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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  December 26, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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nickelson, amanda bynes, jackie khan, chris brown and many, many others. we can go on here. they announced or eluded to a retirement while promoting a project to call it off years, weeks, even hours later. so did it work for justin? not so much. his movie "believe" opened to just a million dollars over christmas. 14th place at the box office. 14th place at the box office. "ac 360" starts right now. >> translator: anderson, not retiring, just taking the night off. how manies are handling a holiday on ice with power lines down from michigan to main, roads too dangerous to drive. i'll also tell you what is happening now, who is about to get hit again and also, this wouldn't happen if santa, ups and fedex scramling to deliver what they couldn't deleave for christmas. missing the big day for so many people. one gets a very common kind
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of knee surgery, the other gets a phony operation. which group do you think does better? the answer will surprise you. we begin with this dangerous holiday weather, deadly weather. authorities blaming it for at least 18 fatalities in parts of the united states and canada tonight. power blackouts, highway shutdowns, airport slow downs on that list, icy roads that turned driving into tough sledding if sore many travelers, indeed and here is 360's randi kaye. >> reporter: this is not how you want to spend the holiday, caught in a pileup stretching more than ten miles in painesville, ohio. it all started with a multi-vehicle accident on interstate 90 and grew from there with cars piled on top of each other. as many as 40 vehicles were involved, no major injuries. >> i tried to steer my car to the wall to avoid hitting the car in front of me and it didn't work. >> reporter: construction barriers that were supposed to have been removed gave cars less
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room to maneuver and avoid other vehicles. the highway was shut down for six hours. as recently as this morning, the pipe julys continue, this time in pennsylvania. about 35 different vehicles got caught up in four different accidents. some flipped upside down. no fatalities but about 44 people were injured. 25 of them needed treatment at the hospital. in vermont, officials are calling it the worst storm since 1998. about 1500 people are still without power there. in maine, more than 30,000 are in the dark, and another 86,000 in michigan. roads across that state are a sheet of ice, which is only delaying utility crews from restoring power. this consumer's energy truck flipped over on a michigan interstate on christmas day. luckily, the driver wasn't hurt. a dozen cars and trucks wiped out on that same patch of ice.
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in upstate new york, power is also a problem. though some are getting relief like this man who got his power turned on. >> it makes it a lot better because at least the blouer on the furnace will work and the refrigerator to keep the milk. >> reporter: in canada there are some 54,000 homes and businesses without power, down from 300,000 last weekend. there is so much snow and ice in the toronto area, trees are splitting in two. power companies are working over time, but even so, residents are frustrated that they are still in the dark. >> the trees are still down. like the power lines are still down. nobody has been to our street to fix anything. >> reporter: and with the darknedar darkness comes danger. four people are dead from carbon monoxide poisoning in the u.s. four more in canada. >> my dad used barbecue charcoal to heat up the ice and there was
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carbon monoxide. >> reporter: his dad turned out to be okay but residents feel if all the lights aren't back up soon, there may be more close calls ahead. randi kaye, cnn, new york. a good reminder not to inch vise when it comes to heat. jennifer, what is happening? >> bill, yeah, this ice is basically si left over from this past weekend's storm and what happened is temperatures haven't gotten above freezing and the ice is causing stress on power lines, the trees, and that's where we see the problem. we're not seeing any more ice, but we're seeing quite a bit of lake effect snow. in upstate new york, seeing it there. we're also seeing snow in northern maine. it is steadily pushing out. what we're expected to see through the overnight hours, really not much more, maybe 2 to 4 inches of snow in ser ra cayr buffalo and maine.
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temperatures will stay chilly. we're in the 20s. detroit 25, toronto 21 and 26 in burlington. the good news, bill, is we're expected to see temperatures get above freezing, though, in the next couple days. >> and what about the northeast in coming days? a lot of travelers in these parts looking to the skies. what does it look like? >> yeah, we will see another storm system push through. i want to touch on the power outage numbers real quick because we're seeing outages still across the northeast. 30,000 in maine. we're seeing 86,000 in michigan, and this is the storm system. we'll stay pretty quiet through sunday morning but once sunday afternoon hits, you can see it pushing through. it looks like this will be a rainmaker but we will see a little snow. the situation is fluid and monitoring it. we could see a little snow through the end of the weekend, bill. >> jennifer, thanks very much. the next story, i guess weather is partially to blame for this. they -- i guess we can call it the christmas present that
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didn't come. shipping giants ups and fedex scrambling tonight to clear a heavy backlog caused by flight delays from those recent storms, and possibly just the sheer volume of shopping and shipping season. whatever the reason, more than a few parents had to explain how, you see, sometimes reindeer get tired. malina is at a ups store in atlanta and joins us now. hi, any explanation -- >> reporter: hi, bill. a lot of explanations from parents what happened to the christmas presents. >> and do we know how many numbers are affected by this? are they giving that out? >> reporter: we don't have those numbers just yet, bill. what happened was kind of a perfect storm of sorts. remember that ice storm that hit dallas a couple weeks ago? that created a backlog, and then came the shorter shopping and
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shipping holiday season. there were fewer days between thanksgiving and christmas this year, that means that there was a higher volume. and then the unprecedented surge in the online shopping. now, ups has released a statement on their website. it says ups experienced heavy holiday volume and is making every effort to get packages to their destination as quickly as possible. ups has resumed normally scheduled service on december 26th, which is today, and their hope is to have all of these packages shipped by tomorrow. now, fedex, they say they did have some delays, but they are calling those incidents isolated. in fact, they say that they have been delivering very high levels of service. they say about 99% at fedex ground and the hope that all of this is starting to resolve. >> everybody can relate to this, even if you did get your packages on time. that sort of dread that kicks in which you check the back porch
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and realize those toys aren't there. you've been talking to angry folks, i imagine. >> reporter: i have. i have. there are people very upset and the fact many people still haven't gotten those shipments isn't helping. take a listen at what some people told us today. >> i am very upset. >> reporter: why? >> because the people that i ordered it from guaranteed it, and i didn't have any qualms about it because the amount of time, which was four or five days, it would have gotten here anyway in four or five days regular without it being rushed or anything. >> i think people have to be a little understanding. you know, sometimes you can't get everything you want the way you want it, and i think you have to be a little patient. i'm sure they are trying as hard as they can. >> words of wisdom. >> reporter: good representation -- absolutely. and that's a good representation of what we have seen online on
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social media in terms of the reactions to what has happened. >> now i have to speak as someone who once worked at ups. i used to load the trucks at 4:ocho 0 in the morning. worst job ever. if you imagine the lucy and ethal scene with the conveyer belt full of chocolates, only 50-pound boxes that never stop. i wonder if we shouldn't blame retailers a little bit more and our procrastinating self-s for waiting, but retailers are promising guaranteed christmas delivery, even if you ordered monday night, which seems impossible. >> reporter: it's tough to see exactly what happened. where did this go wrong? that's something ups will look at at the beginning of the year. a lot of people online, even though they are angry, they are praising the workers working hard to get the deliveries out there. >> they are.
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they should be the fifth branch of the military out there. those guys busted. just ahead, a few people love the folks who work in that building. but wait until you see how much some people hate them. a new polling on congress and the 2016 presidential race and who hillary clinton would clobber and who would give her a tough time and a hostage tape from an american being held by al qaeda and the message from president obama. late word on that ahead on 360. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you:
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as with so many people this holiday week, the office called and president obama took a few moments out of his vacation to handle pressing business, namely funds the government. the president signed the two-year budget deal congress approved as well as the defense spending bill. so back to the gulf and the body boarding and washington went back to it's favorite past time
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talking about 1,042 shopping days. so it's never too early to ask who they like and right now it seems like they really like hillary clinton over most republican contenders with one big exception. now let's run down the list. former arkansas governor mike huckabee, owns the texans going over senator ted cruz and rick perry there by 17 as well and former senator rick santorum trails clinton 19 points. a couple newcomers, ran paul, marco rubio and running behind 13 and 19 respectively and at least paul ryan gets into the single digits. former candidate within a respectable clients. who does that leave? new jersey's governor chris christie and if the election were held today, which would be a huge inconvenience if it were,
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that poll would put him in the white house 48 to 46%. our friends asked americans what they think of congress and results are great for lice and tapeworms because both are more popular than the legislative branch. 2/3rds say the congress is the worst in their lifetime with 28% disagreeing. let us get to the raw politics of this. plenty to talk about with david gur gin and kevin madden and former obama campaign pollster. belchen thanks for joining us. let's start with hillary clinton polls. who do you think reads that poll and laughs harder longer? >> that's a question, but i'll tell you something, they aren't laughing at the clinton camp. while they have no predictive value at this time, they do give you a snapshot of what is going on, and what this poll reflects
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is that the obama care troubles that the president has had are now laughing up on hillary clinton, as well. she's had a lead overall republicans up until now. the fact that she's in a tie with chris christie in three different polls, especially this one under scores. there has been a lot of damage and it's not a walk away. remember this, hilary clinton, health care, she's more tied to him than she probably would like to be at this point. >> kevin, let's talk about about christie, with suburban voters, doesn't do as well as women voters. we're laughingly far away from this election but do numbers like this help shape the republican party, help build fire walls against the tea party wing? >> what is interesting is the contrast with christie's numbers versus those with congress and many members of congress who are
5:17 pm
republicans. the reason christie is doing well is for all the reasons that i think members of congress are being judged harshly. washington d.c. seems to be a place with no accountability. seems like a place full of nonsense and partisanship. christie has done very well. he's built a national profile for himself because he's somebody who seems like he's no nonsense. he seems like somebody who puts politics aside and instead is focused on how government can be more accountable to the voters. so i think that's the reason that he's doing very well, and i think it sends a message to a lot of republicans out there who are considering who the best candidate will be to fix the party's ills nationally is this is someone who can bring the party together and somebody who can expand the party's appeal to a lot of different voters. >> he also has a little name recognition bump because he just won e reelection and all over the place. cornell, if not hilary, who? who else do democrats got?
5:18 pm
>> well, i think the democrats have a fairly strong bench and i'll talk about them in a moment but i want to push back on the deal hilary is being dragged down by obamacare. she's cleaning the clock of most of the feel and a tossup with the most popular broadly republican we have, and i will agree that none of these polls are -- predict anything in the future. in 2006 around this time, cnn's polling had mccain ahead of obama and nbc's polling had him by five or six points. they are sort of meaningless, the contors have not been settled. for me, the real challenge for republicans is this, look, if you have a candidate who comes out of your primary who cannot, you know, compete for that diverse swath that we've seen now a couple elections now that they are unable to compete in key states like florida and virginia and nevada for the growing diverse elect trit. if they have a candidate who can't do that, they have very little hope.
5:19 pm
>> yeah, but do you think christi can come out of some of these primaries? >> i would throw that to my friend kevin. look, i think if the tea party sort of coalitioned is around one candidate, i see sort of christie having a hard time with that nomination when you have the run of the gauntlet when you have south, georgia, alabama, what have you in a republican primary. >> well -- >> cornell, i mean -- let me jump in, bill, if i can, for just a second. the laugh over quality from health care but how do you explain the big swing the poll has on the generic vote for congress and the house. there is a 13-point swing in favor of the republicans. obamacare is primary driving that. after all, a few weeks ago the shutdown was really hurting republicans and we had a huge swing since. don't you think there is a lapover there, and if so, why don't you think that would apply to hilary? >> one thing, i think the shutdown was an artificial bump.
5:20 pm
look, david, i don't think we were ever going to carry that bump over into for several months. i like where we are to sipgsed now better than they are, particularly when you see millions upon millions sign up for health care and in reports today, republicans have backtracking what will they do about repealing health care when millions of americans are on it and an article a couple weeks back talking about kentucky where thousands of rural kentucky people who never had health care before are all of a sudden signing up for health care and what is mitch mcconnell going to tell them? i'm going to take that away from you? it puts them in a tough position. >> one last point. i think one of the reasons hillary clinton enjoys a descent profile with voters is her profile is non-political. she's been protected from the very partisan debates we've seen over health care, the partisan
5:21 pm
debates like the budget shutdown. once she has to get into the fray again, we'll see these numbers shift dramatically inside the context of a campaign where it's a choice between her and a republican candidate. it will be different then. >> i want to go back to cornell, who else if not her then? give me two names. >> are you poking me to say biden? look, i think vice president biden did himself a great favor with the democratic party because he did with ryan and that vice presidential debate, which most democrats were hoping president obama would have done with romney. so i think -- so you cannot count out biden but of course, omaley and they keep talking about elizabeth warren, even though she says she won't do it. >> cornell, i bet you think biden can separate himself from obamacare in 2016 -- >> i hope he runs with obamacare no 2016. >> hope isn't a strategy. >> these congressional numbers,
5:22 pm
oh, boy, are they loathed with a special kind of loathing, it seems like. the people that are older that have seen the most congresss, they really hate them the most. what is this -- how does this bode for the midterms next year? >> as it turns around, i was quite surprised by this poll today and how much of a lead they built up. i'm not sure that is going to hold. maybe cornell is right. as more people sign up, some of this will shift a bit. we'll see. right now, you know, i just don't see where there is a path to taking the house back for the democrats right now, and that is not good news for the president, because, you know, he needs those last two years where the democratic house and senate where he wanted to finish the agenda. i don't see the path. kevin would have a view on that, as well. >> we'll have to save it for another show. you're being generous with my time, david. thanks to you and kevin and cornell. we appreciate your idea s and
5:23 pm
you can always final more at the chilling christmas message from an american held hostage by al qaeda. what he said about his medical condition and what he wants president obama to do to secure his freedom. and later, the race to get 74 people whose polar expedition is literally frozen in place. 7
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. the state department says it's working hard to verify the authenticity of a christmas message. it's a 13-minute video from al qaeda showing an american named warren wine stein a contractor pistol-whipped and abducted from his home in pakistan more than two years ago. in it the 72-year-old says he's in poor health and has this plea for president obama. >> mr. obama, you're a family man and so you understand the deep mental anxiety and anguish that i have been experiencing for these past more than two years. i'm therefore appealing to you on a humanitarian basis, if nothing else, and asking that you take the necessary actions to ex ppedite my release to my
5:28 pm
family and return to my country, our country. >> he says because now president obama is in the second term, he can make a hard decision sup as negotiating with al qaeda without worrying about reelection. jill is working her sources and joins us with the latest. jill, the state department says they are trying to aught then kate this tape, sounds like him, looks like him. >> if they can find out when it was made. he looks different. there have actually been three videotapes that have been made by al qaeda and in each one he looks slightly different. there are various points of information they can glean from that. yes, you would have to say that probably definitely is mr. weinstien. >> which must provide some bit of comfort for his wife,
5:29 pm
granddaughter, his daughter. comfort, the hell they have been through the last couple years must be heart breaking. >> it is and he refers to that every single minute he's in captivity he thinks of them. you know, bill, it's a very difficult situation because what hi is saying in this video is he's urging president obama to negotiate with alibi da and that basically is not going to happen. the policy of the u.s. government is not to negotiate with al qaeda and that's the dilemma. i can't see really the u.s. ever giving into some of the demands al qaeda is making. >> they are not looking for money. there are plenty of kidnapping chains that grab an american and sell them to the highest bidder. it seems the demands are clear cut and non-starters. >> there are. there were eight that were made a couple years ago by them, and they are things that the united states is not prepared and will
5:30 pm
never do. you'd have to say one of them is to release the mastermind of the attack on the 1993 bombing of the world trade center. there are other things, release all prisoners from guantanamo, shut guantanamo, that may eventually happen and there are others in bombing the united states and allies are carrying out in a variety of countries including afghanistan, pakistan, yemen, somalia. the government refuses to get into any type of deal because that could, they would say, encourage alibi to to grab more americans. >> and that leaves the possibilities of release or rescue. any hope for either of those? >> boy, that is very, very difficult to say.
5:31 pm
obviously, they feel, al qaeda seems to feel that there is reason to keep holding him. they are not getting very far, but they continue to make that case. very difficult as you know complex question that i don't think anybody can answer at this point. >> yeah, especially, where he is at no man's land indeed. thank you for your insight. >> just ahead, the scandals and lies that shocked in 201. two athletes, an out of control mayor, celebrity cook makes headlines. also ahead, a new study that may make you think twice about having a very popular type of knee surgery. what researchers found when they compared it with a phony operation.
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well, the day after christmas seems like a day to recap the least shining moments of 2013, thanks to the dependability of human nature, the last 13 months of bad behavior from shameless to bizarre. we had scandals and lies and here is anderson with a look back. >> reporter: 2013 started with one of the more bizarre hoaxes in american history. it centered on tao whose girlfriend supposedly died during leukemia during the season. >> i lost my parents and my girlfriend to cancer. >> reporter: he was a media darling until it was revealed that his girlfriend never existed. turned out she was a hoax cooked
5:36 pm
up by an acquaintance that pretended to be the girlfriend online and on the phone. >> i'm calling to say good night, i love you. >> reporter: tao claims he didn't know this was a hoax. >> at that time i didn't know to be honest with you. like, i did not know. >> reporter: according to him, he didn't ldeliberately lie. unlike lance armstrong. he had been under suspicion for doping for years and for more than a decade, denied the allegations. >> there are no secrets. this is a hard sporting event and hard work wins it. >> reporter: but it came down in january when he began telling the truth to oprah winfrey. >> did you ever take banned substances to enhance your performance? >> yes. >> reporter: he stayed out of the spotlight since his profession. >> i want people to know who i am. >> reporter: so is paula deen.
5:37 pm
the celebrity chef gave a tearing interview after she was accused of discrimination and using the "n" word. her empire was badly damaged after that interview. >> i tell you what, if there is anyone out there that has never said something that they wished they could take back, if you're out there, please pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me, please. >> anthony weiner's sexing scandal behind him launched a serious bid for new york city mayor this past may. he performed well in the polls until another woman came forward in july with another story about relationship. >> he got controlling towards the end. >> reporter: weiner didn't lie but gave a public apology. >> there is no question what i did was wrong. >> reporter: this time with his wife at his side.
5:38 pm
>> i love him. i have forgiven him. i believe in him. >> reporter: the public had enough of weiner. his campaign sank and weiner lost. >> reporter: rob ford is holding on to his job even after his behavior was caught on tape. and his public confession. >> yes, i have smoked crack cocaine, but no -- do i? am i an addict? no. have i tried it? probably in one of my drunken stupors. >> he was stripped of mayor duties but holds the title of mayor and says he will not step down. >> pretty impressive list there. how would you rank such? joining me is dan salvage,
5:39 pm
jeffrey toobin, in terms of scandals and skround ls, who was the top of your list? to me is rob ford. i can't get enough of rob ford. >> this man has done enough -- >> how about -- >> every story, every quote -- >> but no -- >> completely. >> you would give one amazing press conference where he said, you know, probably in one of my drunken stupors and you think there is no way he can top it and he can top it. >> i'm from d.c. so we have the original mayor that smoked crack. but i'm thinking his wife. there is a whole lot of people behind him that this is probably been not so cute for. >> just to draw another scandal in, to me, what's awful about these scandals is when you do see the wife. anthony weiner embarrassed himself but his extremely
5:40 pm
accomplished admiral wife has to stand there. >> i'm waiting for a wife to stand up and say i knew, i don't care, all of you can go because they are the only ones to whom that stuff should matter. eventually there will be a sex scandal that's outed and they will stand up and say we have an open relationship. >> i think women know when they marry a politician, it's a rare breed. weaner's wife is so smart. you -- they are not victims, but they still have to manage their husband's mess. >> certainly, if you marry rob ford, you know he's irresistible and people are drug to him and you have to deal with that. >> what he said about her, he's got plenty to eat at home -- >> which was so -- oh my god. [ laughter ] >> i was referring to -- actually referring to
5:41 pm
specifically -- >> i know. >> one of those actual -- >> yeah. >> i did this, i didn't think there was anything wrong with it. other people are doing it. the entire generation is saying these things to each otherer. >> do you think 20 years from now when that generation is running for office -- >> it's not going to be an issue. >> because -- >> pot used to destroy careers. now obama is like yeah, i smoked pot and people will get to the same thing with sexing saying yeah, that's my penis and it's nice. >> i think that was a really, really bad thing. we in the united states don't take the cycling all that seriously. he was one of the most admired athletes in the country, the whole world and the scale of his lies is so enormous and the betrayal of so many people and all the people he insulted and destroyed along the way. >> to me, that's interesting. there wasn't just him doing
5:42 pm
this. he and him forcing his teammates to do it, as well. it was the -- his bullying and destruction of the lives and careers of other people. >> and he also has the problem of being an athlete who is now in his 40s. so what is he going to do? >> he could be doing try athletes, that's what he would like to do and it's a huge business but he won't be able to compete. >> and nor should he. there should be some consequence for deception on that scale. he betrayed his sport. he lied about what he did in the thing that made him famous and i think that's different. >> was it unfair to what happened to paula deen. >> my mentor in journalism said the scandal isn't what is illegal. this woman pat tanted this horrible fattening food, becomes diabetic and promotes diabetic drugs instead of healthy eating. that bothers me -- >> the integrity of what they are doing as opposed to a human
5:43 pm
failing that happens to anybody this any line of work and that distinction between the sin in catholic tradition and moral sin which is a betral, that's something we often lose. >> african american, the culture in which she was also using to make people -- went deeper than when she said the "n" word. it's also that whole -- all the other thinks about people dressing up as slaves and the way she treats her staff and black people having to go through the back. it was so layered with history and hurt and her kind of not dealing with that, i felt it wasn't a little thing to at least this community, and we talked about it. it was kind of a big deal. >> when you look back at the year, what stands out -- >> scandal-wise? >> yeah. >> oh my god, it's like a buffet. there is too many delicious ones. i want to be an american patriot
5:44 pm
but for me, rob ford, too. i love a goodlingest joke on the evening news. >> who doesn't? who among us does not? my mom once wrote a romance memoir about the men she had dated and i used that term loosely and she described one man she was currently dating, my mom was 85 at the time and she made me proofread the book. i was like mom -- >> [ laughter ] >> i don't know much about modern dance -- >>lingest. >> exactly -- [ laughter ] >> see, do you see what rob ford has done for us? [ laughter ] >> brought us forward in so many ways. we'll leave it there. thank you so much, thanks. hands down best panel of the year. i haven't watched all of them, but i love that one. just ahead, what new research reveals about a type of knee surgery, nearly 2/4ths of
5:45 pm
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up close to believe tnight, study that adds insult to injury, knee injury. many people tear that little bit of cushion in their knee called the meniskus. they pretended to operate on some patients in this study and the results are rather staggering. they talk about them, to sort them out, dr. david jezivar. he chairpersons the academy of pediatrics of evidence and quality, which is a long way of
5:49 pm
saying you're a b.s. detector for studies. >> i hope i'm good at that. >> this happened in finland. 150 people, five different hospitals and some of them had like clicking in their knees, locks up, real pain, half of them they operated on gave them the prescription and therapy remedy, the other people and they weren't under general an threaten tick, most people were awake so they rubbed knives on their knees and made operation sounds, gave them the same prescription and a year later, even those who still had clicking and locking said it worked for them. so as the b.s. detector, is this a good study? >> this is a very well-done study and would be hard to reproduce in the united states. it would be hard to recruit patients for a study like this. i think that the big thing about this study is it does a very good job of showing that removing that torn piece of cartilage may not be it.
5:50 pm
if you have a deagaintive tear, the card lidge was removed and the other group it wasn't. so there has to be more research done in the future what is the most important aspect and why did patients get weather in both groups? >> it never occurred to me surgical placebo would have the same effect. how do you chalk it up to say much better, i would do it again, even though there is nothing to be done again? >> there are two aspects. there is a pla see bow effect for surgery. it's a different placebo effect for a pill. the second part is arthscopy was performed. this is important that additional research occur and we
5:51 pm
can isolate what was the most important factor. >> there are many doctors in the united states that think we over prescribe, over operate. are people demanding the scope because they want to go full board and get rid of the pain or are doctors guilty of doing this too much. >> i think most of the orthopaedic colleagues in the united states, if a patient presented to us with a meniskus tear, we would do other things before we move to surgery there are a subgroup of patients that would like to have the badge of courage to justify the pain or validate the pain to themselves and family members and friends and co-workers so there is an aspect of that. >> right, well, at least it's good to know if you start with a little therapy, some common sense, you can work your way up to that scope in the end.
5:52 pm
dock, appreciate that. thanks for the insight. let's get caught up on other stories. susan hendrix is here with the bulletin. a major security breach, a man hopped the fence and walked onto the runway yesterday, christmas day. he was arrested. this is the second security breach at a new york area airport in a year and a half. and a russian ship wedged between thick sheets of ice off the coast of antarctica are surviving. three ships are dispatched which sent out a distress call. to los angeles, an incredible rescue, you got to see. a man trapped inside this burning car was pulled to safety with just moments to spare by a police officer on his way to work. an off duty firefighter who was driving by also stopped to help out, and bill, literally, just seconds to spare there. >> incredible.
5:53 pm
wasn't even on the clock and did his job there. thank you, susan. quick reminder about new years eve, anderson and kathy griffin ringing in the new year from time square. starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. you, the loyal 360 viewer, you voted, the number three "ridiculist" of 2013.
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you, the people have spoken in chosing your favorite "ridiculist" of 2013. here you go, your choice for number 23. >> time for "the ridiculist" and we offer tips to get in shape for summer, it's of course calls prancerci zerks e. it's similar to moving -- >> i'm sure we're all on the edge of our seats waiting to hear you take on that prancercize video. since today is your birthday, i'm taking over "the ridiculist"
5:57 pm
so you can sit back, relax, enjoy, let the viewers decide at home, they can see us side by side. who is more of a dream boat, you or me? i thought i would like to take this opportunity, anderson, on the occasion for your birthday, to take tips on ageing gracefully as a news anchor, so a few years on you. so here is the question. should we get started? >> you go right ahead, sir. >> you seem to have your work out program down as anyone who has seen you in a t-shirt attest. you don't need advice from me on that. whatever you're doing keep it up, no background check necessary on that gun show, by the way there are a few areas i think i can be of assistance. >> okay. >> as you get older, anderson, you have to stop getting in fistfights. i personally was shocked, they were shocked to see this a few weeks ago on snl, which i assume
5:58 pm
is a news program. watch this. [ laughter ] >> get ready for anderson cooper, 360. >> as you age, anderson, your going to have to learn that violence doesn't solve anything. use your words, anderson. there is one other area i would like to address and address it right now and that is your tendency, as you well know, to burst out laughing at certain types of words and ideas. you know what i'm talking about. >> i do. >> let's just remind the viewers. >> so an actual thespian. they should thank their lucky stars -- sorry. [ laughter ] by the way, a panda is going to cost you.
5:59 pm
but if you're adventure rous type or if you like to splurge on crap -- >> anderson, anderson, that behavior may fly in your 40s, but trust me, it's not going to cut it in your 60s. you have to keep it together. you have to learn how to keep it together. medication, maybe. maybe find a way to center yourself, repeat it in your head. i'll give you an example. i calm myself by repeating over and over and over again, you're in the situation room. but that may not work for you because it has the word urine in it, and i hope you'll find as you mature that you'll be able to keep a straight face when saying nearly anything. so watch how a master does it. the pussy willows blowing in the wind on the shores of lake caca
6:00 pm
are as magical uranius. let me point out, you're doing just fine. tonight, on behalf of everyone at 360, we want to thank you for the work you do every day, for your dedication, your leadership and for letting us all get the last laugh with you on "the ridiculist." so proud to be part of this team. thanks for watching this edition of 360. anthony bourdain parts unknown anthony bourdain parts unknown starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- after nine days of threats of imprisonment, confa skags of footage and what was the most chaotic trip of my life, the last thing that stands between and


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