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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 29, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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to my colleague rosa flores in the cnn newsroom. here in the cnn newsroom, i'm rosa flores. thank you for spending part of your sunday with us. we start with this, world of international sports is in shock this evening. one of the most successful race car drivers in history was in a horrible accident. i'm talking about michael schumacher, widely regarded as the greatest formula 1 drivers of all time. right now, he is in a coma. he needed emergency brain surgery today after falling on a ski slope in the french alps. martin mckay is here with me from cnn sports and we should talk about how much of a legend he is around the world. when we say legend, we really are not stopping short of what he is. >> no. one of the world's most popular athletes. formula 1 is one of the most
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popular sport, rosa. this transcend borders. may not necessarily be as popular as nascar here in the united states. but formula 1 is certainly a worldwide known and michael schumacher one of the best that ever got behind the wheel after car. he claimed seven world titles. that's a record, 91 formula 1 race victories. in euro business magazine in 2005 identified schumacher as the first billionaire athlete. when something like this happens, people pay attention. >> how big of a shock wave is this? we're talking about some serious injuries here. >> yes. we started hearing about it as the day progressed on sunday. apparently it happened in the french alps. happening in the french alps resorts called mare bell. this is where he owns property. he was skiing sunday morning. veered off course. hit his head on a rock. he was wearing a helmet. air lifted to a hospital in
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grenoble, france. when he arrived at the hospital, officials say in a statement he arrived in a coma. remaining in a serious condition in the hospital. >> let's talk more about him. so we get more perspective. we know for the audience in the united states,ed a cameo in "cars." he did a voice over. if you recognize his voice, that's probably why. he also has done a lot outside of sports. he has a huge heart. tell bus that. >> he is one of these athletes that knows his stature in the world and can spread that when it comes to charity work and such. this guy is certainly germany's most well known athlete. you build it out of europe. one of the most well known athletes in europe and around the world. with formula 1 being what it is and shu macher with seven world titles, no one knowing what he has done in this sport, he retired in 2006 after winning five titles with ferrari. he didn't want to get out of the race car, rosa. he wanted to get back in.
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returning in 2010 and come back didn't go as he wanted. he retired again this past year. but the concern is out there both within the sports world, within the motorsport world, both nascar drivers and formula 1 drivers tweeting their concern for michael schumacher who remains in critical condition with a head injury in a french hospital after taking a terrible fall on sunday while on the ski slopes. >> martin mckay, from cnn sports, thank you very much. we appreciate it. progress is reported in the attempted rescue of an expeditiones havel that is stuck off the coast of ant arc ka. 74 people are anxiously awaiting rescue off the ship. it has been stranded since christmas in miles of ocean. the ice breaker is within 11 nautical miles of this vessel. the group made up of researchers, crew and tourist are documenting every moment of their stay. >> we have been working really hard. alicia has taken some amizing
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pictures. which we put in here. we have been working really hard. we miss you very much. but we are having a great time. doing great work. working on the seals. samples. recording sound under water. and yes, i heard that the serving went well and that, lilly, your concert was great. i love you. >> we should add a chinese ice breaker is also in the area. but thick ice stopped its attempt that rescue. in the last few hours, phoenix police have identified the suspected bank robber who's violent coast to coast crime spree ended today. officers say this is the body of 40-year-old mario edward garnet. phoenix police killed him after he fired at them. officers say he was trying to escape his third robbery in less than a week. the fbi believes garnet is the bunman who shot and killed this
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police officer on monday in tupelo, mississippi. another officer was also hit but survived. cnn's alexandra field tracks the suspect's movements which apparently started in atlanta. >> i heard one boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: for nearly a week a nationwide manhunt was on. but saturday morning a deadly shootout in phoenix, arizona ended the search. police believe they killed the man who killed one of their own. numerous people didn't get to celebrate christmas with their families. because they were trying to bring peace to our family. >> gail, tupelo, mississippi police officer, was killed monday. his colleague critically injured, following a gunpoint with the suspected bank robber. police say a masked suspect left a tupelo bank with a bag full of cash before opening fire on the two officers. earlier in the day they say the same man tried to rob a bank in atlanta, georgia, where he also robbed an atm customer. nationwide law enforcement officials put on the look out
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far man believed to be driving a gray chrysler sedan. then on saturday, a break. investigators saying he turned up on the other side of the country in phoenix arizona where he was spotted leaving a bank with a bag and gun. police say he shot at two officers who were not hurt before one of the officers shot and killed him. >> we are in the process of healing at this time. this closure helped us mend and begin to heal that deep, deep wound. >> deadly shot fired in phoenix a day after the funeral for tupelo's officer. he is believed to be the first officer in the history of the department to be killed in the line of duty. more than 300 police cars performed a precession to follow the fallen officer. he leaves a wife and two young children. >> we brought a flag from our house. so it is just a tragic thing. and i'm so sorry for him and his
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family and all of the law enforcement that worked through the holiday here. and it is just the kind of thing that shouldn't have happened. >> alexandra joins me now. i understand you have new information about mario garnet. >> right, rosa. secret service confirming for cnn that mario garnet was arrested in 2010 in oklahoma city after threatening the president. he threatened president obama on-line. phoenix police say garnet is originally from the midwest. he served four years in the army and had no record in the state of arizona. it is unclear why he made his way to phoenix. rosa? >> what evidence does the fbi have that ties him to the bank robberies? >> the fbi told us there were similarities between the style of the three robberies, including the by the suspect was dressed. they obtained a court order for cell phone records and they confirm garnet was in the three places at the time of the three
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robberies. >> thank you so much. after a rocky start, the obamacare website is wracking up encouraging new numbers. the white house says more than a million people signed up between october 1st and christmas eve. a medicare and medicaid official calls it a welcome surge. the 1.1 million enrollments do not include people who signed up for insurance through state-run marketplaces. still the obama administration has a way to go to hit its 7 million enrollment target for federal and state exchanges by the end of march. new york times is debunking two theories on what is behind last year's deadly attack in benghazi. four americans killed in that brazen assault on september 11th. cnn athena jones joins me from honolulu. athena, what are the headlines here? >> good afternoon, rosa. new york times carried out a
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comprehensive investigation. they conclude this attack was not entirely spontaneous. but they also say there's no evidence it was care oid out by al qaeda, al qaeda itself. they also say the anti-muslim video, innocence of muslims, did play a role. this is something the administration came under fire for. there is a little bit for each side in this extensive article that was released early today. a little bit for the white house and its allies, many of whom say this vend kidsindicates their a responsibility in the attack. and republicans arguing all along there is not adequate security in the mission in ben gzy when the four americans were killed. this is something the administration has come to admit saying obviously, with this attack carries out there was not enough security that time. we are seeing a lot of reaction from both sides to this story, rosa. >> and in other reaction specifically out of washington. regarding this report. >> the white house is not responding directly.
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but they are also saying they don't have -- they are not discuting any significant facts in this story. obama allies, people who worked closely with the president, part of the administration are tweeting out comments that obviously show they are very pleased with the conclusion of the new york times report. david axelrod tweeted, for anyone interested in the truth and not politics about benghazi, this existed peace is a must-read. and national security spokesperson for the president said republicans inflated the role of al qaeda in benghazi to attack obama's counterterrorism record. they were wrong and handed our enemy a propaganda win. we know the republicans have held numerous hearings on capitol hill digging into this issue. we also heard from republicans in washington saying look, this report may not say that al qaeda was behind this directly, but clearly al qaeda had indicated an interest in attacking
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westerners and these groups affiliated and maybe loosely or directly did play a role in this attack. there are still questions raised about this new report. rosa. >> athena jones, thank you for this. >> buying marijuana may soon be as simple as purchasing milk or bread for some folks in colorado. recreational pot sales start in just a few days. up next, you will hear from entrepreneurs ready to make a big buck off of colorado's new growth industry. [ male announcer ] this is george. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪
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buying marijuana may become colorado's major industry. now budding entrepreneurs are preparing for customers in
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colorado. >> this is our vegetative growth room. >> colorado's legal recreational pot business. >> it is factory of pot. >> it is a factory of pot. it certainly is. >> his medicine man will sell to users up it an ounce per colorado residents, a quarter ounce for out-of-staters. anyone over 21 can buy starting january 1. industry watchers say it'll be the first time ever anywhere in the world marijuana has been regulated from seed to sale. an experiment making colorado a sort of silicon valley for pot. . it appears you guys are already bulking up in preparation for what happens january 1. >> every one of my competitors is doing the same thing. >> and how much new business does medicine man expect? >> this is the future. >> this is the future of medicine man. this is -- >> this is it. oh, my. >> planned is a state of the art facility, so advanced, they are expecting tourists. >> and this is not enough to
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meet demand next year. we need to expand more. >> he would like to triple his supply. and he's not the only one. >> this is the new world? what is this? >> this is sort of the future. >> an industry expected to grow from over a billion dollars nationwide to over $10 billion by 2018. companies here sinking millions, figuring out how to consume pot in new ways, open vape extracts oil from marijuana and sells an ecigarette giving the user an exact dose and producing almost no smoke. >> 1600%. >> grew 1600%. >> we will do another 1600% in revenue growth next year. >> its brand spanking new offices, taking a page from the dot com book. >> there are a stereo types. you think it is guys sitting around smoking pot in the offices. it is not like that. this is a real business.
4:17 pm
we are building a culture of excellence around cannabis. >> aka, interstate 25, complete with a cannabis museum and gift shop. >> contracts are happening. >> money is changing hands, yes. >> taxes on sales of recreational marijuana products, everything from smokeable to chocolates and soda expected to generate tens in millions in revenue for the state. already creating jobs. >> anyone here with an appointment. >> marijuana enforcement division jammed with people just hoping to get their licenses to work in the new ind us fry. the agency is overwhelmed with applications. >> every aspect regulated. possession of an ounce or less legal anywhere within the state's borders. most places, though, all those counties you see there in red still either ban or haven't yet decided if they will allow pot sales.
4:18 pm
for many here, it is still baby steps. >> we're hoping we can provide a model for that for other states as they elect to move forward with their own marijuana policy. >> colorado experiment taking route. the denver post hired a recreational marijuana editor and matt brown running my 420 tour says my coloradoans are excited to experiment the new rocky mountain high. >> easily 2 to 3,000 people next year on the guided tours. exclusive multiday packages. >> even cooking classes, chef blaine alexander, teaching some cannabis classes today sees more. >> can you see a restaurant, blaine's -- >> alexander's -- >> fine. >> i would love that. that's always been my goal. >> a goal that here in california could soon be
4:19 pm
reality. miguel marcus, cnn, denver. >> interesting stuff. miguel, thank you so much. still ahead in cnn newsroom, not every holiday is celebrated across the world. you know, that the beauty of new years. no matter the creed or culture, see how different countries mark the start of the new year. we will show you. hear this. burning dolls and eating grapes, next. >> hi, i'm janice mason coming to you from cuba. hello to my husband in arkansas.
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from the mystical to the whacky, depending where you ring in the new year, it could be an adventure. joining me is editorial producer, nadia billchick. you have all of the stories, nadia. >> from around the world. we have to start with you, rosa. i know you were born in mexico so tell us about mexican traditions of bringing in the new year. >> one of my favorite is light alg red, white and green candle. the red signifies passion. white for peace. and green for money. and then of course, if you have a party, you can have little plates with red, white and green candles for all of your guests so everybody can have passion, peace and money in the new year.
4:23 pm
>> i love that. i also love tradition they have in scotland. where you have scottish men dressing up as vikings. to celebrate their viking ancestry. and it is called hogamanay. they light torches and have rivers of fire. that's about a four-day celebration. in scotland. >> in scotland. i spent some time in brazil. you were telling me in brazil people wear white. >> yes. because white represents peace. they throw flowers into the sea to pay homage to the goddess. people all over brazil and its beautiful white, and they may wear a bit of red underwear for romance. >> i've got to say, in mexico, they do the same thing. >> red underwear? and maybe yellow underwear and green underwear representing the different things. >> that's right. >> in ecuador, some people find it strange, they take straw and make dummies or scare crows and burn them.
4:24 pm
and the idea is dress in old clothes and it represents bringing in the new year. . i was talking to with the make-up people earlier and they said that sound like voodoo. often masks on the dummies are those of very well known people. so, the new year, new beginning and you burn the cold. >> burn the old. >> i was also reading they were jumping over the fires. 12 times. one for every month. so you are leaving those months behind and you're starting new. >> and talking about 12. in spain, there's a very famous tradition. now, rosa, you have to get ready for this one. we have 12 grapes over here. what happens is on the strike of midnight, you literally take the grapes. and the idea is that you have all 12 grapes in 12 second. >> that's a lot. >> that is a lot.
4:25 pm
so what we will do is, let's try and do this, and let the gong strike. and our ritual shall begin. so, all 12 in 12 second. >> we're going to try this. >> let's try this. begin. >> okay. these are big grapes. >> these are very big grapes. i don't think we finished them. >> cheers. >> happy new year to you, too. for football fans, new year's day means bowl games. but for hockey fans, it's time for the annual winter classic. the nhl plays a game outdoors every new year's day. this year, it's detroit versus toronto in michigan stadium, home to university of michigan football team. a sell-out crowd of more than 100,000 fans is expected.
4:26 pm
across the country, people are dealing with sub zero temperatures. at least one man loves weather like that. he's a snow artist. plus, don lemon breaks down his list of top ten stories of 2013 from the biggest headlines in sports to the outrageous scandals. it all begins next. we're aig. and we're here. to help secure retirements and protect financial futures.
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to help communities recover and rebuild. for companies going from garage to global. on the ground, in the air, even into space. we repaid every dollar america lent us. and gave america back a profit. we're here to keep our promises. to help you realize a better tomorrow. from the families of aig, happy holidays.
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as you know, angels have been the hallmark design for making designs in the snow. but an artist has taken it no a whole new level. simon beck didn't use a pencil or brush to create his work. instead, he usees a compass and trudges around in the alps until he has a massive snow design. it takes him about ten hours to complete each one of those designs. i'm rosa flores at cnn headquarters in atlanta. here is don lemon with the top stories of 2013. >> welcome back to cnn's top ten stories of 2013. i'm don lemon. we will bring you shocking scanned equals, tragedies on and off the field and farewell to those we lost.
4:30 pm
we start with a cycling champ who finally comes clean while the queen of southern cooking loses her thrown amid a racial controversy. we can't leave out toronto's crack-smoking mayor. those are just some of the standout scandals of 2013. cnn's joe johns has a look back. >> number ten, beam me up, baby. it's seldom you get the crack question of the year and crack answer of the year in the same place. but it happened to the now notorious star of his own crack smoking video. >> am i an addict? no. >> toronto mayor, rob ford, when put on the spot in an open forum with the whole world watching. >> have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two years? >> yes, i have. >> ford was a trend-setener 2013, leader of the pack in the category of mayors gone wild with honorable mention to number nine, san diego's mr. smooth himself, bob filner. who resigned as mayor facing a tidal wave of sexual harassment allegations. charges of unwanted advances,
4:31 pm
including former female employee who filed suit. irene mccorps mick jackson who claims filner claims he said, wouldn't it be great if you took off your panties and worked without them on. he was charged with three years probation for assaulting women. number eight, kwame kilpatrick, former hip-hop mayor of detroit convicted of racketeering and extortion so pervasive that prosecutors say it helped push the motor city in the bankruptcy. kill patrick finally got the term he wasn't elected to serve. 28 years in federal prison. and speaking of election is, number seven on our list isn't a mayor but co-have been. new york's former congressman anthony weiner. hit performer on the list from past years for the sexting controversy that made him leave capitol hill. he made a run for the big apple's top job. but when more pictures surfaced
4:32 pm
from were sent to a another woman, alias carlos danger, he lost primary with less than 5% of the vote. magnanimous as always, giving the immediateat universal, we're number one hand signal as a parting shot. while on the list of popularity, number six is the agency everyone loves to hate, the internal revenue service. in keeping with the season of what might be described as the most notorious naughty list in u.s. hifltry. someone got the bright idea of singling out conservative groups, especially tea partiers are for extra special attention. it attracted outrage from coast to coast. and investigation from the other agency that brings up fear everywhere, the justice department. and speaking of spilling the goodies, there are nongovernment players that must be mentioned for outstanding performances in 2013. number five on our list is the former man of steel, lance
4:33 pm
armstrong. here is a guy who was master of the signingeling world an big lie. winning tour de france seven times. claiming repeatedly he wasn't doping to enhance his athletic performance. but after being banned from the sport, he gave a tell-all, sort of,ant view with oprah, where else. he confessed and offer wlaed may be remembered as the biggest understatement in the history of sport. >> i'm not the most believable guy in the world right now. >> number four on our list with another credibility problem, phony sign language interpreter who crashed the nelson mandela memorial service. it would be funnier if it weren't so creepy. this guy got within arm's length of the president of the united states making meaningless gestures. it later came to light that he was accused of rape and murder but found not guilty. snub three is paula deen. >> my goodness. >> what would possess a host after popular cooking show to get herself embroiled in a lawsuit where somebody was actually going it ask letter under oath whether she ever used
4:34 pm
the "n" word when she knew she did. can you say, settle the case already. >> number two on our list is the not so secretive any more nsa. who would have thought that one government outfit that was supposed to be stealth city could manage to embarrass or anger just about everybody in the u.s. by letting a rogue former contractor named edward snowden download a bus load of secrets. so-called signal intelligence from its computer system. splash some of it to the media then run off to russia of all places. while the goodies continued to be spilled item by item for maximum effect. finally on our list, coming in dead even, tied for first place with a broken government award of the year, congress for the absolutely inskpliksable shut down crisis of 2013 that featured a dramatic reading after dr. seuss classic in the midst of 21-hour senate talk-a-thon. >> i do not like green eggs and ham. i do not like them, sam i am. >> not to be overlooked, obama
4:35 pm
administration for the utterly disastrous bungled roll out of the website. which debacle is worse is entirely in the eye of the beholder. futile attempts by the minority to dismantle a law of the land upheld by supreme court with the stated aim of getting rid of the president's signature achievement or the video replays of the laider of the free world promising that his signature achievement would allow flynn to keep the status quo. only to find out, that well, it just wasn't true. >> if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. >> up next, the year's most memorable event from around the globe. one of the 20th century most infli influential figure says laid to rest as we countdown the biggest news stories.
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in 2013, the world welcomed a new british heir and said good-bye to leader with his courage and strength. that's two of the top stories we witnessed together this year. here is cnn's michael holmes with the rest. >> reporter: number ten -- >> we are getting word of a deadly shooting involving oscar pistorius and his model girlfriend. >> reporter: the olympian add
4:39 pm
mitsd murdering reehis girlfrie but said it was an accident. >> he was clearly upset. at times, sobbing, crying. >> reporter: pistorius, nicknamed blade runner, due to the prosthetic limbs he used for running, is fighting the murder charge seeing he hiss took her for a burglar. >> duchess of cambridge safely delivered a son at 4:20 p.m. local time. the fountains of the square illuminated in blue light. >> the new royal heir in the united kingdom. >> baby george born in july to prince william and his wife, kate. number eight -- >> tens of thousands of people have poured out on to the streets in what is another demonstration against the government. >> about a year after the arab spring in egypt's first
4:40 pm
democratically elected president, is out offed in a military coup. the rise of islamic fundamentalism. number seven, after decades of distrust and diplomatic gridlock, there is a thor with iran. >> the phone call that's making history. president obama called iran's new president. >> six world powers. >> the preliminary deal elimit the nuclear weeapons and international sanctions. some say it doesn't go far enough. number six. >> all around, you hear the sounds of windows breaking. objects crashing to the floor. >> typhoon haiyan wiping out the philippines.
4:41 pm
one of the strongest storms to hit the country. >> the smell of death. smell of decay. >> more than 5,000 people killed. number five were terror at a mall in kenya. >> gunman opening fire, killing dozens and taking many hostages. >> everyone here in nairobi is on a razor's edge. i'm standing a short distance away from the west gate mall. that is under siege in its third day. >> surveillance cameras capture this chilling video of gunmen shooting their way through a supermarket in the mall and al qaeda affiliate in somalia claims responsibility. number four, grief and gratitude as world says good-bye to nelson mandela. >> he's now at peace. >> former south africa president and nobel peace prize laureate died at age 95.
4:42 pm
>> the crowd dancing and singing since the news came. >> his life, celebrated, for ending apartheid. for ten days, south africans and dignitaries from around the world taught the the world about patience, reconciliation and freedom. >> we see nelson mandela making that final journey. >> number three, the person who says he leak had top secret informing about a u.s. government surveillance program has emerged from the shadows and identified himself. >> my name is ed snowden. >> u.s. manhunt forred? ward snowden turns into an international game of cat and mouse. >> the man who's been spilling u.s. intelligence secrets is on the move. but where is his final destination? >> first, hong kong lets him go. then russia refuses to extradite him. snowden's leaks were a major embarrassment for the nsa, revealing the extent the agency
4:43 pm
was spying on americans as well as international leaders and citizens. number two -- >> the pope resigns. leader of the catholic church stepping down at the end of the month. >> pope benedict becomes the first head of the catholic church to resign in 600 years. the 86-year-old said, it was because of poor health. >> the bell is ringing here in rome. the big ring. that means one thing, what does it mean. >> we have a pope. >> the first pope elected from south america. >> curtains are open. cross bearer is coming out. and there he is. >> dubbed the people's pope, francis is focussing on compassion for for the poor and afflicted. number one, civil war in syria. more than two years in fighting, 100,000 killed. more than 2 million refugees. in august, the chemical weapons
4:44 pm
attack kills hundreds? tz is absolutely horrifying. we have seen a video showing the bodies of lifeless children. >> syria denied responsibility. >> u.s. is making a case for military intervention in syria. >> the u.s. on the brink. military action. a last-minute deal broken by russia, averting international crisis. agreement dismantles syria's led in power. a civilian population still suffering. >> still to come, nba player jason collins comes out. but there are big stories on the field as well. our top ten of 2013 continues after a quick break.
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
4:47 pm
this year's top ten sports stories are as much about bad behavior off the field as terrific play on it. >> the year in sports included
4:48 pm
the gruesome, as in horrific leg injury, suffered by louisville's kevin wear. and line backer manti te'o and fake twitter girlfriend. but our look back is with the plug on super bowl xlvii. not long app after beyonce amped up the crowd at halftime, the superdome in new or lean was blanketed in darkness when the electrical load cut off power. for 45 minutes raid yef enand 49ers were put on hold. with one second remaining, it appeared as number one alabama and number four auburn headed to overtime. what happened next is a play for the ages. >> 56-yarder. does not have the leg. takes it in the end zone. auburn will win the game. holy cow! oh, my god! auburn wins!
4:49 pm
>> lebron james separated himself as the greatest player in pro basketball as worldwide brabd as evidenced by appearances like this one in china. he made his word good in miami. with james earning back it back league and finals mvps. >> they were both miami dolphins get one felt more tortured than teammate. when richie incognito and others were accused of bullying. with racial epithets and the words "i'll kill you" surfaced. a probe continues. we are reexamining the pro football workplace. intimidation and aggression are a part of the fabric of the sport but where does the locker room end and real life begin? he was an american hero. cancer survivor. seven-time tour de france
4:50 pm
champion. yet lance armstrong could no longer deny allegations of a doping scandal. >> in all seven of your tour de france victories, did you ever take banned substances take banned substances or dope? >> yes. >> armstrong was banned for life from cycling. gay athletes have long participated in major american team sport but did so in silence. jason collins has emerged as a voice. he said he spent a lifetime in secrecy, but had to be true to himself and others. collins may never again play in the nba, but his announcement is a contribution far more important than points and rebounds. it's been a stain on america's pastime, steroids. alex rodriguez was among 14 players linked to a clinic which
4:51 pm
dealt him performance-enhancing drugs. rodriguez has appealed an unprecedented 211-game ban. while baseball judges a-rod today, time will ultimately determine his place in history. the troubled past of aaron hernandez. >> aaron hernandez charged with first-degree murder today. >> oscar pistorius, the south african olympic star accused of murdering his girlfriend. >> the man known as the blade runner wiping away tears. >> how does a successful athlete get charged with murder? the blade runner, olympian oscar pistorius claims he mistakenly shot his girlfriend in his south african villa and will stand trial in march. and aaron hernandez, who not long ago signed a $40 million contract, is also awaiting trial. prosecutors say he orchestrated the execution-style shooting of an acquaintance, an accusation hernandez denies. a $765 million settlement between the nfl and ex-players
4:52 pm
over concussion-related injuries was a good first step. next is saving the game. the league hopes committing millions to research and implementing new rules promoting safety will ease concerns about head injuries in a sport that will always be violent and never risk-free. in april, a boston tradition turned tragic. the bombings challenged a city and a baseball team to move forward, and they did. the slogan "boston strong" was a rallying cry, and five days after the bombing, red sox slugger david ortiz said what many were thinking. >> this is our [ bleep ] city. [ cheers and applause ] stay strong. >> a world series victory showed us all just how strong. moments of joy and moments of pain. cooperation and conflict. births and deaths. 2013 in three minutes as seen
4:53 pm
through the lenses of cnn's cameras. that's ahead. but first, some of those we lost this year. >> the people of south africa have been victorious. they have won. ♪ the way we get to see a cartoon for you and me ♪ ♪ he said i'll love you till i die ♪ >> you can only sit back and pray, show up, work hard, have a good time doing it. ♪ guys like us we have it made ♪
4:54 pm
>> if you're lucky, you'll remember the little moments. relieves more symptoms er d than any other behind the counter liquid gel. oh what a relief it is.
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we saw the election of a new pope, the deaths of political icons, the super bowl that went dark and lights that streaked across the russian sky. there were times of joy and moments of anguish. it was all a part of the year 2013 and cnn was there. as the year comes to a close, we give you a final look at the most memorable moments. >> do i have remorse? absolutely. >> the pentagon is eliminating
4:57 pm
its ban on women in combat. >> popes don't step down. they remain in office until they die. >> iran has successfully sent a monkey into space. >> view of a meteor. >> the night the lights went out. >> budget cuts. >> a bottle of water. >> cured a 2-year-old of hiv. >> reject the honestness. >> here i am. >> brought to germany by justin bieber. >> two huge explosions that happened there. >> the officer was killed. >> second bombing suspect is in custody. >> the latest disaster to hit the bangladesh industry. >> found after years. >> first-degree murder. >> two-mile wide tornado. >> irs tea party groups. >> voted to allow gay youth to be scouts.
4:58 pm
>> a massive apparatus. >> internet companies. >> syrian regime used chemical weapons. >> inappropriate, hurtful language. >> that's aaron hernandez. >> in violation of the fifth amendment. >> filibuster by a democratic state senator. >> sharknado. >> detroit. >> prince george alexander louis of cambridge. >> a town in eastern quebec. >> appears to strike the sea wall. >> battle over the word "coup." >> george zimmerman, not guilty. >> bradley manning found not guilty on the charge of aiding the enemy. >> blast from the past. >> she was found okay. >> area 51. >> propaganda law. >> never, ever give up. >> wager has interstellar space. >> castro is found hanging.
4:59 pm
>> bright new sight in northern california. >> west gate shopping mall. ♪ what does the fox say >> >> internal server error. >> about $25 billion. >> a car chase that started near the white house and ended on capitol hill. >> shooting in nevada. >> first ever thatsa officer to killed in the line of duty. >> we made a mistake. >> struck by haiyan. >> it's not a game. >> preventing iran from building a nuclear weapon. >> by a drone. >> metro north train was traveling much too fast. >> under siege by the michigali. >> he is now at peace. >> a quick reminder for you. your votes will decide cnn's top ten stories of 2013. they will be revealed on monday live at 9:00 eastern on cnn tv
5:00 pm
and just log on to our website, to see the finalists. i'm don lemon. thanks for watching the top ten of 2013. in you listen to the news these days, you might think america is a very divided nation. you're either for gay marriage or against it. you're a republican or a democrat. but when it comes to guns, things get a little trickier. no matter which side of the line you stand on, you can't ignore the news about gun violence. >> another deadly shooting. >> the gunfire erupted at this birthday party. >> a 7-year-old boy. >> tons of people around. >> more than 11,000 homicides were committed with


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