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tv   New Day  CNN  January 17, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PST

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thought. new this morning, the federal government sounding a warning to retailers. part of a much larger cyber attack on businesses that may not even know they've been compromised. the sophisticated malware appears to have been written in russia. what do we know? >> we know it's being kept under wraps, chris. signer forensic -- cyber forensic experts sifting through these includes. we know that this is not an isolated event. an international and undetectiveble malware may have corrupted point of sale systems of multiple retailers. it suggests the shocking holiday breach affecting target stores across the country has potentially affected a large number of retail operations.
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a cyber attack that has already compromised 40 million target customers and the information of up to 70 million more. >> many other retailers could have potentially been breached, that number could double in the next couple weeks. >> according to a security firm, many retail organizations may not know that they've been infected. this software contains a new kind of attack method that is able to covertly subvert network controls concealing all data transfers. >> it's an unknown exploit. >> they called the code, kaptoxa. according to the wall street journal, parts of the program have been on the internet's black market for weeks. the paper added that unnamed u.s. officials say, these details suggest the attack may
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have ties to organized crime from the former soviet union. in a newly issued e-mail from target, the attack included much more than pin numbers. >> consumers need to be aware right now, paying very close attention to your statements. >> so target has agreed to testify before congress in early february about the massive data breach there. no federal laws exist that set out standard rules for when and how companies must report these breaches. the main objective of the hearing will help customers to protect themselves. fair to say it is the wild west out there with your information. we don't even know where some of these attacks are coming from and they are huge. >> and it seems that we still don't know where this ends with the target thing. every week you're telling us that it gets bigger and bigger. >> you can assume it's bigger
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than just target. let's be clear about that. it was not just target who was the victim of this malware. >> thank you. so in just a few hours, president obama will reveal his highly anticipated reforms to the national security agency. the white house has been tight-lipped about his plans. he'll likely call for limits on phone record collection. jim acosta is joining us live from the white house. jim, what is the president expected to stay? >> reporter: well, one thing that we can tell you is the president and his team were working on the speech into the night. we assume he'll have the speech ready later this morning for his plans that he'll be unveiling over at the justice department at 11:00 this morning. one thing we are hearing from jay carney said yesterday at the briefing here at the white house is that the president is going to offer up a defense of these programs, that they are legal
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because they keep americans safe. but at the same time, he wants to make clear that he does respect the privacy rights of americans. what we're hearing about, it will be a well placed uts official that the president is expected to call on the nsa to keep one of its most controversial programs at the agency. that is the phone records. members of his own review panel have said that those records should be moved over to phone companies. but the president is expected to keep them at the national security agency for now. another proposal, he is expected to name or announce that he will name a privacy advocate for the federal surveillance court. also that is expected in the president's speech is that he is going to scale back surveillance on foreign leaders. that will go a long way in the diplomatic healing process after the revelations exposed by
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edward snowden that u.s. allies were being spied on. congress is not waiting for this white house to add more oversight. that massive spending bill actually has a provision in it that requires the administration to provide more details about the phone records being kept at the national security agency and whether or not that practice actually that watered any terrorist activities. >> we'll have to hear exactly what the president says and the reaction that will quickly come from capitol hill. all right. more trouble for new jersey governor chris christie this morning. take a look. these are some people you don't want to be this morning. a few of the 17 served by a special committee investigating the bridge gate scandal. among them, bridget an kelly. this weekend will be the first real political test for christie. we're in trenton, new jersey,
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following all the developments. >> reporter: chris, yesterday, the new jersey assembly voted 75-0 in favor of created the special investigative committee. meaning not a single republican objected to it. now the state senate also formed its own committee to investigate. that will be led by a powerful democrat who represents fort lee. there were press conferences that the investigation itself is becoming more political. >> there's no intention right mow to subpoena the governor. >> reporter: governor christie in the clear for now. according to john wis knew ski, he's leading the investigation. the reason, he says because christie's name has not come up in any documents that have already been reviewed. but the probe is growing in scope. after holding an executive session, the committee decided to subpoena 17 people in three
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groups they've seen listed in already reviewed documents. >> i want to be clear, those people who receive them, some may expect them, some may not. >> reporter: cnn has obtained a list of those being subpoenaed. among them are christie's chief of staff, communications director and attorney general nominee. also names also cited in e-mails like the chairman of the port authority and his former deputy chief of staff. the request for documents comes from newly hired special counsel, the lead prosecutors in both corruption cases. to republicans, that's a point of contention. >> there are 56 thousand lawyers in the state of new jersey. couldn't you find one? >> reporter: they wanted not only competence, but the best in the country and someone without a conflict of interest. for his part, team christie lawyered up too, bringing on
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former assistant u.s. attorney of new york. but christie himself is moving on, hitting the jersey shore wednesday morning. >> whatever test they put in front of me, i will meet those tests. >> reporter: this weekend he'll test the stremgt of his political standing nationally. and a dinner to co-cy up -- co-zi up to done nors sunday night. all this before a second innaug ration. and in another new federal wrinkle, senator jay rockefeller who runs the united states senate committee with jurisdiction over this issue said that the port authority answered some of his questions. he said there is zero evidence to conclude that the purpose of these lane closures was to conduct a legitimate traffic stud. >> i will see your federal wripg
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l. coming up, we're going to talk to a former new jersey prosecutor who says this isn't the first case of crohn yichl. he says he was fired for trying to indict an ally of the government. three arrests have been made in connection with a fast-spreading wildfire. that's about 30 miles northeast of los angeles. the fire just 30% contained as of last night. let's get the latest on this fire. >> you take a look at these fire conditions and you wonder why is this happening in what typically should be the rainy season. you have a deficit of rain in many places. no rain after going in through january and february, you're talking about humidities into single digits. now remember, i keep stressing january and february. in california, it's really the only time that you actually get
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the rain. take a look, last week, this is what it looked like for drought conditions. if you don't get rain in one week, this is what happens. we are expecting the governor to likely declare a drought emergency coming up today. you can actually see from space the fire itself. you can see the santa anna winds coming from the northeasterly direction. you can take a look and notice you can see the fire and these winds from space. once again, what are we concerned with here? offshore winds really bringing in dry conditions and record breaking heat. temperatures here up to 90 degrees in january. this is temperatures even in the 60s for them. single digit humidities. the winds are expected to die down as we go throughout the weeke weekend. in the east coast, we are watching that next system. that same system has now pushed to the ooets. what are we looking for?
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more snow into the ohio valley today. but it is wintertime. some places actually getting rain in the northeast. they're continuing to see the showers. a third system will be making its way in. so pretty much in the upper midwest, look for showers throughout the entire weekend. what are you looking for? yeah, some hot spots, 4 to 6 inches. the bulk of you only looking for about 1 to 2 inches of snow. the cold air funneling along with it. so pretty impressive when you look at those drought conditions, in one week, you went all the way to northern california and southern california. >> they need some help from mother nature and quick. >> unfortunately not a surprise. you were saying earlier in the week, boy, they're not getting enough rain up there. here it is. >> here we are. a lot of other news as well. >> $1.1 trillion federal
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spending bill is headed to president obama's desk. the bill easily past the senate thursday and will fund the government through september. it includes a 1% pay increase for troops and a 1% cost of living boost for federal workers. the president's signature is expected before midnight saturday. new this morning, oklahoma republican senator tom coburn is set to resign. he was diagnosed with a recurrence of prostate cancer. he says his decision to step down is not because of his health. his resignation comes nearly two years before his term is scheduled to end. new details this morning in the west virginia water crisis. the company behind the leak is offering a new theory. they're blaming in part a broken water pipe near its property.
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they're saying it flowed under the tank farm and then expanded puncturing the tapg from below. a big scare on a united airlines flight. it hit turbulence so severe that five flight attendants were injured. the plane had to return to new york's liberty airport. and i want you to take a look at this. >> i turn around? >> that is not what you want to see in a sobriety test, not from a mayor. that's a mayor from north carolina caught in a dash board camera big ling and -- giggling and dancing. it shows her making jokes and comparing the heel to toe test to a disco dance. she did fail the blood alcohol test. gardner will not face any jail time. she's on probation now for one
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year. don't make disco jokes when you're taking that test. >> i don't think any jokes. >> especially if you're going to blow a.18. going to take a little break here on "new day." when we come back, the backlash over benghazi continues. now hillary clinton is coming under fire again. what does this mean for her chances at the white house? also taking aim at the nra. they're making a movie about the gun group. in his words, the nra will wish they weren't alive. [ sneezes, coughs ] i've got a big date, but my sinuses are acting up. it's time for advil cold and sinus. [ male announcer ] truth is that won't relieve all your symptoms. new alka seltzer plus-d relieves more symptoms than any other behind the counter liquid gel. oh what a relief it is. open to innovation. open to ambition.
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as i have said many times, i take responsibility and nobody is more committed to getting this right. >> welcome back to "new day." that was hillary clinton as a hearing last year on the benghazi consulate attack that left four americans dead. she's under fire once again by members of the senate who say she didn't do enough to hinder the attack. this morning, clinton backers say it's less about benghazi and more about 2016 where this criticism is coming from. what are you hearing? >> hillary clinton is putting the finishing touches on her book. those close to her say it will address benghazi. but republicans are doing their best to make sure the issue stays front and center. hillary clinton's role in the
3:19 am
benghazi attack, political red meat for the gop. >> this may not be a big deal to you -- >> reporter: raising questions that could dog her if she runs for president. >> she has to answer for her leadership as secretary of state. she has a lot of accomplishments. she's a very accomplished woman. under her leadership, the consulate became a death trap. >> a senate intelligence report blasted them for failing to protect the mission. >> there is no evidence that secretary clinton even knew about this. >> but a 16 page edition places the blame squarely at her feet saying final responsibility for security at diplomatic facilities lies with the former secretary of state. >> the fact is we had four dead
3:20 am
americans. was it because of a protest or was it because guys out for a walk one night decided to go kill some americans. >> that could haunt her in 2016. >> if she wants to be president of the united states, she should come clean and reveal every detail. >> as the presumed democratic front runner "time" magazine asks, can anyone stop hillary? >> bottom line, it's a mark on her resume. it's something she's going to have to answer for. and it gives her opponents a line of attack. >> and by extension, fit to leave the country. and clinton insiders insist she has never played politics with benghazi. that said, clinton knows she is going to have to address the benghazi issue during the campaign if she does run.
3:21 am
>> that may be a point. how forthcoming will she be when she decides to address it. next season, major league baseball is officially going to change as we know it now that instant replay has been approved. joe carter has more on this important's bleacher report. i use such big words, tell us why, joe. >> i'll tell you why. because it really changes the game as a whole. it gives them an opportunity to get those big plays correct. you think the nfl's been using it since the mid '80s, even the little league world series uses it. think of this as something similar to how the nfl works. if the team does not like a call on the field, the manager with can challenge the play. now balls and strikes, they cannot be challenged. think of plays at a play,
3:22 am
catches in the field. those are the types of things that managers can challenge. each manager will get no more than two challenges per game. replays will also be shown on video boards inside the ballpark so that fans inside the ballpark can see what everyone else is seeing at home on their tv. it's not a perfect system, but it's certainly major progress for baseball. on sunday, denver broncos head coach john fox has a lot on the line. but you know what? it's not as much as he had on the line last november when he had to be rushed to a hospital for emergency heart surgery. >> well, it was pretty hum blink. it was a little bit scary. i had an episode to where i really thought i was dying. as a player, you get injured and miss a game or two. probably been 200 games since i
3:23 am
missed a game. that was the hardest part. >> you can watch the entire interview tonight on unguarded with rachel nichols. that's 10:30 eastern right here on cnn. >> omaha. omaha. omaha. omaha. >> yeah, you heard that right. that's a lot of omahas. peyton manning yelled omaha 48 times in the game against the charmers. the plan is to donate $500 every time the quarterback yells omaha during sunday's championship game. all that money will go to manning's pay back foundation. peyton broncos host the patriots. the 49ers with a late game in seattle. that's 6:30 p.m. eastern. going back to the omaha thing
3:24 am
guys, he yelled it 44 times. do the math. that's 22,000 to the foundation. i hope he says a few times just to rack it up. >> just rack it up. i guess we can hope for him screaming a few omahas. i'll hope for a win, john berman. >> why would you say that? >> it's peyton's turn. it's peyton's turn. >> that does it. i can't have this. nobody watching this show right now hates the patriots more than i do. i got to tell you, i love my man jb. >> it's not that i don't love you. i just want you to lose in spectacular fashion. >> you are nasty, nasty little person. >> they are the most likable team left in the playoffs. you have to admit that, chris. >> and the most talented. >> they are the most likable team left in the playoffs.
3:25 am
just because you drop your voice doesn't make it true. >> it's going to be a fun one, clearly. >> the thought is coming in my head that i'm kind of -- >> are you going for the patriots on sunday? >> i can't say that yet. >> i just got a little nauseous. >> because of my affection for you. >> i so appreciate this. >> it could just swing the other way. >> just to remind you, i have a very long memory. >> that's true. that's true. >> we're going to take a break. coming up next on "new day," retailers reeling after the holiday season. sales down sharply. a big spike, though, in online shopping is getting the blame. is your favorite brick and mortar store about to shut its door? >>. and meryl streep preparing to star in a new film about the nra. they say the goal is to destroy the gun group. what do we think of this?
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welcome back to "new day." let's get back over to john berman. >> thanks so much. new this morning the security breach that compromised customer's credit card accounts may have been orchestrated by international hackers with links to organized crime in russia. they say one-third of the u.s. population may have been affected. they say it was so sophisticated and hard to detect.
3:30 am
>> president obama is expected to spell out details. among the changes he's expected to reveal, new limits on phone record collection by ending the metadata program as it currently exists. they are to argue through a federal surveillance court that oversees the nsa. new developments this morning in the fight for syria. john kerry says the obama administration's goal has not changed. it still wants to set up a transitional government. but the secretary reassured both sides that they will have a say in the country's future. the opposition is nearing on a decision on whether we'll even attend next week's peace offering in geneva. one member of an elite helicopter unit was killed. they were members of the night stal kers. the army is investigating what
3:31 am
went wrong there. so that diet soda that you think is helping you lose weight turns out it probably isn't. a new study confirms that overweight people who drink diet beverages end up eating more calories than those who stick with the sugary drinks. it makes diet drinkers seek even more food. why bother? >> that's tough. >> so you don't get the taste and wind up eating more calories. big shot movie producer harv harvey wine stien is working on a movie that will take down the nra. wine steen made the stunning announcement on howard stern. what's going on here. let's bring in pamela brown with details.
3:32 am
>> good morning to you guys. harvey wine steen is a known movie mow dpul. he promoted his latest movie, but he quickly turned the bulls eye on his new movie in the works aimed at the nra. he is one of hollywood's power house film makers known for producing pulp fiction and rambo. >> live for nothing or die for something. >> now he's taking direct aim at america's post powerful lobby, the nra. >> they're going to wish they weren't alive after i'm done with them. >> he's long been a supporter for stricter gun control. >> i don't think we need guns in this country. and i hate it and i think the nra is a disaster area.
3:33 am
>> he said he's taking his fight all the way to the big screen. >> i shouldn't say this, but i'll tell it to you howard. i'm going to make with movie with meryl streep and we're going to take this head on. >> now he's blaming guns for the violence and he's blaming the nra for the violence. >> according to politico, the film will reportedly be based in washington. >> a documentary type thing? >> no a big movie. like a mr. smith goes to washington. >> that will move people to perhaps rethink the whole gun situation? >> those gun stocks, i don't want to be involved in that stuff. it's going to be crash and burn. >> the problem is he's got 5 million law abiding good americans who are doing nothing but defending themselves and
3:34 am
their families who he thinks he's going to persuade to suddenly hate their own group. >> and the nra told cnn it has no official comment at this time in response to his interview and we also reached out to meryl streep's reps, but no word back yet on whether or not she's signed on for this new project. >> definitely has people talking about it. >> here we are. >> do you think it helps? >> i think it galvanizes. i think any time that the nra is brought up in discussion, the nra rallies around itself and gets ready for a fight like this. why do you need to talk like that at all in an interview? >> jb's perfectly right. one, a little bit of hypocrisy here. a guy's made a lot of movies where violence is the main catch. all of a sudden he says he hates guns. >> and how much has he profited off of those moes.
3:35 am
>> and the idea that further division is the answer when it comes to guns is unintelligent. if they can find some way everybody can get on the same page, then i think he might have more success. >> we will see. >> thanks pamela. >> no problem. coming up next on "new day," the brick and mortar blues. retailers rocked by sagging holiday sales with more people than ever shopping online. could your favorite store be in trunl? and were feathers permanently russelled? duck dynasty is back. we have the answer straight ahead.
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welcome back. let's go around the world now.
3:39 am
starting in russia where president putin is visiting sochi today. we have the latest on the ongoing security concerns there. >> reporter: putin is in sochi today to meet with olympic volunteers. they will help visitors. putin's goal is to maintain a positive message about the games which are now just three weeks away, but russia's final preparations continue to be shadowed with issues. concerns about security, the government here is deliberately encouraging intolerance against russia's gay community. in france, shocking new claims about the french president whose alleged affair with an actress may have gone on much longer than originally claimed. >> reporter: according to the tabloid closer, the alleged
3:40 am
affair is actually two years old. that they used to go away for weekends together to the south of france. since the allegations emerged, neither has confirmed or denied the affair, but the actress is not happy. she's suing the tabloid for invasion of privacy. as for the first lady, she's still in the hospital suffering from exhaustion. she's told a french radio station that he has yet to visit her because they've barred him from doing so. and to china now where after six years of negotiations, apple's iphone is finally available for sale this morning. >> reporter: apple's done a major new deal in china with china mobile. gives them access to a possible pool of 700 million customers. the coe was -- ceo was in town
3:41 am
to plug the deal. >> david, thank you. all right. let's talk a little business shall we? poor earnings reports, a rash of store closings this week. it's going to raise serious questions about the future of brick and mortar retailers. take a look at numbers here. 2013 holiday shopping season, sales were up 3.8%. these are the nonstore figures, mostly online driving this. 9.3%. so let's bring it back to christine romans. shall we have her in here? sales are up. >> we're seeing a smart shopper, someone who looks online for great prices. that's a real interesting new scenario for retailers. you know, best buy's stock yesterday slammed down 28% after
3:42 am
it said holiday sales were weaker than expected. and the ceo made it very clear, the internet is cutting into foot traffic at retail stores. after a rocky holiday shopping season, some retailers now being forced to close their doors. in the past week, discounter loman's started liquidating. and although their doors remain open, best buy says their holiday sales slumped. so much so its stock plunged 28% thursday. circuit city are all shut down, so what happened to america's shopping habit? the internet. shoppers are just getting smarter. they're showrooming. going to the store to see the item and then looking for the lowest price online. when shoppers do hit the mall, they're prepared.
3:43 am
>> got all kind of coupons. $50 off this and that. >> traditional retailers extended holiday hours, but it's hard to compete with 24/7. >> toys r us announced this week it will be hope longer hours, but the internet will be open all the time always forever. >> sales at physical stores falling. the holidays weren't a total bust. >> it's a tale of two different sides of retail. for luxury and off price, it was terrific. for nordstroms and the other upscale department stores, tiffany and specialty did extremely well. >> now foot traffic for retailers over the holidays is half what it was just three years ago. that's according to shopper track which monitors mall visits. some experts think many of those
3:44 am
shoppers will never come back. they want to be able to get what they want, not pay for the shipping. all of these are expensive changes. retailers like target do online and brick and mortar but you have big competition and consumers are savvy and they don't want to pay for shipping. >> they are making their opinions known. everyone's calling it an amazon christmas. >> that's right. let's get to the weather. please tell me, are you joking about a blizzard? >> what? >> we talked about this -- some of us are a little slow on it. we're not going to name names here. we can actually show you what it looks like out there. let's take a look at the video right now. if we have it. do we have it? there we go. look at this, there is so much wind out there. almost 70 mile per hour winds
3:45 am
that you can't see. so visuals always better to explain. also show you another video, take you down towards nebraska. notice, same winds just as strong. you have a dust storm. another way to look at it, may get a lot easier for you guys. we're going to show you. here come the winds. if there's snow on the ground, you're going to get a ground blizzard. i love when i have visuals. today is going to bring snow towards the ohio valley and even towards the northeast. these systems, there's several of them. one, two, three if you want to count them. we're going to continue to be looking for light showers kind of a wintery mix. ohio valley northeast, showers all weekend long. >>er where else, dealing with these winds. >> so much clearer now. the visual made it much easier.
3:46 am
we're going to take a break here on "new day." duck dynasty is back. the viewers? are they sending a message after the recent controversy? how will we judge? the ratings. also ahead, a parking lot pileup. why the driver of this bmw said he lost control causing the crash. what if you could shrink your pores just by washing your face?
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we're dying.
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>> an abrupt change from zz top to duck dynasty. it turns out many of the shows viewers are not. they suffered severe ratings decline wednesday night. it shank by nearly 30% compared to the season four premier. raises a question. is the situation with phil robertson's controversial comments, did it do lasting damage. we have the latest from los angel angeles. >> the word is the bird, chris. >> that didn't work. that didn't work. so what the word is is that millions of viewers did not come back. now, the reason, we're not sure. but let me show you the viewership last season as compared to this season. last season, season four, they premiered with 12 million people. i think it was actually 12.1
3:51 am
million people. it made duck dynasty the number one rated nonfiction series telecast in cable history. this season, the premier was 8.5 million. it was down 28% from the season four premier. now the question is did phil robertson's comments have anything to do with this. that, we just don't know. i will tell you this. a couple times we've seen this in the past with cable show. a couple years ago we did a story about "the game." sometimes viewers just come and another season they may not come back. >> it felt to me like there was much less promotion around this premier than there was for season four. season four, i saw ads every with where. it felt like this time was much quite etter as if a&e didn't
3:52 am
want to draw attention to it. >> i did see promotion for it and i think i started paying more attention to a&e itself after these comments. so you did still see promotion on the network, but you may be right. >> and i know industry experts were expecting it to be on par with the season four premier. it's kind of at least on par with last winter's premier right? >> we should say this, though, 12 million people watching a cable television show is phenomenal. >> right. >> those are enormous numbers. 8.5 million people, still enormous numbers. some cable shows celebrate when they get a million viewers or if they get 2 million viewers. so 8.5 million viewers is still pretty darn good. we're kind of, you know, splitting hairs here because
3:53 am
those are still great numbers. and 12 million at the time, it was a big deal because those numbers are almost unheard of. >> the attrition is not unusual. well said. thank you for tieing it all together for us. >> i tried. the word's not the bird. it is time now for the must-see moment. take a look at this. this is stunning. that was an attempt at parking, i suppose. a 27-year-old claims he was using his automated park assistant in his 2013 bmw. he said the vehicle suddenly accelerated, crashed into another car and landed on top of it. bmw says the park assist does not control the speed. they are investigating whether he hit the accelerator by mistake. >> that is wild. >> safe assumption, good moment. coming up on "new day," target, got to hear this, not
3:54 am
the only retailer hacked by hackers, obviously. federal investigators are now warning the black friday security breach was a lot bigger and more sophisticated than anyone suspected. there's also a very good chance your personal information was compromised. also ahead, a texas man slapped with handcuffs for warning drivers about a speed trap was ahead. how much trouble is this guy facing? smup ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ [ male announcer ] the beautifulltical and practically beautiful cadillac srx. lease this 2014 cadillac srx for around $319 a month with premium care maintenance included. ♪
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consumers immediate need to
3:58 am
be aware right now. >> new warning. the u.s. government says hackers behind a target attack are poised to attack again. we have everything you need to know. here come the subpoenas. the chris christie bridge drama heats up. nearly 20 people called for the gais. the governor is not one of them, but who are they and what do they know? speed trap flap. caught on video. this man just trying to warn of a speed trap and then he's arrested himself. was he breaking the law or just helping out fellow drivers? your "new day" starts right now. >> welcome back to "new day." it is friday, january 17th, 7:00 now in the east. ny this morning. disturbing details about that target hack attack.
3:59 am
we're learning target wasn't the only retailer hit. we now know the level of sophistication is off the chart. boy, we call it the target attack, but now we're going to have to call it something else. >> yeah, it's bigger than that. a lot of what investigators know is being held back. but what we do know is homeland security is worried this is not isolated. an international and nearly undetectiveble malware may have corrupted point of sale systems of multiple retailers. it suggests that shocking holiday breach affecting target stores across the country has potentially affected a large number of retail operations. a cyber attack that already compromised the credit card data of 40 million target customers. >> now with this new information that many other retailers could
4:00 am
potentially been breached, that number could double. >> according to a cyber security firm, many retail organizations may not know that they've been infected. the software contains a new kind of attack method that is able to covertly subvert network controls and common friends sick tack -- friends sick tactics. >> they called the maly shous computer code kaptoxa. parts of it have been on the internet's black market for weeks. the paper added that unnamed u.s. officials say these details suggest the attack may have ties to organized crime from the former soviet union. in a newly issued e-mail by target, the cyber attack stole much more than pin numbers.
4:01 am
names, mailing addresses and e-mail addresses were also taking. >> consumers need to be aware right now. paying very close attention to their statements. >> target will testify before congress in early february. no federal laws exist setting out standard rules for when and how companies must report data breaches to customers and to law enforcement. officials say the main objective of the hearing will be how customers can protect themselves. but fair to say it is the wild west out there with your information and hackers around the world trying to get it. >> and fair to say. customers almost have a right and responsibility to be very wary of what they're being told. >> it's very big. everyone's very concerned. in just a few hours -- we are just now learning new details about president obama's much anticipated speech.
4:02 am
with the white house under fire over controversial data collection programs, the president is promises to limit their reach. jim, what more are we learning about the plans that he's going to propose. >> reporter: a senior official says president obama will announce he is ending the nsa's bulk phone record collection program as it currently exists. one key thing is that they will node a, quote, journal finding before they can use that information. >> end mass surveillance. >> reporter: more than six months since former nsa contractor edward snowden started leaking the details, president obama is poised to make changes to the ways washington spies on the world. >> we can and should take steps
4:03 am
to make the at this times we -- activities we engage in in order to help keep america safe and americans safe more transparent. >> reporter: the president is expected to weigh in on one of the most controversial programs, the bulk collection of american's phone numbers. even one member of the white house's own nsa review panel have called up constitutional. >> it leaves information about americans that could be abused in awful ways. >> reporter: a senior administration official says the president will call for those phone records to stay at the nsa temporarily, but he will seek input on congress and the intelligence community on where to store that data permanently. he's also expected to appoint a public advocate. >> that move would begin some much needed diplomatic healing after widespread reports of
4:04 am
spying on u.s. alleys like the german chancellor. the nsa has placed the president in a position he likely never saw coming, that is defending a surveillance state he once criticized when he first ran for the white house. and congress is now waiting for the president to call for more oversight and transparency over at the nsa. as for that massive spending bill that raised through the congress this week, there is a provision inside that bill that calls on the administration to lay out details as to the number of phone records being stored by the nsa. it also requires the administration to lay out details as to terrorist activities that have been disrupted. but the president, as we mentioned at the top of this, is expected to call for some sweeping changes to that phone
4:05 am
met ta data program. >> jim acosta from washington, thank you for that. now we move onto chris christie. he is one of the few officials not served a subpoena in the bridgegate scandal. three organizations have been served as well. these are just a few people on the list, including bridget an kelly and bill step january. let's go toer relation mcpike live from trenton this morning. the governor not being subpoenaed may make them think he is out of the woods. >> reporter: that's hardly the case, but john wis knew ski, the chair of the committee said during the press conference that it's clear that chris christie wasn't involved, at least in terms of the documents that they have already reviewed. his name just didn't come up.
4:06 am
he said he thinks he probably didn't know anything about it at the time. now he did say that the intent was to use process servers to deliver subpoenas to the people who were being served last night and into this morning. but the list of names leaked out early last night and it affects a wide range of christie's top staff. >> there's no intention right now to subpoena the governor. >> reporter: governor chris christie in the clear for now. the democratic assembly man leading the special committee investigating the so-called bridge gat controversy. the reason? he says because christie's name has not come up in any documents that have already been reviewed. but the probe is growing in scope. after holding an executive session, the committee decided to subpoena 17 people in three groups they've seen listed in already reviewed documents. >> i want to be very clear. those people who will receive them, some of them may expect
4:07 am
them, some of them may not. >> reporter: cnn has obtained a list of those being subpoenaed. his communications director and his attorney general nominee. also names already cited in e-mails, like the chairman of the port authority, his press secretary and his former deputy chief of staff. the request for documents comes from knewly hired -- newly hired special counsel reed shar. to republicans, that's a point of contention. >> there are 56,000 lawyers in the state of new jersey. couldn't you find one? >> reporter: democrats said they wanted not only competence, but the best in the country and someone without a conflict of interest. christie lawyered up too. but christie himself is moving on. hitting the jersey shore thursday morning. >> whatever test they put in front on of me, i will meet
4:08 am
those tests because i'm doing it on your behalf. >> >> reporter: this weekend, he'll test the strength of his political standing nationally. ahead of a likely 2016 presidential run. all of this before a second innaug ration which will happen noon on tuesday. >> and christie is trying to move past this in many ways. today, he'll head to rutgers university to swear in a new justice. on tuesday, he has a prayer service at 8:00 a.m. then a 25 minute address. there's a party at 8:00, but he is obviously trying to move on and doesn't want to talk about this anymore. >> thank you so much for the update. on the heels of a senate intelligence committee report that calls the attacks in
4:09 am
benghazi, libya, they are criticizing hillary clinton. there's 2016 presidential buzz around clinton grows louder, can anyone stop hillary, it's clear the debate over her political future is heating up now more than ever. let's bring in a senior advisor to hillary clinton. it's great to have you here. >> good morning. >> the last time that we talked, we talked about this. this was as hillary clinton was leaving office. since then you now have this report and you have some republican senators jumping on it. e let's listen to a little bit of what they said. >> she couldn't be on tv to talk about what happened in the state department because she was distraught? i don't buy that. does anybody believe that about secretary clinton. >> except for one mention in the minority views, there is no one, no individual who is held responsible. >> so now we have a conversation
4:10 am
where burkcys are responsible but individuals are not. >> there were failures and no one has been held accountable. why? >> lindsey graham even making comparisons of how chris christie handled the scandal around him. what's your take. you're a close advisor to hillary clinton. does she think now that this attack was likely preventable? >> well, the attack, everyone would have loved to do everything to go back in time and do more to prevent it. with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, there are many things that could have been done differently. and the report released this week echoes previous reports which is to say that there was no specific warning. there was no specific intercept or any kind of classified information to say this is going to happen here, anything that was what they call actionable.
4:11 am
so the question is, what were the decisions that were being made in that window. i think it's important to remember that this isn't in a vacuum. there are some people as a matter of policy who don't think the united states should be in these places. and that's a valid opinion if they want to have it and that's a valid debate to have. that's not one that this president or secretary clinton believes. she believes if you aren't in these places, you are creating other problems for the united states. america has vital national security interests in these places. we can't only protect ourselves or advance or national security through our embassy in switzerland. there are places and they tend to be dangerous and thankfully the men and women of the diplomatic corps and the foreign service, they take that responsibility. >> do you agree with the report then that it's likely preftble?
4:12 am
>> i don't know what that means. i know that this report comes on the heels of three or four previous reports. and the hardest hitting report was on the state department, the state department. and it was led my ambassador tom pickering and mike mullen. they came up with 29 recommendations of things that should be differently. secretary clinton at the time accepted all 289 immediately -- 29 immediately. i know that's a process of a state department is still doing. and the most important thing is -- the reason to look back not just to understand what happened, it's not to affix blame. it's to make sure that this is prevented in the future and that -- >> as we both know. responsibility if it's going to end at the top there has to be assessment at the top, there has to be action at the top. the criticism here is there wasn't. you had secretary clinton stand
4:13 am
up in front of the hearing committee and say what difference does it make why this happened. what you knew, what you didn't do about it and what price you should pay for those choices. >> what she actually was spontding to was a senator asking her about why is it you believe there was a protest, why did someone go on a television show on sunday and say it wasn't planned. what she was saying was, once it happened, it happened. four americans were killed. that's what is most important, to figure out what happened and how to prevent it. not to continue to harp on the political benefits of looking at what was said by who at what time. because those questions have been answered in addition to the congressional inquiries that have been done, there's been comprehensive reporting lately about what did happen outside the gates that night. and it's found that to some
4:14 am
extent that there was things going on, that people in the city, by the way, were very much attuned to what was happening in cairo in the video that was royaling the region. so there is a point where healthy debate has to meet somewhere in the middle where people are acknowledging responsibility, acknowledging that obviously when four americans are killed, something went terribly wrong and working to fix that. and it seems that that's not happening. >> and you know that going -- you well know, you watch it all. there is so much discussion even though her decision has not yet been made about 2016 that when that decision is made if she runs this will follow her. you know that very well. she also has a book coming out. how forthcoming is she going to be about benghazi in this book? people want to know more about hillary clinton. >> i think you don't have to
4:15 am
wait for the book to do that. secretary clinton has appeared many times in the last, i guess, 14, 15 months, including seven hours in front of both sides of congress to answer every single question that they've had. so in terms of what she did, how she did it, she's been very vocal about that. she is proud of what she has done to -- to handle and to improv and to try to prevent that. in terms of the politics of it, even sitting here, very difficult to shift to talking about people losing their lives in the politics of 2016. for as much as people want to make the two the same and to use one in that context, we don't see it that way. i know that sounds canned, but we just don't and we're not going to help those who want to. and i would think that, again, in the context of trying to be
4:16 am
constructive to prevent this from happening again, which is the most important thing, is not to make it a political football. >> that's the point. that's the point is that you lost lives. everybody regrets that. you want to make sure there's responsibility and accountability. without that, then you don't change going forward. appreciate you being here. >> thank you for having me. >> we're going from political wildfires to actual wildfires now. there are thousands in the path of a fast-moving wildfire. flames have charred more than 1,700 acres so far. destroyed five homes so far about 30 miles northeast of los angeles. what do we see so far? >> this is the rainy season for southern california. they should be seeing rain, not fires. record breaking temperatures, low humidities and strong winds.
4:17 am
so much so, this fire is so big you can actually see it from space. you can see it's these northeasterly winds. and notice the mountain range. they're squeezing through the canyons and producing the fires on the other side. the colder the air is in the great basin, the better chance you have for these fires. now you have these strong winds. and remember i showed you that mountain range? you're taking all that wind, it has nowhere to go. the pressure will increase and you're actually going to bring those temperatures way up. on the other side of the canyon, those temperatures are record break right now. what else happens? they dry out. so humidities going to the single digits. typical santa anna wind going on here. looks like the governor most likely going to make a statement
4:18 am
today about emergency drought conditions. we have cold fronts making their way through. here's where a series of cold fronts are going to make their way through. blizzard conditions in minnesota yesterday, but more snow expected in through the ohio valley today and into the northeast for the weekend. if you add all the systems together, right around minneapolis, you can see about 4 to 6 irnches. rain, sleet and snow as each system kind of passes through. coldest air still going to be to the upper midwest. then the record break heat once you go out west. so the colder the air is, the higher the fire danger out west. that's what's going on. >> thanks, indra. let's get to john berman. >> it is a done deal in congress and president obama could sign a measure funding the government through the end of september as
4:19 am
early as today. the senate gave the final legislative sign off on the spending bill with an overwell ming show of bipartisan support. it's really the first time in years that congress has managed to pass a real long-term budget. robert gates says he degrees with president obama that imposing new sanctions on iran now would probably torpedo nuclear negotiations. he says six months should be a firm deadline for a deal. new details from the deadly shooting in an indiana super market that left two women and a gunman dead. the suspect may have known his victims. it's not clear what the relationship might have been. he was shot and killed by police after he turned his weapon on them. the identities of the two women
4:20 am
he killed have not been released. >> michael hiens of massachusetts has been searching for photos to include in a memorial service for his kbrand mother when he came across these challenger photos. they were given to his grandfather years ago when he was a nasa contractor. they have never been published. still tragic. >> look at this video. wow is right. four thieves driving right through the front of a gas station convenience store. they were trying to make off with the atm machine inside, but it was bolted too tightly to the store. the thieves took off empty handed and they are still on the loose. fools on the run. >> what do you think they were trying to do? >> smash the atm over. it's something they do, get the cash and go. but it was bolted too tightly to the floor. going to take a break.
4:21 am
a texas man arrested for warping drivers about a speed trap. he says it's his first amendment right. does he have a dpood argument? >> and 50 and fabulous. that's michelle obama. she's having a big party to celebrate. we're going to give you a little details about the secret guest list and some of the other stuff to make it extra special. ♪
4:22 am
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4:25 am
as fabulous at 50. new details about the party plans. we're in los angeles with all the details. so tell, tell, tell. >> well, first of all, i hope i look as fabulous at 50 as she does. hopefully she is watching this morning while somebody's bringing her breakfast in bed. and she says, according to her, that it's all just getting better. >> you know, i'm going to be 50. yeah. 50. >> first lady michelle obama is embracing the big 5-0, recently describing herself as 50 and fabulous. yesterday fraum gave his wife a half century shoutout. >> it's her birthday tomorrow.
4:26 am
i want everybody to just keep that in mind. >> there are big plans for mrs. obama's big night. a dancing and desert party at the white house. >> i'm not exactly sure yet what i'm going to do, but it might involve some dancing. >> it will have dancing. lots of it. guests have been advised to practice their moves and wear comfortable shoes. it's well-known and well documented that mrs. obama loves to get her groove on. the guest list for the big night has been kept under lock and key. but many expect beyonce and her husband to attend. she sang at the inaugural ball. the fist lady -- first lady made headlines this week where she talked about getting older and even the possibility of getting
4:27 am
botox. right now, i don't imagine i would go that route, but i've also learned to never say never. >> she was open to talking about her body, how she's changed her workout, menopause, she's getting ready for a really active 60s, 70s and 80s. >> those who know her say she never predicted she'd be celebrating this one at the white house. >> i think it took her by surprise. i remember when i interviewed them, this was before barack had even been elected senator, you're going to be first lady one day. and she just laughed and smiled, my goodness you must be kidding. >> mrs. obama shows no signs of slowing down in the years ahead. if you're one of the lucky ones to get invites to the party, then the mow to the is ebyc,
4:28 am
that means eat before you come. there is no sit down dinner and i don't think anyone will really care. mrs. obama only said she wants to dance, have a good time and celebrate. >> ebyc the new version of byob i guess. >> skpaktly. exactly. >> go ahead. >> that's all right. one of the things i learned about mrs. obama in kind of doing this story and doing the special that's going to run tonight is that -- we all look at her as this regallon and tall and beautiful woman. she was very insecure about her height growing up. i was very surprised about that. i listened to an interview she did with the chicago tribune reporter. she said, you know i really didn't get it. i was really kind of weirded out
4:29 am
about how tall i was. even the first lady has her insecurities as well. >> after being in politics, her height is the least of her insecurities. >> ebyc. i like that. michelle will bring us much more in cnn's new documentary, an extraordinary journey. coming up on "new day," is hillary really unstoppable as a new magazine headline claims or will this report on the benghazi attack derail her hopes. we'll break it down for you in "the gut check". also a head, a texas man warning drooiers about a speed trap is put in cuffs and arrested.
4:30 am
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welcome back to "new day." time now for our political gut check of the morning. the cover of "time magazine" reads, can anyone stop hillary. republicans are taking on that challenge. renewing after the release of an intelligence report that says the attacks on the benghazi diplomatic compound were likely preventable. now, john king. good morning, john. >> good morning. >> thank goodness for reminding me its is friday. hoe knows her thinking.
4:34 am
when we were talking to him about this benghazi report, one of the things he said he doesn't understand what likely preventable means. he says this shouldn't be political. what do you make of it? >> well it will be political, especially if she steps back into the political arena which many people expect. it goes back years, even before she was scare of state to before she was senator to republican base dislike of hillary clinton. what it means by this is preventable is that the state department run by hillary clinton, and that's a fact, she was running the department, ignored warning after warning. what the staff says is that it never came to her. that there was never a meeting saying, madam secretary, they need help in benghazi. we're going through this right now with chris christie and his
4:35 am
culture of leadership. maybe he didn't say shut down those lanes, but did he create a climate of leadership where his aides thought that was the right thing to do. why was there not a culture in the state department when all these warnings were coming in at the low level and medium level, why didn't somebody say, we got to take this to the boss because we need help her. >> what about her statement of what difference does it make? the responsibility's got to go hand in hand with accountability. by being so flip about what the motivation was -- i know what ryan just said is supposedly the context of what the secretary said, this is something that's a legitimate thing for analysis, no? >> it's something that will be in the political ad should she run. not necessarily in the democratic primary, the question
4:36 am
is does anybody credible emerge. but there's no question. there's no question that republicans will use this in the general election if she is the candidate in 2016. that snip pet will show up in an ad. you're going to hear her say, of course i'm accountable, but i had no specific warning. about that day when she testify, if you talk to the republicans involved, they're embarrassed by that day actually. scare clinton did go before congress to answer questions. she did it that one time. they privately admit, they got their hats handed to them. they were simply not prepared. they kept asking her political questions, not very specific questions. that bite will come back to play if she runs. overa overall, they believe she dominated. they weren't prepared, they said. >> what we do hear from
4:37 am
republicans is that they haven't heard enough from hillary clinton. some will argue that they won't ever hear enough. we know that she's going to address benghazi in her book that's going to come out. will that be enough i guess will with the question. >> no. but it will interesting to see, interesting book from secretary gates on the table right now. secretary clinton, whether you like her or not, whether you agree or disagree with her politics and policy is a very thoughtful person. if you know you're about to run for president, you're going to be careful about what you put in a book. but it's also an opportunity for her in a written word to put it out there. she wants to say it in a different way, here's her opportunity so people can read it and digest it. she was -- this is one of her challenges as she decides whether to run for president.
4:38 am
she was not that at the state department. because benghazi and just because of life and the way the country is divided right now, should she step back in, she flips the polar rising switch all over again. >> have a good weekend. >> you too. >> many people say i hope it is benghazi because they theel they can handle it easily. a lot of other news as well. let's get to john berman with the headlines. new details this morning about the huge target breep over the -- breach over the holidays. they say it may have been part of a broader scam potentially affecting a number of retailers. that firm also says the software used had malware scripts are russian origins. president obama to give a much anticipated speech this
4:39 am
morning. this as the guardian reports that the nsa has collected nearly 200 million text messages a day from around the world using them to extract data including location and financial transactions. >> an investigation underway into a fatal black hawk helicopter crash in kba ga. a three-man crew part of a unit nicknamed night stalkers. this is the same crew that led in the capture of osama bin laden. a judge in california has dismissed charges against a woman who was ticketed for wearing google glass while driving. it's a head mounted computer display. but the judge ruled there was not enough evidence to prove that the device was actually on. >> you're going to love this. look at this, folks. a camera in a zoo captured a
4:40 am
moment that the world has never seen before. this is just too cute actually. two polar bear cubs opening their eyes and seeing their mother for the very first time as she cradles them. zoo workers will not be able to examine these cubs until they leave their enclosure for the fist time, likely in march. they appear to be extraordinarily adorable. >> say what you're going to say, chris. >> i get too much criticism. >> that's the last time you'll ever call them adorable because then they will eat your face. >> i do have a habit of doing that and describing these savage to the bear instead of the cuteness. so i'm going to make a switch. i thought they were really cute. i can't wait to hear what their names are. change is growth. >> exactly. >> no polar bears, but i do have
4:41 am
a fish apock lips. have you ever seen anything like this. take a look at this. just imagine you're cruising around, because it's freezing in norway. you see all these fish trapped in the ice. what happened is the temperature actually dropped so quickly and the winds were so strong that all of these fish got trapped right away in seconds. >> this is like end of day stuff, right? >> hence apock lips. >> i just switched gears. the best part, the birds were like this is ice fishing here. they actually tried to eat these. notice now looks so much better here. it is not freezing. temperatures, they're cool, but not as cool as we saw a week ago. eventually going to spread into the northeast through the
4:42 am
weekend. a series of fronts are going to make their way through. big thing here take away, upper midwest, bad news for you it is the weekend and we're still talking about snow showers and rain showers as we go throughout the entire weekend. i love teaching you guys little lessons. >> was it a lake? >> yeah. >> when it freezes, do the fish just continue along swimming? >> they're dead. so, no. >> as the "new day" family continues to grow, you will learn this, indra has no tolerance for any type of nonfactual speculation. even john berman will get a smack. >> let's just go on. coming up on "new day," here's the scenario for you, okay. you know the cop's up ahead.
4:43 am
you flash the lights. not in texas. a guy went farther. he was lolding a sign to let people know there was a speed trap ahead got arrested. is it a crime or a form of free speech? also ahead, the doggy door opened a crack at this year's dog show. but will they look down their snout at the new addition to the competition? when i first started shopping for a hybrid... i didn't even look at anything else. i just assumed you went and bought a prius. so this time around we were able to do some research and we ended up getting a ford... which we love. it's been a wonderful switch. it has everything that you could want in a car. it's the most fun to drive... because it's the most hi tech inside... i think this c-max can run circles around the prius... the biggest difference would definitely be the acceleration of the car... if you can get someone to test-drive a c-max... they would end up buying this more times than not.
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4:46 am
the clash is most excellent, but their conclusion in their song may not meet the next story. free speech hero, a texas man is fighting charges this morning. he says the law should not win
4:47 am
after he was arrested for warning drivers of a speed trap. officers approach and cuff. was he breaking the law or cops are tramp link his first amendment right. let's counter point it. you're the defense i'm the prosecution. >> let's go. >> i say you -- you are hindering the administration of justice, you are obstructing justice. e told you not to do it. you did it any way, i'm arresting you. >> in this beautiful country we have a first amendment. that first amendment protects my ability to express my ideas. though you may not like them, though you may not sympathize to the things i'm communicates to the masses, i have the ability to do it. >> i say it is not fist amendment speech, it is advertising. you are in the median which is
4:48 am
public property and i'm putting you in jail. >> i say that it's overbroad. we are a society of ideas. and those ideas are expressed in a public forum which i'm standing which i am and which i have a right to be. >> i am saying we are doing a speed trap because people are speeding. you are hindering the administration of justice once again. >> well, just the opposite. if we have an interest and government has an interest in saving lives, then why not have me out there saving lives by warning the public to slow down. if the true measure of the government is not to raise revenue and save people, then aren't i doing the government a favor? >> this has been really great. >> however -- >> i look at the statute. i think the statute itself is
4:49 am
overbroad. you're talking about allowing someone only on my private property to convey an idea? i think that's a problem number one. i think there are other alternatives that are less restrictive. the other problem i have with it is it's very selective. would they have then come to him and said, put your hands behind your backs. >> it shows you're allowed to do it. there's going to be precedent against it. >> is it only in some states in. >> it's always in some states. it has been pretty clear that flashing the lights is okay. the statute that the prosecution is using here is this was an advertisement that this guy was doing by holding up the sign. it probably will be construed in the way joey is saying it. >> what about on the more basic level? this guy, yes, he was trying to
4:50 am
that water law enforcement, but also trying to help law enforcement and slow people down. >> if it really is the law enforcement wants us to slow down, we want lives to be saved, then look, he's doing a favor to law enforcement by assisting them in their duty. >> he's got a better case for >> not at all. >> coming up on "new day," it's a "new day" at the westminster kennel club. this year doggie diversity is in. good move or is this show going to the -- wait for it -- dogs. >.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
for 138 years mixed breeds have been excluded from the prestigious westminster dog show. now that is about to change in a big way. here is cnn's jeanne moos. >> reporter: you know the song -- ♪ who let the dogs out high pressure now it's who let the mutts in and it's that's upper crust bastions of pure breeds. did you hear mutts are allowed in the westminster dog show? >> no. >> is that something you care about? >> not really. >> reporter: mutts got no
4:55 am
respect at westminster. now they got a little. they will be allowed no an agility competition. >> involves dogs that may not be seen at westminster, including mixed breed dogs. we're excited to have them part of the family. >> reporter: agility competitions are booming in popularity. i mean which would you rather watch, a dog getting picked up by his privates for judging or dogs madly dashing around an agility course or teeters and. tunnels. it's more fun when they stop or when a big dog has to fit through a little space. competition like this is what's open to mixed breeds at westminster next month. while they won't be allowed into the minute event at least mutts have a paw in the door. henry, give me your paw. paw. yes. do you think mutts should be in
4:56 am
westminster? >> of course. a dog is a dog. >> i would watch that. >> reporter: as for pure breds, like this one, how will purebreds react to mutts running amuck. >> these guys don't care. >> reporter: can't we just get along. >> the idea you can be a mutt and still have a life. >> reporter: doggie diversity. >> right. >> reporter: inclusivity won't result in having your hair done. mutts, do you really want your tail tickled to make it stand up? jeanne moos, cnn new york. >> that was quite a hair style. >> i like the tail line. so provocative. coming up on "new day" thousands of people in california are
4:57 am
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5:00 am
as we were driving down the long driveway, starting to catch fire. >> happening now. a wildfire burning out of control near los angeles, homes destroyed, thousands evacuated. firefighters hoping the weather will turn in their favor today. we're live with the latest. decision time. how far will president obama go? he's announcing today what part of the nsa's controversial spying program stays and goes. new reporting this morning on
5:01 am
just what changes the president plans. lightning strikes twice. look at this amazing video. 13-year-old hits a full court shot to win the game. yes. then asked to do it again. he shoots. he scores! he joins us live this morning. can he repeat? your "new day" continues right now. good morning and welcome back to "new day". it's friday, january 17th, 8:00 in the east and breaking news right now from the san gabrielle mountains. a massive wildfire charring 2,000 acres destroying five homes and threatening hundreds more. take a look at this nasa photo from high above. thousands of people evacuated because of these fast-moving flames. now three men are in custody for allegedly starting the blaze they say accidentally. let's get right to it.
5:02 am
>> reporter: most of the flames have died down this morning but there remains a lot of ash and smoke in the air. 2,000 people in this neighborhood remain under evacuation. firefighters scrambled to control a rapidly moving wildfire threatening the suburbs northeast of los angeles. with super scooper fixed wing aircraft, helicopters and ground crews racing against the weather. the blaze about 30 miles from downtown l.a. led to thousands of evacuations and destroyed part of the historic mansion once belonging to the singer sewing machine family. >> this is something that caught us by surprise. early in the morning. as we were driving down the long driveway, that dry was starting to catch fire and so he could feel the heat. >> reporter: january temperatures stretching into the 80s, humidity below 10% and the
5:03 am
forecast of hot santa ana winds threaten to turn the modest 1700 acre brush fire into a frightening conflagration. firefighters and homeowners caught a break. the winds stayed calm and the fire slowed dramatically late in the day. fire started police say when these three men allowed their camp fire to burn out of control on a morning when red flag fire warnings were in effect. >> i don't think they cared, to be honest with you. three guys in their early 20s camping up in the foot hills. you know they may have cared, but, you know, i can only assume that fire safety wasn't their top priority. >> reporter: one of the men admitted starting the fire, police say. now they are in jail facing possible felony charges. bail initially set for the three men at $20,000 overnight increased to $500,000 each.
5:04 am
officially the fire now is 30% contained. we're expecting an update from fire officials in about an hour. the big issue, of course, is going to be the weather. whether winds kick up later today and how high those temperatures get. >> thank you for the reporting. so now in about three hours president obama will announce changes to the way nsa tracks you, me and the rest of the world. he's expected to act on an independent panel's recommendations issued after edward snowden's damaging revelations. senior white house correspondent jim acosta joins us now about the speech. i said changes. can we qualify that by saying major changes, some changes, what's the best guess? >> reporter: these are major changes. a senior administration official tells us president obama will announce changes to the nsa's bulk phone record collection basically ending it, this official says quote as it currently exists. one key recommendation is that the president will now say that
5:05 am
the effective immediately that the nsa will need federal surveillance court approval before accessing that bulk phone record database. it's all part of a speech the president and his team are working on into the night for this event that starts in about three hours. more than six months since former nsa contractor edward snowden started leaking the details of the government's massive surveillance programs, president obama is poised to make some changes to the ways washington spies on the world. >> we can and should take steps to make the activities we engaging in order to help keep america safe and americans safe. more transparent. >> reporter: the president is expected to weigh in on one of the nation's most controversial surveillance programs the bulk collection of american's phone records a practice a federal judge and even one member of the white house's own nsa review panel have called
5:06 am
unconstitutional. >> it leaves sitting out there a huge amount of information, personal information about americans that could be abused in awful ways. >> reporter: a senior administration official says the president will call for those phone the records stay at the nsa temporarily, but he will seek input from congress and the intelligence community on where to store that data permanently. the president is also expected to appoint a public advocate to take part in the secretive surveillance court and scale back eavesdropping on foreign leaders. that move would begin some much needed diplomatic healing. the nsa controversy has placed the president in a position he likely never saw coming. >> no more ignoring the law when it is inconvenient. >> reporter: that is defending a surveillance state he once criticized when he first ran for the white house. >> that means no more illegal wiretapping of american citizens. >> reporter: and congress is not waiting for the president to call for more transparency and
5:07 am
oversight at the nsa and massive spending bill that passed through the congress this week there's a provision that requires the administration to offer more details on the number of phone records being collected by the nsa and whether any terrorist activities have been disrupted. in the meantime as for the president's speech later this morning, kate, i'm told that this speech will go much farther than people expected. these are big changes coming to the national security agency. >> a lot of people will be listening closely to that. we're learning this morning the target attack was only the very beginning and that more stores may have been hit than originally thought and more attacks could still be planned. plus there are new clues about exactly who was behind the attack. how do you keep your information safe? how can you be sure that this is even over yet? chief business correspondent christine romans is here with the very latest. >> a lot of what investigators
5:08 am
know about the hack attack is being kept under wraps as cyber forensic experts through these clues. what we do know is homeland security is woerld this isn't an isolated event. the u.s. government now warning retailers across the country to be on high alert, that massive attack on target over the holidays, may have compromised the personal information of up to 110 million customers. it could be just the beginning. in a brand new bulletin the department of homeland security now revealing that target may not have been alone. that the malicious software has potentially infected a large number of retail operations. and for the first time they are detailing just how those hackers pulled off one of the biggest data heists ever. >> now with this new information that many more retailers could be breached that number could potentially double in the next couple of weeks. >> here's how they did it.
5:09 am
they used highly sophisticated and nearly undedebtable malware named kartosha. it's a computer program placed in a company's system to corrupt point of sale systems. the register itself your information was being grabbed. many retail organizations may not know they've been infected. the software infests retail processing systems, allowing the hackers to manipulate the malware from the outside and most troubling of all, it's using new technology that makes it virtually undetectable by all security software. >> it's an unknown exploit, one they haven't seen before. >> just who are the hackers? there are clues. part of the code is written in russian. the "wall street journal" cites an unnamed u.s. official who said these details suggest the attack may have ties to organized crime from the former
5:10 am
soviet union. target still dealing with the fall out this morning. in a new earn mail by target to its customers said the cyber attack stole much more than pin numbers, stole names, mailing addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses as well. >> consumers need to be aware right now paying a very close attention to their statements. you can check your statements online every single day. >> millions of people are actually changing their credit card numbers. target will testify before congress in early february. no federal laws exist that set out rules for when and how companies must report these breaches to customers and to law enforcement. officials say the objective of that hearing will be how customers can protect themselves. >> very important, christine. we'll keep following that. a lot of other news as well. making news this morning, new jersey governor chris christie's administration is lawyering up and subpoenas have gone out. a committee investigating the
5:11 am
bridgegate scandal. christie has not been served. a big political test for the governor as he attends a set of fundraisers. president obama expected to sign a measure funding the government through the end of september as early as today. the $1.1 trillion spending bill eases the sharp budget cuts. the strong bipartisan agreement to fund federal agencies through the rest of the fiscal year was a notable departure from budget battles in recent years. the bill's passage eliminates the passage of another government shutdown any time soon. if jeb bush listens to his mother he will not be seeinging the presidency in 2016. former first lady barbara bush telling c-span she hopes her son jeb the former governor of florida passes on a white house bid. she says it's time for someone not named clinton, kennedy or bush to seek the nation's highest office and if jeb does decide to run she worries he'll incure the wrath that she and his brother george ever had.
5:12 am
a judge overseeing the case recused herself from the case without explanation. the 33-year-old was 14 weeks pregnant when she collapsed. her family said she would not want to be artificially kept alive. the fort worth hospital said it's barred by state law from removing a pregnant patient from life support. i want you to look at this photo shop controversy. lena dunham is on the cover of vogue magazine. but it appears her body was so drastically photo shopped her left arm is missing. she praised the shot on her twitter count. now she's offering $10,000 for the unretouched photo. these pictures they say are not real. >> retouching photo shopping is no surprise, right?
5:13 am
>> every magazine they photo shop. >> what? >> amazing. >> i'm shocked. no retouching done here on "new day" i'll have you know. indra petersons has been watching what's happening out west, the weather in general. >> we're talking about a couple of systems in the east that's cooling us off and bring us chances for showers and continue to be dry out west. first let's take a look at the cold front making their way through. this system the same one that brought blizzard conditions into the dakotas and minnesota. today all about the ohio valley looking for another four to six inches of snow and making its way into northeast. keep in mind it's winter time, we have several systems out there. upper midwest, ohio valley, or the northeast, look for some seasonal kind of precipitation as we go through the entire weekend. notice another two come in. they almost join so by the weekend sunday and monday we're still talking about showers at the end of your weekend. temperature wise, here is the good side. even though we have cold front
5:14 am
going through we're not dropping temperatures too much. we'll stay close to averages. going up and down with each system. let's talk about what's going on out west. they are not getting the rain. look at the drastic change of the drought in just one week. one week without rain and now they have extreme drought conditions pretty much across the entire state. the reason for that california unlike the rest of the country usually gets the bulk of their rain in january and february. fires are still out there. red flag fire warning extended all the way through today. low humidity, high temperatures. record breaking temperatures. bad combo. thank you. coming up on "new day," if you stick here you'll meet a former prosecutor who says bridgegate is not an exception it's the rule chris christie's people played dirty, pushed him out of a job to save an ally from prosecution. hear his story coming up. >> also ahead, seven months ago a young woman went missing in the waters between australia and
5:15 am
new zealand. her parents refusing to give up hope of finding her alive. hear why they still think she could be alive. i quit smoking.
5:16 am
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a day after 17 people were subpoenaed in connection with the bridgegate scandal we're learning about another allegation of political cronyism against the chris christie administration. officials claim solid indictments against the local sheriff and her staff were thrown out because the sheriff has ties to christie's office. they further allege three career prosecutors were forced out for doing their jobs. bennett barland is one of those prosecutors. there's a lot of details here
5:19 am
but let's cut to the chase. indictments were handed down. case was supposed to go forward and then -- >> then the attorney general swooped in and basically killed the case abruptly. before the defendants even had a chance to protest any wrongdoing on our part, it was killed immediately. before that happened, chris, one of the defendants, an undersheriff by the name of michael russo claimed to subordinates that governor christie, not the lieutenant governor, not the attorney general, governor christie was going to come in and kill the case and that's exactly what happened. the ag claimed that the lead prosecutor a staff attorney from the prosecutor's office mispresented the case to the grand jury, there were errors in his present jays which justified the dismissal of every count and there were 43 counts which was quite a few. what's also interesting is that the attorney general who took over the case never represented
5:20 am
it to another grand jury which is very common to cure the original defects. >> where does your dismissal from the job come in to play? >> the day the indictments were dismissed i encountered the acting prosecutor, somebody who is installed from trenton to run our office during this period. and i said to him clearly, the dismissal of the indictments were improper, there's no way that serious errors could have justified the dismissal of every count in the indictment. in new jersey case law is very clear. it takes a tremendous amount of error to justify the dismissal of an indictment. very different than a jury trial. >> quick question. anything in your background that justified dismissal if i were to take a look. >> no. >> no disciplinary actions going on, no bad blood? >> you would know by now. >> i be very foolish to be here. >> correct. >> secondly the files were taken to trenton.
5:21 am
was that unusual? >> not just the files but the physical evidence that had been seized an acquired during a two year investigation. >> unusual? >> certainly everybody including veteran detectives and prosecutors thought it was unusual. >> do you have proof that this was connected to the governor's office? i know you're mentioning somebody who spoke to subordinates. do you have proof that this directly connects to governor christie's office? >> yes, proof but circumstantial proof. we consider circumstantial evidence to be often more compelling than direct evidence. >> what would that be. >> evidence would be this. first you have the individual saying that the governor would come in and kill the case and that's what happened. second, there are clear connections between the players in this case, sheriff trout under sheriff russo and the administration. there's also an individual named dr. robert herrery who was an associate of these sheriffs who
5:22 am
received a falls law enforcement identification badge. he was a major contributor to the governor as well as an appointee to two governor commissions. finally, you have an individual by the name of richard bagger. he was the chief of staff to the governor and left five months after my dismissal. where did he go to? he went to a company, a biofarm pharmaceutical company that's run by the donor. >> little bit of stink. looking at it on the other side, the ag is complete italy independent from the governor's office. i know she had relationships with the governor but in that position the ag acts on their own accord pretty much in every state. you have to hold her accountable. >> new jersey is somewhat unique. in many states attorneys general are elected officials. in new jersey it's one of the few states where the attorney general is appointed by the governor and frankly it's been very clear -- i was a prosecutor
5:23 am
in the attorney general's office foreclose to 15 years. there's a very tight relationship between the attorney general and the governor of new jersey. the governor really is the attorney general's boss. that's different than new york. >> we did reach out to the attorney general's office and they said they can't comment on this there's pending legislation. governor's office calls this ridiculous and a wild conspiracy theory. the criticism that you have been facing is this is a disgruntled employee who now sees an opportunity have your case be known. what do you say >> first look at the chronology. my lawsuit was filed two years ago. my position is that people are correctly making, connecting the dots between what happened in hunterton and what happened in bridgegate. it's interesting you talk about
5:24 am
the conspiracy theory. it's very sarcastic. it's very dismissive but it doesn't directly address the question. interestingly enough that was the response of the administration with respect to bridgegate when that scandal first arose. well i'm moving the cones around can't you see me? very dismissive, very casual, kind of glib. same thing with hunterton. after the "new york times" story, the tenor of those responses has changed dramatically. gone from wild eyed conspiracy theory to governor didn't know anybody who was involved. the tone has changed dramatically since the gwb scandal has erupted. >> interesting dynamic. appreciate you being on the show. >> thank you for having me. >> we'll take a break here on "new day". coming up next parent of an american teen say they won't rest until they find their daughter who is lost at sea. you won't believe the extreme measures they are going through to find her. >> when it comes to the oscars
5:25 am
what about "the butler," oprah, forest whittaker, what their nominations. they are not the only ones seeing red on missing out on oscar gold. the biggest snubs coming up.
5:26 am
5:27 am
5:28 am
welcome back to "new day". a heartbreak in store for two parents of an experienced sailor. their teen daughter vanished along with the ship seven months ago between australia and new
5:29 am
zealand. her parents are vogue not rest until their daughter is found. >> another very different story but one you don't want to miss. hoop dreams, a 13-year-old's amazing game winning buzzer beater has turned this eighth grader into a viral superstar. why? he did it not once but twice. can he make magic happen again a third time? we'll have live on set, easton is here and he's going to take a shot for us. >> take a shot. there he is. don't miss. he's incredible. >> his repeat continues. >> he can't miss. >> we'll make it harder as we move along this morning. >> let's get to john berman for first five things to know. >> a wildfire near los angeles destroying homes and forcing thousands to evacuate. three men in custody for accidentally starting with it a camp fire. in a few hours president obama will deliver a much anticipated speech on the nsa overhaul. he's set to end the telephone
5:30 am
mega data collection program in its current form. the massive security breach at target store nationwide was part of a much larger cyber attack on retailers. hackers are linked to organized crime in russia. number four a big fundraising weekend ahead for governor chris christie as 20 new subpoenas are issued in the bridgegate scandal. as of now the governor has not been subpoenaed. happy birthday mrs. obama, the first lady is celebrating her 50th today. tonight at 10:00 the premier of the cnn documentary, an extraordinary journey, michele obama turns 50. that's tonight, 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. we're always updating the five things you need to know so go to >> the parents of a missing american teen vogue not rest until their daughter is found. 19-year-old danielle wright was one of seven people aboard a sooner when it vanished in
5:31 am
stormy seas between australia and new zealand. that was more than seven months ago but the girl's parents aren't giving up hope. why the optimism? >> it's been seven months. they say they are determined to find her. they are not giving up hope. the search of the crew continues. thanks in part to the effort of these two parents. they want to find their daughter and bring her home. they were so determined, they have uprooted their lives leaving their home in louisiana and traveling to australia, searching remote islands and coastal areas off the australian shores. rickie and robin wright are on a mission to find out what happened to their 19-year-old daughter danielle. she was one of seven crew members on board the 85-year-old schoone. they have been missing more more than seven months after encount earring storm. >> we feel danielle is in
5:32 am
capable hands. the crew count be a better crew. they are highly skilled and take caring of each other. >> the wrights have hope their daughter is still alive because of this satellite image taken in mid-september. they believe the nina is still out there. the last time anybody spoke with the passengers was june 3rd as they sailed from northern new zealand to australia. that day a crew member called a meteorologist in new zealand from a satellite phone seeking advice on a storm they were heading towards. >> they were concerned but they weren't in trouble. they were in control. >> the next day the same meteorologist got a text message saying any update for nina? no one has heard from them since. >> the third day wasn't nearly as rough. we just can't comprehend that the lightest day would have sustained enough damage to sink the boat. >> rescue teams searched and found no sign of the ship or crew members and ended the official search. >> part of surviving is having
5:33 am
the right mindset and they had the right mindset to do that. >> now the wrights are taking the search effort up themselves relocating to australia. danielle's father is getting a pilot's license so he can fly over remote islands to continue searching for his daughter. >> at the end of the day we have to know that we've done everything we possibly can do. >> now the wrights are experienced sailors themselves and say a crew like that can live indefinitely on fresh fish and fresh water. they will continue to search remote islands off of australia and new zealand hopefully the ship will droift be a place where it will be found safe and sound. you can't blame them for keeping up this fight to find their daughter. that image does renew their hopes. we'll be following the story. >> we'll take a break here on "new day". coming up next the oscar snubs. one of the biggest films of last year left out in the cold despite the star studded cost, lee daniels, from "the butler"
5:34 am
not on the nomination list. >> amazing buzzer beater. even more amazing. watch. because in a follow up story about it the 13-year-old game winner did it again. this was it during the story. bam, two for two. we have him here and playing with the idea of a repeat. what an amazing kid. that actually went in on instant replay. the kid is on a staircase none of it matters. the interview will when we come back.
5:35 am
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5:38 am
welcome back to "new day". we'll head over to indra petersons. i called it noon dad. whatever it was. let's get over to indra petersons to save me from myself. what do you have for us? >> i think you saw this video and went with new dad. you opened the day and that is what happens. you thought it was bad here. temperatures in siberia 36 below zero. that is madness that you get. suddenly our forecast looks good. i love perspective. all right. let's take a look at the temperatures with the very much it feels like below freezing in minneapolis but not as cold as siberia. minneapolis 11 for the high today. chicago 32. the cold air is spreading down the northeast. a lot of these temperatures and then you're cooling off are staying near the average for
5:39 am
this time of year. what's going on? we have a couple of lows cruising on through. cold front moving on through. ohio valley will see snow. northeast will see snow from the first sim. two reinforcing loss behind them. it looks like the entire swad wa -- weekend is a wash out with rain and snow. thanks. all right. so let's talk about oscar nominations. oscar nominations are out. we talked about them yesterday. one film in particular was snubbed by the academy. lee daniels "the butler" received zero nominations despite an all-star cast and great box office success. why were forest whittaker, oprah winfrey and the entire film left out in the cold. let's bring in the editor of the "wall street journal" entertainment blog. we were talking about it even nischelle turner jumped on that right away. why do you think "the butler"
5:40 am
was shut out. >> it came out in august. in movie terms it's like coming out in the 1800s. people don't remember the emotional impact it had on them. critical aclame for "the butler" has been falling. when it first came out, i know some rotten tomatoes 83% and since fallen to 73 as other films have come out people thought this is too conventional, too straightforward. movies like "gravity" and dallas buyer's club and "12 years as a slave" took more chances. so that's why it got shut out. >> is there something to the idea of the last film that you just mentioned 12 years a slave, does "the butler" wind up being a victim to some kind of intra genre conflict we won't pick two of these films. any thought to that? >> "the butler" and "12 years as a slave" are from different
5:41 am
universes in terms of the subject matter, acting, the way the directors handled the subjects. "the butler" is like a soap opera, tear jerking and "12 years as a slave" is a brutal, brave in your face film that deals in a real way with the consequences of slavery and the way people interact. i didn't see too much comparison online or from critics comparing two because certainly both deal with black and white but they are totally different in terms of film. totally different experiences. >> can we talk about oprah. a lot of people thought oprah would get a nomination as best supporting actress. she got snubbed. you don't snub oprah. >> even after she got past over and people say she should have been nominated. oprah was tweeting pictures of herself in her garden getting
5:42 am
vegetables. she has other things to do. she has her whole oprah empire to do. she will be okay. >> we were talking in the break before, it was just tough competition all across the board. so many great films, so many great actors that were part of in contention. tom thanks. i'm surprised when he's not nominated. he's an oscar's darling. >> he got the double snub here because he was in "captain phillips," no nomination for that. he played disney in saving mr. banks and mr. disney a hollywood icon he got snubbed for that. tom thanks had gotten nominations and wins before. enough already. there's other great people to be nominated this year including christian bale in "american hustle" so tom thanks not this year. >> that hasn't hurt meryl
5:43 am
streep. she sneezes and she wins. >> it's been a long time between wins. >> she's such a versatile genius that i think she breaks the rules because let's be honest this isn't science. there's a lot of cultural stereotyping that goes into it and there's a lot of politics that goes into it. even with all that said i think the biggest snub may be and maybe because of the life i'm living, "monsters university." it was a transformative experience in our household. >> it's in the dvd phase. >> it's worn out. i went through multiple copies of this movie. >> not surprised. pixar is facing up to a quality issue now because obviously they make great films. "cars" made a lot of money. didn't get a lot of critical acclaim.
5:44 am
"monsters university" critics liked it but didn't love it. pixar usually gets all of it. we'll see other great things from pixar. this is a dump-was a bump in th. and others like "the wind rises." a difficult subject matter. >> seeing that in the nominations they went more towards edgy pushing the envelope in whatever category they are in versus the conventional films, conventional way to tell a story than they have picked in the past. >> that's exactly right. when you take chance, when you're adventurous, you push the forum to some place elsewhere it wasn't before like "gravity". it was a technical masterpiece. and anchored by sandra bullock. those are the people that got nominated. >> can you think of another movie as "the butler" did that
5:45 am
got snubbed? >> one that i'm thinking of oof of, "the last emperor." it didn't get for the actual chinese cast in the film and huge controversy at the time. terrific film. people wondered why it didn't get more acclaim. that was a big snub at the time and that compares to what happened to "the butler". it made a lot of money too. >> thanks chris. >> coming up on "new day" meet the most popular eighth grader in the midwest. he'll tell us all about his incredible game winning shot and then he did it again. we'll have him here to have some fun. very good. my grandson's got this blankie that gets filthy.
5:46 am
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with luck enough for two. 13-year-old east jan made this amazing full court shot. watch it. a shot of the lifetime, wins the game at the buzzer. but then the eighth grader returns home, a local station stops by, they say try it again. boom. he hits the repeat shot.
5:50 am
crazy. nobody has ever done it. amazing. he joins us now. how do you feel about yourself? >> i don't know. i feel awesome. >> come on. who hits two full court shots. you're awesome, right? >> wait. was it a dare to do the second one? >> yeah. >> a local news team came. did you ever think you would hit the second one? >> nope. >> you practice this all the time? >> not a lot but i have shot it before. >> really? >> yeah. >> very cool. >> people mess around with full court shots all the time but it's not like something you go to during the game at any particular time. >> no. >> you hit the first shot during the game you have to be ecstatic. the second one comes along you say you never think you'll make it. after you hit it. what do you do when lightning strikes you -- one thing that's good to happen to me. what do you do when it happens twice? >> a bunch of people rushed me.
5:51 am
i didn't see the ball go in, actually until everybody started rushing me and everything and then i knew it went in. >> how frustrating is it for you when you miss ordinary shots >> pretty frustrating. >> it can't get better than that. you hit two full court shots. you're retiring now? >> i don't know. >> you're in eighth grade. how is the career going? >> good. >> is the team any good? >> pretty good. >> what does basketball mean to you >> it's my favorite sport. >> you think you want to go on and play in high school and college. >> look forwarded to that. >> high school coach talking to you? >> i've talked to him before. >> you're designing some plays from 70 feet four. >> it went viral. you put it online. you thought you would get a couple of thousand. how many people. watched it? >> the first video over 800,000, the second one, over 400,000. >> you get the attention of the
5:52 am
local news and sink it a second time. now you're missing a day of school to be here. it's accused, by the way because he's here. what do you make of all this? >> it's been an amazing last couple of days. everybody at school has been congratulating me and everything. it's been awesome. >> any more pressure on you on the court. you know this was special. >> yeah. >> is there a trick in hitting a shot from 80 feet? >> i don't think there is. >> let's go to the wall. we got low ceiling. we have dodgeball. >> when we shoot it you don't break anything. >> i tried to do one the other day and i tried shoot it like a normal shot, i missed. you threw it like you throw a football or a baseball, right? >> yeah. >> take a couple of whacks. >> throw it like a baseball. >> anyway you want. just in case it hits somebody in the face. i told you, you'll hit the
5:53 am
lights. >> watch the lights. >> oh,. walk away. walk away. that's amazing. >> how good are you at regular basketball? what kind of points do you put up every day? >> he's very tall for 13 years old. >> 10, 15 a game. >> what do you shoot from the free-throw line. >> 70, 80. >> you're like 90% over 50 feet away from the basket. >> challenge him. >> you cannot hit the shot. 10 bucks if you hit this shot. blame the jacket. and a miss. >> gamoke huts it on his first try. >> and doesn't hurt any of the furniture. congratulations. >> thank you. >> i got to go. >> amazing thing that you did twice. really awesome. >> as we go to break we want to show you recent replay of this
5:54 am
awesomeness. >> walk away. >> that's amazing. >> we'll be right back. >> good thing you didn't show mine. ♪ led to the one jobhing you always wanted. at university of phoenix, we believe every education- not just ours- should be built around the career that you want. imagine that.
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welcome back. a big weekend aye head for "saturday night live". let's check in with victor blackwell in atlanta for a look on what's coming up on "new day" tomorrow morning. why are we talking about sat night live. >> a big show for "saturday night live". snl is gearing up for a brand new show this weekend, and a brand new face. this lady. right here. her name is sashir zamada but
5:58 am
the fifth black female cast member ever on the show and why? what does she need to do to impress. we'll ask some fellow comedians. and christi paul will be there, i'll be there. you'll laugh and cry and learn something. feel good program of the year. 6:00 a.m. eastern right here on cnn. guys back to you. >> perfect way of summing it up. time for the good stuff. ready? this is all about a georgia's man flaincredible act of kindne. he had to make a court appearance in connection with the accident and no car. the courthouse was 29 miles away. on one of the coldest days of the year, 4 degrees e-walked 29 miles. it took him eight hours in the freezing cold. it was so cold officers at the court pulled their money to send him back to the shelter in a
5:59 am
cab. >> i couldn't let him walk that far. >> that's the good stuff all by itself. yet there's more. more people started stepping up when they heard the story. take a listen. >> for every mile you walked i'm going give you $100 so this is $3,000. hopefully this gets you started. >> thank you >> you're very welcome. >> why do this? >> for anybody with that much integrity, just had to help him. >> local businessman joe shapiro said he'll use the money to turn his life around. it's all thanks to doing the right thing and integrity. >> changed my life. definitely changed my life. >> what went through your mind? >> am i that crazy? i was like no i'm not crazy just dedicated. >> dedicated. a lot of times people put stick mass on the homeless. here's a guy who went above and
6:00 am
beyond to do the right thing. showed up on time. tried to get back on top and someone is helping him. a good end. >> a break what he needs. break that cycle. give him a little bit of help. >> right? >> there you have it. a lot of news this morning. let's get you over to the "newsroom" and miss carol costello. >> thanks. have a great weekend. "newsroom" starts now. good morning i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. it's been a painful and jarring wake up call for millions of americans, no such thing as privacy when a skilled hacker wants your secrets. target customers learned that lesson over the holidays in a massive security breach for as many as 110 million people. today there are new warnings and reports of possible ties to the russian mob. our phil black is in moscow reporting this morning the code


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