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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  December 18, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> just a sec. just a sec. what the record is, is that you need to say i apologize. >> how about, i am so sorry. is that as good as i apologize or so sorry. which one do you want, speaker? like super, super, super, super, super sorry? >> mayor ford, please. >> i'm sure it was all very, very sincere. that does it for me. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me today. "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts now. if you hit the numbers for the mega millions last night, you're going to have to share the $648 million jackpot because two people, two pete the astronomical odds. one on the east coast, one on the west coast. could they come forward and
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announce themselves this hour? also ahead, did a 16-year-old drunk driver who killed four people and got off pretty darn easy because he was wealthy, did he do something wrong in his case and ultimately could he end up back behind bars? a new twist. dennis rodman is about to tip off another bizarre basketball diplomacy mission. we will explain. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. it's wednesday, december 18th. welcome to "legal view." a brand new development that has a lot of people talking. a teenager who plowed down four people while he was driving drunk. well, it might just end up that he goes to jail after all. a brand new development, sort of a legal twist in the case of ethan couch. the kid who claimed he had
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affluenza, a rich kid syndrome, the budge bought it, left him off the hook essentially, giving him ten years probation and now the d.a. has something else in mind because two of the crimes that happened weren't officially dealt with, they might actually deal with them now and on top of that, look at your screen. plaintiffs, victims, and damages. it's because civil cases have been launched against this young man and his family and you might see over 1 million but look down to the bottom on the right, 20 million unspecified damages and that could be even higher. to explain all of this, i want to bring in our legal attorneys, paul callan and danny cevallos. the judge that you just saw has been taking it on the chin and now the tarrant county d.a. has said, i have two things to work with. they are the assaults, not the killings, but the assaults of
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the two people injured. paul callan, can you explain why now there may be this do-over? >> the prosecutor among massive scrutiny has discovered something. there were two counts involving kids who w car as ethan couch, the driver, and saying that the judge didn't deal with those two counts. so we're going to ask the judge to sentence him to jail on those two counts. >> an intoxication assault, is that a simple assault, an aggravated assault? what kind of assault is it? >> the bizarre thing about it is, it's a reckless assault. it's the same thing as the manslaughter charge that was the subject of kocontroversy. but normally those things would have been covered in a plea deal with the original thing was negotiated. i'm wondering when they looktth going to say, hey, i took that into account when i was looking at the manslaughter charge, so,
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please, i'm not going to resentence and how can the judge justify this? she's giving him nothing essentially for the manslaughter and then saying i'm sending him to jail for the assault? >> let me put up the statement coming out from the tarrant county district attorney with regard to this case. "during his recent trial the 16-year-old admitted his guilt in four cases of intoxication manslaughter and two cases of intoxication assault. there has been no verdict formally entered in the two intoxication assault cases. every case deserves a verdict. the district attorney's office is asking the court to incarcerate the teen on the two intoxication assault cases. due to limitations in the family code, we are unable to make additional comments." courtesy of joe shannon, the tarrant county d.a. danny, is this clerical? is this an opportunity for grandstanding on the part of the d.a.? could we actually see ethan couch go to jail?
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>> i have so many problems with this and i'll tell you in order. any plea agreement -- it should have been understood that all of the open cases, all of the open transcripts should have been consolidated and dealt with at once. i have to believe that at least couch believed they were being dealt with all in one instance. the second thing is, too, this raises some double jeopardy issues. i love the d.a.'s comment, due to the juvenile code, we can't make any other comments. he's saying everything else he plans on doing to this child. but at its core, this undermines trying to send couch to jail undermines the entire idea of the juvenile system. if we want to send juveniles to jail, let's get rid of the juvenile delinquency courts but we don't do that. juveniles are different. they develop differently. >> i appreciate that. not every case is the same. and that's the issue that so many people have with this kid and this particular sentence. i only have a couple seconds left. but tell me this, paul, this
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judge has been -- i mean, in the press, can she redeem herself with another sentence with the assaults or would that be just ridiculous to incarcerate over a lesser? >> i think incarceration was the right sentence initially. this judge would look totally hypocritical and judges are supposed to be independent of public pressure. so final -- why would she care? i think the judge will not fold. >> we have no idea there were two verdicts. thank you both. much more to talk about in a
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moment. other top stories we're checking in the news, thanks but no thanks to an offer from former nsa leaker edward snowden. snowden, who is now in russia, posted a letter on a website offering to help investigate the united states surveillance of brazilian citizens. the government says it will not respond to that letter. also making news, dennis rodman is not letting political upheaval stop him from returning to north korea. the former nba star top basketb players. it will be rodman's third visit this year. no word if he will be talking about the execution or kenneth bae who is still imprisoned there. more than 100 people --
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oh -- injured when that happened. police have launched a criminal case against the sports club for alleged safety violations that may have led to that collapse. apparently some very heavy rain hit the area over the weekend and that, the official say, compromised the wooden plank that those people were on. two winning tickets and the jackpot got even bigger, if you can believe it. the mega millions aftermath and the nice little surprise that cnn was a part of. coming back. end of december, we'll be delivering ♪ ♪ through 12 blizzards blowing ♪ 6 snowballs flying ♪ 5 packages addressed by toddlers ♪ ♪ that's a q ♪ 4 lightning bolts ♪ 3 creepy gnomes ♪ 2 angry geese ♪ and a giant blow-up snowman ♪ that kind of freaks me out [ beep ] [ female announcer ] no one delivers the holidays like the u.s. postal service. priority mail flat rate is more reliable than ever. and with improved tracking up to 11 scans, you can even watch us get it there. and look for our limited edition holiday stamps.
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into the future. stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the new flexcare platinum from philips sonicare and save now. philips sonicare. if you live in atlanta or san jose, california, and you just wonder about the co-worker of yours or a group of co-workers who maybe didn't show up for work today, it may very well not be the flu. it may instead be this. it's the magical combination of numbers. the no-shows -- possibly the kno no-shows beat the inconceivable odds and won $648 million. there are two winning tickets and even if your tickets don't
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match all of these numbers, look again because 20 tickets in all matched all of the numbers except the mega ball so those tickets are worth a cool million dollars each. don't rip up your ticket if you didn't get the powerball. $800 million is left on the table. so while we wait for the mega winners to come forward, and they just might during this hour, our dan simon in san jose and martin savidge in atlanta found that you can make money selling the winning tickets as well, which is kind of a bizarre notion. first of all, talk to me about the gateway news stand. what happened there and what is the mood like today? >> reporter: well, right now everybody is trying to figure out who exactly got that winning ticket. as you point out, there are only two and one of them was sold in this office complex behind us. you can't see the news stand that is inside but it's the center of a very big question. just as you were describing, a
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lot of people walking around this office complex are going, hey, do you know people that didn't show up for work today? because that's expected to be the clear indicator that they probably struck it rich last night. talking to the owner of the news stand, she believes that in fact it was a group of people. she doesn't know that for certain. she doesn't know who won. she knows it's one of her customers but she thinks the way people were snapping uptick k s uptick tickets yesterday, she thinks it was a group. >> it will be so much fun if it comes forward during this hour. dana, i want to zip over to you. tell me what is going on where you are. >> reporter: we're in front of jenny's gift shop. perhaps the person who came in to buy this ticket was buying a christmas present and maybe they walked away with two christmas presents, including the winning
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lottery ticket. there's a big sign in front of john. you're going to put this in front of the store. millionaire made here. if you could just sort of explain what you guys are doing today. >> we're coming in, we're going to put the signs all over the store and basically just get the store ready for all of the excitement. >> i guess the question that everybody has, any idea would this winner is? >> no idea at this point. >> reporter: so the guy who owns this store, he gets a piece of the action as well. >> that's correct. he'll get $1 million. >> reporter: a million dollars. you're here basically waiting for him to arrive and you're going to celebrate with him? >> we're going to celebrate, yes. >> reporter: that's the story here, ashleigh. a lot of excitement here in san jose. most of the stores around here are small vietnamese stores. he's a 37-year-old and he has three kids and he's walking away
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with $1 million himself. back to you. >> selling a winning ticket doesn't mean selling your winning ticket, it just meanings selling the ticket before it wins and you make some money off of it. that's great. keep us posted if you find out who the winners are. i want to talk about other kind of money, the real kind of money that you and i have to deal with. how does $85 billion sound? pretty nice, right? that's how much the federal reserve has been spending each and every month on government bonds and mortgage-backed securities. take the jackpot that we just talked about and multiply it by 131. you will almost guess what the fed kicks out every 30 days and the program that is called quantitative easing. you may have heard about if as qe. that's what it is. quantitative easing. we could find out today when the fed is going to stop doing it, or at least hall back, turn off
8:17 am
the spigots somewhat. alison kosik is it joining me. this is what investors have been worried about because the market has been drunk. >> trying to figure out what the fed is going to do. try $3.8 million and the programs began in november 2008 and losing $775,000 and the whole point in this stimulus was the economy. move more money into the economy. >> why is interest rate so small with qe 1. qe 3 is insane. how did they come to this decision on how much? >> you have the fed testing the waters into how much they thought that the economy needed to get it sort of moving again and the latest was this $85 billion a month that is pouring into the market.
8:18 am
well, now it's coming -- it's sort of coming to a head because the economy is showing improvement so some are saying, look, the fed is going to scale back on the stimulus program, even if it's just a little bit and then there's another school of thought that says, look, we want to see more consistent data of economic strength and you look at inflation and it's tame. they say, hey, look, the fed has more wriggle room and they could continue the stimulus. we'll find out how it is resolved today. >> i would hate the notion that if a party is over, ladies and gentlemen. makes me nervous. >> the market is expecting that it won't be a surprise. >> alison kosik, thank you. appreciate it. >> so going rate for baby sitters in your neighborhood, 10, 20 bucks depending on how old they are. there's a diplomat in new york who has been arrested for what she paid her baby sitter and if you think that's not such a big
8:19 am
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welcome back to "legal view," i'm ashleigh banfield. take a look at the woman on the screen behind me. she's been arrested. her arrest -- she's an indian diplomat here in new york city -- has caused a big problem in india, not just for her but people from america who are there working there for the united states. she allegedly submitted false
8:23 am
documents to get a work visa for a housekeeper and then allegedly paid that housekeeper a lot less than a legal minimum wage and then she got arrested and what's causing the backlash in india is not only the arrest but how this diplomat was treated upon being hauled in to custody and jail. cnn's pamela brown has this report. >> reporter: watch as police remove the concrete security barriers in front of the u.s. embassy in new delhi. newspapers in india reporting that the government is behind the anti-u.s. protest. why? retaliation sparked by an arrest of this indian diplomat in new york city. devyani khorbragade. a deputy counsel general is accused of paying her babysitter a lot less than minimum wage and
8:24 am
making her work more than 40 hours a week without overtime and then lied about this on visa documents, a violation of u.s. law. >> my daughter has nothing to do with this. >> reporter: state diplomatic security arrested khobragade last thursday after dropping her daughter off at school. her lawyer says she's pleaded not guilty. >> she will be completely vindicated. >> reporter: her arrest caused outrage by indian officials, one calling for the partners of gay u.s. diplomats to be arrested. >> what the government can do immediately is to cancel those visas, arrest all of these companions and put them behind bars. >> more steps should be taken
8:25 am
against the united states until given unconditional apology. >> reporter: u.s. marshal service officials stand by the strip search procedures saying they treat her the same way as everyone else. >> thus far are that every indication that procedures were followed. we understand this is a sensitive issue and we're reviewing what transpired. >> khobragade's lawyer says that she's protected by the charges against diplomatic immunity and expects a prompt resolution and is distressed by the treatment she received saying that there was simply no reason to have arrested her on the street in front of her daughter's school nor to have her strip searched similarly individuals of her stature are routinely provided an opportunity to report to the authorities to address charges at their convenience instead of being plucked off the street like a common criminal. a law enforcement official said that khobragade was not arrested
8:26 am
in front of her child and not handcuffed into she got into the courthouse. i also want to note that i spoke to a state department source and the source is telling me that she has immunity, not diplomatic immunity but she broke the law so she has no immunity at all. >> that raises so many questions. isn't it a good thing that sitting next to you is the legal analysts of the day, paul callan and danny cevallos. counselor immunity, not diplomatic immunity, what's the different? >> remember when dominique strauss-kahn got arrested for the rape case in new york? he had a similar kind of immunity. what it means is this. if you're engaged in your official activities as a diplomat, you're covered and
8:27 am
totally immune. but you have a limited immunity as a an official. she submits an application and allegedly lies on the application. so that's a crime that has nothing to do with her job, hence no immunity. >> okay. i'm going to argue with you as a complete idiot who is not a lawyer but thinks she can go head to head with two really smart ones. if she were filling out documents related to her work here as an official and submitting them to our state department how can you say that she's not working within her actual duties, thereby protected by the kind of immunity that she and her lawyer believes she has. >> a sound defense. >> but total garbage, right? >> no. i'm going to agree with you. as long as it's related to her official activity.
8:28 am
it's why she's here, why she's making the application. i would expect her defense attorney to set her immunity defense around that. everything else -- that's what the statue calls for, did she knowingly procure and put that information down. we focus on the visa. it's not the tact that she was being paid less than the minimum wage. those are the elements of the federal crime. i think they fall back on that defense, the immunity defense. >> does being a diplomat in the u.s. require you a housekeeper? it has to be officially related to what she does as a diplomat and cleaning her house is not officially related to what she does as a diplomat. hence, no i mmunity. >> you're smarter than i am and i have no idea about the paperwork she had to fill out. but can you touch quickly on what is going on in india?
8:29 am
it seems like this has raised a real catfight, that they are taking it out on our diplomats over there. >> it's more about how she was treated rather than why she was arrested. >> strip search. >> right. >> because you have to think, we have a difference in cultures and in india that is seen as humiliating, that kind of thing. that is what is believed to be behind the outrage of the fury there. they have been taking i.d.s away from staffs throughout several cities of india. >> some of these i.d.s are like perks. >> right. it gives them benefits. it gives them -- >> but that doesn't mean you're going right to jail because you don't have them. but it's a big deal. >> a u.s. prosecutor born in india, the u.s. attorney to the southern district born in india, brilliant lawyer, he's going to be the prosecutor. >> i knew you'd have a twist to this. >> right.
8:30 am
>> paul callan, danny cevallos, pamela brown, thank you for that. chances are this holiday season you're going to see a road block and usually that means for a check for dui but what if someone says open up your window, open up your mouth, we're going to get a swab of your saliva and dna. some people said, you're kidding me, right? what are your legal rights and did someone break the law when they did that? you'll find out in a moment. people don't have to think about
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something a lot of people dread, being stopped by the police at a checkpoint when you're driving. often it's just to check your driver's license or insurance and sometimes it's for dui purposes but there are a couple of people crying foul right now saying that the police pressured them not just to hand over their
8:34 am
license but actually submit to having their cheek swabbed and give samples of their breath and even in certain circumstances, samples of their blood. this happened last week in pennsylvania and in texas. both of these incidents, part of a national highway traffic safety administration study. a study. there was a study that was trying to reduce the drunken and drug-impaired drivers out on the road, which you would think is a pretty good thing. but some people are saying it was an abuse of power and violation of our constitutional rights. but was it? back with their take, always a good one, our legal analysts, paul callan and danny cevallos. people were driving on the road and encouraged to a private parking lot whereby police officers, uniformed, off duty, i don't think they knew that, asked them for cheek swabs,
8:35 am
blood samples and breathizer. they did say it was voluntary. does that make a difference? >> everyone knows that the supreme court has addressed dui checkpoints. they have to be posted. they can only stop if you there's reasonable suspicion and they have to do every end car, every fifth, some arbitrary number. it's scientifically dishonest to say we're only doing this for a survey because ultimately if the police are present and there's a survey going on and they just smell, they smell the odor of alcohol, glassy eyes, slurred speech, now they have to initiate a stop and they basically, just on an end around the fourth apple. i think these are really problematic. i understand the pursuit of science and knowledge but not with flashing squad cars. >> i like that you called it the end run around the fourth amendment because they would say -- we asked these people to
8:36 am
volunteer these samples, thus the fourth amendment was respected. but paul, as danny just said, if if you say, sure, i'll give you a sample of my drunk breath, they can't let you go and that's the fruit of the poisonous tree, isn't it? >> it is. it's really outrageous. this is like the telemarketer is a cop. you get a phone call and it's the new york police department, we have a few questions for you. it's all voluntary, by the way. and then you find out that they are doing some kind of a survey. this is outrageous. people are pulling into the parking lot, given a swab of their dna, maybe -- because they think they have to and now they go into some database and we know how badly the u.s. protects its databases, look at mr. snowden. so i think it's outrageous. this is a real violation of privacy rights of the american citizens. >> i don't know if this is from the no-brainer school of wisdom but what kind of survey result are you going to get from people? are they honestly going to say, i'm loaded, i'm high, and sure
8:37 am
you can swab my cheek? it just sounds so ridiculous. understandably i don't know all of the data that they were compiling but we'll continue to follow this one. danny and paul, thank you. have a great day. nice to see you. so this hour the president is meeting with a panel appointed to review privacy issues appointed to the national security agency's spy program. the group sent him a report last week and that's apparently on the docket for discussion today. so if you're a fan of walter white, the character from "breaking bad," i've got news for you. there's a real walter white, a real one, and he lives in montana and he's a meth dealer, allegedly. not allegedly anymore. the federal judge sentenced him to more than 12 years for dealing meth out of his home and for a gunfight that he had with his son over a drug debt. his son brandon shot him in the driveway. there you go.
8:38 am
the real walter white. and, oh yeah, it's the holidays. just drink this in, everybody. uh-huh. it's time for your daily rob ford fix, the dance party. toronto's crack-smoking mayor breaking into dance during the council session yesterday. yes, i did say council session. this is toronto city council. apparently after ann agree exchange with a councilwoman, was going to have a lawsuit against him. so what do you do? you have a dance party to christmas carol blues and "one love" and then a councilwoman wants to dance with him. i'm not sure. i'm not sure what else to add to this. rob ford. merry christmas from me to you. just ahead, the student accused
8:39 am
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everybody knows you have to be pretty darn smart to get into harvard. one student sure found a stupid way to get out of a final exam. the buildings at harvard university were evacuated, the bomb squad was called in, fbi, hundreds of authorities.
8:43 am
and now they say that this sophomore, eldo kim, seen in this photo from harvard university, was allegedly the one and only one who did it. the one behind monday's bogus bomb threat on campus. all to avoid an exam that his friends say he probably would have done pretty well at anyway. kim is accused of sending an e-mail, a phony e-mail with threats and now kim is facing federal charges and they are not phony and they are very serious. jean casarez joins me now. before i get to how serious the charges are, the e-mail, what did it say? >> it is amazing. he's going to be in court in minutes in federal court in boston. picture this. you're with the harvard university police department. you get an e-mail with the subject line, bombs placed around campus. that was the subject line of the e-mail that was sent and went on to say "shrapnel bombs placed in science center, sever hall,
8:44 am
emerson hall, thayer hall, 2/4 guess correctly or they will go off soon." he was given his miranda rights and said i used very specific language. i used shrapnel because i wanted to elevate it to be something very serious and i listed all of these different places and i said, guess correctly because i wanted it to take time and he also said that at 8:30 in the morning is when he sent that e-mail. he went to where his exam was supposed to take place at 9:00 and then suddenly they said fire alarm, evacuation, and then i knew my plan had worked. >> what is he facing for this? >> five years in prison and it goes beyond that. but this is a federal law based on the atomic energy legislation from 1954, federal hoaxes, and the two elements to the crime are, you must intend to perpetrate a hoax and it also must be reasonably accepted as true. >> yikes.
8:45 am
there's a confession. that does not spell well certainly for his immediate future and long-term future. that's the kind of thing that stays with you for a long time. jean casarez, thank you for that. appreciate it. every day people overcome odds to achieve their passion and that's what derek coleman of the seattle seahawks has done. our dr. sanjay gupta has his story this morning in "the human factor". >> living a boy's dream, playing in the nfl for the top team in the league, the seattle seahawks. he didn't start playing football until the seventh grade because his mom didn't want him to. >> i was a normal kid trying to play football. >> reporter: and the dream to make it to the pros happened in high school. he was ranked number two in the nation by espn. >> i wasn't thinking about it so much until maybe my senior year and i was going out there and playing hard. >> next up, ucla where he was a
8:46 am
running back for four years. his college career ended with a degree in political science and now the 23-year-old is showing his versatility as a full back for the seattle hawks. he's gotten this far by hard work and overcoming something that only two other players in the entire nfl have. he is legally deaf, the result of a rare genetic disorder. >> i lost my hearing when i was 3 and have had hearing aids ever since. >> he makes no excuses. >> no matter your issue, that shouldn't stop you from doing what you want to do. >> his ball cap keeps his hearing aids in place. >> i can read lips so what i do when i can't hear something, i always make sure i'm looking at the person, the person who i know, the quarterback or whoever, they look at me. i was basically like all of you
8:47 am
guys. >> reporter: off the field he tries to make time to speak with deaf and hard of hearing children and especially for those who may be struggling. >> don't let your hearing be an excuse for not wanting to go for your dream, whatever your dream is. you can find a way. you have to find a way. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. frightening scene as armed police officers go room-to-room inside a medical office building. police say this time this was not a random shooting. but they are trying to find out exactly what happened. that's next. when it's donut friday at the office,
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you know, it seems like these are just becoming so regular it seems on the news. now this morning, police are looking for answers in yet another shooting, this one at a nevada hospital. a gunman opened fire at reno medical he can center, killing one person, critically wounding two other people. and ultimately then taking his own life. here's our miguel marquez with
8:52 am
details from reno. >> ashleigh, here we go again. a little after 2:00 p.m., a man with a gun walked into a waiting room at a busy hospital, it told everybody to get out. they did. he then went behind the area where the nurse's station to an area where surgery was going on. two people shot, one killed, among them a doctor. yet another shooting, this time a state-of-the-art medical center targeted. one person killed, two more injured before the shooter took his own life. >> we had a lone suspect enter the medical facility here with at least one firearm. >> the shooting contained to the third floor of reno's renowned medical center, a male gunman opened fire killing one person. the shooting in a building next to the main hospital campus. inside this walkway between the two workers told to stay put. the entire complex on lockdown. an all too familiar scenario.
8:53 am
this video shot while s.w.a.t. teams secured the building room by room. >> stay in this room. >> a systemic search by police. >> on the third floor of the building, they located two people down. and they located a couple of injuries. >> amazingly operations at the center resumed within an hour of police clearing it. it should be noted the police response was incredibly fast. it's a very large hospital complex. there's a lot of buildings here. this was on the third floor, and they got here within five minutes. by that time, the dang that was done, the gunman had taken his own life. ashleigh? >> miguel marquez reporting for us from nevada. the senate is expected to pass a budget today, and that's great news. or is it? will it instead open the door to even more ugly bipartisanship on capitol hill? right before the holidays? going you live to d.c. next. my mantra? family first.
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our current situation seems rather extreme. why can't we maximize our... ready. ♪ brilliant. let's get out of here. warp speed. ♪ any time now, the senate is due to pass a two-year budget plan with neri a fiscal cliff or crisis in sight. surprisingly enough. not a lot of drama either. after yesterday's vote, quashed a republican filibuster and get this, it wasn't a squeaker. it wasn't a squeaker. there were seven votes to the spare. so on the surface, this really
8:58 am
looks like a victory for bipartisan decision making on capitol hill. kumbaya. a rebuke to the partisan paralysis that's been plaguing us. i want to look beneath the surface with gloria borger because i was excited this it was a holiday gift to all of us. it's not. it was the easier way out because the tough stuff was left on the table coming down the pike. >> i don't want to be the grinch, about but it is. it is the easy stuff. it's not a huge package. there's some controversy around it, and looking down the road towards the big fight that's coming, which is over raising the debt ceiling, there are republicans including the house speaker, the chairman of the budget committee who did this deal saying we expect to get something when we raise the debt ceiling. republicans have actually public opinion on their side on that one because the public believes if you're going to raise the debt, you got to cut the budget. i think that's going to be a huge fight as we head into the
8:59 am
winter sort of around february. >> and do they have some oomph conservatives who say we've been dealing with the sequester and nobody's dying. these things work. we might be able to handle more. >> they do have some oomph in that argument particularly since there's a lot of entitlement spending that needs to get under control. the public is not opposed to tax reform. the public is very interested in tax reform. and so i think they do have some really good arguments to make. the question is, particularly in terms of the tea party which is how relevant will these tea party members be as you head into the 2014 election. that's the big issue, ashleigh. there are some republicans i talk to who hope that this vote that you were just talking about, this sort of bipartisan vote makes them a little less relevant. however, when you head into a midterm election, the base of each party, the intensity of the
9:00 am
base becomes really important because those are the people who turn out to vote. >> the fascinating stuff as always, gloria borger, nice to see you. thank you, thank you, as well everyone for watching. i'm going to turn things over to "around the world" which starts right now. right now. have a lovely day. -- captions by vitac -- a diplomatic uproar after this indian woman is strip searched and arrested in new york. now the country, india, retaliating against the united states. >> the u.s. sending gay athletes as part of its delegation to russia's winter olympics, including the tennis legend, billie jean king. >> and could this be the day that the federal reserve starts rolling back its stimulus program? some economists say yes. we're going to take a look what that could do to the economy. welcome to "around the world." i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. thanks for your company y.


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