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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 29, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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much more on the newsroom. >> thank you. hopefully, i'll see you next week. >> we will. >> thank you very much. >> next hour of "newsroom" begins right now. >> we got some breaking news this afternoon from the world of international sports. a legendary figure in formula one racing is in critical condition in france. michael schumaker, the winningest driver had a bad skiing accident today in the french alps. the latest news is that schumaker suffered su veer head trauma. he needed immediate brain surgery and is in a coma right now. staying with cnn, we will update you in a few minutes. again, german racing lengd, michael schumaker is in a coma
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and in critical condition in france after a bad skiing sdent. when it comes to success in popularity, he is equivalent to jimmy johnson. again, we will bring you more details as they become available. and just ahead, we're following several more big, developin developing stories as hundreds of thousands of athletes and tourists prepare to head to russia. a train station there is hit by suicide bomber. 16 people are dead. plus, still trapped, and making the best of it. but when will a ship frozen in the antarctic ocean finally go home? and more than a million americans lose unemployment benefits. what do they do next? we'll take a look just ahead. but, first, the f.b.i. says the coast-to-coast crime spree of a
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violent bank robber ended today. we don't know what he looks like. but the entire town in mississippi knows what he allegedly did, gunning dpoun one of their police officers, a military veteran, during the get away in the middle of the day. officer gale stauffer is now laid to rest. now, his widower says she can begin to heel because the reported killer can no longer hurt anyone educational. phoenix police are holding a news con frepsz right now. cnn's alexander field is tracking the story. alexander, how did this smt die? >> well, well, rosa, his death puts to an end the nationwide man hubt ft. it all started on monday.
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the f.b.i. is linking the suspect to the robberies in three states and the death of the officer. his widow spoke this morning, thanking police. >> we can truly begin the heeling process and that could not have happened without the hard work of so very many. numerous people didn't get to celebrate christmas with their families because they were trying to bring peace to our family.
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we have been so overwhelmed with the outpouring of love from people. we know that we have not been going through this alone. >> at this time, the f.b.i. says it is not looking for any additional suspects related to those robberies or the death of officer stauffer. >> al ax ender, what else do we know about this suspect? >> well, right now, police are holding a pres conference. we'll bring you any details just as soon as we have them. >> and we want to update you on something we just received this information into the cnn news room. the nanl of that suspect, we are told, is mario dwar net. again, that is mario garnet, the name of that suspect that we're looking at. you're looking at surveil enls video. we have not been able to identify that suspect, but we have that name now.
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and i know that alexander field is going to be getting more information and we will bring it to you as soon as it becomes available. >> two theories ochb the cause behind last year's deadly attack in benghazi are likely both wrong. an in-depth report finds al-qaida was probably not involved in the assault that killed four americans. nor was the attack sparked solely by an anti-muslim video. instead, the report sug jeszs independent libyan militias played a key role. the conclusion parallels cnn's previous reporting, but nonetheless, garnered reaction on washington's handling of the matter. >> the initial reports did not name this video as a prime cause. there was a small piece of information on a cable, they
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seized on it with a lot of other information and chose to use that as a talking poibt. >> we should add that 15 months after the attack, there are still no arrests. >> just weeks before the start of the winter olympic games, a strain station in russia tumpbs into a scene of car notwithstanding. russian officials believe a black widow, or suicide bomber, blew herself up. today, suicide attack is the second in two months in volgograd russia which is located 600 miles from the olympic city. cnn has new details on the possible isn't and the motive. >> rosa, a huge blast at noon so
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many, many people traveling through that station at this time. >> according to available information, the explosion was carried out by the suicide bomber. she became nervous and activated the device. preliminary, the explosive was equivalent to 10 kilograms of tnt. >> another bomber blew herself up on a bus. now, this phenomenon of the female suicide bomber, black widows as they're called, is a hallmark of the fiekting insurgency that's raging in russia's north caucus region. that is very close to the area where the olympics will start in just a few weeks time. security there obviously extremely tight. but this region is big.
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vogograd is around 400 miles away. and also a little more than 400 miles away from dagistan, the most troubled part. in a video message in july,one of the biggest chechen war lords who is russia's most wanted man. issued a warning that he wanted maximum force. so the fact that these attacks have taken place in a town which is quite far is perhaps a siphon that they recognize how tight security is around the olympic sites themselves. but are looking for other tar gets to spread terror and fear ahead of the games. >> all right, diana, thank you so much. 74 people are anxiously awaiting a rescue from an
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expedition vessel that's been stuck since before christmas in miles and miles of frozen ocean. hours ago, an australian ice breaker which is within 28 miles of that ice vessel but is forced to a halt by blinding snow. the groups are documenting every single moment of their stay. >> remember what we baulgt before we left? alicia is tagging some amazing pictures which we put in here for you. and what you really have, we miss you very, very much but we're having a great time with lots of really working on seals and recording sounds underwalter. and if i heard that it went really well, than fastic. and lily, that your concert was great. i love you. >> a chinese ice breaker is also in the area, but thick ice
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frozen froze its attempts to rescue. and we are following again that breaking news right now. we're working to get more details on the condition of legendary formula 1 driver michael schumaker. he is in a coma following a very bad skiing accident in the french alps. his condition is krilt kal. >> michael schumaker needed emergency brain surgery due to what we're told is severe brain trama. >> you can kind of give us a sense of who he is when it comes to sports. >> well, i can say that he is the best, the top formula 1 driver in history of sports. around the world, one of the most recognizable athletes around the world. he made his formula 1 debut claiming a record seven world titles by the time of his first retire. in 2006. he won five of those titles with the italian racing force.
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he returned to norm la 1 in 2010 but struggled with a racing team. he is one of these athletes, rosa, that transcends his sport. he is certainly one of the most recognizable and popular athletes in his naltive, germany. certainly through europe. and formula one, with its end roads around the world. >> now, compare this to u.s. nas kwar, for example. >> well, formula 1 is a sport that has had trouble making end roetz of the united states off and on.
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>> now, comparing to richard petty, jimmy johnson, perhaps. well, this guy is formula one. he is the top driver. the most well known, serply the winningest driver known as woen seven world titles. to call him a legend, that would not be an understatement. >> thank you so much. >> we'll continue to follow the story. >> we definitely will as we dpet more details, we'll definitely update them. hopefully, you'll be back. >> i will be happy to. >> thaurng so much. >> now, to politics. in just a moment, my next guest will have to pull out their political crystal ball. we're going to ask these experts what we can expect out of washington in 2014. neither of our guests have been told what we'll ask and we've got a couple of surprises for them, i should say. and, also, just ahead, still
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trapped. but putting on a brave face as passengers of a ship frozen in the antarctic ocean await a rescue. all of that and more coming up next. [ sneezes, coughs ] i've got a big date, but my sinuses are acting up. it's time for advil cold and sinus. [ male announcer ] truth is that won't relieve all your symptoms. new alka seltzer plus-d relieves more symptoms than any other behind the counter liquid gel. oh what a relief it is. it's lots of things. all waking up. connecting to the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing.
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welcome back. we are talking politics now. our political segments today are a little different. we're playing a political game called fill in the blank. we deliberately did not tell our political panel about this game beforehand so that their answers could be off the cuff. so here's how it works. the basic question is what happens in 2014? we name the person or the issue
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and our political panel answers. so here they are, cnn political commentator l.z. granderson and cnn political commentator and republican strategist kevin matten joins us from washington. first of all, thank you so much. and, of course, you watching, feel free to chime in on twitter. you can tweet me. we begin with 2014 of course. kevin, you first and then lz. >> well, you make it sound some ominous that we have to answer these without knowing what the questions were. look. i think that the president will continue to struggle with some very low approval ratings. he's got approval ratings right now that are just bumping around 40%. so i think that's a really big problem for him. i think it's going to continue in 2014. and it's really going to hurt him in the midterm elections. >> lz? >> the president rebounds. because there are a lot of
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things still on the plate yet that he can be a champion for. in addition to the fact that even though publicly democrats are seeming to be shunning him as well as the affordable care act, the fact of the matter is he is still one of their best fundraisers. i assume he's going to continue to do that and some of the policies he has in place, he's going to be able to push those through in 2014. >> they're going to need a lot of it. >> i'm going to stay with you. what happens to house speaker john boehner. >> i think he loses his job. either he steps down -- is this my turn? >> i'm sorry. >> either he steps down or he feels pressure to step down. you know, there was something in the tone in the way that he talked about outside groups. that struck me as really genuine. it struck me as totally frustrated and, almost, i'm done sort of tone to it. so i would not be surprised at
2:19 pm
all if he steps down. >> i think i know what he would say. are you kidding me? >> what happens to the tea party. what really motivates them is the idea that government is too big, that we're spending too much money and that the president and big government have to be stopped. help republicans even expabd their majority. >> what about the split in the gop with the tea party. >> nothing helps amend the split inside the party like winning the midterms. >> winning? >> lz? let's talk about this. senator ted cruz. >> okay. well, he's not going away.
2:20 pm
that's for sure. he is part of the reason why i talked about boehner being interested in stepping down. he is extremely popular. and, listen, ted c, rurks z is a mess. a lot of people out snort don't like him. a lot of people out north have a lot more sense in terms of how to run a government. with that being said, it's extremely popular. he's not going anywhere. we're just going to have to deal with him. >> green eggs and ham, sam i am. >> so what happens to the obama care web site. kevin, you first? >> well, i think the web site, you know, they'll start to get a little bit better on the front end. that means when people log only, will the page be up? yes. the big problem for obama and for the democrats is that there's going to continue to be problems on the back ebd. end. how they're being able to pay insurers and the data securities. the government is marn dating that they go on it. they're going to continue to
2:21 pm
find out that they're going to find out that the security is not there for their data and for their financial invest. and that's going to kobt to be a problem. i hope that they're fixing it. so many people are trying to trust there the government right now. >> the news today, 1.1 million americans signed up. what's your take? >> it's good news. a month late. you want those people to have some sort of coverage and some sort of sense of sfablts. in all the politics surrounding affordable care act, the if i think that we can't forget is there's more than 40 million americans who do not have health coverage. who may feel a lump somewhere or feel a bruise somewhere or feel as if they should go in to get something done but choose not to. now we get the step in where it's more expensive. perhaps with the existence of the affordable care act, they'll feel a little bit more encouraged to go in and get cherked up on.
2:22 pm
they'll go in and spend more money in the emergency room and can go do it on the front end. >> so don't go anywhere. they right there. we've got more questions for both of you in just a moment. and maybe even a surprise or two. that's next. [ male announcer ] this is george. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪
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here's how it works. the basic question is what happens in 2014. and we named the person or the issue in our political panel answers those questions. so, kevin, i'm going to start with you this time. in 2014, what happens to senator corey booker. >> well, he'll probably gain about another million twitter followers because he seems to really enjoy making sure that everybody using digital media to really communicate with his constituents and with the media. but i think he'll be seen as somebody that democrats look more and more to as somebody to sort of articulate the national arguments that they're making against republicans. that's always a difficult thing to do because, you know, you don't want to lose -- you don't want to have too much distance between you and the people in new jersey. it will be interesting to see how he handles. >> he's probably tweeting us right now. >> that would be fantastic. >> now, let's talk immigration reform.
2:26 pm
lz, let's start with you. >> what do you want to know? >> lz has the answer to immigration reform. >> use your crystal ball. >> you know what, unfortunately, i don't think we're going to see any real headway until past 2014 election. i just think that it's still too devicive. and the people who are supposed to be the face of this big push sort of fade into the background behind other kind of debates. i don't see anything happening besides more rhetoric, unfortunately. >> i think that's right. i think two big camps right now that can't reconcile their dimptss. one camp that wants a very big bill and another camp that wants to do it in pieces. both houses in congress in order to get anything done right now. if they do, it will be a very, very big challenge. >> l.z., chris christie, new
2:27 pm
jersey governor, what do you think? >> he's going to have a great year. he's coming in with a lot of sting. he's got work to do in terms of the working class republicans. and tea partiers trusting him. he's going to have as much steam, if not more so, as hillary clinton. and i expect 2014, at least in terms of coverage, to be really, really big for him. >> and he's making a lo of calls to washington. that's another for sure. now, in 2014, what happens to same-sex marriage. kevin, you first? >> well, you know, i think it's interesting. inside a republican party, there's a pretty vivid debate about this issue. and i think more and more conservatives are actually finding that there's a conservative argument for same-sex marriage.
2:28 pm
and for giving people the freedom to choose. so i think that it will continue to be something that a lot of republicans will evolve on. but, again, i think it still is very, very sometimes devicive issue inside our party. it will be interesting to see whether or not that spills into any electoral battles. >> l.z.? >> i agree a lot with what kevin had to say. look, 2014, my man liked it. he put a ring on it. i'm looking to get married myself in 2014. i think it's going to be a very, very good year. at least for me, anyway. in terms of that conversation. politically speaking, we shouldn't assume it's an easy kmpgs for democrats either. i live in chicago. same-sex marriage wasn't easy to pass here with a full democratic governor as well as both houses here in the state. so a set of devicive issues that's tied to duck dynasty, aparentally.
2:29 pm
it's going to continue to be controversial. toronto mayor rob ford? >> december aster. i don't need ten seconds. disaster. >> i hope the voters in toronto take care of that on their own. l.z., what do you think? >> in the words of the great, late philosopher whitney houston, crack is whack. >> quote, end quote. now, it's kind of related, the sublt. >> say no to drugs, i guess. i'm the father of three boys. i have to be careful. >> listen, you know, i'd be happy for us to have an adult conversation about marijuana. the reason why it was put in the category that it was in terms of drugs was that richard nixon really hated, one, what's
2:30 pm
happening to our veterans coming back from vietnam. and, two, he hated hippies. we've been holding onto that same thing as seeing an adult conversation and not just a knee jerk reaction based on what happened in the '60s with drugs in general and then richard nixon's attitude towards it. >> miley clryrus. >> i hope she looks back on 2013 and hopes for a different 2014. you can tell i'm an old fuddyduddy. i wouldn't know a song if she played if i heard it. >> no political twerking. >> sh had a brilliant 2013. as much as we may begrudge some of the things that she did, i'm
2:31 pm
sure she did an understanding that this could elevate her career. >> thank you so much for being a great sport. our thanks to cnn plits kal commentator in chicago and cnn political commentator kevin madden in washington. still ahead in the cnn news room, we are seeing soom incredible cold temp which you weres across the country right now. and in the coming days. but at least one man came up with a creative way to handle the winter weather. how he makes these giant pieces of art next. [ female announcer ] who are we? we are the thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nighters. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the moments where we can say, "i did it!" ♪ we are entrepreneurs who started it all... with a signature. legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses, turning dreamers into business owners.
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and we're here to help start yours.
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vrj r vrj r are are are are are are are a . we are back. today, he was rushed into an emergency room for brain surgery after a skiing accident in the french alps. on the phone with me now, from miami, is dr. malcolm bullock. hee's a neurosurgeon at the university of miami. doc, when you hear severe head trauma and emergency brain surgery after a skiing accident, what comes to mind? >>. >> well, you know, obviously i
2:35 pm
don't know the personal history and it's not policy to reveal those type 06 things. what comes to mind first is what happened to natasha richardson years ago. a blood clot inside the skull which might be perhaps outside the brain and compressing on the brain. and that type of blood clot can develop very quickly and can transform what might seem to be a mild brain injury to a very bad thing. >> now, you matched natascha richardson. there are other prominent recent accidents. does this sport need to be looked at in other ways because of safety, you think?
2:36 pm
>> i don't recall that skiing is up higher than things like football and rug by. i heard that somewhere that woman's soccer was the sport with the highest ins dengs of brain trauma. but such happen to 50,000, 650,000 people in the u.s. they're not that uncommon. >> talk to us a blt the timing. is time of the essence in this situation? >> yes, absolute ri. time is brain or time is neurons. and when the brain is under compression inside that skull, there is no way for the blood to perfuse the brain. so removal of that blood clot can sometimes be really
2:37 pm
something that's very much time dependent under the data, the outcome data show that if the blood clot is removed within an hour, then the person can make a dramatic recovery. sometimes, at least krasic cases, where the patient regains consciousness avenue the surgery. >> we learned that he was talking right after this accident. >> that suggests that the dose of impact was quite low. but it might have been enough just to tear a blood vessel. it might have been enough just to damage blood vessels and yet not the brain. this is really the type of
2:38 pm
situation where neurosurng ri is really important. >> dook, really quickly, what happens next after this sunch ri. >> well, god willing, he'll continue to make a good recovery and regain consciousness soon and gone to recover. i see he was skiing with a helmet. >> dr. malcolm, thank you so much for your perspective. much more on his injury and
2:39 pm
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a smarter way to shop around -- now that's progressive. call or click today. s. reality is setting in. unemployment benefits ran out yesterday. what do these americans do? cnn reports.
2:42 pm
>> this is what the last six months have been like. >> i entered over 500 want-ads. >> at 52, he's been out of work in educational publishing and now another blow. he's one of 1.3 million americans losing unemployment benefits. on average, $300 each week. his check wasn't nearly enough to cover the $1100 rent on his new york apartment. and now it will stop coming. >> i won't be able to buy food. i won't be able to pay my bills. >> extended unemployment benefits beyond the usual 26 weeks were started during the bush administration. since 2008, they've been renewed 11 times. >> it's going to be classic,
2:43 pm
messy washington pool ticks. this is one of those issues that the right to flank wants to fight on. >> some republicans say it's time to end the program all together. they argue it's too expensive. a year's extension cost $25 billion. people have gotten dependent and they say the economy is strong enough now without them. >> when you extend benefits to, you know, 73 weeks or 99 weeks, it encourages some people to stay unemployed too long and that makings it increasingly hard nor them to get back into the work force. >> democrats say benefit checks get spent right away, spending that's necessary to boost the economic recovery. removing this bare minimum safety net, beyond just being cruel, is no going to be productive in termsover getting them back in the labor force or
2:44 pm
getting themg a job. >> but the political blame game doesn't help paul halsey's new reality. >> it's extremely stressful. i've gotten physically sick. i haven't been able to sleep. there seems to be some colessing in the senate. now, that plan is co-sponsored by a democrat and republican. the president packs this plan and is even making personal calls from his vacation in hawaii to rally up that support.
2:45 pm
>> and someone in congress comes up short and a deal isn't worked out, this problem is going to keep getting worse, isn't it? >> it is. over the course of the year, without a resolution, the number of americans losing their benefits will just keep growing. that's because additional people will reach the 26-week mark and will not receive benefits. now, the senate on budget say this could raise the almost 4.9 million people by the ind of the year if there's no resolution. if those numbers keep growing, that's just going to keep putting pressure on congress. >> the loss of those merge benefits has forced some food
2:46 pm
banks to prepare for a possible surge of people looking for help. here with me now is president and ceo of the food bank for new york city. first of all, thank you so much for being here with me. how is this going to impact your organization? >> i tell you, you know, a, it confirms for us that there is, in fact, a war against the poor. in new york city, $1600 is what people are getting from unemployment. that's the max that you would be able to get in a month. median rent in new york city is $1100. people are not just choosing to not work. this benefit is for people who are out looking. and what we know to be true is that it now, on after raj, fakes between six and ten months to find a new job. that's not you doing anything wrong. that's what you sending out resumes, going to interviews and hoping to be able to get a job. >> just the cycle. >> just the cycle. i know you and i have been
2:47 pm
talking about this is a second whammy. november 1st, we saw the reduction chlts now this is if second wave of clients that you will be seeing. >> more and more, we're seeing the working poor. so many of the people, i mean, we really are talking about some of the same folks. people who have loost benefits on november 1st were leaning even heavier on unemployment benefits. we're talking about a complete punishmented to people. simply because they do not have a job. and are looking for one. it is very important that every one who is watching this today understands that while the 1.3 million people being bantered about, the real flum ber, if we don't come to a resolution and allow this thing to continue out, by this time next year, we'll be 5 million americans. with no help. no safety net when all they're doing is looking for a job. >> people who are wamp watching, what can they do to help?
2:48 pm
>> they can. but i want to make real clear. we flefr wanever want to say th charity can ever take if place or the leadership that we must expect and receive in washington. first we must race our voizs. it's important that they hear from everyone they represent to say this is not okay. don't play chicken with policies. and then, of course, certainly, support your local foodback. bank. we're going to need it. >> thank you so much. we appreciate the perspective. the dallas cowboys lose their star quarterback right before the biggest gamg of the year. can they overcome the loss? and will tony romo ever be the same? i'll talk about it with terrance moore coming up. we're aig. and we're here. to help secure retirements and protect financial futures. to help communities recover and rebuild. for companies going from garage to global.
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are you ready for some football? we are turning to the nfl, the dallas cowboys aeb philadelphia eagles square off tonight in a do or die match-up for the nfl playoffs. and 441-year-old quarterback,
2:52 pm
jon kitna, has come out of retirement to join the cowboys as backup. he has been teaching algebra and coaching at tacoma, washington's lincoln high school. his salary for this week, he is donate together school. he's been retired for two years but dallas signed him off when starting quarterback tony romo was injured. let's talk more sports with terrence moore. good to see you again. great to have you on the couch. >> i've only been here twice before. >> i feel special, terrence. >> so do i. >> we have to talk tony romo. there is so much smack on twitter about tony romo. the jurinjury, timing of the surgery. have we seen the best of tony
2:53 pm
romo? >> let's go to another sport. larry bird played with a back injury for most of his career. wasn't until he had back surgery that he was done. in other words, tony roma as we know him today, there's no way it could be the same. and remember now, larry bird didn't have 300 pound lineman chasing after him, either. huge difference. >> it's a tough sport. >> it is. >> let's talk job security. and including jason garrett with the dallas cowboys. and nfl coaches. are we going to see mass layoffs after tomorrow? >> you know, monday after regular season is always called black monday. this will be a particularly gruesome one, okay. 32 nfl coaches and pretty close to a third of them could get whacked. right about now, mike shanahan is probably getting the axe with the redskins. they add particularly dreadful season. tom coughlin had a bad year and it can happen to him. probably depend on what side of
2:54 pm
the bed the various owner wakes up on. >> which begs the question, you know, there was a time when coaches were actually given the time to develop the winning team. what changed? hefty salaries they are getting now? getting superstar salaries. is that it? or what do you think happened? >> that's part of it. but the other part is parenting. i said here on this set at the beginning of the season, this would be the most competitive season of the nfl. that's good for everyone else but bad foreign coaches. you had five different super bowl winners in the last five years including the saints who are historically dreadful. >> thank you for mentioning that. i've got several tweets and facebook posts, from the who dot nation. >> you expect your coach, the win, now. so that makes perfect sense. >> predictions for 2014? >> i'm going to start with this. >> first prediction is, that during super bowl weekend, on this very station, on this
2:55 pm
network, you got to be seeing breaking news at bottom of the screen the entire time because the mother of all snowstorms will take place in new york city the first week and weekend -- >> during the super bowl. >> right. that's guaranteed. second of all, major league baseball this year expanded instant replay to cover virtually everything. that means you're going to have fans coming to games in their pajamas, night games. because these games will never ever end. final prediction, lebron james. he is up to become free agent this summer. a lot of people think he could go back to cleveland cavaliers where he started. because he is from northern ohio. let me see here. winter in cleveland. winter in miami. tough choice. he's staying with the heat. and he has a better chance of winning the championship again with the heat. we will never win one with the cavaliers. >> and i have to ask you, before i let you go, crimson tide. we are talking alabama. we never talk new borns in sports, but we've got to talk
2:56 pm
new borns today. the name of the new born crimson tide steel. why? >> i think these parents have too much time on their hand. and the other thing is this child should be glad that her parent aren't die-hard purdue fans. otherwise her first time would be boiler and middle name, maker. >> thank you. always a pleasure to have you here with us. >> i mentioned this earlier. across the country, people are dealing with sub zero temperatures, at least one man loves weather like that. he is a snow artist. we'll show you what we're talking about next. and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪
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[ no audio ]. it takes him about ten hours to complete a snow drawing. now to the box office. familiar films beat out the
3:00 pm
newcomers in a big way. "the hobbit and desolation smaug" came in first. "frozen" is second. then "anchorman 2" and "american hustle." the only new movie to break into the top five is "the wolf of wall street" which is supposed to bring in $18.5 million over the weekend. here in the cnn newsroom, i'm rosa flores. thank you for spending part of your sunday with us. we are watching for developments this afternoon from the world of international sports. that's where the biggest name in formula 1 racing was badly hurt in an accident today in france. it wasn't a car crash.


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