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tv   Early Start  CNN  December 13, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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that's it for us. thanks for watching. "early start" begins now. another massive wointer storm. it is set to drop sleet and snow and ice and expected to wreak havoc on so many communities. indra petersons is tracking it all for us. >> it actually passed the house at least. what is next for the budget plan that has rocked washington. north korea's leader accusing his uncle of treachery and having him exexecutcuteexec. welcome to "early start."
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>> i'm john berman. >> i'm zoraida sambolin. a number of ways to put it. friggin' cold and holy blank, it's cold. >> i like it. any more? >> yes. you said the brrrr thing? >> brrrr. >> you can say that too a snowstorm is bearing down just in time for the weekend. >> so some parts of the country are already feeling it. you know where you are. the area around buffalo, new york, you're getting a foot of snow on top of the several feet that were already piled up and they could receive a little bit more today. for drivers, it cannot be fun trying to get around, but for ski resorts? this could not have come at a better time! >> it's been a while since we have been blessed with such great snow. we hope to have an early snow because it gets in people's mind to come out and enjoy it and so we are grateful. >> snow and ice leading to a
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massive 40-car accident. >> another one? >> this happened not far from grand rapids. cars and trucks smashing into each other. even police cars got into the mix and there to warn drivers about the danger and they were hit. >> it was inside of probably ten minutes that it went from being able to see what was going on ahead of you to not seeing. >> i actually lost control. i hit a car in front of me. i was thrown off and i hit the police officer who was in the ditch. nothing that we could do to stop. >> take a look at this. this is a milwaukee river. part of it is frozen. temperatures have been below freezing for days now. the river's current is not strong enough to overcome the really cold weather. >> so much. for some, in corvallis, oregon, near eugene, suspended more than a week. the problem is the snow and icy
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hills. the trucks can't get to the homes safely. the postmaster is hopeful full delivery will resume soon. >> safety is first. >> indra petersons is tracking the forecast and the big storm. i am so tired of saying that it. >> i like it inside. you did let me in today and thank you for opening the doors. temperatures are cold! below freezing. new york city, 24 degrees. right at the freezing mark in d.c. but that isn't nothing compared to bismarck a whopping 3 degrees currently as they step outside. one of the stories we are watching the last several days has been that lake-effect snow. looking for a little bit more out there today but we will shift our focus to the next system diving down. down from montana yaened making its way around missouri and consist. you'll see the wintry mix. another low that is going to start developing here so we are going to be looking at these two combining their impact and start to bring rain into the southeast and also more snow into the ohio
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valley especially as you go through tomorrow. notice into the northeast we are going to start to see some rain and snow. a little bit of that wintry mix. by sunday looking at the low producing more of that moisture offshore and the snow making its way out toward the main and giving the conditions towards the end of the weekend talking about a good amount. d.c. under an inch but new york city could get 2 to 4 inches and boston up their totals as much as a foot of snow possible in your area, cleveland, 4 to 6 inches and it goes on and on. the question everyone is asking how long does it stay this way? look at the temperatures so far below normal. today a high of 33 and tomorrow, a high of 27. >> what is the temperature in the caribbean? >> i know is someone who does know. >> i'm headed there st. thomas. i love sledding! >> keep it to yourself is what we have to say about that. >> all right. stop hating.
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let's move on, shall we? now to washington. what a difference a few months makes, right? the bipartisan federal just announced days ago has been proofed. 332-94. democrats and republicans both joined together to vote to it. it's a big change from the sniping that led to the government shutdown. of course, still some nastiness in all of this and it is being directed from the speaker of the house to critics with his own party. the conservative lobbying groups and john boehner snapped at them yesterday. >> when groups come out and criticize an agreement that they have never seen, you begin to wonder just how credible those actions are. it's not everything we wanted, but our job is to find enough common ground to move the ball down the field on behalf of the american people who sent us here to do their work. >> their party is dominated by
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people who do not believe in government and that they don't believe in government, they don't believe in sentence and they don't believe in the presidency of barack obama. so it's a trifecta. those people have hijacked the name republican which was made such a valuable contribution to our country, the republican party. >> some of those conservative groups say if they make sure the votes know who said yes to this deal. it next moves to the senate where a vote is expected next week. >> the house is giving its okay to a bill changing policies and continuing funding the for the military. under a plan proofed by vote, the military personnel get 1% pay raise and change how sexual assaults are handled stripping military commanders of their power to overturn jury convictions. this bill now goes to the senate where it does face an uncertain future. new revelation by a retired fbi agent missing for years now in iran. the associated press and "the washington post" say robert
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levinson was working fountar tha when he disappeared. officials have assured he was in iran as a private citizen. his whereabouts remain unknowns. >> do yourself a favor and read this story in the "the washington post." it is stunning. a group is killed why yemen. the u.s. stepped up drone operations in that country and considered a stronghold for the al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. a new report identifies four likely incidents in addition to a deadly attack outside damascus in august. the inspectors are barred from saying the rebels or the regime
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is responsible for the attack. attackers killed 67 people we westgate mall in kept and the military insist they found the bodies of all four of the gunmen and discuss the report from the nypd which did its own study. secretary of state john kerry is in the middle east and talking about security with the israelis and the palestinians. he met morning with benjamin netanyahu after talking with palestinian president mahmoud abbas on thursday. he wants both sides to accept a security deal leave some israeli groups inside the palestinian state but neither seem happy with that particular arrangement. next half hour we will talk with karl penhall about secretary kerry's visit. he's in jerusalem. kathleen sebelius goes to connecticut this morning. she is set to take part in a
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discussion about the affordable care act and encourage people to sign up on it's a dubious honor for the white house. remember this phrase uttered early and often by president obama? >> if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. >> well, that is now being called the lie of the year by the fact checking group politico onfa onfact. it writes the following. >> no response from the white house yet. >> it isn't one of those awards you want to win so don't expect a big victory speech there. not so fast is the reaction to the fcc recommendation to lift cell phone bans on airplanes. several lawmakers are
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introducing federal legislation to address the issue. hooray! the agency has to base its decision on technical factors not public or personal opinions. >> i'm the last person in the world who wants to listen to somebody talking to me while i fly across the country, but we are the technical agency and we will make the technical rules that reflect the way the new technology works. >> the fcc is collecting information on whether cell phone use should be allowed on jets. >> can we chime in? >> i can. the answer is no. delta has said even if the ban is lifted it will not allow calls in flight. you know what? i'd like you to call me when you're on your way to st. thomas. >> >> it's the yepping. >> i suspect there will be a lot of fights. coming up, a shocking power play in north korea.
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the country's leader having his own uncle executed alleging a treacherous plot. we are live as all of this drama unfolds. an opportunity. a college student losing his life. the question is was this hazing? that's coming up next. i just love the new 2014 chevy malibu. yeah it offers stop/start technology and an epa-estimated 36 mpg highway. do you mind... sure, i'm great with kids. [ crying ] yeah. we're next! great... [ both chuckle ] yeah. [ male announcer ] chevy's giving more. this holiday season, chevy's giving more. get this 2014 chevy malibu ls for around $179 a month. across the country has brought me to the lovely city of boston. cheers. and seeing as it's such a historic city, i'm sure they'll appreciate that geico's
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he'll love the crunch of the healthy smile kibbles. you'll love how they help clean. with soft, meaty centers, and teeth cleaning texture healthy smile snacks help keep a shine on his smile. it's dental that tastes so good. new beneful healthy smile food and snacks. welcome back to "early start." many questions this morning about the latest news out of north korea where kim jong-un's uncle has been executed. he had been one of the most powerful officials there but has now been labeled by state media as a traitor. paula hancocks is live in seoul for us this morning. there is speculation what is behind this actually. what are you hearing? >> reporter: what we are hearing is from many experts that this message could not be clearer. king jong unis telling the elite
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if you are not loyal to me you will be executed and we are hear from state-run media kcna, our only form of information in north korea so it has to be taken at face value. they are saying the uncle thaek had tried to build his own power base and take over power from kim jong-un and blamed for womanizing and gambling and losing drugs and colorful language calling him a dog and despicable scum. it is accusing thaek pretty much everything has gong wrong with the country the past couple of years and blamed him for the economic crisis that the country is in. of course, it's impossible to know if this was, in fact, his fault. but he is, obviously, being blamed. he was tried. he said he knitted to his crimes and then he was executed. it shows no one is safe in north
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korea. he was family of the leader kim jong-un by marriage and the second most powerful man in the country but he has been executed. so a very clear message saying you must stay loyal to kim jong-un, otherwise, this could happen to you as well. we are hearing from south korean intelligence agent saying thaek was killed by a machine gun. very interesting an unprecedented event this friday morning and very rare for north korea to air its dirty laundry in this regard and interesting day peer here in north korea. >> and i will add brutal. >> talk about reign of terror. texas college student killed by police, the family and friends are remembering him as caring and compassionate. redis was killed on friday.
2:17 am
police insist he attacked an officer who pulled him over for driving erratically but the people who attended his memorial service say what happened doesn't make sense to them. >> i know the type of person he is. he knows how to make the right decisions. >> he was always just been a good friend and the nicest guy like i've ever known. >> the officer who shot redis remains on administrative leave as the investigation continues. charges could come as early as today if in the death of a college student injured and what is called a fraternity ritual. . they say he died after he fell and struck his head while taking part in an outdoor event for a new pledge for a fraternity. the ritual is apparently called glass ceiling. he was blindfolded and wearing a backpack and told to move around as frat brothers tried to block him. he was apparently push and that is when he fell. students at the college where he
2:18 am
attend is are heart broken. >> see him around the hallways and he had a goofy grin on his face. i never saw him sad or anything. >> people are broken up about it. anyone him personally and still shocks me to the core. >> i know a lot of people pledge fraternities but i don't think any tradition or ritual is worth somebody's life. >> it is barook college. police say the fraternity members did not immediately get help and waited two hours before taking him to the hospital. the fraternity national board has suspended all events nationwide until the outcome is found here. a woman accused of pushing her husband off a cliff pleaded guilty to his murder. just as closing arguments were set to begin in her trial, jordan graham reached a deal with prosecutors accepting a second-degree murder plea. everyone was watching this trial
2:19 am
in exchange for avoiding a mandatory life sentence. the two had only been married eight days. they talked about how unhappy they were during a hike in glacier national park. when he grabbed her and she said she pushed back admitting she knew he had fallen off the cliff. new details in the case of an actress sending ricin-laced letters to president obama and new york mayor michael bloomberg. her goal wasn't to kill politicians but to frame her husband. she originally told police her husband was to blame for sending all of those letters. she will spend at least 18 years in prison and that is part after plea deal. more trouble for toronto mayor rob ford. the admitted crack smoking wear. we are illegally obligated to call him. that. he is sued by a newspaper reporter. ford suggested that the reporter who works for the "toronto star" could be a pedophipedophile.
2:20 am
he didn't want to sue but he was driven to act after ford repeated this implication in an interview with a washington, d.c. radio station. now ford is standing by what he said. unlikely feat from beyonce. she stunned the music world. she stunned her fans by announcing and dropping her new album at the same time. her self-titled visual album a collection of 14 songs, 17 videos, is now available for you on itunes. she amazing kept all of this under wrap seemingly for on months. queen bee announced the album's release on the instagram thursday night. >> we wake up in the middle of the night so this is the biggest thing going on in the middle of the night! exploding overnight! big deal. congratulations to her. chargers taking on the broncos on their home turf. andy scholes giving us the play-by-play next in the bleacher report. peoi go to angie's listt for all kinds of reasons.
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i don't like guesses with my business, and definitely not with our health. innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. san diego chargers went into denver last night and they shocked peyton manning! >> really? >> and the broncos. they shocked them! andy scholes joins us with the bleacher report. >> peyton manning and the broncos offense really never had a chance to get going last night. chargers able to keep manning on the sidelines the majority of the game with super long drives. the play of the game came on this touchdown from keenan allen. check it out. he is going to leap the defender and then he is going to barrel
2:25 am
through another for the score! broncos did have one last chance to tie this game late but manning throws an interception. chargers win it 27-20 and handing denver just their first home loss of the season. surprising move yesterday, the texas rangers selected seattle seahawks quarterback russell wilson in the rule 5 draft. he played minor league baseball for colorado rockies before deciding to play football full-time. the rockies still own his rights. the rangers decide he was worth taking a gamble on and invited him to come to spring training next year. the rangers are known going after football stars in case it doesn't work out for hem. inside the nba crew laced up their track shoes and squared off against one another in a hundred-yard dash. this goes as you probably expect. charles barkley falls way behind. shaq pulled his hammie and kenny
2:26 am
smith looks like he had it one but at the last second, chris webber won in 6.1 seconds and smith cried foul saying he actually won. he wouldn't even participate in the medal ceremony. barkley who never finished the race is on "unguarded" with racial nichols tonight and explains why he thinks the nba is an embarrassment and why michael jordan he thinks is struggling. i don't know about you but whenever charles barkley speaks, i listen. >> better speaking than running. >> he had no chance. >> he has his moments. thank you, andy. the top headlines and everything you need to no he for the day right after the break. it's hard to see opportunity in today's challenging environment. unless you have the right perspective. bny mellon wealth management has the vision and experience to look beyond the obvious.
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a giant storm just in time for the weekend! >> why do you keep on doing this? >> snow, ice, freezing temperatures and everything you never wanted! >> i know. >> indra petersons is smiling. we will tell you where it's going to hit next. listen to this. compromise in congress. why top republicans and democrats say it was time to work together! >> and hungover too. actually. secretary of state john kerry this nisrael. the latest on his pitch for progress in middle east peace. we are live. welcome back. i'm zoraida sambolin. >> i'm john berman. it's 30 minutes past the hour. >> i'm the bearer of bad news. not the kind of forecast that will make you want to get out of
2:31 am
bed. it is cold again today for much of the country. snow, ice, hitting all over the place. the worst part? your saturday may be snow covered. >> tomorrow is even worse, fox if y if you think today worse. >> cars, trucks smashing into each other when visibility suddenly dropped and police cars there in michigan warned drivers about the dangers were hit in that massive pileup. >> it was inside of probably ten minutes that it went from being able to see what was going on ahead of you to not seeing. >> i actually lost control. i hit a car in front of me. i was thrown off and i hit the police officer who was in the ditch. nothing that we could do to stop. it is so cold in milwaukee. the river is frozen solid. >> can you go ice skating?
2:32 am
>> probably not in a river. bad idea. in oregon, cold and ice led to many accidents there. look at this one, folks. this was near portland. the driver lost control of his truck during a turn. it slid down and embankment and caught on fire. the driver amazing got out before it started to skid. he is said to be okay. >> take a look at the area around buffalo, new york, hometown of wolf blitzer. it is snowing there for days with several feet on the ground already. >> trivia. >> it could help toughen you up. it's a mess there for drivers but for ski resorts, it's been fantastic. ♪ let it snow let it snow ♪ >> it's been a while since we have been blessed with such great snow. we hope to have an early snow because it gets in people's mind to come out and enjoy it and so we are grateful.
2:33 am
>> people who are happy about this is indra petersons who has been watching this storm for a while now. >> if i can go snowboarding, i'm happy. people are happy. a lot more snow is headed our way. let's talk about the temperatures first this morning. new york, 24 degrees. below freezing. but they are not the only ones. minneapolis, chicago, cincinnati waking up in the teens and the southeast atlanta below freezing at 30. i think we know by now, it's cold. the other story we have been watching the last several days the lake-effect snow and looking for more of that today. the focus switches to the next system and dropping out of montana. today and through tonight you'll see the wintry mix starting to kick up again. portions like kansas and missouri. ohio valley will see impacts to the system and two systems coming together and bringing that moisture and the cold air.
2:34 am
winds will being kicking up and bulk of us affected on saturday and sunday. new york city talking 2 to 4 inches and boston could see as much as a foot of snow. i think they are going to have an indoor weekend. >> happy sledding, right? >> i'd just say inside. indoors is indoors. indoors. >> thank you, indra. how is this for bipartisan? democrats and republicans actually agreeing and voting to say yes to a federal budget deal. so the house voted overwhelmingly 332-94 to send a plan on to the senate and keep the government running through 2015. this is a big change from a few months ago when both sides were at each other's throats leading up to and during that government shutdown. of course, is not everything sunshine and happiness there. the sperp of the hou the speaker of house is going after lobbyists who saying they shouldn't vote for this deal.
2:35 am
john boehner snapped at them on wednesday and again yesterday. >> when groups come out and criticize an agreement that they have never seen, you begin to wonder just how credible those actions are. it's not everything we wanted, but our job is to find enough common ground to move the ball down the field on behalf of the american people who sent us here to do their work. >> their party is dominated by people who do not believe in government and that they don't believe in government, they don't believe in science and they don't believe in the presidency of barack obama. so it's a trifecta. those people have hijacked the name republican which was made such a valuable contribution to our country, the republican party. >> some of those conservative groups say they will make sure they let people know who said yes to this deal. the senate is expected to vote on a next weir. the associated press and christi paul christi paul say robert levinson was on a an
2:36 am
approved gathering mission. his whereabouts at this point remain unknown. this is a fascinating story. read it. yemeni officials blame terrorists for a killing at a wedding. u.s. has stepped up drone operations in the country. staying in the middle east. latest effort to find common ground between israeli and the palestinians. secretary of state john kerry is there today trying to get the okay from both sides on a new security agreement. karl penhall is live in jerusalem. >> reporter: one of the major topics is the snow, the weather.
2:37 am
according to local people here in jerusalem the heaviest dumps of snow they can remember for years. when john kerry met with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas he had to cut his meeting short a half an hour to get back because heavy snow was coming in and a journey normally takes 15 minutes took over two hours to get back to jerusalem. this morning when he met with israeli prime minister netanyahu, both men joking about the climate here. the serious issue that contrary came to talk about here is about security and about borders. what the israelis want is a permanent security military presence along the border with the west bank and jordan along the jordan river valley. that is something that palestinian authorities say they will not count and it's a continued israeli military presence on their territory and
2:38 am
what john kerry has is a difficult task to mediate between the two. this issue is one of the key issues known as the final status issues and although on the one hand, the palestinians and israelis don't sound optimistic, the americans remain optimistic and they believe as early as april they may at least some some kind of framework agreement on the final status issues. john? >> optimistic. karl penhaul in jerusalem with beautiful and stunning snow behind you. >> a nice backdrop. another trip to florida today for kathleen sebelius. she is heading to miami to take part in a discussion about the affordable care act and encourage people so sign up for health care on her third visit to florida to talk about the law. now been given a not so nice honor. >> if you like your health care
2:39 am
plan, you can keep your health care plan. >> we sa >> it is now called the lie of the year by the fact checking group. its editor writes the following. no response from the white house yet. >> i suspect they will say mum on that. coming up, the s.e.c. is getting called out about cell phones on planes. why even the idea of letting you make calls in the air has many, many up in arms. >> many, many, many, many.
2:40 am
2:41 am
2:42 am
forecast cc is hearing a lot of static about considering lifting a ban for using cell phones on airplanes. >> it's a bad idea. >> other agencies saying just don't do it.
2:43 am
the department of transportation is considering instituting its own restrictions and several lawmakers want to make a ban part of the federal law. fcc chairman tom wheeler told a house committee the agency has to base its decision on technical factors, not public or personal opinions. john? >> i'm the last person in the world who wants to listen to somebody talking to me while i fly across the country, but we are the technical agency and we will make the technical rules that reflect the way the new technology works. the fcc has opened up a comment period to collect more information on whether cell phone use should be allowed. delta has said even if the ban is lifted, it will not allow calls in flight. >> bravo to them. in other news. i am wearing black today because it is zoraida sambolin last day on "early start." i got you a little something. i got -- >> the boys made this? >> the boys made the bracelet
2:44 am
but i gave you the charms. i don't know if can you see it. it has a 5 and 6 for the hours of "early start." the 6 is a collectors item. i have to say when i heard you chose your fiance, your children and your hometown and sleep over me, i was a little offended and i've been trying to understand it, but it's hard. i have put together a little piece. >> oh, no. gosh! >> which i hope -- >> good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm zoraida sambolin. >> reporter: the thing about zoraida sambolin, when she says good morning, she means it. >> welcome to "early start." happy you're with us. i'm zoraida sambolin. >> reporter: not the morning but the obvious, the good part. >> she spilled a full cup of coffee oo 0 me. >> i love it. >> reporter: she doesn't want your morning to be good. she makes it happen. >> wow! >> reporter: whether it be taking on one of the world's fastest men or world's tallest
2:45 am
women, whether at sea or on stage dealing with everything from scary dragons to kinky boots! >> it's a morning show! >> reporter: it's that smile, that laugh, that sparkle. >> she is on fire this morning. >> reporter: it evoke the words of bill murray from "stripes." >> you can't go! all plants are going to die! >> reporter: it's not just the plants. more than anything, it's the sincerity. >> where were you when you found out the names? >> reporter: finding hope in the horror, determination, instead of dread. >> we are live in cleveland and there are burning questions this morning about the living hell that three women were forced to endure. >> reporter: it should have been no surprise when faced with her own challenges, her grit, her guts, came bursting through. >> i got diagnosed with breast cancer. >> reporter: her strength and courage gave us courage.
2:46 am
she led her family and her friends and coworkers through the battle. a founding member of team z. is not just z but super z. shine ago spotlight in the struggle against cancer. >> that's what i'm focused on, that i will feel confident at the end out of all of this that the cancer is gone. >> reporter: she won. it's not a good idea to pick a fight with zoraida sambolin. trust me. you're going to miss this. "early start" continues right n now. despite the bruises you made early less frisky. you put the fricky in 5:00 a.m. and the fun in sleep defini deprivation. do that again. >> brrrr. >> i'll never let go! >> reporter: i'll never let go, z! it doesn't work as as well for me as her, but know this. we will miss you tons. welcome back to "early start."
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yes you put the "good" in good morning. it just doesn't work as well in good-bye. >> that is so sweet! a nice collector's item! >> reporter: the charm bracelet, you can keep. i'm not going to take that back. that is yours for good. >> thank you, you guys. oh, my gosh. how sweet! thank you so much! >> we have a cake! >> how sweet of you guys to come! thank you! so, look, here is what i have to say. i thought about this long and hard. this was vae difficult decision for me. i did it primarily for my kids. they will be very happy in chicago and this has caught me a lot. you are the best human being i have ever sat to in my entire life. >> you have to sit next to more people. >> no, seriously. i cannot think of a more thoughtful, caring, cynical, loving, just a genuinely good human being! and i thank you for just being you. and for bringing so much to the table and for supporting me when
2:48 am
i needed support and for, you know, letting me have it when i needed that too so i really appreciate you more than you will ever know and i have told you this. i will miss you most. >> you told me i will miss you, but i'll get over it. she said this morning, "i will miss you, but i'll get over it." >>. >> i did say that but i didn't mean it. you know me. i will miss all of you. this is a great place led by an incredible man, mark zucker, i have to mention. when i got diagnosed to kansas city -- cancer, this man walked in the office with a silver platter and said however i can can help you, i will. just to get through this journey has been amazing and it has been so special. you should see the people behind us. this is the best team going. >> you are an amazing person. >> you're so sweet what you did. >> everyone here is going to miss you tons. everyone there is going to miss you tons. >> thank the boys for me. i appreciate this very much.
2:49 am
>> thank you. >> we will be right back. life could be hectic. as a working mom of two young boys angie's list saves me a lot of time. after reading all the reviews i know i'm making the right choice. online or on the phone, we help you hire right the first time. with honest reviews on over 720 local services. keeping up with these two is more than a full time job, and i don't have time for unreliable companies. angie's list definitely saves me time and money. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today. [ female announcer ] we eased your back pain... ♪ ready or not. [ female announcer ] you can be up there. here i come! [ female announcer ] ...down there, around there... and under there for him. tylenol® provides strong pain relief and won't irritate your stomach the way aleve® or even advil® can.
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so welcome back to "early start," everyone. not much going on here this morning. it is "money time" and christine romans is here with that. >> you have props? >> i do and get to them in a moment. stocks, i think they might gain today. the dow is down three days and two 100--point losses and leaving many to whands onder wh happening with that rally. investors have their eyes on the fed wondering when policymakers are going to start to taper that massive stimulus program. but still going strong. ipos. hilton shares up 7% in their public debut. the company raised more than $2
2:53 am
billion and makes the biggest ipo in history. mortgage rates are falling and 0-year fixed rate 4.2% and first drop in three weeks. 30-year is below 5% three years because of that aforementioned. the applications to get those loans, they are belong in size. sometimes as big as textbooks. this is the average size of a mortgage application today. 500 pages according to the mortgage bankers association. 500 pages, okay? five to seven, eight is what it looked like like a hundred pages. those are the boom times. all of these disclosures that happened after the crash. >> how could that possibly be? >> it's everything. it's verifying how much money you make and who you are. it used to be get a no income, no job, no asset. no problem, you could get a loan. now 500 pages to verify who you are. sharing photos just got a little bit easier. a little more sgret.
2:54 am
instagram launching a new private messaging system. >> some people share things they shouldn't share. >> not me. facebook owns instagram. it has a teenager problem. younger users have been going to snap chat. that is an app that allows private messaging. >> getting some messages from you. >> i find that remarkable. poor folks that have to go through that, right? >> buy a house, kill five trees is unbelievable. >> i've never seen you get so emotional over "money time" before. >> thank you, chris steen. she insisted she was innocent of pushing her husband off a cliff and now a newlywed is admitting she did it and why the dramatic change in the story? that is coming up. which rewards her for responsibly managing
2:55 am
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she has admitted her guilt. the montana newlywed accused of pushing her husband eight days off a cliff. jordan graham said it was an accident but she changed her story as part after plea deal just as closing arguments were set to begin in her trial. she told a judge the pair were talking about how unhappy she was and when she grabbed her hand -- when he grabbed her hand, she pushed back and he fell. she says she knew he had fallen off the cliff so as part of the deal, graham will avoid a mandatory life sentence. more on this is coming up on
2:59 am
"new day." michael wellner will talk with chris and kate in the 8:00 a.m. eastern hour. that was a shocker. >> it was. that's all for us today. "new day" starts now. it's been pretty consistent and pretty constant the entire day. >> monster storm. a thousand mile long stretch of the country is about to get smacked by snow and ice. we will show you how bad it will be where you are. new details in the case of a teen from a wealthy family let off easy after his attorney said he suffered from affluenza. what he reportedly said moments after the accident that left four people dead. new this morning. narc zuckerberg one-on-one with cnn. why is he taking on the nsa and the you? star studded award ceremony he has launched to make science sexy. your "new day" starts right now.
3:00 am
>> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> it being friday 13th, i'm making sure my phone is on silent. good morning, welcome to "new day," december 13th, 6:00 in the east. friday 13th. jason has nothing on the storm that will stretch 1,000 miles and is set to drop heavy snow. get ready for travel to be affected this weekend from missouri to maine. snow totals will vary but a big chunk of new england could end up knee deep in the white stuff. let's get right to meteorologist indra petersons tracking the storm. what do we see. >> i think you've said it all. we're talking about cold temperatures and another storm headed our way. yes, teens this morning, minneapolis, chicago, cincinnati but that is the least of their concerns as another storm is headed their way. it's the third round of wintry weather for the midwest and northeast. >>


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