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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  January 21, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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camera. that's why we can see what happened here. the new snowfall hadn't had time to compact, hence the avalanche so we get video from him instead. thanks for being with me today. i'm brooke baldwin. now for "the lead" we go live to jake tapper in trenton, new jersey. jake? welcome to trenton, new jersey, home for the scandal, state for the horrific weather. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the national lead, how far away is spring? almost two months exactly. snow is piling on to what is becoming a long hard winter. i can tell you, suppressing the shiver in my voice, it is brutal out here. the politics lead, governor chris christie. today is the first day of the rest of your administration. the governor and possible presidential hopeful ignoring the controversies currently plaguing his office and turning the page to his new term.
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and the world lead. all eyes are on russia as authorities try to track down so-called black widows who may be part of a plan to attack the games. one congressman is in sochi right now who says the greatest threat to americans is much closer to home. welcome to "the lead," coming to you live from trenton, new jersey, where the second inauguration of the chris christie took place behind me. i cannot ignore the reason that i can barely feel my toes right now. take a look at the cannon salute for governor chris christie earlier. with all of the snow, that and the snow, it almost feels like a scene from the legendary long winter in valley forge in 1777.
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new jersey is just one of the states getting slammed by the vicious storm. d.c., of course, never misses a chance to call a snow day. the white house canceled its briefing today. the scene in new york city, pretty much all of the cities are in store for it. the air travel, a complete mess. 3,000 fights have been canceled just so far today. usually i'm in the warm studio tossing it out to our freezing reporters out in the field. today i'm feeling their pain. cnn is covering this across several different states. zain is joining us, jennifer gray in the cnn severe weather center. zain, how bad is it where you are? >> reporter: jake, it's not as bad as i predicted earlier. the snow isn't coming down as heavily as predicted but sometime between now at 10:00
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we're expecting 8 to 12 inches of snow. and then you add to that the windchill factor and it will feel below freezing and then the wind gusts, 35 miles an hour. so despite working over time, there is a chance that you could wake up and see almost a foot of snow. one thing i will tell you is that if you have a choice between taking a car and using mass transit, it really is all about mass transit. the long island railroad is putting out more trays and the mta as well, especially during rush hour. one thing i may say that mayor de blasio said, if you see a homeless person that needs help, please call. nobody should be outside in these conditions. margaret will have more on flight cancellations. margaret? >> reporter: zain, thank you very much. here at laguardia, 690 cancellations. that's more than double the
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cancellations from this morning. we spoke with the deputy general manager of laguardia and she said that the last flights are expected to come right around now at 4:00. they are going to land here, turn around and depart. we're not expected to see any more flights take off from laguardia until this storm blows over. looking around the airport right now, stores have already started to close. they are sending employees home so they can get back safely. the restaurants have also closed down and airlines have sent their employees home as well. so another reminder from the tsa, if you are planning to fly, check those flight schedules before you make your way to the airport. and now we have more from jennifer gray at the cnn weather center. >> thank you, margaret. we're still looking at this snow continuing to come down in d.c., new york, boston as well. it's going to be a rough go during your evening commute. d.c., baltimore, you will have snow coming down. new york city as well and even boston and as we look at this storm hour by hour tracking it up the east coast, this is 6:00
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p.m. this evening. on your afternoon commute from work, you can see d.c., new york, and boston all getting snow. i-95 is going to be a very, very rough road to go on interstate. we are going to see snow also in the cape as we go through tomorrow morning. that will continue. however, by tomorrow, rest of the cities, including boston, new york, d.c., you should be clearing on out as we get into the morning commute. here are your snow totals. eight to ten inches possible in new york city. boston could see really high amounts. some areas around the cape could see anywhere from 12 inches, a foot of snow across some areas in new england and it is going to be cold. temperatures will feel like 13 degrees below zero during the overnight hours. boston, you could feel like 11 degrees below zero. but jake, i don't have to tell you it's cold because you are standing out in the middle of it. >> indeed, jennifer gray.
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you don't have to tell me that it's cold outside. jennifer gray, zain asher, and margaret conley, thank you. now to the politics lead and the real reason i'm standing here in the snow in trenton, new jersey. behind me is where governor chris christie was sworn in for his second term and gave his second inaugural address. the snow has caused them to cancel his bash on ellis island this evening. >> it's only fitting that in this administration, with more hurricanes, snowstorms, flooding and disaster of the natural sort that if any administration i can remember in my lifetime, that we begin the second term in the same way. >> now, that seemed to be a literal statement but it easily
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could be taken figure t figurat well. brand-new polling shows christie's approval rating is taking a hit. favorable rating was 47% and now it's down to 33%. 49% surveyed thought christie would make a good president. now that number is down to 35%. with the late first-term controversies hanging over him, governor christie harkened back today to his wide victory in november and claimed that as a mandate. >> people who affirm this course. it was not a vocal plurality like four years ago. no. this time, it was the largest and loudest voice of aftfirmatin
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that the people of our state has given in any direction in three decades. >> unity was also a factor of his speech. he called on the people of new jersey and maybe the nation to put aside their differences and ignore the constant spent. >> new jersey can really be one state. we have to be willing to play outside the red and blue boxes that the media pundits put us in. >> now, it seems like we've heard something like that before. in fact, christie sounded themes that reminded me a bit of another politician. what was his name again? >> there is not a liberal america and a conservative america. there is the united states of america. >> echos from then illinois senator barack obama and christie's remarks today.
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read in that what you will and rest assured, many of you will. christie did not mention any of his current controversies in his speech today. there's the bridgegate scandal and then an investigation into the tourism ads and then accusations from the mayor of hoboken that sandy funds were being threatened to be withheld. today the state assembly announced that they are combining their investigation into whether christie abused his power. some of christie's critics were in the crowd. as christie shakes hands, you can see there, democratic new jersey congressman frank pallone applauding. good to see you. >> you, too, jake. >> kind of an unusual situation to discuss politics but i appreciate your heartiness. he was talking about unity and
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being bipartisan. >> well, the speech was inspirational. that's how inaugural speeches generally are. he stressed bipartisanship, which i thought was good. i thought it was a good speech the future of the state in terms of the specifics, which i always like to see. >> we've talked in the past of the show and you talked about there should be an investigation into the claims that she's making. i want to play something for you that mayor zimmer said eight months after hurricane sandy. >> i was personally stunned with how congress handled that and appreciate governor christie kind of stepping in and crossing all -- you know, reaching across the table and saying, we've got to do this. this is ridiculous. >> so there is mayor zimmer praising chris christie. not a surprise because we've seen her throughout 2012 she
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praised him. rather, 2013 she praised him in tweets and publicly. what you just heard her say was after this supposed heartbreaking moment. when you are trying to discern who is telling the truth here, and it seems to me that you think dawn zimmer is telling the truth, how do you reconcile that comment and all of the other positive things she said about governor christie? >> i think she was talking about how difficult it was to get the sandy care package passed. it took 60 days. i was trying to also get the money passed and he was very helpful with that, no question. but the fact that it was so difficult to get the sandy money is all the more reason we have to make sure it's spent properly and that's my concern, you know, when dawn zimmer, who i think is a very credible person, is saying that, you know, the governor's office is trying to link a development project to sandy aid, i think that's really bad, deplorable and probably illegal.
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and, of course, i've also been concerned about the tv ads because that was a $25 million campaign paid for with sandy money. $2 million more than the low bidder because the bidder they chose said they would put him in the ads. and that $2 million could be used for my constituents because, remember, a lot of my constituents haven't gotten their money to rebuild their homes and businesses. >> you describe this as a federal investigation and the inspector general for urban development put out a statement saying, this is an audit. we are looking foo it. but it's not a probe or an investigation. some people say you perked it up a little bit. >> well, they use different terms. inspector general at one point used audit. yeah, this was a result of the investigation and i asked the inspector general to follow up on and no one is denying really
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at this point that it wasn't costing more and that the low bidder was the one that wouldn't put the governor in the ad. i think something smells, i've got to be honest. but let them be honest and see what the inspector general finds. >> congressman frank pallone, thank you for braving the weather. >> you bet. coming up, he's one of chris christie's biggest supporters and he's a democrat. why one new jersey democrat is standing by chris christie. plus, a follow-up from the story we brought you yesterday. dolphins trying to break free and now dozens are dead and supporters of this hunt are taking aim at caroline kennedy for daring to speak up. we'll be right back. ♪ [ chicken caws ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums!
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[ ryan w. ] my website helped me get exposure; working on getting all over the world. [ dana b. ] using website builder makes me look professional. i can do it myself. [ male announcer ] online tools that work for your business. godaddy. it's go time. ♪ welcome back to "the lead" from trenton, new jersey. governor christie was just sworn in as governor a couple of hours ago. it was not just republicans that led to this blue state that led to the landslide but supporters from adam schneider and among the many vocal backers of governor christie during his second run for office, all of them democrats. stack quoted yesterday as saying, quote, he's been a governor who is truly responsive. you call him, you call him back.
1:17 pm
where do you find that? amidst allegations about strongarming and political retribution, many of these democrats have decided to stand by their man. one of them is mayor stack. thank you for braving the cold and coming out to this star wars-esque planet. how do you think governor christie did in his inaugural address? >> i think he did great, jake. i think he stayed to his point of why he was re-elected as governor of new jersey. bread and butter issues to the voters of new jersey. >> he's taken a big hit for the scandals over the last few weeks. has your confidence in him been shaken at all when you see the bridge gate revelations, what
1:18 pm
you hear from mayor zimmer, from hoboken? >> i don't think the governor knew anything that was going on with the bridge, jake. i really don't. we all have staff members that do things that you're not proud of sometimes. i think those responsible should be held accountable for that. as for the mayor of hoek boek k hoboken, i think the story is far-fetched. >> you don't believe it? >> i don't. our relationship has been great. i've never had strong-arm tactics. >> the picture being painted right now is that this is a guy if you're on his side, he does things for you. if you're not on his side, that's when the bullying comes in. you are somebody who has been on his side. your city has benefited. you got a -- union city got a $2.9 million grant from the port authority. doesn't that fit in, in some ways, with the picture that the
1:19 pm
democrats are painting? >> it doesn't, jake. i went to the governor, when i was going to endorse him for re-election, i went to him. the last time i supported jon corzine and that was a huge mistake. being a fellow democrat, he was never responsive. christie has done something. he's said, look, i'm looking to work with everyone. i've never seen the strong-arm. jersey city should be getting grants from the port authority. i deal with pollution and overflow for the lincoln tunnel. we're a feeder community. we've done the work. >> what about meetings to benefit jersey city were canceled by the governor's office? >> i can't speak to that. i don't know why they were s canceled but i can only speak about my relationship with him
1:20 pm
and it's been a good one. >> have you gotten any heat for being so supportive of chris christie? >> sure. all of the democrats in trenton don't like it but i do what is right for my constituents. i ran as a democrat but i was never a democrat one way or another. i represent the people and that's what is important here. governor christie has supported that. i'm a strong supporter of gay marriage. we don't agree on every issue but we've come together. i think he's one of the best governors that we've had. i think he would be a great president but right now his focus should be on new jersey, focused on what we need to put more jobs out there and do what he talked about today. >> can he bounce back from this? will democrats be able to support him in the future? >> i think he will bounce back. i think people driving this have their own political agenda,
1:21 pm
which is something that we'll see. a lot of them have ambitions for higher office and it's not about new jersey. i think it's about self-serving. >> mayor stack, thank you so much. >> thank you, jake. in other political news, breaking, bob mcdonnell and his wife maureen were indicted on allegations of accepting gifts alon and loans. joe johns is joining us. these allegations, what are you hearing? >> it's a long one. it's 43 pages, and it's known as honor services wire fraud involving governor mcdonnell and his wife maureen. they are also charged with conspiracy to object bank property essentially through abuse of office. there's a false statement charge
1:22 pm
against the former governor himself as well as one against the both of them and obstruction of justice charge against maureen mcdonnell over a letter in which she apparently asserted that she promised to give a gift back to a donor when there was no apparent intent to do so. this is what is known in the business as a talking indictment that really lays out full details of the case that's been expected for some time. the meat of the case involves loans and other things of value allegedly given to the mcdonnells by the former ceo of a dietary supplement company called star scientific. the ceo's name is johnny williams. they used his name in order to enrich themselves. williams is alleged to have given tens and millions of dollars in value to get help from the government to advance and promote his products, jake. >> joe, we're talking about money, we're talking about
1:23 pm
clothes, trips. >> right. >> some of these accusations involved the wedding of the mcdonnell's daughter. right. >> remind us about that. >> right. his daughter had a wedding and it is alleged that the company paid for the waitering and other things of value which was a conspiracy so that star scientific would actually get its products promoted. so that's just one of many things. a designer dress bought in new york and golf trips in there as well as large loans. one loan mentioned in the indictment, around $50,000. of course, there's much more to this and we'll read it much more closely and get back to you when we have more details. staggering news from a man who is potentially a vice president or presidential candidate at some point. thank you, joe johns?
1:24 pm
when we come back, governor christie has declared a state of emergency. we'll have more on the storm ahead. plus, more flyers handed out by police searching for two additional black widows who could be planning a terror attack at the sochi olympics. stay tuned. [ female announcer ] season after season, no matter the occasion... your home's the place everyone gathers. so be ready with a stouffer's lasagna. it's the mouthwatering recipe that keeps them coming back. stouffer's. made with care for your family. over the pizza place on chestnut street the modest first floor bedroom in tallinn, estonia and the southbound bus barreling down i-95. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of where every great idea begins.
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welcome back to "the lead," live from toasty trenton, new jersey. threats of terrorism hover over the city of sochi, just a little
1:28 pm
over two weeks of the start of the olympics there. recent video posted on a well-known jihadi website show two young men taking the responsibility for two suicides in the russian town of volgograd. they make an ominous threat. if you hold the olympics, you'll get a present from us from the muslim blood that's been spilled, they said. the government has been putting plans in place in case the evacuation of the u.s. citizens becomes necessary in the event of a terrorist attack. two congressman on the house homeland security committee are currently in sochi right now examining russian security protocol. i spoke with one of them, bill keeting of massachusetts. and now congressman keating is joining me from sochi, russia.
1:29 pm
>> what is happening here is the greatest security effort ever implemented in the olympics. there's 100,000 estimated law enforcement agents here. 40,000 police officers, 30,000 active military people. there are 6 different systems for military missiles patrolling the seaside and there's what president putin calls his areas of concentration making access without proper credentials and background checks nearly impossible. so with that kind of difficulty in terms of security, we still live in a world where the lone wolves who might have embedded some resources here or during
1:30 pm
the processes that this building occurred. where they can move the goal post as they did in the last several of weeks and have three suicide bombers claim responsibility and point to sochi and these olympics. there's a reason they are doing it. you have the black widows where in the papers fear the reports that there are people that have breached some of the security and now are in this area. so this is dramatic view that we have this evening and it's won that has implications. can we in this dayca carry out world event and do it safely. and despite all of the complicated differences with russia and the u.s. right now, everyone hopes for a safe and secure olympics. everyone hopes that this could
1:31 pm
be another avenue or window for the u.s. aside from the boston marathon bombing, where we can show some cooperation and information sharing and where we can move forward. >> are you confident that the russians have killed the black widow and other terrorist leaders that they say they have? >> i think those insurgents are still around and still exist. we learned a lesson in the united states with the boston marathon bombing, something that we never anticipated, terrorist activity with some linkages to the north caucuses will affect the u.s. on their homeland. here, we're right next door. here, we're in an area where the simulation can be done more easily. but i'm going to tell you, we've learned since we've been here, how extraordinary the efforts have been.
1:32 pm
they have literally -- the russians have gone in a way they could never do in the u.s. house to house through this area knocking on doors and removing people that they think could be a problem. so they also do not have the constraints of human rights and simple rights that we have in the united states when they are doing these things. >> congressman, the individuals whom russian law enforcement is pursing, are these the kinds of people that boston bomber tam t tamerlan tsarnaev met with while he was in dagestan? >> he met with one recruiter and, you know, he was, i think, exploring joining him.
1:33 pm
but you know, that's the process that -- my thinking that in the months that he was here, two things happened. the two people that he knew, that we few that he knew, from canada and fidel were both killed and we also know that he was having trouble passing the muster. so he went back home and when he went back home there were red flags that were missed in homeland security in our committee in the next few weeks, we have to be issuing a report and our review of the boston marathon bombings where we will ex mo explore the good practices but also looking at lapses and trying to move forward to see where we can improve. the inability to share
1:34 pm
information, not only country to country but within our own domestic law enforcement unit, present the real security risks. >> congressman william keating, democrat from massachusetts and member of the house homeland security committee, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you, jake. coming up on "the lead," temperatures continue to drop drastically, something that my poor crew here can attest to as we stand here in trenton, new jersey. we'll get an update on this winter storm slamming the east coast, next. plus, new 2016 polls just release chris christie has apparently taken a hit from the bridgegate scandal. how far is hillary clinton ahead of him now in a hypothetical matchup? farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper from trenton,
1:38 pm
new jersey, where the conditions are right for us to shoot a remake of fargo, if anybody is so inclined to finance a winter project. blizzard-like conditions are hitting the east coast. let's go to athena jones. tell us about the conditions where you are. >> reporter: hi, jake. well, if you're a snow lover, then today was your day here in washington, d.c. we've been seeing the snow falling steadily since 10:00 a.m., and it's not expected to stop for several more hours. we're going to see accumulation of between six to ten inches of snow. that's great news for those out here having snowball fights. it's pretty dangerous conditions. the federal government is closed, many schools are closed. the supreme court was opened, has been opened today as has been smithsonian museums.
1:39 pm
the national weather service says that temperatures could fall as low as 5 and 15 degrees below zero tonight. the storm is making for very dangerous travel conditions and they are asking that folks only travel in an emergency. if they do get in their cars and drive, they are saying that you should keep a blanket, a flash flight, food, and water in your car in case something goes wrong. of course, the city of d.c. was prepared for this. they had 200 snow plows out on the roads. jake? >> athena jones, thank you so much. and speaking of storms, yes, i'm going to do it. a weather transition. we continue with the politics lead. he didn't mention the allegations swirling around his
1:40 pm
administration when governor chris christie gave his second inaugural address just a few hours ago a few yards behind me here in trenton, new jersey. but that doesn't mean that the unanswered questions are not blanketing chris christie and his future ambitions. the question, can he weather the storm? joining me to talk about it, political reporter for "politico," katie glick, matt arco, and ryan lizza. folks, thanks for being here. ryan, you talked to former new jersey tom kaine. >> it seemed like everyone was up on the stage today. he was the guy that got christie into politics. it starts with this legend, governor kaine. and i asked him, is this spat between you and christie overblown in the press?
1:41 pm
is it real? he said, no, it's not overblown as well. he said, he tried to take out my son. that was the quote. christie tried to take out kaine's son. >> from the position of power, not from this earth. >> it is still politics. >> so it's clear here, that's all. >> i thought that was interesting, he had a couple of things to say. he also thought on the democratic side that the democrats were in danger of and had a warning for them as s- well. but he was very clear that he has still not gotten over the little spat that he got in when christie tried to take out his son. >> matt, you spoke with the president of the state senate, a democrat who has worked well with governor christie in the past. how are they now and is christie going to be able to work with the democrats in the future? >> so, you know, i sat down with sweeny after the speech and he said we have a job to do in the
1:42 pm
state of new jersey so of course i'm going to work with the governor. we pass laws. we have to work with them. but look, this is the first time in four years that the democrats, who have been gnawing at christie to get something to stick found something that could snowball into something serious. >> sorry. >> that's my fault. >> you know, so -- and not to mention that the senate itself is leading this joint investigation. i have to imagine that it's going to be a little icy there but if you tank the president at his word, they still need christie there to get things done for the state. >> katie, it's probably our penance that we have to stand out here and perhaps that should be a rule from now on. for all pundits, you have to brave weather like this. >> right. >> but i will say that christie, in the hypothetical matchup and with hillary clinton, against hillary clinton, and they are
1:43 pm
both the front-runners right now in their respective parties, he's down eight points and there was a point where he was either tied or above her. >> right. >> how long landing do you think this is going to be? >> that's going to be one of the political questions that we're looking at because it was just last month that he was up one point, i believe, above hillary clinton and a lot of people in the republican party looked to him as the best opportunities to be competitive with her should both of them choose to run. and so i think the long-term political fallout so far is unclear but that poll today does give us a snapshot that perhaps, this narrative over the last couple of weeks seems to be breaking through in some corners. >> and one of the problems is people are still just nationally getting to know him. >> i think with these polls this early they don't matter that much. they can be flaky. they are not predictive of what is going to happen. >> president giuliani. >> right. but if you're chris christie and you've taken stands not popular
1:44 pm
with the base, one of the things you need to do to overcome that is you have to become the electable guy. you have to come into the field and dominate it right from the get-go, in the way that george bush did in 2000 and introduce himself to the american people. that's what this year was supposed to be all about. with this scandal, rather than with bipartisanship and his success of new jersey, you know, it's obviously 180 degrees from where he wanted to be. >> you hit the nail on the head. that's it. we have the state of the state address a couple of weeks ago. we have the inaugural at ellis island. what an iconic moment. president reagan kicking off the campaign, chris christie going to ellis island. this is the last event that he really wanted to be -- having to counter at this moment. >> katie, how much do you think republicans in washington, d.c., who have really locked horns with governor christie on issues like sandy funding, how much do you think they are kind of
1:45 pm
secretly happy about all of this? >> well, i think a lot of this is going to be tied to how this plays out for him going forward. there's been a lot of people that have remained quiet on the issue. at the same time others have expressed some sorts of concern just because it is such a controversial subject and so i think that as we are continuing down the road and these questions may give us more insight into what this means for the rest of the party. >> great. matt, katie, ryan, go get warm. have some hot chocolate. when we come back, it's too late for dozens of dolphins killed or hunted in captivity. now supporters of the killing are calling caroline kennedy a hypocrite for speaking out against it. plus, the patriots will not be playing in the super bowl but don't tell that to one sports store who bet on a patriots''s win.
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. welcome back to "the lead," live from trenton, new jersey, where they have 100 different words for snow. the buried lead now in a country fascinated by camelot, she made a regal arrival when she became japan ambassador but now she's stirring up controversy over expressing concern about the slaughter of dolphins. now the japanese governor is tweeting back. she said she was deeply concerned about the inhumaneness
1:50 pm
of drive dolphin hunting. that ended after 250 dolphins were herded into a cove and trapped there without food. the group says that 52 dolphins were taken captive to be sold to marine parks and 41 were slaughtered for their meat. the japanese government fired back at kennedy's tweet saying, quote, dolphin fishing is one of the traditional fishing forms and carried out with the law. we have fishermen in our community and they are exercising their fishing rights. we feel we need to protect our residents against the criticisms. so could kennedy's criticism complicate the two allies? associate director of temple university of asian studies. professor, thank you for joining us. was this over the line
1:51 pm
criticizing what is a way of life for these fishermen? >> it may be a way of life for these particular fishermen but many japanese are not very much aware of this and really did not become aware until this became a much larger public issue through the release of the movie "the cove" and so i don't know that this necessarily represents all of japan and the way that most japanese think of this issue but rather a particular interest group. >> interesting. kennedy was warmly welcomed as ambassador. is anything on the line here in terms of u.s./japanese diplomatic relations? has this changed the way japanese people view ambassador kennedy and the united states? >> well, keep in mind that ambassador kennedy has only recently come to japan and be sworn in as ambassador. i think the larger issue here is not just about the dolphin drive
1:52 pm
and this particular issue but it's a larger issue of japanese nation nationalism. there's an issue that many people, particularly in asia, chinese, koreans, and others are concerned about because of the wartime nationalists. and this is representative of this particular issue. >> i spoke with louie yesterday, he's the director of the documentary "the cove," which brought international attention to this dolphin hunt in 2009 when it won the academy award for best documentary. here's what he told me. >> the fishermen claim that they are using it for food. they issued a statement that it was being used to feed their grandmothers and poor family. none of the fishermen there are poor, by any stretch of the imagination. and this meat that they are
1:53 pm
using, all of it is toxic. >> he's talking about a mercury level that he says is 2,000 times what's allowed by japanese law. could it be argued in a way that ambassador kennedy has a responsibility to raise these kinds of issues? >> well, i don't know if that is the only issue. certainly it's an important issue about the fact that this dolphin is being released into the japanese marketplace. what "the cove" revealed is that this was really relatively unknown and that this was being done without public scrutiny. some local city councilmen in the city stood up on record in the movie about this because they were very concerned about dolphins being used in public school lunches. and so this is a public health issue. i don't know if it's necessarily the u.s. ambassador's role to
1:54 pm
rule the safety of food of japan that has some of the strictest rules in the world. there are really two issues here. ostensibly it's the issue of food safeness and people concerned about dolphins and whales being hunted and japan is a real exception to this, compared to other countries. and so for people who feel that dolphins or whales are being killed in this really brutal kind of way, i think that's the real issue that caught everyone's attention through "the cove." this other issue of food safety is a genuine concern but there's a larger issue about how people think about dolphins and whales. >> all right. professor kyle cleveland, thank you so much. appreciate your time. coming up next, how much have you netted off your march madness bracket in the past? a few hundred bucks? does a billion dollars sound better? well, what you'll have to do to get it after the break.
1:55 pm
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welcome back to "the lead," live from trenton, new jersey, where they practice for the iditarod. the rent is too damn high in new york. fans should not be that shocked about the cost of the super bowl tickets. the cheapest ticket in the house is going for about $3,000 right now and that's to sit outside in the nosebleeds during what could be the coldest super bowl ever. the most expensive seat along the 50 yard line will cost you more than 25 grand. and then there's a charge for a trip to the commissioner's club for more than $800,000. the new england patriots will not be playing in the
1:59 pm
meadowlands, despite what this shirt says. this was being sold on saturday, the day before peyton manning took them apart in the afc title game. the shirts ended up on twitter and now modell says they are heading to a developing nation. the risky gamble to get a jump on the competition cost the chain about $500,000. buffett's company, berkshire hathaway, as teamed up with quicken loans to give $1 billion to the person who can fill out the perfect tournament bracket. you have an option of being paid out in 40 payments or a lump sum. by the way, the chances of that are 1 in 9.2 quinntillion.
2:00 pm
it has 18 zeros. so pencil me in right now. make sure to follow me on twitter @jaketapper, that's all one word and also at @theleadcnn. that's it. i'm jake tapper. i turn you over to wolf blitzer. he's in a very cozy situation room. all right, jake, thank you. a dangerous winter storm hammering the eastern half of the united states with brutal cold and heavy snow. cities are shutting down. thousands of flights are canceled. we have full team coverage at this hour. a desperate hunt for female suicide bombers known as black widows and a shadowy figure known as russia's osama bin laden who has vowed to target the winter games.