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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  January 17, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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legal to turn on your google glass and drive. make sure you stay with us here at cnn as i'm sure jake tapper will have more on the shooting outside of this charter high school in philadelphia. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. "the lead" starts right now. is edward snowden permitting himself a smile somewhere in the single digit temps of russia? i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." forced by nsa leak source edward snowden, today president obama is changing the privacy changes. the politics lead. two bushes in the office are plenty. i'm paraphrasing the woman one calls wife and the other one calls mom. first lady barbara bush not too keen on her son jeb running in
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2016. and the pop culture lead. you can blame "sex in the city" but is a risk of a shortened life span another? for one group of viewers it's kind of a mr. big deal. good afternoon, everyone. we're beginning with breaking news coming out of philadelphia after a week full of shootings, authorities tell cnn that at least two students are hurt after fires were shot at the high school in philly. they also tell us that the shots may have come from outside the school through a window. police are on the scene right now. we will, of course, monitor the situation and bring you more information as it develops. turning to the national league, you were never supposed to know that the government was collecting your phone records and putting them in a massive database. it was built in secret, operated in secret and it likely would have been secret had edward snowden not leaked it to the world. now with the cat well out of the
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bag and coughing up air balls, the president is ordering changes to the way that the american government spies. he announced a number of changes done under sanctions 215 of the patriot act. >> i have directed the attorney general to work with the foreign intelligence surveillance court so that during this transition period the database can be queried only after a judicial finding or in the case of a true emergency. step two, i've instructed the intelligence community and the attorney general to use this transition period to develop options for a new approach that can match the capabilities and fill the gaps that the section 215 program was designed to address without the government holding this metadata itself. >> so let me try to translate that for you from president. up until now, analysts could
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pull up your number if they had suspicion. now they will have to ask the foreign commission. also, the president saying he'd like to move control of the nsa phone record database from the government to a third party. he's giving his advisers 60 days. the controls on who can use it are supposed to be tighter. other proposed changes, unless there are security concerns, president called on congress to create an independent panel of advocates to weigh in on cases and says the white house will appoint a senior official to implement these changes. now, if it weren't for the man whom the president once dismissed as nothing more than a, quote, hacker, edward snowden, it's highly unlikely president obama would have gone before the american public and ordered changes to these spying programs because we would not have even known they existed. snowden is presumably still in
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temporary asylum with felony charges waiting for him back at home. and the data he stole is still being used to break scoop after scoop after scoop. just yesterday, the guardian newspaper -- let's bring in glenn greenwald with first look media. he was the first to use information given to him by snowden and glenn has a book coming out called "no place to hide." glenn, thanks for being here. let's get right to it. the president announcing five reforms. perhaps the most notable, one has to do with bulk phone call collections. section 215. this collection of metadata is going to continue. it's just a third party may be involved with the database. here's why president obama argues this collection needs to be stored. >> the program grew out of the desire to address a gap
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identified after 9/11. one of the hijackers made a phone call from san diego to a known al qaeda safe house in yemen. nsa saw that call. but it could not see that the call was coming from an individual already in the united states. >> so the president argues, glenn, that the data is used to map the communications of terrorists so law enforcement can see who they may be in contact with and see it as quickly as possible. if it's stored somewhere else, does it make sense? >> along with the statement that he just made, they are completely contradicted by anyone who has looked at that question beginning with his own lighthouse panel as well as a judge that has said that there is zero evidence, zero, that the metadata program is not effective in stopping terrorist plots as well as leading experts in al qaeda, such as lawrence wright and peter bergen, both of
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whom said that this would have helped stop 9/11 which is ludicrous because the government had all of the data that they needed to stop the program which means collecting more makes it harder to stop terrorism problems. i think the real question is, should the government in any form, no matter who is holding it, be forcing the retention of all of our phone data, even though we are law-abiding citizens. the question of who holds it is a trivial one. why should the government be keeping this data on us at all? >> i guess the counterargument would be, if they had been able to map that call to that known al qaeda operative and seen that individual who placed the call was physically in the united states, maybe something would have been different. >> but jake, nobody in the debate at all is opposed to targeted surveillance, meaning taking the people for whom
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there's evidence to place them under very careful surveillance. the question really is what kind of value do we have as a country? we could eliminate all sorts of crimes like rape, kidnapping, pedophilia, if we do away with the requirement that police officers first get a search warrant before entering our house. or the government put video cameras in all of our homes and offices and watch what we are doing all the time. we make the choice that we'd rather not do that because we'd rather live with a greater risk of crime than let the government invade our privacy. there's a half a percent chance is hardly a reason to do this ubiquitus surveillance program. >> take a listen. >> the men and women of the nsa know that if another 9/11 occurs, they will be asked by the congress and media why they
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failed to connect the dots. >> that's true, isn't it? >> this is just fearmongering. if you go back to the statements from the bush officials who president obama used to routinely mock, they would say the same thing. our responsibility is to keep everyone safe. if we don't do this, we're going to be criticized. if you're a leader, you don't govern in fear. oh, miy god, i need to do this because if i don't, people might criticize me in the future. no, i don't think the americans are ever going to turn to the united states and say why didn't you increase the powers of the nsa. all americans clearly want serious reform and that's what i think democratic leaders in a democracy ought to be responding to. >> glenn, lastly. i don't know if you've heard from ed snowden since the president's speech. but if you have, tell us about it and, if not, i know you do communicate with him on occasion. has he gotten any measure of satisfaction from the fact that
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the president is being forced to address this, make some changes? >> you know, i'll let him speak for himself through his representatives but what i will say is i speak with him regularly. he's been incredibly gratified by the debate not only in the united states but around the world. it's been obviously triggered exclusively by the courageous whistle blowing that he's done, by the seriousness of which governments and populations around the world have taken this debate and the very bipartisan movement in the u.s. government. there are not very many movements but to impose real limits on what the government can do to our privacy and he's extremely gratified and proud by the role that he's played in triggering that debate. >> thank you so much for your time. >> thanks, jake. members of congress were in the room today to listen to president obama's remarks. patrick leahy snapped some pics
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the old-fashion way, with a huge camera. peter king sat behind nsa director general keith alexander. he joins me now from new york. congressman king, thank you for joining me. glenn greenwald has been critical of the nsa programs and says there is no evidence that the metadata program is effective. what's your response? >> first of all, i entirely disagree with glenn greenwald and i have no respect for him or his accomplice, edward snowden. i don't think -- the key take away from the president's speech is that the country is going to remain in tact. i don't think any changes were called for but the fact is the ones that the president made today are really minimal. first of all, as glenn greenwald complained, the program is going to continue and the person who said that it should go to a shi third party but didn't say whom
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because he recommended the phone companies and the private sector doesn't want it. i don't know who that third party would be. and to me, more efficient within the government or set up an apparatus, how it's going to be done. as long as the nsa can move quickly to protect us, that's all that is necessary, that the data was there and the nsa is able to move quickly. >> congressman, i understand that one argument is, you never know when we might need this data. but can you point to any time when the metadata led us to an attack? >> the subway attack in 2009 in new york, it was under section 702 of the nsa was able to first find out that he was in contact and going to carry out the attack but then under section
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215 c they were able to find out his accomplice and that person is now doing a life sentence. so what it is able to do is part of the mosaic. it can take information and then you can drill it down. we found out who else was involved in that plot because specifically of 215c which is mom mess stick and 702 which is foreign. again, the significance of what has only come out in the last couple of weeks is there has not been one abuse of all of the documents that snowden has released and all of the talk on the front pages of the newspapers, there has not been one abuse of the nsa or by the nsa that's been -- that anyone has found. and i don't think that's very significant. with all of the billions pieces of data that they have, not one abuse and also we have not been attacked in 12 years. so i really wonder why people like snowden and greenwald and others of the congress and
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senate are so intent on making the nsa the enemy when all they are doing is trying to protect us and doing it within the strictest constitutional guidelines. >> wasn't there an example from an nsa inspector general report where individuals were using some of the surveillance methods to spy on ex-girlfriends, ex-wives, that sort of thing? >> there were five or six people and people were spying on girlfriends and other employees. when you take any police department, you take any government agency, you take any private corporation and if if you can't find five or six incidents over the years where somebody has abused their power, that's one thing. but here's a case where nothing was done to the general public, nothing done politically, nobody is going to be perfect. the fact is, there's been no abuse of the public. there's been no attempt to use this for political reasons and i would stack that record against
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any other entity. >> congressman peter king, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. breaking news we're monitoring in philadelphia where at least two students have been injured in a shooting at the delaware valley charter high school. police say they do not currently have an active shooter situation there. authorities have indicated to cnn the shots may, i emphasize may have come through a window from outside the school. the injured students may have been taken to the hospital. no word on their condition. police are asking their parents not to rush to the school to pick up their children. we are keeping a close eye on this story. we'll continue to take you back to philadelphia as more information is known. coming up, it's the company responsible for the chemical leak that contaminated water for hundreds of thousands of people. could they get away without having to pay for it? plus, students, faculty, and alumni asking a lot of questions over our investigation over the high number of college athletes who are reading at an elementary school level. now the university of north carolina is responding to
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chemical leaked into a water supply in west virginia. 300,000 people were warned not to use their tap water. don't drink in it, bathe in it. the order has been lifted for all but 80,000 west virginians. time now from steubenville to california, we hear all too often about indicateses of sex allegations that lead to alleged victims being victimized all over again by cyber bullies. the parents of a california teenager who committed suicide a week after her assault, their daughter, audrey pott, was only 15 when she was assaulted by three boys. pictures of audrey with lewd comments were spread around on text messages. she was hounded at school and social media and eventually she hanged herself. the boys who assaulted her
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served a maximum 45 days. they are pushing for audrey's law. they are also suing the three teenagers involved in the assault, blaming them for audrey's suicide. cases like this have also sparked a separate movement where online vigilantes go over those sex assault suspects in an attempt to punish them in a way that the law won't by publicly shaming them or hacking their media accounts. there is an article coming out this sunday called "online avengers" which asks whether these risks becoming bullying themselves. joining me is the author, emily bass. she got to know the activists and learn a lot about what makes them tick. how long did this movement get started? >> it really got started in response to some of these cases in the last couple of years of
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girls who say they were sexually assaulted and then humiliated by images that were circulating online. so the internet for them was part of the problem and then people who were activists on the internet wanted to also use social media to try to help these girls. >> give us an example. have they been able to make a difference? >> they have. there is a case of a girl in nova scotia who very sadly committed suicide after she alleged sexual assault and these compromising photos and the police took a year, investigated, said they weren't going to bring any charges. then, some activists started really picking up a fuss online from the hacker group anonymous and new evidence surfaced in the case and the police and prosecutors changed their mind and eventually brought charges against two boys. >> so run through -- i mean, what is interesting is while these groups have gained some
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notoriety and respect and sometimes families even plead for the help of these groups, you say that the members are just 20 somethings looking for a sense of community. >> right. so these are people who get to know each other online. usually they have never met in life, although they feel like their online ties are strong ties and internet action and using a mantel of that group and nobody knows who they are and they become important to them. >> do they ever cross the line, ever become bullies themselves? do they ever pick the wrong targets? >> you know, i think in some -- yes, all of those things can be true. i mean, we're talking about something that is totally
1:22 pm
separate from an institution. there's no accountability, no one can tell anonymous to step off. so because there's no control of them, yes, sometimes they have accused innocent people and my own sense, based on my reporting, is that it's really case by case. some of them have been really responsible and careful and others much less so. you just can't really tell what you're dealing with, even as it is unfolding. >> as you learned more about this movement, what surprised you the most? >> you know, i was struck by how deeply people felt connected to each other by relationships that are entirely online. where people have never met, they live in different countries and yet their online reality is often more important to them than anything that is happening in their boring day jobs. and that idea that you would have this second life on the internet, that's something that did surprise me. >> it's a fascinating story. it's in the sunday "new york times" magazine. it's online right now.
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emily, thank you so much. >> thanks so much for having me. when we come back, as the clock ticks down, vladimir putin has a warning for gay athletes traveling to sochi. barbara bush says she hopes jeb bush will not be running for president in 2016. why jeb bush might or might not listen to his mother's advice, coming up. and bought a prius. so this time around we were able to do some research and we ended up getting a ford... which we love. it's been a wonderful switch. it has everything that you could want in a car. it's the most fun to drive... because it's the most hi tech inside... i think this c-max can run circles around the prius... the biggest difference would definitely be the acceleration of the car... if you can get someone to test-drive a c-max... they would end up buying this more times than not.
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welcome back to "the lead". time now for our world lead. we are, of course, inching towards the winter olympics in sochi.
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vladimir putin was asked about his attitude towards gays. >> we do not ban anyone or anything. we don't detain people on the streets. we don't hold anyone responsible for those relations, unlike a lot of other countries in the world. that's why you can feel free, relaxed. but leave children in peace, please. >> let's bring in cnn senior international correspondent nic robertson, who is in sochi. is anyone over there surprised about president putin's comments? >> reporter: not really. there is an upsurge in attacks against homosexuals. some people blame president putin for this idea of conflating homosexuality with pedophilia. >> and we're less than three
1:28 pm
weeks away from the olympics, nic. what's the security like over there? how are they preparing? >> reporter: you know, it's really tight. it's so tight now this airport that they built here, that they upgraded and built a brand-new carport right in front of it, guess what, it's so secure you can't park cars in that carport. nobody can find the right roads to drive in and out of the airport. there are police on almost every sort of traffic turn on the major highways here. everywhere you look people are trying to finish off the sort of building work here amidst the heightened security. we had to walk a quarter of a mile after not being allowed to take our camera equipment into our hotel last night. security was so tight we weren't even allowed to take our camera to a hotel. we had to walk a quarter mile once we had gone through the security clearance. so it's getting really tight, even blips put up in the sky with the high visibility,
1:29 pm
cameras with strong lenses on them to kind of scope out the ground, make sure there are no threats or action on the ground. it's really stepped up. you feel it and you see it here, jake. >> nic robertson, thank you so much. we want to take you back to some aerials of the site of the school shooting in philadelphia. that is footage from kyw. two students were shot@high school. one of the victims was a male, the other a female police believed that the shots may -- i emphasize may have come from outside the school, not from in. police have been asking for the shooter to turn himself in. they recently gave a brief press conference asking for whomever the shooter is to turn themselves in.
1:30 pm
we want to bring in jason carroll from cnn. he will be with us in a second but he's not ready quite yet so we'll take a quick break. when we come back, more on the school shooting. and also, one person has had enough of bushes in the white house. and she is a bush. barbara bush. not a fan of her son jeb running for president. plus, sure, jimmy should have sold a few more shoes for an uptick in cosmo sales but "sex in the city" had an uptick in women's health. that's next. ...and the little room above the strip mall off roble avenue. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of where every great idea begins. and of those who believed they had the power to do more. dell is honored to be part of some of the world's great stories. that began much the same way ours did. in a little dorm room -- 2713. ♪ this magic moment
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1:34 pm
the shooting actually taking place at 3:29, taking place inside the gym there at albert einstein -- excuse me. not albert einstein medical center. that's the hospital where the students were taken. delaware charter valley high school. you can see where the police are searching for the shooter. just at about 3:29 p.m. as students were gathered there in a gym at the high school, that's when the shooter apparently opened fire. two students shot. a 15-year-old girl, a 15-year-old boy. i'm told that their injuries are not life threatening. there were some reports that the young man and woman were shot in the arm and their injuries were again nonlife threatening. police also say that they do not have an active shooter situation, which would lead me
1:35 pm
to believe that at this point, based on the active search going on there at the school, that the shooter may not be on the campus at this point but has escaped somewhere into the area. that's why you have police helicopters, other helicopters in the area searching for the shooter at this particular point. once again, the police telling me that they will be looking at surveillance video at the school to try to help them with their investigation but, once again, just to recap, two students shot taking place at the gym. the 15-year-old boy and 16-year-old girl taken to albert einstein medical center. fortunately, for those students the medical facility is not located far from the high school, located just about a block north of the high school. once again, an active search going on for the shooter. jake? >> jason carroll, thank you so much. of course, the police have asked the shooter to turn himself in
1:36 pm
as has been noted on the show. jason, we'll come back to you during the show. let's turn now to the politics lead. even if we're including cousins here, family dine stifts have included two presidents a piece which includes the adams and the bushes. the speculation that former governor jeb bush may try to make it three but there's a well-known person who does not necessarily want to see the bush win office in 2016. i'm not talking about paul krugman. i'm talking about former first lady barbara bush. >> reporter: when you think of modern era president power families, only a few names come to mind and former first lady barbara bush is not so crazy about that. >> kennedys, clintons. >> reporter: she didn't mince
1:37 pm
words on the subject that's silly. >> reporter: well, how is that sitting with jeb bush? he's talking about a 2016 run for the white house. i asked jeb about running in march. >> you'll make a decision sometime in 2014? is that a fair assessment? >> i don't know. i think there's a lot of talent in the republican party and, you know, we'll see how it plays out. >> while jeb remains on the fence, his mother, the wife of the 41st president and the mother of the 43rd said she hopes her family is all done with 1600 pennsylvania. >> i would hope that someone else would run, although there's no question in my mind that jeb is the best qualified person to run for president. but i hope he won't. because i think he'll get all my enemies, all his brothers, all -- and their other families.
1:38 pm
>> one of the other bush families, former president bush disagrees with his mom. >> he's got a decision to make and if i could make it for him i would say run but i can't. >> reporter: this isn't the first time that barbara bush has poo-pood the campaign. >> we've had enough bushes. >> and at the 92nd street y in new york city, jeb responded to his mother's advice. >> even when i was a teenager i would listen respectfully and not always listen to what she said and now at the age of 60 i really feel like i don't have to listen to every word she says. at some point you've got to make she's decisions kind of like a grownup. >> jeb's comments got a little more pointed this time. last night he tweeted this gem. what day is mother's day this year? asking for a friend. >> speaking of tweets in response to me tweeting about
1:39 pm
this segment to preview it, jim mcgrath tweeted, as has been reported, mrs. bush made the comments months ago and believes jeb is the most qualified goper. here to talk with me about 2016, susan page. you sat down with jeb bush last year. it was a big rollout of his book. if he runs, how formidable do you think he will be? >> i think he will tremendously formidable. he's one of those rare candidates of the gop but also very well-liked by the establishment. he's someone who has links to the hispanic community. that will be important for republicans. even though he's not really done that much to stoke the fires, it's hard not to take him seriously. >> you think the tea party likes him? i feel like it's suspicious of
1:40 pm
him and the whole bush -- >> can you spell that? >> in a way that chris christie will never be. so i do think that he is in almost a unique way that will bridge the divide that we see in the republican party today. >> let's talk about chris christie because obviously he is, according to polls, a front-runner. the port authority official at the center of the scandal, david wildstein, will cooperate if he gets immunity and his lawyer said that his statements could be used if he had immunity to test the credibility of others. how lasting do you think, so-called,bridgegate is? >> you know, i think we'll have a year of one story or another of so-and-so receives immunity, so-and-so has testified. i think it's brutal for chris christie. i don't think it's going away
1:41 pm
and i think people are being looking to see if there are discrepancies with what the governor said in that big news conference and is there another example or more examples of when he engaged in political retribution and that will be more damaging for him. >> the new jersey state democratic party, i wouldn't say it is in washington, d.c., regarded as the strongest party and sometimes there's a tendency for people on the left and right, when they smell blood to overreach. they issued 20 subpoenas yesterday, including the press si secretary's wife and the communication director. is there a risk that democrats will shoot themselves in the foot and undermine their case against him? >> absolutely. if they become the issue, if they are acting in an unfair way or seeming to just really be piling on, i think that is a danger. i think they better rely on the facts and do the facts fuel a story that is damaging to govern govern
1:42 pm
governor christie. >> i wouldn't be doing this justice if i didn't mention hillary clinton. >> it is the law. >> yes, it is the law. mccain said, if she wants to become president she should come clean and reveal every detail of the benghazi. >> i don't think it's as detrimental as the bridge scandal. there was a report that came out this week that doesn't raise devastating questions about hillary clinton. definitely the state department should have listened more about the security warnings. but the people who would not vote for hillary clinton because of benghazi were not going to vote for hillary clinton in any case. it does tarnish a bit that reputation that she gained as secretary of state but i do not think it has the same potential to be devastating, especially since we've had these series of investigations come back with reports that the bridge scandal
1:43 pm
does. >> all right. susan paige, thank you, appreciate it. we'll have an update on the shooting in philadelphia at a high school. and college athletes of big-name schools are reading at elementary levels and one of those universities is fighting back. stay with us. my lenses have a sunset mode. and an early morning mode. and a partly sunny mode. and an outside to clear inside mode. new transitions® signature™ adaptive lenses now have chromea7™ technology making them more responsive than ever to changing light. so life can look more vivid and vibrant. why settle for a lens with one mode. experience life well lit. upgrade your lenses to new transitions® signature™.
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♪ mattress discounters welcome back to "the lead." returning to the breaking news we've been following from philadelphia all hour, police have a suspect in custody after a shooting at the delaware valley charter high school. two students, one girl, one boy
1:47 pm
were shot in their arms. they were taken to the hospital and are in stable condition. the shooting was caught on a surveillance camera. we'll continue to keep you abreast of this story as new information comes in. the two individuals who were shot appear to have injuries that are not life threatening. in our sports lead, many student athletes in north carolina and other big-time schools across the country are reading at a third-grade level. usc is responding and they are not parading the basketball team to the front of the classroom to read a textbook but sara ganim is here now with an update. sara? >> reporter: unc has insisted that it does not believe the whistle blower or her research. it shows that there has been athletes, football and basketball, reading at an
1:48 pm
elementary school level. the story we have reported has raised serious questions about the academic integrity. the institution has heard concerns from students, from alumni, from faculty, all questioning the institution's academic integrity. the response, the university said to this, it would be doing its own investigation of the findings and already today they announced a few minutes ago they've completed it and they found that the findings were, quote, a tragedy and unfair to unc students. the school released admission summaries that says it believes, it makes the point that they don't think things are as bad there as mary willingham says they are. we looked at the analysis and we found there were still 34 football and basketball players admitted to play since 2004 with very low test scores. now, those scores, experts
1:49 pm
consulted by cnn, told us the scores would tell us that the athletes are not able to read a college textbook. now, that's about 10% of the athletes who, if they didn't play sports, would not have been admitted to the university of north carolina. unc says those academic experts that we consulted, that they are wrong. so now there's been blow back from mary willingham. her permission to do will search was pulled yesterday. the university said she broke rules that she wasn't supposed to know the names of the students that she was studying, names that she never published in her findings. willingham has also received death threats so it's not surprising that some of the people that we've talked to in the last few days haven't wanted cnn to use their names but we did speak to the psychologist who administered the tests that willingham used in her research and that psychologist backs of the findings, that many of these
1:50 pm
student athletes could barely read. jake? >> just to reiterate, the university is saying that the findings are a travesty. they disagree. they are criticizing her findings. the university also says that you did not ask them for their data when you began this report. respond to that. >> right. and that's important. we asked for data from a lot of schools and we asked several times since september, we've repeatedly asked the university of north carolina to comment on mary willingham's research, specifically asking if it was accurate. the university did not respond with any other data until now. >> sara ganim, thank you very much. we appreciate it. mr. big may have broken carrie bradshaw's heart but did not do as much damage as the marlboro man. making smoking look sexier than
1:51 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." a new report is asking hollywood to put down the set, at least for the characters in their tv films and tv shows. why the jump for kids in smoking when overall smoking has been in a decline? maybe because we're still making it look so cool. >> everybody else who uses tobacco is poisonous. toasted. >> the report says that young kids are being exposed to 14.9 billion tobacco impressions in youth-related films and a health commissioner found that carrie bradshaw was keeping the habit in vogue among white women. so, is hollywood to blame for kids lighting up?
1:55 pm
joining me now is the acting u.s. surgeon general. admiral, thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. jennifer lawrence was just nominated as best-supporting actress for a role as a chain-smoking wife. how many kids see this and say, i want a cigarette? >> it's interesting. there is a causal relationship between exposure of seeing those types of images and actually the initiation of smoking. she actually has a big role. >> we in the u.s. government, the office of surgeon general, really thinks that the answer to the tobacco is reaching out to the film industry and it's a
1:56 pm
tobacco-free industry. >> stop glam rising cigarette smoke years ago, didn't they? ? >> yes. and there's been a connectivity with the film industry. it's the building of the partnerships. what we have right now and with the issuing of our report today is that we're still in the midst of the tobacco epidemic. >> somebody tweeted about, what about all of the murder and use of guns and violence in movies? >> certainly from a health perspective, we're worried about murders and other violent crimes. right now our emphasis is on the tobacco epidemic. every year, about 500,000 people die from smoking-related illnesses. >> there are new diseases connected to smoking that they didn't think were connected before or the causation was not as strong? >> every single system is involved with tobacco exposure
1:57 pm
and that includes diabetes, cancer, colon. >> thank you for having me. the first lady turns 50 today and as my special gift to her hosting a huge bash at the white house. cnn's athena jones has more. >> reporter: if you're a fan of the first lady -- it's the hottest ticket in town, an invitation to a white house dance party saturday night to celebrate michelle obama's 50th birthday. and if you're picturing something like this -- >> my better half and my dance partner. ♪ let's stay together
1:58 pm
♪ >> reporter: instead think a little saturday night fever. after all, while the first lady may be tweeting joining the aarp, she's known for her dancing prowess and the president has told guests to wear comfortable shoes because even with two ivy league degrees -- >> she loves to dance, she loves music, and why not, you know, you only turn 50 once so why not make the most of it. >> reporter: we've seen some of the first lady's moves before. here she is doing "the dougie" with jimmy fallon last year and more moves with ellen degeneres back in 2008. ♪ >> reporter: saturday's celebration will last from 9:00 p.m. to midnight" and it's being dubbed snacks and sips and
1:59 pm
dancing and dessert. >> it might be big but not super big. >> reporter: the white house is making a special request that will affect how much guests can share about the event. >> here's what is interesting about the invite to this late-night party for mrs. obama. the invitation does say no camera, no photographs. well, i've covered many receptions at the white house and even big shots like to take pictures. >> reporter: the obama ds inauguration after party last year drew the likes of usher, katy perry, and beyonce who is rumored to be performing on saturday night. >> a little taste of what is expected tomorrow night, macaroons and fine american wines. robert redford says don't blame the academy for overlooking him, blame the movie
2:00 pm
studio. redford called the oscar race political and said there was no campaigning for his movie and very little distribution. while it would have been wonderful to have been nominated, he was not upset. a category sure to drum up excitement in living rooms nowhere that's it for "the lead." i'm turning you over to wolf blitzer who is next door in "the situation room." >> jake, thanks very much. happening now, spy changes. president obama unveils changes in the surveillance program. how the government will get information about your phone calls and e-mails. also, privacy uproar. i'll talk to the head of the aclu and what he thought of the president's speech. and does mother know best? barbara bush publicly advises her son jeb not to run for president. will he follow her advice? i'm wol