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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 28, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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it can't just be a pretty bottle. it has to be quality. >> reporter: gin has been made in london for centuries. another group of young entrepreneurs make a craft gin in london using prudence since 2009 with the claim she was the first copper pot still in london for nearly 200 years. back at the london distillery company, matilda has taken on the challenge to make at least 80 to 100 casts of whiskey a year, a tiny amount compared to the big players, to be sold sunday. jim boldin, cnn, london. you are in the cnn news room. i'm rosa flor ez.
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we have a lot to cover starting with this. 40 million credit and debit accounts may be at risk after statements assuring customers their p.i.n. information was safe despite an ingenious hacking plot that scooped account numbers, codes and other data. target had to issue a reversal. they said the secret code that is can unlock someone's bank account, the personal identification numbers were stolen as well. still, target insists that data is encrypted and believes it will keep numbers out of crooks hands. earlier, i spoke with alexandra field and asked if the shoppers affected should go ahead and get new debit cards? >> reporter: there's no good reason not to. that's the advice from security experts. target is trying to tell customers their information is safe and secure despite their numbers being stolen.
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here is the statement from target spokesperson. the p.i.n. information was encrypted at the key pad, remained encrypted within our system and when removed from the system. certainly, that should sound comforting to shoppers, a few layers of security. with hackers who are this sophisticated, there are still reasons for shoppers to be concerned. >> i never use my debit card, i use my credit card. what do you do if you are concerned about your debit card information being compromised? >> reporter: the first thing to do, we are talking something that affects 40 million customers. this is a good time to learn about the cards in your wallet. if you have a debit or credit card, understand the difference in fraud liability between the two cards. you are offered more protection with credit cards. people are seeing that knowing
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their cards could be compromised. >> that is alexandra field reporting for us. no more delays. u.p.s. says customers can breathe a sigh of relief. the massive holiday backlog is now cleared. the shipping service blamed the delays on bad weather and exceptionally high volume of packages. they would not give a number of how many deliveries were backlogged. u.p.s. suffers backlash from angry customers whose presents did not arrive in time for christmas. the fbi is on an urgent manhunt this weekend for a man they say killed one police officer and left another in critical condition. it's a crime spree the fbi says started with a failed bank robbery in georgia that led to a police shootout in mississippi. that suspect is on the run right now. a few minutes ago, i talked with an fbi special agent about this
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case. >> well, we believe the person responsible for the bank robbery and the murder of the police officer and critically wounding another is the same person responsible for the bank of america robbery in atlanta on the morning of december 23rd. we have a number of similarities with regard to the attire, the method of operation with the bank robber and also the automobile that the robber utilized. we are looking at this as a nationwide manhunt. multistate attempt to identify and locate this individual. >> do you have a description? i'm thinking what can the public do to help? >> caller: we have provided wanted posters. we have photos on our website, that have surveillance pictures from the bank robberies.
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it captures the robber with a black mask and a very distinctive shirt and distinctive shoes. we have surveillance photos of what we believe to be a late model chrysler 200. it's a gray sedan. again, possibly a late model chrysler 200. looking at the photos on our website and looking at the vehicle, there is information that can be taken from that. >> we should add that the fbi is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading up to the suspect's arrest. they also set up a tip line. that number is 1-800-call-fbi. now to the research ship trapped in solid ice, not surprisingly in the iciest place on earth, just off the coast of antarctica.
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the ship has been locked in thick ice with 74 people on board including scientists, crew members and dozens of tourists who paid to go on the trip. they have plenty of supplies. in spite of the predickment, they are all in good spirits. i talked with the expedition leader a short time ago. >> the moral is quite good. the team is fabulous and pull together. people are dealing with it in their own unique ways, of course. we are being supportive and giving regular briefings twice a day to the team letting them know the progress. it's a fluid situation. in 12 hours or so, things change again. at the moment, moral is good. we have all sorts of skill sets and life sets on the team. we had math lessons yesterday. a shocking choir practice. i hope we are going to be able
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to perform. >> paint a picture for us. many of us have never been there and you are stuck in the ice. do you hear several noises? what is the weather like? can you paint a picture for us? >> absolutely. i'm looking over this amazing seascape, jumbled ice. i don't know if you saw the youtube intrepid science channel but on boxing day, we had an incredible blizzard. wind speeds 50 kilometerses gusting to 70 kilometers. that was the expedition we are looking to compare to. the average winds, very experienced. it forced huge amounts of sea against the vessel. the following morning, we were
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aware of ice packed in densely. the low pressure system causing a blizzard passed away. it's opened up some leads. we have open water around us. a few icebergs in the distance. they are not move moving, fortunately. on the port side is the antarctic continent and a few outlines. rising up behind this enormous plateau of ice, which reaches up about 1,000 meters above sea level and keeps going. >> a chinese ice breaker tried to reach the stuck ship, but the ice is too thick to smash through. the rescue ship will try to reach it again, when conditions improve. the state department says it's trying to piece together details in libya after four americans were detained and then released late last night. the four military personnel were working to strengthen security
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at the u.s. embassy in tripoli. the white house says the president was briefed, but offered no further comment. fears of a possible civil war in south sudan are growing. neighboring countries are threatening to step in if the violence does not let up soon. the secretary general threw his weight behind an ultimatum calling for sides to stop fighting within days. east african leaders issued the ultimatum friday. tens of thousands of people fled taking refuge in united nations space stations. overseas, students at a university in egypt are blamed for setting fire to their school. it happened in cairo where widespread protests erupted since the government declared the muslim brotherhood a terrorist organization. the students are supporters of
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the muslim brotherhood and stormed with molotov cocktails. at least one student was killed fighting with egyptian police. coming up, the flu season is gearing up and promises to be a very dangerous one. health officials tell us in just the past week, widespread activity has jumped from four states to ten. we'll explore what it means to your health. and people in one part of the country may be in for temperatures of minus 70 degrees. yes, i said minus 70. the details up next. [ male announcer ] this is george. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ ugh! actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor. i love bold flavors! i'd love it if you'd open the chute!
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let's turn to the weather now. people in minnesota are bracing for a serious arctic blast. forecasters say windchills would be in the 40 to 70 below range. much of the northern u.s. is still crippled by ice-related outages. alexandra steele shows us what
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to expect this weekend. >> reporter: there are two big stories, one the colder temperatures coming in and two, the rain up and down the eastern sea board. teed's highs 50 in minneapolis. 40s in chicago. look at tomorrow. we drop 26 degrees to a high of only four below. cold, arctic air dropping from the midwest, pushing eastward. monday, the eastern sea board gets to the 30s as well. also the rain. a rainy saturday and sunday. monday morning along the eastern sea board. here it is tomorrow morning, washington, baltimore, a very wet day. by sunday night, still rain for boston and new york city. the only place that has the cold air, then the moisture coming in, which equals snow is the northern tier, northern new england. the ski resorts will get snow. rosa. >> thank you so much. this could be a very bad year for the flu. ten states now report widespread
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flu activity. there are precautions you can take. i spoke earlier with dr. jennifer about flu myths like the idea that the vaccine can give you the flu. >> it's one of the biggest myths out there. the flu vaccine does not give you the flu or the influenza virus. it's not only the flu shot, but the nasal spray as well. it's one of the biggest myths out there. a lot of people use it for a reason not to get the flu shot. there's a couple reasons you might get sick around the time of the vaccine. itis not because the vaccine is giving dwrou illness. >> we were talking about who needs the flu shot. if i'm healthy, do i need it? >> everyone over the age of 6 months old need the vaccine especially people under the age of 5 years old, over the age of 65, pregnant women and those
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with chronic medical conditions. these are the people that especially should be getting it. everyone over the age of 6 months should be getting the flu vaccine. the cdc came out with numbers from last year's flu season. reported that the flu vaccine presented approximately 79,000 flu related hospital visits. the flu vaccine makes a big difference. it's time to go out and get it. it's not too late. >> that was my next question. the flu season is here. >> yes. >> is there something as too late to take it? >> the flu season starts as early as october, goes as late as may. the height of it tends to be january and february. we are in december now. if you haven't gotten it yet, it's time. it will do you some good. >> i see signs for the flu vaccine every. we see them at drugstores, my doctors office. does it matter where you take
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the flu shot? >> it doesn't. i give it in my office, but you can get it from the public health department, pharmacy, schools or public libraries will give out the vaccine. it's perfectly okay. the most important thing is to get vaccinated and understand, no, it doesn't give you the flu. >> i have another question. once you do get the flu, what do you do? >> that's a great question. it does happen. the flu vaccine is very, very effective. it's not 100%. remember, say you don't get influenza, but pick up another virus that makes you feel like you have the flu. you can go to your doctors. oftentimes, a number of things we give you, supportive care to help you get through it. say you catch the influenza virus. you can still take antiviral medications if you take them within 48 hours. there may be a medication to help some of your symptoms. call your doctor as soon as you think you are ill and talk about
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your options for that. >> there's a lot of brave souls that want to go to work and school anyway. your advice? >> stay away. >> stay away. if you are sick, the gift you don't want to give people, this is the holiday season. the gift you should not be giving is the gift of illness. if you are sick, the flu or a cold, stay home, get yourself well, don't spread it to other people. still ahead, an about face on "duck dynasty." the reality show star is back in action after a very short suspension. we're discussing it, next. what ya looking for? well, you've found delicious! ♪ ♪ must be the honey! ♪ it is so honey swagalish ♪ so much crunch, can you handle this? ♪ ♪ the party in the bowl don't stop! ♪ ♪ must be the honey!
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phil robertson's suspension from "duck dynasty" didn't last into the new year. a & e said he can rejoin the show nine days after temporarily giving him the boot for controversial comments he made. he called homo sexuality sinful and compared it to bestiality. mark said this wasn't about politics, it was all about the money. >> often move based on money. they want to maximize the shareholder wealth with a show that has 14 million viewers. they did the financially correct thing to do.
4:22 pm
it was morally and politically wrong. what were they supposed to do? stand with the community. they were supposed to stand with the lgbt supporters, their fan base and viewership. do the right thing, even if it costs money. that's what morality is about, not profit. >> he said things that offended a lot of people. does a & e owe them anything? >> i think suspending him, having a conversation with him and the family was exactly the right thing to do. the family said they did not agree with the course way that phil said some certain things in the interview. if you read the actual interview, he also listed 12 other sins. he said, look, i'm quoting basically what i believe in through the bible. there are people that don't like it. there are people that don't like there are these sins in the bible. the way he said it was not the correct way to say it.
4:23 pm
i said that from the beginning but they should bring it back. the show talks about family, familiar values, morality, they don't cuss, they are not sleeping around, they are not doing drugs like the mass majority of other tv shows out there. so, can a man make a mistake in america and say he's sorry for the way he said something? phil said he was sorry for the way he said it and people are ready to move on. the show is not an evil show. people that watch it, 14 million people agree with me. >> it's not -- >> people have a choice. no one is making people watch "duck dynasty." if people hate what robertson said, why can't they just not watch? >> that's absolutely what they can do. i hope millions of people no longer watch the show if they believe it's something that offends their sensibilities, politics and values. the issue here, is not only do individual consumers have choices they can make and rights they can exercise, but so do
4:24 pm
corporations. a company doesn't have to hire somebody. he is allowed to say whatever he wants and believes. i never want him to be silenced. i will fight for his ability to say the most awful, heinous things he says. a & e has a right i want to defend saying we do not want to stand next to somebody with these values. it's about an individual person saying things that many of us find deplorable. it's a market based decision. we are not silencing free speech. he doesn't have to have a tv show. >> right after he was suspended, a & e started running marathons of "duck dynasty." now that he's back on, do you feel it was predetermined part of the plan, do you think? >> i think this is a massive moneymaker for a & e. it's a show that is incredibly
4:25 pm
popular. the merchandise makes far more money. i think they realized, maybe there is such thing as forgiveness. >> oh, please, ben. >> let me finish. look at the insane things reality tv stars say all the time. look at twerking by miley cyrus. this guy said something some people say is plit ki incorrect. at the end of the day, he stands up for what he believes in. he made a reference to 12 sins in gq. if you read the article, it's obvious that writer does not like christians, it was a hit piece. it was an article written with tons of curse words in it, mocking christianity. nobody said we should ban gq magazine and an sell your subscription. both sides got a point of view out there. one side got attacked harder because they are christian and believe in the bible.
4:26 pm
people don't like that because the bible talks about right and wrong and people don't like that. >> ben and mark clearly don't see eye-to-eye on phil robertson. it's nothing compared to how they feel about football. ben is a cowboys fan who hopes his team can win without star quarterback tony romo and mark likes their opponent in tomorrow's game, the eagles. they tore into each other over the subject. take a listen. >> i think the cowboys are due. i think philly is going to come in, be in jerry's world and be terrified of this other quarterback they have not been planning for. i think the team is going to be playing for tony romo. the guy had serious surgery. i'm just saying, if i'm a philly fan, i'm not sure i would watch the entire game tomorrow. >> mark, do the stars align with you? >> there's not going to be a need to watch the entire game. by halftime, we'll be up by five
4:27 pm
touchdowns. >> i wish tony romo was playing. he can snatch defeat. he always loses the game for the cowboys. i was sending him get well cards. >> except last week. except last week. here's the deal -- all right, this is what i'll say. if my team -- when my team beats your team, okay, i'm going to ship you this jersey, fedex to you and you have to wear it on tv next time we are on. >> for the next segment. >> i'm going to send my jersey. you are going to wear this jersey on tv. we are going to win and win big in dallas. there are two things we do in philadelphia. we boo santa and beat cowboys. that's what's going to happen. >> did you like all that trash talk. ben ferguson and mark hill. we'll see who has the last laugh tomorrow. still ahead, most of you believe
4:28 pm
the current congress is the worst in your lifetime. not only does it seem like democrats and republicans are at each other's throats, the republican leadership has been sounding frustrated by its own members. can congress get its act together in 2014? more on that, next. [ sniffles, coughs ] shhhh! i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. [ sniffles ] i better take something. [ male announcer ] dayquil cold and flu doesn't treat all that. it doesn't? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting antihistamine. oh, what a relief it is!
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this just into cnn, los angeles dodgers outfielder spent this morning in a florida jail. he was charged with reckless driving after the state highway patrol clocked him doing 110 miles in a 70-mile-an-hour zone. it happened on interstate 75 near naples. he had three other people with him in the mercedes-benz at the time. he posted bond and was released. he finished second in rookie of the year voting this season. more than a million americans who have been out of work for nearly a year have lost their emergency unemployment benefits. the federal program ended today because congress failed to pass an extension before the holidays. athena is traveling with the president in honolulu. the question is, will the cash
4:32 pm
strapped americans get them back? >> reporter: hi, rosa. we are talking 1.3 million people collecting long-term unemployment insurance. these are the federal benefits that kick in after the state benefits run out. in some states, it starts as early as 14 weeks. they are the folks that saw their benefits cut off today. the numbers will rise the longer the benefits aren't in place. this is coming at a time when americans are feeling glum about the economy. i want to read a few numbers from the poll. it shows 68% of americans believe economic conditions right now are poor. more than half, 56% say conditions will still be poor a year from now. now this pessimism is affecting consumer spending, which is a big driver of the u.s. economy. more than a third, 36% say they have cut back on food or medicine because of the economy. 58% said they cut back on clothe and 56% postponed major purchases like furniture or appliances. the folks losing the
4:33 pm
unemployment benefits aren't spending that money in the economy. it's going to have ripple effects across the economy. >> let's talk about the timing. the president released a statement saying he endorses the senate's proposal to extend benefits. how soon before this would happen and why hasn't it happened before the holiday? >> reporter: well, the congress could not agree on extending this beforehand. some wanted to include it in the budget deal, but it was not included. the president has been stressing this all along in the congress before he left washington, d.c., to come here. he called on congress to make extending unemployment the first order of business. insurance, i should say, the first order of business when they come back into session in january. it looks like that is going to happen. they are going to take it up very, very quickly. the president had a call with a democrat from rhode island and republican from nevada. those are the two that put
4:34 pm
forward a bipartisan proposal to extend it for three months while giving congress more time to work out a comprehensive plan. one that would include a way to offset it, a way to pay for it. we expect this matter to be addressed as soon as congress gets back. we'll have to see whether it can get through. rosa? >> that was athena jones. congress may be looking to boost its image in 2014. it has plenty of work to do. lawmakers have earned a reputation for bickering and not getting much done at all. look at this recent cnn orc poll. nearly 70% surveyed say this congress is the worst congress they have ever seen. 28% say no. recently, republican congressman paul ryan spearheaded a budget deal with patty murray. some people in washington rejoice that there was a budget deal and the budget deal survived. earlier, i talked with princeton
4:35 pm
university historian about the bizarre political climate where congress simply passing a budget seems like progress. >> i think that's absolutely true. that's how bad the situation has become. what should be routine, what should be normal has now become a subject of fierce, political debate and gridlock. the hope is by passing this budget, they might have taken the issue off the agenda for a few months for congress to deal with other issues. >> that was my next question. is there going to be a big impact by this budget long term or just a short term deal? >> the budget deal is not so cig nif cant. it doesn't solve the problems the parties have been fighting about. paul ryan, the engineer on the republican side of this deal has already suggested he's ready for another fight with the debt ceiling in the months to come.
4:36 pm
it's unclear what kind of long term impact this will have. people in washington are hoping for a few months of breathing room. >> let's talk about ryan. do you think having a budget deal cut by someone with ryan's conservative credentials will get the right on board with other issues in the future? >> maybe. paul ryan does have very solid credentials among conservative republicans on this issue, not on social and cultural issues, but the budget. there is a possibility that he's able to rally the republicans in the house to support this budget deal and to prevent another fight from breaking out in the year to come. as we have seen in the past year, some of these republicans are very hard to control and they don't really care who the established figure is. they are fighting a fight and will take all kind of measures, if necessary. >> what about speaker boehner's
4:37 pm
comments about the tea party? could we see the gop split with the tea party wing? >> i think the gop is already split over the past year. i think at the end of the year, we saw a speaker of the house incredibly frustrated with his caucus and believes tea party republicans are dragging down the party. the fact he said that in public, made the statements suggest that in the coming few months, he might be willing to take on these members of the caucus, even lining with democrats. >> what about senate democrats decision to change the filibuster rules? it sounds like a real inside washington story, but could have a huge impact, right? >> it's a really important story. people, sometimes their eyes glaze over when you talk about the filibuster. what the filibuster has done is make everything in washington require 60 votes in the senate. it's hard to obtain. now the senate democrats have
4:38 pm
reformed that on judicial nominations and we have seen that the courts are already starting to change and the question is, if this scares republicans from filibustering other kinds of legislation. if all that stops, if the filibuster threat diminishes, you could see a congress a lot less gridlocked. >> as we look ahead to 2014, do you think anything big could get resolved, say immigration reform? >> i think immigration reform is possible. many republicans, for years have been clamoring for an immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship. they have been at odds with certain republicans in the house of representatives. i think speaker boehner's comments at the end of the year and the fact he hired someone who worked on immigration reform for john mccain suggestions he's ready try this. since senate republicans are on board, i think immigration reform is very viable in the
4:39 pm
year ahead. >> professor, your prediction on success on the hill in 2014. >> immigration reform would be the big one that i think has a chance of passing. the other issue that is always there that has a chance in 2014 is tax reform. congress is desperate to raise money. many people in both parties say close some loopholes, it's the best way the government can get more money quickly without raising tax rates. coming up, hundreds of teens mobbed two shopping centers in two separate states. how it plays out and what is being done about it, next. >> i'm deployed on "uss harry s. truman." i would like to wish my brother and sister and nieces a very merry christmas and happy new year. [ male announcer ] this is george. the day building a play set
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♪ [ male announcer ] the parking lot helps by letting us know who's coming. the carts keep everyone on the right track. the power tools introduce themselves. all the bits and bulbs keep themselves stocked. and the doors even handle the checkout so we can work on that thing that's stuck in the thing. [ female announcer ] today, cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everyone goes home happy. a suspected cop killer and wanna be bank robber is on the run. an active manhunt is going on nationwide for this man in the black hood. itis the start of a crime spree that spans several states and ended with a shooting of two police officers. here is alexander field with the details. >> reporter: a nationwide manhunt is on for a man considered armed and dangerous.
4:43 pm
he shot two mississippi police officers monday killing one of them. the fbi says the suspect tried to rob a bank teller and failed before robbing a customer at an atm prompting the shootout with police. 27-year-old officer joseph was wounded. dale stauffer was killed. the eight-year veteran leaves behind a wid owe and two young children. police cars form add procession in his honor at his funeral on friday. >> a senseless tragedy. out of respect for all the law enforcement and particularly the one who died, we wanted to come and show our respects. we brought our flag from our house. it's just a tragic thing. >> reporter: a few hours before arriving, investigators say the suspect tried to rob another bank in atlanta, georgia but failed. the fib describes him between 5'8" and six feet tall, a
4:44 pm
slender build. he may have fled in a gray sedan, a chrysler 200. a $200,000 reward is being offered for information leading to his arrest. >> thank you so much. 300 teenagers flooded a new york mall the day after christmas and it wasn't for the bargain prices. they wreaked havoc on stores before being escorted out. this was no ordinary flash mob. >> reporter: flash mobs are typically associated with fun, people dancing and singing in public places. but this week, they meant chaos. about 300 teens rushed a new york shopping center forcing stores to close early. witnesses say the crowd wreaked havoc, shoving people and banging on doors, worse than anything they have seen on block friday. >> i'm talking dangerous.
4:45 pm
they didn't care. >> one is like $50 candy. it's like almost $100 damage for me. >> reporter: how much damage was done is unclear. friday, the mall turned away all unaccompanied minors. >> you have to do what you have to do. it stops things like that from happening. >> maybe trying to calm down with the kids coming here and being reckless. >> reporter: a similar incident happened christmas day in jacksonville, florida. around 30 young people rushed the theater. a short time later, 600 teens gathered in the parking lot, many of who fought and jumped on cars. five people were arrested. while no arrests have been made in the new york episode, police are investigating and reviewing security footage. in just a few days, people in colorado will be legally
4:46 pm
allowed to smoke, buy and grow marijuana. what will that do to the work force in colorado? will the guy behind the counter at the fast food place be stoned? in that case, you may never get your food. we'll look for answers, just ahead. there's no secondhand smoke in here... ...and no cigarette advertising around here. there's a reason we know this is really bad... ...and this is really good. there's a reason 2 in 3 people are surviving cancer. and we cannot be silent until it's 3 out of 3. this shout-out is for everything the american cancer society has done in the last 100 years. make your tax-deductible donation by december 31st and help finish the fight.
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in just a few days, people in colorado will be permitted to smoke, buy and grow marijuana to hash out some of the issues that may arise from and a political psychologist. now, i first asked holly if someone visits colorado and buys it legally, can they then take it back over state lines. >> you can buy in colorado. you may not take it across state lines because obviously like you're saying, colorado is the only state in that locale that has legalized it. obviously, there are some
4:50 pm
restrictions. you've got to be 21. you can't be seen in public. you can't stand on a hotel balcony and light a reefer. you can get arrested for that. visitors, if you're looking to toke up and enjoy yourself, head on down to the rocky mountain stay, is that what they call it? colorado rocky mountain high. >> so, will more people be inclined to try it since it's legal? >> we see it with young people, it will be much easier to get. there are professional people, i'm not saying holly's professional people -- >> she's mighty happy today, by the way. >> absolutely. i don't know how she used the words reefer and toke, but we
4:51 pm
won't go there today, but there are professional people out there who have one job doing something and then another job selling marijuana on the side. those people never get busted. it's something that's so low level. i think that you're going to see is that i don't know if there's going to be a tremendous amount of increase in the use, especially for people who are older because it's already easy for them to get even though it's illegal in many, many states. >> now, i'm intrigued by the employment law. so, and work. >> right. >> will people be able to be high? or -- >> no, absolutely not. in fact, you can even be fired if you're coming to work high and an employer can still fire you in colorado because once again, you're talking about a restricted area, so when you go to your employer, i mean, there are certain rules we all have to follow, right? we can't come in here prandishing a gun because we're all at work. can't come in here and toke up, dr. jeff. i'm a criminal defense attorney. and i used to prosecute.
4:52 pm
but the other thing it's going to do for the criminal justice system in colorado, it's going to free up a lot because now you won't see a lot of the state resources and the prosecutors having to deal with what are really very low level crimes because it's no longer a crime. >> there's no -- >> what we call grandfathering, there's no going back in time. there's no ex post facto. so if you're in for it, you're in for it because at the time that you committed the offense, it was illegal, so nobody's going home if they're already serving a sentence. >> you know, jeff, one of the other things i'm really curious about is the impact on kids. their perception about marijuana. the kids that are growing up now, for them, it's legal. >> okay, so this is where my real concern is. because we do know that now marijuana is almost matching alcohol as one of the most ab e abused substances out there for
4:53 pm
very young people, so now, the message is that yes, it is legal and i'm not going to get into the politics of it. i'm simply playing shrink here, okay? but now, kids have a perception that okay, because it's legal, now i can go ahead and do this as much as i'm doing alcohol, so i think we're going to see increased use in young people and there's not going to be the stigma for them to use it. our only hope is they don't use it to the point of where they now use it as a gateway to other much more serious drugs. >> now, there are a lot of guesses about this next story. some have guessed it might be an old, old ship wreck or a meteorite, very deep in the ground. in seattle, a massive underground drill has hit something. it can't get through. so, what's down there? that story is next. >> hi, i'm sam. >> we're here with the fourth
4:54 pm
intel. >> at kandahar airfield. we wanted to wish our family and friends a very merry christmas and happy new year. >> we love and miss you.
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4:56 pm
hurricane sandy left behind so much devastation last year, houses demolished, neighborhoods levelled, but when you hear what a landscaper found while
4:57 pm
cleaning up leaves on long island, you're going to smile. a $1 million scratch off lottery ticket hidden in the leaves. marvin found the ticket last year, contacted the lottery, but had to wait to see if anyone claimed it. about three weeks ago, the lottery told him the ticket was his. he was honored with four other winners. congratulations to all of them. and sometimes, patience pays. watch this. a robber walks into a florida drugstore and demands money from the clerk. but instead of handing over the cash, the woman says she needs to ask her manager if that's okay. well, the robber agrees and waits while the clerk gets her manager, the manager then comes over, waits until the clerk finishes with a customer, then he comes around and hands over hundreds of dollars in cash. well, the robber got away, but police hope that someone recognizes him in this video. in seattle, big bertha, a
4:58 pm
huge underground drilling machine, has hit something and it can't get past it. stephanie elam has the story. >> reporter: no doubt, bertha is a beheem. she's the largest tunnelling machine in the world and she was put to work tunnelling in seattle for a planned highway, but bertha was oonl tenth of the way along her journey when she suddenly encountered something large enough and strong enough to stop her in her tracks. >> we're being really cautious. want to make sure we don't damage this $80 million machine. >> reporter: but what is it? g geologists point to how it was filled in by engineers. >> you find shoes, newspapers, there's a boat buried in downtown seattle. so, you name it. it could be down there. >> reporter: another theory,
4:59 pm
it's a massive boulder left during the ice age. >> some kind of burial ground? >> merry christmas, big bertha. >> reporter: if that's the case, bertha's christmas break started two weeks ago. since then, the project has been on hold as workers drill holes. >> you can't back the machine up. you've got the segment of lining behind you, so all you can really do is proceed forward. >> reporter: but the transportation department says bertha won't move forward until at least early next year, after the mystery is solved. stephanie elam, cnn, los angeles. up in the sky, it's not a bird, not a plane, is it a meteor? a fire ball lit up the midwest sky thursday night. caught on security camera in iowa. people in seven states reportedreported ed seeing it.
5:00 pm
stay with cnn for breaking news. meantime, a cnn special report. extraordinary people begins extraordinary people begins right now. -- captions by vitac -- >> the following is a cnn special report. i'm anderson cooper. welcome to special report, extraordinary people. >> and i'm robin meade. extraordinary might be in the eye of the beholder. to some it might mean someone fantastically athletic or someone uber talented. what about every day folks who simply have to be courageous in the circumstance they find themselves in, or selfless or inspirational. looking back on this year 2013, who do you feel is truly extraordinary? >> that's what we're going to look at in the next hour. you're going to meet some every day people who really did extraordinary things. people like antoinette tuff. in a year that mass gun shootings made news, this


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