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tv   Early Start  CNN  December 20, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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that's it for us. thanks for watching. have a great day. "early start" begins now. holiday travel nightmare. severe weather set to wreak havoc on the country this weekend. more than a hundred million people and 30 states in its path. our indra petersons is tracking the storm for you. a theater ceiling collapses during a live performance with hundreds of people sitting below. appear moments of share chaos, we have new developments this morning and live with the latest. new details on the massive credit card security breach on target. target could be on the line for hundreds of millions of dollars and its customers feel the pain of identity theft.
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>> not what you want during the shopping season. >> not the story that target wants to talk about the holiday shopping season as well. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm john bermans. >> i'm christine romans. five days to go if you don't have your shopping done. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. >> you know what stinks this morning? the forecast. just in time for the holiday travel rush, 100 million of us could be grounded at the annoying airport and mired on the higness highway. smack in the middle of the busy travel times of the year and storms are ranging across 30 daeds. >> this impact is felt in utah. heavy snow and ice made a mess for drivers near salt lake city. 8 inches of snow near salt lake city and shut down the airport for a few hours. >> snow is blamed for explosion of a power line near salt lake
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city. it knocked out electricity to many residents and businesses and some 13,000 customers lost power in utah. >> as this storm front moved across, it began to blow contaminants into the system and the facilities. >> got to work this morning and the telephone pole in front of the stwrer on fire. >> severe weather out west could also be to blame for a series of bus crashes in southern california. one person killed and dozens were killed. authorities say the separate incidents happened on highways soaked by rain showers. one fatality was thrown through the windshield. >> he tried to overcorrect back to the right and that caused the bus to find of spin around in the lanes. >> this is a mess.
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a lot of people heading to the roads and trying to get flights this weekend. indra petersons, why do you do this to us? >> of course, there was thanksgiving and wasn't enough for me and the next holiday, up it for me. the first is the lighter system but nonetheless still cause some problems. light rain into the ohio valley and around madison and also we are talking about grand rapids seeing some freezing rain currently and then farther north currently seeing that light snow. this system will push off to the northeast and then you'll start to notice not only the icing concerns here in the morning but that light rain will spread all the way into the northeast. pretty dry system. this is not the one we are all talking about that we are concerned with primarily as we go through the weekend here. first thing i want to show you. notice the moisture in the southeast. that is key and enhance any system that makes its way through the region. take a look. here comes the low. the second one making its way through. it's fueling even more moisture into there so ohio valley, down to the mississippi valley heavy rain and flooding concerns and 3 to 5 inches of rain is seen with
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this. then that low goes higher north where it's colder on the back side of it and heavy snow around the lakes and notice the icing conditions will start to play as you go into the northeast especially sunday. so new hampshire, vermont, maine, potentially a good ice storm out there, farther south, light rain and visibility issues and the snow continues to pummel behind it so that is the concern here. unfortunately it's not the only one into the southeast. i showed you all of that warm air and moisture there. severely thunderstorms even a moderate risk into the southeast for the next several days. >> going to be a difficult weekend. >> busy day, no question. we are finding out more about the massive credit card breach at target and how much it will cost the retail giant. high hundreds of millions of dollars. experts say the price tag for dealing with this breach could total more than 600 million and includes the price of credit monitoring and replacing stolen cards and you are not responsible for fraudulent credit card charges. you are not responsible.
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target believes as many as 40 million people had their information taken and those who have seen their accounts hacked many are asking was it all because of where i shopped? >> i tour the united states and a little bit of country. >> you think you have money in your account and then you have nothing. you have beyond nothing all because i went shopping at target. >> target believes the hacking took place between thanksgiving and last sunday. if you shopped at target during those three weeks, keep a close eye on your account statements and report any charges you don't recognize immediately to your card company and target is asking people contact them. another thing that is interesting here the debit card. the debit card transactions are more difficult and that can be money coming out of your bank. credit card transactions if you report them immediately you are not responsible. >> the thing about this that i find so interesting everybody is worried about online shopping and putting their information on a computer. that is not what happened here. this is going to an old fashion
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brick and mortar store and this happened. >> it is that magnetic strip. this old technology managed to happen a very sophisticated and still trying to figure out what happened. a packed theater a ceiling collapsed in london and dozens were left hurt and some seriously. max foster is live in london this morning. max, tell us what you're hearing from people who were inside that theater. it must have been terrifying. >> people are quite freaked out. i have to say this. i spoke to a couple of them there last night and they cannot understand really what happened. it was a packed theater and at one point i'm told before there was a ceiling collapse there were a group of people who looked up at the ceiling and then moments afterwards, it was
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just this cloud of dust. you had this extraordinary situation that they didn't know what happened and clearly something seriously. initially thought it was part of the show, a sound effects part of the show. one of the actors actually shouted out, "watch out!" and everyone headed out and they didn't understand what happened. i've seen a couple of images inside and it is extraordinary that there weren't more serious injuries because you had wood and huge amounts of plaster from this ornate ceiling scattered on the chairs and some of the seats could not be seen so the fact that people got out without having serious injuries is extraordinary and a lot of people are desperate to find out what happened and an investigation is under way and we are waiting to hear what it might have been. >> what are they looking at? i know it's an old theater but there are older buildings, especially in london.
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>> this is one of the reasons many people come to london. it's huge money for the uk economy and number of theaters around here. the council is speaking to all of the theaters around here and asking them to check up on their structures as well, these plaster ceilings. some theories about what might have happened. there was a lot of rain last night and what happens that loosened the plaster work but they think it's an isolated incident and a lot of people i spoke to said they won't be put off going to theaters in the t future, but they want to know what happened here. >> thanks so much, max. the senate is wrapping up its work for the year. has given its okay to a new defense policy bill that increases true pay. the vote 84-15 and since it's been approved in the house it's on its way to the president for his significant.
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a confirmation vote on janet yellin has been put off now. senate majority leader harry reid said they worked out votes on several of the nominees. the confirmation vote will be on january 6th. last-minute change in the rules for obamacare could be a break for hundreds of thousands of americans dropped by their insurance companies. the white house granting a special hardship exemption allowing people to floenroll in other plans. >> eight convicted crack cocaine offenders have had their sentences commuted by president obama and each of them have already served at least 15 years behind bars. the president says their sentences were unduly harsh. among those relieved is winter allen winter smith. he is serving a life sentence for dealing crack and he will
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now be freed in april. life sentence. winter smith is the first cousin of massachusetts governor deval patrick. each of these cases the judge had lamented the fact they couldn't be more lenient that the sentencing guidelines meant they had to put these people away for so long. >> the mandatory sentence is controversial and changed quite substantially. we are find you out what led to the fire of major general michael carey removed as head of the air force in october and in an inspector general's report showed he was caught drinking and carousing during a trip to russia last summer. he was there for a nuclear security training exercise. the u.s. is sending troops into south sudan as the new
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african countries teeters on civil war this morning. violence erupted there after an parent coup on sunday. so far, 500 people have been killed and the fighting is spreading. the fighting has intensified this hour. president obama and the first family are heading west, way west for their christmas vacation, going to hawaii as they have in past years. the first family is expecting to stay in the same neighborhood where they housed in 2008 when he was president-elect. the president grew up in hawaii. he has no public events scheduled and is expected to arrive early saturday morning. u.s. congressman busted for cocaine back from rehab. on the record about whether he will step down from office. a big blow to the e-cigarette industry and its industry. where e-customers will be forbidden from puffing up. a missouri mom in hot water taking a topless photo with her 12-year-old daughter. the picture causing controversy
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bombs are drops on that city and leaves most of the civilians dead. arwa damon is joining us now. arwas the bombing continuing today? >> reporter: it most certainly is and it appears to be as relentless it has been all along. we are beginning to receive reports from the local coordination committees talking how apartment levels continue to be leveled. a lot of these target civilian areas and earlier in the week it was devastating and it seemed as if the regime has decided to intensify its campaign of bombing the rebel strongholds in the city of aleppo. no way to hide or protect your children. doctors put out a statement saying the hospitals are overwhelmed and you can just try to imagine a westerner or an american facility would be overwhelmed with the modern
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technology at its disposal by these numbers of wounded that are coming in. the facilities in aleppo are mediocre at best. they barely run on electricity. they don't have the needed technolo technology, they don't have the needed medicine to deal with these increasing casualty numbers. this most certainly is yet another tragic turn of events for this ongoing revolution in syria entering its third year. >> third year. and just countless casualties. the u.s. trying to push through a resolution condemning the bon bombings. but russia blocked it. why? >> reporter: well, russia has blocked just about every single resolution to do with syria and in this particular case, it seems that russia wanted any reference to the regime removed from the language of the resolution itself and so once again it was blocked and this has been the problem really all along.
2:17 am
the syrian regime knows it can act with punity because it has a firm ally in russia and china and leaving any sort of u.n. resolution when it passes through utterly toothless and governments, including the united states, have been unable to up the ante to put the ru russians or syrians to decrease the level violence. they we see them acting with even more confidence as we go towards these so-called tops that are meant to be happening toward the end of january. talks that are supposed to be bringing about some sort of resolution to this crisis but at this stage it doesn't seem they will be able to publish anything significant to alter the devastating dynamics on the ground. >> arwa damon, thank you. trey 37-year-old republican is pledging to get back to work insisting he will not resign
2:18 am
despite the fact some of his own party are calling for radel to give up his seat. >> i have a new focus and i'm making sure that the important things come first because what i have to account for my life, is the accomplishments that will matter. i'm proud of what i've done here in southwest florida, both professional and personally with the grace of god, i am going to continue doing what i love to do, what i have been elected to do, with a clearer focus, more focus than ever before. >> the house ethics committee is looking into radel's conduct and he is promising to cooperate with that investigation as he works to rebuild the trust of the voters. gay marriages now the law across new mexico. the state supreme court ruling unanimously that barring same-sex couples from marrying violates the state's institution. eight counties are giving out marriage licenses after a lower court ruling over the summer. the supreme court ruling makes
2:19 am
it the law statewide. new mexico is now the 17th state to recognize same sex nappiaup . >> a so-called dream act will become law and less immigration to pay lower rates. last call for e-cigarettes in new york. the city council voting to ban them from bars and restaurants. e-cigarettes have sparked controversy including nicotine vapor but the measure would go into effect 120 days after the mayor signs it. christine romans can't say this outloud it's so on controversy. a suburban st. louis mother is now facing charges after a topless photo of her and her 14-year-old daughter was shared on social media.
2:20 am
prosecutors say in the photo, the mother seems to be posing topless with her daughter in a hot tub. but the mother insists that's not true. her other daughter snapped the photo without her permission and shared it on snap chat even though she was told not to. >> the issue here is the fact that the daughter was 14 and the mother was very clearly present and involved when the picture was taken. >> i wasn't posing. i was getting out of a tub! i was aware that the photo was taken by my 13-year-old daughter and i told her at that second please delete that photo. >> this was a mother who made a very poor choice. i don't think she had any intention this thing blew up the way it did, but it did, and she only has her poor judgment to blame for that. >> the mother is facing missed child endaengerment charges and could spend up to a year in jail. >> is bad judgment worth a year in jail? >> she is obviously, distraught.
2:21 am
ryan o'neal will keep to keep a andy warhol portrait of farrah fawcett. her artwork was left to the university of texas but sued o'neal. o'neal said he talked to it and wanted to leave it to their only son. after a three-week trial a jury finally cited with o'neal. the portrait could be worth as much as $12 million. >> i love the portrait. the stars of the reality television show "duck dynasty" are standing by their patriarch robertson who has been suspended from the show because of hi comments. they can't see the show going on it. a&e is giving no further comments. >> they are running reruns this week, right? >> they have at least nine
2:22 am
episodes of him. >> i think if you're the executives of a&e you're trying to figure out what to do at that point. kobe bryant's injury putting the lakers season in jeopardy. how long will he be out? andy scholes breaks it all down for us next. >> is his career in jeopardy? kobe is no young man. we will be right back. did i tell you i am on the... [ both ] chicken pot pie diet! me too! [ male announcer ] so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups. you'll never believe they're light. before using her new bank of america credit card, which rewards her for responsibly managing her card balance. before receiving $25 toward her balance each quarter for making more than her minimum payment on time each month. tracey got the bankamericard better balance rewards credit card, which fits nicely with everything else in life she has to balance. that's the benefit of responsibility. apply online or visit a bank of america near you.
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my fico® credit score. yup, you get it free each month to help you avoid surprises with your credit. good. i hate surprises. surprise! at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card and see your fico® credit score. wow. some huge news in sports. just when it looked like he was getting back to his old self, kobe bryant delivered another blow. the lakers star is going to miss
2:25 am
six weeks now with a fractured knee. >> andy scholes joins us with more in this morning's bleacher report. >> good morning, guys. this is just devastating news for kobe and the lakers. he worked so hard to come back from that torn achilles and goes back to the bench with fracture in his left knee and happened during tuesday's win over the grizzlies. kobe and tony allen tangled up on this play and kobe goes to the ground holding his knee. nobody thought much of it because he played the rest of the game and hit a big three-pointer to seal the victory. it kept bothering him so they had an mri and it revealed a fracture. no surgery. it has to heal and they hope it heals in six weeks. major league pitchers look like they have the opposite to wear protective head gear this upcoming season. brandon mccarthy says the gear
2:26 am
is being developed but not mandatory. he was hit in a head by a line drive. many pitchers say they welcome the protective gear but only if it doesn't affect their delivery. iron mike sat down with rachel nichols to talk about a number of topics including his relationship with holyfield ich when you look back on it now, what do you think? >> i am very sorry. he is a really good guy. >> you can watch the entire interview tonight at 10:30 on cnn. one of the topics i think they talk about how do you keep a pet tiger? >> very carefully i think is always the answer. the kobe bryant thing, andy, 35 years old and coming back from an injury not many come back for with achilles and now the knee. it feels like, i don't know, the beginning of the end? yes, no? maybe? >> if anyone can come back from
2:27 am
this it's kobe. he always finds a way to defy the odds but the lakers really hope he is coming back from this because they shined him with a shiny two-year extension where he will be the highest player in the nba. you hope he comes back and be a shade of his former self because it's tough to see kobe go down in this way. >> two years and $48 million hoping he gets back soon. andy, have a great holiday. >> you too, my friends. >> everything you need to know for the day is after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ peoi go to angie's listt for all kinds of reasons. to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact
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snow. sleet. rain. even tornadoes! get ready for a travel nightmare this weekend for millions and millions of people. indra petersons is tracking who will be hardest hit. catastrophe at a london theater. ceiling collapses and we have new developments from overnight. really? dennis rodman puts together a
2:31 am
basketball team he says could unite the u.s. and north korea. we are live with photos of his new strange, strange trip. >> welcome back to earl start. i'm christine romans. >> andin jo i'm john berman. more than a hundred million people across 30 states could be affected. we are talking rain, snow, and storms making their way across the country. that could mean a very bad trip to your christmas destination. >> a menu of whoa, folks. utah heavy snow and ice meat a mess near salt lake city and some areas got 8 inches of snow and it shut down the salt lake city airport a few hours. that is an airport that does not shut down often. look at that! the snow blamed for that scary explosion of a power line near
2:32 am
salt lake city. at the height of the storm some 13,000 customers lost power in utah. >> as this storm front moved across, it began to blow contaminants into the system, into facilities. >> got to work this morning and the telephone pole out in front of the store was on fire. the weather can be blamed for a series of deadly bus crashes in california and happened on highways soaked by rain showers. one person killed and dozens more hurt. one fatality a passenger partially thrown through a tour bus window. the driver said the bus suddenly spun out of control. >> he felt the bus start to fishtail or veer to the left a little bit. he tried to overcorrect back to the right. that caused the bus to kind of spin around in the lanes. >> at least one other person was seriously injured in one of the other crashes. indra petersons is here to tell us just how bad things are going to get. it's that time of the year when
2:33 am
the weather is bad but when you're talking about the christmas travel week, it starts to get rough. >> the same picture you talk about thanksgiving. the timing on top of this huge storm. currently you can see the first system, the lighter one making its way through. even freezing rain around grand rapids and milwaukee light now. the bigger story is the light rain pushing off an continuing into the northeast today. we talked about the icing. you're looking for -- excuse me, wisconsin through missouri and as the storm continues off to the northeast it dissipates with some light rain. take you into the second system. the first thing you need to notice the moisture from the southeast and fuel to get rain and snow out of it. the low sets up and brings in all of that rain so heavy rain and flooding concerns on saturday. 3 to 5 inches potentially here from the ohio valley back to the mississippi valley. the low makes its way farther north and now it has cold air on it so you're talking about potentially some heavy snow here across the lakes. then as we go through sunday it makes its way farther east.
2:34 am
the warm air and talking about record breaking heat here on the east coast. the snow behind it. you have this icing mix here. that is new hampshire, vermont, maine potentially an ice storm here and what we are watching and delays in that region. temperature wise this is what i was talking about. very warm potentially record breaking heat in the southeast so with that, i'm not even done. we have tornado threats and isolated severe thunderstorms as we go through saturday and sunday so people nod to be aware no matter where you are this weekend. >> a mess in parts of the northeast. no question. thanks. for some 40 million target customers, it's time for watching and waiting as we find out more about a massive credit card data breach and just how much it's going to cost target. experts say the price tag for dealing for all of this could be more than $600 million and includes the price of credit card monitoring and replacing stolen cards and reimbursing customers for fraudulent charges. those who have seen their accounts hacked many are asking was this all because of where i shopped? >> 2,319.51 that they tried to
2:35 am
get out of our account. i toured the united states and a little bit of the country. >> you think you have money in your account and then you have nothing. you have beyond nothing. all because i went shopping at target. >> target believes the hacking took place between thanksgiving and last sunday. if you shopped at a target store, not online but at a target store some time during those three weeks, report any charges you don't recognize immediately to your card company and you might hear from card company. all of the major card companies working with target and secret service which monitor these kind of crimes to let them know if you see some fraudulent activity. we know in the hacker chat rooms there is already conversation and chatting how to get this information and what to do. >> a lot of people affected. >> i'm concerned about very expensive credit card monitoring and that kind of stuff people will try to sell you. don't reach into your own pocket because of target's problem. >> no. >> check your statement every day. you're going to hear experts say
2:36 am
every week. but i say every week. check it the next three months if you shop at target. >> what she said is a good idea. a scary night at the theater in london for hundreds there just to see a play. they were inside the apollo theater on thursday night when chunks of the plaster and dust rains down. some people in there thought it was part of the play until they realized they were in danger. >> the ceiling came down. a lot of dust, chandelier, wood and that sort of stuff. >> we just looked up and the whole ceiling was like slow motion kind of came down. >> we were watching the show and about a third in, people stopped moving and i couldn't understand why until black smoke come up and i realized the ceiling had fallen in but people clamoring over us and i couldn't understand why and i said, we got to get out, now. >> you see the dust and crime on
2:37 am
their faces. the theater is over a hundred years old. they hope it's an isolated incident. an investigation is under way on what caused the ceiling to come down resi down. vote 84-15 and since it had been proofed in the house the bill is on its way to the president for his significant. one thing the senate will not be doing is confirming janet yellin the next fed chair. the republicans and democrats worked out an agreement on votes for several of president obama's nominees but the senate does plan a test vote to move ahead on yellin's nomination. the test vote is today and the confirmation vote on january 6th. the deal they reached. hundreds of thousands of americans dropped by their insurance companies because of obamacare could get a big break. the white house is granting a
2:38 am
special hardship exemption allowing them to enroll in less expensive catastrophic plans and this is for people identified your policy will not be renewed in 2014 as long as you made no other arrangements for coverage. president obama commuted the sentence of eight convicted crack cocaine offenders and the president says their sentences were unduly harsh. this man is one of those freed in april. winter smith is the first cousin of the governor of massachusetts deval patrick who is one of president obama's biggest supporters but governor patrick says he hasn't met his younger cousin. a big age difference there. the representatives for the governor said they nothing to do with the release of winter smith. this is about the issue of mandatory sentencing. the rules have changed the fast few years on this and president obama outspoken saying some of rules were just bad. >> all of the judges in each of
2:39 am
these cases saying they regretted having to sentence these men, i think they are all men, sentencing these men to these sentences. if they were convicted of these crimes today, they wouldn't have these sentences. major general michael carey was removed as head of the 20th air force in october and inspector general's report now made public shows he was caught acting unprofessional during a trip to russia last summer. he was there for a nuclear security training exercise and others traveling with him say he spent much of the trip drinking and spending time with women that he met in moscow. with south sudan on the brink of civil war, president obama deploying 45 american military personnel to protect the u.s. embassy in that nation. a coup on sunday. 5 hundr00 people have been kill
2:40 am
a trip west today for president obama and the first family. they are heading to hawaii as they have in the past to celebrate christmas. the first family is expected to stay in the same neighborhood they have gone since 2008 when he was president-elect. he has no public events scheduled. he is expected to arrive early saturday morning. aloha to the first family. >> christmas in hawaii. sent that like an elvis movie? we have time. go ahead. oh, no. we don't have time. it looks like your high school gym but this is in north korea and the man choosing the players is dennis rodman. the latest on his bizarre, bizarre trip coming up next. ♪
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last week the north korea leader executed his uncle. this week, dennis rodman stops by for game of pickup hoops. rodman insists this is just about basketball. our anna corin is watching this from south korea. what is going up today? we have pictures of rodman training what we believe is a north korean basketball team.
2:44 am
we are limited to the details we get. north korea, their state rule have relieved no information today. they may do in the coming hours. it's approaching 8:00 p.m. here so maybe we will get a little bit more, you know, coming up. but, at the moment, those pictures is all that we have. but we know that rodman is in north korea for four days. he's there to train these players to prepare for an exhibition match next month which will celebrate the birthday of north korean leader kim jong-un we know is a very good friend of dennis rodman. rodman will be returning to pyongyang in two weeks time for that match and he will also be bringing a team of american former nba stars. those names yet to be announced. it comes at a very interesting time. political upheral in north korea following last week's execution of kim jong-un's uncle. rodman says he is not interested in the political issues. he is not interested in raising,
2:45 am
you know, human rights. he is merely there to play basketball and catch up with his friend, john. >> obviously, the united states has to be keenly independence as to what is happening inside north korea in the wake of this high profile execution last week and with security concerns all around that peninsula. the question is how closely is the united states government monitoring dennis rodman's trip? >> reporter: you'd have to think, john, that they are looking very closely. you know, we sort of write off dennis rodman as crazy, bizarre, a washed up celebrity but at the end of the day, he is the most high profile american, probably the only westerner to have met kim jong-un since he took over the reins of that country following his father's death two years ago. so, you know, the u.s. government has come out and said that there will be no message delivered through rodman to kim
2:46 am
jong-un on behalf of the government and saying no conversation to be had whatsoever and rodman is not the mediate i don't remember by any means but, you know, these two countries have not communicated or spoken for almost two years, and that is due to north korea wanting to develop its nuclear program. >> we look forward to hearing from dennis rodman when he returns. thanks, anna coreen. radel is out of rehab from pleading guilty to cocaine charges. despite his own party calling for radel to give up his seat. >> i have a new focus and i'm making sure that the important things come first because what i have to account for my life, is the accomplishments that will matter. i'm proud of what i've done here in southwest florida, both
2:47 am
professionally and personally. with the grace of god, i am going to continue doing what i love to do, what i have been elected to do, with a clearer focus, more focus than ever before. >> the house ethics committee is looking into radel's conduct and he is promising to cooperate with that investigation as he works to rebuild the trust of the voters. motivate is -- motive is clear in a medical office. frasier lived in california and they say he left a sued note at his home indicating he was angry over surgery he had had in that doctor's office. he killed a doctor and wounded another doctor and a visitor before turning the gun on himself. it is not clear if the doctors he shot had treated him. dramatic pictures from durham, north carolina, wow, there was supposed to be a peaceful vigil turned violent last night. protesters marching in memory of a 17-year-old who died in police custody but police said they had to use tear gas to disburse the
2:48 am
crowd after rocks and bottles were thrown at them. several people were arrested. let's see what is coming up on "new day." >> good morning. happy friday, you guys. >> where is the line? that is the main question as we discuss this "duck dynasty" controversy. that is what it is. a certain split going on about whether phil robertson or the truth should be allowed or disallowed or decent or indecent. the question no such thing as a free lunch? we are going to hear from congressman jack kingston who suggests that students and kids should maybe have to work for the meals that they receive in federal school lunch programs. he is going to be talking about it because he's taking a lot of heat, maybe not surprising but he is not the first person to suggest this. we will talk with him live about
2:49 am
it. >> interesting to hear from him, no doubt. see new a little bit. coming up for us, for stores, the holiday season hasn't been the best but for you, that could be a good thing, folks. especially this weekend. >> super saturday! >> we will explain in "money time" next. anna, your hotels have wondrous waffle bars. ryan, your hotels' robes are fabulous. i have twelve of them. twelve? shhhh, i'm worth it& what i'm trying to say is, it's so hard to pick just one of you, so i'm choosing all of you with a loyalty program that requires no loyalty. plus members can win a free night every day only at because you can't beat zero heartburn. woo hoo! [ male announcer ] prilosec otc is the number one doctor recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 8 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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it's "money time."
2:52 am
a friday "money time." things have been going better. the economy -- there you go. the taper seemingly well played, ben bernanke and the markets making new highs but it's back to cause a potential disaster. do you know what i'm talking about? the dreaded debt ceiling. if congress fails to raise the debt ceiling and the government ends up gadefaulting is the wor case scenario. only a few weeks away, in a letter to congress, he said by using extraordinary measures to stretch our finances, he could wiggle the books a little bit. we currently estimate that through the use of these measures we would be able to extend the nation's borrowing authority until? late february or early march 2014. just in time for spring break. the clock is ticking again on a time bomb that could erase any progress the congress made unless congress gets a debt ceiling done in time.
2:53 am
the dow jones industrial average eked out a record on thursday. closing up 11 points. but what is really impressive is where we stand for the year the dow is up 23%. the nasdaq up 234% and i had five very bad years of covering market news so i really enjoy saying those numbers! let me show you another number that is really big. look at that number, berman. $4 trillion and change and i'm pointing it out. >> thanks for telling me because i couldn't tell you what that means. >> a mind boggling size. when we talk about how many bonds the fed has bought up several years this is bigger than the gdp. germany the world's third largest economy. that shows you the unbelievable efforts the fed has done to pop -- prop up the u.s. economy. a few shopping tips what is known as super saturday. best deals tomorrow will be found on toys, video games and weirdly enough, space heaters and air purifies and humidifies. >> a great stocking stuffer.
2:54 am
>> you won't feel a good deal on clothing but if you must, buy a gift card at an apparel store and let your loved one shop after christmas. the best sales will be after christmas. >> what did you get me? you didn't get me anything. >> my gift for you is the fact you don't have to give me a gift. please. >> what is on your show? we will be talking about the fed and all of these retail hacks and we will be talking about the fed, economy, is it really getting better. >> this show should be on your weekend plans. it's cnn's "your money" at twijs a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on saturday. don't miss it. a methodist pastor defrocked for officiating at his son's wedding but he won't stay silent. we will tell you about this next. ets an impressive 34 highway mpg and comes with no charge scheduled maintenance. and right now you can drive one
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welcome back to "early start" this friday morning. a methodist minister is now a man without a flock noum that the united methodist church stripped him of his credentials. he officiated as his son's same
2:58 am
sex ceremony. he refused to promise never to officiate a gay we hadding again. he says the church is discriminating against gay people and he promises to keep fighting. you'll hear from pastor rick schaefer coming up on "new day." stay with cnn all day and all night and all weekend. romans has "your money" tomorrow and i'm doing "ac 360" tonight. brad pitt, kobe. you try to book everybody early in the day so stay with us all day. "new day" starts right now. holiday havoc. 'twas the weekend before christmas and all across the east came a storm that is shaping up to be a beast. the latest storm track ahead. all for one. could "duck dynasty" be ending
2:59 am
is in the family saying they may not do the show as their pate e patriarch doesn't come back. how did this man slip custody in bolivia after being in jail? the answer? sean penn. >> your "new day" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> good morning. welcome to "new day." it's friday, december 20th, 6:00 in the east. are we heading toward the nightmare before christmas? the big story comes from above. another round of wild weather that could impact much of the country. possible tornadoes in the south, severe storms and snow in the midwest. freezing rain in new england and more. meteorologist indra petersons is as busy as santa. keeping track of all of it for us. what do you see out there? >> after thanksgiving holiday
3:00 am
travel plans, now we're going into the holiday travel season for the next holiday. we're once again talking about major systems making its way across the country. it's a case of here we go again. as holiday travelers bombard the airports and roadways this weekend, a wicked weather system could derail travel plans with snow, freezing rain and severe thunderstorms across the country. according to aaa, the wide-ranging travel plans affecting 94 million americans. from the southed toment west, the risk of severe thunderstorms include damaging winds and even isolated tornadoes. up north, freezing rain will be the problem from chicago to wichita. holiday commuters will have to watch for icing on bridges and overpasses. snow's already caused issues for air travelers this holiday season. in wisconsin this week, a plane slid off the snow slicked runways. >> we didn't know what was happening and they said the airport was shut down.


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