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tv   ICYMI In Case You Missed It  CNN  December 16, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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>> merry christmas. ho-ho-ho. >> so please don't listen to the next part. i don't want to get coal in my stock. tomorrow we will be talking about words specifically. are there some words you can't say. is the "n" word ever okay and who decided? brooke baldwin and "in case you missed it" starts right now. >> good evening i'm brooke baldwin and welcome to icymi, showcasing the best news all day. we have a lot to get to including the school shooting in colorado. for the first time we hear from the parents of the boy who brought a rifle into arapahoe high school and opened fire. also day after day of stifling heat, no power and the stench of human waste.
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a look at the infamous "poop" cruise. also ahead you will see what happens when a war correspondent shows his softer side. cnn's ivan watson with a new generation of baby pandas in china tonight and a lot more in case you missed it. so let's get started. we begin tonight with a federal court ruling that deals a major blow to the nsa surveillance program that has outraged so many americans. the massive and secret collections of our phone records. a judge ruled this huge data stash is almost certainly unconstitutional. tonight, we got the first reaction here from edward snowden himself all the way from russia. he says in part, quote, the american public deserved to see
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these issues determined by open courts. today a secret program authorize bade secret court was when exposed to the light of day, found to violate americans rights. it is the first of many. if you think he did damage with those leaks we are learning now that he has only released a small fraction of the 1.7 million documents he confiscated from right under the nsa's nose. in an interview with "60 minutes" the man leading the snowden task force for the nsa described them as a treasure trove for america's enemies. the u.s. should consider granting snowden amnesty in return for all those classified documents. >> my personal view is, yes, it's worth having a conversation about. i would need assurances that the remainder of the data could be
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secured. and my bar would be very high. >> reporter: the national security council said, quote, there is no change in u.s. policy on this issue and they say he will face felony charges if he comes back home. glen greenwald is the journalist who first published the stash of information and he says the nsa leaker wants to make a deal to come back home. >> what edward snowden has always said from the start is if i could be guaranteed fair treatment and wouldn't be persecuted for the stories i would love to return to the united states but in general the u.s. government tends to be vindictive when it comes to people who expose wrong doing. >> we talked earlier on my show and you said this is a limited ruling and it begs the question that this would open the door to
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many other cases. but we learned there are many other cases currently pending. >> there is one filed by the american civil liberties union and two plaintiffs have won, anyone who is in a similar situation which is basically all of us who have had our phones looked at by this program can file a same lawsuit. so it's going to be open season on the nsa now. >> there is a meeting tomorrow, the president of the united states and tech companies getting together and talking about their roles. what do you think they will tell president obama? >> they are going to say you need to fix this program. our customers are mad at us. we are cooperating with you. you have to give the data. but we don't want to be in the position of being your bad cops. >> they are irked at the president. >> absolutely. you have the trouble in two directions coming for president
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obama. this court ruling saying it's illegal. the tech companies saying we don't want to do it any more. but you have the national security community saying this protects lives. >> jeff tuben, thank you. and now turning now to the high school shooting in centennial, colorado. we are hearing from the family of the shooter, carl pettersson. his family expressed their sympathy for the victim. they talked about their son. as parents, we loved our son, carl dearly and are devastated by what happened friday. we cannot begin to understand why karl did what he did. we ask for privacy during this unthinkably difficult time and hope you will respect our need for time to grieve.
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>> it took only 80 seconds for the shooter to walk into that high school and shoot claire davis in her head at point-blank range and then take his own life. we know that he was targeting his debate coach, tracy murphy who suspended him from the team. >> i know that they did not get along on the trip to nationals. karl threatened to kill mr. murphy and he brought that to the administration. he felt that the suspension ruined his future. >> and the victim is in a coma tonight. the governor of colorado asked for all americans to pray for her recovery. and for many folks in colorado, this shooting was far too familiar. after a series of some of the worst mass shootings the cup has ever seen, the school is eight
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miles away from columbine high school and 15 miles from the aurora movie theater. colorado is one of the first states to enact tougher gun legislation but some colorado sheriffs are refusing to enforce the law because they say it violates second amendment rights. john cook is one of them. he is among 55 of the 62 elected sheriffs in colorado who is challenging the constitutionality of this new law and i should tell you also tonight this is not just colorado, it is happening in new york where sentiment runs high for gun control. you have several sheriffs ignoring new laws passed in the wake of the new town massacre. now to montana. there are newly released tapes of police interviews with jordan graham who agreed to plead guilty to second degree murder in the death of her husband last week. this happened this summer.
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this was eight days after the two exchanged vows. graham pushed her husband, kody johnson off a cliff to his death in glacier national park. we are seeing police interviews with her after her husband disappeared. she denies nothing anything about what happened to him. >> what's going on as far as where he might have gone or who he might be with? >> i got a message saying he was going to go for a ride with one of his friends. he said he would take them to glacier park, he walked out or made a call or something i got a tex text saying he was going to go and he left. >> but once the body had been found she changed her story. >> he went to grab my arm and
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said no, i'm not going to the top. i'm going to defend myself. i pushed and he went over and then i took off and went home. >> sentencing in the case is scheduled for march. she faces a maximum of life in prison. for those who say marriage should be one one man and one woman. a case was brought on by kody brown the star of the reality series "sister wives" pamela brown tells his story. >> reporter: days after their controversial television debut triggered a police investigation. brown sued the state two years ago claiming their privacy rights were being violated by
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the law. now he has 21 reasons to celebrate. after a judge threw out parts of the law. it means that families with multiple husbands or wives who live together cannot be prosecutes. >> this is a huge deal and there is work to be done. >> reporter: friends of the browns and fellow polygamists shared an overjoyed phone call with the browns. >> kody is like joe, we won. and i'm like really? he said we got everything we worked for. >> >> reporter: russell moore said that polygamy was outlawed in this country because it was demonstrated again and again to hurt women and children. >> an appeal to a higher court on that ruling is already in the
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welcome back to icymi. i'm brooke baldwin. and now "in case you missed it," an important investigative piece. the entire fiasco aboard the carnival triumph was a disaster waiting to happen. 4,000 passengers were stranded on what is known as the "poop"
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cruise. the ship drifted for four days without lights, water, food or flushing toilets. and now cnn has learned that the crew set sail in february with only four of six generators operational and without installing recommended safety equipment. drew griffin has the story tonight. >> this was supposed to be the fun ship. we were having to fend for ourselves. >> reporter: bettina and her daughter were supposed to be celebrating isabel's birthday. it was a trip of a lifetime until they awoke to a fire alarm, smoke in their hallway, and days and days of misery. human waste was piling up outside their door. >> just on our deck alone there were the biohazard bags lined up
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across the floor. raw sewage at just the end of our deck alone. it was just repulsive. >> reporter: it was according to rodriguez, a nightmare now made worse because of's, the cruise lines own reports, inspections and maintenance records detailed a problem that had been developing on board the triumph more than a year before rodriguez and her daughter were on board. this attorney obtained the documents in his lawsuit against carnival. >> that ship never should have set sail in february. it was unseaworthy at the commencement of the voyage. the corporation back in miami had knowledge of the fact that this vessel had a propensity for fires. there were things that could have been, should have been and weren't done in order to make sure that fires didn't take place. >> reporter: the first trouble
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with triumph, diesel generator number six, the one that caught fire starting a year before the cruise, diesel generator number six was overdue for maintain, out of compliance with the safety laws of the sea. over and over again, carnival's own maintenance reports say the same thing. diesel generator number six overdue for maintenance. and during that same time period carnival learned about a more alarming safety problem in the engine room, fuel lines. a dangerous pattern of leaks emerged in other ships. it would be the ultimate foreshadowing, consider this. carnival's investigation shows the fire on board the costa allegra was believed to be caused by a fuel leak on one of the diesel general
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investigators, similar to what started the fire on the triumph a year later. carnival found a big problem in a different type of fuel line. there had been nine -- that's right -- nine incidents resulting from fuel leaks in flexible fuel lines in two years. carnival gave ships two montsds to address the problem and ensure that a spray shield is installed for all diesel engines using the flexible fuel lines. >> after that internal study, the company came out with a new policy to, again, shield all of the flanges and the hoses that were below the deck plates. >> but you didn't shield the one hose that wound up causing this tragedy. >> that hose was beneath the deck plates. it was believed that the deck
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plates would act as that shield. in this case it found that gap in the bilge plates and caused the fire. >> reporter: on february 7th with a diesel generator in need of overhaul and shields on some but not all of the flexible hoses, triumph set sail from galveston, texas. >> we were totally in compliance with all the rules and regulations. we had the regulating bodies on board the vessel that certified the ship safe to sail. you learn things on an incident such as the triumphs. >> three days later fire breaks out when fuel sprays from a flexible fuel line, a line that was less than six months old. drew griffin, cnn, houston,
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welcome back to icymi. i'm brooke baldwin. and the jackpot is growing and so are the lines to buy the tickets. the mega millions up to $586 million with a payout of $316.5 million. if there is no winner tomorrow night the jackpot will start at 800 million for friday's drawing and if then it would be a merry christmas for someone as the payout is $1 billion on christmas eve. now to the strongest videos that have come to cnn in the last 24 hours. this is from india. this is aleppo on sunday.
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army helicopters dropped barrel bombs filled with explosives on neighborhoods filled with rebels. 80 people were killed. next in the ukraine. john mccain made an appearance in kiev to support the demonstrators saying this is their moment. hundreds of thousands of demonstrators are protesting their president who they see as a puppet of vladimir putin. who can forget the fire last summer that surrounded the hot shot firefighting crew, leaving them with no escape. 19 heroes died that day and we'll play you a little bit of this. it's tough to hear the newly released recording knowing what happens next.
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>> granite mountain 7. >> the escape route has been cut off. we are preparing a deployment site and burning out around ourselves in a brush. i'll give you a call when we are under the shelters. >> absolutely tragic. back after this. open to innova. open to ambition. open to bold ideas. that's why new york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state. move here, expand here, or start a new business here and pay no taxes for ten years... we're new york. if there's something that creates more jobs, and grows more businesses... we're open to it. start a tax-free business at
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we leave you tonight on "in case you missed it" with this. you may have seen him on the front lines. but today, ivan watson was on the front lines with some of the world's cutest creatures, pandas. while visiting the giant panda breeding center he got close to one of the animals and fell in love with one of the animals named moo moo. >> this panda is too cute for words getting close to this little animal.
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she is one of the oldest of the 14 pandas born this summer. for a donation you get to sit next to one of these animals. this female who is chowing down on bamboo chutes dipped in honey and you get to hug her. >> that's what we leave you with, that's does it for me. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for joining >> this is piers morgan live. tonight, an nsa bombshell. a judge says the records are unconstitutional and what it could mean to edward snowden. and a report you can't read. the president sent some 88 pages about a stunning 9/11 cover-up. this man has read the missing pages and says he's absolutely shocked.


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