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tv   Early Start  CNN  January 8, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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you think you can handle this ka dunk adunk dunk? >> missy elliott, work it. i want to arrange a free style battle between alex trebek and wolf blitzer. that's it for us. "early start." a devastating deep freeze moves across the country. historically low temperatures creating catastrophe for people in their homes and people on the roads. is there' leaf in site? indra petersons is tracking it. a shocking new book. the former secretary and the new book that has washington reeling this morning. why he says things were so bad. he almost quit. dennis rodman under fire on the day of his big basketball game in north korea. after giving a bizarre, angry interview to cnn's "new day."
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we're live with the fallout and what rodman is doing this morning. good morning, everyone. >> i'm christine romans. >> we have good news, i know this is a break from policy. the good news is, the deep freeze that has kept us in its evil frigid ice grip for days is finally coming to an end. soon, but not yet. but first, we have one more morning of the beyond frigid temperatures. these are the temperatures right now. 13 below in some parts of minnesota. >> oh, man. >> sorry, minnesota. the consequences of this, folks, are actually very, very serious. at least 17 deaths blamed on this freeflg weather. >> village of hamburg, near, buffalo, new york, people have had to deal with whiteout, strong conditions with heavy snow, changes on a dime. >> people in chicago reliving in
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that city, chiberia, they have broken 37 hours of subzero temperatures on tuesday. but it's still potentially cold, getting around in danger. drivers getting around. of course, we're talking about black ice. very, very dangerous. this sedan, you can see it spinning out of control. i'm sure hundreds having this same problem. officials telling drivers to avoid the roads unless necessary. >> in minnesota, take a look as a truck flies off a bridge. landed in the interstate lanes of 35, narrowly avoided by oncoming traffic. amazingly, after all of that, the driver survived. >> that's amazing. century-old pipes and subzero windchills a really bad combination in central connecticut. water mains ruptured in south hartford. some of those pipes date all the way back to the late 1890s.
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and south carolina. south carolina, thousands losing power because of the cold there. scenes like this, burst pipes, ice everywhere because of what happened in the top floor of a condo complex. a pipe in a launsd roomy erupted from the cold. and there you go. >> it's almost like you could ice climb up the side of the building there. i just woke up to a six-story man made waterfall. >> we're talking about the carolinas here. >> no, wait, there's more, indeed like a plumber's hedge across much of the country. in arkansas, pipes are rupturing almost everywhere. plumbers in little rock say they are so busy, customers are being told there's a two to three-day wait for service calls in little rock. >> that sound, pretty common across many states, it was so cold, cars wouldn't start. in maryland, aaa said it receives more than 1,000 calls
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an hour. >> really business is eye. really busy. i mean, we're totally swamped right now. >> the bottom line is, we got to get the battery replaced. >> i was hoping that the car would start so i could get my kid to school. >> bottom line is it's really cold and bad things are happening for thousands of passengers who saw their flights canceled. today could be the day that they finally get in the air pmp more than 500 flights are grounded today, mostly in cleveland, chicago and buffalo. some passengers say even if they got on a flight in the past few days, their luggage didn't make it. >> they kept telling us they were loading our luggage on the plane that's why we were played three or four hours. then we got to orlando, it never actually came at all. for the whole entire plane. >> take a look at this, that's florida, ladies and gentlemen. causing serious freezing on everything. these pictures taken by an ireporter not far from tallahassee. temperatures dropped as low as 19 degrees on tuesday. think of the snowbirds that went
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down. >> this is like florida. florida-florida, not florida, michigan. >> all of those midwesterners trying to escape the cold and it's still cold. >> indra petersons, make it better for us. >> good morning. i actually have good news. good news for the midwesterners to imagine that they're stuck in 30 below. relative at 19 degrees. still looking at the dangerous windchills in new york city, so 7 below. notice out towards duluth, they are recovering. mind you, it's a very slow recovery. here's the good stuff, what everyone is waiting for that jet stream way down to the south bringing that cold air even yet even into florida. notice, though, the change, we're going to see the cold air in the jet stream lift up over the next several days. tleek difference, by this weekend, we're actually talking about temperatures back into the 60s. that is what we all inside.
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finally there is relief in sight. let's start today, is this a slow progress. new york's city high, still below normal. jacksonville, 15 degrees below normal. everyone is expected to go from below normal to above normal by the weekend. thanks for that pattern change. notice, new york city actually goes up to 40s. check out tampa, above normal, almost 80 degrees. that change is on the horizon. there is great news. there is another storm that people will have to pay attention. it's the one in the middle of the country bringing icing to arkansas and tennessee. regardless, it's warmer, i don't care if anyone cares about rain. there's big news out of washington this morning, that city's in kind of a shock over former defense secretary robert gates, the former defense secretary is criticizing president obama and his handling of the war in afghanistan. in his new book, gates said that he almost quit in 2009 over a
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dispute on how to carry out the war there. gates says that president obama lost his faith in the afghan war, strategy, at least. he questioned his own commanders and listened too much to negative reviews through his advisers including vice president biden. so the harshest word are directed by gates. he calls the president a man of integrity. but he also writes, and here's the dagger, i think he's been wrong on almost every foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades. nearly every issue. the administration responded with saying deliberations over the afghanistan war policy have been widely reported and that the vice president relies on the president's good counsel every day. and the battle over emergency jobless benefits. the six republicans joined with the democrats to get the bill to 60 votes it needed to advance. but in change for those votes, and there's as you a quid pro
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quo, right? those republicans need to find new spending cuts to pay for the $6.5 price tag. it's not clear if that can be easily done. remember, they can't agree on much some washington these days. president obama invited them to send them a bill he can sign for those who lost benefits. >> it's hard out there. a lot of our friends, a lot of our neighbors who lost their jobs, and they are working their tails off every single day trying to find a new job. now, as the job market keeps getting better, more and more of these folks will find work. but in the meantime, the insurance keeps them from falling off a cliff. >> there's no word yet if the house plans to take up the extension. u.s. stock futures this morning, lower after a strong gain yesterday. the dow jumped 100 points yesterday. it was the s&p's first gain of the year. you have three goose eggs to start out the year. that had people a little
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concerned. right now in europe, stocks are down. we haven't started our day yet. but tokyo has finished the nikkei closed with a gain. in tech, she was the star of the consumer electronics show yesterday. at 5:50. trey raidle getting back to business. returning to capitol hill for the first time since pleading guilty to cocaine possession in late november. radel said he will rebuild trust. he faces a struf re-election challenge. we hear from former congresswoman gabrielle giffords three years shot to the day in a parking lot. giffords writes of new progress in the ability to regain the use of her right arm. she said it took many hours of rehab, but her arm now responds to her commands. and she draws a parallel with
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efforts on gun control telling her supporters to remain patient and keep working on it. the first batch of syria's chemical weapons materials have left the country. the u.s. says the cache of weapons is loaded on to a cargo ship. this is the first critical step in the international operation of ridding syria of its declared chemical weapons program by the middle of next year. big step. now, to england in a deadly helicopter crash. this chopper went down on a small village in the country's training mission. all four crew members on board were killed. let's get the latest from matthew crash. he's near the crash scene. matthew, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, it's a tragedy here on the north coast of norfolk, a. >> reporter: remote part of the united kingdom. you can see that the police behind me have cordoned you have
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off the helicopter. a sort of modified black hawk helicopter had four people on board and all of them have been confirmed by the british police to be dead at this point. they haven't given the names of those individuals until the next of kin have been identified. at the moment, investigators are on the scene to try to get to the bottom of what caused this. obviously, these are very highly trained personnel. they're looking at the possibility of pilot error. they're looking at the possibility of technical failure on board one of those choppers. there are actually two u.s. military helicopters back there inside the cordon. they are flying together on a low-level training exercise around this part of britain when one of them had these problems and went down. the other chopper landed to try and provide assistance. it's been told to stay there until the area has been cleared by the accident investigators. to make sure it doesn't -- its takeoff doesn't disrupt any of the potential clues as to what happened. later on today, we're expecting the bodies of the deceased to be
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taken away. and obviously, their next of kin to be informed, christine. >> all right. matthew chance for us. thank you so much, matthew. coming up, dennis rodman, unleashed, angry, unhinged on cnn's "new day." his interview drawing backlash on the day of his big basketball game. i guess his birthday present to the north korean dictator. we're live with creation from rodman -- from those people rodman have. and what the former nba star is doing today. prison break at a kentucky jail. but this inmate, he didn't get far, why he called police on himself. that's ahead. >> that's helpful. and jetblue paying up to customers left stranded at airports across the country. the latest on the jetblue -- oh, freezeout, i guess, next. 15 days, but not in a row. for the first time, you can use nicorette... even if you slip up... so you can reach your goal. [ male announcer ] now, quit on your own terms with nicorette or nicoderm cq.
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all right. get ready, folks, dennis rodman's big day taking part today in an exhibition game that's been months in the making. it's his game of former nba stars and the a north korean team. this was all put together to celebrate his friend's kim jong-un's birthday. but really, all that most people are talking about is his bizarre, sometimes, angry, twilightish interview with "new day" about what he said about american kenneth bae. paula hancock is monitoring this
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from seoul this morning. what's the response been, paula? >> reporter: well, john, it's a quarter past 7:00 here in the evening in korea, so the assumption is that game is under way at this point. of course, we don't know for sure. it's a notoriously secretive state, especially if leader kim jong-un. in a certain sense, if you're at an event with the leader, all your cell phones are taken off of you. so our sources can't tell us that the game has started. it's not just about the basketball anymore. it is about the citizen kenneth bae who has been held in north korea for more than a year now on alleged hostile acts against the country. as you said, chris cuomo from "new day" does can rodman if he would be lobbying for kenneth bae's release.
2:17 am
>> do you understand what kenneth bae did? >> what did he do? >> no, no, you tell me, why is he held captive? >> they haven't released any charges. they haven't released any reasons. >> rodman didn't enlarge on what he believes may have been any crimes that they may have occurred but the family itself is very concerned. they're worried that what he has said may actually jeopardize the chances of helping kenneth bae. >> we were shocked and just outraged. we couldn't believe our ears. you know, he was in a position to do some good. and to help advocate for kenneth. he refused to do so, but then, instead, he has chosen to hurl these outrageous accusations against kenneth. he clearly doesn't know anything about kenneth. about his case. and so we were appalled by that.
2:18 am
>> rodman has been widely condemned. the state department said it's still taupe sending special enjoy robert king to poyongyang to try to lobby for keith then bea's release. the state department, as far as that is concerned is still ready to try and help his release. john. >> paula hancock in seoul. paula said that the family was shocked. i was shocked watching that. charles smith, one of the former nba players sitting next to him, he also seemed shock. since then he's done interview expressing some regret over the fact that he's part of this now. >> well, some of the men behind him looked uncomfortable. maybe they could only hear his side of the conversation but it was very combative. you have to wonder what does dennis rodman really know about what's going on in north korea. he seems to insinuate he knows
2:19 am
more than than he lets on. >> he was alluding to something. >> but does at the same time he consider that he could be used as a pawn to basically poke at the united states. >> see if he says more after the game that could be going officer this very moment. an avalanche in vail, colorado has taken the life of a 24-year-old. the grandson of the man credited with founding the resort. anthony seibert died in a popular back country area tuesday morning. he and three other people were trapped in this avalanche. it's not clear if they were ski boarding or snowmobiling. experts were able to free three others. experts say the avalanche season in colorado is very, very serious. >> it's been combined as a couple hundred yards wide. maybe up to 10 feet deep, running a few thousand feet of vertical. we've been seeing it-n the last day sorry just generally an increase in size in avalanche in
2:20 am
the back country. >> this is the second avalanche in colorado in just over a week. >> we're talking about the impact of cold. >> i haven't noticed cold. >> here's one example, an escaped prisoner asking to go back to jail. robert vick escaped from a facility on monday. he was serving a six-year sentence for burglary. the temperatures dropped below a single digit. he went to a home, a motel, he asked for food and then made his request, can you please call the police. >> he was ready to go back. >> frosted on his fingers. >> he was shivering. >> he's frost bit. our barn's out back, i get slept there. >> he said, can you call the law? i looked at him like he was crazy or something. >> dispatchers, they didn't believe the call. but they did send an ambulance and a police car to take vick to the hospital and then back to jail. >> it's helpful. very helpful, right? >> yeah.
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all right. washington state could soon face unusual problem. too much marijuana. state licensed stores are set to open for business midyear. now officials say they have too many applicants for both growing and selling pot. they're hoping to cap production to 46 acres and limits number of retailers but applications keep flowing in. officials say they might have to result to a lottery system. a baltimore flight to dallas, a water pipe burst, some of the passengers were reportedly soaked in an incidents. can you imagine being on a plane soaked by a burst pipe. the pilot landed without incident in little rock. after repairs, passengers hopefully dried off, reportedly reboarded the flight. jetblue is promising again and promising compensation for the more than 150,000 passengers it wasn't able to get where they were going. the company shut down nearly all
2:22 am
operations in boston this week. 17 hours, blaming the weather and new faa rules requiring extended rest periods for its drew but that left many thousands of passengers stranded. and the airlines says, along with getting those passengers on new flights, it's going to give them either money towards future travel or frequent flier miles for their trouble. all right. we have a very important warning for if you're planning on making cheesy nachos or the super bowl there might not be enough velveeta. kraft says that a manufacturing irk is leading to a shortage of velveeta in some parts of the country. say it ain't so, obviously, kraft runs a lot of ads this time of year talking about how perfect its product can be when you're making queso dip. it goes very well with football, trust me. >> it's a one-two punch, a very
2:23 am
robust demand over the holiday for your queso season, right? and then football, too? there you go. it will be temporary. they say it's temporary. in other sports news, i'm not sure you can overcome the velveeta controversy, a college betting scandal. the fbi involved as three players are kicked off their team. andy scholes covering velveeta and the controversy coming up in the "bleacher report" next. i know i'm making the right choice. online or on the phone, we help you hire right the first time. with honest reviews on over 720 local services. keeping up with these two is more than a full time job, and i don't have time for unreliable companies. angie's list definitely saves me time and money. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today.
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good morning, 25 minutes
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past the hour. welcome back to "early start." three utah men's basketball players kicked out of school for gambling. >> andy scholes with the "bleacher report." >> gambling on anything as an athlete is a big no-no. they got the fbi involved. yesterday, the school announced that jalen moore and jesse rousecow were no longer part of the team. any type of sports gambling is prohibited and resulted in a one-year suspension and loss of eligibility. according to the school, there is no evidence that the three bet on their own games. a new jersey man is suing the nfl because he says the legal is pricing the average fan out of the super bowl. josh finkleman claims the nfl made only 1% of tickets available to fans and that vial lights the new jersey consumer fraud act.
2:27 am
the nfl said it's reviewing the suit. but the league did point out that the majority of super bowl tickets are given to teams which sell them at face value to fans who win lotteries. florida state completed their dream season monday night beating auburn for the national title. but someone got a little too excited when rushing to get the championship t-shirts ready for order. the official championship t-shirt being sold to the florida state seminole shop tuesday afternoon had the score backwards. >> oh! >> it said auburn won the game 34-31, not florida state. >> nice. >> it's been fixed. no word on if anyone actually received this shirt with the wrong score on it. >> college. on, it comes from the heat taking on the pelicans last night. lebron gets the bucket without the foul after being held up by teammates. just wanted a picture. check it out, lebron goes in and
2:28 am
gives her a smooch on the cheek. that's awesome. >> okay, thanks, andy. >> the top headlines. everything you need to know for the day after the break. not that one. that one. the one who seems like he's already got the job 'cause he studied all the right courses from the get-go. and that's an accountant, a mom, a university of phoenix scholarship recipient, who used our unique --scratch that-- awesome career-planning tool. and that's a student, working late, with a day job, taking courses aligned with the industry he's aiming to be in. ready to build an education around the career that you want? let's get to work.
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the death toll rising. record-breaking cold temperatures take hold of this country. this morning, blizzards burying communities. roads so icy they're really just unpassable. and pipes bursting everywhere. indra petersons shows us the damage and explains what's next. bashing biden former secretary of defense robert gates attacking the white house, criticizing the white house in his new book, shocking words he had for vice president joe biden. and set to be free. a minnesota man behind bars jailed for posting a parody on youtube. his release could be imminent. we'll have the latest details on this story. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> and i'm john berman. it's 30 minutes past the hour.
2:32 am
>> for some parts of the country it will feel like summer -- okay, not really. but it will be relatively warm today. that's the big word. the deep freeze is thawing. but not before another cold morning. 13 below in parts of minnesota. at least 16 deaths now blamed on this freezing weather. >> snow, actually a blizzard is hitting hard in the village of hamburg near buffalo. people there have had to deal with whiteout conditions, strong wind and this heavy, heavy snow which you can barely see. conditions changed on a dime so any breaks they thought they might have to dig out are short lived. >> it's so cold in chicago, people have renamed it chiberia. the city broke a streak of 37 hours of subzero temperatures tuesday. getting around the area, drivers dealing with the threat on the road, it's hard to see, black ice. just like that video, it's hard to see. this is what i like. the ice overtaking parts of lake
2:33 am
michigan. >> wow. >> i want you to look at this. the shoreline frozen up. and guess what, the lincoln park zoo, it was so cold -- lincoln park zoo is like inside and outside. they wouldn't let the polar bear outside. >> that's like the movie "frozen." >> it's crazy. but it was too cold for a polar bear in chicago. >> how cold is it? too cold for a polar bear. take look at this. this could be frightening and dangerous. a car accident, a car flying off a bridge. narrowly avoided being hit by oncoming traffic. get this, the driver, amazingly miraculously survived. shorts say the road very icy at the time of the accident. >> no match for windchills well below zero. old pipes, cold weather, not a good combination. emergency crews rushing to water main breaks in hartford and other towns nearby. >> thousands of people lost
2:34 am
power in south carolina because of the cold. and that led to scenes like this. burst pipes and ice everywhere. in this case, because of what happened on the top floor of a kind dough complex, a pipe in a laundry room erupted from the cold. >> just woke up to a six-story man made waterfall. >> that ice made waterfall in south carolina. the south. the economy is picking up for plumbers. in arkansas, pipes rupturing across the state. there's a three-day wait for service calls in little rock right now. the worst sound you could ever hear, and so many people experiencing that. their cars not starting because of the cold. in maryland, aaa said it receives more than 1,000 calls an hour. >> really busy. really busy. i mean, we're totally swamped right now. >> the bottom line is we got to get the battery replaced. >> i was hoping to get the car
2:35 am
to start so i could get my kid to school. >> the cold weather causing thousands of flight cancellations. 500 flights grounded in chicago, cleveland, detroit, biffle. there's hope that many passengers will finally get on their way to their destination today. some say even if they got on a flight in the past few days, their luggage, though, didn't come with them. >> they kept telling us they were loading our luggage on the plane and that's why we were delayed three or four hours. but when we got to orlando, it never actually came at all. >> so there was no luggage? >> for the whole entire plane. look at this. guess what state this is? florida. florida. even the sunshine state could not escape the icy cold. these pictures being taken by an ireporter not far from tallahassee. the temperatures dipped to 19 degrees. >> indra petersons has more on the cold. >> temperatures are warming up for once instead of down, they're going up but slowly.
2:36 am
and today, we're still talking about that horrible windchill for so many of you. a little bit of upside, instead of negative 55, 33 or 31 below in duluth. that arctic iris starting to lift up. here you go. notice the change wept all the way south even towards florida where the high today is near the 40s. but notice the change as this lifts up by the weekend, we're actually getting warm air off the gulf. look at that, we're talking 60s, even some areas near 80 degrees by the weekend. look at the change. temperatures highs today on the cool side. d.c. just above freezing at 33. single digits towards minneapolis. that is still 20 degrees below normal for them. looking better down towards the southeast. so it is a gradual change but hello. check this out. tampa going to 79 degrees by the weekend. loving that. finally people can actually get their beach vacations that went
2:37 am
down. new york city above normal to 56. even chicago, looking at the 30s. that is all that anyone cares about going from below normal to well above normal. >> can't go much below normal. >> right. what's everyone in washington talking about this morning? it is this criticism levied at the president from his former secretary of defense. robert gates saying in a new book that he almost quit in 2009 over the war in afghanistan and deep policy disputes in the administration. he claims that president obama lost faith in the afghan war strategy, questioned his own commanders and listened to me to negative news from his advisers including vice president biden. gates calls the vice president a man of integrity. but listen to this, he writes i think he's been wrong on every foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades. that, folks, scathing criticism.
2:38 am
the administration responded saying deliberations over the afghan war policy have been widely reported and that the president relies on the vice president's, quote, good counsel every day. staying in washington, the unemployment benefits cleared the hurdle in the senate. six republicans joining with the democrats to get the bill to the 60 votes it needed to advance. in exchange for those votes, republicans want to find new spending cuts, they want to find revenue to pay for the $6.5 million price tag. it's not clear if that's something that happens in washington. president obama asked them to send them a bill, he bill he can sign right now for more than 1 million americans who lost unemployment benefits out there. >> it's hard out there. a lot of our friends, a lot of our neighbors who lost their jobs and they are working their tails off every single day trying to find a new job. now, as the job market keeps getting better, more and more of these folks will find work.
2:39 am
but in the meantime, the insurance keeps them from falling off a cliff. >> there's no word yet if the house plans to take up that extension. congressman trey radel getting back to business. the florida republican returning to capitol hill on tuesday for the first time since pleading guilty to cocaine possession in november. radel said his job now is trying to rebuild trust and he will continue drug and alcohol treatment but his political future very much up in the air. faces a tough re-election fight later this year. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords speaking out three years to the day after she was shot in a tucson parking lot. talking about her legislation with ongoing efforts to react gun laws. giffords writes after many hours of rehab and a whole lot of work she has new feeling in her right arm. she urges similar patients over gun control. she tells her supporters with
2:40 am
work and time change will happen. >> her recovery has been remarkable. overseas, syria has started moving commonwealth of pennsylvania materials out of the country. u.s. officials say the poison gas materials were transported to the syrian port area and on to a danish vessel taken into international waters. this is the first and critical step in the international operation of ridding syria of its declared chemical weapons program by the middle of this year. after nine months in jail, an american from minnesota could finally be on his way home from the united arab emirates in just a few days. kadeem was arrested in april in dubai after spoofing the culture there on youtube. sara sidner will be covering the story in abu dhabi this morning. how close is he to coming home, sara? >> reporter: i think it's going to happen within the next 24 hours, we understand from the
2:41 am
state department. he's been sent to a deportation facility. so it's imminent that he will be leaving the u.a.e., deported after being in prison for nine months where a youtube film he put online, intending it to be funny, intending it to be a joke, a satire, about life in the suburb of dubai, where those wannabe gangsters are going around trying to protect people in a neighborhood where they, of course, say is dangerous which of course, everyone knows is not. this is one of those indication where there is confusion in the minds of the young men who put this video together. they had no intention of seeing anything go wrong. all of a sudden, they find themselves in prison with no explanation for many months as to why they were there. finally, they were told they were arrested under the cybercrimes law that has been newly enhanced here in the u.a.e. for this video which they said they didn't intend for anything more than a joke. it's quite innocuous and has
2:42 am
people puzzled for why they were put in jail for so long. the government doesn't agree. the judge sentencing him and several others to one year in prison. he's served about nine months. which the courts look at things -- they don't look at the number of days on a calendar and they don't do it that way. they kind of shorten it a bit. there's been a lot of heartache for the family who has fought and fought and fought to try to get him home and that looks like it's going to happen very soon. it's a reminder, sara, to the americans traveling there that the legal system is very, very different and you have to be very careful as a foreigner in many of those countries. 42 minutes after the hour. coming up an american helicopter goes down off the english coast. four airmen are dead. we're going to have the latest on this tragedy when we come back. afghanistan, in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982.
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it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what? sure american airmen are dead after a helicopter crash in england. it happened northeast of london when the air force went down along the north sea. no cause has been determined yet. the chopper was on a training mission when it crashed. and investigators say the debris is scattered over such a large area it may fake days before they have a better idea of what happened there. a deadly avalanche has killed the grandson of a man
2:46 am
charged with founding that resort. it is not clear if they were ski boarding or snowmobiling. experts say the danger in colorado is particularly bad. but it's been described as a couple hundred yards wide. and maybe up to ten feet deep. running close to 1,000 feet of vertical. we've been seeing over the last ten days or so just a general increase in the size of the avalanches in the back country. >> this is the second avalanche death in colorado just over the last week. a montana judge who made national headlines over his sentence for a convicted rapest has decided to retire. but judge todd baugh insists his stepping down after 30 years has nothing to do with the controversial case. when he sentenced teacher stacy randle to 30 days in jail after he pleaded guilty to raping a 14-year-old student that caused quite a sfir. again, the judge says that is not why he's retiring.
2:47 am
a month teen at the center of a smalltown rape scandal that made national headlines is recovering from a suicide attempt. she was just 14 at the time. the assault charges were eventually dropped but according to the girl's mother, the bul bullying never stopped. a special prosecutor is reviewing the case. so how cold was it in kentucky earlier this week? so cold that an escaped prisoner begged a man to help him get back to jail. the inmate robert vick reportedly escaped but his temperatures dropped into the low single digits he went to a motel, and a home, asked for food, and then made the request, please call police. >> he was ready to go back. >> he was frost bit. >> he was shivering. >> he's frost bit. our barn's out back. i guess slept there. >> he said can you call the law
2:48 am
on me? and i looked at him like he was crazy or something. >> so as you can imagine, the dispatchers didn't believe him when he called but they did send an ambulance and a police officer to take him to the hospital and yes, ultimately, back to jail. washington state could soon face unusual problem, too much marijuana. state-licensed stores are set to open for business midyear. now officials say they have too many applicants for both growing it and selling it. they're hoping to cap production to about 46 acres and limit the number of retailers but applications have been flooding in. the officials say they may have to resort to a lottery system. officials say the american airline departed dallas but just after reaching cruising at tuld a water pipe burst. some of the passengers reportedly were soaked in the incident. ooh. the pilot landed without incident in little rock. after it was repaired,
2:49 am
passengers reportedly reboarded the flight. let's take a look at what's coming up on "new day." >> chris cuomo, kate bolduan. what's going on? >> what is coming up on "new day." >> it's wednesday -- >> did you say tuesday? >> did i say tuesday? there's a good start. >> you guys made so much news on tuesday, you're still in it. >> just replay that video. >> by "we" you mean dennis rodman? so, we're growinging to take a look at that today. obviously, you heard about the interview with dennis rodman. we got very wwf in here about questions about when he would take his actions and use it specifically for kenneth bae all of this with the gentlemen around them that they're playing about now in north korea. it was supposed to be a cultural exchange, that's what the guys around him thought. why was he so upset? greg anthony, you may remember him, another nba great.
2:50 am
also very intelligent on the topic of culture exchange and what this situation should be seen as, defending the players somewhat. former ambassador bill richardson is going to talk about the situation in north korea and what he believes rodman's impact may be. also, most importantly, the sister of kenneth bae. she's going to be here to talk about and remind all of us why he is where he is. what he confessed to and not. and how she feels that dennis rodman may be affecting the fate of her brother. >> we're tracking that. another story we're talking about today, a target employee being called a hero this morning. we're going to find out how police say she helped them track down a man suspected of kidnapping a little girl. this person was just at work. they didn't more than their job. coming up next, new laws come new opportunities. the question is, should you invest in pot? now you can, but should you? the story in "money time" is
2:51 am
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all right. this is breaking news now. you're looking at live pictures from dunwoody, georgia. this is near atlanta. look at that, that is water simply flying into the air. it's a broken water main spraying this water. it's not clear if the weather had anything to do with this.
2:54 am
but i've got to say, we've been seeing broken pipes in water mains all across the country. even in the south, over the last few days. and look at those power lines now just covered, covered in ice from that spraying water. looks like it's pretty out control right now. a dangerous situation. >> that cold say real story. you can't build houses when it's cold. when the roads are closed, you can't drill for oil, you can't frac for gas. you can't ship railcars. it's nuts how the deep freeze has affected so many businesses. you look at pictures like that, i see a business story. but -- >> i see ice. >> i see ice and people irritated. it's "money time" this morning. the first rally of 2014. finally the dow up 100 points. s&p/nasdaq closed higher. ford ceo alan mulally put to bed that he was going to run
2:55 am
microsoft. he personally said he's staying put through 2014 at ford. the speculation has been relentless. he personally wanted to put this thing to bed. another place to look today, pot stocks have you heard about them? >> maybe. >> with legal marijuana calls a new space in the stock market. call them pot stocks. many of them are risky penny stockings. some of those, though, are legitimate big companies. how do you invest in the pot business? >> very carefully. >> think pot safes. pot vending machine. pot security. technology for pot nurseries. companies that tweak their existing technology to apply it to the pot-growing business. huge rallies for those stocks. we'll see how high they were go. >> the reigning queen of silicon valley -- >> christine romans? >> no, marissa mayer. she took the stage. she's the ceo of yahoo! she's
2:56 am
there eye were her new friend katy couric. she announced the acquisition of smartphone maker. >> think about what your phone understands about you. your locations, your contacts, your calendar, your e-mails. and now imagine what happens when that context becomes part of the future experience. the future of search is conte contextual knowledge. >> shares of yahoo! have gained over 100% since mayer took over in 2012. >> so she's the reigning queen. we'll be right back. fedex one rate. really makes my life easier. maybe a promotion is in order. good news. i got a new title. and a raise?
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all right, friends. don't go change it. >> "new day" starts right now. whiteout. a massive snowstorm dumping as much as 2 feet in parts. stranded drivers rescued by snow
3:00 am
mow beels and then the cold. watch as this driver goes off an icy bridge. dennis rodman and his team of americans playing in their big game in north korea this morning. we are tracking the fallout from washington. target hero she's the employee that spotted something amiss. she was able to save this kidnapped 7-year-old girl. now this, the kidnapper is speaking out from jail. your "new day" starts right now. >> good morning, welcome to "new day." highway you doing? good? good. it's 6:00 in the east. millions of americans still hanging on in the final hours of this killer cold. still sees windchills well below zero in the midwes


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