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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 18, 2014 8:00am-10:01am PST

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experience. that was a great move. so i'm just excited for this season. drake is going to be here. we'll be excited to see what happens. >> thank you both so much for taking the time. glad you were with us. >> thank you at home for watching. >> go make some great memories today. stick around. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" is coming at you now. >> here's our colleague and friend, fredricka whitfield. >> i wish i could watch it live as it happens but that's way past my bedtime. >> ours, too. >> i'm counting on you in the morning to bring it back to me in realtime. >> we'll do what we can. >> i'm counting on you. good to see you guys. have a great day. it is the 11:00 a.m. eastern hour of "cnn newsroom" which begins right now. as you know, shots were fired inside a philadelphia school, prompting a lockdown. parents rushed to find their children. police are still searching for a suspect in this latest school
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shooting. plus, the first lady celebrating a milestone, 50, and the white house is ready to party. we'll have more on the event and all of what washington will be talking about later on. and shoppers who think their personal information is safe because they didn't shop at target need to think again. that huge credit card breach might be just the beginning. what you need to know, coming up. philadelphia police are searching right now for the suspect in yet another school shooting. investigators issued an arrest warrant this morning a day after two students were shot in a high school gym. both of them are expected to be okay. nick valencia joining me with more on the investigation. what do we know about this suspect, what happened and of course, the big question is always why? >> the big concern right now is this alleged shooter still on the loose.
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philadelphia police very concerned right now at this hour, i just got off the phone with them a little while ago. a juvenile suspect, no longer a person of interest, as fred mentioned, an arrest warrant has been issued for this juvenile. he was expected to turn himself in earlier this morning. he still has not turned himself in. i talked to a detective at the philadelphia police department. he says the concern and the worry is that this could happen again. as far as they're concerned, an alleged shooter on the loose. the alleged suspect shot two students and we don't know the motive here. police have not ruled out whether or not this is maybe an accidental shooting. >> oftentimes, big cities, there are searches, random and scheduled searches, of students particularly in big city schools. was that the case here? how did a gun get into a school? >> police weren't clear on whether or not there were metal detectors at this school. and a big concern of the parents, among the parents when they talked to local media yesterday, was exactly how this gun got on campus. there were seven students in a gymnasium. at some point the gun went off, two students were shot.
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non-life threatening injuries. those two students are expected to survive. but yes, the big question at this hour, not only the whereabouts of this alleged shooter but as you mentioned, how that gun got into the school in the first place. >> sad situation. thanks so much, nick. bringing us the latest details. thank you. now new details about a different school shooting. this one, a month ago in colorado. a security guard at arapahoe high school is now speaking out, saying the school didn't do enough to prevent the shooting in december. in a post on facebook, cameron rust claims alleged shooter karl pearson had previously threatened teachers and looked up guns on the internet while on campus. >> after we noticed that he quickly closed his computer and we immediately told her supervisor what we saw, and we were told he would bring it up in their administration meeting, and then that following monday after the administration
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meeting, we were told there was nothing that they could do about that and it was his personal computer, and that he could look up what he wanted. >> during the attack, pearson allegedly shot 17-year-old clare davis. she later died of her injuries. officials say pearson took his own life at the school. police say they are looking into the security guard's statements now. family and friends will say good-bye today to a man shot and killed inside a movie theater after a texting dispute. chad oulson's funeral is scheduled for today in florida. he was shot dead monday. his wife nicole was injured. retired police officer, 71-year-old curtis reeves, is charged with second degree murder and has been held without bail. police say oulson was texting his daughter's babysitter during movie previews when reeves told oulson to put his phone away. officers say the argument ended with that shooting. two americans and two
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british citizens have been killed after a suicide bomber and gunmen attacked a restaurant in kabul, afghanistan friday. nine foreigners and eight afghans were also killed. the taliban took responsibility and said it was payback for an air strike this week that killed civilians. security forces killed the gunmen in a shootout. back in this country, governor chris christie is in florida raising cash for his fellow gop governors. it's part of his new role as head of the republican governors association. but the controversy in his state of new jersey might still upstage his visit. tori dunnan is in orlando where it's christie's first time out of state since the bridge scandal broke. does he try to shake it off, stay on the defense or is it a nonissue while he's touring the sunshine state?
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>> reporter: you know, we'll see, but what's really interesting about this is really, this is one of the first opportunities for members of his own party, of the republican party, to go up to him at several of these events and ask him questions, ask him what they want to know. you mentioned the first of several events happening right now. it's here at this country club in orlando. important to point out that these are all behind closed doors. in fact, we haven't even seen governor chris christie go in here. this particular event is a fund-raiser for florida's governor who is not shying away from the help, even with this controversy. here's what he had to say. >> i know with chris, he did the right thing. he apologized, he went to the community and apologized. i look forward to seeing him. >> reporter: all right. also want to point out that there's an event happening tomorrow in north palm beach and all eyes will be on that event because it's a donor outreach event. it's at the home of the
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billionaire co-founder of home depot. we heard that so far, interest has skyrocketed since this scandal took place, going from 50 people to 100 people, 500 people, so he says despite all of it, the numbers are growing. people actually want to go to that event. >> how about democrats in that state? what are they saying about all this? because in a large way, christie has appealed to both democrats and republicans. >> reporter: they're not sitting on the sidelines. in fact, the democratic national committee released this ad this morning. quote, unquote, welcoming chris christie to florida. it's pretty much the opposite there. also happening today, the chairwoman of the dnc is shadowing christie as well as governor scott at several of these events and providing responses. here's what she had to say when i asked her why she was doing this. >> he's campaigning with our governor today and doing it in a way that is totally private, answering no questions, no public events, and you know, i
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think that means either chris christie doesn't want to answer any questions, or rick scott doesn't want to be seen in public with chris christie. it's probably a little bit of both. >> reporter: so fred, obviously one thing, republicans are talking about the fact democrats are focused so much on these events today that they still see chris christie as a possible threat should he decide to run in 2016. >> thanks so much. keep us posted from orlando. a u.s. district judge in north carolina has struck down a law that requires women to have an ultrasound and see the image of the fetus before they get an abortion. on friday, the judge called the state's law unconstitutional. supporters of the law argued it would discourage women from having abortions. not a great way to end your vacation. royal caribbean says more than 60 passengers got sick from a stomach illness during a recent cruise. yesterday, the "majesty of the seas" returned to miami after a for-d
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four-day getaway to the bahamas. cruise officials suspect norovirus which is very contagious and can spread through food, water or contaminated surfaces. no matter where you live, the historic drought in california just might affect you, particularly at the grocery store. fruits, nuts and vegetables are all expected to rise in price because about half of those foods come from growers in california. it's a huge industry in the state. more than an estimated $45 billion a year. the same farmers also use 80% of the state's water to irrigate their fields. the severe drought brings with it the risk of dangerous wildfires as well as we are already seeing in california. cnn's kyung lah reports on one major fire now burning in the mountains near glendora. >> reporter: this is what california's drought looks like. the driest year in a century met a flame-friendly canvas for the
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colby fire. thousands evacuated, five homes gone in an instant. the drought, declared the governor, has plunged california into a state of emergency. >> we are in an unprecedented, very serious situation and people should pause and reflect on how dependent we are on the rain, on nature and one another. >> reporter: in his state of emergency speech, the governor asked everyone to cut back water use by 20%. his declaration does lift some environmental restrictions to allow the state to move water to parched regions more easily. the challenge, there is not much to share among the state's 38 million residents. reservoir levels are at record lows. snowpacks this season, 80% lower than normal. los angeles got just over three inches of rain in all of 2013, about a quarter of what's normal.
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more firefighters will be hired and they're on alert for this dangerous drought. as for the colby fire that's still burning, it started as an accident. police say these three men set an illegal campfire. they and their attorneys couldn't be reached for comment. the fire rapidly exploded out of control. the challenge for firefighters, more dry winds and a forecast without any rain stretching on into the weekend. >> kyung lah from los angeles. thanks so much. chris christie in florida, helping to raise money for republicans, but could the bridge scandal make him a liability? and the hottest ticket tonight is at the white house. it's michelle obama's 50th birthday party. who might take to the stage?
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the group the tea party patriots wants house speaker john boehner fired. the nonprofit organization tweeted this morning quote, we're tired of the leadership in washington. it's time to hash tag fire the speaker, unquote. the patriots want supporters to sign a petition calling for representatives to boot boehner. the group blames democrats for the size of the national debt and the government and wasting money, but targets boehner for going along for the ride, they say. we did reach out to both speaker boehner and the tea party patriots for comment and so far, no comment from them. so while new jersey governor chris christie is in florida raising cash for his fellow gop governors, bridgegate and a federal review of how he spent sandy recovery aid money continue to haunt the governor. a new poll shows new jersey registered voters are mixed on whether he's telling the truth about the bridge controversy. 46% say he's telling the truth. 32% say he is not and 22% say
8:16 am
they are unsure. neil asbury is a conservative talk show host in south florida, hosting the syndicated "neil asbury made in america" show. thank you for being here. what are your listeners saying about christie and these investigations? >> my listeners think that the governor's just got a bum rap here. let's be honest. this is a relatively minor political squabble in a relatively small state. nobody got killed on that bridge. compare that to benghazi, where four americans were killed, including an american ambassador. nobody lost their health insurance on that bridge. yet millions of people lost their health insurance because of obamacare. so i mean, it's way blown out of proportion. >> wait a minute. what are your listeners saying about chris christie? we have heard the comparisons being drawn between benghazi or obamacare, in terms of all the things that are haunting or this
8:17 am
white house administration are being criticized for. but as it pertains to chris christie, because he's the one on stage there in florida, on the heels of or on the midst of these investigations, which are pretty darned sizeable. i mean, nobody would dispute that one. but what are your listeners saying about why they either -- do they support him? why do they continue to support him? or why do they believe that there is something smelly about this? >> i believe that this could very well backfire on the liberals and their friends in the media because they are treating governor christie unfairly. that's what my listeners are telling me. look, my listeners prior to this, many of them were upset with the governor, because of him coddling president obama, the obama hug. it's quite ironic that he's down here helping governor scott, who against another governor crist, who was destroyed by an obama hug. but this is bringing i believe many conservatives back to governor christie. quite counterintuitive that this
8:18 am
could help his standing within the conservative community because they think he's being treated unfairly. it is outrageous that all of these things are going on in this country and the democrats want to pivot -- >> neil, what do you mean, people say he's being treated unfairly? he came out in that news conference, a little over a week ago, he stayed out there for a good two hours, tried to be -- >> he apologized. >> he tried to be as transparent as possible. but what is the part you say people feel he's being treated unfairly? in what way? what do you mean? >> he came out, he was very decisive, he was very strong, he was very humble and compare that to president obama, who is very weak and very timid and very arrogant. so i think if you look at these two leaders and you see governor christie as a real american leader right now, and as they're trying to destroy thhim, hey, look, this has as much to do with hillary as it does with governor christie. the democrats want destroy the governor because they believe he can beat hillary.
8:19 am
this is their best chance of destroying him. this is bringing many conservatives back to the governor. >> the arguments that are being made that if there's any destruction, it's because he's self-destructing potentially, if he had anything to do with this bridgegate. >> but there's nothing linking him. >> so far subpoenas, as far as we know, haven't involved a subpoena of the governor. he is central to the investigation. >> with all the investigation that's been going on, with all the investigation that's been going on, with all the resources being poured into new jersey, people and money to destroy the governor and they can't tie him directly to this yet, it seems to tell me and my listeners that there's nothing there. >> so your feeling is this should not be investigated, it's a waste of time and money and resources period? >> i believe this is just as much about 2016 and destroying the governor because he is a real threat to hillary, as it is to any crime that was committed. look, there's real problems in this country. we should be talking about
8:20 am
poverty and jobs and that's what the democrats don't want to talk about. they want to talk about this perceived scandal which does not impact the vast majority of americans. that's wrong and that's outrageous. >> all right. thanks for your time. >> thank you. thank you very much. straight ahead, president obama is proposing changes for the nsa but one thing won't change for now. and broncos head coach john fox is one game away from the super bowl. that pales to the life-threatening obstacle he faces off the field. what you wear to bed is your business. so, if you're sleeping in your contact lenses, ask about the air optix® contacts so breathable they're approved for up to 30 nights of continuous wear. serious eye problems may occur. ask your doctor and visit for safety information and a free one-month trial.
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all right. live pictures right now of the intentional destruction of the minnesota vikings' metrodome. it is coming down after 32 years. it's been part of the skyline there but it's time to move on. so they kind of by deflating this, they actually just ended the air in the stadium to help deflate it and then it will continue to collapse even further over a period of time. but today was day one of a destruction that will take more than a day. bye-bye to the metrodome. the national security agency will keep saving records on your phone calls and e-mails at least for now. president obama made that clear
8:24 am
yesterday as he laid out a number of proposed reforms at the nsa. wikileaks founder julian assange ridiculed the president's modest proposals as quote, embarrassing. cnn chief national correspondent jim sciutto has a closer look at how the president is trying to balance civil liberties with national security. >> reporter: responding to months of spirited debate sparked by the explosive revelations of edward snowden, today the president told americans what he would do and not do to rein in mass surveillance. >> the power of new technologies means there are fewer and fewer technical constraints on what we can do. that places a special obligation on us to ask tough questions about what we should do. >> reporter: the most significant changes affect the most controversial surveillance program, the bulk collection of americans' phone records. effective immediately, the nsa will need judicial approval before searching the data.
8:25 am
the president asked congress to create a panel of public advocates to counter government search requests. he asked the attorney general and intelligence community to explore moving the data out of nsa control. he also ordered an end to spying on the leaders of dozens of close u.s. allies but he left several questions unanswered, including who will hold the phone metadata, the phone companies or a new third party, and which cases the public advocate would take part in. he did not eliminate bulk collection, arguing it's just too important. >> not only because i felt they made us more secure, but also because nothing in that initial review and nothing that i have learned since indicated that our intelligence community has sought to violate the law. >> reporter: for the nsa's most ardent critics, leaving collection alone is a glaring omission. >> we have to go further. to my mind, when every single phone call made in the united
8:26 am
states of america is kept on file by the government or some other entity, i think you're talking about a clear violation of the fourth amendment. >> reporter: do any of the changes make us less safe? >> if these programs were stopping huge terrorist attacks, you know, maybe they should be more -- there should be more concern. but the fact is these programs are not. >> reporter: you do have critics on both sides, supporters of bulk collection are worried that this judicial review process will take too much time and that might compromise terrorism investigations. they are encouraging the president to send proposed legislation to congress so that congress can debate this. congress is also going to have to weigh in on the public advocates the president wants to take part in the foreign intelligence court. so this is not the end of the conversation. it's going to continue. we will see a lot of debate on this in the coming weeks and months. jim sciutto, cnn, washington. and this incredible image coming out of brazil. lightning striking the iconic christ the redeemer statue.
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bottom of the hour now. welcome back. here are the stories crossing the cnn newsdesk right now. about 100 passengers who survived that asiana plane crash in san francisco last summer have filed a lawsuit against boeing. it claims boeing knew or should have known the plane had inadequate warning systems and other deficiencies. three people were killed in the
8:30 am
crash and more than 180 people injured. boeing would not comment on the lawsuit. the son of televangelist billy graham says his dad is quote, ready to go to heaven, end quote. 95-year-old reverend who has been in poor health since late last year is very weak and is praying his father regains his strength. the younger graham says he hasn't been able to communicate well with his dad because of his condition. prince harry now has a desk job. he's ending his time with britain's army air corps and taking a staff position. that means the prince won't be flying apache helicopters. he will help coordinate projects and events involving the army in london. it's a big, really big weekend for football fans. on monday morning, we will know who is off to the super bowl and who best to share and set the plate for us, joe carter.
8:31 am
>> who do you think will be in the super bowl? do you want to answer? >> no way. >> my picks are denver and seattle. i'm really going out on a limb right there. i pick denver for the obvious reason but seattle for their defense. this team statistically has the best defense in the nfl. you can't run on them, can't pass on them. also, the 49ers on sunday will have to deal with their crowd. that crowd is definitely an x factor. they are world record breaking loud. >> won't that excite you, though? >> well, you can't coordinate. you can't talk to your teammates and put together some sort of an audible call or if you want to change the defense, if you want to communicate in between the plays, it's difficult because it's deafening. they have said it's the same decibel level as a jet engine or rock concert. it's definitely affected the 49ers the last two times they played there because seattle has absolutely dominated. when you look at the numbers, seattle has outscored them 71-16 the last two times the 49ers
8:32 am
have been in seattle. as far as the afc championship goes, everyone is talking about the two quarterbacks. how can you not talk about the quarterbacks. brady versus manning, manning versus brady. they are obviously the best two quarterbacks of this generation. but when it comes to the post season, there is a big disparity here because brady has been to eight championship games, when you count this sunday. as far as peyton, he's lost eight times in the first round of the playoffs. he's the one and done king, as they say. you got to give credit to new england because this team, when you look at the big picture, they are really loaded with a bunch of guys that we really don't know who they are. they have had journeymen type careers in the nfl and here they are once again in place to win or at least compete for another super bowl. >> that's very nice. >> this is kind of a cute story. it's kind of cute. it's definitely trending on bill belichick told his guys when you go to denver this weekend for the game, nobody and i mean nobody is allowed to smoke the illegal marijuana. he said don't go out there and be stupid. obviously it's legal in the state for recreational use but
8:33 am
it's still a banned substance in the nfl. tom brady was asked about it yesterday and basically said i don't want any part of this question. >> are you excited about that? no? we haven't talked about that. this is a very important game for us and it's a business trip. >> funny how everybody gets squirmy. >> don't want to sound anti or a proponent. this is a well-put sign but in an odd place. a church sign clearly pulling for the broncos. it says god has no faves but the sign guy does. go broncos. clearly he's a broncos fan but the kicker here is that this sign is in providence, rhode island, which is literally smack dab in the middle of patriots country. the sign is 22 miles away from foxborough, where the patriots play. clearly denver has its fans coast to coast. >> my goodness.
8:34 am
maybe it hits a soft spot, this next story, as well. you are very familiar with this. two and a half months ago, denver broncos head coach john fox collapsed on a golf course and then thought he was about to die. now after undergoing major open heart surgery, he is just a game away from that super bowl. rachel nichols talked to him. >> reporter: john fox is a football lifer. spending decades chasing a super bowl championship. he has taken jobs for it, moved cities for it, missed school plays and family dinners, spent hundreds of thousands of hours watching film. >> i have been twice. once as defensive coordinator and once as head coach. i don't want that rug burn again or that rope burn as you walk across the field and you're not the winning team. but some day, hopefully this year, we'll be able to be in new york and hoist that trophy. >> reporter: there is not much
8:35 am
that fox wouldn't give to finally win. but this year, he nearly gave his life. >> broncos head coach john fox hospitalized today after feeling lightheaded on a north carolina golf course. >> i've had this aortic valve problem since birth. it's something you're born with. you know, they monitor it the older you get. it's open heart surgery. it's a major, major surgery to go and actually replace the valve. so i put it off. thought i was going to make it to the end of the season. >> reporter: he didn't. two and a half months ago in the midst of the broncos' bye week, fox collapsed on the golf course near the house he keeps in charlotte. >> well, it was pretty humbling. you know, it was a little bit scary. i had an episode where i really thought i was dying. fortunately, i was with friends. they called 911, got the paramedics there. they were able to get me stabilized and two days later, i had open heart surgery.
8:36 am
>> reporter: as fox began the road to recovery, one of his assistants was named the broncos' interim head coach. but that didn't mean fox could step away from the game. you can watch film on your ipad, you can skype into team meetings but there's still someone else standing in for you on the sidelines, on game day, coaching your team. what is that like to watch? >> that was the hardest part. it's been probably 200 games since i missed a game. that was very hard. that was probably the hardest part. >> reporter: were you like a kid on christmas morning when you got to actually come back to denver and rejoin the team? >> yeah, it was neat. i flew back on a wednesday, day before thanksgiving, was able to come out and toalk to the team. it couldn't have been better. going through an adverse situation, i think all in all it's made us better. >> reporter: john fox is a football lifer and still wants that trophy. but this year, this life-threatening, life-affirming scary wonderful year, he's happy just to be in the chase.
8:37 am
>> good for him. >> i think it sends a message to not just professional coaches but to anybody out there that puts too much emphasis on their job, where they just give too much time and that's kind of the case john fox fell into where he knew he had a heart problem but was getting too involved. he wasn't paying attention to his health. >> that's so hard when you are a perfectionist, someone who is pursuing greatness and the pressure is immense as a football coach. >> he said a lot about his wife, how much she's been able to balance him out and how, you know, good wife, good life. how she's really been helping him balance himself and making sure he doesn't put too much emphasis on the job. he's very mindful of his food intake and his rest. it's important to also make sure that yeah, you're taking care of your team, taking care of your family, but take care of yourself. >> is there a visible difference in him on the sidelines? >> watching the press conferences, i definitely feel he's enjoying the moment more. seems cliched to say but he's getting a second chance, if you will. normally when he goes back to his home in charlotte, north carolina, he goes fishing. had he gone fishing that day he would have been on a boat which
8:38 am
would have been too far away to get to the hospital which means he could have died. he realizes the position he was put in. somehow he has been given a second chance and is definitely enjoying the moment. >> that's your team. thanks so much, joe. >> go, broncos. >> that was your last shot. thanks so much. firefighters could use some rain to battle the wildfires in california. cnn meteorologist jennifer gray is hoaere to tell us if they wi get any. >> it's been a tough go in california and it is going to continue to be very, very dry. i guess the only glimmer of hope is that the winds are starting to die down just a little bit. that will help firefighters. but this is basically the pattern over the last couple of months, that stubborn ridge of high pressure has kept all the rain out, it has brought in the strong santa ana winds and has definitely been a fuel for a lot of those fires. relative humidities have been down in the single digits, adding insult to injury there. we are going to see above average temperatures over the next couple days. we should be at 66 in l.a. but the next couple days, we'll
8:39 am
be 10 to 15 degrees warmer than that. so it is going to stay warmer than normal and precipitation is going to stay below normal over the next several days, if not weeks. another story we're watching is out in the northern plains, the midwest. we're seeing a winter weather advisory anywhere from minneapolis and even south of chicago and look at this, even a blizzard warning for northeastern portions of south dakota. of course, we are seeing snow pushing in, not huge amounts, but we could see anywhere from two to four inches of snow just to the south side of chicago. >> oh, my goodness. okay. very good. hey, you probably saw this image out of brazil. pretty incredible. lightning strike, wow, right there. the iconic christ the redeemer statue towering over rio de janeiro. so the 130 foot tall statue is a frequent target for lightning strikes. i guess no surprise there, right? officials say a strike in thursday's storm chipped this time a piece off the thumb. a different finger was chipped
8:40 am
in a storm last month. so some nasty storms, i guess that only happens with big rain storms, or do you know whether there's i guess, you know, is it common for lightning strikes to happen without storms there? >> lightning can strike up to 30 miles outside the actual thunderstorm. so doesn't necessarily have to be raining but those are pretty incredible images. >> thanks so much. we'll be right back. [announcer] word is getting out. purina dog chow light & healthy is a deliciously tender and crunchy kibble blend. with 20% fewer calories than purina dog chow. isn't it time you discovered the lighter side of dog chow. purina dog chow light & healthy. my dad has aor afib.brillation, he has the most common kind...'s not caused by a heart valve problem. dad, it says your afib puts you at 5 times greater risk of a stroke. that's why i take my warfarin every day. but it looks like maybe we should ask your doctor about pradaxa. in a clinical trial, pradaxa® (dabigatran etexilate mesylate)... ...was proven superior to warfarin at reducing the risk of stroke. and unlike warfarin, with no regular blood tests
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the u.s. government is
8:43 am
warning retailers to be on high alert. it turns out the hackers who used malicious software to steal data from millions of target customers may be using that very same software at other stores across the country. now there are reports that these hackers may be tied to russian mobs. here's christine romans. >> a lot of what investigators know about the hack is being kept under wraps as cyberforensics experts sift through the clues. but what we do know is that homeland security is worried this isn't an isolated event. the u.s. government now warning retailers across the country to be on high alert, that massive attack on target over the holidays may have compromised the personal information of up to 110 million customers. it could be just the beginning. in a brand new bulletin, the department of homeland security now revealing that target may not have been alone, that the malicious software has potentially infected a large number of retail operations. and for the first time, they are
8:44 am
detailing just how those hackers pulled off one of the biggest data heists ever. >> now with this new information that many other retailers could potentially have been breached, that number could potentially double in the next couple weeks. >> reporter: here's how they did it. according to a cybersecurity firm called eyesight, they used highly sophisticated and nearly undetectable malware that's a computer program that is surreptitiously placed in a system to corrupt point of sale systems. that means at the register itself, your information was being grabbed. eyesight says many retail organizations may not know they have been infected. the software infests retail processing systems, allowing hackers to collect the data from outside and it's using new technology that makes it virtually undetectable by all security software. >> it's an unknown exploit, one
8:45 am
that they haven't seen before. >> reporter: just who are the hackers? there are clues. part of the code is written in russian. the "wall street journal" cites an unnamed u.s. official who said these details suggest the attack may have ties to organized crime from the$x soviet union. target is still dealing with the fallout this morning. in a new e-mail by target to its customers, it said the cyberattack stole much more than pin numbers. it stole names, mailing addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses as well. >> consumers need to be aware right now, paying very close attention to their statements. you can check your statements online every single day. >> target will testify before congress in early february. no federal laws exist that set out rules for when and how companies must report these breaches to customers and law enforcement. officials say the objective of the hearing will be how customers can protect themselves. >> thanks, christine. the first lady, 50, and the
8:46 am
white house is throwing a huge bash tonight. but all the plans seem to be top secret. nbc universal's coverage of the 2012 london games
8:47 am
8:48 am
was the most watched television event ever. so, what's next? the upcoming winter games from sochi. where every second of nbc universal's coverage will be available on every device. on tv, online or streaming on the nbc sports live extra app. beginning february 6th, experience the winter games everywhere. welcome to what's next. comcast nbcuniversal
8:49 am
first lady michelle obama is now 50 years old, and she's ready to party. her birthday actually was yesterday, and the white house is celebrating tonight. it's apparently telling guests eat dinner before you come and be ready to dance. we understand there will be lots of drinks and lots of desserts because that's the way she wants it and even there are reports that beyonce and adelle might be performing. the first lady is of course embracing this milestone and here's the latest example of that. she actually tweeted a picture of herself, a selfie there with her aarp card yesterday, and said excited to join barack in the 50 plus club. i'm joined now live by satellite with a columnist from the "the washington post." nice to see she's celebrating 50 and we know in a very big way. what kind of details have you learned about this party tonight? >> reporter: well, they are keeping it very much under wraps. everybody's speculating about who is going to be there and
8:50 am
who's not going to be there and talking about the fact that it's eat first. i suspect that there is going to be plenty of food, knowing the obamas and knowing the white house so i don't think that's going to be an issue. but this is going to be a party of her friends. that they are close to and care about. >> right, and it's common knowledge that she and her husband don't necessarily you know, run around town with the washington circles. every now and then, you see the two of them going out to dinner, but i understand she does get out and about on her own. meeting up with her bffs at favorite restaurants. even sometimes, showing up at target like everyone has seen in the past.
8:51 am
finding ways to have her me time. and what does that say about her? whether it be this milestone or first lady, trying to make sure there is room for me time and doing it my way? >> never have been part of washington and they're very much to themselves. they have their own friends who come to the white house. she goes out a lot with her girlfriends and pals and has dinner, but you don't ever see them on the circuit at all. but i think the most important thing i would say about michelle obama right now is that there's incredible sense and she's imparted this to women all over the country. all over the world, really, of liberation. she talks a lot about balance in her people magazine interview, she talks about how she started doing more yoga because she wants to stay balanced. she doesn't want to lose her balance when she gets older and
8:52 am
break a hip. you could talk about that in terms of her life as a whole. that she has really managed to balance being a mother, being a wife and also, being involved in issues that she cares about. and nothing too excess. she's balanceded everything in a way that she's saying to women everywhere, look, this is what i'm doing with my life right now. and this is just fine. and whatever you want to do with your life is also fine. you know, there have been a lot of criticism about her, why didn't she take some big job? she's got all this education. she went to harvard law school. but what she's doing i think is more important than that. which is that she's showing people that this is my life, this is what i want to do. i want to spend this time, precious time with my children i will never get back. i need to support my husband. he's got the most powerful and stressful job in the world.
8:53 am
i can be a great help mate to help and also, i have a great platform for doing incredible work with the military, with obesity, with education, as she announced the other day. and have an impact that she would never be able to have in any other position. >> and she does seem to have an ease that she exudes that i think is very complimentary and very reassure ting to a lot of women, whether they're working inside or outside the home. sally, always good to see you. thank you so much. and we'll be right back with much more. you start at point "a" and spend your time working hard to get to point "b". and "b" could be here...
8:54 am
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8:56 am
the screen actors guild awards are tonight and ray marino will achieve the lifetime achievement award. presenting her with the honor, morgan freeman. had the chance to talk to her about her life and the discrimination she faced early in her career. >> i found out quickly when i came to this country and it was new york, about 5 years old, that i was a spick according to the kids on the block and a garlic mouth and pierced ear, all the stories you hear on the west side story. although at the time, i didn't even speak english. the way those words were spit out at me, i knew something was wrong with me and when i began
8:57 am
to understand the words, it was even worse. and if you're young enough and you're told often enough that you have no value, you believe it. children are very tender and very vulnerable and very believing. they'll believe anything you tell them. and i carried that with me for far too many years. it's the thing that sent me into psychotherapy many, many years later when i was finding i was really miserable in my life, that i didn't like myself too much and my friend then, marlon brando, my lover, this man who was seriously disturbed said to me, you need to see a therapist. i love the irony of that. he was right, of course. i'm a very stubborn person. i hang on to my neurosis like nobody's business.
8:58 am
it's comfortable even though it's scary. >> because it's comfortable for most people to live with a facade. the person that everyone thinks they know, then there is of course the person. most times, it takes a lot more courage to reveal exactly who you are and what you're thinking and feeling, whether it be you know, revealing your strengths our your weaknesses, especially. >> you are so smart and so right and you know, what really was shocking to me, because the book covers something you rarely get to see anymore. it covers the early hollywood that no longer exists, and the bias and the prejudice that i lived with for years and years and years in hollywood when i was a young woman. that was a shock and it was sad because i really felt when i went to mgm under contract at 17 that i was going to be a star. i could be like lana turner or elizabeth taylor, then it turned out i could only play roles that required accents.
8:59 am
♪ >> and that begot something kind of rather amusing in a way because whether i played a poll girl, an arabian girl, an east indian girl, i always had the same accent. >> did it always bother you? was there a point that you said, i'm going to do this? you write it became very demeaning. >> it always was demeaning, but somewhere inside of me, i always felt there was a stubborn streak that said, you are talented. even when i was a little girl, you have talent. somehow, if i persevere, somehow, some way, someone will see that in me and give me a break and it happened in west side story and of course, the king and i, but the king and i, yet again, i was talking like
9:00 am
this, you know? and beautiful role. fantastic movie. but there i was doing the same thing, only with more beautiful costumes. >> so, if you had an opportunity to kind of reach back to you teenage years, the early part of your career and you would be able to advise yourself, given your life path, your odyssey, what would you have advised that young girl about to embark on a life in entertainment? >> i would have said to rosy, to delores, don't go to hollywood. go to the theatre. where people were still allowed to play different kinds of roles. but my thinking, my what's the word for that, my set, my take was that in order to be a famous star, you had to go to hollywood. i had never done theatre unless
9:01 am
i was, oh, my gosh, much, much older. so hollywood was the answer for me. it wasn't the best answer. in the meantime, however, it made me very strong. in the meantime. i met someone like marlon brando, who ultimately did me one of the greatest favors he ever did any woman, which was to say, you need help. >> she is remarkable and congrats to her for the big sag award. top of the hour now, hello, again. here are the top stories we're following. shots fired inside a philadelphia school prompting a lockdown. two students were rush to the hospital and today, police are searching for the suspect. and the top hollywood producer behind unchained rather is taking a stand against violence. why he wants his movie to hurt the nra and how do you feel about sharing the road with cars that are driving themselves?
9:02 am
one might roll up right next to you. you. sooner than you think. -- captions by vitac -- today, philadelphia police are still searching for a suspect in yet another school shooting. investigators issued an arrest warrant this morning, a day after two students were shot in a high school gym. both of them are expected to be okay. nick valencia is joining me with me. what do we know about these arrest warrants? >> initially, there were two persons of interest. one person released last night. another we found out released this morning. but the main concern is this suspect. the main shooting suspect who was expected to turn himself in to police this morning, that didn't happen. police very concerned right now at this hour that so long as they have an alleged shooter on the loose, it could be very dangerous and they're scared
9:03 am
that something like this could happen again. >> police are on the hunt this morning for a young man who pulled a gun in a philadelphia high school friday afternoon, shooting two students in the arm. >> one student is a female. approximately 15 years of age. the other student is a male student. approximately 15 years of age. and as i said, both students are in stable condition. >> the suspect is believed to have been in the gym with seven other students at the delaware valley charter high school. the school was placed on lockdown immediately following the shooting and while one 17-year-old student was identified as the gunman, he has been cleared and released. outside the school friday, parents were anxiously awaited word that their kids were okay. >> i'm just still flabbergasted by how a child or whoever was able to bring a gun to school. i just want to know that. just tell me. if you can tell me how that happened, i'm good. >> the incident was captured on video and investigators are
9:04 am
reviewing the tape. as of late friday, police were still looking for the weapon. now, they have one message for the shooter. >> come turn yourself in. get it over with now. come and turn yourself in because we're going to do the process we need to, looking at the video, interviewing witnesses and we're going to come get you in custody. >> both students are expected to survive. just three weeks into the year and already two school shootings. >> terrible. thanks so much. all right. governor chris christie is headlining a fund-raiser for florida governor rick scott today. to also raise cash for the republican governor's association, but is he more of a liability now that he is in the middle of a big scandal back home in new jersey? torrey is on the road with the governor in florida. >> whatever test they put in front of me, i will meet those tests. >> now, the tests for chris christie moved some 1,000 miles
9:05 am
south to cash rich florida. more than a week after the bridge controversy blew wide open, this week, christie's first trip out of state, the jam packed weekend was stopped in orlando, ft. lauderdale and palm beach. his star power and fund raising abilities will be on display in the midst of a political scandal. the governor is in town to fund raise for rick scott, who despite the controversy, is not shying away. >> chris did the right thing. he apologized. went to the community and apologized, so i look forward to seeing him. >> as its chairman, he'll also raise money for the republican governor's association. christie will attend events on palm beach to network with his potential donor base. those he would rely on if he decides to run for president in 2016. >> i think florida republicans will be a lot more excited if it was prebridgegate, but he should play really well, especially in southeast florida. that's basically new jersey south. >> turns out the excitement could still be there.
9:06 am
his main event is in ken langone. even with the scandal, langone tells cnn he's been flooded with requests to meet the governor. >> the most important thing on chris christie's plate right now is new jersey. focusing on his to do list there and setting that ship straight. but he has other responsibilities. he's the chair of the republican governor's association and then he also has to think about chris christie and what his future is. he's got a lot of donors. that are here in the florida area. people that want to ask him questions and that want to list ton what he has to say. >> democratic national committee chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz will be along for the ride. >> so, most of these events are private. is the governor taking any questions from reporters somewhere in the midst from one spot to the next?
9:07 am
>> you know, fred, we will have to see, but i doubt it and here's why. these are all closed door fund raising events. about 25 minutes ago, we believe we saw chris christie driving in the front entrance of this country club here in orlando. but we've asked for interviews and so far, they've said no way. with even the governor here of florida, so we'll see what we get, but so far, no access. >> thanks so much in orlando. in southern california now, hundreds of firefighters are scrambling to put out a dangerous wildfire in the hills east of los angeles. right now, it's only about 30% contained. the colby fire dramatically underscores the severe drought across most of the state. the governor issued an emergency on friday and urged californians to cut back on their water usage. and two americans and two british citizens have been
9:08 am
killeded after a suicide boomer and gunman attackeded a restaurant in kabul, afghanistan friday. nine foreigners and eight afghans were also killed. the taliban took responsibility and said it was payback for an air strike this week that killed civilians. forces killed the gunman in a shutout. the u.s. government warning retailers around the country about the massive cyber attack at target that breached compromised information on something like 110 million customers. homeland security official says other retailers may be affected and there may be a link to organized crime in the former soviet union. police and volunteers have been scouring long hill, new jersey for "wall street journal" reporter david byrd. he vanished last saturday after going for a walk. alexandria field joining us now. what is the latest on this investigation? >> good afternoon, fred.
9:09 am
for an eighth day now, search crews are going out to look for this journalist who disappeared last week. his wife says he told her he was going tor a walk. he left their home, he never returned since then. crews have been looking in wooded areas, including a marsh area and have been conducting searches on the river. byrd left the house without his cell phone, also without medication he needs to take following a liver transplant nine years ago. here's what his sister-in-law had to say. >> he's a strong man. he has been through you know, he's been through a lot before. and he's got -- we just think he's holding on and we just want him back. >> byrd is a 55-year-old reporter. he has been with "the wall street journal" for a number of years now. he is a married father of two
9:10 am
and his family insists he would have no reason to take off without letting anyone know. >> i understand his family is dismissing concerns that his disappearance might have been related to any reporting, particularly on opec? >> right. his family is first of all saying they have no idea where he is or what has happened to him. over the past week though, questions have been raised on whether his disappearance could be related to his work, specifically his reporting on the organization of petroleum exporting countries. we asked his sister-in-law if the family believes there could be a link and she tells us they do not believe that's the case. >> wow. all right. everyone of course is hoping for the best of outcomes for mr. byrd and his family. coming up, movie mogul versus the nra. why harvey weinstein is taking a stand on gun control.
9:11 am
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president obama has decided that the national security agency can keep clegting all phone and e-mail records for the time being. brianna keilar tells us how the president reached that decision and why it might change by the end of march. >> fred, this went down to the wire. one white house official telling me even as of thursday evening, key policy decisions were yet to be finalized. president obama workeded with his advisers well into the night thursday on his speech revealing changes to nsa spying programs.
9:15 am
the final decision on his biggest announcement by all apeeshs appearances, came very late. >> i am therefore ordering a transition that will end the section 215 bulk metta data program as it currently exists. >> the president saying his administration will consult further with experts and ultimately leave congress to decide which third party will store details like phone numbers and length of calls. >> who we going to hire? eric snowden's contractor? i don't want them collecting information. it's not about who holds it. i don't want them collecting every american's information. >> thursday night, obama called david cameron to detail his proposal. shortly before his speech friday morning, white house officials alerted key members of congress. the final steps in a month's long process. while vacationing in hawaii over the holidays, president obama poored over recommendations for his advisory panel between
9:16 am
rounds of golf and family outings. throughout december and january, he met with tech ceos from companies like facebook, twitter and google, privacy and civil liberties experts and lawmakers on house and senate judiciary and senate committees. a drawn out decision making process that is a hallmark of oba obama's, according to several aides who said it's not unusual for the president to hold these to his best. >> we cannot resolve someone else's civil war through force. >> most recently on syria and most noticeably on his call to send navy s.e.a.l.s into pakistan, finalizeded just one day in advance. in the last several months, obama's views on the spying program changed. from his description of the man whose leaks to the mediacontrov june. >> no, i'm not going to be scrambling jets to get a
9:17 am
29-year-old hacker. >> and today -- >> mr. snowden's actions -- >> to the need for changes to how the u.s. spies. >> i think we've struck the right balance. >> has now become -- >> this is only going to work if the american people have confidence and trust. >> march 28th is a key deadline. when the program needs to be reauthorized. eric holder and intelligence officials will weigh in and president obama will work with congress to figure out where they think all that information should be held since the nsa will no longer keep it. fred? >> thanks so much. movie mogul harvey weinstein plans on taking on the nra, he's planning on making an antigun film, starring -- will hurt gun makers and the nra. on piers morgan live, he answered critics who have bashed him because of the violent movies he makes. >> the main allegation will be
9:18 am
one of hypocrisy. you've produced some very violent movies. so, people say come on, harvey, what about you? when are you guys in the movies going to stop glamorizing guns if you mean this? >> i think they have a point. you know, you have to look in the mirror, too. and i have to just choose movies that aren't violent or as violent as they used to be and i know for r me personally, i can't continue to do that. so, the change starts here. >> the nra has not released an official response as yet, but did post a link to the story on its facebook page. hillary clinton and chris christie. couldn't be further apart politically. why they're both in the same boat right now. trying not to sink. (vo) you are a business pro. seeker of the sublime. you can separate runway ridiculousness...
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[ male announcer ] it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. ♪ hillary clinton and chris christie are wrapped up in scandals that could derail the 2016 front-runners. republicans have renewed their criticism of the former secretary of state after a report concluded the attack on the consulate in benghazi, libya in 2012 was quote likely preventable, end quote. meantime, christie remains under a cloud of suspicion for the alleged political retribution by
9:22 am
his top aides, closing access to the nation's busiest bridge. all of this while a new poll says they are deadlocked in a hypothetical presidential match-up. they choose clinton up two points since december. 37% choose christie. that's down since last month. will cain is a cnn political commentator. he's in new york. and hilary rosen is a cnn commentator and democratic strategist. good to see you as well. which scandal, if any, is most likely to sink one of both of these two top contenders? >> it's funny that we're putting them in sort of the same category. here's what i do think that they have in common, which is that clearly, republicans are going to not let this hillary clinton connection to benghazi die. even though all of the conspiracy theorys have been
9:23 am
debunked. the is that the report this week agrees, bipartisan agreement on the facts. and so, this issue and she's answered every question that republicans even have had on this for a long time. >> so you don't think it will go on any further? >> essentially, hillary clinton has overwhelming supporters we just saw in your poll, for particularly among democrats, it's unquestioned. you know, the issue with chris christie, this issue is not really over. that we've got a whole new series of subpoenas this week. a lot of facts still to come out. i think the jury's out, but you know, the other interesting thing to me about the christie situation is how fu republicans really are coming out and defending him. their biggest defense seems to be an attack on hillary clinton. >> right. okay, will, why is that? why is it that it seems few of the republican leadership on a grand national stage are willing
9:24 am
to kind of throw their support behind krchris christie during this, particularly during the investigation? >> i'll give you two reasons. one, a question about why hillary clinton comes up in this decision all the time. the two reasons you haven't sooechb great support for krchr christ christie, he has largely behind the scenes been working for himself and in front of the scenes, he hasn't necessarily endeared himself to the right. he's left himself without a huge fan base to take up for him in moments like this. but the second reason that there's been no support for chris christie is because possibly, or very little support, because the possibility that it's true is still out there. and this isn't necessarily or shouldn't be a team sport. it shouldn't be we're going to defend our guy no matter what. the pushback -- >> his posture during that press conference particularly and then
9:25 am
even know in florida, just wasn't enough to convince most republicans that he is innocent. >> we don't know. >> just like he said he would. >> we don't know. you're inclined to believe him, but there's still going to be an investigation. but you'll get the pushback. the second reason is because we have seen why hillary's name is invoked, we have seen disproportionate coverage. it has been ridiculous. while we recognize there could be something here, the media is run i running fast and furious with this and they have not paid the same kind of attention to hillary clinton scandal in benghazi. one last point to hilary rosen's point. you're right, the conspiracy theorys are gone. all we're left with is facts. the first time since 1979, an ambassador has died in the line of duty. it could have been prevented.
9:26 am
there was beyond incompetence that it was due to a youtube video. >> well, i think the facts in the senate report and in most importantly, in the state department's independent report and then we saw in "new york times" reporting, there were multiple times where security was offered, unfortunately to ambassador stephens and he rejected that security. i think the point will's making about governor christie is interesting, which is that you know, he's kind of built his brand over the last few years in criticizing the republican party. trying to give himself kind of a leg up among some of the other folks who we know are going to be in the 2016 run up and i think that when you do that, he naturally isolated himself. i think the reason why we've had this significant interest among the media, is that he has been a bit of a media darling. if not the republican party establishment darling because of
9:27 am
his brashness, because of his you know, seemingly going out and doing what he wants to do regardless of consequences. whether that's -- >> but so the hillary clinton. and all we're asking for is equivalency in how these types of scandals are covered and treated. >> i think hillary clinton would say she's had plenty of scrutiny. >> there hasn't been an end to looking into reporting of either one of these scandals. it seems as though it really is the tip of the iceberg for both. thanks so much. good to see you both. >> take care. no hands. hey, no problem. self-driving car could be on the road a lot sooner than you think. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] eeny, meeny, miny, go. ♪
9:28 am
♪ more adventures await in the new seven-passenger lexus gx. lease the 2014 gx 460 for $499 a month for 27 months. see your lexus dealer.
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9:30 am
all right. this is a big one. the detroit auto show. it's opening to the public today. 50 updates to vehicles including the corvette and ford f-150 pick-up. it now as an aluminum body and is 700 pounds lighter, but what everybody's talking about is the technology, fuel efficiency and
9:31 am
self-driving cars. the new technology is raising questions way beyond how does that work. >> mainframe. actor will smith from i-robot. it was 2004 and felt like pure science fiction. but now, nearly ten years later, self-driving cars have gone beyond fantasy. >> you can just say, hey, i want to be back in the driver's seat. >> at the show in las vegas last week, a demonstration showing it's possible to even catch some zs in this prototype. >> they call it piloted driving and that means there is a driver, but he can concentrate on something else if he can't actively drive. >> the state of california is taking aggressive steps to get driverless cars on the streets as early as this spring for
9:32 am
testing. >> we're dropping the regulation for these vehicles to be tested on our roadways, as well as being operated on our roadways. >> so, on tuesday, the california department of motor vehicles held a public hearing to discuss the rules of the road for aton mouse cars. for some car makers like volkswagen, there's concern that some regulations might be too strict. for instance, the proposed rules require that a driver must be seated in the driver's seat in case they need to take over. that seems to make common sense. but perhaps giving us a glimpse into the future, a volkswagen official says that might be too limiting. >> we contemplate an occasion where with redundant controls and what is known to passenger seat, we like to call it the co-driver's seat. >> the most well-known awe ton mouse car comes from google, which could help the blind. they are fighting a proposed
9:33 am
requirement that the driver needs to override the computer, saying a lack of context could give the wrong impression about safe. >> maybe this published information would mislead people in not understanding what it really meant. >> other issues like who's responsible if the car crashes are also part of the discussion. michigan, florida, nevada and the district of columbia have also passed laws aloeing for driverless cars and are grappling with some of the same issues. we may not have flying cars yet, but the dream of a george jetson self-driving vehicle is sure ly on its way. a severe drought affecting millions of people in california, next. we'll look into the science behind it. [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up
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and of those who believed they had the power to do more. dell is honored to be part of some of the world's great stories. that began much the same way ours did. in a little dorm room -- 2713. ♪ this magic moment ♪ time now for the science behind where we look at the why behind the what. today, we're looking into the historic drought that is hitting california right now. governor jerry brown says it's the worst he's seen since the records began about 100 years ago. jennifer, what is the science behind this hot, nasty weather? >> we are looking at a very, very dry weather in southern
9:37 am
california. it is not letting up and it looks like it's going to stick around for the next couple of months. we talkeded to some experts to find out the science behind the drop. >> just take one look in the west and the pictures will tell the story. we are barely two weeks into 2014 and new records are being broken. but what's the science behind this extreme weather? >> when areas of the united states are in a very persistent areas of high pressure, ridges, we see a lot of dry, hot weather and i think that's what we've seen and because of that, the western united states has been dry. >> san francisco is experiencing its driest year in more than 165 years. the wildfires come at a time when it's supposed to be california's rainy season. >> we're waiting for rain. we're praying. we're going to do a rain dance. >> the president of the american
9:38 am
meteorological society says it's going to take much more than a dance to reverse this thanks in part to the jet stream. >> so we can get locked into these modes or patterns of how our jet stream is situated. in 2013, high pressure has been the dominant weather feature over the west. that causes really hot and dry conditions. >> because of this, california is parchparched. many of their lakes and reservoirs are at 38% and sinking and the snow pack is 84% below average. >> that snow is the drinking water for people in los angeles, phoenix and other places later in the year and it doesn't take a rocket scientist, even though i used to work at nasa, to know there are going to be stresses on water supply. >> and long-term predictions don't spell relief. >> as we move further into the actual summer months, things are only going to get drier.
9:39 am
>> yeah, we've been looking at long range forecasts over the next three months. doesn't look like things are going to get better. they're still forecasting above normal temperatures, below normal rainfall and this is the rainy season. they only have a little window. after that, it's going to be dry, so the wildfire season could be horrible. >> oh, my, more of the same. that is not good news. thanks so much. all right, a fight over texting in a movie theatre ended with gunfire. now, the alleged shooter is claiming self-defense, but will it hold up in court? when i first started shopping for a hybrid... i didn't even look at anything else. i just assumed you went and bought a prius. so this time around we were able to do some research and we ended up getting a ford... which we love. it's been a wonderful switch. it has everything that you could want in a car. it's the most fun to drive... because it's the most hi tech inside... i think this c-max can run circles around the prius... the biggest difference would definitely be the acceleration of the car...
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a memorial is being held for a man who was shot and killeded in a movie theatre over texting. chad olsen's disturbing death has shocked so many people. he leaves behind a wife who was at the movies with him, was also hurt, and a 22 month old daughter. the man accused in the shooting is behind bars. martin savidge has more on the case. >> the suspect, a retired police
9:43 am
captain, stood handcuffed, facing second degree murder charges as he made his first appearance in court via video conference. >> apparently, you can afford your own attorney? >> yes, ma'am. >> the allegations become more jaw dropping the more details emerge. it happened at the movie theatre during a previews in monday's matinee of the movie lone survivor. 71-year-old reeves and his wife were sitting one row behind this man. 43-year-old chad olsen and his wife, nicole. witnesses say reeves became very irritated when olsen began texting. what was so pressing? his 2-year-old daughter. >> the young child was with a babysitter and the father was communicating with the babysitter, concerning the daughter. >> but reeves was so annoyed, he left the theatre and complained to management. when he returned to his seat, he started arguing. >> he came back very irritated.
9:44 am
they started arguing again about the cell phone. there seems to be almost a confrontation and then bang, he was shot. >> but how could it escalate from an argument over a text to a shooting? >> the allegation is that the victim threw a bag of popcorn. >> that's right. witnesses say a bag of popcorn turned this argument into a murder scene. >> he said, man, i can't believe i got shot. blood started coming out of his mouth, i just held him. i was trying to hold him up, he just fell down. >> he was shot once in the chest and died at the hospital. the bullet that killed him first went through his wife's hand, placed over her husband's chest. he argued for his release on bond and painted his use of force as self-defense. >> he was attacked. at that point in time, he has every right to defend himself. >> in an after davt, he said he struck him in the face with an unknown object. the same says witnesses saw only popcorn being thrown and did not obvious punches.
9:45 am
they say reeves has a history of retribution for others texing at the movies. a witness said he came after her at the same theatre just a few weeks ago. >> indicated he was glaring at her the entire time and also followed her to the bathroom when she had gotten up to go to the restroom and made her feel very uncomfortable. >> with all the evidence against him, the judge denied him bond. >> it may or may not have been popcorn, but an unknown object doesn't qualify taking out a gun and firing it at someone's chest. >> for now, a man awaits trial, a man grieves their father and a community asks how texting could lead to murder. >> thank you, you may step back. >> thanks so much. let's break down the defense with our legal guides, avery freeman, good to see you. and richard herman, a new york criminal defense attorney and law professor from las vegas. good to see you as well.
9:46 am
richard, you first. this popcorn defense, that ald shooter was provoked. it was dark. he didn't know that it was popcorn. that it was being tossed at him, but something unknown and that his life, he felt like was on the line. how will his defense, how will his attorneys try to lay that out in a better fashion than what took place in that first court appearance? >> there is no better fashion, fred. there is no defense. no popcorn defense here. it's tragic. it's a tragic situation. and what makes it more disturbing is that this was a police, a former police captain in tampa and this is an individual who in his mind, felt that he was in fear of death or great bodily harm, which prompted him to remove his revolver, which he should not have had in the movie theatre to begin with, and shoot a man in front of him point-blank in the chest.
9:47 am
this popcorn defense is absurd. the judge completely jekted it and no bail. no jury's going to buy it. this guy has to make a plea deal as soon as possible. because the more the public hears of this case, the more upsetting and devastating it becomes. he has no chance of this defense. >> and avery, is that how you see it? i think the expectation would be you have been in law enforcement. you would know. what crosses the line. what defines a real there that he might be better able to assess the situation and know when appropriate to pull out a gun or even have a gun, so, is there really no recourse for his defense? can there really not be a good argument on his behalf and that he might as well just flee? >> i suppose if one is defending, it's going to be an uphill battle. but welcome back to florida. here we go again. no duty to retreat. i understand the fear of butter
9:48 am
and salt, but the imminent fear of bodily injury or death, i mean, this is awful and it's a function of the lack and sacrifice of civility. i understand the beginning of it. look, you've been to the theatre, there are people texting and talking on the phones and it's lit up and you're missing the preview, but there's no justification for what the defendant did here. so i can't fathom what kind of reasonable defense curtis is going to have in this case. it strikes me again as the lack of civility. this testosterone fueled male mindlessness coupled with stand your ground as defense, i don't think the defendant has a chance in this case. >> and how important will it be for the prosecution to try to establish there may have been another person who said she felt uncomfortable with this alleged gunman a few weeks back, that he kind of followed her, may have
9:49 am
revealed or shown some sort of rage or anger or a problem. is it important for the prosecution to try to establish that or do they even need that? >> it's not going to be admissible if they try to bring it in. it would not be admissible. and glaring at someone is not going to show a pattern of behavior, so that will not be admissible. as well as the rule in the movie theatre. the business rule, no handguns allowed. state of florida allows a concealed carry permit. that trumps any private business rule. he legally had his firearm on him in a concealed position, but he -- >> the other thing -- the other part of this is that whatever value there is about threatening other people, i actually agree. i think the prejudice of that kind of evidence would bar its introduction. i think the facts are so compelling here, i just don't know what this fella's going to do. he's cooked.
9:50 am
>> another very compelling case you all are going to help tackle, we're going to talk about this brain dead pregnant woman kept on a ventilator. family wants her off, but the state law stands in the way. whose wishes are most important? next. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you: where does the united states get most of its energy? is it africa? the middle east? canada? or the u.s.? the answer is... the u.s. ♪ most of america's energy comes from right here at home. take the energy quiz. energy lives here.
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9:53 am
a man in texas who says his wife is brain dead is fighting to take her off a ventilator. she is about 21 weeks pregnant and texas law says a person must be kept on life sustaining treatment if she is pregnant. ed lavandera has more. >> her husband, eric and her parents all she never wanted to be kept on life support. they've been telling the hospital that ever since she collapsed from a blood clot in her lung on november 26th. >> reached a point where you wish your wife's body would stop. >> so now, the family has filed a lawsuit in hopes that the court will back them up. lawyers say what's being done to the brain dead pregnant woman is nothing more than the cruel mutilation of a body. the lawsuit demands she
9:54 am
immediately be disconnected from ventilators and that her body be turned over to the family for proper bure rall. >> we were told she was brain dead november 26th. >> her body is still in the intensive care unit. hospital officials have said they're encouraged by this development because the courts are the appropriate venue to provide clarity, direction and resolution in this matter. a hospital spokeswoman said this is not a difficult decision for us. officials at john peters hospital say they are simply following the texas hospital that overrides a woman's end of life wishes if she is pregnant. the family called that decision absurd and say because she is brain dead, the law does not apply to her. tom mayo, a law professor at southern methodist university, helped write the law 15 years ago. he said the law is wrong because she cannot be brought back to life. >> i don't see how we can use a provision of the law that talks about treating or not treating a patient.
9:55 am
in a case where we really don't have a patient. >> her fetus is now about 21 weeks along. doctors can still hear a heart beat, but it's not clear what kind of damage the blood clot that killed marlise has done to the baby. even ultrasounds and heart beat patterns can predict if the fetus is vital. it's a risk the family does not want to take. >> but those things can predict a healthy outcome and there are certainly occasions where we look as best as we can tell, a fetus appears to be developing appropriately and meeting all its milestones and yet after birth, after delivery, there's evidence of profound compromise. >> i cry every time i hear it. >> as her family deals with this ordeal, her mother helps her son-in-law take care of her son-in-law take care of the couples 15 month old son. >> the door open and he'll look to see if his mama is coming through the door still.
9:56 am
>> the hospital denies the allegations in the lawsuit according to court documents filed yesterday. earlier this week, the judge who was assigned to the case recused herself, but gave no reason as to why. the hearing has not yet been scheduled, so our legal guys are back. avery and richard. boy, this is a very difficult one, gentlemen. so, if the issue here that the viability of the fetus is very strong and that perhaps overrides you know, the mother's body, richard, that pulling the plug would really mean ending the life of a baby that stands a good chance of living outside the womb? >> well, fred, the issue is the texas statute. that's the issue. and the interpretation of the statute and the statute clearly says that if a person is in a vegetative state or a coma, and they are pregnant, the court will ignore any, any directive
9:57 am
of that individual of not to be kept on life support and override that to keep the fetus viable up to about 24 weeks where they can remove it, versus the cesarean section. but here, the very hospital records said she's brain dead and that ere is no chance of resuscitation. there's no chance of bringing her back again. and therefore, the hospital is wrong and the court must step in and honor the family's wishes because they are misapplying the statute. she is brain dead and it's not -- >> avery, is that what the argument is? >> no, it's not. >> that she actually stands a chance of living? it's really about the baby, isn't it? >> well, no. in my judgment, there are two issues. number one, the law's uninstitutional. they didn't go to federal court. they went to state court to challenge this. secondly, the law deals with the patient being pregnant. well, she's not a patient. she is scientifically and
9:58 am
medically dead. even the professor that worked on the legislation conceited that this deals with patients and patients rights. so, i don't believe anything has to do with the fetus or an embryo or anything else. it has to do with the patient. therefore, i think this family will prevail and i think that ventilator's going to be disconnected and i appreciate the difference in philosophy, but ultimately, the end of the day, it's patients rights and she has a right to be disconnect. >> and regardless of the outcome of this lawsuit, do you see that the road is already being paved to change or modify or challenge this law as a whole, gentlemen? richard? >> i think so, fred, but this law exists in 30 states throughout the country. we continue to legislate morality and we ignore people's wishes. here, this woman was involved as medical personnel. she made a clear determination. she did not want to be kept alive if god forbid she was put on life support and everybody is ignoring her wishes.
9:59 am
the family besides themselves. >> but that wasn't written. it was a conversation between husband and wife -- >> right. >> yeah, but they had the conversation that they would not want to be on life support, but the hospital wants to see that in paper. >> the hospital is stuck. the hospital filed a one or two sentence response because they're stuck in the middle. the doctors i'm sure believe that this life, this ventilator plug has to be removed, but they can't because of the state lels. ultimately, if the judge interprets law right, it's going to be pulled. other states, we'll see what happens. >> all right. avery, richard, yeah, always good to see you. that's a powerful and passionate case for sure. of course, you can always catch our brilliant minds of richard and avery, that is, this saturday on every saturday at about this time every weekend. always tackling the most
10:00 am
intrigues cases of the day, week, month, you nam it. thanks so much. >> thank you. all right. much more of the news room straight ahead. straight ahead. the next hour begins now. -- captions by vitac -- new reforms have been laid out for the nsa's hotly debated surveillance methoded. what the changes mean for your privacy. and people were furious when a hunter paid $350,000 for a permit to kill a black rhino. now, that man is giving his reason for bidding on the permit. and pope francis has taken the world by surprise and taking the post as the head of the catholic church now and people also think he performed an exorcism. that story coming up.