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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 18, 2013 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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williams' girlfriend calls it all a miracle. >> this quick reminder, we need your votes for the top stories of 2013. go to for year in review. you'll see 20 of the biggest news stories of the past 12 months. we need you to choose ten. results will be announced online and on tv on december 30th. i'll see you at 5:00 p.m. in "the situation room." "newsroom" continues right now with brooke baldwin. >> here we go. i'm brooke baldwin. great to be with you. thank you for being with me. we're waiting for a big, big moment happening right now involving your wall lt. so in his very last move here, as the chairman of the federal reserve, ben bernanke will soon reveal whether he intends to pull back on the stimulus that has been keeping many investors very happy. whatever his decision, as we look at the big board, certainly, it will be reacting
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to the news we'll be getting any minute now. so we'll be watching for that. take you to the new york stock exchange momentarily. first, some of the biggest stories in a flash. roll it. first up, happening right now at the white house, the president and first lady trying to sell to a new group. this time, to moms. and i'll speak live with one mother about whether or not after this meeting she was convinced. and speaking of the white house, after a judge ruled its nsa program, which collects phone surveillance on americans, is likely unconstitutional, the administration now saying today it will release a review of the program some time this afternoon. so we're on the lookout for that. standing by for that. it is also being called a, quote, barbaric arrest. you heard about this today? this strip search of a junior indian diplomat in new york. leading to retaliation against u.s. diplomats in india.
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her alleged crime, lying on a visa application about exactly how much she paid her housekeeper, which was allegedly all of $3 an hour. our senior legal analyst, jeffrey toobin standing by to weigh in on the arrest and whether she should, could go home, and next hour, we'll take you to new delhi for the reaction there. by now, you know if you won or you didn't win the whopping $636 mega millions jackpot, but i can tell you today at least two people are going to have a very happy holiday season because their tickets matched all six winning numbers from last night. so the tickets were sold in san jose, california, and in atlanta, georgia. these still unidentified winners will split the second largest mega millions jackpot in u.s. history. elacoencenfer aer gin w wll f
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st imulst m.ogprraout iutts iasi ed fal beeeen ng these t treasurore ontho tumpelp p up the ecomony. rht mey mginag doredor,, papaula,a,nd sian ed, if you're getting anything on your blackberry. what's news? >> interesting news. it looks like in january, we are going to see tapering back of the buying of mortgage-backed securities and long-term treasuries. very small amount, though. we're going on the mortgage-backed security buys from $40 billion to $35 billion,
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and also $5 billion down on long-term treasuries. what that signals is what we have been expecting. the economy is improving. inflation is a little lower than the fed would like, so that might be why we're seeing this gentle move. ben bernanke is probably leaving the door open for janet yellen. >> that's big news pending her senate confirmation. but paula monaco, if you were betting people, will anything happen? you both said, nah, no tapering. are you surprised? >> it's a bit of a surprise. i thought he would leave -- bernanke would leave this to make it yellin's decision, but i guess the fed felt the economy is strong enough it can take away the training wheels. they're only cutting back from $85 billion to $75 billion, so there still is stimulus there. it would be a mistake to say, oh, no, the fed is pulling out. it's just pulling back. >> we'll talk about the economy minus the training wheels in a
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minute, but mary bell, to you at the stock exchange, walk me through some of the numbers. are you seeing market reaction? >> i'm watching stocks move mostly higher. it's going up and down. the dow up 111 points. nasdaq down slightly, but it's up higher than it was before. the s&p up five points. we had been hovering on either side of the flat line for much of the session. a lot of people on wall street had expected this modest taper over the past few weeks especially as we saw economic data improving. this $10 billion pullback is in the range of what we expected. it's not a huge shock to the market. investors seem okay with it. you can argue the good thing is the decision is behind us and wall street likes certainty. >> so the market is improving. i remember we talked recently when the latest job numbers were out, which was an improvement. you made this great point about the housing sector. we had great numbers in november. housing is a harbinger of things
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to come. is this tenuous to be tinkering with tapering when we're just starting to get our heads above water? >> that's the big question. i mean, you are seeing housing starts, so new housing projects coming online, really jumping up. that's a very good sign because that will filter through the economy in the next few months, and housing is a big marker of consumption. much more so than stock wealth. when people feel their home prices are going up and they feel secure in that way, they're buying more. when they're buying now homes, they're buying goods to fill it. that's a really key piece of data we should be looking at. >> staying on housing, paul, what would you say to people hearing this news for the first time and saying, okay, i was thinking of buying or selling a home at some point next year, or as an investor, what does this mean? >> the good news is that the fed felt the only reason to do this is because the economy is ready for it. i think we have seen the market, you know, begrudgingly accept this was going to be coming. as long as interest rates don't
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sky reicht on this new, and that was the main reason for the bond buying, to keep long-term rates low. if they stay relatively steady, mortgage rates are not going to shoot up, and that's also varencouraging for anyone looking to buy a home. yes, you probably missed the really great opportunities to buy a little earlier this summer when rates were really low, but they're still not that high. >> okay. >> i think the demand is such that we aren't really going to see a huge jump in rates for the next year or two. most people are expecting rates to stay low into 2015, even possibly 2016. >> i was getting news in my ear. the stock market is up 116 points as i speak. finally, though, as we talk about this final news conference, ben bernanke, pending senate confirmation, janet yellen, the fed chair, come january. what does this mean for her? and do you think she'll continue the course that ben bernanke is leaving for her?
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>> i think she absolutely will. she was one of the key lieutenants, key architects of the program. i like that bernanke decided to do this minor tapering. it sets the stage, creates a sense of continuity. as we have been saying today, markets like certainty. you can be certain that janet yellen is going to carry this forward. >> we'll be watching the numbers, of course, with you. you can always go to to watch the numbers as well. thank you, thank you very much. now to this, coming up next, this wild story out of new york. a junior indian diplomat arrested, strip searched over a maid, this housekeeper she hired here in america. this has sparked a rift between both countries. plus, a girl is brain dead after routine tonsil surgery. her parents are fighting to keep her on life support. her mother says the girl has responded. she's moved. parts of her body for her
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rough and dry. along came gold bond, rich, absorbs quickly. legs look healed, healthy. gold bond. ultimate lotion, ultimate skin. diplomats in the indian capital of new delhi is in doubt ozforced dismantle this barriers and revoke privileges giving to counselor officials. john kerry calling a top indian official to, quote, express his regret about the events that unfolded. why? let me take you back. it all happened right here in new york city. you had this junior indian diplomat. she was arrested on charges of visa fraud and underpaying her housekeeper. this diplomat was then arrested, held in a cell.
11:13 am
she was strip searched and this junior diplomat's treatment while in custody described as barbaric by the indian government. jeff toobin, cnn's senior legal analyst joining me to talk about what this means and what we do going forward. we were talking. there is minimum wage beginning with what she was paying her housekeeper. $3 or something an hour. minimum wage is minimum wage for an hour. if you're not paying that, it's against the law. >> that's one of the things she is charged with. >> also visa fraud. >> lying about what she's paying her and the circumstances of her employment. that's the criminal charge at the heart of what she's charged wi with. >> that said, learning about her being handcuffed in front of her child's school, apparently strip searched. does the punishment fit the crime? >> i think everyone who is arrested should be treated the same way as everyone else who is
11:14 am
arrested. when you get arrested, you are often searched. what some people call a strip search may be somewhat different than what other people call a strip search. she was arrested. she was searched. how she was treated, i don't know, but the appropriate way to treat her is simply the same way as everyone else. if everyone else is strip searched, she should be strip searched. a word i seem to have trouble saying. >> strip searched. then the next question is, should she have diplomatic immunity? part of that is if she was acting in the capacity as a diplomat as well. >> and here's where the law gets complicated and difficult. she's a lower-level diplomatic official. she's a consular official, not an ambassador. so she has a lower level of protection from diplomatic immunity. under the law, she is only protected from prosecution against acts that she does in the course of her actual work. now, here, the question is, is
11:15 am
hiring someone within the scope of her work? you could sort of make the argument either way. it's actually kind of a tough one, and that's going to be the subject, clearly already is, the subject of negotiation between the indian government and the american government. >> we're already seeing reaction in new delhi. we'll go there next hour. in the meantime, what is next? how does this move forward, get resolved? >> they tend not to be resolved in the courts. they tend to be resolved country to country. the resolution often is you just send the person home. that protects the woman from going to prison, from being searched, from having any other problems, and it allows our government to say we're not going to allow a law breaker in this country. at the end of the day, that's usually how situations like that are resolved. in the meantime, the case is pending. it's a big diplomatic crisis, and people want to get it resolved. kind of weird, huh? >> totally strange story. thank you, my friend. now speaking of strange stories,
11:16 am
dennis rodman. you ready for this? you like that segue, toobin? >> weird. foreign. >> he's headed back to north korea. this is his third trip there. he's to arrive tomorrow, at least that is the plan despite what we will call the recent unpleasantries in pyongyang. last week, the government's number two leader was shot and killed by firing squad. that's him right there. he had been considered to be a mentor to the smallish dictator, kim jong-un. that's the uncle on the left, kim on the right in the black. the group sponsoring rodman's trip says they have spoken to a lot of experts and these experts say it's absolutely fine for the nba baller to travel. now, rodman's established a friendship, as we have reported, based upon previous trips with the dictator kim. he's supposedly going to train a basketball team. okay. coming up, dramatic video of a man trapped in a crane right
11:17 am
above the flames. you'll see how this ends. plus, the mother of a girl who went in for tonsil surgery but is now brain dead, says the girl has reacted to the mother's touch. this has the mom continues to fight to keep her daughter on life support. that's next. [ female announcer ] thanks for financing my first car. thanks for giving me your smile. thanks for inspiring me. thanks for showing me my potential. for teaching me not to take life so seriously. thanks for loving me and being my best friend.
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[uncle]yeah? want to show you some dramatic video out of canada. you'll see this crane operator precariously high above this massive fire. terrified and trapped. this is all that played out tuesday. this is kingston, ontario.
11:21 am
this helicopter crew, look at this. swooping in from a nearby base to rescue this man. plucked him to safety, thank goodness. the crane oprarlt escaped with minor injuries. wow. the medical scan that a california mother begged for has confirmed the worst. her 13-year-old daughter who went in for a tonsillectomy is brain dead, but her heart still beats. that's why her mom is keeping her on life support. >> i feel her. i can feel my daughter. i just kind of feel like maybe she's trapped inside her own body and she wants to scream out and tell me something. that's why every time i go in there, i tell her, i won't let them take you to the coroner's office. >> she underwent surgery nine days ago. her family said at first she was alert, then she bled excessively, she went into cardiac arrest, and then they were told she was brain dead.
11:22 am
however, her mother said she reacted to her touch. >> i know when i touch her feet, i can take my fingernail and run it up her feet and she'll move them. the first time when i finally built up the courage to go see her, i leaned over her ear and yelled, you need to wake up because we need to go home. she threw both her arms in the air. they said that just normal reflexes. that's just nerves. when i touch her, she's still warm, she's still soft. i kiss her, and i can just feel her, that she will wake up. i really do. i just feel like if we give her a chance and give her time, she'll wake up. >> the family has sent a cease and desist order to children's hospital and research center in oakland to keep doctors from pulling jahi's ventilator. the hospital said in cases like this, doctors work with the family, but jahi is technically dead, and the coroner here now
11:23 am
has the authority. an official says keeping her on a ventilator could hinder finding a cause of death. >> jahi is a person, not evidence. that's part of what has been troubling the family. to classify her as evidence and to end life support so they can find out what happened, i think, is a ruse. >> joining me now, medical ethicist arthur kaplan from nyu's medical center. nice to see you, sir. i can't imagine as a mother feeling the body of your warm baby and thinking, well, of course, we just need to go home. it just makes sense. >> it's such an awful case because she came in to get an elective procedure for sleep apnea. who expects this seek wnls of events? that said, when you're on those machines, they do circulate the blood. you do look pink. you haven't gone stiff, if you will, like a korcorpse would, because the artificial machines can maintain the illusion you're still alive. >> but she is brain dead.
11:24 am
i mean, she is dead. >> you have to be careful here. people hear about words like coma and said, i have read people wake up from comas. >> of course. >> they do. brain death means total irreversible loss of all brain function. remember, the doctors who came and diagnosed her as dead are not the treating docs, not the people involved in this tragic sequence of events. they're independent, came twice, didn't see anything. reconfirmed today. when you don't have integrated brain function, you are dead. it's the same as if your heart has stopped. tragically and sadly, i know the mom wants her daughter to wake up. that's not going to happen. >> we heard from the mother. let me read this. this is what we have from the hospital. our hearts go out to this patient and her family. unfortunately, we have not been authorized by the family to share information with the public about this matter. consequent consequently, we're not able to correct misconceptions created about this sad situation. nonetheless, we want to assure the community we're doing
11:25 am
everything in our capacity to provide support to the grieving family. that said, how does this get resolved? >> the authority to stop this treatment is still in the hands of the hospital. i know we heard the coroner might have the authority. i'm not buying that. >> you're not? >> no, when they say she's dead, they can stop treatment. what's happening is they're so sorrowful that this tragic sequence of events happened that they're tolerating the mom saying give me some time. they're hoping she accepts the death. >> they're allowing this to be strung out. >> ultimately, doctors decide when you're dead, and ultimately, you don't treat the dead. >> so if this becomes a lawsuit -- >> i think we can bet on that. >> i think we can bet on that. then would the hospital help the family potentially? >> well, potentially, you would be in a position to say, look, we tried our best. we gave you extra time. we were trying to let you adjust, take that into account as part of our trying to help you cope with this tragic sequence of events.
11:26 am
i'm sure that's what they're doing. there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever, once she's been pronounced dead, they can stop if they want to. it's the way she died that's holding up their stopping the treatment. >> a routine tonsillectomy. horrendous. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. now to this. let me sweech gears quickly. we're now getting word of a preview of that report being released today on the controversial nsa program. jim sciutto has just called in here, and jim, tell me, what do we know about this today? >> hi, brooke. i have just spoking to a senior administration official to get details on what's going to be contained in the report. big headline is this meta data collection program, the one that collects phone number data from so many americans under the nsa will largely stay as recommended by this panel. though under tighter constraints and transparency, including with the president making a speech to
11:27 am
the nation in january that explains these new constraints and transparency, and here's some of the recommendations that are going to be in the panel report. one is that there will be presidential oversight now of the monitoring of the communications of foreign leaders. you remember all of the outrage when it was revealed the nsa was monitoring the phone calls, for instance, of angela merkel, the chancellor of germany. this will now have presidential review. he will say yes or no to that kind of monitoring. in addition to that, they will recommend that the u.s. negotiate bilateral agreements with countries such as france and germany as to what is acceptable in intelligence collection and what is not. so reaching out to friends, some of these friends who we have made very angry with this kind of monitoring, to say, hey, going forward, this is okay. and this is not okay. to help avoid this from happening in the feature. part of this acknowledges the spying will continue. a lot of these countries do spy on eache other, but to avoid these kinds of angry responses in the future.
11:28 am
the senior administration official also tells me there is an acknowledgment in the administration of a trust gap with american citizens and also with foreign citizens and this has had an impact on american businesses abroad. you'll remember that yesterday, you had the heads of all the major american tech companies in the white house complaining about these effects because they have lost business overseas, to the tune of $35 billion, because their customers, for instance, in europe, don't want to have their communications monitored by the nsa or they're worried about it. you have the administration here seeing there's a problem, but still sticking to their guns on this most controversial of programs which is this phone collection data. we'll get more details later this afternoon, brooke. i'm heading into a briefing where they're going to give us the full details of the report. >> we'll let you hop off the phone and into that briefing. we'll stay on this because we are about to hear from an nsa
11:29 am
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i'm brooke baldwin. moment ago, on this air, you heard us report than this new review suggests the nsa should make changes to its phone surveillance program, and this report will no doubt add to the debate as far as whether or not nsa leaker edward snowden should receive amnesty. critics call him a traitor, but one supporter in this opinion piece on says the criminal, not edward snowden but the nsa. and jay kirk wiebe should know because this is a man who tried to expose the nsa a couple years ago the legal way, and he said he was indicted for it. he was a model nsa employee, earning several recommendations and retiring after more than 30 years of service. so kirk wiebe himself joins me now here. nice to have you on with me. thank you for joining me. >> thank you for inviting me to be with you, brooke. >> so, obviously, read your piece. you say yes, you say give ed
11:34 am
snowden amnesty and punish those in the government who committed crime. tell me why. >> employees of the government, regardless of level, take an oath to uphold the constitution of the united states, and to defend it against enemies both foreign and domestic. and that includes themselves. it's a huge responsibility to run a defense agency that has the kind of charter nsa does. so when one goes out and gathered data, it is always been nsa's effort to avoid collecting and looking at the data of u.s. citizens. so it's a tremendous responsibility. >> but on the flipside, you have a guy here who now claims he has some 1.7 million documents that could really shed even more light, more secrets. leak, whistleblow, whatever the verb here. he's a criminal.
11:35 am
he's facing felony espionage charges. you just don't see it that way. >> no, i don't, because much as a u.s. soldier does not have to follow an illegal order, if you remember back to the days of vietnam and lieutenant cali and the melie incident and the ruthless killing of the vietnamese people, we have a right way to go about collecting data and a wrong way. and every agency employee has been taught for years, this is nothing new, that you do not spy on americans. and you do not collect in bulk and keep stored for reference large amounts of data belonging to innocent americans. >> let's talk about the right way you went about doing this. because you know, you were with the nsa for decades. you at one point submit this formal complaint.
11:36 am
your house ultimately is ransacked and from everything i read, you're finally getting everything back in order because of everything you did the right way. then you have edward snowden who fled the country, leaked this documents. let me play this for you. this is a concern from former nsa employee buck sexton. this is what he told me yesterday. >> if he were to be given amnesty in this one context, it would invite, i think, in my mind at least, people to do similar things in the future. are there going to be a lot of people who want to go to china and then russia and risk the ire of the united states government? it's not an everyday kind of thing, but it sets something up that in the future could be problematic for other espionage prosecutions. is anyone who comes up with documents, do they get to say, well, i didn't violate federal law? >> let me be crystal clear. he was not with the nsa. he used to be with the cia. i was talking to buck just yesterday, but my question to you, kirk, is there a better way
11:37 am
edward snowden should have, could have handled this? more lawful way? >> there is a better way. but it was not available to him. >> why? >> the better way does not exist. employees of the intelligence community made up of cia, nsa, dia, all of them, are excluded from whistleblower protections that other members of government do enjoy by law. so he didn't have any other path to go on. he had already seen what had happened to us. those of us who tried to do it, quote, the right way. we went to congress. we went to the department of defense. nothing changed. nothing was -- we didn't even get a hearing. all we got was a raid by the fbi six years later, after retiring. and five years after filing the dodig report that we filed.
11:38 am
>> let's say, as you would like, final question, if you would like edward snowden to come back here, and a lot of people disagree with you. if he came back, was granted amnesty, this is a hated man. when you talk to a lot of people. what would he even do here? >> well, i don't think he's as hated as you think he is. i saw a recent poll where 55% of americans believe he's a whistleblower and only about 35% of americans believe he's a traitor. and part of it is people can't see through the haze of the media and nsa is a bit abstract and so forth, so people are wrestling with what's truth in all of this. but here's the truth i do know. >> okay. >> we know through what -- yum sorry, through what snowden has disclosed that the national security agency has illegally and in bulk collected millions of records of innocent people.
11:39 am
now, that is not pursuing terrorism. that's not pursuing criminals. there are ways to do that. what i'm saying is, there's a way to do this without violating the privacy of innocent people. and we had that way worked out. we weren't chosen by the director of nsa, michael hayden. he didn't even come down to see what our suggestions were. his deputy director did, named bill black, and he said, my gosh. you guys have made major breakthroughs. why are you being so modest? so the whole story has not been told about this whole business. >> we're working on getting the whole story out. i know you know yourself being a whistleblower from the ns ark. kirk wiebe, thank you so much for your perspective, and hearing the panel admitting there is a trust gap among americans. you think? kirk wiebe, thank you very much. >> my pleasure, brooke. >> coming up, a student accused
11:40 am
of a bomb hoax at harvard reveals why he did it and the reason is mind-boggling. plus, a teenager who drove drunk and killed four people, but avoided jail time because he's rich and spoiled, may not be getting off so easily after all. we'll tell you what's happening that could change that entire case. credit card, which rewards her for responsibly managing her card balance. before receiving $25 toward her balance each quarter for making more than her minimum payment on time each month. tracey got the bankamericard better balance rewards credit card, which fits nicely with everything else in life she has to balance. that's the benefit of responsibility. apply online or visit a bank of america near you.
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11:44 am
we don't know who they are. but we do know that they're going to be having a very merry christmas here because at least two people chose the magic six numbers to claim last night's $636 mega millions jackpot. the two tickets were sold in san jose, california, and in atlanta, georgia. the lucky winners will share the second largest prize in u.s. history. cnn's martin savidge has been on lottery watch, we'll call it, all day long and he's live in atlanta. anyone, no one coming forward yet? >> no, so far, no signs of anybody coming forward and letting us know who may be the winners. as you point out, the holidays just got a whole lot happier for some folks. we don't know who or how many, but lottery officials say there were two winning tickets sold in the mega millions drawing. they were sold at opposite ends of the country. one was sold in a gift shop in san jose. the other just a few miles away from here in atlanta at a place
11:45 am
called the gateway news stand. just because we know where, so far, we don't know who the lucky people are. we may not know that for some time, because past lottery winner s have shown people can take weeks, even months to come forward. two tickets don't mean two winners. there were families and offices pooling their money. if you have people who didn't show up at work today, it could be that you're now getting an early indicator of a new millionaire. also, as you know, we have been working on this story all night, and california officials told us that retailer whose sell the tickets get a $1 million bonus. we extrapolated that to georgia, but it turns out georgia has a different rule. store owners in georgia receive commission from ticket sales. we apologize to the owners of the news stand and told them we were misinformed, and as we try to do at cnn, we're open and transparent with our corrections. the husband and wife owners were very gracious and said what they really wanted to know is who
11:46 am
among their customers is now very, very rich. brooke. >> we will wait and see. martin savening, thank you very much. it is happening as i speak at the white house. it's a meeting in the oval office. you have the president, the first lady, and a lot of moms from all across the country. the white house is saying, hey, moms make a lot of those household financial decisions, so bring them onboard for obama care. enroll the moms in the effort to expand the obama care rolls. jake tapper, when you have the first lady there, they're hoping she can help the turnout for the moms for obama care. >> she is very popular among the american people, and b, this is a more subjective call. they think she's an effective messenger. the truth of the matter is they need to get moms onboard. they need to get women on board in general. if you look at recent polling,
11:47 am
let me take a look at this, the kaiser family foundation poll found that among women, oba obamacare or the affordable care act, had an unfavorable view of it, and in cnn, our on polling in december, 51% of women disapprove of president obama. 46% approve. they have their work cut out for them in women, even though in general, women have been very supportive of president obama, brooke. >> okay, we'll be talking to one of those moms straight out of the oval office next hour. you, jake tapper, my fellow anchorman friend, will be joining me next hour with a special interview. we'll talk next hour about that one. jake, thank you very much. >> i love -- >> what did he love? >> i love lamps. >> we'll find out. now on a much more serious note, the teen who drove drunk and killed four people but avoided
11:48 am
jail time because he's riched and spoil eed may not be gettin off so easily after all. we'll explain, next. [ female announcer ] it's time for the annual shareholders meeting. ♪ there'll be the usual presentations on research. and development. some new members of the team will be introduced. the chairman emeritus will distribute his usual wisdom. and you? well, you're the chief life officer. you just need the right professional to help you take charge. ♪
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11:51 am
the case that absolutely outraged the nation. remember ethan couch. he was the affluezna kid. there's now a chance he could get his comeuppance after all. the 16-year-old got drunk, then got behind the wheel of his pickup truck and ultimately hit and killed four people. couch pleaded guilty, but then his attorneys played this influenza card during the sentencing, claiming this young man has no sense of responsibility because he's a spoiled rich kid. prosecutors wanted to put couch away for 20 years. the judge gave him ten years probation plus rehab. but, here's the but, the district attorney in this texas county may have found a way to put couch behind bars. two teenagers riding in couch's
11:52 am
pickup truck were seriously hurt. here is one of them. this is sergio molina. he's paralyzed. his only form of communication is blinking. couch admitted guilt on two cases of intoxication assault, and here is what the d.a. is saying now. quote, there has been no verdict formally entered in the two intoxication assault cases. every case deserves a verdict. the d.a.'s office is asking the court to incarceration the teen on the two intoxication assault cases. so what does this mean. danny and sunny are here. sunny, first to you. what are the odds the sentences -- that this could happen? we could see charges on the two cases? >> a verdict on those two, i think there is a good chance. listen, this is a hail mary fasz for this judge. everybody is outraged about it. people are calling for either her resignation or for her to be kicked off the bench. there are people running for office who are saying they're going to look into it.
11:53 am
she now has the opportunity to correct what everyone knows is a wrong, which is not putting this young man in prison. when you kill four people and critically injure two others, the cure for affluezna is prison time. they have to send a message to the community that this kind of behavior, there's consequences. i suspect this was the d.a.'s office round way of trying to get justice here. i said it all along. a creative prosecutor, a prosecutor who can challenge -- >> risky. >> can challenge this kind of sentence. i still think, and danny will disagree, they could have appealed the sentence, because this is an illegal sentence clearly because of its leniency and on top of it, because she failed to convict him or sentence him on the other two charges. >> disagree. why are you disagreeing? >> on every level. on everything she said. first of all, public pressure shouldn't apply to judges. that's the whey the system is designed. it's not a democratic process. that's why our federal judges are appointed for life. part two is that sunny, even if
11:54 am
this case comes back to this judge, it will be on a lesser charge. the judge has already adjudicated on intoxication manslaughter. now it's back on assault. how silly would that look if she gave him some sort of incarceration or placement in a juvenile facility when she gave probation on the earlier charges that were much more extreme. that would make no sense. part three is this case has already been adjudicated. i don't know what happened add the colloquy or in court, but all of these charges, these cascase s should have been consolidate as part of whatever plea agreement they entered into so he would admit guilt. i'm certain he was believing he was admitting to all of the crimes. were they playing peekaboo. what it a clerical error? i don't know, but in fairness, when someone believes they're admitting to guilt on some cases, if they admit they're admitting on all those cases, where was the breakdown?
11:55 am
>> 30 seconds, i know you disagree. i see it all over your face. >> completely. >> we mentioned the petition signatures. everyone wants the judge yanked. >> she should be yanked. >> should be yanked isn't the same as whether she will or won't. >> i think it's likely. i think the judicial commission should look at this and find she acted so egregiously, she should lose her position. she's no longer running. she's not going to get re-elected and she should get kicked off the bench to send the message it's okay to kill four people, to maim two others, because you're a rich kid. come on. >> if it's a legal sentence, it can't be appealed. they should write to their legislator. >> we have to go. back after this. i hear you both.
11:56 am
11:57 am
11:58 am
what does an apron have to do with car insurance? an apron is hard work. an apron is pride in what you do. an apron is not quitting until you've made something a little better. what does an apron have to do with car insurance? for us, everything.
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being the next lebron james? check out this cnn technovations. >> new wearable technology could help basketball players make their hoop dreams a reality. >> 60 seconds. ready, go. >> a shooting sleeve developed by bravado technologies provides instant feedback to build muscle memory and consistency between shots. >> technology could help people learn and perfect skills. >> two former cell phone company employees partners with the carnegie melon university professor to use smartphone
12:00 pm
sensors to track the motion of your arm. >> there are three on the sleeve, one on the back of my hand, one on the forearm and one on the bicep. >> they can sense the position and motion in space. from that, we can then model how the arm is moving. >> a buzzing noise indicates poor form. and a victory tone signals a good shot. a mobile app provides in depth feedback on how to improve your shooting skills. >> the number one thing to work on is getting your arm higher on the shot. >> coaches and high school players in california are testing the device. >> i would definitely say my shot has in proved. keeping my elbow in and snapping my wrist. >> the technobbling could be available to the public late next year for a few hundred dollars. top of hour two. here we go, i'm brooke baldwin. a big announcement today affecting your wall lt. the economy is umproving enough that the federal reserve has decided to start easing back
12:01 pm
just a little bit, on economic stimulus programs here. next month, the fed will reduce the treasury and mortgage bonds it buys to $75 billion a month. that's a $10 billion monthly drop. $10 billion, but the fed is also pledging to keep short-term interest rates exceptionally low. take a look. >> today's policy actions reflect the committee's assessment that the economy is continuing to make progress. that it also has much farther to travel before conditions can be judged normal. notably, despite significant fiscal headwinds, it has been expanding at a moderate pace and we expect the growth will pick up helped by the monetary policy and waning fiscal drag. >> and we have been watching the markets. you can see, look at that, up 185 points here. ock ben bernanke is doing today. the announcement sending it pretty high up here, 184, once again. richard quest joins me. and so, richard quest, i guess
12:02 pm
this is a surprise for some folks that there's a little bit of tapering, but this is not huge tapering by any means, right? >> 93, and there never was going to be huge tapering. we always knew the first move was going to be symbolic. that's exactly what's happened today. the fed's been buying $85 billion a month. a $trillion a year in terms of bonds. all they have done is very, very gradually ease their foot off the gas. they're still pumping $75 billion a month into the u.s. economy. the only question that everybody had was would it happen now in february -- in december, or would it be january or march of next year? and what we're seeing in the market is two things going on at the same time. firstly, that element of relief, brooke. whew. we no longer have to wait for the fed.
12:03 pm
are they, will they. instead, it's now. and the second thing, of course, they're doing it because the u.s. economy is looking much better. if you -- >> that's the next point, the next point, because they wouldn't be doing this if they weren't feeling we were moving in a positive direction. that's a great thing, right? >> absolutely. if you look at the statement, some people read the statement in its original form, it says taking into account the external fiscal entrenchment, washington, and the committee sees the improvement in economic activity and labor market conditions. what they're saying is the time is right to start doing a little bit less. but of course, it is a very little bit less. the fed is still going to be giving huge amounts of support. they admit that they will be tapering probably right through 2014, and interest rates do not expect interest rates or official rates to start going up until 2015.
12:04 pm
your mortgage rate, however, your car loan rate, your credit card rate, that might go up sooner. it will go up sooner. >> to quote my friend paul with krn krn money, he said this is the dropping the mike moment. and janet yellen would begin at the first of the year. richard quest, go ahead. >> in 20 seconds, yes, bernanke took us into this. bernanke has begun taking us out of this, and he leaves jessica yellin a clean sheet with which she can move forward if and when she's concerned. >> janet yellen. >> that would be a promotion for one of our colleagues. if i have done that once, i should get a dollar for every time i make that mistake. janet yellen. >> you stayed up late hoping and wishing your mega millions tickets would win. thank you very much. let's move along here because we have more news on what we just reported just a
12:05 pm
little while ago. this independent review of the nsa surveillance program is in, and this review board has come down with new recommendations. thas say this controversial bulk collection, this metadata collection, will remain in place, but they're recommending tighter constraints, greater transparency from the ns ark. we're continuing to follow this story, of course. our national security reporter is sitting in a briefing on this exact story right now, so as soon as we get him out of the meeting, we will update that story for you. now to something making waves in new york city, this strip search has led to a dangerous situation for americans in the indian capital of new delhi. so let me back up. this started when an indian diplomat living here in new york city arrested on charges of visa fraud, and for allegedly overworking and underpaying her housekeeper. her treatment while in custody described as barbaric.
12:06 pm
by the indian government. so india is acting on its anger. we have cnn's malika kapoor on the ground for us. >> here in new kelly, authorities are retaliating. they have asked workers to hand in their identity cards, which basically means they're stripping them of certainly diplomatic privileges such as access to lounges and airports. they have also removes barricades, large concrete barricades prau from outside the embassy which was extended as a security measure as a courtesy. it wasn't a diplomatic requirement, but india does insist it has not scaled back security for any u.s. diplomat anywhere in the country. cnn, new cell hdelhi. >> thank you. here with me now, deborah feyerick. walk me back. what led to this arrest? >> this is fascinating.
12:07 pm
devyani khobragade is on the council for women's ifairs. there's an 11-page criminal complaint. she's charged with making false statements for a visa application for her housekeeper, specifically saying the housekeeper was only going to work a specific amount of hours, 40 hours a week, that she would make a fair wage, and she would have sundays off. she was working much longer hours and being paid significantly less. she said she would pay her $4500 a month. instead, she was getting about $575 a month. significantly less, and far below the u.s. minimum wage. now, the consulate official was arrested last week. she had just taken her daughter to school. once she was turned over to the u.s. marshal, she was put into general population. that's when she was strip searched and that's really what the indian government is crying out against, saying this should never have happened. it could have been resolved in a different way. >> that's what they're saying is
12:08 pm
barbaric. but when you look at standard operating procedure in new york, you are arrested, you are searched, correct? >> exactly. u.s. marshals played by the book. they did exactly what they were supposed to do. they said she was not arrested in front of the school. she was arrested elsewhere. the question the indians are asking is should she have been arrested anyway, given this results from a dispute between an employer and her employee. it's unraveling now in terms of what happened. >> thank you very much. coming up, i'll speak live with a mother who just left the oval office, left this meeting with the president who was trying to sell her on the health care rollout. did it work? also, tragic story. this young teenager is brain dead in a hospital after she went in for routine tonsil surgery. her parents are fighting to keep her on life support. her mother said the girl has responded to her touch. is this possible? how does this get resolved?
12:09 pm
>> and nasa right now holding a news conference on the three emergency space walks necessary to save the international space station. are they in any danger? stay right here. [ female announcer ] it balances you... it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious. just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked him up. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. it even pulled strings with the stoplights. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms
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[ female announcer ] gold bond intensive hand cream. now my hands look great. [ female announcer ] gold bond intensive hand cream. this stuff really works! that the priesident and the firt lady were meeting with moms from all over the country to try to boost the obamacare sign-up rate. this is just from the meeting in the oval office. how about this? we managed to snag one of the moms who stepped out of the meeting. she's felicia williams. she's from raleigh, north carolina, and she's representing
12:13 pm
a group called moms rising. nice to see you. welcome. >> hi, brooke. thanks for having me. >> let's begin quickly with your backstory. i understand your 6-year-old son was born with a pretty serious pre-existing condition and you are inspired by obamacare, right? >> right. he's 7 now, actually, but when he was born in 206, we found out within the first couple weeks he needed to start chemotherapy to help him fight off a benign, rare vascular tumor, so he had chemotherapy for about the first year of his life and it took us a few years to get him caught up to normal developmentally. obamacare has been a big help for him in that he was born with a pre-existing condition and is guaranteed health insurance now for the rest of his life. >> i'm glad to hear he's better, and now let's talk about the meeting. this was a group of moms. i'm curious, did you hear more from the president or did you hear more from michelle obama? who did more of the talking?
12:14 pm
>> you know, they really allowed the moms in the group to be able to share their stories. they wanted to hear stories from moms from across the country, and they listened intently to our various stories. it was really great to share our experiences on the ground with the affordable care act with the president and the first lady. >> so what did they say, then, in response to your stories? >> very supportive, of course. they were very gracious to us for being willing to share our stories and encouraged us to ask other families to come out and share their health care stories as well, because that's really what the affordable care act is about, about helping families across the country get health care. >> i am hearing you talk, and set the scene of this, you know, atmosphere of inspiration, but felicia, i have to ask, did any of the moms raise her hand and say, mr. president, what went so wrong with that rollout? >> well, to answer your
12:15 pm
question, no, nobody asked the president about that, but we know there was some frustration at the beginning, but we also know that sign-ups are soaring now. and that it's only up from here. there's 60,000 people, i think he said, signed up yesterday on the website. >> you believe that in your heart, that it's only getting better from here? you believe that? >> i do. i do, absolutely. >> and why is that? >> well, we've been gathering stories at moms rising from moms all across the country, and initially, there was a little bit of frustration, but now the stories coming into us are from moms and young adults who are -- many of which, getting health care for the first time in their life or who have pre-existing conditions and weren't able to get health care previously or who have children who were coming up on their lifetime maximums who no longer have to worry about that. >> felicia, i wish you and your
12:16 pm
7-year-old son well. happy holidays. thanks for stopping by. >> thank you. happy holidays. thank you. coming up next, a 13-year-old girl goes in for routine tonsillectomy. she ends up brain dead. the hospital wants to pull her off life support, but her parents, they are praying she will recover. the question we're asking is who gets to decide to end life support when a person is brain dead? and then you have her mom saying the girl has responded to her touch. that's next. i took my son fishing every year. we had a great spot, not easy to find, but worth it.
12:17 pm
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12:20 pm
drawing jackpot that happened last night. we have been reporting we know there are at least two winner. one in san jose, california. the other in atlanta, georgia. the news, there has been a winner who has come forward in atlanta. we'll have a news conference which we'll take live for you in just about 25 minutes or so from now to learn more about the winner in atlanta. they have to go splitsies. still not nothing, as they say. quite a bit of money. we'll wait to see who this individual is. >> let me move on and tell you about this story out of california. a medical scan that a california mother begged for has confirmed the worst. her 13-year-old daughter who went in for a tonsillectomy is now dead. but jahi's heart still beats. that's why her mom is keeping her daughter on life support. she is praying for a miracle. >> i really do feel that she will wake up. i can't tell you if she'll wake
12:21 pm
up by christmas or before christmas, but i'm looking for any kind of miracle for my child because i really need her at home. i have a really good daughter and she's a really big asset to the family. and i just couldn't see her not being at home. >> jahi's loved ones are praying. they're all, of course, asking, how could a tonsillectomy lead to this. here is stephanie elam. >> it was a simple operation that was supposed to improve her quality of life. instead, jahi lay brain dead just hours after surgery. >> i don't even have tears no more because i'm all cried out. >> the 13-year-old was admitted to oakland children's hospital on december 9th for a tonsillectomy. she was alert after the surgery, her family says, but then went into cardiac arrest after being moved to the intensive care unit. the medical team worked to revive her. blood had filled her lungs and stomach. >> nobody called the doctor
12:22 pm
until it was too late. that's the problem. my daughter drowned on her own blood. >> the next day, a ct scan showed two thirds of her brain was swollen. by friday, further testing by the hospital confirmed jahi was medically dead. her death was reported to the oakland coroner's office which was scheduled to take the baby today, but her family handed the hospital a cease and desist order. jahi's mother wants more time for her child to show signs of brain activity. >> i went and cried to this man and said check her brain one more time. i asked, do you have children? he said, yeah, then you should know how tofeels. >> the chief ofpede attics gave cnn this statement. we can say that whenever we see a medical or surgical complication, we are reviewing her case very closely. our hearts go out to her family, and we want to support them during this extremely difficult time. >> just give her some time. it's only been a week. she's been through a lot. she's had a heart attack and everything. thank you, children's hospital.
12:23 pm
for just ruining my child's life and my life, and i feel like they owe her. they owe her another chance. >> a chance for a miracle. >> i feel her. i can feel my daughter. i just kind of feel like maybe she's trapped inside her own body and she wants to scream out and tell me something. and that's why every time i go in there, i let her know i will not let them take you to the coroner's office, jahi. i won't. >> your heart absolutely goes out to this mother. stephanie elam, my goodness. you say in your piece, the hospital is reviewing the case. how did this even happen? do doctors have any idea how this happened? >> that's the question everyone wants the answer to. at this point, the hospital is not speaking. we have another statement that we kind of updates their position on this. they're saying that because the family doesn't want them to release any details about jahi's condition, that they cannot speak on that. as you can see, it says we have not been authorized by the
12:24 pm
family to share information with the public about this matter. consequently, we're not able to correct misperceptions created about this sad situation. now, what those misperceptions may be, we won't know until more details come out, brooke. >> okay. stephanie elam for us. stephanie, thank you. we know you'll be following that. coming up, we're also following this. astronauts are plaining emergency space walks to fix the international space station, but it's what happened during the last space walk that has a number of people concerned. plus, as we get word, president obama is sending a delegation of gay athletes to the olympics in russia. i will be talking to former olympic skater ryan o'mara, about whether he thinks this is a slap in the face to russia. >> and as i mentioned, any moment now, lottery officials in georgia will be holding this news conference announcing that yes, indeed, a winner has come forward. we'll take it live. stay with me here on cnn. [ male announcer ] this is george.
12:25 pm
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12:29 pm
we now know someone is about to become just a tad, just a tad more rich this holiday season because we now know there's a winner of the mega millions drawing from last night out of atlanta and out of san jose, california. stay tuned for that. we'll take that live, of course. also, wow, the dow up 229 points. we're just about an hour and a half past the big announcement from ben bernanke, the fed chair, saying really his final news conference at the end of the year before he passed the baton off to janet yellen pending senate confirmation, the fact they're beginning to taper just a little bit after pumping so much stimulus into the economy, so that, you talk to a lot of economists, that's a great sign when it comes to the economy and your wallet. so great numbers here on wall street, half an hour before the closing bell. and now, let's talk olympics. the sochi winter games weeks away, and russia cannot escape
12:30 pm
the bad press. protests, boycotts, all over this controversial law banning gay propaganda. and now to a not so subtle message from president obama. while the president will not be attending, he is indeed sending a delegation, and that delegation includes gay athletes. joining me now, ryan o'mara. ryan has four u.s. figure skating championship medals and represented the u.s. in the 2006 winter olympics in italy. ryan also gay. a pleasure to talk to you. i remember watching you on tv a couple years ago. let's just begin with your reaction to the news of this delegation. what message do you think this sends to russia? >> i think it sends a pretty strong message that you know, the u.s. is not going to back down on their opinions on this issue. you know, the games are all about the athletes, you know, and what the athletes are there to do. and the inspirational stories
12:31 pm
that come with it. i really think the u.s. is really holding fast and making that number one priority versus all of this drama circumventing all around. >> it has been a lot of drama. a good word. melissa ethridge would agree with you. >> i'm sure she would. >> she was sitting right here next to me. i want to say it was two weeks ago. she's an activist, singer-songwriter and formed this group of people, this coalition trying to raise awa awareness going into sochi. her message was this. let me play this sound bite. she says do not boycott the olympic games. >> because i'm known as a gay person, just by showing up and saying i'm standing here fearless, because i believe that we as human beings can do this, we can get past this fear that somehow there's something dangerous in this. >> what would you say? or would you let your presence speak for itself? >> yeah, i would show up. i would be there. i would say to the gay community, come, just stand with me.
12:32 pm
>> she was saying she would love to go to sochi. she's not so sure if she can, if they would have her. do you agree with her message? >> i do. i think the worst thing we can do is to boycott the olympics. you know, the athletes work all year long and their whole lives. to have it thrown away for some silly, you know, law that russia has started, i'm really glad that the u.s. is sticking behind their athletes on that. >> ryan o'mara, a pleasure. thank you, sir. >> thank you. thanks for having me. >> you got it. as we near the end of the year, we need your votes for the top stories of 2013. here's what you need to do. go to, year in review. yir. there you will see 20 of the biggest news stories we have covered here during the past 12 months. we need you to choose ten. and the results will be announced online and on television, end of the year, december 30th, at 9:00 a.m. eastern.
12:33 pm
we need your help right there sgloorb coming up, my fellow space geeks, astronauts are planning emergency space walks to fix the international space station. but remember what happened during that last space walk? pretty scary stuff. has a lot of people concerned as we look ahead to this. we'll talk about that. also as i mentioned, any minute now, lottery officials in georgia will be holding a news conference announcing that a winner has come forward. we will take it live. stay right here. [ male announcer ] this store knows how to handle a saturday crowd.
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12:37 pm
with water. so, nasa suspended the practice, but right now, nasa is holding this news conference. we're listening in. they're announcing this change of mind, ordering a series of space walks to fix this broken cooling line on the iss, the international space station. can you walk me through? i talked to an astronaut the other day, and he didn't seem all too concerned. you have been listening to the news conference nomnasa. what do they have to do? >> they don't seem too concerned, but thachb rr got to get it done. his is basically the part of the space station they're going to work on. this pump contained ammonia on the outside and water on the inside, and what it does is regulates it temperature outside and inside of the international space station. the reason this is so crucial is because the space station goes through extreme differences in temperature depending on where it is relative to the sun. when it's between the earth and sun, it can get up to 200
12:38 pm
degrees. when it's on the opposite side, away from the sun, it can get as cold as 200 degrees below zero. so thask rr got to get this in check. they're going to be repairing this so they can better regulate the temperature, not only on the outside of the space station, but also on the inside. >> when exactly are they doing the space walks? >> the first space walk is on saturday. they have scheduled two. they could need a third. they could have a space walk on christmas day if needed. >> oh, wow. okay. jennifer gray, thank you very much. and coming up here, former nba superstar dennis rodman headed back to north korea. this is trip number three for him. and keeping in mind, this is also one week after north korean leader kim jong-un executed his uncle. so we're asking, is this trip safe? what does he risk? >> plus, two big stories for you. the first, any moment now, lottery officials in georgia will announce a winner in the
12:39 pm
mega millions jackpot. stand by for that. also on wall street, huge numbers. the dow soaring after the fed announced it will pull back just a bit on the stimulus. stay here. thanks for inspiring me. thanks for showing me my potential. for teaching me not to take life so seriously. thanks for loving me and being my best friend. don't forget to thank those who helped you take charge of your future and got you where you are today. the boss of your life. the chief life officer. ♪
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12:42 pm
dennis rodman, are you ready for this? he's headed back to the
12:43 pm
communist worker's paradise of north korea. he's to arrive tomorrow, that's the plan, despite the recent unpleztries in pyongyang. that is kim jong-un, in case you had forgotten. he doesn't much like america, and he does have a nuclear weapon. kim is 5'6", a foot or so shorter than the pierced and tatted up rodman which with kim shares this bizarre friendship. why bizarre? keep it mind, it's north korea. do it by the book or else. clap on cue, march on cue, and tay do a mean business. you could ask the man in white. that's kim's uncle here, actually you can't actually ask him now. he's dead. he was considered kim's mentor until late last week when they led him away and shot him by firing squad. a traitor, so says north korea.
12:44 pm
gordon is joining me now from toronto. we like to go to gordon chang on all things north korea. so gordon, we're told rodman's mission, this is his third to north korea, is to train some north koreans for this hoops exhibition. would you advise him to go to this, you know, this place, you know, where this uncle was executed very recently? >> well, the state department advises americans not to go to north korea, but for dennis rodman, it's going to be safe because he's really important to him. you have to remember that kim jong-un needs to show that his regime, his government is united, which it isn't. the appearance of unity is one of the most important things for the kim regime, and kim purposely squandered that when he aired those sensational charges about his uncle. with dennis rodman, we're going to see a lot of made for television events. everybody is going to be smiling. everything will appear normal, and this will bolster the
12:45 pm
regime. >>a appearances, appearances. rodman talked about peace, and he said i'm not a diplomat. he has not been pressing his buddy to free this american kenneth bay. convicted of hostile acts against north korea. this is a video of him back in october. we spoke with his sister this morning. >> i would certainly hope and plead with mr. rodman to reconsider and say, you know, while you're there, you know, make the case. and you know, let this american citizen who has been detained for 13 months, longest of any other american in recent history, to come home to his wife and his three children. >> gordon, if you were dennis rodman, again, this guy is no diplomat, but how hard would you press him on freedom of kenneth bay? >> well, if i were dennis rodman, i would press really, really hard. you know, rodman did send out that twitter message saying do
12:46 pm
me a solid, kim jong-un, let kenneth bay go. but he won't do that. as a matter of fact, he said he won't do that because he said it's not his business. he said he's going over there purely for basketball diplomacy and he's not going to raise these human rights issues. >> what do you think? you talk ability these made-for-tv moments. we have seen video of dennis rodman with kim jong-un in the past. what do you think we should expect to see this time around? >> it's going to be very important for us to look at the photographs of these events because it's going to be like crimenology. who is standing next to who on the kremlin wall. we'll see who is next to kim jong-un. it's probably going to be military officers because they have become powerful. this isn't good for south korea or the united states or the world when the military gains more and more power because they're bellicose and they could do something really awful. >> when we see those pictures,
12:47 pm
gordon, we'll chat once again. thank you so much for joining me. and now to this. so, size does matter. so says the basketball coach who's wild tirade is getting a lot of buzz. this is barry hinton. he's the coach at southern illinois. his team lost to murray state last night, and during the post game news conference, this guy ripped his players. ripped them. need proof? watch. >> i got a bunch of mommy's boys right now, and we won't buck up. we have to get through that. we have to get through that. i'm tired of coaching a guy and having him roll his eyes or put his head down or feel sorry for himself. i'm tired of that. this is big time. people lose their jobs. you know, they don't put their head down. they get another job. guys get sick, they find a way to get healthy. you report to work, you report to duty. we have men and women serving our country. they don't get to take days off.
12:48 pm
we're going to college and getting it paid for. somebody just got a text. all right, next question. i think rebounding, i think it's two-fold. i have been telling my wife this for years. size doesn't matter. and i really think that when it comes to rebounding, i think it's heart. heart and effort. off game? and marcus had an off game. marcus was absolutely awful. that's about as pg-rated as i can say it. he was awful. our guards were awful. our three starting guards had one assist and seven turnovers. they must think it's a tax credit. it's unbelievable how our starting guards played. and let's talk about our big guys. 2 for 11. how can you go 2 for 11? my wife -- my wife can score more than two buckets on 11 shots because i know my wife will at least shot fake one time. but those guys aren't listening.
12:49 pm
they're uncoachable right now. when you have a young team, it's a lot like house training the puppy dog. when the dog does something wrong, bad dog. i'm not going to hit them, not going to swat them, but bad dog. get on the treadmill. there was a sniper in the gym. did you see that? we had guys falling down. we had a guy snipered at halfcourt. two guys snipered at halfcourt, unbelievable. i would think navy s.e.a.l. team six was out there. nobody around them, and just fell down on the ground. how does that happen? i swear i thought one time that one of our players said merry christmas. i thought it was a gift. i thought they signed the package over. because he just came back, we wanted to give him a couple christmas gifts. >> wow. wow. thanks, coach. according to espn, the school's athletic director had a chat
12:50 pm
with him, but he only any moment lottery officials in georgia holding a news conference announcing a winner has come forward. live pictures as we await someone to step behind those microphones. we will take it live. stay right here. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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all right. we're going to take to you this georgia lottery official here in just a moment, but this is out of atlanta, georgia. we know one of the two winners bought a ticket there, and we now have a name. she is i.r.a. curry from stone mountain, georgia. take a listen. >> well, thank you. what an exciting night here in georgia. as john just told you, the second largest mega millions drawing in the history of the game and also in u.s. history. we're really excited because not only did we have one of two mega millions winners, we also had two $1 million winners. we had 25 $2,500 -- so many
12:54 pm
winners let's now. 26 $5,000 winners, 18 $2,000 winners and over 900,000 other prize winners, so a great night here in georgia. our prize winner did come in to lottery headquarters this afternoon to claim her prize. her name is ira curry. she lives in stone mountain. she has elected to take the cash option and we'll be sharing with you what that means for her and her family. it's over $173 million for that cash option of which we'll withhold 25% for federal income tax and 6% for georgia income tax. that will leave that family with about $120 million cash. ira and her family have elected not to participate in the press conference this afternoon, and we ear going to be very
12:55 pm
respectful of their privacy. i will share with you that they were very, very excited about the win. they were, as they said, still in a state of shock. this morning miss curry heard about the jackpot drawing last evening. she heard on the radio station, the announcer talking about number seven as the mega ball. she realized that that was her pick and she called her daughter. she woke up her daughter. her daughter checked the winning numbers, and sure enough, they were the big mega million winner for georgia. she said she didn't veer off the road. my question was how did you not swerve off the road? she said she was just in a state of disbelief, and i think after talking with her a couple hours this afternoon she was certainly in a state of disbelief. both her and her husband and other family members were here at georgia lottery headquarters. they are so strongly supportive
12:56 pm
of the georgia lottery corporation and the two public benefit programs that our proceeds fund, both hope and pre-k, as she said to us even if she lost she won because those proceeds benefit all of the kids here in georgia, and so that was really -- i think really heartwarming for us that each if she had lost she really felt like she was a winner. she did pick the numbers. they were a combination of family birthdays and her family's lucky number, number 7, so that's how the -- she didn't have a quick pick. those were actually numbers she's been playing based on family birthdays. she has not decided how she will spend those winnings. i think she will take some time and think about it and her and -- and spend some time with her and her family members and then they will make a decision later. so, with that, it was a great night for the georgia lottery corporation, for our players and
12:57 pm
for our retailers, and we want to thank both our players and our retailers and give you, the media, our sincerest appreciation for being here and helping us share that excitement, and we wish you the happiest of holidays. >> can you spell her name, please. >> her first name is ira. i-r-a and her last name is curry, c-u-r-r-y. >> how hold is she? >> she's asked us to keep it privacy. we're obligated to share the name of the winner and the game that she played, the city that she played and the retailer that sold her the winning lottery ticket. >> can you tell us more about the retailer, tell us more about the retailer and how much they get in all of this.
12:58 pm
>> right. the winning -- not the winner -- this is a lucky store, and hopefully that this store which is gateway newsstand at 3500 lennox road, although they do not get a cashing bonus or a selling bonus for the ticket, we think that just the value of being a lucky store will drive additional traffic into retail, so it is at 3500 lennox road, and i think there's a great deal of excitement at that retail location right now. >> so they don't get any kind of commission or anything off the sales? >> the georgia lottery retailers get is 6% of sales. that's stat to recall set. >> is that sales at the state or for the sales at the store? >> sales at the store. >> did she work in the building? >> we are giving you as much information as we can provide, according to open records, and we are being very respectful of
12:59 pm
our winner's privacy. >> note to self, pick family birthdays, pick family lucky number, sorry, just writing some notes to myself, learning from ira curry out of the atlanta area winning, let me make sure i get this right, not chump change. ultimately take the taxes out, opted for the cash option, $120 million cash. we don't get to see her face. would you want people to see your face if you won that kind of money? looking at you, yeah, i don't know if i would. things -- we can all dream. there will always be a next time so there you have of the winners, still waiting for the winner to emerge from california so stay tuned for that. before i let you go, a check of the big board because we broke the big news from fed chair ben bernanke that he'll taper in a little bit and it's way, way up there as we approach the closing bell, markets clearly reacting to the news from the fed. this is a great, great sign for the economy. we've been -- bev this pumping the stimulus and pumping the
1:00 pm
stimulus and this is his final thing that he is doing as he's ending, his final news conference, and janet yellen, the closing bell, janet yellen will be the next fed chief pending senate confirmation. quickly, just a reminder. i'm back up at 11:30 eastern, 8:30 on p.m. pacific. here's jake tapper with "the lead" that starts right now. >> stop letting the nsa collect american phone records, a review panel tells the president, but is he listening? the national lead breaking news this hour. we'll learn what sweeping reforms the white house is being advised to make after the president was commissioned to issue a review. doesn't mean he'll follow the recommendations. sorry, mr.


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