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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 12, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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i didn't move here to be near the crash scene, it was more -- i don't know. >> you think really deep about what you're doing with your life and all the people that were involved with this accident that may have done more with their life. you feel guilty you're not using your life to do something better. >> he always talks about -- sometimes he's depressed about it. he's like why am i still here. i made a fool out of myself. i'm not even doing anything with my life. it makes me sad. >> during the course of my life, the last 25 years, i have been curious to know what makes a person feel from a situation like me. i haven't been able to talk to anybody who has been through what i've been through. >> you can follow his journey to healing when sole survivor airs
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at 9:00 eastern time. much more straight ahead in the "cnn newsroom." you get a restart right now. xx. hello. i'm fredricka whitfield. patients running thin where hundreds of people don't have clean tap water three days after a chemical leak. new concern and growing impact coming up. the right to kill an endangered black rhino is sold at auk. hear the winning bid and why animal conservationists are supporting the sale. plus former nba star dennis rodman wraps up his controversial trip to north korea while his teammate charles smith speaks out about his payday. exclusive cnn interview this hour.
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we begin with rising tensions in west virginia. 100,000 people haven't had clean tap water since thursday. that's when a chemical used to wash coal leaked into water supply. the governor set to hold a news conference the next hour. elena, is there any indication the governor will give people a time line of when the water ban is lifted? >> reporter: fredricka, that is the big unknown. the governor tells us chemicals in the water supply are going down. that's good news. they are likely saying it will take several days before they can lift this water ban. residents here as you can imagine are anxious for things
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to get back to normal. we want to show you video we shot a short while ago from a chili's restaurant that opened for the first time since thursday. that's when the leak was discovered and the ban put into effect. we took time to talk to a woman who lives in this area and was at the chili's restaurant enjoying her first prepared meal, a meal that wasn't micro waved since thursday. here is what she said about her concerns once this water ban is lifted. take a listen. >> i think that it's going to take some time, but i would probably wait and test myself. i could still smell it before i could trust i could use it. >> even if they lift the ban a few days. >> i will probably wait a few days maybe to a week to actually consume it. >> reporter: fredricka, i think it's safe to say there will ab few days for things to get back to normal here just from the
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perspective of the residents of those apprehensive. >> i wonder, elena, is something said to the residents about the potential impact of this leak, what might happen or what might people experience if they did consume a lot of that contaminated water before it was banned to do so? >> that's the other unknown in this story. we don't know how long it will go. health risks are also unknown. it's causing anxiety. dozens of people have been to emergency rooms, not because they are experiencing symptoms but worried about exposure. >> thanks so much. the news conference we'll be taking that from the governor. big news out of iran. just over a week from today, iran will start getting rid of its uranium stockpile. that's according to the white house will says iran will also
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dismantle infrastructure that makes higher level uranium enrichment possible. it's part of the deal that was first announced in november. in exchange some sanctions will be eased. president obama calls it a big deal saying this, quote, with today's agreement we have made concrete progress. i welcome this important step forward. we will now focus on the critical work of pursuing a comprehensive resolution that addresses our concerns over iran's nuclear program, end quote. after months of backlash over nsa spying program the president expected to outline new reforms. edward snowden leaked about the program, since then around the world people demanded changes. president obama -- >> reporter: a worldwide uproar over nsa spying, president obama will unveil how he'll keep his
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promise to reform government surveillance programs. >> we may have to refine this further to give people confidence. i'm going to work hard on doing that. we have to provide more confidence to the international community. >> we can find better balance and mass surveillance. >> the president suffered months of blowbacks edward snowden's revelations last summer the nsa collecting personal phone records on every american and spying on world leaders including allies like angela m. he's called in tech experts. >> many from house and senate that cover ideological spectrum who urged him to throttle back the collection of metadata on a bulk level. i hope he listens. >> reporter: he's deciding whether to accept recommendations from independent review that include storing personal data with a third
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party, possibly phone companies, and require government to get approval from a judge for access. a direct advocate representing americans rights when those decisions made, spying on foreign leaders get high-level approval. >> many countries, having a higher level process to look through that and don't do it just because there's an opportunity to do it. >> balancing security and privacy is a tricky political question. critics are bound to be unsatisfied. >> we can continue to refer to ourselves as a quote, unquote, free country when the united states government is collecting information on virtually every telephone call made in america, getting into people's e-mails, focusing on the websites people are vitting. >> before he left for his two-week vacation in december, the president said he'd make a, quote, pretty definitive statement bow how he'd like to change the agency to make americans feel for comfortable. as you know politically the most
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controversial piece is domestic spying on civilians. but going about changing some of the programs will take congressional approval. look for fireworks on capitol hill in the coming months. >> thank you so much for that. it's going to be another cold week along the east coast, but not as cold as it has been lately. the west coast will get more rain. meanwhile this weekend storms and high winds slammed the south to the degree of knocking down this construction site and making people pretty worried about their safety. >> i saw my neighbor's patio furniture flying across the parking lot so i went and waited. >> last week i had to wear scarf, gloves, quite a difference. >> difference indeed. we'll have a detailed weather forecast later in the hour. onto texas, an anonymous
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bidder paid $350,000 for a permit to kill an endangered black rhino. the controversial auction has been criticized by wildlife advocates and even children. >> if people are really interested in conservation and keeping them alive, why don't they use money or wealth in more productive ways than killing a rhino. it just doesn't make sense. >> they shouldn't be doing rhino poaching period. doing it here is better how? >> i don't know why they are doing it. maybe they are doing it for a few pictures with the rhino laying down dead. >> despite the protest the dallas safari club went ahead anyway. they said the money will be donated to help save the threatened species. ben carter, executive director of the dallas safari club joining me now over the phone.
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ben, perhaps you hear the sentiments of protesters young and old, they are asking how is it conservation means killing an animal first. >> we just raised the most money that's ever been raised at one time for black rhino conservation. we're extremely happy and proud of the money we've raised. we know an effort now that will help increase black rhino population to this auction. >> to what extent and all $350,000 raised is going toward conservation? to what extent do you believe this conservation effort will help assist the black rhino. >> that's an easy answer, because namibia is a small country with 2.5 million people. they don't have the resources it takes to manage and do a lot of the things they need to do to make sure they can protect the black rhino.
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i will say namibia has one of the best records for protecting black rhino. they had very few poached over the last number of years. but wildlife takes money to be managed and to flourish. this has been what scientists and biologists have told us is the best way to increase the black rhino population. >> going straight to the trust fund earmarked exclusively for black rhino conservation, anti-poaching measures, habitat studies, relocations, things they need to do to make sure the black rhino population thrives. >> what can you tell us about the highest bidder? i know anonymous but what can you tell us about that person, thattentity, what their motivation has been. >> you know what, it's all for conservation. in talking to person that bought it, they want to make sure we
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raised as much money as we could to again make sure we helped increase this black rhino population. >> you do understand why people are having a hard time understanding how conservation, this effort of conservation equates to killing of rhino, whether it's an aged one that doesn't add to the population, you know, is not able to help reproduce or not. help people understand how it is killing a member of an endangered species, 1700 black rhino in namibia and killing one could advance the population as a whole. >> scientists and biologists tell us what is the best way to help increase the black rhino population. what we did, this auction is what they say is the best way to raise money to help increase black rhino population. this program was developed and is approved and supported by three of the highest and most well respected bodies of science
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for wildlife in the world. you've got u.s. fish and wildlife supporting this. those people, that's all they focus on is wildlife management. i think the biggest problem we have is that a lot of people just don't get the facts and don't understand them because they don't know about it. generally speaking as we have told the story of how this works and where the money is going, most people understand that. they get it. they see what we're doing. it makes sense if you have this much money at one time, make them flourish and increase the black ryan okay population, it makes sense. >> what do you say to the critics, people who say this is just an excuse to help a hunter make a huge trophy kill, period. >> it's not. we have an auction here that raised money that's going to go strictly for conservation of the
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black rhino and help increase that population. >> ben carter, executive director of the dallas safari club, thanks for your time. >> thank you. coming up later, he was one of the president's top advisers. now he's slamming barack obama in a tell-all book. also next, a former nba player who was in north korea with dennis rodman talking about his trip. hear his shocking takeaway. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer.
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a big playoff weekend for nfl and new england patriots dominated in a huge win yesterday at home. they beat indianapolis colts 43-22 and the patriots advance to the afc championship game. tom brady has high hopes for another win. >> we keep playing like that
12:18 pm
where defense is getting the ball for us. really what we've done the last three or four weeks, the running game has just been awesome. it's helped everything out. it does, makes it easy to be handed off and go for a cud. it's a great feeling and great way to score. hopefully we keep doing it. hopefully we can do it next week, too. >> over on the nfc side seattle seahawks beat new orleans saints 23-15. the fans were shaking that stadium literally. >> lynch for the touchdown. >> the fans are known as the 12th player on the field because they are so loud. according to earthquake sensors hooked up to the stadium, the ground was actually shaking yesterday. former nba player charles smith says he has no regrets about his trip to increase with dennis rodman. he spoke exclusive to cnn's new day this morning.
12:19 pm
victor blackwell has more. >> i absolutely understand why so many people are angry. that's why i went. >> reporter: setting the record straight. the former nba star charles smith speaking out sunday in a wide ranging interview about his controversial trip to north korea. >> i had an opportunity to go somewhe somewhere, to a recuse country invited by olympic computer. >> traveled with other nba players including dennis rodman to play an exhibition game. weeks later it still sparks outrage. >> filled with bizarre moments like this. ♪ happy birthday to you
12:20 pm
♪ happy birthday to you >> smith says kim jong-un's birthday was something he was unaware of. >> when i did meet him, he smiled, very engaging, direct eye contact. he seemed very confident. it was pretty simple. >> what's not in question is whether the players were play playedto go. they were. >> bluntly, was there compensation, money that came to you from the north korean government? >> absolutely not. i think i'm astute enough to understand the dynamics, especially collecting monetary dollars from north korea. no, we did not get paid from north korea at all. i mean, the guys -- >> how much was it then? that's a question i typically wouldn't ask. >> let me finish answering the question. no different than the top ceo of a country retiring and becoming a consultant. if anybody has an issue with us being compensated, that's
12:21 pm
absurd. >> sports diplomats or something else. the debate continues over the group's purpose, a trip not sanctioned by washington or nba. while american kenneth bae's safety remains uncertain. >> you know, there's a lot that happened on that trip above and beyond playing a match. i'm only sharing with you my experiences good, bad, or indifferent. i don't know in the foreseeable future but i believe there are going to be positive outcomes from this. there are already positive outcomes from this this. we accomplished a relationship on the sports side in north korea. where it goes from there, i do not know. >> victor blackwell, cnn, atlanta. so did this effort at forced diplomacy go out-of-bounds. charles smith painted the trip as a success. yesterday i asked hamll of fame
12:22 pm
kareem abdul jabbar. >> it back fired on them. they had an idea what they could accomplish but so much isn't known about north korea. it's a very unpredictable place. the leadership there can do some very bizarre things. caution is usually the best way to approach situations like that when you have no idea of what's going to happen, it's usually a wise thing to do to stay away from those kinds of situations. >> a group of players returned from north korea this past week but rodman was not with them. governor chris christie trips over a bridge, and president obama gets slammed by a new book. all things political with candy crowley next. peoi go to angie's listt for all kinds of reasons. to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare.
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a big political week in new jersey. governor chris christie will face more strut any over the bridge closing skanld candal as vote on subpoena powers and more fallout from former secretary of defense robert gates who questions the commitment of the commander in chief. >> as i write in this book, there was this absence of passion, absence of a conviction of the importance of success that disturbed me. >> he was talking specifically
12:26 pm
about the afghanistan war and the commitment toward it. cnn's chief political correspondent candy crowley with me now. candy, how much of a disruption is this book for the president now looking at a crumbling iraq as he also tries to get his domestic agenda on track? >> it certainly does take headlines. we had senator john mccain on today saying iraq is the way it is because he did lack that commitment. the president did lack that commitment. his whole agenda was get out of these wars, get out of these wars. people have pushed that forward saying we have to be really careful in afghanistan. i think the domestic agenda is the domestic agenda and right now it's about long-term unemployment insurance for jobless. it will begin over how many trips remain in afghanistan and how many will be remote. i think this plays a part. i think politically the president is focused on domestic
12:27 pm
issues. >> governor chris christie, he's in damage control over that bridge closure, will have lots of investigations on local and federal level. how nervous should christie or his staffers be about thursday's vote on extending sapp powubpoe powers. >> if he was telling the truth, we have no reason to believe he didn't, if he's telling the truth, main thing he has to fear is how long this goes on. it's a headline grabbing situation. the assembly in his state of new jersey will continue to look into it. it sucks the oxygen from everything christie would like to do in his state and nationally. his staffers are more worried about the legal aspect, assuming the truth is chris christie knew nothing about it. his staffers had something to worry about, laws were broken here. they don't want anything that points to some kind of lawsuit
12:28 pm
or any kind of charges being leveled against him. i think the question with chris christie is at that moment we're really unsure where this story is going to take us. it's a point john mccain made to me. >> i think he stated very clearly he should have known. i think he stated very clearly and openly and honestly. that's why he has to answer every single question. is this a blow to him? obviously. how permanent it is, i think we will know in the days and weeks ahead. >> so basically when you look at chris christie's political future, a term we often use, fred, you will know, that is to be determined. we'll just have to see how this plays out for christie, fred. >> candy crowley, thanks so much. >> thanks, fred. >> also coming up a-rod says he's going to court to fight his suspension. what are his chances? our legal experts weigh in. next, all those products to
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welcome back. i'm fredricka whitfield. top stories crossing the newsroom. next hour governor will address
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a major water contamination process that left people without clean tap water. tests determined to see if a chemical used to wash coal remains in the water supply after thursday's leak. people have had to use bottled water for drinking, cooking and washing for three days. in texan anonymous bidder paid $350,000 for a permit to kill an endangered black rhino. the controversial auction has been criticized by wildlife advocates. despite protests, the dallas safari club went ahead with it. they say the money will be donated to namibia to help save a threatened species. france's first lady hospitalized. she was admitted friday for what has been described as stress and fatigue. she's the partner of french president francois. they are not married. a magazine report alleging he was having an affair with an
12:33 pm
actress. cnn reached out to president, first lady and the actress but there has been no response. today pope francis named 19 new cardinals. they come from all over the world and range in age from 55 to 98. all but three are under the age of 80 which makes them eligible to elect the next pope. pope francis will formally unveil their names at a meeting next month. now a quick weather update. better weather for the east coast but different for the west. our jennifer gray has the rest. >> reporter: fred, after a stormy day much quieter across the the country. cloudy skies across the south, milder temperatures, still stormy in the midwest. they have been rainy over the past couple of days. look at these temperatures. we are 14 degrees above normal in d.c. this is your tomorrow forecast. so 57 degrees your high temperature. in new york 52.
12:34 pm
temperatures do drop just a bit by tuesday. still 40s and 50s across the northeast and temperatures even close to 70 degrees down in the southeast. we do have another storm system setting up late monday night. it is going to bring a couple showers to the southeast. it shouldn't be quite as stormy as we saw over the weekend. it definitely has cold air with it but not arctic air like we saw with the system last week. looks like things are a little bit better, a little closer to normal as we go through the upcoming week. fred. >> okay, thanks so much, jennifer. so-called miracle weight loss helps aren't living up to what they should be. they called their ad campaign shameless and deceptive. here is cnn's report. >> reporter: sensa, seems enticing for the new year's
12:35 pm
resolution you made to lose weight. if it sounds too good to be true -- >> without dieting, sprinkle sensa on. eat all the foods you love and watch the pounds come off. >> reporter: sensa markets a power to enhance the smell and taste of food which the company says makes you feel full faster. $59 for a month's supply. >> i may not have gone to a fancy ivy league school but i sure understand that is good old-fashioned horse manure. >> senator mccaskill is launching an investigation into that. sensa one of the four diet aids charged with deceptive advertising. others hcg direct. hormone drops. place them under your tongue, the company says and you'll lose weight fast. lean spa, a company fcc shut down to use fake websites to market colon cleansing.
12:36 pm
and the popular beauty company l'occitane, creams they claim could trim an inch of fat. >> they are honing in on the fact people want to lose weight and don't want to work at it. >> fcc making companies pay $34 million in settlement. nutritionist katherine talmage worries who they are targeting. >> a teenager asked me about the drugs. i was alarmed teenagers and even children were taking these potentially dangerous supplements. >> reporter: and with the weight loss industry exploding in america, senator mccaskill warns going after four companies is like playing whack a mole. >> there are many companies that are doing this. with every one that is found, another one will pop up. >> contacted by cnn, l'occitane says testing like creams like this will become more rigorous to comply with fcc.
12:37 pm
sena says it's solid but ads would be changed. another said its ads are great but marketer was to blame. hcg direct didn't respond to our calls. cnn, washington. u.s. soldiers fought to break apart al qaeda in iraq. what will some think now that the terror group is making a comeback. your eyes really are unique. in fact, they depend on a unique set of nutrients. [ male announcer ] that's why there's ocuvite to help protect your eye health. as you age, your eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite is a vitamin made just for your eyes from the eye care experts as bausch + lomb. ocuvite has a unique formula that's just not found in any leading multivitamin. your eyes are unique, so help protect your eye health with ocuvite. where does the united states get most of its energy?
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when u.s. troops left iraq they had shattered al qaeda. two years later al qaeda backed fighters back stronger than ever. just today more than 20 people killed and dozens others wounded in car bombings and shootings. it's disturbing news for soldiers who fought to rid iraq of militants there. martin savidge has more. >> reporter: americans fought for fallujah not once but twice. >> that rocket whistle coming and the explosion was just massive. >> reporter: house to house, street by street. >> the flak jacket, seeing the whites of their eyes. >> i think mortars are rockets hit an ammo dump so it exploded
12:41 pm
big time. >> reporter: some of the hardest, bloodiest warfare since vietnam. >> when it came to fallujah, that was stand up fighting. >> reporter: they were in the same artillery unit. >> this is a pretty cool photo here. >> reporter: for days they loaded and fired 100 pound shells into the city. >> it just felt lying an eternity. >> constant shooting. >> reporter: a 23-year-old second lieutenant leading his platoon into the heart of the fight. >> i went to iraq with 41 marines and came home with 22. >> reporter: all of which explains why what happened in iraq today matters a great deal to them. adam calls fallujah a kind of hometown. >> we gave a lot. spilled blood, lost friends, invested a lot of our young adulthood to that city. >> i do care. i hope it's a bump in the road. >> they are pragmatic saying they didn't leave iraq thinking
12:42 pm
everything would be -- >> hunky-dory. >> to my opinion the government there is going to be test add long time. >> reporter: nate admits sometimes he has doubts. >> unfortunately my inclination is now it doesn't feel so much like it's worth it. i hesitate to say that knowing the sacrifice made and what's been spent. >> reporter: adam has no doubt. >> for other people to enjoy the possibility of self-determination. that's never a waste of time. >> reporter: which is why adam says he and other marines will be watching closely what happens next. >> part of me is very excited to see how the people of fallujah and ramadi, people we grew close to when we were fighting, see how they stand up and determine for themselves how the future will be written. >> reporter: martin savidge,
12:43 pm
cnn, atlanta. in this country a-rod will still get a big check but his playing days might be over. what his next move to stay in the game.
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
alex rodriguez will not be back on a baseball field until 2015 after much of his suspension upheld. he will be suspended for doping. a-rod says the decision doesn't match the facts and he's going to fight it. here is jason carroll. >> alex rodriguez has always said the allegations against him are false. this announcement was not totally unexpected for rodriguez or his legal team but it was still a major disappointment for major league baseball's highest paid player. alex rodriguez, a yankee known for setting records now has one more.
12:47 pm
has he the dishonorable name for the longest suspension in history, 162 games, benching him for an entire season, potentially ending the 38-year-old's career. this after the chief arbitrator reduced 211 game suspension and imposed on rodriguez for allegedly using performance enhancing krugs. rodriguez releasing a statement saying the number of games sadly comes as no surprise as the deck has been stacked against me from day one. i have been clear that i did not use performance enhancing substances. in order to prove it, i will take this fight to the to do court. >> my advice to alex rodriguez would be the same advice i gave lance armstrong years ago. just fess up. >> major league baseball wanted the initial suspension to stand. while we believe the original 211 game suspension was appropriate, we respect the decision rendered by the panel and will focus on our continuing efforts on eliminating
12:48 pm
performance enhancing substances from our game. >> i banged the table and kicked a briefcase and slammed out of the room. >> reporter: rodriguez went to arbitration after mlb imposed 211 game suspension but quickly became frustrated by the process. he spoke out on sports radio after he stormed out of a hearing last november, upset after learning baseball's commissioner bud selig would not testify about allegations mlb used unethical tactics investigating rodriguez. >> i exploded, upset. i probably overreacted. it came from the heart. this has been a difficult process. >> players were suspended after mlb found they had used peds obtained from the defunct biogenesis clinic in florida, all suspended 50 games except milwaukee brewers ryan braun received a 65-game ban. some, not all, saying rodriguez punishment was justified.
12:49 pm
>> how do you hand out 162 ban to one person and not give anything to all these other people doing the same thing. yeah, i guess it is, if you talk about just a-rod, it's too harsh. >> i think he deserves it. i don't think there should be doping in baseball. america's pastime. >> frank thomas inducted into baseball's hall of fame called the rodriguez suspension a sad day for the sport. >> what are some of your thoughts about everything that's going on with alex rodriguez. >> i've said for years, many years, things spiraled out of control in the late '90s, 2000 era. it's sad because alex was such a great talent. >> will rodriguez get to keep playing while he appeals the suspension? his attorneys will ask a federal judge for an injunction to allow rodriguez to continue swinging the bat while he fights to clear his name. rodriguez stands to but this is not just about
12:50 pm
money, he says this is about fair play and this is about the loss of his tep ratireputation. >> cnn new york. >> and a new interview with his key witness may hurt a-rod's fight. anthony bosch gave a stunning interview to 60 minutes. >> once he was fully under your protocol what were the various banned substances that he was taking. >> testosterone and growth factor one. human growth hormone and different forps ms of pep tides? >> all of them banned. >> all of them banned. >> and he knew that? >> yes.
12:51 pm
>> and you knew that? >> yes. you injected him? >> personally. >> i'm joined by turns now. well, this is pretty tough. for a-rod to perhaps counter. but, this is the kind of thing that has beeen swirling around the investigation. he says he is going to take this to federal court. how does he do that? >> he says he is going to appeal. he has a very small chance, almost none of winning this. players and owners agree in the bargaining agreement that this is how we will resolve our
12:52 pm
differences. even if the suspension will not be as harsh? major league baseball won't be able to go -- it is on both side s. >> if this were to go to federal court? that wouldn't go well? >> no, it couldn't. a-rod has said in the past that this information is here say. >> what is so interesting about what antybosch said is that he actually injected a-rod. >> what about the mlb and paying him? for the next year he won't be playing. after that he has two years left
12:53 pm
on his agreement. what kind of recourse can they take? >> they are signed an agreement with him that allows them to get paid if he plays. it is about the issue of why did you pay this guy all of this money. he has said in the past that he has used steroids. he comes back and gets this contract. but they are obligated when he comes back in 2015 to pay him the money. he goes back and plays. he could loose this much in 2014. is this the tip of iceberg? he is eventually out of thinking like you heard bone of the soundbites? >> might there be others that are going to face the same demise soon?
12:54 pm
i think they will making an example of him so that in the future when this type of thing happens that players will understand that when they are using these types of products there are going to be questi consequences. he is a perfect person to make an example of. >> thank you to you both. appreciate it. >> all right in a gym, no machines or weights. just monitors and keyboards? why companies are sending workers to cyber gyms? g a ford.. which we love. it's been a wonderful switch. it has everything that you could want in a car.
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it's the most fun to drive... because it's the most hi tech inside... i think this c-max can run circles around the prius... the biggest difference would definitely be the acceleration of the car... if you can get someone to test-drive a c-max... they would end up buying this more times than not. [ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk.
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12:57 pm
form er computer hackers ar will be to take the test. a hacker group has taken down the vatican's website. >> chinese hackers attacked a federal election commission. >> by hacking ining into the p e-mails of the bush family. >> welcome to cyber gym.
12:58 pm
it puts hackers againsters. trainees practice over and over again on real world scenarios ranging from attacks by a lone wolf to complex terror and state actors. >> we are trying to cause the chinese to touch the damage from a cyber threat. >> the goal here is to how to contain it, in mize the damage and repair it. >> this is what we do here. today's trainees take turns
12:59 pm
playing offense and defense. they israeli electric corporation receives 8,000 attacks per day. the biggest mistake you can make online. >> clicking the okay button without reading and under staundistaund i understanding the windows. >> invest in the personnel to make sure the security data would be higher. cnn israel. >> it was a day of blessings an baptisms and pope francis baptized 32 children. the pope said the children are a
1:00 pm
link in a spiritual chain and that the parents have a duty to transmit faith to their children. we have much more straight ahead in the cnn newsroom. welcome let's start this hour. this hour we will hear from west virginia governor that has left hundreds of house ands of people without water. and former nba star dennis rodman gets ready to end their trip to north korea. and blown away, powerful winds knock down a condo complex.