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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 5, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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most analyst expect the bulls to keep running, just a little less than 2013. the monthly jobs comes out on friday. they are expecting a gain of 190,000 jobs in december. not enough to bring down the unemployment rate that currently stand at 7%. and it is expected to stay there. finally, new mortgage rules kick in on friday. banks have to make sure that monthly mortgage payment are affordable and low documentation loans won't be allowed any more. change in requirements are due to the had to do frank reform passed in 2010. martin, that's what's coming up this week on wall street. >> you're in the cnn newsroom. i'm martin savidge. good to be with us this evening. it is bone-chilling cold. the kind of cold you may never have experienced before. record-breaking weather, ripping two thirds ever america. bringing temperatures that haven't been seen in two
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decades. one of those place says green bay, wisconsin where believe it or not, they are playing football. that's where we find our bundled up george howl. george, what does it feel like now? >> martin, 3 degrees right now. wind chill expected to get around negative 10, negative 11. n n not as much about the temperature as it is about the wind chill. by the morning, could be negative 30, negative 40. with 70,500 fans here in the stadium watching the football became play out, let's talk about the bigger picture. we are seeing really major things happening throughout this area. an area known for schools not closing, schools be closed
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tomorrow. that's a big deal. when you think about chicago, that's a city that works, obviously, they know how to plow the streets quickly when they deal with snow and cold temperatures. they are getting so much snow today that it has warranted something that is very out of the ordinary it close schools. i'm sure kids are surprised to have a day off tomorrow. but this is definitely cold weather up here and it is expected to get colder overnight. >> somehow, i don't think the kids will be too disappointed. thanks very much. go get warm. thanks. moving to indiana, to the south, where heavy snow is coming down across the state. highway assistance teams have been activated and people are warned to stay off slippery road. >> people call if necessary. it is very important. temperatures we are talking about are deadly. this is a combination that is unlike anything we have seen in a long, long time. we want people to be very careful about that. >> it isn't just driving your
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car that can be a problem. jfk airport in new york was closed after a jet skidded into a snow bank while turning on it a taxiway. nearly 3,000 nights nationally that have been cancelled today. >> now, that is near green bay. lake michigan frozen over. a freighter is helping break large sheets of ice. >> millions of people are feeling this cold. it is a polar vortex of the icy air. some parts of minnesota and wisconsin may see wind chills in the 50 to 60 below range. that means you could get frostbite in as little as five minutes. the worst for many places may be yet to come. in missouri, 18-wheelers sit parked off of the icy roads. parts of that day could see temperatures tomorrow morning hover around 15 below. wind chill, 40 below.
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britney with cnn affiliate is in cnn st. louis. >> it is ugly, if that's a word i can use. take a look behind me. this is the scene. this is the highway in mid town st. louis. this would be a good view for you to see the arch any other day but today. we are only two minutes away. and there's a major problem with snow and visibility. that's what's going to give crews a really hard time today. crews are afraid that this snow and this wind will just blow right back on to the highway. and so right now, they are just urging everybody to stay off the roads. thankfully today, sunday, not too many people are out on the roads today. but this is the scene and this is what we're dealing with in st. louis, and the scene for hours to come. >> chicago may have closed its schools but st. louis closed its city. heavy snow, sleet and gusty wind shut down the city of st. louis, at least through tomorrow. the city government. people are dealing with the
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lowest temperatures there in decades. the high tomorrow, zero. add in wind chill, and well, you are talking serious cold. the mayor talked to me about the biggest fears with this storm. >> we are most concerned about making sure that streets are as clear as we can get them and make them as safe as possible. and make sure we look after some of our more vulnerable citizens. we are most concerned about our oldest, youngest, homeless residents. some of our lowest income residents. and pets. we are actually out, for example, looking for homeless testimony people on the streets. we have our overflow emergency shelters open. those are packed. we are working with the county so we are busing homeless individuals to st. louis county emergency shelters. >> thousands of airline travellers got absolutely
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nowhere today. more than 300 flights were cancelled in the u.s. today. that is due to the weather and some mechanical issues. whatever the reasons, the hiccups just don't sit well with passengers in boston. >> i just want to go home. just want to get back, settled in. we have been couped up for days. and my family is two days way. >> we will miss two days after cruise now. it leaves today. we won't get to florida today. we have to take a flight to the cayman island it meet the cruise. which will cost us. >> here is a look at the flights currently in the air right now. may look impressive. but it is a lot less than usual. and jetblue put out a statement on their blog saying some of the delays stem from new rules for pie lots that started just there week. cnn's renee marshal joins us
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from l.a. refnee renee, tell us about the new rules. >> we just spoke with jetblue. on top of the volume of holiday travellers, have you new faa pilot rest rules that just went into effect yesterday. so what are these rules? they essentially govern how much time commercial pilots must have between work shifts. so it specifically says they need ten-hour minimum rest period before flights and they have to have eight-hours of uninterrupted sleep. so the question is, how does that impact the traveler who is now just getting back from their vacation, holiday, and they want to get to their destination, and they are stuck at the airports. the impact of one example is, let's just say, you have a delayed flight. that pilot now reached the end of his or her shift and now they need to look for a new pie lot to take over that delayed flight. as can you see, it is just a
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domino effect where they are really working hard to reset the operation. they want to warn passengers, this isn't something they can resolve in hours. in their own word, it'll take days, martin. >> in depens of the pilots, the airlines knew this was coming. it shouldn't affect them. do you expect any rule changes? >> absolutely to your point. i asked jetblue that very question this evening. we knew about the new faa rules. cnn has been report awning it for years now, actually. so they all knew this day was coming. we asked if they planned on, or did they hire, any new pilots to deal with the changes that will come along with these new faa rules. this particularly person i spoke with didn't know of any new hires, but they say that they've been running multiple scenarios to see how the rest rules would impact them. but they just got caught off guard with this winter weather. and so we have the situation
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that we have today, where lots of frustrated passengers who just want to get home, martin. >> i know that feeling well. renee marsh, thanks for checking in with us. arctic blast is forcing closures in several cities. even in the deep south. government offices in st. louis are closed. and within the past hour, chicago closed its schools for tomorrow. of course, everybody is wondering when will this bone-chilling cold be over? let's take that question to alexandra stevens. alexandra? >> hi, martin. we have frigid cold. coldest air in the northern hemisphere, coming down to the lower 48 for the first time in decades for some. look how incredibly intense
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these are. 52 in fargo is what it will feel like. 28 below in madison. as we head toward tomorrow morning, madison gets to 50 below as air gets colder an wind continue to pick up. so the air is brutally cold and watch what happens as we move this air in the next couple of days. dropping south. dropping east. for today, duluth, 15 degrees lower. as we head towards tuesday, even further south, almost 30 degrees below average, 25 degrees for a high in atlanta. morning temperatures in the single digits, which they haven't been since 2003, in atlanta. anchorage alaska, colder in st.
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louis and atlanta and even new orleans than anchorage, alaska. it is record-breaking. 18 below monday. breaking a record from early 1900s. and places like chicago and detroit. break record for the days that are consistently below 0. we've got an historic outbreak. we will be talking about it for years to come. >> i bet we will, alexandra. thank you very much. with people saying they don't like what people are doing in that building, maybe congress should have new year's resolutions. new york is the 21st state to legalize medical marijuana. we will tell you when.
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one person is dead. two others were rushed to the
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hospital after a small private plane crashed at the airport in aspen, colorado. the challenger 600 aborted one landed then crash landed attempting a second landing. the aspen airport is known among pilots as a tricky place it land because of the mountains surrounding the runway. a a flight from san francisco to new york was aborted after an odd device was found in the bathroom. the device appeared to have been a flash drive. president obama back to washington, d.c. from hawaii. here, you see the president and his daughter, heading back to the white house.
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>> the president's vacation is over. he faces a colder reality now, congress. >> if you're a glass half full kind of person like i am, they are the number one most unproductive congress in modern history. >> get ready for possible deja vu. >> i wish i had a magic wand to say, i know things will be better. >> the president has a full plate. right off the bat, a full one for the senate, with yellen signed in. >> with regard to unemployment insurance, i always says, i'm not opposed to having unemployment insurance, i'm opposed to having it without paying for it. >> we have people who are desperate. they have been out of work for, some, as much as two years. >> on january 15th, major deadline to fund the government.
4:17 pm
a deal reached last year but it needs to be finalized. >> as early as february, a deadline to raise the debt ceiling again, with both sides already dug in. >> i think it will be harmful, not just for the economy but harmful politically if republicans use 2013 to threaten default again on the debt limit. >> and javihalf heavier lift fo deal on immigration reform. >> it can't be my way or the highway on such a big issue. >> not to mention, continued attempts by republicans to change obama care. >> this has been a failed launch, flawed law and it needs real change. >> don't hold your breath for all of this to be crossed off the list. according to the most recent cnn poll, two thirds of americans called congress the worst ever. in mid term elections sucking up much desire this year to
4:18 pm
compromise. >> these are not likely to be times of large fruitful legislative harvest bp. >> cnn, washington. >> earlier our political panel gave a list of solutions for president obama. speaking with julian selizer and amy holmes. we begin with new year's resolutions for the president. >> one is to treat his democrats well and form better relations with members of the hill. a second was to sweat the small stuff. and focus on the detail and implementation of programs. and focus on a certain set of issues rather than moving from one to the other and do more to try to shape conversation. rather than be reactive and defensive. >> to stop campaigning and start
4:19 pm
governing. i think that's where he is falling down on the job. he should meet with his cabinet app at the same time, able to get both tasks done. i would also say to the president, please stop using words "folks" and "bunch of." especially when speaking with iran and syria. we need more specifics. >> what about john boehner? what would you suggest? >> his big challenge, biggest resolution, is to contain the tea party caucus. i think he spent a year feeling his party is dragged down by 30 or 40 members who essentially control what rest of the caucus was and he he needs to try to bring more balance to the gop and to try to reestablish some control rather than having this part of the caucus control him. in terms of legislation, it has to be immigration. to try to bring this great question, this big issue facing the nation to some kind of a resolution.
4:20 pm
>> what about the republican party? you think that's john's biggest role ahead. >> i'm sure he made that resolution to himself to keep his coalition together. i don't think immigration is the by to do it. i think the way to do it is to keep the eye on obamacare and offer solutions. not just repealable obamacare but solutiones to the health care crisis in the country. i worked in the senate for bill frist and i love the liinstitutn and i ask harry reid to resolve to stop trying to destroy the senate and bring it to the house. >> i'm glad you brought up the senate. mitch mcconnell is facing a tough campaign this year. julian, new year's resolution for him? >> end the obstruction. i think now that filibuster has been reformed, move fast and move forward with nominations, judicial nominations and executive nominations.
4:21 pm
>> amy. >> for mitch mcconnell, he has to get into the pry maury. he has a lot of money, about $7 million in the war chest, and fight to keep his job op. on the democratic side, i would like to see harry reid some calling opponents names on the senate floor. >> nancy pelosi? >> i would suggest she read legislation before she pass it. there was supposed to be a resolution among congress people that they would. hopefully in 2014, they will. >> julian? >> i think she moves forward with the theme of inequality. minimum wage. stick to the economicish ice and push them. that's the best strategy for democrats. >> let's go to house majority leader eric cantor. julian, i'll start you off there. >> i think he needs start governing at some of the same challenge that president obama faces. he need think of himself, not just as opposition figure and he
4:22 pm
has to work with boehner to move forward. >> amy, the last kumbaya chance. >> absolutely. i think they want to see people working together. we also want it to put the brakes on bad legislation? need be. >> there you have it. moving on, days since colorado legalized marijuana. and oh, how the dominos are falling. coming up, a new state is set to ease its pot laws. we will tell you who, with the details, next.
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in seattle, employees can expect fatter paychecks. the wheels are in motion to raise minimum wage to $15 for employees. medical marijuana may soon be available in new york. governor cuomo said he will sign the waiver for limited use for medical maurijuana. what happens after the state of the state? how does this go into effect? >> this is a beld move. advocates say tens of thousands of new yorkers will possibly benefit. new york would join 20 other states and district of columbia that allows medical marijuana.
4:26 pm
take a look at northeast. also already in most states surrounding new york. the governor pretty much is gusting an old law from the 1980s and shooting an executive order. he would allow the use of medical marijuana in the state where the senate has on multiple occasions killed comprehensive bills. here is how it would work. under the measure, the department of health would create guidelines. 20 hospitals within the state would be chosen to administer this drug, and a panel of hospital doctors would determine what patients qualify for prescriptions. this creates a lot of questiones. like where would this marijuana come from because ult vcultivat marijuana is illegal. it is a great first step that new yorkers have been waiting for, for a very long time. >> there's nancy out in albany, who is a cancer survivor. who used marijuana when she was
4:27 pm
dealing with the cancer treatments. there's people all over our state for whom this is literally a life and death issue. >> we should say that critics are not happy about this. jeffrey reynolds from long island cancel on drug dependent had this to say, quote, the prospect of policy changes that could potentially fuel further drug misuse, diversion and addiction is quite frankly fruly frightening to us. the first prescription could be written in three to four months. martin? >> thank you, rosa, very much. snow, ice, now bone-chilling cold. on the way it a thermometer near you. how low will it go? and when will it all just go away? we try to answer that one, next. welcome back. how is everything? there's nothing like being your own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate. really makes my life easier. maybe a promotion is in order.
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comcastnbcuniversal. you're history. meet selsun science. selsun blue itchy dry scalp. gets to the root of dandruff and hydrates the scalp. selsun blue itchy dry scalp. this cold snap we're about to endure is so bad, it needed a special name. so we gave it one. it is called a polar vortex. it will effect millions of us from michigan and minnesota, to mississippi and georgia. part of the deep south will feel like the north pole. people are stocking up on rock salt. there could be wind chills of 30 below zero tuesday afternoon.
4:31 pm
the arctic blast is threatening closures, even here in the deep south. several schools in georgia closed for tomorrow. same thing for tennessee. city and county government offices are closed as are detroit public schools. no school anywhere in minnesota tomorrow. school is out in chicago, milwaukee and in green bay, wisconsin. yes, green bay. the city where, believe it or not, they are playing football out of doors right now. that's where we find bundled up, our george howell. george, we've had you out there hostage almost all day long. how are you doing with the temperature dropping? >> reporter: martin, i'm holding up. >> good for you. >> reporter: it is easy when you are prepared and have you the layers on. i have the hat, scarf, gloves. you have to have that in conditions like this. 77,500 fans are in there right now. 5:00 left in the game. tied at 20 each, 49ers and
4:32 pm
packers. for them to sit through the entire game and watch it, they had to come prepared as well. also we know that officials here, along with the nfl, officials took preparationes it make sure people were prepared. they told people to come bundled up. also they are passing out hot chocolate, coffee, things like that. just to help people get through it. that's something they did in 2007. seem to work then. they did it again this game. but look, when you talk to people who came out here, packers fans are used to it. 49ers fans are concerned about it. here is a look at what people had to say. >> nice and warm. and it is just about warmth out here. can't be too cold. we're not nuts enough to go shirtless, but there will be people like that today. >> that's crazy, for sure. >> so, you know, that's the thing, as long as you are prepared for it, martin, you will be okay. but you have to limit your exposure to it. for instance, with these live reports that we are bringing you, i come right out to do the
4:33 pm
report. about a minute before, i get right back into the warmth, that's the best way to avoid frostbite. that's the biggest concern out here. as we do expect temperatures to drop. right now, 3 degrees, martin. we expect temperatures tonight to get to negative 20, negative 30, wind chills. by the time i report for you tomorrow on cnn's new day, it will be a different and brand new experience for me. i've never experienced negative 30 or negative 40. so let's see how that plays out. yeah? >> we will. let's hope it's the same you when we see you at that hour. at least, it is an blow out of the game. it's a good one. earlier i talked to sports contributor terrence moore. he covered two games that were colder than today's showdown in green bay. listen. >> when the raiders played the browns in cleveland, for a playoff game. that's your hometown. you probably remember this game. it was 0 degrees right at kick off. it was so cold, those of us in
4:34 pm
the front row of the press box, they gave us ice scrapers to scrape ice off the windows every five minutes to everybody could see the field. but the worst -- and we talked about this the other day, 1982 freeze bowl cincinnati against san diego. they played again today. 40 degrees. back then, minus 9 actual temperature. minus 59 wind chill factor. ohio river froze over. the press box heater broke and it was also cold back at the hotel. that is the worst and coldest day of my life. >> how long is this winter blast really expected to stick around? see meteorologist tom sader here. tom, please have good news for us. when will it warm up? >> good news is they aren't playing tomorrow night. would be in top two. this will last a little longer for the northern tier states but really we're talking monday and tuesday. now one of the computer models i was looking at, come friday, shows every state in the lower 48 above average when it comes to temperatures. we will see if that holds true
4:35 pm
friday. what you see in purple are warnings for wind chills. what do you see for half of the u.s. is some sort of warning watch or advisory for the cold. we have 32 states right now that are looking at dangerous cold. i've got a few here in the northeast, about eight that are not included, that could reach criteria. that would bring the number to 40 out of 50 states. let's talk about what we are looking at now and how long this will last. this is just the leading edge. winnipeg has a wind chill of 53 below. when it is this cold, it is dangerous. and it is all the way done into dixie. no doubt about it, we will see this. the forecast numbers, how it feels, when you factor in the wind. and your pets too, all animals feel this. we don't want any children hanging out waiting for buses. in wisconsin of course, toward detroit as mentioned, many others down south. we put this into motion. you see the darker color slide east ward. they say now, of course, if you
4:36 pm
are outside for just five minutes when it is minus 45 to minus 50, your skin will freeze and you will have frostbite. let's not test that theory. we will stay indoors for that. but work goes on. you have to put up with this. here is the forecast and smaller numbers that departure from normal. gives you an yiidea that we typically do not see this. and about 20 years since we add blast this widespread. this is why schools are closed for you. 38 to 40 degree drop from average. in jacksonville, you get in on the action as well. in atlanta, you get into the 40s come wednesday. again, monday, tuesday, shot. and then we see it slide east. st. louis, you like snow fall. records back to 1870s. you just picked up 10.3 inches. old record was 79 in 1979. but that's the most you've ever had on this day. chicago, not near as much. we will watch what is left of the system bring rain fall, cold rain, to most of the north east.
4:37 pm
we aren't seeing snow. but then the cold air comes in behind it. you have a thin band of snow on the back edge. should be more avenuesance than anything else. really all about the cold and we will continue to monitor this for days ahead. >> tom, thanks very much. good advice. check on your neighbors. and as you said, don't forget about your pets. thanks. coming up, romney is speaking out about the reporter who mocked a photo of his new grandson. you will hear romney's new reaction. and the southbound bus barreling down i-95. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of where every great idea begins. and of those who believed they had the power to do more. dell is honored to be part of some of the world's great stories. that began much the same way ours did. in a little dorm room -- 2713. ♪ this magic moment ♪ amazon started in a garage.
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mitt romney today accepting the apology of melissa perry. earlier i spoke with lz granderson and amy holmes about the controversy. first though, here is what mitt romney had to say. >> people make mistakes and the folks at msnbc made a big mistake and they apologized for it. and that's all you can ask for. i'm going to move on from that. i'm sure they want to move on from it. look, i've made plenty of mistakes myself. they've apologized for this. and i think we can go on from there. >> amy, the question is, is this the end? mitt romney accepted the apology? or is there more here. >> i think it is the end of the news cycle. romney was far more gracious
4:41 pm
than melissa harris-perry and her guests deserved. i watched the segment and apology yesterday. it seems to me you can't lead a racial witch hunt against a man's family and then pretend you didn't like the torch. that's what she did. she took the family photo, pointed out the black grandson sitting on mitt romney's knee. when her first panelist started calling the baby a thing she started laughing up roarusly. that's the point of the segment. her apology yesterday, i like alec baldwin's reply, which is, if i cry, will i be forgiven too. >> let me ask you, lz, if he were unin an add verted situation, if president obama adopted a white trial, do you think they would have triggered the jokes and controversy this has? >> you can't play that game. you know, the history of both races are just too different. and i really don't like when people say, if they were white, would have you done this. they are just two totally different situations because of
4:42 pm
the racial complexity in this country. but with that said, i'm glad that governor romney has taken the step to put this to bed. to be quite honest, it is us in the media that made this more of an uproar than the media. if you follow social media, you saw this as a story briefly a week and half ago when the incident occurred. but since then the public moved on. it is us in the media stilld by >> it was a host of media, a show, of msnbc that launched the discussion. putting up a family photo, point together black child and asked her guest to comment -- >> girl, you don't have to point to the black child. did you see the photo? the black child is pretty evident. >> i didn't notice, lz. i saw a family photo. i wasn't the person zeroing in -- >> i didn't say there was anything wrong with it. i say, stop pretending she got a
4:43 pm
magic marker out. >> lz, it is disgusting. >> i called her out on it last week on the air. what i say, stop pretending like she addhad a magic marker out a circle the child's leg -- >> she did. >> no, here is the black child. you can see the black child on this lap. i don't have a problem with it. i don't have a problem -- >> so what is the point of the discussion, lz? what is the point of the segment? what was the point of the segment? >> i would tell you, if you would be quiet for a second. the point of the segment is, msnbc does not like mitt romney. it wanted to find a way to poke fun at mitt romney. it took a disgusting route to do it by mocking the child. >> there we go. we agree. disgusting. >> that is different than -- yes, i said that last week. >> i think we are in agreement it was all wrong. >> but you're trying to pretend that she went out of her way to do something obvious.
4:44 pm
talking about race doesn't make you a racist. it is okay to notice we look different. >> she asked people to remark on it. that's on purpose. >> in the grand scheme of travel, air disasters are pretty uncommon. even more rare, being the only person to walk away from one. we look at the stories of sole survivors, next. [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box. isn't it time you discovered the sleep number bed? because only the sleep number bed offers dual air
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in ways you never thought possible. welcome to what's next. comcastnbcuniversal. >> if you have cabin fever and can make it out of the house, maybe you want it see these movies. "the legend hercules." next "the rocket." then "the truth about emmanuel." a troubled teens obsession about her neighbor leads it a startling discovery. then last but not least "cold comes the night" a hotel honer and her daughter are taken
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hostage in order to retrieve some missing cash. some on-line firms say you may have been exposed to cyber infection. the security companies say a malware attack they found linked to yahoo!'s advertising servers. they estimate tens of thousands of computers were exposed or infected in several different countries. malware can leave your computer vulnerable to hackers. yahoo! announced it is aware of the attack. and they note they get a billion and a half visitors everyday. road warriors can share their asphalt adventures through dash cam video. chevy is showing its corvette sting ray. they can show up to 13 hours of your road trip in all its glory. it shows what gear the car was in, gps information and other information that is down right interesting to your local law
4:49 pm
enforcement. another great premier this week. examining the lives of those who have survived air disasters. in fact, the film focuses solely on people who were the only survivor of a crash. george lambson junior, the sole survivor in a plane crash that killed 75 people, including his father. in the film, he talks through an interpreter through a french school girl who survived a crash in the indian ocean that killed 152 people. >> do you have any scares from the accident? >> i have this here. this is from later on. this is from sun burn. but here, this is the burn here. my face was burned. i had a cut on my forehead.
4:50 pm
>> what was it like being by yourself out there for nine hours? can you explain that? last hour, i spoke with a clinical psychologist about being a survivor and the film maker about her reasons for making this film. in high school, i switched places with a good friend of mine before he got into a car and about two minutes later, he was dead in a car accident.
4:51 pm
at the time, i didn't tell anyone that we had switched places. i really withdrew from my friends. i was embarrassed. i felt like a fraud because i had lived. i was worried what they'd think if they knew. so it's nothing i really talked about much. but in my late 20s, i was realizing that i always felt this drive to have to accomplish something great and heal people and make a difference with my life that was a bit more, you know, aggressive than other people in my age group and that's when i realized that i was feeling guilty. like i needed to do something because i felt as though my life had been spared. >> and we know a major portion of being a sole survivor is the pt ptsd. the nightmare, the depression, anxiety that goes along with it. a lot of these people feel like they don't have the permission to go ahead and get help. this is what ky has done in her film. she's brought all these people together so they can put words to the feelings that they've
4:52 pm
been suppressing for so long and can now actually be a support group for one another. they all talk about the fact that they really needed to get therapy, and if they're unable to do it, they were able to do it through the mechanism that ky has set up through her film "sole survivor." >> it airs thursday night at 9:00 p.m. i've seen an advance on that. wow, very powerful. can't wait to hear your thoughts. and we are, in fact, monitoring the crash of a private plane in aspen, colorado. we'll update you on the details there in just a moment. rs. and seeing as it's such a historic city, i'm sure they'll appreciate that geico's been saving people money for over 75 years. oh... dear, i've dropped my tea into the boston harbor. huhh... i guess this party's over. geico. fifteen minutes could save you
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fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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the pope is planning a trip to the holy land. pope francis announced that he will travel to jerusalem, the west bank, and also aman, jordan. that trip scheduled for three days at the end of may. it's his only trip outside of italy planned so far for the year. now, to the new developments in that deadly small jet crash today in the rocky mountains. we know now who was killed when that plane hit the runway, flipped over and burst into flames. on the second attempt to land in high winds at the aspen airport. police tell cnn the co-pilot of the plane died. the pilot and the only passenger were taken to a passenger. we've heard recordings between the pilot and the tower. the pilot reported very high tail winds that forced him to go around and approach the airport
4:56 pm
again. a short time ago, i talked with a former transportation department official who said the aspen airport can be a challenge. >> on a good day, aspen is tricky. i've been in there. with the tail wind, you have to plant that plane right at the threshold of the runway, right in the touchdown zone. an eyewitness reported a plane came further down the runway and may have bounced or etch tried to take off again and aspen, particularly in really bad weather, is really unforgiving. so the air traffic control tapes and these two eyewitnesss do give a tremendous amount of information. >> i know, mary, we're pretty familiar with how an investigation would move forward if it were a commercial airliner. what will be happening now on the ground for an investigation since it's a private jet? >> well, in this case, probably very similar to a commercial airline, the ntsb will dispatch a team to investigate. i worked a previous accident in aspen. i think it was a gulf stream. and the ntsb did send a team out to investigate. aspen is very tricky to fly and here there was no may day call.
4:57 pm
there was no mechanical report. so they will be looking at flying and wind shear, undoubtedly, so they will be looking to see how the pilot performed and whether wind shear will be a factor in this accident. but they will send a team. >> i talked with mary a short time ago. we do know now that an ntsb is on the ground in aspen and on the scene of that deadly crash. the record-breaking weather that is gripping 2/3 of america, bringing temperatures that haven't been seen in two decades. so who's going to see the worst of it tomorrow and tuesday? cnn meteorologist tom sader is here. >> all the parents with the kids are going to be staying home. take a look at the current number. this is no real laughing matter. this is dangerous stuff. not including the winds, it's minus 13 in sioux falls. kansas city at 9. now factor in the winds.
4:58 pm
this is just the leading edge. but notice this, minus 45 in bismarck. minus 35 in minneapolis. springfield, illinois, minus 14. chicago on top of your snow, minus 15 degrees. it really is something, though, when you talk about what is going to happen here. let me show you. minneapolis, tomorrow's high temperature, minus 18. the record is minus 14, goes all the way back to 1909. we're looking at an all-time record minimum high temperature in chicago. we're looking at six days of temperatures not getting above freezing in cincinnati. the schools are closed in detroit. i showed you this moments ago. the extent of the windchill warnings and advisories for a good 32 states. this would be a good time to go through maybe a health chart of how much time you can actually spend outdoors when the air temperatures and the wind together create this kind of dangerous cold. 30 minutes, the exposed skin, before frostbite sets in, at
4:59 pm
minus 20 to minus 40 degrees. ten minutes, down to minus 60. already authorities in parts of the dakotas and minnesota are saying five minutes, that's it, and that's for pets as well. this is the u.s. picture. this is the cold front. once this leading edge of cold air moves out and the snow moves out, it's the only song and dance in town. unfortunately, it's so cold it's a slow two-step. but we are looking for this to come to an end. in fact, i believe that by friday, every one of the lower 48s could see temperatures slightly above average, at least that's what some of the computer models are showing. so we're going to get rid of some of the dangerous windchills. madison, minus 45 degrees. monday it slowly slides not only across the great lakes, but slowly heading back to the south as well. the leading edge of the rain changing over to snow now, making its way across northern areas of ohio, back into north central indiana, and again, this edge is just going to be more of a nuisance. it's a chilly rain, but the bigger story is the cold, coming to an end in two days.
5:00 pm
>> and and i will count every h. as this hour ends, let's leave you with some of those who seem not to mind at all the snow and the ice. take a look. eye reporters took these images of their dogs exploring the frigid outdoors. it is a little something to warm your heart on a cold winter day. i'm martin savidge. anthony bourdain "parts unknown: koreatown" begins right now. for korean americans, according to the stereotype, anyway, it used to be that you grew up to be a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer. there were a specific set of rules and expectations. are you asking me to be in a porno? is that what you're asking me? >> thanks to some remarkably bad koreans, things are beginning to change. >> i went to one years of law school and walked out.