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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 14, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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you are in the cnn news room. i'm rosa perez live from new york. right now, a huge winter like storm is moving into the northeast. it is massive with snowfalling from ohio all the way to new england. check out the video from buffalo. snow has been piling up there for days. lake-effect snow blanketed the area with more than three feet and guess what? it's still falling. within the past hour, we brought in these images from west hartford, connecticut where up to a foot of snow could fall
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overnight. cnns alexander field is driving from new york to boston in the middle of this mess. what are you seeing at this hour? >> well, rosa, at this point, we are finally in massachusetts, four and a half hours after we left new york city. we are on interstate 90 and heading for boston. this is the window we are approaching now between 6:00 and 8:00 when we are told we will see a heavier snowfall. look out the front windshield. i-90 is covered in snow. people are moving slowly. the roads have been pretreated. we have seen salt trucks and sand trucks out here. it's far from ideal. the conditions are going to get worse. out the rear windshield, there are still cars on the road. the next two hours we could see heavy snow and we know overnight, past midnight and between 7:00 a.m., we are
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prepared to see snow. we are expecting eight to 14 inches. more snow than anyone has seen in months now. again, if you are going to head out, be slow and ready for it. people aren't used to driving in these conditions after time off. the massachusetts emergency management agency is warning people, along with the snow, we are going to see ice. there's a coastal flood warning and strong winds could be a part of it. a lot coming in massachusetts over the next few hours. rosa? >> be careful out there. this storm is not just reeking havoc on the roads but flights as well. nearly 1,000 fight cancellations in the united states. of course, the airports most affected are in the nooeps. hit the hardest, newark. most of the flights have been scrapped. chicago, jfk and new york and dulles international in washington are seeing lot of
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cancellations. let's get a check on how bad the storm could get with karen mcginness in the cnn weather center. how is it looking? >> it isn't winter yet. a lot of people shopping getting ready for the holiday. new york, a couple inches of snow. midnight, it changes over to rain. boston, you see the snow until the early morning hours. you'll start to see a change over to rain. temperatures are going to be warming up. so those temperatures in new york were only in the mid-20s all day long. well, in the forecast, you start bouncing around with temperatures. still not going to be near normal for the next three days or so. here is what we are expecting for snowfall totals. eastern great lakes will see significant snowfall, maybe as much as a foot. it will be along the northern i-95 corridor we'll see pockets of potentially heavy snowfall.
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the coastal areas mainly starting with snow and changing to rain. how about temperatures? buffalo goes from 20s to the teens to 30 degrees. new york city, you'll see about 38 coming up sunday afternoon. then back down into the 20s. then by tuesday, you are back up to temperatures in the 30s. washington, d.c., for the most part, we have 40s for sunday, 30s for monday and back to 40s again on tuesday. we'll keep you updated on the latest. back to you. >> all right, thank you so much. we have learned a great deal in the past half hour about yesterday's shocking high school shooting near denver. the arapahoe county sheriff spoke for a long time to reporters. he gave us a time line of the shooting, he told us how school security and police officers responded and for the first time, we found out who this is. the teenage girl who is in critical condition at this hour.
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shot, point-blank by her fellow high school senior who then killed himself. cnn is outside that school in centennial, colorado. casey, give us her name and tell us how she got caught up in this entire mess. >> reporter: the sheriff said she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. for the first time, he named the victim in this shooting. 17-year-old claire davis, a senior at arapahoe high school. she remains in critical condition at a local hospital with severe trauma to her head, the result of a point-blank wound from a shotgun fired by the shooter in this case, karl pierson. the sheriff gave a vivid description of how this unfolded over one minute and 20 seconds. he described a shooter who came to the school armed to the tee. >> we have had the opportunity to view security video from the
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school. that opportunity to view that security video has been absolutely instrumental in our ability to understand better what happened and understand exactly how this individual entered the school and what he did once he entered the school. we know the individual entered the school on the north side after parking his vehicle along the curb on the north side of the school parking lot. the individual that entered the school was armed with a shotgun. he took no effort to conceal the fact he was armed. everyone that saw him realized that he was armed with a shotgun. the individual also had multiple rounds of shotgun ammunition strapped across his body and he was also armed with a machete, a very large knife. the individual also carried a backpack with him as he entered
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the school. we now know, as a result of our investigation inside that backpack were three devices. i have told you i used the words molotov cocktail. it's what they were. all three were in the backpack. shortly after entering the school, the individual fired one random round down a hallway and then immediately went into the immediate area and space of the female victim and shot the female victim point-blank. fired another round down the hallway and then immediately went to the media center/library. when the individual entered the library, he fired one additional shot and then detonated or
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ignited one of the devices. >> reporter: the sheriff saying there's no question that the loss of many more lives was prevented with the quick action of a sheriff's deputy at the school at the time. also, the quick implementation of school officials of their active shooter protocol. remarkable only one person was shot besides it shooter who shot himself. claire davis, the victim was a young woman of principle and purpose. the innocent victim of an evil act. rosa? >> we were just talking to jeff and holly about ptsd and the possibility of ptsd in this community. you are there, what's your take? >> reporter: i don't know about ptsd. a lot of people have talked about the shooter as a young man who was full of opinions.
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he was someone who was very interested in politics. multiple students and parents have described him as having socialist or communist views, it doesn't mean ptsd. he feels the product of a divorced family. we don't know the role that may have played in his mental state. we don't know about ptsd. >> all right. casey in colorado. now to the east coast where people are remembering another school shooting, a very deadly one that happened one year ago today. president obama and the first lady lit candles at the white house this morning in honor of the 20 kids and six adults who died in sandy hook elementary school shootings in connecticut. the president devoted much of his weekly address to the anniversary. >> as a nation, we can't stop every act of violence, we can't heal every troubled mind.
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if we want to live in a country where we can go to work, send our kids to school and walk our streets free from fear, we have to keep trying. we have to keep caring. we have to treat every child like they are ours. like those in sandy hook, we must choose to love and together, we must and can change. >> cnn and many other news organizations are honoring the city of newtown today by not reporting from that city, as residents grieve privately. we have a special documentary at 8:00 eastern tonight. and this, a man is accused of planning a suicide attack at wichita's airport. he didn't really have any explosives. did the fbi stop a serious threat or was it something else? all that and more, next. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you:
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capella university will take you further, because our competency-based curriculum gives you skills you can apply immediately, to move your career forward. to your point "c." capella university. start your journey at welcome back. an employee of the wichita mid continent airport has been arrested when the fbi discovered he was planning a suicide attack at that airport. details from cnns joe johns. >> reporter: the fbi says he was set up bay pair of undercover fbi agents. he thought he was going to detonate the car bomb. the guy's name is terry. he's a practicing muslim. he works at wichita airport and charged with trying to use a car bomb and providing material support of terrorism.
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according to court documents, he had an online chat with someone and said he wanted to get in violent jihad. he was chatting online with an fbi employee and the employee offered to introduce him with someone to help him with the violent jihad. employees one and later two pretended to be part of a sting operation. they nabbed him when he tried to enter with a security card. these types of so-called aspirational terror cases have become controversial lately. the question is does it make sense to go after individual who is have terror plans even if the plans are not fully operational. the cases can be time consuming. many times, since 9/11, the mission switched to prevention
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of terrorism. this is the kind of case that shows how far they will go to do it. cnns joe johns reporting. let me bring in cnn national security analyst bob. bob, the criminal complaint against him lays out a time line of what led to his arrest. this undercover operation began months ago. is this sort of thing worth all the effort and time, essentially helping him out first, then arresting him? >> absolutely. if you just talk about these things to friends and so forth, they can't get a conviction out of it. they need to have the guy buy the stuff, spend money, commit an act that makes him look like he's going to go through with it. i think they did absolutely the right thing. it's the lone wolf cases that terrify people, terrifies the fbi in particular. the explosives are easily put together.
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if you don't go on the internet, you don't announce your plan, it's hard to catch the cases. the fbi has no choice but run him down in the way they did. >> you mentioned lone wolves or home grown violent extremists. really, are these the most serious threats, do you think, at this point and time when it comes to national security? >> i think right now, we haven't seen any organized groups trying to hit the united states, continental united states. you know, it's one of these lunatics that takes on a cause, gets his guidance from the internet, gets the recipe for the explosives, goes out and tries something like this. i'm afraid one is going to get through and you simply can't get all of them. >> all right, bob. don't go anywhere. we are going to bring you right back after this. we are going to be talking about missing in iran for years. news reports say an american was working for the cia in that
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country. i'll ask bob if his life is now in immediate danger. all that and more after this short break. every day we're working to be an even better company - and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger.
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welcome back. i'm live in new york. thank you for spending part of your saturday with us. he's an american citizen, an fbi veteran who has been missing since 2007 when he visited a resort island off the coast of
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iran. the u.s. government insists it doesn't know where bob levinson or what he was doing when he disappeared. "the washington post" says he was working for the cia, adding a new and complicated angle to the story. let's talk about him with bob. he's a cnn national security analyst and former cia operative. bob, the white house spokesman said bob levinson was not a u.s. employee at the time of his disappearance. let's dissect that for a moment. does that mean he could have been a cia contractor and technically not an employee? >> it's disengeneral would you say. when he went to iran, he was between contracts. they promised him a new one. it's clear from the e-mails he expected to get paid for the visit to the island. certainly, the kidnappers will
3:25 pm
look at him as a cia contractor/employee/agent, whatever you want to call him. technically, the white house is right but he was working for the cia and it's the way he's been identified with the people holding him. >> iran insists they have no idea where he is. is that believable? >> you know what i suspect and this is truly a speculation is they grabbed him. it's controlled by iranian intelligence, turned him over to a radical group, if you look at the tapes and the pictures of him. he was probably taken out of the country, maybe to afghanistan or maybe in the country. so, they technically, he may be out of their control, but it makes it that much more dangerous for him. >> we were talking about information told to cnn and a source tells cnn the cia
3:26 pm
apologized to levinson's family, paid them a couple million dollars, fired three agency employees and disciplined seven others over this incident. your take? >> oh, this is -- this was sloppy spy craft. you just can't believe it. sending anybody there, having any association is not the way the cia normally does business. that man was doomed the moment he crossed over and met that american assassin hiding in tehran. it was sloppy from the beginning. i think the cia is embarrassed. it wasn't approved. it was a couple analysts. the people who deal with iran in the cia knew it was stupid, but they found out too late. they are trying to pay off the family to keep their mouths shut. they probably should have. i think it was a mistake the family would keep the e-mails to
3:27 pm
"the washington post." it's put him in more danger. >> let's talk about drones for a moment. this week, national security officials in yemen told cnn a u.s. drone mistakenly attacked a wedding convoy after intelligence reports identified them as carrying al qaeda militants. 14 people were killed. now, are drone attacks worth the risk of killing these innocent people? >> no. we are just making more enemies than we are killing, frankly. a signature strike where people are carrying weapons. afghan and pakistani weapons. they shoot automatic weapons in the sky. trucks, guns, hey, it's got to be al qaeda. unfortunately, we are digging ourselves deeper with these things. you know, collecting, you know, accurate intelligence in pakistan is very, very
3:28 pm
difficult. i think it's time to put a limit to this especially since we are pulling out of afghanistan. >> bob, cnn national security analyst. you are writing a book about drones now. we are looking forward to reading that. thank you so much. >> thank you. still to come, the latest on the winter storm that is ruining the weekend for people in one-third of the country. next in news room.
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of course you can! even if that heart was broken by zack peterson. bake the world a better place with nestle toll house. you are looking live at columbus circle in new york city where three to six inches of snow is expected to fall. it's all part of a massive storm that could dump up to several inches of snow in blanketed areas. cnn meteorologist jennifer gray is following the storm in chicago. >> chicago has seen about four inches of snow this morning alone. of course it's not just chicago feeling the effects of this storm, it's all over the
3:32 pm
northeast as well. winter still may be one week away, but by the looks of what's coming down this weekend, you might think otherwise. >> i was home when it started coming down. it's been constant all day. >> the back roads are all ice and snow. it's hard to drive on. >> reporter: here in chicago, the conditions have been down right frigid dipping to below average temperatures for days. this is jim. come on in. we caught him running a few minutes ago. you are in d.c. in town for a wedding. some call you crazy. >> this is a beautiful day for a wedding in chicago. i love chicago. it's beautiful here. >> reporter: it's all about the miles at this point? >> yeah, have to get the miles in. >> the storm is on the move with tens of millions in the northeast about to get shellacked by large amounts of snow and ice. some places could see more than a foot of the white stuff. >> this is terrible. >> i don't like it.
3:33 pm
>> reporter: this wicked weather didn't deter everyone in new york. the christmas parade went on as planned with santa braving the elemen elements. airports remain on high alert as are emergency crews that battled through the conditions and ice to fight this fire. with winter storm warnings and watches in effect for large portions of the northeast, everyone is bracing for what could be a miserable 24 hours. this storm system should push off the coast by sunday afternoon. of course temperatures here in chicago aren't expected to get above freezing until at least thursday. back to you. >> that was jennifer gray reporting. as drivers across the snow affected areas are being warned to take extra care, my next guest has an update on road conditions right now in massachusetts. frank, administrator of the highway division at the department of transportation.
3:34 pm
frank, what are the roads looking like now? >> it's currently snowing here in massachusetts. the roads are wet. there is a little snow build up on some of the interstate highways, but we have had equipment now treating the roads so we don't have icing conditions at this point. >> any widespread closure that is you are aware about? >> no, we have all of our major roads still open. we have lowered the speed limit to 45 miles an hour just as a cautionary step. at this point, all the roads are passable and people are using them. the traffic volume is light considering it's evening. >> talk to us about the equipment you are using. i know usually roads and highways, overpasses, bridges are usually most at danger. >> caller: yes. we are fairly used to snow conditions here in the northeast in massachusetts. so, we have almost 4,000 pieces
3:35 pm
of equipment. we have both salt spreaders and plows and heavy, really heavy pieces of equipment as well as specialized snow blowing equipment. so, we have been out pretreating the roads to prevent icing at those elevated deck locations and we are ready to start plowing once the snow builds up. >> you mentioned ice. any black ice that you are aware of? or are you preparing for black ice? >> caller: we are preparing for it, trying to prevent it, actually. i have not heard reports of large numbers of vehicles spinning out. we have been pretreating. we are hoping -- it is very cold. it's only about 20 degrees where i am right now. we are expecting later this evening, at least south and east of us, and a little bit of a warm front coming in. a little bit of changeover to precipitation. >> frank, this is early in the
3:36 pm
season for us to be seeing this, right? >> caller: yeah. normally by this time we have had a few small events. this is a, you know, eight to 12 inches is a good event for early december. >> i see. usually, do you see it in january, february, perhaps? >> caller: last year, february and march we had two-thirds of our snow for the season. we had quite a bit last year. i think we had 33 snowstorm events during our season last year. >> frank with the massachusetts department of transportation. thank you so much for joining us. >> caller: thank you. still ahead, the next time you bite into a chick-fil-a sandwich, you may notice a slight change in taips. why the fast food giant is making the changes. plus, we'll meet the woman who led the charge in the name of health. my mantra? family first.
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welcome back, steak with a side of antibiotics. not so tasty. the federal government doesn't think so, either. they are trying to make chicken, pork and beef, all the ones we eat, safer. how you might ask. by limiting the use of antibiotics in animals processed for meat. joining me is a creator of let's start with the antibiotics. we were talking during the break. you can't see them in the meat, obviously. talk to us about getting rid of them. >> getting rid of them is one of the most important issues of our time. i talked to a former general of our army, wesley clark, i said what is the food issue you are worried about? he said antibiotics.
3:41 pm
it could wipe out the human race. this is a very serious subject. i'm so excited the fda is waking up on this issue. they have a lot more to do. this new measure is very, very weak. first of all, it's voluntary. it allows the pharmaceutical companies to decide whether they want to label the antibiotics for fattening up animals. it also provides a loophole. they still can use the antibiotics to prevent disease. if you have factory farms that all the chickens are cooped up together and they are sick because of their living conditions, they are going to continue to get anti biotics. it's a serious issue. >> how are they in the meet in the first place? >> food manufacturers administer it to the animals to make them fat so they can produce meat faster and cheaper. it's just disgusting in so many
3:42 pm
ways. >> the thought we are eating all of this is disturbing. let's talk about chick-fil-a. tell us about chick-fil-a. i know you have been central to this effort. >> yes, definitely. on my blog,, i started writing about all the ingredients in the food supply. one of the most favorite fast foods i would eat as a child grog growing up was chick-fil-a. they have close to 100 ingredients in their chicken sandwich. one of the ingredients is tbhq, a controversial additive put into the oil made from butane. i wrote an article calls chemical filet or chick-fil-a and caused uproar on the blog. the foodbabe army went out, contacted the company, went to chick-fil-a's facebook page and created a big issue around this.
3:43 pm
they invited me, hired me to consult with them to make the changes. they decided to take out tbhq and artificial food dyes linked to hyperactivity in children. they have not addressed the antibiotics in their chicken, the main menu item. >> the foodbabe will continue to fight so all food is healthy for us to eat. thank you so much. still to come, here is one you have to see. what would you do if you were the driver and a guy wouldn't get off your bus? you'll see what one driver did, next. the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "limit the cash i earn every month" card. it's not the "i only earn decent rewards at the gas station" card. it's the no-games, no-signing up, everyday-rewarding, kung-fu-fighting, silver-lightning-in-a-bottle, bringing-home-the-bacon cash back card. this is the quicksilver card from capital one.
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take a look at your screen and check out the beatdown a bus driver gave a passenger who refused to get off his bus. both men face assault charges from this fight last month near seattle. the bus driver lost his job. he says he only reacted like this after the passenger spit on him. some feel he should have kept his job, but the bus agency says there's a procedure for cases like this and obviously, the driver didn't follow it. now imagine boarding a flight, finding your seat, tucking in with a pillow and a blanket, perhaps a good book and
3:48 pm
listening to the person next to you yap, yap, yap on their cell phone for three hours. that could be reality. the fcc voted to lift a ban on in-flight cell phone use. we are one step closer to in-flight phone calls. no doubt, it's a drain for some, but a nightmare for many, including yours truly. joining us now is tech expert brett larson. is this going to happen, really? >> it is looking like it is going to happen. the fcc and the faa both have chimed in on this. with them saying, the fcc joked, we are not the commission that sets the rules on being kind. we are not here to tell you how to live your life. but, i think, first of all, i think it's horrible. >> i agree. >> i realize the technology works and that's fine and dandy. the airplane was the last place you could go, literally in the world where you didn't have to
3:49 pm
be bothered by cell phone conversations with a few exceptions in the new york subway. >> let's talk etiquette. are we just going to hear yap, yap, yap all over the place? >> there should be. there should absolutely be. this is a great time to start that conversation of when is it right to use our cell phones on the ground and when will it be right to use them in the air? there's always going to be that guy. the rules don't apply to him. i have heard from people on flights, nobody is paying attention as it is. they don't put away their tablets and cell phones. they don't think the rules apply to them. that's the problem. >> let's talk fees. perhaps we could have a tranquility fee where you can fly and know that nobody is going to be talking on their cell phones. >> that is something i could see the airlines jumping on.
3:50 pm
how is the technology going to work from plane to ground? is the airplane going to have anything to do with it? the airlines can say yes, you can use your cell phone, but you have to pay us five bucks to do it and we are going to charge you 50 cents a minute. it better be an important call if you want to talk. i hope it doesn't go the other way where we have to pay because we want to be left alone and we want to be silent. the people who want to talk should have to pay for it. it may be like in the '80s, where we had smoking sections. go to the back of the plane and sit behind the barrier. >> a lot of us are probably going to fly over the holidays. how can we save on the fees? i feel like we get charged for almost everything. >> it's a tricky thing because of kayak and you can look at the ticket prices at once. pay attention to what you are getting for that low price ticket. a lot of the airlines are going
3:51 pm
to say a round trip ticket, $400. you check, it's $25 for the first bag and $50 for the next and $10 if you want an aisle seat. you need to look at what the fees break out to. in a lot of cases, you are better off buying the slightly more expensive ticket. maybe it's a more traditional carrier or southwest or jetblue that doesn't nickel and dime you because they have older planes and they need to make more money. >> thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. coming up, what do you get for that gadget lover who has almost everything? how about a robot car that thinks for itself? we'll give you ideas from high-tech gifts just ahead. every day we're working to be an even better company - and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world.
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if you are looking for a gadget to give this holiday season, you don't have to limit
3:55 pm
yourself to a smartphone or television. there are plenty of other awesome gifts out there from robot cars to smart gadgets, an app to help with a post holiday chore. here to tell us all about it is cnn money laurie. robot cars? >> it's cool. essentially, they are saying it's a virtual video game to play in the real world. we are attempting to play. you know, those robots are controlled by your smartphone. you are actually steering with your smartphone, which is interesting. if you want to play with a friend, you can do that. if you don't, the robots -- the cars are robots so they understand. they can react in realtime. you can actually take your smartphone and put the car against your smartphone and it will recharge it and make it so your car goes faster. it's expensive, $199, not cheap.
3:56 pm
the idea is you don't have to go out and get a new game because they will update the software. it's combining the real world and video game together. it's interesting. >> it looks like fun. what about something more practical? >> during the holidays, it's good to get something practical. when i tell you what thae they do, you are going to be interested. we talked about the smartphone home. using your smartphone to turn on and off the lights. it's a kit you can get and put the sensors i just held up on your lamp, refrigerator and you can use your smartphone to turn on and off your lights. it connects wireless. you can do all sorts of things with it whether it's turn on and off the lights or get a push notification if there's a pipe leaking. now, they are coming up with interesting ways to use this
3:57 pm
technology. one way is, essentially, it can sense when you wake up in the home, turn on the coffee pot and have it brewing as you wake up. the idea, it's not cheap, $299 for the whole set up. it's kind of a bit of a lifestyle. >> we were talking about post christmas chores. no one likes chores. so, how can you help? >> sure. you know, there's a company called bond. i love a handwritten note. you don't get one in the mail anymore. that was written by a robot. someone typed that into an app and it was sent to me in the mail. what happens with bond is you can essentially write a note to whoever you want on your phone. once you do it, they will send it in the mail. they have a robot write it with a fountain pen and it comes in the mail. there's a cool wax seal to open. it feels very real. it's this personal touch you add
3:58 pm
to the holiday and easier than having to send it. >> how expensive is it? >> it's free, but you do it a couple times and they charge you. next, you have to pay a couple dollars. depends on what you want to pay for. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. here in the cnn news room, i'm rosa flores, live in new york. thank you for joining us. snow is falling along nearly 1,000 mile stretch of the u.s. from ohio all the way into new england. take a look at this. this is what today's army/navy game in philadelphia certainly one to remember. snow began falling not long after kick off and continued throughout the game. navy did pick up the win. but, philly could pick up six
3:59 pm
inches of snow tonight. cnns alexandra field is following the snow for us live from boston. i thought you already made it. you are still traveling. how is it going? >> reporter: we are just reaching boston now. it took us about five hours. it's more than usual, but not too terrible. take a look at what we are seeing now that we are here. a blanket of snow falling over the city. if you like that, we should see more by tomorrow morning. winter may be officially one week away. by the looks at what's coming down this weekend, you might think otherwise. >> i was home when this started coming down. it's constant all day. >> the back roads are all ice and snow. it's hard to drive on and everything. >> reporter: in chicago, the conditions have been down right frigid dipping to below average temperatures for days. now this 1,000 mile storm is on the move with tens of millions in the northeast about to get
4:00 pm
shellacked with large snow and ice. some places could see more than a foot of snow. >> prison. this is terrible. >> i don't like it. >> reporter: this weather didn't deter everyone. the christmas parade went on as planned with santa braving the elements. utility companies and airports are on high alert. emergency crews had to battle through bitter conditions and thick ice to fight this fire in new hampshire. with storm warnings in effect for the northeast, everyone is bracing for what could be a miserable 24 hours. so far, the streets are looking good. more snow on the side streets. again, tomorrow morning is when we should see most of it. we are expecting eight to ten inches of snow around boston. further west, could be as many as 15 inches of snow. here comes the first storm of the winter, one week


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