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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 6, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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that got his irish sponsors to pull out, but he remains unphased. >> let's get along. >> that was a report from cnn reporting from beijing. i will be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." newsroom continues right now with brooke baldwin. >> hi, there. i'm brooke baldwin and we are live outside world headquarters in atlanta. beautiful blue skies, but it's cold, cold, cold in atlanta. tonight's low is 5 degrees. just perspective. i was born and raised in atlanta and the last time the city hit single digits, it was a decade ago. it was solid like a sheet.
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it was about an hour and a half. you see the ice in the middle. how cold is cold? i will hand this to you. it is january. i know you are saying it is supposed to be help. i will get all weather nerdy on you. it's called the polar vortex. it is now gripping 2/3 of the country. we are talking the coldest temperatures and at least 20 years. in some places records will be broken. look at the pictures. lake michigan, frozen over. a freighter called in to break up the thick sheets of ice here. millions of people are feeling this icy air. looking ahead to wednesday,
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nearly half the nation will shutter with temperatures of or lower. right here as i speak in the unusually mild deep south of atlanta, georgia, this will put it into perspective. the next couple of days in georgia will be colder than anchorage, alaska. think about that for a minute. atlanta, alaska. it's colder here. the high down here is 27 degrees. up north we are talking more in the range of 33, 34 degrees. we have you covered today. the weather is the big story. we have crews covering this across the country. stephanie has a picture of the day. live in minneapolis with the wind chill. 44 degrees below zero. we have alexander fields live for us in new york. chad meyers inside is tracking this from the cnn weather center. let's begin. stephanie is standing by, freezing, freezing cold. i'm not sure you can feel your
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face so i will be quick. the classification where you are in minneapolis is dubbed a particularly dangerous situation warning. what does that mean? >> it's no joke. i would be happy with 1 degree weather. i decided the solar vortex is a freeze in my mind. it is so brutally cold out here that the police said they have taken their focus and changed it off of just looking at people who may be in need of getting to a shelter and need to get to a hospital. that's the priority. transportation as well. looking to keep the streets clean. it is so cold here, they closed down the schools for cold. not for snow, for cold. i was sitting with a woman who was born and raised here and she doesn't tharm ever happening before. the last time the schools were closed was 97. it never happens. they are used to cold, but this
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is so severe, they didn't want to take chances. if you look at the river behind me, you can have it come over. you can see how the wind is whipping off of it and frozen over. i never felt anything like this before. it's unbelievable and very dangerous conditions out here. they don't want people to take chances. >> take a california girl and put them in minneapolis. high tail it into the satellite truck and get warm. let me take you from minneapolis and say 2500 flights have been canceled across the country. this is still the story. many in the midwest with more than 500 cancellations happening at chicago o'hare. it's frozen lake michigan off to the right. an indication of how icy the
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runways are and how trecherous it can be. a jet, imagine being on this. the jet skidded into a snow bank while turning into a taxi way. all flights in and out were canceled throughout the morning. let's continue to talk about the fact that thousands of passengers, they are sitting there waiting. they are trying to get out of new york and la guardia as well. alexander field is there right now. alexander, a lot of flight cancellations. that has been the story that has been pervasive. we learned that jet blue has adopted an entering strategy to clear the backlog in reducing the flights. tell us what they have decided to do. >> there a few factors at play.
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everyone is trying to fix the problem. let me break it down. we are at la guardia airport. the lines in yellow are the flights that are delayed. there 3400 flights that are delayed. jet blue is out of the northeast and the weather greatly affected them and new rules concerning the amount of rest that pilots are required to get has stopped them from offering more flights at this time. they want to catch up and restore the service fully. sort of an interesting approach. overnight tonight, they will start to camp up and the service will be restored by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. this will give a chance to let the pilots rest and service their equipment. it does mean that if you thought you were going to be on a jet blue flight into or out of new york, you will be waiting along with hundreds of other performs who had to find a little patience and let the frustration
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simmer. we have been seeing it for days. >> so much of the weather and not only the weather conditions and the crews can even get to the planes and take off. the bag log is ridiculous. thank you so much. it's winder and this is not breaking news. the cold and the wind. this is just different right now. just ask chad meyers and we are talking record lows. here in atlanta, we have been talking single digits tonight. how much worse does it have to get? >> for gets down to 7 where you are standing tomorrow morning. i know you get out of there and get back in here. here's the deal. this happens all the time. i get it. it's cold. when it gets to cold, people die. every single time. i don't want it to be you. don't go out to the car and drive around without something to protect yourself if your car gets a flat. i one time in nebraska was 50
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degrees below zero trying to change a flat tire on a super beetle with lug studs. i was out there for maybe six minutes trying to get it changed. my fingers were frozen solid and they would not move and bend. it's too cold to do anything. i warm it up and i got the tire back on. 43 degrees below zero. 39 degrees is what it feels like in minneapolis. take a look at this. it feels like 54. there is not even a wind chill factor in boston. it's 40 in new york city. it's going to be cold tonight. you go from 40 to 11. you go from 54 n boston to 18 in 12 hours. the cold air is on the way. now south to get that. 28 in atlanta, koehler than new york city. 20 degrees colder than boston at this point. nashville is 10. the wind chill is worse than that. feels like 3 below. people have to be out there
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working the gates and they have to come in and warm up, your bags may not be waiting for you. 14 is what it feels like. low is 7. i can't believe this. i got off of a flight from new orleans yesterday and i got to new orleans and off a cruise ship and flying back to atlanta, united was jammed. why are all these people standing in united? all the flights to chicago were completely canceled. i say call ahead and logon and look. you will have to figure out whether your flight is going. back in two minutes. stay with us. >> dennis rodman heads back to north korea with his team of nba old timers. the squad that includes some former bad boys. the body of the girl who went brain dead during tonsil surgery is moved.
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find out what happened behind the scenes. plus, smoke pot legally in colorado and your boss can fire you. why the state's new boom gets shaky legally speaking. and a millionaire landlord thrown into a van and found dead. what the new york post is suggesting he had enemies. those stories and more after this. ♪
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>> welcome back. mary kay le tourpo spent years behind bars for raping one of her 6th grade students who is now her husband. she has been arrested again in washington state. she failed to appear in court for driving with a suspended driver's license. letourneau has two children with her former student. >> a new york city landlord is the victim of murder and kidnapping and his family said he is also becoming the target of character assassination after
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this cover of the new york post came out sunday. you see the headline? who didn't want him dead? that sits beside the face of 39-year-old stark. stark is the father of seven and new york police have released video of his kidnapping. watch closely here in the circle. it took at least two minutes for his kidnappers to force him into a van. this was thursday outside of his office in brooklyn. friday, investigators found his burned in a long island dumpster. now the search is on for the van. as police try to learn more, the post did digging into how the landlord lived. when you read this article, it quotes a tenant organizer saying this about stark. "he pretty much ripped off the whole building. stark's family said it deplorifies stark's murder. they just held a news conference declaring a $25,000 reward for
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his killer. >> nobody can describe the pain. let me say the arrest is not going to erase the anguish of the family, of the community, of any decent human being. who can see and who can hear, the picture of the lovely family. they have been cut to the branches. children do not have a father. and a wife does not have a husband. why? what did he do? >> joining me now, a councilman steven levin from new york and the correspondent. brian, let me begin with you. let's take this story a step beyond this headline here. le me what we know. what happened?
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>> the new york post did great reporting. great reporting about this man. they quoted a number of sources saying he owed people money and made a lot of enemies and angry tenants and his buildings. that headline went too far and distractioned from the news. let me read the statement. the post does not say mr. stark deserved to die, but our reporting showed he had many enemies that may have led to the commission of the crime. the headline distracted from the good reporting. >> a lot of information and sources i'm quoting. your reaction to the post headline? what do you want from the new york post? councilmember levin? i'm going to go with no. we will work on hopefully getting his earpiece and brian, there has been so much coverage
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on this specific investigation here. all the news coming out not just on the post headline, but additional reporting. do you think it's helping the investigation the fact that there is such a spotlight on this story? >> it probably is. the new york post even wrote a story about all the outrage and about the new york post story and the headline that is a clever thing for tabloid newspapers to do. we saw the other competing tabloid in the new yo"new york new news". taking shots at the post. even though there is a media angle, i think it putting more attention on to the investigation. >> back to you councilmember lev levin. can you hear me now? i'm getting a no again. we will move along. we didn't have him. thank you very, very much. coming up, new video just in of a bowl hitting ands toing a woman. you will see how it ends and a
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. a bystander at an 1100 pound bull, you have so see the close encounte encounter. . >> let me echo what you are hearing. the woman who was an employee of this bull riding festival in puerto rico, there she goes. apparently wearing the wrong color. here's the deal. the bull zeroed in on her orange shirt flipped her over the rails and into the crowd. she survived and joked she was terrified when the bull chased her, but was able to laugh about it afterwards. >> despite joe torre's record was one win to five losses. not so hot for the fighter seen
11:22 am
here in facebook photos, but who cares? if the fight for his life, the that mattered, he came out on top. deputies say the 27-year-old man fought off four men and including these two on new year's day. cnn is covering the story for us. torres, this fighter did you know these guys were coming? >> we did not. they had an altercation the night before. this is new year's eve. these guys, among them two brothers decided to go to his home and force their way into the home. torres wakes up and starts fighting them when everything is said and done. there is the oldest of them, lying dead in the road in front of the house. >> this is one of the intruders. multiple stab wounds to the
11:23 am
chest. another one was support to the report and two who fled and were later arrested. it's incredible. >> was this guy alone when they came over? >> he was not alone. he a two-year-old son and a teenage sister in addition his girlfriend. now the question that you probably are going to ask, what's going to happen to the mma fighter himself? after all he killed a man. >> of course. >> his attorney said that he was doing what he had to do. let's listen to what he had to say. >> my client did what he had to do and did what any other person would do. he defended himself and his family. >> he did what he had to do. >> two of the attackers, his younger brother at 19 years of age and one other already had prior criminal records. they will be in jail. the other one is hospitalize and
11:24 am
hasn't been charged. like i said before, the older one who led the attack and died in the incident. >> thank you very much. k78ing up next, dennis rodman took his butties in there. the nation's heightest courtside lined same-sex marriage in one state. what does that mean and what does it mean for the couple who is just got married? this is a huge development in a controversial case.
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>> we were having audio issues, but we wanted to talk to steven levin. this is a story that pertains to the new york city landlord who was found dead in brock lyoklyn. much has been spotlighted and let's flash the headline so people can see who didn't want him dead. critics saying this was glorifying his death. we wanted to have you on.
11:28 am
are you calling on the new york post specifically for an apology? do you want more than that? >> we are calling on the new york post to apologize. they were so offensive and outrageous that we think nothing short of an apology is warranted. it's no secret that the new york post profits on the pain of others. >> it's a tabloid paper. does that not change your mind? this is -- does that surprise you? >> for them to suggest that a man, a human being, a father, a husband, a member of the community for them to suggest that he deserved to die is really a new low for tabloid print. even for the new york post. >> have you heard anything back from the post? >> they issued a statement yesterday that was a qualifying
11:29 am
statement. but really it's not enough. they caused so much pain to this family and to the community, they poured salt on the wounds of this community and family who just hours earlier buried this man. for them to issue that headline is so hurtful that we think nothing short of an apology is warranted. >> we will follow-up with you and see if you get that apology. appreciate your time. >> thank you very much. this is one of the days when weather becomes the news. half the country is experiencing the coldest temperatures in 20 years. parts of minnesota famous for the brutal winters and the temperature will not get above
11:30 am
20 below in the coming days. fact are in the wind chill, 65 degrees below zero. chicago here's another example. more lake effect snow and plunging temperatures. no surprise. you see the pictures. mom and her child. all these cars, think of the shove job. temperatures set to drop to 15 below zero with plenty of chicago's famous wind. the schools are closing in chicago, detroit, st. louis, milwaukee, even right here in the usually mild deep south. classes canceled in atlanta tomorrow. the city is plunging to a new low in the single digits overnight. it is 27 and you see the graphic on the screen. this is what made all of us do a -- what? it's 27 in atlanta. it is colder in atlanta, georgia than in anchorage alaska at a balmy 34 degrees right now.
11:31 am
that's right. book a flight north for a break from the winter cold. victor blackwell in today's brutal atlanta cold. i know people in the south. i am from here. i am a southern gal. we are not used to this weather. how are people preparing? i spent my time below the mason-dixon line for a reason. so we wouldn't have to do these shots. it's really cold and not just the temperature, but the wind chill. i don't know what's going on. maybe it's the weather. he's trying to say it's cold. it will be 5 degrees and it hasn't been in the single digits in a decade. get yourself warm. now to this. >> american delegation highly
11:32 am
unofficial and they help the dictator celebrate his birthday. these two guys, rodman and kim i know you know they have the bizarre friendship. he turns what we think is 31, this kind of thing is not totally sure. having recently executed his uncle who was considered his father figure. kim's dictator includes a nuclear weapon and 60% of his people exist on communist rations of dry corn and rice. dennis rodman reportedly dined well on his last soiree and this time he is taking friends. no agenda said rodman. all about ball. all about love.
11:33 am
that's about it. no more. let's get along. that's human beings and not politicians. i'm not trying to save the world and my job is to win in sports. i love sports and he loves sports. that's it. >> sports and activity. the columnist knows all about rodman and his team. he is bringing it over to north korea. do not miss that. let me take you to a news conference that is happening right now. this is the attorney. we heard from jahi mcmath's mother. she underwent routine tonsil surgery and was declared brain dead and has been in the hospital. her body as of midnight was given to the custody of the mother. take a listen. >> because they are very
11:34 am
significant issues that have never been addressed in the ninth circuit in california before. the right of a parent to make health care decisions relating to whether or not a ventilator is removed from the child. in virginia baby k dealt with that issue. if you look at baby k and you look at the complaint that i drafted, you will see that i took this successful argument out of baby k and turn it into part of the complaint in this case. the court can say this is such a fundamentally important issue which we have seen that the court can hear it even though the immediate issue is no longer of such urgency. what the courts did and really what the public and the media did was to buy time. i will tell you if you will be fighting with somebody who fights dirty, do it in front of
11:35 am
a group of people with cameras and lights. they can only pull so many things no matter who they hire as the pr person. >> in terms of j ajahi. >> one was the restraining order and the order of feeding, to not take her off of the ventilator and the other is the bigger issue of the constitutional rights that were affected. that part is still there. the court can make a determination as to whether the americans with disabilities act was violated. you can't discriminate against people. baby k was about a child with brain issue that was so severe, they wanted to take her off the respirator. they go on the question and the ada question. we involved two other issues which is the freedom of the
11:36 am
expression of religion and the right of self determination of the medical care. those things the court can decide which because of the importance might do or the court may say mr. dolan, this has been rendered moot by the removal of jahi. >> where exactly is this? >> the u.s. district court, northern district in oakland. >> in front of a magistrate judge? >> nope. judge samuel armstrong. >> armstrong? >> uh-huh. i believe it's at 1:00. >> this is what you missed. this is a story we have been covering for the last couple of weeks. you saw the picture of 13-year-old jahi math who had gone in for a tonsil surgery and wound up brain dead. this is a struggle between the family and the hospital that has been really keeping her at least breathing with this ventilator. the news and this is probably
11:37 am
the reason why they were talking is as of midnight, the hospital gave custody of jahi mcmath to the coroner who gave custody of the 13-year-old to the mother. we have now learned a facility and they are not naming the facility because it's received death threats, the facility is now taken in this young woman. what happens next here legally and ethically? there a lot of questions. we will talk to a medical ethicist and our senior legal analyst about this whole thing on the other side of the break. don't miss this. [ male announcer ] this is kevin. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve.
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welcome to what's next. comcastnbcuniversal. . >> you heard it moments ago. after harsh disagreement, jahi mcmath has been moved out of oakland, california. we heard from her family and they confirmed that the 13-year-old is now at another facility receiving care including a plan to insert a feeding tube. >> right now the family is very relieved to have her removed from children's hospital. she is there now actually. she will be treated like the innocent girl she is and not like a deceased body like the hospital has been treating her. >> a quick reminder that j, hi
11:41 am
mcmath underwent surgery to treat sleep apnea and underwent cardiac arrest. they listed december 12th as the day she died and has been pushing to have her ventilator removed since it has been keeping a dead person alive. the decision of medical ethics at the medical center. first to you. this latest development, this young woman, this dead woman according to officials is at this other facility and this is still continuing. you call this ghoulish. >> it is. you are basically in a position where people are running around the country with a dead in an ambulance, trying to get medical procedures done on a dead body. we said earlier, brain death is
11:42 am
death. not only did the hospital say she died, the coroner said she died. that's what her death certificate said. she has been dead three weeks. i know the attorney and the family have views about hoping for a miracle and wishing this weren't so, but from the point of view of medicine and any facility or any doctor that would do things to this body at this point, purely ghoulish. you can't make her recover. >> let me come back to the notion of a possible miracle. who has the power here to ultimately determine? i thought it was the hospital in oakland, but now apparently the family gained custody of this young woman. the body. they place it in another facility they are not naming because the family got death threats and they are fearful something could happen. who rules on this? >> if they can keep finding hospitals and medical providers to tend to this dead body, i hate to speak so bluntly, i
11:43 am
suppose they can keep moving this poor child around. i don't want to minimize to say the least the heart break that is going on here. >> of course. >> let's be clear, what's going on is abortion politics. this is all about opponents of abortion trying to define live n an ever broader way. a fetus is alive. terry schiavo is alive. people whose hearts are beating and brain is dead. they are alive. that's what's behind the politicians and the lawyers here. they are unfortunately exploiting this poor heartbroken family. that's what's behind what is going on. >> to be clear, if the facility continues to take in this body, they cannot say enough is enough? >> i don't think -- maybe art can clarify, but they won't get the cops to pull the body out of
11:44 am
the hospital that she is dead. >> i do agree, but the only hope here is if the doctors and the facilities themselves were to be charged with desecrating a corpse as long as we will speak bluntly. they slit over the line into saying you have to bury someone and you can't dispose of the remains any way you wish. in all honesty, keeping the facility secret is partly to prevent that. the politics as jeff said is mounting up here. there isn't any likelihood that she will survive long. in this state, she is not semi alive. very frail and body is falling apart. this can't go on much longer. >> i have not spoken with the family, but from everything i read and read about the story and the mother said that her daughter has reacted to her physically even though she was
11:45 am
declared brain dead. is there a sliver of a possibility that this young woman could -- something could happen? she could live? >> i will say no, not a sliver. you have spinal cord reflexes of even heard and never seen, but deads sometimes sit up at the morgue. a lot of and movie shows. spinal cord reflex is not the ability of the brain to run your heart or lungs or do anything. your brain is totally stopped functioning and you are dead. i don't think there is much point in pounding that nail further other than to say that no recovery is going to happen here. you have seen so many cases and you are well versed. what would you say to her some. >> if god wants to work a miracle, she doesn't need to do it through a ventilator. i will pray with you and let's separate the medical technology from the wishes, hopes and faith that you have.
11:46 am
>> thank you both very much. we will follow the story. heart breaking all the way around. that is for sure. violence in iraq is getting worse. the u.s. is vowing to help the government, but that doesn't mean troops will pack up and head out. now we are hearing told you sos from lawmakers. next. anyonconstipation,onal diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. live the regular life. you wouldn't have it she any other way.our toes. but your erectile dysfunction - it could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about
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intense, john kerry said forget it. the united states it not sending troops no way, no how. >> this is a fight that belongs to the iraqis. that is what the president and the world decided sometime ago when we left iraq. we are not obviously contemplating putting boots on the ground. this is their fight. we will help them in their fight. >> this time around the u.s. will help to freshen your memory. the troops left iraq in december of 2011 under regards from the president who first ran off as pledging to bring them home. the iraq war climb claims the lives of almost 4500 americans and more than 32,000 were wounded. some grievuously. here is iraq today. >> you have a surge and
11:50 am
unconfirmed reports al qaeda is involved. certain republicans are saying we told you so. let me read you the statement released over the weekend. many of us predicted that the vacuum left by u.s. troops would be filled by america's enemies, sadly that reality is now clearer than ever. gloria boernlger is live and she is the cleave political analyst. how much pressure is the president feeling today to do something about iraq short of sending in troops which we have heard john kerry say they are not doing? >> won't happen. the administration is feeling a is she amount of pressure. you certainly don't want anything linked to al qaeda to take any kind of press against there in iraq. i believe they don't want to see sectarian violence back to where it was before the war. so the administration finds
11:51 am
itself in a situation where it said you you pointed out where it said look, we are not willing to put boots on the ground, but we are willing to help you with things like drones, for example. some kinds of missiles. but we are just not going to recommit to a war that by the way the american public now said it a posed by a 2-1 margin. there is no way. >> back to al qaeda and the unconfirmed reports that al qaeda has the fighters among the rebels, nick robertson, he said there is no way to tell if that's true. in case anyone has forgotten, the president said al qaeda is on the ropes. >> al qaeda is on the path to defeat. >> the path to defeat. the path to defeat. >> so bottom line, is there any stomach at all to get heavily involved in iraq? >> no, no. there is not. this is clearly iraq's fight as
11:52 am
john kerry says. look, nobody wants to see al qaeda affiliates making progress because it causes instability. that is the last thing we need. >> this is a rij yonnal issue. >> exactly. it's a totally regional issue. what they are doing is speeding up sending over there drones and missiles and they can assist iraq and not take over any kind of armed violence there. this is not a position that the administration wants to find itself back in again nor does the american public want to. they want to help, but not leave. >> gloria borger in washington. thank you very much. coming up, i am heading back outside where temperatures are dipping. how historic the weather is for the nation. much of the nation.
11:53 am
an nba player pulls a stunt while standing on the free-throw line. we will show you what he did to we will show you what he did to a guy on the other team. there's a new form of innovation taking shape.
11:54 am
at a company that's bringing media and technology together.
11:55 am
next is every second of nbcuniversal's coverage 0f the 2014 olympic winter games. it's connecting over one million low-income americans to broadband internet at home. it's a place named one america's most veteran friendly employers. next is information and entertainment in ways you never thought possible. welcome to what's next. comcastnbcuniversal. >> cnn's chief correspondent
11:56 am
explains why employers have all the rights to fire you for using recreational marijuana. christine? >> colorado's law means you can legally buy and sell pot and grow it in your home, but you can get fired for smoking it even if it's on your own time away from work. according to laws, they can impose their own policies. if you smoke on the weekend and they were asked for a drug test during the week, you could be fired if you fail it. it brings up the thorpy issue. you may think you are smoking lawfully while off duty from your job, but if it shows up in a drug test, the employer can do whatever they want. companies right now hold all the cards. >> amendment 64 allows them to enforce the drug policies. if someone is inclined to do drug testing, somebody comes up
11:57 am
positive, they can take whatever action they deem to be prudent. >> that are is legal in the state and on a federal level. since it's not legal, you have a problem for the cause nusual po in colorado. >> at the knicks mavericks game, here is today's cnn. >> madonna creating a buzz. instagramming this picture of son rocco with the caption the party has just begun. bring it, 2014. rocco is 13 and the bottle is 94-proof gin. outrage ensued to which madonna replied no one was drinking, we were just having fun. calm down and get a sense of humor. don't start the year off with judgment. madonna has nothing on this alabama mom. she jumped over the crowd to get to a fan during the sugar bowl. no word as to why she wanted to
11:58 am
fight. usa reports she has apologized to the alabama team and the coach nick saban and the fans. from a fight in the stands to i had jinx on the court. couch closely as j.r. smith bends down before free-throw against the dallas mavericks. instead of tying his shoes, he unties his oh, ponent's. how about breakfast at taco legal. serving the most important meal of the day anyone? that's today's cnn. >> i am back here at the headquarters and i know you
11:59 am
don't think it can't be that cold. tonight is supposed to be 5 degrees. it hasn't been single digits in a decade. just for comparison, what do you think? when you think of really cold in the u.s., you think alaska, right? not when you compare to atlanta. you look at the temperatures and it's colder in atlanta. come out to me live. i want to show you in case you are still dubious as i speak about the cold in the south. do you see this towel? it's been frozen. frozen towel. it's cold here. take my word for it. we decided to see who we could put in the coldest part of the country today and who we could put in the warmest part. we have stephanie who is bearing the freezing, freezing with the wind chill something like minus 44 in minneapolis and then on the flip side, you have a very lucky and warm and i imagine tan, tori is standing by in
12:00 pm
miami for a little weather juxtaposition. stephanie, let me go to you first. people in minneapolis know snow. they know cold. but you talked to people there are surprised classes are called off because of the bitter cold, right? >> yeah. it's still -- even if you are used to it, it's still cold. it's still super cold. there is a limit on how cold you can stand it. this would test that limit for lots of children. they closed down the schools and i was sitting with a woman who had on sandals because she came back from ta heedy. when she left it was 30 degrees and she could bear that. while it is negative 17 or negative 18, when you add in the wind factor, it is brutal. it takes your breath away.
12:01 pm
the first few times i walked outside, i started to cough because it was so cold. police are not taking any chances. they are making sure they don't see anyone or animals left out in the weather. if they need assistance and a place to go, they are helping them get there and watching the streets. they are very afraid of black ice and they want people to stay home. the dangers of being out in the cold t can take five minutes and your skin can freeze. they want everyone to stay home. they made sure they shut down the schools. behind me, even though it's sunny, the riffs are frozen. thattive guess you an idea of how cold it is. >> i will not complain about the sleet as i was out walking my dog in cold weather in atlanta. you had me beat, my friend in minneapolis. thank you and your crew for showing us the sheer cold where you are. just so she can show us the
12:02 pm
beautiful, warm ocean and sand, tori, go ahead. me how beautiful. me how warm it is where you are. >> brooke, i have to hide my face. i feel ashamed being out here after listening to stephanie. does it make you feel better that it's cloudy and raining and a little windy? this will make my buddy mad at me. the difference in temperatures between where she is and where i am is 97, 98 degrees difference. it's about 83 degrees here. you can imagine how much nicer it is here and how people are enjoying the beach. it's the fact that there tons of people here from the midwest and the northeast and they are stuck in florida because they kent get flights out. we caught up with them and here's what they had to say. >> we are not home sick because i think it's negative 15 degrees
12:03 pm
with a negative 40 wind chill. >> feeling kind of guilty. >> do you feel bad on the beach. >> i feel bad reporting on the beach while my colleagues are in the ice. >> i don't feel bad. i feel lucky at this point. >> lucky at this point, but things are about to change here in florida. the temperatures are going to drop and in parts of the state it gets down to freezing. you have farmers preparing the crops. it may look nice, but old red is ready it go like everyone else at cnn. >> did you at least bring a bathing suit? can you get tan for the rest of the us for a couple of minutes. just enjoy it a little bit? yeah? >> i think i'm tan. that's pretty tan for me. >> tori and crew in miami. thank you very much. we talk about the cool. we have to talk about all of the flights. we feel for you sitting and watching cnn from the airport.
12:04 pm
so many of you, your flights have been canceled and stuck in new york for days and days waiting to hop on a flight. some of it is the fact that the airline crews have not been able to get to the plane to get you to the final destination. some are the new rules that happen to go in effect during the wintry weather weekend. renee is standing by in washington. before we get to all of that, me about the new rules or regulations now in place. >> news from jet blue. customers should listen up if you have a flight. the airline has started reducing operations as we speak. in another two hours from now, they will completely shut down operations at new york, new jersey and boston airports. they don't expect to be 100% operational. other airlines are scaling back on the operations as well.
12:05 pm
the reason? weather. jet blue said they need to reset the operations and during the shut down at some of the airports, the pilots will be able to rest. the airline is partially blaming new faa rest rules for all of these delays. the rules mandate ten hours of minimum rest period before flight and they say that these restrictions are compounding those delays. these new rules have been two years in the making. both the pilot's union and the faa say the airlines had more than enough time to prepare. >> quickly with regard to the faa and the change, was it all about pilot fatigue? >> it is about pilot fatigue and also about safety. the bottom line is they don't want a situation where you have sleepy pilots in the cockpit. this really came about after the ntsb found that one of the reasons that called an air crash killing 50 people, pilot fatigue
12:06 pm
played a role. they believe this is a safety issue. >> thank you very much. in washington for us today. as we look to the next 24, 48 hours, about half the country should expect temperatures to plummet below zero. think about that. appreciate it if you are not in that part of the country getting to enjoy the warmth. chad meyers is watching this for us in the cnn weather center. as we talk about the bigger picture and how the cold is not going away yet. polar vortex. this is the phrase people are throwing around. what does that mean? >> i heard this pounded around all day. let's get to it. how it affects your weather. there is a jet stream that goes around the north pole. the polar jet. if it's supposed to do that and keep all of the cold air bottled up here in the north pole. when one of the troughs decides to go south and i mean like to the gulf of mexico, all of a sudden you have a different
12:07 pm
picture. you have a picture of this. the coalar vortex where that jet stream is coming out of canada across the rockies all the way down to the gulf of mexico and up towards greenland. that allows all of this to pour into the eastern part of the country. it happens every year. it just doesn't happen like this. this is a big one. this is a significant vortex allowing big air to drop on south into the hudson bay and keep going into calgary and edmonton. into memphis and atlanta and new york city. right now it's in boston. because of that polar vortex to the west. that will shift. that will slide to the east and the bulk of the cold air will slight to the east as well. 51 degrees below is what your pet feels outside. please make sure the pets have shelter from that wind. they can handle 10 below zero if they have water, but they can't handle the 40 or 50 mile per
12:08 pm
hour wind chill with the wind chill 50 below even with the fur coat. 53 right now. that will change boy 40 degrees overnight as boston gets down to 18 outside the city and down to around 13. new york city in the 40s. down to 11. it is 26 in atlanta. 11 degrees in nashville and 16 in memphis. these are afternoon temperatures well below in the cities that never reach that. they will have to be covered. that will kill a lot of bugs. this may actually help our insect infestations across parts of the deep south as we kill bugs and get them frozen. her face is cold.
12:09 pm
>> a teacher said he lot of 40 pounds on a mcdonald's diet. that's not the whole story. new revelations about a shadow campaign for hillary clinton. i will speak live with a democrat who talked about challenging her. smoke pot legally in toll raddo and your boss can fire you. why the new boom gets shaky legally. and an actor apologizes for his apology for plagiarism. he goes a step further and mentions a street drug addiction. those stories and more coming up. bl [ male announcer ] the new new york is open. open to innovation. open to ambition. open to bold ideas. that's why new york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state.
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back to cnn here. the american woman who calls herself jihad jane was sentenced to years in prison for teaming up with al qaeda on a failed murder plot in sweden. here she is. real name? colleen la rose. she apologized and said she
12:13 pm
blindly followed her handlers in a plot to kill a swedish cartoonist for lampooning the prophet mohamed. she could have gotten live, but provided information about terrorists. opening the door to medical marijuana as andrew cuomo prepares to take action on allow hospitals to collect patients. this is according to two advocates on the plan. medical marijuana is hardly unprecedented in the united states. you see the green states here. 20 states plus the district of columbia. they allowed in some form every fashion among them colorado. it is also legal to sell recreational marijuana to anyone 21 years of age or older. the talk in new york has sparked fierce debate over legalization both medicinally and recreationally.
12:14 pm
hln's nancy grace joins me live. nancy grace, let's call this big picture. i'm curious and in your reading and watching all of this, do you think legalizing pot for recreational use, do you think that's a good idea? >> i think it's a horrible idea and i speak not only after studying it and rating every shred of scientific and research data out there, but after seeing what it does to people on an everyday level. >> how do you mean? >> in court when i would prosecute drug cases. i understand that a recreational amount in colorado, there only two states that allow recreational sale or possession of marijuana and that being colorado and washington state. washington state has not been implemented yet. what i would see is that people would dropout of work. they would become lethargic. ask yourself, do you want your
12:15 pm
cabdriver to be high on pot? how about your airplane pilot? what about that? >> hang on. on the other side i was talking to a tour operator who is thrilled that the legalization is in colorado specifically. he would argue that listen, if you do it responsibly you don't get behind the wheel. you do it in a private confined space. you do it safely. no harm, no foul. >> a private space like your home where you are supposed to be taking care of your children or cooking at a gas stove or lighting a fireplace? that place? no. not a good idea. when i'm at work, i don't want my baby-sitter high on pot. does anybody? do you want your children? do you want your parents or sister or brother to be taken care of or driven around by
12:16 pm
someone high on pot? they get what they ask for. >> people are screaming at the television agreeing and disagreeing with you. >> the ones who are disagreeing are lethargic and sitting on the sofa eating chips, fat and lazy. >> let me move along. >> fat and lazy. >> let's though a hypothetical in there. let's say one were to go to denver and take tours recreationally. say a couple of weeks later, you are perfectly fine to drive. you spoke legally, but do you get in trouble three weeks later? >> this is going to be the legal issue there if you are impaired. if it can be determined that you are still under the influence. not whether you smoke pot a month ago or any other drug a month ago and whether you used it and whether it's in your hair
12:17 pm
fogicles or your system, the state will prove you are impaired. that means walking a straight line and answering questions. all of those tests will come into play. if you are impaired, you need to go to jail. >> the huge concern are children. you are a mom and it's the kid issue. according to our affiliate, there was a 2-year-old girl recovering after she found some sort of marijuana-laced cookies. she's a kid and she it. as a mother, if you lived in colorado, would that be your biggest fear? >> my biggest fear is not my child eating ail cookie off the ground. that mom said the child found the cookie outdoors and must have eaten it. she didn't realize what was happening. at the grocery store, the little girl was lethargic and she took her to the doctor. she had no idea what really
12:18 pm
happened. when colorado legalizing recreational use of marijuana, the camel's nose is in the tent. his tail will surely follow. this is the beginning of widespread usage and more than just one ounce usage of marijuana. i don't believe from what i have seen for ten years in inner city atlanta and being a fed that the recreational use of marijuana is a good thing. i don't think it's best for our society. >> we will see how it plays out, nancy grace. >> i have a sneaking suspicion that you are pro pot and i don't like it. >> no, no. i talk to so many people with the build up and once it happened. >> a tour guide is taking people on a tour of pot houses? i don't put any store in that. thank you as always. watch nancy each and every night at 8:00 eastern on hln.
12:19 pm
meantime, do you want to lose weight? how about a diet of only mcdonald's? a science teacher said he lot of almost 40 pounds eatinga the the golden arches every day. is that really the healthy thing to do? we will talk to a nutritionist and also a rodeo. a woman and an angry bull. you won't want to miss what happens after this. the new new york is open. open to innovation. open to ambition. open to bold ideas. that's why new york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state. move here, expand here, or start a new business here and pay no taxes for ten years... we're new york. if there's something that creates more jobs, and grows more businesses... we're open to it. start a tax-free business at [ chainsaw whirring ]
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12:22 pm
>> you have to see this video. a by stander and 1100 pound bull have a close encounter. take a look. >> look at that woman fly into the stands. watch it jen. she is going. she's going. then she floats. this is a woman who was an employee of this festival. costa rica. wearing the wrong color. the bull zeroed in on her orange shirt. smacks her. she is flying into the people in the stands.
12:23 pm
she's okay and survives the accident. she was terrified when the bull chased her and laughed about the whole thing afterwards. >> it's the beginning of the new year. you are trying to lose a couple of lbs. here's a diet that may work. a high school biology teacher said he lot of 37 poups in three months by eating all three meals, each and every day at mcdonald's. his name is john and he did it by making sensible choices and by exercising. it is not fast food that is making americans unhealthy. it's our eating habits. >> the point behind this documentary is it's choice. we all have choices. it's our choices that make us fat. not mcdonald's. >> let's talk about it with rachel beller. she is a nutritionist in los angeles and the author of eat to lose, eat to win.
12:24 pm
you heard him talking about choices. does he have a point? he lot of all this weight here. he didn't go above 2,000 calories. that was okay? >> i think it's fine. it is about choices at the end of the day. you can choose unhealthy foods or healthy foods at a fast foot restaurant. if you are going to reduce your calories, you are going to lose weight. >> he did the breakfast lunch and dinner thing. he did do that to counteract the super size me. is this something you would recommend? i imagine it was cheap. is this something you would recommend to clients? >> i would recommend going on an action plan to help one lose weight. what i necessarily recommend having a yogurt. >> fay with six lollipops worth
12:25 pm
of sugar? i wouldn't. what john did is incredible and it sends a message about making choices and about taking on an action plan and sticking to it. he did something the average american is struggling to do and can't do. it's incredible. my advice would be to upgrade it to even more nutrient-rich foods. now that he has proven he can do it. he can stake to a plan and that speaks volumes. >> he lot of the weight, but if you look in his arteries and his cholesterol dropped as well. the fact that he has more options at a fast food chain would further val tate that they should offer the. >> fays a> parfaits.
12:26 pm
>> he chose not to pile on the brown sugar. he didn't do it in a vacuum. he kpeer sized and lot of three pounds a week which is incredible. yes, i think it's great what he did. would i necessarily recommend the diet for for the long run. no. i probably say this is a good jump-start and a good way to start the year, but i would then focus on more nutrient-rich and less sugar and less processed and wholesome foods. >> coming up next, he said a run for president would ruin his life, but brian shwitser is not ruleing it out. he has taken spots with hillary clinton as we learn of a shadow campaign involving clinton. we will talk to the former governor. about the possibility of challenging the former secretary of state and first lady.
12:27 pm
shia le boef is getting criticism for the apologies and part of that is because he plagiarized them. stay with me. so there i was again, explaining my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis to another new stylist. it was a total embarrassment. and not the kind of attention i wanted. so i had a serious talk with my dermatologist about my treatment options. this time, she prescribed humira-adalimumab. humira helps to clear the surface of my skin
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i'm brooke baldwin. bone chilling cold doesn't come close to describing what many of you would feel if you stepped outside your door right now. look at this. you can feel the freeze. this is lake michigan, a time collapse showing the effects of this thing called a polar vortex. this is the weather nerdy phrase. a swirly mass of air like an arctic cyclone. the temperature is colder than the south pole. cnn is live in chicago for us where let me tell you. look at the wind and the flags behind you. it's 12 below right now. how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling a little chilly, brooke. it is 12 below, but you look at the flags and the wind chill drops down to 25 below zero. very unsafe. normally in chicago on michigan
12:31 pm
avenue, the bridge would be packed with people walking up and down. you see a couple of brave souls who are out and about, but for the most part everyone is inside. a lot of folks told their employees to stay home. it's not just uncomfortable, but dangerous. frostbite can set in depending how cold you ever. this is about what they are talking. 10 to fen minutes exposed skin can suffer. frostbite. we were at the hospital and they are seeing patients come in and they say bottom line is it's serious stuff. >> is it po teblly pretty dangerous frostbite? what's the worst case scenario? >> you can actually lose parts of your tissue. so it could have to be amputated and parts of your tissue can die. you will have to have pieces
12:32 pm
removed or surgically taken out amputated. >> so brooke, bottom line is get inside if you are outside. if you are anywhere in the midwest unless you have to be outside. emergency workers are bundling up and dealing with it. but people should try to limit their exposure. it's cold. >> are we safe to assume schools are closed where you are? >> yes. just announced in the last half hour. chicago public schools will be closed tomorrow. >> back in the satellite truck. thanks to you for braving it for us. we will watch more at the top of the hour. first on cnn, liz cheney quit the race for the senate seat in wyoming after setting up turmoil within the republican party and her own family that includes dick cheney.
12:33 pm
liz cheney is not giving specifics, but her withdrawal statement cites what she calls serious health issues within her family. her decision to mound a challenge to gop angered a lot of republicans. she had a publicative concerning gay marriage with her lesbian sister, mary. politico today reporting that hillary clinton held a campaign strategy session last summer with three consultants. the only such meeting known to have happened and yet another indication that she wants to succeed president obama. cnn confirmed that a super pac reportedly formed to urge clinton to run has rented a list of contacts from clinton's failed bid for president in 2008. a clinton spokesman said any decision to run is a long way off. should clinton run? a lot of folks believe she would be a singe for her party's
12:34 pm
nomination. but there is another democrat who is makinging a bit of noise about running himself. here is brian schweitzer, the former two-term governor of montana. so great to have you on. welcome, sir. >> great to be on. >> as you mull this possibility of running, let me begin with this. do you take it for granted hillary clinton will run? >> i take her at her word. those of who you haven't run for office, you don't know how intensely personal it is when you jump off the cliff without air parachute. you have to have your family behind you and the fire in your bell e. anybody can say anything they want whether it's true or not. you have to be ready and you have to singe yourself and hold on tight. when she said she hasn't decided, i think you should believe her and believe me when i say i haven't decided. >> we are still talking to you for a reason.
12:35 pm
let's play the if game. if you were to run against hillary clinton, my question is would you run to her left or offer yourself up as a more conservative choice? >> they say that governors have records to run on and people who have been legislators have talked about things and of course i would probably talk about my record where during eight consecutive year, i had the largest budget in history and invested more new nony in history. the result was we increase the adult population at the fastest rate in the country by far. >> i hear you answering the question, but i asked you would you be left or right of hillary clinton? >> probably both. i don't know exactly where she stands on some issues, but i have been critical of this administration for still being in afghanistan. now we have people saying we have to go back to iraq to get
12:36 pm
al qaeda. >> john kerry is saying no, no. >> al qaeda was not even in iraq when we attacked the first time. they are there because we created a vacuum. what we need is leadership who said we are not going to get in every war around the world. we need leadership to tell us how will we have a cleaner and greener energy future. how are we going to invest in education so every family can afford to go to college? let's listen to what people have to say. >> let's say as we listen, say you get elected president and what does that mean? you inherit obamacare. would you tweak it? would you overhaul it? would you shoot for a single pair of systems as a lot of democrats want? >> is it an overhaul if you take the engine and the transmission out of a pick up? that's what it needs. this was not written by obama. this was written by the insurance companies and the
12:37 pm
pharmaceutical companies. it is transferring your tax dollars to insurance companies and assures pharmaceutical companies they can continue to sell medicine for times what they charge everywhere else. our problem was we pay too much for health care and we were not getting a good result. why don't we attack the costs. we have times as many procedures as everywhere else around the world. 20% of health care goes to insurance companies and now we want to give them more? we can make our health care system more efficient and less costly, but you don't do it by giving more money to the insurance companies. >> brian schweitzer, good luck if you are getting out of new york city and flying. >> it's not even cold yet, folks. >> i know you are laughing at all of us. thank you for your time. in a couple of hours, the u.s. senate is expected to confirm janet yellin as a member of the u.s. reserve. fascinating tidbits that reveal
12:38 pm
what kind of person she is including we have to go all the way back to high school. she was the editor and she was a valedictorian and that led to a particularly unique article. we will explain that. when is an apology not an apology? actionor shia labeouf getting criticism for his tweets. what he is saying that has many, many people fired up. stay here. to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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. >> if you are following this, the shia labeouf plagiarism drama is getting stranger by the day. he admitted to ripping off another actor's work. he posted weets to apologize and a reference to a street drug and even hired an airplane to write an apology in the sky. is he being sincere? is he being sarcastic? that's the question. labeouf is not offering an explanation for bizarre behavior. michelle turner has details from new york. michelle? >> last month shia labeouf admitted to ripping off another actoror work for a short film and he posted more than two dozen tweets apologizing to the original author. while the first seemed sincere
12:42 pm
and included statements like this where he said i was moved by his piece of work and i knew it would make a poignant and relevant short. i a poil jazz to all who assumed i wrote it. he continued to apologize by plagiarizing apologies. his tweets copied apologies and former defense secretary robert that mara and rapper gucci mane. they are calling it an opinion labeouf is encouraging by retweeting links to the stories that make the case. the performance took another turn when he had a sky writer do an apology to the original author and tweeted out a photo of that apology written in the sky. it offered the definitions for the word cloud including making less clear or transparent. the clearest may have been this
12:43 pm
where hes said you have my apologies for thinking i was being serious instead of accurately realizing i was mocking you. that line comes from eric erickson of red given the online confusion, he still is spreading, there is unlike to be clarity or originality from shia labeouf any time soon. cnn, new york. >> thank you. coming up, the nba wants to go global, but probably did not have this ambassador in mind. you know dennis rodman taking a team to north korea. we know who is going with him. you will recognize some of the names. we will talk about the bunch coming up. a woman who will soon be making decisions that impact your pocket book and my pocket book. we will learn about a unique snigz that faced janet yellin and may say a thing or two about
12:44 pm
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12:46 pm
. >> news from the supreme court stepped in and formally blocked same-sex marriage in utah. this is one of many cases that is fillering through the federal courts as we speak and could shape what marriage looks like from coast to coast. host of the lead and question number one i had for the last couple of weeks, all these
12:47 pm
same-sex couples have been getting married, where does that stand? >> we don't know. the attorney general put out a statement saying the attorney general is evaluating the legal status of the marriages that were performed and will not rush to a decision that impacts citizens so personally. right now they are studying the issue. you are right. there literally hundreds of same-sex couples that got married in utah after that decision. their fate as legally married couples hangs in the balance. >> and of course the next big question, where does it go next in the judicial system? we will be watching you to tackle that and more on the lead in 13 minutes here on cnn. let me talk about janet yellin. she will hold the unofficial title of the most powerful woman in the world. janet yellin, a couple hours from now, all signs point to her getting confirmed as the new chair of the federal reserve.
12:48 pm
she will be the first woman to hold the post in history to replace ben ber narchgy and stimulate the economy and reduce unemployment. personal finance and business correspondent zane asher joins me. i love this nugget that is found today. i feel like so much of what a person is, you have to go back to where they were in high school. this is fascinating about how she had interviewed herself for the airplane. explain. >> janet yellin is about to crack through the highest glass ceiling in america. looking at her high school years, she was valedictorian and editor of the school newspaper. the editor of the paper would have to interview the valedictorian. since she held both titles, she interviewed herself. >> hello, janet yellin, how do you feel about this? >> basically.
12:49 pm
it's interesting to look out. you get a sense of how she views herself and a sense of how she really feels about herself. she does not shy away from promoting herself and listing her accolades. she describes herself tongue in cheek. she is a version tile, attractive and talented senior. in professional settings, women sometimes have a hard time promoting themselves. in an area like economics where you have to argue and stand your ground and defend your policies, you need that strength of character. a woman went to yale with janet yellin. what was she like as a person. even on campus back then, you said the name janet yellin on campus, everybody knew who you were talking about. she had a professor and tobin named janet yellin his ta. that role was so hely coveted she was a mini celebrity on
12:50 pm
campus. you look from vice chair to heading this to professor at harvard. if you were going to create the perfect training school for the head of the federal reserve, janet yellin would be it. >> as she breakshelping the oth. thank you very much. >> coming up next, dennis rodman goes to north korea. it's quite a squad. plus the incredible story behind this picture and who this person is.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
a man who disappeared on new year's day has been found alive and his mother is calling this a miracle. a photographer just happened to be walking by, snapped this photograph of nicholas simmons trying to stay warm on a heating grate in washington, d.c. his mother and friends in upstate new york recognized him in the newspaper, found out where the photo was snapped. the family staked out the location r for hours on sunday and simmons showed up and was reunited with his family. we have pictures now of dennis rodman arriving today in north korea.
12:54 pm
there he is. as we said, he's taking a team of former ball players to help kim jong-un secelebrate his birthday. you know the deal. they have a bizarre friendship. having recently executed his uncle who was considered his father figure, just keep that in mind, kim's dictator include rationed dry corn and rice. dennis rodman reportedly dined pretty well in north korea. he maintains no agenda here, none at all. just basketball and his friendship with the dictator. >> i'm going to try to interact with him. i like the guy. he's awesome to me. that's about it. >> sports columnist and analysts peter messy.
12:55 pm
peter, welcome. >> thank you r very having me. >> we want to talk about the band of nba players in a minute. dennis rodman, do you think he the gets the fact that the cross dressing, tattoos, does he get the fact that kim jong-un doesn't even let his own people do these things? >> probably doesn't enter his mind. he's always been a strange guy. he is what he is on the court and off the court. who wouldn't want the most decorated player with the tats and the body rings and he's probably rimmed up as well, who wouldn't want him representing the united states. >> right, right. peter, let me take you through some of all stars. cliff robinson, kenny anderson had a dui last spring, lost a coaching job for it it.
12:56 pm
craig sued the nba for blackballing him. here's my question to you. why go to north korea? what's in it for these guys? >> we all know what's in it it. it's a payday. i'm sure that's the bottom line here. i don't think they would be going just to see the 38 parallel. some people would like to see that. i think it's pretty obvious, money. >>. how much money, do we have any clue? >> no, i don't know how much. all these guy. s that you mentioned probably need it. i know for sure some of them do. they haven't had many paydays, as you mentioned about kenny, he and i went to the same high school in queens, had the same coach. very proud of kenny. he just got let go, as you said, because of the dui. it wasn't his first. these guys are hurting in many ways.
12:57 pm
they want to get in. the spotlight again also. >> they are in the spotlight. we're talking about it. who is paying them? is it dennis rodman? come to north korea and i'll give you some money. >> it's the bookmaker that's putting the money behind it it. p patty something took their name off. he's still living up to his financial obligations. he's footing the bill or his company is footing the bill i'm sure. >> we'll be watching for the photo op. peter, thank you very much. it is the game for all the marbles. florida state will take on auburn in the college championship football game. it's dominance versus destiny. florida state has dominated each of its opponents while auburn used a couple miraculous endings
12:58 pm
to eke out some big wins. neither team is ranked very high when the season started and because of that fans may be able to cash in if they predict their team's success. joe carter from cnn sports is covering the game for us. joe, betting on a long shot. they actually pay off for some of these fan, right? >> yeah, exactly. let me explain the story. the a the beginning of this college football season, nobody felt that auburn would claim the championship. so several sports books gave them crazy odds. 1,000 to 1 odds of them winning the title. so they said if they sold 14 tickets ranging in about a $10 bet to $100 bet for them to win a national championship, that basically means that whoever had those tickets out there could win anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 on that bet. which is crazy. florida state, the number one
12:59 pm
team in the country, they come in as the heavy favorite, a ten-point favorite. there are a few tiger fans out there right now very much wanting to see their team win tonight. >> what about ticket prices? you think of a championship game, you think that the ticket price should be huge. i'm hearing it's surprisingly low. >> yeah, i and i don't want to make it out that there's no interest. it's because of the size of stadium and distance of travel. 2,000 miles for each school to get here to pasadena. also the rose bowl is 93,000 people here. last year in miami it's about 75,000. so ticket prices ranging from about $300 to $800. last year they were going for about $1,500. if you're in the the area and want to take in the game, you can get a pretty decent ticket. >> enjoy the game. thank you so much. before i let you go, i wanted to remember jerry coleman today with the san diego padres. he was the 1949 rookie of the
1:00 pm
year. won four world series titles with the yankees. along the way, he flew 120 air combat missions in world war ii and korea. the only major leaguer ever to see combat in two wars. baseball star hall of fame broadcaster american war hero. jake taper starts right now. . polar vortex, sounds like a device on go tham city. the national league has not been this cold in decades in many parts of the country. how cold? temperatures in half the u.s. could drop below zero. is there any relief in sight? and politics lead. she's made no official decision about 2016 yet. no official decision. given the level of planning and organization, isn't it a shadow campaign