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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 22, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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attacked him. i don't mean to attack him and that was immature and i regret doing that. >> see more of the interview with unguarded friday night at 10:30 p.m. eastern. also sherman holds a news conference around 3:40 p.m. eastern. cnn will share that with you live. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching in "the situation room." newsroom continues with brooke baldwin. >> wolf, thank you. see you in a couple of hours. great to be with you on this tuesday. we will get to the massive snowstorm in the northeast in a moment, but first i want to begin with the story about a young boy who should make each of us proud. he showed courage and bravery well beyond his years. his tyler is tyler duhan and he is no longer with us. earlier in the morning he saw a
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fire in the mobile home where he was staying and rescued six relatives including two young children. then he realized someone else was still inside. tyler lot of his life saving his grandpa. this is tyler's mom. >> all i keep thinking about is how he couldn't breathe and he was scared. >> jean casarez is following the story and she joins me live and to think of the emotions this family is going through today and tyler saved several people earlier this morning. >> there were nine people in the single wide trailer. he wanted to spend the night because there was no school on monday and he wanted to see his grandpa. the fire erupted in the middle of the night. i spoke with the chief and they do not have an official cause of the blaze. it is under investigation. tyler's mother said it was a blanket that caught on fire.
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they confirmed there was at least one space heater. when it was known there was a fire, everyone starts to rush out and just as you said, tyler said wait a minute, my grandpa is still in there. tyler went back into the trailer home. he went to the back where the bed was and the fire chief tells me the remains were burned beyond recognition, but they could this boy was trying to lift up his grandfather to carry him out. we do know that the cause of death also is not being ruled at this point. they are still doing testing. it is part of an immense investigation, but today there is one thing that is known. tyler duhan was a hero and his mother spoke on that earlier today. >> they were laying in the bed together trying to get to the window. >> i was so grateful he went with people he loved and didn't go alone. he didn't cross over alone.
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and he was with his best friends. >> it makes me really proud. it really does, but i just want him back. >> and i am also told by the fire chief that in regard to the uncle that the fire was so intense that the mobile home just crushed around him, burned around him. within one minute, fire officials were at the scene. they were that close to this mobile home area. it was totally engulfed in fire. what fire officials say is there were no smoke detectors at all in the trailer. it was so small that there had been just one and it probably would have been heard by everyone. >> to think of this 8-year-old with the wherewithal and courage to keep going back and forth and back and forth. you have this mother and they need money to bury this child. >> another thing the fire chief told me is that this is a family with limited means and that it's
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difficult to bury all these people. they established a fund and almost $12,000 has been collected. obviously the rally of support is there. this is a young man. their ages have not been established officially, but too many people lot of their lives. >> our thoughts with the family, but how about that. eight years young. thank you very much. >> let's talk weather. the northeast is digging out after being buried under blankets of snow. turning highways into ice rinks and dropping temperatures to bitterly low levels. that leaves many airline passengers just stuck. new yorkers work up to the sounds of snow nows and some areas outside boston did more than a foot of snow. the massachusetts governor had
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to delay his state of the state address. cnn has you covered with the latest conditions. our team is working the story of meteorologists. live in new england and andriy peterson n boston and jennifer gray is totalling the snowfalls. i saw you update last night, chad, how much snow where you are in plymouth? >> i would say we have eight inches probably on the ground, but no way to actually tell. i can see concrete over there and i will run into this snow bank and i'm not kidding you. it's partly because the snow blow blowed part of it and the drifts have closed every load again. they move and the wind has blown it back. something on the horizon i want to show you. breaking news. there is something blue down there.
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that is blue sky. we will have sunshine in the next hour. that will make a big difference. when the sun comes out, i believe the winds will die down and it's pull away. this is blowing and drifting and they shut one time after another and finally come to an end. >> thank you so much for being in the thicke of it for us. andrew peter in boson. how cold is it? >> we just had an alberta clipper. they bring several inches of snow from the upper midwest and since it is so cold and moisture-starved, it usually drops several inches. what a different picture. this system went all the way to the atlantic ocean and developed a low and dumped heavy amounts of snow. the difference is the ocean. you get all that moisture as the low develops and you talk about heavy snow along the coastline.
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typically the system goes west to east and you see more inland. not this time. we saw record snow. new york city almost a foot of snow. 11 inches out towards central park. philly 13 inches and new jersey 15 inches of snow. that's what we have been talking about at the cape. south of me. that's a good 16 inches of snow with drifts. you have that wind blowing and piling up in certain places. as high as three feet. it doesn't stop there. yes, the system is over with, making its way out to sea, but it's so cold, the snow is staying for sometime. have winds blowing around and that will be the picture for the next several days. another clipper through the upper midwest so it reinforces the cold air here. the picture you see around me is not going anywhere. >> here we go again is what i'm hearing. let's bring in jennifer gray talking about this is headed out
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to sea. are people in the clear for now? >> this system has pushed out, but the cold temperatures are going to stay in some areas below freezing until the end of the month. it will be cold for a while. the main system pushed out and the only small snow showers is ocean effect snow. not really an associate, but we did break records yesterday. look at the records broken. in philly, more than 13 inches of snow. 11 inches. wilmington and delaware. we are going to get that next system as we go through the friday and saturday time frame. very cold across the midwest. look at the temperatures thursday morning. 18 below zero. 15 below in minneapolis and in chicago at only 2 degrees.
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for today being we have a blizzard warning in effect for much of the northern plains. we have the winder advisories. look at the three-day temperatures. burlington, 7 on thursday and 12 on friday. look at that. zero on thursday. very, very cold and that's going to stay. >> jennifer gray, thank you. we will revisit the weather at the top of next hour. the president is set to announce a new initiative 20 tackle rape and assault on college campuses, let's listen. >> that's preventing the outrage of the crime of sexual violence in america. i want to thank the members of my cabinet here today. secretaries chuck hagel and arnie duncan and general holder. their presence here today and the presence of so many leaders from across my administration is a testament to how important we
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consider this issue. how committed we are across the government to meeting this challenge. that includes the outstanding vice president. few people have brought more passion to the fight over the decades than joe biden. back when a lot of people believed the domestic abuse was a private family matter and women in danger often had nobody to turn to. joe was out there saying this was unacceptable. thanks to joe and so many others, this nation enshrined commitment in the violence against women's act. police officers got special training and more shelters opened and a national hotline was created. as joe mentioned, a shift began to occur. americans came to see how serious the problem was and how we all needed to do more to address it. that's resulted in more hope and safety and a new chance at life
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for countless women. joe was on the frontlines on this. you can tell his passion is unabated. we are grateful for everything you have done on this. thank you. >> with that conviction and passion brings us here today. this is not an abstract problem that goes on in other families or communities. even now it's not always talked about enough. they can go on in the shadows, but it affects every one of us. it's about all of us. our moms and wives our sisters and daughters. our sons. sexual assault is an a front on our bausk humanity. the pain can take years or decades to heal. sometimes lasts a time.
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whether it's in neighborhoods or college campuses or military bases or tribal lands, it has to matter to all of us. when a young girl or boy starts to question their self worth after being assaulted, maybe starts withdrawing, we are all deprived of full potential. when a young women drops out after being attacked, that's not a loss for her. it's a loss for our country. we all have a stake in her success. when a mother struggles to hold down a job or is assaulted in order to keep a job, that matters to all of us. because strong families are a foundation of a strong country. if that woman doesn't feel like she has recourse when show is subject to abuse and we are not
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there supporting her, shame on us. >> protecting young women and young men from sexual assaults and rapes as the president is mentioning on the college campuses. this is an issue that is near and dear to the heart of the vice president who began work on this some years ago. arnie duncan is there at the white house and one statistic i wanted to share from the white house council on women and girls, in five young women on college campuses are sexually assault and that needs to change. time is running out for folks in russia to track down possible female bombers. i will speak live about the world's most dangerous places and how they are hunting for terrorist who is want to bomb the games. she and her husband were on a date inside a movie theater when he was shot to death. today, week after his death, she is telling her story.
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>> let me take to russia now.
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president obama has called vladimir putin himself saying we will help you as cnn learns the committee has been e-mailed a terrorist threat. all of this happening as the hunt continues for these so-called black widows. these are female terrorists seeking to avenge the deaths of their husbands in many cases. if you know someone heading to sochi, a little back ground on how dead low they are. let's begin in 2002. at least 12 black widows attacked a moscow theater. 170 people were killed. fast forward here to 2004, bombers hit a school in the russian city. 300 people were killed, half of them children. years later in 2010, black widow suicide bombers killed 40 people
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in a mosque and most recently in 2012. an attack on five policemen in dagestan carried out boy a black widow. the concern that these black widows are ready to strike key olympic sites. this is the greater sochi area. the ring of steel we keep talking about. the intense low monitored perimeter and when you start to zoom in. this is the cluster. this is sochi. right along the coast here, this is where the athletes will be housed. when you push further north, you see the mountains up here. a lot of the skiing events are being held up there. all of these sites are soft targets authorities believe these black widows may have breached that ring of steel and are embedded in the ring of steel. the author of the world's most dangerous places. robert, welcome back. >> thank you. >> let's begin with just
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context. there has been support for two decades. what we saw is terrorists that are young men. is this a younger crop of bad guys? what are they fighting for today? >> i was with the chechyan rebels when they attacked. we do this every 50 years. sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. it's up to the next generation. these young men probably had their parents or relatives killed in the last war 291994 and 1999. the current concern about sochi goes back 150 years because it was the demarcation port when they took the entire population out of the regions and shipped them to turkey. they go way back.
11:20 am
>> there is history. specifically tied to sochi. you have been to this region and know the terrain. when and how do they hide? i'm asking how difficult it is to track them down. >> they don't hide. the thing you need to know about chechyan terrorists is they are audacious. they drove to -- >> we're lot of him. we will work to get him back. i know this is a huge is it are and we need to understand the geography and the history of the region. we are getting breaking news out of israel. security forces disrupted an al qaeda terror cell. we will have that and a widow's grief after her husband was gunned down in a theater for texting on his cell phone. the wife is speaking out. hear what she has to say, next. "you are here." "that life exists and identity."
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brother had an alibi because he was with her at the time the girls died. how much weight does that sister's testimony carry. the base was back in 1944. >> because the case is so old and the legal landscape is so different, we don't execute children today. the supreme court said that is something we don't do in our society. i think the time this happened are not necessarily on trial, but the evidence s. in order to get this, they have to show new evidence that something happened that was not placed in front of the jury. in 1944. it is relevant that his sister
11:33 am
did not testify at the trial. the defense put forth no case at the trial in 1944. no cross examination and she said she was with him all day at the time of the murder. that is very important. also his other sister testified. his brother testified and there was a cellmate he was with in the time preceding the trial and the three months before his execution. he told that person i didn't do it. why am i being put to death for something i didn't do. the sister's testimony and this exonerating testimony that was given to his cellmate, i think that's relevant. >> back to this sister's testimony that did not testify how many years ago, this is 70 years later. how credible is anyone's testimony that many years later?
11:34 am
>> yeah, often times we say as lawyers, the further away we get from the event, the less reliable the testimony is. my understanding is not in the courtroom. she seemed very credible and she remembers very well, of course that particular day. i think that this type of case is the type of case that needs to be scrutinized. again, you have someone who was put to death at the age of 14, arrested the very next day after this murder and the trial as you mentioned took under three hours. they deliberated for ten minutes and he was executed three months later. that just is not the state of our law today. people are on death row for 20 something years. this is an interesting case. we should hear a verdict any day now. >> sunny hostin, we will talk
11:35 am
about it. we want to stay on what's happening in west virginia. the department learned that a second chemical may have leaked into the elk river. you know the story. 300,000 people cooperate use tap water. it's called nchm. now freedom industries said it was also in the storage tank and suffered a beach. an official from west virginia told the charleston gazette, it is likely it would have been removed in the process and i can you that tests are being conducted and the gazette reports that it is less lethal. i don't know if they makes you feel better. less lethal and it's not known what long-term health effects are. not grade and peer pressure. the average tuition is $30,000
11:36 am
for year. no wonder they are seeking any break they can. colleges are help to pay student loans after graduation and the graduate doesn't pay the money back. we have more on this. only a small number of colleges offer this, but how does this work? first as you said, it's a small number of colleges in new york. huntington university in indiana. a spring arbor in michigan. they are teaming up with the foundation so l wrap acts like an insurer backing the offer. they are paying the opportunity loan bills until the grad can afford it. it's not a new idea. it started with law schools and this idea is spreading. the reason is 70% of college seniors graduate with debt. it's a lot. you just mentioned $29,000.
11:37 am
this help defray the cost and they start with low paying jobs. it helps to bring in more students which means more money. >> it's not every graduate who can get help. you have to hit a certain sdmk that predicates whether or not you get this aid? >> there is fine print. it is based on how much you make. it depends on the school. one example. if you make less than $38,000, the school will pay some of your loans. if you make less than 20 k, all of your loans will be paid. if you meet requirements, they have to work 30 hours a week and once your income rises above that -- >> which you hope you make it there. >> you hope. you don't have to pay it back. that's what everybody wants to know. >> very well. thank you very, very much.
11:38 am
coming up, we will have more on breaking news out of israel. what they are calling a terror plot against embassy. plus cnn's david kuenzie tossed to the ground by police in china. you man handling us. this is a public space. i'm allowed to report. >> what authorities did not want david covering. next.
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. i want to take you back to russia. sochi winter games happen in a couple of weeks and many fe mel terrorists are out seeking to avenge the deaths of their husbands. author of the world's most dangerous places, we try talking before and had transmission issues so being totally transparent, welcome back. you have been talking about these militants. my question to you is where do they hide? you said to me they don't hide. continue please. >> that are region does not have sympathies with russia.
11:42 am
it's diverse and there has been a war since 1994. >> in chechnya and dagestan and other regions. not sochi per se, but they are probably not aware they are going into a war zone. the networks are out in the open. the reason they can get the black widows, they have a support group. it's easy to bribe russian officials. don't sammy any security has been stopped to attack. >> the fact that we have been reporting, the black widows have snuck into the ring of steel, knowing what you know, are you surprised they got in if they are in fact in there? >> no. when i used to talk to the rebels, they said how did you get to moscow in the middle of the war. they said we ran out of money. they bribed their way through. they are the most media friendly
11:43 am
part of the war. they are driven -- >> hang on. what do you mean media-friendly? >> the term black widow is ring of steel and drives fear into people's heads. they are supported and driven and fed and housed and there is a much larger organization supporting them. don't focus on the females that are blowing themselves up. there many other people supporting them. >> let's focus on the group and the cia operative is the security analyst. he thinks attacks could happen elsewhere. so many eyes on the ball in sochi. in terms of security, etc. there is a possibility that things could happen in st. petersburg and moscow. >> the word audacious could be describe and attack the column of tanks and attacked through
11:44 am
the back and through the middle. they are fearless and fast and creative. they made a public announcement that they will do it live. >> months ahead of time. >> you might be looking over here and you will be over there. they have severely damaged the credibility of putin. it remains to see if there will be casualties. >> pud in said we got this. we will cross our fingers that nothing happens. robert young pelt on, thank you so much. >> this is not illegal what we are doing. we are reporters. we are reporting in a public space. >> that's my colleague. david mckenzie getting shoved into a fan and that's for reporting outside of a courthouse in beijing. they are fighting an activist for fighting public corruption.
11:45 am
they don't want the outside world to know a thing about that. here is david mckenzie's shocking report. >> we are heading towards a court in beijing where an activist goes on trial today. this is a public space. there is no need to shout at me. the activists is wrong. the reason he is on trial is because he had a gathering of people several times and he was one of the founders of the new citizen's movement. that is why there all these police surrounding me here. we will try to look at the entrance of the court which is just here. >> sorry, you can't stop me. >> soon the situation violently escalated. police in plain clothes and men targeting us, taking away our phones and id and breaking the camera. >> they are physically man handling us. man handling me. this is a public space. i am allowed to report.
11:46 am
we are reporters and reporting in a public space. ouch. >> hey, hey, hey! you can't man handle us like this. >> other international journalists were roughed up during the trial and one policeman said they were following orders. >> they moved us from the van into the police car. >> a spokesman said they'll investigate the incident that without law and order, there will be chaos in china. >> the police and the plain clothes guys drove us to the street corner away from the court and dumped us on the side of the street. they entirely tore off the section of the view finder. they know how much china wants
11:47 am
to manage the message. the irony is they betrayed the strong arm tactics. it is far worse for chinese nationals. cnn, beijing. >> david, to you and your crew, thank you. coming up, just in during an interview, the chairman of the republican national committee. she was sharing his opinion on whether or not chris christie should step down. there some calling for him to resign. plus from designer clothes to rolex watches to iphone. former virginia governor bob donald and his wife indicted on federal charges for allegedly taking thousands of dollars worth of gifts he said were personal generosity. he said he has done nothing illegal. investigators disagree. we are back after this. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome.
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such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto is not for patients with artificial heart valves. jim changed his routine. ask your doctor about xarelto. once-a-day xarelto means no regular blood monitoring -- no known dietary restrictions. for more information and savings options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit . >> how quickly things can change. bob donald, virginia governor had a spot on mitt romney's short list of potential running mates. he was close to becoming vice president and who knows where that could have led. now bob donald wants to stay oust prison and has been indicted. both he and his wife are accused of taking gifts, lots of gifts from a wealthy virginia businessman. here is bob mcdonald whose term
11:51 am
as governor has just run out. >> i never promised and mr. williams and his company never received any government benefit of any kind from me or my administration. not one penny of taxpayer money went to him or to star scientific during our administration. not one penny. >> there is the former governor. here's gloria borger. we will run through the information and show you the information on the gifts allegedly taken by the mcdonalds. as we look at all of this, tell me what strikes you the most. >> what was he thinking. what were they thinking. you run through small ball gifts and run through loans, there is such a thing as an appearance of impropriety even if there is as
11:52 am
the governor maintains. there e-mails in which caution was raised by staffers about this. i think you have to scratch your head and say in this day and age, why would you do something like that? even if the governor is right, there is the appearance of access that has been paid for. they wanted to boost the prestige of his business and looking to the governor to help him do that. >> we are talking -- i'm going to jump in, but we are talking designer clothing and i saw rolex watches with an engravement, 71st virginia governor and golf paraphernalia, etc. >> right. that kind of small stuff with combination of loans. we have to say the governor said he has done nothing wrong and no taxpayer money was involved.
11:53 am
then you are running this list and you see the address and the jacket for his wife. all kinds of stuff that a lot of it is timing. a sweatshirt. the reason people don't trust the government anymore is they believe that it's easy to buy access if you have got money. when you look at something like this and let's forget the legality of it and talk about people's faith in their government and elected officials. you have got to say come on. this is a politician with real prominence and as you pointed out earlier was on a list potentially to be mitt romney's running mate. -it is a big fall from grace. >> let's turn the corner and talk about trouble surrounding chris christie who is not succumbing to a two-way fall
11:54 am
from grace. they called on chris christie to relink winner his governor's association, but a little while ago they talked to us and said forget that. chris crikrifchristie is stayin. >> not at all. i don't know of a better governor to lead. i have seen him turn crowds on and his crowds are to raise a lot of money. he can do that. i'm sure they are proud to have him. >> two questions out of that. one, is chris christie safe in the job and two, how does being the top republican governor help a possible candidacy down the road? >> he is in the job at least for now. nothing has been proven. christie denied any connection to the george washington bridge
11:55 am
controversy and he is sbhomeone who can raise a lot of money. he is raising a lot for a lot of people and collecting a lot of chits. look at the governor's races he will deal with. in key battle ground states. florida, ohio, pennsylvania. we know how important those states are. he is going to collect chits. it's very helpful and raises his profile in that way. >> thank you so much. >> sure. >> more information on the breaking news and an arrest and terror cell planning multiple attacks. including one at the u.s. embassy. plus president obama making news about his recent comments about marijuana. he said marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol, but what does a former drug policy chief think about that? we are asking him. stay right here.
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. >> paying off the big debt by pointing out. today's cnn pop. he is the college senior whose goal is to sell out. international business major alex benda hopes to pay it off by selling ad space on his
11:59 am
graduation cap. can't afford the full $300 for the ad? flint student said they have options? >> you know that sitcom ended in 1995. y uniting for the first time for a super bowl ad. >> what do you say it's time we get our own places? >> the internet vote and if it's up to them, this kid takes first place on india's got talent. he is only 8 years of age, but he is wowing everyone with his break dancing and back flips and splits. take me out to the ball game will mean take off your bring.
12:00 pm
opening day will see fans walking through metal detectors at safeco field. major league baseball will require metal detectors at all ballparks come 2015. >> we take you to the top of the hour with breaking news. out of israel, this is what we are learning. the security agency said they busted a terror cell planning to bust a terror industry. it involved a double suicide mission. let's go straight to jerusalem who joins us here. tell me what you know as far as these three men who according to security have been arrested and n more about this purported plot. can you hear me?
12:01 pm
okay. we are going to work on establishing contact with him in a minute. stand by for that. if you are or someone you know are among the thousands headed to russia for the sochi games, listen very carefully here. cnn has learned a number of new terror threats including one to the u.s. olympic committee. all of this as the hunt continues for the black widows, the female terrorists seeking to avenge the deaths of their husband. how deadly are the black widows? let me take you back to 2002. here's what we know. at least 12 black widows attacked a theater. 170 people killed there. two years later in 2004, black widow bombers to strike a school. 300 people were killed and half were children. in 2010, black widow suicide
12:02 pm
bombers attacked two metro stations and most recently here in 2012, an attack on five policemen in dagestan carried out by a black widow. the concern is that these black widows are ready to strike key olympic sites. this is the greater sochi area. you hear us talk about security in the so-called ripping of steel. the intensely monitored perimeter. this is sochi. this is the olympic village along the coast. as we move north, this is where the athletes will be living, eating, breathing most of the time. northward you have the mountains with a lot of skiing evens that are held in the mountains. all of these sites, these are all soft targets russian authorities believe the black widows may have breached this perimeter. this so-called ring of steel that will is embedded inside. back to the breaking news story.
12:03 pm
israel said they busted this terror cell that was plotting to bomb the embassy. let's try this again. live for us in jerusalem. tell me about that plot. >> this was put out in a statement by the israeli prime minister's office. according to that statement, it appears that a man in gaza through skype and facebook recruited a man in east jerusalem to carry out a mastermind series of attacks according to the statement from the prime minister's office. this man would have traveled from here to turkey and from turkey into syria where he would receive a trained military training. he would come back and join upon with jihadi who is would enter with forged russian passports. they would have attacked the american embassy in tel aviv.
12:04 pm
it's not far from the cnn office and they would have attacked a bus in the west bank as well. this man was arrested by the israeli police on the 25th of december this. does seem to be a fairly complicated plot. it's not clear how far along it was. >> so i'm clear on the arrest, you talk of one man we are hearing from israeli security who arrested three. do we know if there were others? there are three, but what is disturbing or worrying in this scenario, the syria angle. just yesterday i was speaking with the senior israeli analyst who said they fear as many as 10,000 foreign jihadis are currently operating in northern
12:05 pm
syria and we know there large parts of the country that are controlled by them. this may be increasingly a source of trouble not just for israel, but many countries around the world. >> thank you. get ready. many of you are experiencing the big chill. now that it has fallen, this is where you are getting ready. part two is already moving in here. the storm is being driven by frigid air and many temperatures, feeling for you. 15. somewhere upwards of 30 degrees below normal expected to linger for the weekend. al is in it for us at new york. and here he is. get the stuff out of his way. we have chad meyers who we stuck in plymouth, massachusetts.
12:06 pm
let me begin with you. you are in islandia, new york. how much snow are you seeing? >> what this storm did, brooke, it dumped anywhere from six inches to more than a foot of snow on long island where i am. it looks really pretty. look at the sun through the tree and the white snow. this sun is not giving any warmth to us today. it is bone-chilling cold out here. when the wind whips, it makes it even colder. let the cold temperatures icy. let me show you how much. underneath the snow, it's a full sheet of ice. it's very dangerous. i can sloip this. one they think had to happen today, a lot of students had to be out of school. some people had to go to work and we caught up with them earlier. >> i was surprised. i knew we had more snow here
12:07 pm
than manhattan. i thought they would close, but they kept it open. i am having a late start because i was anticipating the schools being closed. >> so they had to go to work. kids got a snow day out of this. we got to the play and this is hard. it's just the ball of ice. it's amazing. i poured water on it and it turned to ice instantly. this snow is not going away any time soon. not melting. it's 13 degrees and it feels like 4 below zero. >> i don't want to see you in the thicke of things. being pelted by columbia university students. >> they can hurt somebody. >> they look like they could. be careful. we will move along to someone in a safer spot. la guardia airports. we have been reporting on 1500 flights.
12:08 pm
are a lot of people still stuck where you are? >> yes, but it's a very different scene here today. yesterday the airport was empty. this is despite 20% of the flights in this region that were canceled today. they planned ahead and got here and have been paying attention. they are happy about the fact that a lot of the snow was cleared around la guardia. they are happy about what the airport did to clear out fast. here's more on what they had to say. >> it was hectic in new york. there was plowing of the streets. better to be early than to miss my flights. i have missed flights before. >> i'm surprised how clean they got the streets out here. >> during the night, we got a
12:09 pm
phone call from american airlines saying our 234r50i9 was canceled and they put us on another flight. it's all been fine. >> a lot better luck with the travelers today. we are expecting operations to resume back to normal here at la guardia by later on today. >> good news for so many. thank you. to the guy who clearly dressed for this, of course he is the meteorologist, all warm except if are your face. that snow was above your knees. >> it certainly is. what the snow plows have pushed off the streets into your driveway. one thing i want to talk about. watertown, new york was 36 degrees below zero. yesterday in southern california, santa barbara and places around that, 84 above zero. that's 120 degree difference just across the country. it's the big ridge in the west
12:10 pm
and the trough in the east. let me show you what the trough brought. there is no wars coming and i couldn't do that about ten minutes ago. the place is going crazy. everybody is driving around looking at this. this snow is not a powdery snow. it is picked up here and this is a wet street. guess what's going to happen. it's going to refreeze. even though the streets look good right now, it won't look good in about an hour or two. >> that's the point you make. when sun goes down, you see the ice and you have to be super, super careful. thank you all very much. now coming up next, this is the scene of a deadly plane crash in denver. cnn has been showing the moment of impact. i believe it was aspen. we will talk to a former pilot about what happened and how it can be used to keep future flights safe. president obama making news about comments about marijuana. he said marijuana is no more
12:11 pm
dangerous than alcohol, but what does the former drug policy chief think about that? we are asking him. stay tuned. hey guys! sorry we're late. did you run into traffic? no, just had to stop by the house to grab a few things. you stopped by the house? uh-huh. yea. alright, whenever you get your stuff, run upstairs, get cleaned up for dinner. you leave the house in good shape? yea. yea, of course. ♪ [ sportscaster talking on tv ] last-second field go-- yea, sure ya did. [ male announcer ] introducing at&t digital life. personalized home security and automation. get professionally monitored security for just $29.99 a month. with limited availability in select markets. ♪
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12:14 pm
. >> just a quick heads up warning. we are about to show you graphic video of the plane crash. the final moments of the flight into aspen, colorado that ended in i ball of fire. here it is. a copilot was killed when the plane missed the landing earlier this month. it ended up upside down. two people on board were injured. it could provide important clues. we will talk about that in a moment. first cnn'sanna cabrera walks us through the video. >> chilling video shows the terrifying moment this private jet crashes into the runway of this airport earlier this month. bursting into names and sending a plume of smoke into the air. surveillance positioned around the runway capture each harrowing moment at the plane's failed landing. the small plane approaches the
12:15 pm
runway and aborts because of difficult conditions. >> missed approach. >> minutes later in the eerie black and white video, the pilot attempts to aboard the second landing as well, but tragically he is too late and the plane nose dives, flipping upside down and skids down the runway. ground workers raced to the scene, watching in horror as the plane burns in the distance. one kicks a box perhaps in frustration. >> anna cabrera with the video and now to safety consultant steve cowell. steve, welcome. what are the challenges other than you see the mountains around. challenges of landing there. >> the challenges are fairly unique.
12:16 pm
we have an airport located at 7800 feet. that presents a challenge in the performance of a pilot and his aircraft landing at a high alttut airport. we have the wind that flows over the terrain just like the water flowing over rocks in a stream. that will present a unique challenge to any pilot. >> you mentioned the wind. i read there was a reported 33 knotts of tail wind. the pilot said he missed the approach. what role could the wind have played? it crashed nose down there. >> first and foremost, 33 knots is an extraordinary amount of wind for any airplane even located in the plains. most if not all jets are not certified to land at more than
12:17 pm
ten knots of a tail wind. it affects your decent rate and speed over the ground and the pilot's picture that he is seeing out the window of that runway. the winds are coming over the terrain with the turbulence. >> why would you continue to land if you are that high? >> that's something that the national transportation safety board is going to be trying to answer. they are going to be examining the decision making process of the pilots. not just from that last approach, but from the two previous approaches as well as why they decided to continue handing, knowing what the weather was when they were maybe even 150 miles away. >> we will wait for that. all those questions being asked.
12:18 pm
thank you so much. >> now to the president of the united states who is standing firm behind his comments about marijuana that he gave in the massive new yorker magazine essay. here is the press secretary. >> the president's position on these marries hasn't changed. he was make a couple of points. one, that we ought to use discretion appropriately in the prosecution prioritization. b, when it comes to marijuana use, he made clear he sees it as a bad habit in a vice and not something he would encourage. i told my daughters i think it's a waste of time and a bad idea and not very healthy. >> this is the quote that made news. president obama told the new yorker, i don't think it, being
12:19 pm
marijuana, is more dangerous than alcohol. george bush's drug czar set them straight on the views. john walters is his name. director of the white house office of national drug control policy will appear on the lead in about 45 minutes. the host of the show, you are talking to him and i imagine you pose the question, just sort of reacting to obama's compare to marijuana and alcohol. what does he have to say? >> he said what the president said goes against all of the science on this issue. what's interesting though, this is not just about bush's drug czar against president obama. you might expect there to be disagreements. this is about the drug czar now against president obama. if you go to the white house website for the office of drug control policy, you will see a number of statements that seem to contradict in letter and in suggestion what president obama said about marijuana.
12:20 pm
he thought the experiments in colorado and washington state legalizing marijuana for recreational use should go forward in terms of the justice system. he doesn't think it's fair. if you look at the website, they are clearly against any legalization of marijuana. i think the president was offering his personal point of view including personal experience as he noted. also just the idea of seeming to downplaying marijuana as a bad habit. as a vice. if you read what the office of drug control policy has to say, it's a schedule one drug. they consider it a very addictive and very serious drug. what the president said not being worse than alcohol.
12:21 pm
that is not directly contradicted off the website, but the suggestion, the downplaying of it certainly is. >> there was so much to this piece "the new yorker." this is what has buzzed the last couple of days. we will see what the former drug czar has to say and what the white house's stance is. thank you. see you in 40 minutes on your show. police released new details in the bizarre disappearance of a doctoral student last seen about weeks ago. now we learn what they found in her car. her behavior moments before she disappear and a change to her online social networking accounts. her husband was shot and killed inside a movie theater. police say it was because her husband was texting. today his widow describes what happened and the husband she has lot of. >> just to think in the blink of
12:22 pm
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12:25 pm
. a young couple went to the movies. it was a rareidate and their nearly 2-year-old daughter was at home with a baby-sitter. nicole oleson never imagined it would be the last time she would spend with her husband, chad. chad texted in a movie theater in florida. nicole sobbed. >> it's unimaginable. me and my husband didn't get a date night very often much less a whole day to spend together. i was excited and looking forward to spending the day with the love of my life at a place of entertainment. family entertainment. to think in the blink of an eye my whole world just got shattered into a million pieces and now i am left trying to put
12:26 pm
them all back together and it's so hard and so unbearable, but i want to thank you all. >> her world and the world of her little girl who she will be raising as a single mother. she was shot in the hand by the same bullet that killed her husband. she is recovering as expected from the hand injury. an attorney for the alleged shooter said his client, a former police officer in the community for many years, their defense is self defense. >> another case of a missing doctor out of michigan. this gets stranger and stranger. >> she is seen in these you tube videos singing and cooing to someone. we just don't know who that someone is. that is just one of the bizarre details investigators are trying to figure out what happened to her. the 30-year-old woman failed to show up on her hospital job on the 6th of december.
12:27 pm
the sheriff came out with more information including the fact that she left her cell phone inside her work locker. jean casarez has been watching this and know investigators went into a lot of detail about her last known movements including the faaccount that a coworker gave her a ride to the hotel. >> learned so much about a timeline. you are right. she wanted to go to a hotel. the one thing about the county officials wanted to emphasize, this is a missing persons investigation. there is nothing from what they know that told them she is deceased, but here's what we learned. december 5th, a normal day at work. she said she was going to go visit a relative in chicago over the weekend. about 7:30 in the evening, she told a coworker, i don't have a car. can you give me a ride to the local hotel. she did have a car in the parking lot, but she got in and started to talk to the coworker, saying i don't have any money.
12:28 pm
can you give me money? she was given $100 and she got into the hotel and started walking around in the lobby and it is believed she wanted to check into a room and said she needed to leave. the hotel van took her back to the hospital. when she gets out, once again, erratic talking saying i can't get back in with you. the driver goes not into the hospital where she is a resident. this is a female doctor. she goes into the parking lot and gets in her car. that's about 8:00 at night. two hours later, someone is reporting a lone person in a white car driving erratically on interstate in indiana. the kalamazoo police department said the car was abandoned and that was the last time they believe that doctor patrick was ever seen and it was her white vehicle. the sheriff of the county spoke directly to the doctor.
12:29 pm
listen to this. >> my message to her if she is watching, if for whatever reason this is an event that may have gotten out of hand, meaning a temporary situation that became permanent because of the tension, all is forgiven and please come forward. we need you to help your family and help everyone else understand what your situation is. >> her social media accounts were deleted which is another thing that is strange. when they were, we don't know. we spoke with the sheriff before going on the air. her car was found 40 feet off the road. they took a dog and traced her scent back to the roadway. there is where it ends. they think she may have gotten into the vehicle with someone else. at this point they have no evidence of that. >> so bizarre. thank you. >> he made controversial comments that sparked debate about sportsmanship and
12:30 pm
character. moments from now, richard sherman talks to reporters about his post-game rants. we will talk to two people who come from different opinions on what he said and how he said it. plus just an amazing story of courage. this little boy 8 years old saved six family members from a burning home. he went back in to save another and didn't make it out. you will hear from his mother describing his heroism. >> he makes me really proud. he really does, but i just want him back. elp provide the power for all this? natural gas. ♪ more than ever before, america's electricity is generated by it. exxonmobil uses advanced visualization and drilling technologies to produce natural gas... powering our lives... while reducing emissions by up to 60%. energy lives here.
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>> just past the bottom of the hour. >> a california mother lot of both of her sons to gunshots 19 days apart. >> i have no more kids. that's so messed up. >> i know there is a god, but why would you give a mother so much pain to handle within 19 days. this is hard on me. >> her 13-year-old son was killed on new year's eve while walking home in oakland, california. then just less than three weeks
12:34 pm
later, her 19-year-old son died when bullets sprayed into the car he and his friend were in. police are not saying whether there is, could be a connection between the shootings of these two brothers blocks apart in east oakland, but it is a rough neighborhood. a family friend is a mortician that tended to the younger son's body and invites people to the funeral parlor to show them where they could end up. >> i tell them straight up. you go behind the doors back there, this is it. >> so far no arrests have been made. at 8 years of age, tyler duhan showed a selfishness way beyond his years. he ran towards loved ones, rescuing 6 of them. tyler himself did not make it out. he died trying to save his grandfather who was also killed.
12:35 pm
from the rochester affiliate, wham talked to little tyler's mother. >> it makes me really proud. it really does, but i just want him back. >> the last time crystal hugged her son goodbye, he had this kind of smile on his face. after all he talked her into spending the night with his grandfather. >> it was his best friend. he tried to save him. >> crystal pieced together the story of her son's final minutes with the help of family members who were there. tyler's 4 yore old cousin woke with his blanket covered in flame. six people made it out, but tyler went back to get his grandfather who is disabled. his aunt couldn't stop them, but followed ending in the grandfather's room filling with smoke. >> here let go of her and tried to get to my dad and she opened the window and he wasn't there
12:36 pm
anymore. she couldn't see. she was going like this through the smoke. all i can think about is how he couldn't breathe. how scared he must have been. >> he was found in the rear of the home. >> they were laying in the bed together trying to get to the window. >> i was so grateful he went with people he loved and he didn't cross over alone. i'm so glad he was with his best friend. >> fire officials say there was not a working smoke detector in that mobile home. they believe the cause of the fire was accidental. they are investigating. here's the thing. this mother can't afford to bury her son. she is asking for help and a fund has been set up for tyler's burial. the site already raised more than $20,000. coming up just days after going off on a post-game interview, star richard sherman is getting
12:37 pm
ready to speak live. what he could say, we don't know yet. you are about to hear from two people who disgrafy with how he handled himself and the reaction post rant. can the word candy be trademarked? the person who invented candy crush is looking to keep the word all to himself. can he do that? we are on the case. humans -- we are beautifully imperfect creatures, living in an imperfect world. that's why liberty mutual insurance has your back, offering exclusive products like optional better car replacement, where, if your car is totaled, we give you the money to buy one a model year newer. call... and ask an insurance expert about all our benefits today, like our 24/7 support and service, because at liberty mutual insurance, we believe our customers do their best
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12:40 pm
. if you haven't heard of richard sherman before now, you have after that game. answering questions outside of seattle. >> i was going to. i was going to. >> [inaudible]. >> it is what it is. things like that happen and you deal with the consequences of it and people's opinions. i have come from a place where it's all adversity. what's a little bit more of people telling you what you can't do and not going to do. what you have done. it's always a little bit more of that. it's fine to me. i'm really surprised by that. if i had known it was going to blow up like that, i would have
12:41 pm
approached it differently. in terms it took away from my teammates and they play a fantastic football game and had an interception and huge plays in the game and played almost a perfect ball game. marshawn ran for 100 yards plus and had a great touchdown run and bob he 15 tackles. so many people played so many great games. that's the only thing i feel regretful about. i think the backlash because the support came after the backlash. everybody was surprised. i think i was surprised by it. we are talking about football here. a lot of people took it further than football. i guess some people showed how far we have really come in this day and age. it was kind of profound what happened and people's opinions and things of that nature. i was on the football field showing passion.
12:42 pm
maybe it was misdirect and things may have been immature and worded better, but this is on the football field. i wasn't committing any crime or doing anything illegal. i was showing passion after a football team. i didn't have time to kopt plate what i was going to say. the people behind skrurt screen his you will the time in the world to contemplate what they were going to say and articulate it like they wanted to. some of it is i'm sure they were embarrassed about. >> is that message -- [inaudible]. . >> i hope it resonates a little more with them. there is no limits to what you can do. regardless of how bizarre
12:43 pm
sometimes my story gets in times like this, it's still remarkable how a kid from comp and humble beginnings, a story can resonate from any kid coming from humble beginnings. understand that your circumstances don't dictate your future. your circumstances don't control your limits. you are limitless. you are limited by your faith and your ability and your trust in yourself. your hard work. you can do as much as you want to do. if you go to school and get good grades and work hard and if you don't have the materials and the school book, people can help you. there will be people who want to help kid like that. i am trying to help as many as i can, but to not work as hard as you can and give yourself the chance to be successful, you are doing yourself a disservice. that's whey want the kids to know. >> during the super bowl week,
12:44 pm
72 hours. can you imagine what that will be? >> i really can't. i imagine it's going to be fun and i will embrace it and have my teammates there. we will enjoy the moment. it's a once in a lifetime experience for us. we worked hard to get here. nothing was given to us. you have to earn your way here. it will be well-deserved. there countless individuals. hank aaron is one of them. the players reached out and obviously to family members and friends reached out with support and i appreciate all of it. you appreciate having great people and great coaches like they is you in the corner. people just really appreciate you as a human and know who you are and what you stand for and aren't as quick to judge. they really have an indepth view
12:45 pm
of who i am and what i am about. >> it's as if he is a coordinator out there. at any time he can change any play. sche schematically. >> we're got what we wanted to hear. we will have a big discussion about this player and his high school graduating class. he took grad school level in college. he doesn't party very much because he wants to be the best and give lots and lots of money back to his community. here's more of richard sherman. >> i'm the best one in the game. will you try me and treat me like crap. that's the result you are going to get. >> that is richard sherman as well. known far and wide for the
12:46 pm
superb play that saved the game. nobody is talking about that, but his words. for the equally stunning post-game hand. sherman is a thoughtful guy and explained this moment who just sat down with him in this interview. >> catch me in a moment still in the zone as competitive as i have to be to do everything i can to be successful on the football field and help my team win, then it's not going to come as as articulate and smart as charismatic. on the field, i'm not all those things. i'm everything i need to be to be a winner. >> with me now from philadelphia. the story about this guy on the "huffington post." terrence moore. terrence moore, since you are sitting next to me, i was watching you watch richard sherman in that news in seattle.
12:47 pm
the point where i saw a lot of head shake is where he said people took it further than football. i was showing passion. >> i was thinking i wish i was on one of these airplanes with the bags. regurnlgtation bags. when you say crazy thing, expect crazy results. i don't want to hear he is very intelligence. he has a degree from stanford. >> that are doesn't matter to you? >> for matters that he should know better than to do all of this stuff. you are affecting a lot of people. besides the seattle seahawks. that's what he doesn't get and what a lot of people who are supporting don't get also. >> we were watching what the one question would be. why don't you get it. we will come back to that. let me get to you. a lot of people saw this rant.
12:48 pm
go broncos. take a look. >> everybody is a manning fan, the loud mouth from seattle epitomizes the team to me. >> that was john mccain weighing in on this whole thing. you said in your "huffington post" piece, it's not just misguided, but ludicrous. you disagree with my friend. >> i feel like we should stop judging the athletes from their words on the field and start by the actions off the field. if you take a closer look at sherman and terrence alluded to it, a lot of the things he does are great. both for the community and the family he supports. when i look at a guy like that, i see a young kid who was hyped up and lot of in the moment. he made a mistake.
12:49 pm
no doubt about it. he shouldn't have said what he said and come off the way he did. he is clearly ambassador for the community and the kind of person if you take into account what he said off the field and i feel like you can look up to. >> i read your piece word for word. you basically are saying hell yes he should be judged 24-7. this man is a role model. >> and then i will tell you something. two people i know well. hank aaron who was the best player who ever lived and my father. in regards to hank aaron and my dad, a lot of people are missing the big picture here. the big picture where i'm coming from who deals a lot with youth, particularly black youth, this guy is affecting these kids. this goes back to 1993 when charles barkley made that ludicrous statement.
12:50 pm
with the kids, particularly black youngster, the statistics show 70% show that they are born to unwed members. they don't have a positive role model and they are turning to the athletes as role models and they see a cartoon character out there on the field, i'm this guy on the field, this guy off. >> kids see them act that way on the field and think this is how you're supposed to be, not just on the field but your life. >> you get the last word. >> a valid point he's definitely in the spotlight and there are a lot of kids looking up to him. at the same time, it speaks to a larger issue that america is having a problem with, which is that we can't judge these people based on what they do in between the lines. ice a game. that persona that richard sherman puts on is an important part of the way he succeeds as an athlete. instead of looking at that, we should take a step back, look at the things he does when he's not
12:51 pm
on the field, outside the lines. he said that himself. the message here is that we shouldn't be quick to judge people like that based off a 30-second sound bite. we should take the time to get to know them. these athletes are accessible. you can open your computer and google them if you can watch them on tv. my suggestion would be to take that moment and instead of jumping to conclusions about the man as a person and attack his character, look at the things he does off the field. they speak for themselves. >> well, you two get to agree to disagree for now. but i think this is a microcosm of this national conversation because of this quick little sound bite from this -- >> i don't think mickey mouse or donald duck is as dangerous as this guy persona-wise. >> come back, will you? isaac, same to you. thanks, gentlemen, very much. and now to this. a wildly popular app that has hundreds of millions of downl d downloads, candy crush. kr you played it? are you addicted?
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candy crush. someone was telling me about this the other day. i don't play it but a lot of people do. a wildly popular app. if you have played it, you're probably hooked. now mareks of candy crush have successfully trademarked the word "candy." this isn't the first of these shall we say questionable trademark applications. cadbury chocolate losing the
12:55 pm
fight to trademark the actual color purple. paris hilton successfully trademarked the phrase "that's hot." while donald trump failed at trademarking the phrase "you're fired" from "the apprentice." but unlike those examples, candy crush was successful, at least in europe. they have their sights set on the u.s. sunny hostin, our legal analyst. are you telling me any joe shmo can come by and say let's trademark this word, no problem? >> usually not. you usually can't trademark something as broad like this. i hadn't heard about candy crush until i looked at my phone and realized my little girl had downloaded it onto my phone. i do have it. it seems to me this is a very important thing for this particular company because, get this, they make approximately $1 million a day in revenue. so this -- >> what? >> -- is something that they need to protect. the way to protect it from sort
12:56 pm
of these copycats that you get when you get on the app store and you see something that kind of looks like candy crush with the name "candy" in the title, you download it and that does in a sense infringe upon the success of this particular company. they have this provisional trademark they've received. i just zoedon't know they're go to get it trademarked because it seems so broad to me. i mean, are you going to be able to trademark, you know, fruit? are you going to be able to trademark jewel? it just doesn't make sense. but they certainly have a lot to protect, right, a million dollars a day. >> a lot for this thing. i'm not so hip with it. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. coming up next for the very first time we're hearing from the family of the trainer killed by a whale at seaworld. hear their thoughts in the wake of the "black fish" film. there's a new form of innovation taking shape.
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1:00 pm
ethical treatment of animals. dawn would not have remained a trainer at seaworld for 15 years if she felt that the whales were not cared for. directly from her family. that's it for me. i'm brook bald lin. thanks for being with me. next up, "the lead" with jake tapper. do you think you could concentrate on landing a triple axel if you believed terrorists were at that very moment threatening your life? i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the world lead. it's finally happened. a direct threat made against the lives of americans going to the winter games. how worried are athletes? at least one member of team u.s. sashgs telling his cheering section, shay home. the national lead. just getting home from work tonight might almost be an olympic sport for many freezing in the bitter cold. some of our major cities look like they've been hit by an avalanche. is relief on the way? in national news, unlike some democratic presidents we could name, there's never been a doubt about