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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 14, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> that is a pretty good job, i must say. thanks very much for watching. that's it for me this hour. i'll be back, though, 5:00 p.m. eastern in the situation room. i'm wolf blitzer in washington. "newsroom" continues right now with brooke baldwin. wolf, thank you. great to be with you. i'm brooke baldwin. just a heads up, as we begin the hour, a short time from now, we're watching and waiting for this police news conference on a shooting this morning inside a middle school. this happened in new mexico. a suspect in custody, but it's still not clear yet as to whether or not that suspect is a student or not. meantime, two children rushed to the hospital. the school quickly went on lockdown. miguel marquez is tracking the developments for us right now. miguel, what do we know? oh, he lost his ear piece. let's move along.
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as soon as we see miguel, we'll ask him as we wait for that news conference. oh, here we go. i hear you, miguel, go ahead. >> reporter: what we know happened so far is that 8:00 a.m. in roswell, new mexico, a student walked into that school. we believe it was with a shotgun and shot two other students, critically injuring them. a 14-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl were both air lifted from roswell to lubbock, texas, to a level one trauma center, where they are listed in critical condition. the one piece that we don't know for sure is whether the shooter himself was shot. police are saying he was apprehended or arrested, but they are not saying whether he gave up willingly or put his weapon down or whether they had to take him out in some way in order to force him to give up. this is a school where sixth to eighth graders go, amazingly enough, shockingly enough. that would put these students anywhere from 11 or 12 to 14 or 15 years old.
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everybody was taken from the school into the parking lot there, and then police were able -- and city managers were able to set up a collection area at the roswell mall. some several miles away from the school itself. roswell is a town in southeastern, new mexico. it's a rural area. the place where this school is is particularly rural. shotguns would be a fairly common weapon in that part of the country. i know it well. we are expecting a press conference in an hour. we expected the governor of new mexico and the head of the state police there, will be in attendance as well as the superintendent of the school and other officials trying to make sense of this all. clearly, all hands on deck in new mexico trying to understand what happened there. brooke? >> we'll be watching for that police news conference. of course, we'll bring it to you here on cnn. miguel marquez, my thanks to you. what we'll also be watching today, chris christie, new mexico's chris christie less than one hour as well is to
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begin his state of the state address. and given the snowballing investigations that threaten his reputation, we do expect to get a glimpse at the state of chris christie himself and his political aspirations. take you back a couple days to the lengthy 108-minute give and take. christie said it certainly wasn't him who ordered those fishy lane closures that tied up traffic for days and days back in september, in a town whose mayor had refused to back christie's re-election. this democratic mayor. of course, he also announced the firing of his deputy chief of staff bridget kelly, who had sent a suspicious e-mail back in august suggesting some sort of need for traffic jams in f fft ft. lee, new jersey. jake tapper, there's this federal probe into christie's handling of superstorm relief
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funds. do we know when, how, how much he will address these issues? >> we know that he will address the george washington bridge controversy during the state of the state address. we're not sure what exactly he's going to say, although contrition has been the way that he has discussed it so far, saying that he had nothing to do with it. but he's sorry, he is ultimately responsible as the governor. the superstorm sandy funds and whether they were misused with that ad campaign and any other way. that's a charge the christie administration doesn't take all that seriously. they say that this probe is really not that big a deal. they're just looking into and inspector general looking into whether the funds were spent properly. the inspector general works for. the urban development had signed off on it. they were not worried about it. they go into ways that the sandy
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funds were spent and talking about how they were spent wisely. most of the address, of course, will be spent talking about new jersey business. education reform. pension reform. and talking positively about the last four years and looking forward to the next. >> you bet. everyone will be watching and waiting for the governor to address specifically what we've been covering, and that being the issue of this bridge. we've seen it before, where investigations are launched, subpoenas are issued and deals are cult. all of a sudden, the ugly truth, if you will, spills out. i mean, jake, do you think that that could be an imminent danger for governor chris christie, given the fact that we now have one, two, three investigations, two of which investigating by the feds? >> i think it's true that even his closest allies acknowledge that if there's any evidence that he was lying in his press conference, if he said anything untrue about his knowledge, that will be calamitous for governor
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christie. but people close to him say that's not the case. obviously there are still a lot of investigations to go. a lot of subpoenas. we haven't heard from bridget anne kelly, the deputy chief of staff. we haven't heard from the man who was supposed to be the head of the republican party about his role in all of this. he, of course, was unnominated by governor christie for that role to be the chairman of the republican party. so there's a lot of voices and a lot of versions of events that we have not heard from. that said, governor christie is inside right now running through his speech. and his team do not seem worried. that's not to say that they are taking this lightly. they know very seriously that this was a very hard hit on the governor and his reputation for being hands-on and anti-corruption. but they don't seem concerned because they have faith in him, whether that faith is well-placed, we will find out in the coming weeks and months as the investigations continue. >> and we will see you, mr.
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tapper, at the top of the hour from a very rainy trenton, new jersey. we'll be looking for chris christie inside that state house. we'll see you then. thank you very, very much. now to this. just into us here at cnn, we are now learning that a third person was inside that cockpit of the southwest jet that landed on the wrong runway on sunday night. this third person who was not a pilot. the plane at the time carrying more than a hundred passengers landed at this airport seven miles from its ultimate destination in branson, missouri. when we talk about this third person, who was this third person, if not a pilot? >> you're right. it was not a pilot. we know now that there were two veteran southwest pilots, they had some company in the cockpit. a source familiar with the investigation told cnn, and we just got confirmation from southwest airlines that a company dispatcher was seated in the jump seat behind the pilot and co-pilot. the jump seat is a fold-down
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seat. it's in the cockpit. we do know that this employee, which essentially dispatches the flights there, they were authorized to be in that position. >> they were authorized? >> yes, they did have authorization to be there. now that we know this new information, we know that investigators want to know if that third person created maybe a distraction causing the pilots to land at the wrong airport. we do know that during those critical phases of flight, we're talking about takeoff and landing. there is an faa rule and it's called sterile cockpit. that means that only conversations relevant to takeoff or landing are allowed because they want to cut back on potential distractions during this very crucial critical points in flight. >> the questions are being asked and we know an investigation is under way. the whole issue, this plane, this jet ended up landing on this runway that's about half the length of the intended
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destination. we still don't know the answer to the question, which is why? right? >> absolutely. because at this point, neither the faa or the ntsb has said this is the official cause of why things went so wrong on sunday. and we want to make really clear, this new information that this third person was in the cockpit, it is one of many factors that investigators are going to be looking at. right now, no one is saying that that third person in the cockpit created this distraction that led to this mistake. >> papt paints a clearer pictu. >> exactly, brooke. coming up, graphic video of a woman being held hostage outside of a 7-eleven. you will see how it ends and hear directly from her in the purple jacket. we'll talk to the photograph who shot this video from denver. right now, a court hearing is under way involving the shooting inside a movie theater. what drove a retired police
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just moments ago, a retired police officer made his first court appearance one day after allegedly shooting and killing another man inside a florida movie theater. in an argument that apparently started because the man was texting. as the previews rolled ahead of the monday afternoon showing of the film "lone survivor," witnesses say an argument over the use of the cell phone escalated into a shouting match. voices were raised. popcorn was thrown, and then came the unimaginable. in the movie theater, a gunshot. >> man, i can't believe he got shot. and then he started walking. he said alex. blood just started coming out of his mouth. i just held him. and he just fell down. >> he was talking at first? >> he was talking at first. he was trying to talk. he started walking. he started talking more. and then blood came out of his mouth. it was just a very bad scene.
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>> he staggered two seats over, fell on my son and i. i asked my son to call 911, which is what he did. i thought it was in the movie. a nurse jumped down. they started pumping the gentleman's chest until the paramedics arrived. but that's what happened today. >> that's the guy's blood that you have all over you? >> yeah, his blood, yeah. >> wow. >> the gentlemen they were referring to, the man shot, 43-year-old chad olson. his wife was hit as well, as she raised her hand in front of her husband as the shooter drew his handgun. the shooting suspect is 71-year-old curtis reeves. a large group of family and friends, colleagues attended his first court appearance just to show support for this man who was not present in the room. he appeared via video link. his attorney talked about his connections to this community. >> he retired in 1993 from the
11:15 am
tampa police department. he retired as a captain in the tactical division. in fact, he was responsible for profounding the tactical police department. he was commander for 16 to 17 years, was on selective enforcement unit. was a homicide detective, was a property crimes detective. after his retirement in 1993, he served as the director of security for busch entertainment, which is busch gardens, where he obtained various certifications in security. >> he will be held without bond. he has been charged with second-degree murder. >> the only description i have is he was struck in the face by an unknown object, not by a hard object, not that he was knocked around, just struck in the face by an unknown object and regardless of human life, pulling a gun, when hit in the face with some unknown object in the additional information in here is popcorn, it may or may
11:16 am
not have been popcorn, but an unknown object doesn't equal taking out a gun and firing it at somebody's chest. in addition, that certainly would be to effect the death. the court is finding there is more than probable cause of second-degree murder. >> stay with us as we follow that one in the courts. meantime, a woman is taken hostage as a 7-eleven in denver. the whole thing caught on camera. first, just a warning. some of what you are about to see is graphic, but if you choose to watch, watch closely. >> you heard that single shot. the gunman goes down. he is now in critical condition, and that woman in that purple jacket that was being used as a human shield, she came out of this unharmed.
11:17 am
>> it's terrifying. it was stressful. and i don't wish it on my enemy. great job. i got out alive, so i guess they did. >> thank goodness, the photographer who shot these amazing images, a photographer with kddr in denver. paul, thanks for joining me. >> you're welcome. >> so, here you go. you get this assignment from the assignment desk. you hop in your truck. you've got your gear. you head to the 7-eleven. you're standing there across the street. hit record. walk me through initially what you see. >> initially i saw a police officer off to my left, and he looked at me and i think he was just too wrapped up with what was going on at the 7-eleven, obviously. i just hit record and i was looking as closely as i could into the 7-eleven to see if i could see either one of them. then when i saw the suspect and the victim come walking out, i knew something was going to happen. and then when she said -- when
11:18 am
the woman said to the suspect i'm not going back in, i knew that it was going to get pretty hairy pretty quick. >> so you actually heard her say that. tell me how long these two were standing outside the 7-eleven before you hear that single gunshot? >> it wasn't very long at all. it probably lasted all of about two and a half minutes or so. >> and describe the scene around you. was there tremendous media presence or were you alone? >> circling the scene trying to find a good vantage point, and i went down one alley which was barricaded and shot some video there. then i went up a block. there was no one else there. all of a sudden i realized i was only 100 feet away from the door. and somehow i got inside the perimeter. >> i should say, you were there and actually can see this woman, this victim, this female shield who was using at the same time. there are people inside this store as well. other hostages, correct? >> that's correct. yeah. there was -- i believe one other
11:19 am
manager that was inside at the time. she was locked in the office. and additional manager had gotten out through back door. and so he was out of it. but the woman, betty, i believe her name is, was still inside. >> and so this woman just finally -- i know you or a reporter talked to this woman, this victim who thank goodness survived. she said it was stressful. did she say anything else? >> no, she was very hesitant to talk in the first place. but she said that she would talk to us for a little bit. you can see that she was still pretty shaken up. she must have been terrified. i think she was just trying to, you know, move on and try to get her life back to normal again. >> can you blame her? not at all. paul, thank you. thank you so much for sharing this with us here at cnn. appreciate it. coming up, thousands of people still without water in west virginia. federal inspectors right now are
11:20 am
on site. all of this as house speaker john boehner says the industry doesn't need more regulation. plus, the home of justin bieber. raided today, wait for it, over the egging of a neighbor's home. these are the aerials of his mansion. this is a felony investigation now. we will explain. we'll take you there. ♪epic classical music stops ♪music resumes music stops ♪music resumes [announcer] if your dog can dream it. purina pro plan can help him achieve it. nutrition that performs.
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a little bit more relief from some folks in west virginia, who have gone without water for five long days. a do not use was lifted again for yet another zone. west virginia american water company said the south ridge, south side area near charleston has been given the all-clear. but nearly 2/3 of the people affected are still waiting to use their taps here. it has prompted preventative measures. cincinnati has stopped taking water from the ohio river until traces of the chemical have passed them by. then you have two kentucky water systems doing the exact same thing. but those valves are back on. this chemical leak has really
11:24 am
put a spotlight on loose regulations in the state of west virginia. today, federal inspection teams arrived from our nation's capital. meantime, the judge has ordered freedom industries not to destroy any evidence. and this morning, house speaker john boehner expressed his dismay of over how this spill could have happened in the first place. >> why wasn't this inspected since 1991? i am entirely confident that your regulations are on the hook to protect the health and safety of the american people. somebody ought to be held accountable here. >> 18 class action lawsuits have been filed against this company freedom industries and also the water company. jean casarez has more on the state's investigation. >> these tanks hold hundreds of thousands of gallons of chemicals. they just sit a mile from charleston, west virginia's, only water treatment plant. and yet the state has not inspected these tanks since 1991. that's because it says the tanks
11:25 am
are now considered storage. >> the material that they were storing there is not a hazardous material. >> because they are considered not hazardous, they don't have to be fully regulated by the state or federal government. and that means no inspections. >> it's something that doesn't belong in the river. >> doug wood, a water biologist, who worked for 33 years at the state's department of environmental protection, says just because it's considered a pollutant does not mean it's not dangerous and doesn't mean it shouldn't be regulated. >> it's one of a class of thousands of chemicals that haven't been studied. >> these are tanks that should have been inspected, i would imagine. >> west virginia's u.s. attorney has launched an investigation and says regulated or not, hazardous or not, no one is above the law when it comes to keeping the water safe. >> the tanks were in bad shape with their secondary containment systems were shoddy.
11:26 am
if they had a release, saw it, and didn't report it for a while. all of those things are things that we would be looking to. >> goodwin says it is still too early to know if laws were broken. but the fact that the facility just changed ownership might make it easier to determine who knew what and when. >> if you violate federal environment laws, you will be prosecuted. >> the mayor of charleston, who calls this the worst disaster in his city, welcomes a criminal investigation. but does not let the government off the hook. >> i'm not sure what responsibility the state has here, but if not them, who? >> jean casarez joins us live in charleston. you're on the ground, you're talking to folks. how angry are people? >> you know, i think people are so upset, they have to make a joke out of it. because yesterday the federal courthouse was closed and i asked the u.s. attorney, why did you shut down the whole
11:27 am
courthouse? he said well, if people can't take a bath, we don't want people to have to come to the courthouse. but this is something that is really disrupting their normal life. and, you know, freedom industries fell through the cracks and we spoke with the west virginia department of environmental protection that is saying that at the legislative level, there are going to be changes. i don't think they know what the changes are going to be, but it could be that storage facilities have to be regular lated and then they would be inspected, or that pesticides have to be regulated and then would be inspected, the facilities. we do want to let everybody know that a federal lawsuit has just been filed in regard to this case. they are suing in federal court, civil. they wanted to be designated as a class action suit. on a federal level, the manufacturer of the chemical freedom industries, also the water treatment plant right here in charleston. >> thank you very much. we will be following this in west virginia.
11:28 am
coming up, sheriff's deputies swarm the home of pop superstar justin bieber today. why? i tell you, this whole thing could all be related to eggs. we are expecting the sheriff to speak live about that any minute now. we are watching for that. also, two police officers acquitted in the beating death of a homeless man. look at this. in the video here, this man calls out for his father and coming up next, we will speak to that dad who says these officers got away with murder. a lot going on today. stay with me. you're watching cnn. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs?
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welcome back. bottom of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin. a verdict has absolutely rocked the city of fullerton, california. two former officer were on trial for beating a homeless man so badly. i have to warn you, the images you are about to see of him are disturbing, they're graphic, so let me give you a minute. here it is. this was kelly thomas in july of
11:32 am
2012. he died five days after six officer restrained him in a parking lot. thomas, who was schizophrenic, refused to listen to their orders, and despite what you saw in that photo, a jury found kelly thomas was not a victim of a crime. these two men who no longer work for fullerton police have been acquitted on all the charges listed here. here are these two former officers. part of the evidence jurors saw in this courtroom was surveillance video of this entire encounter. so again, we'll play part of this for you, but a warning, it is tough to hear. >> they are killing me, daddy. dad! >> it's a fight. >> yeah. >> relax. relax. relax. >> daddy.
11:33 am
daddy. killing me. >> relax. relax. >> on the phone with me now, kelly thomas's father, ron thomas. mr. thomas, i am sorry about your son. let me just begin with, i am sure you have seen that video so many times, but to hear your grown son crying for you, what's that like, all these months later? >> well, it's still horrifying. especially the segment you played -- those were the very last words of his life. and hearing it getting slower and more labored in his breathing after he was calling for me. and a 37-year-old man reverting back to daddy, daddy, they're
11:34 am
killing me. what he went through, the pain, the horror from on duty police officers, it's unfathomable. and then they get away with it completely. not even an excessive force charge. how can this be? >> after hearing mr. thomas not guilty, the verdict is read four times yesterday. can you just take me inside that courtroom, tell me your initial few thoughts? >> i prepared myself for it. i couldn't believe once again that they were found not guilty on all charges. we all realized not guilty does not mean you were found innocent. they were just found not guilty. horrifying, really. it is so evidence, so obvious what they did. he was standing there talking,
11:35 am
he was -- he could do everything. in a matter of minutes, he was dying in a pool of his own blood, and yet they're not guilty of even excessive force? that's unbelievable. unacceptable. >> there are two sides to this story. you represent one. you have the officers and these defense attorneys, you know, maintaining that if you watch this video in its entirety, that the officers were calm, they were not in a frenzy, that they were falling procedure. let me play this sound. this is their attorney manuel ramos. >> they did as they were told. they did as they were taught. we send them not knowing if they're going to go home and we send them with instructions. and when they follow those instructions and they do go home, they're not guilty of murder. >> the jury heard this whole case. we know how the jurors ruled. but we can tell our viewers that
11:36 am
the fbi is continuing to investigate to see if your son's civil rights were violated. can you tell me, do you have any update on that federal investigation? >> i don't have any update. just what you stated. i will be talking with them later today, though. and you know, his interview right there, he was always alluding to it's somebody else's fault. the training that was given to them. the policies that were in place. it's garbage, really, that they should have been responsible for their own actions as police officers. >> as far as that case, though, this is over. i know you filed a lawsuit against the city of fullerton. your wife has already settled. you talk about the policies here. what do you want? you have lost your son. what can you get from this? what changes do you want?
11:37 am
>> i already had several changes. every member, even the employees of the police department have gone through specialized training to work with the homeless. and many law enforcement agencies throughout southern california have done the same. and, you know, i have a platform right now and i'm using that to make things better for everybody. and all these things that were in place that could allow this to happen to kelly, i have a lot of law enforcement support. an overwhelming amount of law enforcement support on this. it's just not the way today do business. if i can help somebody else, it's worth it to have all this advocacy going. >> final question for you, mr. thomas. we now know these officers who were on duty, they are no longer serving. but if they were sitting next to you, what's the one thing you
11:38 am
would say to them? >> i would have something different for each officer. ramos, he's -- you know, he's not a nice guy at all. i don't know what i would say to him, but it would be very nice and professional. the other, i would want to know where he went wrong with his oath that he took and his professional standard. i believe he was probably a good officer at one time. i know he's a corporal. he was destined to be a sergeant. and a lot of people have talked highly about him. so where did he go wrong for him? i'd want to know that. and many other questions, of course. >> ron thomas, thank you so much for calling in. and quick break. back in a moment.
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at a company that's bringing media and technology together. next is every second of nbcuniversal's coverage
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0f the 2014 olympic winter games. it's connecting over one million low-income americans to broadband internet at home. it's a place named one america's most veteran friendly employers. next is information and entertainment in ways you never thought possible. welcome to what's next. comcastnbcuniversal. los angeles county sheriff's deputies are in full force today at the home of justin bieber. deputies descended upon his neighborhood this morning searching for evidence involving the egging of his neighbor's home. you heard me right. justin bieber may have chucked a lot of eggs toward his neighbor's home because now a felony vandalism investigation is under way. we'll talk legal here with our
11:42 am
analysts. but first, let's go straight to l.a. to our digital correspondent there, alan duke. we know the sheriff's news conference has just ended. tell me what you learned. >> well, first of all, there was an arrest made at justin bieber's house today, but it had nothing to do with the egg vandalism. instead, it was one of justin's friends who was staying there. they found allegedly cocaine on him, so they made a felony cocaine arrest. as far as bieber, he is a suspect in a felony case. vandalism from the egg throwing. what they were looking at today, they had about a dozen deputies go into justin bieber's house. this is a very exclusive neighborhood. katherine jackson and michael jackson's kids live down the street. britney spears has lived there. a whole bunch of really famous and rich people. it's got two security gates you have to get through. they were looking for surveillance video. i've been into these mansions before, into their security rooms. i can tell you, they've got cameras everywhere. they've got like a war room for
11:43 am
security there. and so somewhere, the investigators are hoping, is video of the egg-throwing incident, which they say caused about $20,000 in damage to the neighboring damage. >> $20,000. i think that worth underscoring. >> reporter: yes. less than a thousand dollars would have made it a felony. it's not the first time deputies have been to justin bieber's home since he moved into the oaks community a couple of years ago. they were called there because of a neighbor accusing bieber of spitting on him. neighbors accusing justin bieber of riding in his high-powered performance cars. but this time, it could land justin bieber in court. the sheriff's investigators will decide if there's enough evidence to take it to the district attorney for prosecution. >> quickly, alan, just to follow up. was bieber home? is he being cooperative? >> he was at home and he was
11:44 am
cooperative. he had about a dozen deputies knock on his door. his security came, let them in. they talked to bieber not about their investigation, because they're waiting until he's got a lawyer. he insisted on that, apparently. he did talk about who's in the home, that sort of thing. things they needed to execute the search warrant. he was not detained. he was not actually questioned about the vandalism. >> okay, thank you. can we just have a reality check moment for a second? we're talking eggs potentially causing upwards of $20,000 in damage. we're talking felony vandalism because of this. have either of you ever heard of a case like this? >> well, i have -- i haven't heard about felony egg-throwing. i have heard, of course, about felony vandalism. we're hearing that justin bieber's home is a $6.5 million home. if all of the neighbors have similar type homes, then clearly, you could do $20,000 of damage if you break a couple of windows or stain siding. but i think the larger issue
11:45 am
here is we're seeing again sort of this celebrity -- the effect of celebrity on young people. i mean, i'm thinking back to lindsay lohan and britney spears and perhaps we're now seeing sort of the destruction of the bieber brand. and i wonder again where are his advisers, where are his parents, why is someone in his home being arrested for felony drug possession. this is a real problem. not only just for his image and his brand, but just for justin bieber. remember, this is a kid. >> okay, brand is one thing, but when i was watching this happen, when i saw all of these sheriff's deputies, cars, and patrol cars swooping in, i thought my goodness, this is where my tax dollars are going to work. i mean, is this the best use of law enforcement resources here? >> it's really astounding when you see the difference between a criminal investigation for egging in this community, compared to north philadelphia
11:46 am
where i'm from or south central l.a. can you imagine an egging probe where there are more than one or two cars dispatched to, what, dust for prints? i don't know what they're going to do there. here's what you have to consider. i see egging cases from time to time, i would say, but they're in juvenile court, where juveniles are committing them. and usually they end in a pretrial intervention program or some kind of probation. you don't get a lot of adult felony egging cases. part two that i find even more astounding is that they executed a search warrant. they allegedly found cocaine in the home. justin bieber is lucky he didn't get charged with constructive possession. >> but they arrested someone. >> they arrested someone. if it's in his home, a creative prosecutor could charge him with constructive possession of that cocaine, depending on where it was found in the home. you know i'm right. >> you are right, you are right. >> i'm sorry, i'm just shaking my head a bit over this one. thank you very much. coming up next, miami heat,
11:47 am
nba champs paying a visit to the white house today. president obama set to honor the basketball team in the east room. we have cameras, we are standing by. we'll have that for you live in a matter of moments. plus, chris christie's state of the state address happening moments away as well. what will he say about these scandals currently surrounding his administration? we will have it for you live. you're watching cnn. [announcer] word is getting out. purina dog chow light & healthy is a deliciously tender and crunchy kibble blend. with 20% fewer calories than purina dog chow. isn't it time you discovered the lighter side of dog chow. purina dog chow light & healthy. in the nation, we reward safe driving. add vanishing deductible from nationwide insurance and get $100 off your deductible for every year of safe driving. which means you could save...
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want to have a happy marriage? then don't have kids. that's what a new study is saying. researchers interviewed 5,000 adults. all ages. sexual orientation. the findings, no matter who you were, if you didn't have a child, you were happier in your marriage and your relationships. so joining me now, cnn digital correspondent kelly wallace, who is a mom and i'm sure has thoughts. >> yes. >> but i read the study. and here is where i was perplexed, because it said childless couples have happier marriages, feel more valued by the partner. but if you read further, it says women without children were least happy with life overall. so i'm confused. >> i know. and there's a lot of confusing stuff here. then when you talk about of all the groups who was the happiest of them all, mothers said that they were the happiest of all the group. so i think it comes down to when mothers were asked who's the most important person in their lives, they said their children, their husbands and partners
11:51 am
might not like that. i think that's where they're getting the most satisfaction in their lives from their children maybe. not necessarily from their relationships. >> i guess it makes sense if you have children, your focus when they're younger and in the thick of it, your focus tends to be more on them and less on your husband or wife. >> yeah. i mean, it becomes a time thing, right? there are only a certain number of hours in the day. and so you might not be putting the same kind of attention on the relationship. the interesting thing, brooke, is there was another study, yet another study coming up yesterday. and this one looked at when it factored out income, education, health, religion, factors that might influence how satisfied you feel about your life. once they threw all of those factors out the window, guess what? no difference in satisfaction and well-being and happiness in general between people with kids and people without kids. and i kind of loved it, because for so long, so much of the research has been saying that parents are unhappy.
11:52 am
miserable. and people without kids are having the time of their lives. >> and you, kelly wallace, let's end on this. you're a happy woman, yes? >> i'm a happy woman. stressed. don't get enough sleep. not enough me time. but i'm happy. and i think it comes down to choice, too, right? i chose to have kids and i'm happy about that. well, guess what. someone who chooses not to have kids is just as happy with that decision as well. >> read kelly's column, as always. thought-perplexing. thank you very much. and now to this. america wants to know, what the heck was peyton manning talking about? what was he shouting this past weekend? superstar quarterback famous for changing plays at the line of scrimmage, and during sunday's playoff game, it sounded like the omaha chamber of commerce was like sponsoring his snap counts. take a listen for yourself. >> omaha. omaha! omaha!
11:53 am
omaha! >> sorry, this one just cracks me up. he did that so many times. so what does omaha mean? the leading analyst for bleacher report. aaron, why is he shouting omaha over and over? >> it is a snap count. the truth is no one really knows for sure other than peyton manning and his offense. >> big fan of nebraska? what's going on? >> traditionally a quarterback will use something to let the offensive line and everyone around them know that the snap is coming pretty much in the huddle, you go on one or on two. he said it rhythmically. omaha. three syllables. he said hut, or hut hut. one or two or whatever the snap count was. and then the offensive line would go. you'll notice there are a couple of times where he got the chargers to jump, usually by mixing it up. he got them in such a rhythm they kept thinking oh, we know
11:54 am
what's coming. he says omaha and then here comes the snap. every time he kanged it up, nearly every single time, he got the chargers to jump.changed it nearly every single time, he got the chargers to jump. >> clearly it worked for the broncos over the weekend and it's working if you talk to the mayor of omaha. i spoke with her a couple minutes ago. and she says, you know what? nebraska is saying go broncos to the super bowl. here she was. >> you know, we really hope they get into the super bowl. we'd love to hear our name shouted. but most importantly, we want people to know what omaha is really about. and it is a new visitor destination and more and more people are coming here each year, and we invite people to come to omaha for a day or a week. there's a lot going on here. >> it's pretty funny when we talk about the super bowl. we'll have to stand by and wait for that interview coming up. we'll play the whole thing next hour. but aaron, back to you. do other quarterbacks do this? why do i think people shout numbers or colors? is this city thing just a peyton manning thing? >> no, there's other
11:55 am
quarterbacks that have used it. eli has used it, his brother. tom brady has used it before. it's really just something to get a cadence going, get a rhythm going. like you said, all different quarterbacks use all sorts of things before the snap, before they tell the guys to go. it could mean anything. you talk to offensive guys around the league, they use all sorts of different words to mean different things. we as the public never know. we're just more tuned into it now because they have cameras and microphones everywhere. >> they do. and it's a great advertisement for omaha, nebraska. thank you so much. coming up here, we'll take you to the white house. we're minutes away from the president saying hello, maybe not necessarily to his favorite nba team, but they've done pretty well so far. the miami heat swinging by to pick up what looks like a pretty nice trophy. maybe they're just letting the president take a look at theirs. we're also minutes away from the state of the state in new jersey. how, when, to what degree will governor chris christie address these recent scandals? stand by, we're live in trenton.
11:56 am
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at a company that's bringing media and technology together. next is every second of nbcuniversal's coverage 0f the 2014 olympic winter games. it's connecting over one million low-income americans to broadband internet at home. it's a place named one america's most veteran friendly employers. next is information and entertainment in ways you never thought possible. welcome to what's next. comcastnbcuniversal. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you so much for being with me here. just about 3:00 eastern time, two live events about to start here at the top of the hour. busy, busy day. first, you have roswell, new mexico. police and we're hearing also the governor should be there holding this news conference about this school shooting there this morning.
11:59 am
two students were hurt at a middle school and we expect to learn a little bit more as far as what happened there in new mexico. also we're moments away from new jersey governor chris christie's state of the state speech in trenton, new jersey. he has, as you know, multiple controversies dogging him right now, including the closure of lanes on the george washington bridge going back to september. that's where we'll begin. chris christie, governor christie, one of the top republican talents in the country, a potential presidential contender in trouble. how much trouble? we still don't know. as he gives the state of the state speech today, moments from now, we are told that governor christie will address the scandal surrounding some aides' parent involvement in traffic tie-ups that may have been created as political payback. jake tapper has headed from washington, his usual post, to trenton, new jersey, to cover this event for us.
12:00 pm
gloria borger is live in washington. we know he will be addressing the george washington bridge closure, that whole scandal, specifically head-on. but do we know if he'll be making news? do we know if he'll tell us something we don't know, such as who came up with the closures in the first place? >> i would not anticipate that governor christie is going to be talking about what happened and why bridget anne kelly, his deputy chief of staff, apparently ordered the lane closures on the george washington bridge. if you talk to the christie office, people close to christie, they say he does not know. he hasn't talked to her. he doesn't understand why they did what they did. so for him to come out right now and give a big explanation would be contradictory to what he has said so far. generally speaking, most of the speech is going to be about new jersey and what they have accomplished in his first term, what he hopes to accomplish in the second, talking about education reform, extending
12:01 pm
school days, extending the school year. there will be some discussion about the difficulties of the past week or so, an acceptance of blame, i am told, but no thorough explanation as to why it all happened, brooke. >> gloria, on that note, if you are governor christie with this acceptance of blame that jake's talking about in ref reasons er the scandal, do you address this tip-top? do you bury it somewhere in the middle? are you vintage chris christie? taking it all on? >> i think christie has to be a governor today. he has to talk about the state of the state. he has to talk about what he wants to do in his next term. as jack points out, i think he has to acknowledge what's going on and take responsibility for it. which by the way, i would point out that he did in his two-hour press conference. he took full responsibility for it. i think that, you know, in many ways, when we look at somebody who's a potential presidential
12:02 pm
candidate, we say okay, he's going to be defined by how he handles this episode almost as much as the episode itself. so what we've seen from the christie folks so far is they've had a lot of stuff thrown their way. they want to cooperate fully with everybody doing investigations. they want to make it clear that they want to get to the bottom of this, which is what i think if i were governor christie, i'd be talking about. because as jake points out, he said he did not know. >> just a quick reminder to our viewers as we are watching and waiting, looking at a very packed state house room here in trenton, new jersey, as we await the governor, chris christie, to give his state of the state. of course, upon re-election, he will be taking to the podium and giving this address. we are watching for this. and we're waiting for a couple of other live events to happen here as well. jake, back to you. when we talk about the george washington bridge and the lane
12:03 pm
closure and the whole scandal, you know all the players. one of the central figures is christie's -- i think they go back to childhood. when we listen to chris christie last week when he was talking to reporters for a very long time, he said -- okay, we're going to move away from new jersey quickly, keeping an eye on this, going quickly to the white house to see this live picture. president obama congratulating flanked by the miami heat basketball team. take a look. >> world champions, the miami heat. now, one of the cool things about this job is welcoming championship sports teams from across the sporting world to the white house. and usually people enjoy coming to the white house. i have to say i've never seen folks more excited than the heat when they came last year. i mean, lebron was so pumped up,
12:04 pm
i thought he was going to give me a hug and knock me over like the guy in "sportscenter" who hit the half court shot. but it was wonderful to see them then. it is wonderful to see them back. we've got some outstanding members of congress who are big fans of the heat. they're from both parties. because we all know nothing brings people together like the miami heat. across the nba, there's just a unifying sense about the heat. i want to congratulate coach spoelstra for the outstanding work that he does. legendary team president pat riley for his outstanding leadership. and all the coaches and players, members of the staff and crew to make a championship season. this group has now won twice,
12:05 pm
but it's gone to the finals three times. and sometimes it feels like they're still fighting for a little respect. i can relate to that. last season, the heat put together one of the most dominating regular seasons ever by a defending champion. they won a team record 66 games. at one point they won 27 games straight. the second longest winning streak ever. extraordinarily impressive. almost as impressive as the bulls' 72-win season. [ laughter ] we were reminiscing about those years. but as these guys know, winning a title is never easy. in the playoffs, the pacers put them through seven bruising
12:06 pm
games. in the finals, the spurs showed us all that they've got an awful lot of life left in them. and one of the greatest players of all time. one of the greatest coaches of all time. in fact, san antonio had the series all but wrapped up in game six, as you will recall. miami was down five points. less than 30 seconds to go. the last 122 times that happened in the playoffs, the team that was down lost 122 times. and then thray allen saw them bring out the ropes. and with five seconds left, chris bosh gets an incredible offensive rebound, passes it out to ray. ray is backing up. got to jump forward. hits one of the most iconic shots of all time. and then he added a few choice words about the ropes.
12:07 pm
[ laughter ] which we cannot repeat here. but ray, i do want you to know when you say those things on the court, people can read your lips. [ laughter ] you do understand that. okay. all right. so the heat won game six, went on to win game seven, their third title in eight seasons. lebron james earned his second straight finals mvp to go along with four regular season mvps in five years. dwyane wade, warrior that he is, pained through a pair of injured knees. always came through when it mattered. chris bosh was there playing great defense, getting the rebound, hitting a clutch shot. everybody on this team participated. from ray's big shot to the contributions of mario chalmers, shane battier, udonis haslem,
12:08 pm
the bird man, bird man's tattoos, bird man's mohawk. they each showed us the kind of heart and determine facing it takes to be a champion. they also showed what heart means off the court. last year they raised close to $2 million for local charities. before this event, they met with some amazing wounded warriors over at walter reed. and we're proud to have some of those wounded warriors here in the audience today. honoring our troops -- [ applause ] honoring our troops isn't just something that they do when they come to the white house. it's something they do all year round with their heat home strong initiative. and pat riley, i know has been
12:09 pm
hugely invested in this. we talked a little bit about this. his incredible admiration for our men and women in uniform. but more concretely, his willingness to do something about how we support them i think is a credit to the entire organization. on top of that, coach spoelstra serves as a member of the nba fit team to encourage healthy habits among young people. i know michelle is thankful for the support that many of the players have given to her let's move initiative. i know all of you are getting ready to embarrass yourself by singing karaoke for shane's education foundation. just leave al green to the pros, people. so -- [ laughter ] so bottom line is, outstanding athletes. outstanding organization. outstanding team. but also outstanding members of
12:10 pm
their community. and so we're very proud to have them back. we wish them great luck for the rest of the season. unless they're playing the bulls. and with that, i think we should take a picture. but we should make it quick before one of these guys starts yelling at mario. [ laughter ] i mean, sometimes it's just a bad bet, guys. it's not mario's fault. i got your back, man. >> well, this is a great honor for the entire miami heat family. it does not get old. and what this is, we put this together before the playoff run last year. and it was a covenant between all of us that we signed that we would commit to each other all the way to the end. >> this is outstanding. >> we have marks for each win and it signified each player.
12:11 pm
a win for that game. and the final one was the team one. this one right here, you can see 44. >> there you go. it was added to it. you guys are winning me over a little bit. getting there. >> we'll put together another one for you and let you mark it this year. >> congratulations. >> that was erik spoelstra, the miami heat coach. love the line about al green. leave it to the pros. of course, the pros being the president singing. other than the fact that the president of the united states is definitely a hometown team chicago bulls fan. he's having so much fun. jake tapper? >> he is a huge sports fan. i'm here, can you hear me? >> yes, i can, my friend.
12:12 pm
yes. >> these are some of president obama's favorite things to cover. he is legitimately a huge sports fan who watches much more espn than he does any cable news network. when he had the chicago bears over to give them a white house event that they had been denied in 1985 because of the challenger disaster, that was very exciting for him as a chicago bears fan. and he loves watching sports and meeting these guys almost as if he's not the president. just another sports fan meeting chris bosh or other members of the miami heat. >> getting his own jersey. look at that, potus number 44. this is the fun picture. president obama is pretty tall himself. emma navarro. i know we're talking chris christie with you in a bit.
12:13 pm
but since you're from miami, how exciting is this for you to watch? even as a republican. >> there is no partisanship when it comes to this. as far as i'm concerned, forget chris christie's state of state, we can talk the entire hour about nba national champions my miami heat. >> two years in a row. >> and it's going to be a three-peat by this year. >> okay. all right. let's switch gears. we'll move away from this picture and talk about what's happening. the house is officially in session in trenton, new jersey, as governor christie's state of the state is about to get under way. and jake tapper is standing by in trenton. gloria borger standing by in washington. i think both of you agree this is governor chris christie addressing clearly new jersey issues. yes, he will be addressing the scandal that we've been reporting on for some time. but do you think the national audience -- how do you think the national audience will be
12:14 pm
watching this? >> well, we've seen in the polls that the national audience isn't paying as much attention to it as the new jersey audience is. but the difficulty he's having with his home state right now is while he still remains popular by most governors' standards, there has been a substantial decline in the number of people who think he's actually presidential. only half of the people in the state of new jersey say that he is presidential. and they've lost a lot of trust for him. so what i think he has to do today is try and regain some of that stature that he's lost as a governor. because of course, he wants to get a lot more stature as president of the united states. and it's hard to achieve that lofty goal. he has to get out of the sort of heady side of this scandal and it's all about petty politics, right? he has to get out of that pettiness and on to something a
12:15 pm
lot larger. >> as gloria and i are talking about how this would be perce e perceived bay national audience, you were discussing earlier some of the issues, talking education, talking about elongating some of the school days. i'm just curious if for a national audience, we're talking about a guy who it could be throwing his name out there come 2016 for president. do you think that we should be paying? i say we, those of us not in new jersey, close attention to those ideas, because this is something he could float as a possible candidate. >> sure, absolutely. i mean, his education ideas are part of the centerpiece of what he's trying to do in new jersey, very controversially so with some groups. in fact, i was speaking to an education activist not long ago, we were talking about what the governor is going to present in terms of proposal to extend the school day, extend the school year, and she was saying that she thought those were bad
12:16 pm
ideas, what is needed in new jersey is fully funded pre-k, after school activities, vacation activities for kids, fully funding schools in urban areas of new jersey. some of the worst pockets of poverty on the east coast are in new jersey. newark, camden. >> there he is. i think i see him. >> here's governor christie. >> i think i see him. hugging, shaking some hands. >> go ahead, tapper, where were you? >> i was just going to say it behooves us in the media to talk about these ideas and not just bridges. in terms of the bridge scandal, one other thing we should say is it goes against one of the images he had been trying to portray on a national level, which was for, pardon the pun, bridge builder, somebody who was able to work with democrats. the democrats here in trenton obviously control both the state senate and the state assembly.
12:17 pm
he was elected overwhelmingly with democrats, with latinos, winning women. these are the arguments to republicans was look, this is a guy who can win democratic voters, people who are generally speaking vote for democrats. and this scandal undermines that image. at least in the short term, we'll see about the long-term. >> in the short term, anna navarro, let me bring your voice into this. in the short term, you're a republican. how much do you like chris christie? the how much has what's happened affected your perception of the governor? >> you know, brooke, i'm in a wait and see mode. i'm a republican who's always liked chris christie and i like his message. i also like the way that he went out and really campaigned for the nontraditional republican vote in new jersey this last time. >> i see him at the podium
12:18 pm
thanking folks. we'll wait for them to sit down. let's take a listen. >> thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. happy new year. lieutenant governor, mr. speaker, congratulations. mr. president. members of the state legislature. friends and fellow new jers
12:19 pm
jerseyians. the stake the last week has tested this administration. mistakes were clearly made. as a result, we let down the people we're entrusted to rve. i know our citizens deserve better. much better. now, i'm the governor. and i'm ultimately responsible for all that happens on my watch, both good and bad. without a doubt, we will deal with all appropriate inquiries to make sure that this breach of trust does not happen again. i also want to assure the people of new jersey today that what has occurred does not define us or our state. in administration and this legislature will not allow the work that needs to be done to improve the people's lives in new jersey to be delayed for any
12:20 pm
reason. [ applause ] i am the leader of this state and its people. and i stand here today proud to be both. [ applause ] but also, those of you who know me know i am always, always determined to do better. so, now i come before you once again for my fourth time to report to you on the state of
12:21 pm
our state. and the good news is that today, the state of our state is good, and it is getting better. [ applause ] four years ago right now, we were in the throes of an economic crisis. today, our unemployment rate is 7.8%. that is the lowest in five years. four years ago, we were losing jobs. today, we have gained 70,000 jobs in 2013 alone. and a total of 156,000 in the last four years.
12:22 pm
four years ago, wealth and jobs were leaving the state. today, personal income for new jersians is at an all-time high and we're attracting new companies and that has brought jobs. we now have four straight years of private sector job growth. in fact, in november, the drop in our unemployment rate was the largest one-month drop ever measured. in the last year, new jersey had the second-largest drop in its unemployment rate in america, only behind the state of north carolina. we could have chosen to go down a path of continued tax increases and fund the state's addiction to spending, but we didn't. we held the line, and brought spending in the current fiscal year to a level below fiscal
12:23 pm
year 2008 six years ago. we could have let state government grow even while the private sector shrank, but we didn't. today, there are 6,000 fewer state employees that when i took office four years ago, but there are more than 155,000 new private sector employees. we improved our business climate, and today by every measure, business confidence in new jersey is up. in fact, one national magazine ranked new jersey among the top five states with the most improved business climates in america. [ applause ] it's no accident how we got to
12:24 pm
this place. we chose the way. in this new year and in the next four years, we need to build on this momentum by creating a new attitude. we need to create an attitude of choice. an attitude of choice is not about choosing everything. it's not about saying yes to everyone. it is about us setting our priorities and choosing to invest in new jersey where it matters. and to put in place the reforms and the reductions that will make that possible. and the best part of our turnaround for these past four years is because we have chosen to work together. let's take a moment. these are hour achievements. four balanced budgets passed with bipartisan support. pension reform. past with bipartisan support. teacher tenure reform. passed with bipartisan support. a cap on property taxes, passed
12:25 pm
with bipartisan support. we acted, and we acted together. even though the competition among states is fierce, the record on this is clear, no state in this country has shown more bipartisan cooperation in governance over the last four years in new jersey and our people are proud of it. [ applause ] let's resolve today that we will continue to put those people who are proud of us now, that we'll put them first. that we'll choose to do our jobs. now, one of the things that we know historically has driven people out of new jersey is high property taxes.
12:26 pm
in 2010, together we capped them. and the 2% cap has worked. in these past two years, property tax growth has been the lowest in two decades. but the job is far from finished. property taxes are still too high, and so today, i ask for you to join me in enacting a new property tax relief initiative that tackles the root causes that are driving up property taxes in the first place. but first, let's get some context. the 2% cap we've already enacted has worked for a reason. the reason it's worked is because we've done it by controlling cost. we accompanied it with reform of an arm administration award system that we all knew needed fixing. as you know, the interest arbitration cap was not permanent. it is set to expire this april unless we act. so i ask you today on both side of the aisle, let us renew the
12:27 pm
cap on interest arbitration awards that is working and let's make that cap permanent before the deadline in april. [ applause ] another reason property taxes are so high is that our cities and our towns are stuck with a series of costly state rules that increase the cost of local government. as the cost of government grows, taxpayers, property taxpayers are paying the price. now, we've worked with the senate and tried to pass real consolidation and civil service, shared services reform. we haven't yet got it done in the assembly. we need to have an effort that includes everyone responsible for property taxes. the senate, the assembly, our administration, and local governments, to provide them
12:28 pm
with the authority to run their governments like a business. to consolidate. to share services. to cut duplication and ultimately to reduce property taxes. don't think it's possible? let's look at what happened last year in princeton. now, princeton township talked about this for a long time, but finally they consolidated -- >> all right, new jersey governor chris christie giving his state of the state address here at the state house in trenton, new jersey. and the headlines. he wasted no time. in the first ten seconds really, addressing the george washington bridge lane closure scandal head-on. jake tapper is standing outside the state house. jake, listening to this and learning he hit this right off the top, what did you make of that? >> well, he knew that there was a national audience, and a domestic audience, here in new jersey, trying to -- waiting for him to acknowledge it.
12:29 pm
it's not probably a good idea to keep something like that out there hanging. he had three basic points. mistakes were clearly made. he accept s responsibility and his administration will cooperate with any appropriate inquiries to make sure it doesn't happen again. and he moved on to the typical state and the state address. we were talking before he started speaking about how much he wants to talk about his bipartisanship. he likes the contrast being a republican governor in a democratic state, winning democratic votes, working with the democratic legislature. he likes to contrast that with how washington, d.c. works and this bridge scandal definitely sullies that image. his administration apparently seeking political vendettas. but right here on the second page of this speech, he's talking about how no state has shown more bipartisan cooperation in the last four years than new jersey. let's do it again. this is very much part of the
12:30 pm
christie pitch. not just here in new jersey. but potentially nationally should he decide to run for president. >> he knew he had that national audience. jake tapper, thank you. we'll let you get cracking on your show. we'll see you at the top of the hour on "the lead" from a rainy trenton, new jersey. let me bring in two more voices. john avalon, anne navarro. so both to you, i'm going to ask you the same question i did from jake, just because i'm curious. the fact that chris christie in the first matter of seconds addressed -- he said we let down the people we're entrusted to serve. goes on without a doubt we will cooperate with all appropriate inquiries to ensure this breach of trust does not happen again. yes, this man and administration knew that all the networks would be listening closely to the tiptop of this. john avalon, are you surprised? >> no, he needed to address the elephant in the room right off the top. and he did. he was contrite.
12:31 pm
mistakes were made. pay careful attention to the word "appropriate." he'll cooperate with all appropriate inquiries. i don't think he's going to try to turn over private e-mails. he got a pretty warm response from the legislators in the audience. >> did i see a standing ovation? did you all notice that? >> he's gotten an enormous amount of applause during the speech so far. i think it was very smart of him to address it right off the bat. he knows all of us are watching those first few minutes. then he can go on to talk about filling potholes in new jersey. but he captured our attention with those first few sentences. the amount of times that he talked about things in new jersey that have passed with bipartisan support. talked about bipartisan cooperation. he certainly understood that he is speaking in front of a national audience and a new jersey audience and is getting both of them something. >> so now we have the federal government investigating this
12:32 pm
whole so called -- i don't even want to call it that. the scandal involving this bridge. we know there are class action lawsuits filed, etc. this is a huge, huge deal that's rocking his -- the core of his potential future, political career on a national stage. john avalon, how has he handled this moving forward? >> he needs to cooperate. he needs to be as transparent as possible. he needs to try to show that he's cooperating and governing with a crystal focus. he's taken action against those p.a.s. clearly, christie's opponents see blood in the water. there's a certain pylon attempt to associate everything negative they possibly can. it's essentially a brush back pitch. everything local we're going to come back to haunt you. so he needs to show that he can handle that scandal, handle it directly and still focus on his core message. that bipartisan mantra. you heard him kept hitting. not just the success he's had as governor, but any national pitch he might have going forward
12:33 pm
should he survive these scandals. >> john avalon, thank you very much. anna navarro, thank you very much. coming up next, we will soon learn much more about the shooting this morning in a middle school in new mexico. we know two children were hurt. police, the governor of new mexico about to stand by and hold this news conference releasing additional information exactly what happened. we'll take you there live. also just into cnn, a third person who was sitting in the cockpit of that southwest jet that landed on the wrong runway sunday night has been suspended as well. stay here. weeknights are for favorites. olive garden's signature favorites now just $10. including everyone's favorite fettuccine alfredo and our classic lasagna.
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and if you switch, you could save up to $423. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? just into us here at cnn, a third person in the cockpit of that southwest jet that landed on the wrong runway saturday night, a much shorter runway, has been suspended. we know that the third person was not a pilot, rather was a southwest dispatcher. this individual was sitting in a cockpit jump seat as the plane carrying more than 100 passengers landed at an airport seven miles from its actual destination in missouri. we'll be giving this news
12:37 pm
conference about a middle school shooting that has left two children in critical condition. we can tell you that a suspect is in custody as we await this news conference. let's go live to cnn's miguel marquez. and miguel, what more do we know about the suspected shooter? >> reporter: we don't know if the shooter was shot or taken out by police. they're only saying that he was in custody and apprehended. there have been various reports as to whether there were three or four people injured in this. what we have right now are those two who were taken to a local hospital and air lifted to lubbock to a level one trauma center, the highest level trauma center they have. this is a 14-year-old boy and a 13-year-old boy. it's sixth through eighth grade, that would put kids through 11
12:38 pm
and 12 and 14 and 15 years old. shocking that it would happen in a place where kids are so young. we understand it was a shotgun that the shooter had. it is not clear how this came to an end. it has been done for some time now, though. parents able to get to the roswell mall there and pick up their loved ones and their kids. roswell, a small-ish town, 50,000 people or so in southeastern new mexico. this appears to be a fairly new school. it's certainly out in the middle of nowhere, north of roswell. so not a place where you would expect this to happen. shotguns are -- and rifles and guns in new mexico are pretty common, and it wouldn't be something that would surprise somebody to see. but certainly in a school, certainly solving these sort of issues with a gun, shocking. the shooter is a student at this
12:39 pm
school. but we don't know exactly -- is a student at the school. we don't know the motive. we know the press conference was supposed to start about 40 minutes ago. the governor is there. the chief of the state police is expected to be there. superintendent of the school. lots of officials will be there. it sounds as though it may be starting in the next few minutes but we're trying to confirm that. >> since you didn't mention it, i'm guessing we don't know. but do we know where the actual shooting took place? >> we don't. there's a lot of stuff out there. it was on the school property. it's not clear exactly where it took place. i've seen several reports that it may have taken place in the gymnasium, but we don't have that confirmed. >> we'll wait for the information from the officials in a matter of minutes. miguel marquez, we'll come back for that. moments ago, a court hearing involving the shooting inside of a movie theater. what drove a retired police captain to allegedly shoot and kill someone for texting during the previews? plus, the home of justin bieber raided today over the
12:40 pm
egging of a neighbor's home. these are aerials over this pop star's mansion today. this is a felony investigation just because of the sheer dollars and cents of the damage to this neighbor's home. we'll take you there coming up. [ male announcer ] this man has an accomplished research and analytical group at his disposal. ♪ but even more impressive is how he puts it to work for his clients. ♪ morning. morning. thanks for meeting so early. oh, it's not a big deal at all. come on in. [ male announcer ] it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. ♪
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12:43 pm
just moments ago, a retired police officer made his very first court appearance one day after allegedly shooting and killing another man inside of a florida movie theater over an argument that apparently started because the man was texting. as the previews rolled ahead of a monday afternoon showing of the film "lone survivor," witnesses say an argument over the use of a cell phone escalated into a shouting match, voices were raised, popcorn was thrown, and then the unimaginable. a gunshot. >> man, i can't believe i got shot. and he started walking. and he said -- blood just started coming out of his mouth.
12:44 pm
i just held him. i was trying to hold him up. he just fell down. >> he was talking at first? >> he was talking at first. he was trying to talk. he was trying to walk. he started talking more and the blood came out of his mouth. it was just a very bad scene. >> he staggered two seats over, fell on my son and i. i asked my son to go call 911, which is what he did. a nurse jumped down. pumped his chest until the paramedics arrived. >> that's the guy's blood that you have all over you there? >> yeah, his blood. >> they're talking about the man that was shot, 43-year-old chad olson. his wife was shot as well as she raised her hand in front of the shooter. the shooting suspect is 71-year-old curtis reeves, and a huge group of his family and friends, colleagues were in
12:45 pm
court today just to show support for reeves, who by the way, was not in the room. he appeared via video link. and his attorney talked about his connections to this community. >> he retired actually in 1993 from the police department. he retired as a captain in the tactical division. and in fact, he was responsible for co-founding the tactical response team for tampa police department. he was commander for 16 to 17 years, was on the selective enforcement unit. was a property crimes detective who taught various courses. after his retirement in 1993, he served as the director of security for busch entertainment corporation, which is busch gardens, where he obtained various certifications in security. >> the judge overseeing today's hearing ruled reeves will be held without bond. he has been charged, though, with second-degree murder. >> the only description i have is he was struck in the face by
12:46 pm
an unknown object, not by a hard object. not that he was knocked around, just struck in the face by an unknown object. and regardless of human life, pulling a gun when hit in the face with some unknown object and the additional information in here is popcorn, it may or may not have been popcorn, but an unknown object doesn't equal taking out a gun and firing it at somebody's chest. in addition, that certainly would be to effect the death. the court is finding that there is more than sufficient probable cause of second-degree murder. >> over a cell phone. we'll follow it. meantime, to los angeles we go. sheriff's county deputies descended on the home of justin bieber today. take a look. deputies arrived at his upscale neighborhood searching for evidence involving -- believe it or not, the egging of his neighbor's home. folks, this is a felony vandalism investigation because justin bieber may have egged his
12:47 pm
neighbor's home, doing quite a chunk of change of damage, according to reports. in the last hour or so, the sheriff's department defended their response to a home being egged. >> i get that it was done with eggs, which makes you feel that it's a lower level crime, but a felony crime is a felony crime no matter how you commit it. and this crime rose to the felony section. a judge signed a search warrant saying we should go and get evidence related to the felony crime. >> cnn's digital correspondent alan duke is there where that news conference took place. the sheriff just spoke here, but before we really talk about this felony egging, as sheriff's deputies were at bieber's home looking for surveillance video, totally unrelated, they arrested someone. who was that? >> they're not telling us who it was. it was one of justin bieber's house guests. and he has a lot of music industry friends who do crash at his place. they have some rather infamous
12:48 pm
parties there. we don't know what was going on overnight, but this morning a dozen deputies knocking on the door with a search warrant to look through the house. they were really looking for surveillance video. but incidentally, they found some cocaine in bieber's house. bieber is not charged with that and he's not in trouble for that, but his friend, whose name has not been released, he is in trouble for that and he's being processed behind me. >> so depending on who that is, that could blow up into a whole other story. but back to this felony egging, what more do we know? we know bieber was home. do we know what sheriff's deputies found? and how was bieber? was he playing along? >> reporter: he was cooperative. he's not been interrogated. they're waiting until he's perhaps with a lawyer. a lawyer wasn't with him this morning because it was a surprise search warrant that they executed. but bieber was there. and it may have been something
12:49 pm
of a serious wake-up call to have 12 deputies knock on your door, so it's not a very pleasant day for justin bieber. not the first time he's had deputies knock on his door. neighbors have complained about his speeding down the road, about his loud parties. one neighbor last year accused justin bieber of spitting in his face. >> quickly, what's the back story with this neighbor? we're talking, according to reports, $20,000 in damage over eggs. >> reporter: well, you have retired nfl stars. you have people like -- really a-listers living up in those hills in the oaks. it's a very exclusive community. katherine jackson and michael jackson's three kids live right down the street. i've been into some of those homes. i've seen their security setup. they have these video monitor systems that capture everything that goes on there. and as a result, the sheriff's department thinks they may be able to see some video. if it wasn't destroyed, of justin bieber gathering his eggs and throwing them over toward
12:50 pm
his neighbor's very expensive house. >> okay. alan duke in los angeles on this felony vandalism involving eggs. coming up, as thousands remain without water across the state of west virginia, federal inspectors are on site. they're investigating the chemical spill right there. all ss amare taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar, but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® is different than pills. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once-a-day, any time, and comes in a pen. and the needle is thin. victoza® is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight. victoza® is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. it is not recommended as the first medication
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12:53 pm
west virginia where a leak sparked a tap water ban. 300,000 customers affected in some nine counties. the good news, at least for some, is that they can turn on their tap water now but nearly two-thirds are still under this do not use order. correspondent jean casarez is in west virginia right now. if any laws were broken, there will be consequences. talk about this facility. >> reporter: that's very interesting. that's on the state level right there. we're learning that the legislative commission on water resources is launching an investigation. so this is the legislative level to determine how this happened. i think the result will be state legislation. one of the most serious investigation is the criminal investigation and the u.s. attorney told me that he's looking for timelines and exactly who knew what, when. >> a lot of puzzle pieces could
12:54 pm
fall into place as to just exactly who knew what and when they knew it. you know, if the tanks were in bad shape, if there's secondary containment systems were shoddy, if they had a release, saw it, and didn't report it for a while, all of those things are things that we would be looking at. >> reporter: and we just spoke with the president of the county commissions who said that school is not in session again today. people were supposed to start getting the order that they could use their water. they have not. two-thirds of the people still can't drink, cook, or bathe with their water and now people are just asking why. brooke? >> the question they should be asking. jean casarez, thank you. hillary clinton, the clear front-runner for presidential 2016. she faced in hurdle in 2008.
12:55 pm
she could face the same problem again. we'll explain. hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain.
12:56 pm
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new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or skin sores from diabetes. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. . when she first ran for president, hillary clinton seemed to be a shoe-in to win the first in the nation iowa caucuses. but as we all know, barack obama beat her and went off to the
12:58 pm
white house. clinton looks pretty good in iowa, at least she does today. and guess what else, she could have another problem. peter hamby is our cnn national political correspondent. peter, reading your piece on, iowa democrats are in like with hillary clinton. why not in love? >> that's a great way to put it, brooke. look, hillary clinton has always had some problems with the democratic base. she's perceived as perhaps too moderate, too close to wall street. you know, this hurt her in 2008 in iowa because of the iraq war. liberals grew in the direction of john edwards or barack obama. i spent a week out there and they said there is space for a progressive. it's someone who is not a clinton, someone who is perhaps younger, representing a new generation, a new face in the party. you hear that a lot. >> so who would that be?
12:59 pm
do they tell you? >> well, yeah. if you ask people, you get a variety of names. but none of them, you know, seem to be a top tier figure. martin o'malley, the governor of maryland. john kerry, elizabeth warren, kristen gillibrand. who is going to be the person that steps up, raise the money, have the ideological bona fides to take down hillary clinton because in 2008 barack obama and john edwards had all of those things but this time iowa wants to see more in the field but they are not sure who can actually beat hillary. just to be clear, people like hillary clinton. there's just a little bit of hunger to see, you know, somebody else come out and say hi in iowa. >> can you tell me in 20 seconds the one thing that hillary clinton needs to do to prevent
1:00 pm
an upset again? >> go to iowa. meet people, shake hands. do not take things for granted. >> got to the mattresses. go to iowa. peter hamby, thank you so much. read the full column at i'm brooke baldwin. "the lead with jake tapper" starts now, a special show from new jersey. >> new jersey governor chris christie using the power of his office to defend himself against accusations that he abused the power of his office. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead" in trenton, new jersey. the politics lead. usually the state of the state address does not attract this much attention but when you talk about the man who is the whole's show 2016 front-runner, it's an event. chris christie, under