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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  December 29, 2013 3:00am-4:31am PST

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new this morning, the nationwide manhunt for a suspected bank robber and cop killer may be over as police in phoenix shoot and kill a man after a heist there. we'll talk to police officials. and rockets rip across lebanon border into israel, artillery fire is back. the unrest comes as israel prepares to release some palestinian prisoners and u.s. secretary john kerry headed to the region as well. we'll have a live report for you. and trapped in the antarctic ice. an update on a difficult rescue operation at the bottom of the world as icebreaker ships one after the other are turned away.
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a helicopter becomes another option for the stranded passengers. your "new day sunday" starts now. hey, good to have your company here on this sunday. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. this is "new day sunday." we do have breaking news for you this morning. an explosion rocks a train station in russia, killing at this point we know at least 18 people. >> yeah. and the blast happened overnight at a station in the southern city of volgegard. reports are that a female suicide bomber carried out this attack. >> cnn has just obtained video of the explosion. see the center of your screen there, see the smoke out of that area there at the train station. that was at the core of that station there, victor, as i understand it. possibly near some metal detecters.
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>> let's get more from cnn's diana magnay from moscow. what is the latest? what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, the death toll seems to be rising. as you said, russian state media reporting 19 dead. we're hearing that they believe it was the work of a female suicide bomber. volg volgograd is near the troubled north caucuses region, where there is a separatist struggle going on with armed militants and these black widows as they're called, female suicide bombers, have been used often. and there was an announcement by the head of the sort of chechen militant group a few weeks ago that they would try and carry out more terrorist attacks outside of the caucuses regions. and this is just weeks ahead of the sochi olympics and that is
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the -- they wanted to make the olympics a nightmare for russia. >> have any groups claimed responsibility up to this point that we know of? >> not so far, no. but this is the second attack in volgograd in three months. the last time in october where there was another attack by a female suicide bomber on board a crowded bus and six people died in that attack. again, there was no claim of responsibility that time around. but this does bear all the signatures of the kind of militancy we have seen coming out of the north caucuses region. >> all right, diana magnay for us in moscow. we'll let you get back to work to get more information about this, and we'll check back throughout the morning. thank you, diana. now, here in the u.s. this morning, a nationwide manhunt for a suspected bank robber and cop killer appears to be over. phoenix police shot and killed a man saturday they believe that person is the suspect after yet
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another bank robbery. here's what we know about this. on monday morning, according to the fbi, the suspect attempted to rob a bank in atlanta. and then later, that same day, the suspect drove to tupelo, mississippi, where police say he shot one officer, killed another while leaving the scene of a bank robbery there. >> so let's fast-forward to yesterday. according to cnn affiliate kph o someone noticed a man with a mask walking into a phoenix bank and they called 911. a detective responding to the scene shot and killed the suspect while he was engaged in a gunfight with a different officer. after leaving that bank. >> the suspect died there in the parking lot, right there at the scene. no one else was injured. we have on the phone with us from mississippi highway patrol officer ray hall. good to have you with us. what can you tell us about the investigation as it relates to this killing and the ending of this search in phoenix?
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>> sure. you know, based on information we received, especially after the phoenix internet, the fbi agents have begun running down leads, started to see just a few things that seem to be similar and continued to track those leads. and at this time we do believe that this -- this killer is going to be connected. not only in atlanta, in the shooting in phoenix, but here may be responsible for the death or death of officer gill stafford. >> officer hall, let me ask you, there is a tupelo city spokeswoman who said multiple suspects were seen fleeing the robbery there. do you know if there is more than one person involved in this at this point? are you still investigating that? >> yeah, we -- it is still unclear at this time if this suspect may have acted alone or whether there was others. i know the officers are continuing to work, continuing
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to make sure even if this is definitely comes out that this is our suspect, we would still make sure that there was no one that aided or abetted him. there is -- there was that first day, during the fog of things, a lot of different reports and we're just slowly the officers, the troopers, the agents, the fbi is leading this, been nonstop around the clock since monday. 24 hours a day, even all the way up to now as we speak, making sure that, you know, that the investigation is very thorough. >> so i just want to be clear about that element. are you -- are the other authorities actively looking for other suspects or is it still in the preliminary portion of the investigation to determine that there might have been other people involved? >> sure. i think we're definitely still in that preliminary investigation. obviously the results from the phoenix robbery and the shooting
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there of the suspect, i think that's going to shed a lot more light on maybe what happened here and clear up whether or not there was one suspect or more than one suspect. >> officer ray hall with the mississippi highway patrol, thank you for speaking with us this morning. we'll follow this throughout the morning as we actually find out if this man was connected to the attempt in atlanta and, of course, the shooting and robbery in tupelo. >> a lot of people wondering how he got -- that's a pretty big stretch to get from mississippi to phoenix. >> to the west coast. >> we know phoenix police are saying at least local media reports there saying that they believe he acted alone in phoenix. so we'll keep up on that for you. this is the last sunday of 2013. >> it is. it just resonated. this is the last sunday of the year. >> i think because it is so cold outside our brain isn't working too well. >> take times to warm it up, like an old chevy, takes some time. >> look at the nasty weather so many of you are dealing with today.
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that doesn't look good. >> not at all. i mean, for people in parts of north dakota, minnesota, the best bet is just stay inside. look at this. just stay indoors. they have been dealing with blinding snow and brutally cold temperatures this weekend. and the wind is making it feel even worse. and this is what drivers -- >> can you imagine. >> who venture out of north dakota and minnesota are facing. i mean, what -- >> i grew up in ohio and that's not completely, you know, that's not foreign to me. but it is still never fun. >> yeah, never dealt with this in baltimore. >> come on! >> we had snowy days, but we could see the next 15 feet. let's check in with meteorologist alexandra steele with what to expect with the end of 2013 and the start of 2014. >> we never dealt with this in miami, you know?
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it is absolutely brutal. you look at those pictures and you hear the sound of that wind and that's what it is about, windchill warnings, why you need a windchill warning, this area delineated in purple. in minnesota, the dakotas, iowa, if you're walking out the door right this very moment in minot, it feels like 38 degrees below zero. feels like 37 below in fargo. these are legitimate numbers. 35 below in sioux falls. windchill warnings today through noon or 1:00 in this part of the world. we'll see windchill values about 50 below zero this morning. and then this afternoon, to about 35 below. but this is all going to abate. we're going to watch this cold air move eastward and we're going to watch these winds really begin to diminish. as we head to tonight into tomorrow morning, you can see these gusts of 34, 35, coming down. we're certainly going to lose that intensity of that brutality of the cold weather and wind. but, we're going to watch this cold air drop south and drop
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eastward. so as we look toward today, minneapolis is at 2 below. straight air temperature. not the windchill. 24 below is how much colder it is than average. but watch what happens. chicago loses 20 degrees by tomorrow. and then monday, into tuesday, that's when the coldest air gets to the eastern seaboard. so burlington, new york, all much colder than it has been. this is new year's eve, mind you. cold air coming to the eastern seaboard, modifying, not the cold air we have in fargo now, but aspects of it. >> all righty. well -- >> i think of the people in times square who stand there all day -- >> just to get their seat. they're cuddled up, though. they're all so close together. it has to warm them up a little bit. alexandra, thank you so much. still to come, talk about cold. more than 70 people stranded for nearly a week. right now still in the coldest place of the world. >> two rescue trips tried to help. they haven't been successful.
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secretary of state john kerry is headed back to the middle east. >> leaving for israel and the palestinian territories to continue talks on the middle east peace deal. his trip comes as israel prepares to release 26 palestinian prisoners as promised last summer at the outset of the talks there. >> there is also action overnight and early sunday morning and ian joins us live
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from jerusalem. we know there reports of rockets being fired from southern lebanon to northern israel and then a return back from northern israel back into southern lebanon. tell us what is happening this sunday morning. >> reporter: well, that's right, victor. there were rockets fired into northern israel. israeli's military responded with artillery fire. they also complained about this with unifil, the united nations body that oversees peace along the border between israel and lebanon. they also -- this isn't just the first incident really in the last month. this is the second incident. just earlier this month we saw a sniper, a lebanese army sniper kill an israeli soldier. israeli responded and retaliated. it has been intense but we haven't seen anything really escalate into more violence on that border. >> so how is this action
3:15 am
overnight suspected to -- or expected to have any impact on the peace talks that we're waiting for? >> well, the peace talks right now are really the talk of the town here in israel and in the palestinian territories. they're waiting for john kerry to come later this week. right now we're having, as you said earlier, 26 palestinian prisoners will be set free and that will happen around midnight on monday. these are men who are convicted of violent crimes, who have served over two decades. this is all part of the peace process. there is four stages going to take place, total of 104 prisoners released. this is a sign that the peace process is moving forward. although talk ing to the palestinians, one palestinian negotiator in particular resigned because he said the process wasn't moving forward. and he also criticized the united states for not being a
3:16 am
neutral arbiter, saying that they're more biased toward the israeli side. now, the israelis have been tight lipped on the behind the scenes activities that are going on, but with this sort of pessimism that we're seeing on the palestinian side, john kerry is going to have his work cut out for him when he meets with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the palestinian president mahmoud abbas. >> hopefully we'll get some statement maybe from the lebanese government to try to determine if the firing of rockets into northern israel has something to do either with these upcoming peace talks, an effort to crush those before they start, or with the additional 26 prisoners released. ian lee for us in jerusalem. thank you. >> thanks, ian. still to come this morning, with her title on the line, ufc champion ronda rousey went into unknown territory last night. >> want to know about the epic battle? we'll let you know what happened next.
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♪ it's a new day >> yes, it is. a live look here. this is san francisco. the golden gate bridge. that's beautiful. it is 3:19. >> there are a lot of people on the roads.
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so you're either up very early or you're -- you missed curfew. >> these are people headed home from a good time. >> they're coming home. >> i just feel it. >> good morning, san francisco. >> a mixed martial arts champion adds to her growing legend after an epic fight in los angeles. >> you know it is good if we're calling it epic. joe carter has more on the bleacher report. >> we're talking about ronda rousey. if you don't know who ronda rousey is, you will soon. this woman is not only a great fighter, that's the total package. a marketer's dream. she has cover girl looks, chiselled abs and also a hollywood favorite already. she's going to be in two action movies coming up. despite training for six weeks because of her movie obligations, she won last night's fight. she entered the cage for a rematch against miesha tate. she beat tate last year. this time around, tate pushed
3:21 am
rousey further than she's ever gone before. but in round three, the champ, ronda rousey sunk in the arm bar once again for the win. rousey is 8-0 now as a professional fighter. the question after last night's game, is this the last time we'll see louisville quarterback teddy bridge water play at the collegiate level. if so, it was one of his best college games ever. the junior is considered a top pick in the upcoming nfl draft. he certainly put on a show last night for scouts at the russell athletic bowl in orlando. he passed for a career high 466 yards. he had four touchdowns, threw three touchdowns, ran for another, and the louisville cardinals absolutely crushed miami 36-9, this one wasn't much of a contest at all for louisville. trending this morning on bleacher, two of the best teams in the nba scored off in portland. trailblazers, miami heat, last second shot by chris bosh, i should say, a great behind the back pass to -- from dwyane wade to chris bosh.
3:22 am
and i love the reaction from bosh, and i love the reaction from lebron james, not playing last night because he's a little hurt, but that obviously the miami heat, one of the better teams in the nba. great one-point win for them. today, guys, is a huge day, absolutely huge day in the nfl. we have got ten teams that are going to be fighting for four playoff spots. ten teams, four spots, and peyton manning has a chance to break two more records today, a chance to break the yards record and points record in addition to the touchdown record that he had last week. so a lot going on today. >> add it to the list. >> just starting his day. >> busy on my couch all day watching. >> good job. >> not bad. >> thank you, joe. help for passengers aboard a stranded ship in antarctica is so close, yet so far. you knew that was coming. this morning in an australian ship is en route after a chinese icebreaker was forced to just turn back. >> french ship was getting ready to go out and it never made it. the chinese ship known as the snow dragon is nearby, though.
3:23 am
it has a helicopter to assist aerial rescue efforts if needed. today's attempt will be the third try for the teams there. and, look, we're talking about fierce winds, icy conditions that forced, as we said, that french rescue ice breaker to call off its mission altogether. >> rosy tom sin jop >> rosy tom sin jokins us live london. what is the plan now? i understand there is a helicopter somewhere nearby if they need it. >> yes, victor. we're on to plan c or d now at this stage. we lost track. the latest ship, this australian ship, is just a couple of hours away now. we are much closer to having news, but when it gets there, we have no guarantee of what will happen because the ice may just be too thick for it to reach the russian vessel. the thickness of the ice, of course, what thwarted the efforts by the chinese and the french vessels as you mentioned. the australian ship is bigger and more powerful. it has what they call the ice rating of 1.35 meters, which
3:24 am
basically means it can cut through ice that thick. the reports say the ice could be 2 or 3 meters thick. so still no guarantee of what will happen when they get there. if they fail to cut through the ice, they have, as you say, this helicopter on the chinese vessel standing by. so plan a and plan b in place and they will assess the situation when they get closer, victor. >> rosie, i was reading that everybody on the ship had a great christmas, they have been there for a week. they seem to be doing just fine. are you getting any late word as to how they're doing and how long will they let that ship stay there before they would attempt any aerial rescues? >> well, there is the question of how long the ship stay and how long the people stay. they will according to the maritime authority in australia, they will get the people out today, one way or another. if they can't get the ship through they will revert to this aerial lift. whether the ship can move, that could be any amount of time depending on the conditions. in terms of spirits, though, they're having an absolute blast. i have to say.
3:25 am
all of them on board, scientists and tourists, who wanted to be there. they're adventurous people who wanted to be in that part of the world. they knew the kind of terrain they were going into. they're sending daily youtube updates to friends and family to say how they're doing. one of them is having a special day today. let's have a listen to her latest youtube update. >> hi, everybody. mary here from antarctica, having a wonderful time. we have this wonderful snowy wonderland. it is my birthday today. it couldn't be a better day to have a birthday with my 80 something new friends. blew out all the candles on today we have a happy birthday girl and we'll let you know what happens when the vessel reaches them. thank you so much. joo as the year draws to a close the weather could not get much worse in parts of the country.
3:26 am
ice, snow, wind they are making travel dane k russ gerous in pae nation. plus duck dynasty lives on. we'll talk about why the phil slap may have made the snow more popular. [ sneezes, coughs ]
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erks it. it is the bottom of the hour. and an early one for you. let's start this half with five things you need to know for your new day. the nationwide manhunt is believed to be over. for a suspected cop killer. he has been shot and killed in neen n phoenix. police say the suspected bank
3:30 am
robker wber was gunned downieye chinese and french ice breaker couldn't break through that ice. number three, ups says it has m finished delivering it's packages. a lot of people were angry that they didn't receive their packages in time for christmas. fedex says it didn't resolve it's issues. the count down is on. in three days marijuana is going to be legal in colorado. licenses are already being handed out to retailers. anyone 2 # 1 other older can bu
3:31 am
it. number five now, the blowing snow, the heavy rain and bitter cold. look at this. they are all part of the mix this weekend. as we see here. blizzard conditions are making travel dangerous in parts of the country. let's check in with alexandra steel. >> it depends on where you are. this is the forecast for new year's eve. we are going to see dry skies. >> thank you.
3:32 am
>> this morning an explosion rocks a train station in russia killing at least 18 people. this blast happened overnight at a station in the southern city of vulgergrad. eye fema a female suicide bomb er is to blame. it went off at the core of that train station. moscow is concerned about militant groups ramping up violence there. we don't believe there is a claim of responsibility of those groups. d diana is there and we'll get more in a moment. another big story. a & e and the stars of duck
3:33 am
dynasty are not prepared to move on. that is after the ar remarks th he made with gq. >> we talked to new day about the conversations and the controversy that it sparked. it got people talking abo ining dynasty and about religious freedom and certain comments about gays and blacks are acceptable or not. after discussions with the robertson family as well as consulting with numerous advocacy groups they decided to resume filming along with phil robertson. they were giving in the pressure
3:34 am
campaigns to have him brought back to the show. they could pt go away. a & e couldn't afford to lose the show. they had to figure out some way forward and it seems like this is the way to do it. >> you can catch brian at 11:00 am eastern today. >> 2014 will usher in new laws and policies in parts of the country. the ban on gay boy scouts will be lifted and gay leaders will be lifted. utah court will halt gay marriage. do you foresee that scout leaders will be allowed openly gay scout leaders will be
3:35 am
allowed to be a member of the organization anytime soon? >> yes, i think they will. but i think they are going to come under a restriction and that is that they can't be open and obviously gay. obviously, you know you are not foeing to see a drag queen boy scout leader. that is not going to happen. but you are going to see i think gay boy scout leaders who aren't flaunting it in an open way that will effect kids in the troop. one person may think that someone is obviously gay and doesn't belong in a leadership position and another will say no, he is acting like a normal person. when you have restrictions about being normal, i think litigation
3:36 am
is going to follow. >> no, i don't. because i think that earlier this year, and in the years leading up to now as the courts marriage across america, i think utah is going to find that they are going to have to change their policy. this seems to be an important social policy change in america. people are going to have to get used to it. what about colorado. it is legal in the state and it is against the federal law. what problems are we going to see january 1.
3:37 am
the administration has in the past cracked down on medical marijuana administration. it is illegal under federal law but now legal under colorado state law and it is going to be wide open. we are talking about recreational marijuana. you can grow your own and be able to go into a local store and buy marijuana cookies and cake and weed to smoke. it is going to be a brave new world out there.
3:38 am
for a lot of veterans it can be a brim grim reminder of the reas of war. stay close. v
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good sunday morning. let's take a look at what is happening around the morning here. meanwhile, tens of thousands of people continue to seek safety
3:42 am
as similar unbasins along the country. the death toll of at least 1,000 people. thank you so much for the update. we appreciate it. we want to get to beirut now. cast a car bomb struck his car bomb on friday. amid heavy security hundreds of security arrived downtown. former ambassador of the united states his bodyguard and five other people arrive friday morning. although there has been no claim of responsibility, security forces are taking no chances. to london now, where hundreds of adults spent the night at the museum. hi, rosey. a whole new take at night of the museum where the natural history
3:43 am
museum paid over $300 to spend the night eating live insects. and a quiet taste to be sure. it is not every day you get to spend the night spending the night under a skeleton. >> thank you so much. >> victor. i spend $300 i want something other than bugs to eat. >> hopefully they had more than bugs to eat. >> for a lot of us, the holidays are about food, family and tradition. but for veterans across the country, this time of the year can trigger symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. the holiday season can be a real challenge. to help us understand we have chuck reefs with us this morning. he is the author of a new boy of
3:44 am
a "boy becomes a man in vietnam". >> ptsd, part of the cure, is understanding the cause. so my book i don't understand the cure, i do understand what causes a veteran to suffer ptsd to suffer relations. so i wrote the book to help veterans put into words what is going on in their hearts and minds in what is creating this ptsd. and part of what creates it and what causes it and how it manifests itself and what are some of the triggers this season? >> first of all, the holidays are an emotional time.
3:45 am
it is an emotional disorder. this year we kind of got hit with a double whammy. the budget was announced in the middle of the season. the item that was put on the chopping block that is most prominent are vietnam veterans. we came home and we were not appreciated. we see a tactic like that and we were wondering where do we fit? >> when we came home, there is no such thing as ptsd. in world war ixi they used shel shocked. general pst p aatton was in tro for hissing someone with shell shock. big boys are taught don't cry, man up.
3:46 am
they all get compressed inside of us. when i came home the army was very proud of 24 and hout. from the time my plane landed in seattle washington. i was processed out of the milt ready to go home in 24 hours. no time to decompress. >> i want you to talk about what i think a lot of people are unaware of. the differences between ptsd for someone like yourself, a vietnam veteran and someone in afghanistan. world war ii they had time to decompress on the ship coming home. world war ii saw so it is a whole different scenario. for afghanistan their ptsd is any lessor more than ours. but they can skype or talk to their family. i had no communication with
3:47 am
their family at all. does that make it better or worse? does it make it manifest it more strongly. they are coming home to a different economy. they are having trouble finding jobs. all of the wars since. the ret vveteran has not been appreciated. we are trying to find out where do we fit into society. we have all of this coming up? how do we address that. from the families and friends of veterans they need to get the veteran talking. we want to make sure that we empa thighthize empathize. thank you so much for coming in. the book is "a man in vietnam" understanding the cause of ptsd. thank you, back to you. >> so insightful.
3:48 am
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♪ let me hear your body talk >> i love that song growing up. all right. this is the time of year, right where you look at the calendar and you say i'm getting in shape. yes? >> i've hired the trainer we are meeting tomorrow at 7:00 am. >> just come to spin class with me. >> that seat, i can't for a full hour. >> it hourthourts. you know the one we are talking
3:52 am
about this morning. experts say, move of us are going to fail. at following through on our resolutions especially when we have these goals at losing the pounds. >> you've never walksed a mile day. he is the author of the new y"n york times" best seller "body confidence". how can we avoid the failure. >> their mintset. thanksgiving, all of the december. people seat what they want they hit their tipping point and they just want it off. so they diet, and for three weeks they are all in.
3:53 am
life pushes back, and they gain everything back. small changes rather than that spinning bike for an hour? they can take back control of their health. >> it is about ha bbituating something new. incorporating something into your whole schedule >> one percent at a time, every single day. you improve. where are you going to be? >> spin class hurts and i sucked
3:54 am
at it initially. but i new, when you go again, it g gets easier and it pushes you. you want to go and you want to do better. the other thing is at the h holid holidays, you eat whatever you want how do we get off that food train? >> most people think your exercise is your solution. no work out can out work a bad diet. eat every three hours. little bit of protein, fat and carbs. you don't have to weigh food or measure. every palm eat protein. for men it is two palms and then a carb, would be apple, bread,
3:55 am
two fists for a man and then a thumb of fat. avacado, almonds. and the key is this. be satisfied after every meal and be ready to eat. the holidays make us eat a lot. we think we can go for it. we have to get back into the game. and then we have to make our exercise fun. if you think you have to go do 16 minutes of spin chalass, you might do it and then you are done. good to have you back good to see you. >> mark will get you going. thank you so much. again, the book is body confidence. >> he was cleaning up after super storm sandy when he stumbled on treasure worth more
3:56 am
than $1.5 million. >> why he is just now cashing it in next. ♪ money money money (typing) ♪ (typing) ♪ we are now in a position to look at the other worlds of our solar system. ♪
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a new york man claims his lottery prize who than a year after he claims his lottery prize. he was cleaning up debris from super storm sandy when he found that ticket worth more than $1 million. >> i'm going to buy me a house and help churches and help my family. >> since martinez isn't purchase the ticket himself. lottery rules said he had to wait a year to see if anyone else came forward and fortunate for him, no one else did. >> we have more ahead on the next hour of your new day. it starts right now. >> all right grab your coffee and stay in your py's thjs this
4:00 am
morning. 7:00 on the east coast and 4:00 on the west coast. this is "new day sunday". >> we have breaking news that we need to talk to you about this morning. an explosion rocks a train station in russia. killing at least 18 people. this happened overnight and it happens at a station in the southern city in vulger grad. do you see there the explosion that happened in the inside of that building? >> this was at the core of that train station there as we understand it near a metal detector. diana, we spoke last hour and authorities were trying to figure out who is responsible what can you tell us what has happens over the last hour as
4:01 am
his investigation wraps up. >> reporter: this explosion happened about three hours ago about midday, moscow time. there could be a number of causes. we are hearing that it was a female suicide bomber. some 400 mile as way in the troubled region. and we know for example that on saturday, a suspected islamist militant was there. but at the same time it is possible that this is simply a wider call to try and spread terror ahead of the olympics which are coming. it is a train hub where you would have to take the train up to moscow. we know that the black widows
4:02 am
have tried in the past to reach moscow and to commit attacks here. in this case as you have said a metal detector was part of the region and therefore the bomber if it was one detonated herself before she reached the metal detect or. there was that bombing in october that you talked about. and blew up a passenger bus killing six. do we know if these two are connected in anyway? again, we don't. no one claimed responsibility for that attack and no one has claimed responsibility for this attack. the most wanted man in russia who heads the militant groups has said he wants to claim the
4:03 am
groups. >> you said this happened at midday. what do we know about the crowd that would be there at this time of the day and how heavily this stage is used? >> this is a really busy rail hub. about 3.5,000 people use it every day. it is a hub for all trains up to moscow. so the numbers that we are hearing now. they have been revised a bit. the ministry here have said that 13 people are dead. 15 are dead. so the numbers are changing a bit but we have scores and scores of people injured and the russian president have ordered helicopters to fly down and bring those injured in. >> early in a breaking news
4:04 am
situation we are dealing with so many people. so that is not unusual. thank you so much we appreciate all of the updates this morning as this is something that is just haping. also did you realize this is the last sunday of 2013? >> it is starting to resonate that we are done with it. look at this. you know it is just the start. this is what they are seeing. just stay inside. where do you have to go in this weather? >> we have been dealing with the blinding snow and the wind, you can hear it and it is making it feel worse. look at what drivers venture out to in north dakota. this is what you are seeing
4:05 am
really? you want to get out on that? they are terrible. so now, more on the nasty weather that could ruin a lot of new year's plans. the snow, the wind and heavy rain. meteorologist ali sanders. >> don't go to her. are you kidding me? >> i've got to get mark back exercising. it is brutal. you don't want to go out in it. windchill charni iwarnings. to 50 below zero. current windchill out the door. and you are going that is me. 43 degrees below zero. that is what it feels like as you walk outside. these numbers are going to go lower. they have gone lower. it will get better. but we will see temperatures
4:06 am
warm up and the winds settle down. but that cold air 1 degree. chicago 31 as we head towards tomorrow. watch this arctic air drop south and eastward by the time we get to monday. and then this cold air modifies so it is not as cold as it was. but it will be colder than it has been. by tuesday new year's eve in the teens in the northeast. if we have the cold air and the moisture at the same time we would have snow in the big cities. very wet morning and as we head toward tonight, we will see some snow where it is cold off. watching us from manchester vermont you will see some fresh powder tonight into tomorrow morning. all of that moves out little bit in terms of accumulations.
4:07 am
very cold temperatures across the country for new years eve. chicago only in the teens. we have cold air across the country. alexandra steel. thank you. just go, go. >> we don't mean that. >> bye. >> thousands of people are still in the dark, too. this weekend utility crews are still working to get the power back on. the storm slammed an area from c me michigan to maine. you can see ice is falling there. the storm hit michigan hardest though. thousands as we said are still in the dark. new this morning, that nationwide manhunt for suspected bank robber and cop killer
4:08 am
appears to be over. phoenix police say they shot and killed a man they believe to be the robber. we spoke to ray hall about why they believe the suspect may be the same person that killed an offer in mississippi. >> based on attorneys we recein received, we started to see just a few things that simeemed to b simlafr ailar and we believe th killer is committxhik connected. the shooting may be responsible for the death of the officer. > investigate is on going and they are trying to determine if more suspects are involved. >> as you are counting down to the new year and it is
4:09 am
approaching. so is another major milestone. what can you expect when it becomes a reality on new year's day? we have the latest. sunlan what have you discovered. >> reporter: new this morning, the administration says more than 1.1 million people enrolled in health care plans from october 1st to december 24th. the big question now, how will it all go. >> a white house toast in 2010 when the health care bill passed in the house. >> but at the stroke of midnight when that legislation becomes reality, will the president again pop the champagne? >> may now have a couple of million people maybe more who
4:10 am
are going to have health care on january 1st and that is a big deal. that is why i ran for this office and a big debate for years. >> it has been a feeiiasco. come wednesday. the program gets a big test. they have until january 10th, to make their first payment. >> we screwed it up. >> a website plagued by flitches is now improved. at this library in northern virginia saturday, that confusion still pribringing peo needing help enrolling. if you try to do it by yourself it can be difficult. >> this past week the website has seen a surge in traffic. nearly 9,000 visitors christmas eve alone.
4:11 am
>> it is still unclear if they are getting reliable information. >> after the botched website roll out october 1st, the president took heat for not paying close enough attention. the white house is taking pains to show that he is not dropping the ball as new year's eve approaches. but on january 1st, will there be something celebrate? >> most americans are required to have health insurance but if you still need to sign up and you haven't there will be time. >> good to snow. all right. we appreciate it thank you. >> you know there are these people who are waiting for rescue more than 70 researchers
4:12 am
on this ship. this horning an australian ice breaker is hours away. is it going to break through the ice once and for all? we'll bring you the latest on that next. stay close. ♪ take my hand we'll make it i swear living on a prayer ♪ ç= [ sniffles, coughs ] shhhh! i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. [ sniffles ] i better take something. [ male announcer ] dayquil cold and flu doesn't treat all that. it doesn't? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting antihistamine. oh, what a relief it is!
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4:14 am
we for get it is 7:14. >> you can see at the top of your screen you have that layer of cloud cover. this is atlanta centennial olympic park. soggy and wet. it rained like the dickens overnight. high today 55 degrees. little more rain
4:15 am
>> it is pretty, though. you get the fan side most of you are right now. >> you get the best clean when it is raining. >> we know yesterday a chinese ice breaker was forced to turn around six nautical miles out. this ship is still nearby. >> and the winds have been fierce. the icy conditions have forced a french ice breaker to call off it's mission. way have this shippen route. we are playing -- de where are we? >> i've lost track. we have gone through the alphabet with plans. now the ship is about an hour away.
4:16 am
we are so close to getting an update but have no guarantee when the ship gets close to the vessel. the ice may be too thick to get through. the last two efforts to get through from the chinese and the french vessels. the australian ship is bilgger and more powerful. >> we understand the crew is doing fine. but how long will they wait before they would resort to possible ar yell rescues of those folks? >> yes, i spoke to the maritime authority this morning. they told me what ever happens, they would get the ship out
4:17 am
today. they would revert to this air yell lift. when they sent out the alert. the authorities asked the ships to reach out and help. it is very remote out there. they know they are coming off today. and they can see the vessel on the hoor rye son standing by there. they are in good spirits. they are having a lovely time. we can have a listen now on how they are feeling today. >> apparently this afternoon we are going to have singing on the ice which should be fantastic.
4:18 am
thank you so much. >> they had a birthday cake? >> he guess they have chefs onboard. great planning. >> we want to tell you about this in depth investigation into "new york times." that shoots down much of what republican are republicans have said about the cover up. it says al qaeda was not involved in the attack. the report finds that it was fueled in part by a u.s. made anti-muslim video but not solely as the obama administration sugge suggest
4:19 am
suggested. >> i'm sure this will be the topic of conversation coming up at 9:00 on state of the union. we'll check in with candy at some point. still to come. the minnesota vikings are saying about by to the metrodome but people who work there say it is the ending to an era. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief.
4:20 am
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4:22 am
florida could become the third most populist state in the countory country. florida's population had been growing at the last clip. >> remember the stadium was
4:23 am
severely damaged in 2010 after heavy snow caused the roof to be knocked down. for exemployees saying good-bye is not there at all. it is a place where few fans have ever traveled. but history is on display. three canvass show the employees from the past 31 years. >> it has been fun to check them out and see what people have written on there. staff are encouraged to leave messages and memories. one of my bartenders thanks for the memories. >> it is an emotional walk down memory lane. showing some of the dome's
4:24 am
greatest moments. >> world series, super bowl. >> and i remember we used to have red and green pizza outfits as well. >> theresa couldn't help but leave her mark an explanation on how it touched her life. >> while many will remember the dome for it's moments the write is on the wall. >> it is not about the dome. the dome is concrete and nylon structure. it is about the people who have been here over the years. and the teams who have been here. and thanks to rachel for that report. these stadiums become a part of the game. these are places people wait a life time to visit. >> sorry to those folks there. a new place is coming throw.
4:25 am
pedals aling away. >> we want to see what is coming up at 7:30 eastern. hey sanjay. >> by the year 2050 the number of people living with als halds going to triple. we wanted to show you what compassionate care looks like. we'll give you a rare look at one of the most humane things i have ever seen. a rare look coming up at the bottom of the hour.
4:26 am
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and some of the best offers of the year at the lexus december to remember sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection. so new yorkers and visitors are getting the chance to help power the times square new year's eve festivities. bicycles have been invited to get on and ride. it will be transferred to help light the new year's eve ball. nothing better than kicking off the new year with a fresh start. >> how about a good riddance day? bad memories were written down. i have a couple of names i could
4:29 am
tous down. >> the chance to get rid of those low lights to shred and beat into tiny pieces whatever you want to say. get rid of them now. >> i giant python on the loose after strangling a hotel security guard, the snake suffocated the man who was trying to capture it. how dangerous are these things and how in the world are they going to capture it? >> victor is going to be doing that story. i want to talk about this good riddance day at some point. caring for a loved one with dementia can be exhausting. and he calls it one of the most
4:30 am
humane things that he has ever seen. he is sharing it with you now. stay close. erks i'm here in the netherlands. there has been a grand experiment happening here. all of the residents have severe dementia. we don't talk about it very much but if you consider the developed world 65 million people are expected to have dementia by 2030. and what to do with all these people with dementia.


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