's irresponsible budgeting decisions. >> there's going to be a very important meeting in about an hour among house conservatives. all republicans and they will determine whether there's enough opposition that could throw this deal off course. assuming that doesn't happen we expect a vote as soon as tomorrow in the house. >> just in time so they can head out of town for the holidays. breaking overnight police moved in on pro western demonstrations in the ukraine. hundreds of officers some with chain saws tearing down barricades blocking access to
5:07 am
kiev's independence square. good morning, phil. >> reporter: hello, kate. as you said, hundreds of police moved into independence square. not with the intention of clearing up the protesters but tearing down those barricades that had been built up to keep the police out. the ukrainian government said they won't use force against peaceful demonstration. you can see the protesters resisted. thousands of them met the police. there's a lot of pushing and shoving as they tried to slow down their work. things didn't turn too violent there. this protest movement while it started because the ukrainian government decided to move closer to russia instead of the european union. that's angered the people on that square. the international community believes this can only be solved through negotiation and overnight we had a very strong step from u.s. secretary of state john kerry who expresses
5:08 am
the disgust of the united states that a peaceful protest would be met this way by riot police. >> stronger diplomatic determinations from all over the world. south africa, the body of former president of nelson mandela now lays in state. over the next three days, scores, hundreds of south africans will file past paying their final respects. very emotional for those people going past. >> reporter: yes, john, very, very emotional and we're seeing these scenes play out where already we have seen hundreds and hundreds of mourners file past the body of nelson mandela the man that so many in this country owe so much. we've seen members of the public make their way here to the union public draped in fabric where the image of nelson mandela.
5:09 am
they want to come here and express how much he means to them. they refer to him as father and people feel that connection to nelson mandela and this is their opportunity to say good-bye. earlier we saw vips and members of the mandela to say their good-byes. we saw the widow of nelson mandela crying and shaken as she saw the body of her departed husband. very different from what we saw in johannesburg yesterday. >> let's get now to pamela brown who has today's some of the other top stories. >> secretary of state john kerry is telling lawmakers he's skeptical of iran's intention but asking them to put brakes on any new sanctions against tehran. the reason, he says this is the best chance we've ever had a chance to negotiate an agreement with tehran.
5:10 am
tehran's foreign minister said any sanctions would torpedo a deal. >> two men are accused of running a website to raise money for the taliban. sentencing is scheduled for march 4th. both men have requested to serve their time in uk. >> a second man has been arrested for stealing wreckage from the crash site of where paul walker died. 25-year-old anthony janel stole a roof panel as it was being towed. if convicted the men could face more than four years in prison. walker and his business partner were killed as you recall in the fiery crash right outside of los angeles last month. protect and save. this is the incredible. a quick thinking new hampshire police officer using his patrol car to push a burning car away
5:11 am
from a gas station. the dramatic move captured on camera and potentially saved lives. the officer and his partner are seen taking fire extinguishers from the truck and running towards the flames. the officer said his actions weren't heroic just instincts kicking in. a surfer said he followed instincts when a shark bit his foot. he was riding the waves on tuesday when he felt something clamp down on his right foot. he knew it was a shark. he says he kept squeezing the shark until it let go. he's set to have surgery today and get this, a shark toot is still lodged in his foot. a little souvenir from his near death experience. >> a messed up trophy, a shark toot in your foot. >> in maui a man was killed. so he's very lucky.
5:12 am
>> going to be lot less of an experience. >> we've been living through some messy weather up and down the east coast. hitting a huge part of the country. what's in store for today. jennifer grey at the cnn "weather center". >> the big story mainly the cold in the north. these are your wind chill factors this morning, 48 degrees below zero is what it feels like waking up at international falls. feels like 31 below zero. 25 below zero in minneapolis. so because of that obviously we have some wind chill advisories. we have warnings in effect. so it is going to feel very cold all day today. also dealing with lake-effect snow in the north. around chicago could pick up an inch or, two also around buffalo. could see a foot to foot-and-a-half of snow in your area. grand rapids can pick up five to six inches. we broke records in new york city yesterday for the daily snowfall amount we saw about an
5:13 am
inch and a half of snow in central park, newark, about two inch, wilmington three inches and once this system moves out yep the next one is already pushing in. we could see heavy snow up to the north by the weekend. icy mix for new york and boston. rain for d.c., a cold rain at that as that arctic air continues to push to the east. guys, a matter of days before the next one pushes in. >> so just leave your coat on. >> basically. leave it on all day long. >> thanks so much. we'll take a break. coming up next on "had new da-- day" a texas college stunt shot by police. we'll talk to his parents. >> and "time" reveals their person of the year. edward snowden, miley cyrus? and the winner is -- ♪ as your life and career change,
5:14 am
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[ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. if you want to know you'll find out now. welcome back to "new day." "time" magazine is naming their person of the year this morning. the choice, there's a lot of mystery and debate. this year is no different. who is it? let's bring in "time" assistant managing editor and cnn global analyst. who it is? >> it's a pope. >> pope francis. >> pope francis the world's of
5:18 am
the leader 1.2 billion catholics and many more in this era of viral media. he's an amazing person. our editor in chef had an audience with him. he's very different from popes in the past. he's bringing attention to issues like inequality. he's talking about trickle down economics. the pope. technology. this is a person who wants to reach out to the people. he's not changing dogma, per se. he's not changing the catholic stance on things like abortion or contraception or women becoming priests, but he is changing the tone. he's changing culture. he's bringing younger people into the church. >> he's a muscular humility. >> i love it. i'm going to steal that phrase. >> that goes to what people talk about the francis-effect. does that speak -- what was it? they are all quite different the
5:19 am
list of the kind of finalists they are looking at. pope francis. president assad of syria. ted cruz. what was it about the pope that -- >> just on the list that you just read, the connective tissue these people are disrupters. snowden and the pope we didn't know these people two years ago. which is very unusual for a person of the year. the pope, just the way he's come in and reached out. this is somebody who cold called people in distress, who washes the feast muslim woman. who agrees to baptize the baby of a divorced woman whose married lover wanted her to abort the child. this is incredible gestures and it matters. >> you talk about the fact we didn't know who either the pope or snowden was two years ago. you don't know that you're going to be pope. this no certainty at any level. his roll out, his introduction,
5:20 am
his self-introduction to the world, i've never seen anything like it. >> no. there's such a surge of popularity and popular support for this pope. this pope is the first pope non-european pope in 1,200 years. so he really represents the globalism that's very near. >> he's bringing in younger people to the church, obviously. tell me about -- again we'll get to snowden too but the process. what is it like. how do you pick the person? >> so it's fun. it's a great -- it's one of my favorite things of the year. we reach out to all of our correspondents domestically and internationally. we all get together, a lot of coffee and some doughnuts in a room. >> how big does the list start at? >> the list is huge. you're going through the entire year's news. you look at people that had influence but will have influence.
5:21 am
where is this reach going to come from? i'll be honest it was a close call between pope and snowden. a lot of people thought it would be snowden. >> talk about disruption. he's completely changed the entire discussion about tissue of privacy, government overreach, privacy. >> he took a niche debate in technology circles and made it mainstream. i'll say just one more thing on the pope, he was the most talked about person on twitter and facebook which the pope, you know, that's kind of -- >> looking at social media. >> he does have a twitter page. >> on snowden i always wonder -- snowden is a little different because snowden some think of him put him in the bad guy camp. some say he's the good guy. when you look at someone on the finalist list like bashir al assad who is more squarely in the bad guy camp what's the reaction. are you concerned about that strong backlash?
5:22 am
>> there's always backlash. we have a poll on you don't have to be a good guy. if you look at our list any number of war lords and revolutionaries that have won. but, i think that snowden is a very divisive figure and a lot of people as you say feel he really overstepped his bounds. he said, one of the reasons he entrusted the publication decisions to publication is that he realized he did have a certain bias and was coming at this with vested interests. it's an interesting read. >> sure is. the great news this morning, pope francis a good pick for person of the year. mission accomplished. thank you so much. let us know what you think. whato thk of "time's" person of the year. tweet with us the #newday. >> he's going to tweet us.
5:23 am
>> next up on "new day" we'll hear from the parents of the texas college student who was shot and killed by campus police. what they believe happened just before the officer pulled the trigger. what they told cnn next. we've been following that amazing steefr family that survived two days in the nevada mountains in subzero temperatures. would you know what to do if that happened to you and your family? people don't have to think about where their electricity comes from. they flip the switch-- and the light comes on. it's our job to make sure that it does. using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner
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5:26 am
welcome back to "new day." parents of a texas college student shot and killed by
5:27 am
police spoke out to cnn saying they are sad, confused and still waiting for answers. campus police say cameron violently resisted arrest forcing them to shoot him but not everyone is convinced and an elite law enforcement team has been called in to investigate the incident. good morning, george. >> reporter: good morning. the family spoke out saying they are withholding judgment, they are waiting to hear more details from investigators but they say there's one truth that remains without question. they have never doubted that at one moment their son's character. a father and mother, struggle with the unthinkable. >> if anything, if he walkeding right through that door. >> reporter: 23-year-old cameron redus shot and killed by a campus police officer hours after celebrating the final day of the semester. he was set to graduate in may. but now valerie and mickey redus
5:28 am
are planning his funeral. >> all i could see was the tragedy. it would have been so devastating, an unnecessary loss. >> he was well loved and a favorite and excelled. i was proud. i was just proud for him. i was proud. >> reporter: police paint a very different picture of the college senior. investigators say for at least six minutes early friday morning cam redus ignored 56 commands for resisting arrest. then police say there was a struggle. according to the university of the incarnate word the officer drew his firearm and was able to knock the baton from the suspect who continued to resist arrest. shots were fired. >> we still don't know all the
5:29 am
facts. as a family how do you deal with the contradiction, these two stories about who you know cam to be, and what you're hearing? >> i know the man that i've seen for 23 years. i know what he's become. i know how steadfast and true the way we brought him up. i just feel like the truth will come out. >> reporter: a young man who loved adventure, cam redus's parents say he was loved by many, leaving behind a legacy that they believe speaks for himself. >> we believe him to be in heaven. for ourselves it pains because there's this huge hole that's left with his presence. >> reporter: regardless what the investigation concludes the tragedy for this family is that their son's life was cut short. a visitation is set for today
5:30 am
and the funeral is set to happen tomorrow. >> all right, george, thanks so much. >> i can't imagine the shock the family is feeling today. 29 minutes after the hour. five things you need to know for your "new day." >> at number one a bipartisan budget agreement on capitol hill and it could head off another government shutdown. conservatives are blasting it and it's not yet clear if they can make it through congress. secretary of state john kerry is heading back to the mid east today to resume talks with israel and the palestinians. the goal striking a final status agreement to end the decades long conflict there. and the ntsb starting two davis hearings into july's asiana flight. two people were killed. and obama care will be front and center once again on capitol hill with health and human services secretary okkathleen
5:31 am
sebelius to be grilled. and nelson mandela lying in state for three days at the home of the south african government. viewing for dignitaries is being held first. we're updating five things to know so go to >> talk about nelson mandela, nelson mandela inspired the world to make an impact. for more and how you can get involved go to next up on "new day," four children and a couple are found in the mountains of nevada in subzero temperatures. how did they survive and we'll have what you need know about surviving in the wild. also ahead, he kissed a girl and got suspended for sexual harassment. but he's just 6 years old. bizarre story that has so many
5:32 am
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welcome back, everyone. this is such a great story. they are calling at any time miracle in the mountains. a nevada family of six found alive and well after spending two days stranded in a rugged mountain range, subzero temperatures, 21 below. they heated rocks to keep the car warm. they brought it inside. they did so many things right. the question s-you know, what could the rest us do if we're caught out in something like
5:36 am
this. we brought in the founder of mountain scout survival school. shane, thanks so much for being with us. none of us ever want to get caught in a situation like that. >> certainly not. >> say something like this happens, say you are caught out in the cold like this, no help around. what are the first things you should do? >> it's all about pre-planning. if you're making arrangements to go out and enjoy recreation, going for a hike or kayaking make arrangements for the unexpected. have extra food, make provisions. tell other people about your plan expected route and time of arrival coming back and what your communication options are. they had a cell phone so through that try iangulation they were able to locate the general idea. pre-planning goes a long way. >> it's kind of the one that keeps sticking, the fact the father had kind of the foresight
5:37 am
or presence of mind to heat rocks for fire and bring them into the car to keep everyone warm. does that go along with survival? >> absolutely. you know, we're talking about primitive skills. heating rocks goes a long way. not only for warmth, making cold beds and dragging coals into a ditch and putting earth over it, hot rocks do the same thing. not only are they a heat source you can cook with them as well. so it's an old skill. >> i wonder if he had boy scout experience or something else to be able to know to do that. what else did they do right? i mean, obviously, staying together. the fact the father didn't stray off and try to get help. they stayed with the jeep. what else did they do? >> there's a lot of things. these are great questions. they da lot of great things together. one, staying together. one of the best things. staying with the vehicle. not wandering away from the point last seen. that helps out search-and-rescue individuals quite a bit.
5:38 am
the fact that he was thinking ahead. you know, there's a lot of emotions going on. i can't imagine the state of mind he's dealing with. you have children and other people's children on top of it. so besides the emotion you have to acknowledge it. >> that seems to be the wild card. it's one thing to survive yourself or with another adult but there were so many children with them, how do you handle that? >> well, keep them occupied. keep yourself occupied. do the simple things. i think what they did was the right thing. heating up the rocks. paying attention to what can i do right now. not staying involved with oh, no, look at the situation i'm in. it's act and not just think about it. >> it's so difficult when you think the hours start ticking into days. you start getting hungry. >> how does the situation start changing and how do you keep that presence of mind? >> it's a great question. the fact of the matter is regardless of what you're feeling you have to maintain the
5:39 am
basic. and the basic four are shelter, water, fire, food. these, without those things it doesn't matter what you're feeling. >> it's about two days out there with the temperature dipping below zero at night. how much longer do you think they could have lasted? >> there's a rule. three threes when it comes. three minutes without air. three days without water or three weeks without food. so, you had snow. you had the ability to melt snow. heating up and using the tire for fuel. very smart. use what you have. in terms of food they rationed out the food and gave all the food to the children as far as i understand. that is a good thing and also a detriment. you have to take care of yourself so you have the strength to take care of others. so ration out the food accordingly. they did a good thing. one of the other things when it comes to children is the simple things. keep it playful. even though it's a survival situation it doesn't have to be heavy. kit be very light hearted.
5:40 am
play games. keep them occupied. make it an adventure. >> hope you never get stuck in a situation. shelter, water, fire, food. good things to be. coming up next on "new day" when is a kiss more than just kiss. why a school is defending the suspension of a 6-year-old boy what they call sexual harassment. peoi go to angie's listt for all kinds of reasons. to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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. all right. let's get another check of the weather for you before you head
5:44 am
out this morning. jennifer grey is in the "weather center". how is it looking? >> it's cold out there. these are your high temperatures, it does not factor in the wind chill. a lot of areas up to north will feel cooler. a high of 17 today in chicago. 44 in dallas. 45 in nashville. as we go through the next couple of days temperatures will stay well below normal. they finally start to stabilize a little bit better in the west. by the end of the week. but still very cold in the northeast. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. lake-effect snow for today, so very chilly across the north. we'll see three to five inches in grand rapids and possibly a foot, foot-and-a-half of snow, this is additional snow already seeing incredible always across the great lakes. this is the wind chill up north, 48 degrees below zero is what it feels like this morning. feels like 27 below zero in minneapolis. and that arctic air will shift
5:45 am
to the northeast over the next couple of days. we'll see rain and icy mix and even heavy snow across portions of the northeast by saturday and sunday, guys. >> jennifer, thanks for that. we've been talking about this morning and something you want to talk about too, pretty controversial story involving a 6-year-old accused of sexual harassment. >> . while most 6-year-olds are working on their abcs, learning
5:46 am
a little bit of math one colorado boy is at home suspended for sexual harassment. you heard that right. he kissed a female classmate on the hand and cheek and the school suspended hunter yelten for sexual harassment. they used these words. that's important here. they put the offense on the school record. joining us now to talk about this, kelly wallace, cnn digital correspondent and editor at large. al also our parenting expert. >> what do you think? >> outrageous. it's not just something i feel. a lot of people are talking about it online. number one not only did he kissed the girl on the hand, suspended for that. just a minute? sexual harassment. her son is now asking what is sex? what kind of conversation does that lead to what impact does this have on the little boy. >> it's words here. we don't always know the entire back story. there may be behavioral issues, they may have a reason to
5:47 am
discipline the child but to use the words sexual harassment. >> these stories, we need to hear more. the school superintendent is saying that the behavior fits the school's description of sexual harassment. in the category of unwanted touching. we've had these conversations on your show before. these stories where it seems like schools are trying to have a very rigid sense of the rules and that goes against common sense and that kind of feels like this story here. >> because a little bit schools are between a rock and a hard place, right? they are trying -- they truly are trying to do their best. they try to put rules and policies in place but it's kind of the rigid nature of it. they have rules and then some people are following the rules, if other people don't they have zero tolerance poillicies when comes to bullying.
5:48 am
when you talk about sexual harassment it's a very big term. >> it's on his record and that's what the mom is fighting. >> in a situation like this how do you think they should have handled >> the boy does have some issues. he was suspended before for rough house. he was suspended before for kissing the same girl on the cheek. the mom says the girl is fine with it. they consider themselves boyfriend and girlfriend. and it was so cute and in the story i'm a 6-year-old. i have a lot of energy. i'm trying to work on it. >> parenting expert help me out with it. i have two 6-year-old boys. whatyo n tell this boy when he's asking the questions, mommy what is this sexual harassment? >> i think 6 is too young to really explain what sexual harassment is and what sex is. i think probably what the mom is trying to do is say we're work the school, you didn't do anything wrong. we obviously have to behave in school and respect others and have that kind of conversation but it seems a pretty loaded
5:49 am
dofrgs have with a 6-year-old what a sexual harassment really is. >> again, is there a difference between the term sexual harassment here and then maybe a kid who, you know, is in another kid's space? >> yeah. if someone kissed my daughter and my daughter didn't want that person to kiss them on the cheek, it's a sense of respecting that person's space. no touching that might be unwelcomed by someone else. very hard for a 6-year-old to understand. >> on that note given the fact that he's 6-year-old who should have jurisdiction on this between the school and the parent? >> exactly. it seems like the boy has had some issues, the mom concedes that he should have some discussions at home, he probably could have some counselling. just seems harsh this is on the boys record and some psychologists have been talking online will this impact the boy in any way? does he feel he did something really wrong.
5:50 am
i have a 6-year-old and 7-year-old. i'm sure they play around with other boys and girls. they are already talking about who they are going to marry. >> you chase each other around. i can imagine you in kindergarten. >> kelly, very good conversations online when you take these questions online. have you gotten reaction? >> a little bit. on cnn's newday post a lot of people are saying this is outrageous. the boy is 6 years old. one person commented he was in a christian school and he had to write on the board i will not kiss girls. that was his punishment that was a christian school. hello, i think there's a lot of questions being raised. we need to hear more from the school and district. >> thank you so much. a great discussion. >> for more on kelly, go to
5:51 am >> when it comes to fresh or frozen produce, which is better for you? the answer may be surprising. that's ahead. here we honor the proud thaccomplishmentsss. of our students and alumni. people like, maria salazar, an executive director at american red cross. or garlin smith, video account director at yahoo. and for every garlin, thousands more are hired by hundreds of top companies. each expanding the influence of our proud university of phoenix network. that's right, university of phoenix. enroll now. we've got a frame waiting for you.
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does that music give you a hint on what this next story is about. it's about a shark out of california. really incredible video. also incredible the name. jeff doing some deep fishing with his life and daughter when he says the line starting rolling off the reel, taking the bait a young great white shark. he's an experienced shark fisherman this was the first even for him. he posed for a few glamour shots but set the shark free. >> i didn't know they had catch and release for great white sharks. >> i'm shocked for how still the shark is. playing along with the whole photo shoot. >> kill the fisherman. >> that music means time for some health news.
5:56 am
time for new day new you is fresh really best. ben long believes fresh fruits and vegetables are better for your than any of the frozen counterparts but a recent study is turning that thinking on its head. frozen produce may off more nutrients than the fresh. joining us to talk more about this is a dietician and nutritionist for cook your ass off on hln. i love that title. i love this topic. this is very interesting. we're talking about it on a day when everyone across the country is freezing outside. but this study was funded by a grant from the frozen food foundation which is worth noting butting backed up by other research. >> it is. it's one of the best health secrets. frozen vegetables are picked at peak ripeness. when they are most nutritious. then flash frozen. so they retain those nutrients. what's interesting about this
5:57 am
study it looked at consumer behavior and how they consume those vegetables. people grocery shop about twice a week. so they are not eating them the second they buy them. so this study looked at vegetables being consumed five days later. >> why is my wife telling me we have to buy local food and go the co-op to pick the organic stuff. >> local is good for the environment. that can be less expensive when you buy local and local and seasonal can be more tasty. frozen food is another option. let's face it. we're not always able to go and pick up food that's local on a daily basis. this is something good for people to know. frozen food is less expensive. this study and other studies show frozen foods are higher in vitamins. >> how much. >> that depends when you ate that fresh fruit. was it local? was it shipped from california
5:58 am
to new york. so it's going to depend also on the food and the nutrient. >> is this across the board? is all frozen food frozen at its peak nutrition value? >> yes. across the board frozen food will be picked at peak ripeness and then flash frozen. you want to think about fruits and vegetables are living breathing things. not like humans but they are living items. they age just like we age. so when you freeze them you're retaining their nutritional value. >> when people hear this, i always think people will go from one extreme to the other and only eat frozen fruits and vegetables. is that your advice? >> no. absolutely not. we like fresh foods also because as you mentioned buying local, seasonal, organic foods is the best way to go. use frozen foods and don't feel you're doing something bad. you're getting a lot of nutrition in there for convenience and also, again, for convenience and for expense. >> is the variety within field.
5:59 am
is there good frozen food versus bad frozen food? >> what you should look for is ingredient label. should just say broccoli or spinach. you don't want any anticipated ingredients. that's key. when people buy fresh whole foods they are buying foods that aren't packaged. when you buy frozen food you can buy that one food without added precertificate va i was the and chemicals. >> we talk about steaming vegetables. is there a way how you defrost the frozen fruits and vegetables that would change the nutritional values >> take them out of the plastic. don't microwave in plastic. if you're steaming them yes steaming versus boiling is a good thing. >> good advice for you. great to see you. thank you so much. a lot of news happening today which we'll pass it off to cnn newsroom with carol costello. >> thanks so much. newsroom starts now.
6:00 am
all right. we'll get to this, actually we have a lot of breaking news this morning. let's start with this. the white house has released new obama care enrollment numbers for the month of november. enrollment in the federal exchange has nearly quadrupled from october. sign ups are way below the goal of 7 million by march. in an hour the woman in charge will be grilled on capitol hill. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius will testify before lawmakers on improvementses to the problem plagued obama care website. joe johns joins us from washington with those new numbers i spoke about. what are they, joe? >> reporter: as you said these numbers are much better than last month's numbers so let's go to them right away. the total enrollment in obama care, the bottom line numbers, 364,682. that's not going to get them to the goal of 7 million, but it's a better start than a month o.


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