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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 19, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> thanks for watching "around the world." >> "cnn newsroom" starts right now. have a good afternoon. right now, federal investigation is under way into a major hacking attack against shoppers at target. credit card information belonging to tens of millions of people have been stolen. we'll tell you how to find out if you're a victim and what you need to do. to protect yourself against this growing threat. right now, hillary clinton isn't saying whether she'll run for president. but she does say when she'll decide. we'll discuss, whether an issue from the past could come back to haunt secretary clinton, one potential democratic opponents is talking about that issue. and right now, russian president vladimir putin is offering amnesty, allowing thousands out of prison, including a former billionaire rival and some punk rockers. he's also defending russia's value as head of the olympic games.
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-- captions by vitac -- hello, i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we begin with that massive security breach at one of the large retail chains in the united states during the height of the holiday shopping season. target says, hackers may have stolen credit and debit card information from as many as 40 million, yes 40 million, of its shoppers. the breach happened at target stores not online between november 27th, that's the day before thanksgiving, and december 15th, this past sunday. a security researcher who first reported the breach says thieves gains access to data on those magnetic strips of shoppers' cards and that allowed them to make counterfeit versions of the cards the u.s. secret service, which safeguards the country's payment systems, is now investigating. we want to get more information on what's going on consumers are
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especially vulnerable to this time when hackers go into overdrive. there are ways to protect yourself. cnn money's laurie segall has that. >> i'm connected to this phone wirelessly right now. in real-time, i'm stealing credit card data. i have to log in, i can make a selection here. and then i can do a credit card swipe. i now have all of your credit card data in here. >> these stockings the grinch are the first things to do. >> reporter: when grinch-like hackers literally steal christmas. these guys are not grinchers, they're researchers with trust wave. their job, find flaws in technology to protect users or shoppers. >> click pay. nothing seems untoward. you're paid. you get your receipt, move on. >> reporter: bypass the cash register, swipe your card on
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iphone. >> ipod, iphone. works with ipad. you've gone into a big box retailer, you've made a purchase, employee's here to help you now, and you handed me your card, run the card through. >> reporter: and that's where shoppers are at risk. >> once a credit card transaction is run through, we're able to steal the transactions if encrypted if they're not encrypted in the hardware. >> reporter: the problem is in the software retailers are use to process your payments. in some cases, that software doesn't hide or encrypt your personal information which makes it easy bait for hackers. they can manipulate the device in a way to tracking activity, like credit card numbers swiped or typed? >> as technology advances at a rapid place, security is slow to catch up. >> reporter: it encourages ethical hacking, essentially breaking a system before it's deployed to find weak points.
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while it's up to retailers and banks to detect it, consumers should always be on the lookout. >> if the cash register attendant, entering your credit card number with fingers rather than a swipe, there's no way that the credit card is encrypted. >> reporter: they recommend customers keep tabs on their transactions, especially during one of the busiest shopping periods of the year. >> reporter: using this hack, how long will it take someone to get hundreds of thousands of people's credit card information? >> legitimately you can get credit card information as soon as the clerk or clarks, if you compromise multiple point of sales, can swipe credit cards. >> reporter: what it would have looked like if the grinch went high-tech. >> laurie's joining us from new york. how does someone know if they've been hacked? >> i would say if you're in target between november 27th and december 15th, you need to be checking your bank statements. you need to be looking in a certain way. sometimes hackers might not
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charge large payment. they might charge micropayments i'm spoke to someone who thinks they've been hacked. showed me transactions they didn't have between $4 and $89. so definitely start with checking bank account statements, wolf. >> to make sure that there's nothing unusual there. what are some other tips to keep yourself safe? >> you know, as i mentioned before, i would say the number one is check your statement, see if there are any irregular charges. you know, call your credit card company. call the bank. call target. get on the phone with these folks now. and also, you know worst-case scenario, replace your credit card. change your pin number. that could be a solution. and also, you know for some folks, sign up for a fraud monitoring service. there's one called lifelock. but you know, i should mention, you are protected card issuers don't hold you liable for fraudulent activity. that being said, this is horrifically inconvenient. if you were in the stores, you should check your bank statement
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repeatedly. >> thank you. we're getting an important story just coming in now. jim sciutto is over at the pentagon right now. you're learning new information on anti-iran sanctions bill that is about to be introduced? what's going on? >> that's right, wolf. i'm told by a senior senate aide involved in drafting this bill that senators mark kirk, republican, senator bob menendez, a democrat, very involved on the iran issue, will introduce a bill today that would apply new sanctions to iran and here's how it's described. i'm quoting from the aide. it will give the president up to a year potentially to negotiate with iran before sanctions must kick, though sanctions would come back sooner if iran cheats on the deal, plans a terror attack against the u.s. or launches a look-range ballistic missile. a change in here from previous bills, there had been a six-month delay discussed to allow the six-month interim
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agreement with iran to proceed before sanctions come in. what's significant, and you and i have talked about this a number of times, iran has made it very clear they don't want any new sanctions imposed. the iranian foreign minister said a week ago if that happened, any new sanctions would kill an interim deal. the administration's pushing hard on this, pushing back to keep this from happening. i'm told by the senior senate aide they have a quarter of the senate on board, equal democrats and republicans. at least in this aide's view that would be a difficult support for a senator harry reid, democratic leader, not allow this to come to a vote next month. >> i assume it will passes specially since they give the iranians a year to comply with this deal, this interim deal, if it works out, these new sanctions would not go into effect in the course of the year. if it doesn't work out, the sanctions would go into effect. i assume it would pass the senate if allowed to come up for a vote, pass the house of representatives.
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here's the question, i don't know if we have reaction from the white house. if the house passes it the senate passes it, would the president veto it or sign it into law? >> we don't have reaction from the white house yet. one way they're hamstrung, wolf if you read the text of the interim deal with iran -- i can't quote it now because i don't have it in front of me -- i know it has language in there that says, no new sanctions will be applied during the six months of the interim deal. i suppose you have legal wiggle room they wouldn't be applied, they're held out for 12 months or earlier, if iran violates the agreement, but at least the indications we've gotten consistently from the administration, as well as the iranians, they will treat something like this as new sanctions. it would be a real challenge for the administration to overcome this. >> well, it's a sensitive issue, obvious obviously. a sensitive point in the negotiations with the iranians. we'll stay on top of it. we've got reaction from the white house as well.
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jim sciutto, more in the situation later on this today. will she or won't she? hillary clinton will decide next year whether she'll run for president of the united states in 2016. clinton says, right now the country should be focused on unemployment and economy, not the next presidential election. in an interview with abc's barbara wallers she couldn't avoid the inevitable questions about 2016. >> okay. here it comes. when will you, if you do, decide whether or not you're going to run for president? >> well, it's such a difficult decision and it's one that i am not going to rush into. i haven't made up my mind. i really have not. i will look carefully at what i think i can do and make that decision, you know, some time next year. >> does your husband want you to run? there he is very respectful. he knows that this is -- >> he does want you to run. >> well, he wants me to do what i think is right. >> if you ran and you became
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president, what would i call your husband? first spouse? >> i have no idea. first mate. >> political report, peter hamby in iowa. so, what do you make of secretary clinton's latest remarks about 2016, peter? >> reporter: well, honestly, wolf, not very much other than the fact that she said she would make her decision sometime next year as opposed to after next year's midterm election which is what potential presidential candidates say. most revealing thing about this to me is, again, the amount of attention it's getting which signifies you know the kind of swirling intensity of the attention that's being paid to her at the moment. she's being named one of the most intriguing people of 2013 but left the state department, you will recall, back in february. but talking to people out here in iowa, talking to iowa
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democrats, they want to see her soon. they want her to come out here. i was talking to a bunch last night at a liberal event, just outside des moines, and you know, they respect her. they like her though she lost here in 20008. there's two house races, senate race, governor's race next year, if she wants to be a loyal soldier democrat, there's plenty of chances to come out here next year. >> to start campaigning for the democrats it couldn't hurt her. probably help her if she wants to run in iowa caucuses in 2016. one issue, though, could hurt her and it's already resurfaces where you are in iowa. her vote in favor of the war in iraq. the former montana governor, brian schweitzer telling iowa democrats what only yesterday that secretary clinton's decision to support military inaction in iraq was the wrong decision. what's go on here? schweitzer, his name has been thrown out as well as foenpoten
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democratic candidate even though he's not well-known. >> reporter: that's right. he's throwing his own name out there. brian schweitzer a former two-term democratic governor of montana, self-styled prairie pop lift who likes to talk about economic issues. he came through iowa last night and gave a speech to a liberal group called progress iowa here. and he, you know, brought up hillary clinton's iraq war vote. he didn't mention her by name but it was clear who he was talking. tack a listen to what he said last night in iowa, wolf. >> anybody who runs in the cycle, whether democrats or republicans, if they were in the united states senate and voted with george bush to go to iraq when i'd say 98% of america knows it was a folly, a waste of treasure and blood, and if they voted to go to iraq, there will be questions for them. en on left and on the right. >> reporter: now, schweitzer is just sort of poking around out here in iowa but again and again
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in an interview with me and in the speech he gave, he made these veiled illusions to hillary clinton, both her vote for the iraq war and just the fact she's been in politics for so long. it was surprising that people in the room, i've got to tell you last night, thought he was going to talk about economic issues, incomee inequality and thing like that. people were surprise head brought up iraq war vote over ten years old. she voted for iraq war in 2002. as secretary of state she helped wind down the war in iraq. wolf? >> that strategy work for a young senator from illinois in 2007-2008, barack obama. he opposes the war in iraq, she voted for it. it was a major campaign issue on his part. maybe shweeker is going to barack obama's play book against hillary clinton. another story out of iowa, the state's republican governor, terry brand stad had blunt words
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against biden and his run. biden is dead meat out here. he is so associated with the administration and all of its failures. he was unpopular before and he's less popular now, from a republican, a republican incumbent governor. but that's pretty harsh coming from a governor against a sitting vice president to call him, quote, dead meat. >> reporter: absolutely. what's interesting about that, yes, you're right, he is a republican. but terry branstad, the governor, is genial guy. i spoke to him yesterday in his office, over my shoulder here in the state capitol yesterday, we were talking about 2016. he admitted he knows more about what republicans are thinking than democrats but but he has a point. you know, quinnipiac poll this week showed about half of democrats think biden would be a
10:15 am
good president. a full third of departments don't think he'd be a good president. hillary clinton, you know, about 90% of democrats think she would be a good president. biden's poll numbers here in iowa not great, even among democrats, wolf. >> peter hamby on the scene in iowa. early to be in iowa but never to be in iowa for those of us who love politics. next, the olympic controversy in russia. vladimir putin takes aim at his social enemies. i'll talk about it with christiane amanpour. you'll hear what billie jean king told christiane about representing the united states at the sochi winter olympic games. ♪ how do you explain the feeling of this place? of driving into beautiful. running hard down roads of your own making. and declaring, "" you don't explain it.
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vladimir putin said his government is not working with edward snowden and he envied president obama for getting away with spying but admitted it's nothing new. >> translator: nothing specific to be pleased about or to be upset about. everything has always been like this, first of all. spying has always gone on since ancient times. >> earlier on, putin spoke about the olympics and criticism over russia's anti-gay laws and said it's all about preserving traditional russian values. >> translator: it's not important for me to criticize western values. what's important to defend our society, it's not about criticizing anyone. it's about protecting us from rather aggressive behavior. >> our chief international
10:20 am
correspondent christiane amanpour is joining us now. what do you make of president putin's explanation for the anti-guy laws in russia generating so much commotion out there, especialfully advance of the winter olympic games in sochi? >> that's right. he -- you heard he's not talking about traditional russian values. he calls it aggressive attempts and what this means they believe that western gay icons or the gay community are aggressively in his word, trying to bring, you know, that to russia. well, this, of course, met with der rigs from many inside russia but many believe what he says. certainly many are really, really, very worried about it because it's yet another example of seen essentially the anti-human rights cright rights campaign going on in many corners of the putin administration on many issues including the political issue. as you know, president obama is not going to the sochi olympics,
10:21 am
nor is the vice president or the first lady, first time in a decade that level has not been represented. instead, the president is sending two gay delegates and one of them is the chief tennis champ of the world. she comes with a real heft. i spoke to her today and i asked her, would there be any kind of demonstration appropriate by the delegates or by the athletes in regard to what's going on in russia right now? >> well, maybe it wouldn't be appropriate but why not? i think it's -- it's okay to say what you feel and think as long as we're protected. but if you look back at the '68 olympics with the fists and whatever if there is something -- >> the black power. >> maybe we should wave rainbow flags or something, i don't know. there's no reason, as long as we are not being malicious, but we can show our feelings, i think that's fine. i think it's -- i think it's okay. but even being present and not
10:22 am
boycotting sends a very positive message. >> so that's also really important. some call for a boycott. many athletes have said, no, that's not the right thing to do. many in russia are worried there will be a boycott. thae they're concerned if there's any disruption of the sochi olympics, they will be blamed for it. so they're trying to figure out, you know, as they say, positive ways to protest this anti-gay propaganda law that the russians have instituted. wolf? >> on the issue of edward snowden, president putin's remarks were pretty, some would say, cavalier, not helping snowden, not working with snowden, sort of envies he said -- i don't know if he was sarcastic or what -- president obama's massive surveillance programs, what do you make on comments like there is? >> well, first of all, spoken like a true former kgb agent.
10:23 am
secondly, or chief, and secondly, he has always said that they're not helping, he says they're not debrief, they're not downloading edward snowden, they're just giving him shelter. he said, from the beginning, made it very clear actually, they didn't necessarily approve of what snowden had done but he's not going to throw him out. he always says it's up to snowden to figure out where to go next. there are issues between the u.s. and russia where they're trying to keep some kind of even keel. but it is very difficult time because it's a very, very spiky relationship right now. >> christiane amanpour, thanks very much. thanks for all of your excellent reporting as usual? one of the stars of the "duck dynasty" real show is in hot water over his comments on homosexuality. made in an interview with "gq" magazine responding to a question about sin. fill robertson said, start with homosexual behavior and morph out from there, bestiality, sleeping around with this woman
10:24 am
and that woman and those men. a&e, network that airs "duck dynasty," announced it's suspending robertson from the show's filming. robertson responded by say, and i'm quoting, i would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me. we are all created by the almighty and like him, i love all of humanity. sarah palin is coming to his defense. she posted this, free speech is an endangered species. those intoll lants hating and taking on the "duck dynasty" pate yak for voicing his personal opinion are taking on all of us, that from sarah palin. >> new information, president obama, about to commute sentences of eight people in crack cocaine cases. brianna keilar standing by with new information. [ sniffles, cou] shhhh! i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. [ sniffles ] i better take something. [ male announcer ] dayquil cold and flu doesn't treat all that. it doesn't? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus
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story coming out of the white house, senior white house correspondent brianna keilar here with me to tell us what's going on involving the president's decision to commute sentences of individuals serving long prison sentences for using or selling crack cocaine? >> that's exactly right. we've just learned that we're talking about eight people here, expecting president obama to commute these sentences today. and, wolf, sort of the back story to this is that in 2010 president obama signed into law what was called the fair sentencing act. it reduced a really -- eliminated the disparity for sentencing between crack cocaine
10:29 am
and powdered cocaine because the offenses were much more receise. talking about these individual people, a white house official says all folks were sentenced before this law was signed into effect. so they were serving severe penalties, in fact, serving, we are told, they have served 15 or more years of these sentences. that's a long sentence at this point. we're also told by a white house official that in the case of these particular individuals, it was for many of them a case where the judge had to adhere to a mandatory minimum and lamented the fact in these cases relating to offenses, relating to crack cocaine they lamented the fact they felt their hands were tied. they felt the penalty was too great. so the white house saying that the president is going to be fixing this, as they would explain it. >> urging the senate judiciary committee, congress to pass legislation that would change the disparity much more
10:30 am
significantly than is the case. the decision to commute these eight individuals, that's i guess symbolic first step. probably thousands of people in jail, serving long prison sentences because of this between the powder and crack cocaine. >> it is symbolic but look at the timing. you talked about the push in the senate judiciary committee they will be taking up wider spread reform or the concept of it. that's expected to happen next month. so this is in away sending a signal, raising aawareness of the issue. and also showing this administration is deemphasizing those severe penalties related to these drug offenses, as part of his agenda. >> at the end of every year, a president does issue a decision to commute sentences. these are the first. there will be more, presumably, over the next -- before the end of the year, i guess, right? >> we expect, that does often happen. we'll be waiting to see what happens in the next couple of
10:31 am
weeks. >> he's been criticized in the past he hadn't done a lot of commuting between sentences. thousands of seniors are facing a troubling choice. leave their trusted doctors or find a new insurance plan. we'll tell you about that. and much more news after the break. [ female announcer ] it balances you... it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious. to help secure retirements
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a statement from brian boitano, gold medalist from 1988 olympic games in figure skating, going to so going to sochi, russia. let me read the statement right now. this is from brian. it is my desire to be defined by my achievements and contributions. while i am proud to play a public role in representing the american olympic delegation as a former olympic athlete, i've always reserved my private life for family and friends and will continue to do so. i am many things, a son, a brother, and uncle, a friend, an athlete, a cook, an author, and being gay is one part of who i am. all right. there's the statement among -- part of the statement from brian boitano, representing the united states in sochi. he will be the third openly gay
10:36 am
member of the presidential delegation. billie jean king earlier announced part of the delegation, caitlin cahow. at least three members of the presidential delegation representing the united states in sochi, russia, at winter olympic games, are openly gay, underscoring the diversity of the delegation, precisely what the president wanted and coming amidst anti-gay laws in russia right now. so we'll continue to watch this story for you. that statement from brian boitano. other news, thousands of seniors across the united states certainly facing a health care dilemma they never expected. their own insurance companies are dropping their doctors often with little explanation but some physicians and patients say they do know why. they believe insurers are using a back door strategy to get rid of costly patients.
10:37 am
>> i'm decorating and making curtain there's. >> reporter: jodi is like many seniors. she sees multiple doctors and takes lots of medication. how many prescriptions do we have here? >> okay -- >> reporter: last month the 79-year-old got some jaw-dropping news. her insurance company, united health care cutting 4 of 6 physicians from its medicare advantage plan, including her most trusted doctor dr. mitch. the specialist will be unceremoniously dumped from united medicare network january 1st with little explanation, or as united put it in a letter. >> amending your agreement referenced above to discontinue your participation in the medicare advantage network. this amendment does not require your signature. >> reporter: but the doctor thinks united is trimming physicians from its network because, under obamacare, it's
10:38 am
harder to drop patients. >> let those high-cost patients move out of the united health care medicare advantage plan over to anthem or humana and let those poor suckers, so to speak, pick up the cost. >> reporter: the decision left jodi and her 94-year-old husband, nick, facing a tough choice. do they stay with united and find new doctors or try to keep their doctors by finding a new insurance plan? >> dr. mitch has been my doctor for 20 years. no one knows me better than he does and it's silly not to continue to go with him. >> reporter: jodi went shopping. >> this was expensive, this was expensive the. >> reporter: plan she bought is going to cost her much more. any sense how much more that will end up costing you? >> double. >> reporter: jodi is not alone. united and other insurers have taken similar action in at least a dozen states. in connecticut, unite cut about
10:39 am
20% of its doctors, according to state medical society. and here in ohio, the insurance giant dropped hundreds of doctors affecting thousands of patients. >> the patient costs a lot, and united is going to those patients' doctors and dropping them and, therefore, getting rid of the patient. >> reporter: united concedes, it is reducing the size of its network but declined an on camera interview request. in a statement to cnn united said, many health plans are making changes to their net works to improve quality and keep health insurance affordable. these changes are necessary to meet rising quality standards in an era of medicare funding cuts. the insurance industry trade group argues the changes are a direct result of obamacare to pay for health care reform, lawmakers included $200 billion cuts in the medicare advantage program, and a new tax on health insurers. >> washington can't cut and tax the medicare advantage program this much and not expect seniors in the program to be harmed.
10:40 am
>> reporter: though jodi was able to fine a plan that included dr. mitch, she will lose two other doctors. >> we're walking away people we known and trusted and counted on for over ten years and that's hard. >> certainly is. chris is here with us. what's the prognosis, if you will? what's going to happen in the immediate period ahead? zplit >> it's not good. i asked this is going to get better? we're going to look at higher premiums, higher out of pocket costs. in the foreseeable future, under obamacare, seniors can expect more of this. >> they're not going to be happy about that. thanks very much. writing about one -- writing about family is one thing. but when you'r half-brother is president of the united states, your book is bound to gain
10:41 am
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president obama's half-brother coming out with a new autobiography that details domestic abuse by their father. mark obama's book will correct factual errors in the president's 1995 memoir "dreams from my father". brian todd has been looking into the story for us. it's not the first book by the president's half-brother. what's different? >> it's different, wolf. this is more of a factual account. this is not a novel. this is a journey into his past, how he made his way to china and
10:45 am
some of that. the part that most of us are more interested in is the family dynamic. and what mark writes is about the abuse that he and his mother suffered at hands of their father. their father was barack obama sr., the same father that barack obama has but had different mothers. ruth is an american, like barack obama's mother, she was barack obama sr.'s third wife. mark, in this book, recalls an incident where the father held a knife to his mother's throat because she had taken out a restraining order on him. barack obama himself was not there at the time, didn't witness the incident. had littling ka with his father, only with him one time in his life for a period of a couple of weeks in the early '70s. but mark feels that the president doesn't really acknowledge or embrace the domestic abuse at the hands of their father. this is an excerpt of our interview. >> barack, i don't think accepts
10:46 am
or at least does not want to know details of beatings that occurred in our family. and i can understand that, perhaps. but i think, to a certain extent, that's colored a lot of relationships within the family between family members, including myself and him. >> we're reaching out to the white house for some response to this, if they care to give it. we've not heard back interest them yet, wolf. but again, this is -- these are sensitive family matters. some of this has aired before in books and other venues, and barack obama, in his own book, did write about his father's problems with alcoholism and he didn't treat his families well but maybe he hasn't got noon the details of the abuse. again, abuse, according to mark, happened with his own mother and not with barack obama's part of the family. >> two half-brothers, what kind of relationship do they have in. >> mark says, it's pretty cold right now and he thinks he has alienated his brother by some of his writings. he did say i think he's a great
10:47 am
president but sometimes a lousy brother. again, he thinks it's because maybe barack obama hasn't embraced some of the violence and some of the really gritty details. >> do they have any contact at all? >> not much. they met a few times, first in 1988, a few times while barack obama was president but not much at all over the years. >> you'll tell us later, you know, more about this, including what he's doing in china now. >> right. >> thanks very much. a fascinating story. we'll see if we get reaction from the white house on these matters. legal war of words over the arrest of an indian diplomat in new york city show no sign of letting up now. the latest on what the diplomat's lawyer is saying in an effort to ease diplomatic tensions.
10:48 am
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10:50 am
new mexico has now decided same-sex marriage will be legal in new mexico. the new mexico supreme court has just ruled the state may not
10:51 am
deny same-sex couples the freedom to marry, saying the current laws in new mexico are unconstitutional. this ruling today is another victory clearly for gay and lesbian couples nationwide seeking to legally wed. it was a unanimous decision by the new mexico supreme court, ordering county clerks to immediately begin issuing marriage licenses to qualified same-sex couples. they join 16 states plus the district of columbia in allowing same-sex marriage. an important development out in new mexico. in new york city, a lawyer for an indian diplomat is at the center of an international dispute, and that lawyer is firing right back. he's accusing marshals in new york city of heavy-handed treatment when they arrested his client on charges of visa fraud and making false accusations. the allegation she underpaid her housekeeper is just plain wrong. >> there are two contracts.
10:52 am
one says send about $500 a month to my husband in new delhi. the other contract is the original contract. the balance of the money that wasn't sent to new delhi was paid to her here in new york. all of the records support that. >> lawyer speaking to cnn's chris cuomo on "new day." deborah feyerick is following developments for us. the lawyer for the housekeeper is disputing what the diplomat's lawyer is saying. we shouldn't be surprised the various parties are disputing each other. what is the latest going on because there are severe diplomatic ramifications for the united states and its relationship with india at the core right now? >> well, there are, and there's a lot of smoothing over that's going on right now. the lawyer for the diplomat has really said, look, the aligatios against this client are false. that in fact she was paying the nanny what she was supposed to and she was treating the nanny well. the nanny's lawyer said no, that
10:53 am
wasn't the case, not by a long shot. the two contracts you keep haeping about, one was submitted to the u.s. state department in order to get a visa for the nanny housekeeper. the second one. however, was a different contract that basically took out all rench to the number of hours she was going to work, the amount of paid off she was going to get, and basically had her accepting a much lesser salary, the 30,000 rupes which amounts to about $3 a day. both lawyers confirm there were negotiations, a settlement agreement or talks to try to resolve this, but the lawyer for the dependent said the hou housekeeper was being unreasonable, that she asked for a permanent visa, $10,000 in cash, and she also wanted all allegations dropped against her. these allegations because after the housekeeper fled, the diplomat filed a missing persons report and also told police there were things that were missing. it's a little bit sticky, tricky
10:54 am
here, wolf. >> i know the secretary of state john kerry has issued a statement expressing gret in the way the u.s. is handling all this. is that seen by the government of india, for example, as a formal apology that the u.s. blundered in treating this dement the way the u.s. marshals did? >> secretary of state kerry is definitely trying to smooth things over, trying to make right. he did reach out to india's national security adviser to express his regret that this happened. but the lawyer came out with a forceful statement saying, look, this woman was treated differently than common people who are arrested. that she was given every due courtesy in terms of not being handcuffed and she was able to sit in the arresting officer's car to arrange calls for child
10:55 am
care. the strip search was done in private, by a female deputy, and it was important because they don't let anyone into the system without making sure they're not carrying anything. >> there's a lot going on, a lot of questions that have come up. we'll have more in "the situation room" today. dennis rodman is in north korea. we'll hear what he hopes to accomplish during this controversial visit. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief. this season, discover aleve. all day pain relief with just two pills. ♪ here we are, me and you ♪ on the road ♪ and we know that it goes on and on ♪
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dennis rodman arrived in north korea today. the former nba star has returned at the request of his good friend, the korean leader, kim jong-un, to coach north korean basketball players. as he left china, rodman was asked about the recent upheaval in korea, including the execution of kim jong-un's uncle. >> that has nothing to do with me. nothing to do with me. i mean, what is done is done. i have no control over that. these things have been going on for years and years and years. whoever's going to be a political insider over there for america or somewhere in the world want to try to come over and try to get ahold of it, go ahead. i'm just going over to do a basketball game and have some fun. >> going to have some fun, he says. there has been some hope that rodman potentially could secure the release of the american
11:00 am
missionary ce arary kenneth bay been held in north korea 13 months, serving a hard-labor sentence there. let's see if he can bring kenneth bay out of north korea. tats it for me. thank you for watching. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." "newsroom" continues right now with brooke baldwin. great to be with you on this thursday. i'm brooke baldwin. and we today are talking about this popular tv star put on ice for these controversial comments he has made about race, about religion, about sexual orientation. it has everyone talking today. and tweeting. and posting. and fighting over this, really. so for the next hour right here on the show, we're having a debate on political correctness in america. let's talk about exactly where the line is drawn. what should happen when it's crossed. so first, the backstory here. you have the


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