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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 11, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PST

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all right. we'll get to this, actually we have a lot of breaking news this morning. let's start with this. the white house has released new obama care enrollment numbers for the month of november. enrollment in the federal exchange has nearly quadrupled from october. sign ups are way below the goal of 7 million by march. in an hour the woman in charge will be grilled on capitol hill. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius will testify before lawmakers on improvementses to the problem plagued obama care website. joe johns joins us from washington with those new numbers i spoke about. what are they, joe? >> reporter: as you said these numbers are much better than last month's numbers so let's go to them right away. the total enrollment in obama care, the bottom line numbers, 364,682. that's not going to get them to the goal of 7 million, but it's a better start than a month ago.
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the federal exchanges that is sort of the website, 137,200 people enrolled in the state exchanges that's 14 different states that have their own health care exchanges. as you can see still out distancing the federal exchange, 227,478. the bottom line, of course, is that the federal website is now beginning to catch up. let's look now at october versus november. october enrolent was 26,794. of course that cre so much concern bause those numbers are so lo you lk tovembe enllntno110,410 people. clearly some improvement in obama care and the numbers of peoplenrolng b t magic number is 7 million and they detame.i tt' a togo.
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jo johns reporting live from washington. no doubt those numbers will be up for debate today when house lawmakers grill health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius about the obama care roll out. but she has steps to make sure those problems won't happen again. from now on the inspector general will review the development of centers for medicare and medicaid services will hire a chief risk officer to minimize risk and will have expanded training for contractors. let's bring in chief national correspondent john king. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning. >> the obvious question is why didn't sebelius do all of that before but let's move on from that because republican leaders plan to do just that. it to them lus administrate obama care's problems are deeper than the website. what can we expect from today's hearing? >> reporter: two very different things. we should move on. that's what secretary sebelius is hoping to do. she's hoping to look forward and say yes we made a lot of
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mistakes. she wants to make the case that the program is good, people will get their coverage. in six months or a year from now people will look back bad roll out good program. republicans think the opposite. the speaker said let's get the budget questions out of the way, let's put any ross aspect of a government shutdown out of the way and let's focus on this because that's a winning policy issue and political issue heading in to 2014. republicans will go beyond the website and tell you stories of people who -- remember the president said you can keep your doctor keep your plan they will tell you stories of people losing it. people are fining out they have higher co-pays or higher costs per prescription drugs. a big divide. the key question is are democrats convinced that administration can turn this around because that will turn the volume down a bit. but watch the democrats because some of them are nervous back home and they may need to score a point or two. >> the hearing starts next hour.
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a christmas miracle, a rare compromise in congress, republican paul ryan and democrat patty murray announcing a budget deal. it's already getting some push back for eliminating part of those forced spending cuts. what's the odds of it being passed? >> reporter: it's pretty good. people on the far right said we didn't get enough. we want deeper spending cuts. i want to deal with medicare and entitlements. people on the left saying we wanted tax increases, we don't want part of this deal which is federal employees paying more into their pension. the middle says we like this deal. the question is, again, how many liberal democrats will break away, how many tea party and conservative republicans will break away. that will be the vote in congress but they announced it because they did a quick head count. then carol you'll watch this play out like every other issue, you have a lot of tea party primary challengers against established republicans. the tea party doesn't like this dale. >> john king thanks for your insight this morning. we appreciate it.
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on to another bit of breaking news on the asiana air crash. the pilots relied too heavily on the plane's automaticed systems moments before the plane hit a seawall and skidded across the runway at san francisco's airport. >> reporter: we're looking at live pictures. the investigative hearing just got under way and we know asiana flight 214 came in too low and too slow at san francisco's airport. the ntsb not ready at this point to officially say why. but we're now getting new information from the ntsb, new this morning that will really make you say wow. we just learned based on newly released information three key points. ntsb investigators are concerned about pilots over reliance on automation, specifically when it comes to the plane's auto throttle. the auto throttle allows the pilot to pre-set how much power
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to send to the engine and in turn that sets the plane's speed. just think of cruise control in a vehicle. now the ntsb says in this particular case, asiana's pilots thought that the auto throttle was engaged but it wasn't so the air speed fell too slow below the target speed. this just suggests possibly they were flying a plane. they didn't totally understand how things were working there as far as the automatic controls within the cockpit that, of course, is problematic. we also learned the first officer warned more than four times about an excessive sink rate and lastly we now know investigators are keying in on the role of korean culture which shows deference to rank and seniority and looking at whether culture may have prevented good communications in the cockpit. so those are the three key bullet points we're just learning this morning. >> i know there's much more to
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come out of this hearing and you'll be listening. you'll join us next hour. also happening right now you're looking at live pictures out of pretoria, south africa where thousands of people are expected to file past the coffin of nelson mandela as itlis in state over the next three days. today family and dignitaries were those ain line to pay respects. the current south african president. and u2 singer bono who said was a man who refused to hate. mandela is zoebd buried sunday in his childhood village of qunu. >> a controversy following the memorial for mandela. the deaf federation of south africa claims the event sign language interpreter was fake. african and american sign language experts watched the event and agreed with the federation's conclusion. the south african government is
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cnn's "new day" about things that made pope francis stand out. >> the way he's come in and reached out. this is somebody who cold calls spem in distress. who washes the feet of a muslim woman. who agrees to baptize the baby of a divorced woman whose lover wanted her to abort the child. >> cnn senior media correspondent joins us now. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning. >> "time" magazine announced its short list, edward snowden was number two. edith windsor was number four. bashir al assad came in at number four april ted crews came in at number five. did "time" make the right choice. >> reporter: it's hard to argue with pope francis. it's hard to argue with the pick of pope francis.
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but i think a lot of people will see this as a snub of edward snowden because he changed the world in so many ways this year with his leaks. nsa information. glenn greenwald one of the first report towers obtain that information wrote on twitter this morning he was making fun of "time" magazine's choice by saying "time" magazine was being edgy, bold and courageous as ever and he's being sarcastic, saying "time" took tezy choice. as we heard in that sound bite pope francis is also changing the world in his first months as pope and this is maybe one of those years where you could have gone either way. >> well, we were taking bets early this morning. i was bting popans beus i'm with glenn greenwald i didn't think "time" magazine would make the edgy choice of edward snowden. >> that would have been the bolder choice. this gets to the idea of whether the mainstream media takes
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edward snowden and his nsa revelations seriously enough. we've seen an endless number of stories in newspapers, magazines and websites about the nsa surveillance revelations. but it does sometimes seem as if edward snowden isn't taken as seriously as i know some advocates like glenn greenwald would like him to be seen. that's a debate that "time" magazine has restarted. it's a good thing to debate. this dismissed as a publicity stunt but a great way to think what was important this year. last year's choice was barack obama. now that was a safe choice. this at least is a choice that will get people talking. >> that is true. and, you know, along those lines, i was going to ask you, does it matter who "time's" person of the year is? >> the reason why i think it matters is it's fun to sit around the family dinner table at christmas and talk about what happened this year. maybe i'm the only family.
6:15 am
i love talking about this stuff because i want let's us look back and think about what happened this year. honestly the change of the pope was once in a human history sort of thing. we never had a pope resign and a new one take over. it's a chance to reflect what pope francis is doing so far. >> thanks so much for coming in this morning. i appreciate it. >> checking other top stories at 15 minutes past the hour. feels like old man winter has shown up early. parts of the u.s. is covered in snow and ice causing massive travel headaches. in michigan a snowstorm caused 30 car pileup in grand rapids. >> conditions and i was driving about 45. now i'm driving down the road and i see a bunch of braking lights. >> i ended up trying to veer off the road and next thing i know i hit the car in front of me and then the semitruck almost hit
6:16 am
me. >> luckily no serious injuries in those crashes. riot police in the ukraine battle with protesters in the capital of kiev. police used chain saws to tear down barricades. ten officers were hurt. protesters want closer ties to the west demanding ukraine's president sign a new trade agreement with the european union. >> emotional day at the trial of a montana newlywed accused of murdering her husband of eight days. the brother sobbed on the stand and testified she lied over and over again. prosecutors said she intentionally pushed her husband off a cliff back in july. the lawyer said it was an accident. still to come, officials are praisesing a man and woman's ingenuity for keeping their children alive waernl while strand in the nevada wilderness and police are thanking everyone who helped in the search. >> it was the work of a lot of people in the community.
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praising a nevada couple for keeping their kids warm while strand for two days in the frozen wilderness. searchers rescued the family on tuesday. james glanton and his girlfriend warmed rocks they heated by a camp fire and put in their
6:21 am
overturned vehicle. stephanie elam has more. >> reporter: clever. very, very clever. i'm never going to forget the hot rock tip. they are calling it a christmas miracle here in this rural part of nevada as the family is here in this hospital where we are getting a good night's sleep and warming up before they are likely to head home today. an incredible finale to a dramatic story of survival. a family of six including four young children were found alive and in fairly good condition tuesday after being stranded in the rugged winter rain of nevada's seven troughs mountain range 10 miles northeast reno. family, friends and search teams said this rescue is truly a miracle. >> it was a huge relief. i was expecting the worst. >> it was the work of a lot of
6:22 am
people in the community. >> reporter: for two days search teams and more than 200 volunteers covered 6,000 square miles. by air and land. off roading through the snow and mud in search of james glanton, his girlfriend christina mcintee and the children ages 3 to 10. the family set out to play in the snow on sunday when their jeep slowly tipped over in the soft snow, slipping and they completely overturned down a ravine. the conditions at the time of the accident brutal with temperatures plunging to 21 degrees below zero. but officials say glanton and mcintee did a fabulous job of keeping their kids and mcintee's niece and nephew warm. the father heated rocks to fight the biting cold. designee baltimore fire. that really prevented serious medical problems information. >> reporter: police say it was a
6:23 am
joint effort that led to the family's rescue tuesday afternoon. a couple of pings from his cell phone led the civic air patrol to the family. meanwhile glanton's friend using binoculars located them while scanning the mountain side. >> he's one hell of a guy. he kept them alive and warm and my hat is off to him because not a lot of people are capable of that. >> reporter: the doctor says everyone was able to walk, talking, eating. slight hypothermia symptoms. they are looking forward to christmas this year which is good news for this community. this is a big deal they were all found. >> how did he start the fire? >> reporter: i don't know how he started it. the biggest thing we heard is that he didn't panic and that's what officials are saying that he did that was very smart. these people live here.
6:24 am
they are used to this wilderness, rugged terrain. this is where they live. that was one good thing in their favor. know to say together, stay by the car and knowing they heard the helicopters. they knew they were searching for them. >> the two most important things they did, they stayed together. one didn't go off searching for help. you're never supposed to do that. i heard he set the spare tire on fire but i don't know if that's true but maybe you can find out some more. >> reporter: i have heard that too but i haven't been able to confirm that. we'll find out. >> thanks. still to come in the newsroom, turns out this picture is worth much more than 1,000 words. now the photographer, the man who took this headline making selfie is speaking out. our political panel will weigh in with the real story when we come back.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. an emotional day in court in the trial avenue bride who is accused of murdering her husband eight days after their wedding. jordan graham broke down as her
6:29 am
teenage brother gave tearful testimony claiming she lied about her husband's disappearance. more now from kyung lah. >> reporter: nothing to say after a damaging day listening to herself lie. the jury saw and heard jordan graham lying to police in two extensive taped interviews. in the first interview graham was matter of fact and unemotional as her husband took off from home in a dark car with washington plates. johnson had been missing for two days. police were searching for him. reality is graham knew her new husband of just eight days was already dead at the bottom of the sheer cliff at glacier national park because she watched him fall. the very next day police video-taped graham again. she went to police because she received an e-mail dated july 10th, three days after her husband's death. temp mail came from a mysterious
6:30 am
friend named tony. i want reads hello jordan my name is tony. there's no bother in looking for cody any more he's gone. the e-mail claims johnson died during that car trip. detective cory clark knew something was fishy about graham's story. have you had many people lie to you? >> i don't want to talk about that. >> reporter: on the stand the detective testified the e-mail traced back to a computer at graham's father's home. a fake e-mail created to support graham's story to police. witnesses testified that graham appeared fixated with getting the police out of her life. on the day she led friends and family to suddenly discover johnson at the bottom of the cliff two friends testified graham said since her groom's body had been recovered the police will get off her back. defense attorneys say graham was simply a scared young woman, that the fall was just a terrible accident.
6:31 am
graham contends she was fighting with johnson. he grabbed her. she pushed him away and he fell. her lawyers say she lied because she feared no one would believe her story. graham now has to hope a jury of 12 will. testimony continues on the third day of her trial. kyung lah, cnn, montana. checking other top stories at 31 minutes past the hour. new information from the ntsb said pilots in the deadly asiana airplane crash may have relied too much on the automated systems. the ntsb is holding a hearing right now to figure out what else might have gone wrong. first responders are expected to testify. three people were killed in more than 180 injured when the plane clipped a seawall and skidded across the runway at san francisco's international airport. opening bell just rang on wall street, the ceo from auto
6:32 am
home inc ran the bell. stock futures are lower this morning as talk of a budget deal in washington increased the odds the fed might scale back on its support for the economy. >> reporter: congress did something and wall street is reacting. that bipartisan budget compromise late yesterday looking to avoid another government shutdown is pushing stroimbs more cautious not because they are unhappy about the deal but it means one more risk is removed from upending the economy which means the fed is more and more likely to start trimming the amount of stimulus money that's been pumping into the financial system. you're seeing investors getting ready for it. pricing it in. it's the reason we saw stocks end lower yesterday and seeing some caution now at the opening bell. you're seeing the dow below that 16,000 level at the moment. one stock we're watching very quickly, twitter shares hitting
6:33 am
an all time high. twitter allows to you send pictures privately. but i would suggest making sure they are private. carol. >> good advice. alison kosik, thanks so much. before we get the miracle of the bipartisan budget agreement a look at how silly our politics have become. this selfie has taken social media by storm. it includes britain's david cameron and the danish prime minister. the first lady did not approve. the national post tweeted barack obama's selfie and chatter with danish pm has critics including michele unimpressed. then greg ferguson. >> president obama is in south africa for the mandela tribute and got caught taking a selfie. look at that. doesn't that make you proud.
6:34 am
michele looks really happy about it as well. look at that. [ laughter ] >> most comments were funny and meant to be and as the former russian ambassador told the bbc it's not uncommon for world leaders to use such events to strengthen relations. in the case of diplomacy there's the thing as a working funeral. thanks to both of you for being here this morning. >> good morning, carol. >> so the photographer, his name is roberto schmidt. he took the photo of the selfie. he's a photographer. he said president obama and british and danish counterparts were acting like human beings and makes me sad we're obsessed
6:35 am
with day-to-day trivialities. he can't believe everybody is making a big deal of this selfie. is he right, john? >> yes. how dare our politicians like human beings. the photographer really did sort of lay it on the line that this is a distraction. the moment he caught michele didn't seem to indicate deep disapproval. funeral selfies generally bad form. but that memorial service was a four hour celebration. that was certainly the tone of it. the fixation for sometimes narrow partisan reasons feeds into a narrative about ego run amuck. michele obama was actually joking around with people just before he snapped that to. she just happened to have that bad look on her face when that to snapped. this was a celebration. people were singing and dancing. the crowd was alight with
6:36 am
laughter. this was a celebration of mandela's life not a funeral procession. >> people have been putting their own views on to michele obama's mind for over five years. i mean this is a woman who actually appreciates a light moment, loves her husband, and is happy to support him doing what he's doing. the fact that she might have not been paying attention or might have been listening to a speaker or do something is probably what was going on in that picture. but disapproval from the first lady, i think, is well an over reach and i think that john is right, the whole of this memorial service was a celebration. we could all learn something from south africans in how they treated this event over the last several days which really was much more about his life than his death. >> all right. i think we've exhausted that topic. >> yeah.
6:37 am
>> the whole thing is kind of silly to me. we're going to talk about the budget and the miracle of this bipartisan agreement but we have to take a break. first we'll be right back with much more.
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6:40 am
>> now to the miracle of bipartisanship. republican paul ryan and democrat patty murray sat down, worked together and came up with a budget deal. if you're counting it sets the government spending level at more than a trillion dollars. >> this agreement makes sure that we don't have a government shutdown scenario in january. it makes sure we don't have another government shutdown
6:41 am
scenario in october. it makes sure we don't lurch from crisis to crisis. >> we made a conscious decision as chairman ryan said in the few short weeks we had to focus on where we can agree. >> wow. the budget includes spending levels that would eliminate a big chunk of those forced budget cuts, you know, sequestration. it does not extend unemployment benefits. it raises revenue in part through airline security fees. so let's talk about this budget, this spirit of bipartisanship, john is back. is there really that much to celebrate, john? >> yes. look it's a step in the right direction. we have the potential for a budget for the first time in years. there's at least some reasoning in washington. it's not a grand bargain, it's a modest step in the right direction. some progress is better than none. while there's a lot of out
6:42 am
standing issues and folks on the far right and far left complaining and try to block it it's a small victory for sanity on capitol hill. >> hilary, is it right to be jazzed about so little? >> it's sad we couldn't get a revenue deal and couldn't agree on bigger long term budget problems. but the point is that, you know, we had a tumultuous year last year that served nobody's interest, that rocked the markets, that stalled employment growth and i think when we look at this from at least from a democrat's perspective there's things in there i don't like. i don't like the airline fee increase. i don't like the fact that unemployment insurance won't be extended. but, we were screaming for a year that the republicans refused to be reasonable and here, you know, now that we see
6:43 am
some reasonableness it's hard for democrats to say sorry, not reasonable enough. so i think this is going to pass. you know, one extra point here. the country knows who paul ryan s-of course, because he ran for vice president with mitt romney last year but patty murray is less well-known publicly and she deserves an enormous amount of credit. she's a member of the progressives in the senate and the fact that she was able to get to this point really is a huge amount of credit to patty murray and i think her star rises today. >> progressive like sitting down and negotiating with, i guess, a one time tea party favorites because tea party conservatives are angry at paul ryan. they say he and other republicans caved and are now at any rateors. marco rubio said this budget plan continues washington's irresponsible budget decisions. i know both of you think this will past but this will cause problems for paul ryan, won't it, john? >> it may cause some political
6:44 am
problems but that's the cost of a profile in courage when you're trying to do something good for your country. there are activist groups that had their finger hovering over the send button waiting to denounce it because they are playing a different game. they are not interested in governing or thinking about the national interest they are playing a divide and conquer game. i'm surprised somebody like marco rubio did denounce this vote after he voted against sequester in the first place. that's about politics. that's about playing to the base. that's about larger aspirations, it's not about gonk in the larger interest. people that aren't playing that game are part of the problem in washington. >> i was going to say i think particularly for some of those republican senators who want to be in the 2016 presidential primary if they become the loudest voices in the next couple of days means it's a
6:45 am
pretty good deal. >> thank you both for your insight. you know, ceos make much more money than hourly workers but you'll never guess exactly how much more. people don't have to think about where their electricity comes from. they flip the switch-- and the light comes on. it's our job to make sure that it does. using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner and reliable, with fewer emissions-- it matters. ♪ i use my citi thankyou card to get 2x the points at the coffee the office, which will help me get to a beach in miami and they'll be stuck at the cube farm. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the points dining out, with no annual fee. go to
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there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. if you have persistent diarrhea, contact your doctor right away. other serious stomach conditions may exist. avoid if you take clopidogrel. for many, relief is at hand. ask your doctor about nexium. checking our top stories at 48 minutes past the hour police have arrested a second man for stealing wreckage from the california crash site from "fast and furious" star paul walker died. anthony janel stole a roof panel from the porsche. an 18-year-old has also been charged. if convicted the men could face four years in prison. national security agency is taking a cue from madison avenue. the spy agency uses internet tracking files called cookies to
6:49 am
pinpoint potential targets for potential hacking. a fishing trip with his wife turned into a reel adventure. jeff a marine stationed at camp pendsleton caught a great white shark on this california beach and lived to tell the tale. his wife captured it all on video. she said she was more than a little nervous. >> got it? >> yeah. look at it. oh. oh, my god. oh, my god. >> why are you touching its mouth? it is legal to catch a great white shark. some quickly set the shark free. it took him 25 minutes to reel it into shore. a follow up to a story we've been following. a college basketball player can keep the $20,000 he won for a
6:50 am
half-court shot during the be nba. originally he forfeited his admission at southwest if he kept the ceos make hundreds of times more per hour than their employees. but up until now it hasn't been quantified very much. there's a new stud that analyzed pay data from ten of the country's top retail and fast food companies. alison kosik is following the story. >> reporter: nerd wallet is a financial company and they used a proxy statement to come up with this information. and what they found in their sample of ten retail and fast food chains, is that the ceo earns 874 times more per hour than a sales associate at the
6:51 am
same company. then what they did, they went a little deeper with this example using mcdonald's. they used hourly compensation for mcdonald's and they also used and that figure is $9,247. and then they took the nonexecutive wage as ataneds through a glass door. which was $7.73. and it calculated that it would take a nonmanagerial average work of 1 1/2 times the base wage to equal one hour of pay for the ceo. that's 3.86 months of work to get one hour. >> and that's assuming that he gets overtime? >> right. if you look at what they found, many companies actually schedule
6:52 am
shifts to avoid paying overtime. they said that companies in their study have faced lawsuit failing to pay overtime or scheduling just to avoid the overtime. it would take even longer than that 3.86 months to get what the ceo gets paid per hour. >> a 6-year-old boy from colorado has been suspended from school for sexual harassment. he kissed a female classmate on the hand and it violated their policy against unwanted touching. but the boy's mother said the girl had no problem with it and the real issue is with the district calling it sexual harassment. >> reading group. and eileened over and kissed her on the hand. that's what happened. >> this is taking it to an extreme that doesn't need to be met with a 6-year-old. now my son is asking questions,
6:53 am
what is sex, mamma? it should not ever be said sex in a sentence with a 6-year-old. >> they want the sexual harassment note removed from his record. but the school says this was not his first offense. mike tyson may be the world's baddest man on the planet, but that's one place he's now allowed. england. we'll tell you why in a moment. ♪ nothing says, "you're my #1 copilot," like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone.
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6:57 am
the rumors are flying about nick saben. andy scholes joins us now. is he going to texas? >> we'll have to see. alabama's fan base is on crisis lockdown mode. reports are that mack brown is going to step down on friday and texas is going to do whatever it takes to get nick saben. this story has been all over twitter the last couple of days. and the reports are that they're ready to offer him $120 million a year to leave alabama. everyone in austin excited about all of these rumors. someone at the austin airport got on the pa system and said, nick sabin your car is ready for
6:58 am
you. and everyone started looking for him and of course he wasn't there. american football in the summer olympics. this is a possibility now. because the international olympic committee has recognized football as an international sport. this still very far from happening. and if it is added, it would likely be in the seven on seven format. it would be big offensive linemen or stuff like that. three gold medals. no one could compete with the united states. mike tyson is currently promoting the world. but he can't go to great britain, because get this, he's now banned from entering the united kingdom. he served three years of a six-year sentence for a rape conviction in the '90s. and under new immigration laws in the uk, anyone served for man
6:59 am
four years in prison is barred from entering the company. andre johnson spent over $17,000 on toys for a dozen underprivileged kids and their sibli siblings. the kids were allowed to grab as many toys as they could at a houston area troys r us. >> and they don't have to ask anybody for it. that's the reason why i did it. whatever they have on the christmas list, they can pick up. >> i think he's awesome for doing this. i like toys and shopping. >> the johnsons have done this for about seven years. can you imagine, every kids' dream to run through and grab everything they can off the shelves. i would have gone straight for the electronics and x box. >> i don't know what i would have chosen. it would have been so hard for me i would have just been standing there saying, i don't know what to get. thank you. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts now.
7:00 am
good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. hospital officials are praising a nevada couple for he keeping their kids warm while they were stranded for two days in the frozen wilderness. james glanton and his girlfriend warded off frostbite with rocks they heated by a campfire and put in their overturned vehicle. stephanie elam has more. >> reporter: and incredible finale to a dramatic story of survival. a family of six, including four young children, your found alive and in fairly good condition tuesday after being stranded in the rugged winter terrain of nevada's seven troughs mountain range about 120 miles northeast of reno. they're saying this rescue is
7:01 am
truly a miracle. >> i was expecting the worst. >> it was the work of a lot of people in the community. >> that way? >> yeah. >> reporter: for two days, search times and more than 200 volunteers covered 6,000 square miles by air and land, off-radioing through the snow and mud searching for james glanton, christina mcintee and their children. according to police, they set out on sunday and their jeep slowly tipped over in the soft snow and slipping and overturning down a ravine. the conditioned at the tiechl the accident? brutal. temps plunging to 21 degrees below zero. but officials say they did a fabulous job of keeping all of them warm. the 34-year-old father even heated rocks to battle the biting cold. >> first thing he did was build
7:02 am
a fire. that really prevented any serious medical problems for them. >> reporter: police say it was a joint effort that led to the rescue tuesday afternoon. a couple of pings from glanton's cell phone eventually led the care patrol to the family. meanwhile, glanton's friend also located them while scanning the mountainside. >> he's one hell of a guy, that's for damn sure. he kept them alive and warm. my hat is off to him. not a lot of people are capable of that. >> you're not kidding. by the way, the family is in a nevada hospital right now, but no serious injuries. in fact they may get to go home today. in other news this morning, new information from the ntsb said the pilots from the deadly asiana plane crash may have relied too much on the automated systems in the final approach to the airport. we're in washington following
7:03 am
that story. renee marsh is in washington today. what else came out of that. >> reporter: it really does make you shake your head. we know that it came in too low and too slow at san francisco's airport. now the new information from the polywhy.painting aic aut an again, it really makes you say wow. we know three things this morning. ntsb investors are concerned about pilot's overreliance on automated systems in the cockpits. specifically with the auto throttle. and that's similar to cruise control in a car. it essentially presets how much power is sent to the engine and in turn sets the plane's speed. they said that the pilots thought it afs engaged but it wasn't. causing the plane to fall to a dangerously slow speed. this is mind-blowing. it suggests a few possibilities here. the pilots possibly didn't recognize that the auto throttle
7:04 am
was disengaged. perhaps they weren't checking their equipment. or they didn't fully understand how to operate this system on the 787. and this is all scary possibilities for a plane full of passengers. the first officer warned, we learned, more than four times about an ex-sift sift sink rate. now piemts who have thrown triple 7's tell me that more than enough time to correct the problem. it only takes the plane's engine about 4 to 9 seconds to come to a safe speed. we know that investigators are also looking into what role culture played in the cockpit. can the korean culture have anything to do with preventing communication in the cockpit. >> let's stay in washington, shall we, and talk about
7:05 am
compromise and common ground and consensus. probably not the words most of us would use to describe washington these days. but bipartisanship has led to a budget deal. we have republican congressman pul ryan and democratic patty murray to thank for that. we're in washington. first off, should we read anything big into this agreement between the republican and the democrat? >> i think you can read some big things. i'm old enough to remember this is the way washington used to work. they went into a room and worked out the difference and normally split the difference more or less. that's what they did here. should americans be happy that you have democrat i can and republican leaders having conversation and have some stability on the basis stuff, that's a good thing. the big decisions were kicked down the road here.
7:06 am
but they do give stability for two years, assuming they can get the votes in the house and senate. there won't be a government shutdown in january or the threat of one next october. so what does that help? businesses around the country who have done what for the last few years, complained that we're afraid to open a new fact other or hire new people because we don't know what's happening in washington. it also helps the tea -- it gets the threat of a political -- the political damage over another shutdown out of the way and we can focus on health care. from a policy perspective it's a motdest deal. from a political perspective, both sides see some things to like and worry about. >> it don't solve the big problems of our country. a lot of people think we're spending too much money. it doesn't solve that problem. unemployment benefits. doesn't solve that problem. entitlement reform, doesn't solve that problem. are those just kicking the can down the road.
7:07 am
>> on the big questions, yes. on medicare, social security, other big drivers of the deficit, those are being kicked down the road and very unlikely they can get to those next year because it's the big term election year. on the unemployment benefits questions that you raised, the democrats and president wanted that in this deal. the republicans would not go along. i'm told that the president is going to try to push that in a separate vehicle and get it done before the end of the year. the president is back from the mandela memorial service. we'll see if he can find a way to get that done before the end of the year. >> appreciate it. also happening now, you're looking at live pictures from pretoria south africa where thousands of people are expected to file pass the coffin of nelson mandela.
7:08 am
today, those in line, jacob zuma. bono was also there. the viewing is open to the public beginning tomorrow. and he's scheduled to be buried sunday in his wild hood village. we're getting a look inside air force one. he was accompanied by his predecessors, george w. bush and his wife who were invited by president obama. also on board, the former secretary of state hillary clinton. all arrived back in washington early this morning. the fear of drug resistant super bugs has the fda making new moves. today they'll issue major proposals to curb the use of and buy yotices animal feed. experts warn that the overuse of the drugs is created new strains of deadly drug resistant
7:09 am
bacteria. they issue new guidance to veterinary drug companies. and propose a plan tore stricter lichlts of buying anti-buy yot i cans for animals. still to come, the reverend billie graham's family is asking for your prayers. he's battling yet another respiratory infection. did you know more coffee drinkers prefer the taste of gevalia house blend over the taste of starbucks house blend? not that we like tooting our own horn but... ♪ toot toot. [ male announcer ] find gevalia in the coffee aisle or at [every day we're working toalia and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here.
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7:12 am
say bin saben is in is say ban is . the woman in charge of the distas truss rollout of the obama care website testifies in morning on capitol hill. kathleen sebelius will tell the submy about improvements to
7:13 am
it comes as the administration has just released new numbers on the obama care enrollment for november. they're up. but still way below the dpoel of 7 million by march. joe johns joins us now from washington. >> reporter: the top line number is total enrollment, that's the one everyone is concerned about. that number is 364,682. now, the federal exchange, that's basically the obama care website has shown vast improvement, but still running under expectations. 137,204. the state-run exchanges, that's the 14 different states that are sort of doing their own thing on obama care, that number is 227,478. so state-run exchanges still running ahead of the federal website. now, let's take a look at
7:14 am
october enrollment versus november enrollment. you can see the october numbers caused a lot of concern because they were so anemic. 26,794. november, much improvement. 110,410 people enrolled. so clearly they're picking up some steam on getting people enrolled in obama care. but as you said, the 6 million is the magic number and they're a long way from that. >> when do they have to get the seven million mark? by when do they supposedly reach this goal of seven million? >> reporter: they think they're going to get a bunch of people enrolled at the very end. you know, there's a sort of self-imposed deadline at the end of december. but early next year is where it really matters, carol, that's the big point. >> joe johns, thanks so much. checking other top stories
7:15 am
this morning at 14 minutes past the hour. it feels like winter has shown up early this year. parts of the northwest covered in snow and ice. causing massive traffic jams and plane delays. in ohio icy roads caused a snow through to slide off a road and down an embankment. a bizarre -- sign language interpreter at the event. the nation's deaf federation claims he was a fake. spokesman for the ruling says that he was not employed by the plal party for the event. >> an emotional day at the trial of a montana newly we had accused of murdering her husband of eight days. broth he have jordan graham testified that he was gainery because she lied over and over again. prosecutors say she intentionally pushed her husband off a cliff back in july.
7:16 am
her lawyer says it was an accident. arguably the best known christian evangelist in the world. the reverend billie graham's family is asking you to pray for them today. he's had another bout with a respiratory infection and was hospitalized briefly before returning home to recuperate. he is extremely weak. billy graham is such an icon and it's sad that his son had to ask us all to pray for him. >> reporter: it comes on the heels of his 95th birthday. and many folks say this is one of the last things he was going to be doing. may have been his last public appearance. he just wrapped up a book and a big outreach push called "my hope for america" which included
7:17 am
an hour dash long tv special in addition to the book. one thing that is hopeful, frankly notes in the letter that as soon as he finished the book, he said his father started working on the next book. but again, we've known billie graham has been ill and fighting respiratory problems for about the last three years. when he finally does go, of course it will be a huge surprise for his family and it will be incredibly sad for them and many folks around the world. >> he counselled so many presidents, democrat i can and republican. is there anyone comparable to him now? >> i get asked this question a lot and the answer is no. i was reading part of his memoirs last night where he talked about talking to president harry trueman in the 1950s and then in north korea in
7:18 am
1992. it's hard to find a figure like that who can command audiences in any part of the globe and draw as many people as he has. >> and by the way, franklin graham is going to be an piers morgan tonight. thanks. weep be right back. you stas like a squirrel stashes nuts, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® liquid gels. nothing starts working faster than zyrtec® at relieving your allergy symptoms for 24 hours. zyrtec®. love the air.
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there's no buyer's remorse, you know. i'm happy with my purchase. it's the truth. when you're ready to buy a car, save time, save money, and never overpay. visit parents of a texas college student shot and killed by police are still waiting for
7:22 am
answers. they say he fought aggressively with a campus police officer after a traffic stop and he was beating the officer with his own baton when the officer shot him five times. they're not planning their son's funeral and police are still investigating. we're live in seabrook, texas, with more. >> reporter: the family is speaking out and saying that they're withholding judgment. there's one thing they say that remains unchanged in their minds, the character of their son. a father and mother struggle with the unthinkable. >> i would give anything if he would walk right through that door. >> reporter: 23-year-old cameron shot and killed by a police officer just hours after celebrating the final day of the semester. he was set to graduate in may.
7:23 am
but now his parents are planning his funeral. >> all i could see was the tragedy. we've been so devastated by the unnecessary loss. >> he was well loved and a favorite of the group. and excelled. i was just proud for him. i was proud to be his mother. >> reporter: police paint a very different picture of the college senior. vetters say for at least six minutes early friday morning cameron ignored 56 commands to stop resisting arrest when confronted by chris carter. then they say there was a struggle. according to the university, the officer drew his firearm and was able to knock the baton from the suspect who continued to resist arrest. shots were fired. >> the university has put out a statement. the police are releasing some facts. and we still don't know all the
7:24 am
facts. but as a family, how do you deal with the contribution, these two stories about who you know cam to be and what you're hearing? >> i know the man that i've seep for 23 years. i know what he's become. i know how steadfast and true the way we brought him up. i just feel like the truth will come out. >> reporter: a young man who loved adventure. cam's parents say he was loved by many. leaving behind a legacy that they believe speaks for itself. >> we believe him to be in heaven. beginning the greatest adventure ever. but for ourselves, there's pain. because there's this huge hole that's left by his presence here with us. >> reporter: and regardless of what the investigation concluded, the tragedy for this family is their son's life was
7:25 am
cut short. the viewing is set for today here in baytown and we know that the funeral is set for tomorrow. >> and i know there's so much you don't know right now because the investigation is ongoing. i just have to ask. were drugs, alcohol involved? do you know? >> reporter: and those really are questions that still remain unclear. we don't know. we do expect to hear possibly from police before the end of the week. we're told, carol, that this could be a two-week investigation. but the texas rangers are helping with the police department and trying to get to the bottom of it. the family, as they said in the story, withholding judgment until they hear all the facts. >> george howell, thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom", "time" magazines person of the year is pope francis. but some people argue it should have been edward snowden. just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked him up.
7:26 am
it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. it even pulled strings with the stoplights. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms and pilots and stadiums. but, of course, it's a good listener too. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everything works like never before.
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it matters. ♪ to help secure retirements and protect financial futures. to help communities recover and rebuild. for companies going from garage to global. on the ground, in the air, even into space. we repaid every dollar america lent us. and gave america back a profit. we're here to keep our promises. to help you realize a better tomorrow. from the families of aig, happy holidays. good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. this morning, "time" magazine as unvield it's person of the year and it is pope francis.
7:30 am
he's captured the world's attention and not just from catholics. the pope has embraced the poor, down-troded and disfigured. he's challenged the catholic establishment. look who he was up against. they announced that edward snowden was number two. edith windsor was number three, and bashar al-assad was number four and senator ted cruz came in at number five. how close was the vote? >> it was a really tough choice this year with pope francis and edward snowden. you have two people with an interesting amount of common, if you think about it. both totally new to the global stage. we had auto heard of pope francis really before nine months ago and edward snowden came out of nowhere. they are people who opened up
7:31 am
conversations so important related to the way we live now. snowden about technology and surveillance and providety. and the pope about poverty and inequality and a kind of global attention to people who have been overlooked. in the end we felt that pope francis because of his position and reach, partly, had the power to influence more people. but i think both of them have been extremely influential this year. >> some critics will say that you made the least controversial choice. >> it's interesting. pope francis is quite conversational. partly because he's talking about difficult issues for the church, like homosexuality or the role of women in the church. in fact, in terms of doctrine he's really quite conservative. there are a lot of people who are concerned that he won't do enough to move the catholic church forward. >> you're right, though. people are talking about the
7:32 am
catholic church and talking about things other than the sexual abuse scandal. so the pope has at least changed the conversation, which is a big deal. >> it is a big deal. 1.2 billion catholics worldwide. but he's reaching a lot more people than that. he's not unlike edward snowden, very salvvy about how to reach people and get his message across. we'll be seeing more from pope francis in the years to come. >> thanks for joining me this morning. i appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> just ahead in the "newsroom", remember this? how could you forget? that was gone zauls? the closet the face of an international custody battle. eventually as you know he was sent back to cuba. now nearly 14 years later, he has some harsh words for the u.s. government. [ male announcer ] if you can clear a crowd but not your nasal congestion,
7:33 am
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7:36 am
elian gone gonzalez was the face of an international custody battle nearly 14 years ago. this is the photo most of us remember as federal agents stormed his home in miami to return him to his father in cuba. he's not holding back his opinions about the relations between the united states and his home country. he blames the u.s. for cuba's economic troubles. rosa flores is following that
7:37 am
story. >> reporter: you probably remember this. when this happened, experts were saying that he would probably have long dash lasting trauma because of everything that he went through. here we are, more than a decade later, he's 20 years old and speaking for himself. not only about how he's doing but about the u.s. embargo on cuba. this is how the world remembers elian gonzalez. a prietenned 6-year-old. that was in 2000. this is him today. he's 20. a cadet at a military school in cuba and studying engineering. he says he hasn't suffered any long dash lasting psychological trauma from the international custody battle. he spoke to cnn while traveling outside of cuba for the first time since his ordeal. attending a youth conference in
7:38 am
ecuador. he's now an outspeaken castro supporter blaming cuba's economic crisis on the u.s. he says it's america's unfair block aid that caused a critical situation in cuba and that many have died trying to reach america. his mother was one of them. he was placed with relatives back in 1999 when his mother died. it launched worldwide hoedlines. >> it is time for this little boy, who has been through so very much, to move on with life at his father's side. >> reporter: since his return to cuba, he's been hailed a hero. for the past 13 years,fy dell and other castros leg regulars
7:39 am
at his birthday parties. the youth conference he's attending is known for promoting the very leftist views his mother died trying to protect him from. he did an interview with a cuban newspaper. here is what he said aboutfy dell castro. i'm going to quote. he is like a father. i don't profess to have any religion. but if i did, my god would befy dell castro. that tells us a lot about what he thinks now and what i think the big question now is, is what is he going to do now? what is he going to do later. ? what is he going to do in cuba? >> and we have to remember that when he went back to cuba, his father and the cuban government took them in and took care of them. what else would he think? >> reporter: well, one of the other things that i've been doing is reading spanish newspapers. these are the newspapers that are quoting him directly.
7:40 am
and one of other quotes that really stood out to me, he said, i'm quoting, in cuba i enjoy freedoms that i couldn't enjoy in the united states. and we should point that that this youth conference that he's attending in ecuador, there are a lot of different, i guess, themes around this youth conference that are in relation to, for example, socialism. and so -- >> i'm wondering what freedoms he enjoys in cuba that he couldn't enjoy in the united states. like what exactly are those freedoms? >> you know, in another newspaper, i did -- there was another quote about him saying, something about well, in the united states, i would probably be pulled into politics. in the united states, i would probably be pulled to be a singer or entertainer. things like that. and he said in cuba, i don't have to do that. it's interesting how just the mentality, especially for a kid that was so close to being just a regular american, that we
7:41 am
would normally see here in the united states but for the fact that he got pulled from his family in miami and taken to cuba. so i think it's going to be interesting to see, carol, what happens with him. especially because he is such an icon in cuba. and the castros have been attending his birthday parties. he hailed a hero. what's next? >> we'll see. thanks. a programming note for you. tonight's cnn's anderson cooper has a special report on the newtown shooting anniversary. it takes a look at sandy hook's parents turning their heartbreak into lasting legacies. that appears tonight only on cnn. atrial fibrillation -- an irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts jim at a greater risk of stroke. for years, jim's medicine tied him to a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested.
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general motors. she joins 20 other women at the top of a fortune 500 company. cnn digital correspondent kelly wallace joins me now. >> reporter: it's a new report by the nonprofit group that doesn't have a lot of good news when it comes to women. it found for the eighth consecutive year, no significant movement when it comes to the number of women serving on corporate boards. this year, 16.9% of the boards seats held by women versus 16.6% last year. not a significant uptick. same story when you look at the number of woman serving as executive officers. four years, no real change. this year, 14.6% of women in the executive officers. last year, 14.3%. and when i look at these stories, the big question is
7:46 am
why. and why reason i've been hearing from a lot of experts is the composition of boards and who the board is looking for. if boards are only looking for current or former ceos, well, guess what? just as you talked about, there are fewer women ceos than male ceos. and part of the problem or part of the answer could be looking at a more diverse pool of candidates seating that board. >> boards seat very wealthy people, right? so that could be another problem. while there are many wealthy women in the world, there are many more wealthy men at the top of the ladder. >> i talked to one male ceo who said, this is about talent not about equity or fairness. he says if he's trying to pick an all-star team, if he only looks at men but he doesn't look at all the best women, there might be some mazings women out there who are better than some
7:47 am
of the male candidates. so the focus is putting diversity. having the best men and the best women on your leadership team. and the research has shown, it's proven, that those companies that have the most diversity at the top, they tend to see results when it comes to the bottom line. >> amen, sister. there is a pit of bright news. a new study found that for millennials the pay gap is the small heest in history. good news right? >> that is is great news. young women are starting off better than we did. the gap narrower than ever before. as you said. many young women have more credentials, you know when it comes to school, than young men. the key is keeping that up. because what the studies seem to find, as women get closer to motherhood and dealing with those issues, they tend to not keep up that same gender pay
7:48 am
parity. we're expecting to you to keep that up, ten, 20, 30 years from now. >> if you read the study, it is 'interesting. it's on my facebook page. it should be 100%. not just 93%. the other disturbing thing is that the majority of young women still don't believe there's a lot of upward mobility in the corporate world. and if you don't have hope you're going to go there, sometimes you don't cry. >> reporter: that's why the news by gm is so huge. to have the first female head of a u.s. automaker. now for young girls everywhere, they can put that on their list of things that they think they can do. as you see more and more women in positions of leadership, younger women can say, okay, i can do that too. and also, this came out when we were talking a lot about sheryl sanburg and the whole leaning in
7:49 am
notion. it's also as women talk realistically about what it takes. there are sacrifices to make. no one can have it all. but you can be a top ceo of a company and still have a family and still have a marriage and still care about charitable causes and do other things. the key is talking about how you do it. and all the sacrifices it takes to get there. >> you know what the key is really? finding the right husband. that's the key. isn't that true? a husband willing to share in child-rearing duties, support your career, et cetera, et cetera, right? >> it is. one of the most important things is picking the right partner. we talk about it with a smile. but you have have that partnership and he does share in child care and otherse responsibilities, it allows you to do more in the corporate world. we all joke, men and women, we all need a wife or assistant or partner to do what we want to
7:50 am
do. some of us are lucky to have one. >> i know i am. and i know you are too. >> reporter: i am. >> for more on her thoughts, go to our website. right now health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius is testifying on capitol hill. we just heard fred upton who was the chairman of the energy and congress committee ask her about delaying the launch, if she regrets not doing that in light of all the problems. here is her response. >> knowing what you know today, you would have started the launch october 1st? >> i would have done maybe a slower launch and maybe fewer people and does this initial beta testing. >> sebelius' testimony comes as the administration announced today that 365,000 people signed
7:51 am
up for new health insurance so far from obama care. much lower than the goal of 7 million by march. the national security agency taking a cue from madison avenue. the paper says the spy agency uses cookies to pinpoint potential targets for government hacking. they make it easier for the nsa to zero in on someone already under suspicious. for this year's sag awards, we'll talk about the nominees. next. [ male announcer ] if you can clear a crowd but not your nasal congestion, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec-d®. powerful relief of nasal congestion and other allergy symptoms -- all in one pill. zyrtec-d®. at the pharmacy counter. and other allergy symptoms -- all in one pill. so you can see like right here i can just... you know, check my policy here, add a car, ah speak to customer service, check on a know, all with the ah, tap of my geico app. oh, that's so cool.
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the nominations are out for the 20th annual screen actors guild awards. nischelle turner joins us from los angeles with more. >> reporter: for the nominations for the screen actors guild award, this is when we know that this is really underway. when actors are nominating actors, they take this one to heart because it's their peers that are acknowledging them. first of all, in the best ensemble category, they don't do a best picture, they do a best enassemble. here are the nominations, "12
7:56 am
years of sage" american hustles, august osage county dallas buyers club and lee banls butler. and there was also best actor, bruce dern, and forest whitaker in the butler. and kate blan ket and blue jasmine. sandra bullock was nominated. meryl streep for august osage county and emma thompson for saving mr. banks. they do both television and movies for the screen actors guild awards. in the television awards, you talk about "breaking bad" they lead the way for four awards. and "12 years of slave" also had four nominations.
7:57 am
it's the 20th anniversary this year for the s.a.g. awards. for a very momentous day for them. >> thanks for sharing. every now and then we get a reminder of just how serious the tsa is when it comes to keeping weapons off planes. the latest comes when a woman learned hard way when it comes to playing with toy guns. >> reporter: airport security socked it to this cowboy sock puppet. it wasn't just any sock pickup pet. i mean to kill you in one minute, net. >> he was modeled after the true grit rooster kaug burn. this woman sells sock monkeys on her home in washington. but on the way to solution, they
7:58 am
disarmed her monkey. actually the pistol was about this big. not nearly impressive as the ones favored by rooter's namesake. phillies describes the tsa agent as saying, this is a gun. she relied, it's not a gun, it's a prop for my monkey. but they confiscated it nonetheless. here is one reason. >> to show you how lethal these are. miniature pistols can pack a bunch. there is the competent wounds. >> a few years back the traveler had a necklace similar to this one confiscated. he was planning on wearing it in a kanye wrapper skit with his niece. good job there, officer, tsa,
7:59 am
you really protected us from that terrorist sock puppet. not since they were used to reenact the movie "flight" have puppets caused such commotion. in aviation circles, if it hadn't been rooster, it could have been wonderer woman suspected of being an underwear bomber. cnn, new york. >> thanks so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts now. >> hello everyone. it's wednesday, december 11th.
8:00 am
happening right now, a national board safety review hearing on the crash of the boeing 777 crash back in july killing three people and injuring 181. this morning we're learning that it could have been because the pilots were relying too much on their automated computers to fly and land the plan. renee marsh is here to explain it all to us. walk me through why we're perhaps just learning about this now and just how serious is it that this could be about reliance on computers? >> reporter: well, ashleigh, number one, this is serious. major information that we know. and this was just released by the ntsb just moments before this hearing got underway today. we know that the flight 214 came in too low and too slow at san francisco's ai


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