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tv   Crossfire  CNN  January 10, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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your baby has a diaper sense or and your toothbrush is cyber bullying you. strange times in which we live on "the ridiculist." that does it for us. thanks for watching. ♪ the bffs. >> i said we're best friends because we are. >> who came everybody's buddies and hollywood's hottest hosts. >> i don't think she has any plans to do porn. >> none of us have perhaps to do porn. >> tina fey and amy poehler. >> things can get a little crazy. >> two smart women -- >> so am i, so is this one. >> funny on their own. >> yeah, jealous? >> together, hilarious. >> you know, hillary and i don't agree on everything. >> anything.
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>> from humble sketch comedy beginnings -- >> look, jimmy, it's team punk pop sensation. >> they became hollywood power houses. tonight, a tandem. poised again for golden global domination. >> this is better. >> a lot better. >> this is good. >> we got it now. >> tina fey and amy poehler. "first ladies of comedy." >> it's just a great night for celebrating. >> i'm wearing a corset. >> it's good fun. >> it's the party of the year. the golden globes presented every year by the hollywood foreign press association. but in 2013, something
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different. two new hosts. >> ladies and gentlemen, tina fey and amy poehler! >> could they pull it off? headlining this show packed with a-listers boozing it up. >> well, the show has really taken a turn. time to start drinking. >> the two best friends quickly get everybody laughing. >> only at the golden globes do the beautiful people of film rub shoulders with the rat-faced people of television. >> smart, charismatic, and most importantly, hilarious. that hosting performance is hailed by critics, comedians and pretty much everyone who sees it. >> they killed. they knocked it out of the park. >> they were in the moment. >> they were incredible. i think they're going to outdo themselves once again. i mean, they're really bold ladies, and they're the keeps of comedy right now. >> i thought they were wonderful. they got everything right.
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they were having fun. it was like a roast. >> getting sloppy in here, everybody. look how drunk glenn close is. >> they project a niceness, so when they do go into those more zingier places, people don't feel like they're so mean. >> mean is one word pinned on ricky gervais. >> our first presenter is beautiful, talented, and jewish apparently mel gibson told me that. he's obsessed. >> the comedian drew as many gasps as laughs for jokes many considered too harsh. >> the complete opposite of some famous scientologist then. >> where so many other award show hosts failed or offended -- >> i feel bad about that joke. >> tina and amy triumphed.
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>> the beautiful ann hathaway is here tonight. [ applause ] you gave a stunning performance in "les miserable." i haven't seen someone totally alone like that since you were on the stage with james frankel. >> the broadcast sees its biggest audience in six years. and guess which buddies are reupped for two more? >> we'll be hosting again -- >> together. >> because we are best friends. >> what was that? >> i said the thing you said. >> you're going to get to do the golden globes again with tina. thoughts? >> very excited. not ready at all. haven't prepared at all. but very excited, yeah. we had such a good, fun time last year. so we're hoping to do that, just facilitate the evening, keep it moving.
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do as little as we have to. we've known each other for 20 years now. it's fun to do it with your friend, yeah. >> this is better. >> this is better. >> this is good. >> we've got it now. >> hey. >> funny women, now proven hosts. >> it was a great year for film. catherine bigelow nominated tonight. [ applause ] i haven't really been following the controversy over "zero dark thirty," but when it comes to torture, i trust the lady married three years to james cameron. >> they come across as terrific, good buddies. i will definitely be watching especially, because they're hosting, definitely. >> just to get you excited, here's a preview of our big opening number. >> five, six, seven, eight -- >> when we come back -- >> this time, we're going to do
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more. >> we'll show you how tina and amy meet on the improv stage. >> are you guys excited? >> and rise through the "snl" ranks. >> people say that hillary is a bitch. let me say something about that, yeah, she is. so am i. so is this one. >> deal with it. >> bitches get something done. bitch is the new black. [ male announcer ] this is the story of the little room
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♪ long before all the honors -- >> i'm very excited to be hosting this evening. >> -- the accolades. >> we don't win anymore, but we still get to come. >> -- tina and amy take their first bows on national stage on "saturday night live." >> look, it's pop sensation alva lavigne. >> that's their introduction to america. but they're introduced to each
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other a decade earlier. tina, fresh from the university of virginia. ♪ and amy, armed with a degree in improv training from boston college. head west to chicago. and it's there they meet in 1993 at the comedy training ground, improv olympic. >> i'm amy and my number is 506-1ga. >> have i heard of them? no. >> i have a knack foreseeing that special thing. and i saw it when i saw tina and amy. >> thousands of hopefuls come through the doors here. >> some are bolder, some are braver. that's where they stood out for me. i put them together on a team,
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and they were surrounded by six men. you know, those men knew who ran the show. it was those girls. i created a show calls "the living room," which i shot a pilot with them. >> tina and amy, now fast friends, continue their training at a place synonymous with comedy greatness. chicago's second city. >> pretty extraordinary when you look at these pictures and the faces. >> andrew alexander is ceo of second city. >> dan ackroyd, john candy. >> miss tina fey. what kind of classes did they take? >> all improv classes. they were learning their craft. >> oh, my god, that was just the coolest.
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>> it was a popeye's chicken. >> i'm not in the show quite that much, because it was my first show. so this time, i'm going to do more. >> this is rare footage from the second city documentary. >> you want to prove yourself, you're spending your time focusing on, i can keep up, i can, you know, my place here and find my niche in this ensemble. >> fey makes the main company. amy poehler gets into the touring company. >> amy kind of left us before she ever made what we call our main stages. she decided to move on. >> to new york in 1996, where she co-founds rival improv comedy group up right citizen's brigade. >> she needed to come to new
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york and find a new niche. she was polishing her skills at that stage. >> in '97, tina gets her own summons to new york, and it's a life changer. >> she just came to interview with laura michaels to be a writer on "snl," which is like hysterically brave. she's this little improv kid. >> what did he see in her? >> incredible mind. an incredible comedy mind. she's just a brilliant comedy writer. just brilliant. >> are you looking for the perfect gift for mom this mother's day? introducing mom jeans, exclusively at jcpenney. cut generously to fit a mom's body. >> she wrote the mom jeans sketch. >> new excedrin for racial tensions headache. taking me from, oh, no you didn't, to i wish a [ bleep ] would.
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>> what was she up against when she was hired as a writer there? >> it has been a boy's club for its history. but i think in the tina era, it was -- it became strongly feminized. >> she's named the first female head writer in "snl" history. in 2000, another crucial moment in tina's ascent. she moves from behind the scenes to the anchor desk on "weekend update." >> in a new study, scientists are reporting that drinking beer can be good for the liver. [ applause ] i'm sorry, did i say scientists? i meant irish people. >> loren has said, he was taking a risk with tina putting her in that role. >> tina was unknown. she wasn't a big star to do it. so i think he put them together to see how it would work and they had really fantastic
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chemistry. >> years later -- >> i think we have a clip. >> fallon reveals footage of their original screen test. >> i'm an ex-cop with a heart of gold. >> and i'm a 7-year-old black orphan getting into mischief. >> tina whispers in the boss' ear, what about my buddy? >> i know this great performer, you have to look at her. >> come on dishing time in 2001, amy works her magic, as she would joke to larry king. >> i just met loren and handed him an envelope filled with $50,000 and here i am. ♪
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>> how good of a sketch comedienne is she? >> one of the best i've ever seen. there was a period of time if you watched "saturday night live," you would think it's the amy poehler show. >> i promise you darling, there's no ghosts around here. so you're safe. >> that's good, because i hate ghosts. they're spooky. [ flatulence noises ] >> i'm sorry, amber, are you farting? >> yeah, i farted. jealous? >> the range expands in 2004 to include co-anchoring weekend update alongside you know who? >> here are tonight's top stories. >> their update pairing last two years before tina moves on. >> i'm tina fey. >> in 2008, they reteam for one night.
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>> what bothers me the most is people say hillary is a bitch. let me say something about that, yeah, she is. and so am i. so is this one. >> yeah, deal with it. >> reminding us all how awesome they are together. >> bitch is the new black! >> when we return, tina and amy part ways on "snl" but regroup on the big screen. >> what is this? >> water. >> it's horrible! [ male announcer ] this is kevin.
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weekend update with tina fey and amy poehler. >> hollywood takes notice of tina and amy's "snl" team work and like legions before them, they leap from television to the big screen. >> you all have got to stop calling each other sluts. >> in 2004, she writes and stars in a comedy called "mean girls" where amy plays a morally ambiguous mom. >> there are no rules in this house. i'm a cool mom. >> it's a box office smash, earning more than $129 million worldwide. and more movies follow. >> i want to put my baby inside you. >> next, they pair up in "baby momma." >> kate, we're partners like tom and jerry. >> they hate each other. >> they love each other. what show are you watching?
10:24 pm
>> tina lands as a leading lady in "date night." >> hello up here. we were in here earlier having dinner with our friend sam i am. >> you mean will i am? >> in the midst of their movie careers, their television presence grows. amy continues to show case her skills on "snl." >> on wednesday, the 73rd annual rockefeller christmas tree was lit. as was i. >> i'm liz lemon. >> tina translates her real-life experience on the show into the sitcom "30 rock." it takes a while for viewers to come to know "30 rock," but despite its bumpy start with tina as the creator, writer and star of the show, nbc is willing to bet on it with a second season. >> the numbers were terrible. it wasn't getting good critical
10:25 pm
attention. but if you remember, "seinfeld" didn't either. this is a good example of letting a show grow. don't yank it. it was to nbc's credit that they went okay, we trust you, so we're going to just give you enough time to find your way. >> under tina's leadership, "30 rock" finds its way to 103 emmy nominations and 16 wins over its seven seasons. "30 rock" becomes the jewel of tina's comedy crown. >> i got to have the final say on almost everything. but i had all of these incredibly talented people doing work with me and for me. >> while enjoying the spoils of her creative control at "30 rock," in 2008, tina is asked back to "snl" where she makes the most of her resemblance to a certain political candidate. >> you know, hillary and i don't agree on -- >> anything. >> everything.
10:26 pm
i believe that diplomacy should be the corner stone of any foreign policy. >> and i can see russia from my house. >> tina and amy's portrayal of sarah palin and hillary clinton becomes an overnight sensation and national obsession watched by millions. >> tina fey as sarah palin, it was huge. it was huge on like seven or eight different levels. >> tina got up there and basically through the performance said everything that everybody was thinking. then you have amy, to do hillary clinton is actually really hard. >> i love your outfit. but i do want the earrings back. >> it also reminded us that comedy can be influential in politics. >> in that case, i'm just going to have to get back to you. >> their take on the 2008 elections cements the strength of their partnership and solidifies their hollywood
10:27 pm
stock. now it's amy's turn to depart "snl" for her own sitcom in "parks and recreation." >> let's go over our schedule for this afternoon. we have hiking and capture the flag and then a puppet show about the bill of rights set to party in the usa by miley cyrus. >> like "30 rock," it initially struggles to find its audience. but over six seasons so far, the all-star ensemble earns critical acclaim and a loyal legion of fans. >> it's funny but it's never mean. it's unlike anything on television. >> what makes the magic, though? what makes it work? >> i think we have great writers and the best cast in tv. comedy or drama. i've said this before. >> you want to cut funding for the puppet put-put? >> as for how the cast feels about amy?
10:28 pm
>> monster. >> amy is like an incredible comedy machine. >> what about that amy poehler? >> oh, bitch. way over her. she seems to get all of her lines every week. >> she's the center of the show. >> no, she's the best. she's the sweetest. technically she's the leader of the show but you would never know it. she's just so kind. >> admired by comedy peers and respected by their comedy icons. >> they're very witty and they are very smart. and they know how to deliver a line. >> meryl streep is not here tonight. she has the flu. and i hear she's amazing in it. >> their legacy will be, they made you laugh. >> two wildly accomplished writers, producers and actresses. for tina, her career has become
10:29 pm
more than she ever imagined. >> i feel like i've exceeded my wildest dreams. >> when you think about your life now, do you pinch yourself and say, wow? >> i really always wanted my life to be filled with doing good work with my friends. so i feel like i'm getting to do that now, which is awesome. it's been a very slow and steady race for me. i like the long game, or the long con is maybe -- >> so you're the tortoise, not the hare? >> yeah, maybe i am. >> amy and tina, undisputed reigning first ladies of comedy. for more of their golden moments and to get the latest on the red carpet stars and standouts, check us out on -- captions by vitac --
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tonight on "unguarded with rachel nichols" -- undeterred. all the scouting reports said russell wilson was too short to play in the nfl. >> scouts say you've got to be 6'2" to be a successful quarterback in the nfl. >> i think it gives me an extra little bit of motivation, a little fire in me. >> unexpected. >> i'm joey pants, lost my head, but hopefully after i take the blue pill i can survive an evening talking sports with rachel nichols. >> unrelenting. the colts were down 28 points against kansas city. but quarterback andrew luck had the chiefs right where he wanted them. >> luck scores! andrew picked up the fumble and scores! >> it's great to be able to go out there and try and overcome, you know, whatever the obstacle is.


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