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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  December 25, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PST

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years, let's pledge ourselves to living out those values by reaching out and lifting up those in our communities who could use a hand up. >> so merry christmas, everyone. from the two of us, as well as malia, sasha, grandma, bo. >> and sunny, the newest obama. >> we wish you all a blessed and safe holiday season. >> happy holidays, everybody, and god bless. . pope francis said may the lord come to the aid of our world torn by so many conflicts. and the holiday of very big surprises like this one right here. those serving our country in
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uniform around the world returning home unannounced, a give that warms the hearts of their loved ones and pretty much all of us. making the best of christmas. we'll be live with dr. mary brown when she speaks with her husband in afghanistan. hello, everyone i'm pamela brown in today for ash leigh banfield. it's christmas day. so happy you could spent part of the holiday with us. some u.p.s. customers may not get the gifts. thousands did not make it in time. the company says that was because it was simply overloaded with high demand. margaret conley is following the story. a lot of unhappy customers today. tell us, what exactly happened here? >> pam, there may be some ious under the christmas tree. u.p.s. is backlogged means some
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won't be delivered in time. the company issued this tame -- u.p.s. is experiencing heavy holiday volume and making every effort to get them to the destination, however the volume of air packages in our system exceeded the network, so some shipments were delayed. cnn spoke with a u.p.s. spokeswoman. she apologized, said some of the factors were between thanksgiving and christmas, that period was shorter this year. she also said the trend of consumer shopping online more contributed to this. u.p.s. did consider doing deliveries today, but ultimately decided to not ask their drivers to come in to work. all of this has had an impact on companies as well. amazon alerting customers to what they say is a failure of u.p.s. transportation network. they are offering to refund some shipping charges and give out gift cards.
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urchlts so people across the country must be disappointed, but some have a pretty good excuse, right? >> right u.p.s., a lot ofs problems we have seen have been on the distribution side, not on the weather or technical glitches here's what some are saying. >> i can't tell you how many countless hours we have spent on the phone dealing with this issue with people in memphis. they're still blaming it on the ice storm, which was 2 1/2 weeks ago. it's terribly disappointing. we ordered these things on december 1st. they can't find them. there's a thousand packages on pallets in there. >> they said it hasn't been processed yet and -- >> it's been here since 8:00. >> reporter: people are also taking to twitter and facebook to vent. in response, we're also seeing
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comments from workers from u.p.s. themselves. they're saying they all work really hard, and people have too high of expectations. u.p.s. workers will be back first thing tomorrow morning making deliveries. >> as u.p.s. said, it cannot control the weather. margaret, thank you so much. merry christmas to you. in every place turn hearts aside from violence and inspired them to lay down arms and undertake the path of dialogue. >> thousands of pilgrims filled st. peter's square this morning for pope francis' very first christmas day message. the pope singled out syria, south sudan, iraq and the philippines for special prayers, reed minding all that peace calls for, joe, today ily commitment and we can't do it alone. hours earlier in the first christmas mass in the basilica, the pope hand-delivered a statue to the front of the al stash, as we see here.
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he ended that service in a manner we have all come to expect, tending to the lambs and his worldwide flock. john allen was watching as always, cnn's vatican analyst joins me from rome. great to have you with us, john. >> merry christmas to you, pam. >> merry christmas. tell us what your takeaway was from the christmas message and how it was different from the predecessors. >> reporter:, of course, the mechanics the ritual are pretty much the same every year, those are all things we have seen before, but in many ways this was a vintage francis performance. the theme throughout is what the catholics call the social gospel, lifting up the special concern for the poor, for victims of violence and war, for
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those who have been forgotten about, cast aside, marginalized. for example last night we heard francis talking about how god chose to be born as a poor person, and that the news of his birth was presented to the shepherds in the field because they're the ones in the margins. this morning we heard this forceful, even impassioned appeal from the pope for peace. in addition, we all saw that vintage streak of dialogue and outreach when the pope said he wants to try to build peace, not just drawing on catholics, drawing on even nonbelievers. that's what we have come to expect from frajz over nine months, and that's what we got over christmas, pam. >> you know, 150,000 people filled st. peter's square, as we
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mentioned, the vatican saying it got a record number of requests, really a reflection of the pope's populate. is he boosting attendance at regular churches? >> reporter: it depends on what part of the world we're talking about, pam. there was a recent survey in the united states that found at least so far they couldn't detect an up tick in mass attendance or people who would identify themselves as catholics in the united states. other than the, there was a recent survey here in italy that found that more than half the country's catholic parish priests report they have seen increases in mass attendance and an increase in requests for the sacrament of confession. so i think it's going to take some time to see how it plays out around the world. i think the one thing that's indisputable is most of the ward's 1.2 billion catholics
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feel like this pope has given the church a fresh breath of air. as we look ahead to the new year and beyond, the pope has sited the focus of the church and the conversation really to service, hue millity, acceptance over power and judgment. do you think he's permanently changed the course of the church? >> well, i think -- in just nine months of his papacy, he's made himself virtually unforgettable. the structural work of bringing the church looks with his vision remains to be done. we'll see him plug away on that in 2014, but he's utterly changed the public conversation about the catholic church. that's no small accomplishment for a man in office for less than a year. >> hard to believe that many of us didn't even know who he was before nine months ago. john allen, thank you so much. 2013 was a year chock-full of legal landmarks and a few
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landmines to the wrangling in washington over obama care, but what's in story for 2014? two of the best legal minds join me with their predictions, up next. ♪ [ male announcer ] if we could see energy... what would we see? ♪ the billions of gallons of fuel that get us to work. ♪ we'd see all the electricity flowing through the devices that connect us and teach us. ♪ we'd see that almost 100% of medical plastics are made from oil and natural gas. ♪ and an industry that supports almost 10 million american jobs. life takes energy. and no one applies more technology to produce american energy and refine it more efficiently
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i need a lawyer. knolls your ordinary holiday greeting, but this is "legal view." today we're looking ahead at what may be the top legal stories for 2014. joining us with their predictions, famed attorney and harvard law professor alan dershowitz, the author of "taking the stand." and with me also is danny cevelos. i said to get your prediction on the big stories. >> think national security. it will be a make years. the nsa is coming until -- snowing is making a speech from england following the queen's
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address. it will get a lot of attention. we'll also being very legal cases regarding drones. we may see the and that may get litigated around the world. we'll see our issues around iran, the presidential powers and powers of congress. i think it will be more of a national and international security year than a year focusing on international issues. though we'll see cleaning up of the gay rights issue. i think that's an issue that will be over within a few years, but this year we'll sew more an more courts striking down prohibitions. we'll see focus on insider
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trading as the government ratchets up concerns about wall street, and so i think we'll see a mixture, but the focus i think will be on security. >> danny, you mentioned that gay marriage is what you think will continue to be a top story. 18 states -- 32 have a ban on same-sex marriage. s. let's start with decriminalization. and even obama commuting sentences, it appears 2014 will be the year of decriminalization of marijuana and other drugs, and possible a move toward getting rid of mandatory minimum sentencing, on 2014, i think the dominos will begin to fall when it comes to same-sex marriage. when it comes to marijuana, that
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is a states' rights issues, the states have thumbed their nose at the federal government and caused this sea change. on the other hand, the idea is states should not have that power to legislate, even if it's a democratic process. states should not have the power to prohibit same-sex marriages, and i think that's going to get defined in 2014, if not 2014, then soon after. we very close to that, as it is. >> i agree with that. yeah. but i think there's another trend. in my book "taking the stand" i predict over the years, the supreme court will diminish, and i think we're already seeing that happens. we're see the states taking the lead on abolishes restrictions, on several of the things that were just mentioned, legalizing marijuana, on issues like
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abortion rights, and so i think we're going to see over the years to come a diminution of the power of the supreme court, because the supreme court has become a very politicized idealogically divided and partisan institution. so we're going to see an increase, i think, in the power of state courts, in the power of other federal courts and decrease in the role of the supreme court. it will begin perhaps in 2014, but that's a trend that will continue for probably years to come. >> no doubt about it, a lot of the bill legal stories setting the stage. alan dershowitz, danny cevellos, thank you for shares your perspecti perspective. thank you. well, there's nothing more heart-warming during the holidays than seeing soldiers reunited with their families. coming up, we'll share with you
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some of the most moving reunions. trust me, you don't want to miss these moments. we'll be right back. ♪ god bless you yes ♪ god bless you ♪ the move you give at christmastime ♪ ♪ the more you get [ sniffles, coughs ] shhhh! i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. [ sniffles ] i better take something. [ male announcer ] dayquil cold and flu doesn't treat all that. it doesn't? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting antihistamine. oh, what a relief it is!
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hi, we're the calendar family station the in azores portugal. we ide like to send or holiday greetings for our friends and family in the indianapolis area. happy holidays, everyone. i think most of us can agree the best thing about holidays are the surprises. especially the tears of joy when country sees a loved one after a long time. take a look. >> eye sergeant joe martell, just returned from afghanistan. i'm going to surprise my son during his football game.
8:21 am
>> my family is the most important thing to me. it's going to be a special christmas. they don't know i'm coming home. you see these youtubing a lot and you think that would be nice. i would love to do that for my kids. >> cameron woods! , rip, rip, pull it. >> daddy. [ crying ] >> hey, buddy. >> daddy! >> hey. hey, buddy. i missed you all. >> daddy! daddy! >> i missed you so much. >> daddy! i love you. >> let's send a video to your
8:22 am
daddy. what would you say him? >> love him for always. >> love him for always? lucy, what would you say? love you, daddy? mommy, what would you say? >> love you, miss you. >> all right. i'm going to send them to him on facebook. are you freakin' kidding me? >> your husband is here reporting for duty. >> daddy! >> are you kidding me? >> you get the first hug. >> daddy. >> daddy! >> dad,daddy! >> will you marry me? [ cheers and applause ] >> yes many. [ crying ]
8:23 am
oh, my god. >> oh, my god! [ crying ] >> what are you doing here? oh! i thought you were in afghanistan. o. sweetie! >> my name is airman first class, mom, dad, nicole, unfortunately this was the best christmas gift i could give for you at the moment. i hope you have fun with the shootout competition. just want to turn it around. [ cheers and applause ]
8:24 am
>> look at this surprise. >> oh, my god! >> the look on your face -- >> oh! >> the baby waited long enough, right? >> oh, my god. >> who is that? >> daddy! daddy! [ laughter ] >> who is that? >> is that your daddy? >> oh, this young lady is going to love this. where is katy? her dad has spent a year in afghanistan. what would you like to say to
8:25 am
him? why don't you turn around and tell him. wow. tough to top that. well, if seeing all those touching reunions hadn't putting -- we've got something up next that most definitely will. christmas for a texas mom and her two children is about to get a mott merry her. her husband has been stationed in afghanistan, but they're all about to reunite remotely. we'll bring it to you next ♪ soon it will be christmas day ♪ ♪ city sidewalks ♪ busy sidewalks ♪ dressed in holiday style . he probably has a citi thankyou card and gets 2x the points at restaurants huh the citi thankyou preferred card.
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♪ i'll be home for christmas ♪ you can plan on me well, christmas is a time to spend with family and friends, but there are thousands of u.s. troops who are far away from
8:29 am
home today, stationed overseas. they're waking up in a military base away from their families. all they want to do is come home. one army veteran is trying to fulfill that dream. barbara starr records. >> i'm colonel dave sutherland. i'm a veteran with great pride. i'm a family, i'm a husband, i'm an uncle, i'm a son, i'm an american soldier. i served for you, i fought with you, and i would die for you. >> david sutherland led 5,000 troops in iraq. we met him first on patrol in 2007. >> they were sick and tired of al qaeda. >> reporter: now retired his journey to serve continues, with one passion, helping veterans coming home. >> we believe in everything we do that our veterans, our military families, our families of the fallen can thrive where they live. >> reporter: a journey of absolute commitment he's made with colleague ken mitchell, a
8:30 am
former naval officer. they are here talking to veterans and veterans advocates. >> something in my heart told me this is what i was meant to do. given my background, given the fact the only reason i'm here is because of the vietnam veterans. >> reporter: they left military service in 2010 and observed the dixon center, working with communities across the country, organizing locally based help with jobs, education and housing. >> this is the new approach that everyone is looking towards, more local, community-based organizations to help veterans, which is essentially going to be the answer for all of the fixes that the v.a. hasn't been able to cover. >> reporter: he knows how bad the stress can get. >> it was the common issues of ptsd, the anger, sleepless nights, the substance abuse. >> reporter: army veteran david
8:31 am
barr, now a social worker, he and sutherland hope to work together. barr says veterans often feel alone when they come home. >> you're going to need a community, a town, a block, a neighborhood to kind of reestablish that bond. >> sutherland and mitchell have gone to more than 500 communities across the country, organizing local help on their journey born of grief and hope. dixon center is named after donny dixon, killed before sutherland's eyes on a patrol. more than 40 years ago, a south vietnamese soldier had orders to blow up a bridge. >> there's one last survivor stumbling across the bridge carrying a bundle. it was a hat with a baby wrapped up in a towel. he had found. >> kim was adopted by an american service member. last year after reading an article about her, that
8:32 am
vietnamese soldier, now living in new mexico, found her again. we meet up on skype, he tells us it was beyond belief. she was the baby he saved, he could not imagine how she survived. david sutherland and kim mitchell strongly believe that veterans can do more than just survive, they can thrive in the communities where they live. so this holiday season, if you see a veteran, stop and ask them how they're doing. barbara starr, cnn, pentagon. this christmas morning we are bringing together one special family. lt. colonel william brown joins us from kabul international airport base. he is far away from his home in harger height, texas. that's where we find his wife and family. they are celebrating christmas today. welcome to the show everyone.
8:33 am
march re christmas. colonel, i want to start with you. >> happy holidays. thank you for having us. >> i'm so glad we could bring you together. i understand this is the first time we're seeing, obviously remotely. college, i want to start with you. i can imagine house hard it must be waking up today without your family. what would you like to say to them? >> well, first off, i would like to say to my wife marilyn i love you, and of that i am and i ever will be is because of your love and your support, because of you are our family has harmony and everyone feels love. as long as i have you, i'll always be happy. you're my everything. to my son and daughter, who is sitting there with you, our son william is off in college. i would like to say merry christmas and thank you for the support you've given mom since dad has been away. >> on that note, mary, i know it's been difficult. i understand this is really the
8:34 am
first christmas without your husband. i know your kids were about 1 and 4 years old when he wasn't there, but this is the first sort of memorable christmas. what would you like to say to him? i want all three of you to speak. >> i just wanted to say the same. merry christmas. i hope you had a wonderful holiday. we can't wait to see you back at home shortly. >> ashley and alex, what would you like to say to your dad? >> this christmas feels different. i feel like there's something missing. >> i can't wait until he comes home. >> something missing. alex? you want to say anything. >> first, merry christmas. i can't wait until my dad comes home. >> oh, and colonel, when do you plan on coming back to be with your family? >> well, i can't say exactly
8:35 am
when our redeployment will be because of operational security, but one thing, as a son of a vietnam veteran, i would like to say that it's an honor to wear this uniform, and i would like to say thank you to the american people for the unwavering support that you have given to the military. you know, pamela, there would be for land of the free without the brave. as difficult as it is for me to be away from my family today, it is a privilege to be deployed this christmas day with so many soldiers sailors, airmen, marines, some who have been wounded and some who made the ultimate sacrifice. this is not a task we take lightly, and it's something that's difficult for me, but something that many military families have experienced before. >> you know, just a reminder, colonel, the fact you aren't able to be with your family, just a reminder the sacrifice, we thank you for the service. quickly, i want to know what you
8:36 am
are doing with those other soldiers there in afghanistan who are also unable? what are you doing to celebrate christmas? >> well, we spent all of our time together, making sure we all share in the spirit of the holiday, and also if we can't be with our families, we wanted to make sure we gave our families one of the greatest gifts we could. that is the safety and security that our nation provides them. so being over here to defend freedom is something we're proud to do so our families can be happy and safe. as you know, let's be clear, when a soldier deploys a family deploys, having the support of the american people, it means a lot to us over here to know the american people support us and makes this tour of duty more worth of effort. >> we cannot -- before we wrap up, just one last chance to say anything you may not have had a
8:37 am
chance to say. mary? >> just be safe, don't work too hard, and we look forward to seeing you soon, and i love you very much. >> ashley and alex? >> come home! >> come home. thank you all. merry christmas to you. fa are from home but in their hearts. i love that line. go ahead, colonel. >> lastly, pamela, thank you very much. i appreciate this opportunity. we really appreciate the support that's been provided to military families. it means a lot to us over here, knowing that so many back home love and support us. we look forward to coming home. thank you so much, college william brown and dr. mary brown, and -- >> marilyn brown. >> okay. i was told mary. all right.
8:38 am
thank you so much. we'll be right back. here comes santa claus ♪ ♪ right now santa claus lane ♪ vixen and blitzen and all his reindeers ♪ ♪ pulling on the reins ♪
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so a lot of us didn't wake up to a white christmas today,
8:41 am
but there is a lot of ice around. it's really not the next best thing at all. jennifer grey in the cnn weather center for us, hi there, jennifer. >> hi, pamela. this ice is left over from the storm we had, so that's why we're still dealing with quite a bit of ice right around the great lakes. we have just a couple rain showe showers. we will see some snow. this is pictures from lansing, michigan. you can see the ice left over from that storm this weekend. still on those branches the just weighs them down. that's getting those power outages. as we go through tonight, 1 to 3 inches of additional snowfall, places like detroit, grand
8:42 am
rapids, then spill over into the northeast during the next 48 hours. that's where we could see anywhere from 2 to 4 inches, temperatures for today, nice and mild across the deep south, 60 degrees in houston today, 46 here in atlanta. temperatures in the 30s in the northeast, and if you're wanting to wake up to a white christmas, well last year about 50% of the country was covered in snow. this year about 40%, so there's a lot of kids out there that can make that snowman today on christmas day. >> jennifer grey with our christmas day forecast, thank you so much. >> no problem. ali gee has do it, marge simpson, even former iranian president mahmuden jawed has done it. today edward snowden did the he delivered an alternative christmas message on british tv channel 4, the american now charged with espionage says he dreams of a world where
8:43 am
governments can't see everything all the time. >> a child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all. they'll never know what it means to have a private moments to themselves. that's a problem, because privacy matters. privacy is what allows us to determine who we are and who we want to be. so what is snowden's message an alternative to? her majesty's of course. queen elizabeth delivered her christmas message just in the last hour. she engine the rest of the royal family minus the newest member, for service at the family estate. and going to sports now, there were those who continued to soar in 2013, but also those who fell far and fell hard. our top ten sports stories of
8:44 am
the year are on the way right after this break. don't go anywhere. [ male announcer ] every inch. every minute. every second -- we chip away. making the colors of earth and sunset skies into rich interior accents. or putting the beauty of a forest in the palm of your hands... it will take you to another place... wherever you happen to be. this is the new 2014 jeep grand cherokee. it is the best of what we're made of. well-qualified lessees can lease the 2014 grand cherokee laredo 4x4 for $359 a month. shhhh! shhhh. [ coughs ] i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. [ sniffles ] i better take something. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil cold and flu doesn't treat all that. it doesn't? [ male announcer ] nope. [ sniffles ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast acting antihistamine to relieve your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is! [ man ] shhhh!
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♪ energy lives here. wout of landfills each year? plastic waste to cover mt. rainier by using one less trash bag each month, we can. and glad forceflex bags stretch until they're full.* so you can take them out less often. one icon was forced to step down. another proved again why he is called king. no doubt lance armstrong andly broken james traveled dramatically different paths. here as the top ten sports
8:47 am
stories of the year. >> the year in sports included the gruesome, as in the horrific leg injure,, and the gullible as manti te'o. but our look back begins with the plug being pulled on super bowl xlvii. not long after beyonce amped up the crowd. the super dom was -- for 34 pins, the ravens and 49ers were put on hold. with one second remaining, it appeared as though alabama and number four auburn we are headed to overtime. what happened next is a play forred ages. >> for the ages. >> there goes davis. davis is going to run it all the way back! auburn is going to win the football game. holy cow, oh, my god. auburn wins!
8:48 am
. [ chanting ] >> lebron james has separated himself as the greatest player in pro basketball and a worldwide brand. james made good on his promise of multiple championships for miami, when the heat won a second straight title with james earning back-to-back league and finals mvps. they were both miami dolphins, yet one felt more tortured than teammate. when jonathan martin accused incognito and others for bull s bullies. incognito remains suspended, a probe continues. more poshly we're reexamining the pro football workplace. where does the locker roan end and real life begin?
8:49 am
he was an american hero, cancer survive, seven-time dire defran tour de france victories. >> in all seven, did you ever take banned substances? >> yes. >> he lost endorsements and was banned for life from cycling. gay athletes have long participated in american team sports, did but did so in silence. jason collins has emerged. the 34-year-old center said he spent a lifetime in seek yes, siree, he may never again play in the nba, but the announcement is far more important than points and rebounds. it's been a stain on america's pastime, the steroid era. former mvp alex rodriguez was among 14 players lnked to a clinic which dealt in
8:50 am
plismance-enhancing drugs. rodriguez has denied the accusation and appealed an unpress danned ban while fighting for tens of millions. time will >> a troubled past of aaron hernandez. >> aaron hernandez charged with first degree murder today. >> oscar pistorius accused of murdering his girlfriend. >> the man known as the blade runner, wiping away tears. >> how does a successful athlete get charged with murder? the blade runner, olympian oscar pistorius claims he mistakenly shot his girlfriend and will stand trial in march. and aaron hernandez who not long ago signed a 40 maryland contract is also awaiting trial. prosecutors say he orchestrated the execution style shooting of an aacquaintance. an accusation he denies. a $765 million settlement
8:51 am
between the nfl and ex-players over concussion-related injuries was a good first step. next is saving the game. the league hopes committing millions to research and implementing new rules promoting safety will ease concerns about head injuries in a sport that will always be violent and never risk-free. in april, a boston tradition turned tragic. the bombings challenged a city and a baseball team to move forward and they did. the slogan "boston strong" was a rallying cry and five days after the bombing, red sox slugger david ortiz said what many were thinking >> this is our [ bleep ] city. and nobody going to -- stay strong. >> a world series victory showed us all just how strong. >> so what do you think the biggest news story of 2013 was? tell us.
8:52 am
we want to know. in fact, voting is under w click on the page and then you'll see a list of 20 stories, the ones that really had us talking this year from this list, choose ten. and then on december 30th at 9:00 a.m. eastern time online and on tv, we'll reveal the top ten stories of 2013 as voted on by you, our viewers. well, this is a big day in theaters. here's a list of some movies opening today. martin scorsese's "wolf on wall street." keanu reeve ooze flu film "47 ronan," "grudge match," and the "secret life of walter mitty." >> what do you do with all those frequent flyer miles if you don't need them? if you're like my next guest, you give them away. meet the man whose generous gift is challenging families' --
8:53 am
changing families' lives this holiday season. we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] at progresso, we believe the second chapter of your life should be just as bold as the first. try the new bold flavors of heart healthy soup from progresso. of heart healthy soup i use my citi thankyou card to get 2x the points at the coffee the office, which will help me get to a beach in miami and they'll be stuck at the cube farm. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the points dining out, with no annual fee.
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go to
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the man flies about a quarter of a million miles a year. so you can understand why he doesn't want to be on another airplane this holiday season. we're talking about peter shenkman. he joins us now. you may have seen him right here on cnn explaining how to improve
8:56 am
companies and their branding. for the second year in a row, he's making great use of his frequent flyer miles. he's donating them to those who otherwise couldn't afford them. and we also have a lucky couple with us today. sarah ashleigh and indiana jones. got to love that name. they were chosen to receive one of the free flights thanks to peter's efforts. they join us live from nashville. thank you all for being here with us. peter, want to start with you. unbelievable how you had this idea to use your frequent flyer miles because you had some leftover. you wanted to send four people home. this has grown to 28 flights this year. tell us how this idea originated. >> last year i fly about a quarter million miles. i'm on a plain 270 days a year. last year i said let me see if i can help a few people out. i gave away four trips. the people were overwhelmed. let me do it again this year. i posted and it got picked up by a couple of people. some people said we want to
8:57 am
donate our miles. then we were up to ten trips and then jetblue said we want to geb you ten trips. anywhere we fly. it kept snowballing. we were able to send 28 people who otherwise couldn't afford to get home for the holidays. the last thing i want to do when i'm home is go anywhere. i want to hang out with my wife and kid. last thing i want to do is get on a plane. it was great. >> what a great way to get back. because of your efforts we cesaire ra and indiana are together right now. they otherwise may not be together on this had day. sarah, you had to submit reasons why you and your husband should be reunited. tell us a little bit about your story. >> well, my husband is in the army. and we haven't spent a christmas together since 2010 just due to training and he stayed for in korea for a little over a year and didn't get to come home and then came home for about 20 days and then got stationed in
8:58 am
washington. and so it just has been about three years of not really being able to see each other and no holidays, no industries and i just really missed him and really wanted to spend a holiday with him. >> and indiana, i can imagine you were just so beyond happy when you found out you were going to be able to fly back home to be with sarah. tell is when you found out you were going to be able to be together this holiday. >> she sent me a text message. i think i was busy with work and called me later. at first i didn't believe her. then when i found out she was serious and people were posting about it, i was just overwhelmed and ecstatic we were afforded this opportunity to be together for the holidays. >> peter, you were inundated with stories. how did you choose the winners? last year i did this and the story that came in broke my heart. people hadn't seen their families in years. this year i did what any honorable person would do and
8:59 am
made my assistant pick. she narrowed it down to 50 and we sat down with a bottle of wine and went through the stories like sarahs's. she was honest and said i just want to see my husband. i have a special place in my heart for the military. it was great to be able to do that. we sent a grandson to see his grandmother for the first time in ten years. we sent a woman hope to what she thought was going to be hanging out with her boyfriend but she's proposing. it was really, really good stuff. >> your poor assistant. i can imagine that was an incredibly tough task having to boil it down. >> she got a really good christmas bonus this year. >> i hope you gave her a nice present. >> sarah and indiana, i want to hear from you how special this has been for both of you to be able to spend this christmas together. >> i didn't hear the question. it's just been -- it's been great. we've been able to be go see family. we're actually on our way. we have some family down about a
9:00 am
couple hours away. we're going to spend christmas with them and got to spend christmas eve with our neighbors. it's nice to be able to spend time together. >> peter, we hope this will be an annual tradition. peter shenk man, sarah ashleigh and indiana jones. happy holidays and thank to all the viewers who joined us here on "legal view." on "legal view." have a great day, everyone. -- captions by vitac -- welcome everyone to "around the world" this christmas day. i'm michael holmes. thanks for your company. it is wednesday. it is december 25th. the day that more than 2 billion christians around the world celebrate the birth of jesus. [ speaking foreign language ] >> here's the exact spot that the bible says it happened. bethlehem. in what is now the west bank. pilgrims, of course, gather there every year at midnight for


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