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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 17, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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amazing. wolf? >> you mentioned brian, the host of reliable sources. he will be broadcasting his program from sundance this sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. eastern. he is waving to all of us. he has a good show. we will look forward to that and more of your reports. thanks very much. i will be back at 5:00 eastern in "the situation room." newsroom continues right yow with brooke baldwin. >> wolf, thank you. i'm brooke baldwin. top of the hour. great to be with ow this friday. so, the president offered his answer today not only to us americans, but to people all-around the world who have rightly come to fear that the u.s. government knows way too much about us and can learn even more if it wants to. he didn't quite say it. other things reveal if they make
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a phone call. the super secret national security agency. a big moment this morning over at the justice department. the president is laying out changes designed to ensure that mass surveillance only gets used against the bad guys, the terrorists and the like. not against us. the president also signalled that he personally shares our worries that yes, he said he gets it. >> i would not be where i am today were it not for the courage of dissidents like dr. king who were spied upon by their own government. as president, a president who looks at intelligence every morning, i also can't help but be reminded that america must be vigilant in the face of threats. >> number one, he said if the government wants to check the records it collects, it's going
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to have to ask that secret intelligence court which the president wants to bolster with the privacy advocate. he wants to move out of the government's hands while making sure they are still accessible to law enforcement and the last one here, a huge deal. he said he wants to extend privacy rights enjoyed by citizens to everyone around the globe, especially hads of state who are frankly easy pickings for u.s. surveillance and none too thrilled about that. angela merkel's cell phone, for example. david is with me and ben ferguson as well. syndicated columnist and radio host and cnn political commentator. welcome back. >> afternoon. >> thank you. >> david, to you first. listening to the president today, are you satisfied with what the president laid out in terms of cherishing our privacy rights? >> i think it's a good thing that the president is actually speaking about this. i think a lot of the rhetoric he put out is important. it's important for people to
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hear that these are real concerns about privacy and about civil liberties. we have edward snowden the whistle blower to thank for that. the thing that was missing -- >> you have been critical of this, i was curious if you feel better. >> look, i think there needs to be acknowledgement that we are having the debate that the president said is valuable because of the whistle blower who brought out the information that prompted the debate. there was also on a policy level, i was troubled by the fact that while he is saying nice rhetoric, there is no end to meta data collection and surveillance. that's definitely a good thing, but the fundamental structure of the mass spying system is preserved. >> ben ferguson, if i heard the president right, he was also saying listen, i'm not necessarily the bad guy here. he said i'm not the threat. the threat comes from terrorists. i hear you laughing, but terrorists like guys like edward
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snowden who spill state secrets. snowden has not reacted himself. he still as we mentioned is hiding out in russia. you play this. this is the reaction we got from wikileaks. >> it's clear that the president would not be speaking were it not for the actions of edward snowden and whistle blowers before him. the whistle blowers have forced this president as being dragged, kicking and screaming to today's address. he has been reluctant to make any concrete reforms. what we see is kicking off the ball into the congressional grass and kicking it off into panels of lawyers that he will instruct to report back at some stage in the future. >> i don't know about the president kicking and screaming to do this today, but i think it
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is clear that what happens he would not be talking today and addressing the changes had it not been for edward snowden, no? >> he didn't want to have this discussion at all, if you look at when he was elected or reelected, he said the policies were unamerican. the policies of spying on americans had gone too far. the bush rogue administration was extremists that didn't care about the constitution and the same policies he attacked, not only is he using them, but bolstered and expanded them. he didn't want to be there today. >> you think he was kicking and screaming? >> i feel bad for him. he walked out and said these are awful and he became president and saw real threats. not only do we need these things, but need to make them bigger. the problem is his party doesn't like this. he is tough in this situation. what did he really say? he didn't change that much.
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the court is going to review this every several months. when was the last time they said no? can you find that? they don't say no very often. >> we will talk to jeff about the court. he had strong words about the court in the past and we are talking watch dogs and questions about who watches the watch dogs and here's my other question. i don't know if this is concerns among americans, but the point that the president made saying let's extent privacy rights so they shouldn't be worried the u.s. will be snooping on them. do you think that quells their worries? the angela merkels of the world and our friends? >> no, i don't think it quells their worries at all. it's good that the united states is having that discussion and that the head of the united states government is making that statement. i don't think it reassures them and i want to go back to a point about safety. let's have an honest discussion about safety. that's what the president hasn't
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had. there was a lot of talk about national security. we know that senators who evaluated classified information and the new america foundation put out a study of 225 terrorism cases. there is story after story after story where there is no evidence that the programs that were disclosed have stopped terrorism. >> was today not right for the administration. this is a super secret program and this was a very public way for the president to address this. >> again, i think it's good that the president is saying the rhetoric he is putting out there. >> i hear the word rhetoric is confusing. >> it's rhetoric and not necessarily a policy change. i think it is being answered. is the president putting out rhetoric that sounds like civil liberties protections to cement and solidify the apparatus and mass spying. >> hop in. >> here's the issue. if we have successes with this
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data, you don't get to go out there and celebrate the successes because it was a secret program and two, if you do actually have a success in an attack, you don't have the luxury of letting the bad guys know and you thwarted it, but you are following them because of the data you use. it's an unrealistic expectation to imply that the president should show us proof. >> the president's own nsa reform panel that had access to all of that information, they said there is no evidence whatsoever to say that the programs that were disclosed have thwarted terrorism or will thwart terrorism. >> the final word. gotta go. >> hold on. you can't be naive enough to think that every piece of information that they are using that is supposed to be top create when it is successful, they are going to come out and grandstand on it? that's not how the intelligence
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community works nor should it work that way. the president is in a tough spot. he wants to act like he is against the programs and understands how important they are and this idea that they said we are not going to spy on leaders. i hope we spy on leader fist they do something that is shady. to say we are no longer going to do this. what if we do need information from america's interests. we should be looking for the information because they are spying on us. all the other leaders, their countries are spying too. that's how the game works. >> as journalists, we will not leave it there. we are not finished with this. for now, thank you. now to new developments in the case of that autistic teenager who went missing back in october in new york city. that was the voice of vanessa
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fontaine. they are using her mother's voice hoping her autistic son who cannot communicate can recognize it and go home. police discovered body parts next to the east river in queens last night and they believe it may be that of her son. cnn's margaret conley is in new york with more on this. tell me as best you can what police found and why it could belong to the teenager. >> we are standing up river from the last place he was seen. there is a search going on behind us. a couple of big boats scouring the water and we have helicopters above us. to the left on the side of the bank, you can see a small boat about an hour ago. a burch of scuba divers boarded that and we are searching the water. they have been make trips back and forth. that's a little bit to the left.
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they found body parts and shoes. they were size 5 1/2 and air jordans, the same shoes he was last seen wearing and they found jeans that were a size 16 which is also a match to what he was last seen wearing. the body parts that were found in the water, they have been taken to the medical examiner's office. his lawyer has been down here all morning and we are just waiting to hear back to see what the results will be. >> and to think i imagine given what they found, this mother is involved in potentially identifying this, yes? >> yes, that's right. this morning the attorney said he talked to vanessa about 2:00 this morning when she got the call. it was a brief call and this morning she was going to head to police and provide her dna
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samples. his father has already provided his dna and they are on file. the police say it could be four to five days before we get results. >> from new york, thank you very much. coming up next, we are learning a lot more about the cyber hack impacting some 110 million target customers. here's the deal. this could be linked to russia and the u.s. government is warning countries to be on high alert. we will talk live to what you call these people ethical hacker. it sounds like an oxymoron to see how good it could get. ahead, exclusive details in the kendrick johnson case. the body was found rolled up in the gym mat a year ago and his organs removed and replaced with newspapers. now that part of the investigation is complete. what we learned, next. 're with h. and it always has been. but your erectile dysfunction - it could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use
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the entire state of california is in drought emergency and jerry brown is making that declaration. california is in the midst of the driest year on record. he asked all citizens to
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conserve 20% of its water use. state reservoirs are critically low and some have begun water rationing measures. want context of this, the nearly 1200 firefighters trying to contain what you are looking at. this is the colby fire. the san gabriel mountains and the flame spread from a camp fire. quickly spread to five homes. gone. nearly 2,000 acres burned. authorities arrested and charged three men they say are responsible. they are being held on $500,000 bail. back out along the fire lines, casey, there hasn't been a fire in the glen dora foothills since the late 60s. there is a lot of dry brush. how are the firefighters handling everything? >> they had a remarkable degree of success. continuing to use air drops as their main weapon to fight the
11:17 am
fire. both fixed wing aircraft and helicopter and we saw that being done yesterday. we see that continue all morning long. as they begin to get this fire more under control, crews are going around on foot using chain saws and other cutting devices to clear brush from around buildings that don't have roads around them or natural firebreaks to make sure that the embers from the fires and the hot spots continue to persist and don't spark something else up. that also is going on behind me over my right shoulder. you can see the smokey hillside a half hour ago. the hillside was on fire and we saw a line of firefighters guarding this wash here. to make sure the flame from the hillside jumped over into the wash and into this residential community right here that still remains under evacuation order. much better picture today than yesterday. still pockets of concern for the firefighters. >> i am looking at smoke over
11:18 am
one shoulder and homes over the other. you are in a different town talking to a family and i have the visual of all of them holding hands and praying and didn't want to leave their home. are people heeding the evacuation warnings? >> most people have. you are starting to see people trickle back into their neighborhoods. this morning firefighters and police allowed some residents to walk back into their neighborhoods. they don't allow cars back in because fire vehicles still need access to do their job. that's what residents are waiting for, the final straw when they can get their vehicles and possessions that they removed out of the homes back into their neighborhoods. they know at least it's safe for now. who knows down the road. if the drought conditions continue, they will be on watch for sometime. >> who knows if they are right. casey will stay in close contact. thank you.
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now to exclusive developments in the kendrick johnson case. the georgia teen was found dead in his high school gym a little more than a year ago. an investigation into who removed the dead teen's organs from his and replaced them with newspaper ended up with a big question mark. we will get to that in a moment, but first let me give you a look at the case where federal authorities were involved. here is victor blackwell. >> what happened to this teenage boy walking through this school gym. he is captured on surveillance camera and then disappears. >> there is a dead body here. >> kendrick johnson was found upside down in a rolled gym mat last january reaching for his shoe and got stuck and died. >> we found nothing to indicate this was anything other than a tragic accident. >> you can he was beaten. >> the story about the shoe they believe is a cover up and
11:20 am
question why sheriff diagnosis not collect or test potential evidence from the scene. >> we have questions about the kendrick johnson case. why not? >> our case is closed. >> kendrick a body was exhumed. his parents paid for an independent autopsy and the pathology found evidence of nonaccidental blunt force trauma to the neck. it's also what he did not find that shocked the family. >> organs. the heart, lung, liver, etc. they were not with the body. >> what was in the place of the organs? >> newspaper. >> after months of protest and demands for answers, an announcement by the u.s. department of justice. >> i am of the opinion that that exists for my office to conduct a formal review of the investigation surrounding the death of kendrick johnson. >> no matter who you are and how much money your parents have and
11:21 am
the color of your skin, everyone deserves justice. everyone. >> mr. blackwell will be all over this for a long, long time. a big question as to the organs and instead the body being stuffed with newspaper. >> this letter was sent to the johnson family and given to cnn where the only news agency has it. i want to separate the discussion with the organs and the newspaper. just to explain where everyone is, the georgia bureau of investigations conducted the first autopsy said they put the organs back into kendrick's body and closed it and sent it to the funeral home to prepare the body for burial. the funeral home said we never received the organs with the body. they go a step further. they said the organs were discarded by the georgia bureau of investigation because they were destroyed through a natural process. they never explained what the natural process is.
11:22 am
there was this three-month investigation in october. we now have the result of that investigation. let's put up just this element from the conclusion. it said the board exhausted all available investigative avenues at its disposal and no determination could be made whether the organization knows were transferred to the funeral establishment with the body. they had this investigator who worked for the services board and closed door meetings and discussions and after three months, no answer as to who is responsible and no action taken against the funeral home. >> the act that the newspapers, you saw black friday ads with newspapers stuffed into his body. that is perfectly legal? >> it is not a violation of the law. >> wow. >> it is not a violation. the funeral home never denied doing it although we spoke to experts in mortuary sciences and they never heard of it or say it's not in line with standard practices. the attorney for the funeral home spoke with us and i asked him about the newspaper.
11:23 am
he cited a 25-year-old embalming guy who suggests when the organs are absent, use saw dust or cotton. a newer version said do not use the saw dust. they eliminated that. here's the exchange with the attorney about those suggestions. watch. >> newspaper is not one of them. >> it is absolutely not, nor is it precluded as one type of foreign substance that may be introduced into a body for purposes of building it up for public display. >> the argument is just because they didn't list it, doesn't mean it shouldn't be used? >> that's a perfectly logical argument. >> is it your argument? >> indeed. >> the state said it's not a best practice to stuff a with newspaper. >> not a best practice? >> but not a violation of law. >> wow. >> there is one more element quickly. the funeral services board understands the shock value of that and they said that the
11:24 am
board may consider regulating that in the near future. there could be a law change here that is if the board actually takes up that as a possible consideration and change the law of what you can put inside a in georgia. >> as it pertains to kendrick johnson and his parents, no questions. >> true. >> a heart wrenching story. a father is in jail accused of shooting and killing his daughter. he says it was a mistake and he wants to attend her funeral. the girl's mom wants him there and the judge is weighing in with a controversial ruling. we will share that with you. the dallas buyer's club already has two golden globes, up for six oscars. a movie based on an aids patient working around the system to survive. back in the early 90s, the reporter broke the real story. stay here.
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. >> just about the bottom of the hour. six oscar nominations. two golden globes in the can.
11:28 am
the dallas buyer's club. about a texas man stricken with aids who finds a lucrative way to stay alive by any means necessary. >> this is my patient. you are treating these people? with what? >> lobotomies, anything but that poison you are hocking. >> i think the neck line is a little plunging. >> the whole purpose is to determine if it's helping people. >> you know there ain't no helping. >> doesn't mean i'm going to stop trying. >> this film garnered best acting and supporting actor nods. the story would not have made it had it not been for the man.
11:29 am
he found the mastermind behind this club. bill is joining me now. he teaches journalism at the university of texas. congrats and welcome. >> great to be with you. >> you were the to break the story in the early 90s. me the real life version of what you found. >> there were rumors in the aids movement, the aids underground that there was a pirate, this wild haired gun slinger guy in dallas, texas who was the king at smuggling in underground drugs. unarpproved drugs by the fda. in a lot of ways, there were other people trying to bring in the medicines that were unapproved they thought could help people. they couldn't go to the
11:30 am
government to get the drugs approved. ron had taken it to another level. he was a smuggler and he was a medicine smuggler and took more risks than anybody else. >> he takes risks and spilling secrets to you. you write this profile for the sunday paper and flash forward not too far after that, the screen writer here, craig bort on drives dallas and finds ron. when did you actually realize this was becoming a movie. >> i suppose at the time that the screen writer had contacted me. i heard from folks in los angeles, i guess they read the story and thought it would make a good screen play and probably made for information about ron and his world. i talked to ron in the late summer of 1992. i don't know that we got to be friends, but i talked to him quite a bit it was a lengthy
11:31 am
story and he was wary. he welcomed me in and i think what we realized is he was dying. he passed away very shortly after my story appeared and he was alternatively angry and material. he was accuse tori and defensive. at some level, he was rib rated by the fact that he was facing his mortality. he said i'm going to tell the story. i'm not going to live much longer and it's important that it's worth taking risks even doing something illegal. >> it's not quite anymore. here you have matthew playing ron and drop some 40 pounds for the role and does a stunning job. you knew ron. how did he do? >> the ron that i knew was not exactly like the ron that i have seen in the movie to be honest with you. when i met him, he was a suit and tie guy.
11:32 am
he was suggesting that he was running a business. he was again kind of open. when you went to visit his operation, it was like going to a pharmacy. there were bottles with strange labels and things you wouldn't know follows you were a pharmacist. it had the feeling of a strip shopping center vitamin business. he was also i think in some parts of the movie portrayed as homophobic. many of the customers were gay. there were a lot of folks in the community in dallas who felt that ron might be gay himself or bisexual. that i don't know. i often asked ron he alluded to having a girlfriend. i wanted to interview her and he had never brought her forward. those issues aside, my sense was that the filmmakers wanted to create a lesson and enduring. >> which was what? briefly. >> that it's worth standing up
11:33 am
again for government and against government rules. don't help the american people. >> it has clearly resonated with audiences across the country. will you be watching? >> i will absolutely be watching. >> thank you so much. coming up next, up to 110 million target customers hacked the department of homeland security and warning stores across the country. it could be linked to russia. we will talk about how big this can get and how worried you should be. stay here. but not energy or even my mood. that's when i talked with my doctor. he gave me some blood tests... showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% testosterone gel. the #1 prescribed topical testosterone replacement therapy increases testosterone when used daily. women and children should avoid contact with application sites. discontinue androgel and call your doctor if you see unexpected signs of early puberty in a child,
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. >> the u.s. government is warping hackering to be on alert. those who steal your information, information from millions of target customers may be using the same software at other stores across the country and i'm afraid it gets worse. there reports that the hackers could be tied to the russian mob. david kennedy is a consultant and hacker. david, this is quite a twist. we are talking connection to russia. if you are a target shoppers who
11:37 am
think the information was compromised with the reports that the hackers using this code from the russian mob, what are you thinking? who are these people? are. >> what the hackers were doing is they bought this code called the black pos or point of sale. you can buy it or give the hackers 50% of the profit. this is a big underground market where hackers are developing this code ask hit retailers to funnel it back. they are doing analysis on how it occurred. they traced it back through a couple of servers that connected back to russia. a lot of the coat and things like that were in russian as well. it's evident that it came from an organized crime unit in russia. the going rate for credit cards is about $1.50 for the cards being cold on the black mard. >> $1.50? that's it? >> that's it. your credit card out there is
11:38 am
getting 10e8d for $1.50. anywhere between 100 to 200 depending on how valuable they are. a lot of companies are scrutinizing the credit cards or the prices dipped down to about $1.50. >> if they are getting closesers and finding the criminal groups in russia, will they nail down who the individuals are? >> they may be able to get what group grabbed this software code, about i don't think they will find out who did it. it's hard to track back things to an individual. it's easy to be anonymous and cover your tracks. the fact that they got this far, i don't think they will be able to determine who did this. >> that doesn't make me feel better. then you have -- you have the security firm alerting law enforcement and banks.
11:39 am
isn't it too little, too late here? >> we don't know the extent of how many were breached. three additional were compromised, but that number will grow. they don't know if they are hacked or not. you may see large retail stores and bleeding into next year and have the same simple omts and the probl problems. >> am i just supposed to carry a ton of cash? that's not practical. >> i have a big bag of cash in my back right now. you can monitor your credit cards. that's a big deal. we are moving to a new technology. it's an old technology that everyone is using except for us called emv or smart cards. what happens is you insert your card into the point of sale and it's encrypted so the hackers can't get into it. the problem we have is that the u.s. economy hasn't moved to this technology that could have prevented this from the get go. the banks and the retailers are slow to implement this.
11:40 am
we will not see them from 2015 to 2020. >> emv cards? i will remember that. thank you very much. >> thank you so much. >> former crime boss whitey bulger is serving two life sentences for 11 murders. he didn't say a word during his two-month trial. up next, there is a new film that features recordings between whitey bulger and his attorney. recordings the public has never heard. you are about to hear some of them, next. first, i want a way to help minimize my blood sugar spikes. then, a way to support heart health. ♪ and let's not forget immune support. ♪ but now i have new glucerna advance with three benefits in one. including carbsteady ultra to help minimize blood sugar spikes. it's the best from glucerna. [ male announcer ] new glucerna advance. from the brand doctors recommend most. advancing nutrition for diabetes.
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11:43 am
. >> when i say the name whitey bulger, you think mobster, murderer, extortionist and informant. we heard so much about this man and rarely heard from him. until now in utah. in whitey, the united states of america versus james j bulger, the gangster who is serving two life sentences speaks for himself. >> a couple of things i wanted to ask you about. the first is that you told me since the first day i met you you never have been an inform act. >> that's correct. >> that means in your entire life?
11:44 am
>> never. as a teenager, i never cracked. i plead guilt tow free the girlfriend i was with. i got a 28-year prison sentence. in prison, i was part of the hacksaw blades and i spent months in the hole. i went through a lot there. after months of punishment, that was it. never, never cracked. joe, welcome back. first of all, i have to ask you, how the heck did you get your hands on the audio of whitey bulger himself. >> we spent a lot of time with the players and in particular we spent a lot of time with the
11:45 am
defense. we just basically gained their trust and i convinced the defense attorneys that we need to hear from whitey himself. i can't think of a contemporary figure like whitey bulger who had so much media attention. a dozen books, movies, shows and yet he never spoke for himself. i felt that was an essential ingredient to telling his story. >> the one word i read, he said almost this mythical creature because we had never heard from him. during this trial, we heard he was shouting at heim and the gu never testified. you listened to the audio. what was your take away from hearing his voice? >> so many things. many people hoped it would be a full airing of all the misdeeds that went on in boston, yet the
11:46 am
trial was a limited scope. hearing from whitey, this film does not purr port to say what whitey is saying is truthful because he said it, but we did not get a chance to hear from him and to hear from him now to talk about the fact that he was not an informant, for example. to deny something that people accept as fact is fascinating to hear his side of the story. this is not to condone any of the activities. the trial did not get at the larger web of experience that he alleges. i think it's important to get to the bottom of it. >> that's what too much of the thrust of your documentary is and of course you have this other layer. bulger talks about his girlfriend who is serving years in prison for helping him. they were busted living not too
11:47 am
far from the ocean in santa monica years back. let's listen to the piece. >> i never came in in 16 years. she said i hoped you never hurt anybody. my whole changed. becoming very, very human. i loved the woman intensely. when i was captured, i told my sister, please, you will see the crimes. innocent or guilty. he is going to execute me. i want you to be free and i meant it. right now, plead guilty and we will let her go free. i would do it. are this man, what he has done, loved this woman despite
11:48 am
it all. >> it was an amazing thing to hear. he was willing to give it all up if they would let her go free. again, we are not trying to condone this man, some of the his activities and it's fascinating to hear from the guy who has been the subject of so much media attention. to hear how much he loved the woman was fascinating. >> this is whitey, the united states of america versus james j. bulger. look forward to watching it. thank you so much. >> coming up next, a heart breaking story. a dad in jail accused of shootinging and killing his daughter. he said it was a mistake and he wants to go to her funeral. a judge is weighing in with a controversial ruling. the modem in tallinn, estonia and the southbound bus barreling down i-95. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of where every great idea begins.
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for every year of safe driving. which means you could save... a lot of benjamins. we put members first, because we don't have shareholders. join the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ . >> a father is being forbidden from attending his little girl's funeral. take a look at 11ier old shantee. she was having a slumber party with friends in her mother's house. her father brought a gun to the party and told the father to get out and leave. her father left and got really drunk and came back hours later. outside the house her father fired four wild shots into the air. one bullet pierced the second
11:52 am
story bedroom where she was hiding and landed in her chest. the father has pleaded not guilt tow reckless homicide. they wanted to upon help her say goodbye. a judge said no way. someone else might get shot because this is held in a rough neighborhood. they might bring guns to the funeral. sunny hostin joining me in new york and there a lot of layers to this one. do you think that was fair? >> i do. if someone is being held pending trial, a compassionate release for the day is up to the judge. it's not something that is randomly given. there is a balancing that needs to be done. you have to look at victims's issues. >> sorry that about the neighborhood? >> i think it was probably a bit about the neighborhood. a bit about security and i also think when you look at the history of this case which i
11:53 am
have done, this is a man who three 250i78s was charmed. three times the charges had to be dropped because she refused to come to trial and testify against him. we are not talking about someone that hasn't had activity with the law. when you have that kind of recipe, it's a recipe for dafter. the judge did the right thing because you can't continue to enable this violence. >> sunny hostin, thank you. cominger here, an ohio man executed with a drug combination never used before. it took dennis nearly 25 minutes to die. his kids call it torture. now that family is filing a lawsuit to stop all executions in ohio next hour. we will look at how their case could impact death penally in the u.s.
11:54 am
11:55 am
11:56 am
>> if your mother went on television and told you no, do not go for a special job, how would you respond? jeb bush is who i'm talking about. former governor of florida making jokes about his mother's latest verbal volley.
11:57 am
she hopes her eldest son does not run for president in 2016. >> i think this is a great american country. a great country. if we can't find more than two or three families to run for high office, that's silly. there great governors and great eligible people to run. i would hope that someone else would run. although there is no question in my mind that jeb is the best qualified person to run for president. but i hope he won't. >> she ends with that. jeb bush tweeted what date is mother's day this year? asking for a friend. jeb bush said he is considering a white house run. we will bring you in in washington. it's fun to watch the back and forth. what do you think is going on here? >> this is the second time he said this about her son running for president that he doesn't want him to do this.
11:58 am
that's interesting. what's more interesting for him if he decides to run or not is his immediate family. his wife is averse to politics and the anointed next bush in line is his son, george p. a lot of people talk about him as the bigger rising star. one consideration is do i want to get in the way of my son running for higher office. there has been a lot of buzz in the news today because chris cristy is facing problems and jeb bush playing in the same establishment lane in a republican primary and raises lots of money. putting aside donors and people in new york and washington and political operatives, there is not a lot of organic buzz when i travelled to primary states and talked to republicans, his name never comes up. he is seen as too moderate.
11:59 am
he has not run for office since 2002. think about how much the media landscape has changed in 12 years. it could garner a lot of buzz. aren't there more than two families who could garner support? we were talking about hillary clinton and can we get someone other than a clinton? do you think she has a point? >> she might. when i was in iowa talking to democrats, there were plenty who like hillary and there were plenty of republican wos like jeb bush, but there is an impulse in a party to look ahead to the next generation. we have seen this in many fights on the democratic side. barack obama beat her last time. there was a hunger to turn the page to a new generation. you see that among the grass roots right now.
12:00 pm
you definitely see that. >> thank you very much. >> thanks. >> we continue on. i'm brooke baldwin and we want to go to the controversial dose of lethal drugs to execute the man in ohio. we have new information and a major development. the state of ohio said it took nearly 25 minutes for dennis mcguire to die after the drugs were fuel-injected. we are also told it does not appear painless like lawyers had wanted and the family is filing a lawsuit. i want you to hear this. this is his son talking to reporters and he describes the horror of witnessing his father's execution. >> yesterday i watched the state of ohio kill my dad. i witnessed his execution along with my wife and my sister. it was difficult for me to talk
12:01 pm
about what happened. shortly after the warden buttoned his jacket to signal the start of the execution, my dad began gasping and struggling to breathe. i watched his stomach heave. i watched him try to sit up against the straps on the gurney. i watched him repeatedly clinch his fist and it appeared he was fighting for his by suffocating. the agony and terror of watching my dad suffer lasted more than 19 minutes. >> the words from the son. we were just talking about this yesterday making the point and listening executions are not pretty. to hear somewhere between 19 and 25 minutes to die, this lawsuit they filed, the state of ohio violated the cruel and unusual punishment of the constitution. >> that's right. as i said yesterday, it's going
12:02 pm
to be a close call because certainly the supreme court made it clear, you cannot execute someone in a cruel and unusual fashion, but we know that executions don't have to be necessarily pain-free. i think what the import of this is is people will be especially in ohio reexamining the death penalty and how do you put someone to death? when you look at the policy behind the death penalty, we know that support in the american public has really dropped. it's still about 60% and it has dropped. more importantly you see that it doesn't really send the message that many people think it sends. it's not a deterrent to crime. i don't think you can show people by murdering someone. at least in ohio and not murdering them by how you put people to death. this is an important step in
12:03 pm
that examination. 89 the family has filed this lawsuit. >> do you think the family can file a civil suit and could the state be forced to pay the family something? >> it's possible. we will see a lot of legal proceedings come from this especially with the 1983 action. you are seeing a family seeing these rights were violated. the constitutional rights were violated and we have been injured as a family. this is in fact sort of the start of that. you can get civil damages in a 1983 suit. we are going to see a lot more litigation and brooke, i think we will be talking about this. >> we will. we will follow that as well. thank you very much. let me move on and talk about west virginia. we have news here. the company that owns the facility where the chemical leak occurred are filing for bankruptcy. freedom industries filed for chapter 11 and the chemicals used in the clean coal spilled eight days ago near charleston
12:04 pm
and contaminating water from some 3 hundred helped,000 people. a short time ago, authorities lifted more do not use orders for thousands of customers. as a precaution, health officials advised pregnant women to keep drinking bottled water until further notice. we hope you caught it watching cnn today. the president of the united states offering an answer today not to us americans, but and they know way too much about us and can learn more if it wants to. even though he didn't say it here. the president's hand was forced by the shocking revelations of the man on the right side of your screen, edward snowden, the fugitive seeking asylum in russia who spilled the beans on the government. among other things. when revealing when you make a phone call, chances are good it goes into the records of the super secret national security
12:05 pm
agency, the nsa. the big moment this morning, the president at the department of justice laying out changes designed to ensure that mass surveillance only gets used against the bad guys and not against us. the president also signalled that he personally shares our worries that said he said he gets it. >> i would not be where i am if not for dissidents like dr. king who were spied upon by their government. as president who looks at intelligence every morning, i also can't help but be reminded that america must be vigilant in the face of threats. >> let me run through just a quick look at what the president said he wanted to do. number one, if the government wants to check the records it collects, it is going to have to ask that secret intelligence court which the president wants to bolster with the privacy advocate and move the records
12:06 pm
out of the government's hands while making sure they are accessible to law enforcement and extend privacy rights enjoyed by we the citizens here in the united states to everyone around the globe. especiallied hads eads of stateo are easy pickings. jeff is with me, our senior legal analyst and from washington, cnn's national security correspondent. let me begin with you. i remember talking about the fisa court. you did not mince words. this is the secret panel of judges that is supposed to ensure the government does not overreach on surveillance and it rubber stamps everything they asked for. do you think the president is putting some teeth into the court for us? this section was mysterious to tell you the truth.
12:07 pm
he said i want privacy advocates to have a role. it wasn't clear what role they would have and frankly given how secret those proceedings are and given how to expose secret operations to the court, will these advocates have access to all of the information that the court does. will they be like an opposing litigant or an outsider just sort of giving general advice? that was unclear, but certainly it's different from the situation now where this court only hears from the justice department. >> that's a mystery. we talked about the president trying to reassure our good friends around the world and we will not be spied upon unduly. let me play a sound byte. >> more over we cannot unilaterally disarm our
12:08 pm
intelligence. there is a reason blackberries are not allowed in the white house situation room. the intelligence of other countries including some who have surprise over the snowden disclosures are probing our government and private sector networks and accelerating programs to listen to the conversations and intercept our e-mails and compromise our systems. >> why, jim, do you think he did that? why did he call out people there? >> i think that was in a place like china and russia. this was a president who was apologizing for some things or explaining them and making clear on other things he was not going to apologize. one being right there saying we are still going to spy overseas because everyone does. we may have a national security interest in doing so. he set a limit saying on close allies and friends i am not longer going to spy on the
12:09 pm
leaders. >> think they believe him? >> they probably believe him. you are not going to spy on angela merkel, but you got her advisers and cabinet and government and government agencies. this kind of thing. it's a limit and an important one. it shows where the president will go with these changes and where he's not. jeff referred to another and he is going to ask congress. he will ask congress to appoint a panel of advocates, but in the language to pipe in on significant cases. not every case, but what are the significant cases? >> another mystery. it's a great plan. >> i thought the point jim was making about not spying, he said except in extraordinary circumstances. we are not going to spy on them unless we really want to know what they are talking about. >> why shouldn't we? i don't understand all this outrage about our spying on
12:10 pm
angela merkel. yes, we don't talk about it openly, but what is kidding whom? we spied since before world war ii. >> nsa existed before 9-11 and more thing. i want to get this in. if i heard the president right, he was saying i'm not the bad guy and i'm not the threat, but the threat comes from the terrorists and folks like edward snowden who spills secrets. does it strike you as extraordinary that he felt it necessary to send that message specifically? >> i think he was trying to draw a difficult line here which is that yes, there perhaps was overaggressive surveillance, but we need this. there terrorists and bad guys who use cell phones and gmail and we have to look at it. how you draw the line tweeze those two is what the controversy is all about and what the speech was about. >> go ahead.
12:11 pm
>> i was going to say, we talked about how that relates to foreign leaders. thing is key. you will need a finding to access this phone meta data and all the phone numbers and phone calls when they were taken. he's not going to end both collections that will continue under safeguards. they will need a finding to make a search. you may have a panel to argue on that court that will adjudicate the searches and the collection will still happen because he still believes there is a need for the national security. that's the bottom line. >> there is a lot going on today including this reporter from the "wall street journal" who left his home on saturday and went out for a walk and has not been seen since. his family said a story he was investigating may have something to do with his disappearance. also in california, jerry brown declaring a brought state of emergency, saying it is the worst they have seen in a century. we will tell you what they are doing about that. take a look at this.
12:12 pm
that is the mayor of a small town in north carolina dancing after being stopped by police for driving drunk. and she is still on the job. stay here.
12:13 pm
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12:15 pm
. new developments in the case of the autistic teen who disappeared in new york city in october. body parts have been found next to the east river in queens. police believe it could be that of the teen who went missing from his school in october. his mother desperately searching for him. he can't communicate verbally. she will provide her dna so they can determine whether the remains are that of her son. hundreds of volunteers and police are scouring the area of new jersey searching for this missing "wall street journal" reporter. he is 55-year-old david byrd, last seen leaving his home in new jerseyo saturday afternoon to go out for a walk. he hasn't been seen since. the mystery deepens because reports indicate his credit card was used in mexico wednesday
12:16 pm
night. it's unclear what that may mean. investigators are not commenting, but let me bring you in. you are following this for us today. first of all, what do we know about david byrd and what is his family saying? >> his family is desperate to find him. his disappearance makes no sense to them. for a 6th day, authorities and volunteers in the search for a 55-year-old "wall street journal" energy reporter are combing the area near his new jersey home and doing a water search of the river. byrd takes medication twice a day following a liver transplant nine years ago and his family is concerned about his condition without that medication. when he left for a quick walk on saturday afternoon, he didn't have the cell phone with him and they expected he would be right back. >> as well as can be expected under the circumstances. we are staying hopeful.
12:17 pm
obviously it's tense and stressful, but we are desperate to find david. we keep hoping, but we appreciate getting the word out to anyone with information. we are all heartbroken that this is going on for so long. >> you can hear the heart break in her voice. the "wall street journal" released a statement from managing editor who writes mr. bird is a long time member of the dow jones newsroom. our thoughts are with his family. he is a father of two, marathoner and avid biker. he walks and trains on the trails near their home. >> she an energy reporter for the "wall street journal." me about the story he was working on that could be of interest to police. >> brooke, as an energy reporter, he reported on opec, the petroleum exporting
12:18 pm
countries. some reported his family wondered if his disappearance could be connected to the work. his sister in law said they have no idea what could have led to his disappearance. this is credit card was used in mexico. at this point, investigators have not confirmed the use of the card. >> thank you. coming up next, to california we go. declaring a state of emergency not for the wildfires burning outside of los angeles, but for an drought. the mayor driving under the influence of alcohol, giving a little what shall we call this, an impromptu dance performance. she is still on the job and what her constituents are saying about that.
12:19 pm
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12:21 pm
. the hottest stories in a flash. first up, surveillance video of a gunman in the act of robbing a story. he ordered the security guard to
12:22 pm
the ground. he is heard saying they have ten seconds to hand over the cash or he was going to fire. he took the money and got away. she had only had two drinks is what she said, but according to police, the may are on of a town was slurring speech when they stopped her in june and she did not help her case with this. >> how much have you had to drink tonight? >> two drinks. a glaz of wine. . >> do you have a head injury or anything? >> then what? i turn around? a little disco? >> no jail for the mayor. she got probation for dui and still on the job as well. >> the sochi winter olympic games could be the most expensive olympic games ever. try to wrap your head around this figure. $50 billion. that's how a high cost ballooned
12:23 pm
there when russia won the bid to host the game. they estimated it cost more in the neighborhood of $12 billion and after russia built a lot of new hotels with venues and roads. california in a drought emergency. it is possible low in the midst of the driest year ever since reportings began. jerry brown is surge urging all citizens to curb water use by at least 20%. >> we are in an unprecedented very serious situation and people should pause and reflect on how dependent we are on the rain and nature and one another. i'm calling for a collaborative effort to restrain our water use. >> joining me now. the driest ever. >> l.a. had three inches of rain
12:24 pm
this year. 2013. not 2014, the whole water season. it's called lanada. an interesting term. it's not el nino and la nina. it's in the middle. they get nada. literally nada. folsom reservoir that splice sacramento is at 18% full. it's raining season and it's not raining. we are not getting anything. back in january of 2013, the state was in great shape. it was rainy and good. january and february, the rain stopped. the snow stopped and now we are in this severe to extreme drought across almost half of the state. that's what a lot of it looks like. 90% of the state right now in severe drought. 63% extreme which is one step up from there. burbank, california picked up in 2003 three inches of rain. slay four. now the driest year ever on
12:25 pm
record since they have been out there. they need a lot more. there should have been 20 inches of rain. now to oakland. they should have had about 24. you had four. calistoga 41. huh six. big sur is 44. you had seven. remember the big fires of big sur? 18%. 24%, 15% of normal. the rain is not happening. the snow is not happening and the state is under significant drought. red flag warnings and the fire we showed yesterday, they couldn't get the fire out. it wasn't even windy. everything was so dry. it wanted to burn. >> for the folks there in southern california with the fires and thank you. coming up next, the latest hack. target affected millions of people. there is a possible link to russian hackers. that group may be part of a bigger cyber attack. what else could be hit? also, in case you haven't heard.
12:26 pm
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. >> just about the 3w078 of the hour. the u.s. government is warping retailers to be on high alert. it turns out the hackers who used that malicious software to steal information from millions of target customers may be using the same software in other stores. it gets worse. there reports that they could be tied to the russian mob. here's christine romance. >> what they know is under wraps right nows teams sift through the clues. what we know is that homeland security is worried that this is not an isolated event. >> the u.s. government now warning retailers across the country to be on high alert. that massive attack on target over the holidays may have compromised the personal information of up to 110 million customers. it could be just the beginning.
12:30 pm
in a brand-new bulletin, the department of homeland security revealed that target may not have been alone, but the malicious software as potentially infected a large number of operations and for the first time, they are detailing how the hackers pulled off one of the biggest data heists ever. >> now with the new information from retailers have been breached, that number could potentially double in the next couple of weeks. >> here's how they did it. according to i cyber firm called eyesight who contributed, they used highly sophisticated and nearly undefectable mall wear that is placed in a company's system to corrupt point of sale systems. that means the register itself, your information was being grabbed. eyesight said many repail organizations may not know they have been infected.
12:31 pm
the software infests systems allowing the hackers to manipulate the mall wear from outside. it's using new technology that makes it undetectible by all security software. >> it's unknown and 1 that they haven't seen before. >> who are the tackers? there clues. part is written in russian. the "wall street journal" cites an unnamed u.s. official who said the details suggest the attack may have ties to organized crime from the former so f soviet union. in a new e-mail to customers, they said the cyber attack stole more than pin numbers. it stole names and mailing addresses and phone numbers and e-mail address as well. >> consumers need to be aware right now paying a very close attention to their statements. you can check the statements on line every day. >> target will testify before
12:32 pm
congress in february. no federal laws exist for how they must report the breeches to customers and law enforcement. the objective will be on how customer can protect themselves. brooke? >> thank you. have you heard about who is 50 and fabulous today? check her out. poking fun at her age. she tweeted this. ecstatic to join barack in the 50 plus club. check out my aarp card. throwing a big bash at the white house. rumor has it beyonce will be singing happy birthday. just a short time ago, i got to sit down with my fabulous colleague who wrote this opinion piece on she said articles about women turning the big 5-0, they get under her skin. here's our conversation. >> i love this in your op ed. i never think about being 50 until i read articles either
12:33 pm
informing me i can still be sexy at 50 if i do a little something something or become a proud cougar and date a younger man. are we to blame for this? who is to blame for making this an issue. are we society as we grow older and why aren't we talking about men? why aren't we saying are you into yoga? do you like botox? >> when president obama turned 50, no one asked him to pump up his cheeks and stop playing basketball. >> double standard. >> i must say a lot of the colors that i read about women who can still be sexy at 50 are written by women. that disturbs me. >> shame on them? >> shame on them. why do we have to to be sexy at 50 or 40. why do we have to be sexy at all? it's great if you are, right? but as a professional woman, don't you want to be known more for what's up here than what's down there?
12:34 pm
then there is all of this pressure to continue being a sexual being. helen miran. doesn't she look sexy at 60. >> you care about being attractive. healthy. and you are. >> i take care of myself because that way you can live a better life. i care about the way i look because it's important. it sends out the right self image and something i want to project. i don't get filler shots in my face and botox. i was 30 once and it was great and a lot easier. it was easier looking good at 30 than at 50. i will never be 30 again and i will never look 30 again. i'm serious about this.
12:35 pm
i want somebody to be interested in me and when you turn 50, people pay more attention to what you are saying frankly. >> amen to that and final question to you sings you brought it up. what would you at 50 something your 30 something self. one piece of advice. >> oh, my god. eat. it's not a bad thing to be bad skinny. it's not true. eat and enjoy your life. eat healthy and adopt a healthy lifestyle. >> to quote you at the end of the piece, you go, girl. thank you very much. love her. love her. also tonight, make sure you tune in to a special extraordinary journey. michelle obama turns 50 and airs at 10:00 and gives you a unique view from the southside of chicago to the white house. >> there is no crying in
12:36 pm
football. what about pee wee football? a new show focuses on 8 and 9-year-old player who is show no mercy on the field. it's called friday night tykes and some are slamming the no holdings barred approach to pee wee football. hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain.
12:37 pm
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12:39 pm
heat and the yelling. i'm not talking about the nfl, but the texas youth football association. these are 8-year-olds and 9-year-olds starring in a new reality show and what you see on the show, you will understand why one advocate calls it in a word, horrifying. pair you have the opportunity to rip their fricking head off. if i cut them with a knife, they are going to bleed red just like you. you go out there and you play junior bronco football and you can do it. if you believe in yourself you can do whatever it is you want to do in life. do it now. do you understand? >> yes, sir! >> this is the texas youth football association. one of the elite football leagues for kids in america. and the 8 and 9-year-old rookie division features the best of the best.
12:40 pm
>> there should be no reason. i could care less if they cry. >> they demand commitment. >> this is where you earn. >> sacrifice. and intensity. >> you can do this. you are stronger than this. >> it's hard. >> we come out screaming and yelling. >> five rivals. >> we have a fight! >> only one can win. >> you are so worried about winning that you are not playing. >> i don't care how much pain you necessary. >> if that kid comes across, put it in your helmet, do you understand? >> jaw back up. they say it's authentic and we believe it brings up questions about parenting and safety and we encourage americans to watch, debate, and discuss the issues. so we will.
12:41 pm
with chief medical correspondent sanjay gupta and former nfl player. guys, welcome. >> thank you. >> i was watching your face as we were watching that. you focus on friday night tykes tomorrow. when i heard, i wrote down what the coach was saying. if i cut them with a knife, they will bleed. that's 8 and 9-year-olds. >> i had the same reaction you did. just about everybody does. i want to get to the explanation if you will from the parents who put her son in this league. the broncos. you heard about that team. her name is lisa. is this just too much? here's what he said. >> it is an intense activity and our kids pushed themselves because they have potential for greatness. for our family and colby specifically, we felt he was not being challenged where he was so we wanted to put him in a place where he could grow as an
12:42 pm
individual and work on the skills. >> we had a lot of back and forth. she went on to say i don't want my son to be in the everybody gets a trophy league. that's something i heard from a lot of parents. this is the alternative that she has been offered and it's hard core. her son was one of the ones that was hit and vomited after he got hit. that's something that anybody would worry about. >> i want to get to the medical ramifications in a minute. react to what you saw and also just help us understand. this is texas football. even this big. >> these coaches and the parents who condone this behavior are not ignorant. they are evil. no question after watching the clips that those coaches are ego individual who is care more about wins and losses and their own reputation than about the well being of the kids. this needs to stop and change.
12:43 pm
they say it's authentic and he said this is representative of what's happening. that was shocking. >> the kids saying i want to play and the parents say i want you to play and be challenged. is that how it works? >> these are young kids. they are impressionable and you have the parents as you heard. >> can you get your bell rung at 8? >> absolutely. >> absolutely you can. probably you are worse off that young in your formative stages of your life. the thing about this is where are the parents? you talk about the leadership. >> we saw one. >> this is a form of neglect and abuse. if you subject your children -- >> not according to that mom who said she wanted her kid challenged. >> how is it different subjecting her child to that
12:44 pm
behavior and poor techniques. the possibility of experiencing death. >> what are does it do? >> first of all, it's probably worse this children than adults. you are creating the injuries to the brain. a concussion is a brain injury. that's what it is. you call it that, your perspective changes. you can call it problems and bleeding in and around the brain. you can have long-term problems. i don't know what the regulations are specifically in terms of letting them return to play. those would qualify as significant blows to the head. the point i talked about is in many ways, we are moving in a better direction. this sense to take it backwards, that was concerning. >> you are the living dream of so many of these kids. you played on the fields as a professional. did you do this as a kid or anything near that? >> i was blessed to have good
12:45 pm
coaches. great role models who caught sportsmanship. i didn't hear a word that symbolized sportsmanship. there is a right way and a wrong way to lead. i implore the nfl to get involved with texas youth football association. i implore them to put a stop ta that behavior and put an end to that leadership. the tackling techniques being imposed on the young change. >> i will be interested to see if the nfl gets involved. thank you very much. on saturday and sunday, 7:30 in the morning here on c, this n. thanks, guys, very much. news for snapshot fans for anyone that is not for work here. some use it as an ap that has been spammed with porn.
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we still run into problems. that's why liberty mutual insurance offers accident forgiveness if you qualify, and new car replacement, standard with our auto policies. so call liberty mutual at... today. and if you switch, you could save up to $423. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? . >> yesterday we talked about a big name producer and taking down the nra and the gun industry. harvey winestein produced successful movies and pulp fiction and the king's speech. during the conversation he said he plans to produce a movie.
12:49 pm
about an hour into the clip to take the issue of gun control head on. we had a couple of plans and if he could make a difference in gun violence. we go on to people. we talk to a person at the center of american progress. each were making claims about statistics and total transparency, i don't have the data in front of me. i couldn't correct them and the nuance on the fly. we wanted to take a moment and find the truth. it's important for us to get you the information to fact check our guest's statements. first, here's what they said. >> the issue is who is going to say it. the numbers of nra are not going to see it.
12:50 pm
>> the members are not nra. the reason is not because the members have been doing and emily is wrong when she says that gun violence leads to -- >> name one. >> for the ten states with the strongest gun laws in the court, if you compare that to the ten states with the weakest gun laws in the country, you see gun deaths that are half, half the rate of gun deaths in those ten states. >> cite where you're getting that information. >> that's a report that i wrote and published last year and you can find it on the website of the center for american progress. >> so this is your own information and your own organization. >> it was published in "the new york times" as well. >> the cdc is the government research, the government arm, the centers for disease control did -- so you're saying you're correct and the government is wrong and you're correct. that's fine. >> no. we use the government data along with looking at gun laws and the
12:51 pm
correlations between strong gun laws and lower gun debt and there's a very strong correlation. >> okay. so a couple of things here. you heard gurney say that the ten states with the strongest gun laws have about half of the gun deaths compared to the states with the weakest gun laws. we checked and he correctly cited the study published by his group in april of last year. it was based on data from a number of organizations, including the cdc. you heard emily miller and she cited a cdc study of firearm laws and said that information did not correlate with research. take a look at this. because a 2003 review conducted by a task force found insufficient evidence to determine effectiveness of gun laws and reducing gun violence and called for further research and fbi figures show homicides
12:52 pm
went down from 17,075 to 12, this. we wanted to make sure that you had the full information. let me move on here. breaking news. at least one person has been injured at a philadelphia charter high school after shots were reportedly fired from outside the school through the school window. that information we're getting from a representative of the philadelphia fire department telling cnn. we also know at least one person is being taken from delaware charter valley high school to a hospital. injuries at this point unknown. obviously we're working this one to get more information and as soon as we get it we'll pass it along to cnn. another shooting at a school. coming up, one of the earthquakes of the centuries happens as a new mom goes into labor. her husband rushes her to hospital in the middle of the night. there are fires, flooded streets, powerful aftershocks. this actually happened.
12:53 pm
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now we have some pictures. let's show those live pictures if we have them. we can show you at least one person. let me be clear, one person has
12:56 pm
been injured and this philadelphia charter high school, this is the delaware valley high school injured after shots were reportedly fired from outside the school through a school window. that's what we're getting from this person with philadelphia fire. at least one person is being taken to the hospital. injuries at this point unknown. obviously a lot of question marks as we're making phone calls. as soon as we get more information at this philadelphia charter school, we'll pass it on to you. so stay with us. the nation's costliest earthquake struck 20 years ago today in southern california. the 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit in the wee hours of the morning. nearly 60 people died, thousands more were injured. and on this 20th anniversary, an ironically rude twist. people woke up to a 2.6 earthquake five miles north of
12:57 pm
hollywood. it was a series of several quakes in ten days and many southern californians cannot forget what happened in the san fernando two decades ago. particularly, one woman who was pregnant at the time and went into labor in the middle of the earthquake and stephanie elam spoke with her. >> reporter: imagine seeing this as you're rushing to the hospital to give birth. >> we just saw flames. >> reporter: the morning a 6.7 earthquake rocked los angeles. eight days overdue, peggy was awake counting contractions. >> it sounded like a train was coming. i got on my hands and knees on the floor. i was crawling through glass. >> reporter: were you all caught up? >> adrenaline was going through me like crazy.
12:58 pm
>> reporter: they were driving through these flooded streets. the only light, fire erupting from broken gas lines. >> these big flames that we had to drive through and it was just so surreal. >> reporter: at the hospital, they were told to hunker down in a storage room. >> the one thing you said to me is, am i going to make it? and i lied through my teeth, of course you will. >> reporter: the hospital was unsafe and they had to evacuate. >> there was a collapse. >> reporter: now during the daylight, their doctor was searching for a hospital. >> we were seeing more and more destruction everywhere we were going. >> reporter: there were no more beds. >> i looked at him and said, i have them on the floor. i don't care.
12:59 pm
>> i was really worried. >> reporter: after his parents were shaken from bed, ryan don hugh was born. he's still awe struck what his parents endured. >> that's insane, going through child birth or anything like that, it had to be absolutely mind blowing. >> reporter: and if there's another big one, peggy has a plan. >> i would want to go to the hospital and see if there were any women knowing that i could relate to what they are going through. >> reporter: stephanie elam, cnn, los angeles. and finally here, the woman ticketed for driving while wearing google glasses is let go. cecelia adabie was found not guilty for wearing the high-tech device. the judge dropped the charges because the police could not prove that it was turned on when she was pulled over.
1:00 pm
the ruling does not mean it's legal to turn on your google glass and drive. make sure you stay with us here at cnn as i'm sure jake tapper will have more on the shooting outside of this charter high school in philadelphia. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. "the lead" starts right now. is edward snowden permitting himself a smile somewhere in the single digit temps of russia? i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." forced by nsa leak source edward snowden, today president obama is changing the privacy changes. the politics lead. two bushes in the office are plenty. i'm paraphrasing the woman one calls wife and the other one calls mom. first lady barbara bush not too keen on her son jeb running