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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 15, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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daring and it is interesting. and it is the kind of thing, i think, we'll see more of. >> before i let you go, because we've got about ten second before the next hour, number one rock story of the year. what do you think? >> number one roblg story of the year. i think that the number one rock story of the year is -- you know, i think stories like, you know, the story about spotify that we talked about before, you know, the ongoing evolution of what the music industry is and what that's going to become is something like beyonce releasing this album. people trying to find their way in a very new environment. >> shannon? >> i think the biggest story of the year in music is lourd. 16, 17-year-old singer from new zealand land who was obscure at beginning of the year to getting award and sharing the stage with beyonce and rihanna. >> thank you.
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the next hour of "newsroom" begins right now. >> you are in the cnn newsroom, i'm rosa flores. this hour we are looking ahead to stories you'll be talking about and hearing about this coming week. let's begin with our five questions for the week ahead. question number one, will edward snowden testify under oath? former nsa contractor has been formally invited by the european parliament to provide testimony about the u.s. government's surveillance programs. whether he will or won't is up in the air right now. cnn'ser cnn'ser toy tory dunnan has more. >> reporter: with the revolutions by nsa leaker edward snowden, that panel gave dozens of ideas on how the country
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should balance. its recommendations won't be made public until next month as part of an overall administration review. and the president is expected to deliver remarks about the outcome. but the white house says, exactly how much will be made public is still being determined. >> obviously, we're talking about fairly sensitive and classified information. but part of this process that the president has asked for is one that will allow us to be as transparent as possible. >> as for edward snowden himself, top nsa official charged with preventing more leaks has told cbs news he will consider amnesty for snowden in exchange for not revealing more damaging classified information. michael hayden shot down the notion of that idea on nbc's "meet the press." >> he seems to have a negotiating idea over us because he can hang this over us in
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terms of negotiating. but i wouldn't do it. i understand the attraction, david, but i wouldn't do it because that simply motivates future snowdens to do these kinds of things. >> rosa, of course, as we know snowden remains in russia now where he's been for months. >> now for our second question. take a look at this. so, round trip to north korea, mr. rodman? >> one way. >> one way? woo! one way! he said one way! >> despite what he said there, dennis rodman is going to north korea this week but he is coming back. but should he even be going in the first place? rodman begins a diplomacy trip to north korea on thursday. but he has no plans to meet with kim jong-un. just this week, the north korean leader had his uncle executed for allegedly trying to seize
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power and control of the government. however, he did allow his aunt it live. rodman is going to north korea to train a basketball team. north koreans will play a game against former nba players next month. but with a dicey situation in north korea, is this the time for the hall of famer to be playing basketball there? we're just asking. our third question, will it federal reserve end a massive stimulus program? if that happens, what will that mean for the markets, and the economy of course? report hi, rosa, this week all about the federal reserve. wall street is wund wondering what will be done about the massive stimulus program. throwing $80 million a month into the economy. stocks, gdp, housing, auto sales
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is improving. lead something to believe the economy is strong enough to stand on its own and that the fed will taper sooner rather than later. two third of economists don't think tapering will begin into early next year. about a third say the second quarter of next year. the upcoming week also brings big economic reports on gdp, existing home sales and manufacturing. and finally, we'll learn this week if minimum wage in washington, d.c. will jump to 11.50 an hour by 2016. the city council is set to vote on the initiative. and if it passes, and then it is signed by the mayor, d.c.'s minimum wage will be the highest in the country. rosa, that's what's coming up on wall street. >> and question number four, will the senate follow the house lead and pass the new budget deal? we're not used to seeing congress get a long and pass a budget without a shut down or political crisis. will the cooperation last? we'll talk about it in minutes with lz granderson and ana
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navarro as well. and the number five question this week, will anyone win the mega millions drawing on tuesday? there were no winners on friday night. so the $425 million jackpot rolls over. you think have you a chance perhaps? the otds of getting all six numbers correct for the second largest mega million jackpot is about 1 in 259 million. you have a better chance of death by vending machine, having identical quadruplets or dying in an astroid apocolypse. yikes. those are so odds. susan bradley joins me on the phone from palm beach springs florida. susan, so why is it harder to win now? >> because -- hi, rosa. because what happens for these jackpots, as they get to be this sides, more people are playing and more people are buying
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multiple tickets. so it goes on and on and on. but you know, in my world, i meet people who win the lottery all the time. so it doesn't seem as far fetched to me, although i'm not buying the tickets and i'm not playing those odds. >> susan, are the winnings likely to good up by tuesday, you think? >> absolutely. absolutely. in fact, i think it is highly possible that you're going to end up with a billion dollar jackpot, maybe not this time, but probably within the next couple of years. that's just the direction that these lotteries are going. >> and any tips on choosing those numbers, perhaps winning the lottery? >> oh, that's a -- [ inaudible ] i can tell you, once you do win, that it will probably take you four to five years before you really adapt to that new lifestyle. that's if you do adapt. >> interesting. and here is another question for
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you. what do you consider to be the biggest story of 2013? right now, can you go to there, you will see a list of some of the most covered store wrists past year. from our list of 20, we want you to choose 10. voting for the top stories of 2013. we will continue until the end of the month. and on december 30th, at 9:00 a.m. eastern on-line and on television, we will reveal your top ten stories of 2013. should be fun and don't forget to cast your vote. and still ahead in newsroom, the passing of a legend. we will take a look at the career of actor peter o'toole and how he will be remembered. plus, you're just days way from the official start of winter. is this weekend's snowy weather a sign of things to come? all that and more, next. ♪ this holiday season, our priority is you ♪ ♪ through 12 ice storms brewing ♪ ♪ 10 straight days raining ♪ 9 hailstorms pounding ♪ 5 mysteriously heavy holiday fruitcakes ♪
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winter doesn't officially begin until next saturday, but you wouldn't know it by the weather the past few days. snow, more than a foot in some places, from missouri to new england. the storm stretching 1,000 miles at one point. but let's look a bit ahead with meteorologist alexandra steele. alexandra, last winter was a pretty mild one. what are we looking at for this one? >> for this winter, rosa, meteorlogical winterer is january, february. let's show what you happened this far. so far in december, temperatures in northern plains and upper midwest, well below average. northeast, mid plantatlantic as. how do we have precip? we've had above average snow here and as well here in the southeast. above normal precip. and temperatures here have been below normal as well. so that's where we've been so far this december. now, looking out for the next
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three months, this is the winter outlook. below normal temperatures here. above normal for much of the southeast and this means where there's no blue or yellow or orange, there's an equal chance of below or below average. so in terms of the temperatures, can you see where expectations are to be colder and where temperatures will be warmer. and in precip, you can see here in the southeast. certainly, we know, rosa, we have seen above average temperatures and certainly above average precip here in the northern plains of the northeast. >> i've got to ask you for shopping procrastinators, like myself, is it nasty? what are we doing as shoppers this coming week? >> does anyone go to the mall in your living room in your pjs? i think it'll be temporary. but the temperature outlook, if you are going to shop a little bit, below normal where it's been. actually right now and for the next couple of days, upper midwest to northern plains. tonight, 30 to 40 degrees below
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average. wind chill, so it is very cold. certainly there are warnings up there for the cold. here in the southeast, temperatures are expected to be above normal. so whatever does fall, rain or snow, obviously rain here. and below normal temperatures there, where we are seeing snow. it actually lining up. precip, above normal, a snowstorm, another one expected for new york and washington. maybe two to five inches. and above normal there as well. so we will be cold and we're going to be snowy in places in the last few days and even week and half where we have been. so consistency, in the next ten days out from what we've seen. >> i love your advice. we can just shop in your pjs at home. >> and make it 68 and 70 degrees. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> now we're not used to seeing congress get along and pass a budget without a shut down or political crisis.
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will the cooperation last? that's coming up next. but first, on this one-year anniversary of the newtown shootings, there is something special happening. a group of people are using the tragedy to inspire. and instaill hope around the country. tom foreman shows us in this american journey. >> reporter: on the atlantic coast, a labor of love. a playground rising in memory of the children and staff members killed at sandy hook school. >> this is playground number 11. >> reporter: there will be 26, each to commemorate one life lost and all with a purpose. >> we learn in mississippi that a playground is more than a structure. it is a symbol of hope and recovery. >> reporter: indeed, this effort was born amid stormy days. and katrina ravaged the south, firefighters from new jersey, who had received letters from gulf coast kids after 9/11, went down to build playgrounds to return the favor.
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then superstorm sandy and the sandy hook shootings battered the northeast. and they thought, let's do it again closer to home. with the sandy ground project was born. shepherded in by the new jersey firefighters, mutual benevolent association. >> his favorite color was teal green, so that's why the tl. >> like mark and jackie who lost their son, daniel. >> i mean, all kids love playground. but daniel did have a special thing for playground. he would get into a playground somewhere and he didn't know the kids and he would start playing with them and get a game going. >> pink is for the flamingos that she loved. >> carlos lost his 27-year-old daughter, victoria, a teach. >> every playground with that we build, she is looking down with her students. saying this is a beautiful
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thing. >> in the end, that is what this is all about. resteling against events of unspeakable ugliness to find beauty, happiness and hope once again. tom foreman, cnn. >> i'm beth... and i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, we like interacting with people. so you have time to focus on the things you love. ink from chase. so you can.
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. old school holiday, lost one of the greatest this weekend. peter o'toole, 81 years old, died in london. he brought "lawrence of arabia" to the screen. peter o'toole somehow never managed to win that one big hollywood award. here is cnn's martin savidge.
3:21 pm
>> reporter: he was one of the greats. peter o'toole was simply an icon who, even toward the end of his life, continued to wow audiences with his screen presence. born peter sheamus o'toole. from the west end, he quickly transitioned from the stage to the silver screen. his appearance in 1962's "lawrence of arabia" catapulted him to worldwide stardom and earned him his first oscar nomination. >> why don't you take a picture? >> lawrence was the beginning after spectacular string of successful films during the 1960s. including another oscar performed opposite katherine hepburn. >> if you pose me, i'll strike you anywhere i can. >> admittedly, a heavy drinker, his taste for alcohol not only threatened his career but his
3:22 pm
life. he managed to give up the drink and mounted a come back as a crazed director in. he mocked his own image as alcoholic overthe hill matinee idol in "my favorite year." a performance that earned him his seventh oscar nomination. though he made some forgettable films through the 80s, such as "super girl." peter o'toole was in several made for tv films, including "joan of arc." >> this work is every bit as important as the other. >> reporter: in 2003, arts and si sciences then honored him for achievement. he decline the accolade at first, thinking it would signal the end of his career. >> i suppose fighting for love makes more sense than all the
3:23 pm
rest. >> reporter: but peter o'toole carried on, return together desert sands, returning for the "sword and sandals" epic, "troy." as an out of work actor in his golden years who became obsessed with a much younger woman "venus" earned him yet another best actor nomination. his status as legendary performer. >> in terms of people have gone, i've lost a few. through the years. i miss them, but they're not here. on we go. >> finally in 2005, peter o'toole admitted he could not go on in the acting business. he officially retired, giving the profession a quote profoundly grateful farewell. peter o'toole, an immortal onscreen, uniquely human, off. martin savidge, cnn.
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>> and shannon cook is joining us. she is a spokeswoman for spotify. we were talking about this, whenever an artive d artist die there is a spark of interest in their work. >> it has become a barometer for the mood of the country or world in some cases. for exam will, when lou reed pass aid way in october, we found some real spikes in his songs. two in particular "walk on the wild side" and "perfect day." here in the u.s., australia, germany, uk, those songs streamed in high numbers for about three weeks. so people were really feeling sentimental about lou reed for about three weeks. we also saw the same thing with chris from chris cross, the '90s rap duo, when he passed away earlier this year. this song "jump."
3:25 pm
their massive hit from 1992. that was really popular song. people were adding it to their personal play lists a lot. we also saw the same thing, mca started listening again to their music. >> compromise and congress. two words you don't hear together very often. but could democrats and republicans join together to pass a budget? that's next. ♪ morning, turtle. ♪ my friends are all around me ♪ my friends, they do surround me ♪ ♪ i hope this never ends ♪ and we'll be the best of friends ♪ [ male announcer ] the 2014 chevrolet traverse... all set? all set. [ male announcer ] ...with three rows of spacious seating for up to eight.
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with your weekly five, i'm rosa flores. ♪ freak out ♪ >> sheik are up for induction into the hall of fame. other nominees are deep purple, peter gabriel, hall and oats and kiss. there will be an induction ceremony in april. we're used to seeing her on the tennis court. but on tuesday, former tennis star, jennifer cap ree annie has a date in a courtroom. she is charged with punching her boyfriend and is charged with stalking. nasa plans to blast into space a rocket loaded with
3:30 pm
supplies for the international space station. the rocket will lift off from a launch pad in virginia. weather permitting the rocket will be visible in the night sky along the east coast and in cities like philadelphia. dennis rodman is making another trip to north korea. the former nbc player and a documentary crew arrive in the country on thursday. during the basketball diplomacy trip. rodman will train members of the north korean basketball team for an upcoming game against former nba players. friday, president obama and first family head to hawaii for another annual holiday retreat. this is the first family's sixth christmas in the aloha state. the white house says the obama family will stay on the island throughout new year's day. that's your weekly five. >> congressman paul ryan brokered the budget deal that just passed the house but he said today that republicans will gather after the holidays to
3:31 pm
plot a strategy over the next showdown. the next vote, to suspend or raise the federal budget. the federal debt, rather. let's talk budget politics with anna navarre wa navarro. she joins us on the phone. lz granderson is a cnn commentator as well. ana, go ahead and rub it in. what's the temperature in miami right now? >> oh, a balmy 82 degrees. and beautiful sunny day that we had today. how is the weather in new york? >> it is cold! it is dark and cold right now in new york city. so as we head into this new week in washington, all eyes will be on the senate, of course. they are going to vote on the budget. that was just passed by the house. lz, lets start with you. assuming this budget passes, is the house deal a sign that lawmakers are finally going to cooperate? >> i think it is a sign that lawmakers have been watching the
3:32 pm
polls and have heard the american people in and have realized all of this, you know, managing by crisis, sort of situation, during the past two years, have damaged their brand. the gop brand. but also, just congress in general. for two years, they've had some of the worst poll numbers in congress history. so i think both parties are listening, including gop. >> do you think congress is ready to get along? >> caller: i think what we are seeing is reality politics. and what we are seeing from senator murray and congressman ryan is that they focused on the areas where there is some agreement. this is a modest piece of legislation. it is a modest start. this is not where we have to end and it is not a gauge-changing budget deal. but it certainly goes to show some bipartisan ship. and i commend paul ryan and patty murray because both of them understood that making a deal means that you've got
3:33 pm
things that you don't like. but you do get some things that you like. that's called compromise. and we've add very hard time finding it in this congress. and so i think it is a refreshing end of the year gift for the american people to see their congress doing something in a bipartisan manner. >> now, i want both of you to listen to house speaker john boehner. he was happy with the budget deal but very unhappy, we should say, can w some conservative interest groups. his party's usual allies, take a listen. >> they pushed us into the slight to defund ofund obamacar. if you will remember the day before the government reopened, one of the groups stood up and said, we never thought it would work. are you kidding me! >> lz, your take.
3:34 pm
>> there are a lot of things i think about with that clip. and with this situation. and the first thing i think about is you wanted these people. by these people, let's not beat around the bush, we are talking about the tea party, right? they used the energy of the tea party to help reclaim the house. all of the things that president obama was saying about the democrats and during the 2010 campaign they turned a blind eye to because they were regaining control of the house. they have it. but when you invite craze into your house, crazy tends to stay. now he is trying to disinvite crazy from his house. i commend his courage. what his little gamble did got him into the house but also made a different problem for him to try to manage. and seems as if now he is funding the position which he feels he has to, or at left a position which he can begin to manage his problem. >> i want to you jump in because
3:35 pm
these conservatives are key. do you think the republican party can survive while making these conservative groups angry. >> first of all, the republican party going to survive. the democrat party lives with something very similar before they elected bill clinton. and i think lz was harsh on the tea party. the tea party was an organic movement, that unfortunately in my view has been co-opted by organizations and some elected leaders that use it for their own purpose to heighten their own profile and fill their coffers. i can tell you, rosa, that within minutes of this budget deal being annou i was getting e-mails from some elected officials in congress telling me, this deal sucks. rivers will dry up and excite will fall if this deal passes. and by the way, can you donate 5, 10 or $25. i think john boehner is set up. i think he is calling a spade a spade.
3:36 pm
and i think he is saying, look, i tried to accommodate everybody in my caucus. i couldn't do it. it is now time to get things done. i commend him for doing that. >> do you think it is a change in his leadership? >> i think it is a change in his patience level. you know, he tried over and over again, and i think that the shutdown was the big game-changer. the shutdown was a disaster for the republican party. and not only that, it provided cover from what was the debacle of the obamacare launch. for the first two weeks in october, instead of focussing on what was happening or not happening, for the obamacare website, instead we were having the shut down be the tella know vela trading out in all of media. i think it is putting focus back where it needs to be focused. and i think that he has had it, and i think most of his caucus is fed up and doesn't want to
3:37 pm
good down that cliff again. >> tela novella, well said. now last word. >> i agree with what she said, except one little wrinkle. that's the fact that obamacare again and again is an website. the obamacare launch wasn't consolidated to one particular date. it is a law. law that went through congress, approved by the supreme court challenged there and has many different arms and legs to it. some of which has been in place long before the website. so while it is true the website caused problems within i think time and time again when we in the media make obamacare about the website and not about the law, we lose track about why it was needed in the first place. and that's because there are a lot of things wrong with your health care system. not only people without coverage but also our economy in a very negative way. >> and the website has problems and the law has problems.
3:38 pm
they'll play out in the next year and half. let's stay tuned. >> our conversation will continue. thank you so much. still ahead in the cnn newsroom, his classmates described him as friendly. so what caused colorado shooter, carl pierson to snap. that's next. ♪ like they helped millions of others. by listening. planning. working one on one. that's what ameriprise financial does. that's what they can do with you. that's how ameriprise puts more within reach. ♪
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that's how ameriprise puts more within reach. 1ñp every day we're working to and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here
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in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger. in the next few days, we expect to learn more information about friday's shooting in a colorado high school. and the condition of claire davis. the 17-year-old girl wounded in that attack. cnn's anna cabrera has details. >> her family just saying they want everybody to pray for her. that she's not doing very well again. she has severe head trauma and in fact a lot of people offering and lifting up those prayers last night in a vigil that was held nearby the high school here. candle light vigil. with community members who came out to pray for not only her
3:42 pm
healing but healing of the entire community. the sheriff still believes the motive is revenge against the school's speech and debate coach. 's apparently he had a conversation and discipline on that team, sometime back in september. even at that time, apparently pierson made a threat against the speech and debate coach. but nobody believed that it would result in what happened here friday. >> that was anna cabrera reporting. in the wake of friday's shooting, students of the high school are speaking out about the gunman. and what kind of person he was. some say he was friendly and outspoken. others say he made them nervous. will ripley from cnn affiliate kusa talked to a young man who says, you know, that looking back, there were warning signs. >> you know, you never think it's going to be your school. >> she just told me that they
3:43 pm
are all really scared and they are locked in their classrooms. >> reporter: friday's chaos, saturday's disbelief. >> here, like my school, like the people that i know. >> arapahoe senior, listening to a school riadio. >> we heard everything as it was going on. >> i heard pierson. i broke down because we were friend. >> hi, i'm carl pierson, freshman from arapahoe. >> he asked a question that now seems chilling. >> what would you like your legacy to be. >> concerned about his legacy even then he told friend he had big future plans, plans centered around his passion for speech and debate. his coach and mentor was school librarian, tracy murphy. >> he went to nationals with mr. murphy.
3:44 pm
i know they did not get along on the trip. carl threatened to kill mr. murphy, half-heartedly. carl got suspended for that. >> he says his friend was never the same after that suspension. >> when carl came back, he was pretty angry. he felt like the suspension ruined his chances for getting into college and his future. >> reporter: classmates say carl was punished and could be combative. >> he would say, oh, i could shoot everyone up. >> obviously he wasn't kidding. >> no one thought he was capable of this. >> carl was a good guy. he made my days beter. that's what hurts the most, he wasn't a villain. >> reporter: today's disbelief, tomorrow's determination. >> i want to see arapahoe get through this. >> they add race last year and
3:45 pm
even visited the memorial. still ahead, he won the heisman then took the nfl by storm. today robert griffin was on the bench. so what went wrong? well talk about it, next. ♪ ♪ nothing says, "you're my #1 copilot," like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ tires screech ]
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widely-hyped and widely-anticipated movies of the season. out in film which chronicles the misadventures of tv news anchor ron burgundy and his newsroom was nine years in the making with the plot in secrecy, while filming in atlanta, however, we caught up with burgundy and news team 6 to get the inside scoop on what to expect. take a look. >> the great ones always return. jesus, mcarthur, jay-z. >> we haven't seen you in a while, america. you haven't changed a bit. >> my name's will ferrell and i'm playing the character of ron burgundy. >> well, the letters are all in capital letters, i thought i was supposed to yell it. >> the crew is doing various things. >> let's do it. >> he is running afranchise --
3:50 pm
>> oh god, i have longed for you. >> santana is the world's most foremost chicken photographer. and then, we attend bricks funeral. >> and i will not rest until i find his killer. >> which, of course, we find out he's not dead. >> why? why did you take him from us? >> brick, you're not dead. >> i'm alive? >> yes. >> but ron collects the team and they go back to new york city to begin the launch of gnn. >> we are starting a 24-hour news channel. first of its kind. gnn. >> that is, without a doubt, the dumbest thing i've ever heard. >> everyone is betting against it. no one thinks this concept is going to work. and i think we're the news team to prove them wrong. >> this just feels right. the news team is back.
3:51 pm
>> they end up kind of mistakingly and through their own resource fullness and bad journalistic impulses to create a new type of news forum that leads the network to great heights. >> let's take a look at the big map. where's the map? >> look at the monitor. >> yes. >> oh, god. ron, where's my legs? i don't have any legs, ron. ahhhh! >> we find a way to light it up. that's all can i say. >> tonight's top story is, crack. >> it is just refreshing. >> hey, what's feeding time for that mustache of yours? >> that might be the funniest thing i've ever heard. >> here's the cameos i can confirm with you. the recently retired pope. we just got him. ted turner. ted turner's brother, rob.
3:52 pm
rob turner. and miss teen usa from six years ago. >> let's watch 50 home runs in a row. . whammy! whammy! and whammy! i should say, lower your expectations, then you're going to be blown away. but i would say it's going to be a party. and you're going to love it. >> do what god put ron burgundy on this earth to do. have salon quality hair and read the news. >> you, you stay classy! >> we will try to stay classy, america. "anchor man 2," the legend continues, opens in theaters on wednesday. and still ahead, a major -- a first in major league baseball and it could mean big changes for the mlb. the details up next. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn.
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football stars past and present cover the headlines this weekend. let's talk with terrence moore, sports contributor to and a columnist for terrence, jim brown was on the arsenio hall show this week. he really went after nba star, kobe bryant. take a listen. >> he is somewhat confused about culture. because he was brought up in another country. so it doesn't quite fit what's happening in america. in the days, we had a summit with top athletes. talk to muhammad ali with his status with the armed forces. there were some athletes we didn't call. so if i today call that someone
3:57 pm
all over, there would be some athletes i wouldn't call. kobe would be one of them. >> now kobe bryant responded. he tweeted, and i will quote here, a global african-american is an inferior shade of american african-americans. that doesn't sound very mandela or dr. king to me, terrence. what do you think jim brown meant when he said kobe is confuse bed culture? >> lossesa, first you have to understand that jim brown is the greatest running back that ever livered. but he always preferred to talk about social issues instead of stuff that took place on the field or on the court or on the ice or what have you. i know jim brown. and some of the deepest conversations i've ever had with anybody in the 35 plus years i've been a professional journalist have been with jim brown. just earlier this year we talked for over an hour about his displeasure about black athletes who don't fully understand what
3:58 pm
he did, what muhammad ali did, jackie robinson, these guys did socially to help americans. now about kobe specifically. from jim brown's perspective, kobe bryant is a very famous guy who is not using his fame to an advantage to help others. and he talks about another country. kobe grew up as a youngster in italy. so from jim brown's perspective, he does not have the consciousness of what he, jim brown, the muhammad alis, and other guys went through. as you just pointed out, kobe bryant is not amused with any of this. >> let's move on to major league baseball. ryan freel committed suicide last year and now the florida times union is reporting he was suffering from cte. same condition so many pro football players have suffered due to concussions. your reaction to this? >> you know, it is sort of
3:59 pm
ironic that this week, at the winter meetings, baseball banned collisions at home plate. because last year, there are 18 concussions, 18 concussions that put players on the disabled list and ten of the 18 involved catchers. as we can see here, ryan was an catcher. he was a utility guy playing different positions. but during his career he said he suffered nine or ten concussions. this will have a very deep affect on major league baseball. probably beyond just banning the collision at home plate. part of the reason baseball is doing this is because of what happened in the nfl. in the national football league, there are all these lawsuits filed against the league and they have o settle for something like a hundred million dollars. baseball does not want to go down that route. >> all right. terrence moore, live in atlanta for us. thank you so much. we appreciate it. i'm rose why flores. tonight, catch the back to the
4:00 pm
beginning, garden of eden, the night of the great flood. tonight, investigating the ancient and dramatic store wrists bible. that's at 9:00 eastern. first, op operation finally home, a cnn special presentation, begins right now. what's your name? >> even though we are pulling out in the middle east, there's over 50,000 wounded veterans that we have now, and that's an unbelievable amount. i built custom homes for 30 years. back in 2005, i did my first remodel for a wounded veteran. god put a passion in my heart to help these families. you know these young men and women need a lot of help. unfortunately, i don't have the help in a lot of areas. but i do know how to build a home.


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