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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 11, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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-- captions by vitac -- hello, everyone. here are the top stories we're following. a big decision on the future of alex rodriguez. we'll tell you what his punishment will be for allegedly violating doping rules in the major leagues. and hackers target one of the most exclusive stores in the country. nieman marcus. and the sacrificial black rhino. the group of wealthy hunters bid on the chance to hunt one of the endangered animals so thousands of others could be saved? the hotly debated conservation strategy this hour.
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this is cnn breaking news. we're on top of breaking news in major league baseball. an arbitration panel has reduced the suspension of alex rodriguez to 162 games from 211. the mlb has suspended the star player for violating the sport's doping rules. here's the statement from a-rod's spokesman. quote, the number of games comes as no surprise as the deck has been stacked against me. from day one, i have been clear that i did not use performance enhancing substances as alleged in the notice of discipline or violate the basic agreement or the joint drug agreement in any matter and in order to prove it, i will take this fight to federal court. i will continue to work hard to get back on the field and help the yankees achieve the ultimate goal of winning another championship. that by way of alex rodriguez by
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way of his agent. so major league baseball is not happy, saying this, for more than five decades, the arbitration process under the basic agreement has been a fair and effective mechanism for resolving disputes and protecting player's rights. we respect the decision rendered and will focus on continuing to eliminate performance enhancing substances from our game, end quote. jason carroll is live with more on this breaking story. so, alex rodriguez says he's not going down without a fight. mlb says we respect the arbitration decision, so what next? >> it seems like no one is entirely happy with this decision. not mlb, not rodriguez, but the focus at this point is on rodriguez and he is going to take his fight to the federal level, hoping that a federal judge will throw it out, but you
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listen to the legal experts on this. we've talked to the legal experts on this. it is highly unlikely that a judge is going to do that, however, rodriguez is going to take his fight to the federal court. he is going to ask for an injunction to allow him to keep playing baseball while he continues to fight. i'm also told that in terms of how this all went down, you know, what happens is rodriguez' team was looking at a lot of different scenarios as this was playing out. as the arbitrator was trying to make this decision. the baseball arbitrator overseeing this whole decision, they were looking at a lot of different options and i'm told that at one point, they decided if the 1212-game suspension had been reduced to say 55 games, they would have taken their lumps and moved on. >> that would have been saying something very different, too.
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>> right, but this 162-game suspension basically puts him out for a year. that is something that is not acceptable to the rodriguez camp. they have consistently said that he did not take performance enhe enhancing drugs. he feels as though mlb used severe criminal tactics in terms of how they investigated him, in terms of how they went after him. obviously now, a lot of folks in baseball have been talking about this, waiting for this decision and just a couple of days ago, i spoke to frank thomas, former first baseman for the chicago white sox. he was just inducted into the baseball hall of fame. i was talking to him about the story. he said it was a sad day for rodriguez and a sad day for baseball. >> and you're one of those players, always has been known as clean, played the game clean. what are some of your thoughts about everything going on? >> i think i've said it for many years. things spiralled out of control in the late '90s, in the 2000 r
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era. it's sad because alex was such a great talent. i can't speak for him and what he's done, but on a day like today, i just want to keep it positive. i just hope baseball does what's right and as for him, i can't say anything because i competed against him for such a long time. i know the type of player he was. >> once again, i think his sentiments, a lot of people in the field of baseball feel the same way, so at this point, waiting to hear from the yankees to weigh in. we've heard from mlb. we've heard from the rodriguez camp. waiting for the yankees to weigh in to see what they're going to have to say about this, but once again, a huge, huge disappointment for rodriguez and his team. he'll be out if this is allowed to stand, for a year. he's 38 years old. the last time i spoke to rodriguez, you know, he was very aware of his age and his physical condition. if this is allowed to stand, it's going to be very tough for this man, even given his
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physical condition, to come back as a player and continue to play. >> right, after a year off. thanks so much. keep us posted when we hear from the yankees, perhaps we'll hear it by way of you. thank you. now to west virginia, where 300,000 people don't have access to clean happtap water. two days after a chemical used to wash coal leaked into the water supply. more than 1,000 people had called a local poison control center complaining of symptoms, which include nausea, vomiting, dizzyness, headaches, rashes and sore throats. it's unclear if exposure actually caused those symptoms. huge tractor trailers loaded with bottled water have begun arriving for people unable to cook, bathe, drink that tap water. >> this is a very difficult
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situation here. just about the only thing people can use their running water for is to flush their toilets. restaurants are closed. most businesses are also closed and there's also uncertainty about how long this situation will linger. >> it's utter chaos. >> see people just grabbing every ice bag they can. >> oh, it's hard. i got to use bottled water. >> there is growing outrage and concern in west virginia, where at least 300,000 people with without usable, running water thanks to a chemical leak at freedom industries. >> we are very, very sorry -- >> gary southern, the president of the chemical company, offered very few details during his first press conference nearly 24 hours after the leak was discovered. >> so, can you give us a timeline as to how this all happened? >> southern says its employees found the leak thursday morning. the chemical is typically used to clean coal and can be harmful if ingested. state officials say they were
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alerted to the problem when residents reported a foul smell, similar to licorice, in the air. the leak was traced to one of the 35,000 gallon storage tanks about a mile from the water plant. >> we're doing water tests on an hourly basis and the chemical level is declining, but we're just not sure exactly how long it's going to take until it's acceptable to lift the do not drink ban. >> the warning has rattled those who live in the nine counties where a state of emergency has been declared. >> it's a disaster. and it's caused us, it's caused us more problems than you could ever imagine. not only can we not wash dishes, we can't wash our hands after we go to the bathroom. you can't wash your clothes and you can't drink the tap water. you can't cook with the tap water. >> fema has sent several truckloads of water to the area to help and the u.s. attorney has announced they are
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investigating and even if this was a negligent act, there could still be a criminal violation. >> all right, thanks so much in charleston. the federal government is also respondinging to this emergency on several fronts. erin mcmike is covering that aspect of the story. >> fred, because president obama signed an emergency declaration over the last couple of days, he has since directed fema to deliver water into the area now. fema expects it will deliver at least a million litters of water and we're seeing that go in several ways. bottles of water so people have water to drink, as well as just gallons of water so they have water to use. now, the national guard has also been activated in the state so that they can then deliver some of this water directly to the residents. now, on a state level, the governor is getting several agencies together so they can review whether disasters like
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the deracho as well as superstorm sandy to see the responses they need to make. now, on top of that, he's also bringing agencies together so they can determine protocalls for testing the water supply in the affected area, so they can make sure it's safe and usable again. now, no word on when this will be, but they are getting together to start doing some of those tests, fred. >> keep us posted. thanks so much from washington. another major retailer may have fallen victim to data hacking. we'll look at the threat to now nieman marcus customers. and a hunters group in texas is auctioning a permit to kill an endangered rhino. but they say it's also a good cause. we'll explain. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin
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a scale retailer nieman marcus may be the latest retailer to fall victim to cyber hacking. the company says it's investigating a possible security breach that may have compromised customers credit card information. jennifer, when did this happen? >> nieman marcus found out in mid december. the possible breach. but what's unclear is the time frame of when that breach happened and that's what they're still investigating. now, nieman marcus alerted police. they went and are now working with secret service and a forensic team. that forensic team determined on january 1st that a breach did happen and that nieman marcus was the victim of a cybersecurity breach. what that means is that customers could be the victims. credit card information may have been compromised and nieman marcus is saying they're not sure how widespread this is yet, but they will contact customers
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who they believe their credit card information has been used fraudulently. they released a statement today saying we have begun to contain the intrusion and have taken significant steps to enhance information security. and of course, security breaches and credit card information being taken and stolen is something we're hearing a hot about. this comes right on the heels of target. >> and target, too, is now revealing more about what happened with that breach. before, it sounded huge, but now, it's even bigger. >> it's more than double. 40 million before. now, we're up to 70 million people. not only their credit and debit card information and expiration dates, now, we're talking about personal information as well. names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses. all of that information has now been corp. compromised for those 70 million people with target and it sounds pretty basic to take some precautions, but it's
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worth going over because a situation like this, you want to make sure you're protected. you're doing everything you can to make sure something happens, so check your bank statement, your credit card statement. if anything seems out of the ordinary, contact your bank or credit card company. if you get an e-mail from someone you don't know, a place you don't recognize, don't click on it. try to see if it's legitimate first and otherwise, you might want to steer clear. beware of phishing scams. this is something they offered to customers free for a year, so they know they fell within that window where they may have been, had their information compromised. they still have time to go and sign up. >> that was for credit card use, but not necessarily your debit card use. in this day and age, seems like people are pretty heavy handed with their debit card. >> start using credit cards.
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>> or cash. coming up, we're going to talk more about the situation to our money guest who says we may see a lot more of these kinds of issues with retailers in the future. and we'll hear what he thinks of perhaps these retailers have been doing wrong when it come to security. and pot, well, you know by now, it's legal in colorado and business is booming there. new stores popping up all over that state. plus, new jersey governor chris christie. used to be the federal prosecutor, now, he may wind up being a defendant? when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert.
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♪ the documents are out that reveals some of his aides trying to stone wall the media about a plan to close lanes to the george washington bridge. those closures reeked havoc on the jersey side of the nation's busiest bridge and a trail of internal e-mails shows the closings were done to punish if mayor of fort lee for not backing christie's re-election campaign. joe? >> the paper trail shows at least one other member of christie's staff was forwarded an e-mail detailing the extent of the problems on the george washington bridge, however, we don't know whether that staffer
10:21 am
actually read the document and there's no indication she was involved in any political retribution. there's also a document that says the mayor of fort lee, new jersey, felt the lane closing on the bridge was done to make him look bad and after the traffic mess was cleared up, there was an active attempt to stone wall media questions about what happened. the more than 2,000 pages of documents released by state lawmakers come as the committee continues to hone in on why traffic was snarled back in september. chris christie's former deputy chief of staff, who he fired thursday, may be the next person subpoenaed to testify in the widening probe. sources tell cnn, lawmakers want to question bridgette kelly about her involved in closing two lanes of traffic under the george washington bridge. kelly's e-mail, time for some traffic problems in fort lee was made public this week. >> certainly have the right to remain silent. >> on thursday, the port authority official that kelly sent that e-mail, refused to answer state lawmakers'
10:22 am
questions. he was held in contempt. the pair are accused of snarling traffic on the bridge as part of political retribution. thursday, christie said he was xu unaware of the plan to cause the traffic jam. >> i had no knowledge of this issue, its planning or execution and i am stunned by the abject stupidity that was shown here regardless of what the facts ultimately uncover. this was handled in a callous and indifferent way. >> so, just how bad was the mess on the bridge? 2800 vehicle hours were lost during the traffic test according to the report. the documents paint a fuller picture of the chaos and outrage that occurred in the days after the -- the fort lee police chief was quoted as saying it was a monumental failure.
10:23 am
there's no indication in the documents we've seen that governor christie played a role. >> thanks so much, joe johns in washington. so, while governor christie's office is a subject of the state investigation, he's also now dealing with a federal criminal probe and facing civil lawsuits. tan di miller is here with me now. you know how these investigations go, but based on what you've heard thus far, you hearing any evidence that really help substantiate a criminal probe? >> not yet and it's important to realize, fred, what the u.s. attorney has said he is doing. he has not launched a full blown investigation yet. what he has launched or opened is a somewhat more limited ve investigation to see whether or not any federal crimes possibly occurred in this. so that's a little bit different. there is still a question in the u.s. attorney's mind if a federal criminal statute has been implicated by anybody in this. meantime, there has been at least one class action suit that has been filed in which at least one fort lee woman took to the air waves yesterday, that said
10:24 am
she had a panic attack because of that traffic. does more have to be established in order for a class action suit to be successful? >> i think there's a lot more that has to be established before a class action lawsuit is going to be successful. look, the facts are still developing in this case. who knew what and when. those are all going to be critically important to understanding and developing a civil suit. because you still have to prove it by a preponderance of the evidence. just because you say it in a complaint doesn't make it so and if this woman had a panic attack because she was in traffic, can you imagine if every time there's a traffic jam, someone has a panic attack and a lawsuit develops? i just don't know if we know enough about the facts yet to say that's going to be successful. >> and what if others were able to say they lost many work hours, school hours, that it cost them significantly. financially or otherwise, by being caught up in these traffic snarls over a period of days. >> again, these are going to be
10:25 am
very fact specific and each case is going to be to have evaluated. for example, if someone can show they lost economically or were severely injured or injured in any way directly because of the intentional actions, perhaps, but again, we're not there yet. we don't know yet and the kind of intentional infliction of emotional distress usually sustained in a civil case is really when the kauconduct is extreme and outrageous. and i don't know that we're going to see enough, that we've seen enough yet to say that christie staffers were acting that way. >> and then back to the planning and excuse of this closure. as people can't to go through these documents, even if it doesn't necessarily have chris christie, the governor's, e-mail, that there was this real
10:26 am
collusion in planning of the event, will it be enough to try to substantiate for prosecutors and investigators to substantiate the governor may have set the tone, while he may not have been actively involved in the planning and excuse, something proceeded this staffers to feel like they could get away with it or like they should do it or it would be in any way sanctioned. >> i don't know that his failure as a leader, to really supervise and be in control of his staffers, could be enough to give rise to some kind of crime against governor christie. obviously, it has political implications, obviously, it has moral and ethical implications, but whether or not he could be charged was a specific kind of inquiry. i don't see enough evidence here yet, but that's what investigations are for and it's interesting because to get to the question of whether or not governor christie knew about it
10:27 am
or authorized it or ordered it, we're going to have to get to that upper echelon of people. what are they going to say? >> is it reasonable to be believe it would with offered to any or all of the above for the sake of getting as much information as possible? >> i think it's a possibility and a tool in the belt of law enforcement that they will use if they need to. >> interesting. thanks so much. well, the it sounds a little strange. to say the very least. hunting down an endangered species. in order to save it. the debate that could have the black rhino in one hunter's cross hairs, plus, a jam session 40 years in the making. carlos santana reuniting with his homeless band mate. ♪ mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971. afghanistan, in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance
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tonight, a group of hunters will wid on a permit to kill one of the world's most endangered animals.
10:31 am
the dallas safari club says killing one will help save dozens of others. it's drawing a lot of anger and also, the attention of the fbi. our ed lavandera reports. >> coming this close to a black rye nos ras is rare in south africa, there are only 1,700 still alive. thousands of miles away in this convention hall in texas, the dallas safari club says they have a way of helping save this ancient beast. the group will auction off a permit from the government to hunt and kill one. ben carter says sacrificing one animal is smart and good. >> it's going to be able to raise more money than any other way you could do it to help provide for all the conservative vegas needs we need. >> it has sparked death threats, which the fbi is investigating, along with a vicious debate over
10:32 am
how to save this species. critics call the auction a sad joke. tell us what you're joining us from. >> namibia in africa. >> marcia works with the nami a namibian government to save the rhinos. do you agree? the hunting permit will be auctioned off saturday night. it's a closed event. you have to have a special ticket to get in. no cameras allowed inside. organizers say it's to protect the identity of the bidders. the permit could sell for as much as $250,000, even up to a million dollars. the dallas safari club says all of the money will be donated to namibia to save the black rhino and that the government has picked a handful that can be targeted. >> they've already picked out two or three males that are old, nonbreeding males.
10:33 am
they're not contributing to the population anymore. in fact, black rhinos are very territorial and aggressive and they are detrimental to the population when they get old like that. they're like a cranky old man. >> but conversation groups say it would be better to raise money through tourism, seeing these animals up close in the wild. >> i can't say how perverse, that killing this animal is the best thing for these animals. it is a critically endangered species. >> the black rhino is in the cross hairs of controversy and both sides say they're doing what's best for this wild beast. >> the west virginia poison center has taken more than a thousand calls from residents complaining of possible symptoms related to contaminated drinking water. more than 300,000 people in nine counties have b told not to bathe, shower or drink their tap water after a chemical leak into the river.
10:34 am
the federal government has sent 16 tractor trailers of bottled water to the region. the next round of the nfl playoffs kicking off. first up, drew brees and the new orleans saints taking on the seattle seahawks and in the afc, the colts haves tom brady and the patriots in the night cap. and on the heels of the legalization of marijuana in colorado, there's been a major shift in attitude toward overall legalization of pot. a new cnn orc poll says for the first time ever, a majority of americans now support legalization. 55% say they think it should be made legal and only 44% are against it. so, how does support for legal marijuana stack up against other vices? marijuana is slowly closing in on tobacco's support level.
10:35 am
only 71% of americans think it should be legal. with with weed now legal in colorado, some entrepreneurs are taking advantage of that. randi kaye shows us how it's already becoming big business. >> this is the hong kong. >> at the grove in denver, it's hardly business as usual. this marijuana dispensary has gone from serving 25 to 50 customers a day selling medical marijuana to about 400 people daily. now that recreational pot is legal. >> we definitely did get in on the right time, we were able to get in on the bandwagon with the recreational. >> erin and her husband own the grove. before this, they were in the real estate business. when they opened their doors on january 1st, the first day pot was legal here for those 21 and older, they were swamped by customers. >> it was very, very busy. we had people lining up before
10:36 am
the doors opened. throughout the day, we pretty much had about a three to three and a half hour wait. we had people coming in the door just stunned. they were all like kids in a candy store. >> which is exactly why investment groups are sinking money into colorado. ark view investments have dropped $3 million nationwide on cannabis companies. a million of that right here in colorado. the ceo believes cannabis is the next great american industry and is predicting 64% growth in the next year. erin's husband, sean, says dispensaries here sure can use investor money. >> most the retailers probably spent between 50 and $200,000 to get their shops up and going. a large grow could be anywhere from 400,000 to a couple of million depending upon what they put in it. >> thank you. >> our best seller is jack
10:37 am
flash. it gives you all of the effects of an indico, which kind of relaxes you, can put you to sleep, with also some of the effects of the sativa, which will keep you awake. >> can i smell it? it smells strong. >> very strong. >> they've sold about 20 pounds of marijuana every day. colorado residents can buy up to an auns, but the grove more often sells an eighth of an ounce. here at the grove, this will cost your 60 bucks plus tax, so about $73. now, one of the reasons why they're setting their prices higher here is so that they don't run out of supply, but this is a learning process. they do expect prices to come down. >> i think this could be a very big year for us and the company as a whole. i can't give you specific numbers, but i think that we will do probably two or three
10:38 am
times last year based on the numbers we've seen so far this year. >> the national cannabis association is projecting recreational marijuana sales will exceed $200 million in colorado this year, handing the state $67 million in tax revenue. randi kaye, cnn, denver. another possible breach at a major retailer. in a minute, our money guest will tell us why he thinks this could be happening. and making music again after 40 years. incredible story behind the reunion of carlos santana and his ex band mate, who's been homeless. ♪ my lenses have a sunset mode. and an early morning mode. and a partly sunny mode. and an outside to clear inside mode. new transitions® signature™ adaptive lenses now have chromea7™ technology making them more responsive than ever to changing light.
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not so good news. there might be another data breach with a major retailer. nieman marcus says it's investigating a cyber attack. this fol whos a revelation from target that says its recent data breach affects almost twice as many customers as thought. at first, target talked about 40 million customers. now, upwards of 70 to 100 million customers compromised. wes moss is the chief investment strategist and has watching this story as it pertains to target, and now, nieman marcus. haven't had a lot to say about
10:42 am
how many customers was it. nieman marcus credit card or other transactions. why do you suppose it's taking so long? >> well, from what we have seen from target, this is a really big problem from any american big box retailer. what they're trying to do is get as much information as they can so they can do damage control. >> now, what is going on with such giant retailers that would have this kind of breach? we would think they have the most sophisticated security in place. how is it hackers have managed to infiltrate? >> to the contrary. >> not sophisticated? >> right. so, what we have seen here in the u.s. is that big box companies and retailers are almost ensuring and will, they look at the situation and say, we know we're going to have some problems. we are going to ensure and pay for this fraud because it's cheaper than us upgrading our
10:43 am
entire technology system. there are advanced technologies with encrypted credit cards, that have a brand new encoded number every single time. >> generally used in the u.s., but you may see them in other countries. >> we just haven't made the switch here. we still use the antiquated, magnetic strip. same number every time. >> if we can't get a better understanding, consumers, as to how data breaches are taking place, what does this tell us about our shopping habits now? what do we need the change to try to make sure we don't become victimized next? >> over the last couple of decades, i think american consumers have really gotten lulled to sleep with using a debit card. >> so easy. >> easy to shop. what we have to go back to is kind of the modern day version of balancing our checkbooks. our parents and grandparents had to write in a checkbook and figure out where things went.
10:44 am
we have to start paying attention to our transaction statements every day. >> so, use our checks more. >> i still write checks. maybe not when i'm in the line in a store, but people laugh at me. they're like, you are still writing checks? for bookkeeping purposes. a lot of retailers aren't going to have the patience with you writing a check. using cash or being more careful about the kinds of credit cards we use? >> it comes down u to americans vigilan vigilance. the average american can go a montd without looking on their statement, so it comes back to really paying attention. >> meantime then, for your target, for your nieman marcus, what are they doing right now to try to better secure customers who are still using, making transactions by way of credit cards and debit cards? >> it's a matter of time before they upgrade the technology and i think you're going to see the
10:45 am
public pressure to make them do this. what's interesting is the fact that they've already known that they can upgrade, but it's going to cost them billions to do that. it's been cheaper to ensure the losses from fraud they know they're going to have. >> unbelievable. >> what we're going to see the public pressure to increase security. but then new hackers will come in and figure out a way. >> oh, my goodness. frightening stuff. good to see you. coming up, as hollywood gears up for tomorrow's golden globes, we're asking is the show a good indicator of what happens at the oscars? but first, rock legend carlos santana spent decade looking for a lost bandmate, but a chance reunion has them making sweet music all over again. hey guys! sorry we're late.
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an unforgettable jam session four decades in the making. the legendary carlos santana is again making sweet sounds with a homeless ex band mate.
10:49 am
we first brought you the story of marcus malone in december. he was discovered after a chance encounter with a san francisco reporter and then days later, he was reunited with santana. when i spoke with santana last month, he told me that he would play again with malone. well, now, he's made good on that promise. stanley roberts with kron has the story. ♪ >> for the first time in decades, you're listening to carlos santana and marcus malone jamming together at carlos santana's music studio in san rafael. ♪ it was because of a one in a million chance meeting of marcus rummagie ining threw piles of t. >> what's your name? >> my name is marcus. marcus malone. at one time, i was with the
10:50 am
santana band. the blues band. >> you were with the original santana blues band. >> now, i'm homeless and on the streets. of course, i got into some trouble. >> just a few days later at 98th. >> oh, man. where marcus was living in this camper and cutting neighbor's lawns to make money and now, they are here in san rafael. ♪ >> why do they call you the magnificent? >> i think because it's a magnificent sound. they figure we're magnificent people. >> when we met marcus, he referred to himself as marcus the magnificent malone and he backed it out by everywhere we played, it was >> yeah. that's right. >> tell me. >> feels like the same day we started jamming. the rhythm locked in, and was
10:51 am
beautiful. although i'm a little rusty, but it was coming back quick. [ laughter ] >> if that's rust, i want your rust. >> that's this, man? >> oh, man. >> reporter: you're looking at never before seen photos of carlos and marcus from back in the day. >> i'm really grateful, man. >> reporter: but the real surprise -- >> these congos are yours. take those whith you, man. >> is that right? >> yeah. >> beautiful. >> very beautiful. i'm so glad to reconnect with you. good to see you. stanley, thank you for doing this. >> when people saw marcus and i reconnecting, all over in india, new zealand, women and men were crying. >> because -- we cried by ourselves. >> hopefully later, a couple weeks from now we'll call marcus and invite him to las vegas to record a couple of songs with
10:52 am
us. >> reporter: and if you do go to vegas, i'm coming, too. awe always say, you hear a lot of nos in your life, but you only need one yes. the one yes, reunited not just as musicians but friends. in san rafael, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> in december it was really the christmas miracle, and now, happy new year. it really is the story of 2014 already. what a way to get it started. all right. lots of films are up for the top prizes at this sunday's golden globe, but which one already got the nod for a golden tomato award? there's a new form of innovation taking shape.
10:53 am
at a company that's bringing media and technology together.
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here's christine romans with a look at what's ahead on "your money." >> hi, fredricka. coming up, marijuana is legal in colorado, but you can be fired for smoking it. employers around country are asking for everything from your facebook password to other information. that's next. and tomorrow, the golden globe, the spotlight. lp it be an oscar preview? greg drake decided to grace us with her presence.
10:56 am
oh, too long, gray. senior editor of "rotten tomatoes" back as ya. good to see you. so we've got to go through this quickly. don't we? so many categories. best picture in drama category. 12 years a slave, captain capta phillips and gravity and -- >> if there's a year for hair-pulling, face slapping, this year. "gravity" rises above the rest, pardon the pun, and has a little bit of an edge when it comes to awards this year, because it is the recipient of our "rotten tomatoes" golden tomato for the best reviewed wide release, meaning our critics loved it. >> go ahead. >> you know what j? i carry this in my purse instead of mace. it is heavy.
10:57 am
>> one big purse you've got. best picture in comedy. this category really confuses me. earn hustle, didn't know it was a comedy. her, inside lou wen davis, nebraska and the wolf of wall street. didn't know that was comedy. explain this for me and your favorite. >> well, my favorite is hands down "american hustle." for the reasons that you're alluding to. these comedies in this category are very nuanced comedies. >> uh-huh. >> "american hustle" is not just a straight comedy. also a heist movie, and it's about love and plus lots of sequins and horrible combovers. the hollywood foreign press is going to love it. >> the hair stuff marks it comedic? right? >> a little bit. >> okay. so let's talk in general about, you know, these golden globes. people get very excited about them. glitz, glamour, champaign flowing, comedy of the host, et cetera.
10:58 am
really, does it become a prelude, a preview for the upcoming oscars? >> there certainly are indications based on who gets the prizes. however, the hollywood foreign press is a much smaller body of voters, and they march to the beat of their own drum. they invite the celebrities to their event, get them drunk and let them do crazy stuff. so we see a lot bolder choices um canning from the golden globes and a lot more upsets. so it's really difficult for everyone in my industry to predict anything this year. because all of my excellent reasoning could be quickly thrown out the door. this makes my job nearly irrelevant and i'm furious. >> there have to be surprises. can't know it all, you know. so as it pertains to some predictions trying to do guesswork here. best actor, best actress? of the nominees, who do you like? >> well, i'll tell you who hands down is going to come home with an award tomorrow. that's the best actress in a drama category belonging to
10:59 am
hook, line and civsinker, the fabulous cate blanchett. >> everything she does. hands down. >> if you saw that movie, you would know that -- i'm not sure if you did catch it, but, i mean, her armpit stains alone deserved to give her an award. she let herself -- i'm telling you -- she let herself. >> i haven't seen "blue jasmine." i'm going to. >> you must. she let herself dive so deep into the recesses of mad inside for this role. you just are so concerned about her well-being. it's rare you see a performance that pulls you in like that. >> quickly, best actor? >> actor in a drama could go anyway. i think the hollywood foreign press is going to go for robert redford in "all is lost," because a moment with redford on that stage is going to be perfect, hands down. >> true. so nice. what an incredible comeback, to know he's never been nominated
11:00 am
before, given his career. come on. this has got to be his year. robert redford. let's give it to him. >> true. >> not just to give it to him, but because he's earned it. great, gray. >> why don't we give him one of these? >> i wouldn't mind being in the room when you personally present it to him. how than? we'll make a date? >> me either. >> good to see you. appreciate it. all right. that's does it for us for now in the "newsroom." see you back here in about 30 minutes. i'm fredricka whitfield. "your money" starts right now. the economy is taking flight, but 50 years later we're still fighting a war on poverty. i'm christine romans and this is "your money." good-bye polar vortex. i'm not talking about the weather. i'm talking about the economy. the deep freeze is over. >> 2014 could be a breakthrough year for america. >> economic growth above 4%. rising home prices. more than 2 million jobs created last year, and a record-breaking performance for the stoc