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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNNW  January 12, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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>> woo a we are in the club. >> test after test but still no safe water for west virginia residents. the governor is holding a press conference for new details. after the 7500 gallons of a chemical used to clean coal leaked and was discovered in the water supply. cnn
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cnn's. days before they can lift this water ban. residents here are anxious they are eager for things to go back to normal. it was very, very busy. we did talk to a woman who lives here in charleston. listen to what she had to say. >> i was going to i'm going to wait a couple of days.
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>> she doesn't feel comfortable enough to drink the water. >> more links are emerging to a key christie aid. here is rudy giuliani. >> things happen in an administration and when you are running for re-election. you miss a lot of things when you are running a government that is as complicated as new jersey, or new york or the united states. >> he believes that laws were broken. documents have not shown any link between christie and the alleged plot. new jersey will hold a special assembly for subpoena pow ter.
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>> 85 mile per hour winds. days after the deep freeze that hit two thirds of the country. cnn meteorologist shows us all of the video. >> you feel the windows oh, no, look at that. >> high winds blow down this condo leaving behind a pile of rubble across the us. >> i saw my neighbor's patio furniture flying across the parking lot. i wept down across the garage and waited. >> knocking down trees and power lines along with that wind heavy rained, tornado watches and flood warnings across the region. >> in georgia, firefighters rescued a teen from a mobil home after she was trapped from a
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fallen tree. >> they used an airbag under the free to get her out. >> high winds were a big problem in the west too. >> you can see how strong they are. they are blowing around the light posts here in browning. across the area it is so windy it is hard to stand up. check out some of the damage that krtv was talking about. meanwhile welcome to the zoo. >> last week a had to wear all sorts of stuff to keep bundled. meteorologist jennifer gray, cnn atlanta. >> hope francis sets himself apart today. baptizing a couple's child.
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the baby received the holy sa sacriment at the vatican. now for a look at the top ear r earners at the box office. big win for "lone survivor". it is expected to take in nearly $39 million. "frozen" comes in with $15 million. the world of wall street is next. american hustle and the legend of hercules coming in. moments ago you heard rudy giuliani defend governor chris
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she is there live. the water main break happened here. you can see folks are walking in
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and out now. hopefully the ladies will have platforms on their heels. right there ip the middle. >> let me tell you. they are back for two more years. she said excited and not ready at all. we are going to wing it and see
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what happens. also, i would say, watch out for a couple of fun categories. we are seeing a couple of movies emerge that may be precursors for what we may see. "american hustle" is cleaning up in the acting mom nation ining . all of their primary actors are cleaning up. this is a good movie and becoming a darling for the critics and also for the viewing audience. "12 years a slave" very intense, very dramatic, hard to watch but an important film they love it. and in many circles people feel
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like he is the man to beat tonight. watch out for a first time golden globe nominee. i'm talking about robert redford. never nominated for a golden globe award tonight. he is nominated for "all is lost". and he spoke three lines for this movie. you asked so many questions and he is the only one in the movesly along with the water. he will be at home here tonight. those are a couple of things to look forward tonight. >> we will check in with you tonight. >> we will see you in a few. i'm going to have my dress up like this. >> i know you have your tennis shoes on. you don't put the heels on until you have to. >> i got fancy for you.
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it's findings. the secrets revealed put into pressure on the president to take action. this is just outside the plaza of israel's parliament. people lined up all day to pay respects to the body of ariel shos sharon. he will be buried on his family's property. parts of iraq are as dark today as they were during parts of the war. in baghdad, and mosul and it is
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a spike in fighting that suddenly sprang up in december. michael holmes has more. >> reporter: other places in iraq were in the news today. right here in baghdad two car bombings this morning. one at a bus station that was targeting army recruits one headed home after signing up. the combined death toll 7. another town north of baghdad as well causing death and injuries and two journalists were attacked. this was happening in mozul. one was killed and the other lost his legs in a bombing. in a place where this latest
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blood shed began which all stayed relatively quiet. but, there is an area between those two cities the towns clustered together where we are told that militants have been surrounded by the iraqi military. no clue on what the military is planning to do there. when it comes to feluja the iraqi military is staying out for now. we are told that some of those militants are in the city tribal leaders say they are in charge and have warned the army to stay out. it is a complex scenario not all tribes agree with each other. some are working with each other and others see them as allies of
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convenience against the sheer. he has painted this as a fight against al qaeda and the tribes say much of this rebellion is the simmering of the anger of the government for failing to follow through. everybody is hoping of course a compromise of course canning fused through all of this. the greater the anger and the bitterness and the mistrust the less likely i meaningful c compromise comes. up next, ryan sparks on the far right in the picture you are about to see was a platoon commander and they took down the terrorists and took control of that city.
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it is a pretty startling statistic the un now reports that more than 8,000 people were killed in iraq just last year. it is the violence around the
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city of feluja and reports that black al qaeda flags are flying there again that has veterans on edge. after u.s. troops battling the troops. is it just part of the region's history? joining me now, farm ermarene captain sparks both of you were there fighting that battle. you were just 21 years old during that 2004 invasion. that battle took you to a whole new level as a man and a marine. >> sure, thank you very much for having me. and it did take things to a whole new level for me. the first, when my ramp dropped into the streets for the first time and i stepped foot out
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there and nknew that i was in te belly of the beast and knew that my life would be forever changed. and then we moved south as the cad candy shop. we were underem eeense fire. i'm sorry i can't continue to fight with you and tell my family that i loved them. that showed to me what kind of courage that i was fighting. >> i remember when you guys were going there, hardy any life experience yet take me back to that time and what was your moment that you will never forget, my moment was december,
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looking through my scope into the building, that memory is pretty much seared into my m memory and for the six weeks, doing the stories that he described they were amazing to watch. >> when you guys see that black flag waving within the city, what are your thoughts adam? >> it was gutt wrenching like a sucker punch to the stomach. >> we talked out loud and knew downtown was never going to be main street america a tourist attraction a picture of democracy but we never thought it would fall to al qaeda and
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not so quickly and so easily and spill so much blood to take the city. >> you mentioned the picture and downtown and i will never forget the day that picture that i want to show knew that was on the front page of the "new york times" that is when it became real, two of our ment torched ad hanging from the bridge. you see the in surgence all over again. >> well it does hurt. but more importantly, when we saw that that was prior to us going over, so that was the fuel that we had prior to our deployment and the marines that i was serving with, they were
2:27 pm
the patriots that joined immediately after 9/11. getting through the battle and support i supporting i think they are still going to write their course and we set a foundation for them that they continue to grow on. it still hurts to see. sure, i mean, you know, i know you don't like to get political, you know, the military likes to stay away from that, but you are vets i'm curious, i'm hoping you will be as transparent as other vets have been about harboring anger or resentment towards obama for pulling troops out of iraq or bush for sending you in.
2:28 pm
>> i do strongly disagree with the president's decision to withdraw troops in iraq. i don't think it was because of mission accomplishment or victory on the ground i think it was motivated by political pressure and a campaign promise and because he was more concerned with going down as the man that ended the war in iraq. how about you? >> um personally i agree with adam, however, i'm kind of a student of government and then that president obama was re-elected five days before the battle was started and obama was elected based on the promise of getting us out the responsibility rests with we the people. while it is hard for me to deal with that, that is the number one premise of the way our america is set up.
2:29 pm
still it hurts to see maybe the mission wasn't accomplished the way that i would have done. >> there was one successful thing that i got to witness when i was interviewing the tribesmen. it was huge. that was a real turning point in this war. so i want to ask you both, adam i'll start with you, what happened to that. >> i don't know what happened? but i remember a freiend of min a warrant officer, we encountered fighters in a house and i decision was made that my squad was going to go in and clear them out and he said no, this is my country and i'm going to go in and do it. and a week later he did it again. he went in, was mortally wounded
2:30 pm
and was i held his hand while he was dying, i thought he is dying for his country the way the marines are dying for ours it was sad but powerful. >> keira, i don't know. much the same way that adam described they realized this was something they were going to have to do themselves. i don't think this is the sample kid we were fighting ten years ago. this is a party that is fueled by the sunnis and not the foreign fighter fueled al qaeda that we fought in 2004. and so i think we are seeing almost a continuation in 2007. >> i have to ask you too, what do you say to the moms and the dads who say gosh i thought my son was dying for a reason. they are flipping on the
2:31 pm
television and they are seeing what is happening in falleujah. adam and ryan you both lost brothers. adam? >> i would say to them, their sons did die for something. they died for the marine to the left and to the right. their sons are going to go down in history as heros. >> i couldn't say it better than he just did. >> i respect both of you so much and it has been great to talk to you all these years later. thank you so much for being with me. >> we'll be right back.
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[beep] [clicks mouse] nice office. how you doing? good. automatic discounts the moment you sign up. david cassidy was pulled over for drunk driving. he is shown here five months
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ago. do we drink too much? earlier i had a chance to speak with one of our favorite doc are s to get our thoughts on this new study. >> drinking is soen grain e eng the american experience. it seems simple but how does someone know that they are overdoing it? >> it might be surprising to find out but 38 million adults over do it and overdo it quite of ten. it is when men have more than 15 or more drinks per week and women have more than 8 or more drinks per week.
2:36 pm
>> i wouldn't contrast this with moderate alcohol intake. for women it is no more than one drink per day. >> so i think it simimportant to be aware of exactly of what the numbers mean and how much is too much. >> the study says one in six people actually talk to their doctor about drinking. think about when you have to fill out the paperwork how many drinks do you have a day. people go one or two but it is actually a lot more than that. what does the cdc do about the fact that they don't want to talk about it. >> i think this is actually a two way street. you are right. only one in six people talk with their doctor about their alcohol use. >> one of the things we are taught is whatever a patient tells you in terms of what they
2:37 pm
drink they need to multiply that because it is actually higher. >> you need to talk to your doctors about your drinking but we need to start asking the questions. the cdv has found that when doctors and health care professionals screen patients on alcohol use it can decrease the use by 25% on a single occasion. don't forget, alcohol over use is going to be harmful. we have talking about fetal alcohol problems in terms of children and heart disease. there are many reasons to discuss it. >> as you mentioned 38 million americans drink too much. that costs the economy a quarter of a million dollars. how do the treatment programs
2:38 pm
work? >> they can work well. they really do. they can. there are a lot of variables that go into how well a treatment program is going to work for a patient. a lot of it has to do with a patient. are they ready to change their ways to cut back. what type of support and resources are there. but the most important thing is to talk with your doctor or health care provider about what your habits are. there are real risks to drinking too much. but this can be effected positively. so there are many treatment programs out there and i want to encourage anyone out there who thinks they might need help to get help. >> thank you for the ip sight. >> thank you so much. >> and if you are someone who care about appears to have a problem with alcohol the u.s. department of health and human
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services has a toll free number. it is a confidential call.
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the national security agency's surveillance program, deliver it's findings back in december. while the secrets reveals by edward snowden on the president to take action by the president political commentator. guys let's start with what you want the president to say about the nsa. >> first of all i'm in chicago. i have to give chicago it's proper due. >> hello, now i see the proper
2:43 pm
background. >> you know, there are a lot of things i want to hear many the president. the nsa had fortfully quotes remember this isn't a brand new program this is something that for many americans embrace after the 9/11 attacks. i want to hear him talk about edward know den.
2:44 pm
i would like him to talk about why he changed his stance. he campaigned on transparency. he campaigned and he needs to explain why he didn't follow through while he was in office. >> what do you want to hear from the president? >> he has been on the record defending the program and saying that it is essential to the program. it could contradict it. i would lake to hear him say he is performing the metadata about
2:45 pm
the american's telephone calls. we are perfectly innocent americans calling one another and it does not seem to me that a district court judge say to me -- i would like to hear him talk about appointing a civil liberties lawyer appoint him to the fisa court and i would like to see these fisa courtditions be made public so that we can examine what is being decided in secret and whether or not it comports with our understanding of our constitution. right now we are in the dark and behind closed doors. i would like to hear the president say i'll sit down with lz and amy and talk about the nsa. >> he has my number because of
2:46 pm
the nsa. >> that is true. he is listening to everything that we say because of the nsa. is this going to haunt him in 2016? lz? >> absolutely. and i think any conversation to try to suggest that who ever ends up running against him is not going to use footage in that press conference for lying to the american people or being ignorant. the 2000 pages, there have been plenty of conversations with more top officials about concerns about the brimg bridgeg closed. we are looking at a situation that we know that the administration was aware that there was distintion in the ranks.
2:47 pm
one emailed him saying my husband got a new job and was 40 minutes late because of the lane closures. >> amy bring us home. well, i'm calling this controversy the political eequivalent of lapband surgery. bringing his governor dound to size. i think let's remember that he won re-election. >> lz you like that? >> we all liked that. >> he won re-election in a huge land slide he was far out in front of his competitors when it came to the 2016 race. i'm sure they are secretly smiling that he is not such a great competitor. >> you did it twice. >> stay tuned. the amy lz show coming up again. same time same place next weekend guys thank you so much.
2:48 pm
>> one of my other favorites terrence is in the house to talk sports. should baseball players who take steroids be linked to the hall-of-fame? we'll be right back. so i tried depend last weekend. and it made the difference between hearing about my daughter's gym meet, and being there. yeah! nailed it! unlike the bargain brand, depend gives you new fit-flex®, our best protection. it's a smooth and comfortable fit with more lycra strands.
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well, the show will go on tonight at the golden globes despite a mini disaster at the star-studded awards show. check this out. water actually spewed all over the red carpet just before the big arrivals started. the beverly hilton says, sorry, it was a sprinkler malfunction but we've got everything under control. nischelle turner is there with her snorkel gear, her fins. she's been waving her way through. she still looks dashing. >> my flippers and webbed feet, yes, exactly. they did try to make a little bit of a joke out of it, kyra. we thought the red carpet needed a good washing one last time. this could have been a big disaster. thankfully, they did get it all cleared up. the red carpet is open and the 71st annual golden globes will go on. a couple of notes for you. i'm hearing ms. tina fey is going to be decked in carolina herera tonight. if you know her dresses you know
2:52 pm
she definitely knows how to fit a woman's body. i'm sure she's going to look dashing. i've also been told we're going to have a really special person at the cnn platform tonight. think of one kevin spacey, maybe. we'll be hearing from him, hopefully. you know, i will be very busy because i'll be talking to all the stars walking this red carpet here tonight, kyra. i'm going to be asking every lady here, do you have a train? how did you get down the red carpet? did you make it unscathed? and pretty dry. relatively dry. >> it's going to be a fun night. you're going to lose your voice i'm predicting within 2 1/2 hours. we're still going to make you stay up and give us all goods. you look beautiful, nischelle. >> i can't wait. this is my super bowl, baby. i'm ready. >> i'm going to stay on that sports theme if you don't mind. i'm going to talk baseball now and the hall of fame. is it all about the stats and the character when it comes to hall of fame? that's what we think, right. no, no, no. behind the scenes it has been described as vicious, political.
2:53 pm
now, my friend terrance here is a hall of fame voter. he's actually going to defend the process. tell us that, you know, it keeps steroid abusers out, you know, of the hall of fame while other baseball journalists like bob nightengale say, oh, no, i vote for steroid players. we're going to vote, champion and cheater and who deserves what. >> are we going to do all that? >> yes, we are. >> i'm out of here. >> terrance doesn't hold back. hereto does his buddy. pitchers like greg maddux, tom glavine. no link to roids. all hall of famers. barry bonds, mark mcgwire, sammy sosa, they are still not in. terrance moore, who's also sport contributor to, columnist for, it seems like the hall of fame process is keeping the questionable players out of the hall. >> they're never going to get in the hall of fame.
2:54 pm
the way i look at it. let's start with this. being a baseball hall of fame voter is familiar to being a supreme court justice. you look at me kind of funny. ask the u.s. constitution, a simple document, the same with the rules, the voting rules for the baseball hall of fame. >> loose constructionists. >> the loose constructions like my friend bob knightinggalebelieve you should only go with the numbers. strict constructions believe you also must consider integrity and character. juicing does not qualify when it comes to integrity and character. at the moment there are more strict constructionists than loose constructionists. >> i got to say i'm with you. if bob's going to say, hey, the numbers are the numbers. no, they're not. because if they're juicing, how do we know -- i mean, they didn't get those numbers on real talents. >> that's exactly right. that brings us -- my head's going to explode if i hear this one more time.
2:55 pm
people say, well, remember, now, mickey mantle was a drunk. then they'll point out that tycobb allegedly killed a person and babe ruth, god knows what he did in the 1920s. you know what? i wasn't voting back then. i'm only voting now. as long as they have rule number five that says integrity and character, that's all i can go by. that's all we all should go by. >> those guys never got in with all pro votes. weren't there people that were voting against them? >> well, there were. but they still got in, obviously. >> right. >> remember, that was a different time. sports writing editors were sort of buddy-buddy with these guys. they looked the other way. we don't look the other way nowadays. at least some of us don't. >> what do you say to your buddy, bob nightinggayle who says, quote, we have absolutely no idea who is clean and who is dirty and anyone who tells you they know for sure are lying to your face. >> back to the supreme court justice kind of thing. there's nothing that's absolute. you've got to use somewhat of a
2:56 pm
feel type thing here. let me add this. we are being assaulted, we being baseball writers, where people want to change the system. to what? okay. we talked about this yesterday. this is still the best voting system out of all the major sports. you go to the fans. you go to the coaches. you go to the managers. do you go to the players themselves? we already have that when it comes to all star voting and also when it comes to gold glove voting. that's more political and more controversial than anything the hall of fame voters have done over the last few years or forever. >> all right. we're going to move on to another subject. since i have you here, all right, two words for you. russell wilson. he's the quarterback that everyone overlooked in the 2012 draft. correct? >> that's exactly right. >> okay. well, our rachel nichols actually met with him. he's got a pretty amazing story to tell. >> reporter: he has a colgate smile. stars in national commercials. and, oh, yes, he's the starting
2:57 pm
quarterback for the top seeded seattle seahawks. a favorite to reach next month's super bowl. but russell wilson is aware, according to the experts, he wasn't supposed to be sitting here. if i had asked outsiders in vegas what the odds were that you would be in this position right now, what do you think they would have given me? 1 in 10,000? more? >> probably something like that. being a 5'11" quarterback, not too many people think you can play in the national football league. >> reporter: wilson comes from a family of high achievers. his grandfather was a university president. his grandmother earned a doctorate on her way to becoming a college dean. and then there was his father. harrison. and ivy league graduate. president of his law school class. and a two-sport star who attended training camp with the san diego chargers. harrison raised russell in his image. your dad, i hear, was proud of moments like these. >> he used to always ask me, you just won the super bowl or you're about to play in the super bowl. what's next? what are you thinking?
2:58 pm
those type of questions all the time. >> reporter: wilson enrolled in north carolina state after the school promised to allow him to play both football and baseball. z >> i've just always been motivated to do something different. something unique. i want to be uncommon in that fashion. >> reporter: there was only one problem. his father, harrison, was sick. >> my dad, you know, had diabetes his whole life, pretty much. so fast-forward, you know, to my junior year in college. he had a breathing mask on. he wasn't doing well at the time. i end up getting drafted by the colorado rockies on june 8th, 2010. the next day my dad passed away, june 9th, 120. i'm at the biggest high of my life june 8th, 2010. the next day, june 9th, he's gone. my dad always thought i would be shortstop for the hurricanes or something. at the same time i knew i had this passion or fire to play the quarterback position. my dad loved football so much. now he gets the best seat in the house. he gets to see every game. it's a special thing for me. >> reporter: wilson felt he had
2:59 pm
his father's blessing to return to football. in 2011 he transferred to the university of wisconsin for his final season of college eligibility. taking the badgers to the rose bowl. after being drafted in seattle, he shocked the pundits by taking the seahawks to the playoffs in his rookie season. >> it was just the right team, right place. amazing fans. 12-man fans. i think that was something that was really in tune. >> if your dad got to hear those words, hey, super bowl quarterback, if you win the super bowl, are you going to stay that person in your head for your dad? >> i'll be answering just like i did in the car when i was 14 years old. >> you got to love him. how was he overlooked, terrance? >> well, she was short. let me tell you this real quick story here. seattle played in atlanta here earlier this season. i'm walking down a back hallway of the georgia dome. i see this unassuming guy who was short leaning against the wall talking to somebody. i thought maybe some fan had
3:00 pm
snuck past a security guard. i was looking around for help. it was russell wilson. >> poor guy. >> who is one victory away from the super bowl, by the way. >> we've got our eyes on him now. no matter what his height is. there you go, terrance. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> great to have you. you are in the "cnn newsroom." i'm kyra phillips. this hour we are fast-forwarding to the week ahead. we're dpoigoing to take a look all the stories you'll be hearing about this coming week. we'll begin with our five questions for the week ahead. question number one, what to do about a suddenly imploding iraq. 70-plus people have died in the past five weeks, mostly in a part of iraq where the military is fighting against militants linked to al qaeda. an influential u.s. senator tells cnn it's time to send someone there to help settle things down. >> we could have kept a residual force there. and anybody who tellsou