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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 29, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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"the hobbit and desolation smaug" came in first. "frozen" is second. then "anchorman 2" and "american hustle." the only new movie to break into the top five is "the wolf of wall street" which is supposed to bring in $18.5 million over the weekend. here in the cnn newsroom, i'm rosa flores. thank you for spending part of your sunday with us. we are watching for developments this afternoon from the world of international sports. that's where the biggest name in formula 1 racing was badly hurt in an accident today in france. it wasn't a car crash. michael shoemaker fell on a ski
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slope today and suffered severe head trauma that needed emergency brain surgery. right now, schumacher is in a coma. he officially retired in 2012. stay with cnn. we will update you on his condition as soon as we know more. now, we look ahead to the stories you'll be talking about and hearing about this coming week. at number one, you can't hear it but you can certainly see it. terrorism in russia. russian authorities believe a female suicide bomber blew herself up, killing 16 people and wounding at least 34 others. will the attack force security changes before the olympic games? cnn's diana magne has the very latest from moscow.
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>> a huge blast in the main railway station at noon on sunday in peak holiday season. one of russia's biggest holidays. designed to cause maximum damage. authorities tell us this is the work after female suicide bomber and say that casualty count could have been far higher. >> translator: according to valuable information, this was carried out by a female suicide bomber. she became nervous and activated the explosive device. the explosion was equivalent to 10 kilograms to tnt. >> another female suicide bomber blew herself up on a bus killing six people. this phenomenon of the suicide bomber or black widow as they're known is a hallmark of the fighting and insurgency in the north caucuses region. close th is close to where
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president putin's olympic games will begin in a few weeks' time. a key chechen warlord who head up really the most important islamist groups there, also russia's most wanted man, issued a video statement saying that he wanted to unleash maximum force to prevent president putin from holding these games. now volgograd is more than 400 miles away, but it is possible given the high security around the olympic games that terrorist are now looking for other targets in southern russia, which might not be so well protect to spread fear and terror and prevent people from come together games. and volgegrad, and going to suchi, on route to moscow, you have to travel through them. >> diana, thank you so much. we move on to number two. new year, new extremes in weather across the northern plains.
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who's going to get hit by the frigid weather? an arctic blast is blowing into the dakotas and part of minnesota dragging along with it a sub zero temperature and blinding winds that top 50 miles per hour. the mercury has dropped and dangerous wind chills are setting in. we can see temperatures, hear this, 10 to 20 degrees below average come tomorrow. meantime, in northern new england, fresh round of winter weather advisories are spreading across the region. more than 10 inches of snow could fall. meteorologist, alexandra steele, has more on what to expect as we close out 2013. >> hi, rosa. certainly cold air is the story weatherwise. coldest air of the season for some. upper midwest, northern plains, wind chill values today have been 40 to 50 degrees below zero. but the air temperature today in single digits. wind have been howling. as we head towards the next
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couple of days, very cold arctic air moves east ward, it modifies monday you get colder in chicago and by tuesday, that coldest air modified still will drop temperatures in burlington and new york city. down only into the teens at 20s and 30s. so much colder than it's been. also we've got an area of low pressure climbing the coast by sunday night into monday. finally moving off the coast, but it'll bring some snow to northern new england. so maybe three to four, five inches of snow there. by monday, it all moves out. then we welcome in the new year. and for the most part we do it with some cold temperatures, ringing in the new year by new york city. by midnight, 31 degrees. cold there. chicago as well. temperatures only in the teens. few snow showers around. but doesn't look like much will accumulate. temperatures ringing in the new year. below average in 30s in atlanta. maybe ringing it in in los angeles, temperatures dropping from 60s at midnight only at 52.
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rosa. >> all right, alexandra, thank you so much. we move on to question number three. how much longer will that science ship be stuck in the ice down in antarctica. come on, folks, it's been almost a week already. they went down to study climate change and boy did their climate really change. their ship is locked tight in the middle of a world of ice and no -- and one after the other, all those attempts, are no-goes. cnn's rosey tom kins is following from london. >> reporter: so close and yet so far. this was the happy scene on saturday when the stranded passengers saw help on the horizon. >> ice breaker coming to answer us. >> brilliant. >> reporter: hopes were quickly dashed though. china's snow dragon soon became the second ice breaker to give up before reaching its target. >> he was about six nautical miles away.
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when that decision was made. that the ice was too thick. it was beyond the vessels capacity and he turned around and went back through the channel that he created to open water. >> reporter: while the chinese vessel remains on stand by, a third ship, australian vessel, has been making its way there for some time and is waiting for visibility to improve before it proceeds. >> what happens before it gets there with no guarantee where it will succeed where others fail. thees have sell bigger and more powerful with an ice rating of 1.35 meters. with ice as thick as three meters in parts, there is no guarantee it'll be powerful enough to break through. in which case, enter plan b. those on on board lifted to safety by the helicopter on board the chinese vessel. while they wait, the team is well equipped. with enough fresh food to last
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two weeks and dried food for longer if needed. but chris turney is concerned the blizzard may continue to work against them. >> we have snow falling but not too windy. the weather forecast has conditions that will continue for the next few days. >> rosey, thank you so much. >> question four for the week ahead. will whelm cal weapons be premoved from syria by the deadline. sir why's government has until december 31st. two days from now to remove important chemical weapons from its country. up related mission says it doesn't appear sirral make it. however, syria is making important progress in eliminating those deadly weapons. and question number five, after a rocky start, obama care website is racking up some encouraging new numbers. but will more sign up? the white house says more than a million people signed up between october 1st and christmas eve. a medicare and medicaid official
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calls it a welcome surge. athena jones has more. >> reporter: hi, rosa. after a ddisasterous roll-out, is working much better. according to hhs more than 1.1 million people signed up for health plans via federal exchange between october 1st and december 24th with nearly a million of those, 975,000 coming in the month of december alone. now those numbers don't include new medicaid enrollees and they also don't include the numbers from the state-run marketplaces. but many of those have also seen a surge in activity in recent days. and the pace of enrollment on is also picking up. enrollment in december so far is seven times higher than that in october and november. what's not clear from these numbers is how many women continue to struggle to use the web sites
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this site health care worked night and day. this week the white house working with congressional democrats and those with the law will share stories with people who will have coverage in january because of obamacare. people like health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius will be writing op-eds and the law. >> legendary formula 1 driver, michael shu macher is in critical condition after a serious accident on a ski slope. don lemon is counting down the top stories of 201, all leading up to the big reveal of the top stories of the year chosen by you, our viewers. stick around, we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums.
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a legendary race car driver
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is in critical condition right now in france. michael schumacher needed emergency brain surgery after a skiing accident in the alps. shaw ma schumacher is in a coma. let's get to cnn sports. mark, formula 1 is not as popular as nascar here in the united states. but there is no bigger name than michael schumacher. >> there is no bigger name than michael schumacher in formula 1 and no bigger sport than formula 1 around the world except maybe north america. this is a driver that won no fewer than seven world titles during his career. debuting in 1991 out of his native germany. first retired in 2006 after winning five titles with the italian-based ferrari based team. he tried again but didn't have as much success as his previous
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glories. he was skiing off course on an unmarked course when he fell, hit his head on a rock. he was apparently wearing a helmet. but air lifted to a hospital in grenoble, france where he remains in critical condition tonight. >> how is word spreading? >> it gets out quickly. when you have the name attached to emergency surgery, it gets out. whether you are talking basketball, football or in the sports we may not know about here, rugby and cricket around the world, michael schumacher is a legend. using the name legend and when he is in this kind of condition, there is interest all around the world with a guy of his stature. >> he has a noble heart. he is doing a lot of things in the community doing a lot of good. tell us a little bit about that. how he spreads both his fortune and his love.
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>> like any of the athletes who gain worldwide stardom, they try to remain grounded as much as they can. but very much involved in charity work around the world. and realizing that they do give back. but what michael schumacher has done with all his race fans, giving them so much joy, whether pulling for ferrari or for him as a german driver, or whether they just love the sport and what he did for the sport, there's much concern tonight about his condition after suffering a very serious injury skiing sunday morning. >> so people are definitely praying for him. >> no doubt about it. >> thank you. we appreciate it. >> thank you, rosa. still ahead, a man gunned down a police officer during a bank robbery then led the fbi on a national manhunt. the details, right after this. i couldn't wait to see her again. but i didn't want her to see my psoriasis. no matter how many ways i try to cover up, my psoriasis keeps showing up. all her focus is on me.
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welcome back. phoenix police identified the suspected bank robber whose violent coast to coast crime spree entered today. this is the body of 40-year-old edward garnet. police killed him after he fired on them, they say, trying to escape a robbery. his third in less than a week. fbi believes garnet is the gunman who shot down. this police officer on monday,
3:20 pm
in tupelo, mississippi. another officer was also hit but survived. cnn's alexandra field tracks the suspect's movements while apparently started in atlanta. >> i heard one boom, boom, boom. >> for nearly a week a nationwide manhunt was on. but saturday morning, a deadly shootout in phoenix, arizona ended the search. police believe they killed the man who killed one of their own. >> numerous people didn't get to celebrate christmas with their families. because they were trying to bring peace to our family. >> gail, tupelo, mississippi police officer was killed monday. his colleague critically injured, following a gun fight with a suspected bank robber. a suspect left the bank with a bag full of cash before opening fire on the two officers. earlier in the day they say the same man tried to rob a bank in atlanta, georgia where he also robbed an atm customer.
3:21 pm
law enforcement officials were put on the look out far money driving a gray chrysler sedan. then on saturday, a break. investigators say he turned up on the other side of the country in phoenix, arizona where he was spot leaving the bank with a bag and gun. police say he shot at two officer who were not hurt before one of the officers shot and killed him. >> we are in the process of healing at this time. this closure has helped us mend and begin to heal that deep, deep wound. >> the deadly shot fired in phoenix a day after the feunera for tupelo's officer who is the first to be killed in the line of duty. more than 300 police cars lined in a precession to follow the officer. >> we brought a flag from our house. it is just a tragic thing. and i'm so sorry for him and his family. and all of the law enforcement
3:22 pm
that it worked through the holiday year. and it is just the kind of thing that shouldn't have happened. >> and alexandra joins me now. what more do we know of mario garnet? >> phoenix police are saying he is from the midwest and he served for four years in the army. but he has no record in the state of arizona and they don't know why he headed to phoenix. they also say his name is known to the secret service. rosa? >> what evidence does the fbi say that they have the that ties them to these crimes? >> they are pointing to a couple of factors. they say there are similarities. they also have a court order to review cell phone records and say those records indicate he was in those three states and in those three cities. a at the time of those three crimes. rosa? >> alexandra field, live for us from new york, thank you so much. >> two competing theories on the cause behind last year's deadly attack in benghazi are likely
3:23 pm
both wrong. that's according to new york times. an indepth report finds al qaeda probably not involved in the assault that killed four americans. nor was the attack sparked solely by an anti-muslim video as initially suggested by the obama administration. instead, the reports states independent libyan militias played a key role. the conclusion, parallel cnn's previous reporting but nonetheless garnered reaction on washington's handling of the matter. >> the initial reports did not name this video as a prime cause. there was a small piece of information in a cable. they seized on it along with a lot of other information and chose to use that as a talking point. >> and we should add that 15 months after that attack, there are still no arrests. >> and still ahead in the cnn newsroom, the crimes, the scandals, the hollywood headliners. we're counting down the top ten stories of 2013.
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but first, an artist is proving what you leave behind could be a lot more than you think. we go below the surface in today's technovations. >> you may want to think twice the next time you spit out your gum or put out a cigarette butt in public. this artist might pick it up, extract the dna and turn it into a 3-d face that could look like you. >> a lot of my work begins with a question. in this particular case, the question was, what can i learn about them from a single hair. >> once she finds a sample, she takes it to the lab it mine it for dna, then analyze results. >> from a cigarette butt, i can learn from someone's ancestors came from, gender, hair color, eye color, complexion. >> that information is fed into a computer program that generates a 3-d model after
3:25 pm
face. >> the way i'm using code here is a lot of how a sketch artist would use a pencil. >> it takes about eight hours to print at 3-d at nyu's advanced media studio. then the excess powder is removed to are veal the disembodied face from a strangers dna. but there are limitations. length after person's nose or shape of his or her face cannot be determined. >> faces have a general likeness. that might be a family resemblance. right now, i can't determine age. all my masks are aged between 20 and 40. >> duey hagboard started the project called stranger visions after creating herself portrait two years ago. now she is hoping it will raise questions about genetic privacy. >> it is about to be an exploration at the intersection of art, technology and science, and meant to be a provocation.
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thank you for sticking with me. i'll be back at the top of the hour with the headlines including one of the world's most popular race car drivers seriously injured in a skiing accident. in the meantime, here's my good friend don lemon with the top ten stories of 201. hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. this is cnn's top ten of 2013. a look back at the top stories that kept our attention this year. from crimes to political head lines. showdowns of the biggest scandals. we are counting them all down. a super model killed by her famous boyfriend on valentine's day. teenage athlete suffocated inside a gym mat. shooting spree at a military gun base. we can't close out 2013 without looking at the crimes and mysteries. here are the top ten justice
3:30 pm
store wrists year. number ten. >> a report that shot are fired at washington navy yard. >> u.s. navy is telling us three shots were fired. they tell us an active shooter is still inside that building. >> former navy reservist aaron alexis, military contractor, gunned down 12 people before police shot and killed him. number nine. >> now for a story, cnn has bb following from the beginning. >> brand new efd in the death of 17-year-old kendrick johnson. >> we have questions about the kendrick johnson case. >> i won't discuss that with you. >> why not, sir? >> because our case is -- >> his body found up side down in a rolled up wrestling gym mat. his parents believe he was murdered. now federal authorities are investigating. >> we are kiddrik johnson. that's my child and we will
3:31 pm
fight until it's over. >> a beloved amputee. indicted on charges of murder of his girlfriend. he admits shooting her on valentine's day but said it was an accident. number seven. bodies found in a burned home, fbi agents killed him in a shootout. number six, a woman who needs no introduction. her outrageous behavior in the questioning room, brutal murder of her boyfriend, and details of their sex life gripped the nation. jodi arias convicted of first
3:32 pm
degree murder but the jury couldn't decide if she should live or die. sn number five, starting with a bump and moments later, this horrific scene. the driver runs over one biker, his wife says was left paralyzed. 11 other bikers, including an undercover cop, indicted. number four. edward snowden, branded by some as a hero, but others a traitor. for exposing the nsa spy program in may. perhaps biggest intelligence leak in u.s. history, charged in espionage, granted asylum in russia. number three, george zimmerman, found not guilty in july of murdering trayvon martin. >> can you hear them yelling help. >> yes. >> a tragic case that ignited questions about race.
3:33 pm
>> trayvon martin put race in this. you don't think that creepy ass crapper is a racial comment? >> no. >> 17-year-old in a hoody with a pack of skit els, enduring a images from a case that prompted cry force civil rights charges. and an emotional debate wean the president weighed in. >> if i add sohad a son, he wouk like trayvon. since acquittal, he had a couple other run-ins with the law. >> three girls kidnapped, raped and held captive for more than a decade. but on may 6, amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight finally broke free. that was ten through two. this is number one. >> apparently there's been an explosion at the boston marathon, i'm told. >> 26-mile, 383 yard marathon. and it was wrapping up.
3:34 pm
when you look at these devastating pictures right at the finish line. these are pictures shot just moments ago. >> double bombings at the finish line after boston marathon on april 15. three people were killed. 264 others wounded. and four days later. one suspect, shot and killed by police. then the manhunt for his brother, that shut down the city. >> we believe the suspect is cornered in a boat. >> a arrested, april 19, and later charged. now the u.s. attorney deciding whether he will face the death penalty. the attack knocked the cite down but it was far from defeated. >> i feel like we are all boston. >> the whole country, united with one resounding message. >> strong. not just strong, boston strong. >> from blackberries demise to
3:35 pm
bitcoin's rise, there were plenty of money stories in 2013. we will continue our countdown of the top ten store wrisr stor year, right after this. (typing) ♪ we are now in a position to look at the other worlds of our solar system. ♪ our values call upon us to care about the lives of people we will never meet. ♪ we realize the importance of light when we see darkness. ♪ peace, democracy and freedom for all. ♪ age is sinking in for david beckham. ♪
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for my mother. ♪ when you finally get to that point of acceptance there's nothing more beautiful. ♪ say my name. ♪ ♪
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storms, floods, drought, blizzards, you name it, 2013 td. but the biggest weather story of the year was so powerful and so large, it was like nothing any of us had ever seen. here is cnn meteorologist chad
3:38 pm
myers. super typhoon haiyan, biggest storm to make land fall in recent history. 00 mile per hour monster super typhoon. 20-foot storm surge. anderson cooper was there. 6,000 people died as 200 mile per hour wind rolled through. also with that 20-foot storm surge, there are still 2,000 people missing. there are millions of people that don't have homes right now. still, in the mill feens. all of this happened in a year that the ipcz put out their climate report, those are the climate gurus for the united nations. and they say, we're going to have more heat waves in the future. we are going to have more floods. we're also going to have more drought. because of climate change. so maybe what we think of right now as extreme weather, might just be the new normal. >> 2013 was the year of new stock market highs. fast-food protests and package
3:39 pm
deliveries via drones. here is christine romans with our top ten money stories of the year. >> number ten, jeff bezos. amazon chief exec is taking on print media. paying $250 million for the washington post. he is investing in cutting edge technology too, pitching a plan to deliver your amazon purchases, oh, yes, by drone. >> number nine, marissa mayer. one full year on the job. so now, we can see what kind of leader she is at yahoo. her goal, to make yahoo! cool again. her strategy, a shopping spree. $1.1 billion for the blogging website tumbler. and picking up former evening news anchor katie couric and long time tech writer david poe. >> number eight, blackberry. not dead yet. according to the company, at
3:40 pm
least. smart phone grand daddy taking drastic measures to keep itself alive. put itself up for sale, laid off around 40% of its work force. before canceling plans to sell itself. even that may not save the company. >> number seven, tech winners. a year and half after facebook's ipo, and twitter with the stock exchange, make something co-founders very, very, very wealthy. but they can't reach google. google up to a $1,000 a share. >> number six, in bitcoin we trust. showing the world that it's real. at least for now. and some are calling it the safe haven investment for the 21st century. despite massive volatility on the way. the little virtual currency that
3:41 pm
could. up $14 at the beginning of the year. closing around $1200 at the end of november. number five, us airways and american airlines. the merge enthat's taken off. creating the world's largest airline. the carriers given up some take off and landings. washington, reagan and new york la guardia, the justice department says that will bring in low-cost carriers on travellers. though with ticket price owns the rise, consumers may still lose out. >> number four. the government shut down. part of the federal government shut down after congressional republicans tried to defund obama care. that shut down lasted 16 days. government offices national parks closed, 800,000 worker sent home. >> this isn't some damn game. >> final cost and the economy around $24 billion. number three,
3:42 pm
glitches quickly turning into a catastrophe. calling in outside experts for a tech surge to fix the site. sign-ups are up but hard to predict if the site will ever be a success. >> number two, j.p. morgan, america's biggest bank, paying $13 billion to settle charges it misled investors about the quality of the mortgages it sold leading up to the financial crisis. it is the biggest settlement to date. justice department says, it won't be the last. number one, stock market record. the federal reserve pumping so much money into the economy, stocks launch to new highs. home prices moving higher. but main street isn't feeling so good. fast-food workers across the country on strike. protesting what they call poverty wages. they are calling for a $15 minimum wage. that's a debate that won't end
3:43 pm
with a new view. >> still to come be, the year 2013 may be the year washington may be glad to leave behind. well break down the biggest political stories of the year after a quick break. ♪ [ chicken caws ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums!
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2013 was a big year for science and technology. huge asteroid gave earth a close call. scientists continued work on how to make objects ines havible. conditions once existed on mars that could have supported life. scientist base their conclusion on the chemical analysis of powder collected by the curiosity rover. it drilled a hole into a rock to get the powder. it is typical of one you might find on earth. take dysfunctional congress, throw in a derailed presidential agenda and add in the battle over obamacare. what do have you? political rave havoc of course. >> it was the year of living
3:47 pm
angrily. >> sit down and shut up. >> this is for your country! why do you want to take it down? >> this place is a mess. >> i resoundingly reject that allegation. >> icy cold relationships. that said, 2013 started as inaugural years often do. nicely enough. >> my fellow americans, we are made for this moment and we will seize it. >> reporter: he was a popular president with an ambitious agenda. revamping tax code, reforming schools, better job training and new energy policy and improved voting process, immigration reform and gun control. none of it has happened. turns out, january was the kindest month. the president end the year with an approval rating that's gone south and focused on saving the health care reform he won in the first term. >> there was a time when i was young and invincible. after five years thisin this of,
3:48 pm
people don't call me that any more. >> reporter: another year like this and people will call him lame duck. sons of the tea party, newbies on the brock. catapulting his status. and immigration reform. >> i wasn't going to leave it to democrats alone to figure out how to fix it. >> reporter: libertarian by heart, republican by party, rand paul blocking presidential nominee. trying to get clarity on the use of drones. >> i will speak until i can no longer speak. >> reporter: one off politician from the lone star state. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: ted cruz with a fill buster to make the case against obamacare, filling time with a bed time stories for his kids. >> i do not like green eggs and ham. i do not like them, sam i am. >> welcome to new jersey. >> reporter: in a moment all his
3:49 pm
own, another of the 2016's rising new jersey governor chris christie wins a landslide reelection and sound like he is opening a presidential campaign. >> i know that if we can do this in trenton, new jersey, maybe the folks of washington, d.c. should tune in their tvs right now. see how it's done. >> reporter: also in a league all her own, former first lady, former senator, former secretary of state, left washington for something else. but not without a few choice words. >> the fact is, we had four dead americans. was it because after protest or guys out for a walk one night and decided they would go kill some americans? what difference, at this point, does it make? >> reporter: hillary clinton's benghazi moment. if she runs for president, expect republicans to make it a tv ad moment. >> i now declare you spouses for life. >> reporter: number five, brought to you by the u.s. supreme court. less a 2013 moment than a page in history for gay rights.
3:50 pm
under the cover, senate democrats blew up the status quo with a major rules change in decade. banning filibusters for all presidential nominees except the supreme court and sending republicans into orbit. >> let's not forget about the raw power. raw power at play here. >> reporter: change will give any president with the senate majority the power to reshape the lean of federal courts. this 201 moment, another one for the ages. coming in at number three. >> further proceedings on this motion will be postponed. >> reporter: the moments that didn't happen, work left undone, mega problems unaddressed, gridlock, not just about traffic any more. >> senate stands adjourned. >> reporter: first government shut down in 17 years and people read that voters largely blamed republicans. producing the democratic talking point of the 2014 election. republicans as obstructionists. >> if we don't have our own way, we're going to shut government down.
3:51 pm
you and that attitude are a luxury this country cannot afford. >> by years end, republicans had a counter point. president's affordable care act. obamacare got off it a troubled start with the website from hell. >> if you like your health care plan. >> reporter: and his broken, you can keep your insurance, promise. >> when we get to january 1st, will be clear that more americans will have lost their health insurance than will sign up under the new obamacare policies. >> as it happens, final moments of 2013 are the tee up for 2014. shut down versus melt down. let the mid term elections begin. oh, and happy new year. candy crowley, cnn, washington. >> there were many memorable moments in entertainment this year. what was your favorite? we'll countdown top ten talkers from stage and screen, next. [ female announcer ] who are we? we are the thinkers.
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bieber's bad boy behavior. justin bieber hasn't left the spotlight since hitting the scene in 2009.
3:55 pm
but 2013 found the teen heart-throb making the news for the wrong reasons. the "daily beast" called it bieber's year of affluenza. from pet monkey brawl to neighborhood disturbances. bieber struggled to stay out of trouble this year. kimye is born kanye west and kim kardashian. nothing made as much news as his love life. the pair welcomed the birth of their daughter, northwe northwe in june. she unveiled her post baby body. west rented out at&t park in san francisco to surprise kardashian with a marriage proposal. >> we had been following this breaking news actor paul walker has died. >> fast and furious death. fans hearts broke after paul walk are's unexpected passing
3:56 pm
over thanksgiving weekend. the 40-year-old actor was killed in a car crash outside los angeles. fans and famous friends came out to show their support for the box office powerhouse. who also found success in films such as "eight below" and "flags of our fathers." >> beyonce back on the stage. causing waves after lip syncing the national anthem in january, only to prove her star power in a show-stopping super bowl halftime show. bow on say spent most of the year touring the world with her hit, mrs. carter's show. before surprising everyone with the release of her fifth studio album. it quickly became not only fattest selling album of her career but also an itunes history. queen b is ending the year at the top of her game. basic cable ruled tv. walking dead rose to record ratings, proving we're still inflicted with zombie fever.
3:57 pm
breaking bad concluded its five season run and nearly blew up social media in the process and "duck dynasty" revealed reality tv is steal guiding the conversation. star phil robertson's recent anti-gay comments stirred controversy. but basic cable shows still kept people buzzing. from oscar gold to box office magic. jennifer lawrence receiving the best actress oscar for her performance in ""silver linings playbook."" it wasn't long before lawrence found herself at the top of the box office with the release of the hunger games sequel, "catching fire." rinked behind angelina jolie of the highest paid actresses list. now lawrence is receiving award buzz for her scene stealing performance in "american hustle." angelina jolie surprised
3:58 pm
everyone with her op-ed that she add double mastectomy. the mother of six underwent the procedure after learning she carries the gene that highers of hissing of cancer. paula deen's down fall. a year ago the celebrity chef was on top of the world. that all came crashing down after the release after deposition in a lawsuit by a former employee. in the deposition, deen admitted using the "n" word on the past. fans turned their backs on the star as did many endorsement deals. deen went on to apologize but it is yet to be seen if she can reclaim her thrown. >> actor james gandolfini died. >> james gandolfini's unexpected passing sent shock waves through hollywood. the sopranos actor died at age 51 while on vacation in italy.
3:59 pm
emmy winners final film opened after his death to critical acclaim and earned gandolfini his final sag award nomination. miley sigh ris got everybody talking with her on stage antics. cyrus made news with her controversial performance at vmas. former hannah montana star proved her teen persona was nothing but a distant memory. she followed her silence with news of break up with long time fiance liam hemsworth. her album was in celebration of her 21st birthday. it is miley's world, and we're just living in it. >> we're just getting started with top ten stories of 2013. 30 minutes from now, violence and final farewells make up the biggest international store wrists year. terrific play and bad behavior top our sports stories. and one of the favorites, top scandals of the year. see you with all that in 30 minutes. meantime, i'm throwing it over
4:00 pm
to my colleague rosa flores in the cnn newsroom. here in the cnn newsroom, i'm rosa flores. thank you for spending part of your sunday with us. we start with this, world of international sports is in shock this evening. one of the most successful race car drivers in history was in a horrible accident. i'm talking about michael schumacher, widely regarded as the greatest formula 1 drivers of all time. right now, he is in a coma. he needed emergency brain surgery today after falling on a ski slope in the french alps. martin mckay is here with me from cnn sports and we should talk about how much of a legend he is around the world. when we say legend, we really are not stopping short of what he is. >> no. one of the world's most popular


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