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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 3, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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certainly symbolic of what to expect this year. traders are saying we do expect some volatility. >> zain asher for us at the new york stock exchange. thank you for being with us. that's it for me. "newroom" continues right now with brooke baldwin. and we begin this hour with breaking news. i'm brooke baldwin. we will get into the nasty nor'easter affecting millions of people, but first, news just in to us here at cnn. we have just gotten, i have it right here, this is the final coroner's report on the death of fast and furious actor paul walker. the car he was riding in, i'm going to quote this here, traveling at an unsafe speed, approximately 100-plus miles per hour. our digital reporter, alan duke, is live for us in los angeles. and alan, i know you have been looking through this, as have i. what more are you learning? >> interesting to say that he -- that walker was in a defensive
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position, as if he war bracing for an impact, it suggests. and the other interesting thing is something that we speculated on in the days and weeks after his death, when we looked at video. and that is that it seems that they -- walker and rodas, did not live very long after the impact. that there was very little indication they had been breathing the fumes of the smoke, did not make it into their lungs in a significant fashion, so they did not suffer long, apparently. walker suffered a number of broken bones. if you want to read the report, these things i have to read as my job, but i wouldn't recommend anybody doing that unless they have to for their job because it's a gruesome description of what happened to this popular actor. >> it's awful to go through the specifics of the evidence, the body examination, et cetera. just tragic all the way around. alan duke, thank you very much for that update here as we're learning more about the death of paul walker. >> we also want to talk about
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the weather. we knew the nor'easter was coming, and boy, did it ever. touched about a third of the country or approximately 100 million people in 22 states. the front lines, new england. look at this, heavy snow took the rains in boston. the city got socked with nearly 15 inches. it was so cold there, look at the outside of our cnn satellite truck. frozen. ice. new york city got about 10 inches. the bulk of insnow has come and gone. in long island, blizzard warnings lasted through the mourning along with strong wind gusts, deep windchills, and oh, yes, the wind. >> i'm surfing. >> reporting live from indianapolis, indiana, and you can see we're in a major snow storm. >> look at those reporters out and about. a major storm indeed.
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insnow is tapering off now, but now the really cold weather moves in. cnn is all over this nor'easter with team coverage. we have margaret conley in boston, where logan airport is seeing limited flights as i speak. ashleigh banfield out and about in new york city, crews there busy busy clearing the roads. poppy harlow is live for us in new york's laguardia airport. ted rowlands braving the cold in naperville, illinois, just near chicago. but let's begin in boston. margar margaret, we heard from mayor menino, outgoing mayor menino saying yes, his city was ready. by the time this is over, boston could be looking at 18 inches. by tonight, is that correct? >> that's right, brooke. we've seen up to 2 feet of snow in some areas of massachusetts. if you look down the street, people are shoveling. they have been shoveling since i got here. you can see it all the way down this whole stretch, from where we're standing.
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we called the department of transportation earlier this morning. >> margaret, forgive me. i'm going to cut you off. we want to stay with the pictures, but it's tough hearing you. maybe we can work on the audio here. let me come back to you, because i can see by the looks of the shoveling and the snow, boston is the story. let me hop to new york while we try to fix that. new york city, the bulk of the storm has passed. 6 inches fell in beautiful central park. ashleigh banfield, you have been out in it all day long. with the hat and the gloves and the thick jacket. how is it looking right now? >> lovely. i have to say, the sun came out and the snow was glistening. the kids are out of school. it's almost like a holiday but not because it's still pretty nasty in the streets, and then the issue of falling ice. we have been coshing about where we're broadcasting. new york city is a city of skyscrapers and there's ice falling. people have to be careful. where will say this, it's 18 degrees on the big cnn sign that
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overlooks the upper west side, that's eight degrees warmer than it was when we started broadcasting. it's looking up, getting warmer. the windchill is still cold. at about 2:00 this morning, there was no place in the new york area that got warmer than 2 with the windchill. that's cold stuff. then the snow, 6 inches in central park, and on the west side, 7.8 inches, which is great for the kids out of school. all 1700 new york schools closed. who did that? well, the guy at theode of it all, the brand new mayor, the big cheese, mayor de blasio. bloomberg is out, de blasio is in. you know what he started the day doing? >> what's that. >> probably the same thing everybody was doing, out in front of his house in park slope, brooklyn, shoveling his front walk. do you love that? i think it's a little crazy that the big cheese was doing that when he had such a big issue to deal with here. he did have a news conference not long after his shoveling and he did a response to -- he talked about the response, the
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new york response to the storm, and he got his -- you know, his shout out to the city and the workers and the big apple and just how great this place is. have a listen. >> i'm very proud of the people who work for the city. and we have the finest work force anywhere in the country, and they're showing it right now. they have jumped to action, and the energy and professionalism is extraordinary. i'm proud to be a new yorker today, and i'm proud of the people who work for the city of new york. >> day three. it's day three on the job. i think things are going to get tougher. this is a tricky city to maneuver in plit clael and elsewise. let me tell you what he had to work with. 1700 snow plows, 5,000 sanitation workers dispatched in the streets. many of the plows affixed on the front of the garbage trucks. garbage truck s going by, plowig the trucks, and then what makes the roads less slippery, salt and sand.
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7,000 tons of salt at their disposal, and they did it pretty quickly. things were cleared. there's one of the things right there, the garbage truck with the plow. you see it? >> as if it were on cue, there we go, right and about. they were ready to roll in new york city, and they're continuing to roll on through. >> we know they watch cnn, right? >> of course, if ashleigh banfield says they're plowing through, they have to ploe on through, obviously. >> look at you. >> ashleigh, thank you very much for us at columbus circle. this nor'easter may be on the downswing, alt least in manhattan, but that's not been the case on long island. still plenty of snow to go around. a bit of good news as you look at these pictures. the blizzard warning has expired. new york city's airports trying -- i should say slowly trying to recover. there are two runways open at jfk. poppy harlow is at laguardia to update us on the situation there. are people getting out? are they coming and going where you are? >> some of nthem, brooke.
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baby steps. i can't emphasize enough how slow the progress is. every few minutes, we check that shows us how many flights around the country are canceled. it's too high, 2,356 flights canceled in and out of the united states alone today. that's just a few away from all the flight canceled throughout yesterday, and it's just after 2:00 on the east coast, so you see where i'm going with this. so many stranded passengers here, but a lot better than it was. earlier today, zero visibility at jfk, none of the runways open. now 2 of 4 open. newark is now open, laguardia is open. boston, connecticut, rhode island, all open, but really limited in terms of the flights going in and out. what does that result in? even though they have more than 200 plows and equipment on the runways here, and at the other major airports in the area, it results in thousands upon thousands of stranded passengers. when i walked in here this
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morning, i was stunned when i saw the line. i knew it would be bad, but i didn't know how bad. look at the line, it went on and on. wrapping around the corner, down the hallway here, people with canceled flights trying to get rebooked on whatever they can, just on american airlines, not on all the othercarias. we met one woman from brazil. listen to her story. >> how long have you waited in this line? >> three hours. >> three hours? >> yeah. >> from brazil. >> from brazil. >> trying to go where? >> chicago. >> you just got called, but how difficult has this been for you just to get to chicago? >> well, probably we were leaving on monday. >> probably not until monday. that is the story i hear over and over. and the big sticker, when it's weather-related, the airlines don't have to pay for your accommodations, so people have to figure out where to stay here in new york city. are they going to spend the weekend at the airport. what are they going to do? here's where a lot of people
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spent the night last night, 180 caughts here in laguardia, and they were lucky if they could get a caught because a lot of people sleeping next to the escalators. those were the lucky ones. >> looks like a hospital. but it's an airport. >> wow. >> it's an airport. >> i couldn't believe the line. person after person after person. poppy, thank you. thinking about all of you in the airports watching us on cnn, wondering when you get out. speaking of the weather, let me take you to chicago because ted rowlands is west of the city in naperville with a little bit of good news. when i say good news, that means naperville is warming up. but ted, define warming up in naperville for me. >> we're into single digits now. that woman who is coming -- the woman coming to chicago on monday, she might want to rethink that because it's going to be extremely cold on monday when she gets here. we're talking highs at negative 6, lows near negative 20. nats not with the windchill.
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that's just the temperature. when we got out here this morning, it was 10 below zero. we had a t-shirt which we froze just to make people laugh. >> look at that. >> it's getting a little bit -- it's coming back to life a little bits because now we're into single digits. this morning, it was hard as a rock. it has been miserable here. >> can you feel your face? >> oh, yeah. i think it's -- yeah, i can feel it, because as soon as i'm done with you, i scurry into the truck and warm up. if you're out here for too long, you can't feel your hands, your feet, or your face. so you know, seriously, brooke, it is a concern. especially looking towards monday when we're talking about these horrifically low temperatures, not just illinois. wisconsin, as well. it's going to be tough. schools have been canceled in minnesota and i suspect more will be as we get closer to monday. >> check on the oelderly, look out for the little ones. thank you.
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we thank you all for doing that for us today. coming up, you'll see the entire forecast for the next couple days with alexandra steele as she's going to talk about the brutal cold, when that is coming in if it hasn't already. >> let's move on and talk about the violence. it's surging in iraq and al qaeda is at the center of it all. we're digging deeper on this out of control situation there. plus, clay aiken dear considering a run for congress. find out who he's been calling. and the results are in, as marijuana, mary jane, goes mainstream in colorado. is this bigger than previously thought? we'll take you to a grow house live. life could be hectic. as a working mom of two young boys angie's list saves me a lot of time. after reading all the reviews i know i'm making the right choice. online or on the phone, we help you hire right the first time. with honest reviews on over 720 local services. keeping up with these two is more than a full time job, and i don't have time for unreliable companies.
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fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your doctor if humira can work for you. this is humira at work. stories in a flash. rapid fire, roll it. we begin in california. a hiker who fell off a waterfall is safe thanks to a search and rescue team and a little air support. he was airlifted out of the angeles national forest near los angeles, and according to our affiliate, the victim suffered a broken leg in that fall. also inviting homeless men to his birthday meal, embracing a severely disfigured man, and
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now more proof pope francis is bringing good vibes to the catholic church. visits to the vatican roughly tripped last year. since his election in march. ♪ i was invisible ♪ then i could just watch you in your room ♪ ♪ if i was invincible ♪ i would make you mine tonight ♪ >> what could be worse, insults from simon cowell, cable news pundits. according to a report, clay aiken is considering a run for congress. the american idol runner-up, who is a democrat, is apparently making calls to gauge interest in north carolina's second district. and day three, people are lining up to legally purchase and smoke marijuana recreationally in the state of colorado. and let me tell you, so far, doing so seems to be going
11:17 am
pretty smoothly. users, look at this, calling this history. >> you had to be in a special club to get this. >> exactly. >> now, the special club is everyone. man, that's what i'm talking about. >> now i don't have to be like, do you want master cush? let's just smoke some weed. >> all right. here we go. seemed like a quiet start to the new way of life in colorado, but how about now, a couple days in? miguel marquez is still in denver. still surrounded at a grow house there. i mean, you know, what you have to do for a job. and miguel, sales numbers. this is why wei wanted to talk to you because sales numbers are hot off the press. what's the scoop? >> look, we're at medicine man denver, which is the largest single grow house and dispensary in the state, and they have been through the roof, i think exceeding all expectations. this is the appropriately named
11:18 am
green room. >> you are green, my friend. >> oh, yes, it's not easy being green. actually, very easy being green in colorado right now. they had 650 people they served in the first day. they had to turn folks away. they had 658 the second day. they're getting better at this, it seems. but they're making a lot of money. it's a very, very expensive business, though. keep in mind, the price for an eighth ounce of marijuana here at medicine man, which is among the lowest we have heard, $45. but you tack on a hefty 36.22% tax on top of that. that's xiexcise tax, sales tax, local tax. a lot of money changes hands. there's one report out there that the take for all of these places was about a million dollars on the first day. it would not be surprising if it was much higher than that. have several calls into different authorities in colorado, trying to figure out if they have any hard numbers for across the state, what has come in, but it's happening so
11:19 am
fast, it's hard to tell. i do want to bring in andy williams, who is the ceo of medicine man here. you have had a very, very busy few days. thank you for joining us. one big thing, though, this is a mainly clash business. will the banks -- i know the treasury department is talking about sorting some of this out. do you think they will sort this out so you can operate more as normal businesses in 2014? >> it's mandatory they do that and quickly. they need to put a high priority on that and get it done. it's a public safety issue. it's not only me and other business owners around the state endangered by this. it's everybody around us. if somebody robs me and they have a gun, it's not just me threatened. it's everybody. one incident, i would hope it would be a public outcry before that to prevent it. >> you grow about 5,000 plants now. you want to triple that in the next year. and how much -- you were able to make a one-time transfer from
11:20 am
your medical stock to your recreational stock, which was about 60%, 65% before you started this. did you transfer enough? >> no, we didn't. i had no clue. i mean, i knew it would be big, but this has been enormous. the motion, it just brought so many people out. and i'm afraid i didn't transfer enough. >> how are you going to handle this in the days uz head? will you run out of marijuana for recreational users? >> not anytime soon. we'll see what happens with these -- with the pace of the demand over the next couple weeks. i think it will slow down, and i think we'll be fine, but there is a chance if this keeps up like this, we'll have to raise prices a little bit to slow down so that we can make it until april when we start growing new plants. >> that's the next question. $45 for an eighth ounce, plus the 32.22%. how much would you have to raise prices in the days ahead if this
11:21 am
keeps up? >> we would do it incrementally, do it slow and see how it affects the purchasing of the consumer, and probably go to $50 at first. if it didn't slow it down enough, then we go to $$55. we're going to wait and not be raising prices in the near future. >> good luck. i hope you get some sleep. >> i'm going to. >> amazing how this industry is off to a very, very big start. >> on day three. thank you. thank andy for us as well in denver there. >> the man accused of killing a catholic priest was in custody the night before. we will tell you why coming up. plus, al qaeda militants are making a bad situation worse. right now in iraq, we'll go to the magic wall here in the studio, and i'll walk you through where we're talking about, how bad it's getting, and what the u.s. is doing about it. you're watching cnn. legalzoom ht over 1 million businesses. if you have a business idea, we have a personalized legal solution that's right for you. with easy step-by-step guidance, we're here to help you turn your dream into a reality.
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just in to us here at cnn, the justice department appealing a federal judge's decision threatening the nsa surveillance program. the ruling back in december found the program is likely unconstitutional. since then, another federal
11:25 am
judge ruled the exact opposite, that the program is in fact lawful. this issue which involved your phone calls could land in the nation's highest court. and the man who allegedly killed a catholic priest and left his body in a rectory in northern california had apparently been on a new year's bender. it is unclear whether he even knew his victim. the reverend eric freed, whose body was found around 9:00 wednesday morning. here is the man who is being held, gary lee bullock, of humboldt county. he had been held on new year's eve for public drunkenness, but he was so erratic, he was sent to a hospital, back to jail, and then released. police believe bullock broke into the rectory at st. bernard's catholic church and beat the reverend to death.
11:26 am
there is a bad situation now brewing in iraq. specifically talking about al qaeda. you remember u.s. forces left iraq back in 2011, leaving security in the hands of iraq's armed forces. so now, militants linked to al qaeda are making a push for these two major cities, we're talking about ramadi and fallujah specifically, both in always volatile anbar province west of baghdad. hala gorani is with me right now, cnn international. explain to us what is happening right now. >> for the first time, al qaeda militants are holding territory in the key cities of ramadi and fallujah. that's why this is so important. here we see sort of a satellite view of ramadi, this very key city in the sunni anbar province. people remember fallujah in the united states, manly because when u.s. troops were in the country after the invasion, this is where they had some of their more deadly and critical
11:27 am
battleground battles against sunni militants. what's going on now is the shiite led government is having to fight against al qaeda-linked militants in that province, in some cases, shelling them, and in other cases, sending troops. but they're holding territory, which is why this is significant. >> what about the u.s.? you mentioned nuri al maliki. we have a video of the prime minister visiting with vice president joe biden in october. with u.s. troops kind of out of the mix, what kind of, i don't know, influence, would the u.s. have today? >> not much, to be honest. u.s. troops are out of iraq. quite simply put. in 2007, there was something called the awakening, where u.s. troops essentially convinced sunni tribal leaders of fighting against al qaeda militants. and it worked. it did turn the tide of the war around, it did pacify the region for a bit. what's happening now? u.s. troops are gone. the al qaeda militants are filling the vacuum in some areas
11:28 am
of the sunni province. this isn't just iraq. here's iraq, right? but guess what's right here, syria. these same al qaeda-inspired militants holding territory here and here, are also controlling territory here and here. this is a regional battle for the islamic state of iraq and syria. >> the regional battle, and we know what has been happening here for way too long. what happens as we look to spring, summer, specifically in iraq. >> i don't think you can say specifically in iraq. my point being this is now one of the most important forces in the middle east, determining what happens and what shape this region takes. these al qaeda-linked militants, they're fighting for a grand islamic vision of the region. very different from militants groups who want powers in their own borders. this is a big challenge everywhere and it's creating havoc everywhere. >> once again, iraq.
11:29 am
>> and the situation, by the way, thousands of deaths this year. the highest death toll in years in that country. things not getting better. >> thank you. we'll stay in touch. hala guarana. coming up, it's going to be ice cold. with several nfl games on tap, but will any be as cold as the famous ice bowl? this was back in 1967. we'll talk to a referee who was there, and dr. sanjay gupta, and how fans should protect themselves in the bitter, bitter cold. also, escaped mental patient on the lam in south carolina has been captured. he was placed in a hospital, accused of killing his parents. how he escaped and how police caught up with him so quickly, next. nouncer ] hands were made for playing. ♪ legs, for crossing. ♪ feet...splashing. better things than the joint pain and swelling of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. if you're trying to manage your ra,
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about everything that comes standard with our base auto policy. and if you switch, you could save up to $423. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? bottom of the hour, i'm brooke baldwin. news flash, it's going to be cold, really cold for the nfl tomorrow and sunday. they have playoff games, four big ones, including one in green bay on sunday. green bay, wisconsin, late this morning, a shovel brigade at lambeau field, and wait until i tell you the expected game time
11:33 am
temperature. stand by for that. first, let me tick through the other three games. the chiefs and colts in indianapolis. freezing at game time tomorrow. they'll play that game, though, inside. then you have the saints and eagles, bitter cold in philadelphia. windchill perhaps as low as 16 degrees tomorrow night. chargers versus the bengals on sunday. possible snow at game time. temperature right around freezing. and here we go, green bay, wisconsin, late sunday afternoon. the sun will be down by halftime, and we're talking about a windchill sunday night, get ready, folks, minus 30 degrees. >> we always aim to do the best we possibly can to make it safe. but there's always some possibilities of spillage of alcohol or something like that, that may cause icy spots. but you know, i would just say prepare for the cold weather and dress appropriate. >> that's the packers facility manager. in case you had not heard, the situation has begun to invite
11:34 am
comparisons to the ice bold. the ice bowl so cold in green back on new year's 1967, that the referees couldn't make their whistles blow, and trumpets got stuck to band members' lips. the windchill smaestimated at 3 below 0 so at that game. jim tunney was there. he was an alternate refr at the ice bowl, and he spent a lot of time on the sidelines, standing next to the vince lombardi, the legendary head coach. thank you for taking the time with me today. >> we're glad to be here. thank you. and my hands are still cold from 1967. >> i cannot imagine. i read where one of the refs tried to blow his whistle, had it freeze to his lips, and then he ripped his lips open trying to pull the whistle out. is that true? >> that's true, and i hate to
11:35 am
even think about that. it bothers me. it chills up my spine just thinking about it. that's years and years ago, but that's what it was. we worked the best we could. i was on the sideline with coach lombardi, as you mentioned, and the good news was as soon as i could, i would get to the heaters on the bench. >> you had the heaters, but how did you keep your hands, your feet, your nose warm? how did you keep from freezing, jim? >> ironically, when we got there saturday night, the weather was good. cold, but not to the degree it was on sunday. with we woke up sunday morning, it was cold. we weren't prepared. we had no real equipment for that. we went downtown in green bay and knocked on an army-navy door, and we bought everything we can. they were mittens those days, not gortex like now. we weren't prepared. we took garbage bags and cut a hole in the bottom, put the bag
11:36 am
around our body and taped around our waist with adhesive tape and keep the heat in. the same thing with our feet. we would put on a pair of stockings, cotton, then put a plastic bag over that, and then another pair of socks over that to try to keep warm. it was difficult to heat your hands and your feet warm because officials had to run on the field, and it was tough for them. but the players had a tough time, too. coach lombardi had put a blanket there, an electric blanket, but it didn't work, and the field was frozen. >> i could hear you go on and on, all the details with the refs. i imagine they were trying to use hand signals because clearly the whistles weren't working. i don't know if grown men were crying that freezing, freezing cold day, but did anyone at any point say, you know, let's call it? >> there were a conversation about that. not from the officials, but from security, thinking that maybe we should postpone it to another time, and everybody said, nah,
11:37 am
it's football. let's play. that's what we do, we play in the rain, the snow, the cold, and that's what we do in the nfl. >> jim, you are a tough, tough man. we appreciate you, and i hope one day your hands get a little warmer after that frigid, frigid cold day at lambeau. thank you very much. >> as we're talking about the ice bowl in '67, an elderly fan actually died ofexposure. this can be an extremely dangerous situation for everyone. dr. sanjay gupta joins me. just listening to him, and the details, the garbage bags, the mittens. >> cold hands, warm hearts. >> exactly, but talk about the risk of hypothermia. >> look, it's obviously pretty significant. jim made a really excellent point. we have gotten better at coming up -- >> the gortex, where. >> various materials to insulate ourselves. that's the key, you want to limit your time outside, the players don't have the option, but a lot of fans -- i know the
11:38 am
game is sold out you're talking about. you want to minimize, going inside a bit, getting into some sort of heat if you can, and also dressing in layers that jim was describing, and also, i'll add something else, making sure the layers aren't too tight. one of the keys is to allow warm air to get trapped between the layers of clothinclothing. if they're really tight, it doesn't work as well. people talk about wearing a hat. you lose about 20% of your body heat through your hat. make sure your head and your ears stay warm. the fingers, toes, ears, and nose. keep an eye on those areas. if they're red, that's expected. if they start to turn white, that could be the beginning of frostbite. and something i tell people, you eat a big meal ahead of time, your body start to generate more heat than normal. so eat before hand. >> eat a lot. that's easy. >> and don't drink a lot. >> that was my next point. listen, this is an awesome game.
11:39 am
people are boozing. it's just a fact. i have to think that makes you warm and it fools you. >> exactly. this is the nonintuitive part. you feel warm, but what does alcohol do? it dilates the blood vessels in your skin, allowing you to lose more body heat than you want or should. it's having the opposite effect than you want. might impair your judgment, as well. >> don't take your shirt off and paint, you know -- >> you put wet paint on and you're losing all your body heat. yeah, basic rules. >> listen to the doctor. >> trying to help out. >> dr. gupta, thank you very much. happy new year. good to see you. and now this -- a psychiatric hospital in south carolina is trying to explain how a man accused of murder dpis appeared. 39-year-old jason mark carter escaped from the facility on thursday. he was found incompetent to stand trial for the brutal killing of his parents. the crime simply stunned the
11:40 am
family's community. >> surprised, it's a quiet neighborhood, never any break-ins or problems. and they were very nice people as far as i could tell. >> carter was apprehended earlier today in tennessee, but that will not quiet the questions as to how the hospital could lose track of him, especially given his background. lynn berry joins me. how the heck did this happen? >> you just said it. that is key. especially given his background. the answer, we just don't know yet. there's an investigation under way to see what fell through the cracks. here's what we do know. he worked as a supply building, went missing, and a short time later, a white chevy van was discovered missing. they put two and two together. the big question, why was he left unsupervised and long enough to take a van? and why did he have access to the van? we say considering his background because in 2006, he was accused of the brutal murder of his mother and stepfather.
11:41 am
he was discovered with the bodies. they were wrapped in plastic. he had spent three days eating, drinking, sleeping with the bodies. he was found not guilty because of insanity and put in a mental facility. apparently, they keep the criminals separate or the people from the criminal justice system separate from other patients in a more secure area. as you see, it didn't work. >> where did they find him? >> about 500 miles away near nashville, tennessee, at a hotel. within a half hour, they had an alert out to every police department with this guy's face, all over the media, and they found him quickly. no incident, took him into custody, and now the investigation begins because this guy was accused of an extremely brutal murder. the fact he could escape undetected was unnerving. >> thank you. coming up next here, the majority of female marines cannot do three pull-ups. which is required during boot camp. these ladies can, i can tell you
11:42 am
that. i was with them today. changes are coming. is this right? i talk to a couple female trainers. we'll see what they have to say. plus, have you seen this cover photo? jane seymour, sexy. 62 years young. what this bekiikini cover says about age and bruty in tw2014 i america. olive garden's signature favorites now just ten dollars weeknights are for favorites. including everyone's favorite fettuccine alfredo and our classic lasagna. plus unlimited soup or salad, and warm breadsticks signature favorites now just ten dollars, monday through thursday, at olive garden.
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11:45 am
the path to equal rights in the u.s. military has taken an interesting turn. the marines are reportedly pushing back a january 1st deadline to require female marines to be able to do three pull-ups. women recruits train for much of 2013 to reach the minimum fitness standard, which is the same for men. the marine forces reserve even put out a video, take a look. >> focus on quality over quantity and over time you will end up with a high quantity of quality pull-ups. >> the quality may be there, but not so much the quantity. the san diego union tribune reports that about 55% of the women at parris island boot camp in south carolina could not do three. that's why the marines are delaying the requirement. the paper also reports some military bloggers are in an uproar, sighting unfairness for the men. we wanted to see just how fit a
11:46 am
woman has to be to pull off a pull-up. we visited two personal trainers and they said they're definitely a challenge for us women. >> lot of women are more so lower body strength. not a lot of upper body strength with women naturally. it's more of a male-dominant strength. >> this is someone who can do how many pull-ups? >> probably five. >> an average woman coming through here, can they really pull one off? >> the average woman? >> i think i'm good doing a push-up, but a pull-up, you have to be kidding me. >> a lot of progression, mainly assisted pull-ups at first, and then even with a brand, and then progressively to body weight, because you have to think, you're putting all your body weight on a couple muscle groups. >> do you think it's fair that women to be in these positions should be required to do three? >> i think so. if they're going to be in the armed forces, i believe they need that strength and ability for combat situations. >> they're in the arms forced.
11:47 am
they should be able to meet the strength requirements and three isn't an absurd amount. >> show me how it's done. i'm not doing it, but they are. >> competition? >> yes. >> all right. >> one. two. look at those guns. three. four. >> come on, liz. >> five. >> one. two. three. >> come on. >> four. >> good. >> five. >> yeah, if you're asking, no, i didn't try. they did an awesome job. amy and liz, thank you, both. it was a year ago this month that the department of defense announced they were opening combat jobs to women. the previous ban led to a lawsuit, and my next guest is one of four women who filed the
11:48 am
suit decrying the fact she said her gender limited her military career. she's zoey bidell, a lieutenant in the marine corps, and she now serves in the reserves. she joins me from our washington bureau. can you hear me? >> i can hear you now, thank you. >> excellent. we saw the video of the pull-ups. women required to do at least three. do you think you could do that? >> i know if i was training for it, and this was a requirement, absolutely. i have done it in the past. >> okay, so if you were training for it, you could do it. the number i cited, 55%, 55% of women marines cannot do it. so giving these women, now that they're pushing the deadline back, given the women more time to train, do you think that's fair? >> yes, i mean, the marine corps is making important steps towards achieving gender equality in its stands. they need to do it in a way that gives the marines an equal opportunity to perform. they're aware of what the standards are and what's needed to get there.
11:49 am
if they think this is the best choice, i just appreciate they're moving in the right direction. >> allow me to play devil's advocate. women are fighting to meet the same standards as men, and now the standards are changing, one could say lowering, as the number differential exists between women and men. is that counter intuitive. if you want women to be treated equally, should they be required to fit the same number? >> i think that there are a couple of different points here. first of all, we want to make sure that everyone is fit enough to do the job before them. right? so the marine corps is able to determine, you know, maybe a woman doesn't need to do 20 pull-ups to do the job. we have been in combat for the last ten years without having to meet a 20 pull-up standard. but to do the same jobs, combat jobs, we do need to meet the same standards. there are women who are doing exactly that. there have been 13 women who graduated from marine corps infantry training meeting the same standards as the men. it's definitely achievable.
11:50 am
it's just a question of getting the whole force there. >> you're a graduate of princeton. you're currently at harvard law school. you're quoted as saying your ship has sailed when it comes to joining the combat ranks. do you feel like the military is adapting, at least in the direction you and other female colleagues had hoped, had wanted? >> they're moving in that direction. i'm happy to see movements like this towards gender equality, but frankly, it's still very slow. as i said, we had women graduate from marine corps infantry training. instead of becoming marines like the men who graduate, they're having to go on to other jobs and not allowed to use the training. it's happening, but there's still a lot of steps that need to change. >> thank you so much for joining me, and thank you for your service. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you. coming up next, seaworld getting a lot of backlash after the cnn film "black fish kwaelts but a new survey shows 99% of people's opinions of seaworld was not changed by the film.
11:51 am
but there's more to the story. especially when you ask the question, who voted? did someone rig the poll? stay right here. [ male announcer ] this is betsy. her long day of pick ups and drop offs begins with arthritis pain... and a choice. take up to 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. all aboard. ♪ all aboard. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there ar24/7.branches? i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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[ male announcer ] even more impressive than the research this man has at his disposal is how he puts it to work for his clients. morning. morning. thanks for meeting so early. come on in. [ male announcer ] it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. [ chainsaw whirring ] humans -- sometimes life trips us up. sometimes we trip ourselves up. and although the mistakes may seem to just keep coming at you, so do the solutions. like multi-policy discounts from liberty mutual insurance.
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11:54 am
>> he was twice as large as the next animal. >> we stored these whales in what we call a mogual, which is 20 feet across and 30 feet deep, and the light were all turned out. >> probably led to what i think is a psychosis. >> all whales in captivity, they're all psychologically traumatized. >> well, the result of this recent online poll, this was by the orlando business journal, showed that 99% of respondents say the film did not at all change their perception of seaworld and it remains positive. online polls are generally not scientific, but 99% support seemed like a pretty large number, so reporters at the journal did a little digging, as reporters do, and they say they discovered a large number of yes votes in the poll came from seaworld's one ip address. martin savidge is here with me. so you have that one ip address, also keeping in mind, this is
11:55 am
the orlando paper, hometown of seaworld. >> very good point to bring up. people are employed there, brings in a lot of revenue. no doubt there would be a lot of supports. but the three-day poll that was done online, when they began to analyze the data and look at the ip addressed, 54% of the votes supporting seaworld came from seaworld, the company web ip address. >> can you blame them for doing that sdm. >> in some respects, no. obviously, if you're an employee, you love your job. if you think what you're doing is good, you vote. the question would be here, did the company in any way try to orchestrate it? seaworld has put out a statement, by the way, and their statement is essentially, no, they didn't orchestrate a thing. our team members have strong feelings about the park, and they have strong feelings of support. so they encourage them to make their opinions known. not surprising. i suppose if somebody put out a poll on cnn, i would vote for it, too. >> i would as well. >> but it raises this kind of -- >> ethical question.
11:56 am
>> i don't know, yeah. and trending now, if you look at the poll since it's already out there. >> where is it now? a lot of people who are opposed to seaworld are now voting and it's running 2 to 1 against seaworld, in other words, blackfish had a huge impact, but you can't trust it now because it's a cause, not a sampling. interesting. >> it is interesting. thank you very, very much. sglo up next, millions of people dealing with the nor'easter, but brutal cold temperatures that are the stories on the way. we'll take you outside for that. plus, more news -- more on our news just in that the car that actor paul walker was riding in when he died was going over 100 miles per hour. this is according to this coroner's report, but there's so much more that's coming out today. those new details, next.
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
top of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin. are you ready for part two of the nor'easter? it drops several feet of snow and is pulling away from the coast. but in its place, a chilling blast of year that could be the coldest we have seen in 15 to 20 years. cnn has been all over the storm with our correspondents spread all across the effected areas.
12:00 pm
marglet conley in boston where nearly 15 inches have fallen. brian stelter in new york, poppy harlow checking flight delays for us in laguardia, and there he is, ted rowlands, i can't blame the man. he has probably been sitting in the satellite truck, trying to get warm in naperville, illinois. you get the prize for the coldest spot today. we're going to get to all of you momentarily. let's begin with where the storm is headed. alexandra steele is here with the latest track. i see football behind you. >> yeah, right now, where ted is, it's 1. >> 1 degree? >> 1 degree. so it feels even colder than that. and we've got some of the coldest air we've seen in years. we're talking decades. next week, it's really the time period between sunday and wednesday. so here we go, here comes this incredibly cold air. really from minneapolis to chicago. so let's show you what we're going to see.
12:01 pm
in minneapolis, actually, schools have already been canceled. so these are the cold, hard facts. coldest temperature there in a decade. we'll see high temperatures on monday, minus 15. low minus 30. windchill, minus 50. in chicago, temperatures even colder than that. the coldest in 17 years. we could see an historic sub-zero stretch below zero from sunday to wednesday. what's most dramatic is the temperature drop we're going to see, between boston, atlanta, chicago, and minneapolis, high temperature monday, brooke, 14 below. low, straight air temperature, minus 27, and you won't believe the temperature drops in boston and new york. how about a 30 degree drop? even colder than what we've got right now. >> let's talk. let's go to our correspondent, margaret, who is surrounded by shovellers and snow and people's cars. i don't know how they're going to get them out there. tell me how much snow you're
12:02 pm
seeing. >> brooke, we have seen up to 2 feet of snow in parts of massachusetts. you can see people shoveling. they have been out since the early hours this morning, all the way down the street, shoveling piece by piece. you can see them all the way down on this side as well. when we talked to the department of transportation earlier this morning, there were 3,399 snow plows on the treats. they have the capacity of having 4,000. that compares to about 1,000 yesterday. you can see how much snowfall has come down. the big issue right now is the windchill. there's a windchill advisory until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. but it's also, there's been a delaired a holiday today, or no school in boston, as we can see from josh here, this is how he's been spending his day. >> oh. so cute. >> and we also have some -- we also have some very, very friendly neighbors. carly, we'll show you a picture here, brought over chocolate
12:03 pm
chip cookies and hot chocolate from her aunt helen. we can't show you the actual cookies because we finished them all. and the last part of good news here in boston is that logan seems to be up and running again. the flights they had stopped until noon, but we have seen them taking off and landing from where we are. >> do me a favor, have your photo journalist go over to the little guy and his puppy. if there's schoonow, if he does have to be in school, let's continue to show that. thank you. we'll stay on that picture, show you a couple others as well, including new york city, specifically, that the blizzard oning in long island has gone away. but not the snow, as you'll see with my friend brian stelter. our media correspondent, who is braving the elements for us today. and brian stelter, how is this covering snow? how is this going for you? >> this has been great today. you know, i'm a little chilly. i'm on my fourth pair of socks today. but i have no complaints.
12:04 pm
the sun is out. i did say something on air earlier that i was wrong about. i said it was too cold to sled. i was wrong. we stumbled upon a school where there were dozens of children and parents out sledding. you know, it's not necessarily the best conditions for sledding -- >> look at everyone. >> because they have the wind gusts that pick up 10, 15, sometimes 30 miles per hour with these gusts. it does blow the snow around. you know, i live in manhattan. i don't get to go sledding, so i couldn't resist. i had to hop on once or twice out there. two times is pretty much as long as i was going to go, and my form wasn't very good. >> where is the brian stelter on a sled video? do we have this? >> well, maybe. it may be coming. actually, it would save me a lot of embarrassment if we don't have it. >> oh, here you are. here you go. with the microphone in hand. >> you see my form is not the best. i did take a spill. i'm going to have to practice. maybe i have to buy my own sled.
12:05 pm
>> look at that little girl, she was coming to your aid. >> she did. she picked it up, carried it back up to her dad, and you know, maybe in february or march, we'll get another storm and i can try again. >> all right, brian stelter, nice work. good talking to you. speaking of the different parts and getting around, maybe not on a sled, but if you would like to hop on an airport, let's talk about the airports. you have jfk, we can tell you two runways are open. laguardia slowly moving passengers in and out. poppy harlow is there with the update and the long lines. poppy? >> long lines. hey, brooke. i thought i was the lucky one on this assignment because somehow i didn't end up in feet of snow, but i think stelter is having more fun, frankly, out there than we are in here. i think he might have gotten the better assignment, but i want to s show you the line and then we're going to talk to folks. this is a huge improvement. this is the line at american
12:06 pm
airlines. stretches all the way down and around. folks have been waiting in line for hours. but guess how much worse it was? all the way down here, past the food court, around the corner. but the number of flights canceled -- we're going to talk to mohammed, trying to get back to kansas city. the number of flights cancels, 2,465 today alone. that's more than were canceled yesterday. mohammed, my friend, you're trying desperately to get back to kansas. and? >> and it got canceled. the only flight that's possible right now is after three days. after sunday, to dallas, and i have to stay the night there, and get up in the morning to get to kansas. >> by the way, his father is coming from over seas to try to meet the family. you're traveling with your sisters. you're better off than the folks this morning waiting for three hours. do you think you'll have luck getting on something before the weekend is over? if not, what do you do? i know the airlines aren't
12:07 pm
paying for hotels. >> they're not paying for hotels, then i have to pay out of my pocket, and hopefully i'll get there, thinking about people who don't have money, but hopefully i'm good with that. i'll call my dad and tell him i'll be late. >> good luck. we hope you get out of here today or tomorrow at the latest. brooke, back to you. but tons and tons of cancellations. people, their spirits are high. they're dealing with it the best they can. >> people wondering, why aren't the airlines helping? it's because of the weather. the airlines can't control the weather. you have to put yourselves up in a hotel. poppy for us in laguardia. let's move just outside of chicago to naperville to ted rowlands, who from what i'm told, from our weather people, you're experiencing 1 degree, 1 degree outside where you are. >> yeah, and you know what, brooke, it feels great because earlier, this morning when we got here, it was 10 degrees
12:08 pm
below zero. anything above zero feels good. there are people walking around. they don't think it's very cold because it has been so cold, or at least this morning it was, and it will be so cold on monday. boy, what is coming is going to be horrific. we're talking about 15 below zero for lows. and highs, negative 6. schools closed, as we mentioned earlier in minnesota. the entire state, and everybody here is going to enjoy the rest of today and tomorrow as it warms up a little bit. then hunker down and wait for monday. >> looks like the cars are moving behind you. that's good news for folks on the roads there in naperville. ted, thank you very much. thanks to all of you who are out and about in the snow for all of us to tell the stories. >> let me switch gears and talk about this agadeveloping story. the los angeles county coroner releasing the full autopsy on paul walker. the report paints a grim picture of the actor's death.
12:09 pm
among the most striking details, the fact that walker's car was traveling more than 100 miles per hour. when it crashed. cnn digital reporter alan duke joins me from los angeles. alan, first off, a lot of people have this question. is there any indication paul walker or the driver, was under any kind of influence of drugs or alcohol? >> no, no drugs or alcohol detected, according to the autopsy report. you can rule that out. it was speed, more than 100 miles per hour on a quiet, wide street, that was -- what was 45 miles per hour speed zone, but just beyond the crash, it turned into 15 miles per hour. they were going over 100 miles per hour when they lost control for an unknown reason. they're not saying how they lost control, at least in this report. and then they spun around, hit a light post, hit a tree, burst into flames. what we are finding is that it was a very powerful crash.
12:10 pm
at that speed, hitting those objects, the car was just destroyed. >> but he survived the crash, correct? briefly? >> not very long. >> briefly. >> this is what is really interesting. in the autopsy report. there was very little evidence of soot in their throats or in their tracheas. indicating that they were not breathing very long after the fire started. in fact, rodas, his head injuries were so severe, i won't even go into graphic detail because it was really bad. he had a very bad head injury, and he died quickly. and rodas died soon after the crash. they were both in pugilistic stances, according to the autopsy report. that's a defensive position, suggesting perhaps, that they were braced for the crash. it spun around, the car did. and it was a very -- a very high-powered crash. that's what killed them. yes, the fire charred their
12:11 pm
bodies, but before the fire was going, they probably were very, very close to death. >> gruesome details in that autopsy report. alan duke, thank you. coming up next, a strange turn in the case of a missing medical student. a 30-year-old last seen in this hotel lobby surveillance video just about a month ago. today, new information about talika patrick has surfaced. a pastor and grammy-nominated singer has come forward, cla claiming she was stalking him. also 92 details of an agreement between the mcmath family and the hospital that's been caring for this teenager. this is the story we have been following so closely. doctors say this young woman is brain dead. family members have been fighting to move her to another hospital, keep her on a ventilator. we'll tell you what's just happened in court today, next. tt the modest first floor bedroom in tallinn, estonia and the southbound bus barreling down i-95.
12:12 pm
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liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? a glimmer of some bright news in the heartbreaking saga of jahi mcmath. her family and the california hospital where the 13-year-old became brain dead have reached an agreement on how she can be moved. jahi went in for a
12:15 pm
tonsillectomy, and removal of extra sinus tissue on december 9th. something went so terribly wrong, and the child has been breathing through a ventilator ever since the 12th of last month. the hospital has been calling to remove the ventilator since six medical experts confirmed jahi is dead, but the family believes jahi could recover, and they're trying to find a facility that would be willing to care for her. let's go to casey wian with this new development. we know attorneys from both sides have met. what came out of that? >> well, brooke, as you mentioned, it is kind of a hopeful sign because the two sides have been so bitterly at odds throughout this entire heartbreaking ordeal. the two sides did meet, now at the supreme court today in oakland, and they reached an agreement after a judge told them to go off and try to work out a deal. they reached an agreement of how jahi would be transferred if in fact she is transferred to a different facility.
12:16 pm
they agreed that the coroner first must sign a document allowing for the release. they also said that and agreed that jahi's mother must accept full responsibility for this transfer and acknowledge that there is a risk that she could go into cardiac arrest if in fact she is transferred. the hospital says it will communicate with any facility that is willing to accept jahi, but that facility must contact the hospital first. now, there's another issue here in that if she is going to be moved, doctors say she needs a breathing tube, a mopermanent breathing tube put in, and a feeding tube. they have not identified, the family yet, has not identified a doctor or a facility that will allow that to happen. they say they have one, but they haven't publicly said who it's going to be. children's hospital of oakland say they will not do the
12:17 pm
procedures because it's unethical to operate on a dead body, and that's what they consider this young girl to be. it's even more complicated than that, brooke. there's another hearing in federal court that is going on any moment, where this federal judge is going to ask these two sides to also get together again and try to work out their differences. so there is some hope that they do have a protocol in place, but we still don't know if this transfer is actually going to happen, brooke. >> so many people are watching this young woman, really the family's battle. keep us posted. casey wian, thank you very much. >> will do. the case of a missing doctor in michigan has taken yet another mysterious turn. a grand rapids pastor and grammy-nominated gospel singer has filed a personal protection order against tuleaky patrick, claiming the young doctor was stalking him. this is surveillance video from december 5th, shows the last
12:18 pm
time talika patrick was seen. she was later dropped off at her car in a medical center parking lot. her car, by the way, was later found abandoned in indiana. victor blackwell is following this for me. with the news here, does this help police find her? >> we reached out to kalamazoo police department. thus far, there's no indication this helped them find her, but it's a really bizarre story. she's been missing now for almost a month. she was supposed to show up at work, didn't show up. there's this bizarre element of these youtube videos we've seen where she's apparently, or at least it appears she's talking to a lover or a boyfriend. here's a clip of a couple of those videos. ♪ you walked into my life and stopped ♪ ♪ my tears everything's easy now ♪ >> it's me. hi, baby. good night. >> her mother says that she knows of no romantic interests.
12:19 pm
now we know from this personal protective order that quite possibly, those videos were directed toward marvin sapp. now, marvin sapp, for people who don't know the name, he's a big deal in the gospel music communi community. his concerts sell out. he's been nominated for grammys ten times. i want to read from the protective order filed in september. he writes, speaking of talika patrick. she's moved from california to michigan, joined my church, contacts my children, has been to my home. i have at least 400 pages of correspondence from her which i have never responded to. we reached out to sapp's church, they have no comment. >> what about anything with regard to talika patrick, any issue of mental illness? >> you know, the station, our affiliate there in grand rapids, they reached out to her ex-husband. they were married between 2006 and 2011. he says she was paranoid, distressed, that she heard
12:20 pm
voices. he also said quite possibly, the voices were not from god but led her to do something that was danger for at least herself in this case. police have no idea if this is foul play. they have not ruled it out, but her family says they have no record of any diagnosis of mental illness, but her husband, at least ex-husband, says there were voices that she heard. >> bizarre. >> yeah. >> thank you. thank you. coming up next, facebook accused of mining your private messages for information, and selling that to advertisers, but some users are fed up. you know what they have done? filed suit. how is facebook responding? we'll tell you. plus, take a look at this. wow, this is actress jane seymour, folks, she is 62 years young. wow. that's all i have, wow. i would love to look like that at 62. she wants to inspire others. she's revealing her health secrets, and i'll be surrounded by beauty in the next segments because we'll be discussing with
12:21 pm
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12:24 pm
cover? actress jane seymour's tiny bikini is creating a big, big buzz. how often do you see a 62 yoerld cover girl? seymour rocked, if i may, a two-piece in the latest issue of closer weekly, which wrote about how she maintains her age defying figure. no shocker, she exercises, she maintains a healthy diet. she also revealed she used botox, but she says i tried it and hated it. i will never do it again. for me, it doesn't work because i'm an actor and i need to move all of my face. i think i have been hired because i'm not doing everything that everyone is doing. joining me, emme by my side. cynthia bailey from the reality show, housewives of atlanta. nice to see you. >> hey. >> hello, let's begin here with this photo, because i should also maintain, the first question when you see this, you're thinking, photo shop? what's going on when you look at
12:25 pm
this? they say they only did what they say industry standard corrections made. can we agree, she's obviously doing something right? she's 62, on the cover of a magazine. >> she looks amazing, even if they did do tweaking here and there, they had to have something to work with where. >> emme, what do you think? >> i have the same feeling. what was photo shopped here? industry standards, it depends on how much was sucked in, but truly,s there's a great body of work right there. i love the article where she said i love everything, and i don't diet. plus, obviously, she has a certain body type that's more tolerant, more angular. >> i wish some of us had the same. >> but she cuts her food in half. she doesn't eat a whole portion. she does still have her pasta, her fruits and vegetables, but she doesn't defy herself. she just watches her portions.
12:26 pm
>> you have jane seymour. we know kim basinger signed a modeling contract. do you think america's perception of what is beauty and age is evavling? >> i really hope so. i think we often make the mistake of thinking that younger means looking better. and that's not necessarily true. i mean, i'm 46 years old. >> 46? and just off a red-eye from vegas, might i add. and she looks like this. >> fabulous. >> looks like this. >> i can give a lot of these 20, 30-year-olds a run for their money. >> why do you think it's changing? why? >> because i think older, you know, when you take care of yourself, we're more relatable. the reality is we're all going to get older. and i think that you have to just embrace that, and you know, jane seymour, this is like ownership. she's owning this, and when you have that kind of confidence to be on a magazine, the cover of a magazine, you know, we all respond to it. >> i think social media -- >> go ahead. i read where you said social
12:27 pm
media is influencing our perception. how do you mean, emme? >> i think there's a lot of business being run through soels media. i think they're taking a look at the metrics just as a baseline bottom, you know, bottom numbers here. who is saying what? what are they wanting? what are they needing? i know a lot of metrics are coming through twitter, facebook, how many likes. the discussions i think a lot of corporations are going, there's a lot of people, a lot of women discussing what they like and don't like. we don't want them to have one day during the year to say we're not going to buy any feminine products, we're not going to buy any dresses, we're not going to buy. if we don't listen -- >> let me push back just a little bit. emme, i'll start with you. it's like she has this smoking, 28-year-old body with her face. her face is lovely as well, but it's not like she's -- she's thin. she is what one would believe would be on the cover of one of these magazines, your
12:28 pm
quintessential notion of beauty and thinness. do you think our perception s really have evolved? >> great question, really great question, brooke, because do we want to have other 62, 63, 65-year-old women judge themselves to this cover? absolutely not. >> 34-year-old women? myself. >> but we have to take into consideration once again what god has given her. she is anect omorph. it's more of an angular body type. she never really had curves nor has she bine really tall. she's working the what she's gotten to the best of her ability. >> you have to realize as well, this woman has looked good her whole life. this is a lot of genetics. >> we don't see women in their 60s on the cover of magazines. that's once again, we're on this same page of, what do we want to show on the covers of magazines? do we want to have a nation of
12:29 pm
women saying, dear god, do i have to go to that extent to be celebrated in my 60s? absolutely not, but bravo for jane. >> i say bravo. i say bravo to her as well. just let me end with you. how do you do this? >> it takes a village. but a lot of it is genetics, i won't lie. and you know, i make an effort to really try to take care of myself. and you know -- >> i love that you -- >> you own your hair. >> thank you, this is actually a wig, but i do own it. i like to change it up. i do like to change it up. i embrace getting older. i'm 46. i'm always screaming, i'm 46. and i think i look better at 46 than i did at 26. >> awesome. cynthia bailey and emme, thank you, thank you, thank you. appreciate it. happy new year to both of you. >> happy new year. >> coming up next, are you tired of your cell phone carrier? one is offering you $450 to switch, but there's a catch. also, let's look outside, shall we? nice snow plow ready to roll in
12:30 pm
new york city. the weather there and across the northeast is having an impact on flights, as you can imagine. that affects the entire country. we'll show you exactly how backed up flights are, coming up next. you're watching cnn. so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? that's right, no hidden fees. it's just that i'm worried about, you know, "hidden things." ok, why's that? well uhhh... surprise!!!
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we're just past the bottom of the hour. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. we have been following the aftermath of the year pfrs first winter storm. the nor'easter blew in with several feet of snow and blistering winds. you can see, go way up high. these are satellite images from nasa to give you a better perspective of this thing. this is what the storm looked like from orbit, but some bitterly cold air is on the way. we're not completely out of the woods. jean casarez is live in new york. rene marsh is in washington for us. jean, we begin with you here, the salt trucks, they have definitely been out and about. they've cleared the roads. i mean, there's one right behind you. >> 2500 trucks are out in new york city, and the boroughs. i want to tell you, it's cold here. it's 18 degrees. 6 degrees with the windchill, and i think the big news out of new york is that the new york city school district shut down today. this is the largest school
12:34 pm
district in the country with 1.1 million students. why? because of safety. i want you to follow me for a second. i want to show you, this is the roadway over here. as you can see, the snow plow is plowing the roads. but even when they do that, the roads are still dangerous. the mounds of snow, you might not be able to see it, but these are plowed road. underneath the road is a lot of ice. that's why you have to be so careful, because it can be very dangerous. nothing stops new yorkers, as you can see, they're driving. we want to show you video from last night when the snowfall was happening right here in columbus circle. it was a ghost land. there were not any vehicles hardly. that's what happened to new york. it becomes very deserted. one more thing we want to tell everybody. when you think of new york, you think of get agcab. there are cabbed, but how do i
12:35 pm
get to one? i have to climb over this. and that impedes, and that is where the issue is also safety. and hypothermia, because the norm state governor's office has come out saying if you suddenly start to feel confused, if you're shiver, if you feel disoriented, you may have hypothermia, and you need to seek medical attention. it is so cold here, my mouth can hardly work. brooke, i'm going to toss it back to you. >> okay, jean casarez, thank you. of course, the storm has brought with it massive airline delays and canc lapellations around th country. rene marsh is in washington with some information on airports. are people able to get in and out of d.c.? >> you know, we'll put it like this. jean can't get a cab in new york, and there are people at airports who can't get on their flights. it's not a good situation for people looking to travel. here's a snapshot of what it looks like at this hour as we speak to you. nearly 5,000 delays and more than 2,500 cancellations. brooke, let's look at the misery
12:36 pm
map. this is by flightaware. essentially, this is four blocks of the day. we're looking at 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. this is how miserable it looks. the red, obviously, bad news. in new york city, high percentage of cancellations and delays. but at this hour, as i speak to you, rail time, chicago is seeing the most delays and cancellations. 126 delays and 26 cancels. take a look at this orange line. that means there's lots of flights canceled and delayed. specifically this line right here, going to atlanta. we want to break down the top airports that are seeing the noes problems. flightaware has us covered. we have philadelphia, newark, in new jersey, as well as airports in new york and boston. chicago. those are our top airports where we're seeing the most cancellations and the most delays. now, here's what really made things a big, fat headache for
12:37 pm
people earlier today. there were airports that suspended operations. we can tell you, all these airports on the screen here, boston, new york, rhode island, and connecticut, things are getting back to normal. not fully there just yet. brooke. >> rene, thank you. speaking of getting back to normal, let's get back to jean casarez because we wanted to give you one more live look at the snow around columbus circle, and jean is about to show us how thick the snow is. jean? >> okay, brooke, as you can see, there are taxis here, but look at the challenge. you've got to get to them. how do you get to the taxis? we want to show you. you have to climb over the mound of snow. so here i go. trying to climb over this mound of snow, and you know what? i don't think i want to do this. before a national audience. it's very scary. but this is how you get around. and this is why the schools are closed today. this is why people slip and fall. because it can be dangerous. and then you're trying to hail a cab. and i think i can get one, but i
12:38 pm
have to walk. >> this is wonderful. >> also through a very slick street. and so this is new york city. and it is cold, it is frigid, it is dangerous because the ice, the snow, it's very slippery. on many sidewalks, you don't have the salt, but the new york city department of sanitation and emergency services are working around the clock. men and women constantly working to preserve the safety of everybody. as you can see, nothing stops new yorkers. they're here in columbus circle, out and about. brooke, back to you. >> that's when you know the city is still ticking with the cabs. jean, you're such a support. we appreciate you for us in new york, and rene marsh in washington. >> if you are a t-mobile customer, at&t wants your business big time. the company is offering up to $450 to get t-mobile customers to switch. of course, nothing can come that easy, can it? there are strings attached here, but it looks like the opening shot in a mobile war between
12:39 pm
companies. zain asher joins me with more on the back and forth. you have at&t, bigger than t-mobile. does it really need to cherry pick its customers? >> i mean, no. in my opinion, certainly not, because t-mobile is definitely the underdog in this. at&t has about 70 million customers versus t-mobile's 20 million. here's what's happening. t-mobile essentially started the fight, at&t said we're going to finish it. t-mobile launched a series of commercials basically going after at&t, saying how much better they were. i want to play you one particular commercial. take a listen. >> you're telling me at&t has contracts and restrictions so upgrading to a new phone mean si have to wait two years or pay how much? but with t-mobile, there's no annual restrictive contract. >> that has to hurt. at&t basically rolled up their sleeves after that saw that and said, it's on. they began offering customers,
12:40 pm
saying, hey, if you switch to us, we'll give you a credit of $200. $250 if you trade in your phone as well. the catch is -- there's always a catch, the catch is you don't get cash. you get a gift card to at&t, but t-mobile does appear to be taking it in stride. the ceo tweeted, it looks like we're making at&t nervous. it shows how vicious some of the mobile phone wars can be. >> points for creativity in the ad. let's talk facebook. two users are suing the company, accusing them of scanning for web links, adding information to profiles that facebook can say. they're saying this is bogus. is facebook in the clear? >> the lawsuit is still pending, so no outcome as of yet, but two facebook users in california, as you mentioned, suing the sight, claiming overreach and intrusion. saying they scan your private messages and sells the content to advertisers. let's say for example you're
12:41 pm
writing a message to a friend, and you write, i love guitars. then you get these targeted ads for spanish guitars, electric guit guitars. that's what we're talking about. the issue, the plaintiffs say, it's supposed to be private. number one, facebook doesn't tell you they're doing this, but i reached out to a couple privacy advocates, interestingly enough, this about facebook doesn't bother them that much because they say if you write messages on facebook, you sort of expect the messages are sort of being stored somewhere. they say they're more bothered when facebook finds out something about you that you don't expect them to know, but we did reach out of facebook. we haven't heard anything back yet, but they're reportedly claiming these allegations are without merit. brooke. >> zain asher, thank you very much. and now to netflix. netflix adding dozening of new movies to its rotation, finally. some are classics. we'll reveal some of the new selections for you. >> plus, he conquered "american
12:42 pm
idol" and now he may be trying to conquer american politics. we'll explain. hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or skin sores from diabetes. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. jake tapper is next with "the lead." jake, as i'm told, you're talking today about politics and "duck dynasty." what's the connection? >> we're having a columnist, a liberal columnist from who is going to talk about a
12:45 pm
provocative essay he wrote about the republican party, in his view, their "duck dynasty" problem, and that is the ways in which republicans try to appeal to voters who have thoughts and feelings much like the ones expressed by phil robertson, that caused such a kerfuffle a few weeks ago. yet, they have to also widen their appeal beyond that swath of voters. about a year ago, the republican party had their so called autopsy in which they criticized the way in which the party had been trying to appeal to people and said they need to be more inclusive when it comes to social issues. this would bring out some tension. we'll talk about that with brian and other panelists and whether or not there is a republican party "duck dynasty" problem at all. >> we'll look for you at the top of the hour, 15 minutes from now. thank you. on "the lead." and now to the latest give and take by netflix. the film streaming service dropped titanic, no more flash dance, no more top gun, so
12:46 pm
what's new on netflix now? take a look. >> before you die, there is something you should know about us, lone star. >> what? >> i am your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate. >> what's that make us? >> absolutely nothing. >> can i help? >> yeah. get them wet. just let the clay slides between your fingers. >> welcome to good burger, home of the good burger. can i take your order? >> just a good burger, please, and i would like that to go. >> one good burger. ♪ you're a man little man you're a king ♪ >> i had that stuck in my head. 26 movies were added. some others include breakfast at
12:47 pm
tiffany's, bull durham, mouse hunt, and emily. >> a former nafl player lashes out saying he was released from his team because he spoke out in support of same-sex marriage. he calls his former bosses bigots and cowards. >> plus, a california lottery winner won one of the biggest jackpots in history, and get this, it came him nearly two weeks to realize he was the guy. he was the winner. hear what reminded him to, you know, check the ticket. it's next. [ male announcer ] this is the story
12:48 pm
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we will get to the bone-chilling cold rocking nfl playoff games this weekend but first, let me just give you a little behind the scenes taste of what it's like covering this nor'easter. find out what we can expect in the coming days. >> yeah, definitely a new concept here. i may actually need sunglasses. what a difference from this morning when it felt like it was negative 20 degrees. that means earlier this morning, it was only ten minutes, if you were exposed outside, that you had the threat of getting frostbite. now what are we dealing with? look at this snow. remember, it is so cold out here, this is a different kind of snow. it's so cold and so dry that i want to make a big fat snowball and throw it your way. nothing. but look at that. notice how the wind picks it up and moves it across so quickly. that's the concern here, even though the system is now making its way out. the problem?
12:51 pm
you have this very fluffy snow, the wind's kicking it up so the visible can still be low. we will still have blizzard warnings thanks to the blowing snow. it's called a ground blizzard. love the new concepts out here. this is the walk of shame, anyone who has to get out of the truck in this cold air and walk through this snow. that is the problem we're still dealing with. so many people will be dealing with it because so what if the storm is gone. it is cold and even more cold air will be making its way in so anyone that has to go outside and actually shovel this snow off their cars is going to be dealing with temperatures today just into the single digits, teens if you're lucky but that's without the wind chill, which of course brings the temperatures back down. that's the story. there is still another system behind this one that for next week, believe it or not, i got to keep saying knock on wood, it means temperatures are going to be even colder than what we're dealing with right now. all i can say to that is ouch. >> ouch indeed. thank you so much. you know, back to football, this
12:52 pm
weekend's playoff games will separate the real fans from the fair weather ones because to be blunt, the weather is just going to be dreadful. in green bay, the temperatures could be as low as 17 degrees below zero. that's the kind of cold that can make anyone wish they were at home nice and warm, maybe with a beer, maybe with some chili, just watching the game on the couch. meteorologist alexandra steele is here to tell us how bad, how bad is bad? >> it may be the second or third coldest game in history. you know, john berman earlier was talking to bart starr, the qb from the ice bowl. he said to bart, would you go to this game. he said absolutely. the ball's as heavy as a rock but you know what, he said it's all mental. it's really interesting. great interview. this is what it will feel like, 22 to 26 below at game time. 3:40. we have to see. the temperatures, second or third coldest in history but you know what, this cold period from sunday to wednesday will be historic.
12:53 pm
in minnesota, they have already for all public schools canceled them for monday. too cold for school. high temperatures, 15 below, wind chill, 50 below. can you imagine canceling school this many days in advance? >> no. not at all. not at all. feeling for these people. thank you very much. the minnesota vikings game, the vikings i should say don't have to worry about the playoffs since they finished in last place in their division. but they in fact have bigger worries, like former player who lost his job not because of what he did on the field, he says, but rather what he did and said off. >> reporter: chris kluwe wrote a letter to titled "i was an nfl player until i was fired by two cowards and a bigot." in the letter, he describes from his point of view what happened during the 2012 season, the 2013 offseason. kluwe claims he was singled out and cut from the vikings because of his advocacy for same sex
12:54 pm
marriage in the state of minnesota. he says special teams coordinator did not agree with his views and used homophobic language in his presence, once saying quote, we should round up all the gays, send them to an island and nuke it until it glows. kluwe also says in the letter he was asked to tone down his advocacy for gay rights but former head coach leslie frazier. in the end, he says his performance never declined on the field so the reason he thinks he was released was his views on gay rights. some question why kluwe decided to release this letter now. he said for a few reasons. one, he didn't want his former teammates to have to deal with this during the season, answering questions about it from week to week. he also said he wanted to prove he could still play in the nfl. the vikings cut him before this season. he had multiple tryouts with other teams. he wasn't picked up but he did get positive feedback about his performance. kluwe says he realizes by releasing this letter his days of playing in the nfl are likely over but he wanted to share a story because he wants the coordinator to never hold a
12:55 pm
coaching position in the nfl ever again and ideally never coach at any level. he has strongly denied the allegations, claiming kluwe was cut strictly for performance. the vikings take this accusations seriously and will thoroughly review the matter. coming up next, he was "times's" man of the year and had a direct impact on the number of visitors to the vatican. hear how many people visited this new pope, the people's pope. plus, clay aiken and politics. it may be happening.
12:56 pm
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12:58 pm
now some of the hottest stories in a flash. rapid fire. roll it. did you forget about the, oh, you know $648 million jackpot already? apparently so did the winner. that is why it took him so long to come forward after the drawing back on december 17th. the northern california man just totally forgot that he bought a ticket and then he remembered that he visited a store in san jose last month. he was one of two winners. if he chooses the cash option he will take home more than $170 million. the california lottery says he told his boss something along the lines of, and i'm quoting, i'm really sorry, i hit the
12:59 pm
jackpot, i don't think i'm going to come in today, tomorrow or ever. inviting homeless men to his birthday meal, embracing a severely disfigured man and now even more proof that the people's pope, pope francis, is bringing good vibes to the catholic church. business to the vatican roughly tripled last year, 6.6 million people attended events led by the pope since his election in march. your local car dealer has been doing a lot more wheeling and dealing lately. auto makers posting their strongest sales in six years, which was before the recession. last year car companies in the u.s. sold more than 15 million vehicles. ♪ what could be worse? listen to this. according to a report in the washington blade, clay aiken is considering a run for congress. the american idol runner-up, who
1:00 pm
is a democrat, is apparently making calls to gauge interest in north carolina's second district. that is it for me. i'm brooke baldwin. you can always check out our interviews. go to the brooke blog, let's send things to washington to jake tapper. "the lead" starts right now. tens of millions of americans affected by the blizzard. if you're snowed in, i hope you have more than stale candy canes in your cupboard. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the national lead. it is a great day to be out there hurling snowballs if you can feel your fingers inside your gloves. one giant snow day, for as much as a third of the country, but will we get any relief from this bitter cold? also in national news, police let a man go and now they say he killed a beloved california priest just hours later. why was this member of the clergy targeted? we'll ask one of the people who knew him best. and the politics lead. his indefinite suspension lasted a v