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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 22, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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some of it is really funny and some of it is really wrong. thanks so much for joining us. my colleague, rosa flores here in atlanta. i think have a favorite. >> what is it? >> i think the scared boss. that just had me laughing too loud. >> i'm thinking the cow is fake. >> i think it was real. >> the next hour of "newsroom" begins right now. >> you're in the cnn "newsroom." we're following tw ining develo hawaii. he's been briefed on the emergency evacuation of americans in sudan. woe eel go live for the president's statement in just a moment. but we turn to this. with it snow, ice or rain,
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bizarre and deadly storms are creating havoc for millions of holiday travelers and shoppers. the situation is especially you are jent in the northeast. richly 350,000 people are without power in new york, new england and disaster. b in the upper midwest, this is dpreenbay, michigan. ill now and much of the deep south is in the deep water right now. torrential rain and flooding have covered a major swath of the country. a quarter of a million people are without electricity and could remain in the dark until wednesday. that's christmas day.
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the dangers from the falling ice became all too real for ctv network's katie simpson. >> so we have been seeing this all-morning long. this is what we've been seeing. with that, i'm going to send it back inside. oh, there it goes. >> that just landed on a vehicle. and the wires are down. and you can hear the crackling. >> we were told by hydrocrews to move. so we are going to move and not stand here anymore. okay, standing back in. >> oh, we've got to go back. >> yeah, okay. >> now, four of those killed were in storm-related accidents in kentucky. three died when a car went off a
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bridge. it happened overnight in a town of newhope, south of view vil. joe, thank you so much for being here with us. two other people in the car survived. tell us how this all started and how those survivors got out. >> well, rosa, in nel son-in-law county, like a lot of other areas, we have hilly terrain and low areas chlts we have lots of streams that catch runoff from our agricultural land that is now there because most of it has been hafbested for this year. in this particular situation we've had in kentucky about 4-5 inches of rape oaf the last 72 hours. the bulk of that rain coming last night. in this particular case, these folks were traveling south of
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nel son-in-law county, kentucky. >> talk to us about the survivors? >> they were transported to a local hospital. they were treated for hypothermia and disstress. >> now, were there warnings before all of this happened? and did people heed those warnings? >> well, in this particular
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area, there really was no warnings other than we had posted signs on the road on friday because this is a problematic area for flash flooding. with the gust of the call line that capable through early saturday night, those sooichbs had been blown over. so the drexz of travel these folks were coming from, they may or may not have known there's a hazard in frochbt of them. >> lrlt, joe, thank you so much for giving us that update. now, which kind of weather is in store here for the u.s. for the start of christmas week. >> it has been a mess of a storm. we have seen very warm air filtering 234 ain across the southeast. it sparked up severe weather across the deep south on
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saturday. a lot of rain for the east coast today. but it should be pushing out getting better and better as we get into monday. but, as far as travel delays go, later this evening, we could continue to see slow downs in places like chicago, d.c. and new york. you could see thunder sochl delays. it should slow you down up to two hours is what we're thinking in those area. in >> this rain is pushing out by monday afternoon and then pretty nice weather. a couple of snow showers possible about the great lakes. if you are making plans for christmas day, though, looking good across most of the country. the south, the ooels coast clearing out, could see some snow showers up in the great lakes. but otherwise, looking good. temperatures a little closer to
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seasonal for a lot of you for christmas day. we have seen very warm temperatures across the east koegs. by tuesday and wednesday, d.c., you will be back in the 30s by tuesday and wednesday. >> all right, jenl fer, thank you so much. we switch gears with just a new days to buy those precious holiday gifts. target says it's moving quickly after the hacking of credit card accounts. lawsuits have lr been filed in california and in rhode island. new york senator chaurlgs schumer said today that he wants a value p federal investigation. >> if there's one silver lining, it's that perhaps we could use this troubling news as a lesson for the future.
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in order to make sure that tar goe get in the future add kweltly protect consumers from this kind ochl devastating effect. and coming up, later in hour, a look at what hackers can do once they steal your credit card information. and what countries outside the u.s. are doing to make credit cards more secure. and nasa is delaying its next space walk because of a wardrobe mall nungs. malfunction. the next walk will now be on christmas eve, giving the drew time to ree size that former
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space suit. dep in addition rod mavn is wrapping up his controversial trip to sounorth korea. also, just ahead, do you foe what this is? these guys are pupping up in living rools, bedrooms all across the could your honor fri. are they nice or do nay freak you outs. that's just ahead. d" the american dream is of a better future,
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the state department says americans were able to get out of a failed effort that left four u.s. troops wounded. >> after the president accused traveling with president obama who's on vacation. and, athena, the president just releeszed a statement on south sudan. what did he say? >> hi, rosa. well, we're getting a few more details directly from the president on that operation that failed to evacuate the american citizens from south sudan yesterday. this is released less than an our. the white house says there's standard practice whenever
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there's u.s. deployment overseas. on december 21st, 2013, approximately 46 additional military personnel deployed by aircraft to the area of bor, south sudan. as you mentioned at the top, several american citizenings were able to be evacuated successfully today. we know that the americans who presented themselves to the united nations were able to fete out of the country successfully. and so the president and his national security team are keeping close tabs on the
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situation there. the president is going to be continuously updated. >> could you elaborate a little on how those americans were able to get out? >> we understand that they were able to leave the country with the help of the united nations. the president, when he was briefed on this, i should tell you he was briefed as soon as he landed on the ground orr night. he was briefed while still aboard air force one. he was then briefed again later saturday morning. so he directed his team to continue working with the united nations to try to get these merge citizens out of the country. >> i understand the recent fighting has forced tens of thousands of people to flee?
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>> at this point, we have no indication that the ugs will have any involvement. i would not expect to see that happen the whiete house put out yesterday, again, the government, the leadership in south sudan telling them it's their responsibility to protect u.s. personnel and also call on them to try to resolve these differences peacefully or risk width draw of u.n. and international support. rieblgt now, it's involved in this increasing ethnical and political violence: but that's about it. it doesn't look like any sort of u.s. military involvemented
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there. >> all right, athena jones, thank you so much. we switch gears as christmas draws near. pope francis focuses on homeless families reminding the faithful of how the holy family had no home in the days before jesus was born. >> pope francis told the thousands gathered to do everything possible. every family has a place to live. his message comes just days after he was named the person of the year. > . rosa, dennis rodman is
2:18 pm
vowing i'll be back. even before this trip, rodman said he was just trying to bridge a gap. >> i want to bridge a gap. that's all i want to do. others hope he might be able to free an imprisoned missionary. vrjts rodman insists that is not part of his trip. he says like it or not, he and the dictator are just good friends. >> it's bizarre. >> rosa, he is dpeting exactly
2:19 pm
what he wants, our attention. but don't losesighted of the core purpose that this all holds for the nrt koreans. i wanted sneeneeds to get the u to engage it. it will do anything to dpet it. on one hand, you've got the basketball diplomacy. jim clancy, thank you so much. >> still ahead in the cnn news room, signing off to how the military prosecutes sex yum assaults. but, for some, this is not guilty fix they pushed for. we've got the details just ahead. ♪
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2:23 pm
servicemen and women. >> reporter: former marine ariana clay says the cover up hurt more than the crime. >> this all was, you know, you're degraded beyond human kompb rehe thinks. comp rehence. comprehension. but what happens afterwards, just couldn't imagine it. >> in 2010, she says she was raped by a military officer. a military court sentenced her attacker to just 45 days of military confine t. >> the protection is afforded to perpetrators. and the commanders that retaliated is what shocked me the most. >> a staggering 37% increase in one year alone. in june, congress blasted the top military brass. you have lost the trust of the men and women who rely on you. congress' response came this week with these proposals for
2:24 pm
the pentagon which would eliminate military commanders authority to dismiss court marshal rulings. the review if a commander doesn't prosecute. take away the one-year statute of limitations, make retaliation a crime and dishonorably discharge those convicted. not included? a proposal from senator jill rand to take prosecution outside the chain of command which the pentagon dunt support. the white house doesn't have a position on the bill yet. >> until we have an independent judiciary, we're going to continue to see the same problem. >> a year of evaluation is not going to support much change. >> now, this is only day two, officially, of winter.
2:25 pm
and so far, it's a strange one. hundreds of thousands without power in the northeast while it's t-shirt weather in new york city. we'll go live to central park nerks. but, first, every day people overcome odds to achieve their passion. gu hear this. that's what derek coleman has done. dr. sanjay gupta has his reaction. >> derrick coleman is living a boy's dream. playing in the nfl for the top team in the league? the seattle sealauks. he didn't play football until seventh grade because hiz mom didn't want him to. >> i was just a normal kid. >> he was ranked a number two fullback in the nation by espn.
2:26 pm
i was just going out there and playing hard. >> next up, ucla where he was a running back for four years. his college kreerl ended with a degree in political science. and fou he's showing his versatility as a fullback for the sea hawks. he's gotten this far with lots 06 hard work. he is legally deaf, the result of a rare genetic disorder. >> basically, i lost my hair when i was 6. >> fist of all, he makes no excuses. >> no matter what's your i shall shoe, you should always find a way. >> his skull cap keeps his hearing alds in police station. >> i can read lips. and i can read lips very well. so when i can't hear something,
2:27 pm
i always go and make sure i'm looking at the person. >> off the field, coleman tries to make time to speak to deaf and hard of hearing children chlgt. >> don't let your hearing be an excuse for not wanting to go for your dream, whatever your dream is. success chl people, in my opinion, they always find a way. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn reporting.
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at least seven people have been killed in bizarre weather mix across the country. three people drowned in kentucky. in another crash, a rider in an atv overturned into a creek and was trapped underneath. meanwhile, in kansas, snowfall will total 3-6 inches. and those cold temp which you weres will keep folks shivering.
2:31 pm
cnn's nick valencia is in kansas city, mor mor. >> yeah, those waking up in kansas city, missouri this morning, this is what they're waking up to. check it out, lots of snow here right near the interstate. it looks very pretty, right? it is also creating some may skror probables on those roads. very slick roads. dangerous con fissions. the missouri department of transportation says one weather-related death as a result of what's happening in this weather system. it really is a snapshot of what's happening all akro cross the midsection of the united states. we saw heavy weather going through the state of mississippi. 94 million americans expecting to travel for christmas.
2:32 pm
the worst winter sernlly lived up to the hype. >> ice picks, snow shovels and flip-flops were in short supply today, depending on which part of new york people were in. check this out, an eye storm and below-freezing temperatures was in up state new york. alexander, when i left new york, it was cold. we're three days untim christmas and you're in a t-shirt. >> yeah, rosa, most of the day out here in a t-shirt on december 22nd. something we vnt seen before. the last record was set in 1988. you can see i put on my jacket and a little bit of a damper on an otherwise beautiful weekend. a lot of towerists came to new york hoping they would see some snow.
2:33 pm
>> i bet they want a white christmas. >> we were talking new york city. but it's a different story up state, isn't it? >> absolutely. they're working to limit any potential power problems. the governor of new york city has issued a state of emergency. so a very different picture all in the same state, rosa. >> all right. thank you so much. mpx and stimahead in the cnn "ne "newsroom," it's the second daily of winter, but we're in the middle of college football bowl season. we're going to rub the numbers next. look at just houchl munl is made in all of these bowl games. : also, have you seen news guys take a cloegs look?
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we have the little casesar's bowl, the sugar bowl, just to name a few. the business of bowl season is big business. take a look at this. according to the most recent figures of the football bowl association, the revenue for the schools and the bowl season with $179 million. most of that money came from tv deals. cities banked to the tune of $1 billion. joining me now is sec rider for bleacher report. now, let's start with all of these piles of cash. does it mean if a school has a bowl game that they are actually going to score every single time? and by score, i mean they're going to make some serious cash? >> not initially. sometimes you have bowls that lose money. all in all, these games are going to pak munl. you do get that money and most
2:38 pm
conferences do share that revenue. in the end, you are going to make munl. although, there are teamings rig teams that don't come out in the black right off the bat. it's a long-term buzz. it doesn't work out if you have a team that's lost four vagt bowl games. >> now, very curious. are these bowl games just created out of the blue? and it s its just to make money? >> it is just to make money. that's why you see a lot of local advertisers. the sugar bowl here in atlanta -- not the sugar bowl, the chik-fil-a bowl.
2:39 pm
i want ice a money-maker for the hotels, restaurants, bars, they do love them. >> why is it so successful? it's a successful business. it's a big business. >> college football has grown by leaps and bounds. it's done a lot for the growth of the sport as a whole. as a result, you have people more passionate about their school and their program. again, people have time off on new years. thigh want to go somewhere fun for new years. if yir team is going somewhere where you want to go spend a couple of days there, why not? you're going to be with people that you know or people that share a similar passion. >> now, let's talk about some criticism. there's some criticism about unpaid labor, but, yet, these bowl games make a lot of mustn't. >> they do. they're not directly-related digs cushions, but they are kind of cousins.
2:40 pm
if people are against bowl games, they can't be fpaying players. you get boum gifts. i don't know a college kid in america that doesn't want a play station iv right now. they get to go on a vai case for a week and experience police stations they probably have not experienced before. so it is -- bowl games are rewards for players. it is the one time where they actually do get benefitings and their work does get paid off. not guilty as much as it should, but at least it gets paid off. >> and one thing is for sure, they get a lot of twitter followers and note rye fi. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> the elf in the shelf on the cnn center in atlanta.
2:41 pm
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the elf on the shelf. those five words can bring a smile to parnents' faces and tears, as well. it's probably a good time to send your kids out of the room. in the agt years, the book and the doll have been on the market. it's gone from a small business venture to an international sensation. if you haven't heard about it, here's a gist of it. the elf serves as a lookout for santa.
2:45 pm
the elf's mission is to report back to the boss in red on who's naughty or who's nice. one of the book's authors joins me right now. i kind of have been following your soir for a very long time reading about how a sensation your book became. did you think it was goimg to be this big when you first wrote the book? >> i never dreamed that it would be. my mom and i wrote this wobook based on our own family tradition. really, it's just about engaging on their very own elf in the north pole. you said it was a family tradition. had it lived in your family for a while? where did the idea come from? >> when i was a little girl, santa used to visit an oelf to
2:46 pm
visit our home. we just made such wonderful memories together as a family. every night, the elf would report back to santa on what we had done. in the morning, the real fun came when the elf hid in a new spot. i remember talking to the elf and telling him what i wanted for christmas. it just made such special family memories. we just put that in a story rime and have a chance to work for santa claus. >> it seems like a lot of work for parents having to change the el ft from one location to the next. >> emg witwell, you know, elves. but, you know, really and truly, i tell people all the time, and this is very important, a good christmas tradition is what a fajly makes it. so every elf's family matches its personalitity. so some elves are crazy and fun. other elves are just kind of fun. ours just moves around our hus
2:47 pm
and plays with the kids. i think it's what the family wants the elf tradition to with. so the els match the tradition of their family. when we think elves, we think christmas. but now he's making a leap to birthdays. >> yes, we got letters from children all over if world, lit rafflely thousand of them asking if their elf can come back for their birthday. so, of course, we ask santa for his permission. and we had a chance to write this really fun story about how your elf that you love can come back and vits your birthday. so hopefully, that ail leavuates some tears when the elves have to go back to the north pole and see santa. now, we've been following the elf, we searched it on the internet. you know, there are some r-rated elf stuff out there on the interknelt. i was wondering what your reaction was to that? >> it certainly has taken on a
2:48 pm
life of its own. but, you know, i think for us, it oes certa it's certainly not our tension. we intend it to be a special time for children and for families. i hope that people will keep in mind that there are little people on the internet and watching and paying attention to these thingings. ip think there i think there's so muchadult, things be special for kwhirn? >> we wanted to point out the article in psychology magazines had ten different holiday gifts that caused psychological damage to kids. what's your reaction to that? do you really think it could cause damage to children to have this elf? >> there are so many things that are dangerous to children. i'm a former teacher. so i would never do anything that is harmful to children. and i'm also a mom.
2:49 pm
and i grew up with this tradition. and i tell people all of the time is that the idea that santa claus has been watching and around for generations. that's nothing new. so, for me, it's an opportunity for children to correct their own behavior. you know, your elf is watching. there's nothing wrong with teaching kids self control. i think it's the way a parent presents this. is this an elf that's part of your family or is this elf watching youm? there's a real difference between those two tings. this is a member of our family that we adopt from the norlt pole. >> awe pd thank you so much. we really apreesh yalt having you here. >> i would love having the opportunity to share my story. i hope it encourages other people. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. thank you so much. and, of course, how many can
2:50 pm
this pop ewe this popular toy affect your child? >> heere's what the impetus is n this, rosa. it's the whole idea of elf on the shelf. if you're telling your child you 'got to be careful, if you do something that's bad or something that's so the key here is for the parents to keep it positive, keep it upbeat, and use the "elf on a shelf" as positive reinforcement for good behavior. don't focus on the bad behavior and how that's going to be reported to santa. >> and what about age? does it need to be age appropriate? >> yeah. i think certainly when you're working with children, you need to be careful as to how you approach them with "elf on a shelf." the younger they are, the more they're going to believe in that mythical character, the more they're going to believe in santa, and the more they're
2:51 pm
going believe that elf has magical powers. because remember the whole idea is that the elf doesn't just hank around the christmas tree. the elf shows up on the shelf. the elf shows up at the breakfast table. the elf may be sitting in the child's room. the game is to move it around the house so you can give as much positive reinforcement for good behavior. so the more the child believes the elf has magical powers and can transport and be anywhere, the child might freak out over that if the parent says you'd better be careful, the elf is watching whatever you do. >> thank you so much. coming up, we stay in the holiday spirit. the awkward family christmas photos, and we've got the man who's collected some of the worst. that and much more coming up next. cg/úññ
2:52 pm
2:53 pm
2:54 pm
. with the holidays, of course, come holiday photos and hundred of dozens of americans have taken the worst of our photos to make one of the most entertain about websites on the internet. the site has been published as awkward family photos celebrating the highs and lows
2:55 pm
of family time. earlier i spoke with the site's co-founder mike bender. i asked him why there was such a wealth of awkward family holiday photos out there. >> i think it's a time of the year we're with our families, we take lots of photos, we wear marching outfits, and it just is -- we like to thing it is the most awkward time of the year. they say the most wonderful time of the year, but it's definitely. >> especially with a lot of family members you don't see all the time. is there one in particular that stands out as especially bad? >> yeah. i think, you know, on the cover of the book actually we have a photo of a santa claus. it was a mall santa and he has a very severe black eye and the children are sitting on his lap. it's just amazing to me that he showed up to work that day and that he took presumably more photos. to me that's the classic awkward
2:56 pm
santa photo. >> and a santa with multiple jobs. >> we hope so. >> are these older photos or newer photos as well. right now in the social media age, it seems like almost everybody is sharing almost everything. >> yeah. honestly it runs the gamut. we get photos -- black and white photos from the 4'40s and '50s. we're getting more photos because people have the ability from their phones. we're getting more than in the past. awkwardness from our perspective, it's never going to go away. >> ooh, i love it. talking about genuine awkwardness, what are the ingredients of an especially awkward photo? >> well, i brought up matching outfits. that's the classic. i would say posing, any sort of
2:57 pm
pose, lined up by height piled up on top of each other. we receive that. those are very, very awkward sort of family portrait traditions and there's sometimes the family die name uk going on where brother and sisters are punching each other while the photo is being taken. >> given the social media age, do you think this ever going to change? >> i hope not first of all selfishly, but i think, you know, just -- we're just in a time and an age with everything is being shared and i think there's some negative things about that. at the same time our time is about celebrating the awkwardness, people actually coming together to sep bright those uncomfortable moments of family. it's about smiling, being self-deprecating. i think sharing can be a wonderful thing to know. hey, there are other people out there suffering at christmas because they have to pose.
2:58 pm
>> we switch gears. the massive theft of credit and debit card theft at tar gat in recent weeks has highlighted the threat of credit card fraud but how do hackers actually make use of the data that they steal? here's laurie segall. >> hey, rosa. we want to take a look at what it reveals. take a look at what we've found. if you've done some holiday shopping at target, you might be wondering what a hacker could learn about you from your credit card. when you swipe, here's what a hacker could learn from the data in that magnetic strip. your name, your credit card number, the card's skpir yags dat date, and the cvv code on the back. >> they can get it by taking just what's on the strip.
2:59 pm
>> in the case of the target hack, that may have been enough for the hackers to make a counterfeit card. one researchers explains. to the employee everything loo s s normal. >> i can log in, make a selection and do a credit card swipe. it will ask for a cvv. i can put in a cvv, whatever numbers i want. then click pay. right? nothing seems untoward. >> for the customer, pretty standard. >> you're paid, you get your receipt, you move on. >> but for the hacker -- >> i have access to the entire mag strip data that's on this device and i can get all of this and enough nofgs create a whole different card. >> the target hack has some saying the u.s. is a little behind in times in terms of secure payments. >> well, more secure solution they have in europe right now is this chip and pin system.
3:00 pm
it doesn't have a strip. it has a chip within it. every time you use it, you also have to use a pin. >> according to the federal reserve, credit fraud in england plummeted 34% after they implemented chip and pin cards. in france, fraud from in-person cards fell 34%. this holiday season millions of american shoppers might have been the target. target put out a letter saying in the case of this hack, p.i.n. numbers on the debit cards weren't affected. say the cvv data obtained was not what was obtained on the back. instead it's what's in that magnetic strip and what that means is you wouldn't necessarily be able to use the card to make an online purchase. rosa? you'ren


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