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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 13, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PST

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much as $2 million and willing to do whatever he can. he couldn't stand by and do nothing. >> talk about putting your life on hold to help somebody else out. that's amazing. >> that's why it's the good stuff. above and beyond. a lot of news for you this morning. let's get you back to the "newsroom" with miss carol costello. >> thanks. "newsroom" starts right now. happening now the "newsroom" a southwest plane lands at the wrong airport narrowly missing a catastrophe. >> had a really rough landing, we were moving close to the seats as we were landing. >> plus four days and counting in west virginia they are still asking when can we drink the water? it's official. the amazing peyton versus the amazing brady, two marquise quarterbacks fight to land in the super bowl. hats off to the ladies. >> welcome to the 71th annual
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ti tina fey, amy pole engineer, lee daniels dodge award. welcome to all the women and gay men watching at home. >> it might have been messy but the golden globes were not short on laughs or whacky winners. >> "gravity" is nominated for best film. it's the story of how george clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age. >> you are live in the cnn "newsroom". good morning. thanks so much for joining me i'm carol costello. the ntsb is investigating a huge mistake by a southwest airlines jet. late last night the plane actually landed at the wrong airport. flight 4013 took off from chicago's midway airport headed for dallas, texas.
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boeing 737 was scheduled to make a shortstop at branson airport in missouri but landed seven miles away at a much smaller airport. passengers knew something was wrong when the pilot stepped on the brakes hard, shortly after touchdown. >> so we landed and as i said it was a hard landing. there was burnt rubber. at that point the pilot came on and said welcome to branson but didn't say anything else. then he comes on five minutes later and says we have landed at the wrong airport. we landed at clark field which is near branson airport. >> the runway at taney county airport is half the size the plane was supposed to land at in branson and pose ad lot of safety risks. >> reporter: a close call and a rough landing. the passengers on board they were just really feet away from disaster. now, if the pilot didn't brake
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when he did the plane could have gone over a steep embankment and on to a highway. not the kind of landing you want. a hard landing and the smell of burning rubber, two indications to passengers on southwest flight 4013 that something was wrong after their plane landed at the wrong airport. coming within 300 feet of a steep embankment at the end of the runway. >> a really rough landing. we were moving pretty close to the seats as we were landing because the runway, i guess, is too short for the plane. >> reporter: the plane carrying more than 100 passengers was scheduled to land at missouri's branson airport sunday night. but instead showed up at taney county airport about seven miles from the intended destination. >> one of the planes ended up landing at point lookout airport. >> reporter: the runway at taney county airport is half the
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length of the runway at branson. >> we got a call saying the plane has landed at an airport nearby and we're thinking surely not a jet plane could land there. >> reporter: officials say if the pilot didn't brake when he did the plane could have over shot the runway and tumbled on to a highway. a passenger captured it on video. in november a boeing 747 cargo plane also landed at the wrong airport. this time in kansas on a runway half a mile shorter than it usually uses. despite fears the dream lifter would be stuck at the kansas airport indefinitely, it eventually took off without incident. southwest is hoping for a similarly successful outcome for their boeing 737. and i want goes without saying a very embarrassing situation for the airline. this comes on the heels of that hard landing at laguardia this summer where about ten people
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were injured. at this hour, teams from boeing, southwest and the airport in missouri are working on what you can really call a huge complicated math problem. they are calculating the weight of the plane, the length of the runway, looking at weather conditions and many other factors to determine if the plane can safely take off from this very short runway. we still don't know at this hour, carol, how or why the pilots made this mistake. >> did that passenger say the pilots said welcome to branson and then later oops we're not in branson. how kou not know what town you're landing in? >> that's problem. that's a serious problem. major question that investigators want to get to the bottom of. there's a lot of equipment, lots of tools and technology inside of these planes that are supposed to assist these pilots. so the question now is how come they did not know that they were at the wrong airport at the point of touchdown, carol?
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>> wow. renee marsh reporting live for us this morning. it's been four days and people in west virginia still don't know when they can drink or bathe in their water. officials meeting to try to figure out some safe zones tore water usage. 300,000 people have been forced to live on bottled water after poison just chemicals contaminated the water lines. alexandra field in west virginia with more. >> reporter: the sweet sound of running water is what people hear are desperately waiting to hear. officials say that even once the water supply is officially deemed safe people can't just rush to turn on the faux saerkts zone by zone system is being designed. people will notify when their zone is safe and priority is given to areas with hospitals. >> in a state of emergency you do whatever it takes. >> reporter: firefighters in charleston, west virginia come
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to the rescue with water. bottles of it. >> at least 600, 700 cases, probably more. >> reporter: the lines to collect keep growing. >> just a minute. >> reporter: 300,000 people have been forced to get by on bottled water since thursday. that's when a chemical leak was found to have tainted the water supply. schools are shut down. water samples are being tested around the clock for signs ever improvement. >> i believe we're at a point where we could say that we see light at the end of the tunnel. >> reporter: but there's no specific timeline for lifting the water use ban. it will happen in phases. >> women are anxious because they don't have certainty about what's going on. >> reporter: officials now believe as many as 7,500 gallons of a chemical used to clean coal leaked into the water supply from a one inch hole from the underground part of a storage tank. the problem was discovered 8:00 thursday morning when someone reported smelling the scent of licorice.
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freedom industries said it became aware of the leak around 10:30. >> there should be a thorough investigation of what happened and why this incident happened at freedom industries. >> reporter: investigators say it will take weeks to determine whether the leak could have somehow been prevented and just how quickly it was detected. for another day people in west virginia are left high and dry. and officials say that once that water use ban is lifted residents will still need to wait and see some procedures and policies for how they should flush out their homes to ensure the water flowing from their taps really is safe. l-carol, we should note we did reach out the freedom industries for a response to this report. we have not heard back from them. they held a press conference over the weekend where they apologized. >> we haven't heard from that company since friday so why isn't the company front and center on this. look at the agony this company has caused for hundreds of thousands of people in west virginia. >> yeah.
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can't be overstated when you see people around here still waiting to take showers, to get water from their taps. they are eating off of paper plates. they have to go outside of this area to wash their clothes. certainly there's a great deal of frustration. we're seeing people beginning to file lawsuits along with businesses. some of those lawsuits name freedom industries. they also name the water company here. we spoke to the governor yesterday. he says right now his to discuss on getting water restored to people in west virginia. after that he says the attention will turn sharply to freedom industry and how this leak could have been prevented. >> alexandra field reporting live from west virginia. new information about yet another investigation into new jersey governor chris christie's office. this time it's not about the closure of toll lanes on the george washington bridge. chris frates is breaking this exclusive story. he joins us now live. what have you learned? >> reporter: it could be another bad day for governor chris christie. federal officials are now
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looking into a controversy surrounding a taxpayer funded advertising campaign that featured the new jersey governor and his family in an election year. when hurricane sandy hit new jersey last year chris christie led from the trenches. and his skillful response to the devastating superstorm rocketed him into political superstardom. but a new federal investigation into how the new jersey governor spent some of the sandy relief money could threaten to wash away the foundation ever his political brand. cnn has learned federal investigators will examine the state's $25 million tourism marketing campaign, a campaign that was paid for with sandy recovery money. >> the jersey shore is open. >> the word is spreading because we're stronger than the storm. >> up bet we are. >> reporter: a campaign that featured christi and his family during an election year.
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>> the republicans are -- >> reporter: democratic congressman frank pallone a vocal christi critic requested the investigation and tells cnn it's now moving ahead. but he says this is not about politics. >> this was money that want could have directly been used for sand chip recovery. and as you know, many of my constituents still haven't gotten the money that is owed them, you know, to rebuild their homes or to put -- to raze their homes tore to help. >> reporter: pallone says promoting new jersey tourism after the storm was a good idea but has a big question about how much taxpayer money was sfoepeno make the ads. the winning bid, $4.7 million. the next lower bid that lost out was nearly half the price at $2.5 million wint have featured the governor. the ads caused controversy as they hit the air waves while christi was running for re-election. democrats slammed him arguing it gave the incumbent governor an
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unfair advantage. at the time christi said the winning bid provide more value. after an initial review the office of the inspector general at the department of housing and urban development has concluded that there is enough evidence to launch a full scale investigation according to congressman pallone. >> taxpayer dollars that could have been used for sandy relief were used for ads promoting the governor because he was in them with his family during an election campaign. >> reporter: as bad as the george washington bridge scandal has been for christi if the investigation finds he improperly spent sandy funds it could get far worse tarnishing the signature achievement that helped propel him towards the white house. we've reached out to christi's office and yet to get a response but the inspector general talked to us today and told us they don't have a comment at this time. now congressman pallone tells us the investigation by the hud inspector general is likely to take months but result in an official report.
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>> i'm sure he'll stay on this story. chris frates many thanks. dennis rodman is apologizing again fresh off his latest trip from north korea. the nba player talked to reporter in beijing but stopped to say i'm no diplomat just a regular guy who wanted to play a simple game of basketball. >> i'm sorry about all the people -- i'm sorry. i'm not the president. to miami not an ambassador. i'm dennis rodman an individual. the fact that we can get along and be happy for one day. i would love to see -- >> rodman maintains his trip was only about the basketball game and he never meant to get into the middle of i had political dispute. a strong warning from the state department this morning to americans traveling to the winter games in sochi, russia next month. be alert for acts of terrorism and kidnapping.
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senior international correspondent nic robertson is live in moscow. >> reporter: the state department is pointing out that anyone who might want to go to the winter olympics, as the regions north of there just in the past three months three serious terror attacks, more than 30 people have been killed over the past decade or so there's been multiple terror attacks in the region. and this comes just as the russian officials here, security officials announcing a number of arrests over the weekend. they arrested one group of six people, about 150 miles or so from sochi saying that this group, about two weeks ago had detonate ad car bomb just north of sochi, about 150 miles north there was and they say the same group of people who have actually admitted that they were planning and preparing another major attack and security officials announcing they arrested five other people whom they say had a home made bomb with about five pounds of
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explosives of tnt in that bomb. the security profile in and around sochi high-security in the regions north of there this is what the state department is putting out here. people have to be aware the region they are coming in to and the type of threats that exist in the area, carol. >> nic robertson reporting live this morning. many thanks. still to come in the "newsroom" golden globes getting lots of attention. the hosts, the speeches, and the youpt fits. nischelle turner life in los angeles. good morning. >> reporter: they call it the party in hollywood and it didn't disappoint last night, carol. we have lots to talk about. the good, the bad and just the bizarre when we come back. discover card. hey! so i'm looking at my bill, and my fico® credit score's on here. yeah, you've got our discover it card, so you get your fico® score on your monthly statements now, for free! that's nice of you! it's a great way to stay on top of your credit, and make sure things look the way they should. awesomesauce! huh! my twin sister always says that.
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. it was ladies night at the golden globes. jokes. good jokes galore. tina fey and amy poehler did pot pull any punches when it came to poking fun at the boys. >> what a year for television. a lot of nominated shows tonight are actually on netflix this year. "house of cards". orange is the new black.
6:19 am
yes. enjoy it while it lasts netflix because you won't be feeling so smug in a couple of years when snap chat is up here accepts best drama. >> they look great too, nischelle turner. i love them. >> reporter: exactly. you know, it's good when it's still really funny like the third and fourth time you've heard it. i heard the joke. i watched the show twice. it's still that funny. the reviews are in. the first reviews are in f for tina fey and amy poehler. i love that matt damon is the garbage man bit. it was no surprise they were going to be funny. i have been telling people since these nominations came in the hollywood foreign press love to shock all of us. they have to zig when the rest
6:20 am
of us zag. a lot of last night's winners left people saying whoa. hollywood's biggest stars uninhibited. >> i'm going up there and take that statue no matter what name is called. >> reporter: mega watt energy turned up the red carpet. >> i feel good. >> reporter: once inside hosts tina fey and amy poehler didn't hold anything back. >> "gravity" won. it's about a story how george clooney would rather float away in space and die than spend one more minute with a woman of her own age. >> reporter: and amy poehler donned a wig and took her antics into the crowd. and tipsy star speeches. >> i had a few vodkas under my belt. okay. >> reporter: best mini series actress jacqueline bissett stole the time with a lengthy walk up.
6:21 am
>> i said like my mother -- what did she say? she said go hell and don't come back. >> reporter: jennifer lawrence won for her role in "american hustle". >> i'm shaking so much. >> reporter: leonardo dicaprio won best actor in a comedy for "the wolf of wall street". >> this is an incredible honor. >> reporter: utter shock rank through two former snl actors when they grabbed a globe. >> i didn't prepare anything. >> i never win. >> reporter: the three hour show was a fond farewell for "breaking bad". >> a lovely way to say good-bye to the show. >> reporter: taking home best actor and tv series for its last season. the two based on true series, "12 years as a slave" and "american hustle" took home the night's biggest honors. best motion picture drama. and comedy.
6:22 am
>> one of the wonderful benefits of the motion picture business is that we get to make films about people, about the art of survival, resilience and about reinvention. >> reporter: very good. very good. so this morning there are still people that are saying, "brooklyn 99" that's a comedy series? andy sandberg comedy? terry cruise said to me on the red carpet when people get a hold of the show they will understand just how funny it is and that win last night will go a long way in showing people how funny this show is. i think andy sandberg would say i don't know how this happens. >> if it gets more eyes on the show that's good. sometimes good shows go away and you wonder what happened. nischelle turner, many thanks.
6:23 am
still to come in the "newsroom" take a good look. that's the new corvette stingray. sweet. it just been named car of the year for the first time since 2007. gm sweeps top honors at the detroit auto show. christine romans has more. >> carol it wasn't long ago this was government motors. it was floundering. gm has reinvented itself with a sweep at the auto show. i'll have more after the break.
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we just have to take another look at that pretty girl. let's look at her. yep. come on. there she is. can you believe how pretty that car is? this is the corvette stingray. it won top honors at the detroit auto show as did the chevrolet silverado. yeah for american cars. berra is the first woman ever to lead a u.s. automaker.
6:27 am
list bring in cnn's chief business correspondent christine romans. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i love that corvette. i love it so much i went to see what the base price is. $51,000 is the base. that's the base price, carol. but, it's still a beautiful car. look it really is almost like a symbol of the come back of gm, isn't it? it was just a few years ago this company was derided as government motor, bailed out to the tune of $250 million. it's paid back all but 10 million. it's come back with this sweep. got corvette best car of the year. chevrolet silverado best truck. cadillac cts which was lunched under the new ceo's tutelage. that was a finalist. they had a very goodyear here. now, carol, something that's so interesting is auto sales have been coming back. best auto sales since 2007.
6:28 am
auto sales are coming back. gm is doing very, very well. i'll use a terrible auto writer cliche and say they are firing on all cylinders right now. that was bad. >> what's the early word on mary berra, anything? >> reporter: she's the rock star of the detroit auto show. she gave short, sweet remarks and walks off the stage and mobbed by auto writers. everyone want as minute of her time. she is the daughter of a gm worker. she's worked at gm for 30 years. she's a woman who has risen up in the car guy, you know, detroit world. but she's a product maven, great ideas. people love to work for her. she keeps smartly deflecting this attention a first woman to run a detroit auto company. she goes back to the team and the products and that's working. their products are good. their team is good. mary berra -- when people say you're the first woman this,
6:29 am
first woman that, a lot of women tend to go back to the business that got them -- you know. she keeps deflecting right back on what she's doing and not sitting too long on first woman thing. >> she looks so down to earth. she's dressed down to earth. she doesn't have designer clothes that so many high powered women wear. >> she loves cars. she loves the engineering. she loves what she does. she has said what's the secret to your success? she shows up every day and works really hard. >> what a concept? >> right. >> christine romans thanks so much. we're moments away from the opening bell on wall street so with all this great news for gm how is the stock looking? let's bring in our cnn business correspondent, alison kosik. >> reporter: gm shares looking to open modestly higher. ford actually behind me ready to ring the bell to celebrate the new f-150 truck. the auto show doesn't tend to be
6:30 am
a huge market mover overall. always a good thing, carol, when these companies roll out new products and win awards like car and truck of the year. the only u.s. automaker that's not trading here is chrysler and chrysler is expected to return to public trading in the next couple of months. you heard it. the opening bell ringing. looks like wall street may have a case of the monday morning blues. look at a lower start now in the first few seconds of the trading day. investors are still processing that disappointment of a jobs report from friday showing that the economy added only 74,000 positions in december. the hope is that report was a fluke. overall for stocks we're looking at 2014 not really off to a roaring stock. all three of the major averages down for the years with the dow leading the decline with almost a 1% loss. over the next couple of days, earning season will get into full swing with all of the six big banks to clock in with their corporate report cards by the
6:31 am
end of the week. >> alison kosik, many thanks. still to come a milestone in diffusing the nuclear ambitions of iron. >> reporter: still strong support on the hill for sanctions against iran which we're told could ruin the entire agreement. more after the break. [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense.
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feel the hamptonality . good morning, thanks so much for joining me. i'm carol costello. the white house says it's one week away from easing nuclear tensions with iran. the greatest threat to the long awaited deal is taking shape on capitol hill. lawmakers both republican and democrat are inching towards slapping iran with new harsh u.s. sanctions. and that's a potential deal breaker that has president obama issuing threats of his own. jim sciutto is our chief national security correspondent. he joins us from washington with
6:35 am
more on this. good morning, jim. >> reporter: you have this historic agreement negotiate i want aed last november and over months before that and now the implementation of this agreement announced over the weekend. meanwhile 59 senators who signed on to new sanctions against iran. our reporting more senators willing to support that if it comes to the floor and the reaction from the iran yarns has been consistently negative and angry. i reach out to the deputy foreign minister of iran yesterday and he responded by earn mail saying i'm hopeful that the proper implementation of the first step of the joint plan of action will create the necessary atmosphere for serious negotiations but he goes on to say any move contrary to this agreement such as the enactment of sanctions by the senate will ruin the entire agreement. we hope we won't have to face that. i asked the administration about this yesterday. you got this building what will you do if this goes forward. they said listen the senators are frustrated the agreement hasn't been implemented after being negotiated in november.
6:36 am
they are hoping particularly to bring some democrats on board to not support new sanctions legislation. >> if the president vetoes this will iran be satisfied. >> reporter: first question is will there be enough senators to override a majority. it's an open call whether that's possible. the administration making a very tough case. they cite the iranian official statement saying this will kill the deal. they say the intelligence community, u.s. intelligence community has concluded new sanctions would disrupt this deal. they also make the point listen we're watching iran as closely as congress is. this is what secretary kerry said yesterday traveling in response to the agreement. >> this agreement takes effect wild be extraordinarily vigilante in our verification and monitoring of iran's actions. >> reporter: the administration says if there's any violation congress can act in a
6:37 am
nanosecond. they don't have to move forward on any bill right now. trust us and we know that you can move forward if there's any obstacle in the next weeks and months as this plays out. it's a real problem for the administration because they say not only will it make the iran yarns angry it will make our european partners angry who have been brought on for this agreement as well. it's still a challenge. we'll have to watch it very closely over the next couple of weeks. >> jim sciutto, many thanks to you. checking our top stories at 37 minutes past the hour. i'm sorry but we landed at the wrong airport that's what a southwest airlines pilot told passengers after touching down seven miles away from from the intended destination branson, missouri. a southwest spokesman said the airline doesn't yet know the cause for the mix up. the ntsb has launched an investigation. a new controversy for chris christie this morning. it's not about traffic. it's about tourism. ad you're watching right now featuring christi and his family
6:38 am
was meant to boost tourism to the shore after superstorm sandy. but federal officials are investigating whether christi improperly used relief funds to make these ads. let's bring in cnn national political reporter to discuss more on this cnn exclusive. could this be a bigger blow than traffic beat the. >> reporter: the short answer is no. you know, it does compound his problems, though. this investigation, i think, is interesting for a couple of reasons. one, it further undermines christi's image as a straight talker. remember sandy lent him this veneer of bipartisanship in 2012, helped him to sort of hone that brand as he coasted to re-election last year and this tweaks that a little bit. in the context of a republican primary, if christi does run for higher office as most people expect he will, this is interesting because fiscal
6:39 am
conservatives will take issue with this. last year this issue bubbled up. rand pull the kentucky senator who has an ongoing flame war with chris christie, took a shot at lifty saying this is a waste of money because christi's face was all over these tourism ads. but, you know, going back to the bridge controversy, i think, carol, has much more potential to be a nag problem for him because the assembly, the democrats in the new jersey state house have subpoena power and they are threatening to subpoena officials up and down the christi administration in the coming weeks, carol. >> peter hamby reporting live for us this morning. still to come in the "newsroom" despite promises of progress one sixth of the state of west virginia still cannot drink or touch their tap water. when will their nightmare be over? we'll take live to charleston after this. your eyes really are unique. in fact, they depend on a unique set of nutrients. [ male announcer ] that's why there's ocuvite
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a sixth of the state of west virginia on edge this morning pinpoint has been four days and hundreds of thousands still don't know when they can drink or bathe in their water. officials are meeting to try to figure out some safe zones for water usage. in the meantime patience is running thin. joining me is the communications director for west virginia's department of military affairs and public safety.
6:43 am
welcome, sir. >> good morning. >> so, tell me about these safe zones. >> i'm sorry, i'm having a hard time hearing. what was your question. >> the safe zones, can you explain them to me? >> yes. based on the way that the utility operates its distribution system, we're talking about radiant that extends out from the plant. this plan that's been arrived by western american water, state and local officials, uses this, the way the distribution network is laid out so we can graduallily restore service to the affected areas. >> so just to simplify it, people can go to these safe zones and get water? >> well they can. what we would prefer is that as customers in a particular zone are notified with,000 restore service to their business, homes, what have you they do so
6:44 am
and folks allow the process unfold as planned that will eventually the entire service area will be back up and running. >> it will take some time. it's been four days. everybody is wondering why it's taking so long. what's this chemical? >> we're talking about a substance that's used in the process of washing coal. and i think the bottom line is folks want to make very sure, very certain that the water is, again, safe for consumption and that's why the testing process was developed, hundreds of samples have been taken throughout the distribution network at the intake, in the plant itself and i think folks -- the folks involved in this process want to make very certain that the water is, again, safe for consumption. >> we can understand that. has the company been cooperative because the company has not said a word since friday. >> you mean the company involved
6:45 am
in the leak? >> yes, sir. >> i believe in discussions with our department of environmental protection, that there is a lot of communication between the company and our folks in that department who are helping to monitor the remediation process and also inspect the property to ensure we know what the situation is in there and how to address it. >> basically there was a hole in one of the tanks underground. did the company not know about that? >> actually, we're talking about above ground. >> above ground hole. so you could actually see the hole in the tank with your eyes? >> i believe so that once the department of environmental protection visited the scene they were able to observe the tank and see the issue at hand. the company would have to answer in terms of when it became with the situation and what they tried to do about it. we believe at 12:05:00 p.m. on
6:46 am
thursday is when they notified our emergency spill hotline which is set up for when chemicals enter a waterway. >> do they even know how long that hole was there? >> i don't know if the company has said anything about that. the department of environmental protection believes that because this chemical has a very low odor threshold, doesn't take very much for folks to smell it, that the leak may have developed roughly around the time people started complaining of the odor and it was the odor complaint that led the epa to find this leak. >> i'm just asking you these questions because it just seems unusual that a hole that would be visible in a tank would suddenly pop up unexpectedly. >> i believe that the hole has been described as being maybe one inch in diameter. where it was in the tank i don't know. to what degree it was visible i can't answer that. my understanding is folks in
6:47 am
that area complained about a smell. the department of environmental protection went out and traced this smell to the facility and while on the grounds observed this tank and found it was leaking. >> communications director for the department of military affairs and public safety, thanks so much for doing the good work out there. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> all new in the 10:00 a.m. eastern hour of "newsroom". now for many troops who fought and watched friends die in fallujah, iraq the nightmare may be revived. new reports show the hard fought city could be lost to al qaeda. so was the sacrifice worth it? hear what some veterans are saying. that's all new in the next hour of new roam. open to innovation. open to ambition. open to bold ideas. that's why new york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state.
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>> this just in. the u.s. supreme court has refused to his own even
6:51 am
fellow republicans have questioned his timing. >> as you know, robert gates is in the mid have of a media blitz that started over the weekend despite the fact that he is wearing a neck brace. if you thought he was dialing back criticism because of the controversy, guess again. >> no regrets. >> i think the book is very evenhanded. i don't vilify anybody. >> he fired back about his new memoir, "duty" arguing the juicier excerpts have been taken out of context. i'm not really surprised but in a way disappointed that the book has been hijacked by people to
6:52 am
serve their purposes. he says he had little support for president obama's support of afghanistan. he believed he was only focused on getting out of afghanistan. >> it is one thing to tell the troops that you support them. it is another to work at making them believe that you believe, as president, that their sacrifice is worth it. >> reporter: it doesn't get better for vice president, joe biden, who planted seeds of doubts about military commander's. >> where i have particular problems with the vice president is his encouragement of suspicion of the military and senior military. some say he put out his book too soon while president obama still has three years in office and u.s. troops remain in
6:53 am
afghanistan. some of gates fellow republicans argue he should have waited to issue his scathing critique. >> if i was giving him advice, i would have waited. >> my preference is that people would refrain from writing these things until the president was out of office. >> he doesn't plan on staying quiet even if it meeps 2016, whether hillary clinton would make a good president. >> as for biden, could be even-handed, i would have to say, i suppose he would. >> reporter: as for the prospect of returning to government service, robert gates says, thanks, but no thanks. he is not planning to do that. that is why he decided to be so candid in this book. he is candid. >> one of the most interesting things, i think, that he said, was that he became very emotionally involved with the troops and felt he could no longer dispassionately do his job. that's why he decided to get out of government. >> reporter: it's a fascinating read. a lot of people are talking
6:54 am
about it. he also said that he could have waited until 2017, until president obama left office. he said that perhaps the lessons that should be learned might not be in the mainstream conversation if he had waited another few years. that is another reason why he decided to come out now. jim acosta reported live. the denver broncos advanced to the afc title game. brady versus manning. bring it on, andy shoals. >> it will be around 50 between these two. we will show you how the broncos got to the title game next in your bleacher report. it says here that a woman's sex drive
6:55 am
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a rod and his legal team are determined to go down swinging. andy shoals is here with the bleacher report. >> saturday, the arbitrator hearing suspended a rod for the entire 2014 season and the postseason. this morning, his attorney, joe takalapina said, today, they are going to file a lawsuit in federal court to try to get that suspension overturned. >> 162 games is inex plik kabpl not based on the law or the collective bargaining agreement.
6:58 am
everybody else got 50 games who if you accept there was a finding of liability, got 50 games. somehow 162 is what was levied to alex for no reason. ryan braun, who actually tested positive and went on a campaign to smernlg the test collector wound up with 65 games. >> would he have taken a less sore suspension? >> i don't think he should have taken any. >> not any? >> i don't think so. this evidence was ridiculous. 90% of this evidence would have never made its way to a real courtroom. it was triple and quadruple hearsay. i heard this thing about documents that rob manford wasn't going to authentication at the hearing. >> the founder of the biogen sis clinic, anthony boesch, he gave his story on "60 minutes."
6:59 am
he said he injected a-rod with steroids and told him how to beat the system. the final four is now set. the broncos clinch from spot with a win over the chargers. peyton manning was solid in this one, threw 2 touchdowns in the first half. the broncos held off a late rally to beat the chargers, 24-17. in the nfc, the 49ers beat the panthers to punch their ticket to their third straight nfc title game. colin kaepernick leading the way for san fran. he is going to get in the end zone. he mocks cam newton's touchdown celebration. the old superman. the niners ended up winning it, 23-10. here is your schedule for the championship sunday. broncos and patriots going to square off at 3:00 p.m. eastern, manning versus brady, round 156789 the third time they are going to face off in the afc
7:00 am
championship. that game followed by round three between the niners and seahawks. winners will be in the super bowl. >> i hope seattle will. >> hopefully, it will be exciting. >> yesterday was kind of -- >> i know. i kept falling asleep. it was bad. next, our "cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. the ntsb is investigating a huge mistake by a southwest airlines jet late last night. the plane actually landed at the wrong airport. flight 4013 took off from chicago's midway airport heading for dallas, texas. the boeing 737 was scheduled to make a shortstop at branson airport in missouri but landed instead about 7 miles away at a much smaller airport. passengers knew something was wrong when the pilot stepped on
7:01 am
the brakes shortly after touchdown. >> we landed, hard landing, burnt rubber. the pilot came on and said, welcome to branson. then, he comes on about five minutes later and says, we have landed at the wrong airport. we landed at clark field, near branson airport. >> that's a big, whoops! the runway at the county airport is nearly half the size of the one the plane was supposed to land on at the branson airport. that caused some big safety concerns. we are live in washington. >> let's imagine this for a second. you are coming in for a landing. the pilot jams on the brakes and the plane stops within feet of a steep embankment. timing was everything. the southwest airplane could have gone over that embankment and on to a highway a hard landing and the smell of burning rubber, two indications to
7:02 am
passengers on southwest flight 4013 that something was wrong after their plane landed at the wrong airport. coming within 300 feet of a steep embankment at the end of the runway. >> it was a really rough landing. with he were all moving pretty close to the seats as we were landing because the runway, i guess, was too short for the plane. >> reporter: the plane, carrying more than 100 passengers was scheduled to land at missouri's branson airport but ended up about 700 miles from the intended destination. >> they ended up landing. >> reporter: the runway at tainti county airport is about half the landing ott branson. >> we got a call saying the plane has landed at an airport nearby. we are thinking, surely, not a jet plane could land there. >> reporter: officials said if
7:03 am
the pilot didn't brake when he did, the plane could have overshot the runway and tumbled on to a highway. passengers evacuated the plane before being bussed to the larger airport. in november, a boeing 747 cargo plane also landed at the wrong airport. this time, in kansas on a runway half a mile shorter than it usually uses. despite fears the dream lifter would be stuck at the kansas airport indefinitely, it eventually took off without incident. southwest is hoping for a similarly successful for their boeing 737. >> at this hour, no info just yet on if or when they will be able to get that plane out of there. lots of calculations must be done first, determining if it is safe and looking at the weight and the length of the runway. we still don't have any answers as far as how did this all happen in the first place. we are keeping tabs on the plane there at that airport, carol. >> unbelievable.
7:04 am
we want to talk more about this, renee. for more, let's bring in mary, the former inspector general for the department of transportation. welcome. >> thank you, carol. >> first of all, you heard that passenger, the passenger said the pilot got on the intercom system and said, welcome to branson and shortly after that, said, whoops, we are not in branson. how can you not know what airport you are at? >> the way it usually happens is the two airports have the same runway heading, that's the indicator on the compass. so if it is 27, the airports will have the same orientation on the runway. usually, what happens is you are handed off. you say you have the runway in sight. air traffic control says okay and the pilot takes it from there. if you are doing an instrument landing, it wouldn't happen. it is usually a visual landing on side by side airports not too far apart. it happens many times. there is a place in florida where it happens frequently. it even happened at my flight
7:05 am
school. >> the pilot may not have been aware that the runway was short until he actually touched down. is that how it would have happened? >> yes, that is how it happened. once you touch down, there are markings on the runway that let you know you are passed the midway point. he or she might have been very surprised to find out that they were running out of runway very quickly. the fast action. southwest pilots do hand fly the plane. they don't do full auto land as much as others sometimes. so they often credit southwest pilots as being good hands-on pilots. that came in very handy. if he had overshot or she had overshot the runway, it could have been a very disastrous result by accident, of course. if you overshoot the runway as southwest has done a couple of times at the right airport, it is a bad result. >> how serious is this incident? >> it is very serious. unlike the dream lifter that
7:06 am
landed in kansas, this plane was full of passengers. that presents a really serious issue, because all the lives were at stake. they are at the wrong airport. it is a big deal because it was a commercial-scheduled service airline. the faa, the federal aviation administration, likes to see the pilots stay very tight on their instruments. now, seven miles is pretty close but with modern instrumentation, you know 70 feet, much less 70 miles. so the faa will also be interested, not just ntsb as to why they weren't on top of their instruments and aware of their situation. they call it loss of situational awareness. >> mary, thanks so much for your insight this morning. we appreciate it. it has been four days. people in west virginia still don't know when they can drink or bathe in their own water. right now, officials are meeting to try and figure out some safe zones for water usage. 300,000 people have been forced to live on bottled water after
7:07 am
poisonous chemicals contaminated their water lines. cnn's alexandra field live in charleston, west virginia, with more for you. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. the samples are being tested around the clock. west virginia officials now say the levels are moving in the right direction. they have not yet given the all-clear for people to turn their taps back on. another day now starts with water running from the faucets here in west virginia. what we are learning is that once the water is deemed safe, users will not all be able to flood the system at once. that could create more problems after the system has been down for a few days. officials say, instead, they are going to designate zones and they will let people know when their zone can begin to use water. the priority will be given to zones where water is most badly needed, including zones that have hospitals. the governor of west virginia is, his sole priority, main focus, is restoring water here in the state. after that, he will be turning his attention to the investigation, as to how this
7:08 am
leak happened and whether there was any way to prevent it. here is what he told us. >> i could tell you that there will be and should be a thorough investigation of what happened and why this incident happened at freedom industries. >> do you have any indication that they may have known that they had a problem waiting to happen? >> i do not have any indication, having not known about the condition beforehand but, obviously, there was problems there. >> reporter: freedom industry has held a press conference on friday. they have not spoken publicly since. in the press conference, the president of freedom apologized, state officials say the company is now working with them on the remediation efforts and the company says the chemical has since been removed from the state. the u.s. attorney is investigating and considering whether criminal charges could be brought. >> i just talked to an official last hour who said there was a hole in one of the tanks that you could actually he scould se.
7:09 am
if you walked up to the tank and saw it, why didn't anyone at the company notice. >> reporter: the explanation that we have been given from environmental officials who have been briefing the media here in west virginia is that this hole was in the underground portion of a tank that can be seen above ground. so that the whole itself would have been in the underground portion of that tank. obviously, the person you spoke to is raising a potentially different issue here. our understanding, according to these officials of what happened is that the hole is somewhere in the bottom of the tank, the portion underground. the chemical spilled, flooded the soil around it and rose up breaching a containment wall and flowing into the river. a lot of people are raising questions as to why these chemicals were stored in a facility just about a mile away from a water treatment facility. so a lot of parts of this investigation, carol. >> i know you'll stay on the story. alexandra field, many thanks to you. dennis rodman is apologizing
7:10 am
again fresh off his latest trip from north korea. he stopped to say that, hey, he is no diplomate, just a regular guy that wanted to play basketball. >> i'm sorry about all the people. i'm sorry. i am not the president. i'm not an ambassador. i'm dennis rodman, just an individual showing the world that we can get along nand be happy for one day. i love to see -- i love to see -- >> rodman says he is sorry for what goes on in north korea politically but it is certainly not his fault. alex rodriguez fight against major league baseball goes on. you heard from one of a-rod's attorneys who tells cnn he is filing sued to overturn the 2014 regular season and postseason ban. a 162-game suspension, the argument, is unprecedented since he never failed a drug test. another picture of a-rod is
7:11 am
emerging, this one delivers by the bio genesis founder, anthony boesch. he alleges he gave him a drugstore of banned substances and even told him how to beat the system. >> what were the various banned substances that he was taking? >> testosterone, insulin growth factor, one, human growth hormone, and some different forms of peptides. >> all of them bad? >> all of them banned. >> he added to that some testosterone-laced gummy bears that he munched on while he was in the dugout. rachel nichols joins me. a-rod keeps saying, i never failed a drug test but neither
7:12 am
did lance armstrong. >> reporter: testing is behind the cheaters. you can't invent a drug test to test a drug protocol that hasn't invented itself. they are never going to be able to get ahead of these guys but they can catch up through testing and investigation. this is the first time we have sign a u.s. major sports league use this much investigation to proactively go after the players and the athletes that it thinks is cheating and in this case, it worked. they are also hoping to toughen penalties that players feel more scared if there is something they get caught for, they might be out of the game for up to a year now. they are talking about instilling that. they are finding other ways around just testing. testing is never going to be the surefire way to stop performance-enhancing drugs in this game. >> the punishment has to be consistent too, right? when you look at johnny peralta, he got a 50-game suspension but signed a big fat $53 million
7:13 am
contract with st. louis. then, just reaction from the baseball world itself. chipper jones went on twitter talking about boesch and what a scum he was. other baseball players came out and said, they are mad that johnny peralta is playing again. there are all these different things happening in the world of baseball and none of it is going to work when it comes to cleaning up the sport. >> reporter: it is tough. because you have someone in tony bosch who is not exactly an upstanding citizen. major league baseball, the way they categorized it, is we don't need to consider his personal credibility. what's at issue is the physical evidence he can give us. whether you think this guy is scummy, whether you think he is generally a liar or not, doesn't really matter. if he has physical evidence, that's what we are going to go by. that's what he provided to major league baseball. it wasn't just alex rodriguez. we have to remember. this isn't just a he said, he said. there were 13 other players involved with biogenesis.
7:14 am
in every single case, except for alex rodriguez, the hard evidence that tony bosch provided major league baseball was so overwhelming that all those players and all those players lawyers said, you know what, you got me. i did it. they took their punishment. they served their suspension. alex rodriguez is the only player that says, nope, tony bosch is a liar, nope, he is making it up, nope, i didn't do this. either you have to believe that tony bosch actually helped all of these other players, because the other players acknowledged it and somehow made up and pretended and singled out alex rodriguez or that perhaps alex rodriguez isn't telling us the whole side of the story. >> so bizarre. want to make a quick prediction. will alex rodriguez ever be in pinstripes again? >> it is hard to say. his lawyer is obviously taking this to federal court. we heard that this morning on cnn. most legal analysts think they have much of a chance in federal
7:15 am
court because the players union has agreed to this binding arbitration. courts are very reluctant to turn that over. is that arbitration actually something that should be hearing this case, not the question of did alex rodriguez actually do performance-enhancing drugs? no one expects him to get a lot of relief in federal court. the big question is now a game of chicken with the new york yankees. under the rules of major league baseball, alex is allowed to show up at spring training, even though he will be suspended once the regular season starts. does he actually show up at spring training? do the yankees let him in the locker room or tell him he has to go across the street to the minor league facility. they are not going to pay him for this season, because he is suspended. he is owed three more years after that. $61 million. is there bargaining there over how much they are going to pay him later? it all has to play out, carol. there is a lot more to come. >> spring training starts in a couple of weeks. their spring training camps in
7:16 am
tampa where i want to be. rachel nichols, many thanks to you. be sure to watch unguarded with rachel nichols, friday, 10:30 p.m. on cnn. it gets worse for new jersey governor chris christie as he deals with bridge gate. federal investigators have questions about how his office spent money from superstorm sandy. ♪ humans --
7:17 am
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moments ago, the u.s. supreme court declined to hear a law that would ban most abortions after 20 weeks. the 2012 state law, they say, cannot be enforced. last year, a federal appeals court said the restrictions were unconstitutional. arizona was appealing that court's decision. jonathan turly is a law professor at george washington university. he joins us by phone. hi, jonathan. >> hi, carol. >> explain this ruling to us. >> it is a very significant ruling even though it is essentially a nonruling. they are not going to review it.
7:20 am
the reason we were all following the horn case is because it represented a sweeping challenge to roe vs wade and its pronlggy any. the state was shortening the period you could have a lawful abortion to 20 weeks, which was earlier 24 weeks but it was asking the court to consider things like fetal pain and other factors that would increase the authority of state to restrict abortions. the final question for them to the court was actually to say, look, there has been a lot of medical changes, a lot of scientific changes. we think you should review the entire line of roe v. wade for a major overhaul. all of that the court declined to do. >> many, many states are putting into place very restrictive abortion laws. texas comes to mind.
7:21 am
how might this nondecision decision affect texas. >> that's interesting. texas is still out there. a number of the states have live torpedos in the water. we are not sure. the court can always take a later case. it didn't rule on the merits here. it did allow the ninth circuit decision to stand. i think you are going to continue to see these challenges. the reason is that many people don't realize that roe v. wade was fundamentally changed in a case called casey. a lot of people refer to the trimester system, which is something the court did away with. the one thing that the court retained was this question of viability, that once that fetus becomes viable outside the womb, the state's authority increases. so this was a very clever effort by the state to say we now think that point comes earlier, because science and medicine have had such advances. that's going to be an issue that's going to continue to come
7:22 am
back to the court as more and more technology comes online that allows earlier points of viability. >> interesting. jonathan turly, thanks for making things so clear. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure, carol. >> still to come, republican darling, chris christie, bruised and battered from a traffic jam. now, on the horizon, new fallout from hurricane sandy. we'll have exclusive details of a new investigation. when you have diabetes like i do,
7:23 am
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7:25 am
investigation of chris christie's office. chris is breaking this exclusive story. he joins me live. what have you learned? >> it could be more bad news for governor christie. they are now looking into a controversy featuring a tax-pair advertised campaign that featured the new jersey governor and his family all in an election year. when hurricane sandy hit new jersey, he led from the trenches and his skillful response rocketed him into political superstardom. a new federal investigation into how the new jersey governor spent some of the sandy relief money could threaten to wash away the foundation of his
7:26 am
political brand. cnn has learned that federal investigators will examine the state's $25 million tourism marketing campaign, a campaign that was paid for with sandy recovery money. >> the jersey shore is open. >> the word is spreading. >> because we are stronger than the storm. >> you bet we are. >> a campaign that featured kristy and his family do youring an election year. democratic congressman, frank pallone, a vocal christie critic requested the investigation. he said this was not about politics. >> this is money that could have been directly used for sandy recovery. many of my constituents still haven't gotten the money owed them to rebuild their homes or to raise their homes or to help. >> pallone says promoting new jersey towards them after the super storm was a good idea. he has a big question about how much taxpayer money was spent to
7:27 am
make the ads. the winning bid, a 4.7 million featuring christie and his family, the next lower bid was $2.5 million and wouldn't have featured the governor. the ads called controversy as they hit the airways while he was running for re-election. democrats slammed him arguing it gave the incumbent governor an advantage. at the time, he said the winning bid provided more value. after an initial view of the sandy relief spending, the office of the inspector general at the department of housing and urban development has concluded there is enough evidence to launch a full scale investigation. >> taxpayer dollars that could have been used for sandy relief were used for ads promoting the governor, because he was in them, with his family, during an election campaign. >> reporter: as bad as the george washington bridge scandal has been for christy, if the investigation finds he improperly spent sandy funds, it
7:28 am
could get far worse tarnishing this signature achievement that has helped propel him to the white house. >> we have reached out to christie's office but have not yet gotten a response. the inspector general said she are not going to comment on investigation. it will result in an official report that will be released to the public. >> chris frates, thanks so much. we are now joined by peter h hamby. i know his state of the state address is tomorrow. you think he will address any of this? >> it is clooear this is completely paralyzing his agenda. i can't imagine there will be any headline coming out of the state of the state address tomorrow evening that does not address the story chris just talked about, the hud investigation or the bridge
7:29 am
story. these two stories are bad because they undercut christie's brand and they are bad because they are going to drag on and on and on. last week, you saw the sort of rush to judgment about christie and whether he will survive. there is this tendency in washington to have a smart take and render judgment on these big stories. the democrats have subpoena power. there is going to be a drip, drip, drip, coming out of this potentially, that could damage kristy as he travels around the country in 2014 campaigning for governor. he is the chairman of the republican governor's association. if he is in ohio or florida or iowa in any state where there is a competitive governor's race, he could be shrouds in controversy. those are headlines these candidates might not want. both stories, we are going to keep seeing stories come out over the next weeks in the coming weeks and months.
7:30 am
both really bad stories that will drowned out his agenda. thanks to you. we'll be right back. crunchy kibble blend. with 20% fewer calories than purina dog chow. isn't it time you discovered the lighter side of dog chow. purina dog chow light & healthy. [ cellphones beeping ] ♪ [ cellphone rings ] hello? [ male announcer ] over 12,000 financial advisors. good, good. good. over $700 billion dollars in assets under care. let me just put this away. [ male announcer ] how did edward jones get so big? could you teach our kids that trick? [ male announcer ] by not acting that way. ok, last quarter... [ male announcer ] it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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makes sense of investing. at a company that's bringing media and technology together. next is every second of nbcuniversal's coverage 0f the 2014 olympic winter games. it's connecting over one million low-income americans to broadband internet at home. it's a place named one america's most veteran friendly employers. next is information and entertainment in ways you never thought possible. welcome to what's next. comcastnbcuniversal. good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks for joining me. a major mistake for
7:33 am
southwest airlines. investigators trying to figure out why an airplane landed at the wrong airport. the smaller runway forced the pilot to slam on the brake so the jet wouldn't crash into a nearby highway. former israeli prime minister, aerial sharon, has been laid to rest next to his wife at his launch in israel. dignitaries, including vice president, joe biden, attended it. he remembered sharon as a complex man that cared deeply about israel. he died saturday after spending eight years in a coma. iran, gates, christie versus snooki. let's begin with iran. january 20th, save the date. iran will start eliminating some
7:34 am
of its uranium stockpile. there is a push in congress to tighten, not ease sanctions on iran. if that happens, it will kill that diplomatic deal. let's start with john avalon and dale viest and will kane. good morning. if lawmakers vote to tighten sanctions, iran says forget it, forget the deal. why are lawmakers willing to take that chance, will? >> do we take iran at its word. should we? has iran given us any evidence to take them at their word. if they are looking for a reason to back out of the deal and that's what it sounds like, is it going to be the possibility of increased sanctions exist or they don't want to live up to the deal in the first place? what this potential increased sane shun bill says, a
7:35 am
bipartisan group of senators aren't quite sure of iran. 67 senators. one is described as a diplomatic insurance policy. that's a quote from democratic senator, bob menendez. . if iran has a problem with the diplomatic insurance policy, i don't think they want to be in the deal in the first place. both sides have agreed to set down their guns. america is saying, i am going to keep mine within reach in case you don't live up to yours. >> should congress trump our diplomatic efforts like this? is this congress' role? >> that's an excess tension question about the role of congress and the president. this is an overreach. this is why the white house is pushing back on democratic senators making the point that if you are willing to push for sanctions, whether it is an insurance policy or not, you are
7:36 am
raising the real possibility of derails diplomacy. the alternative is war. you need to deal with real actions. if diplomacy fails and iran moves towards nukes more aggressively, that ultimately means war. people need to appreciate the implications. it is not merely a theoretical position. let's move on to secretary of defense, robert gates. he is defending his book big-time. he says politics played into the war in afghanistan. in the end, president obama did what was best for national security. so what's the big deal, john? >> i do think that the most controversial comments were cherry-picked, shocker, when this book was leaked. in the end, gates is much more fair-minded and praising in parts of president obama than the initial reports. at the end of the day, the polity sigh zation around the white house, the fact that he
7:37 am
said the president did what was right, not what was expedient as we read this book who was by all accounts one of the real bipartisan heroes of public service. >> it is not like most americans have a great passion for what we are or were doing in afghanistan. >> the question is, did he do what's right for national security in bob gates opinion or the american people's opinion or in his own opinion, president obama's opinion? is president obama leading in afghanistan by conviction or poll testing? what is deriving his decisions? did he feel like he had to push for the surge in afghanistan or did he really, really believe, like bob gates, that that was the appropriate course of action for national security. >> we have to move on and talk about chris christie. headlining, kristy or snooki, worse for new jersey? it seemed like just yesterday, chris christie was maligning the jersey shore. listen.
7:38 am
>> on this snooki and the situation business, i want to remind all of you of something. they are not from new jersey. they are from new york. snooki is from poughkeepsie. they parachuted these losers into new jersey. and they want to make all of you believe that they are from new jersey. i have told cuomo a number of times, take them back. >> this headline on ""the daily beast,"" a very interesting article. which is worse, snooki or christie? >> i am going to go with snooki on this one. jersey gets a bad rap for a long time, tony soprano. bruce springsteen is about the
7:39 am
only thing broadly beloved by jersey. now, add christie to the pile in this scandal. >> maybe chris christie is becoming a good proxy for the national opinion of new jersey in particular. this scandal, in fact, it is objectively wrong if it is true. it is anabuse of government power if it is true. i don't know if it is disqualifying or not but i also know it has probably been way, way blown out of proportion when compared to other abuses of government power, particularly issues like the irs scandal with the obama administration. we can look at something and it can be all these things at the same time. >> i have to interrupt my friend, will. >> don't interrupt. i'll be done in a second. it can be true, anabuse of power and totally blown out of proportion like the reputation in new jersey. >> conservatives have been trying to pivot that back to obama all weekend. in the context of new jersey corruption scandals, there have
7:40 am
been far, far worse. >> that's my point. it is blown out of proportion. >> john and will, many thanks as usual. just ahead in the "newsroom," take a look at the highs and the lows of last night's golden globes. michelle turner is live. >> get me started, because we have a lot to talk about, everything that happened at the globes last night when we come back. really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat too, and has five grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i -- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? oops. [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. ensure high protein... 50% of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good egg. [ major nutrition ] ensure high protein. ensure. nutrition in charge! [ major nutrition ] ensure high protein. c explore what's new. for 575 calories or less on our lighter fare menu.
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7:43 am
amy poehler and tina fey were on fire last night. this was the second year hosting for this comic duo. michelle turner live in los angeles. can they just do it every year from now on? >> you are going to have them again next year. so you will be okay. i loved how you said that. they were on fire last night, because they were. they were really so good. we knew they would be funny but, you know, they kind of gave us a little something different than last year. they were funny and silly last year but this year, i thought they were really smart and kind of pointed but you still didn't feel like they were being mean. let's look at some of the best moments from amy poehler and tina fey.
7:44 am
gabby is nominated for best film. it is the story of how george clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age. >> in the name of gender equality this year, please welcome mr. golden globe, my adult son from a previous relationship, randy. >> i don't want to do this. this is so stupid. >> and the golden globe goes to amy poehler of parks and recreation. >> this is amy poehler's first
7:45 am
win. >> how do you get better than making out with bono in the audience? how do you get better than that? >> he is starting to get into it. look at him. >> i think he enjoyed it a little bit. he is like, well, why not? here we go. i am so happy for her. i am a little bit bias. i really do like "parks and rec" and i feel like it hasn't gotten the love it deserved. it was almost overshadowed by "30 rock" because "30 rock" won so much. i am glad she got her due. >> can we just touch on jennifer lawrence' dress? she is getting a lot of flack for her dress. people have dressed in similar fare on twitter. it is pretty darn funny. >> the whole hashtag lawrence thing has been trending on twitter. people have been wrapping themselves in bed sheets and cord and saying i am jennifer
7:46 am
lawrence. i liked the dress. i thought it was different. she is young, fresh. she takes chances when it comes to fashion. i think she did again last night. not everybody is going to agree with me. i know this. i did think that. can we talk about my favorite of the night? >> we will show you and draw it for you. >> exactly. my favorite of the night was lupita nuyongo. she had on this stunning red ralph lauren cape dress. i have to say, at the end of "new day" i misspoke and said she had on calvin klein. please, let me correct myself and get this right. ralph lauren deserves his due for this outfit. i thought she was stunning, the makeup, the hair, everything. she is fast becoming a player in the fashion world. watch out for miss lupita
7:47 am
nuongo. watch out for her acting. i think she might have a good thursday morning. oscar nominations are that morning. >> there is the dress. i don't think it looks like a bed sheet wrapped with duct tape. >> no. i think she likes this sill owe wet. she likes kind of the mermaid sill owe wet. i think she looks really good in it. i think the dress is different. i think it is fashion forward. i don't think it is terrible but, listen, somebody is always going to have something to say. you don't have people that miss very often and there will be vaing degre varying degrees of opinions on this dress. >> she could wear a bed sheet and look beautiful. >> absolutely. >> "newsroom" continues in a minute. ike that? you dry up, your cold feels even worse. well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mouth. cold medicines open your nose over time,
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7:51 am
linda and another nurse were able to get the pilot out of the cockpit and set up an i.v. the co-pilot was able to get the plane on the ground soon after. paramedics were ready and waiting. pot is hot. i mean hot. as you know, colorado started selling pot legally on the first of the month. to say it went well is an understatement. local affiliates tell us, many pot shops are limiting the amount of marijuana a customer can buy, because so many people bought pot. some have even raised their prices too. tim owns the evergreen apothecary. he joins me live. >> good morning. who knew so many people smoked pot? >> i didn't know either. we have seen unprecedented crowds at the store. it forms an hour before we open and we turn people away at the end of the night. truly amazing. >> is there an average customer? who is buying?
7:52 am
>> people from all walks of life, from every cross-cut. i think when you look at how strongly amendment 64 passed, it lends itself to a wide section of people. it is all over the board. not your stereo typical college stoner at all. >> are we talking grandmothers? who are we talking about? >> certainly. everyone 21 to 75 have come in the store in the last couple of weeks. it has just been all across the board. >> is it more people who have never smoked it before. are these people that know what they are doing? >> we honestly don't ask that question but we do give everyone a little warning, specially about the edibles, because it is easy to take too much. and have an uncomfortable experience. we give everyone a heads up about the products that they are buying. also, a public education campaign about traveling
7:53 am
overstate lines, about reselling what they are buying. we are just trying to make sure everyone who is making a purchase is complying with the state and city rules. >> under the current rules, speaking of rules, pot shops have to grow their own marijuana. how does that affect your supply? >> it does affect our supply. we currently have two new warehouses under construction as well as we're working our way through the back is stock we had set aside for this event. we need more licensed stores to come online to meet the demand. it would be akin to alcohol prohibition ending and only a handful of liquor stores in the entire country, all located in one state held the liquor licenses. we are seeing an incredible amount of demand that we can't indefinitely support alone. as time passes and more stores become licensed, the demand on the handful of stores that whole
7:54 am
the licenses will decrease. tim cullen, thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> you're welcome. and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, we like interacting with people. so you have time to focus on the things you love. ink from chase. so you can. ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪ ♪ turn around, barbara ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ [ female announcer ] fiber one. [ chicken caws ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums.
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7:57 am
mama that massive security breach at target is one of the largest. now, niemann marcus is investigating whether they have been hacked. we have more on this. >> first, target and then neiman marcus and they fear that could get longer. if you shopped at target over the holiday period, it is very important that you believe proactive. you can't just simply wait for it to show on your account. call your bank. i can't stress this enough. call your bank and request a new card. also, now that we know as of friday, that these target hackers got access to people's
7:58 am
e-mail addresses. watch out for scam artists e-mailing you trying to get more information. they could get calls or e-mails from scammers not only pretending to be from target or from their card issuer or an i.d. theft protection service. >> don't click on links for people you don't recognize. target is offering one year credit monitoring service to all those affected. you have target ceo coming out and apologizing. even though he is sorry, what is going to change? retailers need to ban together to invest in upgrading the technology. the system is decades old. if you don't upgrade it, you could see mass attacks happen
7:59 am
again. i was just talking to someone who wanted to proactively cancel all her credit cards because she shopped at target. is that what people should do? >> a lot of people are saying, that is time-consuming. if you are worried, it is not a bad idea. there are other things you can do. go online, check your statements. so many people tell me they only wait until it comes in the mail. lastly, set up little text message alerts so that if a certain amount, over $500 or $300 or whatever, is used on your card, you instantly are notified it is all about keeping abreast of what's happening with your account. >> the final question. i am scared to use any sort of credit card. >> should we just use cash? >> exactly. the world is not going that way.
8:00 am
it is going to plastic, right? you are kind of stuck. >> you are kind of stuck. a lot of cybersecurity experts worry this list could stand beyond target and neiman marcus. we have reached out to secure customers. >> thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. leg "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts now. so you thought the bridge was chris christie's first big scandal. well, cnn has just found out the feds are also investigating his use of hurricane sandy relief money for state tourism ads that starred him and his family right during the election. also, this hour, someone get that pilot a gps. the