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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 19, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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have legs today. action on the issue of sex abuse is a priority. >> thank you so much. top of the hour. hello again, thank you so much for joining us in the newsroom. we are following two big stories right now. new threats heading to the sochi olympic games. cnn has obtained the video by terrorists and another allegation made by chris christie's office. >> while new jersey governor chris christie coped with a political crisis russia is looking toward the games.
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the games begin in 19 days. these two men claim to be suicide bombers who carried out a deadly attack last month. and they have an ominous warning for anyone coming to russia saying this. as for your olympic something that you really want we have prepared a present for you. you do your business and we'll do ours. we have prepared a present for you and all tourists. could we see something like this? that is at tack happening at the olympic games. in this attack, dozens were left dead. cnn's phil black joins me now. so how worried are russians about the olympic games? they say that the games themselves are safe. they believe that they are planning their preparation,
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security poster in sochi is pretty much they thorough. even though the attacks that killed 34 people on a train station and trolly bus, they say they would not be changing their plan for security. in other parts of the country, whereas the security bubble in sochi itself might be pretty tight. it is not possible to secure the entire country in the same way. there are concerns like in cities like this there is a real threat as to what could happen during the liolympics. tomorrow the olympic torch comes through volgagrad what kind of precautions are being taken? >> very tough and tight security we expect because the olympic
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flame is arriving in this city by train coming into the very same train station that was struck by terrorists weeks ago. we have been briefed on just what sort of freedom of movement the media, the general public are expected to have tomorrow. a lot of the city is going to be in lock down. there is not going to be a lot of premovement. a lot of officials not going to be taking chances in the city. where the attacks struck so recently. >> phil black thank you so much there. so russia may be flooding sochi with security. they said on intelligence committees for the house and senate. both say they have concerns about security at the games. what we are finding is they are not giving us the full story,
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who do we need to worry about? are those groups who have had success are they still noting the missing gap. you never want that. >> i would not go and i don't think i would send my family. i don't know how you put a percentage on it. but it is such a rich target in an area of the world where they have almost broadcast that they are going to try to do something there. >> we will talk to bob bhaer in ten minutes or so from now. >> developing story out of new jersey. hoboken mayor don szimmer sayin that christie's's office played
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games with money for sandy relief. what more do we know about the mayor's claims and where it goes from here? >> this is a more specific claim. for the first time zimmer tied governor christie himself to threats of retaliation. >> the alleged retaliation from christie's team happened 7 months ago. mayor dawn zimmer tells why she is coming forward only now. >> i was concerned that if i came forward no one believed me that we would really be cut out of the sandy funding. but as i watch the coverage you do see parallels. >> she said her money was held hostage. after this event in may, in a nearby parking lot, simmer says christie's lieutenant governor,
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kim gordana communicated what she said was a message from christie himself. she came and made a direct threat to me and said you got to move forward with the rockefeller project. this project is really important to the governor. and she said that she had been with him on friday night and this was a direct message from the governor. and zimme said if you tell anyone i'll deny it. it is stunning, outragious and true. >> she said she wrote a journal entry saying i thought he was honest and moral this week i found out he is cut from the same corrupt cloth that i have been fighting for the last four years. he called zimmer's characterization false saying
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party's and politics are in place here. with a political axe to grind come out of the woodwork and try to get their faces on television. believes the patielieutenant gor will eventually confirm her account. i believe if and when she is asked to testify under oath the truth will come out and she will tell the truth. >> we contacted the gov nof's office again today. they stand by their previous statement that her characterization of the conversation is what is false. >> again, the dpof ngovernor in florida right now. onto california now where the drought is so bad the governor there has declared a state of emergency. the effects will likely be felt
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far beyond the state's borders. >> what is this? >> this is my bedroom. the wildfires swept through the food hi foothills. firefighters continue to battle the blaze. >> this is a ticking time bomb and something happens. all it would take is one lightening bolt. from the charred hills to the lake beds of the central valley. the state's drought is palpable and painful. >> this is the worst year i've ever seen. >> farmers pressured california's governor to act. he says while he can make it rain i can declare a state of emergency. the message everyone cut back on water by 20%. >> the state's reservoirs are at
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critical levels setting record lows. snow packs at 80% than normal. the hills across california are brown. and in january this is usually all green. it is summer weather in winter here and that hurts everyone. about half the nation's fruits, nuts and vegetables come from california. as the farms wilt so does the country's food supply and frieses they are on the climb. >> we are waiting and praying for rain. we are going to do a rain dance. and there may be no other option as there is no relief for the ever browning golden state. >> straight ahead why a ter rr s
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. no matter how much russia ramps up security for the olympic games some say it won't be enough. a short time ago we spoke with former operative and here is his chilling analysis. >> i think these people will strike somewhere in russia. they could hit airplanes, crowded areas. americans aren't safe there. i wouldn't go there at this time. i think if these people say they are going to hit they will. there is no way they can protect against this 100%. >> so it is not comforting or at all in anyway that even putin has said that he has security under control.
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that 7 known terrorists have been killed recently leading up to these games to ensure that this will be a secure games? >> they cannot control the north caucuses. they are large populations in moscow and the rest of russia. whether they can't do it. it is too big of a threat. they simply cannot protect russia during this games. >> and how much might russia allow whether it be u.s. intelligence and intelligence from other countries to try to secure the many tourists and athletes who are on their way. the russians have never been cooperative about security. we are not going to let you in our situation rooms. so we are not going to get much
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cop rati cooperation at all. i don't think they can do it. >> so what does it mean when the president says there is an evacuation plan if indeed something were to happen? >> an evacuation plan doesn't sound good to me. it sounds like people running for it under an attack. you know, he is saying we'll keep you safe but we can't guarantee it. >> i think most athletes and tourists would think if there is going to be a secure location it would be in that perimeter. certainly tourists or athletes venturing outside of that are in trouble. >> it is targets of opportunity, buses, train stations, airports and airplanes themselves, they can get suicide bombers and they have in the past and they are going to try it.
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the russian intelligence is not good enough to take care of this. >> this attack that took place in december. what in your view was the strategy here to do this leading up to the games? to make everyone uneasy to send a message this was a prelude for more? >> it was a well coordinated military style attack. it was right in the heart of russia. saying it is not safe to go but it is not. they want to wreck the olympics for the russians and they are starting to do it >> very sobering and unsettling for the millions of people who are planning to descend on sochi. appreciate that. >> all right that was cnn national security analyst's take on that. chris christie facing for accusations and senot in new
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jersey to deal with it. he is in florida how is that going?
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claims the city was neglect in hiring and training police office officers. the driver's wife and two-year-old daughter were inside the vehicle. the family is seeking more than $75,000 each. dennis rodman checks into rehab for alcohol addition. his agent said that during the trip his drinking escalated to a level to most of us have not seen before. chris christie's's office is denying allegations of with
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holding hurricane sandy relief funds. it is his first fund raising trip since the story broke. here is tori done nan. >> he spent day one of his trip behind closed doors. >> governor. >> it is unclear if the scandal followed him into the fundraisers. this woman inside an event that he attended placed a guessing game. >> talk about governor scott and how good he is. >> did the scandal come up? >> what do you think. >> yes or no. >> what do you think. el said no, nothing. >> in florida to shadow
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christie's every move had lot to say. i think that means he does nn't want to answer questions. probably a little bit of both. >> the d&c released this welcome to florida add. >> florida's republican party chairman accused democrats of trying to turn the visit into a circus. >> he is down here doing his job making sure that rick scott gets re-elected. >> any talk in there about this being an issue if he decides to run in 2016? >> none thank you. >> more likely to come on that front today at a show in north palm beach.
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cnn, orlando. the outcome is sure to impact more than just him. both republicans and democrats are watching all of this closely. looking into the bridgescandal. mr. johnson, you first. when will we hear? from those 17 people who have been subpeonaed and does this revelation from the hoboken mayor figure into this bridge inquiry now? >> yes, i believe that should be
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looked into by the select committee of the investigation. >> the first part of your question, the subpoena citing that the documents should be delivered by february third. mr. lonnigan you ran against chris christie. yet you support the governor right now based on all he is enduring to what extent. >> to the extent that i know a lot about hudson county politics and what a nightmare it is for developers to get something through their districts. after the governor has been above reproach and has been charged openly and publicly spoken about her job getting them done and getting growth in new jersey and getting us recovered in new jersey. suddenly she has a ephiphany
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they through barbara buono under the bus their democrat candidate. i think we are. >> you think it is business as usual. >> purely politics at it's worst. the federal money for sandy, comes through the federal government as of today, there are 71 million dollars approved for hoboken. so this allegation is pure nonsense. i know exactly what happened. i can almost predict what happened from my understanding of the way things worked. we want to see this project pushed through. we want to see recovery from sandy. don't let your bureaucracy hold it up. don't get your hudson county
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democrat machine in the way of growth for new jersey. >> does it still make it okay that you with hold as the governor you with hold any kind of federal assistance because you wouldn't necessarily back a local plan? >> i see two themes here thus far. the first theme is the people who these mayors remember. there is a project where they want to make this area in need of redevelopment which applies
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to in investors. >> you mean republican. this is about piling on republican governor chris christie. the federal government controls sandy funds. up and down the coast they can't get the money out where it longs. >> wouldn't it be the job of the govern governor. >> in addition to that, you have the democrat hudson county machine also getting in the way of development.
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when he was the mayor of bogoda in my district, when he made requests to us at the state ledge literature we went in and did what we could to help the people in his borough they are taxpayers and people we represent it does not matter who is in the party. why does it take so long to prove to be involved in the plit c political process suddenly the mayor interprets that effort, i think her credibility is on the
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line. i think there is a slight group within that project when it is special treatment and she wants a full review of the total tract of land and that is what has happened. >> we'll have to leave it there. >> thanks to both of you for joining us. we'll be talking again. >> and we will be right back. what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. [ male announcer ] just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. [ corrine ] super poligrip is part of my life now.
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a short time ago a spoke with two guests to get their takes on what this could mean for christie's political future. what it does is create a pattern of behavior that he is being accused of. we know that these are going to be investigated by the state legislature. as you showed the mayor be iing
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unequivocal i will testify under oath. the mayor challenging the office saying hiding behind spokes people is not going to work. at some point he had to address this. how do you suppose he will have to address this? at what point does he deny this or come clean about the allegations. there are going to be an investigation or two or three. and i agree with rob. this is serious. in my view it is more serious than bridge gate as it connects to chris christie. no one has alleged with evidence that chris christie was an instigator of the closing of the lanes on the bridge. this ties to christie. i watched all of candy croli's interview with him.
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i found mayor zimmer credible with the her. this is someone that christie picked and is noun to be close to him. >> yes, you know, she was told that she wasn't getting funding in exchange for not supporting the governor. >> the mayor has thrown down a gauntlet here by saying i will testify under oath. as larry pointed out. the real break through here.
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what makes this more high stakes is that he is being tied to the argument that i was told the governor said this was a priority for him. we know larry wrote a great book about this everybody in public life gets some dents now. but even having said that, these allegations are serious ones and i think they could have a material effect if proven out these are serious questions. >> are these serious allegations because it comes on the heels of the feds. well, yeah, you know i think again, it is the overall pattern that becomes the risk here. all of these allegations resolve around the idea of improperly
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using state power toward other ends. that is something that would not draw criticism from the left but rand paul making great hay out of this from the other direction and there is no love lost from the two of them to begin with. >> is it difficult for him to try and get the support of other leading republicans because at this juncture he has been the kind of guy doing it his way. >> you have a third. well no democratic official is going to come to his aid at this point. as for the republicans, he is facing a half dozen or more opponents, with these al dpagss the tv adds the republicans will use against him in iowa and
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ma'new hampshire are potentially very powerful. good to see you both appreciate it. a murder trial that some are comparing to the travon martin case. after a fight over loud music. his mother talks to me live next. [ doctor ] and in a clinical trial versus lipitor, crestor got more high-risk patients' bad cholesterol
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acati case that has been compared to the tray van mvon m case is about to go to court in florida. all after a fight over loud music. stand your ground laws that made headlines last summer may be in play in this case. here is drew griffin. it was the day after thanksgiving friday, november 23rd, 2012. he and three friends pulled into a convenience store in florida. >> he said we are going to shop at a town in a mall. he said can i have money for food to hang out with my friends. >> jordan davis stayed in the
1:41 pm
back seat as the driver was in the store. loud music was on the radio. 45-year-old michael dunn pulled into the parking spot next to them. he was just attending his son's wedding reception with his girlfriend ron da and as she went inside he said he politely turn down the music down. >> michael dunn concedes as much in a later interrogation. >> and then it comes back on and i'm like you know i don't need any trouble. >> but there was trouble. police say what followed was a verbal altercation between dunn in his car and the teens sitting in theirs. >> michael dunn said it was one
1:42 pm
of the teens trying to threaten and kill him. >> i put my window down again and i said exkecuse me are you talking about me? and he said kill that [ bleep ] pitch. and i'm still not reacting and then this guy goes down on the ground and comes up with something and i thought it was a shotgun and he goes you are dead. and he opens his door. and [ bleep ] bricks. and that is when i reached in my glove box and unholstered my miss ton. he opened fire and then he sped away. the only person hit, he spent the night at a local hotel
1:43 pm
before driving the 159 miles to his home. he wouldn't be arrested until the next day. her face blurred ptells the police he was firing in self defense. >> he said what happened? he said i shot at the car. and i'm like we're moving at this time. >> and um i said what car? >> and he said the one with the music. >> other witnesses to the shooting told police they never saw the teens getting out of the suv or approaching dunn in anyway. no weapon or stick was found in the teen's possession. he said he was shooting for his life and plans to use the stand your ground law for his defense. >> it is not clear how the defense will argue their case.
1:44 pm
dunn's lawyers filed a motion to delay the trial. >> i'm joined by his mother and she has been outspoken by stand your ground laws testifying before a senate committee alongside travon martin's family. i can't imagine what you and the family are going through. given that you are pushing for a advocacy. you are trying to prepare for that. given the outcome for the trial, in florida, how might that in your view impact this up coming trial? >> definitely i would not be telling you the truth if i did not think about you all the time. it appears to us that the impact of the stand your ground laws in florida have a lot to do with
1:45 pm
what happened with travon's case. and in fact, since you know, michael dunn is doing the same thing in our case we believe that the laws are written in such a way that they allow for a lot of ambiguity in both cases, the boys were absolutely doing nothing. there was no threat from either one of the boys in the cases. and the way the laws are written is even though the boys were not a threat the initiater is allowed to possibly walk away free. >> do you concern yourself that the outcome of the george zimmerman trial whether it be the outrage that came from it or
1:46 pm
the advocacy for george zimmerman might influence this case in that it might change the approach whether it be from the prosecutions point of view that they may be their vision may be colored differently as a result of this trial? >> i think that the jurors probably have more information now about stand your ground. and the influence that it has on the trials. i think that they will probably be more enlightened. spending more time understanding the parameters of the laws to make sure that they are not using them improperly that they completely understand the impact that they have on the case. i think that there will be
1:47 pm
influence based on what happened with zimmerman's case. >> what is your activism now? what mess iage is it that you a trying to convey? whether you are on capitol hill or talking to families and young people? >> i basically find that what i'm trying to do is educate people and let them understand the gun culture in our country. how it is affecting communities future generations. the gun culture i believe at this point is fueling a lot of fear. citizens are in fear of one another, fear of people that they don't think like them and act like them. what is the answer to that? >> i think the answer is educating people to not be so afraid. here we are on the eve of martin luther king celebration and
1:48 pm
everything that he talked about and fought for it seems to be that people have for got ten those things as we become for advanced here in the united states it seems that in some regard we are starting to turn back the hands of time and people are moving back instead of moving forward into a culture of acceptance. accepting one another. taking responsibility for one another. taking responsibility for making sure that we have our rights and you know that we are able to live in this country peacefully with one another. >> thank you so much and all the best as you ting you continue t on what is a roller coaster. not having clean water is a daily reality. chris cuomo is showing how matt
1:49 pm
damon is impacting our world. >> this celebration in india has a special guest. the new water pump is stealing the spotlight and damon's charity made it happen. helps bring water and sanitation to those in mead. it under pins everything. every 20 seconds a child dies because they lack access to clean water an sanitation. this hits home for damon who has four daughters. provides small loans to help people get access to water. >> people were paying 15 or 20 times what you or i pay for our water to a local water mafia.
1:50 pm
you give them their time back and work at their job and pay the loan off. they are in control of their destiny. it is not only about the millions of children who die every year. it is about the quality of life that somebody can have if they have access to clean water.
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instead of supporting the lesionization legalization of pot, he says also in the interview the president said if he had a son,
1:54 pm
he would not let him play football because of the concussion risks. when you think of new york's central park. many of the things that come to mind are the horse drawn carriage rides. here is margaret connelly. >> fred, it is a horse buggy battle. many of us are flocking to central park to see the horses or go on one last carriage ride. they are an iconic way to go for a ride. they will soon be a think of the past. new york mayor has taken the reigns at city hall from former mayor mike bloomberg. >> we are getting ready to get rid of the horse carriages
1:55 pm
period it is over. >> they have been secelebrated film here in barefoot in the park and on tv on sex in the city. >> i wasn't going to question any oist. not even until we found a horse drawn sleigh in the middle of manhattan >> they have been on the top of so many tourist must do lists. >> it is one of the things that you need to do. don't get rid of the horses or we won't come back. >> how many horses have to die? >> animal rights groups have been calling for a ban on the rides. the animals are forced to live in conditions that they describe as inhumane. >> the mayor says he is open to new alternatives replacing the kirn carriages with antique cars. the move to get rid of the
1:56 pm
horses won't work. he and other drivers plan to fight it in court. >> the horses are the star. it is not the car the carriage it is not me. sethe star. you can't create that with an electric car. kids can't pet fenders, they pet horses. >> animal rights groups say the traffic and the pollution is bad for the horses. meanwhile the carriage drivers they are fighting for their jobs. they say the horses get four weeks vacation out of the year. bill diblasio has hired legal council to get this done, fred?
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thank you so much for being with me. much more straight ahead. the next hour of the newsroom begins right now with fred sacitch. >> thank you very much. >> and there it is. you are in the c nxt nnn newsro. less than three weeks from now before the world convenes on russia. and there is a warning shot to
2:00 pm
tourists. >> the video was posted to a well-known forum. it shows bomb blasted that truck on a local train station killing 34 people. the two men saying there is more to come. they say they have prepared what they describe as a present for tourists who will be in sochi during the games. they say it is in revenge for the muslim blood that has been spilled. they say they have ait