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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 12, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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obnoxious, in your face. but he was an effective president. now, vietnam was a terrible situation. and he took an enormous amount of heat for that. but i do also think that he got three civil rights bills passed in a very short presidency. so i think maybe sometimes we can re-examine. and one of the things i think perhaps the show does is it does ask that question. particularly at a time when we have a lot of gridlock in our politics. what is right? you know, what is the line that someone should cross if you want to get something done? one of the things i liked about the film "lincoln" was it showed that abraham lincoln, our almost sainted president, was willing to do what he had to do to get the votes to get a more important thing passed that changed america forever than giving somebody a post in some whatever. so i do think sometimes, even in the real world as opposed to our world, i want to see things get done. that's why i could never go into politics. i would be incredibly
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frustrated. >> that's what i hear from so many times from actors that play politicians. i couldn't do it. i'd walk out day one. >> unless, of course, ashleigh banfield were my first lady. then perhaps we might get things done. >> reporter: i was hoping you'd give her a little shout. because she's doing her show from here tomorrow. a little love would be nice. i'm sure she'd like it. >> happy to send some love to ashleigh. >> reporter: good luck to you. i think you look fantastic. who's the suit? >> burberry. >> she's going to pop her isv back in there. here's what happened. it's the top of the hour. welcome to the cnn newsroom. i'm kyra phillips. the golden globes, all the stars are working their way down the red carpet right now. our nischelle turner is there covering this for us live. what happened was we were going to go to her. kind of at the top of the hour. that, by the way, is the sprinkler that broke and pretty much spewed water all across the red carpet. but they got it under control.
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everything is okay. apparently no dresses have been ruined. everything's fine. but nischelle has been sort of grabbing folks here and there. and so we went right to her interview with kevin spacey. she didn't have her ifb in. she didn't know we were tuned into her which is why we had a little raw moment there. nischelle, i understand you've got the ifb back in. you can hear me. we were sort of a fly on the wall watching your interview with kevin spacey. okay. she's grabbing somebody now. is she doing another interview? who does chef now? >> i mean, someone said to me, you're an impossible movie. we've proved them wrong. we made the movie. >> reporter: i read an interview with you where you said your wife is the one who introduced you to this book. where did you find -- the book has been in existence for a long time. but where did you find it and how were you introduced to soloman northrupp's work.
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>> he wants to make a film about slavery, about a free man that was kidnapped. i just started to do some research. i had a bunch of books. i thought, okay. let's try this one. and, you know, when you start to read it, it's immediately one of the most incredible books you'll ever read. every page something out of the ordinary happens. it's a kind of odyssey with results you couldn't think of. i went to steve and said this is the one. this is the one. and he had a passion for it immediately. >> you're known to be a director that pushes the envelope. and that really goes there. this film goes there. did you ever have to stop and pull back and say, guys, let's take a break here because this is so tough to do? >> no. it was a family. within that sort of family, we
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knew that we supported each other. we could get this done. we can make this movie. we could, you know, tell the truth about a particular painful period in history. you could only do that when you work together. when you're individuals, things work out. but when you're together, you're much stronger. with that base, we could do anything. >> reporter: do you have a thought on the fact that this year there have been so many films, so many great films made about the black experience? whether it's "12 years a slave," "mandela," "the butler." really great films this year kind of running the landscape? >> no. i don't think anyone can underestimate president barack obama's influence on the arts. you know, i think -- not just the arts. other areas, you know, within the industry and whatever. i suppose what i'm trying to say, people thought they had the authority to do that. they thought they had the authority to tell their story. it's an amazing time. >> congratulations to you.
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good luck on the next project. you're making a series about the black experience in london, right? >> that's correct, yes. >> reporter: love that. i can't wait to see it. nice to meet you. thank you for getting him the book. have a good time tonight. >> okay. that's nischelle. you got to love it. this is what's going on. nischelle is basically grabbing folks from the red carpet there. publicists are bringing people up -- okay. so is she -- she's about to interview her? okay. here's the deal. we're just going to take it back to nischelle as soon as -- actually, as soon as she's ready in the interview. she's chitchatting. tell me who she has now? she's got lena dunham, creator and starter of "girls." doesn't look like she's quite ready yet. i'm looking at her there. someone's talking to her. we're going to take you back to nischelle in just a second. i'm actually watching, we've got a live camera on nischelle turner there at the golden globes. nischelle, can you hear me? >> reporter: i can hear you,
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kyra, yes indeed. i'm having more girl talk here with lena dunham. girl talk. >> take it away. >> reporter: exactly. first of all, she looks lovely in yellow zach posen tonight. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: the diamonds, honey. >> oh, my god. this is harry winston doing me a big ole favor. these are not something i just pulled out of my closet. >> reporter: they're beautiful. congratulations on the series nomination. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: i just spoke with judd apatow. what he said to me was when he first met you, he just believed in what you had to say. that you had something to say that needed to be told. >> i feel to lucky. judd is an unbelievable friend and mentor. and not to sound sort of like completely maudlin and cheesy, but the belief he's shown in me from the beginning, there's nothing that compares to that. he's taught me so much. >> reporter: we're waving. who are we waving at? zooey deschanel. she looks gorgeous. isn't she a cutie? i like when we have moments on the red carpet. i love this long distance.
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she can come over and hang with us. come on in. zooey deschanel is joining us now. her and lena. are you guys fast friends? >> as soon as i met you, we were friends. >> that's how i felt, too. >> i just love her so much. >> we've been friends since i saw her in "all the real girls" in my mind ten years ago. >> then we really became friends as soon as we met. it was like a bond that you can't break. >> i'm so happy to see you. you look stunning. >> reporter: who are you wearing? >> oscar de la renta. >> reporter: oscar de la renta and zach posen next to me. good stuff. >> i love zach. >> he was my babysitter when i was little. >> such a nice guy. >> reporter: i have to tell you also, congratulations on your nomination today. >> thank you. very strong category. one of those things where you go, dang. how did i get here? pinch, pinch. >> reporter: look over to our left, michelle dockery just joined the platform here. this is good. i love this. this is a great girl time here.
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>> i just liked one of your instagrams. i liked your instagram, like, 20 minutes ago. >> which one? >> you were standing looking glamorous on a terrace. >> nice. >> reporter: lena dunham is liking dockery's instagram. zooey deschanel is wondering how did i get nominated in such a strong category? i'm sitting here in awe. this is a cool moment. >> thanks. i think it's cool, too. i'm excited. >> i'm a little hot. that's my only complaint. >> i was walking down the carpet. i was like, there's a light that's really hot that's burning my skin. then i looked and it was the sun. the sun is the brightest and hottest of all the lights. that can't be moved. >> kyra, don't you love when we kind of peek in to what really goes on on the red carpet? >> this is great. this is live television. >> i was walking past your table. something happened. they're like, everyone, sit down. i ducked. i was like, right -- i was at eye level with your food. >> she was right here. >> this was last year.
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>> you were patting -- it was like, yeah, right before -- >> i shot a selfie of the two of us. one of my most treasured possessions. >> honestly a really exciting moment. >> also do you ever get people mistaking the names? >> reporter: this is young hollywood talking. >> somebody said i know a writer from your show. i was like, it's either from "girls" or from "two broke girls" but not my show. >> when my mom say the "two broke girls" ad she's like they came out with new ads for your show. i was like, nope. >> nope. >> she thought two broke was the tag line. >> we could go on all day. are you guys excited about tonight? this is the party. >> keep going, nischelle. >> we should probably -- >> i love jennifer -- i love jennifer lawrence. >> she's a dream. >> don't you think we should be friends with her. >> let's get on it. >> she does movies. she doesn't do tv. >> i think she'd be willing to
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slum with us. >> she might slum with us. that would be cool. >> reporter: what did amy poehler say last year. the beautiful movie stars with the rat faced folks of television. >> here we are. >> reporter: what about those ladies. they're hosting tonight. >> it's going to be so fun. the funniest people in the world. they made last year a joy. >> yeah. it was a joy. >> you laughed enough that you forgot you were sitting at a very nerve-racking award show. >> it's also kind of like a party. it's like a party award show. >> you can mingle. >> reporter: i'm getting the fact that your publicists are about to -- >> thank you. >> i'm dying to know what lena's tattoo is. what's lena's tattoo on your back. >> reporter: they want to know what your tatoo is about. >> it's from a children's book. ferdinand the bull. >> i love it! >>. >> reporter: the children's book. once again, michelle dockery from downtown abbie.
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and hayden panettiere. >> my favorite show. "nashville." i love this show. >> you look like the jolly green giant. i'm crowd cheating because i'm a little tall. you're okay. you're engaged to the real jolly green giant. i know you do okay with that. >> i got to get -- >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> reporter: on everything. congratulations on the nomination tonight. yes, in my -- in my ear right now kyra is yelling to me, "nashville!" i love that show. i love it. >> thank you. i love it. i'm obsessed -- i can't -- i still pinch myself all the time. the fact that anything -- because it looked too good to be true in the beginning. generally when it does, it is. i'm so blessed. i'm so thankful. >> reporter: but you and connie britton really are tv magic. sometimes you get that pairing and you don't know, but you guys really -- i mean, it's so believable and --
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>> that's the first thing we ever did together was the one where i meet her in the show. i walk in and i'm completely passive aggressive. i'm like, ha ha, no. i'm going to say hi to who? i kept apologizing. i was like, dude, this is not the way we should start our relationship. if we have to be together for years. >> you really do do the singing in the show. >> yeah. >> reporter: who knew that you were a singer? you're like, i knew. >> no. my shower knew. my car knew. my shower knew. no. you know, we're given such great material, great music. we had t-bone burnett in the first scene. buddy miller through the first and second. they're geniuses. to have that kind of guidance when you're going down uncharted territory, it makes the whole process a lot less anxiety. >> reporter: congratulations to you. good luck on everything. the marriage. the tv show. everything. it's a good year to be hayden
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panettiere. >> i'm
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you should have been born in that era. you should have been alive in that era. it fits you so well. >> i've always felt i was born in the wrong era. >> i just read an interview you did with "vanity fair." i learned something about you i did not know. you were a bona fide broadway fanatic. >> i'm a complete geek. that's what i grew up wanting to do. i was a dancer. i wanted to do broadway. that's where my love of shows came from. i learned to tell a story was through dance and song. so it's always what i return to. >> reporter: good luck to you tonight. i have to tell you i loved you in this movie. i followed your career.
4:17 pm
i always thought it was really good. i personally feel like this is your best work. i feel like uninhibited. so good. and so good luck to you. >> thank you so much. i really appreciate that. have fun tonight. >> reporter: "her" was great, too. >> i get to celebrate two films tonight. i'm so lucky. be careful. there was a pipe burst. >> i was going to say, have you been walking with your dress like this? we all have. >> so grateful. >> reporter: all right. let me help you down. >> oh, my gosh, nischelle. you are bell of the ball. >> you know what i wish i could do? this is fun. i wish i could, like, having an ear piece here to stick in people's ears so you could talk to them, too. because it's so much fun. and folks are just hanging out. julie bowen is in front of me now from "modern family." >> you talk about "modern family" all the time. one of my favorites. i'm giving you a heads up. >> the show is nominated as well as sofia vergara.
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>> you have a hit coming up with cnn international in how many minutes, vicky? you've got a hit now with cnn international. we have to let you go. oh, man. what a bummer. okay? we're coming back to you. >> reporter: this is fun. >> get some good ones, okay? continue the madness. >> reporter: absolutely. >> nischelle turner. she is rocking it at the golden globes. she's getting all the a-listers coming rige ining right up to h the platform. more from the red carpet with nischelle coming up. plus the news of the day. we promise. dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. that's why i recommend polident. [ male announcer ] cleaner, fresher, brighter every day. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up
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your point "c". capella university. start your journey at i promise we're getting to the news. but we had to show you sofia vergara. knocking it out of the park at the golden globes. as you know, the highest paid actress on television. second year in a row. she has so much going on now. the star of "modern family."
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commercials. covers of magazines. she's producing that show "killer women" now. this woman is on a role. she's engaged. about to start a new life. i mean, it doesn't get much better than that. looks amazing. all right. let's get to the news, shall we? there has been test after test, but still no safe water for the 300,000 frustrated west virginia residents. there was a news conference just a short time ago. the governor did stand up to the mike and say that the water test results are encouraging. but still there's concerns over the actual chemical itself and that it's still lingering. take a listen. >> most people did not know a whole lot about this particular chemical. and it's one that, you know, that we've had to do a lot of research on internally very quickly to find out what effects it may have. i think that perhaps they could have been a little bit more forthcoming to be able to offer their assistance on, you know, what, you know, problems this particular chemical could have caused. i think it would have been very
4:23 pm
helpful. >> people are being warned now to watch for symptoms like nausea, skin airatiirritation, sneezing. 7,500 gallons of a chemical used to clean coal leaked and was discovered in the water supply on thursday. president obama is going to deliver a big speech on friday. he's dpoing to outline his plans to balance anti-terror surveillance with our privacy rights. now, last summer as you know edward snowden leaked sensitive details about the nsa's massive surveillance program. since then the president has been under tremendous pressure to make changes. erin mcpike has a preview now of the potential reforms. >> reporter: trying to end a worldwide up roar over nsa spying, president obama will unveil how he'll keep his promise to reform government surveillance programs. >> we may have to refine this further to give people more confidence. and i'm going to be working very hard on doing that. and we've got to provide more confidence to the international community. >> we can find a better balance,
4:24 pm
end mass surveillance. >> reporter: the president has suffered months of blow back since edward snowden's revelations last summer that the nsa has been collecting personal phone records on every american. and spying on world leaders, including allies like germany's chancellor angela merkel. he's called in experts, tech company leaders. and in the past few days, key members of congress. >> there were many members of congress there from both the house and the senate who cover the ideological spectrum who urged him to throttle back the collection of meta data on a bulk level. i hope he listens. >> reporter: he's deciding whether to accept recommendations from an independent review commission that include storing personal data outside the government with a private third party, probably phone companies, and requiring the government get a judge to approve access. a public advocate to represent americans' privacy rights when those decisions get made. and that spying on foreign leaders get high-level approval. >> we have many countries with
4:25 pm
common interests. so having a more thorough process to really look through that and don't do it just because there's an opportunity to do it. >> reporter: balancing security and privacy is a tricky political question. and critics are bound to be unsatisfied. >> we can't continue to refer to ourselves as a quote, unquote, free country when the united states government is collecting information on virtually every telephone call made in america. getting into people's e-mails. focusing on the websites that certain people are visiting. >> reporter: and when edward snowden first made some of these details known of some of the nsa programs, he was quoted in "the guardian" news as saying the greatest fear regarding the outcome for america of these disclosures is that nothing will change. however, members of congress on both sides of the aisle do want to see change. and it may require a lot of congressional approval for some of these programs. john mccain was on cnn's "state of the union" this morning. and he was calling for a select committee of members of congress
4:26 pm
from a number of committees to do some of the work on this, kyra. >> erin, thanks so much. well, iran will start getting rid of its uranium stockpile this month. a week from tomorrow to be exact according to the u.s. state department. and confirmed by officials in iran. it's the official start date for the six-month deal with iran that was announced in love. a team from the u.n. will oversee the removal of that uranium. as part of the deal iran will see some economic sanctions eased. the white house calls it modest relief. parts of iraq this weekend are as violent and unstable as they were doing the darkest day of the war. just today, at least 22 people were killed. more than 80 wounded in several car bombings and shootings in baghdad, mosul, ramadi, fallujah. militants believed to be linked to al qaeda attacked crowded residential areas, a bus station, even an army base. the spike in fighting suddenly sprang up in early december. senator john mccain has an idea for helping calm that
4:27 pm
sudden violence in iraq. it involves a couple of familiar names. >> by the way, we could have kept a residual force there. anybody who tells you that we could have is not telling the truth. you know, we need -- i would suggest, perhaps, sending david petraeus and ambassador crocker back over there. malaki trusts them. and try and get this thing sorted out. because it's not just iraq. when you look at iraq/syria, you are seeing an al qaeda enclave there. and that is very dangerous to american national security. >> that was senator mccain appearing with our candy crowley this morning on cnn's "state of the union." coming up, it may look pretty but a river ice jam is causing all kinds of problems. first, rosa flores. >> i'm rosa flores live in new york. the chris christie bridgegate investigation has turned up thousands of documents. oh, but that's not all. i'll tell you what the new jersey assemblyman leading the investigation is asking for in just two minutes.
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symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol increase the risk of death from asthma problems. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. [ man ] with copd, i thought i'd miss our family tradition. now symbicort significantly improves my lung function, starting within 5 minutes. and that makes a difference in my breathing. today we're ready for whatever swims our way. ask your doctor about symbicort. i got my first prescription free. call or click to learn more. well, the bridge scandal linked to chris christie's top aides is widening. another top christie staffer knew about growing concerns emerging from lane closures on the george washington bridge. rosa flores is koring that story out of new york. tell us about the latest e-mail. >> you know, this seems like a never ending saga. christie's director of the authorities unit was forwarded a scathing e-mail from the port authority executive director
4:31 pm
patrick foye only three hours after he hit send. now, he said in his message, i'm going to quote here, i will get to the bottom of this abusive decision which violates everything this agency stands for. the message was forwarded by bill baroni who resigned as a christie appointed official to the port authority on the day the lane closures ended. it's safe to say the push and the pull of what those 2,000 pages of documents released by the state assembly may reveal is sure to continue in this coming week. outspoken republicans and the democratic leader leading this investigation couldn't be more polar op sipts. here's what the republican national committee chairman said on "meet the press" which asked how christie has handled the revelations. >> i think what you saw the other day was -- was leadership. was something that showed that, look, everyone is fallible, david. i'm fallible. you are. everyone on these panels. we all make mistakes. but the real question is, what
4:32 pm
do you do when mistakes happen? there's no question he admitted mistakes happened. he admitted he trusted people that lied to him. america is a forgiving people. but they're forgiving when you take ownership. you admit mistakes. you take corrective action. and that's what chris christie showed. >> the democrat legislator leading the investigation has a different point of view. he believes the actions may be criminal. >> i'm not a prosecutor. but i do think laws have been broken. clearly pat foye said that on september 13th. public resources, the bridge, the police officers, the people who move the cones all were used for a political purpose. for some type of retribution. and that violates the law. and so i think law enforcement ought to be looking at this as well to make sure that any violations of law are addressed. >> reporter: we should add the documents that have been released have not shown any link between christie and this
4:33 pm
alleged plot. but the legislature is pushing to obtain even more documentsasg he hopes the governor would say something like, i'm going to quote here, please tell us what you'd like. we'll turn over all of those documents. the new jersey assembly will hold a special session thursday to vote on an extension of subpoena power to this investigation. meanwhile, chris christie is expected to visit florida next week to raise money for the re-election effort of governor rick scott. kyra? >> rosa, we're going to be talking a lot about this for quite a bit of time, i'm sure. thank you, rosa. >> of course. a wealthy hunter pays $350,000 for a permit to kill a rare black rhino. we first told you about this story last night. the dallas safari club says as surprising as it might sound, that last night's auction was held in the name of conservation. to actually save the threatened black rhino. the permit allows a hunter to kill one black rhino in namibia.
4:34 pm
all of the proceeds, $350,000, will be donated to its government and will be earmarked for conservation efforts. some environmentalists say the auction is simply absurd. >> i can't say strongly enough how perverse this is to say that killing this animal is the best thing for these animals. >> the hunter who paid $350,000 for the permit has chosen to remain anonymous. in the grand scheme of travel, air disasters are pretty uncommon. even more rare, being the only person to walk away from one. the remarkable stories of sole survivors, straight ahead. aflac! aflac! got 'em. ♪ yeah, he's clean, boss. now listen to me, duck. i have an associate that met with, uh, an unfortunate accident. while he's been incapacitated, somebody's been paying him cash. now, is this your doing? aflac? now, if i met with some such accident, would aflac pay me?
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mission accomplished for a remarkable journey to the international space station. an unmanned spacecraft docked a t the space station today, two days after blasting off from virginia. the mission is the first for orbital sciences. it's one of two private companies helping nasa keep the space station stocked with supplies. crew members aboard the space station will begin unloading the 2,700 pounds of supplies and experiments tomorrow. you won't believe this shootout between police and a man in san diego. listen. [ gunfire ]
4:38 pm
>> oh, yeah. all caught on video. police say they opened fire after the driver pointed his gun at them. after an hour long high speed chase. the 40-year-old driver was injured, taken to a hospital. no word on his condition. authorities say the suspect's vehicle matched the description of a vehicle involved in a shooting earlier this week and that drugs were also found in the car. the chase started when the car ran a stop sign and then refused to pull over. in pennsylvania, police are hunting for a suspect in a brutal murder. it unfolded on a desolate stretch of highway where the victim was chased down, shot and left for dead. police are describing it as a case of road rage. as jean casarez found out, it's shaken up a lot of residents of a nearby town. >> reporter: residents of this small community of dillsburg, pennsylvania, continue to be on edge following a deadly highway shooting of 28-year-old timothy daveson. the shooter still at large, law
4:39 pm
enforcement says it was a case of road rage. >> we obviously have an individual out there who was so incensed that he continued to pursue mr. davidson and took it to that next step. he, you noknow, he murdered an individual for, you know, whatever slight that he perceived. >> our drawer travels the highway every day. you think, it could have been her. it's hard to think things like that can happen in this small area. >> it's just scary. you're just driving along and all of the sudden, boom. >> reporter: it was 30 minute ace way from this community on interstate 81. where daveson was driven off a highway last saturday morning, then shot at repeatedly by someone driving a dark ford ranger xlt pickup. police say davison had made multiple calls to 911 saying he was being chased by a vehicle and the driver was very aggressive. >> be advised now multiple
4:40 pm
gunshot wounds as well. >> we are issuing an advisory and body shops in the area to be on the look outfor a ford ranger with recent damage seeking repair. >> reporter: motorists in this part of pennsylvania say they are keeping a closer eye on fellow drivers. >> they're definitely concerned. because, you know, they haven't been able to figure out who it is yet or that, you know, they might still be around. if they inadvertently can you want that person off or do something to make them mad, they might be the next one, you know, in the news. >> reporter: jean casarez, cnn, dillsburg, pennsylvania. up next, you got to watch this video time and time -- look at that. blown away by powerful winds. bet you're glad you don't own that condo. you're going to see the video again after a quick break. ♪ ♪ so you can have a getaway from what you know.
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4:43 pm
residents in western new york fleeing from their homes as ice jams caused creeks and rivers to jump their banks right into their houses. >> i came out here and my goodness, it's a river going down there. >> chaos. a little chaos. i'm sure there's some people that are a little frantic right now or a it willle worried about their houses. >> my husband said what's that noise in the basement? i said, i don't know. i looked out the window, i said, oh, my god. it's up to -- i'm just lost for words. >> powerful winds also whipping up participants of montana. several semi trucks blown over on interstate 15 created a
4:44 pm
pretty dangerous situation for truckers here. there were also reports of trash cans, even trampolines flying around in the high winds. winds were also an issue in north carolina. >> i feel the wind -- the windows -- whoa, no! look at that! >> how is that for an unexpected moment? high winds there blew down that condo. that was actually under construction. leaving behind nothing but a pile of rubble. is weather going to impact your work, school, travel plans this week? here's more now from cnn meteorologist jennifer gray. >> look at these temperatures. we'll take it. temperatures are going to be reaching 35 degrees tomorrow in chicago. that's four degrees above normal. 57 in d.c. that's 14 degrees above normal. and the same for new york. you're above normal at 52. temperatures fall just a tiny bit by tuesday. still, 40s and 50s in the northeast. i think we'll take it. it will definitely feel nice.
4:45 pm
we do have another storm system setting up late monday night into tuesday. could bring some showers and storms across the southeast, the east coast. we could see a little bit of snow, but it's only going to be for extremely northern sections. it looks like it's basically going to be a rainmaker. the reason is, it will have cold air behind it but it's not going to be that arctic air. we're going to see just a little bit of a chill as we get into late week. temperatures still not that far below normal. kyra? >> jennifer, thanks. i want to tell you now about a terrific film that you can see on cnn later this evening. it examines the lives of those who have survived air disasters. in fact, the film p focuses solely on people who were the only survivor of a crash. george lamson jr. was the sole survivor of a 1985 crash in nevada that killed 71 people. in the film lamson talks through an interpreter to a french schoolgirl who survived a crash into the indian ocean that killed 152 people. listen.
4:46 pm
>> translator: do you have some from the accident? >> i was burned on my right hand. here. and this here is later on. this is from sunburn. but here, this is the burn here. my face was burned. i had a cut on my forehead. >> translator: what was that like being by yourself out there for nine hours? can you explain that?
4:47 pm
>> "sole survivor" airs tonight 9:00 eastern right here on cnn. defending dennis rodman. former nba player who is in north korea with rodman is talking about the trip. his takeaway, next. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that parker. well, did you know auctioneers make bad grocery store clerks? that'll be $23.50. now .75, 23.75, hold 'em. hey now do i hear 23.75? 24! hey 24 dollar, 24 and a quarter, quarter, now half, 24 and a half and .75! 25! now a quarter, hey 26 and a quarter, do you wanna pay now, you wanna do it, 25 and a quarter - sold to the man in the khaki jacket! geico. fifteen minutes could save you... well, you know.
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at a company that's bringing media and technology together. next is every second of nbcuniversal's coverage 0f the 2014 olympic winter games. it's connecting over one million low-income americans to broadband internet at home. it's a place named one america's most veteran friendly employers.
4:50 pm
next is information and entertainment in ways you never thought possible. welcome to what's next. comcastnbcuniversal. well, the eccentric dennis rodman is due back from north korea tomorrow. his teammate charles smith talks about getting paid for playing basketball in north korea. also smith says he understands why some people are outraged by the trip but he defends rodman. >> reporter: in his first tv interview since returning from north korea, basketball star charles d. smith defend what had has become a controversial trip saying that it was a successful effort to bridge a gap between two nations that knew very little about each other. >> there is a lot that happened on that trip above and beyond
4:51 pm
playing a match. and i'm only sharing with you my experiences, good bad or indifferent. it was just something that i experienced. >> smith insisted this was forced diplomacy in action and said the basketball bad boy dennis rodman had had both sporting and personal reasons for taking part. smith said rodman simply wanted to do something that his children would be proud of. smith rejected claims by nba commissioner david stern that there had been blinded by north korean dollars. >> absolutely not. i think i'm a student to understand the dynamics, especially checking monetary dollars from north korea. we did not get paid for north korea at all. >> ♪ >> he also rejected media allegations that they had been treated to a luxury lifestyle in north korea together with wild parties, smith said they had eaten and been treated quite simply. smith said he believed it was unfair that the media had
4:52 pm
focused on political aspects of the trip, insisting that the basketball players were sportsmen, not politicians or diplomats. he also described rodman who had a verbal outburst in a cnn interview last week as a passionate man who had a great heart but does not always express himself well. smith did not indicate that either he or rodman had talked to north korean leaders about imprisoned korean-american missionary. they imprisoned him to 15 years prison for what they say was an effort to topple the regime using religion. it is not clear what rodman has been doing in north korea over the weekend nor if he was expected to spend more time with the reclusive leader kim jong-un who is known to be a huge basketball fan. smith and rodman are expected to fly back to the u.s. sometime early this week. cnn, beijing. >> and our very own chris cuomo will speak with more former nba
4:53 pm
players who made the trip with rodman. you can watch that tomorrow from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. eastern right here on cnn. secretary of state john kerry says if there is a solution to the violence in syria, it is not a military one. kerry is in paris this weekend attending a meeting of the so-called friends of syria group. he says today that no sign of the syrian civil war can find its way to victory. the only way to save syria is through negotiation. while he was saying that, more people died in the fighting. nearly 700 people have been killed just in the past nine months in syria. and these aren't syrian troops fighting the rebels. these are rebel groups fighting each other. up next, the biggest football game of the year come with the biggest price tag. at least one fan says that's not fair. so he is suing the nfl. [ female announcer ] stress can make your mind spin all night.
4:54 pm
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4:56 pm
unisom sleeptabs help you fall asleep 33% faster and wake refreshed. unisom. a stressful day deserves a restful night. singer bruno mars has invited some big time back-up for the super bowl halftime show. mars has asked the red hot chili peppers to join him for the extravaganza. that's them in a recent performance. the nfl says the super bowl halftime show is the most watched musical event of the year with more than 110 million viewers in the u.s. the super bowl is just three weeks away, too. a game every football fan would
4:57 pm
love to see in person. there is one catch. the ticket price for a super bowl ticket is pretty much off the charts. so one fan is actually taking his frustration to court. cnn has more. >> reporter: it is packed with superstar athletes, super charged performances -- >> davis, touchdown! >> reporter: and it promises super high television ratings. but if you're looking for a seat inside new jersey's met life stadium -- >> the average fan, the true fan really can't afford to go to the game and enjoy it. they have to watch it at home. >> reporter: the average price has risen by $200 in the last five years. that's just face value. tickets for super bowl xlviii are soaring into the thousands via secondary markets like stub hub and ticket exchange. one fan is so upset, he is suing the nfl after shelling out $4,000 for two tickets. much higher than face value.
4:58 pm
>> i think the corporate bigries taking the tickets. >> reporter: his lawsuit claims they violated the consumer fraud act by only releasing a 1% to the general public through a lottery system leaving the majority of tickets susceptible to enormous price gouging. >> with obviously you have this gouging that come about and it become very problematic for the common fan who wants to go to the game. according to the nfl, roughly 75% of tickets are given out to individual teams who in turn are supposed to sell a percentage at face value to fans. but the lawsuit alleges teams instead offer them in large part to resalers who grossly inflate the price. >> i think more people should have access to the tickets. >> reporter: the lawsuit claims one such resaler got it for $19,000. >> how about we wrap up the night with a little golden globe
4:59 pm
action. we have michelle turner on the red carpet. here are some of the highlights. carrie washington right here. she was able to talk to from scandal. nominated for best actress in a drama. she is also pregnant, looking absolutely phenomenal. the dress is terrific. wow! okay. i think we've got tonight's host. tina fey and amy poller. amy nominated to, too. that's tina. and i think amy will come up right after her, right? look at amy. showing a little tummy there. she looks fabulous. they also change like four or five different times during the show so you'll see many more dresses with tina and amy. big hype, too. they knocked it out of the park last year. everybody is wondering can they do it again this year? of course they can. it will be even better.
5:00 pm
how about kevin spacey from house of cards? this was a great interview that he did. he started talking politics. it was great. past presidents, current presidents, his show. it was awesome. net flix releasing the entire show by the way very soon. do we have a date on when they'll release on it netflix? february 14, valentine's day. a perk time to see kevin spacey. thank you. good night. -- captions by vitac -- for most of my life, libya was a word with bad associations. libya meant gadhafi. libya meant terrorism. >> pan am flight 103 went down in a blazing fireball. >> libya meant a bad place where a comical, megalomaniacal dictator was the absolute power. nobody in libya, however, was laughing. >> reports of explosions. >> clashes between rioters and security forces. >> in 2011, what was previously