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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  January 20, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> from the right i'm s.e. cupp. next, breaking news, a massive and deadly explosion in nebraska. a search operation underway as fears grow that as many as 21 people are dead or trapped in the rubble. a disturbing story, two toddlers found stabbed to death. their mother told police she was performing an exorcism. and richard sherman addresses criticism flying his way. does he deserve to be called a thug? let's go outfront.
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good evening. don lemon in for erin burnett. breaking news, a deadly explosion in omaha, nebraska. officials confirm two people are dead and at least 19 unaccounted for after an explosion and partial building collapse at an omaha industrial plant. rescuers are searching for employees who may be trapped in the wreckage. >> reporter: this story started around 10:00 this morning local time in omaha when an explosion happened. we know there were about 38 people officials believe working in the building at the time. they say 17 of them survived. they know that. there were four survivors with critical wounds and then about a dozen more who had non-life threatening wounds and some that refused treatment. we know that at least 19 are unaccounted for. they are either dead or they don't know where they are.
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take a listen to what one worker and also a family member of a worker said it was like. >> i heard a loud noise and i looked up and seen everything collapsing. i started running. next thing i know i see a big fire ball. i tried to run and get away as fast as i could. >> the only way he could get out was to use the light on his phone to get out. he had to climb over cement blocks. water was pouring on him and he is soaking wet. >> reporter: officials say it is a recovery effort. they say the damage was so bad they had to pull teams out so a special team could secure it before they could go in. tonight they plan on doing the recover ery effort to get those people out. obviously it is a devastating story for the one plant in omaha. the urban search and rescue team has been activated here. >> thank you for that. we have another breaking news story to tell you about.
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terror threats against the winter olympic games have the u.s. military on high alert. evan perez learned u.s. law enforcement agents have been interviewing people in the u.s. with ties to the caucuses region in russia. a contingency plan has been put in place in the case of an attack. the plan includes up to two warships and several transplant aircraft. in the hunt for a so-called black widow planning an attack. on sunday an online video service threatening the games. multiple deadly bombings have heightened concern. former cia counterer terrorism officer jeff beaty joins me now.
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some say they wouldn't risk it by going to sochi. >> i would not go. and i don't think i would send my family. i don't know how you put a percentage on it but it is just such a rich target. >> if you were headed to sochi would you be concerned for your safety? >> well, hello, don. i think anytime we have an olympic event it is a cause for security concerns. and when we think about the pure scope of this you are talking about a perimeter, an outer perimeter between 50 and 100 miles that they have got to secure, if you will. that is kind of their picket line. there are hundreds of miles of roadway that are potentially good target for vehicle improvised explosive devices to be placed. that is before we talk about the challenges involved in securing the venue. it is a security challenge on a scale that we haven't seen before for the olympics because of the proximity of this
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insurgency. >> let's talk more about that. we hear about security threats to every major gathering like thissism every olympic game i would imagine is a target. is this threat in sochi greater than past olympics? >> don, i assess that it is greater than past olympics. and the primary reason is the proximity to this insurgency. there is this great long outer perimeter in mountainous terrain. we have seen today cnn's reported that the handouts have been given out to look for the, quote, black widow in sochi in hotels. obviously the russian security forces are concerned that perhaps people have penetrated the outer perimeter and are in sochi. we don't need to be distracted by the one or twos. that would be bad if the black widow would have a suicide bomb
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the real concern is to mount an attack with 20 or more people. they have done this multiple times in the past and on a couple of occasions they have created more than 300 casualties in their attacks. one of them in the region 2004 at the school where over 300 people were killed. >> jeff beatty we appreciate you. a plea for help from detained american kenneth bae. a new video was released today. according to china state run news agency bae admits he committed a serious crime and asks to be pardoned. he was sentenced to 15 years in a labor camp for trying to bring down the north korean government. is this video an indication he may be released? >> reporter: in a startling move kenneth bae came before the cameras begging u.s. officials
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to help free him and to stop criticizing north korea, saying he committed a serious crime. bae added i would like to plea with the u.s. government, press and my family to stop worsening my situation by making vial rumors against north korea which are not based on facts. the appearance comes on the heels of dennis rodman's latest basketball diplomacy visit to north korea after which he suggested the fellow american should be in jail. >> do you know what he did in this country? >> what did he do? >> you tell me. why is he held captive. i don't give a [ bleep ]. >> reporter: rodman later apologized but bae's comments seem aimed at the white house. last month joe biden spoke up after north korea freed a captured american veteran. >> it is a positive thing that
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they have done. they have mr. bae who has no reason to be held. >> bae's family dismisses reports that he was plotting to topple the government. >> he has definitely not tried to overthrow the government. >> north korea captured bae while leading tourists there in 2012 as he has done a number of times. whatever the reason for his arrest many korea watchers expect the confession was coerced. the fact that bae is being allowed to speak is promising. after all, he was arrested amid growing tension over north korea's missile and nuclear programs. >> possibly the north koreans are sending a signal we have had kenneth bae for 15 months. we are ready to negotiate. we are ready to deal. >> reporter: what kind of deal
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would they be after? we don't know. maybe a matter of saving face by letting him go. we do know the family is certainly ready for some kind of change because prisoner 103 is believed to be in failing health and for the time being is still serving a 15-year sentence at hard labor. >> tom, thank you. still to come, president obama says marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol and opens up about his own drug use. as new allegations against chris christie emerge one of the strongest defenders. vel ve vel veeta issues a massive recall. your eyes really are unique.
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ok. i just love this one... and it's next to a park. i love it. i love it too. here's our new house... daddy! you're not just looking for a house. you're looking for a place for your life to happen. the president says marijuana
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no more dangerous than alcohol. the president weighed in saying middle class kids don't get locked up for smoking pot and poor kids do. paul, to you, first. this is a strong endorsement coming from the president. do you think it is a dangerous move? >> i think it is a very dangerous move. here he is the most powerful man on earth. everything he says is listened to kids across the country. here he is pretty much saying marijuana legalization is okay. marijuana use is okay. later on he hedges a little bit more but i think he is sending a bad message. the majority of the states still say marijuana use and possession is illegal. >> if you are looking at the number of people, 55% say yes marijuana should be legal. 44% say no. he has the people on his side. he may not have the states on
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his side but the people. >> they elect representatives who pass the laws. those laws haven't been repealed. it is not a good idea for the commander in chief to be telling people to violate the law. >> nick, i hear you grunting. >> there is a lot of ambivalence in obama's rhetoric surrounding marijuana including his past use. he very clearly said he didn't think it was a good idea for his daughters to use it. the fact of the matter is this is a great statement by a president who is finally catching up to the american people. it is actually according to gallop 58% of people think marijuana should be legal treated like alcohol, beer or wine. there is no reason to think that pot is in any way shape or form more dangerous than booze and it is about time we start acting like that and drive out the black market from drug or weed
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that is not bad at all for people and we can move on to a better america. >> the president didn't say marijuana should be legal. he said it is no more dangerous than alcohol. alcohol is legal and plenty of studies show most people there are no overdoses from marijuana. plenty of overdoses from alcohol. what did the president get wrong here? >> if he is saying it is as safe as alcohol that is a pretty bad thing. >> it is safer chan alcohol. studies show it is safer. >> one in three americans will be involved in an alcohol-related driving accident in the united states in their life times. thousands of people die as a result of alcohol use. >> that is alcohol. what about marijuana? >> it is worse. you smoke marijuana. >> you don't want to get in a car. >> are you going to get in a car with someone driving? >> people who smoke marijuana don't want to drive. >> i don't know that is true. >> we are talking in circles
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here. the idea everybody -- i assume the president is against the idea of driving while intoxicated. that isn't the issue. >> i'm not so esure. >> we have created a drug war. the target is pot. we created a $50 billion behemoth which has destroyed foreign policy, law enforcement, stacked our prisons with people in it that are wasting their lives. obama in his interview pointed out that blacks and latino get arrested far more often and prosecuted more. we had 750,000 arrests. >> here is the flaw. >> we had 750,000 arrests for pot last year. >> here is the flaw in your world view. i know you are a libitarian and
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everything is black and white. it is not. here is what will happen if you legalize in all states. a lot of people who wouldn't use the drug now will start to try the drug. i'm not suggesting it is a good idea to put people in jail. keeping it illegal keeps a certain percentage of the population away from the drug. >> hold on. if something -- alcohol is legal. the studies show that marijuana is less detrimental to you than alcohol overall in general, why shouldn't marijuana be legal? why is it bad if you legalize something and people try it once it is legal? >> because government has a moral -- >> why issa -- isn't the same argument made about alcohol? >> we tried prohibition. it is regulated.
4:18 pm
a certain amount of the population can't handle easy access to -- >> a certain number of people can't handle access to alcohol, as well. there is a bar on every corner. there is a liquor store. >> do you want to add a marijuana shop? >> if you are an adult you get to choose these things. >> not if you want to live in a societyt that doesn't have a marijuana shop on every block. what will happen when elementary age kids start using the start? >> what happens when they start drinking? >> you want to give them another drug to use? >> let's grant the idea that marijuana is somehow bad and that suddenly teenaged kids and grammar school kids will start using it. you have implied a cost benefit analysis. how much money and how many people are you willing to destroy in order to keep pot the
4:19 pm
status quo? let me finish. >> hurry, both of you. nick, make your point. >> i think you need low level parking ticket type laws to prevent people from getting easy access to drugs. >> i believe that individuals, adults own their body and what goes into their body and are responsible for it. that is what america is supposedly founded on. marijuana is not a dangerous. what is dangerous is the war on drugs which creates a black market. >> here is the thing. george washington grew hemp. >> he wasn't smoking it. >> in colorado you know who is buying most of the marijuana? your generation, the baby boomers, people over 40, 50, 60 years of age. baby boomers are buying it. it is not teenagers and young
4:20 pm
people buying it. >> not yet. >> let the experiment go in colorado and washington and see how it works out. >> maybe we should offer paul a joint and talk about it. we have to go. still to come a shocking story. two children stabbed to death according to police. their mother says she was performing an exorcism. all anyone is talking about richard sherman's post game interview. and then newly released recordings of dr. king's speech. when you have diabetes like i do,
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here is a segment you have been waiting for. it is a rant that has gone viral. the seattle seahawks cornerback richard sherman didn't hold back after their teams victory over the 49ers last night. >> i'm the best one in the game. when you try me with a sorry receiver like crabtree that is the result you are going to get. don't you ever talk about me. >> who is talking about you? >> crabtree. don't you open your mouth about the best. >> joe, back over to you. >> yes! sherman's critics pounced after that interview, many on twitter calling him a thug, a word we
4:25 pm
have spent a good time talking about on this show and whether or not it is racist. today sherman explained the interview writing to those of you who call me ea thug or worse because i show passion on a football field judge a man by what he does off the field, what he does for his community and his family. amen mr. sherman. nathalie jackson is a defense attorney outfront tonight. why did this become such a big deal that sherman felt he needed to respond to his critics? >> well, i think because of the things that were said about him on social media. he is an entertainer and his market is the fans and people. >> let me say this. do people really worry about what people say about them on social media? don't you know it is an echo chamber for extreme behavior? i call twitter hater. we should start putting so much concern about what people say on
4:26 pm
twitter. who cares? >> i agree with you. obviously sherman did care. he wrote a letter to respond to it. he cared and i'm guessing his agent cared and the team manager and marketer cared. >> that was the best thing i saw on television yesterday. >> it was an interesting thing. i thought erin andrews reaction was very interesting. >> listen, she appeared on the dan patrick show. she felt she had to explain the look on her face. you thought it was the look on her face that got so much attention for this. >> i think what he said got attention and her reaction to it kind of taken aback. maybe another person would have just gone with the flow but her reaction was taken aback like perhaps he was talking to her. >> clearly more people wanted to learn more. i could tell she was having the ear piece in her ear and the
4:27 pm
producers trying to say wrap. here is what sherman said next about that. take a look. >> the look i was giving was i was trying to think. i had a feeling who he was talking about but i didn't want people to think anybody at the media or i had said it. so i was like do i ask him who is talking about him or try to get out of this and say you told us you are not allowing yourself to think about new york. you just saved the game for the seahawks. i was trying to think do i follow up? that was the face. >> that was her responding. he responded saying i didn't want erin to think i was talking about her. she explained the abrupt end saying the producers were getting out. do you biep rr her explanation to that? >> what she said was she wanted to make sure he wasn't talking to her. that is what i got that she was like are you talking to me. >> does this guy deserve to be
4:28 pm
called a thug? >> from his educational background i don't think so but maybe from what he said and for denver fans who are going to be playing him i think that they do it to provoke him. >> it is a football game. they are not there to play tidly winks and say i like your hair. they are there to torment each other. what is wrong with that? get over it people. it is a football game. the guy was doing his job. >> he was on national television. >> and in the heat of the moment. he eis all amped up on adrenalin and made the game plan. that is it, end of story. chris christie hit with a new controversy as lieutenant govern governor responds to allegati allegations. mine was earned in korea in 1953. afghanistan, in 2009.
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more accusations of political intimidation by those close to chris christie. today christie's lieutenant governor defended herself with allegations. >> the suggestiont that anyone would hold back sandy relief funds for any reason is wholly and completely false. >> hoboken mayor dawn zimmer says she is standing by her
4:33 pm
word. dana bash joins me here in new york. first bridge gate and now this. how much trouble are they causing chris christie right now? a whole lot? >> of course. absolutely. there was one thing for bridge gate to be out there and he said i don't know anything about it. it is another thing for this story to come out. one reason is the way it is being portrayed by hoboken's mayor it is like a lifetime movie. she meets in the parking lot and says support this. >> like sopranos. >> support this or you are going to lose your sandy aid. right now it is she said/she said. we don't know what happened. it is the first time there is an allegation and by somebody who is an elected official. she is a democrat but elected official. it wasn't just the aides but a message that came from chris christie, ultimatum. >> i want to talk about the big
4:34 pm
fundraising eevent this weekend. big campaigning fundraiser for role as chairman of republican governor's association. he is a mega republican donor, christie supporter hosted a meet and greet for christie. many key gop donors were there. i said was he concerned he was wasting time or money as chris christie's poll numbers drop? >> what money am i wasting? >> you just had a big rally for him, a big function for him at your house. you are a big republican donor. he is head of the republican governor's association. >> there was no money involved here at all yesterday. >> have you donated money to chris christie? >> yes, i have. >> that is the money i am talking about. >> i think i have gotten my money's worth and the people of new jersey got their money's
4:35 pm
worth. >> why did i have to say scandal? >> he won 56% of the woman's vote, 52% of the latino vote. >> you have to admit that was before the scandal. >> there is no scandal here. there are people in his administration that did a very bad thing. can i ask you a question? what do you think is worse? the people, these idiots that did what they did or the irs targeting people for political purposes? a government official in the irs taking the fifth amendment. and more importantly being given paid leave and then being allowed to retire. you tell me what is more of a scandal? >> there are a number of things that happen in the government. a number of scandals. each one is not equivalent. will you let me finish and i
4:36 pm
will let you finish. we have spoken about the scandals many times on cnn. >> you are calling it a scandal. >> let me finish. >> go ahead. >> i'm talking about governor chris christie and the bridge scandal. yes it is a scandal. anytime someone or a group of people are accused of wrong doing in an administration, that in itself is a scandal. >> let's not argue about the meaning of the word scandal. >> and here is what happened when i brought up christie's national poll numbers. >> 38%. >> i don't know where you got that one? >> my last number was 69%. look, let's not argue about the number. let's talk about -- you can say what you want. i can tell you last night there were 750 people in a room that gave him a standing ovation twice, not once, twice. that's the most recent, if you
4:37 pm
want to call it a poll, i have seen. >> what is going on here? i was very nice to the guy. is he in denial? or is he just a cranky guy? >> he is not many supporters. he has been a christie supporterer for a really long time. he told me friday. he said i have lots and lots of money. i don't want a job. i got nothing to lose. he said he just wants to fix the country and believes christie is his guy. so he certainly is a force as people have described him. when you have billions of dollars and nothing to lose you can be like that, too. it certainly creates a character. what is interesting is that he did have 750 people in a forum last night in florida. and from what i have been told by people who were there it was a really fascinating moment because chris christie announced there that he was going to put his 2016 potential race on hold for a year.
4:38 pm
and he also made clear to these people -- i'm told these are major heavy hitters who flew in from all across the country who could have been at home or on their jet or on an island watching the football game but they wanted to listen. a lot of them are unsure. >> those are big money donors. he is going to need them to run. he has been saying i'm not running. now he is saying i'm going to put it on hold for a year. joining me now cnn political commentators. paul, will christie be the 2016 gop nominee? even though he is saying he will put it off for a year? >> no. he never was. here is one reason. if he is taking political advice from out o touch billionaires that is so amusing. as a professional who gives
4:39 pm
advice for a living you wouldn't hire me to run a big business. if he is listening to guys like that. the last time he was in the paper he was criticizing t pope. he was saying very sort of similar bullying tactics telling the cardinal in new york a lot of rich people don't want to give because the pope is too rough on the rich. wait until he hears what jesus said about the rich. i'll defer to ryan. i never thought he would get the nomination. >> a new poll shows unfavorable views doubled. this is the opinion of chris christie now from january 2013. so can we count christie out for 2016? or can he move past the numbers which appear to be going down? >> i wrote a column a little while ago referring to chris
4:40 pm
christie as the republican bill clinton. and public knows clinton had a lot of brushes with near political death. the thing about chris christie is he is a republican willing to criticize members of his party and willing to reach out on the other side of the aisle and very pragmatic. he has had a very rough couple of weeks. there is no getting around that. i think that a lot of the charges we are starting to hear now sound pretty thin. and i think that if he gets through this i think he has a very good chance. because the truth is he is a gifted political performer and a guy who knows how to govern. i think he has a lot to offer republicans. >> we will be watching. thanks to both of you. you won't want to miss ac 360. anderson's guest hoboken mayor dawn zimmer who claims chris
4:41 pm
christie's administration withheld superstorm sandy aid. the mayor says she has new proof of her allegations. now to a disturbing story out of maryland. police say a mother stabbed to death two of her while attempting an exorcism. they were found stabbed to death in their home. a 5-year-old sister and 8-year-old brother were injured during the alleged ceremony. one other woman was also at the scene and has been charged with two counts of first degree murder and two counts of attempted murder, the same as the children's mother. right before the show i spoke with the director of major crimes division and asked if he has heard of people performing exorcisms. >> this is the first case i have ever heard in my jurisdiction.
4:42 pm
when we did gain entry into the residence they came down stairs to meet the police and ran right past us. the mother exited the residence and ran outside where we had to basically tackle her to put her in custody until we could determine exactly what we had. it was then at that time that we discovered the gruesome discovery of the children found upstairs in the bedroom, the two children that were deceased. and we also found the 5-year-old daughter who was actually in another bedroom but who suffering from stab wounds. the mother ran out of the townhouse with her son, the 8 year old who got into the vehicle while the other police officers were dealing with the mother. we were able to see that he had extensive injuries on his body, as well. and we were able to give him some medical attention.
4:43 pm
>> captain, what is going on with this mother? did authorities or the neighbors witness strange behavior prior to the murders? were there warning signs? >> there were not extensive warning signs. the only thing that we had that was different was on thursday night, the night before what had happened was we had a call from a neighbor who observed two of the children who were in a vehicle at about 9:30 at night. he said they had been in the vehicle for some time. he contacted us in order for us to come and check out what was going on. in the midst of him calling us the mother and her friend came out and confronted the neighbor to tell him to mind his own business that they were doing something inside the house and that is why the children had to be in the car. before the officers were able to respond the mother actually took the children back into the
4:44 pm
residence. when the officers did respond they knocked on the door. they were not able to get inside of the residence in order to have a conversation with the mother at that particular time. >> so no history of mental illness from the mother? >> we have done interviews with the family. we believe there is history of mental illness. we are still investigating and trying to get more details as it relates to that but we don't know specifically what types of issues she has had in the past. >> how are the children doing? >> the two children are recovering. they are still in critical condition but are getting better and are expected to survive. >> captain, thank you. >> thank you. still to come, sarah palin's controversial advice for president obama. plus the sports rant heard around the world but football player richard sherman isn't the first celebrity to make controversial comments on camera.
4:45 pm
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two words for you, sarah palin. have your attention now? sarah palin has a message for president obama. stop playing the race card she says after quoting from king's historic speech. she writes all who commit to ending racial divide no more playing the race card. palin didn't give a specific example but her comments followed an interview the president did over the weekend in which he said there is no doubt some folks dislike me because they don't like the idea of a black president. i am joined now by alice stewart and cnn political commentator mark hill. i am glad you guys are in
4:49 pm
different cities. alice, is the president playing the race card or stating the obvious? >> two more words on this. stop it. of course, he is playing the race card. the problem is especially on ml k day is look how far we have come. we have elected the first african-american president and re-elected him. the fact of the matter is people don't dislike him because he is a black president. it is because he is a blind president. it is not about the pigment of the skin but about the job-killing policies and the fact that 53% of americans don't trust him. >> alice, he didn't say all people. he said some people. don't you think it is disingenuous to think all people dislike him because of his policies. i know black people who didn't like george bush because he was white. that is the truth. >> i think the concerns people have and the reason people don't like president obama is because
4:50 pm
of his policies, nothing to do with the color of his skin. >> that wasn't the question. that wasn't the question. the question do you think there are any or a majority? the point is 39% of white people voted for obama. most white people did not vote for barack obama. i have no doubt that some of them did it on racial grounds. president obama also said there are some black people who so it's not as if obama came out and said, white people are picking on me. some people vote along racial lines. one more thing. just because you mention race doesn't mean you're playing the race card. >> it's used in the discussion. that is what is used to stop any kind of person that has any opposition to the president. here's an important quote -- >> didn't obama do that? >> did obama do that? >> he came into office.
4:51 pm
>> did he come into office yesterday? >> this is what he's done ever since he came in. >> i'm the president of all america. when all he's done is class warfare and divide. he needs to remember one mlk quote. the means you use must be as pure as the ends you see. his end game is to unite this cun. playing the race card every time he has a chance doesn't do it. >> that doesn't even make sense. >> the president has tried to work with republicans. they have said that their number one thing is not to work with him, not for him too get re-elected. the president didn't come into office talking about race. people were talking about race, he's having to respond do it about. >> the reason we have log jam here in washington, d.c., is because he's not a consensus builder. he hasn't united both sides of the aisle. >> what does that have to do with race, though? >> the answer to your question is nothing. she just said, he wages a class divide. he's playing the race card, he's
4:52 pm
been bitterly partisan, it's the race card, every example you've given has nothing to do with race. obama goes to extravagant means not to mention race. even when he mentions that white people sometimes vote against him because he's black, he has his verbal tick where he also has to mention -- >> he also has to mention that there are african-americans and people who like him and support him just because he's black. i have to say, i think my mother is one of those people. and i talk to her all the time, it doesn't matter to her, whatever he does is fine. he is the black president. and i think both of those sides, the extreme sides, there are white people who deny that they like the president because he's black. there are some people who only vote for the president because he's wrong, and both sides will never admit it, am i wrong? >> the key is, the quote he said is, people don't like me, and
4:53 pm
he's referring to that, because -- >> there are some -- >> job killing policies. >> he said some. >> you're not honest with the american people. >> can i ask you a question? are you suggest willing there's not one white person in the country that opposes obama on the grounds of race? is there not one? >> the people who dislike the president do so because they don't like his policies. >> this is the problem, you can't acknowledge the exist answer of any level of racism. you can't acknowledge that one white person might be racist, that to me is so absurd that that actually eliminates any possibility. >> last word, alison. >> this is not about the fact that -- what he's talking about, he refuses to acknowledge the fact that he's made history, he's the first african-american president of the united states and re-elected. we've gone far beyond where mlk started. he sees any time there is opposition or someone doesn't
4:54 pm
like him, he claims it's because of his race. he's blind to the fact that -- >> he's never said that. >> i've got do go. >> not one time has he said that. >> thank you, i'm glad you degrees are on opposite ends of the country. >> happy mlk day to you. coming up next, two huge football games this weekend. all anyone is talking about is the post game interview. jeanne moos looks back at the best rants of all time. male ann] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is. getting the right nutrition isn't always easy. first, i want a way to help minimize my blood sugar spikes. then, a way to support heart health. ♪ and let's not forget immune support. ♪ but now i have new glucerna advance with three benefits in one. including carbsteady ultra to help minimize blood sugar spikes.
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4:57 pm
we've been talking about richard sherman's rant. as jeanne moos shows us, he's just the latest celebrity to flip out on camera fp. >> first he tipped the ball and ran his mouth. >> you treat me like that, that's the result you're going to get. don't you ever talk about me. >> now we can't stop talking about him, richard sherman has joined the ranks of the rantes.s
4:58 pm
number nine, bobby knight, famous for shooting a chair across the court and shooting off his mouth at his own team. you think last night was a [ bleep ] picnic. you better get your head out of your [ bleep ]. >> number eight, oklahoma state coach who defended one of his players. come after me, i'm a man. that's all i got to say. makes me want to puke. >> or instead of throwing up, throw things. that's what the press made then kansas city royals manager do. >> you think i'm a -- >> one sportswriter hit with a tape recorder left with an inch and a half gash. >> what was charlie sheen spoking during his aren'ts?
4:59 pm
>> the fermented puke that is your viscera. >> what a rude little pig you really are. >> all grown up, she said it was made out to be a much bigger deal than it actually was. >> mike tyson threatened to eat his rival's kids. >> my style is impetuous. i want your heart, i want to eat his children. it is a shame. >> before he was shamed by his own sexting scandal, congressman anthony weiner was a ranter par excellence. >> i will not yield to the government. and the gentlemen will observe regular order. >> regular order went flying when an illinois state representative lost it. >> these [ bleep ] all the time. >> and then there was the guy who was asking ohio republicans to nominate him for county treasurer.
5:00 pm
>> i have been republican when it was, and i have been a republican when it was bad. >> he didn't get a nomination, but he did get a volkswagen nomination. >> everybody wins. >> jeanne moos, cnn. >> i will hit the grounds running, come out swinging and end up winning. >> new york. >> ac 360 starts right now. good evening, everyone, we have a big night ahead. starting with breaking news, a 360 exclusive, the mayor of hoboken, new jersey already accused new jersey governor chris christie withholding super storm sandy relief money. she's already taken fire for saying what she has. she talked to federal investigators over the weekend. now only on this program, the mayor reveals documents that she says help back up her case. in a moment, can you see for yourself, decide for yourself, first, how we got here. >> it's an ultimatum of epic political


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