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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 16, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PST

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nomination? >> that's right. well, i'm very humbled and honored. the nomination means so much to me. >> the odds had you as a likely nominee for best supporting actor. but still, when you heard them speak your name, what was that feeling like? >> that was -- so exciting for me. i couldn't sleep last night. i was thinking about it. we decided -- up and down as soon as we heard it. >> let me ask you, where did you come up with the character? how did you figure out all the ins and outs and subtleties in acting your first time out? >> you know, the director helped me out a lot. i use ad lot of my imagination. >> what was it like filming with tom hanks? did you -- did you know when you were filming that -- one of your lines in the movie was going to be the tag line? "i am the captain now." did you know that was going to
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become the iconic line of that entire film? >> oh, not at all. did not cross my mind a second. for me, that is the first time i -- tom hanks in person, meet him in character. i met him in person and i became the character. that line just came out. i had no idea it would be this big. >> people are always trying to figure out how it is they realize the dream. what gave you the confidence to say, you know what, they want somali pirates, i can absomali pirate. i think i will be in this movie. what gave thank you courage to say, let me go for it? >> you know, it was -- it was the fact that -- i like -- tom hanks films and before that, i'm working on "pirate music" with a friend of mine. uses pirates a lot. i think that -- that motivated me in the movie. >> tom hanks probably likes
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barkhad abdi films now. >> you will have to move to tinseltown now and see what work comes next. barkhad abdi, good luck going forward. >> thank you so much. >> what an amazing back story. >> it is so great. >> making a mixed tape and joke being it with a friend and goes for it. oscar nominated. does not get more magical than that. >> one of the reasons we love loved. a lot of big moves to guess at. we will take a break, when we come back, we will take you to the newsroom and carol costello has so much more. oscar nominations are out. yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing, jake from state farm?
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good morning. thanks so much for joining me. i'm carol costello. for the first time since the massacre in sandy hook elementary school, we could be getting disturbing new insight into the mind of a mass murderer. "the new york daily news" purports to have uncover ad radio interview with adam lanza and has a bizarre link to another news story. you remember remember "travis the trim p" who disfigure ad connecticut woman in 2009. lanza said in this radio interview that the chimp is not much different than a teenager shooting up a mall. >> attack can be seen parallel
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to the attacks, random acts of violence that you see on your show every week committed by individuals. it could very well have been a teenager or something like that. >> pamela brown is live with more on this story. good morning. >> good morning. a chilling thought to think that could be him. cnn still working to verify whether the radio show caller's voice is the sandy hook shooter adam lanza. it may provide insight to his mindset and could have been an ominous warning a year before he went on a shooting rampage that shattered the nation. is this the boy, adam lanza? >> some little thing he experienced was the last straw and was overwhelmed by the life that he had. >> reporter: a cover story includes what is purported to be recently uncovered audio.
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reported a year before the 20-year-old committed one of the deadliest mass murders in american history. it spoke to two classmates of lanza and who said it was him. the audio obtained by with the the daily news" is from a college radio show called anarchy radio. the man the paper identifies as lanza wanted to discuss the death of a domesticated chimp named travis. in 2009, travis was shot and killed by a police officer after he brutally mauled a connecticut woman. the caller who identifies himself as greg compares the violent chimp attack with that of a teenage shooting in a seven-minute interview. >> the attack can be seen entirely parallel to the attacks, random acts of violence that are on your show every week committed by humans which the mainstream also has no explanation for.
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>> reporter: he does not know who the caller was but remembers the call. >> the voice is robotic. maybe trying to disguise his voice. i don't know. >> reporter: according to a blogger cited by "the daily news," lanza posted in an online forum under the user name smiggles. a name sandy hook investigators say he may have used in instant messages. he wrote, about calling in to a radio show. >> i think the subtext of what he is saying, violence is innate and instinctual to humans and really should not be punished because it is their natural basis. that's the message i think he is trying to get across. and the parallel to himself is obvious. he feels possessed by this need, this compulsion, to commit violence. >> we reached out to lanza's father, peter, along with a connecticut state police spokesperson. we are still waiting to hear back from both. >> pamela brown, thanks so much.
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today the special committee investigating the new jersey bridge scandal that's ensnared governor christie gets to work. one of its first tasks, subpoenaing christie's former and current aides. sources tell cnn, former deputy chief of staff, bridget ann kelly is on that subpoena list. kelly september e-mails to the port authority to say, quote, time for traffic problems in fort lee. erin mcpike is in trenton, new jersey, this morning. tell us more, erin. >> reporter: good morning. first what we are told is that this committee will subpoena the documents. they want to see text message conversations and as well as e-mail conversations to see what more was said. as you know, earlier e-mails and text messrages are what first provided the evidence and what bridget ann kelly said. in addition to bridget ann kelly and some of may sources here in trenton are saying that she's tremendously well-liked by her peers and there's wide ranging disbelief it was just her who
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issued this order, that it must have come from above or could be somewhere else. we know that the most trusted political adviser in chris christ christie's orbit will be on that list. he was dismissed last week. people think that he may know more as well. we will certainly see bridget anne kelly and bill. >> we also understand that there is a new attorney assisting the panel. one with experience deal high-profile governors and scandals. talk about him. >> well, carol, his name is reid shar and he was former assistant u.s. attorney in illinois and he worked on both corruption trials for illinois governor rod blagojevich who is no longer the governor. he is now in prison. she is in a law firm. both sides are lawyering up. we just learned in the last hour
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that chris christie's administration brought in outside counsel. that firm is -- i will find it here. the lead attorney there is randy mastro. he is a former u.s. assistant attorney for new york. a lot of experience on both sides here. >> all right. erin mcpike reporting live from trenton, new jersey. we will get back to you in the next hour. chief political analyst gloria borger is here now. gloria, good morning. >> good morning, carol. >> you wrote -- you wrote a column for i just want to read our viewers a bit of that. it was titled "is christie presidential." you write in part, quote, if obama was not tough enough, he is hard-hitting. if obama was partisan, he worked across party lines. in some, christie could lead in the precise ways that obama disappointed. until a traffic jam on the george washington bridge. then came another stark contrast. the vindictive and petty christie culture as opposed to the stature the presidency
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demands. i understand where you are going. but the polls don't really reflect that because people haven't changed their opinion about chris christie. in fact, this scandal doesn't seem to be hurting him at all. >> well with i -- i think actually what you are seeing in the state of new jersey is people are still sort of saying, okay, he has been a good governor. we are going to give him a second shot. but there are questions about his temperament, carol. when you look at some matchups nationally, for example, against hillary clinton, his numbers have gone down eight points. i think the questions of people are -- asking now is -- does he have the temperament to be president and believe me, carol, we all know it is early. this isn't anywhere near 2016. but i think that people are going to look at how he handles this scandal. almost as much as a scandal itself. he said he knew nothing about it. they are taking him at his word and there is a long investigation that's yet to
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follow. not only in the legislature but as erin points out he's having his own internal investigation. and weigh will have to see how this story unfolds. you know. particularly at this critical time and as he heads into the fund-raising phase and as you get ready to run for the presidency. >> let's talk about that fund-raising phase because our -- people that would normally give chris christie money now pulling away? >> no. i think what they are -- what they are saying is, wait a minute, wait a minute, is he going to be the most effective candidate to run against hillary clinton or whomever the democratic nominee is? you know, carol, this is the time that you start really gathering all of those chips from big fund-raisers. he is heading to florida this weekend for a very, very important fund-raising trip. he is raising money for rick scott in florida. but he's also going to meet with really important funders for his
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own presidential campaign. the founder of home depot, one of his big backers. florida in particular, they are going to take a look at chris christie, one of the other big candidates they are looking at, of course is jeb bush. another one they are going to be looking at is marco rubio. so they are going to be sizing up chris christie's viability and his electability and they are going to try to figure out, okay, is this the horse we want. and -- you know, this scandal is not helpful to him. let's put it that way. but how he handles it will be very important to how they look. >> gloria borger, thank you for your insight this morning. still to come in the newsroom, christmas, the holidays. >> reporter: best buy shares down by 30% this morning on disappointing holiday sales. i will tell what you is going wrong with brick and mortar retailers, carol.
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shares of best buy taking a hit in pre-market trading. at one point shares were down as much as 33%. this after the company reported
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disappointing holiday sales. chief business correspondent christine romans is here with more on this. it just seems like yesterday we were celebrating the new ceo of best buy for his brilliant business moves. >> you know, last year, the stock tripled. tripled. that's a really big gain. you have these problems here today which is a problem at the holiday problem. they didn't have the holiday sales they expected. discounts really pinching things and didn't -- discounts of other people luring best buy customers elsewhere and the company really having a hard time here in pre-market. stock down 29%. cnn money headline really says it best. best buy holiday sales stink. here's something so interesting. or for so many retailers, really brisk competition from amazon and smart shoppers who know that they can go online and find the cheapest price, that's proving to be a problem for foot trach for some of the retailers. they did not have the holiday season that they hoped. it wasn't terrible bunt wasn't what they hoped at all.
6:18 am
bearing the brunt of it for best buy. >> christmas shopping season was longer. did that have any effect? >> it was a week shorter than usual. there was one less week -- >> stores opened earlier, right? >> yes. they opened earlier. a week less. but they were doing -- remember all that advertising and all the promoti promotions, brown thursday now. open on thanksgiving. it just wasn't enough, carol. in some cases, you had all this activity and interest early in the season and it just petered out. you didn't get the -- best buy even said they didn't have the customers they expected. fewer customers in the week leading up to christmas than they expected and that was a real problem for them. the late part of the season. >> christine romans, many thanks as usual. >> you're welcome. nominees are in for this year's oscars. there were some snubs. can you say oprah, michelle turner? >> i can. oprah. carol costello. you are right. there were some big omissions for the 86th academy award nominations this morning.
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who is in and who is out? moments ago, we found out this year's oscar nominees. >> explore. do you read? explore! over! >> love this. thriller "gravity" up for best picture and best-leading actress with sandra bullock. who else made the cut? who else got snubbed? michelle turner live in los angeles with a look. also, with us krista smith, "vanity fair" magazine. michelle, run things down for us. >> sure. okay, yes. there was a lot of love given out by the academy this morning but there are people that will be disappointed. major categories for you, best actor, best picture.
6:23 am
first of all, there were mine movies mom natured this morning. "american hustle," "captain phillips," "dallas buyers club," "gravity," "her," "nebraska," "philomena," "captain phillips." "saving banmr. banks" was left the list. nominated this morning, amy adams for "american hustle." cate blanchett for "blue jasmine." sandra bullock for "gravity." judi dench for "philomena." meryl stream for "august osage county." this is her 18th oscar nomination. emma thompson was left out of best actress. going into awards season, a lot of people how tall this between her and cate blanchett. let's talk about the men. actors. this is the most competitive category this year.
6:24 am
nominated this morning, christian bale for "american hustle." bruce dern in "nebraska." he was just phenomenal in that movie. leonardo i did dicaprio in "the of wall street." matthew mcconaughey in "dallas buyers club." when we talk about omissions, there is a long list. no robert redford. no forrest whitaker. no tom hanks. no joaquin phoenix. tom sxhaings roy teen phoenix, their movies were nominated but they were left off. "american hustle" and "gravity" lead the nomination, 12 apiece. >> i'm surprised "wolf of wall street." a lot of people did not like this movie. they just thought it was one big naked party for like three hours. >> i mean, it definitely was polarizing. people either loved it or they hated it or they felt it was too long. and there was way too much t and
6:25 am
a going on. leo, i would have to say, gave a phenomenal perfect form answer. riveted from beginning to end. >> you mentioned it was your favorite movie. >> yes. what do you say about my taste? a big naked party. >> well, when i think of big naked parties, i do think of you, michelle turner. >> you know what, i'm going to claim that because i thought the movie was really good. i loved scorsese's dregging style. it was fast-paced and frantic and manic. but it held from you beginning to end. it is a movie, two hours and 59 minutes of real movie time. i also thought that jonah hill did his best work in this movie. he got a nomination this morning as well. i really thought it was very well done and very good film. there were a couple of omissions that i thought were kind of -- whoa, i thought oprah may get a nomination this morning. the academy did not recognize her for her work in "the butler." she has been one of the critical
6:26 am
darlings this morning. i also think in the directing category, there was a lot of star power. main, you talk about martin scorsese. he got a nomination. david o. russell got a nomination. alexander payne who makes really interesting moveies and got a nomination for "nebraska." steve mcqueen for "12 years a slave." you mentioned this earlier, steve mcqueen's first nomination. only his third film. he sack great director. so deserving of this nomination. you were surprised by "wolf of wall street." i was surprised with all of the nominations for "gravity." there were a lot of questions, you know, people love the film and there were a lot of questions about the signs of the film. that was one of the story lines this season. was it real? does this really happen? i know you did a segment on this not too long ago. >> if they -- asked a question about every hollywood movie, could it happen? nobody would ever be nominated. >> good point, miss costello.
6:27 am
good point. >> i just thought "gravity" was great because it -- it put you in the moment. may hands were sweating as i watched sandra bullock floating off into space. not many movies do that for me anymore, frankly. >> you know, sandra bullock is amazing in this. especially when you know what she had to go through to make this essentially alone in a dark box. you know. in this -- you know, staring straight ahead and basically acting alone. it is an incredible feat and stamina to make this movie. she takes you along with her. that's what worked in this film. you are invested in her and her character she creates. it is one of the hollywood stories where month one wanted to make it and it was years and years and years and it kept going and falling apart and then finally got it done. massive success. >> i love it because sandra bullock was second choice for the lead role.
6:28 am
right? >> i think it had a lot of -- i -- yeah. definitely. i am shocked. about tom hanks. amazing to me. i thought for sure he was going on get in. "captain phillips," the movie is nominated. nominated for best supporting actor. i felt like he did some of his best work i have seen in his career. >> it is interesting because meryl streep is nominated every year. for the 18th team. i believe that would be a record. there doesn't seem to be any, you know, tom hanks, i mean here, is a great actor and started many great movies but hay will never approach, you know, meryl streep's nomination. i don't know -- i don't know what that exactly means. if she is -- >> i think it is -- i think it is very interesting because i think krista is right. going into this awards season people thought tom hanks could be a double nominee for his work in "captain phillips" and in "saving mr. banks" playing walt disney. he had a really good year this year. big omission that he got no love
6:29 am
from the academy for either film today. i agree. i agree with you, krista. >> inning. michelle turner and christa smith, thanks so much for the discussion. we appreciate it. still to come in the newsroom, don't drink the water. that's what the cdc is now telling pregnant women in west virginia. jean casarez is in charleston this morning. hi, jean. >> reporter: good morning. you know, the cdc is saying if will is any amount of that chemical in the water, pregnant women should continue not to drink it. we did our own testing to see exactly what is in that water. we will have it after this break. [ female announcer ] neutrogena® pore refining cleanser. alpha-hydroxy and exfoliating beads work to clean and tighten pores so they can look half their size. pores...shrink 'em down to size! [ female announcer ] pore refining cleanser. neutrogena®.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. just got a lot more confusing in west virginia. public health officials say that the water is now safe to drink for tens of thousands of residents unless you happen to be pregnant. the cdc suggests pregnant women not drink the water even after the do not use order has been lifted. disturbing, right? because that must mean traces of that chemical remain in the water supply despite the drink order. cnn's jean casarez's that's
6:33 am
true. she is in charleston today. tell us more, jean. >> reporter: weigh want to tell everybody that 730% of the people in the areas can now drink the water. the cdc is saying that if there is any detectable amount of the chemical, even in water that's in the blue zone, pregnant women should not drink it. so what's exactly in the water around here? we did our own testing. here is what we found. while officials continue to test the public water supply here in charleston, west virginia, cnn decided to do our own testing with test america, a private company out of ohio. >> i'm going to collect five of these bottles for this particular sample. >> reporter: we wanted to sample water from our hotel where the do not use order has been lifted as well as from the home of tw coxe where the ban is still in effect. >>. both samples were drawn within about an hour of each other.
6:34 am
they ran the water for 20 minutes before filling the bottles. lab testing was done overnight with control samples. the result, both samples contained mchm. the chemical that leak flood the water supply out of freedom industry storage tanks last week. but both levels were below the one-part per million considered safe to drink. according to what government officials have said this week. the hotel in the safe zone contained .011 parts per million and the homeowners' tap water was .27 parts per million. >> it is below the standard that has been set but i don't think that we know enough about the toxicity to say that any level is that's fine. >> reporter: should there be any of this substance in the water people drink? federal officials say that will are no current drinking with thor regulations for mchm. not because had know it is safe but because it is one of thousands of chemicals that the epa has no authority to fully
6:35 am
require testing for safety. >> under normal conditions we would see no -- none of this contaminant in our drinking water. >> reporter: even when the state gives him the all-clear, t.w. coxe says he may not truly trust what the government is telling him. >> i plan don't to use bottled water until i feel confident that everything has been resolved. >> reporter: as you can see the water that still has been determined to be safe in the blue zone contains that chemical right there. and the environmental scientists we spoke to says that the one part per million safe standard was something that they decided to do based on the very limited animal studies that have been done on the chemical and was something that they had to put in place very quickly because suddenly they had this -- catastrophic situation, the emergency spill and had to determine what is safe and what is not safe, carol. >> that's scary. also, also circulating out
6:36 am
there, the owner of this competent where the chemical leaked from, people industries, moved his chemical supply to another facility and we understand that facility has now been cited, too. you are kidding. >> reporter: with five violations. all of that chemical had to be moved to another storage facility. so now the west -- west virginia department of emergency management decided to go in and inspect that facility. they found holes in the walls where the containment was being held and then the holes in the walls go to a dike. that alsoing collects storm water. so five different violations. they now may move the chemical again. they may have to. and so -- it continues -- here is what's interesting. the state department of emergency protection actually did inspect a storage facility. first time it has done that. >> in many, many years. jean casarez, great work in west virginia. thanks so much.
6:37 am
quick check on wall street. stocks down just a bit this morning. earnings reports are coming out later today. intel, american express. we will keep an eye on things on wall street. we will be back. [ male announcer ] the new new york is open.
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these are live pictures from capitol hill where lawmakers holding a hearing on the hearing of the obamacare website. keep you posted on what happens there. in the meantime, the president is promising a year of action. mr. obama wants to create jobs, raise the minimum wage and close the wage gap. tall order. the president says will take time. >> this going to be a long haul. we are not going to turn things around overnight. >> he is right about that. because not only are republicans threatening his agenda, democrats are not exactly rallying around the president's every word. north carolina lawmakers up for re-election. like senator cause hagan did not appear by the president's side during a rally in north carolina yesterday. former montana governor brian schweitzer may run for office and has the anti-obama and he is a democrat. president obama's former pastor and friend, reverend jeremiah wright, bashed president obama at an event for the chicago teachers union.
6:41 am
listen. >> the truth about our politicians and the policies of this country, every tuesday morning there is a kill list that the president decides who he's going to kill this week? that's not the man of peace you just talked about. that's a man controlled by government. a government based on militarism, racism and capitalism. >> larry sabb tatow and suesage paige, washington bureau chief for "usa today." welcome to you both. >> hi, carol. >> thanks for being here. now granted reverend wright is a tad bitter after the president hindered him during the election. there is an issue of at play here. how will all of these things combined affect the president's year of action, larry? >> well, jeremiah wright, with all due respect is completely irrelevant. he had his ten minutes of fame in 2008 and my guess is 90% to
6:42 am
59% don't know who he is. but your general question, carol is right on point. because welcome to the sixth year of a tough presidency. president obama has begun clearly the lame duck stage and the only going to get worse. this may be a year of action in his mind. he can do certain things, certainly it has the bully pulpit and veto power and some considerable appointment powers and the like. he doesn't control the house of representatives and, therefore, he can't get much passed through the congress and my guess is after move it is going to be worse. the republicans are going to gain seats in congress and he will have even less power to act in the final two years of the presidency. >> the sad thing here the wage gap meets to narrow. most republicans and democrats want to raise the minimum wage. what's the president need to do now that he is a lame duck, as larry says, to garner support and get the things through?
6:43 am
>> while they support -- widely is port bid democrats, a huge majority would support raising the minimum wage. i think it is a tough haul to get it through congress. some presidents in their six years get things done. ronald reagan signed the last big tax reform bill in his sixth year. i don't think that the landscape is set up for him to do that. where will we see the president able to have a year of action? on foreign policy? on issues where qi do things by executive action, including climate change for regulations, can make a big point. in the areas where he needs to pass legislation through congress, it just looks like it is going to be very tough for him this year. >> although, larry, on the plus side, republicans and democrats and congress seem to be compromising a little more these days. the house passed a budget, a spending bill. so is -- all of this dire as it -- is all of this as dire as it seems? >> it is not as though nothing will happen. some things will happen. i think the operative word in your question is seem.
6:44 am
they seem to be getting along better. that's often true in the opening days, weeks and months of congress but as you get to the crunch period, you find out that, in fact the old divisions are still there. and the fundamental is that we live in a deeply polarized, partisan era and that means the federal government doesn't get much done. >> i guess last question for you, susan, who will be leading in the next few years? what politician will we look for to solve problems? >> well, the president obviously still has big -- we are entering the period for the focus of -- political world turns to the next election and we will be talking about people like hillary clinton and jeb bush and chris christie. look how much attention this new jersey scandal has gotten. it is not just because of new jersey. it is because we think of chris christie as a presidential contender. so it is just -- you know, there's a rhythm to these presidential terms and we are entering that phase where it changes a bit. now things can happen and -- the
6:45 am
one good thing i think you can say about this next year is that we may be able to avoid the cliffhanger budget politics marked the last couple of years because we see this big budget move in through congress. that may be something positive to say. >> yes. i will stick with that. i'm looking at the glass half full as much as i can these days. larry and susan, thanks so much for your insight. we are back in a minute. ♪ ♪ nothing says, "you're my #1 copilot," like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone.
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dinchlgts pushing new photos
6:48 am
around that could further the violence going on now in fallujah, iraq. the photos, which appear to show marines burning insurgents' bodies are now sparking a military investigation. brian todd has more. good morning, brian. >> good morning, carol. as u.s. involvement in these wars wound down, military officials have been worried more and more disturbing videos and photos would emerge. that appears to have happened again. right at the time, as you mentioned, when some key iraqi cities which many americans will remember are being fought over. we have to warn the viewers some may find the images in this story disturbing. >> the deadliest fighting iraq has seen in years. in recent days militants have been battling iraqi security forces control of ramadi and fallujah. this is the territory u.s. marines fought and died to capture during the height of the iraq war. now u.s. military officials tell cnn that they are investigating these photos taken in 2004.
6:49 am
the website tmz published the photos and turned them over to the pentagon last week. tmz was told they were taken in fallujah. the photos appear to show u.s. marines burning the dead bodies of iraqi insurgents. in a photo the body in flames. this picture of a marine kneeling next to a skull. there are many more. >> this looks really bad. but we don't know exactly what was happening and we don't know what the circumstances were. >> reporter: u.s. military officials can't -- the unit these men were in. trying to determine their identities. the 2004 fighting in fallujah was some of the worst urban combat the marines had seen since vietnam. >> they had to clear the area house to house. some houses would be empty. some house was have booby traps and some houses had, you know,
6:50 am
three, four, five ready and waiting to fight to the death. >> reporter: why examine this case now? >> there is certainly a value in our society condemning this kind of conduct. give the world, including the iraqi people, an explanation for what we are doing. >> reporter: analysts say it is possible the bodies could have been burned for hygienic purposes but it is a crime in the military to burn human remains or to possess or distribute personal photos of them. prosecute these men will be difficult. >> if they are not still on active duty you have really serious issues as to which court, if any, they can be prosecuted in. >> that means according to eugene fidel it is not clear whether the men can be prosecuted in there may be a statute of limitations that would have
6:51 am
expired a while ago. thanks. we'll be back. how may i help you? oh hey, neill, how are you? how was the trip? [ male announcer ] with nearly 7 million investors... [ shirley ] he's right here. hold on one sec. [ male announcer ]'d expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. [ male announcer ] and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. ♪ for aveeno® positively radiant face moisturizer. [ female announcer ] aveeno® with soy helps reduce the look of brown spots in 4 weeks. for healthy radiant skin. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results.
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6:53 am
the oscar nominations are out. joining me on the phone leading actress nominee amy adams recognized for her role in american hustle. good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> better question, how are you feeling this morning? >> i'm great. i'm great. >> how did you find out the
6:54 am
news? >> i got a call, a phone call. it's a very nice phone call to get. very early, but very nice phone call. >> what did the person say? >> congratulations you've been nominated. that my i cast members have also been nominated which is amazing, absolutely amazing. >> were you in a dead sleep when the call came? >> yes, pretty much. i have a three and a half-year-old so i'm use to early mornings. it's an amazing phone call to get. it's a great way to wake up. >> i must say in this movie you really captured the spirit of the 70s. i red an interview you said you felt you should have been born into that decade. explain that for me. >> you know, there was such -- it's strange because it's not actually brought about in our
6:55 am
film, but there was such an innocence you could actually pull a scam like this. we didn't have the internet. people were a lot more naive. we didn't have the access to information that we have now. i always feel i've been drawn into a time without as much technology. i tend to be not very advanced when it comes to that. just a simpler time. >> i'd like to read you a bit from the new york times review of the movie and her performance. i love this line. with her bright eyes and alabast alabaster gleam, she turns an unpredictable character into a wild one who's scream is the howl of a wolf. that's an awesome review. >> that's amazing. i actually hadn't read that. i'm humbled. i don't know what else to say. that's amazing.
6:56 am
i said amazing like 100 times. i'm at a loss for words. >> this is your fifth nomination. >> again, that's amazing. i really don't have words. i wish i had some sort of -- i don't know, i don't know. i'm just -- the women i'm nominated with -- these are the women i've looked up to long before i decided to be an actress. these are the women i watched and admired. i'm just completely humbled this morning to be in their company, completely humbled. >> i've also read a lot of female actresses complain there are not enough good roles for women in hollywood. in this movie there are at least two great roles. >> well david has just such a wonderful way of creating characters for women that are
6:57 am
complex. i think he's very interested in sort of them and the strength a vulnerability in women. he writes for us, and i'm very grateful to him for doing that for me, for jennifer and for everyone that gets to work with him in the future. it's really wonderful. >> i want to bring in our entertainment correspondent aj now. he has questions for you as well. >> i'm sorry amy, i missed the top of the interview. congratulations to you. i'm over the moon for you. so well deserved. i need to know if you've come down from sunday night at the golden globes yet. you were almost at a loss for words then as well. >> i haven't. i think these are moments that
6:58 am
you reflect on years down the road. you know, i've -- i just really -- i'm just so lucky. i really feel so lucky. i'm at a loss for words again. >> you mentioned the reverence you have for other women that are nominated. merrill streep such an icon, now having her 18th oscar nomination. you won in the category at the golden globes. what kind of information do you have with merrill after you run into her afterwards? there's a great comradery in the a wards season. >> you know what, with merryl i worked with her twice. what i learned from her is not
6:59 am
measurable. i have questions about how she balances life, mother hood and her career. she lives with such beautiful grace. that's what i admire. equal to if not more than my admiration for her acting. she lives her life in a beautiful way. that's what i like to pick her brain and. amy adam, thank you for being with us this morning. congratulations once again. i'll let you get back to your kid. i know she must be clamoring for you right now. >> she's watching cartoons. she's okay. all right. >> fantastic. thank you amy adams. aj, stick there. i want you to go down the list of winners today. i'm sorry, bring in -- aj, you're still here right? >> i am still here. >> okay, good. we're going to hit the top of the hour, 10:00 eastern time. go down the list of nominees if you would. >> sure. we can start off take a look at
7:00 am
best motion picture nominees off the top. "american hustle" as we were speaking to amy adams who turned in the marvelous performance. "captain phillips" "dallas buyers club" "12 years a slave." 12 are nominated. we got nine this year. we'll move to performance from an actor in leading role, christian bale, leonardo dicaprio in the wolf of wall street. deserves a nomination on this. matthew mcconaughey won at the golden globes the other night for dallas buyers club. actor in a supporting role catego category, amazing in "captain fill lips."
7:01 am
michael fastbender, a nomination that surprised everybody. great to see him get in. so many terrific performances to be considered. we have him for "12 years a slave." jonah hill, "the wolf of wall street." did you have something? >> i was talking to my producer. they accidentally turned my microphone on. now that i'm back, i want to hear about the snubs. >> it's interesting this year, it's difficult to call them snubs because there were so many performances. you can only slot so many in each category. best picture category, a few people were surprised at the 10 th slot might not have been filled in by blue jasmine or osage county. robert red ford got a lot of love at the golden globes.
7:02 am
also somebody considered a shoe in for the category. "saving mr. banks" another one we're looking at, could have filled in slot 10 as well as actress emma thompson. wakim was not come nated. we saw her getting a lot of love. it's a good movie. i'm glad it's going to get attention for being nominated and presence at the golden globes the other night. a lot of people have shied away from it. when you hear a guy falls in love with his operating service, you may not get it. when i saw it and had a chance to watch it the other night, i said i wanted to crawl inside spike jones mind and go exploring and see how he was
7:03 am
able to pull this together and make it an incredible film. >> at first glimpse it sounds like a mentally imbalanced man. it's really how technology can take over us which is an interesting thing to explore these days. >> and how humanity can e plain us. you'll be surprised how people react with the fact he has fallen in love with his os. looking at it now and the way he was styled for this movie, you hay think creepy guy in love with his computer. he's not the guy you expect him to be. i'm really happy to see the picture getting attention. would have liked to see a nomination for him in the best actor category. >> her brother nominated "12 years a slave."
7:04 am
tell us about that. >> honestly i could though the sleep last night. i really couldn't. this was so emotional for me. i'm going to try not to cry. this is a day my family has been really hoping for and waiting for such a long time. he's been acting since he was 13 years old. oh my god, i told myself i wasn't going to cry. i do feel so emotional now. he's been acting since he was 13 years old. he's work sod hard for this. growing up with him, he was always in his bedroom practicing shakespea shakespeare, writing it on the wall. i would go out with my friends and come home in the morning and he'd be reciting. someone who's really dedicated. he's been acting over 20 years. to finally see recognition for his work, i can't describe the
7:05 am
feeling. i'm sorry. >> that's so awesome. >> have you talked to him is this. >> we spoke last night. i've been calling him this morning. he was sick in bed yesterday. when we spoke last night, he was a little nervous because there were so many amazing people nominated this year. matthew mcconaughey, leonardo dicaprio, amazing actors. you don't know how things are ever going to go. yesterday was emotional for me, my mother, both my brothers, my sister. i wasn't sure when i was listening to nominations what was going to happen. we're all so grateful it did happen. >> thank you for sharing the love. that was awesome. i want to bring in dennis moore, the manager. hi.
7:06 am
>> what was your take away? >> i'm devastated "saving mr. banks" did not get nominated and emma thompson, we love her. >> why do you suppose that movie was left out?" the butler" was left out too right? >> it was a strong category. there's a 10th spot. complicated way this is voted. price water house people had various methods in which they have equations. for some reason it slipped through. it's really disappointing. >> tom hanks starred in "saving mr. banks" and a lot of people thought he would be nominated for that movie. he was nominated but not that movie. >> that's right. i thought he was not quite as strong. he was much better in "captain phillips." i didn't see walt disney as i was seeing tom hanks.
7:07 am
that i'm not surprised. >> dennis moore, aj, and asher, thanks for sharing the emotional story about your brother. that was awesome. former top aids to chris christie could be served to subpoenas today. the bridgegate investigation is taken over, and one of the first task is to subpoena documents. accusations he misspent millions on the sandy recovery fund, he's expected to highlight recovery effort this is morning. since the first time since the massacre at sandy hook elementary school, we could get insight into the murderer. it has a bizarre link to another story. tra travis the chimp that attacked a woman and disfigured her in
7:08 am
2009. in the radio interview, it's said the chimp is not much different than the teen involved in a mall shooting. >> parallel to attacks random acts of violence brought up on your show. an actual human i don't think it would be such a difference to a mall shooter or something like that. >> pamela brown is live with more. >> cnn working to verify whether the voice is adam lanza. if hit is indeed him, the chilling audio may provide insight into his mind set and may have been a warning a year before he went on the shooting rampage that shattered the nation. is this the voice of adam lanza?
7:09 am
according to a report in the new york daily news, it is. the cover story includes what is reported to be recently recorded audio a year before the teen committed one of the deadliest mass murderers. the audio obtained by the daily news is from an oregon college radio show. the man identifies the chimp. in 2009 travis was shot and killed by a police officer after he brutally mauled a connecticut woman. the caller identifies himself as greg compares the chimp to a mall shooter in over a seven minute interview. >> the main stream has no
7:10 am
explanation for. an actual human, i don't think it would be such a stretch to say it very well could have been teenage mall shooter. >> the host doesn't know who the caller was, but he remembers the call. >> the voice was odd, sort of robotic. >> lanza posted in an online forum under the user name smiggles. in one post he wrote about calling into john's radio show. >> a sub text of what he's saying, violence not be punished because it's their natural basis. the parallel to himself is obviously. he feels possess by this need and compulsion to commit violence. >> the connecticut state police
7:11 am
spokesperson told cnn this morning we have not provided details regarding this alleged information and have no detailed information about this unverified story. we reached out to adam lanza es father and have not heard back. >> many thanks to you. a grocery store shooting ends with three dead. the gunman entered the store and shot two women before tushing the gun on himself. one of the victims was a shopper, the of an employee. also this morning, one of the most kroi figures from obama's campaign is back in the headlines. jeremiah wright, once his pastor and mentor, is turning his back on his form her friend and brewing new controversy. this time wright is taking aim at the obama administration. we have more from chicago. >> remember this? the controversy comments from president barack obama 's former
7:12 am
pastor reverend jeremiah wright. he's been silence since the president denounced him in the 2008 campaign. he spoke at a breakfast for the president's birthday. he's no stranger to controversy as the union engages in a public show down with the school system and the president's former chief of staff. cnn was invited to attend the breakfast. just as wright took the podium, all tv cameras were kicked out. reporters were allowed to stay inside. that's when wright started throwing punches directly at the obama administration. first calling into question whether the secretary of education is qualified for the job referencing he only got the job because he has a good quote right hook shot. he went on to quote from the i
7:13 am
have a dream from the president's speech saying quote i have a drone. >> that's though the the man of peace you just talked about. that's a man controlled by government. this is a government based on militantism, racism. we need to teach the truth even though it's painful. >> wright left the event avoiding cameras. the president of the union defended wright's comments when he compared himself to martin luther king, jr. he said it was reduced as he said to sound bites. >> we're focused on a small portion of the work he was trying to accomplish.
7:14 am
very few people take at that a one step further. so dr. wright has clearly done that. these are the things we talk about when we talked about social justice. >> cnn political analyst says wright took the opportunity to do political ex grinding. >> the two were very close at one time. here he is directing attacks about racism, classism, u.s. as a militant terroristic power. it's a major falling out. still to come, the water may be okay for most to drink in west virginia, but question -- would you really drink it? i'll talk to one resident who has strong words for her elected officials and the company responsible for the mess in charleston. with 20% fewer calories than purina dog chow. isn't it time you discovered the lighter side of dog chow.
7:15 am
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7:17 am
best buy stock getting slammed on wall street. shares of the company down 30%. best buy reported holiday sales number this is morning blaming steep sales prices from competitors and fewer customers in the weeks leading up to christmas. pint sized apple users, the
7:18 am
company will refund millions of spent by kids making app purr chaszs without the consent of parents. one woman said her daughter racked up charges on pet hotel. christy has more on this. >> they got tens of thousands of complaints from parent who is said their kids had this 15 minute open window after the parent's pass word was put in. anywhere from 99 cents to $99. you mentioned the mother that said her daughter racked up $2600 on that pet app. parents said suddenly there were hundreds of in purchases. apple will pay at least $32.5 million in this settlement. apple is going to reach out to you or you can reach out if you think this is you. apple had another $100 million
7:19 am
class act settlement. they've changed policies to make sure it doesn't happen again. whether mobile arena or mall down the street, fundamental consumeer protections apply. apple saying it's changed the billing processes. it's going to pay full refunds for anybody who's kids racked up all that money. >> kids are quick. got to catch them. that's good. >> they know how to use it better than i do carol. that's the thing. >> amazing. thanks so much. there are more worries this morning over the water around charleston, west virginia. now pregnant women are told to stick to bottled water even if they live in the area the ban has been lifted. freedom industries has been cited again for storing at a second facility.
7:20 am
the company may have to move materials once again because it has no backup plan. imagine the entire week without no running water. no cooking, bathing, drinking from the faucet. eight days later, that's the life for thousands in west virginia. the water is safe for 70% of the area, but it's hard to find anyone who would drink a glass of water out of their tap without hesitation. jacquelyn was just told she could start flushing her pipes a up couple of hours ago. she joins us from charleston. good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm a lot better than you this morning. you could begin flushing your system when you got the word, was there a feeling of relief? >> there's a feeling of relief but also a feeling of worry. i'm still not convinced the water is safe. i haven't flushed my m systems
7:21 am
even though i'm given the go ahead. >> cdc issued to pregnant women not to drink the water even if the order has been lifted. that can't make you feel great. >> we've had concerns any way before the cdc made this this morning, so you know, we're still worried. i mean, if the cdc is telling us we can't drink this if we're pregnant nan pregnant, i'm not giving this to my 7-year-old child. every mom is saying the same thing. we're not giving this to our children if a pregnant woman can't drink this. our children are not drinking this. we're not feeling safe in west virginia. i think this is just more disturbing news here. it's bothersome. >> what most upsets you about the situation? >> excuse me i'm sorry. >> what most upsets you about the situation besides not having
7:22 am
water? >> the thing that most upsets us is we're not given any details about the chemical. i don't think we've been informed as well as we should be. there's not a lot of data on this chemical. there's not a lot of information, not a lot of research on the long term effects. that's our biggest concern because we want to know what's requesti going to happen in the future. this story is going to go away, but health concerns stay with us. they're going to continue down the line. we don't have those answers. i would like to see our leaders and officials coming out answering those questions. what do we have to look forward to? i believe that the water is not safe. they're telling us it's one ppm, parts per million. from what i understand, this chemical can react with other chemicals in the system unless it's one part per billion. that tells me it's not safe. if it smells, which it has, has
7:23 am
a strong smell and strange colors. people are breaking out with rashes and headaches. water is not safe. a lot of people agree they're not drinking this water even with the ban lifted. >> freedom industry, do you have a message for them? >> i haven't seen freedom message but one time to get a disgenuine apology, dissincere. gary coming out on television and drinking a bottle of water when hundreds of thousands were without water that evening was a smack in the face to west virginia. i would like to see him come out, give us the details of this chemical and what they though. they have not spoke out yet. i'd like to see him come and address the people here. >> you said you were d disappointed in your elected officials. can you name an official you want to hear more from?
7:24 am
>> i don't want to say i'm disappointed in all elected officials. i have had some reaching out. some have been coming around giving out water to people in need. the senator chris walters has been talking to people. i know suzette rains has also. we have a lot of concerned citizens voicing opinions. i don't want to say disappointed but i'd like to see more of them. i'd like to see our governor and senators come to these meetings. governor rockefeller, you need to hear the people here. that's imperative, come and hear what the people in west virginia are concerned. people are scared. we need you to come here. >> the office communicated to us they're there for you guys. do you feel that way at all? >> i mean, i have seen
7:25 am
interview, but i'm here in charleston down by the capital. i would like to see them in the forefronts, out on the street, at community meetings. i would like to see them more interactive. really i haven't seen people being interactive with the people. that's where they're going to get information from. you can meet somebody in the office, but until you hear the people come together and hear what's going on, that's what we need. people to come out and hear us. we'll have more community meetings, and i'm hoping they take this opportunity to come and talk top us. >> there's an open invitation from jacquelyn. >> yes, please come talk to us. this is our children. that's my concern, my boy's safety, children and babies here in west virginia. we're not giving this water. give it to us, wait until it's safe and then we'll intake it. wait until it's safe. we don't feel it's safe. i believe it's not safe.
7:26 am
we're not told everything. >> thanks for talking to me this morning, i appreciate it. we're extending an invitation to freedom industries and the governor to come on the program to explain what happened and we also wanted to know how you can restore public trust in your company. we wait word from you. thanks so much. still to come, the ntsb puts out a wish list to save lives. will those recommendations be adopted? rene is following that. good morning. >> that list was released moments ago. it impacts every mode of transportation. what's on the list? we have it for you next. if you're seeing spots before your eyes, it's time for aveeno® positively radiant face moisturizer.
7:27 am
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7:29 am
the ntsb is releasing the 2014 most wanted list this hour. it's actually a wish list outlying what changes the agency wants for reducing transportation accident skps an saving lives. it comes out the day after the five year anniversary of the miracle on the hudson.
7:30 am
passenger toasted the emergency landing and to sullenberger. we hear how safety improvement suggestions have fallen on deaf ears. >> several dozen recommendations the result of our flight investigation, so far to my knowledge, none have been adopted by faa or the industry. which is a great disappointment to me and ntsb officials i've talked to. one recommendation is a common sense one that you think would be immediate would be putting life vests not just the seat cushion flotations. >> sounds like a simple solution right? rene marsh is in washington. tell us more. >> minutes ago ntsb put out a wish list. they do this every year. they believe this will help
7:31 am
prevent accidents and ultimately save lives. this year four items were added to the most wanted list. that deadly metro north train derailment we saw top of mind for the agency, there you see the pictures it happened in new york. for the first time because of accidents like that the ntsb d addad added improving rail mass transit safety. as well as increasing survival blt in crashes, all new additions to the list. the agency used asiana flight on how seat design contributed to safety of people on board. you see a the picture there, plane is in pieces. the majority on board walked out a live.
7:32 am
what the ntsb is see we keep doing what we're doing to make sure more survive in the event of a crash. this list is simply a blueprint of areas the ntsb will focus on this year. they can only make recommendations. this does though the have the power of law. >> rene marsh, thanks to you. chris christie gets to work in a familiar place, the jersey shore. we are there now, good morning. >> reporter: chris christie is trying to change the subject and move to a new normal here on the jersey shore. we'll be live at the event coming up. ♪
7:33 am
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now, you wanna do it, 25 and a quarter - sold to the man in the khaki jacket! geico. fifteen minutes could save you... well, you know. this does though the have the we'll be live at the event
7:35 am
a critical day ahead for new jersey governor chris christie. at noon eastern the new jersey assembly special committee will meet and take over the investigation into bridgegate. they're expected to subpoena several of christie's current and former aids as part of the probe. christie is trying to put focus back on governing. today cnn covers all angles of
7:36 am
the story. erin is in new jersey city. we'd like to begin on the new jersey shore. good morning. >> reporter: good morning carol. here's where chris christie wants to hit the reset button. he's spent the last week apologizing. now he's trying to change the line showing he's still governing. interestingly enough, this was scheduled for last wednesday, the day this schedule broke. that event was cancelled by the governor's office. him returning here is trying to change the message and move towards the narrative in his governors. what we see him talk about is where he's comfortable, how he's helped in the recovery efforts after super storm sandy. he'll sit down with families and homeowners who are recovering after being devastated with the storm. he'll bring new numbers about relief efforts and tout numbers from his state office. hoping to bring good news and
7:37 am
get people talking more about his recovery efforts. also this is week carol, chris christie will travel to florida, holding multiple fundraising events. the key there is sunday night dinner with top republican governors across the country. >> thanks. many thanks to you. now to new jersey where the committee has formed to investigate the new jersey bridge closures. as i said, that will convene at noon erin will be covering that. >> reporter: the committee meets at noon to to form the special committee that then meets at 1:00 for the first hearing where we'll begin to see them issue subpoenas. we believe they're going to first issue subpoenas for documents like e-mail and text conversations of christie's staff. later we expect them to issue
7:38 am
subpoenas for members of christie's staff and port authority officials. we believe they'll subpoena bridget anne kelly that issued the e-mail that said time for traffic problems in fort lee. most likely christie's top advisor bill stepien who was released last week and the current chief of staff maybe. on top of that, the new jersey senate is convening to form a second special committee to investigate. that will be led by loretta wineburg the democrat senator representing ft. lee, the area affected by the bridge closures. action is going to be in the assembly committee. john who led the transportation committee, and that investigation leading that committee. that has brought on their own special council by reid with the firm genre and block. he was the former it's ant u.s.
7:39 am
attorney in illinois. what's interesting about him, he was the lead investigator and prosecutor for both corruption cases that former illinois governor went under. as you know he is now in prison. both sides have lawyered up. chris christie's investigation brought on mastro also a former u.s. attorney from new york. he's assisting the internal review and also helping with the inquiry by the u.s. attorney of new jersey. got all that? a lot of lawyers here. very serious investigations on all ends carol. >> my head was starting to spin. thanks so much. erin mcpike. let's bring in the analyst who wrote a column about presidential hopes for i want to read folks the part you wrote. quote you don't get elected to any office in this country much
7:40 am
less president of the united states without accumulating political enemies. how do you decide who's an enemy and how do you deal with it? part of his approach to this, what can he do to make sure people are thinking the right things about how he deals with political enemies? >> look, this whole story doesn't help him. even though he says he had nothing to do with it, his staff looks petty and vindictive. why did they choose the major of ft. lee as the enemy? because he decided not to endorse chris christie. what it ended up doing was hurting the people of ft. lee new jersey. he's got a problem there. what he's trying to do is a, distance himself from it. b, as erin was pointing out, do his own internal investigation. he wants to get back on track as somebody who is a good manager,
7:41 am
who's a truth teller and by the way presidential. he's trying to take control of this, and as we see in the fact he is now meeting with storm survivors, right, and people hurt by hurricane sandy. he's trying to get back to business, okay. >> what's interesting about that gloria i must say it was gutsy he goes to the jersey shore. there are allegations he misused sandy relief funds to make a campaign commercial. that's gutsy. he's like i'm going there and do my thing. who care about the allegations? >> it's sort of vintage chris christie. look, nobody wants chris christie. people who like him, they don't want chris christie to morph into a false lversion of himsel. what people like about chris christie is he's in your face.
7:42 am
he's everything in an interesting way which i wrote about in the column that lots of people say president barack obama isn't. he prides himself on working on both sides of the aisle, prides himself on getting things done. what he's saying is look, i'm still the person you liked. i am not the person who is petty and vindictive. my staff was. the big question people have to answer and will for themselves as this unravels is, why was there an environment in chris christie's office in which people thought they would please him by shutting down lanes of the george washington bridge to get back at the major? what is it about chris christie's management style, his personality that led them to believe if he didn't know anything about it, that led them to believe this is something he would approve of and in fact encourage. >> we'll see what he says later
7:43 am
today. gloria borger, thanks as always. we'll tell you why success at the sun dance festival doesn't always translate to the box office. ing your face? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® pore refining cleanser. alpha-hydroxy and exfoliating beads work to clean and tighten pores so they can look half their size. pores...shrink 'em down to size! [ female announcer ] pore refining cleanser. neutrogena®. purina dog chow light & healthy pore refining cleanser. is a deliciously tender and crunchy kibble blend. with 20% fewer calories than purina dog chow. isn't it time you discovered the lighter side of dog chow. purina dog chow light & healthy. ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ [ male announcer ] the beautifully practical
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the stars are out in park
7:46 am
city utah today for the kickoff to the 30th annual sundance festival. more than 100 films are buying for attention. buzz doesn't always translate to box office bucks. >> worst day of my life. what do you think? >> nominated for the sundance in 2004, it cost $400,000 to make taking in $45 million at the box office making it a smashing success. >> the cold sundance buzz doesn't work for every fill. the list of losers, long. >> make it the best you've ever done. >> work on the original play. >> remember hamlet 2?
7:47 am
of course not. it premiered on sundance in 2008. >> it was stupid. >> rights purchase for record $10 million and returned less than $5 million. >> there is no magic bullet to sundance in term of the what's going to work and not going to work. the fact that sundance is there and gives films and film makers the opportunity to succeed is a great thing. >> the film industry is emphasis for the kill or be killed culture as competitive as it is combative. sundance the world's largest independent film festival will screen 120 films this year, 34 in competition. others trying to create the important buzz. it's a record year with more than 12,000 entry, only a
7:48 am
slither getting in and a smaller slice that win. >> am i pretty? >> you are the most beautiful girl in the whole world. >> little miss sunshine premiered on sundance in 2006. a year later nominated for four oscars winning two of them. sundance can help but success often comes in unlikely ways. miguel park city utah. >> so beautiful there. still to come, college costs soar. a special summit is about to get underway. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you carol. this is all about making college more affordable and accessible for low income students. we expect president barack obama to make the report to high
7:49 am
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7:51 am
next hour, president barack obama and the first lady convene a summit sure to resinate with millions of parents focussing on rising college costs pushing a degree out of reach for many families
7:52 am
and saddening graduates are debt. according to numbers by bloomberg news, the cost has risen nearly double the cost of medical expenses by 1120%. grocery bills have grown 244% since that time. we have a preview of the president and first lady's remarks. >> good morning to you carol. this summit is based around the fact for low income americans for low income american, it's impossible to break that cycle of poverty without getting a college education. ability to do that is small without that degree. we'll be hearing the president speak to this, talking to leaders in higher education. we expect at this point there are 80 presidents of colleges from around the country here. he'll be talking about what the white house is calling 100 new
7:53 am
commitments for college affordability and accessibility. some of the things would be make test prep for colleges, making that accessible to americans. and for students looking for college, it will best match them where they'll best able to graduate. there's remedial program, tutoring, mentoring and trying to throughout the summers with summer programs to bridge that gap as some students fall behind. it falls into the agenda president barack obama has laid out for this year where he talked about wanting to increase the disparity between the rich and poor. he's enlisting higher officials. he's talking about doing lobbying on his own with
7:54 am
industry leaders and education leaders. you're seeing that play out today. >> all right briana live at the white house. thanks. and he's due to begin speaking in 30 minutes from now at 11:20 eastern. i'll be right back. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein! really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat too, and has five grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i --
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7:57 am
this news conference with chris christie about to get underway. looking at live pictures from the jersey shore obviously at a fire station. chris christie is about to speak about the sandy relief funds. has the governor showed up yet? >> reporter: he has showed up. he's meeting with families trying to recover from super storm sandy. we were in the room with him minutes ago and he was spoking a woman's hand. she was recalling how hard it was for her and how much her and her family had been through. another moment of color, there was a jazzer size class going on. the women leaned over to take a
7:58 am
picture with him. he did come over and take a photo. i asked him a bunch of questions. is this a reset? he clearly ignored the questions. he is trying to move on from the scandal physically and emotionally speaking. for him it's important he gets back talking about where he really feels comfortable, talking about how he's helped people recover from super storm sandy. he ignored all those questions. >> it is interesting because there are allegations somebody misused sandy relief funds to make this commercial for chris christie and his family and that's how they're terming it. it was supposed to be for relief efforts to help those. here he is on the jersey shore talking to hurricane relief victims. >> reporter: absolutely. that's a great point. there are still a lot of
7:59 am
outstanding questions about how that money was used whether for promotional uses for he and his family or if it was legitimate. there's a tricky sticky situation even to talk about sandy. this is his wheel house, his issue of significance that propelled him into national significance. we think going back there is a comfortable position for him to be in. this is a controlled environment. we tried to get questions to him, and he wouldn't answer. it will be interesting to see if he does address that controversy from the podium. >> are these invited guests too or did these people show up? >> reporter: these are a lot of people from the neighborhood a few miles off the jersey store. these people are still recovering from super storm sandy. many just showed up. it is a packed house, many seats
8:00 am
filled up and people standing behind me. >> all right, thanks so much. she'll continue to cover this. when the governor begins speaking, we'll take his press live. thank you for joining me. i'm carol costello. legal view starts now. u.s. air force officers responsible for launching nuclear missiles caught cheating on their competency tests. the scandal was exposed by a drug investigation. also this hour, is this the voice of the new town shooter adam lanza? tapes of a call into a radio station a year before the massacre sympathizing with the chimp that was gunned down by police after attacking a woman nearly killing her. th