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tv   Around the World  CNN  December 16, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PST

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i'm flat out of time. "around the world" takes over now. now. have a great day. -- captions by vitac -- a deadly air raid in syria reportedly kills dozens of people, including women and children. just the latest outrage in this nearly three-year civil war. after months of deadlock, congress could have a budget approved this week. averting another fiscal crisis. but does the senate actually have the votes to get the bill through? and china reaches the moon for the first time in its history. check out the amazing pictures. should the u.s. be worried now if china catches up in the space race? welcome to around the world". i'm suzanne malveaux. michael holmes is off today. we begin with this, the pair rodity video supposed to be
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funny, get some laughs got him thrown into jail. we are talking about 29-year-old shea son cas sim of minnesota, spent the last eight months locked up in the united arab emirates. authorities say this video threatened national security. today he was set to tell his side of the story in court. now washington and would trying to get him out of jail. sara sidner has it the story from abu dhabi. >> hi, this it is will ferrell and adam mckay. and we are submitting this in support of shez. >> will ferrell and other well-known comedians are taking up a serious cause, banding to the to fight for the release of american citizen shezen cas zem known as shez. >> locking people up for what they say or what they think is funny is brutal and beyond that, it just doesn't work. >> if anyone deserves to go to jail, i do. >> he has been locked up for the
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past eight months after posting this video online. >> now, this is more dangerous weapon. >> he filmed it with several friends. all are now being held. they intended it to be a pair rod about would be gangsters on the not so dangerous streets of a dubai suburb. cas sem had been working and living in dubai. now his concerned family in minnesota has desperately been seeking answers as to why he's still behind bars. >> he's going stir crazy in that cell. >> and for weeks, cnn has been searching for answers, as well. >> this is sarah with cnn. can you tell me anything about the cassim case? >> for the first time the uae responded confirming that cassim is incarcerate addsen charged but wouldn't give specifics on his case. tlts said in part he was charged under the uae's penal code. anyone charged with a crime under the laws the uae is entitled to the fair trial
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protections contained in the constitution. his flight has reached washington. this letter first on cnn was sent to secretary of state john kerry from minnesota governor mark dayton. it says in part "the conditions surrounding his confinement are very serious and call for immediate attention. please take any action possible to assist mr. cassim." sara sidner is injoing us live with the very latest. first of all, are what did respect from these proceedings today? what has this accomplished in do they think this somehow gets him any closer to getting out? >> that is the question. the family does not have the answer to it. we went to the court hearing today. it lasted all of five minutes. five gentlemen were standing up there including cassim. at the end of the proceeding he said to them come back december 23rd. so that is all we got from the court today. the family was hoping beyond hope perhaps today would be the day that they finally were able to say okay, you're released.
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that the didn't happen. and the fight continues, suzanne. >> sarah, what did he look like? i can only imagine his family is wondering how he's doing, did he look healthy? how is he being taken care of? >> you know, i didn't recognize him, to be honest with you from the pictures. he looks really different. he was quiet. he looked down. he didn't look in up over to the families. a lot of the family members of the other four people that are in jail alongside him, his friends were there waving and having conversations with sign language across the courtroom. he was quiet, are sullen. he was sort of to himself. he looked a bit downen an his hair had gotten quite a bit longer. kind of a different looking guy than what you see in the pictures and video. >> so sad. what's next for him? >> the court said there's the next hearing in just a week's time. these hearings keep coming along. sometimes they actually end up in court. sometimes the hearings are postponed but again, another week and very close to
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christmas, december 23rd is the next hearing. we will go and bring you whatever we hear comes out of court. suzanne? >> we certainly wish him the very best. please keep us posted on that. also to the bombs unleashed in syria. just watch this. what you're seeing here, this is the devastation. it is just absolutely tremendous. this is after government helicopters dropped barrels packed with explosives on a dozen neighborhoods. opposition group ofs say at least 83 people were killed. many women, children, among the dead. the aerial bombardments happened in the city of aleppo. the u.n. estimates that the civil war has killed more than 100,000 people bomb forced more than 2 million syrians to leave the country, and that has created a huge refugee crisis. want to bring in mohammed j
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jamjoom where syrian children face a crippling virus. >> okay. >> as conflict spills over, viruses spread quicker than violence. in surroundings even dirtier than the war they escaped, these syrian refugee children face another potential agony. polio. highly contagious and potentially deadly, the crippling and incurable disease recently re-emerged in syria. paralyzing children. aid workers knew they had to act fast. >> okay. thank you. >> they're concerned enough they're going tent to tent. this is the largest immunization program against polio in the middle east. unicef and the world health organization are attempting to vaccinate as many as 23 million children both inside and outside syria. neighboring lebanon's
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particularly at risk. >> okay. >> it houses the highest concentration of can refugees. more than 800,000 you syrians registered in this tiny corrupt so far. >> new families are escaping from the war in syria. and coming over there. we are afraid just one of these cases are infected by virus by this polio virus. >> reporter: in a camp like this, sewage, there's trash everywhere, unsanitary. that makes it easier for the virus to transmit. >> yes, of course, of course >> here, children routinely wade through filth. makeshift refugee camps like this, the conditionses are absolutely appalling. here, they're essentially living in an open sewer. there is trash and human waste all around. it is hard enough trying to walk through this camp let alone actually trying to live here. doctors say it's not just polio they're at risk of getting. that they could easily contract anything from hepatitis scabies to the mumps.
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i asked 12-year-old maria if her family fears they'll get sick be. >> of course, we're worried she says. we're all crowded together here. if one person gets sick, they'll definitely spread it to everybody else here, too. the medics wrap up as the weather worsens. winter's at hand. the cold only exacerbating the misery. parents who worry about polio now also wonder how they'll shield their families from are the elements. but the children keep playing. no matter how young they are, for them, the harshest possible existence is almost expected. mohammed jamjoom, cnn in the bekka valley, lebanon. >> in the u.s., the senate under a lot of pressure now to prevent another government shutdown. a vote is scheduled tomorrow in a bipartisan budget deal the house passed last week. the shutdown clock is clicking. time running outs. if the senators do not pass the
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budget, the government will run out of money on january 15th. do the democrats have the votes to get it passed? >> this is the right thing to do for our country. a bipartisan agreement to get the first real budget in five years. and i hope that at least eight or maybe even more republican senators will join us. we have a handful but we need more. some are still thinking about it. >> i hope it will pass the senate. i'll do anything, not anything but we must not shut down did the government again. we can't do that to the people of this country in my state. >> all right. wolf, they say they can't do it. we'll see what happens. wolf blitzer joining us here. our latest poll, wolf, says a survey of senators 35 saying yes votes. at least two republican yeses including john mccain. 20 republican senators have told us they're voting no. what will do we think of getting to the magic number of 60 needed to shutdown the debate and vote on the budget?
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>> i think they'll get the 60. there's 5 democrats in the senate. 53 democrats, two independents who who vote with the democrats. there's 55. i think almost all of them, maybe one or two won't go along. i suspect almost all of them will. if durbin is right, let's say you need eight republicans, i think they can get eight. they'll get the 60 votes to allow the real vote to go forward. and you'll need 51. you need 50 plus biden if he has a tiebreaker. i suspect the vote will happen. it will pass. the house passed it overwhelmingly last week. the president will immediately sign it into law. there won't be a government shutdown in january. the president for the first time in awhile will be able to leave with his own family later this week for their two week vacation inning in hawaii. so i guess he and a lot of other folks will be happy to get out of this town with that budget deal passed. >> yeah. maybe we'll all get a little bit of a vacation including you, wolf. >> i'd like that. >> maybe we'll get a break.
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talk about the motivation behind it. 12 republican senators including mitch mcconnell running for re-election next year. so how much of this is voting against the budget deal and more about self-preservation? >> well, a lot of these are politicians and they want to get re-elected. if you're a republican senator up for re-election in 2014, you're nervous about having a tea party challenger if you go along too much with the establishment. so there will be some maybe even mitch mcconnell, he faces a tea party challenge in kentucky and others. even lindsey graham who's often very open to working across the aisle, working with democrats. he's got a tea party challenger in south carolina. so there will be some republicans who will vote against in this budget deal because they're afraid of a primary challenge, if you will. but it's a relatively easy vote for these senators because there will be, i suspect, more than 60 votes to get through that initial proceed hurdle. so they can vote against it and argue they opposed it, but at
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the same time, they don't have to worry about a government shutdown. >> all right. we don't have to worry about a government shutdown. that's a good thing. thanks, wolf. two law enforcement officials in boston tell cnn a bomb scare at harvard university now looks like a hoax. the school started evacuating four buildings including a dorm this morning after someone phoned in a bomb threat. so far, authorities say that they have not found anything but gimp the boston marathon bombings earlier this year, they can see of course, how they wouldn't want to take any chances out of abundance caps of caution they evacuated many buildings there. students are taking finals this week. some exams supposed to i can ta place in those evacuated buildings. the school newspaper, the crimson saying those exams have now been postponed. and the so-called fake interpreter who made no sense when he signed for the deaf at nelson mandela's memorial service, well, still has more questions to answer. more importantly, how did he get
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night live" poking fun at the sign language interpreter for nelson mandela's memorial service. he made news as you recall last week because experts said he was signing nonsense.
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but what is not funny is this. this man who is being called a fraud stood feet away from the most powerful world leaders including president obama. airline barnett is joining us with more on the angle. leaders around the world are asking the same question, how did this guy pass the clearance, you know, the clearance system to get that the close. >> reporter: precisely, suzanne. you know, yesterday south aftericality laid to rest the late nelson mandela after ten days of public mourning but this what appears to be a possible security lapse is what many people are talking about. cnn was able to get our hands on to essential lis symptom thamsanqa jantjie's rap sheet. it shows between '94 and '96, he faces a number of charges including rape and murder. those he was found not guilty but he faced theft, house breaking, malicious damage to property, those where is withdrawn. we don't know the exactly why,
9:18 am
but he was found guilty of theft back in 1996. compound that, suzanne, with what jantjie told us last week when we sat down with him and asked him what were the signs that he was interpreting during that tuesday memorial service for nelson mandela. he admitted to suffering a schizophrenic episode. so right there, we now know that the south african government allowed a man suffering from schizophrenia to stand feet away from not just united states president barack obama but we also had u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon, the brazilian president, french president fran wau hollande. so many people are wondering exactly why did the government allow this man to stand so close to so many important people on such an important day. >> oh erroll, i guess the bottom line is, what was the process? did they have any procedure in place to actually screen this guy? >> well, the south african government did conduct a press
9:19 am
conference last week. they answered reporters' questions, admitted that mistakes were made in hiring this man. they said though they couldn't get in the contact with interpreters sa, which jantjie says is the company he was employed. the south african government saying that company had varnished. we went to the address on the business card he gave us and the women at that location says that that business doesn't exist. so the government here has launched an investigation. they haven't released details to us. but suzanne, over the weekend, all these details are emerging in various publications and newspapers. the bottom line is the same though. why did the government, if they did in fact vet this man and know he had a criminal record, allow him to stand next to such prominent people. we also have video of this same interpreter next to president jacob can be zum mallast year. this isn't a man who appeared once. it's someone close to the government for some time. we should also mention that president. zuma is facing corruption
9:20 am
charges in other areas. that's a massive complaint people have in this country about the government. unfortunately, it may be showing that south africa today is a far cry of that of nelson mandela years ago. >> errol, it it is puzzling and troubling. they've got a lot of questions to be answered. it doesn't make any sense what happened there. erroll, thank you very much. we appreciate it. as he mentioned, nelson mandela now in his final resting place. his funeral was held over the weekend in a village where he grew up. about 4500 people pack aid huge at the present time for the ceremony mandela was buried near the graves of three of his children. >> a 30-foot bronze statue of mandela was unveiled in pretoria as part of today's national day of reb conciliation. he was sworn in as president in the city nearly 20 years ago.
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it's beautiful. china has landed a rover on the moon, and russia is spending billions of dollars on its own space program. so where does that leave the united states in the great space race? is we're going to go live to miami for some answers. [ male announcer ] the new new york is open. open to innovation. open to ambition. open to bold ideas. that's why new york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state. move here, expand here, or start a new business here and pay no taxes for ten years... we're new york. if there's something that creates more jobs, and grows more businesses... we're open to it.
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pace in the space race. sat add it successfully landed an unmanned probe on the moon. that is the latest in what has been a fascinating race to space. you recall, of course, in 1957, the former soviet union successfully launched sputnik one, the world's first artificial satellite. it weighed only about 183 pounds. and then of course, this, the u.s. making history back in 1969. >> that's one small step for man, be one giant leap for mankind. >> all right. you'll recognize that, nasa's neil armstrong becoming the first man on the moon with the apollo 11 crew. in 19 1, nasa ushered in a whole new era of exploration with the space shuttle missions. watch. >> america's first space shuttle. and the shuttle has cleared the
9:26 am
tower. >> well, that moment is always magical. john zarrella in miami, you've covered so many of these space missions. you see it. it takes your breath away every single time you see something like that. let's talk about the big picture here. right? you've got russia spending about $70 billion on its program. you've got china sending its first astronaut into space. in 2003, the moon landing. is there a threat here? u.s. outsourcing space exploration to the private sector that we're behind? >> yeah, you know, put it in perspective though. as you brought up, in 1972, the last u.s. astronaut walked on the moon. we're not talking about a moon landing here with humans. the united states is still pretty far ahead when it comes to human exploration. don't forget the united states went 130 million miles and put the rover curiosity and a bunch of other rovers on mars. so the u.s. still has a
9:27 am
tremendous edge inning technology. but you're right. the chinese, the russians are spending a lot of money. they're looking at the moon very ambitiously. in fact, a couple of years ago, when the shuttle program was ending, i had the opportunity to talk to experts who said look, the chinese are going to be the ones and they're not going to wait around. >> they realize the value of space. they realize the economic value of space, they he realize the significance in terms of international don'tcy and what it means, and they certainly realize that the high ground is certainly significant when it comes to national security. they're smart enough to know all those things and they're going to take advantage of hem. >> if i were china, i would head out for an asteroid in the very near future. that will be a stunner to america when that happens. probably eclipsing what we saw the reaction to what russia did with sputnik. and ironically, it might be a
9:28 am
good thing for us because it might wake us up that as sputnik did. >> a lot of the experts have said just that, if the chinese do something really dramatic or the russians, it may be the second space race. now, what is they've done now is a precursor. clearly a lot of experts say to the chinese embarking on human exploration of the moon, that's still a ways away. but we can see how things are really, really heating up. >> it could be definitely a wake-up call. you've got people billionaires pioneers like richard pran son pushing to commercialize space selling tickets to whoever can afford it to get into space. what does that say about the government funded projects in the future and where we stand on that? >> sure. you know 200,000 for branson to get on one of his flights when this he start flying. you'll go weightless for five, six minutes. it's a very short flight. he's got people lined up who have the money to do that. but the united states, the nasa
9:29 am
nasa clearly is the only game in town when it comes to deep space exploration. they've got the orion capsule being readied. they're going to do a test flight hopefully the end of 2014. but that's go to be the way the united states goes to an asteroid or mars is going to be with nasa, not these private low earth orbit ventures like branson or spacex. >> john, would you pay money if you had it to go to space? >> i would try to raise the money. i don't think -- maybe get somebody to send me. pay for me to go. that would be nice. no, i would absolutely go. had the opportunity, i'd be there in a second. >> we'll do a little fund raiser for you. start selling cookies. thanks, john. good to see you. evander holyfield going to bulgaria to help out syrian refugees. here's why. >> they won't be asking about how many championships i won. they'll say what did you do for
9:30 am
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we've got more political moves. north korea. remember the uncle that the leader kim jong-un had executed last week. well, the uncle's wife appears to be alive and well still involved in the government. she is kim jong-un's aunt. the sister of his late father kim jong-il. media reports she has been named to a state committee. she is okay. meanwhile, a former nba star basketball star, dennis rodman, is going ahead with a return trip to north korea despite the deadly political maneuvering. he's going to be training north korea's basketball team and rodman says that he considers the north korean leader a friend. john kerry has gone back to the waterways of vietnam 44 years ago, he was patrolling down them as a young naval officer. well, this time he was there to deliver a message about the growing threat of climate change. the water levels along the me
9:35 am
kong delta are said to be dropping. now, that could threaten millions of people down stream in cambodia and vietnam. the secretary of state is in hanoi today to talk with government officials will releasing political prisoners. and form ter heavyweight world champion evapder holyfield is actually joining the fight for syrian refugees. his mission took him to bulgaria with a canadian philanthropist. that is yang berry. atika caught up with them at a refugee camp where those tempers are flairing. >> holyfield has faced plenty of opponents in the ring but nothing like hundreds of syrian refugees angry at camp conditions in bulgaria. >> maybe you can help them to make conditions more -- >> we're doing that. we're working very closely. evander and i are seeing the prime minister on tuesday. >> together with his friend are yank berry, they plan to deliver food aid and help resettle some
9:36 am
families in a home supplied by global village, barry's charity. yank's recent aid mission wasn't supposed to be like this. >> wait a second. time-out. we got here 15 minutes ago. have a little bit of patience before i lose my patience and we leave with the food and we don't take anybody. >> they held out their thumbs, chanting fingerprint. their way of demanding to be documented as refugees and then released from the camp. >> i wouldn't refuse food when i was hungry. we're not here trying to intimidate them. we're trying to help them. so if they can't handle it, let's go. now you're coming to sophia to your new life. >> everything that you, thank you. >> so a quick change of plans. they sneak two families out and meet them at a nearby gas station. barry has offered to place them in a converted hotel with other syrian refugees for up to a year. but he also has more ambitious plans. he told us he would be meeting bashar al assad within a few
9:37 am
weeks. >> we know he's killed some of his own people. but so did mew bar are he can and gadhafi. so did saddam. >> why do you think you might have more success than other people in reaping out to as add sad? >> i know he loves louis louis. it's my song. i'll sting it to him. i'm going with evander and possibly mike tyson. he's a big boxing fan. we're not politically involved. >> it's dark by the time they reach their new home. inside, this family resettled here weeks before, the first recipients of global village aid. when the new arrivals walk through the door, a flood of tears as muhammad recognizes his brother noor. he hasn't seen him in nearly a year. >> your heart skips a beat. i was crying probably as much as he was. i saw evander had i an tear in his eye. hard to have a guy like him have a tear in his eye.
9:38 am
>> at some point in time when you leave this earth, they won't ask about how many championships i won. they'll say what did you do for the least of them. i can say this is what -- i was in bulgaria. >> barry says he is already looking for another hotel to house more refugees. but with so many needing help, they may not be able to reach as many as they hoped. atika ca sure bert on the bulgarian turkish boarder. >> it's india's most dangerous city for women. a gang rape there shocked the entire world. now one year later, we're going to take you back to new delhi to see if anything has changed for women in that country. [ male announcer ] this is george. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ [ male announcer ] that's handy. waffle bars... fancy robes...
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so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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vigils and protests were held in india today to mark the first anniversary of a deadly gang rape that made international headlines. indians have demanded that the government make the streets safer for women, but as sunni ma udas tells us, it is one thing to change loss. it is entirely a different thing to change attitudes. here's the it back story from new delhi. >> one year ago -- these were the scenes in india's capital, tens of thousands on the streets to demand better protection for women. amongst the crowds, be 24 this 24-year-old you're helped set up aphisback page movement for change urging people to come out and protest. one year on, i asked her if anything has changed. >> in terms of laws, yes.
9:43 am
in terms of you know, the police's reaction to these things, their response towards this, yes, they're more sensitive towards these issues now, but socially, i don't think so. >> economic growth in the past two the decades has prompted about a quarter of the country's women to leave their homes and join the workforce. often rejecting traditional attire for western wear. taking public transportation. staying out late. indian women have never been so empowered, but some things are harder to change. traveling by public transportation should be safe. there's so many people around you. but as the majority women here, and they'll tell you harassment is a daily issue. >> they come behind us and they kind of tried to grind us. they stand behind us and they push us. and they like -- >> she has given up on public buses and is taking
9:44 am
three-wheeler taxis instead. >> it seems quite safe. what could really, really happen.? >> just in case you don't know where you're going, you're going to some place you haven't been before, the risk shaw guy could take you anywhere. >> i usually take down the license plate number of the rickshaw. i text it to my friend or maybe my family. >> on the streets, never a stress-free experience. >> there are guys and there are men who would literally just -- it's more or less like undressing you with your eyes. you're always on your toes. you always have to be aware of your surroundings. you know? it goes without saying you're going to go out and come backing with some incident. >> she has numerous stories to tell of abuse. an elderly man grabbing her thighs on the bus. a group of boys in a car chasing her as she ran for her life. she's been carrying a pocketknife in her bag ever since. and the instances of groping, too many to count. >> there's girls who have had
9:45 am
their breasts grabbed in public places or they pinch you. you become under confident and you feel -- you think -- >> the change that's needed is cultural, they say, and in the centuries old pay the arcual society, that's not easily done. selema oraz, cnn, new delhi. >> i an brave young woman. lawmakers in yemen are demanding an end to you to u.s. drone strikes. now, this comes after an attack on a wedding party that killed 14 people, wounded 22 others, this is happened last week. but the u.s. government has not commented on that strike but yemen's government said it was a mistake. drone strikes are part of a joint u.s.-yemenii campaign against al qaeda. and thousands of people in ukraine are demanding a change from their government. we've seen them protest day after day. but one protest ter really
9:46 am
stands out. coming up, how a pop singer is lending her famous voice to the movement. life with crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis is a daily game of "what if's". what if my abdominal pain and cramps come back? what if the plane gets delayed? what if i can't hide my symptoms? what if? but what if the most important question is the one you're not asking? what if the underlying cause of your symptoms is damaging inflammation? for help getting the answers you need, talk to your doctor and visit to get your complimentary q&a book, with information from experts on your condition. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it.
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president has decided to sign a trade deal with russia. the two countries plan too approve this on tuesday. this announcement comes despite all the protests in the streets at these government buildings. a lot of people believe it should have been signed with the eu and it would open greater trade with the west. after u.s. senator john mccain paid a visit to ukraine over the weekend, still the ukraine cranian president going forward. >> we are here to support your just cause. the sovereign right of ukraine to determine its own destiny freely and independent lit. all ukrainians, america stands with you. >> we get more from cnn's dana mag nay in kiev who tells us one
9:50 am
demonstrator has added some star power to the protests. >> reporter: despite the strains of the beatles over independence square, this isn't a revolution yet. but music keeps spirits high even though alcohol's banned. ♪ >> one of the problems, if you will, about this huge demonstration and this sunday, there are something like 200,000 people in this square, is that they don't have one single demand. but there is a single voice. she's called ruslana, a euro vision contest winner and she's stood on that stage every night since the protest began. rushing students to shelter when police beat them with batons, calling more and more people to the square when police tried to force their way in, and always with a midnight rendition of the national anthem. ♪ she gives us an impromptu performance.
9:51 am
♪ >> and today we heard from the european union that the agreement with the eu won't happen because they don't believe the kiev government. are you surprised? >> it doesn't matter because now, we don't have government. it's disappeared. >> disappeared in fact to moscow where president yanukovych will meet vladimir putin on tuesday. viewed here as a sign of his indifference for their desire for a sea change in the way he runs this country. surely he cannot be deaf to their determination for a better ukraine. diana magnate, cnn. >> and then flooding in gaza forced some 5,000 people from their homes now.
9:52 am
many others are trapped inside their homes as water rises around them. streets have been turned into rivers. fields washed out. sewage now backed up. the u.n. is calling gaza a disaster area. this is from four days of tore rennenal rains as powerful storms slammed many parts of the middle east. and there is as all-out effort to save pandas from extinction. we're going to take you to china to show you what they're doing. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you:
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\s nadi. >> nadi. >> nadi. >> stronger. >> they call meskoun. >> big news if you loved "avatar," director james cameron says there's going to be three sequels. that's right. he's planning to go back to new zealand, shoot all of them over a period of several months or so. now, the government there is paying for a nice chunk of the filming costs. cameron very excited. he is hoping to have the first sequel in had theaters by this time. 2016 or so. the original "avatar" is the highest grossing movie ever. nearly $3 billion worldwide. i loved that film.
9:57 am
that was a great one. good to see sequels, as well. finally today, pandas. there's an all-out effort to save them from extinction. it it is attracting visitors from all over to a pan dam breeding center in had china. ivan watson has the story. >> reporter: what's cuter than a baby panda climbing a tree? how about a baby trying to talk to those baby pandas. this is the kind of pandemonium you get at the panda breeding research strew in chengdu, china. >> hello there. >> this little panda, her name is mumu. and a little bit too cute for words right now getting this close to this little animal. she's one of the oldest of the 149 pandas born at this facility
9:58 am
this summer. and the trainers say that she's one of their favorites because she's so active. >> conservation groups like the world wildlife fund call china's effort to save the giant panda from extinction a success story. with breakthroughs in artificial insemination and the use of incubators, experts here have gotten much better at breeding and raising baby pandas. >> a mid-morning nap for this fellow. >> the giant panda isn't exactly the most athletic creature in the animal kingdom. unless you counting eating bamboo and napping. but these large arguably lazy animals definitely have charisma. >> they're cute, man. >> yeah. >> they're great. they live a great lifestyle. you play all day, eat, sleep. >> very like a loveable creature and obviously they're extremely cute. >> the breeding center in chengdu has become a panda theme
9:59 am
park. attracting more than a million visitors a year. they travel in panda wagons and go home loaded with panda hats and ear muffs. panda experts say their next big challenge is learning how to introduce captive pandas back into the wild. because at this zoo, these normally solitary creatures have gotten accustomed to some pretty close human contact. so this is the highlight of the visit to this panda breeding center. for a donation, you get to sit next to one of these fuzzy animals, 15-month-old momiao female who is chowing down on bamboo shoots dipped in honey and you get to hug her. ivan watson -- cnn, chengdu, china. >> oh, that's awesome. that's our war correspondent hugging a panda. you got to love it. adorable.
10:00 am
thanks for watching "around the world." world." "cnn newsroom" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- right now supporters of that budget deal are trying to round up votes. the agreement sailed through the who us but it faces a tougher time in the senate. we'll have the latest vote tally live from capitol hill. right now the debate over amnesty for edward snowden. he said he would come home if he got protection from prosecution. what is he saying about the offer? we're going to tell you. right now finals week back on at harvard after a bomb scare this morning briefly shut down parts of the campus. with nerves still raw from the boston marathon bombings, university officials were taking no chances. we'll have a live update from cambridge just ahead. hello, i'm wolf blitzer in


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