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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 18, 2014 11:30am-12:01pm PST

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why not more women on wall street? would have been coming on wall street right at the peek of that. >> many don't even want to see that movie. doesn't even want to give it the time of day. thanks for joining us on "your money." come join john berman and me every beak day morning on cnn. until then, have a great weekend. hello, everyone. i'm fredricka whitfield. here are the top stories we're following in the "cnn newsroom." a manhunt following another school shooting. >> when i came down from the school, the girl was walking with her arm, looked like she got shot. >> two students at a philadelphia high school shot. >> and new developments just last hour. suspected gunman turns himself in. and after months of leaks over how the nsa scoop s up dat, some of it yours and mine. the president says he's making
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changes but will greater protection create greater security risks for the u.s.? also, more than 2,500 passengers on a cruise line get a terrifying letter. the warning -- their ship may have been hit by an outbreak. new jersey governor chris christie is in florida hoping to raise money for fellow gop governors and hoping to change the message. for the past two weeks, all attention was focused on what he knew about those lane closings at the george washington bridge. closings that caused massive traffic jams for several days in september. in orlando, all right, it's christie's first time oust state since the scandals broke. how is his trip going so far? >> reporter: so, fred, earlier this morning he attended a fund-raiser for florida's governor rick scott. this was just one stop along the way. i have to mention, all of these
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events are going to be closed door. now, i did talk to one woman at the fund-raiser here in orlando earlier today who says there was not one mention of any of these scandals. this weekend could shed some more light on his political future. >> whatever tests they put in front of me, i will meet those tests. >> reporter: now the tests for new jersey governor chris christie moved some 1,000 miles state, from the garden site to cash rich florida. more than a week after the bridge cleefrs through wide open, this will be christie's first trip out of state. a jam-packed weekend with stops in orlando, ft. lauderdale and palm beach. this abilities put on display in the midst of a political scandal. the governor's in town to fund raze for florida governor rick scott, despite the controversy is not shying away. >> i know with chris, he did the right thing. he apologized. he went to the community and apologized. so i look forward to seeing him. >> reporter: and as its
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chairman, he'll also raise money for the republican governors' association. christie will attend events on palm beach to network with his potential donor base bp those he would rely on if he decides to run for president in 2016. >> i think florida republicans would be a lot more excite fundamental it was pre-bridgegate. he should play well in southeast florida. basically new jersey south. >> reporter: his main event, home depot's founder home. even with the scandal, he's been flooded with requests to meet the governor. >> the most important thing on chris christie's plate right now is new jersey. focusing on his to-do list there, and setting that ship straight. but he also has other responsibilities. he's the chair of the republican governors' association, and then he also has to think about chris christie and what his futch sir. he's got a lot of donors that are here in the florida area. people that want to hear from him.
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that want to ask him questions. and that want to go and listen to what cq cadillhris christie say. >> reporter: desides his popularity remain as threat, debbie wasserman schultz along wore the ride with her own agenda. and another thing, fred, that people are talking about here is the potential, what this trip might mean for political ambiti ambiti ambition, say, if he were to flun 2016. that's looking far ahead, but i talked to someone else inside the fund-raising event saying there are no questions about this being an issue for 2016. none of that came up at all. >> so are democrats there seizing on this? >> reporter: oh, yeah, for sure. the democrats are definitely not sitting on the sidelines for this. this morning actually, the democratic national committee released an ad that was welcoming chris christie to the area, but not so much -- it was pretty much the opposite of that and congresswoman debbie
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wasserman schultz too chawho che dmc, shadowing these. i asked why, this is what she had to say. >> campaigning with our governor today and doing it in a way that is totally private, answering no questions. no public events, and, you know, i think that means either chris christie doesn't want to answer any questions or rick scott doesn't want to be seen in public with chris christie. it's probably a little bit of both. >> reporter: so, fred, one thing's for sure. members of his own party who come into contact with him at some of the fund-raising events will be able to ask those questions about the scandal. who knows if he'll answer, but they will be face-to-face with him at certain points. >> tory dunham, thanks so much in orlando. and wikileaks founder julian assange was not impressed with the president's saying he would release some of the nsa --
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here's what assange had to sanchts the real concern is that when you have an organization as powerful at the national security agency has become and it's flyby allies and cost of engaging in -- decreasing about 50% every two years because of the cheapness of computers and the cheapness of bandwidth. that is a threat to constitutional government in the united states, and also into other countries. what i wanted to see today was a mechanism that would retard that tendency of producing a long-term threat to constitutional government. i don't see that. >> the nsa's authority to collect phone and e-mail records from americans expires march 28th. all right. two americans have been killed after a suicide bomber, and gunman, attacked a restaurant in kabul, afghanistan, friday. the taliban took responsibility and said it was payback for an
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air strike this week that killed civilians. security forces killed the gunman in a shoot-out. and a group of passengers who were aboard an asiana airlines flight that crashed at san francisco's airport are suing aircraft maker boeing. the suit claims that pilots got inadequate low air speed warnings due to equipment insulation errors and defects that it says boeing knew. boeing declined cnn's request for comment. and royal caribbean says more than 60 passengers got sick from a stomach illness during a recent cruise. yesterday the majesty of the seas returned to miami after a four-day getaway to the bahamas. cruise officials suspect norah vir norovirus and it's very contagious. more details on this in about ten flints now. right now in lando lakes florida, family and friends are saying good by to a man shot and
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killeded in a movie theater after a texting dispute. chad olsen was shot dead monday. his wife nicholl injured. kirts reeves charged with second-degree murder held without bail in that shooting. the suspect in a school shooting in philadelphia is now in police custody. investigators issued an arrest warrant this morning for the minor. and he turned himself in to police about an hour and a half ago. nick have a lens yapp hvalencia >> reporter: the suspect in a high school shooting have turned himself in about 1:00 p.m. on saturday. because he's a juvenile, his name has not been released to the media and police are still looking for the motive behind the shooting. not ruling out accidental. police are looking for two other suspects questioned by police and later released. police are confident now that the shooting suspect is in
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police custody. now, the two students who were shot on friday, they received non-life threatening injuries and are expected to make a full recovery. nick valencia, cnn, atlanta. first lady michelle obama turns 50. but looks years younger. some tips on how you can, too, perhaps. and -- dream cruise ruined? what made dozens of passengers so sick? this helmet is just torture on my hair.
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tonight for the first time in more than six years a black female cast member joins "saturday night live." just a few weeks ago, sasheer zamata was relatively unknown. tonight all eyes will be on the upright theater brigade comedienne. making a big debut along with two other writers who are also black. don't forget to check out coverage of the screen actors guild award. live for the red carpet arrivals and dresses. you don't want to miss any of that, the actors. the red carpet begins at 6:30 eastern right here on cnn tonight. the awards start at 8:00 on our sister network tnt. actress rita moreno will be given a lifetime achievement award as tonight's show. i recently talked with the star of "west side story "and "electric company" about her life and her loves off-screen.
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>> my relationship with marlon brando was chaotic, tempestuous, sexy, very fun as the kids would say now. but we were addicted to each other. we were obsessed with each other, and if you know anything about obsession, it is like addiction. he was my drug. i was his, and he were not good for each other. >> coming up at 3:00, not only will we talk about brando, but rita will dish about her time with the king, elvis presley. all right, sir. an incredible image coming out of brazil. that's lightning striking the christ the redeemer statue that towers over rio de janeiro. the 130 foot statue is a freaked place for lightning strikes. on friday a thumb was chipped. a finger chipped last month. and happy birthday to the
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first lady, michelle obama who turned 50 yesterday. she's not slowing down anytime soon. if you follow some simple steps, you don't have to either. dr. sanjay gupta has tips for looking and feeling fab at 50. >> reporter: fred, the first lady wants to be able to enjoy her 70s and 80s. who doesn't want that? a great goal for anyone, and 50 is a good time to take stock. put a few things on your to-do list medically. one thing, follow the recommendations on some of the cancer screenings. colon cancer, screening recommended at age 50 and do it up to age 75. there are lots of options out there including connell nofk pi. ig noydoscopy, at least six. mammography. age 50, do them every two years. again until age 75. also, no one likes to hear this, fred, but 50 means menopause is probably looming, and one of the risks that brings up is
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osteoporosis. now, this is important. you can't just start thinking about strong bones at age 50. you want to start thinking about this younger. and the best way to preserve bone or slowed down bone loss is regular weight-bearing exercise. i have my own mother doing this. pumping iron. you can walk, run, do any sort of workout with weights that's going to help. also, make sure to take in enough calcium and vitamin d. don't forget the vit minh d. something i pay attention to. without it your body can't absorb the calcium and your risk of bone loss goes up. and don't go overboard with the calcium. too much can raise your risk risk of heart disease. taking in more than 1,400 milligrams can raise your risk of heart disease. either way, with enough in your regular diet, you shouldn't need supplements whatsoever. hope that helps. good luck to her. fred?
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>> thanks, sanjay. speaking of the first lady turning 50, next hour i will ask sally quinn, "washington post" what we know about tonight's big birthday bash at the white house. perhaps you're going on a cruise? well -- you would expect it's supposed to be a dream getaway. right? that wasn't the case for dozens of passengers on one cruise ship. we'll te what you ruined that trip. [ male announcer ] at his current pace,
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pilot error is now blamed for a southwest plane landing at the wrong airport in missouri. it landed sunday night at an airport about seven miles from its scheduled destination. the airport's runway, which isn't designed for large planes, forced the pilots to slam on their brakes, narrowly avoiding disaster just short of a steep drop-off. and a nightmare toned a dream vacation. dozens got sick on a royal caribbean cruise. more on what caused the stomach bug. >> i spent like a whole night on the toilet. >> reporter: a major health scare on the high seas after dozens of passengers on a dream cruise ship, royal caribbean majesty of the seas experienced
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severe gastrointestinal problems including diarrhea and vomiting. the ship arrived in port miami friday after four days in the bahamas and florida keys then would depart on another cruise as originally scheduled. over the course of that sailing, 66 of 2,581 guests and 2 of 844 crew members experienced the illness. thought to be norovirus. those affected by the short-lived illness responded well to over the countermedicationed at ministered onboard the ship. the cdc describes norovirus as very contagious that can be spread by infected persons, contaminated food or water, or through contact with contaminated surfaces. a new set of passengers including the mendoza family, is getting ready to sail after the ship was thoroughly cleaned. >> we are concerned. we all bought medication and we're making sure that we're more cautious. >> it is scary. i'm surprised they didn't notify
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anybody that had booked a trip. >> passengers who boarded yesterday were give an letter asking if they had experienced any gastrointestinal symptoms within the last three days and those who felt uncomfortable were allowed to reschedule their trip. and the electric car tesla made a big splash at the detroit auto show. revealing when tesla's cheaper models just might be available. i'm beth... and i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, we like interacting with people. so you have time to focus on the things you love. ink from chase.
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6 . the detroit auto show opens to the public today, and automakers are unveiling really cool cars that you just have to see. some are extremely fuel efficient. peter valdez gives us a sneak peek. >> reporter: one thing you can always count on at the detroit auto show, at least a few really cool concept cars. romming out the ft-1 that could become the next toyota supra pp a long head, short deck, reminiscent of that car. only drive it in a video game for now. it's got no real engine. and two plus two, small back seats powdered by a 315 horsepower tush other charged four cylinder engine.
11:55 am
vol, waning, audi, cross-concept ps the dune and beetle, jacked up for getting over rough spots. and the audi and volvo, plug-in hybrid cross-overs. volvo, 21 inch rims, and the audi, 0 to 60 in about 4.5 seconds. >> hmm. fascinating stuff. i'm ready to buy a car. give me more. a little good news this week, and a little bad for electric carmaker tesla. first it issued a recall on its charger. then it announced it's developing a lower priced model. poppy harlow talked with the ceo elon musk about the company's future. >> reporter: hey there, fred. tesla is a company that is always in the spotlight. they just reported record sales in the fourth quarter. they're predicting huge growth this year. this week the founder and ceo elon musk sat down to talk to us in the wake of a big recall.
11:56 am
about 29,000 of the wall charger adapters for the tesla model s have been recalled, because they can overheat and possibly cause a fire. now, tesla says that it did an over the year software upgrade to fix the problem but are sending out new chargers as an extra precaution. this recall comes on the heels of a handful of cars in tesla cars following some crashes this fall that led the national highway traffic safety administration to investigate nap investigation is ongoing. elon musk says, look, he feels his company tesla is getting far too much mnegative attention arguing there are far more fires and gasoline powered cars which is the case. we sat down to talk to him about all of the headlines and also what is ahead for tesla. can you thaunds although electric cars aren't a new technology, it's a new market
11:57 am
for a lot of people. so, of course, there's going to be more attention to it. >> any new technology is going get added scrutiny. that's understandable. there should about spotlight on new technology, but it shouldn't be a laser beam. in all fairness, the coverage probably is too high. now, at the same time, i think would accept some responsibility for that because at tesla we built somewhat of a viral brand and it's a two-edged sword. so the good ghitsz heavily reported and the bad news gets heavily reported. our mass market affordable car is about three years away, that's going to be half the price? >> yeah, about $35,000 car. >> what about a pickup truck ji believe that you said recently you'd like to make the equivalent of a ford f-150. is that going to happen? >> yeah, we'd like to produce an electric pickup truck. we're not really thinking much about that, fwhaut is part of
11:58 am
our long-term plans. i would imagine that's probably something like four to five years. >> and you know, fredricka, of course, more affordable models that don't cost $70,000, like the current mod s, could help tesla's scale to compete with the big automakers. musk told me about the company's plans in china saying they'll begin delivers cars by the end of march and expects to be one of the country biggest markets. of course it is a huge market for any company right now. you can see more of our interview with tesla founder eli musk on our website. and taking to do hong kong. a mother is making a desperate plea to her son. the mother placed a full page ad in the newspaper in australia saying, she won't pressure him to get married anymore. here's what she wrote. dear pang, i've called you many times but you don't pick up. maybe you will see this.
11:59 am
dad and mom won't ever force you to get married anymore. come home for chinese new year, from your mom. who loves you. and we're told the ad cost more than $2,400. all right. so from australia to hong kong and now to atlanta, well, here it's 3:00 p.m. on the east coast. noon out west. for those just joining us, welcome to the "cnn newsroom." i'm fredricka whitfield for a reset of this hour. here are the top stories we're following -- amp months of leaks over how the nsa scoops up data, some of it yours, the president said he's making changes, but critics including those involved in exposing the spying say it's not enough. a huge cheating scandal among military member whose maintain nuclear missiles is raising serious questions. why do problems keep cropping up among those safeguarding the nation's most powerful weapons? and it's another night of glamor in hollywood. the screen actors guild awards.
12:00 pm
tonight we take you for a look at some of the favorites coming up. -- captions by vitac -- the national security agency will keep saving records on your phone calls, e-mail, at least for now. president obama made that clear yesterday as he laid out a number of proposed reforms at the nsa. wikileaks founder julien assange ridiculed them as embarrassing. and joining us now from the white house we have more on the president's reformed proposal. so what's the reaction been like in washington? >> reporter: fred, president obama was really under a lot of pressure to make some big changes to this program, and what we saw in his proposals is, he left many of the details up to congress to really hammer out and fine tune those details. now, first of all, effective immediately, now nsa