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tv   New Day  CNN  December 19, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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fowl play. a duck dynasty star suspended over anti-gay remarks. the debate raging about his future this morning. your "new day" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> good morning, welcome to "new day," it's thursday, december 19th, 6:00 in the east. a task force appointed by the president was tasked with assessing if things need to change when it comes to spying. their answer, yes. we'll tell you what else is called for. but the big unknown right now is whether the white house will accept the report it asked for. let's begin with jim acosta at the white house this morning. jim? >> reporter: this report is at this review panel appointed by the president has made
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recommendings, some of them mr. obama may not accept. the recommendations issued by a group of national security experts appointed by the president could lead to the most sweeping changes ever proposed for the nsa. >> we felt it was important to allow people to see the full report, to draw their own conclusions. >> reporter: aimed squarely at the nsa's domestic and foreign surveillance activities revealed by the former contractor edward snowden, the report doesn't hold back, saying the government should not be permitted to collect and store mass, undigested nonpublic personal information about u.s. persons. obvious nod to the firestorm over u.s. spying on german chancellor angela merkel among other heads of state. and in a challenge to the culture of the nsa and its
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director general keith alexander, the group urges the appointment of civilians, not military leaders, to run the agency. the white house says it understands reforms are needed. >> we need to make sure that we're not gathering intelligence solely because we can but because we must, because we need it in order to achieve the objective of protecting the united states, protecting the american people and allies. >> reporter: the question is what the president will decide. in a recent interview he suggested the nsa could better police itself. >> i'll be proposing some self-restraint on the nsa and to initiate reforms that can give people more confidence. >> reporter: according to a source familiar with this week's meeting between top tech executives and the president, mr. obama repeated his goal of self-restrain the but indicated he may allow the collection of phone data to continue but with more oversight and transparency. that may not be enough for members of congress across the political spectrum. >> nsa, you've gone too far.
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the bulk collection of americans' data by the u.s. government has to end. >> we do have a right to privacy and we'll continue to fight this. >> reporter: now, the president is expected to lay out his proposals for reforming the nsa sometime next month. if it does not adopt all of the review board findings, you can expect to see a confrontation with congress. >> thank you so much. now that we've heard from the president's task force, what changes can you expect to actually see in how the nsa operates? that's a lingering question for sure. let's bring in jim sciutto for more on this. >> big picture, the nsa keeps its prize program, the so-called section 215 which sweeps up all that metadata. one of the members of panel said they're not looking to disarm the intelligence community here, that the terror threat they believe is still real. but as jim said it will be under
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greater scrutiny and transparency. and let's look at some of the proposals they're talking about and how workable they are in the short term, one them, appointing a civilian head of the nsa when keith alexander retires in the spring. that's workable. the president hasn't agreed to it but it would be an easy change. putting a privacy advocate inside the court who ses, also something that's workable and doesn't seem to be major objections to. one of other chief recommendings is having congress pass legislation to move all this metadata from the nsa's possession -- back to the phone companies into private sector hands. one, we haven't heard from the white house whether they would agree to that but you need congress to act. you know how slow it to get things through congress now. it's hard to see how that could happen quickly. the white house rejected one of the changes that the panel recommends, which is splitting the nsa from the military's cybercommand. so you have a mixed bag in there that we'll see as the president
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reacts to these and lays out his plan next month. but remember, this is the president's own panel and you also have this court case this week that declared a lot of this collection to be unconstitutional. a lot of pressure on the administration to do something and something measurable. >> as you well lay out, there are clearly a lot of elements at play. now that we have the recommendations, what does the president do, how quickly does he act? also as you say, how quickly does congress act on some of these recommendations? how quickly do you foresee these recommendations being implemented? we don't know which ones the president actually wants to see put in place. >> exactly. it will be at least a month until the president goes through this. he says he's going to study these and see which ones are workable in the short term. it will be a month before he gives his speech to the american public, likely end of january about this. that's some time right there. it's a few months before keith alexander retires. so we would know who might follow him. will it be a civilian?
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congress, who knows how long that could take. clearly this is going to play out over weeks and months to see what is implemented. but you know, as aggressive as some of these recommendations are, the president, the white house has already made clear that you know, they want to keep the main program going forward. so you know, as americans here, is it likely a lot of the data will still be collected on us even after the president makes his decision? possible. >> jim sciutto, thank you so much, jim. the biggest credit card breach in retail history has occurred. the secret service is investigating a major attack against target. information related to more than 1 million black friday shoppers at the store may have been compromised. the question, are you at risk? if so, what to do about it. let's bring in christine romans. what's the scenario. >> you are at risk. if you shopped at a target store black friday and the weeks after, there seems to have been a breach where the information on the magnetic strip of your
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card when swiped hackers got into that information. this is what they could do. they could make a counterfeit credit card. they could make a -- take debits out of your bank account if they were able to get the pin information when you swiped your card. you're at risk if you shopped in a target store in those days after black friday. >> wow. >> so now, we have dealt with a lot of these stories. >> yep. >> the easy part of it is understanding you've been hacked. >> right. >> the hard part is what you can do about it. what is the most effective way if you detect something that's happened other than cancelling and getting new everything, what's the best route. >> i think the company should do a better job of making sure this doesn't happen in the first place. it's aggravating that the ownous is on you but it is. check your credit card statements. i want you to check it every day, look online at your credit card statement and make sure you are responsible for each and every one of those purchases. if they have a counterfeit card
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with your name and information, there will be one or two tests, trojan horse and then they start doing a lot of them. check your debits. make sure $20, $40, $60, that was yours. atm withdrawals or debits, that was yours. make sure. the ownous is only on you. no one is going to call you up. here's another very, very, very important tip. if you see something wrong, report it to your credit card or debit card right away. the longer you wait, the harder and more tide up it's going to be to get it fixed. >> you make such a good point. as frustrating as it is, as much as you can say this shouldn't happen, you have to be your own advocate. >> the credit cards have fraud honoring if you contact them and let them know you were part of an event like this one at target. >> don't count on the fraud monitoring. >> it can help. >> i'm not a big fan of that $14.99 a month for fraud
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monitoring. you should look -- if you shopped at target look every single day and make sure those are your charges. that's all you can really do. >> thanks, christine. that's scary when you think about how many people shop at target. >> target. >> target as we like to say. let's turn now to the latest round of basketball diplomacy. dennis rodman arriving in north korea overnight. it's his third trip to pyongyang at the invitation of kim jong-un. a family of an american hopes rodman will press the north korean leader for their family member's release. ivan watson is live in beijing. he makes headlines whenever he goes there, pretty much wherever he goes. what do we know this time, ivan? >> reporter: morning, kate. dennis rodman going to visit the man who he has described as his good friend, kim jong-un. i asked dennis rodman is kim jong-un still your good friend
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after he ordered the execution of his own uncle? rodman told me, i hope so. this is more than just the latest chapter in the unusual friendship between north korea's reclusive dictator and the former bad boy of the nba. dennis rodman may be one of the first outsiders to meet kim john un sin -- kim jong-un since he had his uncle executed for treason. >> i have no control over that. these things have been going on for years and years and years. i'm just going over to do a basketball game and have some fun. >> reporter: rodman is going to have some fun in a country that may be in the midst of a major political purge.
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he's bringing along a documentary film crew on a trip sponsored by an irish gambling company. on thursday, he told me, in the future, he wants to bring other former nba players to pyongyang. meanwhile, the sister of kenneth bayh, an american missionary imprisoned in north korea is begging rodman for a very different favor. >> if you're watching, mr. rodman, please do think about this american citizen, a father, a husband, a son and a brother, who has been imprisoned for 13 months in the dprk. while you're there, think about him and his family waiting for him to come home for christmas and do everything you can to bring him home. >> reporter: rodman insists he's powerless to help his fellow american citizen. in fact, when rodman was asked about kenneth bayh, asked if he would bring up north korea's
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dismal human rights record, he said it wouldn't be right to mix politics with his special friendship with kim jong-un. >> thank you for that, ivan watson. president obama is poised to sign the budget compromise into law, the senate passed the two-year deal wednesday, easing automatic spending cuts and effectively avoiding a government shutdown. quite an achievement for congress. they failed to agree on a budget since 2009. a nevada man has been arrested, accused of providing support to terror groups overseas. he faces conspiracy and other charges. officials say he belongs to two terror groups. aiming to create a sikh state in india. he gave advice on how to carry out acts of terrorism. singh faces life in prison if convicted. he's due in court tomorrow. sources tell cnn the president will nominate the montana democrat who has taken a tough stance against some of china's trade practices.
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this choice underscores the importance washington attaches to building economic links with china. baucus who chairs the finance committee announced earlier his intention to retire from the senate in 2014. a georgia woman has come forward to claim her half of the million dollar mega millions jackpot. ira curry of stone mountain says she is in a state of shock over her good fortune. she hand picked the winning numbers using a mix of family birthdays and her lucky number 7. she picked the cash option. after taxes her takeaway will be about $120 million. the other winner in california has yet to claim that prize. san jose, wake up, check your ticket. now an amazing story to give you, an update. a new york man will indeed be able to keep the guide dog that saved his life. cecil williams who was blind was run over by several subway cars after he fainted and fell on to
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the tracks. his dog, orlando, went down with him and kept him safe. now thanks to anonymous donors, orlando will not be sent away to retirement. he will stay with cecil. cecil spoke about it from his hospital bed. >> orlando, he's my best buddy, he's my pal. they said somebody made a donation and it will cover him for the rest of his life. >> we'll delve deeper into this, the good stuff coming up later in the show. >> what a great name. orlando. >> very stylish dog. >> a little bit of good stuff there. let's try and keep on with the wave of hope. it will get perilous now because we're going to the land of weather with indra petersons. can you keep the hope alive. >> this much. if i'm smiling you know it is good. we're warming up to almost 70 degrees in new york. that is good, i'm sorry.
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but that does mean rain. 42 degrees, the high in new york city today. by the weekend, looking for 69. d.c., you're going to the 70s, same thing for atlanta. this will play a role, we'll get to that. first let's talk about the first system out there today. out toward the midwest, it's making its way through. from wisconsin to missouri, a little bit of a threat for icing. we'll watch for that. the same system makes its way over to the northeast. light rain in the northeast tomorrow. let's take you back into the bigger system we're watching for later in the weekend. look at the ingredients here. a low making its way into the southeast where the temperatures were really warm. we have that moisture coming in off of the gulf. we throw in the jet stream in that same spot. you know what it means. that severe weather threat will be out there. in the southeast, heavy rain, even flooding concerns in addition to the severe weather, farther to the north, we're
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talking about the icy mix of wintry weather. i want to talk specifically about the northeast. 18 degrees out towards burlington. look at that contrast in roanoke. we're talking about mid-60s. when you see that, you know there will be a threat in the middle zone for icy conditions. that's what we'll be watching for, especially upstate new york, vermont, new hampshire and even maine as we go through sunday. down to the south, hot, thunderstorms, up to the north, icing. so much going on all at once. >> a lot to keep an eye on today. >> just a tad. >> the word i used was hope by the way. >> she's offering some hope but also wants to offer reality. >> reality check. reality bites. >> hope changes reality. >> when it comes to weather. >> smooth. coming up next on "new day," outrage in india over the arrest of one of their diplomats in new york. don't start calling mom just yet from 30,000 feet. two airlines refusing to allow
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it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. welcome back to "new day." public outrage continues on both sides but there is diplomatic outreach this morning over the arrest of an india diplomat in new york. secretary of state john kerry has expressed regret over the incident and an indian official says he doesn't want to talk. u.s. attorneys say the woman was well treated despite being
3:21 am
accused. >> meantime it seems like talks between both countries is helping, seemingly helping to temper the fury over the arrest of devyani khobragade. this morning, the furor between the two countries reaches a new level. with u.s. secretary of state john kerry directly speaking with india's national security adviser. on wednesday, a state department spokeswoman offered this statement about how kerry feels about the case. >> he certainly expressed regret about what happened with this case. >> reporter: but the chaotic scene outside the indian mission yesterday highlighted the growing controversy surrounding this bicontinental case. >> do you have anything to say. >> reporter: the diplomat, devyani khobragade, refused to answer questions on wednesday. it was her arrest for allegedly making false statements on a
3:22 am
visa application for her nanny and how she was treated, strip searched by a female official and thrown in jail with other nondiplomat women that sparked the uproar. after days of protests and even removing the cement security barriers from outside the u.s. embassy in india, the indian government has now taken away government issued benefit i.d. cards to americans working at some consulates there. but u.s. authorities are not admitting they did anything wrong. from the white house -- >> all standard procedures were followed and that every opportunity for courtesy was extended. now, thus far, all indications are that standard procedures were followed. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney overseeing the case who said on wednesday that khobragade received better treatment than most american defendants and that the outrage has drawn attention away from the serious charges against her, which carry a max sentence of five to tense years in prison. despite the outrage, officials are saying they're open to
3:23 am
resolving the issue. there now appears to be a willingness from both sides to ease off diplomatic tensions. the external affairs minister says he's looking forward to talking to secretary of state john kerry. the whole point of a friendship is that it survive a test like this. >> khobragade has limited immunity as a consular. a source says no formal request has been made for khobragade to have diplomatic immunity. there is a procedure for that. if they do put in that formal request, the state department would have to sign off on it. as we mentioned before, kerry will be talking to the indian foreign minister today. it remains to be -- unclear at this point how this case will move forward as my source said, it could linger for two weeks, two days, two months. we just don't know. but of course we'll be anxious
3:24 am
to learn what comes out of that phone call today. >> the longer it lingers, the worse it turns into. we'll see. thanks so much, pamela. >> this story jumped a little bit to all the reaction but what really started it? what information was in that visa? who's involved? what about the nanny involved in we'll talk with the diplomat's lawyer live and dig into what was going on here in the first place. money time, though. and chief business correspondent christine romans is here with more on the big market rally. tell us more. >> a massive rally on wall street wednesday. the dow industrial, the s&p closing at records because of the federal reserve decision to go with a mini taper. more on that in a minute. the dow industrials closing up -- >> got to cut you off, christine. they're saying they can't hear your microphone. they have silenced you because they were talking about wall street enough and not main street. >> you can hear me now. >> now we hear you.
3:25 am
>> because of fed, it's all because of the fed, records for the dow and s&p, the fed tapering, slowly, now 75 billion in stimulus. the stimulus keeps going but not as much as before. dow industrials up 1.8%, nasdaq up 1.2%, the s&p up 1.7%. huge gains for the year, dow 23 23%,, nasdaq 35%, s&p 27%. the economy is getting better and the fed is still really juicing the system. what it means for you, for real people, mortgage rates will likely go up gradually. car loan rates will go up gradually. the fed is in no hurry to see rates rise quickly. they're calling it taper light. savings rates eventually will start to nudge up. that should be a good thing for consumers. the fed keeping interest rates low has been great for wall street. if you're a saver you haven't
3:26 am
been getting really any return. chris, kate? >> thanks, christine. >> what made it funny, christine, they didn't hear the conversation we were having before. christine and i tease about main street and wall street all the time. somehow the greater forces of television cut off your microphone. >> chris puts christine in a box, christine then fights her way out of the box. >> she's smarter than i am, she knows a lot more. she's constantly fighting the good fight. coming up on "new day," hold the phone. delta and jetblue deciding there will be no cell phone calls during their flights even if the feds say it's okay. why they claim they're doing it for you. also ahead, hundreds of people in 23 states sickened by a new strain of salmonella found in chicken. it resists antibiotics and it's sending people to hospitals at an alarming rate. we'll ask a doctor about how to keep your family safe, ahead.
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welcome back to "new day." let's bring you up to date on the latest news. a presidential task force calling for sweeping changes at the nsa. 46 recommendings in all including the bulk collection of domestic phone records and tighter restrictions for spying on foreign allies. the panel also recommends civilian, not military,
3:31 am
oversight for greater transparency. former nba star dennis rodman arrived in north korea this morning for another round of so-called basketball diplomacy. he will spend the next several days in pyongyang with a documentary crew helping to train a team of basketball players for an exhibition game next month. this is rodman's third visit to north korea at the invitation of what he calls his good friend kim jong-un. a patient being treated for a mystery illness has been diagnosed with the h1n1 flu virus. doctors have seen hundreds of new cases recently. this patient diagnosed is still alive but the mystery symptoms killed four people in the same area. two other patients tested negative and results are pending for yet another. a harvard university sophomore is out on $100,000 bail this morning, 20-year-old eldo kimm is accused of e-mailing bomb threats to several buildings on campus
3:32 am
monday. prosecutors say he was trying to get out of taken an exam. he was released that his sister's custody and has been ordered to stay away from campus. quite a desperate decision for the parents of twin 11-month-old boys in the bronx. their father tossed the boys from a third story window as smoke from an electrical fire below filled their building. two people, these men, a relative and postal worker were there to catch them. >> amazing. >> the boy's father scrambled to get out. three people suffered minor injuries. boy, talk about some gratitude for people in the right place at the right time. >> we hear about those stories every now and then. >> the fact that they -- someone steps up to do it. >> yes. >> remember how hard it is -- how hard it would be to do that, the weight even of a little child, yet they do it. very impressive. >> good stuff. >> very good stuff. how about this one? no cell for you at least on our
3:33 am
planes. >> that's good stuff. >> that's the word from delta airlines. at least one other major carrier is on board with delta opposing the government plan. cnn's chris lawrence is following the story live at reagan national airport. what do we know? >> reporter: yes, chris, you can add jetblue is the other major carrier. add southwest to the list as well, all three basically say no, we're not going to do this, even if the fcc lifts that ban. delta with the furthest, basically saying their employees don't want it, their frequent flyers don't want it but it did leave the door open saying, look, if this ban goes away, we would be willing to allow text messages, e-mail, anything that's silent. basically there's no technology that allows the airlines to do this. it would be able to make cellular calls without disrupting any ground communication. now, some in the fcc support
3:34 am
that, saying, look, the government should get out of the way, let the market and the airlines and their passengers work that out on their own. there's no security reason for us to put this ban in place. other members of the fcc say they could see a day when the airline maybe starts to put a quiet cabin in the plane and charge customers more to sit there. they're not as comfortable with the idea. chris? >> divided government. how odd. let me ask you this, chris. ultimately we know the marketplace will take up the slack here. it will be up to the airlines to decide what they do. any indication about where other big carriers are falling on this issue? >> united, american, both taking more of a wait and see approach. this is already done on a lot of international carriers. emirates, virgin atlantic, carriers like that. the telecommunications industry says, look, this might not be that bad. on those carriers that allow it, the average call lasts less than two minutes. there's a few people on the
3:35 am
phone at a time. and a lot of people just use it to check voice messages, they don't actually talk. >> chris lawrence, excellent points. thank you for the reporting. one of the reasons i'm juicing lawrence, i am probably the only person within earshot who is pro cell phone use on airplanes. >> i love getting attacked on twitter? it's part of the reason. >> how often do you get a phone call from him? but you get a bunch of texts. >> if they allowed me to call more on the airplanes. >> why are you pro? >> because i miss the contact with the people who matter to me when i'm in the air. often you're there for hours and i don't know how my kids are doing. i feel out of touch. i don't like wasting the time. >> you don't think a text message could help? >> this guy will be pro until he sits by someone who is chatty, chatty, chatty, then i'll hear about it. 23 people sickened by
3:36 am
chicken. this as a new report slams the quality of government oversight of our food. we have what you need to know, coming up. from chicken to ducks. the patriarch of the duck dynasty empire suspended because of crude comments about homosexuals. did he just cook his own goose? ♪ we're gonna need a bigger bucket. ♪ [ male announcer ] more people are leaving bmw, mercedes and lexus for audi than ever before. the holidays won't last and neither will the season of audi. visit today. ♪
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welcome back to "new day." as you sit in your kitchen eating your breakfast, we want to share serious concerns about
3:40 am
the foot we are eating. a new study says the usda is not doing enough to protect consumers from salmonella. this comes amid a national outbreak. some 400 people in 23 states have been sickened with the bacteria. so, are americans at risk and what should the government do about it? joining us is assist and the professor of nyu medical center. i think this is shocking to people that in the midst of this outbre outbreak, they are saying the usda is not doing enough. >> we have to remember, total decontamination, not having any bacteria in our poultry may be too lofty a goal. the question is how do we prevent people from getting sick from it. you can have contaminated poultry and decontaminate it. the government needs to work on prevention. don't let the chickens get the bacteria in the first place.
3:41 am
>> why are you saying it's near impossible? "the new york times" is saying in sweden they don't have this contamination issue. >> yes. the thing is -- >> when it gets to the consumer. >> you're still drawing the same distinction between having contaminated birds versus contaminated birds that aren could assumed. >> when we're talking about salmonella and other bacteria, they live in the intestines of the poultry. going from the intestine to the flesh that we're eating is the question. it all depends on the conditions they're being processed in and living in and ultimately when the consumer gets it, how we're treating the poultry. that's one thing where we have to be extremely careful. "consumer reports" did a study, many differenten brads of chicken all had bacteria, potentially illness-causing bacteria. we have to be vigilant. >> the how should we be more vigilant? clearly people are getting sick. we have lots of questions about this antibiotic resistant strain of salmonella.
3:42 am
>> right. >> what should people know? is it extra washing, making sure it's cooked better. >> certainly cooking. the old theory was 165 degrees are kill it. some people are saying go up to 180 degrees. we are seeing more strains of bacteria that might be more virulent and resistant to killing. make sure you're washing the surfaces, utensils and everything else. you could be touching the chicken and a faucet. >> you're moving so fast in the kitchen, most people forget that extra step. not only are we seeing salmonella but we're seeing salmonella that's difficult to treat with traditional antibiotics. >> is that because you're giving the birds too many antibiotics to begin with. >> yes, absolutely. many times it's used to help the growth of the bird. organic doesn't mean -- >> what do we do? >> organic doesn't mean safer. >> from a bacteria standpoint
3:43 am
but if they're not using antibiotics, which usually they're not, at least the bacteria you get won't be resistant to antibiotics. >> 400 people, 23 states, this is widespread. there are probably people that didn't seek treatment. >> this strain was more aggressive. 40% sickened were hospitalized. usually it's 20% or less. >> what do you think of the fda's move that they announced? >> i think it's a great first step. the problem is the timing. how soon can they do it and how quickly? that's what many people worry, it's not soon enough. >> big problem is you have these huge stocks of poultry. >> yes. >> that you're sticking together in unhealthy inherently circumstances. if you don't address that, everything else is -- >> absolutely. it's a financial thing, too. they can do it. it will cost a lot. is that cost going to be passed on to the consumer. >> it will cost more.
3:44 am
>> yes. >> indra petersons with the weather. what do we know? what are we tracking? i'm giving you time to get over there. did you just fall? i heard that. >> no. so not me by the way. that was a quick move. >> we're starting with the good news, for so many, it's been cold and snow on the east coast, look at these temperatures, they are going way up by the time we hit, yes, the weekend. perfect timing for once. we are talking about 70 degrees in new york city by sunday. d.c., you're going to 71. atlanta, typically you see 70s here and there. either way, well above normal. there go your 70s by saturday. let's watch this, kind of take it in. keep in mind, it is warm but this is what's going on at the same time. it's warm but there's rain out there, severe thunderstorms as well. let's talk about how we'll get from where we are now to what's expected a couple days away. making its way through the midwest. wisconsin, down through missouri, icing concern overnight tonight. also if you have flights in that
3:45 am
region. by tomorrow, it makes its way into the northeast. this is a tiny system, light rain. now the big one will make that big mess a few minutes ago. another low making its way towards the southeast. warm air, the jet streamlines up with it on top of it. we have the threat for severe weather. that will be the big story as we make our way in through the weekend, especially saturday in through sunday you'll want to watch that. while it's warm and thunderstorming in the southeast, keep in mind in the northeast, it's a wintry mix and icing potential the farther north you are. new hampshire, vermont, maine, icy and cold. >> the mix is the worse. one or the other. >> we're in the middle with 70 and light rain. >> 70 in december. a star of the hit show, "duck dynasty" has been benched after making anti-gay comments in a recent interview. and a college basketball coach goes off on his players. was he out of bounds? you'll hear his outburst.
3:46 am
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3:49 am
welcome back to eastern conference power houses, the only two, met in miami last night as the pacers took on the heat. andy scholes joins us with the highlights in this morning's "bleacher report." >> these two teams don't like each other. it's only december, the heat,
3:50 am
the pacers will play in the eastern conference finals once again this year. last night they were squaring off for the second time this season. indiana won the first matchup. check out this heated exchange between lebron and mario chalmers. they would eventually kiss and make up. lebron holding on to paul as he takes a three that would have tied the game. no foul called on the play. the heat go on to win it, 97-94. trending on is the sports rant of the year. tuesday night, southern illinois lost to murray state and head coach barry henson was not very happy with his players afterwards. >> i have a bunch of mama's boys right now. 2 for 11! how can you go 2 for 11? my wife -- my wife can store more than two buckets on 11 shots. i know my wife will at least shot fake one time. it's a lot like house training a
3:51 am
puppy dog. you know what, when the dog does something wrong, bad dog. >> we see this every couple years, guys, this will go as one of the best rants in my mind ever. >> our executive producer made the point, he wasn't talking about his wife right there then he was talking about house training the dog. >> his wife said he way oversold her basketball skills. >> he also said he wasn't talking about hitting his players. that's not what it's about. to protect him from obvious levels of scrutiny. i loved the rant by the way. just saying. >> i loved it, too. his ada backed him up. >> andy, watch out. >> if i'm involved, it is. >> all the people. >> see you later, andy. >> bye, guys. a story that has a lot of people talking this morning, a "duck dynasty" star suspended for shooting off his month.
3:52 am
he turned the family business into a multimillion dollar empire. now comments he made concerning gay people may put his show in jeopardy. it started with a magazine article. >> yes, it ballooned into something else. in this "gq" article, phil robertson seemed to an equal opportunity offender. the show's network, a & e pulled him saying they were extremely disappointed to have read phil robertson's comments in "gq." the patriarch of the hit reality tv show "duck dynasty" sounded off. >> happiness is killing things. >> reporter: but he turned the target on hillself. on wednesday, a & e suspended phil robertson, founder of the duck commander company and head
3:53 am
of his family, from filming indefinitely for the controversial anti-gay statements he made in an interview. he says it's not logical, my man, it's just not logical. he goes on to explain what he finds sinful. start with homosexual behavior and morph out from there, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and those men, he says. robertson refers to a bible passage saying don't be deceived, neither the adulters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders won't inherit the kingdom of god. don't deceive yourself. it's not right. his words angering gay rights activists. >> i was shocked and appalled really that somebody who's on a & e's highest rated show would say something along the lines of comparing homosexuality to beastality among other things.
3:54 am
>> reporter: robertson and his family are known for preaching their christian beliefs. >> we managed to stay true to ourselves. >> reporter: gay rights advocates say long with the limelight comes responsibility. >> you have the freedom of speech, absolutely. but we have the freedom to turn off all of our televisions when you say something that offends us and the people that we love. >> reporter: robertson released this statement after the article was released saying i would never treat anyone with disrespect, just because they are different from me. we are all created by the almighty and like him, i love all of humanity. we would all be better off if we loved god and loved each other. and not only did he make anti-gay comments, he also said in the article about growing up in the jim crow south he, quote, never saw black people mistreated and worked cotton fields with blacks. he said, they're singing and happy, i never heard one of them, i tell you what, those
3:55 am
doggone white people, not a word. were they happy? they were godly. no one was singing the blues. there's a lot to react to here with this article, definitely. >> what do you got? >> first of all, i would say the anti-gay comments are way out of bounds. even though there are a lot of people who are arguing, i saw it on twitter last night, people reacting that it's his freedom of speech, he can believe what he wants. which is true. that doesn't mean it's free from consequence. >> i'm not supporting the comments but he's not alone in those views. there's a segment of the population that agrees with exactly what phil is saying. >> there is a segment of that population and also to speak to the comments about you know, the precivil rights era, i'm not trying to speak to what's in his head. when you see these comments this is the type of warped logic that racists used back in the day. they're singing, they're happy. i'm not hearing anybody complain. those black folks are happy
3:56 am
folks. they're not saying anything. those are troubling, all of this, i believe, is troubling. >> interesting how quickly a & e moved. >> we saw with paula deen how things went with her and the time it took for that to right itself, if it has. it will be interesting to see how this plays out. >> they have a $400 million empire. let's remember that here. >> huge empire. >> big deal with walmart. what's going to happen with that? are they going to back off with them? there's a lot in play here still. >> on the basis of what we know, the staples that are out there, paula deen pales in comparison. you love family, love each other. that's the goal. do these comments square with that? >> the magazine writer did a good job of pointing out those inconsistencies if we should put it that way in the piece about what he's preaching and reality. >> i grew up in what's being called a christian household. i never heard these type of beliefs. >> neither did i. >> in my christian household. >> great point.
3:57 am
we'll tell you how the mega million winner picked her lucky numbers. >> great smile. >> she'll be smiling more now. >> million dollar smile.
3:58 am
3:59 am
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credit and debit cards hacked at target on black friday. are you at risk? falling on deaf ears, one direction topping the charts once again but is their latest
4:01 am
hit a blatant rip-off of this def leppard classic? ♪ >> your "new day" starts right now. ♪ pour some sugar on me >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. ♪ come on fire it up good morning. welcome back to "new day." thursday, december 19th, 7:00 in the east. there is breaking news this morning. target now says 40 million credit and debit cards may have been exposed by hackers. if you have shopped there lately, put the coffee, the toothbrush or the child down and listen to this, because your information and your money may be at risk. the secret service is now investigating the breach. let's bring in chief business correspondent christine romans. what do we understand. >> we understand target is confirming there's been a mass ef breach of your information. here's what happened. the magnetic strip on your credit card or debit card through the reader at the target stores could have been breached. some 40 million people. this could affect. here's what target is saying
4:02 am
about it, they say they've resolved this issue. they say they've resolved this issue and their first priority is to preserve the trust of you, the guests, they moved swiftly to address it, working with federal law enforcement and with all the of the banks to get this resolved. we're talking about 40 million credit and debit card accounts from november 27th to december 15th. you had to shop in the store and that's when that magnetized information on the back of your card was breached. they're working with an accounting forensics team. if you suspect unauthorized activity on your carding with call this number. here's what could happen. they could make a counterfeit credit card out of that information and start doing purchases. watch very carefully your credit statements. they could do atm withdrawals if you used your debit card while shopping at target. from november 27th to december 15th. >> right in the heart of holiday
4:03 am
shopping. >> absolutely. >> you know you have to check your staples, do it daily. make sure there's nothing unusual. however, is this also a window into neglect by target and other big retailers because we see this, it seems, too often. >> it's a window into the aggressiveness of siper -- cybercriminals. your information at any given time is in something like 5,000 different places in this -- your financial life is out there for someone to try to grasp. i think the real important thing here, companies have to do more. we also have to do more to make sure we really watch every transaction. target wants you to call them. i want you to closely watch what's on your credit card statement, on your debit, call the bank and target right away if you see unauthorized activity. >> pay attention and do it now. >> if you are shopping in stores, not online. this does not affect online
4:04 am
shopping, black friday and after for target. >> thanks, christine. >> you're welcome. sweeping change. a panel appointed by president obama is calling for an end to the collection of americans' phone records and tougher standards for spying on foreign allies. will the white house take the recommendations, put them into place? let's talk about it with cnn's jim acosta. >> that is the question. what is most striking about this report put out there by this review panel appointed by the president is that that board has made recommendations, mr. obama may not accept. >> we felt it was important to allow people to see the full report to draw their own conclusions. >> reporter: aimed squarely at the nsa 'domestic and foreign surveillance activities revealed by edward snowden, the group's report doesn't hold back, stating the government should not be permitted to collect and
4:05 am
store mass undigested, nonpublic personal information about u.s. persons. obvious nod to the firestorm over u.s. spying on german chancellor angela merkel among other heads of state. among other heads of state. and in a challenge to the culture of the nsa and its director general keith alexander, the group urges the appointment of civilians, not military leaders, to run the agency. the white house says it understands reforms are needed. >> we need to make sure that we're not gathering intelligence solely because we can but because we must, because we need it in order to achieve the objective of protecting the united states, protecting the american people and allies. >> reporter: the question is what the president will decide. in a recent interview he suggested the nsa could better police itself.
4:06 am
>> i'll be proposing some self-restraint on the nsa and to initiate reforms that can give people more confidence. >> reporter: according to a source familiar with this week's meeting between top tech executives and the president, mr. obama repeated his goal of self-restraint but indicated he may allow the collection of phone data to continue but with more oversight and transparency. that may not be enough for members of congress across the political spectrum. >> nsa, you've gone too far. the bulk collection of americans' data by the u.s. government has to end. >> we do have a right to privacy and we'll continue to fight this. >> reporter: now, the president is expected to release his own proposals for reforming the nsa sometime next month. if he does not adopt all of this review group's findings in the coming weeks, expect a big confrontation on capitol hill with members of congress who want to go much farther in terms of protecting the privacy of americans. kate? >> thanks for laying it out for us. let's bring in cnn national
4:07 am
security analyst and former homeland security adviser to the bush administration, fran townsend. fran, a lot in these recommendations. what do you make of them? >> i think in essence, this is a lot of process put around to maintain a program that the administration finds very useful, actually across two administrations. the interesting thing here is that the report suggests that there isn't really a direct link between disruption and this program. but i will tell you, having sat on inside when you're following a plot, you want to disrupt it. you learn interesting and useful information. it certainly generates leads. if they can't tie it directly to disruptions, it does sort of give you information that allows you to target the investigation in a way that you don't without it. >> so if -- we don't know what the president will do with these
4:08 am
recommendations -- if the president, let's say, puts all of these recommendations into place at the nsa, would probably also involve congressional approval, some of them, but do you think that would hinder, hurt our national security? >> the real thing is you have to ask yourself the question, will it slow it down, impede the process? speed, the ability to move with an investigation with real speed is the key here to being successful. so i'm a little -- some of this is kind of smoke and mirrors to me. lots of recommendations, split nsa from cybercommand. to what end? some of this is process for process sake to me so they can say they're doing something. i'm not sure it's all substance. >> that is interesting what do you think needs to be done then? if you agree that something's got to change? >> sure. i do think the most important piece to this, michaela, is giving the american people confidence that this is not abused, so process is important.
4:09 am
oversight is important. i think you have to balance that against, does it impede the usefulness of the program? that worries me. one of the recommendations is there should be more civilian leadership at nsa. we haven't been talking about is the deputy right now is a civilian, chris inglis is a career official. some of the recommendations as you walk through them, it seems more kind of words than substance. >> people from your community are contacting saying don't let the pendulum swing the other way. this isn't stop and frisk, this is spy, terrorism. greenwald and snowden, are they starting to be looked at differently through the lens of analysis as we learn more about the programs, what needs to change and that there are big problems? >> i think that -- the answer depends on who you ask. >> i'm asking you, fran townsend. >> my opinion of snowden hasn't changed. i think what he did is a crime.
4:10 am
i think he ought to pay the consequences of that. i understand there's a community of people out there who believe he's 'hea hero. when you see the president ask for and get a report with 46 recommendations as a result of the leaks of snowden, has there been consequences to that leak and consequences on the community? absolutely. >> do you think he'll face, from a political perspective, do you think if he didn't the adopt a math oort of these recommendations that he'll face blow back? >> i think the president, having asked for the report and gotten 46 recommendations will have to implement a fair amount of these. if he doesn't he'll have to make compromise to view sort of the other recommendations as having taken some action. >> definitely explain himself. >> yes. >> thanks, fran. great to see you. ten minutes after the hour. let's take a look at our headlines at this hour. up to half the prisoners at guantanamo bay could be heading back to the countries they came from.
4:11 am
congress reaching a bipartisan deal. this measure is part of a big defense bill awaiting final passage in the senate this week. it's view as a win for president obama in his bid to ultimately close down the prison. it is still burning but california fire crews believe they finally have the upper hand on big sur wildfire. it's about 74% contained. officials believe they could have it fully under control by as early as this evening. the big sur blaze burned some 00 acres and destroyed more than a dozen homes. former nba star dennis rodman back in north korea this morning. it's his third trip to pyongyang at the invitation of kim jong-un. he says he's there to help the national team play basketball. rodman insists he with ill not talk politics or human rights. some dramatic surveillance video to show you out of seattle. prosecutors say it shows 19-year-old brown terrorizing
4:12 am
bus passengers last month, stealing cell phones at gun point. when he reaches the front of the bus and points the gun at a man's face, that man fights back. other passengers join in and subdue him. brown faces robbery and attempted robbery charges. he's being held on $350,000 bail. how terrifying. >> not only brazen but the reaction from that one passenger. >> they all kind of got together and decided -- >> look at him. gun in his hand. he's walking through -- >> picked the wrong guy in a suit. >> look, again, law enforcement would say this is not the right thing to do. you don't know how these people are going to react. >> when somebody sticks a gun in your face and you realize your life may be about to end. sometimes people do what they feel they have to do in the moment. >> amazing. all captured for everybody to see and think about. let's get back over to indra and get another check of the weather. >> we're watching a couple
4:13 am
storms coming our way. we know the one up side to it. it is going to be warming up significantly. i love this. you know i have a big smile on my face, it willing warm on the east coast. 71 degrees in d.c. by sunday. look at new york city, almost 70. 69. i'm taking it. down in atlanta, same thing, 70s earlier for you, though. by saturday, keep in mean, it is warm but it is also stormy at the same time. we're talking about heavy rain in the southeast by the weekend. let's talk about how we're going to get here from where we are today. we'll take you back to the west where there's a storm out there. today making its way into the midwest, pay attention if you're in wisconsin, back through missouri. some icing conditions are expected overnight tonight. some freezing rain, watching out for that. same system, dies out and dissipates, making its way to the northeast by tomorrow. let's go to the big guy i just showed you bringing all that heavy rain. here it goes. it's further to the south, moves into the area where all that warm air is. you have that moisture coming in out of the gulf. that's not it.
4:14 am
the jet stream in the exact same position. every time you see that lineup, we know we have a threat for severe weather. look at saturday, we're talking about kentucky, back through texas in through sunday. same system shifting east. we're talking about the carolinas, still early all around the gulf. heavy rain, flooding concerns there. and the higher north you are, you have the threat of icy conditions. look at that temperature difference. that means instead of rain, you're talking about icy conditions and snow. hard to believe, 21 in burlington, 64 in roanoke, exact same system. a little bit of a problem there. that's a biggie. i prefer to be on the upside, warmer. >> 64? >> maybe down there. i switched my direction there. >> thanks, indra. >> sure. you know who's not worried about the weather, the people who won the lottery and one of the mega millions winners has stepped forward to claim her share of the $648 million jackpot. this morning, the other winner or winners still remains a mystery.
4:15 am
so let's get a little bit more on this with cnn's sara ganham. >> reporter: 56-year-old ira curry was driving, she heard the winning mega ball number was the lucky 7. the very number she had picked when she decided at the last minute friday to buy a lotto ticket. curry quickly called her daughter who checked the rest of the numbers. they matched! >> i asked her how did she keep from veering off the road? she said i was in a state of disbelief. i still didn't believe it when my daughter told me. >> reporter: the draws with a combination of family birthdays and the lucky number 7. a set of numbers the curry family has played before. this time, curry bought just one ticket at this mall newsstand in atlanta, one was all it took. the family won half of the second largest mega millions jackpot ever. electing to take a lump sum of just more than $173 million.
4:16 am
after taxes, that's about $120 million in cash. >> different family members all checked the numbers and they came down, even as we checked the numbers. i don't think that miscurry believed she won. >> reporter: the other winning lotto ticket was sold in san jose, california. the winner there is still a mystery. >> i don't know who it is. i don't know where they're from. >> reporter: the california store owner got $1 million just for selling the winning ticket. >> today very good day. i'm so excited. >> reporter: and for the rest of the country, 20 people across the nation won $1 million by matching all numbers except the mega ball. with 21 back-to-back drawings without a winner, call tuesday's win lucky 22. sara ganham. >> thanks so much, sara. a lot on the line when secretary of state john kerry speaks with officials in india. it comes after a controversial
4:17 am
arrest. we'll be joined by that diplomat's lawyer to hear her side. prosecutors aren't going to quit until that teen who drove drunk and killed four people is behind bars. but will their legal strategy work? do they even have one? we'll unpack it. [ male announcer ] every inch. every minute. every second -- we chip away. with an available ecodiesel engine... and a best-in-class 30 mpg highway and 730-mile driving range... for all the times you dreamed of running away from home -- now you can. with enough fuel to get back.
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you'll never believe they're light. millions have raised their hand for the proven relief of the purple pill. and that relief could be in your hand. for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms from acid reflux disease. find out how you can save at there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. if you have persistent diarrhea, contact your doctor right away. other serious stomach conditions may exist. avoid if you take clopidogrel. for many, relief is at hand. ask your doctor about nexium. welcome back to "new day." a conversation between secretary of state john kerry and indian officials is expected to today. it may calm the waters of a
4:21 am
full-on international grudge match. the uproar started when an indian consular official was arrested in new york on serious charges related to her nanny. prosecutors and police say they did nothing wrong, no one is above the law. things, however, turned dangerous when india removed security around our embassy out of protest. what started this? let's get more on what has turned into an international controversy here with attorney daniel arshak. he's the attorney for the official, devyani khobragade. this story got ahead of itself. that's my opinion. let's back up and understand why this happened in the first place. i have the complaint here. the allegation is dr. khobragade cut a deal with her nanly that said one thing in the visa but was different between the nanny got here. the nanny tried to negotiate,
4:22 am
she wouldn't, she felt threatened and went for help. >> that is what the allegation is and that allegation has nothing to do with what the act facts are. dr. khobragade assisted in getting a visa for her domestic worker to come with her from india to work here in the united states. she entered into a contract with her and that contract was submitted to the consulate in india before she came. she abided by the terms of that contract. there was no fraud. there was no misstatements. all of the documents that have been submitted were accurate and were abided by. >> fair point, this comes down to whose story is true about the nature of the agreement between this woman, the nanny, and the household, the visa, the fraud, the international? >> not really. the documents speak for themselves. the issue here is whether the domestic worker received the amount of money that she was supposed to receive. that's the only issue.
4:23 am
>> right. >> and in the united states, when someone says i'm supposed to get paid more than i got paid, that's a civil action. that's somebody saying you owe me some money. and that's where this should have been resolved. and before there was ever an arrest of a senior consular officer from the indian consulate, there might have been, we might have expected, that somebody from the department of justice would have called dr. khobragade and said, you know, we have this issue. >> they say they contacted you about the charges in september. is that true? >> dr. khobragade contacted the state department in june when this domestic worker disappeared from her house and said she's gone. we don't know where she is and she filed a missing persons report with the new york city police department. >> had the nanny in fact gone to authorities during that period. >> we don't know where she went during that period. >> that's what she says. >> nobody knows where she went during that period.
4:24 am
>> that's what the authorities say, the nanny went in to get help saying i'm not getting paid, i'm getting threaten, i don't have leverage and that's what started this. >> that may be. >> it matters a little bit. why am i pressing the line of questioning. >> sure. >> the situation doesn't make sense, right? the conclusion, you just arrested this consular official for no real reason based on a contract action? why is the u.s. attorney getting involved in that? that doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. maybe the outcome but it doesn't make sense. >> i completely agree with you, that it doesn't make sense. >> they say that's not what it is. the nanny had two contracts. one was for the purpose of the visa but in fact she was getting hit to a lesser level of servitude essentially and couldn't do anything about it because she had no power against this woman and family. we are stepping in because that is not allowed here and we communicated with them and by the way, the arrest is being dramatized. it wasn't that bad. we treat people not as well in many circumstances. >> look, there was one contract
4:25 am
that defined how much this domestic worker was supposed to get paid. it defined the amount of paid. >> they say there are two contracts. >> the first contract says she'll get paid $9.75 an hour. >> the state minimum wage. >> that's what she got paid. the second contract was a contract that the domestic worker asked dr. khobragade to enter into which would confirm that a portion of the money that she was going to get paid would get sent directly to her husband in new delhi. that's what happened. and that's what the documents support. >> there's no second contract that shows it's much less, no proof of less? >> there are two contracts. one says send about $500 a month to my husband in new delhi and the other contract is the original contract, the balance of the money that wasn't sent to new hedelhi was paid to her her in new york. all of the roars support that. >> it's important because we're
4:26 am
trying to understand the situation. let's jump to where we are today. >> sure. >> what is dr. khobragade's take on whether or not the response by indian officials is the right one here? does she believe this is overdone? >> i don't think anything is overdone at all. we would expect, you know on a regular basis when individuals are under investigation or about to be arrested, one thing, a courtesy that can be afforded them and certainly should be afforded to a high level diplomatic employee, is a telephone call. >> that didn't happen here? >> of course not. had there ever been a call that said you know what from the attorney general's office or from the united states attorney's office saying you know what, dr. khobragade, we have concerns, we're going to make an arrest and if you'd like to come down, we'll process you, no problem. we do self-surrenders all the time with defendants in new york, in the southern district of new york. all the time. >> why do you think they handled this way? >> they were trying to humiliate
4:27 am
her and flex their muscle and they succeeded in doing that. >> why would they do that? >> they arrested her at her daughter's school at a public school on the upper west side of manhattan. they arrest her there, they bring her to the southern district of new york. they put her in handcuffs, strip search her, do a cavity search and they bring her in hand cuffs into a courtroom where a judge releases her. no money bail. she's released and she's back with her family now. >> the usa disputes some of the circumstances around the detention, lut letbut let's puto the side. >> they don't dispute any of what i just told you. they say there were no cuffs on the scene at the school. >> you said they handcuffed her and took her away. >> when she's brought to the courthouse she's handcuffed there, and the marshall service acknowledges that. they acknowledge they handcuffed her, strip searched her, did a cavity search of her, they put her in a cell. >> why do you think?
4:28 am
>> this is muscle flexing. >> to what end? a visa fraud? >> it sounds odd, doesn't it? >> it does. it's confusing. >> it's confusing. >> and it sure has created a heck of a problem. >> that's precisely the reason why secretary of state kerry in an incredible moment stood up and said we're sorry. we regret this happened to you. there was a better way to handle this and we expect that this conversation that's going to be happening today will help move the ball forward to resolve this altogether. >> you are a known and experienced attorney. when you contacted the usa, you've dealt with them before and said why are you doing it this way? what was your response to you? >> too late at that point. by the time i got the call, i was told she's being arrested, we're at the school now, we're putting her in a car, we're taking her and we'll be delivering her to the united states marshall service. i met her at the courthouse after she had been subjected to
4:29 am
that rough treatment. >> it's important to understand how we got to where we are right now. thank you for laying out your perspective. >> you bet. hillary clinton narrowing down when she'll decide on a presidential run. what she's saying now about 2016. plus, prosecutors making a new push for tougher punishment in the teen affluenza case we've heard so much about. they say the punishment must fit the crime. me time and money. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today. smoke? nah, i'm good. [ male announcer ] celebrate every win with nicoderm cq, the unique patch with time release smartcontrol technology that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq.
4:30 am
and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
4:31 am
4:32 am
welcome back to "new day." here are some of the stories making news. target confirmed a massive
4:33 am
credit card hack attack. 40 million credit and debit card accounts may be involved. the breach taking place between november 27th and december 15th. the secret service is now investigating this possible breach. a security researcher says in-store customers were the ones targeted, not web shoppers. he says they gained access to a magnetic strip data from shoppers cards, potentially allowing them to produce counterfeit versions. we're now getting more details of what happened inside a reno doctor's office when a man with a gun opened fire killing a doctor and critically injuring another doctor and a patient before turning the gun on himself. police say the gunman was car carrying a shotgun and fired five rounds. police say they think they know who the guy is but are waiting to confirm that with his family. thousands have been evacuated in tennessee because of a fire burning at a superfund site. it started thursday morning at a
4:34 am
recycling plan about the 45 miles from nashville. it sent toxic fumes into the air near homes, schools and businesses. crews are letting the fire burn it afl -- itself out. five hours later, the plane was on the logan airport tarmac. airport officials blame heavy snow and a broken plow for grounding the flight. if that wasn't bad enough, when the plane finally returned to the gate, passengers waited another four hours to get their luggage. grrr. let's go to the french alps, shall we? not a place you'd expect to find tight rope walk he's. walking on a line between cable cars 1,200 feet above the air. if you're wondering you tight rope walker you, kate, the cable is only 2 1/2 centimeters wide. and there's 135 feet between the
4:35 am
cars. what do you think? >> i think -- >> barefoot. looks cold, too. >> i'll say, in my brief experience with tight rope walking i would say that's crazy! but nik wallenda is so comfortable. there's no question he'll be okay. >> i know. >> between cable cars over the alps in bare feet? i can't watch this guy. >> that makes my stomach tied in knots watching that. >> a bit much to watch. let's talk more about tight rope walking, shall we? >> well done. >> time for our political gut check. president obama will review new relevanting s -- what new policies or any changes were the president accept in the end and put in place? cnn's chief national correspondent john king is here. >> the art of the segue, kate. >> i want to come back to the video at the end of the segment
4:36 am
if you'll let me. let's start with this. it's very important. let's look at the big picture. what we have before us is the single biggest turnaround, the change in security policy since 9/11. we're at a turning point. it's a big deal. and remarkably, it is because largely of the actions of one man who the white house says belongs in prison for life. edward snowden. this is the first time you now have since 9/11 the default always was if you have to do more, do more. if you have to do things that maybe feel unamerican, infringe on the civil liberties, do it. this report, the president has to announce the specific recommendations he will take but this report leaves no doubt that we're going backwards. we'll restrict the government's ability, tell the government we cannot do that. tell foreign leaders we're not going to do this to you. one of the recommendations is the government can't keep. it should be in private hands, all that metadata, the phone
4:37 am
records. the president will announce the specific recommendations he takes. if we go through this report, the administration deserves credit, this is a serious report by serious people that does not sugar coat some of the abuses by the intelligence agencies. >> what he does with it is the big thing. we'll have to wait and see on that one. >> this discussion makes me think of barbara walters. >> really? >> everything does. in her ten most fascinating people she had hillary rodham clinton. let's take a listen. >> it's such a difficult decision and it's one that i am not going to rush into. i haven't made up my mind. >> you really haven't? >> i have not. i will look carefully at what i think i can do and make that decision sometime next year. >> sometime next year. also known as in two weeks. when do you think she means in terms of what is the envelope of discovery here? >> well, i think, let's continue the art of segue. if she does run she'll get asked about this, no question about it. one of the things we now know,
4:38 am
post-9/11 politics, it was how would you get bin laden? in 2016 we'll have a different conversation about the role of the government. let's get specifically to secretary clinton. she didn't say much. she can wait longer, chris. she'll want to take a look at what has in the democratic primaries, the republican primaries. how much can you say will carry over into 2016? when she stepped away from government service her attitude is i'm not running, i'm done, i'm retiring. listen to her tone. there's a campaign in waiting for her, fund-raising, superpacs, staff. if she makes a decision about 2016 she'd be stopping a cam pane or say you're in third gear, shift it into fourth and fifth. one more quick point, brian schweitzer of montana, a liberal, took a shot at her,
4:39 am
criticized her vote for the iraq war when she was in the senate. there's the earliest test we've seen of 2016, 2008. can you run to the left of hillary clinton with the iraq war vote that barack obama used brilliantly to become the nominee and the president of the united states. can you do it again? somebody is out there testing that. >> i had not thought of that, obviously because you're a political genius. >> right. that's the trap door. go ahead. now i'm on the wire. >> it's actually -- she almost has to work harder to stop the campaign than actually start it. she knows she's going to get these questions. she has the answer prepared. but additionally you have schweitzer taking a hit at her which means it will be harder for her to not run than actually run. >> you cannot look at the possibility, the portfolio of democratic candidates and come to somebody, at this point, at this point, i underline that, as you view as a serious challenger to hillary clinton. you see her out there, she'll
4:40 am
watch the democrats, like schweitzer, check the environment. think about her mindset. she was inevitable before. in 2007 she was inevitable, unbeatable, impossible. oh, that nice kid barack obama, lookal himself testing himself on a national stage. look what happened. if you're hillary clinton and you remember 2008, to lose is painful. to lose is painful, especially to fall from so high and lose is painful. you have to think about that. >> she's also a quick learner. you know she's not going to make that mistake or let that happen twice. >> can i sneak a quick question in? >> sure. >> you had the team building exercises, the barbecue at the cuomos and all that? >> yes. >> how about the three of you on the high wire between the cable cars. >> we're on it every day. >> john, only if you join us. >> sure. let's go. >> he'd join us with the net. >> exactly. he'll be the only one with a harness. >> i'll buy the beer at the end. >> i'll take it. i'll need it before. coming up on "new day,"
4:41 am
prosecutors in the teen affluenza case aren't giving up on trying to lock up ethan couch. we'll tell you more about their creative push for jail time. one direction wildly popular but also now accused of being copycats. take a listen to their new song. does it sound familiar? >> yep. ♪ sing it sing it sing it afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. jim, i adore the pool at your hotel.ver had to make. anna, your hotels have wondrous waffle bars.
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loaded conversation, people are on both sides of this story. it's time to weigh in. prosecutors are trying anything that they can to put a certain
4:45 am
16-year-old behind bars. his name is ethan couch. you remember, he drove drunk, he killed four people. he left a fifth in a vegetative state. his attorney said that he was spoiled, that his upbringing was so corrupted that he did not know wrong from right. a psychologist used the term affluenza for this. a judge in sentencing agreed on leniency and ten years probation. now the texas d.a. who asked for 0 years is trying to look at two other assault charges stemming from the crash and now say let's put him in jail for those. will it work? cnn legal analyst, former prosecutor sunny hostin is here. let's try and keep it out of the weeds. fundamentally what's the argument being made right now. >> the argument is listen, this kid pled guilty not only to the four murders or killings, he also pled guilty to these other two charges, the maiming of these other two people and the judge sentenced him as to the
4:46 am
four killings, not to assault. i think the prosecutor's argument is creative and they're saying every single plea deserves a verdict, deserves a sentence. and he should be sentenced on this. i have to tell you, chris, i think this is a gift to this judge. people are outraged by the leniency she showed to this kid. you don't kill four people without consequences, without spending some time in prison. that is the cure for affluenza. it is prison time. i think this judge now has the opportunity to right the wrong because it was just so inappropriate to sentence him to ten years probation. she can cure this defect, really, without the embarrassment of an appeal, without the prosecutors taking her to another court and saying, you did something inappropriate. and so, i hope she accepts the gift and sentences him to at least three years, which is the exposure. it's not significant enough but it's something. he would be in a juvenile
4:47 am
detention facility for at least three years until he's 19, perhaps more than that. and he can get rehab there. and i think when they show this kid there are consequences to his actions, they will be saving his life. i've had people that i have put in prison, they've come out and said you saved my life. and so i know that the juvenile justice system certainly, you know, is supposed to rehabilitate but it has to punish as well, especially in a case like this. >> you called it a creative argument. >> sure. >> does creative mean it's going to stick? do you think the likelihood is that he will now face jail time? >> you know, i've been thinking about it. i think, again, it's a gift for this judge. i think it's unlikely, unfortunately, that she may take them up on their offer and sentence him, because if you don't give someone a significant sentence for killing four people, are you then going to give someone, you know, a couple years in prison for assault?
4:48 am
but there's the argument that i think makes a lot of sense. listen, you killed four people but you maimed these other two people that are going to live the rest of their lives as paraplegics, people that are in a vegetative state. definitely that deserves jail time, right? >> point of clarification. if he gets the three years, it's the three years plus the ten years probation? would they be in conjunction. >> the sentence can be fashioned that way. that, again, sends the message not only to this kid but to everyone -- >> to others. >> everyone in our community, there are consequences to your actions. you don't drink and drive, you don't kill four people and walk away and walk away with rehab. and there's been this, you know, this discussion that this judge sentenced a black kid for punching someone who then fell, hit his head and died to ten years in a juvenile facility. why does this kid, ethan couch get the break? why does this kid get probation?
4:49 am
my good friend mark geragos said perhaps this kid wouldn't survive in prison. who cares if he's not going to survive in prison. bottom line, there has to be consequences to his action. people have been tweeting me. people are outraged by this notion that someone that's rich doesn't get the same justice that someone who suffers from poorenza, like i suffered from in the south bronx. you're quiet today, chris cuomo. >> i don't have time to get into it. this conversation is not over, because this isn't going to work. their strategy. there will be another round of conversation. >> you don't think it's going to work? >> i >> i don't. i think they're going to argue double jeopardy and i don't think they have a right to appeal to the sentence. that's all legal. are' arguing a lot of policy, makes a lot of sense, deserves discussion, we'll go oat it.
4:50 am
>> i'm going to disagree with you on the law. >> i know. >> there's a debate there. >> they're divided in texas right now so i think there's mo are to be had. you make a lot of strong points. >> great to see you, sunny. >> good to see you. coming up next, some say one direction's new hit sounds a little bit like a def lepard classic. is the boy band copying? is ♪ i love it! ♪ thank you grandma for the dolls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ i'm ninja kicking through the halls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ mom's posting pictures on your wall. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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♪ you heard that song, it's "midnight memories" from one direction's hot new album. the question is, does it sound like this def lepard classic "pour some sugar on me." >> get your head going. ♪ pour some sugar on me in the in a imof love ♪ >> the boy band being accused of plagiarism. is it controversy or knob-troversy. nischelle turner, sounds an awful lot like it >> it's controversy not a nontroversy. we don't know if it's plagiarism or coincidence. there are a couple of things that we do, one direction didn't credit def lepard on their al m album. >> would that have got continue off? >> an artist may forgive if you give them credit if you don't and sounds so much alike. when there's money involved, chris is giving me the -- an attorney. that's another good question. this isn't the first time one
4:55 am
direction has been accused of plagiarism. their best song ever, their biggest hit song was accused of ripping off the who's baba o'riley. pete townsend said they used the three basic chords i used but these are the same basic chords all pop songs use and so i'm not really upset about it. >> let's hear them again. now that you've said that we can listen to see the chord progression. >> listen to this. ♪ midnight memories ♪ >> oh, come on guys. come on. >> the melody is -- >> they might go up when def lepard would go down but the undertone. >> we were ta you canning about this earlier, and vanilla ice tried to, a long time ago he was
4:56 am
accused of "under pressure" this is what he said when he was trying to explain the differences in those two songs. ♪ ice, ice baby ♪ forever >> we sampled them from him but it's not the same bass note, like the. ♪ ding, ding, ding, ding, ding ♪ ding, ding, ding, ding, ding that's the way theirs goes. this is the way ours goes. ♪ ding, ding, ding, ding, ding ♪ ding, ding, ding, ding, ding >> he's ding, kick it. did he pay damages by the way? >> i don't think he ever did. i'll find out. >> a little turmoil. we'll take a break so nischelle can do that coming up. i'll take whatever i got. 0 million shoppers may be at risk after a massive credit and debit card breach at target stores. are you one of them? we'll tell you the details so you can keep your money safe. e .
4:57 am
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-- captions by vitac -- breaking news, target hacked. 40 million credit accounts attacked and hacked. is your information at risk? anti-gay remarks, what is going to happen to "duck "dynasty." ". 97% of the chicken we buy is contaminated with bacteria. what do you need to know? >> your "new day" continues right now. >> announcer: this is "new day"
5:01 am
with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> good morning, welcome back to "new day." it's thursday, december 19th, 8:00 in the east and we do begin with breaking news, a massive cyber attack may have breached as many as 40 million credit and debit cards. if you shopped at a target store any time between black friday and this past weekend your information may have been stolen. let's bring in chief business correspondent christine romans. important distinction you've been drawing all among it's not online shopping, it's in the store but many millions of people. >> up to 40 million accounts. target is saying this is resolved but this was going on up to four days ago, november 27th to december 15th, if it you shopped in a target store, here's what it is. somehow hackers got access to all that information on your magnetic strip of your credit card or debit card when you swiped it through that machine.
5:02 am
they could make counterfeit cards, they could potentially go and get an atm withdrawal if they were able to capture your p.i.n. number. target is telling us if you think that you have been a victim of unauthorized activity, you need to call this number. 866-852-8680. target is saying it is resolved but this is something that went on from the 27th basically black friday weekend all the way until just four days ago. >> amazing. how did they pull it off? i don't understand how they can get the magnetic strip information. i understand if you're at a stra restaurant, someone writes done your number. >> this is no fly-by-night operation. this is a sophisticated hack, this is about the software inside the machines where you swipe your cards, somehow these hackers were able to tap in or able to put software into that, into those readers and read the information themselves. lot of information is on that
5:03 am
card, the potential damage is very, very great. you must keep close tabs on what you have, what is happening in your credit card and debit card. this could be, so experts this morning are telling me for a period of months now you need to be watching, all those transactions on the card. you could see counterfeit activity going forward. the secret service, the banks and target all working together to try to make sure this gets resolved and as few people hurt as possible. >> we're talking 40 million people. >> we're talking about 40 million people. there was a dsw warehouse a couple years ago, a big hack there. the biggest was tjmaxx in 2006. the timing is so interesting, black friday when people are out charging it, charging it. >> not a kouns dense. coincidence. >> no it's a very sophisticated hack. another story, rein in the in, sa, a representation from
5:04 am
the group of advisers hand picked by the president to look the at the agency's surveillance programs. the panel's bottom line? sweeping changes are needed. the big question, though, what will president obama do with those recommendations? is it we have two reports, two top reporters. jim acosta at the white house, good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, kate. what is striking about this report from this review group is that some of this panel's recommendations and keep in mind the panel was appointed by the president, some of those recommendations may not be accepted by the president. the recommendations shall ued by a group of national security experts appointed by the president could lead to the most sweeping changes ever proposed for the nsa. >> we felt it was important to allow people to see the full report to draw their own conclusions. >> reporter: aimed squarely at the domestic and foreign surveillance activities revealed by former contractor and fugitive edward snowden the group's report doesn't hold back stating "the government should not be permitted to collect and store mass, undigested,
5:05 am
non-public personal information about u.s. persons." mopping the proposals, end the practice of collecting data on nearly every phone call made, appoint a new public interest advocate to protect personal privacy and new higher standards before any surveillance on foreign leaders. an obvious nod to the firestorm over u.s. spying on german chancellor angela merkel among other heads of state. to the challenge to general keith alexander the group urges the appointment of civilians, not military leaders, to run the agency. the white house says it understands reforms are needed. >> we need to make sure that we're not gathering intelligence solely because we can but because we must, because we need it in order to achieve the objective of protecting the united states, protecting the american people, protecting our allies. >> the question is, what the president will decide. in a recent interview he suggested the nsa could better police itself. >> you'll be proposing some self-restraint on the nsa, and
5:06 am
to initiate some reforms that can give people more confidence. >> reporter: according to a source familiar with this week's meeting between top tech executives and the president, mr. obama repeated his goal of self-restraint but indicated he may allow the collection of phone data to continue but with more oversight and transparency, that may not be enough for members of congress across the political spectrum. >> nsa, you've gone too far. the bulk collection of americans' data by the u.s. government has to end. >> we have a right to privacy and we'll continue to fight this. >> reporter: now, we're already getting wind of what this white house is planning to do with at least one of these recommendations from this nsa review board, we're hearing in just the last few minutes, kate and chris, that the white house has decided that the nsa will stay under military command. that is because they are not in favor of splitting the nsa from the military cyber command so that means the agency will remain under military command as it is right now, with retiringa.
5:07 am
he's going to step aside but they'll replace him it appears with another military commander. the rest of the proposals for reforming the nsa are expected next month. >> so there's one of the 40-some boxes checked with a no to the accepting of the recommendation. appreciate that. what changes can we expect if any? there will have to be some. cnn's jim sciutto is looking into that. we saw the first box checked, stays under military rule, not a surprise. what else do we see going forward? >> the biggest box on this list and that is will this collection of phone meta data continue? this panel as jim mentions that it not continue, in their view "it's not essential to preventing terror attacks and there are other means readily available through court order to get this information when necessary." the administration has signaled they want it to continue though under greater scrutiny and
5:08 am
transparency and that's an interesting point. let's look at some of the other recommendations that are on that list and how workable are they. to put a privacy advocate inside the court process, you know, that is something that is largely workable, to have a special assistant to the president for prufcy, one of the other recommendations there, that's a workable measure, easy to do. there are about 1,000 special assistants to the president it seems. looking at the bigger picture recommendations the panel recommended that congress pass new legislation to move that data from phone companies, from the nsa to phone companies, one the administration doesn't look like it wants to do that, two, it takes a long time to get that through congress and another thing the white house has already rejected is splitting the nsa from the cyber command in addition to rejecting putting it under civilian leader shup. that said, the administration has signaled to me that there are some of those recommendations they want to do, some in respect to foreigners, for instance, they do want to have highest level approval for
5:09 am
monitoring of the communications of foreign leaders like angela merkel, the german leader who caused so much outrage when it was found out she was being will bed to, but like france and germany, what is acceptable in terms of spying on friends and what is not. there are a couple of things on the list they will move forward on, as you note a lot they're not going to move forward on. >> because it's so difficult up luke any other division of government they are balancing, making things more acceptable to people with protecting against the biggest national fear, terrorism. jim, thank you. we'll check in with you later on. hold the phone, two major airlines say they are going to refuse to lift a ban on cell phone use during flights, even if the fcc decides to allow it, both delta and jetblue claim their customers are making this call. chris lawrence is live at reagan national airport outside of washington with much more. what is behind this decision? >> reporter: it's the customers,
5:10 am
kate, it's you, me, they're all telling these airlines, southwest as well, they don't want it. so southwest, jetblue, delta all saying even if the fcc lifts this ban, they're not going to allow those calls on board the plane. basically what's at issue here, there is technology that's available to the airlines that would allow people to make cellular calls without disrupting ground communication. so the fcc, some members of the fcc say look, it's not a safety ush uanymore, so the government needs to get out of the way, let the market work, let the airlines work with their customers to come up with a solution. other members say, look, if we lift this ban, they see that it won't be too long before the airlines start to create a quiet cabin on board and charge customers more. they don't want to see that. delta, for its part, says right now a strong no, but if the fcc were to release the ban, they would allow text messages,
5:11 am
e-mails, things like that, anything that's silent. kaut in. >> kate? >> everyone has an opinion on this. i leave the studio, everyone is like yes, or no, everyone has a opinion on it. thanks so much. ten minutes after the hour. let's look at your headlines. breaking news, a mixed verdict in the case that rocked the world, they have been found guilty of murder of british soldier lee rigby, they were found not guilty of attempted murder of a police officer. one of the men kissing his koran as he left court. you may remember the shocking video of rigby's murder and aftermath going viral. saying rigby's murder was revenge because "muslims are dying daily by british soldiers." the two men will be sentenced in january a nevada man who received asylum in the u.s. is under arrest being accused of plotting terror strikes in india. the 9-year-old was arrested in reno. prosecutors say singh was
5:12 am
fighting with two terrorist groups fighting for a single state near the pakistan border. terrifying scene at a football stadium, during halftime a performance, one side of the stadium collapses. seemingly devouring fans who were sitting there. more than 100 people were injured, at least six are said to be in serious condition. place have opened a criminal investigation into the builder of that stadium. we have a deal, the senate passed a compromise budget with nine republicans joining the democrats to approve it. this keeps the government operating through next year and eases automatic cuts and allows some extra spending on domestic programs but does cut some military pensions. president obama is expected to sign the spending plan into law. how about this for a merry christmas.
5:13 am
teachers thought they were recording a christmas greeting and the tree comes alive. the prarng was held by the high school media department and uploaded the reactions to youtube. principal's office! >> most of the people that grade your paper. >> interesting lab experience of fight or flight. they all take off. but then again who was really going to think i need to fight this tree right now. it's the tree or me. not today, tree. not today, frazier-er. i was going to go for the balsam but the frazier fir is more expensive. i don't know, what do you think, indra petersons? >> really on this topic of all things? not sure what tree i like guys. let's talk about temperatures, going up -- what's that? >> tree? everybody likes christmas trees. >> i like christmas trees. i don't know which one, i like
5:14 am
them all. yeah, yeah, doesn't count for you guys. temperatures going up, good news, temperatures will be pretty warm as we go through the weekend. don't let it fool you. although it is close to the 70s in many places, d.c. actually to 71 by sunday it means there will be storms in the area. let's talk about how and why. today first, this is the storm out in the west making its way into the midwest overnight tonight, if you're anywhere from wisconsin, missouri, icy conditions with the storm making its way into the northeast by tomorrow, pretty much dissipating, very weak storm. it's the one behind it that we're watching here, moves into the south, where the temperatures are so warm so now you have the system with some cold air to the north of it, warm, moist air to the south, on top of it, we are throwing the jet stream in the same place, by now hopefully you know there is a severe weather threat with this system. if you are in the southeast look for severe weather. ohio valley back to the mississippi, chances for very heavy rain and flooding concerns.
5:15 am
that's not the only story. same system but look at the temperature contrast, just 20s around burlington, close to 70s farther down to the south. the contrast, the same system farther to the north means icing concerns so if you're in upstate new york, maine, vermont, the threat for icing. here in new york, light rain. >> it changes almost every day. >> yes. >> thanks, indra. >> i'm done with the fir. thank you, though a 3-year-old boy is recovering this morning from what's being called the first ever, get this, five organ transplant. it was an extraordinarily rare and risky procedure but doctors say it was his only hope. nick valencia is live at the cnn center with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, i spoke to the mother this morning and to say the family has been through a lot, that would be an understatement but now she knows her son is going to be okay, this is the best christmas gift
5:16 am
ever. 3-year-old adonis ortiz is a survivor, defying all odds after enduring something much more than his ainge would have to. at 4 months pregnant his mother learned he was developing a rare condition that caused his intestines to form outside of his bod yu. >> they kept telling you he has a 50/50. >> reporter: faced with the decision whether to terminate the pregnancy she chose the baby. his condition worsened. surgery after surgery caused complications. >> he's really strong. after all his surgeries, he comes out with a smile. >> reporter: two months ago, doctors found a potentially life-saving solution, telling his parents, the only hope for adonis was a never before attempted surgery, a five-organ transplant. >> i just got on my knees, i was like god, just, please, just do what you have to do. >> reporter: after a six-hour procedure, adonis now has a new
5:17 am
liver, pancreas, stomach, and small and large intestine. doctors expect him to mach a full recovery. adonis' family in tampa, florida, eagerly await his return. >> this is odoneis' room. >> reporter: they say he's a budding baseball player. his family has high hopes for his future but for now are grateful for what they're calling a holiday miracle. little adonis is expected to be back home sometime between january and february. his mother says once he's well enough they plan on going to a new york yankees game to celebrate. >> we will take him to that game and pay for the tickets, amazing story. >> what a christmas gift, happy little, baby, too. >> what a life. so many families are praying for that same miracle, never give up hope. it sends a message toer. coming up on "new day," international outrage after an
5:18 am
indianlow mat is arrested and strip searched in new york. can you see the president need to get involved? christiane amanpour has an answer. also ahead he helped put "duck "dynasty"" on the map and now one of the stars has been suspended for anti-gay remarks he made. is the show now in deputy? ♪
5:19 am
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5:21 am
welcome back to "new day." the white house is trying hard to defuse escala' escalating te
5:22 am
between india and the u.s. following the arrest and strip search of an indianlow mat in new york. john kerry is calling his counterpart today to mend the growing rift between the two countries. how serious is this? what kind of fallout could we be talking about here? let's talk more with christiane amanpour joining us from london, cnn's chief international correspondent and anchor of "amanpour" on cnn international. i've opinion struck on this issue how quickly it seemed to escalate from arrest and charging to now it's turning into an international incident. >> yes, it is and you could imagine this is not surprising by the very nationalistic press in india. this happens quite a lot ben anything the united states does against citizens of certain countries it is always blown into a majorlow mattic incident, as is happening. clearly you can see, though, both the united states and the end yap government don't want this to spin out of control, and therefore, there are these talks scheduled between india's
5:23 am
external minister and john kerry. so we'll see what happens, but beyond that, let's face it. apparently this lady was not covered by full diplomatic immunity for this particular allegation, this particular crime that she's accused of, and it's very important to know that, in india, people of that level, it's a very class-based society. nobody ever sees somebody of that level being arrested or being treated in any which way so that's probably also what has ticked off the indians, but if indeed the allegations are true, these are indeed crimes against a person of this domestic worker who has been employed. >> it does seem and i think you make a good point clearly a culture clash that is playing into this in part. what's at risk here, do you think? >> well, look, india and the united states have a very important relationship. india is the world's largest democracy. it's an emerging economy, an
5:24 am
emerging market. it's very important and plays a very important role in the world, and with the u.s., and in fact, president obama has had very good relations with the prime minister, manmohan singh. now beyond that, though, in india, there is a kill turl misogyny against there, i'm repeating there, misogyny exists in india, we saw that with the gang rape of the poor woman last year, just about the one-year anniversary of that, and we see that in many instances right down to gurirls being forced in marriage and being burned and all of that stuff for made-up so-called crimes. it is truly a terrible situation. one thing that has happened which is good is since this outrage in india over the gang rape last year of this young woman just coming back after watching a film there's been a lot of movement towards really stopping these kinds of crimes and making them go through the court system much quicker,
5:25 am
sensitizing the police and the people and the various different villages and cultural centers about these kinds of crimes. so you know, it's a very serious cultural situation going on. >> i do want to turn, if i may, to the sochi olympics and specifically the u.s. delegation that the white house announced will be sent over there, clearly sending a message to russia to vladimir putin, including two openly gay athletes, billie jean king, one of them. how do you think that message is being received in russia in. >> i think it will be very interesting. the white house didn't necessarily say that this was about human rights or anything. they used the word diversity, and it's very important. billie jean king is obviously one of the world's leading and most famous not just athlete, which she is of course but also activists, not just for women but for lgbt issues, and it's a major big deal that she will be we understand walking in the opening ceremonies of the
5:26 am
olympics. we'll interview her about an hour from now, the first time she's been interviewed regarding this announcement and being part of this delegation. beyond that, you know that for the last year or more, vladimir putin has been success sufficiently doing things that are fundamentally against human rights, whether it is anti-gay propaganda law as they call it, political activism cracked down on foreign ngos, a whole number of things that have really gone against the international human rights and ngo community and also against the united states and western political sensitivities. so this is very, very important that this is happening. putin has just had his annual press korconference, on and on rambling affair, about 1,000 journalists were attending that he's made very important announcements including releasing the very renowned
5:27 am
business leader mikhail cordokovski and amnesty for someone sentenced to two years in jail for singing in a cathedral and greenpeace activists. he's trying to clean up russia's image before the sochi olympics. >> may be a good argument to be made something can be done in that regard. christiane mentioned it, watch cnn and cnni throughout the day, we'll see more of christiane's interview with billie jean king, as she's heading over to sochi very soon. great to see you, thank you. coming up on "new day," is there a problem with the chicken in your refrigerator? a new report says an astonishing amount of raw poultry has bacteria, 97%. why are we telling you the number? because the number isn't the most shocking part. plus he's not one to hold his tongue but phil robertson's
5:28 am
anti-gay remarks got the "duck "dynasty"" star suspended from the show. how could that impact the show's future? >> internet. nun ten dough, no. move on, nerds. you celebrate a little win. nicorette mini delivers fast craving relief in just 3 minutes. double your chances of quitting with nicorette mini. thanks for giving me your smile. thanks for inspiring me. thanks for showing me my potential.
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5:32 am
collection of domestic phone records and stricter skards for spying on allies. former nba star dennis rodman back in north korea for another round of basketball diplomacy. he'll train players for a basketball exhibition game in pyongyang next month. this is rodman's third visit to north korea. even a change in federal rules may not allow you to use phones on a plane. delta's ceo the latest airline official to say phones will still be banned if the government lifts its restrictions. rain, snow, sleet, even sunlight have taken a major toll on the capital dome in washington so a facelift is under way. the nearly $60 million restoration started last month and expected to last two years. we always uptate those five things to know. go to for the latest. kate? a "duck "dynasty"" star suspended to are shooting off his mouth. phil robertson is the patriarch who turned the family business making products for duck hunters
5:33 am
into a multimillion-dollar empire. but now comments he made attacking gay people could put his top rated reality show in jeopardy. nischelle turner has been looking into it. >> kate you like to hunt so it's the height of duck hunting season in louisiana but the patriarch of the family will not be on camera. a&e pulled him from future shoots saying they were "extremely disappointed" to have read phil robertson's comments in "gq." the patriarch of "duck "dynasty"" sounded off. >> my idea of happiness is killing things. >> reporter: he turned the target on himself. wednesday a&e suspended phil robertson from filming indefinitely for the controversial anti-gay statements he made in an interview with "gq" magazine. in the article he says "it's not
5:34 am
logical, my man, it's just not logical." he goes on to explain what he finds sinful, "start with homosexual behavior and morph out from there, bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman an enthat woman and those men." he remembers to a bible passage from corinthians, don't be deceived, neither the adulter irs, the odolors, the sexual prostitutes won't inherit the kingdom of god. his words angering gay rights activists. >> i was shocked and appalled that somebody who is on a were awere ae's highest rated show would say something along the lines of comparing homosexuality to bestiality among other things. >> reporter: robertson and his family are known for preaching their christian beliefs. >> we still manage to stay true to ourselves. >> reporter: telling "gq" they're bible tlumpers who happened to end up on television
5:35 am
but gay rights advocates say along with the limelight comes responsibility. >> you have the freedom of speech, absolutely, but we have the freedom to turn off all of our televisions when you say something that offends us and the people that we love. >> reporter: robertson released this statement, after the article was released saying "i would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me. we are all created by the almighty and like him, i love all of humanity. we would all be better off if we loved god and loved each other." not only did he make anti-gay comments he said while growing up in the jim crowe south he "er in saw black people mistreated requestand worked cotton fields with blacks and said "they're singing and happy, i never heard one black say i tell you what these doggone white people, no the a word. were they happy? they were godly. they were happy. no one was singing the blues which i have a hard time believing with my ancestors that grew up in the jim crow south.
5:36 am
i don't necessarily think that's the truth. >> it's telling how a amp were ae moved on this. the article comes out, people just start talking about it online and he's already pulled off the show. >> what people have been talking about throughout the night when the story broke he was being suspended doesn't he have freedom of speech in shouldn't he be able to say what he wants to say? that is true, he does have freedom of speech, freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences. if you say something you're a public figure, a figure backed by a network, sometimes the hammer will come down. >> having a right to do it doesn't make it right to do it. a were awere ae is saying they believe in a different cultural standard. >> i'm going to steal that, having a right to do it doesn't make it right to do. i like it. >> thanks, nischelle. coming up on "new day," this just in, the phone hacking scandal in the uk reaches the royals. we've just learned duchess catherine and prince harry's phones were illegally accessed. live report, details coming up.
5:37 am
and just how dangerous is the chicken we eat? almost all of it is contaminated with back tieria on some levels a report says. what do we need to know to keep our families safe in we'll find out from a doctor who specializes in food safety.
5:38 am
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♪ a killer song. i'm going to milk it for all it's worth. . now i have to start. welcome back to "new day." indra petersons, what are we seeing with weather? >> so close to the weekend and fu finally better news, yes there are storms but at least it is warm this time.
5:41 am
look at the temperatures, how high they climb as they go in through december. 71 degrees, that's what you're expecting for d.c. by the time you get through sunday. new york city up to of the, atlanta also seeing the 70s. so let's talk president impact here, here comes the first storm that we're seeing today making its way into the midwest. do want to pount out overnight tonight if you're in wisconsin, back through missouri we have a threat for icing, not a major system, it dissipates as it brings light rain into the northeast tomorrow. the storm behind it we're watching moves into the warm air into the southeast. this low moves not only in that area, a clashing of warm air and cold air but the jet stream lines up over it. with that we have the severe weather threat through saturday and sunday. that's not the only story. heavy rain flooding concerns in the ohio valley back to the muss miss valley and look at the temperature contrast, so that's for the southeast action look what's going on in the northeast, 22 degrees in burlington, 70s down into the south, that temperature contrast
5:42 am
means icing conditions into the northeast as we go through the weekend so dangerous conditions also keep in mind if you're flying that means flight delays in that region. so much going on, everyone needs to be aware of the weekend. this just in to cnn a royal bombshell revealed in a london courtroom, prosecutors say the now shut down "news of the world" rupp hacked the royals' phones, even accessing private voice mails between the duchess of cambridge, kate middleton and prince william. pamela brown has been looking at the new developments. what more are we learning? >> this has been a question since the trial began several months ago whether the royals' phones were hacked and we're learning in this hacking trial the duchess of cambridge's phone was hacked according to the press association that her phone was hacked allegedly by the "news of the world" the now defunct "news of the world" and a voice mail left on her phone
5:43 am
william that he nearly got shot with blank rounds during a training exercise. this is what the text read, this was read allowed in court today what the jury heard, he said "i had a busy day today again. i've been running around the woods of altershot chasing shadow, getting horribly lost and i walked into some of other rege imts ambush which was slightly embarrassing because i merely got shot not by live rounds but blarnk runds which would have been embarrassing." they talked about a voice mail left on harry's phone from an unnamed man impersonating his then girlfriend chelsea davie, three messages transcripts of the messages read in court today so this is a bombshell because we're learning that the voice mails from prince harry and william were intercepted and kate middleton's tone was allegedly hacked acrossing to
5:44 am
the press association. >> it's serious no matter whose phone is hacked, royal or be them every day. these are serious allegations. did they say how they found out that her phone was hacked? >> that is the big question. the prosecution is telling the court the voice mails left from william was discovered at the house of clive goodman, the then royal editor at the "news of the world" back in 2006. important to note that clive goodman pleaded guilty to intercepting voice mails and served jail time so the prosecution saying that is where these voice mails are coming from. >> wow. much more to learn on this one. thanks so much, pamela. >> it is wrong, their phones were hacked, privacy invaded and let's play for all what was said. in open court they then read it and at the same time they're prosecuting the people for hacking the information. >> proof they did. >> but there's an irony. >> you blame them for reading it? >> it shows the interest in what other people are saying, right?
5:45 am
>> and especially when it comes to the royals. >> that's true. more so. you look very nice with the whole flag of britain behind you. >> i know, i saw that. coming up on "new day" a disturbing new report says the chicken we buy is literally covered in potentially dangerous bacteria. we'll tell you what you need to know to stay safe. the shocking video of a gunman aboard a busy bus, pulling a gun and points it square at the face of another man. what happened next is even more shocking. ♪
5:46 am
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5:49 am
welcome back. you're probably waking up to hear about this alarming new report just released this morning, says there is potentially harmful bacteria in, get this, almost all store-bought raw chicken. "consumer reports" tested more than 300 raw chicken breasts from stores all over the nation and found a shocking 97% of them tested positive for bacteria. we're going to bring in dr. urvashi rangin. i think there's a few people who spit out their coffee hearing that startling statistic. this is harmful bacteria. >> all of these bacteria come from the gut and all of these bacteria are harmful, salmonella salmonella, e. coli,
5:50 am
terracoccus. it doesn't mean you'll get sick everyone time. certainly on chicken there's some bacteria. it's a raw meat product. that's why you've got to cook it to 165 degrees. only 37% of people own a meat thermometer and yet the majority of people think they cook their chicken thoroughly. >> the name of the report "the high cost of cheap chicken." are you saying this is to save money that there's more bacteria and people are getting more sick because of it? >> there's more bacteria and more antibiotic resistance. this is the more than concerning result half resist at to three or more antibiotic classes. routinely at low levels they are given to help the animal. >> you like the move the fda announced they'd like to take more of the antibiotics out of livestock? >> it's a good move and step
5:51 am
forward. it needs more teeth and length to it but it is i have very good step. >> people are shaking their head wait if so much of it has bacteria and we're not all sick it's not a big deal, this is one of those false statistics that's supposed to scare us. >> 48 million people get food borne illness every year, the cdc estimate, about 3,000 people die every year from food borne illness. we at "consumer reports" don't think people should die from food. poultry is one of the leading causes in meat of hospitalizations in that statistic. when you think about that, we have a lot of work to do to clean up this system. people shouldn't have to wonder if they're going to get sick from the chicken they eat when they cook it. we can talk about how do you manage that. >> i want to talk about this, what is supposed to be happening that isn't or is there not a structure in place to make sure that this kind of disease isn't
5:52 am
being born in those facilities? >> unfortunately we have a fragmented food safety system. one looks at the use of antibiotic, and other at the processing plant. no one is at the farm, at the hatchery. these are gut pathogenes so they begin in the gut to the egg stage. we need to have standards at the hatchery. there are 22 countries in europe who are at 1% salmonella or less in their chicken supply. >> it's doable. >> biggest difference? >> they looing at the root cause of the problem, hatch ary and don't use chlorine washes at the end which is conventional in this country so wash the problem off. >> is organic safer? >> when it comes to safety organic is not safer. the bacteria levels are comparable, even the resistance rates while slightly lower doesn't give us any opportunity to say there's a better choice
5:53 am
out there. in terms of production practices there is value to organic and don't confuse natural with jo a organic. natural has very little meaning. >> this is helpful and scary. >> dr. rangan, frightening, shocking, something people have to do more recertain on where they stand on the issue. >> wash your hands and keep your kitchen clean. >> back to the basics. thank you so much. coming up next, a shocking moment caught on a bus surveillance tape, a gunman tries to rob a passenger and we're going to show you what happens moments after he pulled that gun. and cecil and his dog orlando, they faced death together, now will they be separated? not if "the good stuff" has anything to say about it. is this the bacon and cheese diet?
5:54 am
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5:57 am
you must see this, i will show it to you and then you decide what it means. could it be the brazenness of crime, how sleepy everyone is on a train, i don't know. it shows 19-year-old trevonte brown terrorizing bus passengers last month stealing their cell phones at gun point, but he reaches the front of the bus, points the gun at a man's face, that man fights back, other passengers join in, subdue brown who faces robbery and attempted robbery charges held on $350,000 bail. what does it mean? should he have done it? they tell us no but it was his life, he thought, and everybody joined in on the fight, and the criminal was stopped. what does it mean? it is up to you, i'm pondering as i with a you can to the couch, as i turn to the couch and sit. >> when i first graduated from college and started reporting, i was just doing my best ron burgundy impression.
5:58 am
everyone was back then, the mustache, the suit, the whole persona. >> ron burgundy literally tried to poison me. >> i heard he suggested building a wall in berlin just so he could deliver the news when it was knocked down. >> real actual poison. where do you even buy poison? >> that's what makes him who he is, the most legendary news anchor in news history. >> time for the wbetter is it yu have. wednesday we told you about a blind man and his seeing eye dog fell under the tracks in subway. cecil had the presence of mind to stay down the tracks and so did orlando, licking his face to help him come to. orlando almost too old to be a seeing eye dog, insurance would no longer cover his care. after they literally faced death, cecil was going to lose orlando. so we called on all of you to
5:59 am
help out an online fund-raising drive. in amatter of only hours not only will he stay put he is covered as cecil's pet for the rest of his life. may it be long and cecil will get a younger seeing eye dog to help him. cecil was overjoyed. >> thank you for everybody showing their humanity, and peace and goodwill at this time, because for me, orlando, he's my best buddy. he's my pal. he's done work for eight years straight, taking me through new york, brooklyn, manhattan, queens, everywhere. 's aa senior citizen. he got gray hair you know so he's looking forward to enjoying life now. >> he is. his golden years. he's a senior citizen. >> well deserved. job isn't done. time for more gooder stuff. why? a lot of blind people can't afford assistance animals. if you'd like to help please
6:00 am
visit we take you to "the newsroom" with miss carol costello. >> nice story. "newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. as many as 40 million credit and debit card accounts hit, if you shopped at target at all this holiday season, hackers may now have your financial information. it's a massive attack that now has the attention of the u.s. secret service. for almost three weeks the nation's second largest apaurntly was under attack. now it's shoppers who need to be on the lockout for the grinch. >> it's scary. like i said, this is the first time i heard of that, and i am


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