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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 12, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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snuck past a security guard. i was looking around for help. it was russell wilson. >> poor guy. >> who is one victory away from the super bowl, by the way. >> we've got our eyes on him now. no matter what his height is. there you go, terrance. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> great to have you. you are in the "cnn newsroom." i'm kyra phillips. this hour we are fast-forwarding to the week ahead. we're dpoigoing to take a look all the stories you'll be hearing about this coming week. we'll begin with our five questions for the week ahead. question number one, what to do about a suddenly imploding iraq. 70-plus people have died in the past five weeks, mostly in a part of iraq where the military is fighting against militants linked to al qaeda. an influential u.s. senator tells cnn it's time to send someone there to help settle things down. >> we could have kept a residual force there. and anybody who tells you that we could have is not telling the
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truth. you know, we need -- i would suggest, perhaps, sending david petraeus and ambassador crocker back over there. try and get this thing sorted out. it's not just iraq. when you look at iraq/syria you're seeing an al qaeda enclave there. that is very dangerous to american national security. >> oh, you heard right. he said crocker and petraeus. on the phone with me now, pentagon correspondent barbara starr. barbara, is senator mccain seriously pushing for david petraeus and others to go back to iraq and could that ever happen? >> reporter: well, you know, remains to be seen would be, i think, an understatement. look, i mean, the u.s. has a very robust, diplomatic presence in iraq. that is the group from the state department, the ambassador, that's leading the effort to try to do something diplomatically about all of this. there really isn't a military solution or military role for
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the united states. right now, what most people will tell you, kyra, is that prime minister malaki in iraq needs to come to a political settlement with the sunni opposition. and that that's the big step he has to take and that he's not quite willing to take it just yet. that said, the u.s. is -- is doing some things with assistance, if you will. talking to the iraqis about trying to train their troops. i think it's very unlikely this administration, and frankly congress, is going to want to see any effort to go back in there. >> okay. so with regard to seeing or hearing anything at the pentagon to indicate any kind of pressure from the obama administration, to turn attention back to iraq, what's your gut? >> reporter: well, i think there's plenty -- i think that's a really good point. i think there's plenty of diplomatic pressure at the moment, again, on malaki to, you
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know, not let iraq implode and not let places like fallujah and ramadi once again, where so many americans died, trying to help. so many service members. not let that truly become an al qaeda enclave again. most people will say if malaki would come to an understanding with the sunnis who live there, give them some sense of political power, that maybe things could calm down. >> barbara starr, appreciate you calling in tonight. >> reporter: sure. our second question for the week ahead, after months of backlash over the nsa spying program, president obama is expected to outline new reforms in a speech later this week. last summer as you know edward snowden leaked sensitive details about the nsa's massive surveillance program. since then the president has been under tremendous pressure to make changes. erin mcpike with a preview of the reforms. >> reporter: trying to end a worldwide up roar over nsa spying, president obama will
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unveil how he'll keep his promise to reform government surveillance programs. >> we may have to refine this further to give people more confidence. i'm going to be working very hard on doing that. and we've got to provide more confidence to the international community. >> we can find a better balance, end mass surveillance. >> reporter: the president has suffered months of blowback since edward snowden's revelations last summer that the nsa has been collecting personal phone records on every american. and spying on world leaders, including allies like germany's chance lar angela merkel. he's called in experts, tech company leaders. and in the past few days key members of congress. >> there were many members of congress there from both the house and the senate who covered the ideological spectrum who urged him to throttle back the collection of meta data on a bulk level. i hope he listens. >> reporter: he's deciding whether to accept recommendations from an independent review commission that include storing personal data outside the government with a private third party. possibly phone companies.
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and requiring the government get a judge to approve access. a public advocate to represent americans' privacy rights when those decisions get made. and that spying on foreign leaders get high-level approval. >> we have many countries with common interests. so having a more thorough process to really look through that and don't do it just because there's an opportunity to do it. >> reporter: balancing security and privacy is a tricky political question. and critics are bound to be unsatisfied. >> we can't continue to refer to ourselves as a quote, unquote, free country when the united states government is collecting information on virtually every telephone call made in america. getting into people's e-mails, focusing on the websites that certain people are visiting. >> reporter: now, before he left for his two-week vacation in december the president said he'd make a, quote, pretty definitive statement about how he'd like to change the agency to make americans feel more comfortable.
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politically the most controversial piece of the issue is domestic spying on american civilians. going about changing some of the programs will take congressional approval. look for fireworks on capitol hill in the coming months. number three, when will residents in nine counties in west virginia be able to use their water again? schools are closed, hospitals are crowded with concerned residents and still no one is able to use their water for drinking or cooking or even taking a bath. cnn's alina machado talked to residents of one of the impacted places in charleston. >> reporter: the governor's office tells us chemical levels in the water are going down. good news. they're also saying it will likely take several days before they can actually lift this water ban. residents here are very anxious. they're eager for things to go back to normal. and we got a sense of that normalcy this afternoon when we went inside a chili's restaurant in downtown charleston. we want to show you some of that
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video. the restaurant opened its doors for the first time since thursday yesterday. it was very, very busy. we did talk to a woman who lives here in charleston about her concerns once this water ban is lifted. take a listen at what she had to say. >> i think that it's going to take some time, but i would probably wait, myself. i would still smell it before i could trust i could use it. >> even if there were to lift the ban in a few days -- >> i would probably wait a few days maybe to a week to actually consume it. >> reporter: as you just heard, it will likely take several days for many of these residents to feel comfortable enough to drink this water once the ban is lifted. kyra? >> alina, thanks so much. here's number four. will the bridge scandal keep growing in new jersey or fade away? governor chris christie will step up to the mike tuesday to give his annual state of the state address. two days later, new jersey's assembly will meet in a special session to vote on renewing
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subpoena power. more subpoenas are likely this week. possibly for fired christie aide bridget anne kelly. she offered the now infamous e-mail. time for traffic problems in ft. lee. some prominent republicans are defending christie and how he handled the revelations. the republican national committee chair spoke with nbc's "meet the press." >> i think what you saw the other day was -- was leadership. was something that showed that, look, everyone the fallible, david. i'm fallible. you are. everyone on these panels. we all make mistakes. but the real question is, what do you do when mistakes happen? there's no question he admitted mistakes happened. he admitted he trusted people that lied to him. america's a forgiving people. but they're forgiving when you take ownership. you admit mistakes. you take corrective action. and that's what chris christie showed. >> documents that have been released have not shown any link so far between christie and the alleged plot to snarl traffic on that george washington bridge.
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all right. question number five, will tina fey and amy poehler repeat history and pull off another ratings bonanza for the golden globes? and what the heck is on that red carpet? cnn's nischelle turner is joining us live from the soggy, wet entry. hi, nischelle. >> okay. that's two questions, kyra. i'll answer the first one first. >> start with tina and amy. >> reporter: will they pull off another ratings bonanza? that's what the hollywood foreign press sure hopes. last year when they hosted they got the highest ratings in six years for the show. what they said, the hollywood foreign press, we want to keep this magic going. we want to bring these ladies back and have them host again for the next -- not just this year, but the next year as well. so for the next two years, you'll see tina fey and amy poehler hosting the golden globes. they have fast become the first ladies of comedy. admired by their comedy peers
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and respected by their comedy icons. >> they're very witty. and they bring brains. they are very smart. and they know how to deliver a line. >> meryl streep is not here tonight. she has the flu. and i hear she's amazing in it. >> they made you laugh. >> reporter: two wildly accomplished writers, producers and actresses. for tina, her career has become more than she ever imagined. >> i feel like i've exceeded my wildest dreams. >> reporter: when you think about what you're doing now and your life now, do you pinch yourself and say, wow? >> i really always wanted my life to be filled with doing good work with my friends. so i feel like i'm getting to do that now which is awesome. it's been a very slow and steady race for me. i like the long game. more the long con is maybe to
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better describe it. >> you're the tortoise, not the hare. amy and tina, undisputedly the first ladies of comedy. i asked amy poehler a couple weeks ago if she was ready for this. she said i'm really excited. i'm not ready, though. i think we'll just wing it. i doubt they're going to wing it. i'm sure they're going to be very funny. you heard them talk about last year that meryl streep was not here, she was out with the flu. i can tell you she is here tonight. she has been spotted. ms. meryl streep is dominated tonight for best actress in a comedy or musical for her portrayal as violet westin in "august, osage county." her 28th nomination. she's won eight times before. she's the most nominated and most celebrated actress at the golden globes, in the golden globes' history. look at for ms. meryl streep once again.
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tennessee the other side of things first time nominee robert redford in the best actor category and matthew mcconaughey in the best actor category definitely have a chance of bringing home a statue tonight. there might be a couple soggy dresses on this red carpet, ms. kyra. because, of course, we had that water main break or sprinkler malfunction or whatever the beverly hilton wants to call it. as you can see right behind me, the red carpet is open. the celebrities are here. and i haven't seen anybody swimming. i haven't seen any goggles. haven't seen any flippers. i think everybody's okay. >> all right. apparently we're looking at live pictures now. this is michelle dockery from dou downton abbey. full disclosure, my parents love this show. i haven't had a chance to see it yet. >> you're missing out. >> i love her dress. >> reporter: first of all, she's a fashion plate. she has the body for anything. she always looks spectacular. the show is also nominated for best tv series tonight.
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the cast of "downton abbey" will be here at the table as well. i can't wait to talk to michelle dockery. this is one of the longest red carpets for the award show. it's going to be a minute before people get down here my way. it's such a long red carpet. >> just to kind of give our viewers some insight, how does this -- how does this roll? like, do you know who you're going to be able to grab and interview? is it lined up? or are you basically just seeing who's going to stop by the platform and give you some love? >> reporter: yeah. there's a little bit of both. we definitely try to line up some people. and we definitely have a publicist and press folks, johnny galiki back here behind me taking some photos. he's nominated tonight for "the big bang theory." the show is nominated. jim parsons also for best actor. sometimes publicists come up and say i have so and so. would you look for me to bring them over. we've heard tonight from kevin spacesy's publicist, michelle
3:14 pm
dockery's publicist. then sometimes we just have people to come by here. i've got to reach out and grad them. i'm hoping to do that with idris elba. if anybody knows him, get the word out. he's a double nominee. >> nischelle, your charm can take over any publicist, that is for sure. i have no doubt we're going to have some great interviews tonight. >> reporter: i have on two pairs of eyelashes. i'm batting them. >> you look good. keep winki ining and smiling. nischelle turner, thanks so much. all right. dennis rodman is en route back to the united states after his controversial, shall we say, visit to north korea. and now one of his teammates is speaking out about what he saw. the exclusive interview, next. plus, dozens of new cars will be unveiled this week. we're going to have a sneak peek at a few of those that, well, may have you racing to the dealership. [ male announcer ] this is the story of the little room
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oh, yeah. "high hopes." the first single off bruce springsteen's 18th studio album which releases this tuesday. the album is a collection of covers, live performances and remixes of some of his popular classics. sounds awesome. also out today the controversial memoir written by former secretary of defense robert gates. the tell-all book "duty: memoirs of a secretary of war" set off quite a firestorm for harsh judgments about congress and the obama administration. also, for the rest of the show, we are calling it our red carpet spy cam. we're going to go -- keep live pictures up from the golden globes red carpet. at the box in the corner of your screen. so you don't miss any of the action, any of the dresses, any of the -- well, you probably heard the red carpet's wet,
3:19 pm
right? we're going to keep track. as nischelle says, she's going to be seeing if anybody gets wet dresses or disastrous shoe episodes. we're following it for you right there. you're going to see everything. the eccentric dennis rodman is due back from north korea tomorrow. in a cnn exclusive rodman's teammate charles smith is talking about getting paid for playing basketball in north korea. smith told correspondent victor blackwell that he understands why some people are outraged by the trip. take a listen. >> i absolutely understand why so many people are angry. and that's why i went. >> reporter: setting the record straight. the former nba star charles smith speaking out sunday in a wide ranging interview about his controversial trip to north kor korea. >> i had an opportunity to go somewhere, to a recluse country that no one goes to. we were invited by the olympic committee from north korea that ensured our safe passage in and out which they did.
3:20 pm
it was an experience. i think the information we gathered and what we saw, it was an experience. >> reporter: this week smith travelled to the communist country with other former nba players including dennis rodman to play an exhibition game against the north korea team. days later, the trip continues to spark outrage. >> do you understand what he did? >> tell me, what did he do? ♪ happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you ♪ >> reporter: smith says kim jong-un's birthday was something he was unaware of. >> he smiled. he was very engaging. direct eye contact. seemed very confident. and it was pretty simple. >> reporter: what's not in question is whether the players were paid to go. they were. >> quite bluntly, was there any compensation, any money that came to you from the north korean government?
3:21 pm
>> absolutely not. i think i'm astute enough to understand -- no. we did not get paid from north korea at all. i mean, the guys -- >> how much was it. that's a question i typically wouldn't ask. but how much were you paid? >> let me finish answering the question. >> go ahead. >> there's no different than the top ceo of a company retiring and becoming a consultant. so if anybody has an issue with us being compensated, that's absurd. >> sports diplomats, or something else. the debate continues over the trip's purpose. detained american kenneth bae's safety remains uncertain. >> there's a lot that happened on that trip above and beyond playing a match. i'm only sharing with you my experiences, good, bad or indifferent. i don't know in the foreseeable future, but i believe that there are going to be positive outcomes from this. and there are already positive
3:22 pm
outcomes from this. we accomplished a relationship -- where it goes from there, i do not know. >> reporter: victor blackwell, cnn, atlanta. >> our very own chris cuomo will speak with more former nba players who made the controversial trip to north korea with dennis rodman. watch that tomorrow cnn's "new day" 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. eastern right here on cnn zplnchts coming up, bears. what more can i say. plus jennifer gray standing by with the weather for your week ahead. jennifer? >> much of the east coast seeing a warmup as we go through the next couple of days. i'm meteorologist jennifer gray. i'll have the forecast, coming up. i always say be the man with the plan
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and ask about all the ways you could save. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? good morning from tomorrow. live pictures from sidney, australia. 10:25 in the morning there. and a beautiful 77 degrees. back home in the u.s., weather is going to impact work, school, travel plans. it's all coming up next week. here's cnn meteorologist jennifer gray with a look ahead. >> look at these temperatures. we'll take it. temperatures are going to be reaching 35 degrees tomorrow in chicago. that's four degrees above normal. 57 in d.c. that's 14 degrees above normal. and the same for new york. you're above normal at 52. temperatures fall just a tiny bit by tuesday. still, 40s and 50s in the northeast. i think we'll take it. it will definitely feel nice.
3:26 pm
we do have another storm system setting up late monday night into tuesday. could bring some showers and storms across the southeast, the east coast. we could see a little bit of snow. it's only going to be for extremely northern sections. it looks like it's basically going to be a rainmaker. the reason is, it will have cold air behind it, but it's not going to be that arctic air. we're going to see just a little bit of a chill as we get into late week. but temperatures still not that far below normal. kyra? >> all right, jennifer, thanks so much. chances are you have seen this incredibly adorable viral video by now. it was pretty hard to miss. >> boo boo. this little guy is the only surviving polar bear from a litter born at the toronto zoo. zoo keepers say he's healthy. that he's going to be running around soon.
3:27 pm
we'll get a little spy cam on him, too. we'll track him. what viral video will you be absolutely sick of by this friday? maybe it will be the baby panda getting ready to debut at the smithsonian's national zoo. the public will get to see these cutie starting this week. tom foreman has all the details. >> she's so warm. >> reporter: at just 17 pounds, 5-month-old bao bao is already a heavyweight in the world of conservation. >> 58 centimeters. >> reporter: a rare success in the long fight to preserve the giant panda. >> pandas are notoriously difficult to breed. >> reporter: thompson attends to bao bao and says there are many reasons. pandas are naturally solitary and usually don't mate well in captivity. artificial insemination is uncertain. even when new ones are born they often don't make it. >> unfortunately they're very, sort of, in the first month or
3:28 pm
so, they're very fragile. you often don't know that there's anything wrong. >> reporter: the panda's american journey, however, has been key to the species survival. >> so this is the crate thatlingling was shipped in in 1972. >> the first panda. >> yes. >> reporter: u.s. scientists have helped the panda along ever since the first bears were sent here from their native china following a visit by president nixon. researchers in the national zoo are now among the top authorities in the world for breeding them. yet, births like this remain rare. >> every year you kind of hope for it. every year it's been a disappointment since 2005. >> reporter: habitat loss has left only 1,600 pandas in the wild. some 300 in captivity. small wonder, then, that this new arrival, this rare bear, is being treated with such care. tom foreman, cnn, washington. coming up, hey, guys. your newest midlife crisis car
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live pictures from the golden globes. all right. help me out. who's this? lena dunham. she is the star of "girls." you guys are going to see what shows i don't watch. i'm going to get to my girlfriend here in her smashing yellow dress. this is what -- basically, here's the deal. we're getting this live -- wow. check out those tattoos. holy molle lmoley. there's a conversation right there. can anybody figure out what those were? i'd love to talk about that. this is our live picture coming in from the golden globes as everybody's starting to make it in from the red carpet. nischelle turner is there. we'll be going to her live throughout the next millions of hours that this is happening. she's going to try and get whatever interview she can with the celebs coming down the red carpet. as you can see, it's kind of crazy. people are yelling and screaming, camera going here and
3:33 pm
there. nischelle is going to try to grab folks to interview. publicists will be bringing folks over. i'm flying by the seat of my pants with this. but what we're going to do is put it in the corner. we're going to put baby in the corner. in the other corner. thank you. right there. this is going to be our -- we call it our red carpet spy cam. the nsa is not sponsoring this. this is brought to you by cnn. and we're going to try and let you know who's there, what they're wearing and if we get an interview, we'll go for it. meanwhile, car nerds. motor heads. check out the dresses. check out the week you've been waiting for that's almost here, the detroit auto show isn't officially open yet. however, some journalists are getting a preview and edward lowe has actually been poking around some of the more exciting showcases. edward is the editor in chief of motor trend maxine. edward, let's hear it. is it finally the year for the flying car? >> no. it's not quite the year for the flying car just yet. we're coming up on automated cars. self-driving cars. but there's going to be a lot of very interesting stuff at the
3:34 pm
show starting tomorrow. i'm actually at a party right now for the mercedes-benz c-class. see it over my shoulder. about to unveil it for the first time. >> what kind of party do the mercedes folks throw? details. champagne flowing? >> pretty fantastic. all sorts of free drinks and food. we're upstairs here at the westin hotel in downtown, detroit. it's kind of like the other thing you guys were showing, award show. pretty fancy. >> i tell you what, this is all the high level stuff here. all the very well paid, highest paid actors and actresses. and the most expensive cars you can buy in the country. tell me, can you give me an idea the hottest cars at the show? maybe talk to me about the concept cars? fill me in. >> absolutely. so c class, big, big launch for mercedes. it's their big event. that's definitely in the top five vehicles for this show. next up i'd probably say ford
3:35 pm
mustang. it's already been shown earlier in december. but this is the first time the public is actually getting a chance to see it. that's huge. 50th anniversary. one of the most iconic vehicles ever made. mustang is all new, independent suspension. it looks fantastic. definitely one people should check out if they come to the show. >> it's hard to match up the mustang from the '60s. come on, let's get real. >> you know, i do think this new one does hit it out of the park. it's very sexy. lower, longer, leaner, wider, more powerful. it's a great looking car. but it might be upstaged, actually, by the guys over at porsche. they're going to show their latest high performance version of the stingray called a zo-6. this makes, you know, hold on to your hats. 625 horsepower. >> holy cow. i like longer and leaner. sounds like the figure i've always wanted.
3:36 pm
what about the driverless car. is that ever going to happen? >> it is. you know, we're right now on the cusp of having driverless cars in america. it really comes down to what the legislators will allow. because i've talked mercedes-benz. they said we have the technology. we can give it to you today. a car that can drive you home, find a parking spot. but there's all sorts of legal issues to sort out. that's really going to be the issue. >> behind you, then, over your right shoulder, the car that's underneath the tarp. is that the fancy mercedes you were just talking about? is there any way we can get a sneak peek or no? >> you know, we could ask. i could ask one of these guys. maybe they could pull the sheet off just a little bit. >> yeah. what the heck. will they do it? live television, ladies and gentlemen. >> he won't. he can't do it. >> he won't do it? >> they can't do it. sorry. i asked. >> all right. edward lowe, thank you so much.
3:37 pm
we look forward to seeing all the other stuff coming out of the show. the detroit auto show. not officially open yet but we got a sneak peek with our edward lowe there who's been poking around the show at some of the hottest stuff. editor in chief for "motor trend magazine." edward, thanks so much. there's been plenty of political reaction to the mess surrounding governor chris christie, that's for sure. it's also clear that his brand as a leader and as a presidential candidate, potential presidential candidate, i should say, has taken a bit of a hit. can he revive it? i got a chance to talk with martha peese, tragic marketing consultant and ceo of demand about what christie can do to turn things around. here's what she told me. >> right at the moment when he should be really being able to pay attention to expanding his following and, you know, in marketing terms bringing consumers in to his brand, he now has a brand that's somewhat sullied. that's somewhat tarnished. and that's a very difficult thing to recover from.
3:38 pm
what he does need to focus on is getting positive momentum behind the aspirational elements of his brand that people really relate to and that people really like and that they hold him, you know, up in high regard because of those emotional connections that they have with his brand. he needs to get positive momentum gathered around those things, and he needs to act in ways that reinforce that so that people can start to begin to rebuild some trust. >> let me talk to you about his inner circle, then. because i was interviewing former governor bill richardson. he said he's going to have to get rid of all those aides. he's going to have to clean house and start over. do you agree with that? >> well, i think -- you know, i think the actions that he takes now as a result of this are going to be incredibly important. so i think -- i think the -- the challenge is for him to demonstrate that he's learned something from this. in very simple terms. that he's learned something that
3:39 pm
he's taken away learning that he can apply. that he can apply it in a positive way to make himself a stronger executive, to make himself a very effective executive and, in fact, to make him a more trustworthy leader and to apply those lessons and really bring them into how he presents himself as a brand. so i think the actions that he takes are very important. >> christie, as you know, has forcefully denied that he knew anything about the now infamous plan that shut down traffic in new york. he's fired two aides involved in that scandal. coming up, we're going to take you live to the red carpet at the golden globes awards. who's wearing what, what will be the night's biggest winners, and why the heck is that carpet soaking wet? welcome back. how is everything? there's nothing like being your own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate. really makes my life easier. maybe a promotion is in order. good news. i got a new title.
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oh! [ zap! ] a smarter way to shop around. now, that's progressive. call or click today. we sure hope you won't turn off the tube. some of television's most anticipated specials and series are coming your way. pop culture guru samantha shocker gives us her favorites. >> thanks, kyra. i'm sure most of you have been watching football all day. but don't get up from the couch just yet. in fact, maybe you should order in some chinese food because tonight is not only the 71st annual golden globe awards, hosted by tina fey and amy poehler, but we also have some great series and seasons premieres as well. my picks, the series premiere of "true detectives" starring matthew mcconaughey and woody harrelson. they portray two detectives in the deep south. also the return of "girls" is tonight. as for my picks on the week
3:43 pm
ahead, on monday season 5 of the hilarious animated comedy "arch her." wednesday "american idol" is back. jennifer lopez back as a judge joining randy jackson. new judge harry conic jr. i still miss me some paula abdul. thursday oscar nominations are announced. will your favorite actor, director, movie from the year score a nomination? keep up with everything oscar on cnn. and for next weekend, saturday, the s.a.g. awards are live both on tnt and tbs at 8:00 eastern. cnn covers the red carpet starting at 5:00 eastern. make sure you tune in to that. also, we'll all be watching "snl." the debut of the new cast member, who's the first black female cast member in five years since maya rudolph left the show. congrats to her. now, if you want to catch a movie this weekend, on friday "jack ryan: shadow recruit" hits theaters. the film is -- or if you would
3:44 pm
prefer a comedy, "ride along" starring ice cube and kevin hart. that duo is sure to make you laugh. what will be buzzing in the social media world next week? in honor of the upcoming olympic games, selfie olympics. yes. it's blowing up all over facebook, twitter and instagram. even celebrities are getting in on the action. i would describe the pics, kyra, as extreme selfies. of course, they're all hashtagged with selfie olympics so you can easily search them. as silly as they are, some of them are funny. back to you. >> as samantha mentioned the 71st annual golden globes kick off just over an hour from now in beverly hills. a bit of a disaster on the red carpet, however. it could have derailed those plans. but it didn't. what you just saw there was a sprinkler that busted above the red carpet, spilling water everywhere. but forget about that. let's get to nischelle turner. because she has got the hot star of "12 years a slave." we can't wait for this
3:45 pm
interview. take it away, nischelle. >> reporter: we're having a little girl talk here about dresses, kyra. because you know that's what we do. yes. i am here with lupita n'yongo. this is ralph lauren. i need to ask. did you get it wet at all because of the water main break or sprinkler malfunction? because i will be upset if this dress got wet. >> no, thank goodness. i missed that, thank god. >> you're like, good. i know this is your first major movie role. your first time at an awards show like this. what are you feeling right now? >> i'm feeling very zen. i had a massage this morning. and i have my best friend by my side. i'm actually way more zen than i thought i would be. i'm sure once we are in there, things will change. >> reporter: it's interesting because this movie, it's a very powerful film. it's a very important film. it's a tough film to watch,
3:46 pm
especially some of the scenes with you and sarah pallson and you and michael fassbender. when you're shooting those, of course it's acting. how did you all deal with the brutality of it all? did you take a moment after filming and just kind of talk to each other or realize we got to remember this is acting? >> no. we never had to do that because i guess we all knew that we had to do this. it was our responsibility and our privilege to play these roles. we had to go all the way in order for it to work. we never talked about it, but we did have rituals. like just check-ins. i remember with michael, we'd check in, you know, with a look and a squeeze of the hand right before we did it. then another one after we did it. >> i know one of the scenes that sticks with me is just the look in your eye when you're being raped by him. that first time. it just -- there were no words in the scene, but that look in your eye, i said, my god. this lady -- >> oh, thank you. >> reporter: now, you are up against the likes of julia roberts and jennifer lawrence in your category. but there's a lot of people who feel like you're the woman to
3:47 pm
beat. >> oh, well, you know, i'm not up against anybody. because i have won already. i won when i got this role. this is like winning times a thousand. you know, it's really -- i'm just here to celebrate the success of the film. >> i hear you. there are a lot of people who said why did it take so long to make a film like this? why aren't we seeing more films about the slave days and these type of subjects. why did it take steve mcqueen, who's a british director, to make this film? what do you think about that? >> well, you know, i think this -- i don't know. i don't know. but i do know that steve was born to make this movie. and thank goodness we are all here alive when he did it, you know. and hopefully now more films of this nature will be made. film ps that are not necessarily easy to sit through. but that reveal something special about the human condition. in a beautiful way. because this film is so beautiful as well as being true. >> reporter: you're right. because tonight's a party.
3:48 pm
so you're here to enjoy yourself and celebrate with your cast mates. it's going to be a fun night. you haven't been to this before but this is a celebrate. enjoy the night, lupita. congratulations. good luck to you. all righty. thank you so much. can we just see that ralph lauren walk away, kyra? my goodness. i literally had a bit of a fashion moment. my little rag. it's so regal and so beautiful. >> what a classy, sophisticated young woman. and what an amazing opportunity. i just love her whole vibe. how she's just so zen and relaxed and that she's already won just having this opportunity and this experience. i mean, so humble. >> reporter: yes. and she is. she's a young girl. i mean, young woman. she's from kenya. this is her first major movie role. and i'm not sure if you've seen the movie. her scenes and her material is so tough that she amazes me
3:49 pm
doing the things that she did in this movie. and so i think she could take home a statue tonight. we could have just been talking to a golden globe winner. >> i tell you what, i'll be transparent with you. i'm going to see it. i want to see it. but that's one of those movies, like you mentioned, nischelle, that you have to be in the right mindset. because it's not an easy thing to watch. >> reporter: no. >> i know that i'll be emotional after leaving that movie theater. >> reporter: yes. >> and i know it was that way for you. yes? >> reporter: yeah. can i tell you that in the movie, and i saw the movie with black people, white people, men and women. there were -- and i was one of them -- visible heaving sobs during a lot of scenes in this film. i mean, it affects you that much. and i will tell you, i think everyone should see the movie. but it's not a movie i could see multiple times. it's a movie that i've seen once, i needed to see it. and i'm kind of done with it. because it was very tough. but it's very necessary, i
3:50 pm
believe, for people to see. >> yeah. i'm with you on all fronts there. nischelle turner, we will talk a lot tonight as we've been mentioning, all the special coverage throughout the evening at the golden globes. nischelle, thanks so much. well, the iphone breaking into a brand-new market starting tomorrow. so where in the world will apple have access to twice as many new customers as the population of the u.s.? we're going to tell you right after a break. first, if you're looking for a new job or changing career, our friends at aol have got you covered. they have compiled a list of ten companies hiring this week. here's the first five. we're going to have the rest of the list right after the break. [ male announcer ] this is the story of the dusty basement at 1406 35th street the old dining table at 25th and hoffman. ...and the little room above the strip mall off roble avenue. ♪ this magic moment
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♪ investors at wall street looking forward to tuesday. that's when we find out how retailers faired in december.
3:54 pm
the consumer price index will point the direction inflation -- will point the direction that inflation, rather, is heading. stocks ended last week mixed in reports that hiring was up in the private sector. the jobs report showed weaker numbers than expected. also on tuesday big banks, jp morgan chase and wells fargo will release some key numbers. their fourth quarter earnings. alison kosik at the new york stock exchange with what else investors will be watching when trading opens in the morning. alison? >> reporter: hi, kyra. it's a big week for apple. the company will begin selling its iphone 5s and 5c in china this coming week after it inked a deal with china mobile. it opens apple up to 700 million new customers but the gadget maker isn't a market leader in china. problem is china's wireless carriers don't subsidize the iphone so it costs $700. still analysts expect apple to get a 20% sales bump this year because of the release. on the economical endcalendar, retail sales numbers from
3:55 pm
december are coming out. the holiday season expected to have been pretty solid. deep discounting encouraged consumers to buy more. also out this week, reports on home construction, manufacturing and consumer sentiment. finally, remember this guy? one of the most infamous faces of corporate greed is about to be a free man. denn dennis koslowski is tentatively scheduled to be released from prison friday. convicted of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars, he was known for his extravagant lifestyle. he wasn't spent $6,000 on a shower curtain. kyra, that's what's coming up on wall street. >> alison thanks so much. also ahead, a video that has america talking still. a toddler in diapers, swearing, even flashing the middle finger. next, could this little boy who's been taken into protective custody actually be returned home this week? mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971. afghanistan, in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982.
3:56 pm
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3:58 pm
i'll tell you what, this needs to introduction. kevin spacey, nischelle turner live at the golden globes. let's go, nischelle. >> in something of the new paradigm is pretty incredible for us. at the end of the day it's about the fans, you know. they're the ones bingeing. i know they're looking forward to bingeing on valentine's day where we're dropping very romantically the second season. and i'm having the time of my life. >> reporter: do you sit and watch all at once or do you --
3:59 pm
how do you do it? >> i'm a producer. it's slightly different for me. i have to see them way before they go on the air. >> reporter: can you watch without a critical eye? can you just enjoy? >> no. i'm always seeing what i didn't do or what didn't work. but that's, you know, i always try to remind myself that frances ford coppola is still trying to make apocalypse now the movie he wants it to be. we'll never be satisfied. >> reporter: let's talk about francis underwood. with everything that's going on in washington right now, how would he come in? he's the master manipulator. how would he come in and solve these crazy problems that are going on in congress? >> i think he'd kill four or five congressmen right off the bat. >> reporter: seriously. would he just come in and bully them and just -- >> look, this is what i'll say. as we look back at american history, there are people like president johnson who were viewed in their time and even later as ruthless, difficult,
4:00 pm
obnoxious, in your face. but he was an effective president. now, vietnam was a terrible situation. and he took an enormous amount of heat for that. but i do also think that he got three civil rights bills passed in a very short presidency. so i think maybe sometimes we can re-examine. and one of the things i think perhaps the show does is it does ask that question. particularly at a time when we have a lot of gridlock in our politics. what is right? you know, what is the line that someone should cross if you want to get something done? one of the things i liked about the film "lincoln" was it showed that abraham lincoln, our almost sainted president, was willing to do what he had to do to get the votes to get a more important thing passed that changed america forever than giving somebody a post in some whatever. so i do think sometimes, even in the real world as opposed to our world, i want to see things get done. that's why i could never go into politics. i would be incred