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tv   New Day  CNN  December 25, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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♪ that earth receive her king ♪ let every heart prepare him room ♪ ♪ and heaven and nature sing ♪ and heaven and nature sing ♪ and heaven and heaven and nature sing ♪ "joy to the world" christmas morning is here. come celebrate this special holy day with us. >> we have all the day's news plus everything you need to start christmas off right, great music, useful tips and lots of
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holiday cheer. >> a very merry "new day" starts right now. ♪ and wonders of his eye ♪ and wonders and wonders of his love ♪ ♪ repeat the sounding joy good morning. welcome to "new day." it's december 25th, 6:00 in the east. a warm welcome to all of you on this christmas morning. in the spirit of the season we're joined by the wonderful young people's chorus of new york city. they'll be singing carols as you just heard. hope you get in the holiday mood. >> they sound amazing. >> it's going to be great. >> also what does today really mean to billions around the world you ask? it's not just about presents or family, friends and food, even though that's a great part of it, it's a matter of faith. we'll talk about that with our own group of wise men and women. >> kate, you talked about the
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food. >> we all have our holiday favorites, somebody's pie, sweet potato pie, corn bread. stuffing yourself at the table isn't the best idea on any day. >> what? >> i'm the bearer of bad news. it's especially hard to void it today. what can we do to keep our christmas cheerful not only for the family but for your body? we'll talk about that coming up. >> top advice, take care of it tomorrow. first here this morning, we'll get a check of the headlines, what's making news this morning. let's head over to the newsdesk. good morning. i'm miguel marquez. a christmas day rocket attack on the u.s. embassy in kabul, afghanistan. embassy officials say two rockets struck the embassy compound just before dawn. diplomats and workers had to scramble into bunkers in the aftermath. no reports of death or injuries at the embassy. officials are calling this strike indirect fire in assessing the damage. the taliban is claiming responsibility. live pictures now from the
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vatican where pope francis is marking the holy day, delivering his first christmas orb i et ori speech. he preached about acceptance and humility saying if you let your brothers and sisters you walk in the light. if your heart is closed, darkness falls. now to south sudan where a civil war is growing more violent. there's growing evidence of atrocities there and more international forces are now arriving, including u.s. marines. arwa damon has the latest from nearby uganda. >> reporter: miguel, the u.s. stationed 50 marines here in uganda, just down the road from where we are right now, should the situation in south sudan deteriorate even further. the u.n. voting unanimously to send in 5,000 troops to help
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protect the civilian population. there have been various reports of killings along ethnic lines, mass graves being reported as well, and widespread fear if the violence isn't brought under control, we could see killings on the scale of the rwanda genocide. you may still get a chance to sign up for obamacare. the obamacare administration has agreed people more time to complete applications if they can show they were delayed because of the problems with the website. it's no the clear how many people would be affected. the website says it saw heavy traffic the last few days and people rushed to beat the deadline for health coverage to take effect january 1st. gay marriages will continue in utah. a federal appeals court declined to step in and halt the nuptials. that after a judge ruled last week that the state's ban on
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same-sex marriage unconstitutional. the attorney general's office is planning to good to the scour for an emergency stay. licenses are now on their way to some 350 prospective marijuana operations in colorado. many are for stores that will legally sell pot but some will go to facilities that will grow marijuana, make pot-related products or test the drug. the businesses will have to get local approval before they can open. tarring set warning customers be on lookout for suspicious e-mails claiming to be about the theft of millions and million of credit and debit card accounts. it will post official news on its website so you can verify what you received in your inbox. your christmas morning forecast looks nice for most of the country. a few flurries in the great lakes, showers in parts of texas and florida but for the most part, the country should see sunny skies, partly sunny and cloudy, whatever way you want to
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call it. temperatures will also be cool, not out of the ordinary for january. i'm miguel marquez. those are your headlines. merry christmas. the tree, the presents, the food, so many traditions mark christmas, right? for many of us the day centers on faith. our own group of wise people are here with their take of the spiritual side of the holiday. please help me introduce cnn faith and religion commentator, father edward beck, pastor michael faulkner of harlem's new horizon church of new york and christine lee, assistant recter for all angels church. >> merry christmas to you. >> good holy people, help me with this. we have a young family, we left the struggle that all of you hear about all the time. my kids with the gifts, how do i keep christ in christmas? how do i make it spiritual when everything seems to be pulling me away from that? >> start by telling the story. what is it really about? it's about a homeless, pregnant
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teenager and that god chooses to be born in that simple experience, that's the basic truth of christmas. i have a friend, who's really a cousin, he has two kids, ten toys each. that's all they get. the ten toys. when they get a new one, they have to decide which one they give away. they know now, what one am i going to give away and to whom am i going to give it? he's trained them this way, that's what it about. you can't have too much when other people have nothing. i think it's an important value. christmas is a time and you can remind people of that value. >> the giving were more important than the receiving. we say it but hard to practice in such an inquisitive society. it's all about the quest for more. >> sometimes it's also a matter of recognizing our desire for more is this never-ending well.
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we always just want more. and that idea of being able to be thankful for what you have, i remember -- i was listening to an interview with renee brown, the sociologist. she was talking about when a loved one dies, for example, it's not the big things that you remember. it's the every day small things that matter the most. either you miss hearing your kids fighting in the background. you miss the way that your spouse snored. in the middle of the night, keeping you awake. i think there's something about when you're able to remember those simple little things that that desire for like oh, i need this to be happy or that to be happy becomes less important. >> you are pressing me to want to remember things, notably, the kids screaming and the spouse snoring that i cannot imagine being nostalgic about. i'll take your word for it. but michael, the central component is the commercialization of christmas, the gifts dominate, the tradition, who brings what food,
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who puts the best spread out at the table. you can't just reject it. it's about making a bigger tapestry here, isn't it? >> in some ways it is. you really truly can't take christ out of christmas. it's in the name. it's in the meaning of the holiday. it's in the expressions and for those people who choose to go to the commercialization, who only want to look at the certain aspects of it, they miss out. they don't get the message. as father beck said earlier, it really is about god choosing to be born in a stable which was actually a carved out like a rock, a cave, you know? and to be laid in a manger, a feeding trough for the domesticated farm animals because there was no room for him in the inn. there was no room for jesus in the inn, in the commercialization we edge jesus
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out of our lives, of our daily lives. we've got to get back to the basics of what it really means. >> getting back to the basics, fair supposition, do you feel you are losing ground on christmas? where do you think we are in the culture wars, father? do you think we're keeping the christ in christmas or do you think we're getting pushed more and more, secularization all the time? >> i think we are losing it but maybe it's pope francis reinvigorating the church, i've seen it with him, when he can critique global capitalism like he did, but his point is you cannot have a world where so many people have so much and others have so little. it's not about stuff. we have gifts we think are important, they are power, prestige and possessions. christmas says none of those are important. it's not about power, prestige
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or possessions. it's about simple love and how it's given away. you say a maumpger. how is he in that manker? the baby is like this. it's giving the love away in the manger. that's why he's come. i think if we can keep reminding ourselves and others about that message, that's what matters about christmas. >> i don't think so much we're losing ground as we become who we really are and we forget that god came to save us from who we really are. and so we need to understand. we get back to it. i love this time of year. though it's stressful in ministry, it's the most stressful time of year. pastors need a vacation in january. you know? but it really is -- i love telling the story over and over and over again, because it reminds me of what i'm doing and why i'm doing what i'm doing. >> in truth, the themes are largely secular anyway.
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if you take the story of christ out of it, the ideas about what you're supposed to be fueled by this season are good regardless whether you belong to a specific religion. let me ask you one question. the pope, technically you don't work for him. >> we love him. >> he's a passionist under the pope. what does the pope mean to the two of you. has he helped, christine? >> yes, i think he has helped, a lot. i think a lot of times when you talk to the average person on the street and you ask them what do you think of when you think of church or christians, they say things like hypocritical, judgmental, homophobic. the pope is saying i'm one of you, i struggle just like one of you, pray for me. that puts an entirely different face on what it means to be a christian and a follower of
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jesus. >> he is the most visible christian leader in the world. and rightfully so. and so his messages do resonate around the world. i love them. i think he is a humble servant of god that is doing an amazing job of reminding people of what god has said and the kind of lives that we ought to live. i'm very, very proud to be able to celebrate the things that he's doing and saying. >> don't you think the message that he's preaching really is the message of christmas? he's saying that our hearts are only going to be filled by something deeper. you mentioned the manger as the feeding trough. do we remember that's a symbol of christmas, this baby is placed in a feeding trough? we are going to remember, he feeds our hungry hearts. it's a feeding trough, we're hungry, this child is going to feed us if we get the message. >> manger, doesn't it come from
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a french word. >> to eat. exactly. >> very sophisticated. >> glad you remember that. >> i pretend not to listen to what you say. but i am. it's the journalist in me. thank you for sharing the message of christmas, i appreciate it. >> you're very welcome. >> it's great to hear on any day. >> can i say merry christmas to my mother? >> please. >> merry christmas, mom. i love you. >> big points for that. >> yes, yes. >> not to be outdone. mom, you know who loves you. i love you. merry christmas. kate, indra, i love you, too. >> everyone, three, two, one. >> hi, mom. >> merry christmas. coming up next, are you enjoying the holiday treats? i hope so. well, there are ways to do it without packing on the pounds, maybe not. but we'll try to find a way. we'll tell you how to make your happy holiday a healthy one. >> the three of us sitting here look like we should be a musical
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group. those are the real deal, a real holiday treat for you. all your carol favorites from the young people's chorus of new york city, they'll take us to break. ♪ ♪ lord jesus ♪ lay down your sweet head ♪ the stars in the bright sky look down where he lay ♪
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welcome back to this very special edition of "new day." for so many of us it's nearly impossible to make it through the season without packing on extra pounds. one of our favorite doctors is here to help us try to beat the bulge this year. dr. jennifer coddle, very tough assignment. holiday and nutrition, two things that do not go together. >> right? >> what are the things we should be watching out for as we begin our holiday feasting. >> i have four tips for people. the first thing is don't go hungry to the holiday party. okay? >> great tip. >> it's like going hungry to the grocery store. >> bad idea. >> always a bad idea. never go hungry to the holiday party. eat a healthy snack before you
3:20 am
head out. second rule is spend your calories wisely. right? eat things you know -- >> wisely? it's a party! >> come on, doc. >> eat things you know you really love. don't nibble on the stuff you don't care about. make healthy choices. this is not the time to just eat cakes and cookies all day, still eat your proteins, futures and veggies and portion control. you have to still exercise. you can't sit on the couch and eat bon-bones a bon-bons all da. >> let's get information to motivate your tips. i think part of the problem, only part, i don't think it is a problem but i'll play along, is that we don't know what's in the food we're eating around the holidays. give us a list of what we like to take in and what we are actually taking in. >> or not. >> there are things that i found
3:21 am
out recently about egg nog. one cup of egg nog can run over 300 calories. >> 351. >> it's just not the egg nog. >> you can pack on lots of calories that way. fruit cake, one slice can have 410 calories in it. don't forget things like the candied yams, the cranberry sauce, we're talking 400 calories per serving potentially. >> really? how many cranberry sauce are you putting on your plate? >> and candied yams. they're deceiving because you think you'll be getting some of the good stuff. >> it's a yam and it must be healthy. >> the marshmallow. >> let's just get down here for a second. you were talking about the egg nog, the problem is the rum, the brandy. >> right. >> when you add alcohol, the egg
3:22 am
nog becomes more, not less? >> people are going to have a cocktail or two or three. depending on how stressful your family gathering is. >> a lot of people like to enjoy a cocktail. alcohol only in moderation and never drink and drive. don't forget the amount of calories that can come with alcoholic drinks we have. those fruity, fun, festive martinis can have hundreds of calories in them. >> a little vodka, a little wine? what do you think? sometimes things like vodka as well, we start mixing things and we get the fruity and street and sugar. >> if you drink vodka and wine you're already in trouble. don't matter what the calories are. >> okay. >> your best advise as we finish this up. >> my best advice -- >> people want to have fun. >> they do, they do, we're talking family, friends, festivities and food. i think it's okay to indulge.
3:23 am
moderate portion control and size. still exercise, eat the healthy stuff you normally eat. michaela, i see your face. hold on one second. i have to say, those of you out there that have salt restrictions or things like that, still follow doctor's orders. i think a little bit of holiday is okay. >> what's your stance brussels sprouts? >> depends on what you do with them. >> add bacon. >> you heard the doctor, have fun, just not so much. dr. jennifer coddle, always great to see you. coming up next on "new day," the year in politics, both naughty and nice. who's the big winners in the nation's capital? and who's going to get a lump of coal this year? it's our "political gut check," coming up next. tell us, how are you spending your christmas?
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♪ jingle jingle jingle ♪ dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh ♪ bells on bob tail's ring ♪ ♪ making spirits bright ♪ what fun it is to ride and sing a sleighing song tonight ♪ jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way ♪ ♪ o what fun it is to ride in a
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one horse open sleigh ♪ ♪ jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way ♪ ♪ o what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh ♪ welcome back to the news. we want to get back to the newsdesk to are a check of the headlines making news this morning. an a very good morning to you and a merry christmas to you and yours. developing news this morning from kabul, afghanistan where the u.s. embassy has been hit by taliban rocket fire. a pair of rockets struck part of the compound just before dawn. embassy say the rockets caused no deaths or injuries there but three policemen were hurt by rockets that fell elsewhere in the city. a judge says the california girl who had complications following tonsil surgery is legally brain dead. the 13-year-old jahi macmath will remain on life support until at least monday.
3:29 am
her attorney for her family says they haven't decided whether to appeal the decision. they've been pushing for more time to see signs of recovery. eliot spitzer and his wife are divorcing. the former new york governor and his wife putting out a statement saying their marriage has come to an end after 26 years. spitzer and his wife had been living in separate apartments for months. he had to resign the governorship in disgrace five years ago in a prostitution scandal. the couple have three daughters. two americans are safely back aboard the international space station after more than a seven-hour space walk. rick mastracchio and mike hopkins were fixing the cooling system. those are your headlines for now. a very merry christmas to you and yours. i'm miguel marquez. time now for our political
3:30 am
gut check on this special morning. we have a case of the holiday giggles. let's have fun with our list now. it's been a busy year in washington, a government shutdown, the disastrous website launch for obamacare and now a surprising bipartisan budget compromise. who knew? so who was naughty and nice in the capital this year? we've made our list and checked it twice. our santa is cnn political analyst and executive editor of the daily beast, john avlon here to break it down for us. myr merry christmas. >> who's on the nice list this year. >> quickly. it will be short. >> i feel good about the results. >> good. >> right at the top, you've got to lead with paul ryan and patty murray coming together late in the year, coming up with a bipartisan budget bill. that's a big deal in this environment. that puts them on the nice list. >> see if they can carry the holiday cheer, the bipartisan spirit in the new year. we'll see.
3:31 am
>> here's hoping. >> who else is on your nice list. >> forgotten but earlier senators joe manchin and pat toomey came together in the wake of the newtown shooting to put forward gun control legislation. it's all about a bipartisan gun check bill. it was not successful ultima matly but that showed a profile where a vast majority of americans wanted to see something done. that deserves credit. >> you continue to see the challenges they face. the challenges of that pacing, there was hope and that fell so quickly and we haven't seen anything since in terms of gun control. >> we haven't. >> i see a governor on your list. >> yes, a governor. some not always call nice. chris christie deserves credit. a nice list for his re-election win. the margins of his re-election victory were stunning. positive for a republican party that's looking to get out of the deficit diversity it faces. winning women and hispanic voters.
3:32 am
he showed an ability to reach across the aisle and pull together a bipartisan coalition. >> strong choice. who's next? i take exception to the next one. >> oh, why the exception? >> i'll let you say it first. >> pope francis. in one year he's come in and really been able too change feelings about the catholic church. i think not to reduce his moral leadership to politics but the republican party could learn a lot from pope francis. >> that's exactly what you did by putting him on the list. you put him among all these other people. >> did i. but we're throwing it all together. >> this guy is preaching love and forgiveness and trying to get rid of all the trappings of institutionalization and you put him with these other people, they live by those things. >> honestly if the republican party could take a note about focusing on core messages and not betting dogged by by divisive social issues, it's a moral leadership.
3:33 am
>> the democrats have nothing to learn. >> yes, they do. >> both parties can learn. >> noticeably absent, any of the national political parties. shocker. who's on the naughty list? you cannot say all of washington. that is a copout. >> that would be terrible. >> it would be terrible. we'll start off the naughty list, the big bag of coal delivered straight to kathleen sebeli sebelius. >> ouch. >> there's a lot it answer for. not in the person of kathleen sebelius but failure of to get off the ground, thattette goods you on the naughty list. >> true. many people didn't know her -- i would argue a lot of americans didn't really know the health and human services secretary's name until this happened. >> arguably they did not handle it well. that may get you on the list as well. it's about spin, getting out the message. >> green eggs and ham on the
3:34 am
naughty list? what? >> green eggs and ham. >> senator ted cruz who quoted from dr. seuss during his near filibuster of 21 hours, trying to defund obamacare. a total face plant, a con pushed by conservative activist groups, leading directly to the government shutdown. had a 0% chance of success yet cruz encouraged the charge into the bayenettes. he burned a lot of bridges. >> maybe burned some bridges but there's a large and vocal section of the republican party who think -- who have put him squarely on the nice list this year. >> yes, yes, yes, but this is where we did the reality check. because even boehner and mcconnell, the republican leaders have come to realize they have a problem with extremists in their own camp, who aren't interested in governing, just grand standing. ted cruz is exhibit a. >> marketplace of ideas, sometimes you have to hear from the inside to build yourself on the outside. this is a senator that tried to
3:35 am
take me down bah humbug style on my own list. >> let's talk about another rab renegade. a man named rob ford. >> we're going to step over anthony weiner? >> hopefully he makes it to the nice list in the future. >> there's hope for everyone. rob ford, the mayor. >> hope for everyone? i don't know. rob ford turned -- this is like performance art to basement at this point. this guy, he basically ticked off every single box on the naughty list for doing crack to quote, unquote, forgetting about it, con sorting wi ing wconsort. >> i think he sets the bar pretty high on the naughty list. >> you know how he can get on
3:36 am
the nice list going forward? find help for himself. >> i like the way you're reaching for the silver lining but mayor mccrack is still mayor mccrack. >> he'll probably have to stop being mayor but dealing with the crack problem is more important than his political pedigree. >> a little egg nog for you. watch the calories. >> chris doesn't believe it. >> christmas is about calories. google it. i think that's what it says. coming up on "new day," christmas means tree, gift, big meal, in this country, but not so in some other places around the world. there are different holiday traditions. from overseas, we'll see you what there is on christmas, coming up. >> this is the sound of christmas. the young people's chorus of new york city is here under the direction of francisco nunez. take a listen. ♪ how lovely are your branches
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to help communities recover and rebuild. for companies going from garage to global. on the ground, in the air, even into space. we repaid every dollar america lent us. and gave america back a profit. we're here to keep our promises. to help you realize a better tomorrow. from the families of aig, happy holidays.
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welcome back to "new day." merry christmas, everyone. let's go around the world starting in, appropriately, bethlehem, where many have gathered to mark one of the most important days for christians. karl penhaul is there. >> tradition has it that this church is built above the stable where mary and joseph took lodgings and the manger where baby jesus was laid. bethlehem has become a magnet for tourists across the world, a giant christmas tree, carols and on christmas eve, a midnight mass. tradition also has it that the end of that street shown the star of bethlehem, that guided the wise men bringing gifts. back to you, kate. >> what a special place that would be. >> little town of. >> exactly right. >> imagine.
3:41 am
how about that snow? what's the likelihood of that? >> i did it, don't worry. >> you helped out with that. >> called in a few favors. >> way to go, indra. ivan watson. >> welcome to christmas in beijing. now, christmas is not traditionally an important holiday in china but over the past 20 years, many businesses have embraced its colors, its pageantry and especially its sales and marketing. most of the chinese we've talked to, they say, that they don't engage in the exchange of gifts on the 25th of december but they do like to take advantage of the sales and discounts in chinese shopping malls. that basically makes christmas a commercial festival in china. back to you, kate. >> all right, ivan. >> which makes it so different. >> which makes it just like us. >> good to know things are
3:42 am
universal. >> exactly. let's go to spain where christmas is just the beginning for those celebrating the holidays, al goodman is in madrid. >> christmas is just the preamble to a long holiday season in spain that continues right through january 6th. the three kings day, when spanish kids get most of their gifts. new years eve, the spaniards eat 12 grapes at midnight to usher in a prosperous new year. >> that's what i'm talking about. extend the holiday as long as possible. >> dr. coddle will be glad to see the fruit. >> you get at least 12 grapes. >> don't tell her about the wine. >> to brazil where, of course, it's summertime but that doesn't take away from the holiday cheer. shasta darlington is in sao paulo with more. >> reporter: kate, americans would feel at home in sao paulo
3:43 am
during christmas, even though it's the opposite season, it's the summer here. this time of year is about christmas trees, santa claus, turkey dinners and, you guessed it, shopping. back to you, kate. >> happens to be opposite season but that's the largest population of catholics in the world. >> yes. that's right. >> big celebration there. >> let's go to london now for a different take where many are chowing down on minced pies to mark the holidays. erin mclaughlin with that. >> reporter: a welcome break from all the christmas shop going on in london, a glass of piping hot apple cider and a minced pie. the ingredients dates back to the 13th century. used to have meat but now it has a gooey fruit-based center. mark's and spencer says they expect to sell over 31 million minced pies this year alone.
3:44 am
back to you, kate. >> you got a little in your teeth, erin. >> what was that? >> my mom makes amazing butter tarts. >> i've never had a minced pie. >> i always stayed away because of the word minced meat. >> well, yeah. >> i'll take it, as long as you're cooking. >> i can make a wonderful rum ball. next up, we'll take a short break here, a little girl helping her parents get into the holiday spirit through sign language. it is our holiday good stuff on this christmas morning. 24 christmas trees and a thousand yards of ribbon, the secrets behind decorate be, you guessed it, the white house. >> ribbon or red tape? take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ [ male announcer ] that's handy. discover card. hey! so i'm looking at my bill, and my fico® credit score's on here. yeah, you've got our discover it card, so you get your fico® score on your monthly statements now, for free! that's nice of you!
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tell me what you see ♪ ♪ give us hope ♪ my voice is calling ♪ can you see look in my eyes ♪ ♪ can you feel my hand is reaching ♪ ♪ give us hope and we'll show you the way ♪ ♪ give us hope my voice is calling ♪ ♪ can you see look in my eyes ♪ ♪ can you feel my hand is reaching ♪ ♪ give us hope and we'll show you the way ♪ ♪ show you the way ♪ show you the way my voice is calling ♪ ♪ show you the way
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>> if that doesn't give you hope, i don't know what will. the beautiful voices we're all treated to this morning from the young people's chorus of new york city. it's great to have them here with us. everything today is the good stuff. we have a little bit more for you. 'tis the season, christmas, pageants, concerts, school, special moments for parents everywhere. what if those parents can hear those special moments? enter kindergartener claire. take a listen. ♪ with a twinkle in his eye ♪ santa is his name-o >> kindergartener claire, 5 years old, she's signing. that's precocious there. she was signing to her parents during the christmas carols and you don't all their holiday songs. her folks didn't know, so they could enjoy it as well. her paul ryans didn't even know.
3:51 am
mom says she's proud of her little girl. she's a much better interpreter than nelson mandela's -- there's no reason to bring that mess into the discussion. 5 years old. not only does she know how to sign and speak, which is great, but she thought to do this for her parents as a surprise at that age. >> you can see it on her face. she's beaming with pride. i can watch that over and over again. >> think of what a special christmas present that is for her parents. i can't even imagine. their hearts are probably bursting. >> mine is. >> exactly. >> it's a beautiful thing. as an interpreter we had to learn too much about it given what happened the the nelson mandela memorial. an expressive face. >> we know a 5-year-old, it's hard enough for them to stay on
3:52 am
with the songs they'll be sing, let alone everything she's doing. >> you can pick her out of the crowd. she's so happy. >> my kids didn't even know who i was at that age. >> they're still working on it. >> thank you, claire, you're not just a kindergartener, you're a great kid already. thanks for this little dose of the good stuff. the artistic director of the young people's chorus of new york city, is here. you were appreciating the beauty of that simple moment, the child signing a christmas carol so her parents could enjoy it as well. >> that's inkred. >> children are waiting for their parents to say something for them. for a child to give back to the parents, it's a great gift. >> the gift that you and your chorus have brought us today has been exceptional. thank you so much for doing this. >> thank you. >> you're not just a holiday seasoned chorus. >> no, we're not. we're a full-year program. we have close to 1,400 children from all over new york city.
3:53 am
these kids come from all walks of life. >> you told me a special note about the last number you performed for us. >> it's very dear to us. we've been singing it since 1999. the 9/11 memorial has adopted the piece as part of -- when you walk through the memorial you'll hear "give us hope." >> that's what we need. everybody has a favorite holiday song. is that a problem for you? or do you pick your own favorite or does the chorus say, what about this song, mr. fnunez. >> they call me francisco. >> very well. good job. because the children come from different back grounds and religions, we learn from each other. just the other day a young lady said i have music i'd like you to hear. we adopt music from everywhere. we were able to take familiar tunes from christmas and from the holidays and put a real urban feel to them.
3:54 am
that's giving it a much more new york feeling on the piece. >> so there's a few of us, indra and i, are transplants from the west coast. what do we need to know about an east coast christmas? >> it's cold. >> indra is on that one. she has that one figured out. >> the rhythm is different here in new york. we have a mixture of the latino, the african-american and then all the other wonderful backgrounds that are here, the melody of all different kinds of people. you have a funky urban style christmas, you have to have more syncopation. >> are you going to do something for us as we go to break. >> we'll do "deck the halls" with a little bit of a twist. >> i will not sing. i'll mouth the words.
3:55 am
♪ deck the halls with boughs of holly ♪ ♪ fa la la la la la la la la ♪ ♪ 'tis the season to be jolly ♪ ♪ fa la la la la la la la la ♪ ♪ don we now our gay apparel ♪ ♪ fa la la la la la la la la ♪ ♪ troll the ancient yuletide carol ♪ ♪ fa la la la la la la la la ♪ ♪ see the blazing yule before us ♪ ♪ fa la la la la la la la la ♪ ♪ deck the halls with boughs of holly ♪
3:56 am
♪ 'tis the season to be jolly ♪ ♪ don we now our gay apparel ♪ ♪ deck the halls with boughs of holly ♪ ♪ 'tis the season to be jolly ♪ ♪ fa la la la ♪ what are we gonna deck >> how do you make don we now our gay apparel a funky line? they did it. he's got it. >> thanks, guys. >> very nice. i have to learn some of those moves. >> we have to take a break. >> we don't have enough time. >> leave it to the professionals, love. >> coming up on "new day," christmas is all about being home with family but for some who have just returned from fighting overseas, it could be one heck of a tough transition. we'll take a look at the good work being done to make that transition easier, coming up. also ahead, no home
3:57 am
celebrates christmas quite like the white house. we'll talk to the woman who wrote the book on getting the executive mansion to look its holiday best. ♪ how do you explain the feeling of this place? of pulling close the things you love. of days that crash headlong into night. and nights that say nothing but yes. you don't explain it. you just experience it. los cabos. live it to believe it. hmm. mm-hmm.
3:58 am
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frequent heartburn medicine for 8 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. ♪ glory to the newborn king nooet pea ♪ ♪ peace on earth merry christmas from our home to yours, let us help you kick off this special day. we have all the day's news plus great music, good holiday cheer and so much more. a very merry "new day" starts right now. ♪ christ is born on bethlehem
4:01 am
♪ hark the harold angels sing ♪ glory to the newborn king >> young people's chorus of new york city, beautiful, beautiful, with us all morning. good morning to you. welcome back to "new day." december 25th, 7:00 in the east. a warm merry christmas to you all. we are honored to have the choir here with us. they are helping us. young people's chorus of new york city, can't say it enough. they are under the direction of francisco nunez, known to us as francisco. they'll be sing something of your favorite holiday carols all morning long. also ahead on "new day," from the kennedys to the obamas, washington has a special knack for capturing that christmas magic. we'll take a look at what it takes to turn the white house into a winter wonderland. we'll also look ahead to
4:02 am
tomorrow. it is one of the biggest return days and sales days of the year. we'll tell you how you can navigate it all, including what products will net you the biggest savings. >> i like that already. going to the extreme, the lights, excitement and lengths many people have gone to to make this holiday special. that's all coming up. >> that is impressive. >> that was good. >> let's get you over to the newsdesk for the latest things making news right now. here are your headlines. good morning and merry christmas to you, i'm miguel marquez. this is the first christmas for pope francis's leader of the world's catholics. he read his first orbi et orbi address. earlier he held his first christmas midnight mass, urging the faithful to give up on hatred. the first family is celebrating christmas in hawaii and issuing a video message marking the holiday. in it, the president and first
4:03 am
lady thank the service members for helping protect the nation overseas, talk about being kind to loved ones and neighbors and doing service for others. >> so many people all across the country are helping out ott soup kitchens, buying gifts for children in need, organizing food or clothing drives for their neighbors. for families like ours, that service is a chance to celebrate the birth of christ and live out what he taught us, to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, to feed the hungry and look after the sick. to be our brother's keeper and our sister's keeper. >> first couple saying we should all pledge to help each other in the new year. a pair of taliban rockets have hit the u.s. embassy compound in kabul, afghanistan. it happened just before dawn, send diplomats and workers scrambling into bunkers. embassy officials are calling the strike indirect fire and say there have been no deaths or injuries as a result. the taliban is claiming responsibility and the embassy is assessing damage to the facility. thousands of more international troops are on
4:04 am
their way to south sudan as the country falls further into civil war. the u.n. security council voted unanimously to send more than 5,000 peacekeepers to the african nation with hopes of protecting civilians, that as 50 u.s. marines have now been stationed in nearby uganda. they are said to be ready to go in to help evacuate any americans in south sudan. there are increasing reports of violence in the country, including possible ethnic killings. more time may be coming for those who may have missed the deadline to sign up for obamacare. the administration announcing anyone who couldn't sign up by the midnight deadline on tuesday could get more time to complete their applications but only if you can prove they ran out of time because of problems with it's not clear yet just how you would go about proving that. the site has already seen heavy traffic the last few days as millions race to sign up for coverage to take effect january 1st. a federal appeals court is letting gay marriages continue in utah, the court refused to
4:05 am
issue an emergency stay, blocking same-sex nuptials there. days after a judge ruled the state's ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional. the state is challenging that ruling but marriages will go on as the appeal moves forward. the state attorney general's office says it is now prepared to go to the u.s. supreme court to ask the justices to stop the weddings until the appeals court can rule on the merits of the case. but 100 residents evacuated because of a big california wildfire are being allowed back into their homes. they were moved out as the fire roared through the big sur region burning just under 1.5 square miles. 34 homes were destroyed by the blaze which was fanned by high winds, dry vegetation, also helped fuel that fire, officials are said to be close to figuring out what caused it. but have not yet speculated on what may have been behind that fire. for most of the country, the christmas forecast looks pretty
4:06 am
darn nice. expect a few flurries in the great lakes and showers are possible in parts of south texas and florida. but the rest of us should see sunny to partly cloudy or partly sunny skies as the case may be. there will be cool temperatures but pretty much in the normal temperature range for this time of year. those are the stories that we are following right now. a very merry christmas to you and yours. i'm miguel marquez. the holidays are a time for family and friends, of course. many of you will spend these special days with them. doesn't feel quite right.still - there are service members home from war overseas and still trying to adjust. barbara starr is at the pen gone for us this morning with that story. good morning, barbara. >> good morning, kate. i want to introduce everyone to two veterans who have made a remarkable journey and now have an unshakable commitment to helping those coming home from war. >> i'm colonel dave sutherland.
4:07 am
i'm a veteran with great pride. i'm a father. i'm a husband. i'm an uncle. i'm a son. i'm an american soldier. i serve for you. i fought with you. and i would die for you. >> reporter: dave sutherland led 5,000 troops in iraq, we first met him on patrol in 2007. >> they were sick and tired of al qaeda. >> reporter: now retired, his journey to serve continues. with one passion, helping veterans coming home. >> we believe in everything we do that our veterans, our military families with be families of the fallen can thrive where they live. >> reporter: a journey of absolute commitment he's made with colleague kim mitchell, a former naval officer. they are here talking to vet vans and veterans advocates. >> something in my heart told me that this is what i was men the to do. given my background, given the fact that the only reason i'm here is because of the vietnam
4:08 am
veterans. >> reporter: they left military service in 2012 and opened up the dixon center, working with communities across the country. organize, locally based help with jobs, education and housing. >> everyone is looking towards more local community based services to help veterans. >> reporter: he knows how bad the post traumatic stress can get. >> pretty much destroying my life. but it was the common issues of ptsd, the anger, the sleepless nights, the substance abuse. >> reporter: army veteran david barr now a social worker. he and sutherland hope to work together. barr says veterans like him often feel alone when they come home. >> you'll need a community, you'll need a town. you'll need a block, the neighborhood to re-establish that bond. >> reporter: sutherland and mitchell have gone to more than
4:09 am
500 communities across the country organizing local help on their journey born of grief and hope. dixon center is named after sutherland's friend, staff sergeant donnie dixon, killed before his eyes on an iraq patrol. more than 40 years ago, a south vietnamese soldier had orders to blow up a bridge. >> there is one last survivor stumbling across the bridge carrying a bundle, a hat with a baby wrapped up in a towel. he found me alongside of the road clinging to the body of a dead woman. >> reporter: kim was adopted by an american service member, last year after reading an article about her, that vietnamese soldier now living in new mexico found her again. we meet up on skype. he tells us it was beyond belief she was the baby he saved. he could not imagine how she survived. and this holiday season, dave
4:10 am
sutherland and kim mitchell believe strongly that america's veterans can do more than just survive. they can actually thrive in the communities where they live with a little bit of help from towns and neighbors across the country. their message, if you see a veteran, ask them how they're doing. kate, chris? >> no kidding. barbara, what an amazing story to be able to connect those two after so long. thank you so much. that is amazing. it really is. the message, especially on this day but every day, to find ways to help veterans adjust and show them how much we do support the troops. >> absolutely. coming up here on "new day," 'tis the season to find some deals. nothing says christmas like shopping, right? we'll have tips for you for finding the best way to save some money after the holidays. and turning the white house to a winter wonderland, a look at the history of decorating 1600 pennsylvania avenue.
4:11 am
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4:15 am
christmas at the white house. it is always an amazing display there. what 1600 pennsylvania avenue looks like can really be different depending on who's living inside. here to talk all about it is colleen christian burke, the author of "christmas with the first ladies." what a tremendous collection. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> you like terribly festive today as we would expect. >> merry, merry. >> i want to talk about this year. we have the obama family living in the white house. >> we sure do. >> tell us what their house looks like right now. >> we started decorating this thanksgiving and after six days that house looked spectacular. everyone should try to see the decoratio decorations. mrs. obama's theme is gather around. gather around your family, your tradition, all the good stuff. she always cuts to the heart of the matter. >> you worked closely with them on the theme. >> the first lady is the commander in chief of christmas.
4:16 am
we're her foot soldiers an we work very hard for six days nonstop and we make sure it's what she wants it to be. it's fabulous. >> having -- if you're fortunate enough to be able to stroll through there, she uses not necessarily the colors you'd associate with christmas. >> exactly. we're green and red but she's more purple and blue and turquoise and pale pink and pale blue, steps outside the box but shows us christmas decorating can be done with anything in any way as long as you have the true meaning. >> you, the chief decorator if you will. >> i was one of the decorating teams. >> the elves. >> for mrs. bush. >> tell bus that. >> first of all, it's a pinch me moment to be able to get there, to be in the white house and then to be decorating it for all the thousands of visitors who come to see? that year it was a red, white
4:17 am
and blue christmas. it was very patriotic. you just can't help when you're standing in the white house to be in awe of everyone who's come before you and the people who live there right now. it was a very special time. >> that's an interesting dynamic, having been there since president reagan, as i date myself. how do you deal with the different presidents wanting different things? or the first ladies, whoever it is. is there any pushback? i want nine trees, i want my tree white with blue lights. >> how about 49 trees under barbara bush. the number can get up there. i think everyone is in line with what the first lady wants. if you follow her vision you'll see her personality and what she wants the experience to be for the american public. that's really a special privilege to be able to get to watch. we've seen everything there. we had nancy reagan who had mr. t. come to the white house. >> i remember that. >> i love it.
4:18 am
>> what doesn't mean christmas other than mr. t. >> a lot of bling, a lot of bling. >> i mean, we've seen everything over the years. but what i found to be really remarkable is that this is a place where people actually live. and that you really get a sense of it being a home for our first families. some of the pictures i found first for the book were the kennedy family. just really poignant of these young kids, john-john and caroline, re-enacting the nativity for our parents. >> a cute side note. we found a blush, speaking of president reagan, he had an allergy to some of the live christmas trees. >> to the live trees and also president clinton. they had to scale back the live, especially in the oval office and in the living quarters. president reagan especially said he would suffer through for the american people. >> well done. >> is there a common theme throughout in your research when you're looking back at christmas with the first ladies? is there a common theme or have
4:19 am
you seen the trends and the themes change over the many administrations? >> some of them definitely repeat themselves. jackie kennedy said if we're going to have thousands of people over for the holiday, let's put thought into it. she came up with the idea of the theme and then it's progressed over time. mrs. reagan pretty much always had the same theme, an old-fashioned christmas for children. you have mrs. obama who picks these themes that are about the heart of the holiday. she had simple blessings, now we have gather around. we've seen all sorts of things. lots of times they like to commemorate and remember our military and also children at christmas. those are two things that pop up. mrs. obama is big on honoring our service people. >> you made an important point there. everybody assumes this. the fact that they live there. >> yes. >> probably also allows the exercise of celebrating christmas in the first place. if it were just an office building they wouldn't be able to do any of this. that's something that's important to keep in mind.
4:20 am
>> i was thinking about the fact if we all, especially with gifts over in the holidays, you take pride and there's an amount of stress that comes with making the house look just right. there's a different level of expectation because of the eyes on it. >> it is executed with military precision. we -- >> it has to be. >> right. just the way it is at your house. >> how many holiday receptions do they throw during a season? dozens? >> during the clinton administration they were having two and three a day. they had to curtail how many pictures they could take. they start baking for the parties the summer before. >> wow. >> there's hundreds of thousands of cookies and tarts and pastries. it starts in the summer and the planning for christmas starts almost after this christmas is over. >> no rest. >> probably like a month or so. >> just like santa. >> let the first lady know if she needs my rum ball recipe,
4:21 am
i'll be much obliged. >> people won't remember what they're saying anyway. >> "christmas with the first ladies." this is a fantastic gift, especially if you know a decorator in your house. >> thank you. christmas is always a big time at the multiplex. we have the buzziest, must-see films in theaters this holiday along with a lookout for our favorite classics. >> oh, yes. also ahead, tomorrow -- let's talk about today. tomorrow you have that, one of the biggest gift return days of the year. how to get the best deals while beating the crowds. [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china,
4:22 am
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4:25 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> beautifully done. the young people's chorus of new
4:26 am
york city. we'll clap like thousands although we are only five. welcome back to "new day." merry christmas to you. let's head to the newsdesk for stories that are making news right now. a call for peace from the pope in his first christmas message overlooking st. peter's square. he called for humanitarian aid access in syria. pope francis delivered his first christmas eve mass at st. peter's basilica last night. he proched love and forgive in is, urging people to cast aside hatred. the president and first lady sending their holiday messages to the nation. they encourage the message to encourage americans to come together and care for each other. they paid special attention noting that many soldiers are home for the holidays. >> many of our troops and newest veterans, this might be the first time in years they've been
4:27 am
with their families on christmas. in fact, with the iraq war over and the transition in afghanistan, fewer of our men and women in uniform are deployed in harm's way than at any time in the last decade. >> that's something that we all can be thankful for. >> the first family also urged americans positive support local communities that can use a hand. mrs. obama had a little christmas fun. she spent half an hour taking phone calls from children calling the norad santa tracker hot line, the aerospace defense command tracks santa's progress every year and has over 1,000 volunteers helping update callers from around the world. the tradition dates back to the 1950s. it's moved online in 1998. no secret about this message from edward snowden, the nsa leaker, delivered a traditional alternative christmas message to the united kingdom, assailing the level of global surveillance.
4:28 am
>> a child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all. they'll never know what it means to have a private moment to themselves, an unrecorded, unanalyzed thought. and that's a problem. because privacy matters. privacy is what allows us to determine who we are and who we want to be. >> the uk's channeled for alternative christmas message has been a tradition since 1 93. thousands of christians packed the town of bethlehem in the west bank for christmas eve celebrations. a top roman catholic leader in the holyland said the message of christmas is peace, love and brotherhood. very merry christmas to you all. i'm miguel marquez in new york. welcome back to "new day." if you are a fan of good movies, this time of year is what you've been waiting for, folks. the studios are putting out
4:29 am
their biggest and best films this year there are a lot of them getting a ton of buzz. nischelle turner is here taking a look at it all. >> we like to go to the movies on christmas day. once you're done with opening presents, then at night you like to take a trip to the movies. if you do, there are great movies out this holiday season for you to check out. the movie we've all been wanting to see, "anchorman ii" is out. that's a great one to see. >> you burn calories. >> the gang is back, they're in new york now, it's the '80s. >> just as inappropriate. >> exactly. there was a ton of promotion for this. they've been everywhere. this is a great movie to see. >> i'm still uncomfortable looking at him. >> you were ron burgundy's intern at one point? >> that's how i got my start in the business. >> i still doesn't know your name. >> never look him in the eye. >> i've moved on, just happy i have all of you now. >> don't forget about "the
4:30 am
hobbit: the decimation of smaug." it's made $74 million so far. it's going to be one of the blockbusters of this year. people have been waiting for this, fans of "lord of the rings" have definitely been waiting for this film. and we can't forget about "american hustle" cleaning up with the nominations, seven golden globe nominations. this is a good one to check out if you have time over the holiday as well. >> if you want to see thatten brad new movie that opens up on christmas, we've got a couple for you, too "wolf of wall street," a fantastic movie. it is three hours long but it's a fantastic movie. we also have what a lot of people are calling julia roberts best work ever "august o'sage county." both her and meryl streep will
4:31 am
be cleaning up in the awards season. this is about a dysfunctional family. >> also known as a family. >> also known as the turner family. >> from stage to the big screen. it's a great play. >> that's right. that's what's new. i've been wondering, we talk all the time, i'm a movie buff. i like to know what other people like. i am that person who sits at home in my pajamas and watches christmas movies. >> i love this time of year for movies. >> i wanted to know what everybody's favorite is around here. >> this is telling. >> i'm start with this lady right here, the blond bombshell to my left. >> we watch a lot of the classics but one of my favorites has always been "scrooge" with bill murray. >> there you go. >> "the ghost of christmas present". >> she bashes him in the head. >> it's all in good fun.
4:32 am
>> she has such a small voice and then she will hit you. >> i feel like i live this every day. and it's good you can mimic the voice because you mimic the disposition. >> chris cuomo, what about you, what say you, sir? >> "christmas story" one of the few movies my whole family got into growing up, darren mcgavin. you have some of that for me? >> what would you like tore christmas? >> glorified. i heard myself blurt it out. >> no. >> shoot your eye out. >> oh, no, it was the classic mother bb gun block. it will shoot your eye out. >> narrator made the movie. but i was looking around the set today, there's a lamp in that movie that the guy wins. >> here it comes. >> we actually have the lamp here which of course gets destroyed in the movie. >> and the poor wife in it has
4:33 am
to deal with that lamp. >> we made this lamp out of a replica of my leg. >> oh, really? >> that's actually my leg. >> that is such a great film, if you haven't seen it, indra said she hadn't seen it. >> indra peterson. >> what about you? >> here's the deal. i am the same way as kate. there's tons. it depends on my mood i will watch them all, charlie brown christmas, all of the specials. don't get me started on lifetime. my favorite, it urn 0s out -- >> both of you? >> obviously. >> i'll show you my favorite scene from it. it's not for everybody because kids, there's adult themes in "love actually." this is my favorite scene. ♪ ♪ on the feast of steven ♪ when the snow round about
4:34 am
♪. >> wait, wait, wait. >> the little princesses dancing on the door step. >> that has become a modern day classic. >> about family, love, relationships, second chances. >> for me, i don't know if it speaks to what's in my head, that i am like a 12-year-old child forever, i'm a claymation fan, "santa claus is coming to town." >> how about "a year without santa claus." >> the adbominable snowman. >>. ♪ of the other >> i see a movie marathon in our future, friends. >> i think so.
4:35 am
>> that was good stuff. >> that was fun, nischelle. >> we have our list of stuff to watch. did you get everything you want today? don't worry, there are deals to be had the day after christmas. we'll have tips for you coming up. we have a special holiday edition of good stuff. they're calling him the layaway angel, coming through to help shoppers pay off their bills wait till you meet him. ♪ silent night ♪ girls and boys a wintry wonderland ♪ [ male announcer ] for every late night,
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we have to add nischelle and christine. she's been a very good elf this year. welcome back to our special edition of "new day." what's the best time for you to pick up some of the things you might want and didn't get? christine romans is here with some ideas. >> i do. >> she's been shopping her heinie off. let's start with clothing. we love clothes. >> tomorrow is the day. tomorrow is the day of the biggest sales. my whole research team is working on this. now that you have the wrapping to pick up, let's think about you. december 26th. look, our experts talk to we say
4:40 am
french connection, gap, banana republic, club monaco. if you like coupons, banana republic in particular has a lot of coupons. clothing in those places and look at other -- you'll have great clothing deals. >> online or in the stores? >> both but especially if you go to the stores. >> you're also tell is us that this might also be a good time to buy furniture? i feel you're not giving furniture as christmas gifts. >> no. >> it will get thrown out of people's houses when you are fighting with family. >> a lot of the big furniture collections debut in february. in january, this is when they'll be trying to get rid of their old -- >> that's a handsome piece. >> of the big old orange couch. also mattresses. the mattress companies realize
4:41 am
people will be shopping for furniture, maybe you need air new mattress. shop around. this is the time of year for furniture. pottery barn and others, america's research group told us you'll see the new collections in february. watch for the markdowns in january. >> mental note. i just moved here. i need more furniture. >> i'll hook you up with that orange love seat. >> you're going to need it to watch your new tv. >> how about that? we all know these things get cheaper as new versions come out .big boy toys, the audio visual stuff subis this a good time? >> this is a good time. here's why. you have the consumer electronics show. before that you'll see a lot of markdowns on the older models. the companies try to use super bowl as this big kind of buying spree weekend. you'll see more and more sales. the folks at deal news told us be on the lookout for panasonic made plasma tvs, they'll be not
4:42 am
making them. >> all the plasmas are falling away. i was buying tvs, they get you with the audio part. this is fine but, however, what you'd like -- your chest comes up, says i want a loud tv, too. >> since i sold my car, not that i need one in manhattan but what about cars? >> you'll see good car deals, too. the dealers want to close their books well, meet their targets. they have until january 2 tond make all the targets for the year. you'll see them selling out their 2013 models. the last sales days for 2013 is probably january 2nd, 1st or 2nd. you might have a whole weekend to try to do this. some of the offers for the 2013 models are unbelievable. 0% financing for some, up to $7,500 cash back for others. if you need a car, this is the time to buy. guess what, you have the
4:43 am
advantage. the manager of the dealership does not have the advantage. you really have the advantage. they really want to get those out the door. 92013 models because they have beautiful new cars coming in. the financing is still very, very good, if you have good credit, the financing is still very, very good for the new car-month-olds. >> she's redeemed herself. earlier we were giving you grief about being debby downer with the mega millions, with the lottery. >> i think this is the most wonderful time of year to treat yourself, this is a really good time. >> you know what i've noticed this year is the returns for everything from toys to clothes seems to be a bigger return window this year. >> there is a bigger return window. i always like to say, be careful of the restocking fees, be careful if you're buying things on websites. this year, we showed some of the websites where you can't say anything bad about them.
4:44 am
watch the fine print on the return policies. the big chains are much better at raueturns. i go to home depot with a vacuum bag, i don't have the receipt, it doesn't matter. they'll return it. the big chains who want your business are finding ways to be very, very amenable about the return policies. that's something you'll reward them with your business further going down the road. >> christine romans, appreciate it. >> i like red cashmere. >> i know i make you the face of big business but that's only for the purpose of play. you worked so hard to get us this information, thank you for doing it all year long. >> what did you put it in his punch. >> on christmas day, i'll say it like it is. i'll come after you tomorrow. 80 florida families will have a happier holiday, thanks to a man who's being called a layaway angel. >> he was running his card. i didn't believe they didn't melt. >> he was running his cart so
4:45 am
fast. why? walmart assistant manager deb davis telling us how amazed she was when a man came up to the counter and started paying off layaways and would not stop. by the time he was done he racked up $20,000. question, why did he do it? >> he heard a lady out in one of the aisles talking about how she needed to pay off her layaway but she didn't think she'd be able to take care of all of it this year. he walked back here and started in. it was crazy. >> not crazy. crazy nice. we've since identify the the layaway angel, local financial planner, greg parody. he was in walmart, get this, buying bikes for toys for to thes. he was already there doing the right thing. it was a little while when his beneficiaries found out what happened but when they found out -- >> tears, surprise. i mean, there was one lady that after she cried she had to sit
4:46 am
down because we thought she was going to feign the. >> which would have been the opposite of what he was intending by doing all of this. i would bet anything that their reaction, whatever it was is nice but it is the act of giving itself. you don't have to have a big wallet to have a big heart. it's great when someone of means steps up and uses money for good for others. >> makes it that much easier. >> $20,000? >> 20,000 bucks. and he was buying bikes for toys for tots. this is obviously a guy that has the spirit. >> that's great. >> isn't that nice? i'm bashing the business people all the time. >> financial planner. >> top of christine romans nice list this year would be a financial planner. all right. we'll take a break. coming up next on "new day," extreme lights, extreme ornaments. downright extreme everything, people. >> oh, my. extremely upset neighbors? >> exactly. extremely upset neighbors. we'll take a look at the craziest holiday decorations
4:47 am
from all across the country. and good tidings of great joy. what does this day mean to you? we'll ask three religious leaders to weigh in on what the significant of the day is and should be, coming up. there's a little behind from the my family.
4:48 am
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welcome back to new day, merry christmas, everybody. it has been a tradition for a very long time, that's hanging lights inside and outside of your house. but more people are taking it,
4:51 am
let's call it to the extreme. they're looking to break a reported. i've got the top five light shows that will literally wow you. we're going to take you first down under to australia where david richard and his family broke the "guinness book of world records" here, just how many bulbs brink at his highways, try an incredible 5 502,565 bulbs. they expect their electric bill to be as high as $2,500 this month. my favorite part about this, is that in 2011, he held the record. he's never going to do it again, it took too long. so he did it again. >> you can see that from space. >> and he went way out this time. we got another one back in the states, thanks to computer
4:52 am
technology, look at this entire neighborhood, they have their homes sin c s synchronized to r tunes. you actually have the radio station to listen to. when you drive by, you can listen to it, but not everyone has to hear it. in el paso, fred loya an insura company owner, he had over 300,000 lights synchronized to christmas music. >> you can price out the seizures he's going to give people. >> exactly. >> and a southern california resident, under the youtube name player bob, he's a rebel without a klaus, get it. he put together an incredible medially. complete with a snowman, and a santa threading on the guitar.
4:53 am
love, love, love. and i know someone absolutely loves this. this is -- what does the fox say about all of these festive dwellings that we have got? chris cuomo, jay perkins from tul tulsa, oklahoma has the answer. his house hasaround 30,000 animated led lights. the viral hit, you know what those lights are? what did the fox say? it took about 7 hours of work for each minute of the song. i'll make a special call to santa to skip over that house. i'm pretty sure it makes the reindeers nuts. >> i love that skipping light right there. >> that's one of my favorite presents, holiday lightless. >> very, very nice. on this christmas, we are honored to be joined by the young people's chorus of new york city city, they've been here all morning.
4:54 am
they're under the direction of francisco nunez. and musical gifts with joshua bell and friends. they are all here for a classic moment for your holiday. let's take a listen. # # ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:56 am
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♪ ♪ >> christmas is here as you welcome your family, as you open your gifts, let us help you celebrate this special day. >> we have all the day's news, plus useful holiday tips and live christmas music. >> a very merry new day continues right now. ♪ ♪
5:01 am
>> very nice. good morning to you, welcome back to new day, it's december 25, 8:00 in the east, merry christmas to all of you joining us at this hour. the special sound you were hearing is our very own group of christmas carollers under the direction of mr. francisco nunez, they have a new album, cool side of yule tide, and they're here to sing to you on this great holiday morning. and we're examining the real reason why this day means so much to so many. we have assembled a religious round table this morning. >> how many things require batteries or need to be plugged in or charged? there's a lot of new technology out there this year, we're going
5:02 am
to help you sort it all out, what you may be heading back out to the store to buy, with our very own brett larsen. >> i love it. i need it. >> and what else? >> and you answered the crazy gift reactions sent in by our viewers, the agony and the ecstasy all caught on video. but first let's head over to the news desk for a quick check of the news today. >> very merry christmas, i'm miguel marquez, it's the first christmas as leader of the world's catholics for pope francis and he celebrated the holiday today with a holiday mass where he preached love and forgiveness over hatred and darkness. and he delivered his first -- the pope saying war has shattered too many lives and calling for peace. tens of thousands packed the square to hear the pope's address. for the first family, it's christmas in hawaii, celebrating
5:03 am
in a place where the president grew up as they have since he was elected. the president and first lady did issue a video message marking the holiday. they talked about being kind to our loved ones and neighbors and about those sacrificing their holiday to make us safe. >> so many people all across the country are helping out a at soup kitchens, buying gifts for children in need, organizing food or clothing drives for their neighbors. for families like ours, service is a chance to celebrate the birth of christ and live out what he taught us, to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, to feed the hinungry and look after the soak. >> the first couple saying we should all pledge to help each other in the new year. in afghanistan, u.s. officials are still -- workers and diplomats scrambling into bunkers, but there were no deaths or injuries reported. the taliban is claiming
5:04 am
responsibility for the attack. in a car bombing outside a church in southern baghdad left 14 people dead and does sens more injuried. now to south sudan, where a civil war is growing more violent. there is growing evidence of atrocities there and more international forces are now a arriving, including u.s. marines. here's the latest from nearby uganda. >> reporter: the u.s. has stationed 50 marines here in uganda, just down the road from where we are as a cautionary measure. the u.n. voting unanimously to send in an additional 5,500 troops. there's been various reports of mass killings along ethnic lines, mass graves being reported as well. and a widespread fear that if the violence is not brought under control, we could see
5:05 am
killings on the scale of the rwanda genocide. gay marriages will continue in utah. a federal appeals court has stepped in to halt the nuptials, the state's same-sex marriage ban was unconstitutional. get ready to pay more for your mail, the postal regulator has approved a 6% increase to take effect the end of january. that means a first class stamp will go up three cents. the commission thinks it should end in less than two years, the post office says it was disappointed, it wanted the increase to be permanent. if you think your information was stolen after shopping at target, be on the lookout for suspicious e-mails. the retailer is warning customers someone is sending out
5:06 am
fake e-mails. target says it will post official news to its website so you can verify what you received in your inbox. and taking a quick look at the forecast, it's going to be pretty nice out there, the christmas weather calling for partly cloudy skies in most areas, temperatures are going to be cool, that is pretty normal for december 25. a few flurries in the great lakes area, and possibly some showers in south texas and florida. but that is it for now. those are your headlines. merry christmas. now to the meaning of holiday tradition. for many christmas is all about santa and presents. but for christians worldwide, the day's true focus is supposed to be, of course, faith. we have assembled our own group of wise people to give us their take on the spiritual side of the holiday. pastor michael faulkner of harlem's new horizon church of new york and christine lee, assistant director for all
5:07 am
angels church. let's start with santa, what go you think the proper meaning, role of santa should be in the holiday? >> if you think about who santa was, it was based on st. nick. >> he was someone who did have a heart for the poor who really did see the meaning of christmas and giving to those who are most vulnerable, most marginalized. we have gotten very far from that. >> what does san tra represent, what we are supposed to get from the meaning of this jolley, well fed fellow? >> i can't associate santa with the kind of traditions that we do. my kids are all grown now, so i no longer have to fight those battles. but even when they were younger, we just didn't, in our family, we just did not include that as
5:08 am
part of the things that we did. but you live in a greater world in which that is the discussion. >> so you went straight to the birth of christ? >> absolutely. >> you kept as much of the more secularization of it, of that aspect out? >> jesus is the reason for the season? >> what did you tell your kids about what everybody else was feeling? >> we told them the story of the origins of where santa started and the fact that it's gotten away from that and the fact that this is not something that we do, and that we celebrate in our home. or in our church. and so we just didn't propagate it and it was fine. they were really, really fine with that, understanding that mommy and daddy were the ones who basically, who put everything together and who got them the things that they wanted or needed and so forth. >> father beck, you lived in brooklyn, so santa usually skips over the entire bourough, nobody nice lives there.
5:09 am
>> one christmas we had a christmas pageant for a midnight mass, and it was kids. we did a mass at midnight. we had santa come in the procession before the priest, before the lecter, and santa went to the manger and knelt down and gave homage to the child jesus. the kids were all excited that santa was there, yet the focus was where it needed to be on jesus. so i think it's a great use of the cultural symbol and putting it in service of the religion. >> you start to have to figure out as we develop more as people, you're all christians here, at this table. but the sense of the ek coup mena is growing, it seems to be somewhat the salvation of faith, excuse the phrase, hindu, muslim, jewish, christian, that there has to be some type of melding for spirituality to survive. i sense that in reporting a around the world and just living
5:10 am
here. what do you think, christine? >> i think what's really important is that when you talk about an interfaith dialogue, there can be a sense of watering down to distinctions of each of the religions. in a similar way that america is called a melting pot, and kind of a better metaphor would be a tossed salad, where you can have the distints parts. a sense of respecting each other's very clear distinctions, but with a sense of respect and tolerance rather than judgment of the other. >> because the need is so great. i mean we see expanding need, not just to feed the sense of self, for someone where everyone's okay in their life. you don't even need to go abroad anymore to find extreme immediate. and if you're going to fight it with virtue, everything's got to come together, no? >> we do have to come together, for all the reasons that you mentioned. but the message of christmas,
5:11 am
the message of christ is inclusive. because, you know, the hebrew scri scriptures, i tell everybody the road to salvation was paved through a hebrew -- if you look at who he was, where he was in the world. it was an inclusive time in which all people, the wise men who came to worship christ, were not of the jewish faith. they were from outside the jewish traditions. and so it was -- it's very much an ecumenical cataclysmic event that all humanity pivots on. one day every knee will bow that jesus christ is lord. christians look at this as not conquest, because that's the wrong, wrong message, but
5:12 am
inclusion of everyone who would believe. >> so the challenge is, how do you include those who would not believe. those who come and say i believe in good things, this season is relevant to me because of the need, i'm just not dogmatic, i'm not theological it n what is the message to them? >> there are universal themes. do you know what element meteorology the world? it's to tie one back to. religion means to tie people back to what really matters. what matters? mercy, compassion, forgiveness, these are universal themes. christians do not have a corner on any of those themes. when we get that in our heads that we're about the same mission, a and i think we all are, all the fundamental faiths are, if we live religion to what it's supposed to be, it's about tying back to what matters. >> the idea that pope francis seems to be doing exactly that, the catholic church, one of the
5:13 am
things it has been culturally guilty of is separating itself. and now it seems you have this man here at the head of the church saying focus on what matters most, a welcome message for all people of faith? >> absolutely. i think one of those powerful images of pope francis was when he was embracing the man who was deformed and disfigured. he was showing us, this is what god is like. and even though we may not be deformed or disfigured ourselves, i think each of us feel some kind of shame or some way that we don't feel worthy on the inside, and by seeing him embrace him, it's in a sense like god is embracing us. it's a powerful message. >> it's been a long time since we actually had a christian leader that demonstrated that with his live, not just his message, not just his words, but his live. the history of his life and how, you know, it really makes honestly makes me proud to be a christian, to say, okay, now we
5:14 am
don't want to elevate him to the level of rock star, he is a spiritual leader. he would not let it happen. but it feels good to be able to say, wow, this is a guy -- a and he's bringing young people to the table and so his writings, his -- the things that he's saying and doing, they're going to last for a lifetime for those people. >> i'm hearing you all have pope envy, is that true? >> just a little bit. >> you want religious leaders like -- >> i have to give the father a pat on the back, we covered the concla conclave. part of that was because we had a lot of time on cnn broadcast, but also because of how he meant to the people in the conclave, he was the real deal in terms of how he lives his faith. and sure enough, he went on to be who we now know as pope francis.
5:15 am
>> coming up next on new day, black friday is long gone. we know that, but the savings are just getting started. how to make the most of after holiday sales. and remember that kid doe? that reaction became a viral sensation, we have got your videos that just might have him beat. (vo) you are a business pro. seeker of the sublime. you can separate runway ridiculousness...
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because when people come together, good things happen. ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. . this christmas you can expect at least one family member, i would probably argue every family member in some families to open a new holiday gadget. so what can you expect under the
5:19 am
tree today, and if you are not even nice, what should you be buying online for yourself? >> short sell them after christmas, make some money off you guys. >> let's start with some good tech suggestions, you said before, this is the year of the tablet. >> deafinitely the year of the tablet. i've got a picture of my dog here. this is definitely the year of the tablet. they've gotten thinner, the battery life has gotten better. they're connected to everything. they have 4g lte connections in them. led by microsoft and amazon with the kindle fire. amazon is really pushing the whole tablet a and it makes
5:20 am
sense because they want you to have their tablet because they want you to get their content. >> you don't all have to have the same genre. >> i think that's actually the best way to do it. because different tablets have different benefits to them. >> can they then interact? >> they can all surf the web. >> i'm saying like, it's not as easy to blue tooth share with each other? >> some of that you kind of lose. which is the strongest? which one would you recommend off the top of your head? >> you know, they're all kind of made the same, they all use the same -- >> they all break. >> they do break, and that's just par for the course. >> especially if you throw them at someone else. >> or if you use it to swat a fly. >> there are no frozen bananas. >> there's also gaming systems.
5:21 am
you watch tv, almost every other commercial is about another video game. >> and the graphics on these things, i've been playing with the x box one here for a while. the graphics are crazy, it's like being in a movie. it's surround sound, it's like what happened to pac-man? pac-man sprouted legs and started walking around. we have the new xbox one, and -- definitely this morning and tomorrow t kids are going to be rushing out to buy more games. >> when you showed a picture of the playstation there, that was my son's head hitting the screen. >> they're all hd now too, which is nice. and we'll talk about the digital camera. because i'll tell you -- >> yes. >> everyone will say, you don't need a digital camera anymore, everyone's got and android or an
5:22 am
iphone. >> nikon has got above and below 1,000 that are great cameras and these are slr cameras that, ree's closer to a film camera. the go pro, this little -- it's this big. $300, comes in a kit, you can take it under water, the videos that are off, they're popping, look at this stuff. this is great. it's the best $300 you're going to spend on a digital camera, especially for teenagers because the stuff you can do with it is just -- >> and the money you save, you can put towards health insurance. if you don't like taking video of yourself. >> everybody's big on the selfies, so now you can do hd movie selfies. i literally watched a video of a guy who walked around new york all day long. >> you showed your dog, and they're like tech gadgets for
5:23 am
pets? >> there are tech gadgets for pets. there's tag the pet tracker, gps.color, which is great because if you travel with your pet, if you live in an area that's more suburban, you can set up a gps fence and you'll get alerts. >> a friendly shock collar for your chihuahua? >> there's bark fox, which is amazing, started by these two guys here in new york. because they had a hard time finding treats and toys for their giant doberman dog. every month you get a box of goodies for your pet. i did it a couple of months for my dog. i put the box down on the floor, he ripped it open, got the treats. >> go ahead, say it. we love our pets. >> live and let live. i don't know if the variety is that important, they don't care. >> that's okay.
5:24 am
>> just a bone at the end of the day. >> i have actually gotten really into the subscriptions for people. you can get subscriptions for everything. makeup. >> that's kind of passe now. >> what? >> it's been replaced. we have got kraft coffee, where they send you a little bag of coffee every month. and these taste makers go out and find the coffee. and this i think is hysterical. man, which sends you things for guys, underwear, socks, things that guys never tend to replace in time. and need a lot. >> around this time of year is when you do stock up on socks and things. >> imagine if like every month you got a fresh pack -- >> sock of the month club. >> all this stuff that the guy now has to put into the box and is thrown out. >> now we know we have to go out
5:25 am
and get something really nice. >> i know, true. >> what's at the top of your list? >> top of my list? i want a new tv. i'm definitely going to buy one, because the prices are low, the quality is the best they're going to be for severalmore years. >> happy holidays, merry christmas. coming up on new day, what could help a deaf father hear his daughter sing for the first time, the power of the good stuff, that's right, a very special holiday edition for you coming up. also, why is this kid so angry? the answer and more priceless present reactions coming up. that's not even my house.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wow.
5:30 am
welcome back to new day, it's wednesday december 25, merry christmas. if you're waking up with the kids a and heading down to check out what santa put under the tree, you might want to have your cell phone rolling, because kids say the darnedest thing, or especially when they get the gift they really want or really don't want. some of them are priceless. watch a very special edition of the good stuff, today a christmas wish comes true for a dad and daughter, who hears her sing for him for the very first time. let's get a check of the headlines here on christmas morning over at the news desk. >> merry christmas to you and yours. a judge said the california girl who had complications following tonsil surgery is brain dead. she will remain on life support until at least monday. an attorney for her family says
5:31 am
they haven't decided yet whether to appeal the decision. they have been pushing for more time to see if there are signs of recovery. eliot spitzer and his wife are divorcing. the former new york governor and his wife put out a statement saying their marital relationship has come to an end after 26 years, spitzer and his wife have been living in separate apartments for months. he had to resign the governor ship in disgrace two years ago amid a prostitution scandal. and the daughter of the city's mayor elect, bill deblaz owe says she's batled depression and alcohol abuse. she said she thought the problem would go away if she went to college in california, but it persisted. the mayor elect's transition team says it released the video so others in need would seek out help. and two americans are safely back aboard is international space station after a seven-hour space walk. rick and mike were finishing
5:32 am
repairs to the cooling system which malfunctioned two weeks ago. there was a minor problem when a fluid line leaked. those are your headlines this christmas morning, merry christmas to you and a very happy new year. it is every parent's stamp of approval, the look on their kids face christmas morning when they unwrap their gifts. and if you're really lucky, you'll get this. >> yes! yes! yes! >> remember the meltdown after unwrapping the hot video game that year? you can't beat it. pamela joins us with more memorable home videos from viewers. >> you can beat that? that's going to be tough. that truly is what you call a christmas internet classic, with nearly 20 million hits since it
5:33 am
was uploaded back in 2006. we have plenty for from our viewers and you. take a look at this truly priceless reaction. a 3-year-old outraged after opening of all things, books. >> what? >> yeah. >> books for christmas? what the heck is that? that's not toys. that's books! i hate this! >> not a happy camper. and not afraid to share his opinion, right? >> he's only 3 years old. >> that's impressive. precoe shus with the language, the intentionality of it and the hostility of it is also impressive. >> i love that, what the heck? >> this is all impressive. this little boy we're about to see, this is moments after 70ing up what he thinks is an iphone. but it's really an ipad touch.
5:34 am
>> it's a phone, sweet, games! angry birds! >> you know you've cornered the market when. >> i think i would have gotten that excited. >> his sister it's over there not shaken. >> is this a surprise? >> i wanted to tell you about it. >> this is actually one of my favorites. this is actually a teenager, she waited ten years to get her christmas wish. after their family dog died, they finally decided it was time for that wish to finally come true. >> oh, my god! >> oh, my word! >> it's a dog! >> you got to love that. >> and what i love about this,
5:35 am
you'll notice, there's no gifts under the tree. so her family waited until the very end, so she's thinking another year passes, i'm not getting the puppy i have always wanted. then they bring out the big guy. >> sort of like what is happening here? >> that is the beauty of it. when you're a parent, you really, you get sideways on gifts fast. it seems like it never ends. but the chance of making who you love the most so happy and satisfied, that is nothing like it, nothing like it. >> it's not parents that can do that, it's actually companies as well. have you guys seen this video? this is from an airline. christmas miracles do come true. a canadian airline had a virtual santa ask passengers what they wanted for christmas. then the airline sent its own elves storming into the stores, checking every item off their list. and look at this, when the planes landed in calvary, all the christmas miracles were delivered. this was just hours after the passengers had given their -- it
5:36 am
was like 150 employees that had to pull this off. >> didn't someone say socks and underwear? >> you want to go back and say i should have asked for a big screen tv. >> you know when the luggage is too big and it comes down that --. >> my mom gets me a box of socks every year for christmas. do not discount. >> it's the time of year to get the socks. >> you're not going to go out and get it yourself, let's be hone honest. >> now you guys know what i want for christmas. >> it would have been good to know a little while ago. so coming up next on that note, coming up next on new day, i have been, we have all been waiting for this for months to see just what everyone got each other for the holiday. we'll see if we can tap those priceless viewer reactions. it's going to be kind of hard to do it. and we're going to guess who our
5:37 am
secret gifter is. >> and stuff can only get better for the holidays. a deaf dad hears his daughter sing for the very first time. find out how right after this. ♪ ♪
5:38 am
♪ ♪
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all right, it's about to get real. you sent the excitement. there's nothing wrong with this. welcome back to our merry christmas edition of new day. we are sharing the love with our new day family and what does that mean? only part of it, presents. you can see the excitement. so we're going to -- we don't know who got us what. >> we're going to try to guess. >> i see names, so everyone get your gift and we can start opening. bigger is better. grab your gift. everyone grab your gift. this is michaela. >> christine.
5:42 am
>> does that one have a name on it? >> that one said chris on it. >> it did? >> oh, that's a big one. you get a bag. >> it's barnie, bark, bark, bark. >> we're going to open and we're going to start guessing. >> everyone wait. >> oh, this does seem to have glass on it. i think we know who got this. for the people at home -- >> i wonder who got me that. >> i'm just shocked. >> it says to fan, be your best, like me. >> it's recycled.
5:43 am
i send that to people when they really hate you. this is my gift. >> oh, now that is -- >> awww. >> this makes up for it. >> let's see. it's the three of us. >> isn't that nice? >> that is beautiful. >> that is good stuff. >> really nice. the first picture was good. >> but the first picture, back to the head shot. i love you, thank you very much. >> happy holidays. >> pam, why don't you go. >> okay. >> tear it open, girl. >> all right, we got another picture, it looks like. >> oh, my gosh. wow. >> wow. >> show the camera. >> that's almost like a
5:44 am
stalker's gift there. that looks like it was taken on someone's wall. >> me playing soccer with my dad right here. >> that's so sweet. >> with my family, my mom and my brother. wait, we're not even there yet. >> got to keep it moving. >> i'm going, i'm going, guys. >> oh! >> sugar. >> who gave it to her? >> michelle? >> okay. >> i gave you the fixins to make a mint julep.
5:45 am
>> bourbon balls. >> you can get drunk on chocolate from kentucky. >> apparently somebody thinks i need my own wireless temperature station. >> oh, boo. >> it's the temperature for when somebody does the weather. >> i might have done the weather. >> your lucky day. >> she's got like 100 of these. >> there's two in there. >> these two aren't working very well here. >> what is that? oh, my goodness. i like the size on it. >> oh, there you go, okay, i'm going to say that this is michaela perera. >> no, that is not. >> that is fantastic.
5:46 am
>> cause i'm cold every day. boom. >> very nice. >> it's the galaxy, hold them up. there's no trap door. just so we all know. >> i'm wearing this tomorrow. >> go ahead and wear it now. >> oh, come on. wow. that's beautiful. >> oh, this is quality. you know what this is? >> it's a fishing hook. >> this is a hook. so that's so i can return it. >> it's a tie clip. >> but you can put it on a hat or a tie, it's a fishing hook, which means i can also use it to defend myself in some places. this is very nice. this could be anybody. this doesn't help. >> they're playing that music like when they talk you off at the oscars. my mother's so mad right now, she's like save the paper. hold on. oh. >> that is classy. >> these are strong. if i didn't know better, i would think it was my ep that gave this to you.
5:47 am
>> something you love and then something i love. >> these are very nice, you're the best. thank you so much. >> those are hunting socks. >> hunting socks. >> they're cam mow. >> that's so good. >> aren't those nice? >> they're so great. merry christmas. >> merry christmas, merry christmas. >> we're not done yet. >> the show's not over though, coming up on new day. what allows the deaf to hear? it's a christmas miracle made possible by the power of the good stuff, please stay with us. these were really, really nice. this was very nice. this was nice. you can separate runway ridiculousness... from fashion that flies off the shelves. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. (natalie) ooooh, i like your style. (vo) so do we, business pro. so do we.
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i'm still laughing at what i put in that photograph. this is good too. this is even better. it's time for a good stuff. in a very special edition for today. we have a legitimate christmas miracle. here's the story, dad, ken staley, he's been hearing impaired for more than 50 years. didn't stop him from hearing his daughter ashley sing for the first time with the help of a little technology. >> this is the microphone that will go to this receiver, this receiver will go up to hiss hearing aid. it's going to be a complete surprise. ♪ . >> he was closing his eyes, he was listening to my voice. >> i'm very proud of my
5:52 am
daughter. [ applause ] >> the song what ashley chose is daddy please come home for christmas. the perfect song for ken to hear his daughter sing for the very first time. simple, but so sweet. isn't it? >> so sweet. and that she could do that as a surprise. >> a great gift. he'll never forget it. >> kids giving back to their parents, it just doesn't get gooder than that. except that these stories come from you and we want more of them. we have a cnn i-report campaign log on to >> send us your stories, we love to highlight them, we really do. coming up, the young people's chorus of new york city. they're going to take us to break. ♪ ♪
5:53 am
♪ snengd -- ♪ ♪ ♪
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5:56 am
from our hearts to yours, we wish you a truly wonderful christmas. but first, more with the young people's chorus of new york city, under the direction of
5:57 am
francisco. merry christmas. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:00 am
♪ good morning to you, i'm carol costello, thanks so much for being with me. there's a lot of news going on, but before we get to that, merry christmas, everyone, may your day be magical. as the sun rises across the country, christians celebrate with both revelry and reverence. in maryland, symbols of the season took to the ways of the national harbor, the grinch even bounced along on a jet ski. in australia, far from the north pole, revelers celebrated on


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